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Hoke Smith Papers

Hoke Smith Papers

Descriptive Summary

Title: Hoke Smith Papers
Creator: Smith, Hoke, 1855-1931.
Inclusive Dates: 1879-1931
Language(s): English
Extent: 139 box(es) (67.5 linear feet)
Collection Number: RBRL103HS
Repository: Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies
Abstract: The collection consists of personal and political papers of Hoke Smith, lawyer, politician, U.S. Senator, from 1879-1931. Includes subject files (1892-1930), correspondence, (1898-1930), letterbooks (1879-1921), newsclippings (1890-1928), ledgers, and printed materials. The records document his legal career as well as some of his political activities. Documentation of the Georgia genbernatorial election of 1926, the Tacna Arica Dispute, War Risk insurance, his senate campaign in 1920, concerns regarding the Cherokee Indians, railroads, and African-American appointments are represented.

Collection Description

Biographical Note

Michael Hoke Smith was born on September 2, 1855 in Newton, North Carolina to parents Hildreth and Mary Brent Smith. The Smith family moved to Georgia in 1872. Hoke Smith passed the Georgia bar the following year and began practicing as a personal injury lawyer for railroad accidents. He married his first wife, Marion "Birdie" Cobb in 1883; the couple had five children before Birdie's death in 1919. Smith married his second wife, Mazie Crawford in 1924.

The desire to restrain the power and influence of the railroad monopolies would become a focus of Smith's political career. In 1887, Smith purchased the Atlanta Evening Journal. Under Smith's leadership, the Journal would become one of the state's largest newspapers, as well as a tool to serve his political ambitions. After Smith and the Journal supported Grover Cleveland in the 1892 presidential election, Smith was rewarded with an appointment to become Secretary of the Interior. In this role, Smith continued federal enforcement of the Dawes Act, disestablishing tribal government and re-allotting tribal land in order to assimilate Indigenous peoples.

When the Democratic Party endorsed the populist William Jennings Bryan for president in 1896, the more conservative Smith retired from his position in Cleveland's Cabinet, returning to his Atlanta law practice. In 1906 Smith sought the Democratic party's nomination for Governor of Georgia, allying himself with Populist and notorious white supremacist Thomas E. Watson. Smith portrayed himself as an anti-corporate, anti-railroad candidate, but he adopted Watson's Jim Crow platform in pursuit of those goals, repudiating his previous stances on, for instance, the funding of schools for Black children.

The 1906 primary contest between Smith and State Senator Clark Howell (who also owned the Atlanta Constitution) was notable for the tenor of explicit race-baiting from both candidates. Both Smith and Howell called for the constitutional disenfranchisement of Black voters through a poll tax and literacy test, the imposition of vagrancy laws, and the division of school funds so that taxes paid by white citizens would not be used to fund schools for Black children. Smith won the election handily, but the rhetoric from both campaigns had been so incendiary that it was a primary factor leading to the 1906 Atlanta Race Riot.

As governor, Smith sought to break the state's machine politics and regulate railroad monopolies that operated inside Georgia. He also fulfilled his campaign promise by signing an amendment to the state constitution that fully disenfranchising Black voters, while creating a grandfather clause to protect white voters. Smith tried to distance himself from Watson before the 1908 gubernatorial campaign. Losing Watson's support cost him the election, losing to Joseph M. Brown. He was elected for a second term as governor in 1910 but would serve less than a year of that term, as the General Assembly chose him to fulfill the unexpired term of US Senator Alexander Clay, who had died in November 1910. Smith won reelection to the US Senate in 1914 but was defeated by his former ally, Tom Watson, in 1920.

After his career in public service, Smith returned to the practice of law in both Atlanta and Washington, D.C. In this role he rendered assistance to Jonathan B. Frost of Tennessee to incorporate an organization known as The Great Aryan Movement, Knights of the Mask in Washington. The Great Aryan Movement was intended to be a benevolent organization founded on white supremacy, which would provide pensions to the widows of its membership. Hoke Smith died in 1931.

Scope and Content

The papers of Hoke Smith mainly document his legal career, as well as some of his political activities. Documentation of the gubernatorial election of 1926, the Tacna Arica Dispute, War Risk insurance, his senate campaign in 1920, concerns regarding the Cherokee, railroads, and African American appointments are represented.

Originally the collection was donated to Special Collections, University of Georgia Libraries, in 1937 and again in 1958. In 1982, the collection was transferred to the Richard B. Russell Library. Materials cover Smith's last years in the Senate and ten years following his retirement from politics in 1921. Unfortunately, the bulk of Smith's papers were destroyed soon after his death. However, there is a broad documentation of his life outside the Senate. Of particular note are letter and clipping books from 1870-1928 that document legal cases, political appointments, and the Presidential Primary of 1920. Types of materials in these papers include correspondence, speeches, letter books, newspaper clippings, printed materials, legal documents, scrapbooks, and maps.

