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Heery-Moss family papers

Heery-Moss family papers

Descriptive Summary

Title: Heery-Moss family papers
Creator: Franklin, Mary Jett, 1842-1928
Creator: Moss, W. L.
Creator: Moss, Rufus Lafayette
Creator: Moss, Julia Pope, 1842-1931
Creator: Moss, Sarah Hunter
Inclusive Dates: 1850-2016
Language(s): English
Extent: 57 Linear Feet 52 boxes, 1 half document box, 5 oversized folders, 4 oversized boxes
Collection Number: ms4077
Repository: Hargrett Library

Collection Description

Historical Note

John Dortch Moss (1792-1864) was an Athens businessman who created John D. Moss Cotton Company. He married Martha Strong (1805-1877) in 1824 and their children were Rufus L., Georgia A., James O., Alexander H., Susan M., John C., Sarah A., and Julia P. Moss.

Rufus Lafayette Moss (1825-1912) was an Athens businessman and founding father of Tallulah Falls, Georgia. He established one of the first inns at Tallulah Gorge called the Cliff House, and played an important role in convincing the railroad to lay track through Tallulah Falls in order to promote to tourism to the area. He ran the R.L. Moss Manufacturing Company, which was later called Athens Manufacturing Company, and managed properties both in Athens and Tallulah Falls. He married Elizabeth Luckie (1831-1922) in 1854 and their children were Mary Alice, Rufus L. II, Eliza B., John D. II, Martha S., Sarah H., and William L. Moss.

Sarah Hunter Moss (1871-1950) was a photographer, and advocate of education and womens' rights. A graduate of the Lucy Cobb Institute, she played a role in the creation of the Tallulah Falls Industrial School. After her death the Sarah Hunter Moss Fellowship was created in her honor at the University of Georgia.

William Lorenzo Moss (1876-1958) was a physician, medical reasearcher, Army medical officer, and businessman from Athens, Georgia. Known for his work in developing blood type groupings and researching tropical infectious diseases, he also taught at Yale, Harvard, and Johns Hopkins Hospital. Educated at the University of Georgia (1897), and Johns Hopkins (1905), he traveled the world studying tropical diseases and working on treatments throughout South and Central America, and the South Pacific. He served in the U.S. Army during WWI, remaining a reserve officer afterward, where he continued to research and develop treatments for infectious diseases, including influenza. He married Marguerite Widle (1895-1972) in 1925 and their children were Marguerite R. (Heery), William L. II, and Elizabeth (Schmidt).

Scope and Content

This collection contains correspondence from several family members concerning personal matters, medical research, and business in the Athens area. It features a rich collection of photographs, journals, and scrapbooks, as well as numerous property, estate, business, and legal documents from the Moss family and the R.L. Moss Manufacturing Company. Some highlights include photographs from early Tallulah Falls, extensive University of Georgia class of 1897 materials, a small selection of Civil War letters, prohibition literature, Athens Womans Club records having to do with Tallulah Falls Industrial School, 1918 influenza posters, and a rich assortment of blueprints, photographs, and brochures that illustrate various aspects of life in the early 20th Century.

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Heery-Moss family papers, ms4077, Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library, The University of Georgia Libraries.

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Subject Terms

Athens (Ga.) -- Photographs.
Athens Manufacturing Company (Athens, Ga.)
Bessie Mell Industrial Home (Athens, Ga.)
Blood -- Diseases -- Research.
Blood Groups -- Research.
Business enterprises -- Georgia -- Athens.
Businessmen -- Georgia.
Cliff House (Tallulah Falls, Ga.)
Deeds -- Georgia.
Diseases -- Research.
Estate administration records.
Families -- Georgia -- Correspondence.
Families -- Georgia -- Photographs.
Heery family
Influenza Epidemic, 1918-1919.
Lucy Cobb Institute (Athens, Ga.)
Moss family
Photographers -- Georgia.
Physicians -- Georgia -- Records and correspondence.
Real estate investment -- Georgia.
Rental housing -- Georgia.
Tallulah Falls (Ga.)
Tallulah Falls School (Tallulah Falls, Ga.)
Wills -- Georgia -- Athens.
Women -- Scholarships, fellowships, etc.

