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Piedmont Athens Regional Medical Center records

Piedmont Athens Regional Medical Center records

Descriptive Summary

Title: Piedmont Athens Regional Medical Center records
Creator: Piedmont Athens Regional Medical Center (Athens, Ga.)
Inclusive Dates: 1957-2019
Language: English
Extent: 43 Linear Feet 36 boxes, 4 oversize boxes, 4 artifacts, 3 oversize folders
Collection Number: ms4242
Repository: Hargrett Library

Collection Description

Historical Note

Piedmont Athens Regional Medical Center (formerly Athens Regional Medical Center and Athens General Hospital) is a healthcare system located in Athens, Georgia that has a hospital, four urgent care centers, a network of physicians and specialists, and a home health agency. Athens General Hospital was founded in 1921. Athens Regional Medical Center became Piedmont Athens Regional when it joined Piedmont Healthcare in 2016.

Scope and Content

This collection contains photographs, administrative files, printed material, clippings, scrapbooks, and artifacts recording the events and celebrations, staff, awards, and facility expansions of the Piedmont Athens Regional Medical Center.

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Piedmont Athens Regional Medical Center records, ms4242, Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library, The University of Georgia Libraries.

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Subject Terms

Athens General Hospital (Athens, Ga.)
Clippings (information artifacts)
Fund raising.
Golf -- Tournaments.
Graphic arts.
Hospital records.
Hospitals -- History.
Medical centers -- Georgia
Photographs -- Marketing.
Piedmont Athens Regional Medical Center (Athens, Ga.)
Printed materials.

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Series Descriptions and Folder Listing


