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Gibbs, Wynn/e, Allen, Fisher, and Parker family papers

Gibbs, Wynn/e, Allen, Fisher, and Parker family papers

Descriptive Summary

Title: Gibbs, Wynn/e, Allen, Fisher, and Parker family papers
Creator: Allen family
Creator: Burton, Peggy Joan Gibbs
Creator: Wynn family
Creator: Fisher family
Creator: Parker family
Creator: Gibbs family
Creator: Wynne family
Inclusive Dates: 1826-2014
Bulk Dates: 1832-1950
Language(s): English
Extent: 11 Linear Feet 14 boxes, 1 document box, 1 oversize folder
Collection Number: ms3862
Repository: Hargrett Library

Collection Description

Historical Note

Dr. Leonard Gibbs (1775-1824) was a doctor, lawyer and judge in Granville, Washington County, New York. He and his wife, Betsy Robards (1780-1829) had eleven children, among them Isaac Adin Gibbs (1807-1856), a dentist and farmer who settled in Habersham County and married Rebecca Jones Allen. The ancestors of Isaac Adin and Rebecca's grandson, Robert Adin Gibbs (1874-1944) and Robert's wife, Theola Blanche Fisher (Brower) (1876- 1951) of Commerce, Georgia, daughter of Carey William Fisher and Rachel McElrath Parker of Demorest, Habersham County, Georgia, encompass the five major family lines in this collection.

Young and Jane Anderson Allen of Melinia, Baker County Georgia, had 11 children, among them Rebecca Jones Allen (Gibbs) (mentioned above) and Elvy Ann Allen, who married Edwin Minor Wynn. They resided in Banks County, Georgia, and had 13 children who lived to be adults. In 1959, their descendants created the Wynne Memorial Association to organize an annual family reunion to be held at the Wynne Family Cemetery in Alto, Banks County, Georgia. The Association would oversee repairs and maintenance of the cemetery and create a marker at the site of the Martha Burns cabin.

In 2013, members of the 5 families agreed at their annual Gibbs and Wynne family reunions to place their family collection at the Hargrett Library Descendants of all 5 families listed in the title usually attend both reunions. In 2014, representatives of the five families donated the first installment of the Gibbs, Wynn/e, Allen, Fisher and Parker family papers to the Library.

Scope and Content

The family papers include genealogy research, correspondence, clippings, photographs, land grants, deeds, wills, diaries and printed material related to the Gibbs, Wynn/e, Allen, Burns, Chenault, Fisher, and Parker families between 1826-2014. The Wynne family name has several variations in spelling including Wynne, Wynn, and Winn. In his 1912 article about the Wynn family reunion, Gus Edwards spells the surname without a final "e." He goes on to write, "In the long ago the family name used to be spelled with a final 'e,' thus, Wynne, but in later years somehow or other the family began to write simply, W-y-n-n." The ancestors of Robert Adin Gibbs (1874-1944) and Theola Fisher Parker (1876-1951) encompass the five major family lines in this collection. The collection also includes an address book, family bible, account book, recipe, receipts, and Civil War-era letters by various family members including those between Eliza Jane Wynne (1837-1916) and her husband Charles Rollin Gibbs (1835-1903).

Organization and Arrangement

This collection is arranged by family and each member of the family has a genealogy sheet that includes birth and death dates, marriage date, information regarding children, and occasionally information about the individual's profession. Each folder title includes the names of the individuals represented along with their birth and death dates, if known.

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Gibbs, Wynn/e, Allen, Fisher, and Parker family papers, ms 3862, Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library, The University of Georgia Libraries.

Finding Aid Publication

Finding aid prepared on: 2014.

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Banks County (Ga.)
Burton, Peggy Joan Gibbs
Family records -- Georgia.
Financial records.
Land grants -- Georgia.
Research notes.

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Though the collection is open for research, the glass plate photographic negatives have been separated due to their fragile condition. Scans were created as reference copies and are available.

