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Lamartine Griffin Hardman Papers, Series V: Governor

Lamartine Griffin Hardman Papers, Series V: Governor

Descriptive Summary

Title: Lamartine Griffin Hardman Papers, Series V: Governor
Creator: Hardman, Lamartine Griffin, 1856-1937
Inclusive Dates: 1926-1933
Language(s): English
Extent: 93 box(es) (42.75 linear feet)
Collection Number: RBRL137LGH_V
Repository: Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies
Abstract: Lamartine G. Hardman was elected governor of Georgia in 1926 and again in 1928 (term 1927-1931). The Governor series consists of correspondence and material pertaining to political appointments, bills, speeches, and miscellaneous information used by Governor Hardman. In these files researchers can locate information relating to the initial phase of reorganizing the state government (a process completed under Hardman's successor, Richard B. Russell, Jr.), health care issues, education, and Governor Hardman's interest in fingerprinting and phrenology. For additional information on Hardman's gubernatorial years, the researcher should also review Emma G. Hardman's diaries (Series VII. Family) and Scrapbooks (Series IX.).

Collection Description

Biographical Note

Dr. Lamartine Griffin Hardman was born April 14, 1856 in Harmony Grove, GA (now Commerce, GA). His father was both a physician and a minister, and Hardman followed in his father's footsteps by attending medical school at the Georgia Medical College in Augusta. He received further medical training at Bellevue Hospital in New York and also conducted post-graduate studies at the University of Pennsylvania Polyclinic Hospital, and the Guy Hospital in London. In 1899, Hardman and his brother William established the Hardman Sanatorium in Harmony Grove.

Hardman achieved nationwide fame for his pursuit of the latest advances in medical science, especially his experiments in the new field of anesthesiology. Hardman was also a proponent of phrenology, the practice of measuring cranial features to predict mental traits. Phrenology was used throughout the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries to provide pseudoscientific defenses of white supremacy.

Aside from medicine, Hardman also had an interest in agriculture and manufacturing. He established the Harmony Grove Cotton Mill in 1893 and began investing in farmland, eventually becoming one of the largest farmers in Georgia by 1900. He used scientific processes to develop new agricultural practices, which he shared with other farmers around Commerce. Hardman was elected to the Georgia General Assembly in 1902 as a representative from Jackson County. He served in the House of Representatives until 1907, when he was elected to the State Senate. In 1909 he returned to the Georgia House for a final term. During his time in the General Assembly, Hardman introduced bills to support agricultural education in public schools and establish the State Board of Health. Drawing on his upbringing as the son of a Baptist minister, Hardman was also an author of Georgia's 1907 prohibition law.

Hardman launched two unsuccessful campaigns for governor—in 1914 and 1916—before finally being elected in 1926. In 1928 he defeated E. D. Rivers for re-election. As governor, Hardman attempted to apply "scientific" processes to the administration of the state, which included establishing the Allen Commission on Simplification and Coordination to reorganize the state's government. Hardman proposed initiating a nutritional study of north Georgia to address reported shortcomings in the average diet. However, he also applied what he believed were scientific processes to capital punishment, using phrenology and a belief that fingerprints could be used to predict mental ability and criminality to determine which condemned prisoners would be spared from the electric chair.

Hardman left the governor's office in 1933. He returned to Commerce, where he lived with his wife Emma Wiley Griffin until his death on February 18, 1937.

Scope and Content

Lamartine G. Hardman was elected governor of Georgia in 1926 and again in 1928 (term 1927-1931). The Governor series consists of correspondence and material pertaining to political appointments, bills, speeches, and miscellaneous information used by Governor Hardman. In these files researchers can locate information relating to the initial phase of reorganizing the state government (a process completed under Hardman's successor, Richard B. Russell, Jr.), health care issues, education, and Governor Hardman's interest in fingerprinting and phrenology. For additional information on Hardman's gubernatorial years, the researcher should also review Emma G. Hardman's diaries (Series VII. Family) and Scrapbooks (Series IX.).

Organization and Arrangement

The series is divided into six subseries: Personal Correspondence, Office Correspondence, Subject Files, General Correspondence, Patronage, and Working Files.

Administrative Information

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Lamartine Griffin Hardman Papers, Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies, The University of Georgia Libraries.

Processing Note

During the arrangement and description process, archivists noted that many of the manuscripts were very fragile and in need of preservation work. After Hardman's death in 1937 his papers were moved to Harmony Grove Mills for storage. When the Hardman family sold the mill in 1990 the papers were transferred to the basement of the First Commerce Bank in Commerce, GA. Shortly after the papers arrived at the Russell Library, archivists observed that the collection had suffered serious deterioration from poor paper quality. Additionally, many of the pulp paper carbons of Hardman's correspondence had become very brittle and were literally breaking into pieces. The more these originals were handled, the more fragile they became. These papers required transfer to an additional format to ensure the information would be available for current and future researchers. After discussions with the Hardman family in 1997, Russell Library archivists proposed a project to microfilm the collection.

Thanks to a generous grant through the Harmony Grove Foundation, the Hardman Preservation Microfilming Project began in January 1998. The library hired a microfilm preservation specialist to prepare the collection for filming and to supervise the filming project, which was conducted in cooperation with Computer Hardware, Imaging and Preservation Services (CHIPS) at the University of Georgia Libraries. Items in each folder of the collection were re-arranged alphabetically or chronologically (depending on the nature of the material), a task that took well over a year to complete. Items not selected for filming routinely included duplicates, household bills and receipts, cancelled checks, invitations, greeting cards, photographs, advertisements and promotional pamphlets, and non-print memorabilia. Material to be filmed was then counted, programmed onto individual reels, targeted and microfilmed according to Research Libraries Group (RLG) guidelines--a process that ultimately produced 153 reels of microfilm, or roughly one reel per linear foot of manuscript material. Reels for research use are housed at the Russell Library. Master negatives are stored at the Georgia Department of Archives and History in Atlanta; copy negatives are housed at the University of Georgia Libraries. A microfilm reel finding aid, keyed to the collection finding aid, is available to assist researchers.