Organization and Arrangement

The papers are organized into six series: I. Subject Files, II. Chronological Files, III. Printed Materials, IV. Letter Books, V. Clippings, VI. Administrative, and VII. Photographs. Arrangement is chronological and alphabetical.

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Hoke Smith Papers, Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies, University of Georgia Libraries, Athens, Georgia, 30602-1641.

Processing Notes

Newspaper clippings and thermofax papers have been copied onto bond paper for preservation. Fragile documents have been placed in a mylar sleeves. Photographs have been separated from the rest of the collection.

User Restrictions

Library acts as "fair use" reproduction agent.

Copyright Information

Before material from collections at the Richard B. Russell Library may be quoted in print, or otherwise reproduced, in whole or in part, in any publication, permission must be obtained from (1) the owner of the physical property, and (2) the holder of the copyright. It is the particular responsibility of the researcher to obtain both sets of permission. Persons wishing to quote from materials in the Russell Library collection should consult the director. Reproduction of any item must contain a complete citation to the original.

Finding Aid Publication

Finding aid prepared on: 2000.

Revised biographical note; added contextual descriptions to select folders., 2022-01.

Related Materials and Subjects

Subject Terms

Alien property -- Law and legislation
Congressional records.
Elections -- Georgia.
Governors -- Georgia -- Election.
Railroads -- Accidents.
Tacna-Arica question.
United States. Alien Property Custodian.
United States. Congress. Senate -- Election, 1920
War Finance Corporation (U.S.)
World War, 1914-1918 -- Finance -- United States.

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Series Descriptions and Folder Listing