Series Descriptions and Folder Listing


1. Correspondence

11Rufus Lafayette Moss I
301Rufus Lafayette Moss I
302Rufus Lafayette Moss I - from family
303-4Rufus Lafayette Moss I - from Elizabeth L. Moss, 1863-1864
305Rufus Lafayette Moss I - Elizabeth L. Moss
12Rufus L. and Elizabeth Moss - from Eliza B. Moss
13Rufus L. Moss I - from William L. Moss
14-5Elizabeth Luckie Moss
16Elizabeth Luckie Moss - from William D. Luckie
306Elizabeth Luckie Moss - from William D. Luckie
17Elizabeth Luckie Moss - from John C. "Chess" Luckie
307Elizabeth Luckie Moss - from R. L. Moss
308Elizabeth Luckie Moss - from R. L. Moss, 1863-1864
309Elizabeth Luckie Moss - from Mary A. "Minnie" Moss
3010Elizabeth Luckie Moss - from Rufus II, Leila Moss
3011Elizabeth Luckie Moss - from Eliza "Lily" B. Moss
18Elizabeth Luckie Moss - from John D. Moss II
3012-13Elizabeth Luckie Moss - from John D. II, Byrd Lee Moss
3014Elizabeth Luckie Moss - from Martha "Birdie", Emmet Bondurant
19Elizabeth Luckie Moss - from Sarah H. Moss
110Elizabeth Luckie Moss - from William L. Moss
311-5Elizabeth Luckie Moss - from William L. Moss
316Elizabeth Luckie Moss - from Sarah H. Moss
317-8Elizabeth Luckie Moss - from siblings
319Elizabeth Luckie Moss - from children
3110Elizabeth Luckie Moss - from nieces, grandchildren
3111Elizabeth Luckie Moss - from cousins, uncles
3112Elizabeth Luckie Moss - miscellaneous
321-4Elizabeth Luckie Moss - miscellaneous
325Elizabeth Luckie Moss - postcards, Athens scenes
326Sarah A. "Sallie" Moss
327Mary A. "Minnie" Moss
328Rufus Lafayette Moss II
111Rufus Lafayette Moss II - Prohibition , 1899
112Leila Strong Moss - from Sarah H. Moss
329Leila Strong Moss - from William L. Moss
113Leila Strong Moss
114Elizabeth Luckie Harris
115-16Eliza "Lily" Buckner Moss
3210Eliza "Lily" B. Moss - from Elizabeth L., Rufus L. Moss I
3211Eliza "Lily" B. Moss - from multiple family members
3212Eliza "Lily" B. Moss - from Julia P. Moss
3213Eliza "Lily" B. Moss - from Mary A. "Minnie" Moss
3214-15Eliza "Lily" B. Moss - from Leila, Rufus L. Moss II
331-3Eliza "Lily" B. Moss - from Byrd Lee, John D. Moss II
334Eliza "Lily" B. Moss - from Martha "Birdie", Emmet Bondurant
335Eliza "Lily" B. Moss - from Sarah H. Moss
117Eliza "Lily" B. Moss - from Sarah H. Moss
336-10Eliza "Lily" B. Moss - from William L. Moss
3311Eliza "Lily" B. Moss - from Thomas W. Harris
341-3Eliza "Lily" B. Moss - from Thomas W. Harris
344-10Eliza "Lily" B. Moss
351-6Eliza "Lily" B. Moss
357Eliza "Lily" B. Moss - War Relief Committees, 1914-1916
358Eliza "Lily" B. Moss - postcards
359-10Mary A. "Minnie" Moss
118John Dortch Moss II
3511John Dortch Moss II
119John Dortch Moss II - from Sarah H. Moss
120John Dortch Moss II - from William L. Moss
121Bryd Lee Moss
3512Bryd Lee Moss
122William Byrd Moss
123John Hill, Catherine Moss
124Judith E., Ralph Harlow
125Mary V. "Minnie" Moss Firor
126Rufus Lafayette Moss III
127Martha Strong "Birdie" Bondurant
361Martha Strong "Birdie" Bondurant
362-3Martha Strong "Birdie" Bondurant - from Emmet Bondurant
128Martha Strong "Birdie" Bondurant - from Elizabeth L. Moss
364Martha Strong "Birdie" Bondurant - from Elizabeth L. Moss
21Martha Strong "Birdie" Bondurant - from Julia P. Moss
22Martha Strong "Birdie" Bondurant - from Mary "Minnie" Moss
23Martha Strong "Birdie" Bondurant - from Leila S. Moss
24Martha Strong "Birdie" Bondurant - from Eliza B. Moss
25Martha Strong "Birdie" Bondurant - from John D. Moss
26Martha Strong "Birdie" Bondurant - from Byrd Lee Moss
27Martha Strong "Birdie" Bondurant - from Sarah H. Moss
28Martha Strong "Birdie" Bondurant - from William L. Moss
365Martha Strong "Birdie" Bondurant - from William L. Moss
29Martha Strong "Birdie" Bondurant - from Bessie Holt
210Martha Strong "Birdie" Bondurant - from Annie, Thomas Newton
211Emmett J. Bondurant - from Martha "Bird" Bonderant
366Martha Strong "Birdie" Bondurant - from Sallie Moss
367Emmett J. Bondurant
212Emmett J. Bondurant - from Julia P. Moss
213Emmett J. Bondurant - from Eliza B. Moss
214Emmett J. Bondurant - from William L. Moss