1. Photographs

11Commencement Center
12Loran Smith Center for Cancer Support
13Pillar Society, 1990-1997
14LSCCS Pillar Drive, 2000
15Loran Smith Breast Fest, 2000
16Breast Health Center
17G.I.F.T. event
18Corporate - event
19Foundation - event
110JWF Awards, 2004
111Pick 'N Party, Story's house
112Midnight Passage follow-up party, 2000
113Well and Wise Readers event
114Pilot Club
115Pizza Party, 2003
116Mrs. Talmadge's 100th Birthday Party
117Dedications and Open Houses
118Administration retreat
119Pillar Society , 2002
120Dogwood van
121Blessing of the Grounds
122Olympics, 1996
123Events - Individuals identified
21-9Events - miscellaneous
210-11Events - mounted
212Events - laminated
213Events - album pages
31Training and booths
32Dedication event, 1987
33New Years baby, MSB, 2003
34G.I.F.T. projects
35Loran Smith Center for Cancer Support - bicycle tour
36Georgia Power visit
37Flu shots
38Exercenter, 2002
39Cornerstone banquet, 1990
310Aspen retreat, 1996
312Leadership workshops
313BMW events, 1998-1999
314Cancer Conference
315Bike Rodeo, 1995
316Staff picnics
317Holiday party, 1989
318Holiday picnics, 1997-1998
319-21Holiday party, 2001-2003
41Holiday party , 2004
42Staff holiday party, 2005
43Employee-volunteer picnic, 2005
44Employee-volunteer picnic, 2007
47Red Cross banquet
48Nurse Week
49Loran Smith Center for Cancer Support
410Events - miscellaneous, 1995-1996
411-14Events - miscellaneous, undated
51Holiday events
53-12Events - miscellaneous, undated
61Pillar Society reception, 1999
62Pro Health events, 1997, 2002
63Womens' Heart Conference, 2002
64Doctor and Patient event
65Event liason awards, 2004-2006
66BHC dedication, 2005
67PFAC softball tournament, 2004
68EMS breakfast, 2006
69Golden Olympics, relay race
612Events - miscellaneous, 2003
613Events - miscellaneous, 2004
614Events - miscellaneous, 2005
615-16Events - miscellaneous, undated
71-5Events - miscellaneous, undated
77Golf tournament, 2002
78Golf tournament, 2006
79Golf tournament - sponsors, 2007
710Golf tournament - Junoir clinic, 2007
711-13Golf tournament, 2007
81ARFC Pro-Am Golf Tournament, 2008
82Golf Tournament, 2008
83-4Golf tournament - extras, 2008
85Golf tournament - laminated
86-11Daily hospital activities
91-4Daily hospital activities - mounted for display
95-10Daily hospital activities
101-11Daily hospital activities
111-3Daily hospital activities
114Mind-Body Institute
115-6Surgery Department
117Mammography Center
119Emergency Department
1112Facilities, equipment
1114-16Building construction
121John A. Drew
122Helene Schwartz
123Halaine - retirement party
125Doctors, administrators
126Staff awards, 2004-2005
127-9Contact sheets
1210-11Contact sheets, negatives - promotional
1212-14Contact sheets, negatives - promotional, 1987-1991
1215Promotional autographs
134Employee ad campaign - Nurse Week - planning, 2000
135Awards - permissions, planning, 2003
136Staff-Departmental Negatives - Administrators
137-12Staff-Departmental Negatives
141-2Development and Foundation
147Negatives - development
148Events, 1993-1994
149Negatives - events, 1993-1994
1410Leadership retreat album, 2002
1411Promotional - mounted photographs
1412Nantahala retreat album
1413Photographs, slides - construction
141Comprehensive Mental Health Center construction - bound , 1968-1971
151-2Board of Leadership Development event, 2003
153-7Mounted photographs
158Events, promotional
151-3Albums - staff and General Hospital history
154Album - trip to Phillipines
161Negatives - Loran Smith Center for Cancer Support
162Negatives - Breast Health Center
163Negatives - Blessing of the Grounds, 1999
164Negatives - Elegent Encounter, 1992
165Negatives - Pillar Society, 1996
166Negatives - G.I.F.T
167Negatives - Wayne Hill Ceeremony, 2005
168Negatives - BMW drive
169Negatives - Aspen, 1996
1610-11Negatives - unsorted, 1980-1999
1612Negatives - Dogwood Ball, EMS breakfast, 200-2006
1613-14Negatives - large format
1615-23Negatives - unsorted
171-3Negatives - unsorted
174Negatives - large format - staff
175Slides - GIFT garden, nurse recruiting
176Slides - Olympics, emergency services, volunteers
177Slides - Maternity
178Slides - Commencement Center
179Slides - Daily activities
1710Slides - Events
1711-13Slides - Staff
1714Slides - promotional
18Slides, negative rolls - miscellaneous
371-7Heart Walk, 1999-2005
378Summer Olympics, 1996
379-10BMW Drive for the Cure, 2001-2002, 2004-2006
3711Habitat for Humanity, 2003
3712Light the Night, 2004-2006
381-5Relay for Life, 2002-2007
386Athens Regional Sportscare Program - Spartan 5K, 2003
387Athens Area Golden Olympics, 2000
388Outdoor Events
389Golf - Nationwide Tour
3810Playing for a Cure
3811Walk Around Clock
3812Athens - buildings and scenery
3813Disaster Drill, 2004
391Car Seat Check
392Bike Rodeo and Athens Twilight
393Kidfest, 1998, 2003
394-6Events for Children
397-9Health Fairs
3910Classes and Screenings
401-2Staff working with patients
403Staff - headshots
407Building Construction
412Walk for Wellness, 2004-2005
413Dogwood Ball , 2005-2006
414Award Ceremonies
415Holiday Parties
416-8Events - parties, gatherings, retreats
421Pillar Society Reception: Charlie Upchurch II, 1990
422Pillar Society Reception: Buck Griffin, 1991
423Pillar Society Reception: Howard Stroud, 1996
424Pillar Society Reception: Jan Rhodes, 1997
425Pillar Society Reception: Len Sapera, 1998
426Pillar Society Reception: Kate Atkinson, 1999
427-12Pillar Society Reception, 2000-2005
431-12Cornerstone Society Party, 1993-2004
441Cornerstone Reception , 2007
442Elegant Encounters, 1992
443Toast to Your Health, 1997
444Naming of Loran Smith Cancer Care Center, 1998
445"Blessing of the Grounds" LSCCC, 1999
446"Sowing the Seeds of Courage" Loran Smith Center for Cancer Support, 2000
447Corporate Relations Committee, 2000-2001
448LSCCS Meditation Garden Dedication, 2002
449-10ProHealth Business Awards, 2002-2004
4411G-Day Game, 2002
4412Event - miscellaneous
4413Negatives - unsorted
451Golf Tournament, 2002
452The Pink Ribbon Cutting MMU, 2003
453The Breast Health Center and Mobile Mammography Unit
454Year Round Appeal Parties, 2004
455Breast Health Center Dedication, 2005
456GroundBlessing of The Griffin-DuBose Healing Lodge, 2009
457Athens Regional Foundation, 2014
458Helene M Schwartz NICU Infant Bay Dedication, 2015