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Use of microfilm recommended.

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Before material from collections at the Richard B. Russell Library may be quoted in print, or otherwise reproduced, in whole or in part, in any publication, permission must be obtained from (1) the owner of the physical property, and (2) the holder of the copyright. It is the particular responsibility of the researcher to obtain both sets of permissions. Persons wishing to quote from materials in the Russell Library collection should consult the Director. Reproduction of any item must contain a complete citation to the original.

Finding Aid Publication

Finding aid prepared on: 2000.

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Subject Terms

Agricultural industries -- Georgia
Commerce (Ga.)
Georgia -- Politics and government -- 1865-1950.
Georgia. Governor (1927-1931: Hardman)
Governors -- Georgia.
Medicine -- Practice -- Georgia.
Physicians -- Georgia.
Valdosta (Ga.)

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Series Descriptions and Folder Listing


V. Governor, 1926-1933

93 box(es)
(42.75 linear feet)
Lamartine G. Hardman was elected governor of Georgia in 1926 and again in 1928 (term 1927-1931). The Governor series consists of correspondence and material pertaining to political appointments, bills, speeches, and miscellaneous information used by Governor Hardman. In these files researchers can locate information relating to the initial phase of reorganizing the state government (a process completed under Hardman's successor, Richard B. Russell, Jr.), health care issues, education, and Governor Hardman's interest in fingerprinting and phrenology. For additional information on Hardman's gubernatorial years, the researcher should also review Emma G. Hardman's diaries (Series VII. Family) and Scrapbooks (Series IX.).

A. Personal correspondence , 1926-1927

( 3 box(es) ) ( (1.5 linear feet) )
This subseries consists primarily of letters congratulating Hardman on his successful campaign for governor, requests for appointments to various state positions, and letters pertaining to personal business. Arrangement is alphabetical.
11Correspondence, A [microfilm reel #87], 1926-1927
12Correspondence, B [microfilm reel #87], 1926-1927
13Correspondence, C [microfilm reel #87], 1926-1927
14Correspondence, D [microfilm reel #87], 1926-1927
15Correspondence, E [microfilm reel #87], 1926-1927
16Correspondence, F [microfilm reel #87], 1926-1927
1 7-8 Correspondence, G [microfilm reel #87], 1926-1927
21Correspondence, H [microfilm reel #88], 1926-1927
22Correspondence, I [microfilm reel #88], 1926-1927
23Correspondence, J [microfilm reel #88], 1926-1927
24Correspondence, K [microfilm reel #88], 1926-1927
25Correspondence, L [microfilm reel #88], 1926-1927
26Correspondence, M [microfilm reel #88], 1926-1927
27Correspondence, Mc [microfilm reel #88], 1926-1927
28Correspondence, N [microfilm reel #88], 1926-1927
29Correspondence, O [microfilm reel #88], 1926-1927
210Correspondence, P [microfilm reel #88], 1926-1927
31Correspondence, R [microfilm reel #89], 1926-1927
3 2-3 Correspondence, S [microfilm reel #89], 1926-1927
34Correspondence, T [microfilm reel #89], 1926-1927
35Correspondence, U [microfilm reel #89], 1926-1927
36Correspondence, V [microfilm reel #89], 1926-1927
3 7-8 Correspondence, W [microfilm reel #89], 1926-1927