215Emmett J. Bondurant - from Bessie Holt
216Emmett J. Bondurant - miscellaneous
217Elizabeth M. Bondurant
218Elizabeth M. Bondurant - from Sarah H. Moss
219Mary J. Bondurant
220John P. Bondurant
221Birdie Bondurant
222Sarah Hunter Moss - from Elizabeth L. Moss
223Sarah Hunter Moss - from Mary Alice "Minnie" Moss
224Sarah Hunter Moss - from Rufus L. Moss II
225Sarah Hunter Moss - from Leila S. Moss
226Sarah Hunter Moss - from Elizabeth "Lizzy" Harris
227Sarah Hunter Moss - from Eliza "Lily" Moss
228Sarah Hunter Moss - from John D. Moss II
229Sarah Hunter Moss - from Byrd Lee Moss
230Sarah Hunter Moss - from John H. Moss
231Sarah Hunter Moss - from Judith M. Harlow
232Sarah Hunter Moss - from Elizabeth M. Bondurant
233Sarah Hunter Moss - from Birdie Bondurant
234Sarah Hunter Moss - from William L. Moss
31-3Sarah Hunter Moss - from William L. Moss
34Sarah Hunter Moss - from Marguerite "Peggy" Moss
35Sarah Hunter Moss - from Julia P. Moss
36Sarah Hunter Moss - from Fannie Crawford
37Sarah Hunter Moss - from Louise Geurin
38Sarah Hunter Moss - from Gregg family
39Sarah Hunter Moss - from Bessie Holt
310Sarah Hunter Moss - from Imogene Moss McAndrew
311Sarah Hunter Moss - from Arthur B. Seymour
312Sarah Hunter Moss - from Ruth Underwood
313Sarah Hunter Moss - from Mary Jett Franklin
368Sarah Hunter Moss - from Charles Rowland, 1937
Regards the opening of Beech Haven to the public
369Sarah Hunter Moss - postcards
313-18Sarah Hunter Moss - miscellaneous
41-13Sarah Hunter Moss - miscellaneous
51-2Sarah Hunter Moss - miscellaneous
491Sarah Hunter Moss - miscellaneous
53Sarah Hunter Moss - from Woodrow Wilson
54Sarah Hunter Moss - Anti-war organizations
55Sarah Hunter Moss - League of Women Voters
56Sarah Hunter Moss - Mother Stoner's Natural Education Association
57-9Sarah Hunter Moss - Athens Womans Club - Tallulah Falls Industrial School
510Letters to sell photos - Kodak and Underwood
511Sarah Hunter Moss - Care, 1946
512Sarah Hunter Moss - Condolences, 1950
513Sarah Hunter Moss - Funeral, 1950-1951
3610William Lorenzo Moss - from Rufus L. Moss I
3611-12William Lorenzo Moss - from Elizabeth L. Moss
514-17William Lorenzo Moss - from Elizabeth L. Moss
372William Lorenzo Moss - from Leila S., Rufus L. Moss II
518William Lorenzo Moss - from Leila S. Moss
373-5William Lorenzo Moss - from Eliza "Lily" B. Moss
519William Lorenzo Moss - from Susan S. Moss
520William Lorenzo Moss - from Thomas S. Moss
521William Lorenzo Moss - from Rufus L. Moss IV
522-23William Lorenzo Moss - from Eliza B. Moss
61-3William Lorenzo Moss - from John D. Moss II
376-9William Lorenzo Moss - from Byrd Lee, John D. Moss II
64William Lorenzo Moss - from Byrd Lee Moss
65William Lorenzo Moss - from John Hill Moss
66William Lorenzo Moss - from Judith, Ralph Harlow
67William Lorenzo Moss - from Martha "Bird" Bondurant
3710-11William Lorenzo Moss - from Emmet J., Martha "Birdie" Bondurant
68William Lorenzo Moss - from Emmett J. Bondurant
69William Lorenzo Moss - from Elizabeth M. Bondurant
610William Lorenzo Moss - from Mary J. Bondurant
611William Lorenzo Moss - from Sarah H. Moss
3712William Lorenzo Moss - from Sarah H. Moss
381-4William Lorenzo Moss - from Sarah H. Moss
Folder 4 includes an advertising card for Gilbert Walden, famous cowboy orator, assisted by Miss Elma Laredo, Texas cowgirl rifle shot, singer and musician.
612William Lorenzo Moss - from Julia P. Moss
3613-14William Lorenzo Moss - from Julia P. Moss
371William Lorenzo Moss - from Julia P. Moss
385William Lorenzo Moss - from William B. Moss
386William Lorenzo Moss - from nieces, nephews
613William Lorenzo Moss - from Sarah A. "Sallie" Moss
614William Lorenzo Moss - from William P. Moss
615William Lorenzo Moss - from Mary Emily Harris
616William Lorenzo Moss - from Ida Widle
617William Lorenzo Moss - from Myrtle Widle
618William Lorenzo Moss - from James Chambers
619William Lorenzo Moss - from Lillian, Lewellys Barker
620William Lorenzo Moss - from Louise Geurin
621-26William Lorenzo Moss - from Marguerite "Peggy" Moss
