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Harry Crews papers

Harry Crews papers

Descriptive Summary

Title: Harry Crews papers
Creator: Crews, Harry, 1935-2012
Inclusive Dates: 1953-2006
Language(s): English
Extent: 43.8 Linear Feet 77 document boxes, 7 half boxes, 6 oversized boxes
Collection Number: ms3340
Repository: Hargrett Library

Collection Description

Historical Note

Harry Crews (1935-2012) was a prolific novelist, born in Bacon County, Georgia. For futher information, see the article Harry Crews (1935-2012) at New Georgia Encyclopedia.

Scope and Content

The collection consists of the literary papers of American writer Harry Crews. These papers document his writing career up through the publication of his twentieth book, An American Family: The Child With the Curious Marking (2006). Typed and holograph manuscripts, correspondence, clippings, conference material, awards, literary and film contracts, financial statements, and photographs make up the bulk of materials, which generally date from the mid-1960s onward.

Correspondence includes Crews' mentor Andrew Lytle (who first published Crews in The Sewanee Review), letters from college friends/apprentice writers, and rejection slips and correspondences from prospective literary agents and publishers. Letters from the period when Crews published his first two novels -- The Gospel Singer, Naked in Garden Hills - include correspondence with his first literary agent, Bert Cochran, of American Authors, Inc., with John Hawkins of Paul Reynolds, Inc., who succeeded Cochran, and with Crews' editor at William Morrow, Jim Landis. Correspondence appears from other American writers - John Ciardi, Seymour Epstein, Maxine Kumin, William Meredith, Henry Van Dyke and others -- with whom Crews became acquainted through the Bread Loaf Writers Conference and the University of Florida Writers Conference, the latter which he co-directed between 1970-1974 with fellow UF writer and professor Smith Kirkpatrick. Other writers represented include Malcolm Braly, Robert Olen Butler, Erskine Caldwell, Daniel Mark Epstein, Barry Hannah, Jim Harrison, Joseph Heller, James Leo Herlihy, William Hjortsberg, Maxine Kumin, Norman Mailer, Tom McGuane, Tim McLaurin, Donn Pearce, James Tiptree, Dan Wakefield, Charles Willeford and Miller Williams.

In the 1970s there is also correspondence between Crews and his friend and fellow Florida writer/screenwriter Donn Pearce describing the screenwriting business, and an increasing flow of letters from anxious would-be producers seeking options on his novels. This period also is marked by the appearance of correspondence with editors at Playboy and Esquire, with whom Crews contracted to write magazine articles and (at Esquire) a monthly column, and with subsequent publishers and editors at Atheneum, Harper & Row, and Alfred A. Knopf in the United States and at Martin Secker & Warburg in England.

In the 1990s correspondence files begin to include writers like Jay Atkinson, former student of Crews', and Mississippi novelist Larry Brown, who first approached Crews as a fan in 1990 and with whom he would remain friends until Brown's death in 2004.

Administrative Information

Restrictions on Use

Copyright is retained by the literary estate. Restrictions: No photocopying without written permission of Harry Crews' designated literary executor. Also, "Assault of Memory, unpublished chapters" files (Works-Extended Works series) are closed, unless a waiver of this restriction is obtained from Harry Crews' literary executor.

Persons seeking photocopy permission, or permission to view "Assault of Memory, unpublished chapters," should address a request, stating briefly what their research purpose is (possible publication; classroom instruction; etc.) to: Byron Crews, 218 South Winter Street, Apt. 8, Yellow Springs, OH 45387

Preferred Citation

Harry Crews papers, ms3340, Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library, University of Georgia Libraries.

Immediate Source of Acquisition

The Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library purchased the papers of Georgia-born writer Harry Crews, from the author, in 2006.

Finding Aid Publication

Finding aid prepared on: 2009 June 29.

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Authors, American.
Clippings (information artifacts)
Financial statements.
Holographs (autographs)
Manuscripts (documents)