B. Office correspondence , 1927-1933

( 48 box(es) ) ( (23 linear feet) )
These are files that Governor Hardman maintained while in office. Material to be found in this subseries includes correspondence, maps, minutes, speeches, contracts, newspaper clippings, and miscellaneous printed matter. Letters vary widely in content. Some are official inquiries and others are of a personal nature regarding Hardman's other businesses. There is correspondence concerning other states' administrative and fiscal reorganization plans, the Georgia State Highway Board resignation controversy, general election strategy, and the remodeling of the State Capitol building. Major correspondents include Presidents Herbert Hoover and Franklin D. Roosevelt, U.S. Senators Walter George and William J. Harris, former Georgia Governors Clifford Walker and E.D. Rivers, Louisiana Governor Huey Long, Virginia Governor Harry Byrd, Commissioner of Agriculture Eugene Talmadge, Rear Admiral Robert E. Byrd, and FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover. Also included is correspondence between Hardman and his children. Arrangement is chronological by year and thereafter alphabetical.
4 1-2 Office Correspondence, A [microfilm reel #89], 1927
4 3-5 Office Correspondence, B [microfilm reel #90], 1927
4 6-7 Office Correspondence, C [microfilm reel #90], 1927
51Office Correspondence, C [microfilm reel #90], 1927
5 2-3 Office Correspondence, D [microfilm reel #91], 1927
54Office Correspondence, E [microfilm reel #91], 1927
55Office Correspondence, F [microfilm reel #91], 1927
5 6-7 Office Correspondence, G [microfilm reel #91], 1927
6 1-2 Office Correspondence, H [microfilm reel #92], 1927
63Office Correspondence, I [microfilm reel #92], 1927
6 4-5 Office Correspondence, J [microfilm reel #92], 1927
66Office Correspondence, K [microfilm reel #92], 1927
6 7-8 Office Correspondence, L [microfilm reel #92], 1927
71Office Correspondence, Mc [microfilm reel #92], 1927
7 2-3 Office Correspondence, M [microfilm reel #93], 1927
74Office Correspondence, N [microfilm reel #93], 1927
75Office Correspondence, O [microfilm reel #93], 1927
76Office Correspondence, P [microfilm reel #93], 1927
77Office Correspondence, Q [microfilm reel #93], 1927-1929
78Office Correspondence, R [microfilm reel #93], 1927
8 1-2 Office Correspondence, S [microfilm reel #93-94], 1927
83Office Correspondence, T [microfilm reel #94], 1927
84Office Correspondence, U [microfilm reel #94], 1927
85Office Correspondence, V [microfilm reel #94], 1927
8 6-8 Office Correspondence, W [microfilm reel #94], 1927
89Office Correspondence, Y [microfilm reel #94], 1927-1933
810Office Correspondence, Z [microfilm reel #94], 1927-1933
9 1-3 Office Correspondence, A [microfilm reel #94-95], 1928
9 4-6 Office Correspondence, B [microfilm reel #95], 1928
10 1-2 Office Correspondence, B [microfilm reel #95-96], 1928
10 3-6 Office Correspondence, C [microfilm reel #96], 1928
11 1-3 Office Correspondence, C [microfilm reel #96-97], 1928
11 4-5 Office Correspondence, D [microfilm reel #97], 1928
121Office Correspondence, D [microfilm reel #97], 1928
12 2-3 Office Correspondence, E [microfilm reel #98], 1928
12 4-7 Office Correspondence, F [microfilm reel #98], 1928
13 1-5 Office Correspondence, G [microfilm reel #98-99], 1928
14 1-5 Office Correspondence, H [microfilm reel #99-100], 1928
15 1-2 Office Correspondence, H [microfilm reel #100], 1928
153Office Correspondence, I [microfilm reel #100], 1928
15 4-6 Office Correspondence, J [microfilm reel #100-101], 1928
15 7-8 Office Correspondence, K [microfilm reel #101], 1928
16 1-3 Office Correspondence, L [microfilm reel #101], 1928
16 4-5 Office Correspondence, Mc [microfilm reel #101], 1928
16 6-7 Office Correspondence, M [microfilm reel #101-102], 1928
171Office Correspondence, M [microfilm reel #102], 1928
17 2-4 Office Correspondence, N [microfilm reel #102], 1928
175Office Correspondence, O [microfilm reel #102], 1928
17 6-7 Office Correspondence, P [microfilm reel #102-103], 1928
181Office Correspondence, P [microfilm reel #103], 1928
18 2-3 Office Correspondence, R [microfilm reel #103], 1928
18 4-6 Office Correspondence, S [microfilm reel #103-104], 1928