Series Descriptions and Folder Listing

11Wynn/Wynne Cemetery - Alto, Banks County, Wynne Memorial Association, Hollinsworth, Banks County, The Story of the Collection, 1939, 1961, 1970, 2014
1Charles Rollin and Eliza Wynne Gibbs ancestral chart, compiled by Peggy Gibbs Burton, 2009
12Wynne Renters - Paul and Vertie Webb correspondence, 1940-1947
13Wynn family reunion clipping, 1912
14Richard Wynn, letter re:, 1939
15S. E. Winn clipping
16Wynne Family Property correspondence and photographs, 1940-1945
17Peter Wynne, Sr. (1707-1770) genealogy
18Peter Wynne, Jr. (1736-1797) genealogy
19Duke Hamilton Wynn (1771-1838) and Susan Burns Wynn (circa 1781-1848) genealogy
110Hamilton Wynn land grants, 1832, 1837
111Edwin Minor Wynn (1811-1891) and Elvy Ann Allen (1820-1898) photographs, clippings, and correspondence, 1837-1898, 1939, undated
112Edwin Minor Wynn - letter from Alexander H. Stephens, 1842
113Elizabeth Jane "Liza" "Lizzie" Wynn (Gibbs) (1837-1916) writings and correspondence, 1852-1857, undated
114-15Young Hamilton Wynne (1839-1900) and Mary Elizabeth King (circa 1841-1878) correspondence and photographs, 1854-1891, undated
71Young Hamilton Wynn and Maude King Wynne
72Young Wynn, Judge Emory Speer, Young Allen
116Willie Wynne (1862-1914) genealogy and photograph, undated
117Ellen "Ella" Clifford Wynne (b. 1866) genealogy and photographs, undated
118Susie N. Wynne (1872-1873) photograph, 1873
119Anne Williams "Willie" Wynne (1862-1914) correspondence, 1867, 1878
120Edgar H. Wynne (1868-1869) photograph, 1869
121Maude King Wynne (1875/1876-1916) correspondence and photographs, 1875-1916
122Nellie Wynne (circa 1883-1926) photographs and clipping, 1926, undated
123-25Sarah Clifford Wynne (Chenault) (1842-1913) and Abraham Dyonysius Chenault (1831-1887) photographs and correspondence, 1856-1906, 1943
1Abraham Dyonysius Chenault (1831-1887) Medical University of Pennsylvania certificate, 1865
3Abraham Dyonysius Chenault (1831-1887) family bible with family record
126Emma Eugene Wynne (Edwards) (1844-1917) and James Callaway Edwards (1855-1937) photographs, clippings, and correspondence, 1868-1918, 1927, 1937
127Howell Eugene Edwards (1882-circa 1968) photographs and clippings, 1890s, 1905, 1937
128Mary Eugenia "Maygenia" Edwards (1906-1908) clipping and postcard, 1906, 1908
129Howell Eugene Edwards III (b. 1914) and Marion Angeline Miller clipping, 1943
130Gus Calloway Edwards (1886-1969) and Clara Mary McKinney (1888-1973) clippings, correspondence, and photographs, 1908-1909, 1938, 1962-1967
41Gus Calloway Edwards (1886-1969) and Clara Mary McKinney (1888-1973), James Edwin Edwards (1914-2003) clippings and correspondence, 1963-1969
131Patricia Ann Edwards (1928-1969) clipping, 1969
132James Edwin Edwards (1914-2003) and Frances Lillian Stanley (1918-2005) clippings, correspondence, and photographs, 1963, 2003, 2005
133Robert Andrew Wynn (1846-1941) clippings and photographs, 1899, 1919-1940
134Thompson Allan (1820-1875) correspondence and photographs, 1852-1873
135Martha Burns Wynne (1849-1920) and James Charlton Allan (1844-1912) correspondence, clippings, and photographs, 1862-1878, 1906, 1915, undated
