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Habitat for Humanity International Records, Series 1.3: Papers - Administrative

Habitat for Humanity International Records, Series 1.3: Papers - Administrative

Descriptive Summary

Title: Habitat for Humanity International Records, Series 1.3: Papers - Administrative
Creator: Habitat for Humanity International, Inc
Inclusive Dates: 1977-2005
Language(s): English
Extent: 5.5 Linear Feet (6 boxes)
Collection Number: ms3786_1.3
Repository: Hargrett Library

Collection Description

Historical Note

Habitat for Humanity International is a non-profit Christian housing ministry founded by Millard and Linda Fuller in 1976. The organization works to build decent, safe housing for needy families and individuals around the world. Its operational headquarters are located in Americus, GA, and its administrative headquarters are in Atlanta. Habitat operates on the community level through independent local affiliates and performs work internationally through national offices.

The concept for Habitat began at Koinonia farm, a small, interracial community outside of Americus, GA. This community was founded by farmer and biblical scholar Clarence Jordan in 1942. In 1965, the Fullers visited Koinonia and, together with Jordan, developed the idea of "partnership housing," a system in which those in need of housing would work side by side with volunteers to build simple, decent houses.

In 1976, Habitat for Humanity International was officially established. Former U. S. President Jimmy Carter and his wife Rosalynn Carter got involved in 1984 with the first Jimmy Carter Work Project. Since then, the Carters have been consistent supporters of Habitat, giving it a national and international spotlight.

In 2005, Fuller was dismissed from Habitat for Humanity amid unresolved disputes and established the Fuller Center for Housing. Jonathan Reckford took the position of executive director. As of 2013, Habitat for Humanity has built over 600,000 homes, eliminating poverty housing or homelessness for 3 million people worldwide.

Scope and Content

The administrative files consist of the papers of Habitat for Humanity's International Board of Directors (IBOD), project manuals and guides, land and legal files, and watchdog reports and surveys. The IBOD files mostly contain meeting minutes and annual reports created by top-level administration. The project manuals and guides are bound volumes focusing both on specific projects and broader planning initiatives for the organization. The land and legal papers primarily concern properties in and around Americus, GA, home of the Habitat for Humanity headquarters. The watchdog files are made up of surveys and reports regarding consumer protection.

Organization and Arrangement

The materials are arranged into four series: International Board of Directors (IBOD), project manuals and guides, land and legal files, and watchdog files.

This finding aid represents just one portion of the Habitat for Humanity International Records, which altogether consist of correspondence, event files, administrative files, affiliate files, media project files, newsletters, clippings, and print samples, as well as photographs, artifacts, and audiovisual materials.

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Habitat for Humanity International Records, ms 3786, Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library, The University of Georgia Libraries.

Finding Aid Publication

Finding aid prepared on: 2013.

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Subject Terms

Administrative records
Fuller, Millard, 1935-2009
Legal documents.
Nonprofit organizations.
Property records.
Public interest groups.
Reckford, Jonathan

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Series Descriptions and Folder Listing


International Board of Directors

11How-to Manual
12-17Financial reports, 1977-1992
21Habitat's beginning, 1978-1979
22Executive Committee meeting, 1981
23Executive Committee, 1980-1981
24Board of Directors and Advisors, 1981
25Board of Advisors, 1982
26Fall Board meeting, 1982
27Board meeting, 1983
28April Board meeting, 1984
29Executive Committee meeting, 1984
210Nomination forms for Board of Directors and Advisors, 1984
211Advisors' letters, 1984
212Board of Advisors, 1984
213Board of Directors, 1984-1985
214-18Committee of Seven "Million Dollar Club, 1981-1984
219-21Annual reports, 1997-2000
118Financial report, 1995
119Annual report, 1981
120-31Annual reports, 1983-1994
132Habitat by-laws
133-37Public minutes, 1994-1997
138Millard Fuller reports to Wayne Walker, 1997
139Summer Phone Campaign, 1997
140Minutes , 1998
141Public minutes, 1998
142-44Memos, 1998
145-51Public minutes, 1999-2005
152Risk Purchasing Group minutes, 2001-2005
153Middle East documents and minutes, 1999-2004
154Swiss Association documents, 2005
155Crisis managements
156Habitat for Humanity employee compensation statement, circa 2009

