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Georgia photograph file

Georgia photograph file

Descriptive Summary

Title: Georgia photograph file
Creator: Hargrett Library
Inclusive Dates: 1850-1999
Language(s): English
Extent: 24.5 Linear Feet 23 boxes
Collection Number: ms3705
Repository: Hargrett Library

Collection Description

Historical Note

This collection of photographs was created by the Hargrett Library to document the state, counties, the University of Georgia, historic buildings, and people of note.

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Georgia photograph file, ms3705, Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library, The University of Georgia Libraries.

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Subject Terms

Athens (Ga.) -- Buildings, structures, etc.
Athens (Ga.) -- Photographs.
Historic American Buildings Survey
Historic buildings -- Georgia.
Persons -- Photographs.
Universities and colleges -- Georgia -- Athens -- Photographs.
University of Georgia

Series Descriptions and Folder Listing


1. Georgia

11Abbott, Joel Access Online
12Abbott, John, 1889 Access Online
13Acworth, GA - William Nickols House Access Online
14Acworth, GA - Military Telegraph Access Online
15Aderhold, Omer C. 1 of 7, 1954, 1955, 1965 Access Online
16Aderhold, Omer C. 2 of 7, 1954,1955,1966 Access Online
17Aderhold, Omer C. 3 of 7, 1954,1955,1966 Access Online
18Aderhold, Omer C. 4 of 7, 1954,1955,1966 Access Online
19Aderhold, Omer C. 5 of 7, 1954,1955,1966 Access Online
110Aderhold, Omer C. 6 of 7, 1954,1955,1966 Access Online
111Aderhold, Omer C. 7 of 7, 1954,1955,1966 Access Online
112Agee, Warren K. Access Online
393African American - Agricultural Scenes
394African American - Businesses
113Agnes Scott Institute Access Online
114Aiken, Frank D. Access Online
115Akerman, Amos T. Access Online
116Alexander, Edward P. Access Online
117Alexander, Harry A., 1893 Access Online
118Allen, George D. Access Online
119Allen, Ivan, 1938 Access Online
120Allgood, John, 1907 Access Online
121Altama Plantation House, 1902 Access Online
122American Legion Auxiliary - Garden party for WWI mothers, 1933 Access Online
123Americus, GA - C.M. Council House Access Online
124Americus, GA - W.A. Dodson House and Windsor Hotel Access Online
125Americus, GA - Taylor Street and Lee Street Access Online
126Anderson, Bill Access Online
127Anderson, John T., 1879 Access Online
128Anderson, Lewis G. Access Online
129Anderson, Paul Access Online
130Anderson, Robert H. Access Online
131Andersonville, GA - Prison Access Online
131AAndrew, James O. Access Online
132Andrew Female College Access Online
133Andrews, Eliza F., 1865 Access Online
134Archaelogical Site - Fulton County, GA, 1969 Access Online
135Armistead, W.T., 1871, 1905 Access Online
136Armstrong, William S. Access Online
137Armuchee Valley - Suttle House Access Online
138Arnall, Ellis, 1942 Access Online
139Asbury, Francis, 1812 Access Online
140Alpha Chi Omega House Access Online
141Alpha Epsilon Pi House Access Online
142Alpha Gamma Rho House Access Online
143Athens, GA - Aerial Views, 1909, 1945 Access Online
144Athens, GA - Alpha Omicron Pi House Access Online
145Athens, GA - Alpha Tau Omega House Access Online
146Athens, GA - Alpha Xi Delta House Access Online
147Athens, GA - American Cafe, 1914 Access Online
147AAthens, GA - Armstrong & Dobbs Access Online
148Athens, GA - Athenaeum Club, 1945, 1965 Access Online
149Athens Clipper, 1901 Access Online
150Athens Banner-Herald, 1898, 1964 Access Online
151Athens Compress Company, 1903 Access Online
152Athens Factory, 1918 Access Online
153Athens Foundry Access Online
154Athens General Hospital Access Online
155Athens High School - Football Team Access Online
156Athens High School - Girls Basketball Team, 1925 Access Online
157Athens High School - Senior class (girls), 1922 Access Online
158Athens High School - Students Access Online
159Athens High and Industrial School, 1920 Access Online
160Athens Manufacturing Company, 1800-1899 Access Online
161Athens Savings Bank Access Online
162Athens, GA - Automobiles Access Online
163Athens, GA - Baldwin-Newton-Hoyt House Access Online
164Athens, GA - Barnett Shoals Power Station and Dam Access Online
165Athens, GA - Beacham House Access Online
166Athens, GA - Bell Telephone Company, 1918 Access Online
167Athens, GA - Bishop House Access Online
168Athens, GA - Bishop (Thomas) House, 1941 Access Online
169Athens, GA - Bloomfield Street, 1889 Access Online
170Athens, GA - Bobbin Mill Access Online
171Athens, GA - Box Garden Access Online
172Athens, GA - Boys and Girls School, 1881 Access Online
173Athens, GA - Brightwell (George P.) House Access Online
174Athens, GA - Broadacres Access Online
175Athens, GA - Broad Street, 1880-1899, 1965 Access Online
176Athens, GA - Brumby House, 1818 Access Online
177Athens, GA - Budwine Access Online
178Athens, GA - Camak House Access Online
179Athens, GA - Canning (Louis C.) Drugstore, 1900 Access Online
180Athens, GA - Carnivals, 1900, 1901 Access Online
181Athens, GA - Carr's Hill, 1955 Access Online
182Athens, GA - Carr's Hill, Old Stagecoach Road, 1787, 1955-1956 Access Online
183Athens, GA - Casulon Plantation Access Online
184Athens, GA - Catholic Church, 1923 Access Online
185Athens, GA - Chamber of Commerce Building Access Online
441Athens, GA - Chase-Lewis-Deupree House
186Athens, GA - Chi Phi House Access Online
187Athens, GA - Chi Psi House Access Online
187AAthens, GA - Childs Street School Access Online
188Athens, GA - Church (Alonzo) House, 1832 Access Online
189Athens, GA - Church-Waddel-Brumby House, 1967 Access Online
190Athens, GA - Churches Access Online
191Athens, GA - Circus Parade, 1908 Access Online
192Athens, GA - City Hall Access Online
193Athens, GA - Clarke County Court House Access Online
194Athens, GA - Clayton Street Access Online
195Athens, GA - Cloverhurst, 1901 Access Online
196Athens, GA - Cloverhurst Country Club Access Online
197Athens, GA - Cobb-Deloney Group of the UCV, 1814 Access Online
198Athens, GA - Cobb (Howell) House Access Online
199Athens, GA - Cobb-Jackson-Ward-Erwin House Access Online
1100Athens, GA - Cobb (T.R.R.) House, 1902, 1985 Access Online
1101Athens, GA - Coca-Cola Bottling Company Access Online
1102Athens, GA - Co-Ed Access Online
1103Athens, GA - Cofer House Access Online
1104Athens, GA - College Avenue, 1890, 1924 Access Online
1105Athens, GA - College of Agriculture (See also: georgia, University) Access Online
1106Athens, GA - Colonial Hotel Access Online
1107Athens, GA - Colonial Theater Access Online
1108Athens, GA - Commercial Hotel Access Online
1109Athens, GA - Confederate Monument, 1976 Access Online
1110Athens, GA - Cook and Brother Armory Building Access Online
1111Athens, GA - Cooking School Access Online
1112Athens, GA - Costa (Joseph) Company, 1937, 1945 Access Online
1113Athens, GA - Costa's, 1908 Access Online
1114Athens, GA - Cotton, ca 1900, 1910, 1916 Access Online
1115Athens, GA - Crane (Ross) House, 1842 Access Online
1116Athens, GA - Crawford's (Mrs.) School Access Online
1117Athens, GA - Curb Market Access Online
1118Athens, GA - Daniell's (Marion Nathaniel) Store Access Online
1119Athens, GA - Davidson's (Mrs.) Missionary Party Access Online
1120Athens, GA - Dearing House, 1938 Access Online
1121Athens, GA - Dearing (William) House, 1830 Access Online
1122Athens, GA - Dearing-Hull-Darwin House Access Online
1123Athens, GA - Delta Delta Delta House Access Online
1124Athens, GA - Delta Phi Epsilon House Access Online
1125Athens, GA - Deupree Hall Access Online
1126Athens, GA - Dillard (Joseph) House Access Online
1127Athens, GA - DuBose House (Milledge Avenue) Access Online
1128Athens, GA - Double-Barrel Cannon Access Online
1129Athens, GA - Easley (Daniel) House Access Online
1130Athens, GA - Emmanuel Episcopal Church, 1900-1930 Access Online
1131Athens, GA - Erwin (A.S.) House Access Online
1132Athens, GA - Erwin (H.C.) House Access Online
1133Athens, GA - Everleila Sanatorium, 1900 Access Online
1134Athens, GA - Farmers Hardware Access Online
1135Athens, GA - Fashionable ladies Access Online
1135AAthens, GA - Fire Departments Access Online
1136Athens, GA - First Baptist Church, 1860-1900 Access Online
1137Athens, GA - First Methodist Church, 1884 Access Online
1138Athens, GA - First National Bank Access Online
1139Athens, GA - First Presbyterian Church Access Online
1140Athens, GA - Flanigen (Jean Nivette) Home Access Online
1141Athens, GA - Fleming (T.) and Sons Access Online
1142Athens, GA - Franklin House, 1986 Access Online
1143Athens, GA - General Time Access Online
1144Athens, GA - Georgia Factory, 1901, 1917 Access Online
1145Athens, GA - Georgian Hotel Access Online
1146Athens, GA - Geradine House Access Online
1147Athens, GA - Golding-Geradine House Access Online
1148Athens, GA - Goss (I.H.) Residence and Everleila Sanitorium Access Online
1149Athens, GA - Grove School Access Online
1149AAthens, GA - Grady (Henry) - Birthplace Access Online
1150Athens, GA - Hamilton (Thomas N.) House Access Online
1151Athens, GA - Harden House Access Online
1152Athens, GA - Harris (E.D.) Drug Store, 1976 Access Online
1153Athens, GA - Herrington House Access Online
1154Athens, GA - High School, 1915 Access Online
1155Athens, GA - John English's Houses, 1985 Access Online
21Athens, GA - Hodgson Brothers building
22Athens, GA - Hodgson (Hugh) House, 1942
23Athens, GA - Hodgson (Joe M.) House
24Athens, GA - Hodgson House on Prince
25Athens, GA - Hodgson's (Ned) Tally-Ho Party, 1895 June 22
26Athens, GA - Horse and buggies
27Athens, GA - House, sketch of historic home by Stanton Forbes
28Athens, GA - Houses, Dearing Street area, 1973
29-10Athens, GA - Houses, miscellaneous
211Athens, GA - African American Housing
212Athens, GA - Hoyt House
213Athens, GA - Jazz Festival, April 28, 1989
214Athens, GA - Huggins (J.H.) and Sons
215Athens, GA - Hull-Cobb-Lamar House
216Athens, GA - Hunnicutt House
217Athens, GA - Hurley House
218Athens, GA - Jeruel Academy
219Athens, GA - Jester (W.A.) Residence and King (J.S.) Residence
220Athens, GA - Kappa Alpha House
221Athens, GA - Kappa Alpha Theta House
222Athens, GA - Kappa Delta House
223Athens, GA - Kappa Kappa Gamma House
224Athens, GA - Knox Institute and Industrial School, 1925
225Athens, GA - Leander Erwin Hotel, 1830
226Athens, GA - Lehmonn-Bancroft-Land House, 1973
227Athens, GA - Lewis (Joe) Store
228Athens, GA - Library, Old (Hancock Street)
228aAthens, GA - Library, Old (Dougherty Street)
229Athens, GA - Linton (John S.) House
230Athens, GA - Long (Crawford W.) Houses, 1878, 1950-1959
231Athens, GA - Lucas Hall
232Athens, GA - Lucy Cobb Institute, 1865, 1890, 1908, 1922
233Athens, GA - Lumpkin (Joseph H.) House
234Athens, GA - Lyndon House, 1897
235Athens, GA - McHatton (T.H.) House
236Athens, GA - Map, 1874
237Athens, GA - Meeker (John H.) House
238Athens, GA - Meige Street School, 1939
239Athens, GA - Mell (John D.) Home
240Athens, GA - Michael Brothers House
241Athens, GA - Michael (M.G.) House
242Athens, GA - Mills
243Athens, GA - Mitchell's Bridge Power Plant and Dam
244Athens, GA - Mitchell's Bridge (showing Ralph Bailey's family)
245Athens, GA - Model and Training School
246Athens, GA - Morton Building, 1921
247Athens, GA - Morton House
248Athens, GA - Morton (John W.) House
249Athens, GA - Morton ("Pink") House
250Athens, GA - Morton-Thomas House
251Athens, GA - Moss House
252Athens, GA - Mother Goose Bread
253Athens, GA - Newton (C.H.) Home
254Athens, GA - Nicholson (John W.) House
255Athens, GA - Nicholson (M.G.) House
256Athens, GA - Nivett House, 1912
257Athens, GA - Normal Town
258Athens, GA - Oconee River
259Athens, GA - Old Rock Store
260Athens, GA - Owens (Hubert B.) House
261Athens, GA - Palace Theatre
262Athens, GA - Park View Homes
263Athens, GA - Parrott, Sr. (Charles) House
264Athens, GA - Patrick Drugstore
265Athens, GA - Peek (Will) House (Peek-a-Boo House)
266Athens, GA - People (unidentified)
267Athens, GA - Phi Mu House
268Athens, GA - Phinizy (Billups) House
269Athens, GA - Phinizy (Jacob) House
270Athens, GA - Pi Beta Phi House
271Athens, GA - Pioneer Hook and Ladder Company, 1881
272Athens, GA - Police, 1910
273Athens, GA - Poss' Barbeque
274Athens, GA - Prince Avenue
275Athens, GA - Princeton Factory, 1917
276Athens, GA - Pure Filling Station
277Athens, GA - Reaves House
278Athens, GA - Reaves (R.K.) House
279Athens, GA - Red Cross at Athens High School (WWI)
280Athens, GA - Rotary Club, 1927
281Athens, GA - Rucker-Teague House, 1973
282Athens, GA - Russell (William John IV) House, 1913
283Athens, GA - St. Joseph's Catholic Church
284Athens, GA - St. Mary's Church
285Athens, GA - St. Mary's Hospital, 1905
286Athens, GA - Samaritan Hall
287Athens, GA - Sayre-Jone Long-Strickland House, 1859
288Athens, GA - Schools, unidentified
289Athens, GA - Scudder (Alexander McClean) House
290Athens, GA - Seaboard Passenger Station
291Athens, GA - Seny-Stovall Chapel (Lucy Cobb Institute)
292Athens, GA - Sigma Alpha Epsilon House
293Athens, GA - Sigma Chi House
294Athens, GA - Sigma Delta Tau House
295Athens, GA - Sigma Nu House
296Athens, GA - Sledge-Cobb-Crane House
297Athens, GA - Smith Building
298Athens, GA - Southern Manufacturing Company's Plant
298Athens, GA - Southern Mutual Insurance Company Buildings, 1876-1923
299Athens, GA - Southern Mutual Insurance Company Officers
2100Athens, GA - Souvenir Picture Album, 1924
2101Athens, GA - Speer House, 1930
2102Athens, GA - Stanley (Thomas P.) House
2103Athens, GA - State Normal School, 1902-1903, 1920, 1935
2104Athens, GA - Stone, Ellison D. Toombstone
2105Athens, GA - Stone's Print Shop
2106Athens, GA - Store Interior
2107Athens, GA - Strahan House
2108Athens, GA - Tallassee Shoals Power Plant
2109Athens, GA - Talmadge (Julius Y.) House, 1927
2110Athens, GA - Tanner Lumber Company
2111Athens, GA - Taylor (Robert) House
2112Athens, GA - Taylor-Fowler House
2113Athens, GA - Taylor-Grady House
2114Athens, GA - Taylor (George Dudley) House
2115Athens, GA - Taylor (Stevens) House
2117Athens, GA - Thomas-Carithers House (Alpha Gamma Delta House), 1900
2118Athens, GA - Tinsley (James) House
2119Athens, GA - Town Hall , 1964
2120Athens, GA - Tree That Owns Itself, 1940-1949
2121Athens, GA - Trolley Cars, 1909
2122Athens, GA - Tuberculosis Sanitarium
2123Athens, GA - Unidentified locations
2124Athens, GA - Vaughn (J.B.) House and Olive Lawn
2125Athens, GA - Veteran's Memorial Plaza
2126Athens, GA - Veteran's Memorial Plaza, Reception, 1990 January 24
2127Athens, GA - View from Carr's Hill, 1830
2128Athens, GA - Views, 1866
2129Views - Athens, Georgia A Pleasant Place to Live, 1952
2130Athens, GA - WRFC (radio station)
2131Athens, GA - Walker House
2131Athens, GA - Warehouse and railroad cars
2132Athens, GA - Washington Street
2133Athens, GA - Water Tower
2134Athens, GA - Water Works, 1916 August 29
2135Athens, GA - Watterson House, 1941
2136Athens, GA - Watterson House
2137Athens, GA - Wee Willie Cottage
2138Athens, GA - Welch Warehouse
2139Athens, GA - Welch-Thomas House
2140Athens, GA - Wheeler (J.T.) House
2141Athens, GA - Whitehall Mansion
2142Athens, GA - Wilkins (J.J.) House
2143Athens, GA - Witherspoon (Miss Emily) School and Home
2144Athens, GA - Woolworth
2145Athens, GA - Y.M.C.A.
2146Athens, GA - Y.W.C.A.
2147Athens, GA - Young Harris Methodist Church
2148Atlanta, GA - Aerial views
2149Atlanta, GA - Atlanta Constitution - Editors, 1850-1881
2150Atlanta, GA - Biltmore Hotel
2151Atlanta, GA - Capitol Building
31Atlanta, GA - Cotton States and International Exposition , 1881, 1895
32Atlanta, GA - Cyclorama
33Atlanta, GA - Druid Hills, Dogwoods
34Atlanta, GA - Fire, 1917 May 21
35Atlanta, GA - First Presbyterian Church
35AAtlanta, GA - Governor's Mansion
36Atlanta, GA - Grant (L.P.) House, 1947
37Atlanta, GA - Industrial Area
38Atlanta, GA - Peachtree Presbyterian
39Atlanta, GA - Piedmont Hotel, 1930 December 18
310Atlanta, GA - Piedmont Hotel
311Atlanta, GA - Sacred Heart Catholic Church, 1800-1899
312Atlanta, GA - Seaboard Air Line Freight Depot
313Atlanta, GA - Sutherland House
314Atlanta, GA - Trinity M.E. Church, South, 1800-1899
315Atlanta, GA - Trust Company of Georgia
316Atlanta, GA - Views, 1881, 1937, 1982
317Atlanta, GA - Western and Atlantic Railroad
318Atlanta, GA - White (S.S.) Dental Manufacturing Company, 1907
319Atlanta, GA - Winecoff Hotel
320Atlanta, GA - Wren's Nest (Home of Joel Chandler Harris)
321Augusta, GA - Aerial views
322Augusta, GA - Broad Street
323Augusta, GA - Chronicle and Constitutionalist, Editors, 1850-1881
324Augusta, GA - Church and Fort
325Augusta, GA - City Hall, 1831
325aAugusta, GA - City Hall - hand colored engraving
326Augusta, GA - Cotton Exchange, 1800-1899
327Augusta, GA - Court House, Medical College and Church
328Augusta, GA - First Presbyterian Church, 1800-1899
329Augusta, GA - Flood of 1888
330Augusta, GA - Fruitland, 1859-1861
331Augusta, GA - Greene Street, 1800-1899
332Augusta, GA - Kilpatrick (Andrew) House
333Augusta, GA - Mackay (Robert) House
334Augusta, GA - People
335Augusta, GA - Powder Works Chimney
335AAugusta, GA - Richmond Academy
336Augusta, GA - St. John's M.E. Church, 1800-1899
337Augusta, GA - St. Paul's Episcopal Church, 1800-1899
338Augusta, GA - Savannah River
339Augusta, GA - Views, 1900
340Augusta, GA - The White House
340Avery, Isaac W., 1850-1881
341Avery, John Campell, 1901
342Aycock, Thomas Rufus, 1905
343Bacon, Augustus O., 1800-1899
344Bacon, Robert J., ca.1870
345Bainbridge, Georgia - Hotel Wainman, 1901