I. Subject files, 1891-1929

32 box(es)
(16 linear feet)
The Subject files consist of Smith's personal, legal and political papers. The personal papers mainly document Smith's financial and family issues. Legal papers document his representation on several cases including alien property custodian (Germany), war finance corporation, freight rate, railroad injury, military pensions, the Tacna Arica Dispute (land dispute between Peru and Chile) and war risk insurance. There is also correspondence between Smith and Piel Brothers concerning the 18th Amendment. It was a case regarding the sale of medicinal beer (Piel Brothers vs. Day). Finally there are materials related to the United States senate race of 1922 and the 1926 Georgia governor race. These files contain correspondence, newspaper clippings, maps, printed materials and legal documents. Arrangement is alphabetical.
I.11Acme Scow Corporation, 1920-1921
I.12Agricultural Committee, 1920-1921
I.13Aktiengesellschaft Lou & Co.
I.14Alien Property Custodian, 1921-1922
I.15Allen Artley, 1926
I.16A & M Schools District, 1908-1910
I.21American Cotton Association, 1922
I.22American Valuation Plan, 1921
I.23Armed Services Discharges, 1920
I.24Aryans, 1921-1922
Records of Smith's involvement in creating a white supremacist organization in Washington, DC.
I.31Ashby Street Property, 1927
I.32-4Atlanta Journal, January 1920-May 1930
I.35Atlanta Park Committee, 1927
I.36Atlantic Steel Co., January 19, 1920-March 9, 1922
I.41Atlantic Stove Works, 1921
I.42Atlanta Telephone and Telegraph Co., 1912
I.43Atlanta Terminal Co., 1912
I.44Automobile Expenses, 1920
I.45Banking, 1924-1926
I.46Bartlett, T. L. see also Tacna Arica, 1924-1925
I.47Bills Paid, 1920
I.48Biographical Material
I.49-11Blattman-Switerland, March 22, 1917- January 9, 1925
I.51Borgemeister-Pratt-Cotton, 1921-1923
I.52Brannan, Beckham & Co., 1923-1927
I.53Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers, 1928
I.54-7W. E. Britt Co., 1905
I.55Brunswick Harbor, 1920
I.12Survey of Brunswick Harbor, GA [removed from Brunswick Harbor folder], 1913-1914
I.12Central Mills Preferred Stock Ledger
I.61Chambers Insurance Bond, 1919-1923
I.62Checks Cancelled and Bank Statements, 1923-1927
I.63Chestatee Pyrites & Chemical Corp.; N.P. & G.L. Pratt, 1917-1924
I.64Clubs, 1921-1924
I.65Collins, J. S., 1917
I.66Consular Appointment, 1919-1920
I.67Cotton, 1918-1921
I.68Cotton Conference, 1920
I.69Cotton Factors Notes, 1920-1921
I.71Cumming, H. H. Case, January 17, 1920-August 31, 1922
I.72Cumming, H. H. Case, September 1922-February 1, 1924
I.73De Motte, L.W., 1916-1917
I.74Donations, 1912, 1920-1925
I.75Donations, 1926
I.76Donations, 1929-1930
I.77Edwards, R.L. Case, February 26, 1926-December 31, 1927
I.78Edwards, W. W., August 19, 1926-December 10, 1927
I.81Eight Hour Law & Misc., 1917-1920
I.82Federal Judgeship Georgia, 1922
I.83First Insurance Co. of Hartford, 1920 -1922
I.84Florida Lands, 1910-1911
I.85Frankfort General Ins. Co., 1917
I.86Fuller, T. J., 1917
I.87Fulton County, Sheriff of, 1917
I.88Fulton National Bank, 1913 1921-1924
I.91-2Fulton National Bank, 1921-1924
I.93Gainesville Midland Railroad
I.94Georgia Railroad Company, 1927
I.95Georgia Railroad Strike, 1907-1909
I.96Georgia School of Technology, 1922
I.97Georgia Wholesale Company, 1922-1926
I.101Georgia Wholesale Company, 1927-1929
I.102German Property, 1921-1923
I.103Gervasio vs. Harrison, 1922
I.104Gewinner Company, 1912-1923
I.105Good Roads, 1926
I.106Governorship, 1925 January-March 1926
I.111Governorship, March 17, 1926-June 29, 1926
I.112Green, Robert M. and Sons, 1913
I.113Greenbaum Matter, 1923-1924
I.114Hackney and Zinseer
I.115Hawley, Gov. James H., 1915, 1925, 1927
I.116Hight, Emmett (Estate of), 1909, 1915
I.117Hildegarde vs. German Government,, 1921-1923
I.118-9Hill's Mixture, June 7, 1920-September 10, 1923
I.12Tables, poison tests, (to eradicate boll weevil) and maps showing location of tests [removed from I.11.8], 1921
I.131Hogan, Baxter, Pension, April 2, 1917-December 9, 1920
I.132Holder, John N., Tax Case,, 1923-1924
I.133Housman, A.A. & Co., 1922-1923
I.134Hunnicutt,, 1921, 1924
I.135Imbaden Brothers, 1921
I.136Income Tax-Bloodworth, 1921-1922
I.137Income Tax of Newspaper Assoc., 1921-1922
I.138Income Tax-Roth Costumes, Inc., 1921-1923
I.141Invitations, 1925
I.142-3Invitations, 1923
I.144Invitations, 1922
I.145Invitations, 1920-1921
I.146Invitations, 1927, 1929, 1930
I.12Ancient Order of Gobblers blank certificate [removed from I.14.6]
I.148Jacobson & Sons vs. U. S., 1925-1926
I.149Jessup, W. L., 1924
I.151Johnson, W.T., 1921
I.152Joiner, Mrs. Gussie E. vs. New Ebbitt Hotel, 1922-1923
I.153Juniper Street House, 1910-1912
I.12Juniper Street House fireplace photograph [removed from Juniper Street House folder]
I.154Kahn, J. J., 1922
I.155Keech & Co. (Stock Dealings ), 1923-1928
I.156Kelley, James R., 1922
I.157Kelley vs. Southern Railway, 1928-1929
I.158King, Mitchell C. vs. Fred C. Robinson
I.159Krieger, George S., 1921-1922
I.1510Lafferty, A.W., March 24, 1922-March 27, 1925
I.161Lafferty, A.W., April 1, 1925-May 1, 1926
I.162La Guardia Election Contest, 1918-1929
I.12Chart plotting Good, Bad and Doubtful ballots for LaGuardia [removed from LaGuardia Election Contest]
I.163Landreau Case
I.164Landreau , J.C., 1923-1924
I.165Lawrence, Joe-Tax Matter, 1920-1922
I.166Lawyers Committee for Improving Federal Judicial System,, 1920-1921
I.167Layfield, Z.T., 1910-1911
I.168League of Nations, 1918-1920
I.169Leonard, Harry Court Martial, 1922
I.1610Levine Claim, 1920
I.1611Life Insurance Companies, 1908-1913
I.1612Littlejohn, 1927
I.1613Lumpkin, J. H., 1922-1924
I.1614McAshan, J. E., 1918, 1921-1922
I.171McLaren, Alexander, 1920-1925
I.172-8Mangham, J. J., Bankruptcy, 1908-1911
I.12Fulton National Bank, Liability of Central Mills Ledger [removed from I.17.3]
I.12Ledger sheets from the Mangham Co's Account with Albert D. Smith [removed from I.17.2], 1909-1910