19 1-5 Office Correspondence, S [microfilm reel #104], 1928
196Office Correspondence, T [microfilm reel #105], 1928
201Office Correspondence, T [microfilm reel #105], 1928
202Office Correspondence, U [microfilm reel #105], 1928
203Office Correspondence, V [microfilm reel #105], 1928
20 4-7 Office Correspondence, W [microfilm reel #105], 1928
21 1-6 Office Correspondence, W [microfilm reel #106], 1928
22 1-3 Office Correspondence, A [microfilm reel #106], 1929
22 4-6 Office Correspondence, B [microfilm reel #106-107], 1929
23 1-5 Office Correspondence, C [microfilm reel #107-108], 1929
24 1-2 Office Correspondence, D [microfilm reel #108], 1929
243Office Correspondence, E [microfilm reel #108], 1929
24 4-5 Office Correspondence, F [microfilm reel #108], 1929
25 1-3 Office Correspondence, G [microfilm reel #108-109], 1929
25 4-8 Office Correspondence, H [microfilm reel #109], 1929
261Office Correspondence, I [microfilm reel #110], 1929
26 2-4 Office Correspondence, J [microfilm reel #110], 1929
26 5-6 Office Correspondence, K [microfilm reel #110], 1929
26 7-9 Office Correspondence, L [microfilm reel #110], 1929
271Office Correspondence, Mc [microfilm reel #110], 1929
27 2-4 Office Correspondence, M [microfilm reel #110-111], 1929
27 5-6 Office Correspondence, N [microfilm reel #111], 1929
281Office Correspondence, O [microfilm reel #111], 1929
28 2-3 Office Correspondence, P [microfilm reel #111], 1929
28 4-5 Office Correspondence, R [microfilm reel #112], 1929
29 1-4 Office Correspondence, S [microfilm reel #112-113], 1929
30 1-2 Office Correspondence, T [microfilm reel #113], 1929
303Office Correspondence, U [microfilm reel #113], 1929
304Office Correspondence, V [microfilm reel #113], 1929
30 5-7 Office Correspondence, W [microfilm reel #113], 1929
31 1-2 Office Correspondence, A [microfilm reel #114], 1930
31 3-5 Office Correspondence, B [microfilm reel #114], 1930
31 6-8 Office Correspondence, C [microfilm reel #114-115], 1930
321Office Correspondence, D [microfilm reel #115], 1930
322Office Correspondence, E [microfilm reel #115], 1930
32 3-4 Office Correspondence, F [microfilm reel #115], 1930
325Office Correspondence, G [microfilm reel #115], 1930
32 6-7 Office Correspondence, H [microfilm reel #115], 1930
33 1-2 Office Correspondence, H [microfilm reel #116], 1930
333Office Correspondence, I [microfilm reel #116], 1930
334Office Correspondence, J [microfilm reel #116], 1930
335Office Correspondence, K [microfilm reel #116], 1930
33 6-7 Office Correspondence, L [microfilm reel #116], 1930
338Office Correspondence, Mc [microfilm reel #116], 1930
33 9-10 Office Correspondence, M [microfilm reel #116-117], 1930
34 1-2 Office Correspondence, N [microfilm reel #117], 1930
343Office Correspondence, O [microfilm reel #117], 1930
34 4-5 Office Correspondence, P [microfilm reel #117], 1930
346Office Correspondence, Q [microfilm reel #117], 1930-1933
34 7-8 Office Correspondence, R [microfilm reel #117], 1930
35 1-2 Office Correspondence, S [microfilm reel #118], 1930
353Office Correspondence, T [microfilm reel #118], 1930
354Office Correspondence, U [microfilm reel #118], 1930
355Office Correspondence, V [microfilm reel #118], 1930
35 6-7 Office Correspondence, W [microfilm reel #118], 1930
36 1-2 Office Correspondence, A [microfilm reel #118], 1931
36 3-4 Office Correspondence, B [microfilm reel #119], 1931
36 5-7 Office Correspondence, C [microfilm reel #119], 1931
371Office Correspondence, D [microfilm reel #119], 1931
372Office Correspondence, E [microfilm reel #119], 1931
37 3-4 Office Correspondence, F [microfilm reel #120], 1931
375Office Correspondence, G [microfilm reel #120], 1931
37 6-7 Office Correspondence, H [microfilm reel #120], 1931
381Office Correspondence, I [microfilm reel #120], 1931
382Office Correspondence, J [microfilm reel #120], 1931
383Office Correspondence, K [microfilm reel #120], 1931
38 4-5 Office Correspondence, L [microfilm reel #120], 1931
386Office Correspondence, Mc [microfilm reel #120], 1931
38 7-8 Office Correspondence, M [microfilm reel #120], 1931
38 9-10 Office Correspondence, N [microfilm reel #121], 1931
3811Office Correspondence, O [microfilm reel #121], 1931