346Baldwin, Abraham, 1932, 1979
347Banks, D.M., 1855, 1905
348Barber, G.W.
349Barfield, Frederick G.
350Barksdale, Richard O., 1844
351Barnsley Gardens, Georgia
352Barnwell, Edward W., 1893
353Barrett, Charles S.
354Barrett, William H.
355Barrow, Craig, 1896
356-57Barrow, David C.
356ABarrow, David C. (folder 2)
358Barrow, David Francis, 1910
359Barrow, Henry W., 1872
360Barrow, Henry Hull Lucas (Mrs. Benjamin H. Barrow)
361Barrow, James - Resignation Certificate from West Point, 1861
362Barrow, Pope
363Bartow, Francis S.
364Bates, Ben F., 1905 May 26
365Beard, Charles
366Beckwith, John W.
367Bell, Piromis Hulsey, 1882
368Beman, Carlisle
369Benedict, Samuel C.
370Bennett, John W., 1905
371Bennett, John Williams, 1889
372Benning, Henry Lewis, 1935 May 19
373Benton, Thomas H.
374Berrien, Eliza A., 1804
375Berrien, John, 1786
376Berrien, John McPherson
377Berry, Martha
378Berry College: Mount Berry, GA
379Bethesda College
380Bethune, James N., 1866
381Bethune, John G., 1866
382Bethune, Mary M.
383Billups, John (Rev. "Boss" Billups)
384Birchmore, Fred, 1935-1939
385Bird, R.P.
386Bird, William E., 1905
387Biscoe, Alvin B.
388Bishop, Thomas L.
389Black, Eugene
390African American children
391African American men
392African American women
395African American - Churches
396African American - Houses
397African American - Schools
398Blackshear, Archibald, 1905
399Bleckley, Logan E.
3100Bloch, Charles J.
3101Bloodworth, Oliver Hazzard Bartow, 1905
3102Bloomfield, Robert L.
3103Blount, George Dexter, 1904
3104Boggs, William Ellison, 1935 May 19
3105Bolzius, Johann M.
3106Bondurant, Emmet Joplin
3107Bonnell, W.A., 1883
3108Bowen, W.L.L.
3109Bowers, Byron
3110Bowles, William A.
3111Boyd, George H.
3112Brandon, Morris
3113Brantley, W.G. Jr., 1907
3114Braswell, Earl B.
3115Broach, C.E., 1904
3116Broadside - "The Eight Beautifiul Woodlawn Lots, etc.", 1913
3117Broadside - The Great Book of 1866, The South: A Tour, etc.
3118Broadside - "To All Who Are... Southern Independence"
3119Broadside - "To the Citizens of Macon." Joseph E. Brown , 1864 July 30
3120Broadside - United States Mail Line: From Athens to Gainesville
3121Broadside - William Phillips, Civil Engineer, etc.
3122Brooks, Robert Preston, 1904
3123Broun, William LeRoy
3124Brown, Charles
3125Brown, Franklin P.
3126Brown, Joseph E.
3127Brown, Joseph M. and Mrs. Brown with others
3128Brown, Julius L.
3129Brown Thrashers
3130Browne, William M.
3131Browne, Mrs. William M.
3132Brownless, Edwin D., 1905
3133Brownlow, William G.
3134Brownwood Female Inst. (Troup Co.)
3135Bryan, Hannah G.
3136Bryan, Thomas Conn.
3137Buck, Edward A.
3138Bulloch, Archibald
3139Bullock, Rufus Brown
3140Buford, Hugh
3141Burford, R.E.I.
3142Burnet, Duncan and Aichele, Charles
3143Burns, Annie Johnson
3144Bush, E.B.
3145Bush, Isaac
3146Butler, GA - Court House
3147Butler, George Phineas, 1898
3148Butler, Robert Manning, 1895
3149Butler, Tyus
3150Butts, Wally
41Cabaniss, Eldridge Guerry, 1893
42Cabinet Photographs, unidentified
43Caldwell, Erskine, 1976 and undated
44Caldwell, Harmon W.
45Caldwell, Mr. and Mrs. Ira S.
46Calhoun, A.B.
47Calhoun, Jenelle, 1929-1930
48Calhoun, Phinizy
49Callicott, Duncan
410Camak, James
411Camak, Mrs. James
412Camak, James (the first)
413Camak, Louis, 1894
414Camden County, GA - St. Mary's Presbyterian Church
415Camp, Erwin
416Camp scene, location unknown
417Campbell, J.A., 1935 May 19
418Campbell, John Pendleton, 1935 May 19
419Candler, A.D.
420Candler, Warren A.
421Carlton, H.H.
422Carlton, Helen Newton and others
423Carlton, William A., 1905 June 1
425Carter, E.A., 1897 October 28
426Carter, Jimmy, 1971
427Carter, Robert F.
428Cartersville, GA - Tupper House
429Cartersville, GA - "Valley View," Sproull-Fouche Plantation, 1951
430Cary, H.H.
431Cass County, GA - Tumlin Plantation
432Castronis, Michael, 1943-44
433Cattle brands
434Cave Springs, GA - School for the Deaf
435Chance, Claude
436Chapman, Paul (Dr.)
437Charlot, Jean (including murals in Georgia)
438Chandler, J. Cohen, 1904 April
439Charbonnier, Leon Henri
440Charter of Trustees, Colony of Georgia
441Chase-Lewis-Deupree House
442Cheney, Frances
443Cheney, W.T., 1898
444Cherokee Alphabet
445Cherokee Country
446Cherokee Georgia, Sping Place (Residence of C.W. Howard)
447Children of the Confederacy, Publicity Committee
448Childs, Asaph King
449Church, Alonzo
450Civil War - Atlanta Campaign
451Civil War - Andrews Raiders, Monument
452Civil War - Battle of Allatoona, Map
453Civil War - Battle of Chickamauga
454Clark, Lewis
455Clark, W.B.
456Clarke, Elijah
457Clarke, Richard H. Sr., 1882
458Clarke County, GA - Barrett's Mill, 1910-1917
459Clay, Joseph
460Clayton, Augustin Smith
461Clifton, A.V., 1902 July
462Cline, B. McH., 1905 March 30
463Cline, P.J.
464Clinton, GA - Houses
465Clinton, GA - People
466Cobb, Andrew J., 1904
467Cobb, Howell
468Cobb, Howell, Jr., 1890
469Cobb, Howell - Telegram re. Burning of Atlanta, 1864
470Cobb, John
471Cobb, Thomas Reade Rootes
472Cobb, Thomas Reade Rootes (son or grandson of T.R.R. Cobb)
473Cobb, Tyrus Raymond
474Coburn, Charles
475Cockspur Fort
476Coffee, John
477Collins, W.O.
478Colquitt, Alfred Holt
479Colquitt, Walter T.
480Columbus, GA - Aerial Views
481Columbus, GA - Broadway
482Columbus, GA - Eagle-Phenix Mill
483Columbus, GA - Female College
484Columbus, GA - Houses
485Columbus, GA - Views
486Compton, Thomas M.
487Confederate Soldiers
488Connally, J.B.
489Conroy, Pat
490Convicts, 1915
491Conway, Keith, 1904
492Cook, J.O., 1895
493Cooper, John Randolph, 1904
494Cooper, Mark
495Cooper's Iron Works
496Coulter, Ellis Merton
497Courtenay, William A.
498Courtney, J.C.
499Covered bridges
4100Covington, GA - People
4101Crawford, George W.
4102Crawford, N.A.
4103Crawford, Nathaniel Macon
4104Crawford, Thurston C.
4105Crawford, W.D.
4106Crawford, William Harris, 1836
4107Crawfordville, GA - Liberty Hall
4108Creswell, Mary
4109Crowe, Samuel James
4110Cumberland Island, GA - Greene (Nathaniel) Cottage
4111Cuyler, Richard Randolph
4112Cuyler, Richard Matthei
4113Cuyler, Telamon, 1894
4114Dahlonega, GA - Courthouse
4115Dancy, William, 1896
4116Danforth, Ed
4117Danielsville, GA - Long (Crawford W.) House
4118Daugherty, Edward Emmett, 1895
4119Davenport, Henry
4120David, George T., 1901
4121Davis, Bryan B.
4122Davis, J.B.S.
4123Davis, Middleton P.
4124Davis, Thomas R.
4125Davison, Fred C., 1964-1868, 1986
4126De Trobriand Family
4127Decatur, GA - Courthouse
4128Dekle, Lonnie
4129DeLay, William and Lizzie W., 1905
4130DeLoach, R.J.H., 1905
4131Delony, William Gaston
4132Demere, Raymond
4133De Renne, Elfrida, 1968
4134Dixon, Thomas
4135Dobbs, C.M., 1911
4136Dobson House
4137Dodd, Eugene, 1893
4138Dodd, Lamar, 1911
4139Dodd, Lamar - Prints
4140Dorsey, Hugh Manson
4141Dorsey, R.T.
4142Dorsey, William F.
4143Doughty, W.H.
4144Douglas, John H., 1905 July 1
4145Dozier, Tom
4146Drewry, John, 1945
4147Driftmier, Rudy
4148Dubignon, Charles
4149Dubignon, F.G.
4150Dubignon, J.E.
4151Dubose, Marion D.
4152Dudley, Julius
4153Dukes. William B.
4154Dunson, Walker, 1905 January 2
4155Dunwoody, John F.
4156Early, Jubal, 1923 September 9
4157Early County, GA - Indian Mounds
4158Eastern Star: Salonia Chapter, 227
4159Eastman, GA - Mail Carriers, 1915
4160Eatonton, GA - Adele Theatre building, 1995
4161Eatonton, GA - Town Scene, 1880
4162Ebenezer Jerusalem Lutheran Church
4163Ebenezer Maps
4164Eberhart, Susan
4165Edmunds, Harry N.
4166Edwards, Harry Stillwell, 1936 May 30
4167Elbert, Elizabeth Rae (Mrs. Samuel)
4168Elbert, Samuel
4169Elbert, County, GA - Hart (Nancy) House
4170Elliott, Stephen
4171Emory University
4172English, J.W.
51Epps, Ben, 1907, 1912, 1925
52Erwin, Mrs. Alexander S. (Mary Ann Lamar Cobb)
53Evans, Clement A.
54Eve, Eva Berrien
55Eve, Joseph A.
56Eve, Paul Fitzsimmons
57Ezzard, Henry Hansell, 1895
58Fairmont, GA - Fairmont College, 1905
59Fairmont, GA - Views, 1905-1906
510Fannin, James W., 1830
511Farmer, Luther M., 1894
512Felder, Thomas B., Jr., 1905 March
513Felker, Joseph H., 1897
514Felton, Rebecca Latimer, 1911, 1919
515Few, William
516Findlay, Robert and Mary
517Findley, Robert
518Finley, Esther Caldwell
519Finley, Robert
521Fleming, Osabelle; Thomas, Isabella; Epps, Minnie Van
522Fletcher, Van McKibben, 1895
523Flournoy, J.F.
524Flowers, Lamar, June 1904
525Floyd, Charles Rinaldo
526Folsom, Montgomery M., 1889
527Foreman, Robert Langdon, 1900
528Forsyth, GA - Forsyth Female Collegiate Institute
529Forsyth, John
530Fort Augusta - Expenses, 1738-1739
531Fort Barrington
121Fort Benning Reception Center Band - Unit photograph, 1942
African American unit includes Alton Davenport, band leader identified on photo as "Alton"
532Fort Frederica, St. Simons
533Fort George, Coxpur Island
534Fort Gordan, GA - Sundial, 1963 April 10
535Fort Hawkins
536Fort King George, 1955
537Fort Pulaski, Cockspur Island
538Fort Yargo (Barrow County, GA)
539Fortson, Ben W.
540Foster, Eugene (M.D.)
541Fowler, B.J., 1898
542Fowler, Bailey, 1899
543Frank, Leo
544Franklin, Anna A.
545Franklin, Mary Jett
546Fraser, Wallace W., 1892
547Frazer, E.P., 1905 June 14
548Fremont, John C.
549Frey, Benajah Theodius, 1893
550Frierson, Sarah ("Miss Puss")
551Futch, Reuben
552Gammon, Edward Montagne, 1895
553Gannon, Arthur
554Gantt, Robert Joseph
555Garrad, W.T.
556Gartrell, Lucius Jeremiah, 1858
557Gearreld, William Pendleton, 1895
558Geer, Peter Zack
559George, Walter F., 1954 November 7,1956 May 9
560George III
561Georgia (colony), Solicitation for funds document (copy), 1732
562Georgia Crackers
563Georgia Militia under General Floyd, Attacking the Creek Indians at Autosee, 1813 November 29
564Georgia, miscellanous, 1855
565Georgia Normal and Industrial College
566Georgia, Ordinance of Secession
567Georgia Railway Magnates
568Georgia Signers of the Declaration of Independence
569Georgia Supreme Court Members
570Georgia Technological School, Atlanta, 1800-1889
571Gerdine, Lynn V., 1894
572Gibson, Thomas Crawford, 1889
573Gignilliat, Arthur
574Gingrich, Newt
575Gilmer, George Rockingham
576Gober, George F.
577Gone With the Wind, Book Illustrations
578Gone With the Wind, Movie, 1972
579Goodman, John C.
580Goodrich, William Henry, 1893
581Gordan, W.W.
582Gordon Institute - Barnesville, GA
583Gordon, John B., 1865 and undated
584Gordon, John B. - Monument
585Gordon, John B. - Oath of Allegiance
586Gordon, Mrs. John B.
587Gordon, Lewis
589Grady, Henry Woodfin
590Grady, Mrs. Henry W., 1887
591Grant, John T.
592Grant, Mrs. John T. (Martha Cobb Jackson)
593Grant, Lemeul P.
594Gray, James H., 1966
595Green, Emmet Patrick, 1893
596Green, Thomas Fitzgerald, 1905 June, 1939 May
597Greenwood, Alfred Burton
598Gress, G.V.
599Griffeth, Arthur J., September 12, 1903
5100Griffin, Marvin
5101Griffith, Johnny
5102Griffith, Louis T., 1978 April 21
5103Grimes, Millard B.
5104Gustin, G.W.
5105Gwinnett, Button
5106Guyton, Moses, 1893, 1895
5107Habersham, James
5108Habersham, Joseph
5109Hale, S.J.
5110Hall, Lyman
5111Hall, M.M.
5112"Hall's Knoll" - Hall (Lyman) Plantation Home-Site
5113Halsey, Alfred Onsley, 1893
5114Halsey, Edward L., 1893
5115Halsey, Lindsley, 1895
5116Hamilton, Charles and Algernon
5117Hamilton, David B.
5118Hamilton, Harper, 1903
5119Hamilton, W.D.
5120Hamilton Girls
5121Hammond, Samuel
5122Hammond, Theodore Augustus, 1881 January 31
5123Hammond, W.R.
5124Hancock, Joy Bright
5124AHancock County- G.F. Pierce Home
5125Hansel, Heyward, 1896
5126Hanson, Gladys
5127Haralson, Hugh Anderson
5128Haralson Daughters
5129Harben, Will N.
5130Harbin, Robert M., 1898
5131Harbin, William P., 1897
5132Hardee, William Joseph
5133Hardeman, R.U.
5134Hardeman, Thomas
5135Hardeman, Thomas Colquitt, 1898
5136Harden, W.D.
5137Hargrett, Felix
5138Harper, Otto Tauber, 1904 April
5139Harris, Corra White
5140Harris, Corra White (contact prints from negatives in the Nellie Peters Black Collection, ms235)
5141Harris, Francis H.
5142Harris, James and Army Day Exhibit, 1949
5143Harris, Jeptha Vining
5144Harris, Joe Frank, 1985 July 15
5145Harris, Joel Chandler
5146Harris, John F.
5147Harris, Mrs. T.A.
5148Harris, William J.
5149Harris County, GA - Walker-Bunn House, 1825
5150Harrison, G.W.
5151Harrison, W.R.
5152Harrison, Z.D.
5153Hart, John C.
5154Hart, Lonica
5155Hart, Nancy
5156Hartsfield, William Berry
5157Hawkins, Eugene A., 1902
5158Hawkins, Pink
5159Hayne, Paul Hamilton
5160Hayne, William H., 1891 December 10
5161Haywood (Judge Andrews' Home)
61Head, Homer
62Heard, Isaac Thomas, 1905 June 13
63Heckman, Harold M., 1925, 1958
64Helen, GA
65Henderson, H.B.
66Hendren, L.L.
67Herron Family Papers
68Herty, Charles Holmes
69Hicky, Daniel Whitehead
610High Shoals, GA - Frazier House
611High Shoals, GA - High Shoals Manufacturing Company
612Hightower Trail
613Hill, Barnard
614Hill, Benjamin Harvey
615Hill, Charles D.
616Hill, Joshua
617Hill, Mary (Mrs. Barnard)
618Hill, Walter Barnard, 1906
619Hillhouse, J.H.
620Hillsman, Pattie, 1901
621Hillyer, Carlton, 1905
622Hillyer, George
623Hillyer, George Jr., 1893
624Hillyer, Mr. and Mrs. Junius, 1837-1852
625Hines (H.O.) Family
626Hiram, Ida J.
627Hirsch, Harold
628Historical Markers, 1958 October-November
629Ho-Po-Eth-Le-Yo-Ho-Lo (Creek chief)
630Hodgson Brothers, 1862
631Hodgson, Edward Reginald, Jr. with King George V and Queen Mary, 1918
632Hodgson (Edward Reginald) Family in front of their house in Athens, GA, 1885-1886
633Hodgson, Mrs. E.R. and Children
634Hodgson, Fritz
635Hodgson, Hallie
636Hodgson, Harry
634Hodgson, Harry and George Foster Peabody
638Hodgson, Mrs. Harry , 1904
639Hodgson, Hugh Leslie
640Holbrook, Alfred
641Holmes, Abiel
642Hood, C.J., 1903 July
643Hood, E.C.
644Hood (John Bell) Family
645Hooper, William Davis
646Hosch, William H., 1901 May
647Hoskinson, J.H., 1901
648House where last Cherokee treaty was signed
650House of African Americans
651Houses, Miscellaneous
652Houstoun, John
653Houstoun, William
654Howel, T.F.
655Howze, Augustin Clayton, 1899
656Howze, John, 1905
657Hoyt, William D., 1904
658Hughes, Dudley Mays
659Hull, Augustus Longstreet
660Hull, Henry
661Hull, William Hope
663Hunnicutt, C.W.
664Hunt, George Pearce, 1902 May
665Hunt, Samuel Garnet, 1895
666Huntington, Selina, Countess of
667Hyers, Henry
668Indian Springs, GA - Varner House
670Iverson, Alfred, Sr.
671Jackson (Andrew Bradford) Family
672Jackson, Eli and others
673Jackson, George, 1897 May 25, 1898 June
674Jackson, Henry Rootes
675Jackson, James
676Jackson, James (GA Governor)
677Jackson, Lucy Dotson
678Jackson, Sallie Cobb
679Jarnigan, M.P.
680Jarrell Plantation, 1847
681Jasper County, GA - Mt. Zion School
682Jekyll Island, GA, 1907 March
683Jekyll Island, GA - "Indian Mound" (Rockefeller cottage)
684Jenkins, Charles Jones
685Jeter, W.A.
686Johnson, Greene, 1893
687Johnson, Herschel V.
688Johnson, L.
689Johnston, Mark
690Johnston, Richard Malcolm
691Jones, Charles Colcock, Jr. and others
692Jones, Mrs. Charles Colcock
693Jones, Harrison
694Jones, John
695Jones, M. Ashby
696Jones, Noble: Letter directing him to lay out town of Augusta, GA, 1736 June 14
697Jones, Noble Wymberly
698Jones, Sam P., 1800-1899
699Jones, W.O., 1885-1890
6100Jordan, G. Gunby
6101Jordan, J. Holmes, 1903 December 23
6102Joyner, W.R.
6103Keener, R.I.
6104Kell, John McIntosh
6105Kellam, William Porter, 1951-1973
6106Kemble, Fanny
6107Kemp, William Larkin, 1895
6108Kendrick, W.C.
6109Kennedy, Robert (at Athens airport)
6110Keno, Joe (Joseph Benjamin Zebenne)
6111Kieffer, Allen
6112King (Jimmie) Family
6113King, Martin Luther, Jr. and Family
6114King, Thomas Butler
6115King, Walker, 1897
6116Kirkland, George, Jr., 1903 May
6117Kitchens, T. Neal, 1885
6118Kline, Charles David, 1893
6119Knapp, Charles
6120Kontz, A.L.
6121Kratina, Rudolf, 1941 February 20
6122Ladies' Garden Club
6123LaGrange Female College
6124LaGrange Female Seminary
6125LaGrange, GA - Lafayette Statue
6126LaGrange, GA - LaGrange High School (Track Team), 1918
6127LaGrange, GA - Southern Female College
6128Lamar, Joseph Rucker
6129Lamar, Lucius Quintius Cincinnatus, 1935
6130Lamb, Thomas W.
6130ALane, Lulu
6131Langford, Edgar Newton and wife (Ida Evans), 1902
6132Lanier, Mary Day, 1928 April 29
6133Lanier, Sidney
6134Latimer, Charles, Sr.
6135Latimer, Eleanor Swift
6136Laurens County, GA - View
6137Lawrence, Newton
6138Lawrence, Samuel, 1893
6139Lawton, Alexander, 1902
6140LeConte, John
6141LeConte, Joseph, 1900
6142Lee, W.W.
6143Lee County, GA - Oakland Plantaion
6144Leffingwell, William
71Leonard, Thomas K.
72Lester, Rufus E.
73Lewis, John R.
74Lewis, Marcus Alonzo, 1892
75Lexington, GA - Gilmer House
76Lincoln, Benjamin
77Linton (John S.) family, Bible record
78Lipscomb, Andrew Adgate
79Little, Ilah Dunlap and John
710Little, John Dozier
711Little, William A.
712Lochrane, Osborne Augustus
714Long, Crawford Williamson, 1919-1934
715Long, (Crawford W.) Day
716Long, Henry and Elizabeth
717Longstreet, Augustus Baldwin
718Longstreet, James
719Louisville, GA - Slave Market
720Lovell, Edward
721Lowe, Ernest A.
722Lowe, W.B.
723Lucas, William H.
724Lucignani, Alfred, 1902 November
725Lula, GA - Views
726Lumpkin, J.H.
727Lumpkin, Joseph Henry
728Lumpkin, Wilson
729Lunday, W.E.
730Lustrat, Joseph
731Lyndon, Lamar, 1893
733Mac Bean Creek, GA
734McCall, Hugh
735McCall, John Goldwire
736McCullers, Carson
737McCurdy, William J., 1905 June 1
738McCutchen, Earl and his ceramic work
739McDaniel, GA
740McDonald, Charles
741McDonough, H.A.
742McGee, E.S.
743McGill, Ralph, 1948 October 13
744McGregor, T.A., 1898 May
745McHatton, T.H.
746McIntosh, Lachlan
747McIntosh, Maria J.
748McIntosh, William
749MacIntyre, A.T., Sr.
750McLain, D.P.
751Macon, GA - Brown House, 1910
751aMacon, GA - Businesses