73Martha Burns Shepherd Wynn and Allan family
136James Ernest Jones (b. 1922) photograph, 1940s
137Rosa Chenault Allan (1881-1970) photographs and correspondence, 1940s-1963
138John Talmadge Allan (1884-1963) photograph, undated
139William Burns Allan (1888-1949) and Lula Marjorie Bowman (b. 1906) photographs, 1941, undated
140William Vernon Allan (b. 1928) photograph, circa 1939
141Edwin Thompson "Tom" Allan (1870-1954) photographs, undated
142Annie Clifford Allan (1872-1950) and Joseph Madison Jones (b. 1861) correspondence, 1892-1899, 1925
143Robert Duncan Allan (circa 1876-1954) and Susan Eleanor Smith (b. 1884) correspondence and photographs, 1919, undated
144Charles Revere Allan (1891-1966) genealogy
145Mattie Elizabeth Bertha Allan (Martin) (b. 1915) photograph, 1941
146Mary Susan Wynne (1851-1915) calling cards and clip of hair, undated
147Edward Shepard Wynne (1853-1919) correspondence, 1880-1889, undated
148Annie Estelle Wynn/Wynne (1856-1943) and Gibson Waters (1853-1930) correspondence and photographs, 1875-1882, 1905, 1914-1917, 1939-1940
149Louisa "Lula" "Lou" Bibb Wynn/Wynne (1859-1913) and Boat T. Goodson (1846-1931) and children - correspondence and photographs, 1893, 1939, undated
150-51Julia Edwina Wynn (1864-1939) correspondence, photographs, and scrapbook, 1874, 1939, undated
152Edward Minor Wynn, Jr. (1867-1931) photographs and correspondence, 1892, 1931, undated
153Eliza Jane Hamilton Wynn (1815-1899) and Edward Thompson Shepherd (1810-1890) correspondence and photographs, 1838-1859, 1872, 1890, undated
154Martha Burns Shepherd (1844-1906) and (1st husband) John Blue Moore (d. 1867) and (2nd husband) Archibald B. Russell correspondence, 1888-1890, undated
155Andrew H. Shepherd (1851-1931) and Lucy D. Banks (1869-1922) photograph, undated
156Pauline de Launay Shepherd (1882-1975) and Clifton Cartwright Johnson (1882-1966) invitation, 1905
157Allen Family - Young Allen (1775-1844), Lavinia Allen (b. 1807), Emory Speer (1848-1918), William West Allen (b. 1810), Rebecca Jones Allen (1812-1896), Young Wesley Allen (1816-1882), Jane Amanda Allen (1818-1891), Elvy Ann Allen (1820-1898), and Harriet Allen (1821-1891), 1836-1924
158Burns Family - Andrew Burns (1718-1793), Martha Burns (d. 1846), Susan Burns (c. 1781-1848), and Felix Burns, 1800, 1828-1859, undated
159Mary Burns - Land Grant, 1792
160Mrs. R. A. Gibbs (Theola Blanch Fisher) - scrapbook re: Mai Ling Soong (Madame Chiang Kai-Shek) , 1937-1955
74Allen and Winn notes
75Allen and Burns notes
76Wynn, Allan and Jones notes
77Alden, Adams, Allan and Vinton notes
78Wynn and Goodson notes
79Wynn and Shepherd
710-12Wynn family
713Wynne Memorial Association
21Fisher Studios - Demorest First 4th of July parade - scanned print from glass negative, undated
22Postcard - Gainesville, Georgia Tornado; Tallulah Falls and Lakemont, 1936
23Incomplete and Unidentified Letters, 1841, 1883, 1935, undated
24Robert C. McGowan - Land Grant, 1839
25Thompson Terrell - Land Grant, 1826
26Almanacs, 1861, 1865, 1885
27Clippings - Wynne/Wynn and White, 1942, undated
1Clippings - Harper's illustration "Last Confederate Cabinet" (1861), Southern Watchman (1865), North Georgia Herald (1874), Weekly Chronicle (Augusta, Ga.) (1885), The Hustler (1908), The Cochran Journal (1912), Banks County Journal (1912), 1861-1912