I.181-6Mangham, J. J., Bankruptcy, 1911-1912
I.191-2Mangham, J.J., Bankruptcy
I.12Creditors Agreement, account summary, annual statements [removed from Mangham, J.J., Bankruptcy folder], 1903-1909
I.193Master Teacher, 1927-1928
I.194Melon Growers Assoc., 1922
I.195Miami Traffic Bureau, 1922
I.196Middlebrooks, J. A., 1923
I.197Miller Rubber Co., 1916-1917
I.198Mitchell, T.J. Co., Income Tax, 1919
I.199Mize, 1917
I.1910Money to Europe, 1919-1921
I.1911Monks, John and New York and Baltimore Transportation Co.
I.1912Morrow, G. H., 1906-1909
I.1913Moy, Jim Fuey, 1921-1922
I.1914Municipal Court Commission, Atlanta Bar Assoc., 1916
I.1915Murray, James-Case, 1927-1929
I.1916Muscle Shoals, 1922
I.201National Council of Traveling Salesmen, 1921-1924
I.202National Farmers Magazine, 1923
I.203Neal and Neal, 1920-1921
I.204Newspaper Tax, 1922-1923
I.205Newton, Tracy S., 1921
I.206New York & Baltimore Trans. Line, 1918-1919
I.207Oglethorpe Univ., 1922-1923
I.208Orme-Pople, 1921-1922
I.209Palmer, Thomas, 1923, 1926-1927
I.2010Panama Co-op. Cattle Co., 1922-1923
I.2011Patents Misc. ( Newton ), 1923
I.2012Peachtree Creek Property, 1925-1927
I.2013Pension Certificate, 1891
I.2014Pensions, 1919-1921
I.12Pension certificate for Isaac W. Boyles [removed from I.20.14], 1891
I.211Personal, June 1920-November 1920
I.212Personal, December 1920-1921
I.213Personal-Historical, 1921-1924, 1926-1928
I.214Petition to Run for Governor, 1905
I.215Piedmont Hotel, 1925-1927
I.216Piel Brothers, 1922-1923
I.217Piel Brothers, vs. Day, 1922-1923
I.218Pope, Mrs. W.E. vs. Yale Laundry, 1927
I.219Post Office Department, 1920-1921
I.221-2Pratt, J. Lyman, 1921-1924, 1926-1928
I.223Prison Commission, 1908
I.224Prison Commission Correspondence
I.225Ransom, Ronald, 1912-1913, 1920-1922
I.231-3Ransom, Ronald, 1923-1927
I.234Riverside Academy, 1929
I.235Charles Rosenberg Estate, 1922
I.236Savannah Harbor, 1920-1921
I.237Savannah Port, 1920-1921
I.238-9Senate Race, 1922
I.2310Simpson, Mrs. Lucy Hoke Smith, 1920, 1923-1927
I.2311Slater, Capt. John R., 1922-1923
I.241Small Claims, 1911-1912
I.242Small Claims, 1905-1907, 1909-1910
I.243Smith, Burton, 1920-1923
I.12Cotton Tax Recovery Association brochure [removed from I.24.3]
I.244Smith, Burton, 1924-1925
I.245Smith-Towner Bill [S. 1017], 1920
Correspondence and other records pertaining to the Smith-Towner Bill, introduced by Hoke Smith, to establish a federal Department of Education.
I.246Smith-Towner Bill [S. 1017], January 4, 1921-February 11, 1921
Correspondence and other records pertaining to the Smith-Towner Bill, introduced by Hoke Smith, to establish a federal Department of Education.
I.247Smith-Towner Bill [S. 1017], February 12, 1921-March 28, 1921
Correspondence and other records pertaining to the Smith-Towner Bill, introduced by Hoke Smith, to establish a federal Department of Education.
I.248Southern Commercial Congress, 1922
I.249Southern Newspaper Publishers Assoc., 1921
I.251Southern Newspapers Publishers Assoc., 1922
I.252Southern Wholesale Grocers, September 11, 1918-1921
I.253Southern Wholesale Grocers, November 1921-December 1921
I.254Southern Wholesale Grocers, January 2, 1922
I.255Speeches, 1926-1928
I.257Standard Gas Power Co., 1916-1918
I.258State Department, 1921
I.259Stovell, Late Minister to Switzerland
I.2510Supreme Court, 1928
I.261Swiss National Insurance Co., 1920-1922
I.12Swiss National Insurance Company Statement of Securities, 1921
I.262Swiss National Insurance Co., 1923, 1925
I.263Tacna Arica Dispute, July 16, 1922-August 14, 1923
I.12Petition of the Republic of Peru for Rehearing or Modification of the Award (in matter of arbitration between Chile and Peru), 1922
I.264Tacna Arica Dispute, August 24-September 25, 1923
I.265Tacna Arica Dispute, October-December 26, 1923
I.266Tacna Arica Dispute, 1924
I.271Tacna Arica Dispute, January 1-July 22, 1925
I.272Tacna Arica Dispute, August 6-December 30, 1925
I.273Tacna Arica Dispute, January 15-February 26, 1925
I.274Tacna Arica Dispute, March 1, 1926-February 16, 1927
I.275Tacna Arica Dispute (Porras Correspondence Peru), October 29-November 3, 1929
I.276Tacna Arica Dispute (Borchard Correspondence)
I.277Tacna Arica Dispute (Exhibits for Arbitration)
I.281-3Tacna Arica Dispute (General and Background Material)
I.284Tacna Arica Dispute (Summary Material)
I.285Tacna Arica Dispute (Dr. Polo and Vilarde), 1923-1925
I.291Tanner Loans, 1892-1917
I.292Tariff, 1920-1921
I.293Tate, Howard, 1914, 1916-1917
I.12Table I Exports and Imports of oil cake and meal [removed from Howard, Tate folder], 1913-1920
I.294Taylor Brokerage Co., 1909-1910
I.295Thraub, Lewis & Co., 1921-1923
I.296Thrower, M. L., Correspondence, 1917
I.297Trade Names, 1909
I.298Traylor, George M., 1922
I.299Trucks at Indianapolis, Isaac Marks, 1921
I.2910Truitt Coal & Iron Co., 1922
I.2911U.S. Direct Tax-Collusion, 1920-1921, 1924-1925
I.2912Virginia-Carolina Chemical Company, 1910-1912
I.301Vocational Training, 1920
I.302Vocational Training, 1920-1921
I.303Wachman Speciality Mfg. Co., 1915-1916
I.304Wagner, James A., 1916
I.305Walker, Clifford, 1916
I.306War Finance Corporation, 1918-1921
I.307War Risk Insurance, 1918-1919
I.308War Risk Insurance, January 1920
I.309War Risk Insurance, February 2, 1920-February 17, 1920
I.311War Risk Insurance, February 18, 1920-February 28, 1930
I.312War Risk Insurance, March 1920
I.313War Risk Insurance, April-June 1920
I.314War Risk Insurance, July 1920
I.315War Risk Insurance, August 1920
I.316War Risk Insurance, September 1920
I.317War Risk Insurance, October 1920
I.321War Risk Insurance, November-December 1920
I.322War Risk Insurance, January 1921
I.323War Risk Insurance, February-April 1921
I.324War Risk Insurance, 1922-1923
I.325War Risk Insurance, 1923-1926
I.326Watkins, Edgar, 1922-1924
I.327Williams vs. War Department, 1922
I.328Woman's National Foundation, 1921-1922
I.329Wood Flong Corporation, 1921