752Macon, GA - Central City Park
753Macon, GA - Christ Church
754Macon, GA - Confederate Laboratory
755Macon, GA - Macon Cotton Factory
756Macon, GA - Market Scene
757Macon, GA - Railroad Station
758Macon, GA - Rose Hill Cemetery
758aMacon, GA - Schools
Included is a photograph notated "1909-1910 sixth grade Whittle School, Miss Mary Callaway teacher."
759Macon, GA - Textile Factory
760Macon, GA - Views
761McMichael, E.H.
762McMullan, A.J.
763McRae, Austin Lee, 1896
764McPherson, John H.T.
765McWhorter, Robert Ligon
766Maddox, Claude C., 1895 February
767Maddox, Lester
768Maddox, Robert F., 1905
769Madison, County, GA - Bond Academy, 1911
770Madison, GA - Boxwood
771Madison, GA - Georgia Female College
772Madison, GA - Hill (Joshua) Home
773Madison, GA - Jessup-Beeler Home
774Madison, GA - Old Stage Coach Inn
775Madison, GA - Presbyterian Church
776Madison, GA - "Souvenir Letter", 1906
777Madison, GA - Stokes McHenry Home
778Madison, GA - Thurleston
779Madison, GA - Views
780Magill, Dan, Jr.
781Main, H.K.
782Malone, W.H.
783Mallard, R.Q., 1904 March 3
784Mangleburg, Lacy
785Manley, Joseph P., 1903 May
786Map - Georgia, Florida and South Carolina
787Map - Georgia, 1741
788Map - Georgia, 1820
789Margravate of Azilia
790Marietta, GA - Kennesaw Mountains, Big and Little
791Marietta, GA - Water-cure Establishment
792Martin, Charles Edward, 1912
793Martin, E.W.
794Mays, Benjamin E.
795Meadow, David W.
796Meadows, John C.
797Medical College of Georgia
798Medical College of Georgia - Graduating class, 1868
799Meigs, Josiah
7100Mell, Benjamin, 1861
7101Mell, Patrick Hues
7102Mell and Carlton Families
7103Mell Family, 1897
7104Melton, James - Plaque, 1970 March
7105Mercer, George A. (Col.)
7106Mercer, Jepe
7107Mercer University - Macon, GA
7108Mershon, M.L.
7109Michael, M.G.
7110Michael, Max, 1904
7111Michael, Moina
7112Middle Georgia College, Milledgeville
7113Midway, GA - Midway Church
7114Military Group, 3rd Battalion Infantry Georgia. N.G. Officers, 1912 July
7115Milledge, John
7116Milledge, John (Governor)
7117Milledge, John (grandson of Governor)
7118Milledgeville, GA - Georgia Sanitarium
7119Milledgeville, GA - Jordan (Benjamin Smith) grave, 1975 September 9
7120Milledgeville, GA - Old Capitol Building, 1877 July
7121Milledgeville, GA - Old Executive Mansion, 1950 December
7122Millen, GA - Birdsville (Jones Plantation Home)
7123Miller, Julian
7124Miller, Wallace
7125Milliken, Lucinda Elizabeth W.
7126Milliken, William Terrell
7128Mitchell, James Madison, 1905 May 25
7129Mitchell, Margaret, 1965
7130Mitchell, Stephens
7131Mobley, J.M.
7132Monro, Henry Sumner
7133Monroe, Georgia - House
7134Monroe Railroad Banking Company Currency
7135Moon, Edward T., 1899
7136Moore, Cecil
7137Moore, Charles G.
7138Moore, James W., 1902 February
7139Moore, Louis Stone
7140Morehouse College, 1925-26
7141Moreno, Halcott Cadwallader, 1893
7142Morgan County, GA - Riverside, 1900-1906
7143Morris, Charles
7144Morris, John
7145Morris, Lee, 1902
7146Morris, Martin Luther, 1905
7147Morris, Sylvanus, 1935
7148Morrow, John Milton and Erco Marable, 1912
7149Morrow, Troy Ganes and Ruby Elizabeth
7150Morton, James W., 1900 September
7151Morton, James White, ca. 1895
7152Morton, Joe and Mamie Jones - Wedding
7153Morton Family
7154Morton, M.B. ("Pink"), 1914
7155Moss, Bondurant, Hodgson group, 1897 May
7156Moss, Sarah
7157Moss, Sarah Hunter and Stanton, Lucy M., 1910 July
7158Moultrie, William
7159Mount Zion, Hancock County, GA - Mount Zion Select School
7160Murphey, Eugene wih John Hill, Jim Dickey and Frank H. Dearing
7161Murphy, Anthony
7162Murray County, GA - Vann (Joseph) House
7163Musgrove, Mary
7164Musicians, 1856, 1867
7165Myers, Mary, 1930
7166Nacoochee Valley
7167Nall, Archibald, 1903
7168Nalley, Rufus Benjamin, 1893
7169Neufville, Edward
7170New Echota
7170aNew Holland, GA - Mandolin Orchestra, 1926
7171Newnan, GA - Cotton
7173Newman, GA - Gordan-Blount-Bowles House
7174Newman, T.
7175Newton County, GA - School Children
81Newton, Edward Taylor, 1898 October 28
82Newton, George and others
83Newton, John Hamlin
84Newton, Mary
85Nicholson, Mrs. M.G.
86Nisbet, Charles Richard, 1893
87Nisbet, Eugenius Aristides
88Norris, John T., 1898 June 1
89North Georgia Agricultural College, Dahlonega - Main Building
810Northen, W.J.
811Norwood, Thomas M.
812Nunally, Gustavius Alonzo, 1890
813Oakes Family, 1896
814O'Connor, Flannery
815O'Connor, P.J.
816Omulgee National Monument
817Oglethorpe County, GA - Cherokee Corners
818Oglethorpe County, GA - Gilmer (T.M.) House, Goosepond
819Oglethorpe County, GA - Georgia Grove School, 1886
820-21Oglethorpe, James Edward
822Oglethorpe University
823Okefenokee Swamp
824Old Blind Tub
825Olympic Competitors Born in Georgia
826O'Neal, Maston Emmett, 1895
827Orr, Fred J., 1895
828Orr, G.J.
829Overby, Basil H.
830Owens, Gene
831Owens, Hubert B.
832Oxford College
833Paine women
834Painting Cups
835Palmer, H.E.W.
836Park, John
837Park, Orville A.
838Park, Robert Emory
838AParker, Mrs. Albert S.
839Parker, John F.
840Parks, Ed Winfield
841Parr, Calvin Wilson
842Parr, Miss
843Payton, Claude
844Peabody, Charles Samuel
845Peabody, George Foster, 1938 March 4
846Peck, John C.
847Pennington, Edgar Legare, 1911
848Perkerson, Medora Field
849Peters, Richard
850Phillips, Ulrich Bonnell
850APierce, Mrs. Bishop
851Pierce, George Foster, 1888
852Pierce, Lovick
852APierce, Mrs. Lovick
852BPierce, Reddick
853Pinkston, G.W.
854Pitner, W.C.
855Plane, C. Helen
856Plant, I.C.
857Porter, James Henry J., 1895
858Potter, James - Residence on the Savannah River
859Poultry Industry
860Powell, Theophilus Orgain
861Powell, Thomas S.
862Prince, Oliver Hillhouse
863Pryor, Shepherd Green
864Pusey, E.D.
865Putnam County, GA - Turner (William) House, 1947 July 27
866Raines, Mrs. L.H.
867Rankin, Jeannette, 1886-1970
868Raoul, Loring, 1907
869Read, Keith, 1938
870Reaves, Rufus K.
871Red Cross, 1921 March
872Reece, Byron Herbert
873Reed, Eunice Williams
874Reed, Harry Day
875Reed, Thomas Walter
876Reed, Wallace P.
877Reese-Lane Family Pictures
878Reese, Anderson W., 1868 April
879Reid, Harry Carleton, 1905 May 29
880Reid, Neel
881Rhodes (campus policeman)
882Rhodes, Mildred Von der Leith
883Rice, Frank P.
884Rice, William B., 1902
885Rich's Department Store - People, Buildings & Miscellaneous
886Richardson, Beale H.
887Richardson, Chovine Clegg, 1902 November
888Ridge, Major
889Ridgewood (Geo.) Schoolhouse
891Roads, Highways, etc., 1935 June
892Roberts, Columbus
893Robertson, Marshall P., 1895
894Roddenberry, Seaborn A.
895Rogers, Jonathan Clarke
896Rome, GA - View, 1856
897Rome, GA - Views
898Root, Sidney
899Ross, John
8100Ross, Mary Stapler
8101Roswell, GA - Roswell Stores
8102Rountree, Benjamin Lane, 1893
8103Rowe, Hugh Jackson
8104Roy, Gustavus Garnett
8105Ruark, H.E., 1979 January 30
8106Rucker, Jeptha V. Harris, 1904 May
8107Rucker, Joseph
8108Ruckersville, GA - Rucker Home
8109Russell family
8110Russell, Luther Dyer, 1901 June
8111Russell, Richard B.
8112Rutherford, Mildred Lewis, 1880-1889
8113Rutherford, Williams
8114Ryals, G.M.
8115St. Catherine's Island
8116St. Simon's Island, GA - Christ Church
8117St. Simon's Island, GA - Maps
8118St. Simon's Island, GA - Pink Chapel
8119Salter, J.D.
8121Sanders, Carl, 1970
8122Sandersville, GA - First Baptist
8123Sanford, Shelton P.
8124Sanford, Steadman V.
8125"Savannah" (Nuclear ship)
8126Savannah, GA - Bethesda Orphanage for Boys
8127Savannah, GA - Bridges, 1898
8128Savannah, GA - Central of Georgia (various buildings)
8129Savannah, GA - Chamber of Commerce (formerly Savannah Cotton Exchange)
8130Savannah, GA - Christ Church
8131Savannah, GA - City Exchange Bell
8132Savannah, GA - Colonial Dames Garden
8133Savannah, GA - Colonial Park
8134Savannah, GA - Custom House
8135Savannah, GA - Davenport (Isiah) House
8136Savannah, GA - Exchange
8137Savannah, GA - Female Asylum
8138Savannah, GA - First flag of Independence raised in the South, 1860 November 8
8139Savannah, GA - Forsyth Park
8140Savannah, GA - Ft. McCallister, Battery
8141Savannah, GA - Green House
8142Savannah, GA - Green Monument
8143-144Savannah, GA - Hampton-Lilli Bridge House
8145Savannah, GA - Hermitage
8146Savannah, GA - Houses
8147Savannah, GA - Independent Presbyterian Church, 1933, 1953
8148Savannah, GA - Low (Juliette Gordon) House
8149Savannah, GA - Legislature House
8150Savannah, GA - MacIntosh House
8151Savannah, GA - Madison Square
8152Savannah, GA - Maps and Plans
8153Savannah, GA - Old Harbor Light
8154Savannah, GA - Old Market House
8155Savannah, GA - Owens House, 1817
8156Savannah, GA - Panoramic view by Cerreau, 1837
8157Savannah, GA - Proposed State-Owned Port Terminals
8158Savannah, GA - Pulaski House
8159Savannah, GA - Pulaski Monument, 1844
8160Savannah, GA - Riverfront View
8161Savannah, GA - St. John's Church
8162Savannah, GA - Savannah Hotel
8163Savannah, GA - Shipyards
8164Savannah, GA - State Bank
8165Savannah, GA - Synagogue
8166Savannah, GA - Taylor (William) Store
8167Savannah, GA - Telfair Academy of Arts and Sciences
8168Savannah, GA - Views, 1855
8169Savannah, GA - Wesley Monumental Church
8170Savannah, GA - Wild Heron Plantation
8171Savannah, GA - Wormsloe
8172Savannah, GA - Wright Square
8173Savannah, GA - Sawmills, 1903
8174Saye, Albert
8175Schley, Mr. and Mrs. Williams
8177Scott, Alfred W.
8178Scott, William W., 1898
8179Schreven, James Proctor
8180Scull Shoals, GA
8181Seal of the Trustees
8182Seawell, Anne
8183Sellers, Evelyn
8184Seward, James Lindsay, 1858
119Sharecropping "Scene at Longlook" - Copyright by Marcus L. Brown, Decatur, Georgia , 1913
8185Shaver, A.H.
8186Shearouse, P.J., 1895
8187Sheftall Diary
8188Sheftall, Sheftall
8189Sherman's March to the Sea
8190Shinn, Henry A. (Dr.)
8191Short, Zuber N., 1904 January
8192Shorter, Alfred and Martha Harper
8193Shorter College - Rome, GA
91Shrimp boats
92Sibbett, William F.
93Sibley, Celestine
94Sibley, James L., 1902 June 7
95Sibley, John Adams
96Sibley, Samuel H.
97Sikes, William L.
98Silk Worm and Wilk Culture
99Silver cup of Jonathan Bryan
910Silver Service of Alonzo Church
911Silver Service of John Brown Gordan
912Simpson, George L. Jr.
913Slade, Lester Cowdrey, 1893
914Slaton, John Marshall and wife, Sarah Frances Reid Grant, 1886-1916
915Slaton, William Martin, 1905 May
916Slave bill of sale
917Slave houses
918Smith, Archibald, 1895
919Smith, Burton
920Smith, Callie Hoke
921Smith, Hoke
922Smith, J.G., 1895
923Smith, James Monroe, 1899-1912
924Smith, Jennie
925Smith, Lillian
926Smith, R.L.J., 1905 May 25
927Smith, Rufus W.
928Smith, Young B.
929Smithonia, GA - Smith (Jim) Plantation
929aSmyrna, GA
Two photos include Ben Trammell Sheridan with his bicycle, one in the woods with another man, the other in front of J.R. Roseberry Cheap Family Groceries and Country Produce.
930Snelling, Charles Mercer, 1933
931Snelling, Pickney
932Sola Bill (reproduction), 1883
933Sorrells, Rufus J., 1904 November
934Sosnowski, Sophie and Callie
935Soule, Mary E.L.
936Southern Cultivator. Volume VIII, Cover, 1850
937Southern Cultivator. Volume VIII, Cover
938Southern Female College, College Park
939Southern Masonic Female College - Covington, GA, 1858 June 24
940Spalding, Betsy
941Spalding, Thomas
942Spanish-American War
943Spanish-American War soldiers
944Sparta, GA - Broad St.
945Sparta, GA - The Drummers House
946Sparta, GA - Old Dominion
947Sparta, GA - Sparta Female Model School
948Sparta School
949Sparta, GA - Thomas and Turner Residence
950Sparta, GA - Vardemans (George S.) Residence
951Spence, Robert E.L., 1899
952Stallings, Edith
953Stallings, William Laelius, 1905 May 17
954Stanford, Henry King, 1986
955Stanford, Lycurgus L.
956Stanfton, Frank L.
957Starke, H.F.
958Steamboats, 1866-1917
959Stephens, Alexander Hamilton, 1882-1908
960Stephens, Linton
961Stephens, Ralph
962Stephens, Roswell Powell, 1896
963Stevens, Henry
964Stewart, Nathaniel B., 1893
965Stiles, William H.
966Stone Mountain
967Stone Mountain, Commemorative Coin, 1925
968Strahan, Charles Morton
969Strickland, John J., 1902
970Strozier, Robert M.
971Stubbs, Peter W., 1905 June
972Suggs, Louise
973Sunbury, GA - Town Plan
974Sutton, W.A.
975Sylvester, GA - Courthouse
9138Tallapoosa, GA - Royal Gold Mine - electric light dynamo and switchboard
976Talley, J.W.
977Tallulah Falls, GA - Cliff House
978Tallulah Falls, GA - Railroad train
979Tallulah Falls, GA - Witch's Head
980Tallulah Falls, GA - Y-Camp
981Tallulah Gorge and Falls
982Talmadge, Eugene
983Talmadge, Herman
984Talmadge, John E.
985Talmadge, Samuel K.
986Tannatt family
987Tate, S.
988Tate, Stephen C.
989Tate, William
990Tatnall, Josiah and Buchanan, Franklin
991Taylor, Elizabeth
992Taylor, J.W.
993Taylor, James, 1893
994Taylor, Robert
995Terrell, William, 1855 July 10
995Terry, A.E.
996Terry, Richard, 1901
997Thomas, Frank
998Thomas, George Dudley
999Thomas, Isabella (Mrs. Ralp R. Hodgson)
9100Thomas, John D.
9101Thomas, Lewis Winberly
9102Thomas, Steffen
9103Thomas, W.W.
9104Thomasville, GA - Greenwood Plantation
9105Thompson, B.B.S.
9106Thompson, Lewis Jasper, 1903
9107Thompson, William Tappan
9108Thomson, Thomas F., 1902 November 28
9109Threlkeld, George W., 1903 March 20
9110Tisinger, Harvey, 1918
9111Tison, John L., 1905 May 18
9112Toccoa Falls
9114Toombs, Robert, 1859-1908
9115Torrance, E. Paul
9116Townsend, William B.F.
9118Trammell, Leander Newton
9119Treutlen, John Adam
9120Tribble, Samuel J., 1891
9121Troup, George Michael
9122Trustee's Garden
9123Tucker, Henry Holcombe
9125Tumlin, G.S., 1903
9126Tupper, Samuel Y., Jr.
9127Turnbull, Theodore T., 1904
9128Turner, John C., 1905 July
9129Turner, C. Lewis, 1907
9130Turtles drawn by John E. LeConte
9131Tustennugge Emathla (a Creek Warrior)
9132Twiggs, David E.
9133Tybee Lighthouse
9134-137Unidentified People
102United Daughters of the Confederacy
103Upshaw, Berrien K., 1921
104Urlsperger, Samuel
105Vandiver, Samuel Ernest
106Vann, David, 1844
107Vernon, Admiral
108Vines, George W.
109Waddel, Moses
1010Waddell, Isaac W., 1896
1011Wade, John D. (father and son)
1011AWaldron, Ann M.
1012Walker, Alma Toevs
1013Walker, Clifford, 1897
1014Walker, Elijah
1015Walker, O.J.L., 1887
1016Walker, Roosevelt
1017Walker, W.S.
1018Wallace, Campbell
1019Walton, George
1020War Memorial, Fund Drive, 1921
1021Ward, John E.
1022Wardlaw, J.C.
1023Ware, Nicholas
1024Ware Family - Acworth GA, 1914
1025Warm Springs, GA - The Little White House
1026Warm Springs, GA - Souvenir Views
1027Warner, Glenn S. ("Pop"), 1895
1028Warner, Hiram
1029Warner, Obadiah
1030Warren, Walter Preston, 1893
1031Washington, George - Letter to George Walton, 1789 September 21
1032Washington, William
1033Washington Alumni Society, Annual Banquet
1034Washington, GA - Confederate Bank Building
1035Washington, GA - Duncan Green Campbell House
1036Washington, GA - Haywood House
1037Washington, GA - Parham House, 1947
1038Washington, GA - Plans, 1783, 1805
1039Washington, GA - Toombs (Robert) House
1040Washington, GA - Town Square
1041Washington, GA - Washington-Wilkes Historical Museum
1042Watkins, Newton, 1893
1043Watkinsville, GA - Daniell House
1044Watkinsville, GA - Eagle Tavern, 1926
1045Watson, Thomas E., 1920
1046Waycross, GA - Village Sentinel (tree), 1967
1047Wayne, Anthony
1048Wayne, James Moore, 1935
1049Weddell, Donald
1050Weed, Edwin G.
1051Welch, John White, 1895
1052Welch, Mrs. William Pinckney
1053Wells, Eliab H., 1899
1054Wetner, Phillip R., 1907, 1934
1055Wesley, Charles
1056Wesley, John
1057Wesleyan College (Macon, GA)
1058West, Charles N.
1059West Point, GA - Flood
1060Westmoreland, T.P.
1061Wheeler, J.T.
1062Wheeler, Joseph
1063White, William Nathaniel
1064White County, GA - Woody (William A.) Home
1065White, Henry Clay, 1933
1066White Oak, GA - Shaker House
1067Whitefield, George
1068Whitehall, GA - Post Office
1069Whitner, John C.
1070Whitney, Eli
1071Wilde, Richard Henry
1072Wiley, GA - Post Office, 1915
1073Wilkes County, GA - Anthony-Lane House
1074Wilkes County, GA - Graves House
1075Wilkes County, GA - House, French Mill Road
1076Wilkes County, GA - House (William) House, Possie
1077Wilkes County, GA - Oak Grove (Birthplace of T.H. Chivers)
1078Willcox, H.R., 1905 May
1079Willcox, Mary Lea (Mrs. John Wilcox)
1080Williams, B.O.
1081Williams, John H.
1082Williams, Kenneth (Dr.)
1083Williams, Mary A.
1084Willingham, Robert Josiah
1085Wilson, A.W.N.
1086Wilson, Robert C.
1087Wilson, William
1088Winter, John G.
1089Winterville, GA - Baptist Church, 1890
1090Winterville, GA - Coile (Wm. Marion) House, 1880
1091Winterville, GA - Coile (Wm. Rutherford) House, 1900
1092Winterville, GA - Kroner (Frank) Store
1093Winterville, GA - Methodist Church (2nd building)
1094Winterville, GA - Methodist Church (3rd building)
1095Winterville, GA - Pittard Bank, 1912
1096Winterville, GA - Pittard-Coile Store (1st building), 1905
1097Winterville, GA - Pittard-Coile Store (2nd building), 1914
1098Winterville, GA - Pittard (Charles W.) House, 1934 February
1099Winterville, GA - Pittard-Dawson House, 1880-1977
10100Winterville, GA - School (2nd building)
10101Winterville, GA - School (3rd building)
10102Winterville, GA - Swimming pool
10103Winterville, GA - Train Station
10104Wirz, Henry
10105Woods, Robert White, 1904
10106Woods, Rodgers, 1905 February 22
10107Woods, William Burham
10103Woodson, S.F.
10104Woodward, Emily
10105Woody, William Arthur
10106Wrenn, Beverly Winfred, 1899 September 29
10107Wright, Augustus Romaldus, 1858, 1859
10108Wright, Corrine, 1989 April 14
10109Wright, James
10110Wright, Seaborn
10111Wrighton, W.H.
10112Yonge, Phillip K., 1895 February 16
10113Young, Leroy P., 1903 June 18