1Newspaper, Philadelphia Inquirer, 1862
29Shares - Dry Pond Gin Company , 1909
42Parker family genealogy
43Delia Parker photograph
44Asa Parker (1822-1914) and Julia Ann White (1826-1904) correspondence and photographs, 1893-1914
45Julia Ann White (Parker) (1826-1904) song book
46Gilman Parker (1845-1929) correspondence, 1912-1929
47Stella Mary Parker (b. 1871) photograph and correspondence, circa 1877, 1929
48Martha Helen Parker (1849-1889) and Orlando D. Cushman (1844-1914) genealogy
49Julia Amanda Cushman (1873-1967) and Charles A. Menke (d. 1953) photographs and correspondence, 1939-1948
410Lena Mae Cushman (b. 1880) and 1. Clarence Addison Phillips, 2. Roy Eugene Munger correspondence, 1943-1946
411Eva Lydia Cushman (b. 1883) and Walter Glover (1877-1939) correspondence, 1912-1948
412Asa Fayette Parker (1861-1921) and Carrie N. Burgess (b. 1864) correspondence, 1904-1948
413Joseph Parker (b. 1828) and Francina Amanda Campbell correspondence, 1855
414Fisher family
415Jonathan Fisher (1713-1796) deed, 1759
416Aaron Fisher, Major (1756-1839) and Elizabeth Ware (1755-1831) lineage
417Aaron Fisher (1780-1863) and Eunice Joy (1783-1869) family lineage
418Jarius Joy Fisher (1828-1905) and Diadenni Jones (b. 1840) family lineage
419Aaron Fisher (b. 1877) correspondence with Vera H. Fisher, 1903-1907
420Jonathan Fisher (1743-1777) and Katherine Avery (1766-1773) family lineage
421Jonathan Fisher (1768-1847) and Dolly Battle (1770-1853) printed material regarding Parson Fisher House, 1965, 2000
422Samual Jackson Fisher (b. 1847) correspondence , 1911-1912
423William Fisher (1775-1840) and Rhonda Bardwell (1778-1858) letter regarding R. W. R. Bardwell and copy of the ordination of William Fisher, 1807, 1907
424Fisher/Avery lineage
425James Richards Fisher (1818-1894) photograph and letter, 1891
426William Fisher (1809-1883) and Fanny Lucretia Keeney (1810-1890) correspondence, clippings and photographs, 1877-1891
427Sallenda Esther Fisher (1842-1902) and Samuel Daniel Cleland (1842-1914) photographs, correspondence, and clippings, 1893-1914
428Fanny Fisher Cleland (d. 1918) correspondence, 1916-1917
429Blanche Cleland and Cyrus D. McLane letter and clipping, 1914, 1918
430Paul C. Cleland and Mary Gilman Ferguson letter, 1924
431Eleanor Bryant Castner (1815-1899) and 1. Nathan Howell Gest (d. 1839) and 2. Samuel Cleland (1798-1865) clippings
432Helen Frances Fisher (1846-1900) and Hiram N. Sellers (d. 1926) correspondence, 1875-1900
433John Harris Fisher (1846-1871) photograph, certificate, letter, and "Soldier's companion of short stories", 1862, 1864, 1871
434Eunice M. Platt (d. 1959) correspondence, 1904-1911
435Carey William Fisher (1849-1919) and Rachel McElrath Parker (1853-1948) photographs and correspondence, 1875-1954
158Lake Demorest - by Fisher Studios - scanned print from glass photographic negative
159Theola Blanche Fisher - scanned print from glass photographic negative
436Theola Blanche Fisher (1876-1951) photographs, 1880s
437Brower family photographs and correspondence, 1900-1992