Series Descriptions and Folder Listing


1. Correspondence

11 box(es)
The material in this series ranges from exchanges with editors, agents, family and fellow writers, to Crews' apprentice-period rejection slips, fan mail, Christmas cards, and correspondence with scholars, reporters and academic acquaintances from the lecture circuit. Incoming correspondence is much heavier (approx. 1600 items) than outgoing (approximately 200). Crews' letters to others include handwritten drafts, typed and occasionally signed copies and carbons. Business letters designed primarily as contracts are filed in Business and Legal Papers; however, cover letters (for manuscripts or contracts, for example) that discuss other matters are filed in Correspondence, and preservation photocopies have been created and appended to the materials to which they originally came attached. Correspondence files occasionally include enclosures, such as clippings, works by others, and photographs; but all photos in which Crews is present have been removed to Series 5, Photographs. In instances where photographs, drawings, copies of writing, articles or other enclosures have been removed, preservation photocopies have been inserted with pertinent cross-references.
111962 June (3 letters, 1 postcard)
121962 July (3 letters)
131962 August (2 letters)
141962 September (2 letters)
151962 October (3 letters, 2 postcards)
161962 November (8 letters)
171962 December (2 letters, 1 notecard)
181963 January (4 letters, 1 postcard)
191963 February (2 letters)
1101963 March (2 letters)
1111963 April (4 letters)
1121963 May (3 letters, 1 notecard)
1131963 June (2 letters)
1141963 July (1 letter)
1151963 August (1 letter)
1161963 September (1 letter)
1171963 October (2 letters)
1181963 November (1 letter)
1191963 December (2 letters, 1 Christmas card)
1201964 January (6 letters)
1211964 February (9 letters)
1221964 March (5 letters)
1231964 April (2 letters,1 postcard)
1241964 May (5 letters)
1251964 June (3 letters)
1261964 July (1 notecard)
1271964 August (1 letter)
1281964 September (2 letters)
1291964 November (1 letter)
1301965 February (3 letters)
1311965 May (1 letter)
1321965 September (2 letters)
1331965 October (2 letters)
1341965 November (1 letter)
1351966 May (1 letter)
136August 1966 (1 letter)
1371966 September (2 letters)
1381966 October (4 letters)
1391966 November (1 letter)
1401967 February (1 letter)
1411967 March (2 letters)
1421967 April (3 letters)
1431967 May (5 letters)
1441967 June (8 letters)
1451967 July (3 letters)
1461967 August (3 letters)
1471967 September
1481967 October (4 letters)
1491967 November (6 letters)
1501967 December (9 letters)
211968 January (21 letters, 1 notecard)
221968 February (13 letters, 1 telegram, 1 notecard)
231968 March (9 letters, 1 telegram)
241968 April (7 letters)
251968 May (13 letters)
261968 June (8 letters)
271968 July (7 letters)
281968 August (2 letters)
291968 September (7 letters)
2101968 October (5 letters)
2111968 November (9 letters)
2121968 December (7 letters, 2 Christmas cards)
2131969 January (8 letters)
2141969 February (13 letters)
2151969 March (10 letters)
2161969 April (22 letters, 1 postcard)
2171969 May (12 letters, 1 telegram)
2181969 June (7 letters)
2191969 July (8 letters)
2201969 August (12 letters, 1 postcard)
2211969 September (11 letters)
2221969 October (7 letters)
2231969 November (16 letters, 2 telegrams)
2241969 December (25 letters, 2 Christmas cards)
311970 January (7 letters, 1 New Year's card)
321970 February (17 letters)
331970 March (16 letters)
341970 April (21 letters, 2 telegrams)
351970 May (30 letters)
361970 June (16 letters, 1 postcard)
371970 July (15 letters)
381970 August (11 letters)
391970 September (25 letters, 1 postcard, 1 notecard)
3101970 October (13 letters)
3111970 November (16 letters, 1 postcard, 1 notecard)
3121970 December (14 letters, 2 Christmas cards)
411971 January (8 letters, 1 telegram)
421971 February (15 letters)
431971 March (17 letters, 1 notecard)
441971 April (14 letters)
451971 May (15 letters, 1 postcard)
461971 June (7 letters)
471971 July (8 letters)
481971 August (15 letters, 1 postcard)
491971 September (8 letters)
4101971 October (11 letters)
4111971 November (15 letters, 1 postcard)
4121971 December (11 letters, 1 Christmas card)
4131972 January (14 letters)
4141972 February (13 letters, 1 postcard)
4151972 March (14 letters, 1 postcard)
4161972 April (9 letters)
4171972 May (11 letters)
4181972 June (7 letters)
4191972 July (7 letters)
4201972 August (3 letters)
4211972 September (7 letters)
4221972 October (6 letters)
4231972 November (8 letters)
4241972 December (7 letters)
511973 January (6 letters)
521973 February (2 letters)
531973 March (11 letters)
541973 April (8 letters)
551973 May (4 letters, 1 notecard)
561973 June (1 letter)
571973 August (1 letter)
581973 September (2 letters)
591973 October (9 letters)
5101973 November (4 letters)
5111973 December (4 letters)
5121974 January (1 letter)
5131974 February (2 letters)
5141974 March (3 letters)
5151974 April (8 letters)
5161974 May (8 letters)
5171974 June (3 letters, 2 postcards)
5181974 July (3 letters)
5191974 September (8 letters, 1 postcard)
5201974 October (2 letters)
5211974 November (5 letters)
5221974 December (10 letters)
5231975 January (6 letters, 1 notecard)
5241975 February (2 letters)
5251975 March (7 letters, 1 notecard)
5261975 April (2 letters)
5271975 May (3 letters)
5281975 July (2 letters)
5291975 September (1 letter, 1 telegram)
5301975 October (4 letters)
5311975 November (2 letters)
5321975 December (4 letters)
611976 January (8 letters)
621976 February (4 letters)
631976 March (7 letters)
641976 April (3 letters)
651976 May (4 letters)
661976 June (3 letters)
671976 July (1 letters)
681976 August (7 letters, 1 notecard)
691976 September (9 letters)
6101976 October (3 letters)
6111976 November (5 letters)
6121976 December (3 letters)
6131977 January (2 letters)
6141977 March (1 letter)
6151977 April (2 letters)
6161977 May (8 letters)
6171977 June (2 letters)
6181977 August (1 letter)
6191977 September (1 letter)
6201978 February (3 letters)
6211978 March (1 letter)
6221978 August (2 letters)
6231978 September (5 letters, 1 postcard)
6241978 October (6 letters)
6251978 November (8 letters)
6261978 December (9 letters)
6271979 January (4 letters)
6281979 February (3 letters)
6291979 March (6 letters)
6301979 April (3 letters)
6311979 June (3 letters)
6321979 July (7 letters)
6331979 August (5 letters)
6341979 September (1 letter)
6351979 October (1 letter)
6361979 November (1 letter)
6371979 December (1 letter)
711980 January (1 letter)
721980 April (1 letter)
731980 October (1 letter)
741981 January (2 letters)
751982 January (1 letter)
761982 March (1 letter)
771982 May (3 letters)
781983 July (1 letter)
791983 November (1 letter)
7101984 April (1 letter)
7111984 May (2 letters)
7121984 June (1 letter)
7131984 August (2 letters)
7141984 September (3 letters)
7151984 November (1 letter)
7161985 January (1 letter)
7171985 May (1 letter)
7181985 September (1 letter)
7191985 December (1 letter)
7201986 February (1 letter)
7211986 May (1 letter)
7221987 January (1 telegram)
7231987 February (1 notecard)
7241987 May (1 letter)
7251987 June (1 letter)
7261987 December (3 letters)
7271988 February (1 letter)
7281988 April (4 letters)
7291988 May (1 letter)
7301988 June (1 letter)
7311988 July (1 notecard)
7321989 January (1 letter)
7331989 April (2 letters)
7341989 May (2 letters)
7351989 June (2 letters)
7361989 October (2 letters)
7371989 December (1 letter)
7381990 January (3 letters)
7391990 February (1 letter)
7401990 March (1 letter)
7411990 April (1 letter)
7421990 May (1 letter)
7431990 September (2 letters)
7441990 October (2 letters)
7451990 November (1 notecard)
7461990 December (2 letters)
7471991 January (1 letter)
7481991 April (1 letter)
7491991 May (7 letters)
7501991 June (4 letters, 1 notecard)
7511991 August (1 letter)
7521991 October (1 letter)
7531991 November (1 letter)
7541992 January (1 letter)
7551992 February (1 notecard)
7561992 March (1 letter, 1 notecard)
7571992 April (1 letter)
7581992 September (1 letter)
7591992 October (1 letter)
7601992 November (1 letter)
7611993 February (2 letters)
7621993 June (2 letters)
7631993 July (2 letters)
7641993 August (2 letters)
7651993 November (1 letter)
7661994 March (1 letter)
7671994 August (1 letter)
7681994 October (1 letter)
7691994 November (1 letter)
7701994 December (2 letters)
811995 January (2 letters)
821995 February (1 letter)
831995 April (2 letters)
841995 May (2 letters)
851995 June (2 letters)
861995 July (1 letter)
871995 August (1 letter)
881995 October (1 letter)
891995 November (4 letters)
8101995 December (1 letter)
8111996 January (1 letter)
8121996 February (3 letters)
8131996 March (3 letters)
8141996 May (1 letter)
8151996 June (4 letters, 1 notecard)
8161996 July (9 letters)
8171996 August (3 letters)
8181996 September (10 letters)
8191996 October (12 letters)
8201996 November (2 letters)
8211997 January (4 letters)
8221997 February (8 letters)
8231997 March (4 letters)
8241997 April (2 letters)
8251997 May (3 letters)
8261997 June (9 letters)
8271997 July (4 letters)
8281997 August (2 letters)
8291997 September (1 letter, 1 notecard)
8301997 October (6 letters)
8311997 November (2 letters)
8321997 December (4 letters, 2 Christmas cards)
8331998 January (6 letters, 1 fax)
8341998 February (1 letter, 1 notecard)
8351998 March (4 letters)
8361998 April (1 letter)
8371998 May (2 letters)
8381998 July (3 letters)
8391998 August (2 letters)
8401998 September (2 letters)
8411998 October (3 letters)
8421998 December (1 Christmas card)
911999 January (1 letter)
921999 February (1 letter)
931999 April (4 letters, 1 postcard)
941999 May (1 letter)
951999 June (1 letter)
961999 July (1 letter)
971999 August (3 letters)
981999 September (3 letters)
991999 October (4 letters)
9101999 November (2 letters)
9111999 December (2 Christmas cards)
9122000 January (7 letters)
9132000 February (4 letters)
9142000 March (5 letters)
9152000 April (17 letters)
9162000 May (7 letters, 1 postcard)
9172000 June (2 letters, 1 postcard)
9182000 August (2 letters)
9192000 September (1 letter)
9202000 October (2 letters)
9212000 November (1 letter)
9222000 December (1 letter, 1 Christmas card)
9232001 February (3 letters, 1 notecard)
9242001 March (1 letter)
9252001 April (3 letters)
9262001 May (3 letters)
9272001 June (4 letters, 1 postcard)
9282001 July (2 letters)
9292001 August (1 notecard)
9302001 September (2 letters)
9312001 November (2 letters)
9322001 December (1 letter)
9332002 February (4 letters)
9342002 March (3 letters, 1 notecard)
9352002 April (6 letters)
9362002 May (1 letter)
9372002 June (1 notecard)
9382002 August (2 letters)
9392002 October (2 letters)
9402002 November (1 letter)
9412002 December (3 letters)
1012003 May (1 letter)
1022003 July (1 letter)
1032003 August (2 letters)
1042004 April (1 letter)
1052004 May (1 letter)
1062004 June (2 letters)
1072004 July (1 letter)
1082004 September (1 letter)
1092004 November (1 letter)
10102005 January (1 letter)
10112005 February (1 letter)
10122005 March (5 letters)
10132005 April (3 letters)
10142005 May (2 letters)
10152005 June (3 letters)
10162005 August (7 letters)
10172005 September (1 letter)
10182005 December (1 letter)
111-75A-Z (115 letters, 4 notecards, 3 Christmas cards, 1 postcard)
1176Publishers' Rejection Slips (9 rejection slips)
1177Empty envelopes (43 envelopes)

2. Works

60 box(es)
The Works series documents Crews' work from his first publication (the short story "An Unattached Smile," 1963) through An American Family (2006). The series includes all Crews' published novels, most of his stories, essays, journalism, reviews and other nonfiction writings, original screenplays, working and final scripts for his play Blood Issue, and some unpublished works of various types and lengths. Screenplays of Crews' novels adapted by other writers have been filed with the original works. The majority of the Works files contain Crews' handwritten and typescript drafts and revisions of his publications. In several instances notes and research materials, publisher's proofs of articles and books, and periodicals containing short works and excerpts of extended works are present; as are some publisher promotional materials, book jackets, and illustrative materials. Portions of one box - Assault of Memory - are restricted.Writings files are arranged in three groups: 1) Extended Works, 2) Short Works, and 3) Articles, Essays, Reviews. In general, Crews' books, short stories, and screenplays are filed by the published title or, if unpublished, by the last working title. His articles and essays have been filed under Crews' working titles (when extant) rather than published titles, and his book reviews are filed by the book's title. Under each title, as best as possible, drafts have been organized in order of composition from earliest to latest, with fragments grouped together prior to complete drafts.