2. University of Georgia

10114Academic Building, 1937
10115Agricultural College, First Field Day, 1910
10116Agricultural Extension Building, 1940 January
10117Agricultural Train
10118Air Force R.O.T.C.
10119Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity, 1887
10120Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity, 1899
10121Alumni Day, 1940
10122-123Alumni Record, Miscellaneous pictures
10124Alumni, Macon, 1921
10126Archaeology, 1948
10127Archaeology Department at Kolomoki State Park, GA, 1951 October 12
10128Art Building
10130Athletic Department, 1935
10131Athletic Field
10133Athletics - Baseball, 1908
10134Athletics - Baseball, 1911
10135Athletics - Baseball, 1915
10136Athletics - Baseball, 1919
10137Athletics - Baseball, 1920-1929
10138Athletics - Basketball, 1909-1910
10139Athletics - Basketball, 1927
10140Athletics - Basketball, 1957
10141Athletics - Basketball
10142Athletics - Boat Crew, 1896
10143Athletics - Cheerleaders, 1920-1929, 1941, 1966
10144Athletics - Football, 1892
111Athletics - Football, 1892-1893
112Athletics - Football, 1893
Group photograph: Stubbs, Fricks, Fender, Warren, Brown, Ezelle, Smith, Manager P. Fleming, Halsey, Nalley, Captain Butler, Coach E. Brown, Black, Shackelford, Fleming, McCutchen, Barrow, C. Moreno, Wrigley, and C. Murphey.
113Athletics - Football, 1894
114Athletics - Football, 1895
115Athletics - Football, 1896
Group photograph: Clark, Moore, Wight, Blanch, Atkinson, Coach Warner, Brown, Pomeroy, Bower, Lovejoy, Gammon, Price, Cothran, Born, Watkins, Watson, Kent, Nalley, Walden, and Dougherty.
116Athletics - Football, 1897
117Athletics - Football, 1898
118Athletics - Football, 1899
119Athletics - Football, 1900
1110Athletics - Football, 1901
Group photograph: T.A. Barrow, Sandy Beaver, Marion Smith, F.M. Ridley, and unidentified.
1111Athletics - Football, 1902
Individual portraits: G.C. Heyward, F.M. Ridley, and Wallabe Miller.
Group portrait: Hickman, Worshaw, Beaver, Hubore, [Ketron], Smith, T.A. Barrow, Turner, and Hart.
1112Athletics - Football, 1903
1113Athletics - Football, 1904
Group portrait: Har[vad] Barrow, [Jimmy] Hill, [Harry] Woolruff, King Sullivan, Charley Cox, [?] Walley, [?] [Hulwin], and unidenitified.
1114Athletics - Football, 1905
1115Athletics - Football, 1906
1116Athletics - Football, 1910-1911
Group portrait: Franklin, Griffith, Bowden, Hatcher, Woodruff, McWhorter, Maddox, Hay, York, Lucas, Galloway, Estes, Conklin, Thompson, Covington, Peacock, Slater, and Cox.
1117Athletics - Football, 1920
Individual portrait: "Jim" Robertson
1118Athletics - Football, 1921
1119Athletics - Football, 1921-1922
1120Athletics - Football, 1922
Group portrait: Butler, Taylor, Vandiver, Frier, Welchel, Bennett, Boney and unidentified.
1121Athletics - Football, 1923-1925 ( 0 photograph(s) )
Individual portraits: Jummy Crowley and John Fletcher.
Group portrait: John Fletcher, Harry Mahre, Frank Thomas, and George Wardruff.
1122Athletics - Football, 1926-1927
Individual portraits: James [H] Cormichael and Chick Shiver.
Group portrait 1: Captain Shiver, Lautzenhiser, Smith, Boland, Jacobson, Morris, Nash, McTigue, Johnson, McCrary, and Estes. Group portrait 2: Jelly Rogers, Armand Mapp, Curtis Luckie, [?] Groves, and Walter Farbes.
1123Athletics - Football, 1930
Group portrait: Douna, Tassapoulas, Sullivan, Moran, Davidson, Moffitt, Mott, Dickens, Roberts, Chandler, Hamilton, Waugh, Keys, Miller, Hardin, Davis, Patterson, McWhorter, Smith, Young, and unidentified.
1124Athletics - Football, 1931
Group portrait: Key, Mott, Chandler, and Downes.
1125Athletics - Football, 1933
1126Athletics - Football, 1934
Individual coaches portraits: Herman J. Stegeman, Harry J. Mehre, Ted Twomey, Rex Enright, Ivey M. Shiver, and Weems Baskin.
1127Athletics - Football, 1936 ( 0 photograph(s) )
Individual co-captain photgraphs: Julius Hall and Harry Harman.
1128Athletics - Football, 1941
Group photograph: Frank Sinkwich, Captain Heyward Allen, Co-captain Cliff Kimsey, Senie Hielis, Elizabeth Pearce, Betty Jones and Martha Patat.
1129Athletics - Football, 1942
Individual portrait: Coach George "Kid" Woodruff.
Group photograph 1: George Poschner, Mrs. Frankie Sinkwich, Dick McPhee, Jim Lee and Ken Keuper.Group photograph 2: Van Davis, Garland Williams, Harry Kuniansky, Bill Godwin, Walter Ruark, Gene Filenson, and George Poschner.
1130Athletics - Football, 1943
Individual portrait: Bobby "Flap" Belk
Group photograph: Johnny Cook, George Papach, Bill McConnell, and Edgar Bratten.
1131Athletics - Football, 1946
Group photograph: Sellars, Cailey, Edwards, Terashinski, Mosley and Phillips.
1132Athletics - Football, 1947
1133Athletics - Football, 1948
Group photograph: John Rauch, Joe Geri, Weyman Sellers, and John Donaldson.
1134Athletics - Football, 1952
Group portrait: Charlie Madison, Charles Earnest, Jimmy Campagna, and unidentified.
1135Athletics - Football, 1955
Group photograph: Laneair Roberts, Jimmy Brown, Alex McDonald, Hal Cook, Tony Cushenberry, John Luck, Ray Wilkins, Charlie Harris, Bill Armistead, Knox Culpepper, and Wndell Tarleton.
1136Athletics - Football, 1958
Individual portraits: Pat Dye, Nat Dye, Fred Brown, Bobby Walden adn Dave Lloyd.
Group portrait: Francis Torken[fan], Tammy Paris, Tammy Lewis, Charles Byars, Glen Nunley, Charles Britt, George Whittan, Gene Littleton, Freddie Amtower, Nick Bracco, Bill Agner, Fred Brown, Oscar Camp, George Guisler, Robert Galbreath, Hoke Bradley, Joe Hines, Dale Bush, Bill Slaughter, Carl Manning, Arnold Wimberly, Max Brunson, Don Soberdash, Bobby Towns, Jerry Hearin, Bobby Walden, Theron Sapp, Cicero Lucas, Jimmy Sealy, Bill Godfrey, Mitchell Shellnut, Dave Lloyd, Billy Gilbert, Bill Thompson, Walter Bedingfield, Phil Ashe, Carter Ramsey, Ray Betsill, Hinton Davis, Vernon Cunard, Robert Childers, Nat Dye, Larry Lancaster, Don Leebrrn, Riley Gunnels, Bob Sedlock, Dan Womack, Jim Roberts, Tom Thornhill, George Hansen, Fred Lawrence, Lynn Smith, Fred Farrah, Bud Case, Billy Roland, Mike Anderson, Earl Bramlett, Bill Herron, Jimmy Vickers, Jack Shamblin, Bobby Bailey, Gordon Kelly, Bobby Green, Jim Boardman, John Landry, Dave Brown, unidentified, Warren Gray, Aaron Box, amd Norman King.
1137Athletics - Football, 1965
Group photograph: [?] Hodgson and [?] Ridlehuber
1138Athletics - Football, 1967
1139Athletics - Football, undated
Group photograph: Tommy Lewis and Charley Butt
1140Athletics - Football, Coaches, 1924-1925, 1965, 1988 ( 0 photograph(s) )
Individual portraits: "Kid" Labinge, H.J. Stegeman (3), Towns, John Gregory, Sterling DuPree, Wyatt Posey, and Vince Dooley (2).
Group photograph 1: Whitworth, Lutz, Lumpkin, Towns, Thomas, Butts and Harlman.Group photograph 2: Wright, Dupree, Whalley, Shoemaker, Butts, and Wright.
1141Athletics - Golf, ca. 1922
Group portrait: [?] Jones, [?] Hamilton, [?] Brumby, and [?] Grant.
1142Athletics - Pole Vaulting
1143Athletics - Polo, 1931-1932
1144Athletics - Pushball
1145Athletics - Tennis
1146Athletics - Track, 1895
Group photograph 1: William Tate, Tom Marks and unidentified.
Group photograph 2: Tom Marks, Fritz Orr, John Green, D.L. Beanyon, William Tate, G.E. Bargeron, W.R. Beaton, and J.L. Griffin.
1147Baldwin Hall
1148Baldwin (Abraham) Memorial
1149Band, 1918
1150Barrow Hall
1151Baum Festival
1152Biological Museum
1153Board of Regents, 1932
1154Board of Regents, 1945
1155Board of Visitors, 1902 April 3
1156Botanical Garden, 1974 July
1157Brown (Joe) Hall
1158Cadet Officers, 1893 April 7
1159Cadet Officers, 1897
1160Cadets, 1894
1161Cadets, 1897
1162Cadets at Summer Camp
1163The Caldron, 1848 September 1
1164Campus, Aerial Views, 1993-1994
1165Campus, Aerial Views, 1965
1166Campus View (from Gleason's), 1854
1167Campus Views, 1800-1900
1168Campus Views, 1900-1999
1169Candler Hall
1171Chancellor House, 1918
1172-74Chapel, 1894-1946
1176Charter Day, Distinguished Professors, 1944 January 27
1177Chemical Laboratory
1178Chemistry Building
1179Chi Omega Sorority, 1936
1180Chi Phi Fraternity, 1869
1182Chi Phi Fraternity, 1880-1889
1182Chi Phi Fraternity, 1892-1893
1183Chi Phi Fraternity - Alumni, 1901
1184Class of 1866
Group portrait: Robert B. Gunby, Carlton Hillyer, Augustus L. Hull, Francis A. Lipscomb, Samuel Lumpkin, James R. McCleskey, William M. Browne, Howell Cobb, Sampson H. Hardeman, Henry Jackson, and James J. Turnbull.
1185Class of 1868
Group portrait: Prof. [?] Jones, Dr. [?] Waddell, Dr. [?] Mell, Chancellor [?] Lipscomb, Prof. William Rutherford, Dr. Louis Jones, Prof. L.H. Charbonnier, Howell Jackson, Charles S. DuBose, William P. Mitchell, Julius L. Brown, N.V. McKibben, L.L. McClesky, Reese Crawford, A.L. Mitchell, J.P. Rucker, George Goetchius, R.A. Russell, Peter W. Meldrim, A.W. Alfriend, F.W. Barnett, H.P. Meyers, H. Whitman, Charlie Goodman, J.H. Casey, Hamilton Yancey, Bowdre Phinizy, E.B. Young, R.B. Hodgson, W.R. Mims, E.H. McLaren, W. Dennis, Henry W. Grady, Davenport Jackson, S.F. Wilson, B.P. Hollis, W. Bailey Thomas, William Parks, W.C. Smith, Horace Beene, W.W. Thomas, George Bancroft, W.A. Carlton, Robert Toombs, and J.H. Bethune.
1186Class of 1869
Group portraits: unidentified
Individual faculty portraits: Dr. [?] Mell, Dr. [?] Lipscomb, and Dr. [?] Broom.
1187Class of 1874, 50-year Reunion
Group portrait: Dr. Sylvanus Morris, Chancellor David C. Barrow, and unidentified.
1188Class of 1875, Reunions
Group portrait 1: Major Hugh Gordon, S. Guyt McLendon, Colonel William H. Fleming, Frank Clarke, Cobb Lumpkin, Joseph M. Hodgson, Lott Warren, Colonel Daniel W. Rountree, Honorary Pleasant A. Stovall, Judge M. L. Morris, and Hugh N. Starnes.
Group portrait 2: Dr. William H. Dowdy, Judge Andrew J. Cobb, Hugh N. Starnes, M.L. Morris, John Temple Graves, Joe Hodgson, Pleasant A. Stovall, Thomas P. Vincent, Joseph Henry Lumpkin, Daniel Guyton McLendon, Quincey Williford, Frank Clarke, Lott Warren, John C. Hart, Hugh H. Gordon, Judge Hamilton McWhorter, William H. Fleming, and unidentified.
1189Class of 1876
Individual portraits: Thomas Reuben Gibson [2], George T. Hodgson, J.W. Hogg, J.N. Hogg, B.W. Jones, G.W. Latham, W.J. Matthews, S.P. McMillan, W.O. Sanders, A.D. Smith, Eugene Thompson, and John L. Tye.
1190Class of 1888, Reunion , 1928
Group portrait 1: T.W. Reed, Billy Belcher, Hallie Hulsey and unidentified.
Group portrait 2: Joseph Boston, Nash E. Brayles, Wilmer E. Moore, E. Campbell Davis, Arthur Hyman, Arnold Brayles, W.E. Thomas, J.B.H. Day, Frank W. Coile, W.H. Qunituman, Q.L. Williford, John H. Barnes, Frank J. Curry, Geo[rge] U. Mercer, Brick Miller, T.W. Reed, and R.B. Cohen.
1191Class of 1888, Reunion , 1938
Group portrait: Arthur Heymen, N.R. Brayles, [V]ictor L. Smith, Registrar T.W. Reed, Mrs. T.W. Reed, and Professor Charles Strahan.
1192Class of 1890, Reunion
1193Class of 1893 ( 0 photograph(s) )
Group portrait: N.B. Stewart, E.P. Greene, Greene Johnson, Chas. Kline, F.G. Barfield, Eugene Dodd, W.P. Warren, E.W. Barnwell, L.V.H. Gerdine, Sam Lawrence, Louis Camak, B.L. Rountree, P.W. Breitenbucher, N. Watkins, H. Hodgson, E.G. Cabaniss, B.T. Frey, H.A. Alexander, L.C. Slade, Jim Taylor, H.C. Moreno, Ben Nalley, J. Goetchius, A.O. Halsey, M.A. Lewis, F.G. Govan, E.L. Halsey, E.R. Hodgson Jr., and Chas. Nesbit.
1194Class of 1893, Reunion, 1933
1195Class of 1894
Group portrait: W.A. Fuller, F.B. Yow, W.T. Bacon, J.D. Stelling, [?] Butler, H.C. Brown, Edwin Davis, G.W. Beckett, O.H. Sheffield, W.D. Hooper, John Morris, Jesse Coates, Chas Strahan, D. Barrow, J.P. Campbell, B.F. Riley, C.P. Wilcox, W.E. Boggs, L.H. Charbonnier, D.C. Barrow, H.C. White, and C. H. Herty.
1196Class of 1897
Group portrait: Ed Madox, Nat Clavin, Bert Davis, Cliff Wolber, Walter Canthron[?], and George Juchson.
1197Class of 1897, Reunion, 1927
Group portrait: Maddox, Hoffmayer, Lindsey, Jackson, Walker, Boland, Erwin, Larsen, Akerman, Dodd, Mason, Halsey, McCurry, Phillips, Selman, Bradwell, Stovall, Roberts, J. Richardson, Harper, Cothran, Tidwell, A. Richardson, and DuBose.
1198Class of 1898
22Class of 1898, album, 1898
1199Class of 1898, Group pictures and individuals (A-B)
Individual portraits: Judge A. Barge, George A. Bailey, Chas. H. Black, Ralph P. Brightwell, Clement Akerman, Walter G. Basinger, and Alfred Akerman.
11100Class of 1898, Individuals (C-G)
Individual portraits: Park A. Dallis, John T. Dorsey, R.J.H. DeLoach, Harry T. Dearing, U.H. Davenport, and J. Ryals Conner.
11101Class of 1898, Individuals (H-K)
Individual portraits: N.E. Harris Jr., F.G. Hodgson, Deupree Hunnicutt, and Chas C. Harrold.
11102Class of 1898, Individuals (L-O)
Individual portraits: James B. Lawrence, R.D. Mure Jr., Charles A. Mize and William T. Martin.
11103Class of 1898, Individuals (P-T)
Individual portraits: H. Roscoe Perkins, E. Erastus Pomeroy, Benjamin F. Riley, and Horace P. Smart.
11104Class of 1898, Individuals (U-Z)
Individual portraits: Connie Alex. Weddington, Lucius A. Whipple, Young L. Watson, Cruger Westbrook, Hugh H. White, William F. Upshaw, and Benjamin C. Yancey.
11105Class of 1899, Reunion
Group portrait: A.P. Adams, Robin Adair Jr., Archibald Blackshear, Arthur Clarke, E.J. Crawford, J.T. Dennis, J.S. Dougherty, P.H. Doyal, Garrad Glenn, J.J. Goodrum, F.M. Hailey, A.J. McBride, T.B. Johnson, Lee Morris, and W.A. Thompson.
11106Class of 1902, Reunion, 1932
Group portrait: Dr. R.G. Stephens, Dr. S.V. Sanford, Morris Michael, Dr. Andrew M. Soule, Mrs. J.K. Jordan, R.L. McWhorter, Barry Wright, Oscar L. Keith, Walter T. Forbes, Judge L.P. Goodrich, John B. Gamble, Arthur Smith, Pinkus Happ, J.K. Jordan, and Wilson Hardy.
11107Class of 1907 (Sophomore picture), 1905
11108Class of 1908, Reunion, 1958
11109Class of 1909
Group portrait: Balling DuBose, Dr. Linton Sudine, Morton Hodgson, and unidentified.
11110Class of 1915
Group portrait: Judge Henry West, Howard Ahney, and unidentified.
11111Class of 1916, Reunion
11111Class of 1919, Reunion
Individual portrait: Louis Davis, David Welchel, and unidentified.
11112Class of 1921
11113Class of 1921, Reunion, 1966