II. Chronological Files, 1898-1930

24 boxes (12 linear ft.)
The Chronological Files are arranged into three subseries: 1898-December 31, 1920, Election of 1920, and 1921-1930, undated. The files consist of personal correspondence and legal and political papers. The legal papers include a copy of the proceedings regarding a military accident on Kennesaw Mountain and two Supreme Court cases in which Smith served as counsel (USA vs. Chestatee Pyrites and Chemical Corporation and USA vs. Swift Company and others). Most of the political papers focus on Smiths unsuccessful Senatorial campaign in 1920.

A. 1898-1920

The majority of the papers are personal correspondence pertaining to financial account and insurance holdings of Smith. However, there are some political papers including copies of minor congressional bills, newspaper clippings, and legal papers. Some legal papers concentrate on the Southern Cotton Oil Company incorporation and contain a copy of the proceedings from the corner's inquest into the Kennesaw Mountain military accident that killed four civilians. Arrangement is chronological.
II.12January-December 1916
II.13January-December 1917
II.14August-September 1918
II.15October 1-10, 1918
II.16October 11-20, 1918
II.17October 21-31, 1918
II.18November 1-10, 1918
II.19November 11-20, 1918
II.110November 21-30, 1918
II.111December 1-10, 1918
II.112December 11-20, 1918
II.113December 21-31, 1918
II.114January-October 1919
II.21November-December 1919
II.22January 1-15, 1920
II.23January 16-31, 1920
II.24February 1-15, 1920
II.25February 16-29, 1920
II.26March 1-10, 1920
II.27March 11-31, 1920
II.28April 1920
II.29May 1-31, 1920
II.210June 1-15, 1920
II.211June 16-30, 1920
II.212July 1920
II.213August 1920
II.214September 1920
II.215October 1920
II.216November 1-15, 1920
II.31November 16-30, 1920
II.32December 1-10, 1920
II.33December 11-20, 1920
II.34December 21-31, 1920