438Vera Helen Fisher (1878-1935) and Junius Augustus Griggs (1871-1931) photographs and correspondence, 1890-1922
439Katherine Haddock Griggs (1916-1997) and James Wallace Pearson (1918-1970) correspondence and genealogy, 1938-1984
440Clela Vivian Fisher (1882-1957) and Roy Whitney Horning (1879-1954) correspondence and clippings [includes their children's families], 1942-1998
441Parker William Fisher (1880-1959) and Elinor Sutherland Suggs photographs, clippings, and correspondence , 1943-1956
442Mary Elaine Fisher (1913-2004) photographs and correspondence, 1915-1920, 1992-1998
443Wilson Hunt Fisher (1916-1964) photographs and correspondence, 1916-1943
444Ruth Arda Fisher (1885-1970) and William Alvin Miller (1875-1939) photographs and correspondence, 1919-1965
445Miller family correspondence, 1929-1950
446Francis Keeney Fisher (1886-1951) and Margaret Lederle (1885-1968) photographs [includes their children], 1936-1952
447Arla Genevieve Fisher (1894-1982) and Thomas Edgar Harris (1892-1975) photographs, clippings, and correspondence [includes their children], 1926-1971
448Arla Ruth Harris (1916-2008) and Antonia Juan DeBausto Martinez y Sosa (1909-1950) children's birth announcements , 1937, 1938
51Gibbs (New York) map
52Leonard Gibbs (1775-1824) and Betsy Robards (1780-1829) genealogy, correspondence, photographs, will, 1823, 1893, 1913, 1930, 1940
53Isaac Gibbs (1752-1796) and Lucy Gaines (1754-1823) genealogy
54Leonard Gibbs, Jr. (1800-1863) and Mary Ann Beckwith (1813-1882) genealogy and correspondence, 1856, 1863
55Mary Gibbs (1835-1918) and Helen Gibbs (1837-1918) genealogy, correspondence, wills, 1914, 1915, 1919
56Elizabeth Robards Gibbs (1802-1854) and Otis Spurr (1785-1835) genealogy, correspondence, photographs, 1853
57Harriet Maria Gibbs (1805-1838) and Rensselaer Dudley Granger (1803-1871) genealogy, photographs
58Isaac Adin Gibbs (1807-1856) and Rebecca Jones Allen (1812-1896) genealogy
59Isaac Adin Gibbs (1807-1856) and Rebecca Jones Allen (1812-1896) genealogy, address book, mortgage, family bible, minutes, contract, correspondence, 1843-1862, 1897, 1936 ()
510Emeline Adelia Gibbs (1809-1891) and John Alanson Fitch (1802-1860) genealogy and correspondence, 1831, 1835, 1846, 1851, 1852
511Frederick Adin Fitch (1830-1913) and Caroline Holt Corey (1831-1913) genealogy, correspondence, photograph, certificate, receipt (financial record), 1852-1853, 1855, 1891, 1893, 1899
513Sarah Elizabeth Fitch (1835-1906) genealogy, correspondence, 1851-1852
512Hariette Emeline Fitch (1864-1939) and Charles Edgar Lansing (1850-1946) genealogy
514Julia Catherine Fitch (1841-1920) and Andrew Christina Holmes (1833-1919) correspondence, genealogy, 1851
515Louisa Cornelia Gibbs (1812-1857) and George Sanford (1805-1862) genealogy, correspondence, photograph, and daguerotype, 1856
516Emma Louise Sanford (1835-1902) and Byron Rice (1827-1888) genealogy, correspondence, and photographs, 1894, 1899, 1945, 1993
517George Henry Sanford (1836-1871) and Helen Breese Stevens (1839-?) genealogy, correspondence, 1853, 1855
518Louis Sanford Rice (1862-1957) and Anna Reid Ballard (1862-1951) genealogy and correspondence, 1939, 1940