Group portrait: Joe Berman, Harold Hodgson, J.H. West, Mrs. Otis J. Woodward, Mrs. Harold Hodgson, Otis Woodward, Frank Rose, Mrs. Harvey Fort, Catherine Newton, Harvey Fort, Alice Walker Stancil, Corene Bruce Hatcher, Way Highsmith, Mrs. Wayne Rivers, Mrs. Frank Rose, Lucy Neville Brown, Wayne Rivers, B.B. Heery, Mrs. Neal Hodgson, Walter Eskew, L.R. Siebert, Mrs. Harold Kicklighter, Mrs. L.R. Siebert, Neal Hodgson, William B. Crane, H.P. Kicklighter, H.B. Cox, Allen Seymour Hodgson, Prince Hodgson, and Bill Crane.
11114Class of 1925, Reunion, 1930
Group portrait: Jimmie Calhoun, Frank Crouch, Lucius Henry Nelson, Homer Eberhart, Ruddy Ellis, Freeman Jelks, Roy Scoggins, Clovis Turk, J.H. Mote, Y.M. Clarke, Charlie Fargo, Ben Husbands, Dwight Ryther, Bernard Maddox, George Dean, and Leo W. Belcher.
1Class of 1929
11115Cocking Affair (re.), 1941
121Co-eds, 1924
122Co-op, 1950-1959
123College of Agriculture, Faculty, 1920-1929
124College of Agriculture, Students, 1920-1929
125Commencement, 1948
126Commencement, 1936
128-9Commerce-Journalism Building
1210Connor Hall, 1918, 1952-1954
Includes group photographs of Farm Family Achievement Day in 1952-1954.
1211Crawford W. Long Infirmary, 1925
1212Custodians, 1896-1898, 1918
1213Cuyler's (Telamon) Dorm Room
1214Dairy Barn, 1940 January
1215Dairy Science Building
21Delta Tau Delta fraternity and house
1216Demosthenian Hall, 1930, 1969
1217Demosthenian Society, 1970
1218Denmark Hall, 1940
1219Engineer Class (1st), 1868
1220Engineers (Seniors), 1886
1221Facial Meaning Sensitivity Test
1222Faculty, 1870
1223Faculty, 1934
1224Faculty, 1937
1225Faculty, 1949
1227Faculty Picnic
1228Fine Arts Building
1229First Announcement of University, 1801 July
1230Forestry Building
1231Four H Club
1232Founders' Memorial Garden
1233Fraternity House Party, 1920-1929
1234Fraternity Houses
1235G Club, 1945
1236Gammon, Von
1237Georgia Scholastic Press Association
1238Georgia University Magazine, Editors, 1845 March
1239The Georgian, Editors, 1907-1908
1240Gilbert Memorial Infirmary, 1942-1983
1241Gillis, N.L., 1917
1242Glee Clubs, 1929-1930, 1945
1243Goat mascot with group, 1892
1244Group Pictures
1245Hardman Hall
1246Harold Hirsch Hall, 1932
1247Herty Field, 1890-1899, 1918
1248Hiers, W.L., 1944
1249Hill Dormitory
1250Homecoming activities
1251Horse and Buggy
1252-57Horticulture Department
1258Inner Garden at Administration Building, 1918
1259Initiations , 1920-1929
1260Institute of Law and Government
1261Jackson County Club
1262Jennings, Hugh, 1895
1263Journalism-Psychology Building
1264-66Journalism School, 1949
1267Kappa Alpha Fraternity, 1885-1888, 1920-1929
1268Kappa Alpha Theta Fraternity
1269Kappa Psi
1270Kappa Sigma Fraternity, 1921
1271Kimborough, James M., 1906 September 29
1272Knapp, Charles. Inauguration as University President , 1987 October
1273Kennedy, John at UGA
1275Landscape Architecture Department
1276Law Class, 1885
Group photograph: Robert Lee Jewell Smith, Frank Upson, Doc Cheney, Andrew J. Cobb (prof.), Robert S. Moye, Benjamin E. Morgan, Reuben R. Arnold, Dr. S. C. Benedict (prof.), [?] James, George Dudley Thomas (prof.), Eugene M. Mitchell, Judge Williams, and Frank Stone.
Individual portraits: Eugene Muse Mitchell, W. D. Carswell, C. F. Rice, O. L. Cloud, Lucian L. Knight, T. Neal Kitchens, W. W. Osborne, P. H. Adams, Robert Lee Jewell Smith, Paul D. Langdon, unidentified.
1277Law Class, 1892
Individual professor portraits: Judge Howell Cobb
Individual graduate portraits: [?] Horton, unidentified
1278Law Class, 1894
Individual portraits: Robert Bush, Charles David Kline, James Cooper Mell, John Homer Mobley, Frank Mitchell, Stephen Cummins Upson, Hugh Calvin Strong, Louis Bacon Warren, Dr. S. C. Benedict, George Deedley Thomas, George Young, unidentified.
Group photograph of law faculty: Chancellor Boggs, S. C. Benedict, Howell Cobb, Sylvanus Morris, John D. Mell. Not pictured: D. S. Sterling, G. P. Martin, J. D. Lanier.
1279Law Class, 1895
Individual professor portraits: Dr. S. C. Benedict, Sylvanus Morris, Judge Howell Cobb, and John Dagg Mell.
Individual graduate portraits: unidentified.
1280Law Class, 1899 ( 0 photograph(s) )
Individual professor portraits: S. C. Benedict, W. E. Boggs, Howell Cobb, John D. Mell, Sylvanus Morris, and John H. T. McPherson.
Individual graduate portraits: Julian Jasper Anderson, Thornton Camden Atkinson, Joseph Clay Benard, Archbald Bonds, Thomas Leslis Bowden, Ralph Penn Brightwell, John T. Brown, Clinton P. Campbell, Zachariah Cobb, Benjamin J. Dasher, Raiford Falligant, Eschol Wayne Graham, Charles Valentine Hohenstein, George Thomas Holmes, Deupree Hunnicutt, Lara Lunda Jenkins, R.P. Jones, [?] Kraise, Robert W. Lillard, Lumpkin Linder, Thomas Linton, Henry Harris Little, William G. Love, Donald Anderson Loyless, Charles D. McKinney, James Tift Mann, Chesley B. Marshall, James Walter Mason, Edgar Erastus Pomeroy, Nathaniel Reynolds, Arthur Sinclair Richardson, Orren Roberts, Edward William Schaefer, Walter Arthus Sims, Leslie Jasper Steele, Robert Jesse Travis, Cruger Westbrook, and Benjamin Codworth Yancy.
1281Law Class, 1900
Individual professor portraits: S. C. Benedict, Judge Howell Cobb, Chancellor Walter B. Hill, John D. Mell, Sylvanus Morris, and John H. Thomas McPherson.
Individual graduate portraits: Benjamin Smith Baldwin, Judge Barnes, Archibald Baker Blackshear, William Stafford Blun, Emile Breitenbucher, Pendleton Harris Brewster, Marcus Benton Calhoun, Thomas Dyer Carey, John Taylor Chapman, Richard Malcolm Charlton, Horace Constantine Dasher Jr., Thomas Norwood Denmark, Thomas Jefferson Dixon, John Fliction Elder, Charles Augustavus Fite, Carrel Hezzie Foster, Benjamin Palmer Gaillard, John Elsworth Hall, Ruben Frank Haney, Cosmo Richardson Hardee, Dana Warren Hartshorm, Alonzo Lee Hatcher, Henry Hull, William Raymond Kimbull, Joseph Marion Lang, E.A. Latham, Andrew Jay McBride Jr., John Andrew McDuff, James Tift Mann, Emmett Marshall Owens, Ed. Quilliam, Rufus Glaen Richards, James Beall Ridley, Brantley Slater, John Slater Smith, Moultrie James Smith, William Washington Seymour, Homer Franklin Sharp, Henry Byron Spooner, Benjamin Marable Turnipseed, Pierce Reid Wallace, William Earnest Willis, and William Louis Wilson.Not pictured: Walter Street Allen, Thomas Caffin Beck, William Leroy Edwards, Benjamin Edward Cregan Finnegan, Max Faltu, Thompson Hagood Gooding, George Harrison Perry, and John Durham Watson.
1282Law Class, 1903
Group photograph: Ransom, Swift, Jones, King, Harris, Patterson, Newell, Finley, Dowling, Hitch, Taylor, Morris, Nix, Tate, Hallowes, Ellis, McIntire, Heyward, Campbell, McIntyre, Blount, Coogler, and Talbert.
1283Law Class, 1905
Individual faculty portraits: Dr. S.C. Benedict, Judge Howell Cobb, Chancellor W.B. Hill, Professor John D. Mell, Professor McPherson, and Professor S. Morris.
Individual graduate portraits: FL Danay, G.A. Rubenstein, W.F. Weaver, C.V. Youmans, [J]ED Yonge. MS., R.S. Cohen, W.A. Daniel, Waverley Fairman, Geo[rge] W. Harben, L.A. Hargreaves, A.L. Hary, J.L. Hull, H.A. King, V.B. Moore, J.V. Poole, and C.R. Pierce.
1284Law Class, 1906
Individual faculty portraits: S.C. Benedict, Thomas F. Greene, Chancellor W.B. Hill, Judge Howell Cobb, John D. Mell, Sylvanus Morris, and John H.T. McPherson.
Individual graduate portraits: Edmund D. Bacon, William H. Burch, Robert S. Burch, Charles C. Burchmore, Walter W. Cureton, Oscar J. Franklin, M.F. Goldstein, Garnet A. Green, William B. Hambleton, C.M. Herbert, W.J. Laney, E. Roy Lambert, C.A. Moon, Lewis S. Moore, Oren W. Passivant, Arthur Sullivan Jr., and Geogre P. Whitman.
1285Law Class, 1907
Individual faculty portraits: Chancellor David C. Barrow, S.C. Benedict, Judge Howell Cobb, Thomas Greene, Sylvanus Morris, and John Hanson Thomas McPherson.
Individual graduate portraits: Samuel Aaron Boorstin, William Chauncey Brinson, Daniel Richmond Bruce, Asa Warren Chandler, Russell Milville Daly, John Rutherford Fawcett, William James Fielder, Crichton Brooks Holtzendoff, Clifford Massey James, James Lindsay Johnson Jr., James Andrew Kelley, Joseph Law, W.B. Marshburn, Wallace Miller, Robert S. Parker, Thomas Elisha Scott, E.T. Talmage, Beverly Blalock Thomasson, Wallace Jones Willie, and Harry Manassa Wilson.Not pictured: Professor John D. Mell (picture badly damaged) see Law 1906
1286Law Class, 1908
Individual faculty portraits: Chancellor David C. Barrow, Judge Howell Cobb, Professor Sylvanus Morris, Professor Thomas Green, Professor John Mell, and Professor [?] McPherson.
Individual graduate portraits: Erle Bower Akdew, Uel Curtis Barrett, James William Brown, Robert Toombs Camp, Herschel Paschal Cobb, Charles Harmon Cox, John Milton Cozart, L.L. Davis, Joseph Walker Dennard, Philip Green Dodd, Charles Feiffson, Bernard Clay Gardner, W.T. Gary, Thomas Hull Holcombe, Harry Phillip Jones, Robert Harrison Jones, C.C. King, Remson Porter King, W.S. Mann, W.D. Martin, G.C. Middlebrooks, S.B. McCall, J.N. McDonald, H.W. Nevin, Herman Rubenstein, C.E. Smith, Leopold Suddeth, Frank Walker, Wade H. Watson, James Anderson Watson, and Julian James Willingham.
1287Law Class, 1909
Individual faculty portraits: Chancellor David C. Barrow, Judge Andrew Cobb, Judge Howell Cobb, Professor John Mell, Professor Sylvanus Morris, and Professor John Hanson Thomas McPherson.
Individual graduate photographs: E.M. Baynes, Scott Berryman, Frank Clark, Caryle Cobb, Walton Griffith, Sam B. Hatcher Jr., B.D. Jackson, Alex S. Johnson, W.H. Johnson, J.A. King, Gordon Knox, Francis L'Engle, Edwin K. Lumpkin, J.K. McDonald, C.B. McGarity, Marcus McWhorter, Roscoe Pickett, Daniel H, Redfearn, Oliver Powell Roemer, William Thomas Stewart, and Tate Wright.
131Law Class, 1910
Individual professor portraits: Chancellor David C. Barrow, Dr. James C. Bloomfield, Judge Andrew J. Cobb, Judge Howell Cobb, Thomas F. Green, Jno. H. T. McPherson, and Sylvanus Morris.
Individual graduates portraits: Percy Andrews, Clyde Autrey, Hinton B. Blackshear, Chas Oliver Chandler, Wm. Leonard Erwin, Wm. Clyde Forehand, Robert Redmond Forrester, Herbert Clifford Hatcher, James Trannie Houze, Jno Grover Kennedy, Emory Claude Mahaffrey, Wm. Dillard Martin, John Spence McClelland, Daniel McDougald, William Emanuel McElveen, DaCosta Patillo, George S. Peck, Leland Stanfor Robson, Hubert Morton Rylee, Erwin Sibley, Pleasant Joseph Smith, Hughes Spalding, Grover Cleveland Spillers, Hugh King Thurston, Jno Shipley Tilley, Wm. T. Townsend, Horrace Cleveland Traylor, Rholie Jett Ward, Joseph Clifton Weeks, Wm. Wallace Wright, Louis Edmonson Wisdom, and Arthur Singleton York.
132Law Class, 1911
Individual professor portraits: Chancellor David C. Barrow, J.C. Bloomfield, Andrew Cobb, T.F. Green, John H.T. McPherson, and Sylvanus Morris.
Individual graduate portraits: Charles Olmstead Adams, Bishop Nettles Alsbrook, James F. Nroach, Howell Brooke, E.V. Carter, Walter Branham Cook, Walter Grover Cornett, Cicero Marion Dobbs, John Porter Fort, Omer White Frankling, William Robert Gignilliat, Evans Virgil Heath, Malvern Hill Jr., Robert Carter Jenkins, James Paul Jones, Henderson Lovelace Lanham, A.L. Loyd, Robert L. Lumsden, William Mangum, Thomas Marshell, James D. Palmer, Millard Rewis, James A. Sibley, Roy M. Strickland, and Graham Wright.
133Law Class, 1913
Group photograph: Marion Hendricks Allen, Aubrey Oliver Bray, Pope Furman Brock, Patrick Mell Cheney Jr., Mark Waverley Cauble, William Alexander Cunningham, DeWitt Talmage Deen, Samuel Kenney Dick, Robert DeWitt Duke, Charles William Gunnels, Hiles Hamilton, Harold Charles Hutchens, Weylud Hudson Lanier, James Montgomery Lynch, Williams Azmer Mann, Lewis Archibald Mills Jr., John Brazie Morris, Charles Henderson Newsome, Robert Marion Nicholson, Robert Sheldon Raiford, Henry Levy Rogers, David Augustine Russell, Frank Muir Scarlett Jr., Henry Tucker Singleton, Parke Skelton, Eugene Franklin Spradlin, William Milton Thomas, Olaf Johann Tolnas, Roy William Wallace, and Henry Grady Wood.
134Law Class, 1914
Individual professor portraits: David C. Barrow, Judge [?] Cobb, T.F. Green, Sylvanus Morris, H.A. Nix, J.S. Stewart
Individual graduate portraits: Virgile Emory Adams, Earnie Adamson, Willis Moses Ariera, Ulrich Bennett, John Lamar Booth, Luther Hoyt Boswell, Simon Turner Brewton, Walter Eurit, Samuel Adams Cann, Frank Carter, Bentley Chappell, Issac Cocke, John Arlen Cowart, David Robert Cumming, John Prior Edwards, Carlton Carlisle Darus, Walker Reynolds Flournoy, Hugh Nelson Fuller, Hugh Mitchell Gannon, Robert Russell Gunn, Edgar D. Kenyon, Allen Napoleon Kieffer, Jay Weiss Kieve, Emie Watson Leard, Will King Meadow, Francis Hamilton Millie, John Edward McDonald, Walter Felix McDaniel, Walter R. McDonald, Olen Stephen Pace, Charles Orwille Parker, David Roscoe Peacock, Edgar L. Pennington, Ivey Washington Rountree, Henry Dozier Russell, Francis Walker Salley, Edward Lowe Semple, Ougustus Octavius Bacon, Clarence Rowland Vaughn, and Victor Victor.
135Law Class, 1915
Individual professor portraits: Chancellor David C. Barrow, J.C. Doctor Bloomfield, A.J. Cobb, T.F. Green, Sylvanus Morris, J.S. Stewart
Individual gradutate protraits: W.Y. Atkinson, Grover C. Anderson, Clifton Olin Barrett, Leonard Gaston Broughton, Albert Sidney Camp, Thomas Slaughter Candler, David Lee Cotton, Edgar Brown Dunlap, Chestley Vernon Elliott, Grady Hill Gaston, Harry McClesky Hawkins, Wesley Houser, Henry Grady Howard, Guslavin Huddleston, Covington Drane Jenkins, William Hicks Key, Ben Link, Peace Robert Mathews, S. Thomas Memory, Ckyde Mather McClure, Alexander McDougalad, David Knox McKamy, Ha. Nix, Earle Van Ness Norman, Howell Bejamine Peacock, Charles Pique, Lewis A. Pinkussohn, Claude Cleveland Pittman, Daniel Liddell Plaster, John Clifford Pratt, Albon Williams Reed, Augustine Sams, Nathaniel C. Spence, Donald Peyton Starr, William T. Swanson, Authur G. Tillinghast, Edward J. Trotter, William David Turner, John LEwis Tye, C.C. Underson, Sidney Johnson Underwood, Edward Krady Weathers, Johnie L. Westermoreland, and Rosier Bunyan Wingate.Group photograph