391Office Correspondence, P [microfilm reel #121], 1931
39 2-3 Office Correspondence, R [microfilm reel #121], 1931
39 4-5 Office Correspondence, S [microfilm reel #121], 1931
401Office Correspondence, T [microfilm reel #121], 1931
402Office Correspondence, U [microfilm reel #121], 1931
403Office Correspondence, V [microfilm reel #122], 1931
40 4-5 Office Correspondence, W [microfilm reel #122], 1931
411Office Correspondence, A [microfilm reel #122], 1932
412Office Correspondence, B [microfilm reel #122], 1932
413Office Correspondence, C [microfilm reel #122], 1932
414Office Correspondence, D [microfilm reel #122], 1932
415Office Correspondence, E [microfilm reel #122], 1932
416Office Correspondence, F [microfilm reel #122], 1932
417Office Correspondence, G [microfilm reel #122], 1932
421Office Correspondence, H [microfilm reel #123], 1932
422Office Correspondence, I [microfilm reel #123], 1932
423Office Correspondence, J [microfilm reel #123], 1932
424Office Correspondence, K [microfilm reel #123], 1932
425Office Correspondence, L [microfilm reel #123], 1932
426Office Correspondence, Mc [microfilm reel #123], 1932
427Office Correspondence, M [microfilm reel #123], 1932
428Office Correspondence, N [microfilm reel #123], 1932
429Office Correspondence, O [microfilm reel #123], 1932
4210Office Correspondence, P [microfilm reel #123], 1932
431Office Correspondence, R [microfilm reel #123], 1932
432Office Correspondence, S [microfilm reel #123], 1932
433Office Correspondence, T [microfilm reel #124], 1932
434Office Correspondence, U [microfilm reel #124], 1932-1933
43 5-6 Unpaid Bills [not filmed], undated
437Office Correspondence, V [microfilm reel #124], 1932-1933
438Office Correspondence, W [microfilm reel #124], 1932
441Office Correspondence, A [microfilm reel #124], 1933
442Office Correspondence, B [microfilm reel #124], 1933
443Bureau of Health--Knoxville, TN [not filmed], 1926
44 4-7 Paid and Unpaid Bills [not filmed], 1930-1933
451Office Correspondence, C [microfilm reel #124], 1933
452Cattle and Hog Registration [microfilm reel #124], undated
453Contracts [microfilm reel #124], undated
454Office Correspondence, D [microfilm reel #124], 1933
455Office Correspondence, E [microfilm reel #124], 1933
456Education Telegrams [microfilm reel #124], 1930
457Office Correspondence, F [microfilm reel #124], 1933
458Office Correspondence, G [microfilm reel #124], 1933
461Office Correspondence, H [microfilm reel #124], 1933
46 2-4 Harmony Grove Mills [microfilm reel #125], 1927-1933
471Office Correspondence, I [microfilm reel #125], 1933
47 2-4 Invitations [microfilm reel #125], 1927-1932
475Office Correspondence, J [microfilm reel #125], 1933
476Office Correspondence, K [microfilm reel #125], 1933
477Office Correspondence, L [microfilm reel #125], 1933
47 8-9 Land Applications (Hardman Land) [microfilm reel #125], undated
4710Office Correspondence, Mc [microfilm reel #125], 1933
4711Office Correspondence, M [microfilm reel #125], 1933
4712Membership Cards [not filmed], undated
4713Messages of Governor Hardman [microfilm reel #125], 1927-1933
4714Messages if Governors [microfilm reel #125], 1931
48 1-6 Miscellaneous Literature [not filmed], 1929-1933
491Office Correspondence, N [microfilm reel #126], 1933
492Nora Mills [microfilm reel #126], undated
493Office Correspondence, O [microfilm reel #126], 1933
494Office Correspondence, P [microfilm reel #126], 1933
495Political Campaigns [microfilm reel #126], undated
496Office Correspondence, R [microfilm reel #126], 1933
497Religious Speeches [microfilm reel #126], undated
498Reports and Audits [microfilm reel #126], undated
499Reports [microfilm reel #126], undated
4910Road Maps [not filmed], undated
501Office Correspondence, S [microfilm reel #126], 1933
502Speeches [microfilm reel #126], undated
503Office Correspondence, T [microfilm reel #126], 1933
504Telephone Company, Commerce [microfilm reel #126], undated
505Treasury and Taxes [microfilm reel #126], undated
506Office Correspondence, W [microfilm reel #126], 1933
507Department of Welfare [microfilm reel #127], undated
511Miscellaneous Agriculture [microfilm reel #127], undated
512Letters about Apples [microfilm reel #127], undated