2.1 Extended Works

12 All We Need of Hell
Corrected typescript (formerly The Enthusiast)
Corrected typescript
Corrected typescript
Corrected typescript
Typescript, titled In the Nation of the Heart
131Typescript. Typesetting copy. (Early title: Also Going to War)
An American Family
132Corrected typescript, The Strangely Marked Baby
133Corrected typescript, The Strangely marked Baby
135Typescript fragments
141Corrected typescript fragments
142Typescript (incomplete)
143Typescript (incomplete)
With computer diskette and CD of same, dated 01/11/2005.
With cover letter dated January 18, 2005
Assault of Memory
RESTRICTED: These folders (1-2, 11-13) relating to unpublished chapters of the memoir Assault of Memory are closed until Crews' surviving brother passes away.
153Fragment [Chap. 4]
154Corrected manuscript. "Memoirs- Opening."
155Corrected typescript "Mama is Dead, Long Live Love and Hard Times."
156Corrected manuscript. "The Death of a Lady
157Corrected manuscript. "Memoirs- Opening."
158Corrected manuscript. "Memoir-Pages from Memoir that are in it."
159Corrected manuscript. "Chapter Two." "Pages that are in the book."
1510Corrected manuscript
"Pages that are in the book."
Blood and Grits
161[List of projected contents.] Typescript w/ handwritten additions
162Corrected typescript
163Typescript. Typesetting copy
164Printer's sample
165Cover design, HarperCollins, ed., 1988
16 Blood Issue
"No Apologies." ("Effort to Find Blood Issue") Corrected typescript
Corrected typescript. "Working Draft."
Corrected typescript. "Finished May 17, 1988."
Corrected typescript
171Corrected typescript. Fragment
172Corrected typescript
173Corrected typescript
174Corrected typescript
175Corrected typescript
177Corrected [p.1 only] typescript
178Corrected typescript
179Corrected typescript
1710Corrected typescript
1711Revisions (dated). "St. Paul, Minn., 3/17-18"
1712Revisions (dated). "Louisville.", 1989 January 19-20
1713Revisions (dated), 1989 January 23
181Script (Up to date version as of opening night), 1989 March 4
With copy of Klementowski letter, 4/6/89; replacement pages
182Revisions (undated)
183Script ("1/25/89"), signed by author, 1989 January 25
184Script ("1/25/89"), with dated revisions "2/6/89" and "2/12/89") inserted
185Script, ("2/15/89")
186Script, Changes 1/25/89 3/4/89 Created 1/25/89
("Approved for typesetting").
188Script, ("Revised 3/20/90")
"Play as...performed... St. Louis & St. Paul."
192Script, ("1/25/89")
193"A Few Words about Blood Issue." Typescript
194"A Few Words About Blood Issue." Manuscript, 1990 April 17
195Actors contact sheet, Louisville
196Program, Actors Theatre of Louisville, 1989 March
197Program: "New American Plays.", 1989 March 1-April 8
198Press release/ advertising information for St. Paul production
199Program, UNC Greensboro, 1992 February 19-23
1910Piedmont Playbill, 1992
1911 Big Southern Playwrights
19 Body
Manuscript fragments
Corrected typescript
Corrected typescript
1 with note in pencil: "Early pages of 1st draft. About 1984."
Corrected typescript
Corrected typescript
Corrected typescript
201Corrected typescript
202Corrected typescript
(with cover letters between author and publisher, dated 10/17/89 and 1/18/90)
232Typescript. Copy editor's copy
(with cover letter, 5/1/91)
233Printer's proofs
234Excerpt, Published in Playboy, 1990 August
235Publisher's catalog entry
24 Boomtown
Corrected typescript
"Final Revision" Typescript, 1982 June 24
24 Car
Corrected typescript
Corrected typescript, 1970 September 7
Typescript. Typesetter's copy
"Books for Winter, 1971-72" catalog, William Morrow
24Car (Screenplay)
3x5 cards
Corrected typescript ("Begun March 27, 1972... Finished April 5...")
("Screen adaptation by Harry Crews from his novel...First Revision 4/24/72"). Corrected typescript
"Screenplay by Harry Crews... from his novel. First draft. Revised 5-30-72."
Screenplay by Harry Crews and Bruce Dickson. "5/1/2000, second draft."
25 Celebration
Manuscript fragments
Manuscript fragments
Typescript fragments, early drafts
"May Pole." Corrected typescript
"Trailer." Corrected typescript
"Trailer." Corrected typescript
"The Chance of Ultimate Possibility." Typescript fragments
"Circus Act." Working draft segments
261"Circus Act." 3rd rewrite, 1991 Ocober 19
262"Circus Act." Typescript
263"Circus Act." Corrected typescript
271"Circus Act." Typescript
272"Circus Act." Typescript
273"Singing" (running title). Typescript
281"Singing" (running title). Corrected typescript
282"Celebration of Death." Typescript
283"Celebration of Death." Typescript
291"Celebration of Death."
292Publisher's "Author questionnaire," completed by HC
293Dust jacket design
294Publisher promotional material, 4 p. Catalog, Winter, 1999
29 Classic Crews
Typesetter's copy
Introduction. "Part of early draft"-Post-It®. Fragments
Introduction. "Early effort..." Corrected typescript
Introduction. "Draft... corrections entered 1/5/93." Corrected typescript
Introduction. "Draft." Corrected typescript
Introduction. Typescript
Pre-publication materials, tentative contents and cover material
29 A Childhood: The Biography of a Place
Opening section. 1st draft. Manuscript
Manuscript fragment
"Biography of a Place." Corrected typescript, 1976 October 14
"Biography of a Place." Corrected typescript
301Biography of a Place. Typescript
302Corrected typescript
304Typescript fragments, with editor's notes and author's revisions
305University of Georgia Press edition illustrations, catalog
Includes copy of Press' cover letter, L. Sutton 6/8/95; memo to George Kingson (w/HC's comment).
31 A Delicate Wound
Corrected typescript
31 The Enthusiast
"Original MS" "Novel begun ... September 17, 1972."
Corrected typescript
Chapters 1-5. Corrected typescript
"Incomplete" Corrected typescript
"Pages from a draft ..."
"Two chapters probably from an early version..." Corrected typescript
Fragment ("Chapter Six"). Typescript
Corrected typescript
Typescript, in binder
Proofs, Palaemon Press
With cover letter (copy) from Stuart Wright.
32The Enthusiast (Screenplay)
Corrected typescript, Working title: "The Trip."
[Note: Verso, p. 50-104, draft of Feast of Snakes with editor's notes.]
Corrected typescript
32 A Feast of Snakes
Draft fragments. Corrected typescripts
Draft fragments, with editor's notes. Typescript
Draft(s) fragments with editor's notes
Editor's notes
Corrected typescript
331Corrected typescript
332Corrected transcript
333Corrected typescript
334Typescript. Typesetter's copy. A-F
341Excerpt "from the forthcoming novel." Playboy, 1976 July
342Pages sample (Atheneum)
343Dust jacket (Atheneum)
344Cover design (Scribner paperback)
34 Glimpses Through a Keyhole
Table of contents, with notes
Corrected typescript (incomplete)
"One revision, but not first."
352"Lord John Press" folder, with nine essays and cover letter
353Lord John Press to Harry Crews- five essays returned
35 The Gospel Singer
361Comment for dust jacket, Andrew Lytle
362Dust jacket
363William Morrow "Books for Winter 1967-1968."
364Book signing ad, 1968 February
365Autograph party, Junior College of Broward County, invitation
366Library catalog card
367Advertisement for William Morrow [1st] edition. The New York Times Book Review, 1968 March 31
368Advertisement, Dell paperback edition
36 "The Gospel Singer" ( Screenplay by Robert Thom)
36 Grinder
Manuscript, chapters 1-4, 7-8, 14
"Horse." Corrected typescript. [chapter 2]
"Horse." Corrected typescript. [chapter 1]
"Horse." Corrected typescript. Chapters 1-3
"Horse." Typescript. Chapters 1-2
"Horse." Typescript. Chapter 5
"Horse." Corrected typescript. Chapter 5
"Horse-Hog-Gator Connection." Typescript/manuscript. Chapters 1-5
"Horse-Hog-Gator Connection." Corrected typescript. Chapter 1-3
371"Horse-Hog-Gator Connection." Corrected typescript. Chapters 1-5
with note "more dead Horse."
372"Horse-Hog-Gator Connection." Corrected typescript. Chapters 1-5, renumbered 1-12
373"Things that Swim in the Night." Corrected typescript. Chapters 1-7
374"Bone Grinder." Corrected typescript
381"Bone Grinder." Typescript, with cover letter, 1999 May 18
382Typescript, with cover letter signed, dated, 2005 January 18
38 The Gypsy's Curse
"No Noise in the Wood: Being the Confession of Marvin Molar, Nee?" Typescript, signed "Marvin Molar."
391Corrected typescript
393Dust jacket
39 The Gypsy's Curse: A Film
"Pierre-Francois and Philippe Decouflé present The Gyspy's [sic] Curse." Characters- film set sketches- press
Script. "Adapted from the novel by Harry Crews; Original screen play adaptation by Sarah Levy and Philippe Decouflé."
Miscellaneous Internet printouts
40 Halflife: An Autobiography
Corrected typescript
40 The Hawk is Dying
Manuscript fragment
Corrected typescript, fragment
Corrected typescript, fragment
Corrected typescript
Corrected typescript
Editing notes
Style sheet
411Typescript. Setting copy
412Page proofs
413Dust jacket, Secker & Warburg edition
41The Hawk is Dying (screenplay)
Screenplay by Julian Goldberger. "Pink revised 11/15/04."
Screenplay by Julian Goldberger. "Pink revised 11/15/04. Authorized copy (nos. 5 and 6* of 12)
Misc. Internet materials re: movie production and festival showings
42 Karate is a Thing of the Spirit
Jefferson Davis is Alive and Training in Atlanta." Corrected typescript Chapter 20, draft pages
"Jefferson Davis is Alive and Training in Atlanta." Corrected typescript
"Jefferson Davis is Alive and Training in Atlanta." Typescript
"Jefferson Davis is Alive and Training in Atlanta." Typist's bill
"Jefferson Davis is Alive and Training in Atlanta." Typesetting copy
Dust jackets. (Morrow, Pocket Books editions); cover letter
"Books for Spring, 1971" catalog, William Morrow
"New Books-January/July 1972" Martin Secker & Warburg catalog
43 The Knockout Artist
Corrected typescript "Finished... Easter Sunday 1987."
Corrected typescript
441Corrected typescript
442Typesetting copy, with cover letter
443Cover illustration (Harper & Row edition)
44 The Mulching of America
Manuscript pages
451"Saippuakivikauppias." Corrected typescript
452"Saippuakivikauppias." Corrected typescript
453"Soap AKA Saippuakivikauppias." Corrected typescript
454"Soap AKA Saippuakivikauppias." Corrected typescript
455"Soaps for Life AKA Saippuakivikauppias." Corrected typescript
456"The Mulching of America AKA Saippuakivikauppias." Corrected typescript
461Corrected typescript
462Response to editor's questions
463Typesetter's copy
464Page proofs
465Excerpt (chapter one),
47 Naked in Garden Hills
"Nobody Likes to See a Fat Man Eat." Corrected typescript
Corrected typescript
Galley proofs
Page proofs
481Page proofs
482Photocopies of page proofs
483Publisher's "pre-pub confidential."
48Naked in Garden Hills (screenplay)
3x5 cards (novel scenes)
3x5 cards ("Story line. Scenes only")
Loose title pages
"Synopsis of the novel..." Corrected typescript
"Naked in Garden Hills (adapted)." [Treatment.]
"Storyline." (Scene outline.) Manuscript
"First draft." Corrected typescript
"First draft." Corrected typescript
"First draft." Typescript fragments, with MSS revisions
491"Changes to first draft." Corrected typescript
492"Final typed copy." Typescript
494Corrected typescript
50Picking and the Payback (Screenplay)
Notes: "Combination short story; play outline and scenes..." Manuscript, 1990 January 13
"Notes & draft of 1st version ..." Notebook
"First draft - January 27, 1990." ("finished 6/15/90" - last page). Corrected typescript
"The Picking and the Payback. First draft - June 15, 1990." Corrected typescript
"Draft 2" Typescript
"Draft 2" Corrected typescript, 1990 September 2
511"Draft 2" Corrected typescript
512"Draft 2-B" Corrected typescript
51 Scar Lover
Rough draft
Corrected typescript, concludes w/ manuscript ("Grand old typewriter broke...").
Rough draft w/ revisions
Draft 1, chapter 1. Corrected typescript
Draft insert, chapter 1. Corrected typescript
Draft pages, chapter 2. Corrected typescript
Draft pages, chapter 4
Draft pages, chapter 5. Corrected typescript
Draft, chapters 1-4. Corrected typescript
Draft, chapters 1-7. Corrected typescript
("Part of a draft-H.C.")
521Draft, chapters 1-13. Corrected typescript
522Draft pages, chapter 7. Corrected typescript
523Draft pages, chapter 7. Corrected typescript
524Draft pages, chapters 8-13
Corrected typescript, 129 p.
525Draft pages, chapters 8-16
Corrected typescript, 192 p. (p.133-137, 189-375).
526Draft pages, chapter 9
Corrected typescript, 8 p.
527Draft pages, chapter 10
Corrected typescript, 3 p.
528Draft pages, chapter 13. Corrected typescript
529Draft pages, chapter 14
Corrected typescript (3 groups; 25 p.) and manuscript (1 p.).
5210Draft page, chapter 15
Corrected typescript, 1 p.
5211Draft pages, chapter 16
Corrected typescript (15 p.) and clean typescript (15 p.).
5212Draft, chapter 18.Corrected Manuscript. ("Finished 4/16/91... Miami, Florida.")
5213Draft pages, chapter 18
Corrected typescript (10 p.) and manuscript (4 p.).
5214Draft pages, chapter 18
Manuscript, 2 p.
531Draft, chapters 1-17
Corrected typescript, with manuscript revisions on legal paper.
("Copy 1st sent to NY... last 100+ some odd pages had to be entirely reinvented. H.C.").
533Corrected typescript
541Corrected typescript
551Typesetter's copy
552Dust jacket. Note to HC from Connie Morrill [Poseidon Press] attached
553Poseidon Press promotional catalog ad
554Promotional tour info
55 Southern Express (Screenplay)
"First draft ... Original Screenplay by Harry Crews. From a Treatment by Steve Miner." Corrected typescript and manuscript
"First draft... Original Screenplay by Harry Crews. From a Treatment by Steve Miner." Typescript
55 Take 38
Corrected typescript
56 This Thing Don't Lead to Heaven
Draft pages, chapter 1. Typescript/manuscript
Draft pages (various scenes). Corrected typescript
Typesetter's copy
Cover memo (2 p.), Mary Newman to Joni Evans; dated 8/12/69.
571Title page mock-up
572Dust jacket model
573Dust jacket
57 This World Uncommitted
57 Where Does One Go When There's No Place Left to Go?
Chapters 6-9 (Part 1) and 1-10 (Part 2)
Corrected typescript, 147 p.
Corrected typescript
Page proofs. (Gorse), 1995
58 All We Need of Hell
Cover art
58 Body
Promotional broadsides
58 Car
Galley Proofs ("Reader's Set" and "Author's Set)
58A Childhood (excerpt)
The Atlanta Journal & Constitution Magazine , 1978 September 17
The Atlanta Journal & Constitution Magazine , 1978 September 17
58 A Feast of Snakes
Galley proofs, cover letter, 1976 March 17
Galley proofs, cover letter, 1976 April 8
Galley proofs (corrections only), cover letter, 1976 April 16
58A Feast of Snakes (excerpt)
Playboy , 1976 July
("First proof. 3/2/76").
58 The Gospel Singer
Galley proofs ("Shipped July 31, 1967")
Galley proofs ("Shipped September 19, 1967")
58The Gospel Singer (Screenplay)
Corrected typescript
59 The Gypsy's Curse
Advertisement proofs, NY Times and Times Book Review, cover letter, Robert Gottlieb
(Early draft, "Music in the Wood") New Day, 1973 March 1
(Issue dedicated "to a friend, Harry Crews," p. 2).
59 The Hawk is Dying
Advertisement proof ("NY Times, April 26")
Galley Proofs, "Master set", 1972 October 31
Galley proofs, "Master set", 1972 September 11
59 Karate is a Thing of the Spirit
Page proofs, 1970 October 8
Galley proofs , 1970 September 4
59Naked in Garden Hills (Screenplay)
3 x 5 cards (novel scenes)
59 This Thing Don't Lead to Heaven
Galley Proofs
Page proofs, 1969 November 21