136Law Class, 1917
Individual professor portraits: Chancellor David C. Barrow, [?] Green, Hersch-Rabbi Kilsheimer Ferdinand, Sylvanus Morris, William Augustus Semmes, and [?] Stewart.
Individual graduate portraits: George Feagin Baldwin, Tom Reed Beasley, James Morgan Barlow Bloodworth, Benjamin Hugh Burgess, Henry Maynard Carrere Jr., Gilbert Xavier Cheeves, Robert Lee Cooper, Lamdon Cobb Dulaney, Mitchell Henry Dunn, Edward Lee Floyd, Alva Edward Garey, Neil Lee Gillis Jr., Wilder Quiton Gresham, Edward Ormonde Hunter, Richard Newton Mathis, Warren R. Mixon, Joseph Louis Morrison, Francis Otey McClellan, Howard Hart McWhorter, Charles Inman Owens, Virgil Swanson Parham, Charles Grover Paynek, Henry Benning Pease, Julian William Powell, William H. Quarterman, James Wilmer Ray, Alvin Baker Rowe, George Adams Shuford, Vaughanam A. Sims, Emmett Arnold Skelton, Seward Mallette Smith, Willum Harry Spillers, Charlie Mabry Tanner Jr., Charlton Mayer Theus, Comer Trapnell, Burton Lee Weston, William Pinckeney Whelchel, Charles Alvin Witten, and Hugh Miller Willet Jr.
137Law Class, 1918
Group photograph: T.F. Green, H.A. Nix, Chancellor Barrow, Judge Cobb, Dean Morris, J.S. Stewart, C.B. Barrett, W.O. Cooper Jr., W.O. Bozeman, G.W. Farkas, W.B. Jones, J.E. Mundy, K. Mott, J.E. McLean, W.R. Nisbet, R.B. Russell Jr. J.A. Osborne, Dennis Penny, R.E. Shiver, J.W. Smith, J.C. Sullivan, W.O. Smith, T. Titus Jr., L.B. West, W.S. Tyson, J.P. Williams, W.P. Van Valkenburg, and G.H. Westenbrook.
138Law Class, 1921
Individual professor portraits: Chancellor David C. Barrow, Andrew Cobb, W.G. Cornett, Sylvanus Morris, J.S. Stewart, O.J. Tolnas, and S.C. Upson.
Individual graduate portraits: William Walker Alexander, Ernest Edward Andrews, Joseph Emile Berman, Elizah Alexander Brown, Welborn B. Cody, Joseph Edwin Dasher, Robert Glenn Dickerson, Preston Brooks Ford, Jesse Ogletree Futral, Pierce Edward Holmes, Nathan Jolles, William Dean Lanier, Joe Herman Lesser, Edgar Maxwell McCanless, James Archie McFarland, Raymond W. Martin, Robert Edward Lee Spence, Isaac Max Wengrow, and Ovid David Welchel.
139Law Class, 1922
Individual professor portraits: Chancellor David C. Barrow, Judge A.J. Cobb, Dean Sylvanus Morris, J.S. Stewart, and S.C. Upson.
Individual graduate portraits: Robert Lanier Anderson, Allen Johnson Arnold, Bunah B. Bowers, Reuben Alvin Braswell, Joseph Andrew Brown, Nephew King Clark, W.G. Coriett, Mitchell Seth Dekle, W.H. Donhue, Samuel War Ren Few, Hohn Dewey Godfery, Edward James Goodwin, Herbert Clinton Gray, Wesley Thomas Hargrett Jr., Julian Hartridge, Jones Hayes, Richard Lee Hickey, Milton Lee Holcombe, Harvey John Kennedy, Luton Grady Lanier, Albert Theofore Levie, James P. McDowell, Theo. Jackson McGee, Edwin McWhorter, A.J. Ryan Jr., James S. Shelor, John W. Sheppard, William Glenn Thomas, Harvey H. Tisinger, J. Frank Troutman, Miller Craswell Walton, and John Bryan Wilson.
1310Law Class, 1923
Individual professor portraits: Chancellor David Crenshaw Barrow, Dean Sylvanus Morris, Andrew Jackson Cobb, Walter G. Cornett, Joseph S. Stewart, and Stephen C. Upson.
Individual graduate portraits: G.W. Chambers, L.D. Cook, T.H. Cooley, C.W. Fields, G.G. Finch, E.J. Haar, J.P. Hill, E.C. Hogan, E.Y. Howard, R.S. Jones, H. Kassewitz, J.W. McWhirter, W.H. Mewbourne, H. Pool, J.R. Rosser, U.V. Stancil, C.H. Treadwell, G.C. Tyson, J.E. Wilcox, and E.H. Wilkerson.
1311Law Class, 1924
Individual professor portraits: Judge [?] Cobb, W.G. Cornett, R.F. McWhorter, Dean Sylvanus Morris, and S.C. Upson.
Individual graduate portraits: Adam Leopold Alexander, William Delacy Allen, Joseph J. Bennett Jr., Francis M. Bird, William A. Brown, Samuel Alfred Cohem, Henry Woody Davis, Thomas C. Dyar, William Marchus Fulcher, Thomas Little Glenn, Spence Monroe Grayson, William Thomas Harvey, Louis Heiman, Joseph C. Hester, A.W. Higdon, C.W. Higdon, W.V. Higdon, Emanuel Lewis, William C. Munday, Carlton K. Nelson, Charles L. Padgett, Hugh Burton Ramsey, Thomas B. Walton, and Earnest Prescott West.Not pictured: Fillmore Space.
1312Law Class, 1926
Individual professor portraits: Judge Andrew T. Gober, Dean Sylvanus Morris, and R.L. McWhorter.
Individual graduate portraits: Osmond Reimert Bie, Perry Brannen, Joseph Heyward Cherry, Lewis Perry Chick, W.G. Cornett, Robert S. Dennis, Richard Alden Denny, John Paxton Erwin, Starkey Sharp Flythe, John Morgan Forrester, Lucius Groves, Earl Dunbar Harrison, William Julian Hatcher, Henry Olin Hubert, Frederick Kent, Dorothy Ida Levy, James Edward Manucey, Freeman Cheyne McClure, Charles Joseph O'Byrne, John Duncan Odom, Arthur Sears Oldham, Austin Herschel Parham, John Robert Phillips, William Tyrus Ray, Ernest Paul Rogers, Herbert A. Strickland, Harry L. Taylor, Mathilde Upson, Minor Lewis Wheaton, Julian Davis Wooten, Iver Leon Wooten, Luther Mandeville Wyatt, and Luther Harmon Zeigler.
1313Law Class, 1932 ( 20 photograph(s) )
Individual professor portraits: Harmon C. Caldwell, Dean H.N. Endmunds, Thomas Greene, Judge George F. Gober, J. Alton Hosch, and Robert L. McWhoryer.
Individual graduate portraits: Willaim H. Binns, Robert J. Bruce, William H. Dooner, Duncan S. Graham, Julian Joselove, Federick D. Joseph, Lewis K. Kesser, W. Carroll Latimer, Benard Levin, Joseph Ray, Maxwell Rosenthal, J.T. Terry, William T. Thurman, and Benjamin Zeesman.
1314Law Class (undergraduates), 1932
Individual professor portraits: Dean H. M. Edmunds, George F. Gober, Judge T. F. Greene, J. Alton Hosch, Pauline Keelyn [Keeling?], J. M. McFadden, and R. L. McWhorter.
Individual graduate portraits: E. T. Brown, W. F. Clarke, R. Cobb, J. E. Colvin, D. Cook, W. L. Hinley, E. L. Hirsh, T. H. Lokey, N. G. Reeves, J. Schriebre, F. Solman, M. H. Stein, and T. W. Willingham.
1315Law Class, 1934
Group photograph: H. A. Stewart, J. K. Telford, C. E. Gregory, H. M. Henderson, Dean H. W. Caldwell, Professor J. A. McClain, Professor R. L. McWhorter, Miss Margaret Fortson, W. M. Thomas, G. H Wotton, J. H. Thomas, B. W. Franklin, O. W. Roberts, C. R. Jenkins, F. A. Birchmore, Y. B. Moore, E. M. Smith, S. W. Clark
Not pictured: Professor J. M. McFadden, Professor T. F. Green Jr., W. E. Wooten
1316Law Class, 1993-1997
1317Law Department, 1927
1318Law School Building
1319LeConte Hall
1320Levie, Marshall, 1925
1321-22Libraries - Administrators, 1953-1998
1323-24Libraries - Asset Award Program, 1992
1325Libraries - Asset Award Program (2nd), 1993
1326Libraries - Asset Award Program (3rd), 1994
1327Libraries - Asset Award Program (4th), 1995
1328Libraries - Asset Award Program (5th), 1996
1329Libraries - Asset Award Program (6th), 1997
1330Libraries - Asset Award Program (7th), 1998
1331Libraries - Asset Award Program (8th), 1999
1332Libraries - Black (Eugene) Collection, 1974-1975
1333Libraries - Board of Visitors, 1999
1334Libraries - Card Catalog, 1974-1990
1335Libraries - Circulation, 2000
1336Libraries - Copy Services, 1985
1337Libraries - Computers, 1975
1338Libraries - Exhibits, 1976
1340Libraries - Georgia Newspaper Project, 1885-1990
1341Libraries - Globe, 1953
1342Libraries - Ground Breaking Ceremony
1343Libraries - Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript , 1974, 1999-2000
1344Libraries - Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript , 1995
1345Libraries - Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript - Bible (R. Edwards, pub), Fore edge illustration
1346Libraries - Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript - Birchmore, Fred - Donation , 1997
1347Libraries - Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript - Caldwell (Harmon) Exhibit, 1995
1348Libraries - Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript - Cober (Alan E.) Visit
1349Libraries - Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript - Coburn (Charles) Visit, 1959
1350Libraries - Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript - Confederate Constitution
1351Libraries - Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript - Confederate Memorial Day , 1991
1352Libraries - Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript - Donations
1353Libraries - Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript - Draper (Stephen E.) Center and Archives, 2001 October
1354Libraries - Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript - Exhibits
1355Libraries - Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript - Hamady (Walter) Visit
1356Libraries - Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript - Mendenhall (Dick) Visit
1357Libraries - Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript - Reception, October 1986
1358Libraries - Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript - Reception for Freddy Wittop, 1991 April 11
1359Libraries - Kellam (Porter) Conferences, 1991, 1993
141Libraries - Law
142-3Libraries - Main
144Libraries - Main View before Law School addition, 1994 June
145Libraries - Media Department, 1976, 2000
146Libraries - Microforms
147Libraries - Old Annex Building
148Libraries - Old Building (part of Academic Building)
149Libraries - Old Building, Georgia Museum of Art, 1945-1946
1410Libraries - Party at Flinchum's Phoenix for William Potter, 1989 August
1411Libraries - Peabody Award Entries, 1974-1975
1412Libraries - Photographic Services
1413Libraries - Reception for the Dooley Donors, 1994 August 12
1414Libraries - Receptions, Parties
1415Libraries - Repository Move, 1993 August 23-September 3
1416Libraries - Russell , 1974
1417Libraries - Science , 1989-1994
1418Libraries - Science, Staff, 1989
1419-21Libraries - Staff, 1975-2010
1422Libraries - Staff Christmas party , 1998
1423Libraries - Students, 1940-1999
1425Libraries - Tea ceremony to honor Ann E. Billups, 50 years as a UGA Library employee, 1993 June 21
1427Lustrat House
1426Lumpkin (Wilson) House
1429Meigs Hall
1430Memorial Hall, 1923, 1947
1431Military Training, 1918-1929
1433Moore College, 1885
1434Music Department
1435Myers Hall, 1952-1953
1436Navy Pre-Flight School, 1944-1945
1437Nelson, Tom, 1925-1926
1438New College, 1947
1439Non-Fraternity Club, 1896
1440N.P.K. Secret Society, 1903
1441Nunnally, Jerry
1442Octagon Building, 1927
1443Old College, 1918-1985
1444Olympic Torch Run, 1996 July 15
1445Pandora Pictures - Beauties, 1944
1446Pandora Pictures - Beauties, 1945
1447Pandora Pictures - "Campus Big Shots", 1945
1448Pandora Pictures - Fraternities, 1945
1449Pandora Pictures - Fraternities, 1946
1450Pandora Pictures - Miscellaneous, 1944
1451Pandora Pictures - Miscellaneous, 1946
1452Pandora Pictures - Miscellaneous
1453Pandora Pictures - Publications, 1945
1454Pandora Pictures - Sororities, 1945
1455Pandora Pictures - Student Activities, 1945
1456Park Hall
1457Payne Hall, 1921
121Peabody, George
1458Peabody, George with Harry Hodgson and David Barrow
1459Peabody Hall
1460Pharmacy School
1461Phi Kappa Presidents, 1903
1462Phi Kappa Hall, 1945-1946
1463Physics Department
1464President's House , 1920-1929
1465-66President's House, Exterior views and grounds
1467President's House, Interior views
1468"Printing in Renaissance Times" (an exhibit at GA Museum of Art), 1975 January 20-February 17
1469Randall, Loren, 1924-1925
151Red and Black, Staff
152The Red and Black, Vol. 1, #1
153Reed Hall
155Reynolds, R.J. visit to the University
156Roosevelt, Franklin at University, 1938
157Rusk Center
158Sanford Field and Stadium, 1890-1899, 1909, 1918
159Science Center
1510Science Hall
1511Senior Parades, ca. 1918, 1920s, 1931
1512Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity, 1882-1899, 1920-1929
1513Sigma Delta Chi, 1947
1514Sigma Nu Fraternity, 1893
1515Snelling Hall
1516Sorority Houses
1517Soule Hall
1518Sphinx, 1931 October 24
Group photograph: Sphinx initiates parody Eugene Talmadge dictatorial interference with the University Faculty
Group photograph identified: W. Carroll Latimer, Vernon Smith, Bill Strickland
1519Strahan House
1520Stewart House, 1920s and undated
1521-22Student Learning Center
1523Student Union, ca. 1950s
1524Students, 1893
Group photograph: Picnic at Mitchell's Bridge near Athens
1525Students, 1895 ( 0 photograph(s) )
1526Students, 1897
Group photograph identified: John Hill, James Dunlap, [?] Hillyer, O.B. Nisbet, Paul Fleming, [?] Lyndon, J.C.C> Black, Robb Ridley, A.O. Haley]
Group photograph unidentified
1527Students, 1890-1899
1528Students, 1910
This posed photograph shows students enjoying all the vices at the University of Georgia.
1529Students, 1918
Photo of man tied to tombstone and unidentified photographs.
1530Students, 1920-1929
2 photographs of students studying in a dorm.
1 photograph of students in a lab.Unidentified photographs.
1530AStudents, 1930-1939
1531Students, 1950-1959
Photo of Students of Jr. Hort from the University of Georgia working in Ragsdale orchard, Cornelia, Georgia adn unidentified photographs.
1533Students - Field Day, 1893 April 30
1534Students - who stayed awake 100 hours, 1938
1535The Summer School News, 1904 July 13
1536The Summer School News, 1905 June 30
1537The Summer School News, 1905 July 14
1538The Summer School News, 1905 July 19
1539The Summer School News, 1905 July 27
1540The Summer School News, 1907 July 30
1541Sundial, 1920-1929
1542Terrell Hall, 1918, 1945-1946
1543Thalian Dramatic Society, 1890-1899
1544Thomason, J.D., 1924-1925
1545Toomb's Oak
1546Unidentified pictures
1547University High School
1548Veterinary Hospital
1549Vietnam Moratorium - Memorial Plaza, 1969 November
1550Vinson, Carl, Visit to University, 1943
1551Voluntary Religious Association
1552Waddell House
1553Waiting on football team to return from out-of-town game
1554Wiehrs, Charlie, 1924-1925
1555Women's Physical Education Building
1556"Yahooites", 1893
1557Y.M.C.A., 1926
1558Y.M.C.A. - Cabinet, 1916-1917
1559Y.M.C.A. - Cabinet, 1924-1925
1560Y.M.C.A. - Cabinet, 1927-1928
1561Y.M.C.A. - Freshmen Cabinet, 1927-1928
1562Y.M.C.A. - Senior Cabinet, 1926-1927