B. Election of 1920

This subseries contains variations on a basic form letter sent to possible supporters among Smith's constituents during his senatorial campaign in 1920. The final folders contain financial records from the unsuccessful campaign as well as political lists. Arrangement is alphabetical by county.
II.36Bacon County No.3
II.37Baldwin County No.5
II.38Banks County No.6
II.39Barrow County No.7
II.310Bartow County No.8
II.311Ben Hill County No.9
II.312Berrien County No.10
II.313Bibb County No.11
II.314Bleckley County No.12
II.315Brooks County No.14
II.316Bryan County No.15
II.317Bullock County No.16
II.318Burke County No.17
II.319Butts County No.18
II.320Calhoun County No.19
II.321Camden County No.20
II.322Candler County No.21
II.323Carroll County No.22
II.41Catoosa County No.23
II.42Charlton County No.24
II.43Chatham County No.25
II.44Chattooga County No.27
II.45Cherokee County No.28
II.46Clarke County No.29
II.47Clay County No.30
II.48Clayton County No.31
II.49Clinch County No.32
II.410Cobb County No.33
II.411Coffee County No.34
II.412Colquitt County No.35
II.413Columbia County No.36
II.414Cook County No.37
II.415Colveta County No.38
II.416Crawford County No.39
II.417Crisp County No.40
II.418Dade County No.41
II.419Dawson County No.42
II.420Decatur County No.43
II.421DeKalb County No.44
II.422Dodge County No.45
II.423Dooly County No.46
II.424Dougherty County No.47
II.425Douglas County No.48
II.426Early County No.49
II.51Echols County No.50
II.52Effingham County No.51
II.53Elbert County No.52
II.54Emanuel County No. 53
II.55Floyd County No.54
II.56Forsyth County No.55
II.57Franklin County No.59
II.58-11Fulton County No.60
II.512Fulton County (Formerly Campbell) No.60
II.513Fulton County (Formerly Milton) No.60
II.514Gilmer County No.61
II.515Glascock County No.62
II.516Glynn County No.63
II.517Gordon County No.64
II.518Grady County No.65
II.519Greene County No.66
II.520Gwinnett County No.67
II.521Habersham County No.68
II.522Hall County No.69
II.523Hancock County No.70
II.524Harris County No.72
II.525Hart County No.73
II.526Heard County No.74
II.527Henry County No.75
II.61Houston County No.76
II.62Irwin County No.77
II.63Jackson County No.78
II.64Jasper County No.79
II.65Jeff Davis County No.80
II.66Jefferson County No.81
II.67Jenkins County No.82
II.68Johnson County No.83
II.69Jones County No.84
II.610Laurens County No.87
II.611Lee County No. 88
II.612Liberty County No. 89
II.613Lincoln County No.90
II.614Lowndes County No.92
II.615Lumpkin County No.93
II.616Macon County No.94
II.617Madison County No.95
II.618Marion County No.96
II.619McKuffie County No.97
II.620McIntosh County No.98
II.621Miller County No.100
II.622Mitchell County No.101
II.623Monroe County No. 102
II.624Montgomery County No.103
II.625Morgan County No.104
II.626Murray County No.105
II.627-28Muscogee County No.106
II.629Newton County No.107
II.630Oconee County No.108
II.71Oglethorpe County No.109
II.72Paulding County No.110
II.73Pickens County No.112
II.74Pierce County No.113
II.75Pike County No.114
II.76Polk County No.115
II.77Pulaski County No.116
II.78Putnam County No.117
II.79Quitman County No.118
II.710Rabun County No.119
II.711Randolph County No.120
II.712-13Richmond County No.121
II.714Rockdale County No.122
II.715Schley County No.123
II.716Screven County No.124
II.717Spalding County No.126
II.718Stephens County No.127
II.719Stewart County No.128
II.720Sumter County No.129
II.721Talbot County No.130
II.722Tattnall County No.132
II.723Taylor County No.133
II.724Telfair County No.134
II.725Terrell County No.135
II.726Thomas County No. 136
II.727-28Tift County No. 137
II.81Toombs County No.138
II.82Towns County No.139
II.83Treutlen County No.140
II.84Troup County No.141
II.85Turner County No.142
II.86Twiggs County No.143
II.87Union County No.144
II.88Upson County No.145
II.89Walker County No.146
II.810Walton County No.147
II.811Ware County No.148
II.812Warren County No.149
II.813Washington County No.150
II.814Wayne County No.151
II.815Webster County No.152
II.816White County No.154
II.817Whitfield County No.155
II.818Wilcox County No.156
II.819Wilkes County No.157
II.820Worth County No.159
II.911919 - Political Lists, counties: Marion - Toombs
II.921919 - Political Lists, counties: Towns - North
II.102Primary Election Expenses
II.103Primary Election Expenses
II.104Primary Election Expenses
II.105Primary Election Expenses