71William Lorenzo Moss - from Hodgson family
72William Lorenzo Moss - from Henry S. Houghton
73William Lorenzo Moss - from Violet Naylor
74William Lorenzo Moss - from Arthur B. Seymour
75William Lorenzo Moss - from Lucy Stanton
76William Lorenzo Moss - from Ruth Underwood
77-14William Lorenzo Moss - miscellaneous
387-14William Lorenzo Moss - miscellaneous
391-10William Lorenzo Moss - miscellaneous
401-4William Lorenzo Moss - miscellaneous
471William Lorenzo Moss, 1914-1915
472William Lorenzo Moss, 1913-1918
473William Lorenzo Moss, 1918
474William Lorenzo Moss, 1919-1920
475William Lorenzo Moss, 1920
476William Lorenzo Moss, 1921
477William Lorenzo Moss, 1928-1929
405William Lorenzo Moss - Education
715William Lorenzo Moss - UGA Class of 1897 reunions
716William Lorenzo Moss - Military
406William Lorenzo Moss - Military
717William Lorenzo Moss - Bound copies
718William Lorenzo Moss - Photocopies
719William Lorenzo Moss - Postcards from Tallulah Falls, Georgia
720William Lorenzo Moss - National Association for the Study and Prevention of Tuberculosis - meetings, 1911-1914
81William Lorenzo Moss - National Association for the Study and Prevention of Tuberculosis - meetings, 1911-1914
82William Lorenzo Moss - Influenza study, 1919-1920
83William Lorenzo Moss - Research expeditions
407-9William Lorenzo Moss - Research expeditions - Peru, 1916
84-13William Lorenzo Moss - Medical
91-7William Lorenzo Moss - Medical
4010-11William Lorenzo Moss - Medical
411William Lorenzo Moss - Medical
251Captain William L. Moss - personal letters, 1918-1919
98Marguerite "Peggy" Moss - from Leila S. Moss
99Marguerite "Peggy" Moss - from John D. Moss II
910Marguerite "Peggy" Moss - from Birdie Bondurant
911Marguerite "Peggy" Moss - from Elizabeth Harris
912Marguerite "Peggy" Moss - from Sarah H. Moss
913-17Marguerite "Peggy" Moss - from William L. Moss
101-3Marguerite "Peggy" Moss - from William L. Moss
104Marguerite "Peggy" Moss - bound copies from William L. Moss, 1937-1938
105Marguerite "Peggy" Moss - from Elizabeth "Libby" Schmidt
106Marguerite "Peggy" Moss - from W.L. "Renzo" Moss II
107Marguerite "Peggy" Moss - from Bess Widle Baker
108Marguerite "Peggy" Moss - from Ida Widle
109Marguerite "Peggy" Moss - from Charles, Dot Widle
1010Marguerite "Peggy" Moss - from James A. Chambers
1011Marguerite "Peggy" Moss - from Charles Cocco
1012Marguerite "Peggy" Moss - from Myrtle Cocco
1013Marguerite "Peggy" Moss - from family
1014-18Marguerite "Peggy" Moss - miscellaneous
1019Marguerite "Peggy" Moss - Fritz Orr Camp
2530Marguerite "Peggy" Moss - sympathy cards
111-2Marguerite Moss Heery
113Marguerite Moss Heery - Metropolitan Museum exhibition
114Julia "Bithe" Pope Moss - from Martha S. Moss
115Julia "Bithe" Pope Moss - from Rufus L. Moss II
116Julia "Bithe" Pope Moss - from Eliza "Lily" Moss
117Julia "Bithe" Pope Moss - from John D. Moss II
118Julia "Bithe" Pope Moss - from Byrd Lee Moss
119Julia "Bithe" Pope Moss - from Sarah H. Moss
1110-11Julia "Bithe" Pope Moss - from William L. Moss
1112Julia "Bithe" Pope Moss - from "Flew" Flewellen
1113Julia "Bithe" Pope Moss - from Thomas Newton
1114Julia "Bithe" Pope Moss - from Mary Jett Franklin
1115-16Julia "Bithe" Pope Moss - miscellaneous
412Julia "Bithe" Pope Moss - miscellaneous
413William D. Luckie, Sr. - from Elizabeth Luckie Moss
1117William D. Luckie, Jr., 1861-1864
Includes an August 1861 transcribed letter with a hand drawn map of Norfolk, Virginia area camps and fortifications.
1118Susan Oliver Luckie
1119Walter Pope Moss
414-5Thomas W. Harris - from Eliza "Lily" B. Moss
1120Newton family
1121Sarah Moss Newton
1122C.F. Pope
1123Alexander Franklin Pope
1124Sally Pope Stanley
1125Susie Meriwether Strong
1126Myrtle E. Widle
1127Mary Applewhite Bacon
1128Mary Jett Franklin
1129Hodgson family
1130Amelia Jarrell
1131Orr family
1132W.T. and Willie Stanton Forbes family
1133Athens Art Association
1134Crawford family
417Miscellaneous, fragments
4660Miscellaneous, 1904-1951
1136Medical - miscellaneous
4Unknown fragment - poor condition