519Leonard Gibbs Sanford (1839-1912) and Lillias Josephine Rumsey (1850-1940) genealogy, correspondence, and manuscript, 1896, 1924
520Edward Rollin Sanford (1840-1927) and Julia Adelaide Wright (1844-1906) genealogy and correspondence, 1899
521Orlin Mead Sanford (1856-1936) and Hetty Beatty Reid (1859-1951) genealogy and correspondence, 1851, 1894, 1913, 1928-1930
522Charles Rollin Gibbs (1813-1907), Martha Hill Pope (1818-1860) and Frances Clarke Birge (1831-?) genealogy and correspondence, 1838, 1839
523Charles Rollin Gibbs (1813-1907) and Martha Hill Pope (1818-1860) genealogy, clipping, photographs, and correspondence, 1912
524Charles Rollin Gibbs (1813-1907) and Martha Hill Pope (1818-1860) correspondence and genealogy, 1856, 1873, 1874, 1899-1901
525Charles Rollin GIbbs (1813-1907) and Martha Hill Pope (1818-1860) correspondence, 1902-1919
714Charles Rollin Gibbs, Maria Jane Gibbs Grandy Davies, John B. Gibbs
526Frances Elizabeth Prichard (1883-1957) and Clarence Pasqualle Thayer (1881-1960) genealogy and correspondence, 1939
527Pope Gibbs (1846-1916), Hattie Plummer, Elizabeth Ayen (1866-1942) genealogy, correspondence, discharge, marriage certificate, photograph, 1885, 1891, 1901, 1939, 1942
528Frances Gibbs (1872-1949) genealogy and correspondence, 1904, 1905, 1915
529Enos Cowles Dickinson (1817-1895), Sarah Ann Gibbs (1815-1849), and Sarah Jehu (1827-1896) genealogy
530Maria Jane Gibbs (1818-1903), Horton Grandy (1814-1843), Thomas Price Davies (1817-1892) genealogy and correspondence, 1858, 1865, 1874, 1877, 1903
531John B. Gibbs (1821-1853) genealogy, photographs, deeds, and correspondence, 1853, 1939
532Charles Maxwell Gibbs (1861-1948) and Martha Louisa Rowland (1857-1939) genealogy, correspondence, photographs, clipping, and advertisement, 1874, 1898, 1899, 1901, 1939
533Charles Maxwell Gibbs (1861-1939) correspondence, 1898-1900, 1928, 1939, 1941
534Rose Williams Gibbs (1889-?) and Lucien Joseph Ker genealogy, correspondence, photograph, clippings, 1915, 1945
535George Granger Gibbs (1836-1914), Susan Doster (1867-?), Annie Murray (1837-1872), and Virginia Garland Moseley (1837-1908) correspondence, photographs, clipping, and genealogy, 1854-1868, 1883-1913, 1939
81-2George Granger Gibbs
536Charles Bower Gibbs (1867-1892), Frances Allie Felkel (1855-1930) and family genealogy, photographs, clippings, and invitation, 1882, 1885, 1896, 1901, 1942, 1943
537Bessie Alexander Gibbs (1881-1964), Lorenzo Lamar Davis (1888-?), and family genealogy, correspondence, photographs, and clippings, 1939, 1940, 1941
83Bessie Alexander Gibbs Davis
538Mary Jane Gibbs (1838-1915), Christopher Columbus Cocroft (1836-1863), and family genealogy, correspondence, photographs, and clippings, 1862, 1874-1913, 1930-1945
84-6Mary Jane Gibbs Cocroft Smith
539Sarah Ann Gibbs (1839-1909), William Henry Cocroft (1834-1905), and family genealogy, correspondence, and photographs, 1857-1868, 1894-1903, 1940
87-9Sarah Ann Gibbs Cocroft
540James Adin Cocroft (1861-1897), Charles Henry Cocroft (1867-1946), Mary Leila Rogers (1873-1940), Rubye Cocroft (1893-?), and John Wesley Woodall, II. (1891-?) genealogy, correspondence, and photographs, 1885, 1941