C. 1921-1930

These files cover the time period following Smith's senatorial defeat in 1920, as Smith resumes his private law practice in Washington D.C. and Atlanta. It contains newspaper clippings, family correspondence, and some legal briefs. In general, the correspondence pertains to investment advice and financial solicitations, as well as minor legal questions. Also included among the correspondence are concerns regarding the 1928 United States presidential election. The legal briefs include transcriptions of two United States Supreme Court cases in which Smith provided counsel (USA vs. Chestatee Pyrites and Chemical Corporation and USA vs. Swift Company and others).
II.106January 1-10, 1921
II.107January 11-20, 1921
II.108January 21-30, 1921
II.109February 1-10, 1921
II.1010February 11-20, 1921
II.1011February 21-28, 1921
II.1012March 1-10, 1921
II.1013March 11-20, 1921
II.1014March 21-31, 1921
II.111April 1-10, 1921
II.112April 11-20, 1921
II.113April 21-30, 1921
II.114May 1-15, 1921
II.115May 16-31, 1921
II.116June 1-15, 1921
II.117June 16-30, 1921
II.118July 1-15, 1921
II.119July 16-23, 1921
II.1110July 24-31, 1921
II.1111August 1-15, 1921
II.1112August 16-31, 1921
II.1113September 1-10, 1921
II.121September 11-20, 1921
II.122September 21-30, 1921
II.123October 1-15, 1921
II.124October 16-31, 1921
II.125November 1-10, 1921
II.126November 11-20, 1921
II.127November 21-30, 1921
II.128December 1-15, 1921
II.129December 16-31, 1921
II.1211January 1-15, 1922
II.1212January 16-20, 1922
II.131January 21-31, 1922
II.132February 1-15, 1922
II.133February 16-28, 1922
II.134March 1-15, 1922
II.135March 16-31, 1922
II.136April 1-15, 1922
II.137April 16-30, 1922
II.138May 1-15, 1922
II.139May 16-31, 1922
II.1310June 1-15, 1922
II.141June 16-30, 1922
II.142July 1-10, 1922
II.143July 11-31, 1922
II.144August 1-15, 1922
II.145August 16-31, 1922
II.146September 1-15, 1922
II.147September 16-30, 1922
II.148October 1-15, 1922
II.149October 16-31, 1922
II.1410November 1-15, 1922
II.1411November 16-30, 1922
II.1412December 1-15, 1922
II.151December 16-31, 1922
II.153January 1-10, 1923
II.154January 11-20, 1923
II.155January 21-31, 1923
II.156February 1-10, 1923
II.157February 11-20, 1923
II.158February 21-28, 1923
II.159March 1-15, 1923
II.161-2March 16-31, 1923
II.163April 1-15, 1923
II.164April 16-30, 1923
II.165-6May 1-12, 1923
II.167May 13-21, 1923
II.168May 22-31, 1923
II.169June 1-15, 1923
II.1610June 16-31, 1923
II.1611July 1-15, 1923
II.1612July 16-31, 1923
II.171August 1-15, 1923
II.172August 16-31, 1923
II.173September 1-15, 1923
II.174September 16-30, 1923
II.175October 1-16, 1923
II.176October 16-31, 1923
II.177November 1-16, 1923
II.178November 16-30, 1923
II.179December 1-15, 1923
II.1710December 16-31, 1923
II.1712January 1-31, 1924
II.1713February 1-29, 1924
II.1714March 1-15, 1924
II.181March 16-31, 1924
II.182April 1924
II.183May 1924
II.184June 1924
II.185July 1924
II.186August 1924
II.187September 1924
II.188October 1924
II.189November 1924
II.1810December 1924
II.192January 1925
II.193February 1925
II.194March 1925
II.195April 1925
II.196May 1925
II.197June 1925
II.198July 1925
II.199August 1925
II.1910-11September 1925
II.201November 1925
II.202December 1925
II.204January 1926
II.205February 1926
II.206March 1926
II.207-8April 1926
II.209May 1926
II.2010June 1926
II.2011-12July 1926
II.2013August 1926
II.2014September 1-15, 1926
II.211September 16-30, 1926
II.212October 1926
II.213November 1926
II.214December 1926
II.216January 1927
II.217February 1927
II.218March 1927
II.219April 1927
II.2110May 1927
II.221June 1927
II.222July 1927
II.223August 1927
II.224September 1927
II.225October 1927
II.226November 1927
II.227December 1927
II.229-10January-March 1928
II.2211April-June 1928
II.2212July 1928
II.2213August-September 1928
II.231October-December 1928
II.235January-April 1930
II.236May-December 1930

