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Herbert Norris costume designs

Herbert Norris costume designs

Descriptive Summary

Title: Herbert Norris costume designs
Creator: Norris, Herbert
Inclusive Dates: 1897-1939
Language(s): English
Extent: 3.6 Linear Feet (128 items in 3 document boxes, 2 oversized boxes )
Collection Number: ms820
Repository: Hargrett Library

Collection Description

Historical Note

Herbert Norris was an English costume designer in the early 20th century.

Scope and Content

The collection consists of costume designs by Herbert Norris from 1897-1939. The watercolor designs, signed and dated by the artist, carry annotations giving the historical source of the design, the character, the actor and production for which the costume was intended, and instructions on the construction and wearing of the costume. Many of the designs are for productions of "The Rocklitz" (1931) and "Richard III" (1939).

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Herbert Norris costume designs, ms820, Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library, The University of Georgia Libraries.

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Finding aid prepared on: 2010 June 17.

General Notes

Cataloged as part of the Georgia Archives and Manuscripts Automated Access project: A Special Collections Gateway Program of the University Center in Georgia.

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Subject Terms

Costume -- England.
Costume designers -- England.
Theater -- England.
Watercolor painting.

Series Descriptions and Folder Listing

11Bertram of Auvergne, September 1897
12Le Roi Henri III, August 1899
"From an unpublished picture of the French School in the Louvre."
13Prince Henry, 1900
[Notes on verso re costume]
14Guido Baglioni, 1901
"after Raphael"
153 Flower Girls Scene 1, Act 1 Chorus, 1902
"1 with Iris, 1 with Roses, 1 with Daffodils in basket. Colours accordingly."
16[Regency costume], 1905
17Prince Disguised as Troubadour-Hippodrome, 1905
18Late Henry VI and Edward IV, March 5, 1909
[On verso, photograph of actor wearing costume. Note by Norris: "Entirely made by me. H. N."]
19Queen Phillippa, Ep. 8 Part 1, May 2nd, 1910
[Note re arms on mantle on verso]
110The Merchants Wife. Lady Maud Vernon, 1912
[Notes on verso]
111Ann Page, 1912
[Notes on verso]
112Elderly Men. Citizen Crowd, February 1912
1132 Pages, 1912
114The Lord Mayor, 1912
[Notes on verso]
115The Lady Sarah Wilson, 1912
116Settlers, 1912
117The Countess Lia Torby, 1912
[Notes on verso: Hero. Machado. In White & Silver]
118The Marchioness of Stafford, 1912
[Notes on verso re costume color and fabric]
119Clowns, 1912
[Notes on verso indicating the various characters and plays for which this costume was designed. Also a description of Dromio's costume in "Comedy of Errors", not depicted]
120Sellers at Booths, 1912
121Country Dancers, 1912
122Demetrius, 1912
[Notes on verso indicating costume of Demetrius in "Midsummer Night's Dream" and Antipholus of Syracuse in "Comedy of Errors"]
123Helena, 1912
[Notes on verso: Helena in "Midsummer Night's Dream" and Adriana in "Comedy of Errors "]
124"Simple", 1912
125Sailors, 1914
[Note on verso]
126[Medieval Noblewoman], 1916
[on verso, Mrs. Vendal, Mrs. Ford]
127[Late 18th century gentleman], 1919
[Connoisseur. Vol 10 p 179, on verso]
128Pipers. Act I, 1921
129Mr. Claud Hulbert. 4th dress, 1928
21Scipione, 1925
[notes on verso re criticism of armour]
22"Prince Ercole Sinibaldi" 1st, 1925
[name of actor on verso]
23Prince Ercole Sinibaldi 3rd, 1925
24Robes for "Del Campo", & Council of Ten, 1925
25Ropes (?) Act-III, 1925
26[Early 19th century gentleman in frock coat], 1925
27Haddon. Act III, 1925
28[Early 19th century dandy in promenade costume], 1925
29[18th century gentleman], 1925
[notes on verso]
210[18th century gentleman & detail of wig], May 28 1925
[note on verso: Queen Anne]
211[19th century gentleman in frock coat], 1925
212[19th century gentleman in opera dress], 1925
213Rack. (Official looking on), 1929
214Branding (Man being branded), 1929
[notes on verso re costume measurement & fabric]
215Wheel. (Official looking on), 1929
[notes on recto re costume fabric][note on verso]
216Wheel. (Man working the wheel), 1929
217Stake (Official looking on), 1929
[note on verso]
218Whipping (Man whipping), 1929
219Act II various colourings, 1929
[Mexican girl]
220Act II various colourings and designs, 1929
"the characteristic Mexican shawl"
221Act II [Mexican girl], 1929
222Act II [Mexican peasant], 1929
223Act II [Mexican peasant], 1929
31"Count Guido Degli Speranzoni" (1st Dress), n.d.
32French, 1925?
[notes on verso, "Revolution & Terror", "HN in the Aristocrat-St. James Theatre"]
33French 1790, 1925