2. Business/legal

121-8R.L. Moss Manufacturing Company
129-10R.L. Moss Manufacturing Company - Rental, Real Estate
1211-12R.L. Moss Manufacturing Company - Land records, deeds
1213-14R.L. Moss Manufacturing Company - balance sheets
131R.L. Moss Manufacturing Company - dividend receipts, notes
21R.L. Moss Manufacturing Company - stockholders meeting notes, 1903-1923
1R.L. Moss Manufacturing Company - business ledger, 1892-1895
21R.L. Moss Manufacturing Company - business ledgers
21R.L. Moss Manufacturing Company - property books
2R.L. Moss Manufacturing Company - Cash book, 1921-1923
2R.L. Moss Manufacturing Company - Index to ledger 2, 1892-1895
418R.L. Moss Manufacturing Company - Invoices
419R. L. Moss - miscellaneous
132Moss - Bondurant Company
4110Moss - Bondurant Company - Invoices
4111Bondurant & Co. - Invoices
4112Emmet J. Bondurant - business cards
133-6Athens Manufacturing Company
137Chipman v. Dudley, Grimes, Climax Hosiery, 1941
138-11Real Estate/Property Management
1312Real Estate, stock, contracts
141Deeds, 1879-1948
2531-32Deeds - W.L. Moss
2533Eminent Domain petition, 1937
2534Leases - W.L. Moss
2535Moss Auditorium Building - Bids, specifications, 1929
2536Moss property condemnation, 1948-1949
2537Valuation report - 540 W. Cloverhurst Avenue, 1965
142John D. Moss
143William L. Moss
144William L. Moss - bound business correspondence
4113William L. Moss - business correspondence
4114William L. Moss - legal correspondence
145SR 548-D - John D. and Sarah H. Moss v. R.L. Moss, 1928
146SR 548-H - W.L. Moss and A.L. Brooks v. the Mayor and Council of the City of Athens (Incinerator case), 1939
147William L. Moss affidavit - incinerator case, 1939
148SR 1726 - R.L. Moss Manufacturing Company v. Standard Accident Insurance Company, 1940
4115Eliza "Lily" B. Moss - business correspondence
149Sarah H. Moss - business
1410Sarah H. Moss - legal documents
1411Julia P. Moss - legal documents
2538John D. Moss estate
1412Rufus L. Moss estate
22Rufus L. Moss estate - ledgers
281-3SR 548-A - Rufus L. Moss estate
284SR 548-B - Rufus L. Moss estate, 1929
285Rufus L. Moss estate - Tom Moss
286Rufus L. Moss estate - title to Home Place
287Rufus L. Moss estate - miscellaneous
4116Rufus L. Moss estate - correspondence, 1914-1915
288-10Rufus L. Moss estate - correspondence, 1921-1930
1413Rufus L. Moss II estate, 1941
2015Rufus L. Moss II estate - report, Court of the Ordinary, 1924
1414Sarah H. Moss estate, 1950-1952
1415Sarah H. Moss estate - legal documents
1416Sarah H. Moss estate - wills, executor documents
1417Sarah H. Moss estate - W.L. Moss, trustee
22Sarah H. Moss estate - ledgers
1418Sarah H. Moss Fellowship - University of Georgia
1419William L. Moss estate
151Julia P. Moss estate
152Widle family estates
153Leila Strong Moss - will
154William L. Moss - will
155Marguerite "Peggy" Moss - will
4117Railroad receipts
4118Business receipts - Athens, Georgia
421-3Business receipts - Athens, Georgia
1Oversized deeds - miscellaneous
1Oversized land documents
3A.F. Pope plantation, Oglethorpe County - Dozier survey, 1928
3A.F. Pope plantation - land auction poster, 1928
4Plats - Proposed site for St. Mary's Hospital

