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Richard B. Russell, Sr. Papers

Richard B. Russell, Sr. Papers

Descriptive Summary

Title: Richard B. Russell, Sr. Papers
Creator: Russell, Richard B. (Richard Brevard), 1861-1938.
Inclusive Dates: 1872-1938
Language(s): English
Extent: 36 box(es) (17 linear feet)
Collection Number: RBRL002RBRSR
Repository: Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies
Abstract: The collection consists of the diary and personal and political papers of Richard B. Russell, Sr. from 1872 to 1938. The personal papers include correspondence relating to Russell"s involvement on the Board of Trustees at the University of Georgia and as a member of the first Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia, family related correspondence, and a few speeches made by Russell. The political series (1888-1938) contains mostly correspondence pertaining to various campaigns for public and judicial offices, including his 1911 gubernatorial bid. The business/finance records include bank statements, bills and receipts, and miscellaneous items. The legal/judicial series contains material relating to Russell"s law practice in Winder, Georgia and his many years as a noted jurist.

Collection Description

Biographical Note

Richard B. Russell, Sr. was born near Marietta, Georgia on April 27, 1861. He received his B.A., Ph.d. (1879) and L.L.B. (1880) from the University of Georgia. His first marriage was on May 13, 1883 to Marie Louise Tyler, who died in 1886. Russell re-married Blandina (Ina) Dillard on June 24, 1891, with whom he had thirteen children.

Russell's career as a lawyer, legislator, businessman, and judge extended over fifty-eight years. Beginning his law practice in Athens in 1880, Russell was elected to the Georgia General Assembly from Clarke County in 1882. During his three terms in the Georgia General Assembly he gave strong support to higher education and backed the establishment of the Georgia Institute of Technology and a women's college, Georgia Normal and Industrial College for Women in Milledgeville. He was later named to the board of directors of that institution. Russell also was a member of the University of Georgia's Board of Trustees from 1887 to 1889 and 1919 to 1933. He was chairman of the board from 1923 to 1931. He was also appointed to the first Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia, organized on January 1, 1932, but he only served until July 1, 1933.

At twenty-one, Russell was the youngest member of the House of Representatives when he was elected in 1883. In 1886 and 1887, he served as chairman of the Rules Committee in the House. From 1885 to 1894, he was a member of the Athens Board of Education, and in 1897, he served on Winder's school board. From 1903 to 1907, he held the same office in Russell, a new village at the edge of Winder which Russell chartered in 1902. In 1888, Russell was elected solicitor-general of the Western circuit of the superior courts of Georgia . After serving eight years, he resigned in 1896 to return to practicing law in Winder. On October 31, 1898 he was elected by the General Assembly to a four-year term as judge of the Superior Court of the Western circuit.

Meanwhile, Russell was active in business and publishing. In 1886 he assisted in organizing Athens Street Railway Company, and the following year, he helped to establish the Athens Savings Bank. From 1890 to 1893, he edited Athens Daily Ledger, and in 1894, he participated in setting up the North Georgia Telephone Company.

In 1904, Russell made an unsuccessful bid for the chief justice of the Georgia Supreme Court. Two years later, he ran against Hoke Smith for governor. Despite a vigorous campaign, he lost the race. But, in November 1906, he was elected judge on the newly created Court of Appeals, where he served until 1916, the last three years as chief judge. In 1911, he made another unsuccessful bid for governor and in 1916, he lost in a race for Congress.

In 1916, he resigned from the Court of Appeals and returned to Winder to his law practice. In 1922 he ran for chief justice of the Georgia Supreme Court and won. He was less successful in 1926, when he was defeated in the race for the United States Senate by Walter F. George. Russell continued to serve as chief justice on the Georgia Supreme Court until his death on December 3, 1938 . He is interred in the family cemetery in Russell , Georgia . [Kenneth Coleman and Charles Gurr, ed Dictionary of Georgia Biography. Athens, GA : The University of Georgia Press, 1983]

Scope and Content

Richard B. Russell, Sr. Papers consist of his diary, personal papers, political papers, business records, and legal records dating from 1872 to 1938. The personal papers include correspondence relating to Russell's involvement on the Board of Trustees at the University of Georgia and his membership on the first Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia in addition to family related correspondence and several speeches Russell gave. The political papers primarily contain correspondence pertaining to various campaigns for public and judicial offices, including his 1906 and 1911 gubernatorial bids and his 1926 race for U.S. Senate. The business and finance records include bank statements, bills and receipts, and miscellaneous items. The legal and judicial records contain material relating to Russell"s law practice in Winder, Georgia and his many years as a noted jurist. Some personal and family correspondence may be of interest as well. The collection also contains clothing (frock coat), artifacts, and ephemera.