34Unfinished sketch [Elizabethan gentleman], c. 1925
35[Mexican gentleman], n.d.
36[Rogue wearing serape and bandoleer], 1929
37[Mexican gentleman], 1929
38[Rogue with dagger], 1929
39[Rogue with musket], 1929
310[Rogue with daggers], 1929
311[Mexican desperado wearing bolero jacket and sombrero hat], 1929
312[Rogue with musket and bandoleer], 1929
313Burgess, n.d.
[On verso, "Royal Flush"]
[On verso, "Royal Flush"]
315Officer of the Life Guards-1661, n.d.
[notes on verso: "Royal Flush" ... "Uniform of the Life Guards worn at Charles II Coronation 1661"]
316Unfinished sketch, n.d.
[mid 19th century gentlewoman wearing bonnet]
317Unfinished sketch, n.d.
[mid 19th century gentlewoman wearing bonnet]
41Charles II as a Roman Emperor, 1925
42"Cesare Borgia" (4th dress), 1925
43Geoffrey Chaucer, 1927
[notes on verso re costume cut, color and fabric]
44John Wycliffe, 1927
[notes on verso re costume cut, color and fabric]
45William Shakespeare, 1927
[notes on verso re costume design, color and fabric]
46Monsieur de Voltaire, 1927
Herbert Norris costume designs for "The Rocklitz" by G. R. Preedy
47Delphicus Act II & III, January 15 1931
48Act I The Elector, January 16 1931
[notes on recto include description of costume color, & fabric, and name of actor, Dennis Neilson-Terry] [note on verso re muff]
49Act II, January 16 1931
[notes on recto include description of muff, name of character and actress, Beatrice Wilson]
410Act III The Elector, January 16 1931
[notes on recto include description of costume fabric and name of actor, Dennis Neilson-Terry]
411Act II scene II, January 17 1931
[notes on recto re costume fabric]
412Act II, January 18 1931
[notes on recto re costume design and fabric]
413Count Sturm (?) Act I "only in with Elector", January 18 1931
[notes on recto re costume color and fabric]
414Emma Barlotta Act II, January 18 1931
415Capt. Falaiseau, January 21 1931
[notes on recto include description of costume and name of actor, Mr. Arthur Brauder]
416Emma Barlotta Act III, n.d.
Herbert Norris costume designs for "Richard III"
417Richard Duke of Gloucester. K. G. aged 33, 1939
418King Edward IV. aged 41, 1939
419The Earl of Oxford, K. G. Aged 40, 1939
420Noblemens War Equipment, 1939
"This is taken from a brass to the memory of a knight who was at Bosworth"
421Armour, General Type "Arms of Stafford", 1939
[note on recto re historical source for costume design]
422 Guards , 1939
423The Duke of Buckingham K. G.aged 29, 1939
"Lord Stanley aged 48"
424Lord Hastings K. G. aged 53, 1939
425The Marquess of Dorset K. G. aged 32, 1939
"Sir James Tyrrel. sober."
426The Duke of Clarence aged 34 K. G., 1939
[notes on recto re costume design and color]
427The Prince of Wales aged 13, 1939
427The Duke of York aged 11, 1939
428The Sheriff, 1939
"Coat & hat to be worn by Oxford or Surrey over their Leg armour"
429The Lady Anne, Queen, 1939
[notes on recto include costume color and name of actress, Joyce Bland]
430Queen Elizabeth, aged 48. 1st dress, 1939
[notes on recto re costume fabric and actress, "Vivienne Bennett looked wonderful in this and she wore (?) it so perfectly"][note attached re MS reference for design]
431Queen Elizabeth 2nd dress, 1939
"Vivienne Bennett"
432King Richard III, 1939
[note on recto re costume fabric]
433Queen Margaret aged 54, 1939
[note on verso re historical source for costume design]
434Sir Robert Blackenbury [Brakenbury], 1939
435The Earl Rivers, 1939
[note on recto re costume design]
436The Lord Grey, 1939
437A Citizen, 1939
438King Richard III Battle Dress, 1939
[notes on recto]
439Lady Anne, Princess of Wales, Aged 29, 1939
[on verso name of actress, Joyce Bland, and pattern sketch for costume robe]
440The Lord Mayor, 1939
51[Tudor period, 1485-1547, costume-dress with girdle], June, 1898
52[Elizabethan noblewoman], 1912
[notes on verso]
53[Elizabethan noblewoman], April, 1912
[note on verso: "Design made for Mrs. George Cornwallis-West. Tournament 1912]
54Christopher Sly Act I, 1912
55[Elizabethan noblewoman], 1923
[notes on verso re costume design and color].
56[Elizabethan noblewoman], 1923
[notes on recto re costume fabric]
57[Elizabethan noblewoman], 1923
58Travelling dress to Edinburgh, 1923
[note on verso]
59Peter Pettigrew, 1928
510[late 18th century gentleman], 1928
511Messenger, 1928
512Claude— "Song of the Sea", 1928
513[Medieval noblewoman ca 15th century], 1928
[note on verso: "Sir Bryan Eric Barnsby-Williams. When Knights were Bold. 1928"]
515[Early 19th century gentleman in opera dress], 1929
[notes on recto re costume fabric and color]
516[Early 19th century gentleman in evening dress], 1929
[notes on recto re costume fabric and color]
517Graziella. Act II. Scene II, 1929
518Mary Stuart, Queen of Scotland 1561, n.d.
[notes on verso]
519Men at arms, n.d.