2.2 Short Works (Short Stories, Poetry)

601"Becky Lives." Manuscript (1-19) and typescript (20-30)
602"Becky Lives." Corrected typescript
603"Becky Lives." Corrected typescript
604"Becky Lives." Fragment, untitled
605"Black on White" (unfinished play). Typescript
606"The Boy." Manuscript
607"The Cross." Corrected typescript
608"A Day in the Life of Liston Thomas" (fragment). Manuscript
609"How He Was Educated." Corrected manuscript/ typescript
6010"In the Shadow of the Stalk." Corrected typescript
6011"In the Shadow of the Stalk" Corrected typescript, with reader's notes
6012"The Gymnasium" (unfinished play). Corrected typescript, with author note
6013"It Reminds One of the Opera." Manuscript
6014"Jellyfish." Corrected typescript
6015"A Long Wail." 1 journal (The Georgia Review, Summer), 1964
6016"Love." Corrected typescript
6017"Love." Typescript
6018"The Player Piano." 1 journal (Florida Quarterly, Fall), 1967
6019Poetry. 6 poems; various drafts; 1 fragment
6020"The Savage: a first draft." Corrected typescript (9p.); manuscript (1 p.)
6021"The Shape of Terror." Typescript
6022"Something Personal." Typescript
6023"Something Personal." Gallery, 1982 August
6024"The Stainless Steel Baby." Corrected typescript, manuscript
6025"A Taste of Ashes" (Previous title: "Pisces"). Corrected typescript
6026"The Taste of Ashes." Corrected manuscript
6027"A Taste of Ashes." Corrected typescript
6028"A Taste of Ashes." Typescript
6029"Tommy Bee." Sketch and fragment
6030"The Unattached Smile" Craft and Vision: The Best Fiction from the Sewanee Review,
6031Untitled fragment. Typescript
6032Untitled story ("Jesse Murl"). Corrected typescript
6033"Various Bandages." Corrected typescript
6034"Various Bandages." Corrected typescript
6035"Various Bandages." Typescript
6036"A Wedding." Corrected typescript/ manuscript
6037"You'll Like My Mother's Grave." Typescript