C. Subject files , 1927-1931

( 15 box(es) ) ( (7.25 linear feet) )
This subseries contains files relating to various boards and commissions, legislation, and other issues relating to the Hardman administration. Included are correspondence, speeches, printed matter, newspaper clippings, and programs. Of particular interest are documents detailing the Stone Mountain Memorial controversy, the Extraordinary Session of the Legislature, and state loans for schools and teachers. Arrangement is alphabetical.
521Administration, Study of [microfilm reel #127]
522Agriculture Department [microfilm reel #127]
523Attorney General [microfilm reel #127]
524Attorney General reports [microfilm reel #127]
525Attorney General's Office, Misc. Reports [microfilm reel #127]
526Banking Department [microfilm reel #127]
52 7-9 Bills Paid [not filmed]
5210Books--samples [microfilm reel #127]
531Budget Commission [microfilm reel #127]
532Budget Investigating Commission [microfilm reel #127]
533Budget Recommendations [microfilm reel #127]
534Canal [microfilm reel #127]
535Changing Charter of Pearson, GA [microfilm reel #127]
536Chattahoochee River [microfilm reel #127]
537Chemical Prize Essay Contest [microfilm reel #127]
53 7a Clemency Cases [microfilm reel #127]
538Commissions & Authority [microfilm reel #127]
539Commission on Uniform Laws [microfilm reel #127]
5310Comptroller General [microfilm reel #128]
5311Conference of Governors, French Lick, IN [microfilm reel #128], 1931
5312Congratulations in Election (GA) [microfilm reel #128]
5313Congratulations on Election (out-of-state) [microfilm reel #128]
541Constitutional amendments [microfilm reel #128]
542Contingent fund [microfilm reel #128]
543Cotton situation and unemployment--telegrams [microfilm reel #128]
54 4-5 Cotton situation and unemployment [microfilm reel #128]
546County matters, officers, etc. [microfilm reel #128]
547Crime [microfilm reel #128]
548Deficit and commending administration [microfilm reel #128]
549Delegates (governmental and others) [microfilm reel #129]
54 10-12 Depository [microfilm reel #129]
55 1-3 Depository [microfilm reel #129]
554Edison scholarship [microfilm reel #129]
555Education [microfilm reel #130]
556Education Commission [microfilm reel #130]
557Elections [microfilm reel #130]
558Entomology Department [microfilm reel #130]
559Examining Commission [microfilm reel #130]
5510Extra Session of Legislature [microfilm reel #130], 1930
56 1-2 Extra Session of Legislature [microfilm reel #130], 1930
563Fingerprints [microfilm reel #131]
564Game and Fish Board [microfilm reel #131]
565Gas Tax [microfilm reel #131]
566General Assembly, possible special session [microfilm reel #131], 1929
567General Election [microfilm reel #131]
568G. F. & A. Railroad [microfilm reel #131]
571Georgia Military Academy Cadets in Washington D.C. and Havana, Cuba [microfilm reel #131]
572Governors' Conferences [microfilm reel #131]
573Health commission [microfilm reel #131]
574Highways [microfilm reel #131]
575Highway Commission [microfilm reel #131]
576Institution Borrowing Authority [microfilm reel #131]
577Insurance [microfilm reel #131]
578Introductory Letters and replies [microfilm reel #131]
57 9-11 Invitations [not filmed]
58 1-2 Invitations [not filmed]
583Jefferson Davis Park [microfilm reel #131]
584Law and Order Enforcement League of GA [microfilm reel #131], 1927
585Legal Opinions (Candler and others) [microfilm reel #131]
586Legislation [microfilm reel #131]
587Loans [microfilm reel #131]
588Loans for Schools and Teachers [microfilm reel #131]
589Lumber Dealer's Tax [microfilm reel #131]
591Members of General Assembly [microfilm reel #132]
592Message of LGH to the Georgia Legislature [microfilm reel #132], 1927 June 27
593Message of LGH to the General Assembly [microfilm reel #132; other items not filmed], 1931, undated
59 4-6 Miscellaneous [microfilm reel #132], 1927-1931
597Objections [microfilm reel #132]
598Pensions [microfilm reel #132]
60 1-4 Personal [microfilm reel #132], 1927-1931
605President (Herbert Hoover) [microfilm reel #133]
606Priority in Payments of Appropriation [microfilm reel #133]
607Proclamation [microfilm reel #133]
608Prohibition [microfilm reel #133]
609Public Buildings and Property [microfilm reel #133]
6010Public Service Commission [microfilm reel #133]
611Reorganization [microfilm reel #133]
612Requests for Donations [microfilm reel #133]
613Revenue and Finance [microfilm reel #133], 1928-1930
614Sanitarium at Milledgeville [microfilm reel #133]
615Secretary of State [microfilm reel #133]
616Sesquicentennial Commission [microfilm reel #133]
617Smith-Lever fund [microfilm reel #133]
618Soldiers' roster [microfilm reel #133]
619Southeastern Economic Conference [microfilm reel #133]
6110Southern Natural Gas [microfilm reel #133]
6111Special elections [microfilm reel #133]
6112Special tax auditors report [microfilm reel #133]
6113Speeches [microfilm reel #133], 1926-1931
6114Speeches, General Assembly [microfilm reel #133]
6115Speeches, Inaugural Address [microfilm reel #133], 1926
6116Speeches, Inaugural Address [not filmed], 1929
61a 1-4 Speeches [microfilm reel #134]
61a 5Speeches--LGH, Jr. [not filmed]
61a 6Stone Mountain [microfilm reel #134]
61a 7Study of Government [microfilm reel #135]
62 1-2 Suggestions [microfilm reel #135]
623Surety Bonds [microfilm reel #135]
624Tax Commission [microfilm reel #135]
625Tax Matters [microfilm reel #135]
626Tax Suggestions [microfilm reel #135]
631Treasury [microfilm reel #135]
632Tubercular Criminal [microfilm reel #135]
633University of GA, Board of Visitors [microfilm reel #135]
634Veterans' Home [microfilm reel #135]
635Veto authority [microfilm reel #136]
636W & A Railroad [microfilm reel #136]
637W & A Bill, A-K [microfilm reel #136]
638W & A Bill, L-Z [microfilm reel #136]
639Washington D. C. [microfilm reel #136]
6310Address of Col. J.C. Woodward, Chief of Aides to the Governors of Georgia [microfilm reel #136]
6311Re-election Campaign [microfilm reel #136], 1928