III. Printed Materials, 1890-1927

2 boxes (1 linear feet)
This series contains flyers and small booklets relating to specific legal cases, speeches, and legislative proposals. It includes a copy of Governor Smith's inaugural address and a speech of Smith's to William Jennings Bryan.
III.11Case of Henry Frank vs. Fiorello H. La Guardia, March 1-26, 1923
III.22The Constitution of the United States
III.23Agricultural Conditions in Denmark, January 4, 1913
III.24William M. Chandler vs. Sol Bloom Case, 1923
III.25Speech of Smith to William Jennings Bryan
III.26"Grover Cleveland," Address by Smith, March 18, 1927
III.27Governor Smith's Inaugural Address, July 1, 1911
III.28Business Letters By Benn Pitman and Jerome R. Howard, 1890
III.29William B. Smith vs. Lillie B. Smith Case, 1925
III.210Modern Eloquence Edited by Thomas B. Reed, 1890
III.211The Return of German Property seized by the US during the World War
III.212In Reduction of Passenger Rates, Motion by Joseph M. Brown, Commissioner, 1907
III.213Henry Frank vs. Fiorello H. La Guardia Case, 1924
III.214Speech of Hon. Hugh M. Dorsey in support of Hon. Joseph M. Brown, July 28, 1914

IV. Letter Books, 1879-1921

35 box(es)
(17.5 linear feet)
The letter books are arranged chronologically and within each book are copies of correspondence pertaining mostly to legal cases, financial dealings, political appointments, and letters of congratulations. One book focuses entirely on the appointment of Aaron J. Pratt to a financial position in the Georgia state government and one book contains letters of congratulations upon Smith's appointment to the Grover Cleveland presidential cabinet.
IV.11August 25, 1879 - January 5, 1882
IV.12January-June 1880
IV.21January 6, 1882-June 11, 1883
IV.22June 11, 1883-March 14, 1884
IV.31March 14, 1884-January 10, 1885
IV.41November 19, 1885-January 5, 1887
IV.51January 5, 1887-January 1, 1888
IV.61January 2, 1888-November 13, 1888
IV.71July 28, 1888-September 1888
IV.91March 21, 1890-January 13, 1891
IV.101January 13, 1891-September 2, 1891
plus clippings 1901-1902, 1904
IV.121February 11, 1893-March 25, 1893
IV.141October 12, 1897-July 15, 1898
IV.151July 25, 1898-April 18, 1899
IV.161April 19, 1899-November 16, 1899
IV.171November 16, 1899-May 5, 1990
IV.181January 14, 1901-March 20, 1901
IV.182March 21, 1901-June 5, 1901
IV.191June 5, 1901-August 17, 1901
IV.192November 14, 1901-February 5, 1902
IV.201May 10, 1902-August 22, 1902
IV.211August 22, 1902-December 12, 1902
IV.221December 12, 1902-March 5, 1903
IV.231May 14, 1903-August 28, 1903
IV.241August 29, 1903-December 18, 1903
IV.251December 19, 1903-April 8, 1904
IV.261April 9, 1904-August 2, 1904
IV.262August 3, 1904-November 21, 1904
IV.271July 28, 1905 -January 1, 1906
IV.281January 1, 1906-October 3, 1906
IV.291March 11, 1908-February 18, 1909
IV.301February 18, 1909-September 24, 1909
IV.311September 24, 1909-March 7, 1910
IV.321September 12, 1910-February 7, 1911
IV.331February 7, 1911-July 7, 1911
IV.341November 28, 1911-January 5, 1912

V. Clippings, 1870-1928

39 box(es)
(19.25 linear feet)
Most of the clippings relate to political nominations and speeches. However, some scrapbooks contain clippings pertaining to one particular issue such as the Cherokee Indians, railroads, African-American appointments, and the presidential primary of 1920. Arrangement is chronological.
V.51Indians, 1893-1896
V.161Speeches, Railroad, Dupont Guerry Controversy, 1905
V.171Campaign, 1905
V.191African American Appointments, Howell, Gordon, 1905
V.261Comment on Wilson's Nomination, 1907-1912
V.311Clubs and County, 1910
V.331Pamphlets and Executive Messages, 1910-1911
V.3711914-August 1924
V.381-3Presidential Primary

VI. Administrative, 1883-1895

6 boxes (3 linear feet)
This series is a collection of financial records, legal briefs, and correspondence pertaining to Smith's early law practice. Arrangement is chronological.
VI.11Account Book, 1883-1884
VI.21Declarations, 1884-1889
VI.31Legal Papers, 1889-1892
VI.41Brief Book, 1891
VI.51Abstracts of Letters, 1893
VI.61Abstracts of Letters, 1895

VII. Photographs

8 items
This series contains eight images of various unknown individuals sent to Hoke Smith from friends and acquaintances of his.
VII.11Woman in front of Captal Building, Washington, D.C., undated
VII.12Woman in foreground, city building and trees in background, undated
VII.13Hoke Smith Wright, ca. 1929
VII.14Class picture from Tallulah Falls Industrial School, Inc., 1927
VII.15Hoke Smith Bell, Arte Bell, and mother, ca. 1926
VII.16Bell family picture on July 4th, ca. 1926
VII.17Man [J.W. Whiteley?] in field with pecan trees in background, ca. 1926
VII.18Little boy [David Buckley Moncrief], 1922