3. General

1563Adams, John
1564Adams, John Q.
1565The Alabama, 1860
1566Albert, Prince of Wales
1567Allston, Washington
1568Ames, Fisher
1569Anderson, E.C., 1904 February
1570Angell, James R.
1571Baldwin, Henry
1572Bancroft, George
1573Barbour, Phillip P.
1574Barlow, Joel
1575Beauregard, G.T.
1576Bedford, England - Kenilworth Castle
1577Black in Stocks, 1866 July 14
1578Blair, John
1579Blalock, S.H., 1911
1580Blatchford, Samuel
1581Bliss, Cornelius N.
1582Bonaparte, Pauline
1583Boudinot, Elias
1584Bowen, John S.
1585Bradley, Joseph P.
1586Bragg, Braxton
1587Braine, John C.
1588Brantly, Dr.
1589Breckinridge, John P.
1590Brewer, David J.
1591Brown, Henry B.
1592Brown, Jacob
1593Brown, John
1594Bryant, William C.
1595Buckingham, James S.
1596Buel, Jesse
1597Bunyan, John
1598Burbank, Luther
1599Burroughs, John
15100Byrd, Richard
15101Cabiniss, Alice
15102Calhoun, John C.
15103Camp Meeting
15104Carver, George W.
15105Cass, Lewis
15107Catron, John
15108Chantrey, Francis
15109Chase, Samuel
15110Cheves, Gilbert X.
15111Clay, Henry
15111Clay, Henry
15112Clifford, Nathan
15113Clinton, DeWitt
15114Clinton, George
15115Clinton, Henry
15116Coffee, John
15117Columbia, South Carolina - Trinity Church
15118Confederate Chieftains
15119Confederate Flag
15120Confederate Sheet Music
15121Confederate States of America, Cabinets
15122Confederate States of America, Constitution Signers
15123Confederate States of America, First Capitol, Inauguration of Davis
15124Conkling, Roscoe
15125Connecticut Valley
15126Continental Government, Seal
15127Continental Soldier
15128Cooper, James Fenimore
15129Cornwallis, Lord
15130Craddock, Charles Egbert
15131Craft, William and Ellen
15132Craig, Mr.
15133Curtis, Benjamin R.
15134Cushing, William
15135Dairy Farm (Fort Dodge, Iowa), 1957 October 15
15136Daniel, Peter V.
15137Daniell, Robert
15138Davis, David
15139Davis, Jefferson
15140Davis, Varina Anne
15141de Fontaine, Felix Gregory
15142De Grasse, Count
15143de Havilland, Olivia, 1939-1967
15144Declaration of Independence (Signing of)
15145Delaware Water Gap
15146Douglas, Stephen A.
15147Douglass, Frederick
15148Duvall, Gabriel
15149Egmont, Earl of
15150Ellsworth, Oliver
15151Ely Cathedral
15152England St. Paul's Cathedral Richmond from the Thames Woolwich
15153Estaing, Charles-Henri, Comte d'
15153AEvans, James E.
15154Everett, Edward
15155Ewell, Richard S.
15156Fairbanks, Douglas, Jr. with Kay Brown
15157Fairchild, Charles S.
15158Featherstonhaugh, William
15159Federal Cavalry on a (sic) Forging Expidition (oil)
15160Field, Stephen Johnson (Member of US Supreme Court from California), 1863-1897
15161Fillmore, Millard
15162Firenze, Italy - Galleria Uffizi, Angels
15163Fisher, Irving, 1910 December
15164Fisk, Katharene (Voice Teacher of Marquerite Hall), 1906
15165Foote, Henry S.
15166Forrest, Nathan Bedford
15167Forsyth, John
15168Forsyth, Robert W.
15169Fort at Metz, Fort at Marville
15170Fort MacArthur - Waco, TX
15171Francis, Milly
161Franklin, Benjamin
162Frederick Augustus
163Frederick Wilhelm I
164Fuller, Melville Weston
165Fulton, Robert
166Galilei, Galileo
167Gallatin, Albert
168Gambling Scene - Denver City, Colorado, 1866
169Gary, James A.
1610Gates, Horatio
1611Gates, Horatio - Letter
1613Gilmor, Harry - Lt. Col.
1614Gilmore, T.A., 1825-1888
1615Girard, Stephen
1616Goldwater, Barry
1617Grant, Ulysses S.
1618Gray, Horace (Member of US Supreme Court from Massachusetts), 1881-1902
1619Greeley, Horace
1620Greendale, Wisconsin - Shopping Center, 1939 September
1621Greene, Nathaniel
1622Gresham, Walter Q.
1623Grier, Robert Cooper (Member of US Supreme Court from Pennsylvania), 1846-1870
1624Griffith, R.J.
1625Grigoriev, Faces of Russia, 1924
1626Hamilton, Mr.
1627Hancock, John
1628Hannah, John A. (President, Michigan State University)
1629Harlan, John Marshall (Member of the US Supreme Court from Kentucky), 1877-1911
1630Harrison, W.H.
1631Hill, Ambrose Powell
1632Hobart, Garret A.
1633"The Homespun Dress," A Dixie Girl's Song , 1863 September
1634Hood, John Bell
1635Houston, Samuel
1636Howe, Julia Ward
1637Hudson River
1638Edward Hulbert and second wife Anna Elizabeth Robinson, 1857
1639Hunt, Ward (Member of US Supreme Court from New York), 1872-1882
1640Iredell, James (Member of US Supreme Court from North Carolina), 1790-1799
1641Jackson, Andrew
1642Jackson, Thomas J. (Stonewall)
1643Jay, John (Chief Justice of US Supreme Court from New York), 1789-1795
1644Jefferson, Thomas
1645Jekyll, Sir Joseph (Master of the Rolls)
1646Johnson, Thomas (Member of US Supreme Court from Maryland), 1791-1793
1647Johnson, William (Member of US Supreme Court from South Carolina), 1804-1834
1648Johnston, Albert Sydney
1649Johnston, James D., 1846
1650Johnston, Joseph E.
1651Judgment Day of Tories
1652Keppel, George - Earl of Albermarle
1653Knox, Henry
1654Lafayette, Le Marquis De
1655Lake Superior
1656Lake Wales, Florida - The Singing Tower
1657Latrobe, Benjamin Henry
1658Lee, Major General Charles
1659Lee, Fitzhugh
1660Lee, Henry
1661Lee, Richard Henry
1662Lee, Robert E., 1840, 1915
1663LeJeune, Major General
1664Lincoln, Abraham - Assasination and in Richmond
1665Lincoln, Abraham (President of the United States of America
1666Livingston, Henry Brockholst (Member of the US Supreme Court General from New York), 1806-1823
1667Lodge, Henry Cabot
1668Logan, John A.
1669Longfellow, Henry W.
1670Low, David - Caricatures, 1926
1671Mackey, Albert Gallatin, 1807-1881
1672MacKenzie, Allister
1673McKinley, John (Member of US Supreme Court from Alabama), 1837-1852
1674McLean, John (Member of US Supreme Court from Ohio), 1829-1861
1675McPherson, James B. Major-General
1676M'Lendon, Hon. S.G.
1677Madison, Doll(e)y Payne
1678Madison, James
1679Map - Coast of East Florida, St. Augustine, 1740
1680Mann, W.
1681Marietta, Ohio - Marietta College
1682Marion, Francis - Gen.
1683Marshall, John
1684Matthews, Jack B. - Brigadier - Gen.
1685Matthews, Stanley (Member of US Supreme Court from Ohio), 1881-1889
1686Meek, Alexander B.
1687Memphis, Tennessee - Riot, 1866
1688Menabrea, General
1689Michaux, Andre
1690Miller, Samuel Freeman (Member of US Supreme Court from Iowa), 1862-1890
1691Moncey, Marechal
1692Monroe, James
1693Montgomery, Richard
1695Moore, Alfred (Member of US Supreme Court from North Carolina)
1696Moore, Samuel Preston
1697Morgan, Daniel
1698Mount Desert, Maine
1699Mount Hood
16100Mount Washington Road (White Mountains)
16101Narragansett - Indian Rock
16102Nash, Richard
16103Nauvoo, Mississippi
16104Nelson, Samuel (Member of US Supreme Court from New York), 1845-1872
16105Neversink River
16106New Orleans - Riots at Convention, 1866
16107Newman, Col. Eugene W.
16108Niagra Falls, 1850
16109Nicholas, Major Samuel (Senior Marine Officer of the Revolution)
16110North Carolina, University - Class of 1913
16111Olivier, Sir Lawrence and Kay Brown
16112Otis, James
16113Ox Cart, A Mountaineer's Wood Cart
16114Paterson, William (Member of the US Supreme Court from New Jersey)
16116Pensacola, Florida, 1743
16117Philadelphia Convention, 1866
16118Pickens, General Andrew
16119Pierce, Frank
16120Pinkney, William
16122Poets - Men, 1919
16123Poets - Women, 1920
16124Polk, James K.
16125Polk, Lieutenant General
16126Porter, William Sidney
16127Pratt, John J.
16128Prescott, William H.
16129Price, General Sterling
16130Putnam, Israel
16131Quintard, Charles Todd
16132Quintard, Charles Todd
16133Quitman, John A.
16134Raines, Gabriel J.
16135Revolution, American, 1779 May
16136Richmond, Virginia - Castle Thunder
16137Richmond, Virginia - Confederate Monument
16138Richmond, Virginia - Davis House
16139Richmond, Virginia in ruins, 1865
16140Rowlandson, Thomas
16141Rowse, A.L.
16142Rural scenes
16143Rutledge, John
16144Ryther, Colonel Dwight
16145St. Clair, TN - View
16146Schuyler, Phillip
16147Scotland - Pass of the rosachs/Loch Katrine with Ellen's Isle
16148Scott, Winfield, 1860-1869
16149Seward, William H.
16150Shadrach (Mr. Warren as...)
16151Shakespeare's House
16152Shaw, E.D.
16153Sherman, William Tecumseh
16154Shotwell, James T.
16155Sibelius, Jean
16156Signers of the Declaration of Independence and US Constitution
16157Signers of US Constitution
16158Slavery, 1862 February 15
16159Souder, James A.
16160Spartanburg, South Carolina - Wofford College, Main Building, 1855
16161Stark, John
16162Steuben, Baron Von
16163Stevens, William Bacon
16164Story, Joseph (Member of US Supreme Court from Massachusetts), 1811-1845
16165Streight, Abel D. Colonel Federal Army, U.S.
16166Strong, William (Member of US Supreme Court from Pennsylvania), 1870-1880
16167Stuart, J.E.B.
16168Stump Speaking
16169Sumpter, Thomas - Major General
16170Sunday, W.A. (Billy), Revitalist and Helen A. Sunday
16171Swayne, Noah Haynes (Member of the US Supreme Court from Ohio), 1862-1881
16172Syrian Shepherds, Mount Lebanon from Beirut
16173Taft, President William Howard
16174Taney, Rodger B. Chief Justice, US Supreme Court from Maryland, 1836-1864
16175Tarawa - US Marine Landing, 1943 November 20-22
16176Tarleton, Lieutenant Colonel
16177Taylor, Zachary
16178Thompson, Smith (Member of US Supreme Court from New York), 1823-1843
16179Tich, Harry , 1910 February
16180Timrod, Henry
16181Timrod, William Henry
16182Todd, Thomas (Member of US Supreme Court from Kentucky), 1807-1826
16183Trimble, Robert (Member of US Supreme Court from Kentucky), 1826-1828
16184Trumbull, Jonathan
16185Tuskeegee, Alabama - Tuskeegee Institute, 1902
16186Tyler, John
16187US Marines, Uniforms, 1776-1918
16188US Naval Heroes
16189Van Buren, Martin
16190Vanderbilt, Cornelius
16191Waite, Morrison Remick (Member of US Supreme Court from Ohio), 1874-1888
16192Wallace, George, 1974
16193Walpole, Horace
16194Warren, Joseph
16195Warwick Castle
16196Washington, DC
16197Washington, DC, 1850
16198Washington, Bushrod (Member of US Supreme Court from Virginia), 1798-1829
16199Washington, George
16200Washington, Colonel William
16201Webster, Daniel
16202Webster, Noah, 1833
16203West Point and Highlands
16204Wilson, James (Member of US Supreme Court from Pennsylvania), 1789
16205Wirt, William
16206Woodburg, Levi (Member of US Supreme Court from New Hampshire), 1845-1851
16207World War I - Army Camp
16208Worth, William J.
16209Wright, Silas
16210Yellowstone Falls, Upper
16211Yosemite Valley, Mirror Lake