D. General correspondence , 1927-1931

( 15 box(es) ) ( (7 linear feet) )
This subseries consists of correspondence, reports, bills, printed matter, bank statements, newspaper clippings, and speeches. Topics vary from state-related matters to personal business interests. There are also files relating to Harmony Grove Mills and Hurricane Shoals and Nacoochee Power Company. The majority of material detailing the daily operations of Hardman's farm and dairy enterprises has not been microfilmed. Samples of this material have been filmed with II. Business, B. General and V. Governor, B. Office Correspondence. Arrangement is alphabetical and thereafter chronological.
641Old Addresses (speeches) brought from Commerce [microfilm reel #136], undated
642General Correspondence, A [microfilm reel #136], 1927
643General Correspondence, A [microfilm reel #136], 1928
644General Correspondence, A [microfilm reel #136], 1929
645General Correspondence, A [microfilm reel #136], 1930
646Miscellaneous, A [not filmed], undated
651General Correspondence, B [microfilm reel #137], 1928
652General Correspondence, B [microfilm reel #137], 1929
653General Correspondence, B [microfilm reel #137], 1930
654Bills, Paid [not filmed], undated
655Bills, Paid [not filmed], undated
661-3Miscellaneous, B [not filmed], 1928-1930
671General Correspondence, C [microfilm reel #137], 1928
672General Correspondence, C [microfilm reel #137], 1929
673General Correspondence, C [microfilm reel #137], 1930
681-2Miscellaneous, C [not filmed], 1928-1930
683College Bulletins [not filmed], undated
684Cotton Receipts [not filmed], 1928
691General Correspondence, D [microfilm reel #137], 1928-1929
692General Correspondence, D [microfilm reel #137], 1930
693Miscellaneous, D [not filmed], 1928-1930
701General Correspondence, E [microfilm reel #137], 1929
702General Correspondence, E [microfilm reel #137], 1930
703Miscellaneous, E [not filmed], 1929-1930
704Farm Reports [not filmed], 1928
705General Correspondence, F [microfilm reel #137], 1928-1929
706General Correspondence, F [microfilm reel #137], 1930
707Miscellaneous, F [not filmed], 1928-1930
708F Miscellaneous, First National Bank Cancelled Checks [not filmed], undated
711General Correspondence, G [microfilm reel #138], 1929
712General Correspondence, G [microfilm reel #138], 1930
713Miscellaneous, G [not filmed], 1929-1930
721General Correspondence, H [microfilm reel #138], 1928-1929
722General Correspondence, H [microfilm reel #138], 1930
723Harmony Grove Mills, Miscellaneous [not filmed], 1929-1930
724Hurricane Shoals [microfilm reel #138], 1925-1930
725-6Miscellaneous, H [not filmed], 1928-1930
731Insurance [microfilm reel #138], 1927-1929
732General Correspondence, I [microfilm reel #138], 1928-1929
733General Correspondence, I [microfilm reel #138], 1930
734General Correspondence, J [microfilm reel #138], 1928
735General Correspondence, J [microfilm reel #138], 1929
736General Correspondence, J [microfilm reel #138], 1930
737General Correspondence, K [microfilm reel #138], 1928
738General Correspondence, K [microfilm reel #138], 1929
739General Correspondence, K [microfilm reel #138], 1930
741General Correspondence, L [microfilm reel #138], 1928
742General Correspondence, L [microfilm reel #138], 1929
743General Correspondence, L [microfilm reel #139], 1930
744General Correspondence, Mc [microfilm reel #139], 1927
745General Correspondence, Mc [microfilm reel #139], 1928
746General Correspondence, Mc [microfilm reel #139], 1929
747General Correspondence, Mc [microfilm reel #139], 1930-1931
748General Correspondence, M [microfilm reel #139], 1927
751General Correspondence, M [microfilm reel #139], 1928
752General Correspondence, M [microfilm reel #139], 1929
753General Correspondence, M [microfilm reel #139], 1930
754Miscellaneous, M [not filmed], 1927-1930
755Miscellaneous, M [not filmed], 1927-1930
761General Correspondence, N [microfilm reel #139], 1927
762General Correspondence, N [microfilm reel #139], 1928
763General Correspondence, N [microfilm reel #139], 1929
764General Correspondence, N [microfilm reel #139], 1930
OS1General Correspondence, N - piece of woven photograph fabric featuring Hardman, "L. G. Hardman Governor, Georgia" from the Textile School of North Carolina State College [not filmed], 1930
765Miscellaneous, N [not filmed], 1927-1930
766General Correspondence, O [microfilm reel #140], 1927
767General Correspondence, O [microfilm reel #140], 1928
768General Correspondence, O [microfilm reel #140], 1929
769General Correspondence, O [microfilm reel #140], 1930
771General Correspondence, P [microfilm reel #140], 1927
772General Correspondence, P [microfilm reel #140], 1928
773General Correspondence, P [microfilm reel #140], 1929
774General Correspondence, P [microfilm reel #140], 1930
775Miscellaneous, P [not filmed], 1927-1930
776General Correspondence, Q [microfilm reel #140], 1927-1930
777General Correspondence, R [microfilm reel #140], 1927
778General Correspondence, R [microfilm reel #140], 1928
781General Correspondence, R [microfilm reel #140], 1929
782General Correspondence, R [microfilm reel #140], 1930
783-5Miscellaneous, R [not filmed], 1927-1930
791General Correspondence, S [microfilm reel #140], 1927
792General Correspondence, S [microfilm reel #140], 1928
793General Correspondence, S [microfilm reel #140], 1929
794General Correspondence, S [microfilm reel #141], 1930
795-6Miscellaneous, S [not filmed], 1927-1930
801Miscellaneous, S [not filmed], 1927-1930
802General Correspondence, T [microfilm reel #141], 1927-1928
803General Correspondence, T [microfilm reel #141], 1929-1930
804Taxes [microfilm reel #141], 1928-1929
805Transfer Blanks [not filmed], undated
806-7Miscellaneous, T [not filmed], 1927-1930
808General Correspondence, U [microfilm reel #141], 1927-1930
809Miscellaneous, U [not filmed], 1927-1930
8010General Correspondence, V [microfilm reel #141], 1927-1930
8011Miscellaneous, V [not filmed], 1927-1930
811General Correspondence, W [microfilm reel #141], 1927-1928
812General Correspondence, W [microfilm reel #141], 1929-1930
813-6Miscellaneous, W [not filmed], 1927-1930
81a1General Correspondence, X-Z [microfilm reel #141], 1927-1930
81a2Miscellaneous, X-Z [not filmed], 1927-1930
81a3-4Miscellaneous, assorted topics [not filmed], 1927-1930