Project Manuals and Guides

31Overseas Structural Training Manual, 1983
32Resource packet, 1984
33Habitat Headlines, 1987
34Like the Rush of a Mighty Wind, 1989
35Los Formularios y Documentos, 1989
36Affiliate profiles, 1990
37Planbook, 1990
38Sponsored Project Workbook, 1989
39Accelerated Building Project Manual, 1989
310Sponsored Project House Plan Book, 1990
311Rylander Theatre notes, 1992
312Rylander Theatre floorplans, 1992
313Rylander Theatre restoration, 1992
314Habitat Directory, 1992
41Proposed Five Year Plan, 1993
42Board of Directors Manual, 1993
43Planbook, 1993
44Five Year Plan, 1994
45Board of Directors minutes, 1994
46Board of Directors meeting, 1995
47Style Guide, 1994
48-9Participant's Manual, Overseas Workcamp Orientation
410Facilitator's Manual, Overseas Workcamp Orientation
411Resource Manual, Campus Chapters Department
411Homeowner's Guide to Home Care and Maintenance

Land and Legal Files

51126 Strife Street
52218 and 224 McCoy
53310 Crawley Street
54410 Jefferson Street
55623 Winn Street
561004 Magnolia Street
57Barlow, Rosa - 204 Ashby Street
58Barner, Fred Arthur - 315 Allen Street
510Champion, Dock - E. Lester Street
511Church Street
512Cummings, Fannie - Norris Circle
515Douglas Circle
516Educare Center, Title - 209 Habitat Street
518Foster, Bennie - 115 West Lester Street
519Green, James Arthur
520Greene, Mildred
521Habitat addresses
522Hall, Tom - 1614 Jackson Street
523Hartman - 514 and 516
524Hill, Emma Juanita - Peppermint Way
525Hopkins, Charles - 1313 Montgomery Street
526Ingram, Isom - 319 Allen Street
527Little, Wanda - Russell Street Extension
528Mack, Annie Mae - 936 North Jackson Street
529New Street
530Owens, Addie - 404-406 Ashby Street
531Owens, Addie - Lindsey Lane
532Russell Street Extension
533Russell Street Extension, Lot 176
534Thomas, Bennie - 317 Allen Street
535Thomas, Dora - 121 W. Lester Street
536Thomas file - 18 acres
537Trice, Mamie - 1310 N. Jackson Street
538Western Wayne County [Michigan]
539Wilson, Gwendolyn (Butler) - 115 Peppermint Way
5401727 Bluebell Avenue, Boulder, CO
541Square footage
543Zoning - Builder's remedies
544Lot size
5452nd Mortgages
546Sec. deeds for AAR homeowners


62National Charities Information Bureau Survey
63Non-Profit Times, 2001
64Non-Profit Times 100, 2000
65Non-Profit Times, 1999
66Non-Profit Times
67Smart Money magazine, 1997
68Watchdog Surveys, 1996
611Watchdog Reports, 1994-1996
612Evangelism and Missions Information Service (EMIS) handbook
613IRS 990 disclosures, 1999
614Charities Review Council, 1998
615Better Business Bureau (BBB) Survey, 1997
616American Institute of Philanthropy, 1997
617Better Business Bureau Survey, 1999
618National Charities Information Bureau, 1996-1997
619Non-Profit Times, 1997
620Non-Profit Times, 1998
621American Institute of Philantrhopy, 1999
622Better Business Bureau (BBB) Wise Giving Alliance, 2002
623Better Business Bureau (BBB), 1995
624Better Business Bureau (BBB), 1994
625Better Business Bureau (BBB) West Georgia, 1997
626Builder 100, 1995-1997
627Builder 100, 1999-2000
628Builder 100 survey, 2001
629Builder 100, 2000
630-31Builder 100 survey, 1999
632Builder magazine, 1998
633Builder 100 survey, 1997
634Builder 100 survey, 1996
635Builder 100 survey, 1994
636Charities Review Council, 2000
637Charity Watch, 2000
638Chronicle of Philanthropy, 2001
639Chronicle of Philanthropy survey, 2000
640Chronicle of Philanthropy survey, 1999
641Chronicle of Philanthropy, 1997
642Chronicle of Philanthropy, 1998
643Chronicle of Philanthropy 400 survey, 2000
644Chronicle of Philanthropy, 1998
645501(c)(3) letter, 1998
646-47Watchdogs (General)
71Reports on Habitat for Humanity Meetings, 1976-2011
72Annual Reports , 2007-2011
73Sam Emerick - Reflections on Habitat's Past and It's Future Promise, 2010
74Style Guide and Prject Milestones
75Harvard Business School Case Study - Brand Valuation, 2008
76National Service Leadership Conference, 2009
77Rebuild Haiti: The Three-Month Update, 2010
78Katrine and Rita: Five Years Later, 2005-2010
79Calendars, 2006-2011
710Endorsements from Jimmy Carter, Rosalynn Carter, and Dr. David Johnson Rowe
711Legal Documents
713J. Ronald Terwilliger Legacy Gift: Media Report
714Mining Our Past to Inspire Our Future, 2015