2. Administrative files

191Mobile Cardiac Care Unit, 1968-1969
192Annual report notes, 1980
193Athens Junior Assembly, 1977-1984
194Fund development
195J.W. Fanning Humanitarian Award - planning
196Elegant Encounter, 1993
197Memos, articles, miscellaneous
198Guest House - fund development, 1992
199Guest House - fundraisers - Belks, Outback, 1992-1993
1910Guest House - construction, furnishings, signage
1911Guest House - presentation, 1994 June 8
1912Guest House - proposal
1913Guest House - proposal, case statement
1914Guest House - UGA project, 1994
1915Guest House - meeting minutes, miscellaneous notes
1916Guest House - operations
1917Guest House - clippings
1918South Tower dedication, 1995
1919Visitor policy
1920Code 1000 - disaster plan
1921Staff awards and recognition
1922Educational record management notebook
1923Breast cancer care
1924Awareness training program - UGA
1925Quality improvement cycle
1926History Project, 2003
1927Grant - ARMC Breast Health Center research, 2004
201Breast Health Center dedication ceremony - spreaker notebook, 2005
202JCAHO - Joint Commission on the Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations
203Healing Lodge - ground breaking, 2009
204Healing Lodge - recognition, 2010
205Healing Lodge - portrait commission, 2010-2011
206Healing Lodge - dedication, 2011
207Breast Center - resource notebook
208-13Continuous Improvement - notebook
211New Years Eve Gala, 2000
212-4Athens Regional Board of Leadership Development, B.O.L.D. - Team member notebook
215Vision resources
216Values statement committee
217Loran Smith Cancer Care Center - publicity
218Mobile Mammography Unit
219Nurse of the Year, Nurse dinners, Filipino nurses
2110Nurse capping
2111John Knowlton going away reception, 1998
2112Public relations, 1957-1961