Organization and Arrangement

The papers are grouped broadly into four series by subject: I. Business/Finance, II. Legal/Judicial, III. Personal, and IV. Political.

Administrative Information

Access Restrictions

Personal family correspondence post-1920 is restricted. This excludes correspondence with son Richard B. Russell, Jr. and wife Ina Dillard Russell.

Preferred Citation

Richard B. Russell, Sr. Papers, Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies, University of Georgia Libraries, Athens, Georgia, 30602-1641.

Processing Information note

Clippings have been copied onto bond paper for protection of content. Photographs associated with this collection are included in the Richard B. Russell, Jr. Collection Subgroup D. Winder Papers.

User Restrictions

Library acts as "fair use" reproduction agent.

Copyright Information

Before material from collections at the Richard B. Russell Library may be quoted in print, or otherwise reproduced, in whole or in part, in any publication, permission must be obtained from (1) the owner of the physical property, and (2) the holder of the copyright. It is the particular responsibility of the researcher to obtain both sets of permission. Persons wishing to quote from materials in the Russell Library collection should consult the Director. Reproduction of any item must contain a complete citation to the original.

Finding Aid Publication

Finding aid prepared on: 2008.

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Subject Terms

Georgia -- Politics and government -- 1865-1950.
Governors -- Georgia -- Election.
Judges -- Georgia -- Election.
Judges -- Georgia.
Lawyers -- Georgia.
Russell family.
Russell, Ina. (Ina Dillard), 1868-1953.
Russell, Richard B. (Richard Brevard), 1897-1971
Universities and colleges -- Georgia.
University System of Georgia. Board of Regents
University of Georgia. Board of Trustees
Winder (Ga.)

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Series Descriptions and Folder Listing


I. Business/Finance

5 box(es)
(1.5 linear feet)
This series consists of advertisements, bank statements, bills and receipts, items relating to the Hoschton Telephone Company, and miscellaneous items. The series also includes two ledgers, one of which was turned into a stamp album, perhaps by one of the Russell children.
I.11Dillard, W. B. loan and finances
I.13Family; E. W. Russell loan and finance
I.14Hoschton Tel. Ledgers (2)
I.21Miscellaneous, 1887-1894
I.22Miscellaneous, 1900-1901
I.23Miscellaneous, 1903-1906
I.24Miscellaneous, 1907
I.25Miscellaneous, 1908
I.26Miscellaneous, 1909
I.27Miscellaneous, 1910
I.28Miscellaneous, 1911
I.29Miscellaneous, 1913
I.210Miscellaneous, 1914
I.211Miscellaneous, 1915
I.212Miscellaneous, 1916
I.213Miscellaneous, 1917-1919
I.214Miscellaneous, 1920-1929
I.215Miscellaneous, 1930-1935
I.32Bank Statements
I.33Bills and Receipts, 1887-1894
I.34Bills and Receipts, 1900-1906
I.35Bills and Receipts, 1907-1909
I.36Bills and Receipts, 1910-1913
I.37Bills and Receipts, 1914
I.38Bills and Receipts, 1915
I.39Bills and Receipts, 1916-1919
I.310Bills and Receipts, 1920-1929
I.311Bills and Receipts, 1930-1935
I.301Athens Chronicle Financial, 1887
I.302Business: Russell Manufacturing Corporation, circa 1900
I.303Ledger, 1912
I.304Insurance, 1930
I.305-6[General Business], 1891-1938
I.31Ledger, 1900-1903

II. Legal/Judicial

6 box(es)
(1.5 linear feet)
This series consists of three subseries: A. General, B. Cases, C. Volumes. A. General contains correspondence to Russell, Sr. pertaining to cases he worked on during his career as an attorney and later, a judge. B. Cases focus on records and correspondence discussing three specific cases Russell worked on: Angelo Herndon v. State (1934), Roberts. et. al. v. Georgia Railway and Power Company (1922), and a case involving Mrs. E.C. (Ruby) Smith (1923). C. Volumes include Russell"s notebooks from his career as solicitor-general of the Western circuit of the superior courts of Georgia and his career as an attorney in addition to some cancelled checks.