2.3 Articles, Essays, Reviews

611"1876, by Gore Vidal," Corrected typescript, 1976
612"The Abduction, by Maxine Kumin," Advertisement blurb (New York Times), 1971
613After O'Connor: Stories from Contemporary Georgia. Blurb for jacket, Manuscript, 2003
614"And Now a Word on Trucks, Whores, and Gravy." Corrected typescript
615"Any Cold Jordan, by David Bottoms," Washington Post, 1987 May 21
616"Best Ride to New York, by Bob Levin," Corrected typescript, 1978
617"Big Bad Love by Larry Brown, Signed. Typescript, 1990
With "Note [...]."
618"Big Bad Love by Larry Brown" Los Angeles Times Book Review. Typescript, 1990
619"Big Bad Love by Larry Brown" Los Angeles Times Book Review, 1990 October 21
6110Billy James Hargis. "Notes on Hargis: Tulsa, Okla." [In unknown transcriptionist's hand]. Manuscript
6111Billy James Hargis. Research materials
6112"Blue Collar Badge of Self-Esteem, Too." Original typescript with corrections, manuscript additions
6113"Blue Collar Badge of Self-Esteem, Too." Corrected draft of typescript
6114"Blue Collar Badge of Self-Esteem, Too." Published: The Surplus Record, (Reprinted... "from the 'Fort Lauderdale News and Sun Sentinel,' Sunday, April 4, 1965"), 1995 November
6115"Breakfast of Champions by Kurt Vonnegut, Jr." Corrected typescript, 1973
6116["Building Men the Marine Corps Way."] Draft (excerpted, revised from Take 38 typescript). Corrected typescript
6117"Building Men the Marine Corps Way." Esquire, "Grits" column, 1976 September
6118"The Buttondown Terror of David Duke." Corrected typescript
6119"The Buttondown Terror of David Duke." Playboy, 1980 February
6120"The Buttondown Terror of David Duke." Offprint, reprinted from Playboy, 1980 February
6121"Cadillac's Ghetto." Title change from "The Bureau of Nigger Affairs." Corrected typescript
6122"Cadillac's Ghetto." Corrected typescript with editor comments
6123"Car-Why Drive One When You Can Eat One?" Research
6124"Car-Why Drive One When You Can Eat One?" Corrected typescript
6125"Carny." Research material
6126"Carny." Author's notes, manuscript
6127"Carny." Corrected typescript
6128"Carny." With Post-it® "Note." Playboy, 1976 September
6129"Carny." Offprint. "Reprinted from Playboy", 1976 September
6130["Cars."] Partial, corrected typescript
6131"Cars." Corrected typescript
6132"Cars." Photocopy typescript with corrections
6133"Cars." With Post-it® note, "Good as it gets..." Published as "The Car," Esquire,, 1975 December
6134"Celebration of the Gator." Corrected typescript
6135"Celebration of the Gator." Typescript (photocopy), with editor's annotations
6136"Celebration of the Gator." Published as "Are the Gators Out to Get Us?" Family Weekly, 1985 March 31
6137"A Christmas Under the Waldorf-Astoria." Corrected typescript
621"Climbing the Tower." Research materials
622"Climbing the Tower." Corrected typescript
623"Climbing the Tower." Corrected typescript
624"Climbing the Tower." Proofs, "Grits" column, Esquire. Cover note, Pam Maffei
625"Climbing the Tower." Esquire, "Grits" column. With Post-it® note, "I'd love to end the book with this.", 1977 August
626"Climbing the Tower." Blood & Grits. Corrected typescript
627"Cockfighting: An Unfashionable View." Corrected typescript
628"Cockfighting: An Unfashionable View." Esquire"Grits" column, 1977 March
629"The Courting of Marcus Dupree, by Willie Morris," Corrected typescript, 1983
6210"The Courting of Marcus Dupree, by Willie Morris," Typescript, 1983
6211"The Courting of Marcus Dupree, by Willie Morris," Chicago Tribune Book World, 1983 November 20
6212"Crackers, by Roy Blount, Jr.," Washington Post Book World, September 28, 1980
6213"Cross Creek: Gator Tales." New York Times Magazine, October 9, 1983
6214"Deep in the Heart, by Wyatt Wyatt," Corrected typescript, 1980
6215"Deep in the Heart, by Wyatt Wyatt," Washington Post Book World, December 14, 1980
6216"The Diggstown Ringers, by Leonard Wise," Corrected typescript, 1978
6217"A Disconnected Dick String." Corrected typescript
6218"A Disconnected Dick String." Published as "The Most Kindest Cut of All: Vasectomy," Esquire, "Grits" column. Proofs
6219"A Disconnected Dick String." Published as "The Most Kindest Cut of All: Vasectomy," Esquire, "Grits" column, May 1977
With [HC] note: "Funny, true & (I think) serious."
6220"A Disconnected Dick String." Published as "The Most Kindest Cut of All: Vasectomy." Corrected typescript
6221"Fathers and Sons." Corrected manuscript
6222"Fathers and Sons." Corrected typescript
6223"Fathers and Sons." Corrected typescript
6224"Fathers and Sons." Published as "Fathers, Sons, Blood." Playboy,, January 1985
6225"Fathers and Sons." Published as "Fathers, Sons, Blood." Offprint, "Reprinted from Playboy, January 1985."
6226"A Few Good Men." Corrected typescript, cover sheet
6227"A Few Good Men." Photocopy typescript
6228"A Few Words on the Fall of a Champion." File folder with note: "Written in response..."
6229"A Few Words on the Fall of a Champion." Corrected manuscript
6230"A Few Words on the Fall of a Champion." Typescript. Photocopy
6231"A Few Words on the Fall of a Champion." Tyson vs. Spinks ticket and program
6232"The Fix, by Dorian Fliegel," Corrected typescript, 1978
6233"Flesh and Fantasy, or, What is that Silk Thing, Anyway?" Manuscript
6234"Flesh and Fantasy, or, What is that Silk Thing, Anyway?" Typescript
6235"Flesh and Fantasy, or, What is that Silk Thing, Anyway?" Published as "Being in Nothingness." Playboy, 1993 February
6236G.T. Schaefer case. Research materials
6237"Gators." Notes
6238"Gators." Corrected typescript
6239"Gators." Typescript
6240"Gators." Published as "Poaching Gators For Fun and Profit." Esquire "Grits" column, 1977 April
6241"Gatornationals." Corrected typescript
6242"Gatornationals." Published as "Comeuppance at the Gatornationals." Sport, 1977 July
631"Geronimo Rex, by Barry Hannah," Corrected typescript, 1972
632"Getting it Together." Corrected typescript/ manuscript
633"Getting it Together." The Writer, 1971 June
634"Goat Day Olympics." Corrected typescript
635"Goat Day Olympics." Page proofs, "Grits" column, Esquire, 1977 July
636"Goat Day Olympics." "Grits" column, Esquire, 1977 July
637"Going Nowhere, by Alvin Greenburg," Manuscript, 1971
638"Going Nowhere, by Alvin Greenburg," Corrected typescript, 1971
639"Going Nowhere, by Alvin Greenburg," New York Times Book Review,, 1971 August 29
6310"Gospel Singer, for Library Journal." Corrected typescript
6311"The Gospel Singer-Harry Crews." Library Journal, 1968 February 1
6312"Gray Matters, by William Hjortsberg." New York Times Book Review, 1971 October 31
6313"Hawks." Corrected typescript
6314"Hawks." Proofs
6315"Hawks." Published as "The Hawk is Flying." Esquire "Grits" column, 1977 June
6316Heart Attacks, by Edmund Skellings, Jacket blurb, 1976
6317"His Turn." Corrected typescript
6318"His Turn." Typescript, photocopy
6319"It's Rivers that's Bigger, But None Prettier." Manuscript
6320"It's Rivers That's Bigger, but None Prettier." Corrected typescript
6321"It's Rivers That's Bigger, but None Prettier." Published as "None Prettier." Forum: The Magazine of the Florida Humanities Council, Spring/Summer , 1993
6322"Jerry Falwell: Reverend of the New Right." Corrected typescript
6323"Jerry Falwell: Reverend of the New Right." Playgirl, 1981 July
6324Joan Little case, 1974-1975. Research materials
6325"Joining the African Queen Industry." Typescript
6326["The Knowledge and Language of the Groin."] Corrected manuscript
6327"The Knowledge and Language of the Groin." Typescript
6328"The Knowledge and Language of the Groin." Typescript
6329"The Knowledge and Language of the Groin." Published as "The Wisdom of the Groin."Playboy, 1989 February
6330"The Knuckles of Saint Bronson." Research materials
6331"The Knuckles of Saint Bronson." Notes
6332"The Knuckles of Saint Bronson." Corrected typescript
6333"The Knuckles of Saint Bronson." Corrected typescript
6334"The Knuckles of Saint Bronson." Re-titled "On the Train with Charles Bronson." Corrected typescript, photocopy
6335"The Knuckles of Saint Bronson." Photographs
6336"The Knuckles of Saint Bronson." Photographs of Harry Crews, Charles Bronson, and other cast members on set of "Breakheart Pass," by production photographer Kenny Bell
6337"The Knuckles of Saint Bronson." Published as "Charles Bronson Ain't No Pussycat." Playboy, 1975 October
6338"The Knuckles of Saint Bronson." Letter to Editor, Playboy, re: "Charles Bronson Ain't No Pussycat," from R.J. Pause, 1975 October 1
6339"The Knuckles of Saint Bronson." Published as "Charles Bronson Ain't No Pussycat." Offprint, "Reprinted from Playboy, 1975 October
641"L.L. Bean." Research material
642"L.L. Bean." Notes
643"L.L. Bean." Corrected typescript
644"L.L. Bean." Published as "L.L. Bean Has Your Number, America!" Esquire, 1976 March
With Post-it® note: "Very tough, I think."
645"Larry Brown." [Introduction for Brown appearance October 17, 1991.] Corrected typescript
Also contains Cleanth Brooks' essay "An Affair of Honor: Larry Brown's Joe" with signed HC note "A stain of honor" (photocopy, 6 p.).
646"Laurel Fork Gorge: One Evening in July." Corrected typescript
647"A Lesson in Desperation and Stupidity." Corrected typescript
648"A Lesson in Desperation and Stupidity." Typescript
649"A Lesson in Desperation and Stupidity." Typescripts (2); alternative drafts submitted for publication, with explanatory cover letter
6410"A Lesson in Desperation and Stupidity." The Oxford American, 1996 October-November
6411"The Lords of Discipline, by Pat Conroy," New York Times Book Review, 1980 December 7
6412["Madonna Goes the Distance."] Corrected typescript, titled "Madonna and the Fight to Go the Distance."
6413"Madonna Goes the Distance." FAME, 1988 December
6414["Man Talk."] Corrected typescript, titled "What Men Talk About When Women Aren't Around."
6415["Man Talk."] Corrected typescript, titled "What Men Talk About When Women Aren't Around." Photocopy
6416"Man Talk." Playgirl, 1982 July
6417"Mary by Mary. E. Mebane," Corrected typescript, 1981
6418"Mary Steenburgen: Born With a Gift." Manuscript
6419"Mary Steenburgen: Born With a Gift." Playgirl, 1983 September
6420"A Melon for Ecstasy, by John Wells & John Fortune," Typescript, 1971
6421"A Melon for Ecstasy, by John Wells & John Fortune," New York Times Book Review, 1971 August 8
6422"Mules." Notes
6423"Mules." Corrected typescript
6424"Mules" Typescript
6425"Mules." Published as "Reminiscences of a Blind Muleman," Esquire, "Grits" column, 1976 November
6426"The Mythic Mule." Southern Magazine, 1986 October
6427"The Naked American." Notes; research material
6428"The Naked American." Corrected typescript
6429"The Naked American." Corrected typescript
6430"The Naked American." Published as "A Day at the Dogfights." Esquire, 1979 February 27