541Leonard Gibbs Cocoroft, Sr. (1872-1924) and Annie Isabella Sluder (1877-1994) genealogy, photographs, and correspondence, 1910
542Ben Hill Cocroft (1882-1952) and Evelyn C. Davison (1889-?) program, card, photographs, and genealogy, 1941
543Harriet Emeline Gibbs (1841-1932), William Sam Smith (1831-1863), John Asbury Smith (?-1925), and family correspondence, genealogy, and photographs, 1857-1858, 1899, 1906-1907
810-12Harriet Emeline Gibbs Smith
544Isaac Adin Gibbs, Jr. (1844-1862) genealogy, photographs, and correspondence, 1861, 1862, 1939
91-2Isaac Aden Gibbs
93-5John Gibbs, Isaac Gibbs, Leonard Gibbs
96-7Isaac Aden and Frances C. Gibbs
98-9Isaac Edwin and Lillian Brower Gibbs and family
545Martha Louisa Gibbs (1849-1931) and James Jackson Taylor (1844-1932) genealogy, correspondence, certificate, and photographs, 1868-1892, 1930, 1946
813Martha Louisa Gibbs Taylor
546Mary Emma Taylor (1869-1963), James William Allbritten (1867-1959) and family, genealogy, photographs, and correspondence, 1931
547Luther Martin Vinton (1825-1890) and Susan Louis DeCall genealogy, correspondece, and card, 1890
548Luther Vinton Gibbs (1887-1981), Lous Ella Trimble (1888-1954) and Mary Effie Sexson (1890-1954) genealogy, correspondence, clippings, and photographs, 1942, 1945
910-12Luther Vinton Gibbs
549Charles Rollin Gibbs (1835-1903) and Eliza Jane Wynne (1837-1916) genealogy
550Charles Rollin Gibbs (1835-1903) and Eliza Jane Wynne (1837-1916) genealogy, almanac, visiting cards, ribbon, marriage license, photographs, and letters of credit , 1855-1860, 1862
551Charles Rollin Gibbs (1835-1903) and Eliza Jane Wynne (1837-1916) correspondence and photograph, 1863
552Charles Rollin Gibbs (1835-1903) and Eliza Jane Wynne (1837-1916) correspondence, photographs, report and recipe, 1864, 1865, 1868, 1869
553Charles Rollin Gibbs (1835-1903) and Eliza Jane Wynne (1837-1916) correspondence, receipts, and deeds, 1874, 1875, 1877-1887, 1900
554Charles Rollin Gibbs (1835-1903) and Eliza Jane Wynne (1837-1916) manual, correpondence, photographs, advertisement, account book, testimony, certification, clippings, and hair clipping, 1894-1916, 1945, 1995
555Charles Rollin Gibbs (1835-1903) and Eliza Jane Wynne (1837-1916) correspondence, application, and post cards, 1906, 1908-1916
61Theola Blanche Fisher Brower Gibbs (1876-1951) genealogy, 1947
62Theola Blanche Fisher Brower Gibbs (1876-1951) genealogy, 1948
63Theola Blanche Fisher Brower Gibbs (1876-1951) genealogy, 1940-1949
64Theola Blanche Fisher Brower Gibbs (1876-1951) genealogy and clippings, 1940-1949
65Charles Lansing Bacon (1924-1992) correspondence, 1978, 1980, 1981, 1982, 1983
66Charles Lansing Bacon (1924-1992) and Eleanor Bringhurst Tinsley correspondence, genealogy, and maps, 1978, 1985
101-3Charles Lansing Bacon
67John Sanford Gibbs (1854-1934) and Mary Louisa Vinton (1853-1934) photographs, genealogy, correspondence, and diary, 1878-1927
68John Sanford Gibbs (1854-1934) and Mary Louisa Vinton Gibbs (1853-1934) correpondence, photographs, and certificate, 1878, 1892-1893, 1911-1941, 1957
69John Sanford Gibbs (1854-1934) and Mary Louisa Vinton Gibbs (1853-1934) genealogy, 1858