A. General

II.41Admission to U.S. Court
II.42Miscellaneous Advertisements
II.43Correspondence, 1881-1900
II.44Correspondence, 1901
II.45Correspondence, 1902-1904
II.46Correspondence, 1905
II.47Correspondence, 1906-1907
II.48Correspondence, 1908
II.49Correspondence, 1909
II.410Correspondence, 1910-1911
II.411Correspondence, 1913-1914
II.412Correspondence, 1915
II.51Correspondence, 1916
II.52Correspondence, 1917
II.53Correspondence, 1918-1919
II.54Correspondence, 1920-1922
II.55Correspondence, 1923-1929
II.56Correspondence, 1930
II.57Correspondence, 1931-1932
II.58Correspondence, 1933-1938
II.321[Charges against Judge Russell], 1915 July 24
II.322[Miscellaneous Legal], 1886-1924
OS 2Abstract of title to Lands of Mrs. Sarah A. J. Clark, 1888
J. C. Pratt [law partner]
II.361-8Legal and Personal Correspondence, 1915-1916
OS 1Supreme Court of Georgia Commission, 1922 December 9

B. Cases

II.61Miscellaneous (Herndon case)
II.62Roberts Case, 1919-1922
II.63Mrs. E. C. (Ruby) Smith Case
II.323Lucy Cobb Institute vs. H. H. Linton Tax Collector, and John W. Wier, Sheriff, 1899
II.324[E.N. Freeman versus Board of Bar Examiners of Georgia, 1926
II.325[Case Regarding Negligent Operation of a Train], undated

C. Volumes

II.64Russell/Hughes attorneys, 1881, 1898
II.65Russell/Hughes cancelled checks, 1889-1890
II.66Solicitor-General Docket
II.33Russell/Hughes Ledger, 1889-1891
II.33Russel and Armistead Ledger, 1898-1900
II.33Court of Appeals Docket, 1907