Post-it® note: "Jesus, print it!"
6431Nevermore, by William Hjortsberg, Blurb (draft)
6432"No Whine with Dinner, Thank You." Typescript
6433"A Note on Childhood Reading." Typescript
651"Of Elephants, Heroes, and LSD." Corrected typescript
652"Of Elephants, Heroes, and LSD." Corrected typescript
653"On Being a Southerner." [See: "On Being Born a Southerner."] Typescript
654"On Being a Southerner and Being a Writer." Corrected typescript
655"On Being a Southerner and Being a Writer." Corrected typescript
656"On Being a Southerner and Being a Writer." Typescript
657"On Being a Southerner and Being a Writer." Published as segment of "A Stubborn Sense of Place: Forum." Harper's Magazine, 1986 August
658"On Being Born a Southerner." Corrected typescript
659["On Education."] Manuscript
6510"On Education." Corrected typescript
6511"Options." Corrected typescript
6512"Options." Published as "Leaving Pasadena-Resume Safe Speed." Esquire, "Grits" column, 1977 January
6513"The Outer Mongolian, by David Slavitt," Typescript, 1973
6514Oyster Boy Review [blurb]
6515"Pocock & Pitt by Elliott Baker," Corrected typescript, 1971
6516"Pocock & Pitt, by Elliott Baker," New York Times Book Review, 1971 September 26
"Uncorrected Rough Proof."
6517"The Poison Within." Gallery, 1987 May
6518"The Poison Within." Folder notes [from Harry Crews' original file system]
6519"Polo Lounge." Notes, brochure
6520"Polo Lounge." Typescript (incomplete draft)
6521"Quick Fixes and the Future of Florida." Corrected typescript
6522"Quick Fixes and the Future of Florida." Published as "The Quick Fix Isn't Good Enough." Florida Trend/ Yearbook. Page proofs, 1988
6523"Ray, by Barry Hannah," Corrected typescript, 1980
6524"Ray, by Barry Hannah,"Washington Post Book World, 1980 September 28
6525"Robert Blake." Research materials
6526"Robert Blake." Notes
6527"Robert Blake." Interview notes
6528"Robert Blake." Corrected typescript
6529"Robert Blake." Corrected typescript [cut and paste]
6530"Robert Blake." Corrected typescript [cut and paste]
6531"Robert Blake." Published as "Television's Junkyard Dog." Esquire, 1976 October
** Also includes "Running Fox" ("Grits" column).
6532"Roosters Scream Too." Corrected typescript
6533"Roosters Scream Too." Published as "Pages from the Life of a Georgia Innocent." Esquire, 1976 July
With Post-it® note: "I really like this one. H.C."
6534["Running Fox."] Corrected typescript
6535["Running Fox."] Typescript
6536"Save Me, Joe Lewis, by Madison Smartt Bell," Manuscript, 1993
6537"Sean Penn Lives to Tell." Research material
6538"Sean Penn Lives to Tell." Transcript of interview
6539"Sean Penn Lives to Tell." Notes
6540"Sean Penn Lives to Tell." Manuscript
6541["Sean Penn Lives to Tell."] [Orig. title: "Sean Penn: An Ending and a Beginning-Maybe."] Corrected typescript
6542["Sean Penn Lives to Tell."] [Orig. title: "Sean Penn: An Ending and a Beginning-Maybe."] Corrected typescript
661["Sean Penn Lives to Tell."] [Orig. title: "Sean Penn: An Ending and a Beginning-Maybe."] Corrected typescript
662["Sean Penn Lives to Tell."] [Orig. title: "Sean Penn: An Ending and a Beginning-Maybe."] Corrected typescript
663"Sean Penn Lives to Tell." [Working title: "Metamorphosis: Actor Sean Penn to Director Sean Penn."] Corrected typescript
664"Sean Penn Lives to Tell." FAME, 1990 November
665"Shooting Deer In and Out of Season." Corrected typescript
666["A Small Boy on the Floor, Listening."] Corrected typescript [from larger work]
667["A Small Boy on the Floor, Listening."] Typescript (untitled)
6646["A Small Boy on the Floor, Listening."] Corrected typescript [later draft]
6647["A Small Boy on the Floor, Listening."] Typescript, titled "Conversations."
6648"A Small Boy on the Floor, Listening." Esquire, "Grits" column, 1976 December
6649"A Sort of Life, by Graham Greene," Corrected typescript with (photocopy) cover letter to Digby Diehl, 1971
6650"A Sort of Life, by Graham Greene," Los Angeles Times, 1971 September 26
6651"Starting Over, by Don Wakefield," Corrected typescript, 1973
6652"Starting Over, by Don Wakefield," Typescript, 1973
6653"Sunrise, Sunset: An Autumn Day in North Florida." Corrected typescript
6654"Swamp as Metaphor." Corrected manuscript (19 p.)/ typescript (9 p.)
With Post-it® note: "From an essay "Swamp as Metaphor..."
6655"Swamp as Metaphor." Typescript
6656"Swamp as Metaphor." Corrected typescript
6657"Swamp as Metaphor." Corrected typescript
6658"Teaching and Learning Creative Writing." DeKalb Literary Arts Journal, Winter , 1969
6659"Teaching and Writing at the University." Corrected typescript
6660"Temple of the Airwaves: A Visit with Garner Ted Armstrong and the World Tomorrow." Research materials
6661"Temple of the Airwaves." Research materials
6662"Temple of the Airwaves." Research materials
6663"Temple of the Airwaves." Research materials
671"Temple of the Airwaves." Research materials
672"Temple of the Airwaves." Research materials
673"Temple of the Airwaves: A Visit with Garner Ted Armstrong and the World Tomorrow." Notes
674["Temple of the Airwaves: A Visit with Garner Ted Armstrong and the World Tomorrow."] Corrected typescript/ manuscript
675["Temple of the Airwaves: A Visit with Garner Ted Armstrong and the World Tomorrow."] Corrected typescript
676"Temple of the Airwaves: A Visit with Garner Ted Armstrong and the World Tomorrow." Typescript titled "Garner Ted Armstrong and the Wide~World Church of God."
677Temple of the Airwaves." Esquire, 1976 December
678"Tennessee Blue, by Patricia Browning Griffith, and Whatever Became of the Bonner Boys, by Clarkson N. Potter," Corrected typescript with cover letter, 1981
679"Texas Celebrity Turkey Trot, by Peter Gent," Corrected typescript, 1978
6710"Tip on a Live Jockey." Folder notes [from Harry Crews' original file system]
6711"Tip on a Live Jockey." Research materials
6712"Tip on a Live Jockey." "Notes from St. Leon tapes."
6713"Tip on a Live Jockey." Corrected typescript
6714["Tip on a Live Jockey."] Corrected typescript, "Gene St. Leon." Signed
6715["Tip on a Live Jockey."] Corrected typescript, "Gene St. Leon." Signed
6716["Tip on a Live Jockey."] Corrected typescript, "Gene St. Leon."
6717["Tip on a Live Jockey."] Corrected typescript, "Gene St. Leon;"
6718"Tip on a Live Jockey." Corrected typescript
6719"Tip on a Live Jockey." Corrected typescript
6720"Tip on a Live Jockey." Corrected typescript
6721"Tip on a Live Jockey." Sport, 1978 January
6722"Tough Guys Don't Dance, by Norman Mailer," Corrected typescript, 1984
681"The Trucker Militant." Research materials
682"The Trucker Militant." Notes of interview, "Overdrive," with editing
683"The Trucker Militant." Fragments of draft transcripts ("Cut and paste")
684"The Trucker Militant." Corrected typescript of draft titled "Sharecropping."
685"The Trucker Militant." Corrected typescript, titled "Trucking."
686"The Trucker Militant." Esquire, 1977 August
687"Tuesday Night with Cody, Jimbo and a Fish of Some Proportion." Corrected typescript
688"Tuesday Night with Cody, Jimbo and a Fish of Some Proportion." Esquire, "Grits" column, 1977 February
689"Tupelo Nights, by John Ed Bradley," Corrected typescript, 1988
6810"Tupelo Nights, by John Ed Bradley," Typescript, 1988
6811"Tupelo Nights, by John Ed Bradley," Washington Post, 1988 April 26
6812"Twelve Oaks Bath and Tennis Club." Manuscript [incomplete?]
6813"Twelve Oaks Bath and Tennis Club." Typescript [incomplete?]
6814"Twelve Oaks Bath and Tennis Club." Typescript
6815"Two-steppin' in the Club Valdez." Research materials
6816"Two-steppin' in the Club Valdez." Notes
6817"Two-steppin' in the Club Valdez." Corrected typescript
6818"Two-steppin' in the Club Valdez." Published as "Going Down in Valdez." Playboy, 1975 February
6819"Two-steppin' in the Club Valdez." Published as "Going Down in Valdez." Playboy letters to the editor, with cover note from Lawrence Gonzales
6820Untitled contribution to "Scope Forum: Science, Technology, Art." Scope, vol.II, no. 2. "Winter Issue."
6821"Up from the Water's Edge." Corrected typescript
6822"Vanished, by Mary McGarry Morris," Corrected typescript, 1988
6823"Vanished, by Mary McGarry Morris," Typescript, 1988
6824">Vanished, by Mary McGarry Morris," New York Times Book Review, 1988 July 3
6825"The Violence that Finds Us." Offprint, "Reprinted from Playboy, April 1984."
6826"The Violence that Finds Us." Playboy, 1984 April
6827"A Walk in the Country." Playboy, 1975 April
691"Water, Water, Everywhere and not a Drop to ..." Corrected manuscript
692"Water, Water, Everywhere and not a Drop to ..." Typescript
693"What Mama Knows." Southern Magazine, 1987 May
With Post-it®note: "The editor said..."
694"What Mama Knows." Published in condensed form as "Mama Pulled the Load Alone." Reader's Digest, 1988 January
695"Why I Live Where I Live." Corrected typescript
696"Why I Live Where I Live." Proofs
697"Why I Live Where I Live." Esquire, 1980 September
698["The Wonderful World of Winnebagos."] Corrected typescript
699["The Wonderful World of Winnebagos."] Corrected typescript, incomplete
6910["The Wonderful World of Winnebagos."] Corrected typescript
6911"The Wonderful World of Winnebagos." Esquire, "Grits" column, 1976 August
701"Building Men the Marine Corps Way." Proofs
702"The Buttondown Terror of David Duke." Galley proofs
703"Carny." Galley proofs
704"Carny." Research materials. [Wall St. Journal; Amusement Business clips.]
705"Celebration of the Gator." Published as "Are the Gators Out to Get us?" Family Weekly, 1985 March 31
706"Cockfighting: An Unfashionable View." Page proofs
707"Fathers and Sons." Uncorrected proofs
708"Gators." Page proofs
709"The Knuckles of Saint Bronson." Galley proofs
7010"L.L. Bean." Proofs
7011"Leaving Pasadena-resume safe speed." Galley proofs
7012"The Naked American." Published as "The Dogfight." Tropic (Miami Herald Sunday Magazine), 1979 November 11
7013"Reminiscences of a Blind Muleman." Proofs
7014"Roosters Scream, Too." Published as "Pages from the Life of a Georgia Innocent." Page proofs
7015"Robert Blake." Page proofs
7016"Running Fox." Page proofs
7017"A Small Boy on the Floor, Listening." Page proofs
7018"Temple of the Airwaves: A Visit with Garner Ted Armstrong and the World Tomorrow." Galley proofs
7019"The Trucker Militant." Galley proofs
7020"Tuesday Night with Cody, Jimbo and a Fish of Some Proportion." Page proofs
7021"Twelve Oaks Bath and Tennis Club." Proof. Titled, "A Letter from Harry."
7022Two-steppin' in the Club Valdez." Published as "Going Down in Valdez." Uncorrected proofs
7023"Why I Live Where I Live." Reprinted as "Harry Crews and Gainesville." Florida (Orlando Sentinel-State Sunday Magazine), 1980 October 19
7024"The Wonderful World of Winnebagos." Page proofs
7025"The Wonderful World of Winnebagos." Research materials. [This-a-Ways], 1975 August