3. Writing/Professional

21Rufus L. Moss - journal, 1845-1851
22Elizabeth L. Moss - guest book
4646Sallie Moss guest book
156Mary Ann "Minnie" Moss
157Eliza "Lily" B. Moss
43Eliza "Lily" B. Moss - writing notebooks
158Birdie Bondurant
159William L. Moss - Medical school
1510William L. Moss - Teaching
1511William L. Moss - Medical Society notes, 1909-1913
1512William L. Moss - Influenza study, 1918-1919
1513-15William L. Moss - Medical research
1516William L. Moss - Medical research - rabbits
1517William L. Moss - Medical research - dogs
1518William L. Moss - Research travel
478William L. Moss - Medical notebooks, 1907 June-September
479William L. Moss - Medical School - Johns Hopkins, 1911-1915
4710William L. Moss - Medical school patient notes
4711William L. Moss - History of Base Hospital 6 laboratory
4712William L. Moss - Notebook - Dominican trip, 1920
4713William L. Moss - Tuberculosis study
4714William L. Moss - Tuberculosis study budget
481-3William L. Moss - Medical school
484William L. Moss - Ledger - Crane Expedition, 1928-1929
485William L. Moss - Crane Expedition notebooks 1,2, 1928 November-1929 January
486William L. Moss - Crane Expedition notebooks 3,4, 1929 January-February
487William L. Moss - Crane Expedition notebooks 5,6, 1929 February-March
488William L. Moss - Crane Expedition notebooks 7,10, 1929 March-June
489William L. Moss - White House Conference on Child Health and Protection, 1931
4810University Hospital superintendency position, 1933
4811William L. Moss reply to Patterson-Zappfe report, 1934
161William L. Moss - Professional
162William L. Moss - Personal
163Marguerite "Peggy" Moss
164-5Sarah H. Moss
166-7Sarah H. Moss - notebooks
168Sarah H. Moss - Lucy Cobb Institute
492Sarah Moss - Small notebooks (2)
493Poetry - Typescripts
169Julia P. Moss
2016George Hoyt Bigelow memoriam
2017House plans
2018William L. Moss - teaching
2019William L. Moss - medical
2020William L. Moss - Manual for Soldiers [draft]
23William L. Moss - School notebooks
23William L. Moss - Medical/research notebooks
23William L. Moss - Military service notebooks
24William L. Moss - family financial books
24William L. Moss - address books
252Captain William L. Moss M.R.C - offical orders, personal, 1917-1918
253Captain William L. Moss - official orders, 1918
254I Depot Quartermaster - Washington, 1918
255Director of General Surgery, A.E.F - circulars, 1918
256Miscellaneous - medical, military
257Miscellaneous reports - WLM, 1917-1918
258Base Lab, Base Section 2 - letters, 1918
259Weekly Bulletin of Disease, 1918
2510Memoranda, bulletins, circulars - medical officers, Base Section 2, 1918
2511Headquarters SOS - bulletins, circulars, etc., 1918
2512Central Medical Department Lab - office letters, circulars, etc., 1918
2513Blood Grouping
2514Influenza - general
2515Le Courneau "Influenza"
2516Epidemic "influenza" - Mimizan, 1918 August
2517Influenza at Mermingnac, 1918
2519Diptheria in Base Section 2, 1918
2523Respiratory diseases - general
2524Camp de Souges - epidemic among horses
4659Bill Fior memorial information, 2005
3Freshman engineering drawings - William L. Moss, 1894
3Sophomore engineering drawings, 1895

4. Family history

1613Luckie family
1614Charles Strong
1615William D. Luckie, Jr. - photogravure portrait
1616John D. Moss - Masonic certificate, 1879 August 23
1617Rufus L. Moss - Wedding anniversary, 1904
1618Rufus L. Moss - Funeral, 1912
1619Rufus L. Moss - Memoriam, 1913
1620Rufus L. Moss
1621Elizabeth L. Moss
425Elizabeth L. Moss - Memberships, education
1622Mary "Minnie" Moss - Lucy Cobb Institute
1623Eliza "Lily" B. Moss
2Lily B. Moss memoriam book, 1921
1624Birdie Bondurant
1625Sarah H. Moss
426Eliza "Lily" B. Moss - memberships, organizations
1626William L. Moss
427William L. Moss - Memberships, associations
428William L. Moss - Notebook, University of Georgia, 1895
1627Marguerite "Peggy" Moss
1628Marguerite "Peggy" Moss - education
1629Elizabeth "Libby" M. Schmidt
1630William "Renzo" L. Moss II
171Julia P. Moss - education
172Amelia Jarrell
173Mrs. Mary Jordan Newton
174Dog "Laddie"
429Robert D. Hancock - Hygiene class notebook - University of Georgia
4210Family history - Writing, printed material
175University of Georgia Class of 1897 - reunions
176Womans Exchange - meeting notes, 1896
177Athens Womans Club - Tallulah Falls Industrial School
178House designs - Moss Side, 1934
179Athens First Methodist Church
494Athens Junior Assembly - Up and Away, Paint the Town Pink fundraisers, 1967-1970
495Athens Junior Assembly - Up and Away clippings
496Family history
4918Minutes book - First Methodist Church Serving Society, 1874-1887
5Lillie B. Moss - Diploma - Lucy Cobb Institute, 1878