E. Patronage , 1927-1930

( 8 box(es) ) ( (3.75 linear feet) )
Many friends and political acquaintances sought Governor Hardman's patronage for positions within state and county government. This subseries contains correspondence relating to requests for assistance by citizens seeking appointments as county solicitor or asking to be considered for posts on state commissions. Other requests are from financial institutions seeking to be named a state bank depository. There are miscellaneous requests for lesser positions filed by county. These latter requests have not been microfilmed.
821Georgia State Nurses Association [microfilm reel #141]
822Oglethorpe Solicitor - City Court of Lexington [microfilm reel #141]
823Appointment - Optometry, Georgia State Board of [microfilm reel #141]
824Purchasing Agent, State of Georgia [microfilm reel #141]
825Poet-Laureate [microfilm reel #141]
826Superintendent of Printing [microfilm reel #141]
827Applications - Members of staff [microfilm reel #141]
828Secretary Place [microfilm reel #141]
829Special Attorney - Georgia Public Service Commission [microfilm reel #141]
8210Board State Sanatarium - Milledgeville [microfilm reel #141]
8211Tide Waters Commission [microfilm reel #141]
8212Board of Veterinary Examiners [microfilm reel #141]
8213Wilkinson County Solicitor - County Court [microfilm reel #141]
8214Franklin County Solicitor [microfilm reel #141]
8215Highway file [microfilm reel #141]
8216Industrial Commission [microfilm reel #141]
8217Insurance [microfilm reel #141]
8218Applications: Keeper of Public Buildings [microfilm reel #142]
8219Brantley County Solicitor [microfilm reel #142]
8220Barber examiners [microfilm reel #142]
8221Baldwin County Solicitor [microfilm reel #142]
8222Application: Superintendent of Boards [microfilm reel #142]
8223Bartow County Solicitor [microfilm reel #142]
8224Clarke County Solicitor [microfilm reel #142]
831Clarke County City Court of Athens Solicitor [microfilm reel #142]
832Clinch County Solicitor - County Court [microfilm reel #142]
833New York Depositories [microfilm reel #142]
834Board of Dental Examiners [microfilm reel #142]
835Echols City Court of Statenville Solicitor [microfilm reel #142]
836Board of Education [microfilm reel #142]
837Elbert County City Court Solicitor [microfilm reel #142]
838Glenn City Court of Brunswick Solicitor [microfilm reel #142]
839Game Warden [microfilm reel #142]
8310Banks as state depositories [microfilm reel #142]
8311Washington County Solicitor [microfilm reel #142]
8312Depository Hall County [microfilm reel #142]
8313Brooks County Solicitor [microfilm reel #142]
8314Coweta County Solicitor [microfilm reel #142]
8315Polk County Solicitor [microfilm reel #142]
8316Glynn Bank Depository [microfilm reel #142]
8317Tatnall State Bank Depository [microfilm reel #142]
8318Ware County Solicitor [microfilm reel #142]
8319Wilkes County Solicitor [microfilm reel #142]
8320Toombs County Solicitor [microfilm reel #142]
8321Decatur County Solicitor [microfilm reel #142]
8322Depository Taylor County [microfilm reel #142]
8323Terrell County Solicitor [microfilm reel #142]
8324Booth County Bank Depository [microfilm reel #142]
8325Elbert County Solicitor [microfilm reel #142]
8326Bank Depository Waycross [microfilm reel #142]
8327Haralson County Bank Depository [microfilm reel #142]
8328DeKalb Depository [microfilm reel #142]
8329Forsyth State Depository [microfilm reel #142]
8330Baldwin County Depository [microfilm reel #142]
8331Colquit County Depository [microfilm reel #142]
8332Fulton County Depository [microfilm reel #142]
8333Muscogee County Depository [microfilm reel #142]
8334Bank Depository Screven County [microfilm reel #142]
8335Highway Board [microfilm reel #142]
8336Adjunct General [microfilm reel #142]
841Homer C. Parker, applicant adjutant general [microfilm reel #143]
842Agriculture college [microfilm reel #143]
843Architects [microfilm reel #143]
844-5Auditor - Applications for state auditor [microfilm reel #143]
846Pardons [microfilm reel #143]
851Recommendations and Applications, A [not filmed]
852-4Recommendations and Applications Augusta City Court Judgeship [not filmed]
855-6Recommendations and Applications, B [not filmed]
861-2Recommendations and Applications, B [not filmed]
863Recommendations and Applications Blue Ridge Circuit [not filmed]
864Recommendations and Applications Capt. J. W. Barnette [not filmed], 1930
865Recommendations and Applications, W [not filmed]
866Recommendations and Applications Harry A. Wise, Commissioner of Revenue [not filmed], 1928
871General Applications [not filmed]
872Bacon County [not filmed]
873Banks County [not filmed]
874Barrow County [not filmed]
875Ben Hill County [not filmed]
876Bibb County [not filmed]
877Brooks County [not filmed]
878Calhoun County [not filmed]
879Chatham County [not filmed]
8710Chatooga County [not filmed]
8711Candler County [not filmed]
8712Clinch County [not filmed]
8713Coffee County [not filmed]
8714Crisp County [not filmed]
8715Dougherty County [not filmed]
8716Emanuel County [not filmed]
8717Fayette County [not filmed]
8718Franklin County [not filmed]
8719Lee County [not filmed]
8720Glynn County [not filmed]
8721Grady County [not filmed]
8722Greene County [not filmed]
8723Gwinnette County [not filmed]
8724Jackson County [not filmed]
8725Lamar County [not filmed]
8726Laurens County [not filmed]
8727Liberty County [not filmed]
8728Lowndes County [not filmed]
8729Lumpkin County [not filmed]
8730Meriwether County [not filmed]
8731Mitchell County [not filmed]
8732Montomery County [not filmed]
8733Morgan County [not filmed]
8734Oconee County [not filmed]
8735Oglethorpe County [not filmed]
8736Pulaski County [not filmed]
8737Quitman County [not filmed]
8738Richmond County [not filmed]
8739Spalding County [not filmed]
8740Steward County [not filmed]
8741Telfair County [not filmed]
8742Thomas County [not filmed]
8743Tift County [not filmed]
8744Toombs County [not filmed]
8745Treutlen County [not filmed]
8746Troup County [not filmed]
8747Turner County [not filmed]
8748Upson County [not filmed]
8749Walton County [not filmed]
8750Walker County [not filmed]
8751Wayne County [not filmed]
8752White County [not filmed]
8753Wilkinson County [not filmed]
881Recommendations and Applications, S [not filmed]
882Solicitor General Applications [not filmed]
883Recommendations and Applications, R [not filmed]
884Recommendations and Applications, P [not filmed]
885Recommendations and Applications, O [not filmed]
886Recommendations and Applications, N [not filmed]
887Naval Store inspection [not filmed]
888R. E. Matheson, Commissioner of Revenue [not filmed]
889Miscellaneous applications [not filmed]
8810M. L. Ledford, Comptroller General [not filmed]
8811Recommendations and Applications, L [not filmed]
8812R. de T. Lawrence, Pension Commissioner [not filmed]
8813Recommendations and Applications, K [not filmed]
8814Recommendations and Applications, J [not filmed]
8815Recommendations and Applications W. B. Harrison, Comptroller-General [not filmed]
8816Recommendations and Applications, H [not filmed]
891Recommendations and Applications, G [not filmed]
892Recommendations and Applications, I [not filmed]
893Recommendations and Applications, E [not filmed]
894Recommendations and Applications, D [not filmed]
895Recommendations and Applications, C [not filmed]
896-7City and County Courts [not filmed]

F. Working files , 1927-1930

( 1 box(es) ) ( (.25 linear feet) )
Governor Hardman maintained open files on the state budget, proposed bills and speeches to the General Assembly. Arrangement is alphabetical.
901Bills and receipts [not filemed], 1929
902Budget items [microfilm reel #143]
903Outstanding Farmers in Georgia [microfilm reel #143]
904Proposed bills [microfilm reel #143]
905Speeches to assembly [not filmed]