3. Business and Legal Papers

3 box(es)
The business and legal papers contain financial and contractual documents, arranged by subject and relating to Harry Crews' work as a lecturer, author, and screenwriter. A majority of these files are publication/production agreements between Crews and others seeking either to publish or reprint his writings, or to convert them to film. Appearance contracts, honoraria, earnings and royalty statements, and expense receipts make up the remaining files.
711Appearance contracts - Educational Testing Service, 1996
712Appearance contracts - Broward Junior College, 1970
713Appearance contracts - DeKalb College (Ga.), 1970

Briarwood Writers' Alliance, Inc., and Bumbershoot Fetival, 2000


Broward County Teachers Credit Union, dividend statements, 1968-1969


Cochran, Bert, 1970


Donation, University of Georgia Library, 2005


Earnings and Royalty statements; Payment stubs, 1967-2004

7128Book invoices, 1972-1973
7129Travel receipts - Appalachain Trail assignment, 1973
7130Travel receipts - Broward Junior College, Ft. Lauderdale, FL, lecture, 1970
7131Travel receipts - Cook High School, Adel (Ga.), graduation speech, 1970
7132Travel receipts - DeKalb College (Ga.) lecture, 1970
7133Travel receipts - Florida Junior College (Jacksonville) lecture, 1975
7134Travel receipts - Garner Ted [Armstrong] piece, 1976
7135Travel receipts - Georgia Southern College lecture, 1970
7136Travel receipts - Mercer University, Macon (Ga.), lecture, 1970
7137Travel receipts - Middlebury College (VT), lecture, 1970
7138Travel receipts - Robert Blake assignment, 1976
7139Travel receipts - S.E. Writers Conference (Miami), 1971
7140Travel receipts - Valdez, Alaska; Playboy assignment, 1974


7141Broward Junior College lecture, 1970
7142Cook High School graduation speaker, 1970
7143DeKalb College (Ga.) lecture, 1970
7144Florida Board of Regents, 1972
7145Georgia Southern College lecture, 1970
7146Mercer University, Macon (Ga.), lecture, 1970
7147Middlebury College (VT), lecture, 1970
7148University of South Florida lecture, 1970
7149East Georgia College, Swainsboro, reading, 1997

Publication/Production Agreements

Actors Theatre of Louisville, 1989
"Alligators.", 1985
All We Need of Hell. Buckeye Ent. and Cinetudes Film Productions option, 1989
"Blood Issue." By Southern Playwrights permission, 1995
Body. Poseidon contract, 1989
Body. Dutch Playboy excerpt, 1990
Body. Gersh Agency, 1991
Body. Meridiano Zero translation, 2001
"Boomtown." Partisan Productions screenplay, 1981
"Boomtown." Partisan Productions screenplay, 1982
721-5 Car
726 Celebration
727-15 A Childhood
7217Coronado Publishers. Permissions for excerpts, 1984-1985
7218"A Day at the Dogfights."
7219Editions Gallimard. 2 translations, 1997
7220"Fathers, Sons, Blood."
7221-25 A Feast of Snakes
7226 Florida Frenzy
7228 The Gospel Singer
7229-36 The Gypsy's Curse
7237Harper & Row. Contract: 3 books, 1978
7238-39 The Harry Crews Reader [Classic Crews]
7240-46 The Hawk is Dying
7247"The Hawk is Flying."
731"His Turn." Playgirl
732-7 Karate is a Thing of the Spirit
738-11 The Knockout Artist
7312"A Lesson in Desperation and Stupidity"
7313"A Long Wail"
7314 Naked in Garden Hills
7315-16"Pages From the Life of a Georgia Innocent"
7317Poseidon Press, 1990
7318 Scar Lover
7319-22Simon & Schuster
7323[Unidentified work.] [Larry Spangler.], 1973
7324"What Mama Knows"
7325 Where Does One Go When There's No Place Left To Go?
7326-27"Why I Live Where I Live"