4. Historic American Buildings Survey

This series is arranged alphabetically by location, primarily city name, and alphabetically by building name thereunder.
171Arnoldsville, GA - Daniels House
172Athens Hardware Company
173Athens, GA - Camak House
174Athens, GA - Cobb (T.R.R.) House, 1936-1940
175Athens, GA - Chapel (University of Georgia)
176Athens, GA - Dearing House
177Athens, GA - Demosthenian Hall (University of Georgia), 1934-1936
178Athens, GA - Easley (Daniel) House, 1933, 1940
179Athens, GA - First Presbyterian Church, 1935
1710Athens, GA - Gerdine House, 1936
1711Athens, GA - Grady (Henry) House, 1936
1712Athens, GA - Hull-Darwin-Dubose House, 1940
1713Athens, GA - Hunnicutt House (Milledge), 1936
1714Athens, GA - Lucy Cobb Institute, 1936-1940
1715Athens, GA - Lumpkin (Joseph H.) House, 1936, 1940
1716Athens, GA - Lyle-Hunnicutt House, 1936
1717Athens, GA - Mell House, 1935
1718Athens, GA - Nicholson House, 1936
1719Athens, GA - Phi Kappa (University of Georgia), 1936
1720Athens, GA - President's House (University of Georgia), 1934, 1940
1721Athens, GA - Reed House, 1936
1722Athens, GA - Rutherford-Treanor House, 1935
1723Athens, GA - SAE House, 1936
1724Athens, GA - Thomas (Stevens) House (Y.W.C.A.), 1936
1725Athens, GA - Upson House, 1934
1726Atlanta, GA - covered bridge over Soap Creek
1727Augusta, GA - Azalea Cottage
1728Augusta, GA - Broad St. stores (582-590 Broad St.)
1729Augusta, GA - Broad St. stores (600 block)
1730Augusta, GA - Broad St. stores (700 block)
1731Augusta, GA - Chafee House
1732Augusta, GA - Chew-Dearing-Battey House
1733Augusta, GA - Clanton House
1734Augusta, GA - Cottage (261 Watkins St.)
1735Augusta, GA - Court House
1736Augusta, GA - Fruitlands
1737Augusta, GA - Glascock House
1738Augusta, GA - Harper House
1739Augusta, GA - Harper-Cohen House
1740Augusta, GA - High Gate
1741Augusta, GA - House (467 Greene St.)
1742Augusta, GA - Jail
1743Augusta, GA - Kilpatrick House
1744Augusta, GA - Meadow Garden
1745Augusta, GA - Murphy House
1746Augusta, GA - Oertel
1747Augusta, GA - Old Academy of Richmond
1748Augusta, GA - Old Medical College
1749Augusta, GA - Old Jail
1750Augusta, GA - Phinizy House
1751Augusta, GA - Platt House
1752Augusta, GA - Reid-Jones-Carpenter House ("Montrose")
1753Augusta, GA - St. Paul's Cemetery
1754Augusta, GA - St. Paul's Church
1755Augusta, GA - US Arsenal
1756Augusta, GA - Ware-Sibley-Clark House
1757Augusta, GA - White House
1758Augusta, GA - White (Mayor) House
1759Augusta, GA - Woman's Club
1760Barnesville, GA - Gachet House
1761Brunswick, GA - Santa Domingo Mission
1762Cambellton, GA - Beaver House, 1936
1763Clinton, GA - Jade-Barrow House
1764Clinton, GA - Johnson House
1765Clinton, GA - Lowther House
1766Cobbham, GA - Few (Ignatius) House
1767Columbus, GA - Alexander-McGhee-Woodall House
1768Columbus, GA - Cargill House
1769Columbus, GA - Cook-Thomas House
1770Columbus, GA - Crawford House
1771Columbus, GA - Downing House
1772Columbus, GA - Estes-Bowens House ("The Elms")
1773Columbus, GA - Fontaine House
1774Columbus, GA - Mott
1775Columbus, GA - Gunby House
1776Columbus, GA - Muscogee Mills
1777Columbus, GA - Old Bass Place
1778Columbus, GA - Pease House
1779Columbus, GA - Rankin House
1780Columbus, GA - Redd House
1781Columbus, GA - St. Elmo
1782Columbus, GA - Swift House
1783Covington, GA - Carr House
1784Covington, GA - Downs House
1785Covington, GA - Salem Camp Ground
1786Covington, GA - Spence-Harris House
1787Crawfordsville, GA - Liberty Hall
1788Cumberland Island, GA - Dungeness
1789Dahlonega, GA - Courthouse
1790Dahlonega, GA - Old Hotel
1791Darien, GA - Ashantilly
1792Darien, GA - Altama
1793Darien, GA - African American Cabin, 1936
1794Darien, GA - Tolomato Mission
1795Fairburn, GA - Beaver House, Campbellton
1796Fairburn, GA - Old Campbell County Courthouse
1797Glynn County, St. Simon's Island - Cannons Point Kitchen Remains, 1935
1798Glynn County, St. Simon's Island - Fort Frederica
1799Glynn County, St. Simon's Island - Fort Frederica, King's Magazine
17100Glynn County, St. Simon's Island - Fort Frederica, South Storehouse Remains
17101Glynn County, St. Simon's Island - Frederica, Barracks Remains
17102Glynn County, St. Simon's Island - Frederica, Calwell House Remains, 1958 May
17103Glynn County, St. Simon's Island - Frederica, Dubignon House Remains, 1958 May
17104Glynn County, St. Simon's Island - Frederica, Foundation in North East Bastion, 1958 May
17105Glynn County, St. Simon's Island - Frederica, Hawkins-Davison House, 1958 May
17106Glynn County, St. Simon's Island - Frederica, Houston House Bins, 1958 May
17107Glynn County, St. Simon's Island - Frederica, Humble House Remains, 1958 May
17108Glynn County, St. Simon's Island - Frederica, Levally House Remains, 1958 May
17109Glynn County, St. Simon's Island - Frederica, Mackay House Remains, 1958 May
17110Glynn County, St. Simon's Island - Frederica, Welch House Remains, 1958 May
17111Glynn County, St. Simon's Island - Hamilton Plantation, Slave Cabin and Barn
17112Glynn County, St. Simon's Island - Rest House (ruins)
17113Glynn County, St. Simon's Island - Retreat House
17114Glynn County, St. Simon's Island - Slave Hospital and Greenhouse Retreat Plantation
17115Griffin, GA - Bailey-Tebeault House
17116Griffin, GA - Drewry House
17117Griffin, GA - Gibson House
17118Griffin, GA - Nichols House
181-2Haddock, GA - Blount House, 1934, 1936
183High Shoals, GA - Casulon Plantation
184Hoschton, GA (vicinity) - Cochran Log House, 1936
185Isle of Hope, GA - Fort Wymberly
186Isle of Hope, GA - Rice Mill
187Isle of Hope, GA - Slave Cabin and Wellhead
188Jefferson, GA - Bell-Maddox House
189Jefferson, GA - Etheridge-Stanton House
1810Jefferson, GA - Harrison Hotel
1811Jefferson, GA - Presbyterian Church
1812Jefferson, GA - Pendergrass Store
1813Jekyll Island - Horton House Remains
1814Knoxville, GA - Courthouse
1815LaFayette, GA - Marsh-Warthen House
1816LaGrange, GA - Atkinson House
1817LaGrange, GA - Beall-Dallis House
1818LaGrange, GA - Boddie House
1819LaGrange, GA - Cameron House
1820LaGrange, GA - Culberson House, 1936
1821LaGrange, GA - Edwards House
1822LaGrange, GA - Huntley House
1823LaGrange, GA - Render House
1824LaGrange, GA - Todd House
1825Lexington, GA - Cox-Chedel House
1826Lexington, GA - Cox-Steward Farm, 1936
1827Lexington, GA - Gilmer House
1828Lexington, GA - Platt House
1829Lexington, GA - Saims-Bacon House, 1937
1830Lexington, GA - Willingham-Wadkins House
1831Louisville, GA - Slave Market
1832Macon, GA - Andrews House
1833Macon, GA - Baber House
1834Macon, GA - Birdsey House
1835Macon, GA - Callaway House
1836Macon, GA - Canning House
1837Macon, GA - Christ Church, Rectory
1838Macon, GA - Cowles House
1839Macon, GA - Emerson and Holmes
1840Macon, GA - Holt House
1841Macon, GA - Miller House
1842Macon, GA - Poe House
1843Macon, GA - Slade Houses and Old State Bank
1844Macon, GA - Small House
1845Madison, GA - Newton House
1846Madison, GA - Thurleston
1847Marietta, GA - Fraser-Couper House
1848Marshalville, GA - Felton (Billy) House
1849Marshalville, GA - McCaskill-Rumph House
1850Marshalville, GA - Rumph House
1851Marshalville, GA - Slappey House
1852Marshalville, GA - Coach Inn
1853Marshalville, GA - Wade (Frederick) House
1854Midway, GA - Church
1855Milledgeville, GA - Bell House, December 1936
1856Milledgeville, GA - Boykin Hall, 1936-1937
1857Milledgeville, GA - The Cedars, 1936
1858Milledgeville, GA - Conn House, 1936
1859Milledgeville, GA - Johnson-Ennis House, 1936 June
1860Milledgeville, GA - Mount Nebo, 1934 March
1861Milledgeville, GA - Old Governor's Mansion, 1934, 1936 December
1862Milledgeville, GA - Old State Capitol, 1936 June- 1937 January
1863Milledgeville, GA - State Hospital, 1937 January
1864Milledgeville, GA - Stetson-Sanford House, 1936 June-December
1865Milledgeville, GA - Tucker (Dan)-Hatcher House, 1937 January
1866Milledgeville, GA - Westover, 1934 March, 1936
1867Milledgeville, GA - Williams-Ferguson House, 1936
1868Milledgeville, GA - Williams-Orme House, 1936 December
1869Monroe, GA - Briscoe-Selman House, 1936
1870Monroe, GA - Davis House
1871Oxford, GA - Few Literary Society Hall, 1936
1872Oxford, GA - Old Emory Church
1873Oxford, GA - Phi Gamma Hall
1874Panola, GA - Latimer-Felton House
1875Ridgeville, GA - Epping House
1876Rincon, GA - Jerusalem Church
1877RockSprings, GA - Carter's Quarters
1878Rome, GA - Thornwood
1879Roswell, GA - Barrington Hall
1880Roswell, GA - Bulloch Hall
1881Roswell, GA - Lewis House
1882Roswell, GA - Mimosa Hall
1883Roswell, GA - Old Methodist Church
1884St. Mary's, GA - Orange Hall, 1936
1885St. Mary's, GA - Santa Maria Mission
1886Sapelo Island, GA - Spanish Fort (ruins)
1887Savannah, GA - Arnold House
1888Savannah, GA - Bank: 19 East Bay St.
1889Savannah, GA - Bank (US), Branch of
1890Savannah, GA - Battersby-Anderson House
1891Savannah, GA - Bonticou (Timothy) Double House
1892Savannah, GA - Broughton (East) St. Houses (312-314)
1893Savannah, GA - Central of Georgia Railroad Bridges
1894Savannah, GA - Charlton House
1895Savannah, GA - Christ Church
1896Savannah, GA - Clark (William) House
1897Savannah, GA - Cluskey (Charles B.) Embankment Stores
1898Savannah, GA - Cunningham House
1899Savannah, GA - Customs House
18100Savannah, GA - Davenport House
18101Savannah, GA - Denis House
18102Savannah, GA - Factor's Warehouse
18103Savannah, GA - First African Baptist Church
191Savannah, GA - Fort Pulaski
18104Savannah, GA - Fort Wayne
18105Savannah, GA - Gibbons Block
18106Savannah, GA - Gordon Row
18107Savannah, GA - Green-Meldrim House
18108Savannah, GA - Habersham House (Pink House)
18109Savannah, GA - Harbor Beacon
18110Savannah, GA - Harris (East) St. Houses (118-124)
192Savannah, GA - Hermitage Plantation
18111Savannah, GA - Houston-Johnston-Soreven House
18112Savannah, GA - Hunter-Mackay House
18113Savannah, GA - Independent Presbyterian Church
18114Savannah, GA - LePage House
18115Savannah, GA - Low House
18116Savannah, GA - McAlpin House
18117Savannah, GA - MacIntosh House
18118Savannah, GA - Minis House
18119Savannah, GA - Oglethorpe (West) St. House (115)
18120Savannah, GA - Old Christ Church
18121Savannah, GA - Ravenel House
18122Savannah, GA - Reid Servants' House
18123Savannah, GA - Remshart (William) Row Houses
18124Savannah, GA - Richardson-Owen-Thomas House
18125Savannah, GA - Roberts (Hiram) House
18126Savannah, GA - Scarborough House
18127Savannah, GA - Smets House
18128Savannah, GA - Sorrel-Weed House
18129Savannah, GA - Spencer-Woodbridge House
18130Savannah, GA - Telfair Academy
18131Savannah, GA - Tobias House
18132Savannah, GA - Trinity Church
18133Savannah, GA - Wayne-Gordan House
18134Savannah, GA - Waring House
18135Savannah, GA - Wetter House
193Savannah, GA - Wild Heron
18136Savannah, GA - York St. House (203)
18137Savannah, GA - York St. Tenement Houses (421-423)
194Sparta, GA - Little House, 1936 August
195Sparta, GA - Sayre-Turner-Shivers House, 1936 August
196Sparta, GA - Terrell House, 1936 August
197Spring Place, GA - Vann House
198Talbotton, GA - Episcopal Church
199Talbotton, GA - Hill-Leonard House
1910Talbotton, GA - Leonard House
1911Talbotton, GA - Maxwell House
1912Talbotton, GA - Methodist Church
1913Talbotton, GA - Straus le Vert Memorial Hall
1914Toccoa, GA - Traveler's Rest
1915Washington, GA - Alexander House
1916Washington, GA - Presbyterian Church
1917Washington, GA - Toombs House
1918Washington, GA - Wingfield-Cade House
1919Watkinsville, GA - Eagle Tavern
1920Waynesboro, GA - Munnerlyn House
1921West Point, GA - Booker House
1922Whitesville, GA - Davidson House
1923Woodbine, GA - Refuge Plantation

5. Oversize University of Georgia photographs

1Academic Building, 1933-1937
2Ag Hill
201Ag Hill
4Agricultural College, Georigia Univ., 1914
5Agricultural College, Student and Faculty
6Alumni Club, NY, 1908
7Alumni Record
8Athletics, Conference Basketball Champions, 1932
9Athletics, Football, 1895
202Athletics, Football, 1902
11Athletics, Football Team, 1910-1911
12Athletics, Football, 1924
13Athletics, Football, circa 1929
14Baldwin Hall
203Biological Laboratory
204Biological Museum
18Campus View, 1870
19Campus View, 1900-1999
205Campus View (from Gleason's), 1854
120Candler Hall
20Chapel, 1932
206Chemical Laboratory
207Chi Omega Members, 1950-1951
208Chi Phi Fraternity, 1870
209Chi Phi Fraternity, 1904
25Chi Psi Fraternity, 1908
26Class of 1866-1867, 1866-1867
2010Class of 1868, 1868
28Class of 1869, 1869
2011Class of 1898, 1898
29Class of 1888, Reunion 1938, 1938
31Class of 1902, 1902
118Class of 1914, 1914
33Commerce-Journalism Building
2012Demosthenian Hall
35Demosthenian Hall Photograph and Badge
2013Forest History Society Certificate
2014Forestry School: Studetns and Faculty
38Founder's Memorial Garden, 1966
39Glee Club, 1908
2015Harold Hirsch Hall
41Invitation to Princeton's Sesquicentinnial, 1896
2016Ivy Building
43Kappa Alpha Fraternity, 1894
44Kappa Alpha Fraternity, 1906-1907
45Kappa Alpha Fraternity, 1908-1909
46Kappa Alpha Fraternity, 1910
47Kappa Alpha Fraternity
48Law Class, 1889
49Law Class, 1895
50Law Class, 1896
51Law Class, 1897
52Law Class, 1898
53Law Class, 1899
54Law Class, 1901
55Law Class, 1904
56Law Class, 1909
2017Law School, 1926
58Law School Building
59Library-Old (Georgia Musem of Art)
60Library-Old (Georgia Musem of Art)-[blueprint], 1905
61Mace and Medallion-sketches by Robert Ebendorf
62Map, University of Georgia
63Memorial Hall
2018Memorial Hall
65Military Training
2019Milledge Hall
2020Murray, Co., GA- Martin (John) House
67National Football Foundation and Hall of Fame Program, 1959
2021New College
69Old College, 1902
70Pandora, 1941-1942
2022Pandora Staff, 1926
2023Park Hall
73Phi Delta Chi Fraternity, Charter, 1937
2024Phi Kappa Hall
2025Philological Library
2026Physiological Laboratory
77President's Home
78Red and Black, Little Commencement Issue, 1936
2027The Red and Black Vo.1, No. 1, 1893
80R.O.T.C., 1917
81Sanders. Carl (Gov.), Christmas Card, 1964
82Sanford Stadium, 1929, 1958
83Sanford, S.V., Resolutions on his death, 1946
84Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity
85Sigma Nu Fraternity, 1890
89Students, 1910
90Studies Abroad Poster, 1978
2028Sophmore Class, 1868
2029Sophmore Class, 1909
2030Soule Hall
2031Terrell Hall
92"To the Ladies of Athens" (sketch), 1897
93University Batallion, 1900-1901
116Unidentified, 1919
117Unidentified Pictures
2032U.S. War Department Certificate
2033Vet School Building
2034World War I Navy Unit, 1918