3. Printed Material

2113-17Publicity, clippings, 1957-1974
2118Publicity, clippings, 1981
2119Publicity, clippings - undated
2120Employee news clippings
221Newspaper clipping scrapbook, 1986-1993
222Newspaper clipping scrapbook, 1991,1992
223Newspaper clipping scrapbook - various nearby counties, 1995-2001
23Newspaper clipping scrapbooks, 1999-2004
24Newspaper clipping scrapbooks, 2004-2005
25Publicity and clipping scrapbooks (3) - Breast Cancer Center, 2001-2008
26Publicity and clipping scrapbooks (4) - Breast Cancer Center, 2006-2009
27Publicity and clipping scrapbook, 1991-2011
27Publicity and clipping scrapbooks (2) - Golf Tournament, 2005-2007
281Community Health Assessment Report, 1997
282Awards - Recognition
283Health Education Program Report, 2001, 2003
284Employee Safety Handbook
285-6Personnel Policy Handbook, 1999-2009
287-8Health Sense - Employee Matters, 1993-1999
289Exchange Newsletter, 1994-2004
2810Medical Staff Update, 1996 - 2009
2811The Satisfaction Monitor/ SatisQuest, 2002-2006
2812-14Facing Cancer with Love and Laughter, 2001-2013
2815CSRA M.D. Journal, 2012
2816Healthways to Better Living
2817-18The Stethoscope , 1968-1981
291-2The Stethoscope , 1982-1983
293-7Cornerstone, 1986-2001
298-12Status Report, 1990-2001
301-7Status Report, 2001-2015
308Information about Athens Regional Medical Center, 1997-2014
309ARMC Plans, 1990-1993
3011Employee Information, 1969-2004
3012Patient Information
3013ARMC - Annual Report, 1986-2006
311Athens Regional Foundation
312Athens Regional Foundation - The Pillar Society, 1986-2011
313Athens Regional Foundation - The Griffin-DuBose Healing Lodge, 2009-2011
314-5Breast Health Center
316The Guest House
317Getting Involved for Tomorrow (G.I.F.T.), 1990-2012
318Loran Smith Center for Cancer Support
319Athens General Hospital
3110Cardiac Vascular Center, 2004-2008
3111Commencement Center, 1994-2003
3112Mind Body Institute
3113Nursing - Annual Report, 1979-2015
3114Oncology - Annual Report, 1999-2004
3115Pediatric and Maternity Information - Bearly New Club
3116Regional Rehabilitation
3117Surgical Services
3118Names and Numbers, 1997-2005
3119Employee/ Volunteer Recognition, 1993-2005
3120Career Oppoortunities - Booklets
3121Home First Aid Poster
3122The Heritage Circle
3123Newsletters, 1995 - 2012
3124The Dogwood Ball, 2001-2008
3125Employee and Volunteer Sercive Awards Banquet, 2002-2008
321ARMC - Cookbooks, 1990, 2008
322Event Invitations
323Event Flyers
324Postcards and Stationary
325-6Nationwide Tour, 2006-2009
327Larry Webb Mural Dedication, 2019
1Room Signs
1ARMC Annual Report, 1992
1Big News for the Little Peopl - poster
1Ads for Print Campaign, 1991
1Storyboard for TV Spot
1Departments - laminateed posters
1First Annual Community Health Expo - poster
1Flu Vaccine Bonus Program - poster
1ARHS Retreat - Teamwork poster, 2000
1Continuous Improvement - posters
1Employee - posters
1Prostate Cancer Awareness Golf Tournament - poster, 2010
1ARMC - Information posters
1Teamwork - posters
1Regional Lab Outreach - maps
1ARMC - maps
1Breast Health Center - Design Proposal
2Georgia Bulldogs - pennant
2Nomination for 2008 ARHS Nursing Team of the Year, 2008
2The Olympic Support Hospital Network, 1996
2The Guest House - Information poster, 1999
2Staff Photos
2Georgia Hospital Association - certificate, 1961
2The American Hospital Association - certificate, 1964
2AMVETS Auxiliary - Certificate of Appreciation, 1989
2Girl Scouts - Silver Circle Certificate, 2004
2Certificate of Recognition, 2004
2ARMC - Building Design
2Setting the Standard - posters
2G.I.F.T - 25th Silver Anniversery posters, 2010
2Cornerstone Society of ARMC poster, 1989
1The Inaugral Athens Regional Foundation Classic Nationwide Tour Poster - signed
2Breast Cancer and Athens Regional Posters
3Boss of the Year Posters, 2004-2005
3Top Reasons Why You Should Choose ARMC Poster

4. Artifacts/ephemera

33Athens Regional Foundation Golf Tournament - hats
33Nationwide Tour hats - signed
34ARMC - T-shirts
34Athens General Hospital - T-shirt
34ARHS Heartwalk - T-shirt, 2004
34Athens Regional Foundation - T-shirt
34In Their Shoes 13.1 Mile Walk - T-shirt, 2008
34Dogwood Dash - T-shirt, 2016
35G.I.F.T Committee - hat
35ARMC Volunteer - vest with pins and ID badge
35Health Plan Select - plastic bag
35G.I.F.T t-shirt
35G.I.F.T jacket
35G.I.F.T - jean jacket
35ARHS - polo shirt
35Pink Out - T-shirt
35ARMC - bag
36Enameled metal bed pan
36First Intensive Coronary Care Unit in Georgia - Athens General Hospital plaque, 1965
36Athens General Hospital plaque, 1921
3ARMC - mugs
3Suzanne Yoculan - sculpture
3Flashlight, watch, pens
3Desktop items, pins
3Philanthropy in a Sea of Change - GADP compass, 2003
3Award Ribbons, 1996-2009
3Board of Trustees - ID Badges
3First Aid Kits
3Electrical Room sign
3Regional FirstCare - whiteboard
4Athens Regional Foundation - towel
4Nationwide Tour - volunteer badges
4Golf photos
4Postcards to Helene Schwartz, 2007
4Golf Balls - signed
4Golf Tournament signs
4Golf Tournament - signed posters
1"Hands of Hope" - 2007 Light the Night Walk Canvas, 2007
2ARMC Presentation Boards
3ARMC Poster Boards
5Myeloma Awareness Month Proclamation, Oconee County - plaque, 2014
5ARF Oconee County Kick-off, United Way of Northeast Georgia - plaque, 2015
5Athens Regional Health System Red Sponsor, Oconee County - plaque, 2016