610John Sanford Gibbs (1854-1934) and Mary Louisa Vinton Gibbs (1853-1934) photographs, 1917
611John Sanford Gibbs (1854-1934) genealogy, death certificate, affidavit, diary, post, and correspondence, 1870-1934, 1953
104-5John Sanford Gibbs
612Gibbs family genealogy, photographs, maps, diagrams, notes, and correspondence, 1903
613Gibbs family genealogy, correspondence, and photographs, 1978, 1985, 1987
614Gibbs family genealogy
615Minnie Theola Gibbs (1910-) and family genealogy
616Francis Orland Gibbs (1908-?) and Vera Ruth Bonkmeyer (1908-?) genealogy, photographs, bulletins, invitations, programs (documents) and placecards, 1935-1941, 1957-1959, 1979
617Caroline Fitch Lansing Bacon (1895-?) and Harriette Fitch Lansing (1864-1939) correspondence, interview and cards, 1939, 1942, 1946, 1950-1954
618Martha Allan Fulton (1916-?) genealogy, 1976
619Emeline Adelia Gibbs Fitch (1809-1891) and John Alanson Fitch (1802-1860) correspondence, certificate, and article, 1831, 1833, 1891, 1899, 1939
620Leonard Young Gibbs (1834-1898) and Rosa Matilda Williams (1840-1877) genealogy, photographs, advertisement, correspondence and receipt, 1852-1898
621Leonard Young Gibbs (1834-1890) and Rosa Matilda Williams Gibbs (1840-1977) correspondence, genealogy, 1834, 1852-1895, 1906, 1939
622Arla Wynne Gibbs (1916-?) genealogy, cards, and photographs, 1939-1949, 1957-1973, 1982
623George Carey Gibbs (1919-?) photographs and genealogy, 1937, 1942, 1946, 1948
624Jane Helen Gibbs (1912-2007) genealogy and photographs, 1935, 1938, 1941
625William Allen Gibbs (1877-1930) and Bertha Lee Wilson Gibbs (1895-?) notes, genealogy, clippings, photographs, ornament, and telegram, 1927, 1930, 1939, 1941
626-28Gibbs family genealogy, notes, copies
106-8Leonard Hamilton Gibbs
109Leonard Hamilton Gibbs and family - originals
1010-12Orland W. Gibbs
111Orland W. Gibbs
112-3Lydia Frances Gibbs Sherman Southworth
114-5William Allen Gibbs - originals
116-7Bessie Mae Gibbs Martin
118Robert Aubrey Gibbs
119Leonard Burns Gibbs
1110Ruby Estelle Gibbs Krogstad
1111-12Hugh Hamilton Gibbs and family
121Robert Adin Gibbs and Theola Blanch Fisher Brower Gibbs
122Isaac Edwin Gibbs
123Lydia Sanford Gibbs
124Louisa Cornelia Gibbs Sanford, Charles R. Gibbs, J.B. Gibbs
125Oma Ruth Gibbs Hawkins, Edgar Gibbs
126-8Susie Rebecca Gibbs White Larkins
129-10Eula Evelyn Gibbs Knight
1211Lillian Louise Gibbs Ferguson
1212Sarah Ann Gibbs Dickinson, FG-FEB, John B. Gibbs
131-2Susie E. Gibbs
133Margaret Gibbs Allen
134-5Ethel Delina Gibbs and family
136Emaline Adela Gibbs and Fitch
137-8Clara Susie Gibbs Tolbert Sorrels
139Robert Aubrey Gibbs - Georgia land
1310-12Gibbs family
1313Malcolm Gordon Larkins, Mary Nola Larkins, Noble
1314John Vinton White
1315Smith family
141Smith family
142Cocroft, Horner, Bowden families
143Holmes family
144-5Rice, Sanford families
146Thayer family
147Thayer, Mayflower Quarterly copies
148Braintree family
149Taylor family
1410Eidson family
1411Miscellaneous genealogy notes
151Miscellaneous additions - Gibbs family
152Gibbs family notes and transcriptions
153Miscellaneous genealogy notes, clippings, photographs
154Lord reunion
155Voss family
156Wilcox Gibbs Sewing Machine
157Printed material