5. Photographs

1710Rufus L. Moss
4924Rufus L. Moss - mounted portrait
4Rufus L. Moss - mounted portrait
1711Rufus L. Moss - large tintype
1712Elizabeth L. Moss
1713Rufus L. Moss II
1714Eliza "Lily" B. Moss
1715Byrd Lee Moss
1716Martha S. "Bird" Bondurant
1717Birdie Bondurant
1718Sarah H. Moss - domestic and family
1719Sarah H. Moss - Athens and UGA in snow, 1927
1720Sarah H. Moss - industrial
1721Lucy Cobb Institute
1722Sarah H. Moss - travel
1723William L. Moss
1724William L. Moss - tintypes
1725Marguerite "Peggy" Moss
1726Marguerite Moss Heery
1727Elizabeth "Libby" Moss
1728William L. Moss IV, 1969
1729Julia P. Moss
1730Moss family groups
1731Elizabeth H. Chambers
1732James Chambers
1733Cocco family
1734Charles A., Linnie Ella Widle
1735Ida Widle
1736Lynn Chambers Widle
1737Widle family groups
1738Widle home
1739Anderson family
1740Caroline Beane
1741Davis family
1742Dorsey family
1743Virginia Hatch
1744Hodgson family
1745Lucy Linton, Lillis Barnett
1746Linnie Lively, Lillian Bellrower
1747Mandeville family
1748Phinzy family
1749Rosalie Rathborn
1750Roeblings family
1751Smith family
1752Three views of Athens, Georgia - photographs
1753Libby's wedding
181Identified A-L
182Identified M-Z
183Identified groups - Tallulah Falls
184Professional groups
185University of Georgia - Class of 1897
186Camp Nantahala
187Tallulah Falls
188Family trips
189William L. Moss trips - Buena Vista
1810William L. Moss trips - Fiji
1811William L. Moss trips - Honolulu
1812-13William L. Moss trips - Peru
1814William L. Moss trips - Santo Domingo
1815William L. Moss trips - Santo Domingo - medical
1816William L. Moss trips - miscellaneous
4923William L. Moss
1818Medical - album
1819Unidentified - small
191Unidentified - medium
192Unidentified tintype
193Unidentified painted photograph
195Cultural artifacts
196Slides - New Guinea
197Negatives - miscellaneous
198Negatives - Santo Domingo, 1925
26Glass plate negatives - medical
261Glass plate negative scans - medical
262Glass plate positive with scan - Old woman and girl on porch
2Madang, New Guinea - mounted photograph
27Mrs. Eliza Pope - cased daguerreotype
27Mrs. Hay(?) - cased daguerreotype
2528Athens houses - identified
2529Garbage incinerators
4211Photograph album - family, identified, 1919-1920
4212Photograph album - family with descriptions, 1921
4644Tallulah Falls photograph album
4645Moss photograph album
4213Photographs - miscellaneous
4214Photograph, framed - Elizabeth L. Moss, Amelia Jarrell, John David Moss
4215Photograph, framed - Gladys Nelson Smith painting
The painting is titled "The Storm" and depicts three young girls together outdoors.
441John D. Moss - cased photograph
442John D. Moss - cased photograph
443Rufus L. Moss I - cased photograph
444Rufus L. Moss I - cased photograph, 1854
445Elizabeth Luckie - cased photograph, 1848
446Elizabeth Luckie - cased photograph
447Elizabeth Luckie Moss - cased photograph, 1852
448Elizabeth Luckie Moss, daughter of Rufus L. and Elizabeth L. Moss - cased photograph, 1865
449Eliza Buckner Luckie - cased photograph, 1848
4410Eliza Buckner Luckie - cased photograph, 1848
4411Eliza B. Luckie - cased photograph
4412James B. Luckie [in Masonic apron and collar] - cased photograph
4413Lorenzo Foster Luckie - cased photograph
Includes a note that he was killed at Fredericksburg.
4414Daughter of Uncle Charles Moss - tintype
4415Daughter of John Chesterfield Moss - tintype
4416Mrs. Jones - cased photograph
Includes note that she visited in the house of W.D. Luckie in Covington, Georgia.
4417Unknown woman - cased photograph
4418David Langston - cased photograph
45Photographic negatives
4Campus of State Normal School, Athens, Georgia - panoramic image, 1912-1913
46150th wedding anniversary for Eliza Luckie Moss and Rufus L. Moss
462L.R. Martha Moss wedding to E. D. Bondurant, 1892
463Martha Moss's wedding dress, 1892
464Uncle Adam
465Percy and Amanda, 1922
466Moss family, 1919
467Cherokee corner spring, 1922
468Moss family at Pine Terrace, 1903
469Moss family sewing table
4610Cobb St. Old Grove School
4612Moss cotton warehouse
4613Moss family house Notasulga, Alabama
4614Athens General Hospital dedication
4615Mt. Wilson Observatory
4616Athens General Hospital
4617Chatooga River
4618Prince Avenue
4619Chase Street School
4620College Avenue school
46211st Methodist Church Athens, Georgia
4622Athens, Georgia confederate monument
4623Miss Mary Hardins House Hancock Avenue, Athens, Georgia
4624Milledge Avenue house
4625Athens, Georgia school house
4626Cherokee corner oak, 1900
4627479 Cobb Street, Athens, Georgia
4628UGA north campus
4629Athens, Georgia, 1926
4630Lake Edward, Quebec, 1910
4631Confederate veteran, 1926
4632Wash day
4634School children
4635Indigenous Hope
4636Unidentified photographs
4637Photographs taken by William L. Moss I
4638Chickening piano, 1848
4639Identified individuals
4640Athens, Georgia houses
4641Stone Mountain
4642Photographs taken by Sarah H. Moss
4643Hitler photograph
497Women, some identified
498Children, some identified
499Family groups
4910Men, some identified
4911Mr. and Mrs. James Hahn
4912Athens, Georgia
4913Family travel
4915Photo album
4916Slides - Travel, Lamar Dodd paintings
4917Tressler Orphans' Home, Loysville, Pennsylvania
50Glass lantern slides (10 boxes) - Crane Expedition
51Glass lantern slides (10 boxes) - Crane Expedition
52Glass lantern slides - Santo Domingo
52Glass lantern slides - Yaws patients
52Glass lantern slides - Yaws, tertiary stage patients
5Lily B. Moss - Large mounted photograph