III. Personal

7 box(es)
(3 linear feet)
This series includes correspondence relating to Russell's involvement on the Board of Trustees at the University of Georgia and as a member of the first Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia, family related correspondence, and several speeches Russell gave. It also includes content related to Russell's insurance business and his membership in the insurance fraternity, the Royal Arcanum. Much of the correspondence specifically discusses appointments to teaching positions, requests for references, applications for scholarships, invitations, and programs. In addition, this series contains Russell"s diary, letters from family and friends, correspondence regarding speaking engagements, and formal documents such as land grants.
III.74Education, 1892-1919
III.75Education, 1920-1928
III.76Education, 1929
III.77Education, 1930
III.78Education, 1931
III.79Education, 1932
III.710Education, 1933-1936
III.81Exercise Book (1877-1878) and Diary (1878-1883), 1877-1883
III.82Family, 1872-1899
III.83Family, 1901-1909
III.84Family, 1910-1913
III.85Family, 1914
III.86Family, 1915-1919
III.91Family Genealogy
III.93Fraternal Organizations, I.O.O.F.
III.94Fraternal Organizations, Miscellaneous
III.95Fraternal Organizations (Royal Arcane), 1904, 1907
III.96Fraternal Organizations (Royal Arcane), 1908
III.97Fraternal Organizations (Royal Arcane), 1909-1910
III.98Fraternal Organizations (Royal Arcane), 1911-1913
III.99Fraternal Organizations (Royal Arcane), 1914
III.910Fraternal Organizations (Royal Arcane), 1915-1932
III.911Jobs and Recommendations, 1906-1935
III.912Memorials Supreme Court, 1940 January 27
III.102Miscellaneous, before1890
III.103Miscellaneous, 1896, 1901
III.104Miscellaneous, 1905-1907
III.105Miscellaneous, 1908
III.106Miscellaneous, 1909
III.107Miscellaneous, 1910-1911
III.108Miscellaneous, 1914
III.109Miscellaneous, 1915-1916
III.1010Miscellaneous, 1917-1919
III.1011Miscellaneous, 1920-1926
III.1012Miscellaneous, 1927-1929
III.111Miscellaneous Correspondence, 1930 January-March
III.112Miscellaneous Correspondence, 1930 April-May
III.113Miscellaneous Correspondence, 1930 June-December
III.114Miscellaneous Correspondence, 1931-1932
III.115Miscellaneous Correspondence, 1933
III.116Miscellaneous Correspondence, 1934-1938
III.117Postcard Collection
III.118Russell Reunion Logbook
III.12 1Speech, Eunomian and Lysian Societies, 1884
III.12 2Speech, Eunomian and Lysian Societies, 1890
III.12 3Speech, Eunomian and Lysian Societies, 1905-1909
III.12 4Speech, Eunomian and Lysian Societies, 1910-1911
III.12 5Speech Material, 1914
III.12 6Speech Material, 1915
III.12 7Speech Material, 1924-1929
III.12 8Speech Material, 1930-1931
III.12 9Speech Material - Margaret Sanger Debate, 1931
III.12 10Speech Material, 1932-1936
III.12 11Speech Material, 1930s
III.12 12[Speech Material - Birth Control Debate], 1926, undated
III.341[Miscellaneous Correspondence], 1872-1887
III.342[Miscellaneous Correspondence], 1891-1892
III.343[Miscellaneous Correspondence], 1892-1933
III.344[Miscellaneous], 1877-1936
III.345[Royal Arcanum], 1910
III.346The Spectrum [dedicated to Richard B. Russell, Sr.], 1930
III.347Board of Regents, 1933
III.348Burns Chronicle and Club Directory, 1934
III.349[Death Announcements], 1938 December 4-5
IV. Political, 1873-1938
The Political series (1888-1938) consists of three subseries: A. Appointments, B. Campaigns, and C. General. Appointments contains letters from individuals requesting Russell's backing in order to gain a political appointment of some kind. Campaigns includes mostly correspondence pertaining to Russell's various campaigns for public and judicial offices (1898, 1904, 1906, 1911, 1916, 1922, 1926). General contains constituent correspondence and letters requesting political support from Russell. In this series, Russell expresses his opinion on many issues including the Ku Klux Klan, the World Court, agriculture, and foreign policy. There is correspondence with Tom Watson, Henry West, C. E. McGregor, and Emory Speer in Russell"s own 1911 gubernatorial campaign.
A. Appointments
IV.13 1Appointments, 1890, 1893
IV.13 2Appointments, 1907-1908
IV.13 3Appointments, 1909
IV.13 4Appointments, 1910-1912
IV.13 5Appointments, 1914
IV.13 6Appointments, 1915-1917
IV.13 7Appointments, 1925-1929
IV.13 8Appointments, 1930-1932
IV.13 9Appointments, 1933-1938
IV.13 10Campaign, Correspondence, 1888
IV.13 11Campaign, Material, 1888
IV.13 12Appointments, licenses, characters, 1900-1906
B. Campaigns
IV.13 13Campaign, 1891-1896
IV.14 1Campaign, Correspondence "A", 1898
IV.14 2Campaign, Correspondence "B", 1898
IV.14 3Campaign, Correspondence "C", 1898
IV.14 4Campaign, Correspondence "D", 1898
IV.14 5Campaign, Correspondence "E-F", 1898
IV.14 6Campaign, Correspondence "G", 1898
IV.14 7Campaign, Correspondence "H", 1898
IV.14 8Campaign, Correspondence "I-K", 1898
IV.15 1Campaign, Correspondence "L", 1898
IV.15 2Campaign, Correspondence "M", 1898
IV.15 3Campaign, Correspondence "Mc", 1898
IV.15 4Campaign, Correspondence "N-P", 1898
IV.15 5Campaign, Correspondence "R", 1898
IV.15 6Campaign, Correspondence "S", 1898
IV.15 7Campaign, Correspondence "T", 1898
IV.15 8Campaign, Correspondence "U-V", 1898
IV.15 9Campaign, Correspondence "W", 1898
IV.15 10Campaign, Correspondence "Y", 1898
IV.15 11Campaign, Miscellaneous, 1898
IV.16 1Campaign, Correspondence "A-C", 1904
IV.16 2Campaign, Correspondence "D-F", 1904
IV.16 3Campaign, Correspondence "G", 1904
IV.16 4Campaign, Correspondence "H", 1904
IV.16 5Campaign, Correspondence "I", 1904
IV.16 6Campaign, Correspondence "J", 1904
IV.16 7Campaign, Correspondence "K", 1904
IV.16 8Campaign, Correspondence "L", 1904
IV.16 9Campaign, Correspondence "M", 1904
IV.16 10Campaign, Correspondence "N-W", 1904
IV.17 1Campaign, County Voter Lists "A", 1904
IV.17 2Campaign, County Voter Lists "B", 1904
IV.17 3Campaign, County Voter Lists "C", 1904
IV.17 4Campaign, County Voter Lists "D", 1904
IV.17 5Campaign, County Voter Lists "E", 1904
IV.17 6Campaign, County Voter Lists "F", 1904
IV.17 7Campaign, County Voter Lists "G", 1904
IV.17 8Campaign, County Voter Lists "H", 1904
IV.17 9Campaign, County Voter Lists "I-J", 1904
IV.17 10Campaign, County Voter Lists "L", 1904
IV.17 11Campaign, County Voter Lists "M-O", 1904
IV.17 12Campaign, County Voter Lists "P-R", 1904
IV.17 13Campaign, County Voter Lists "S", 1904
IV.17 14Campaign, County Voter Lists "T-U", 1904
IV.17 15Campaign, County Voter Lists "W", 1904
IV.17 16Campaign, Lists of Names, 1904
IV.17 17Campaign, Form Letters, 1904
IV.17 18Campaign, Press Releases and Expenses, 1904
IV.18 1Campaign, Correspondence, 1905
IV.18 2Campaign, 1905
IV.18 3Campaign, Correspondence "A-C", 1906
IV.18 4Campaign, Correspondence "D-G", 1906
IV.18 5Campaign, Correspondence "H-L", 1906
IV.18 6Campaign, Correspondence "M-P", 1906
IV.18 7Campaign, Correspondence "Q-W", 1906
IV.18 8Campaign, Correspondence. Hoke Smith, 1906
IV.18 9Campaign, Correspondence. Lewis Russell, 1910
IV.18 10Campaign, Correspondence "A-L", 1911
IV.18 11Campaign, Correspondence "M-Y", 1911
IV.18 12Campaign, Press, 1911
IV.18 13Campaign, Correspondence, 1914
IV.18 14Campaign, Correspondence "A-C", 1916
IV.18 15Campaign, Correspondence "D-G", 1916
IV.18 16Campaign, Correspondence "H-I", 1916
IV.18 17Campaign, Correspondence "J-L", 1916
IV.18 18Campaign, Correspondence "M-P", 1916
IV.18 19Campaign, Correspondence "R-W", 1916
IV.18 20Campaign. Miscellaneous, 1916-1917
IV.19 1Campaign, Correspondence, Family and Relatives, 1922
IV.19 2Campaign, Correspondence, Incoming. "A", 1922
IV.19 3Campaign, Correspondence, Incoming. "B", 1922
IV.19 4Campaign, Correspondence, Incoming. "C", 1922
IV.19 5Campaign, Correspondence, Incoming. "D-F", 1922
IV.19 6Campaign, Correspondence, Incoming. "G", 1922
IV.19 7Campaign, Correspondence, Incoming. "H", 1922
IV.19 8Campaign, Correspondence, Incoming. "J-L", 1922
IV.19 9Campaign, Correspondence, Incoming. "M-Mc", 1922
IV.19 10Campaign, Correspondence, Incoming. "N-Q", 1922
IV.19 11Campaign, Correspondence, Incoming. "R-S", 1922
IV.19 12Campaign, Correspondence, Incoming. "T-Z", 1922
IV.20 1Campaign, Correspondence, Outgoing. "A", 1922
IV.20 2Campaign, Correspondence, Outgoing. "B", 1922 July
IV.20 3Campaign, Correspondence, Outgoing. "B", 1922 August-September
IV.20 4Campaign, Correspondence, Outgoing. "C", 1922
IV.20 5Campaign, Correspondence, Outgoing. "D", 1922
IV.20 6Campaign, Correspondence, Outgoing. "E-F", 1922