6. Printed material

1912Widle - miscellaneous
1913Lucy Cobb Institute
1914Georgia League of Women Voters - programs, 1928, 1954
1915Tallulah Falls Industrial School - Athens Womans Club
1916Tallulah Falls Industrial School - clippings
1917Published medical writing - J.B. Luckie
1918Published medical writing - William L. Moss
1919Harvard Medical School
1920Medical school handouts, exams
1921Medical - hospital
1922Officers Reserve Corps - manual, 1924
1923Family holiday cards
1924Athens Lutheran Church, 1957-1958
1925Camp brochures
1926Miscellaneous - Athens
1927Miscellaneous - University of Georgia
1928Miscellaneous - Georgia
1929Wedding announcements
1930Announcements - miscellaneous
1931Athens historic tours
201The Kalends - Womens College of Baltimore, 1895
202 Pipings of a Prostate Patient at the Palmer with a Few Rectal Remarks , 1931
203Medical conferences
204Medical brochures
205Jersey Cattle Herd - Athens, Georgia, 1928
206Brochures - toys, cars, cameras, airplanes
207Brochures - home construction
208Delta Line cruise booklet, menus
209Cruise guide, passenger lists
2010Panama Canal
2011Brochures - airline, sailing, hotels
4647Georgia postcards
2526White House Conference on Child Health and Protection - abstracts and stenographic record, 1930
2527Blueprints - U.S. Army medical equipment
1Diplomas, certificates
1Influenza posters
2Blueprints - U.S. Army medical facilities and equipment
4216Calling cards
4217Railroad, steamboat passes, 1879
4218Southern Railway time tables, 1923
4220Pamphlets, programs, miscellaneous
4651Tallulah Falls business card
4652Athens city line fare tickets
4653Press photographer I.D.
4654Historical Pictures and Sketches of Tallulah Falls by Walter Hunnicut, 1903
4655The Chimes of Tallulah Falls, Georgia by A. Laura E. Blacksheer
4656Tallulah Falls school booklet
4657Women's Federated Clubs of America "Lest We Forget" booklets
4658Funeral program for Rufus LaFayette Moss, 1913
4661Clippings, 1924-1940
4Broadside - Rev. William Corrie Lipscomb in memoriam, 1880
4Advertisement - Joel Gutman & Co.
4Wrapping paper - Cohen's Dry Goods and Notions, Athens, Georgia
4812William L. Moss authored
4813American Society for the Advancement of Clinical Investigation, 1913-1915
4920-21Thesis - Crane Expedition photographs - Virginia Lee Webb, 1995
4922Georgia Museum of Art - MFA Exhibit, Jr. Curators press, 1993
5Memorial Day Echoes, Vol. 1, no. 1 - United Daughters of the Confederacy, 1900 April 26

7. Scrapbooks

21R.L and Elizabeth Moss - 50th wedding anniversary scrapbooks, 1904
22Newspaper clipping book
22Postcard album
22Crane Expedition
4Postcard scrapbooks (3)

8. Artifacts

27Scroll - Medical Society of the State of New York - William L. Moss
27Letter opener - City Hall of Athens, Georgia
27Glasses frames
27Monogrammed metal card holder - William L. Moss
27Fabric covered card holder - William L. Moss
27Wooden letter opener - inscribed Tallulah Falls
27Fan shaped Christmas Card - Sarah H. Moss
27Autograph book belonging to "Minnie", 1884-1886
27Ribbon - 30th Annual Congress for Medical Education and Licensure - Chicago, 1934
27Ribbon - 1897
27Hand made book mark
27Sail-Me airplane model
27Decorative paper sailboat
29Sewing instruction sample book - Bessie Mell Industrial Home - 3rd-5th grade
4648Croquis by Sarah H. Moss
4649Clarke County land plat, 1880
4650Papercut artwork