IV.20 7Campaign, Correspondence, Outgoing. "G", 1922
IV.20 8Campaign, Correspondence, Outgoing. "H-I", 1922 July
IV.20 9Campaign, Correspondence, Outgoing. "H-I", 1922 August-September
IV.20 10Campaign, Correspondence, Outgoing. "J", 1922
IV.21 1Campaign, Correspondence, Outgoing. "K-L", 1922
IV.21 2Campaign, Correspondence, Outgoing. "M", 1922 July
IV.21 3Campaign, Correspondence, Outgoing. "M", 1922 September
IV.21 4Campaign, Correspondence, Outgoing. "N-O", 1922
IV.21 5Campaign, Correspondence, Outgoing. "P-Q", 1922
IV.21 6Campaign, Correspondence, Outgoing. "R", 1922
IV.21 7Campaign, Correspondence, Outgoing. "S", 1922 July
IV.21 8Campaign, Correspondence, Outgoing. "S", 1922 September
IV.21 9Campaign, Correspondence, Outgoing. "T-V", 1922
IV.21 10Campaign, Correspondence, Outgoing. "W-Z", 1922
IV.22 1Campaign, Lists, 1922
IV.22 2Campaign, Lists, W, 1922
IV.22 3Campaign, Material and Campaign Literature, 1922
IV.22 4Campaign, Newspaper Clippings, 1922
IV.22 5Campaign, Results and Congratulations, 1922
IV.22 6Campaign, Speech, 1922
IV.23 1Campaign, Correspondence, General. "A", 1926
IV.23 2Campaign, Correspondence, General. "B", 1926
IV.23 3Campaign, Correspondence, General. "C", 1926
IV.23 4Campaign, Correspondence, General. "D", 1926
IV.23 5Campaign, Correspondence, General. "E", 1926
IV.23 6Campaign, Correspondence, General. "F", 1926
IV.23 7Campaign, Correspondence, General. "G", 1926
IV.24 1Campaign, Correspondence, General. "H", 1926
IV.24 2Campaign, Correspondence, General. "J", 1926
IV.24 3Campaign, Correspondence, General. "K", 1926
IV.24 4Campaign, Correspondence, General. "L", 1926
IV.24 5Campaign, Correspondence, General. "M", 1926
IV.24 6Campaign, Correspondence, General. "Mc", 1926
IV.24 7Campaign, Correspondence, General. "N-O", 1926
IV.25 1Campaign, Correspondence, General. "P-Q", 1926
IV.25 2Campaign, Correspondence, General. "R", 1926
IV.25 3Campaign, Correspondence, General. "S", 1926
IV.25 4Campaign, Correspondence, General. "T", 1926
IV.25 5Campaign, Correspondence, General. "U-V", 1926
IV.25 6Campaign, Correspondence, General. "W", 1926
IV.25 7Campaign, Correspondence, Personal, 1926
IV.26 1Campaign, County Lists, "A-B", 1926
IV.26 2Campaign, County Lists, "C", 1926
IV.26 3Campaign, County Lists, "Coweta", 1926
IV.26 4Campaign, County Lists, "D-G", 1926
IV.26 5Campaign, County Lists, "H-J", 1926
IV.26 6Campaign, County Lists, "L-Q", 1926
IV.26 7Campaign, County Lists, "R-W", 1926
IV.26 8Campaign, County Lists, General Lists, 1926
IV.26 9Campaign, Endorsements and Rallies, 1926
IV.26 10Campaign, Form Letters, Platforms, and Releases, 1926
IV.26 11Campaign, George, Walter F., 1926
IV.27 1Campaign, Guest Book and Clippings, 1926
IV.27 2Campaign, Newspaper Advertising Costs, 1926
IV.27 3Campaign, Speech/Media, 1926
IV.27 4Campaign correspondence, including letters regarding the Ku Klux Klan's support of Walter F. George, 1926
IV.27 5Campaign correspondence, platform, and clippings, 1926
IV.28 1Campaign, RBR, Jr. General, 1930
IV.28 2Campaign, RBR, Jr. Congratulations, 1930
IV.28 3Campaign, RBR, Jr. Scrapbook, 1930
IV.28 4Campaign, RBR, Jr. Inauguration, 1930
IV.28 5Campaign, RBR, Jr. General, 1932
IV.28 6Campaign, RBR, Jr. Congratulations, 1932
IV.28 7Campaign, RBR, Jr. Congratulations, 1936
IV.351[Clippings], 1873-1936
IV.352Solicitor-General Campaign, 1842-1896
IV.353Western Circuit Judgeship Campaign, 1898
IV.354[Campaign - Solicitor-General], 1901
IV.355[Campaign - Chief Justice], 1904
IV.356Gubernatorial Campaign, 1906
IV.357[Campaign - Chief Justice], 1922
IV.358-9Judge Russell's Newspaper Clippings, 1926 June-August
IV.3510Richard B. Russell, Jr. Campaign, 1930
OS 1Campaign Signs and Photographs
C. General
IV.29 1General, 1887-1901
IV.29 2General, 1905-1907
IV.29 3General, 1908
IV.29 4General, 1909
IV.29 5General, 1910
IV.29 6General, 1911
IV.29 7General, 1914
IV.29 8General (Legislative Investigation), 1915
IV.29 9General, 1915-1919
IV.29 10General, 1920-1925
IV.29 11General, 1926-1929
IV.29 12General, 1930
IV.29 13General, 1932-1933
IV.29 14General, 1934, 1938
IV.3511-13[Scrapbooks: Eugene Talmadge], 1933-1934
III.3410[In Memoriam Report], 1939 September 5
OS 1Independent Order of Odd Fellows Certificate [torn and fragile], 1890 August 21