Settlement of dispute with Edmond Metziger, 1977


4. Subject Files

16 box(es)
This series includes materials about Harry Crews' life and his career as writer and teacher. The majority of Subject files are secondary materials: clippings of reviews of Crews' work, interviews with him, bibliographies and articles about him that have appeared in newspapers, magazines, journals, and the Internet. The balance of the files come from major career and life activities such as Crews' service in the Marine Corps, his involvement in writers conferences and festivals, his fellowships and awards, and his career as a professor of creative writing at the University of Florida. This series also includes personal/biographical miscellanea, and writings by others unrelated to Crews work.
741Appalachian Trail. Map, 1970
742Article about Harry Crews, Venetian Crier (Junior College of Broward County), 1963
743Article about Harry Crews, Alma (Ga.) Times, 1968 February
744Article about Harry Crews, Americus Times-Recorder, 1969 April 2
745Article about Harry Crews, Atlanta Journal, 1969 April 30
746Article about Harry Crews, Gainesville (FL) Sun, 1969 May 11
747Article about Harry Crews, Wiregrass Farmer, 1969 October
748Article about Harry Crews, Tifton Gazette, 1969
749Article about Harry Crews, The Weekly News Calendar (Middlebury College), 1970 March 4
7410Article about Harry Crews, The Atlanta Journal, 1970 April 15
7411Article about Harry Crews, University of Florida Magazine, Summer, 1970
7412Article about Harry Crews, Prairie Schooner, Spring, 1974
7413Article about Harry Crews, The New York Times Book Review, 1975 January 19
7414Article about Harry Crews, New Look, 1975 October 15
7415Article about Harry Crews, Albany (Ga.) Herald, 1975 December 7
7416Article about Harry Crews, Saturday Review, 1976 September 4
7417Article about Harry Crews, The Wiregrass Farmer and Stockman, 1976 November 4
7418Article about Harry Crews, Oracle (Univ. of South Florida), 1977 January 31
7419Article about Harry Crews, St. Petersburg (FL) Times, 1977 January 31
7420Article about Harry Crews, The Atlanta Journal and Constitution Magazine, 1977 May 8
7421Article about Harry Crews, New Look, 1978 December 1
7422Article about Harry Crews, The New York Times Book Review, 1978 December 24
7423Article about Harry Crews, New Look, 1979 May 1
7424Article about Harry Crews, Miami Magazine, 1979 June
751Article about Harry Crews, Writer's Digest, 1982 June
752Article about Harry Crews, Gallery, 1982 August
753Article about Harry Crews, Dynamic Years, 1984 September-October
754Article about Harry Crews, Rendezvous (Idaho State University), Fall , 1985
755Article about Harry Crews, USA Today, 1986 May 6
756Article about Harry Crews, People Weekly, 1987 June 8
757Article about Harry Crews, Publishers Weekly, 1988 April 15
758Article about Harry Crews, Atlanta Journal & Constitution, 1989 April 9
759Article about Harry Crews, Florida Today, 1989
7510Article about Harry Crews, Florida Times-Union, 1992 February 9
7511Article about Harry Crews, CLAS Notes (University of Florida. College of Liberal Arts and Sciences), 1992 May
7512Article about Harry Crews, Liberation (Paris), 1993 November 25
7513Article about Harry Crews, Le Nouveau Quotidien, 1993 December 30
7514Article about Harry Crews, Les Inrockuptibles (Paris), 1994 January
7515Article about Harry Crews, GQ (U.K.), 1994 March
7516Article about Harry Crews, The Georgia Review, Fall , 1994
7517Article about Harry Crews, Esquire, 1994 November
7518Article about Harry Crews, LaRousse Dictionary of Writers, 1994
7519Article about Harry Crews, Quixote Quarterly, 1994
7520Article about Harry Crews, PURR, Spring, 1995
7521Article about Harry Crews, Gainesville (FL) Sun, 1995 October 10
7522Article about Harry Crews, St. Petersburg (FL) Times, 1995 October 15
7523Article about Harry Crews, The Oxford American, 2005 December-2006 January
7524Article about Harry Crews, Beat Scene, 1995
7525Article about Harry Crews, ["Crews Missile;" U.K. publication.], 1995
7526Article about Harry Crews, Rage (Paris, France), 1997 January 22
7527Article about Harry Crews, Poets & Writers, 1997 January-February
7528Article about Harry Crews, ["Hemingway festival honors Harry Crews."], 1998 July
7529Article about Harry Crews, Y'all Magazine, 1999 February 8
7530Article about Harry Crews, Bledsoe, Eric. [Introduction, Getting Naked with Harry Crews.], 1999
7531Article about Harry Crews, L'Evenement, 2000 March 9-15
7532Article about Harry Crews, Poets & Writers, 2003 March-April
7533Article about Harry Crews, Internet articles
761Article about Harry Crews, Miami Herald, 1967 November 2
762Article about Harry Crews, Broward Times, 1968 April 17
763Article about Harry Crews, The Open Door (DeKalb College), 1969 April 9
764Article about Harry Crews, The Wiregrass Farmer and Stockman, 1969 April 24
765Article about Harry Crews, The Wiregrass Farmer and Stockman, 1969 May 8
766Article about Harry Crews, Veritas (Santa Fe Junior College [Gainesville, FL]), 1969 June 16
767Article about Harry Crews, Loyola Maroon (Loyola University, New Orleans), 1969 October 24
768Article about Harry Crews, St. Petersburg (FL) Times, 1969 November 2
769Article about Harry Crews, The Florida Alligator (Univ. of Florida), 1969 November 14
7610Article about Harry Crews, The Albany (Ga.) Herald, 1970 November 26
7611Article about Harry Crews, The Florida Alligator (Univ. of Florida), 1970 December 4
7612Article about Harry Crews, The Florida Alligator (Univ. of Florida), 1971 October 13
7613Article about Harry Crews, Tropic (Miami Herald Sunday Magazine), 1971 June 13
7614Article about Harry Crews, Floridian (St. Petersburg Times), 1974 April 28
7615Article about Harry Crews, The Miami Herald, 1974 June 30
7616Article about Harry Crews, [Source?] Ball, Bo. "Harry Crews: Mad Genius.", 1974
7617Article about Harry Crews, The Miami Herald, 1976 July 18
771Article about Harry Crews, Clearwater Sun, 1977 January 30
772Article about Harry Crews, Oracle (University of South Florida), 1977 January 31
773Article about Harry Crews, The Tampa Times, 1977 February 1
774Article about Harry Crews, Tampa Tribune, 1977 February 5
775Article about Harry Crews, Tropic (Miami Herald Sunday Magazine), 1977 February 27
776Article about Harry Crews, Atlanta Gazette, 1977 March 9
777Article about Harry Crews, The Atlanta Journal and Constitution Magazine, 1977 May 15
778Article about Harry Crews, Fort Myers (FL) News-Press, 1977 June 12
779Article about Harry Crews, Alligator (University of Florida), 1978 February 24
7710Article about Harry Crews, The Daily Tifton Gazette, 1978 September 16
7711Article about Harry Crews, Gainesville (FL) Sun, 1978 November 5
7712Article about Harry Crews, The Florida Times-Union, 1978 December 7
7713Article about Harry Crews, Tropic (Miami Herald Sunday magazine), 1978 December 31
7714Article about Harry Crews, St. Petersburg (FL) Times, 1979 March 3
7715Article about Harry Crews, Tampa Tribune, 1979 March 3
7716Article about Harry Crews, Atlanta Constitution, 1979 April 16
7717Article about Harry Crews, The Atlanta Journal, 1979 April 16
7718Article about Harry Crews, Florida West (Sarasota Herald-Tribune), 1979 August 12-18
7719Article about Harry Crews, Alligator (Univ. of Florida). Supplement, 1979 October 19
7720Article about Harry Crews, Ampersand, 1979 November
781Article about Harry Crews, P.M., The Independent Florida Alligator's Weekend Magazine, 1981 January
782Article about Harry Crews, Today (Cocoa Beach, Fla.), 1982 November 21
783Article about Harry Crews, The Orlando Sentinel, 1982 November 21
784Article about Harry Crews, Florida (The Orlando Sentinel), 1984 August 12
785Article about Harry Crews, Atlanta Weekly. (The Atlanta Journal and Constitution Sunday magazine), 1985 January 27
786Article about Harry Crews, Scene Magazine (The Gainesville Sun), 1985 May 3
787Article about Harry Crews, Gainesville (FL) Sun, 1987 March 1
788Article about Harry Crews, Tampa Tribune, 1989 May 16
789Article about Harry Crews, Montreal Gazette, 1990 March 31
7810Article about Harry Crews, Florida Magazine (The Orlando Sentinel), 1990 November 11
7811Article about Harry Crews, Fort Worth (Texas) Star-Telegram, 1991 May 26 (Contains two articles)
7812Article about Harry Crews, Sunshine (Ft. Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel Sunday magazine), 1991 June 9
7813Article about Harry Crews, AWP Chronicle, 1992 February
7814Article about Harry Crews, Village View (Los Angeles, CA), 1992 March 6-12
7815Article about Harry Crews, Gainesville (FL) Sun, 1992 November 17
7816Article about Harry Crews, The Observer Review (London, UK), 1994 October 30
7817Article about Harry Crews, The Ledger (Lakeland, FL), 1995 October 15
7818Article about Harry Crews, Tampa Tribune, 1997 July 7
7819Article about Harry Crews, New York Press. "Books & Publishing" supplement, 1998 April 29
791Art work ("Charné '72") (1 pen and ink drawing.)
792Authors Guild mailings, 1972-1978
793Authors League of America mailings, 1970-1972
794Award Books New Fiction Contest Flyer, 1965
795Book-of-the-Month Club Awards, 1970-1972
796Conch Republic Prize for Literature, 1988
797Georgia Writers Association Award, 1969
798Horror Writers Association Certificate, 1995
799National Institute of Arts and Letters Certificate (signed by Jacques Barzun), and ceremony ephemera, 1972
7910Biographical statements
7911Bledsoe, Erik. Internet index of research projects
7912-16Breadloaf Conference Materials, 1968-1970, 1972-1973
7917Curriculum Vitae, 1990
7918Daniel S. Mead Literary Agency
7919Dramatists Guild mailings, 1989
7920Etonnants Voyageurs Festival, 1997
7921-23Film Adaptations of Novels - Press
Includes The Gospel Singer, The Hawk is Dying, The Knockout Artist
7924-28Florida Writers' Conference, 1970-1974
7929Georgia Writers Hall of Fame Program, 2001 December 13
7930Guggenheim Foundation Fellowship applications, 1970, 1975, 1983
7931"Guilty as Charged." Documentary film press
7932Humana Festival of New American Plays
7933"The Indian Runner." List of cast (Internet Movie DataBase)
7934"The Indian Runner." LA Weekly review, 1991 September (Photocopy.)
7935"Instructions for Correcting Proofs." Alfred A. Knopf (4 p.)
7936Interview with Aunt Eva, 1996
7937-40Lecture notes. Bread Loaf Writers' Conference, 1969-1972
7942Unidentified occasion. ("Here to celebrate the word ...")
7943Lectures, readings. Gainesville Women in Communication Banquet invitation, 1973 February 17
7944Lectures, readings. University of Florida Campus Speaker Series, 1969 November 17
Includes flyer for lecture.
7945Literary Clipping Service mailings, 1968
7946Marine Corps Service, 1953-1956
7947Miami- Dade Junior College Job application, 1967 July 20
801Photocopied materials
802Printed flyers, brochures
803National Endowment for the Arts fellowship, 1974-1975
804Olympic Arts Festival, 1996
805Oswego Writers Conference, 1975
806-8Personal Materials
Includes addresses, phone numbers; notes, memos, planner (1991-1992).
809-12Personal Papers
Includes Appointment Calendar (1970), Detox discharge resume (1997), Engagements memo (1996), Note to Sally Crews (n.d.).
811-30Reviews of All We Need of Hell
8131-38Reviews of Blood and Grits
8139-54Reviews of "Blood Issue"
8155-75Reviews of Body
821-36Reviews of Car
8237-52Reviews of Celebration
8253-80Reviews of A Childhood: The Biography of a Place
831-10Reviews of Classic Crews: A Harry Crews Reader
8311-75Reviews of A Feast of Snakes
8376-78Reviews of Florida Frenzy
8379-84Reviews of Getting Naked with Harry Crews
8385-101Reviews of The Gospel Singer
841-42Reviews of The Gypsy's Curse
8443-64Reviews of The Hawk is Dying
8465-91Reviews of Karate is a Thing of the Spirit
851-17Reviews of The Knockout Artist
8518-25Reviews of The Mulching of America
8526-51Reviews of Naked in Garden Hills
861-30Reviews of Scar Lover
8631-69Reviews of This Thing Don't Lead to Heaven
8670University of Florida Commencement, 1962
8671University of Florida Creative Writing course syllabi, 1994
8672University of Florida Faculty Activity Reports, 1978-1994
8673University of Florida MA Program information, 1971-1975
8674University of Florida Recommendation for Tenure, Promotion, 1975
8675University of Florida Retirement (Spring), English Department Newsletter, 1997
8676University of Florida Salary increase, 1978 September 1
8677University of Florida Transcript, 1967
8678Western Carolina University lecture series, 1974
871Crews, Byron [Remote Control]
872-3DeBord, Larry W., and Gary L. Long
874Epstein, Daniel Mark [Opening section, Nat King Cole]
Includes 1 copy of letter, DME to HC 1/29/1999.
875Foata, Anne [two essays]
876-7Hargraves, Michael. [drafts for bibliography]
878Harrison, Jim. "Logging the War of the Dream Worlds."
879Hayes, Francis. "The Concrete Language of Spanish Proverbs", 1982 (Photocopy; inscribed.)
8710Jeffrey, David K., editor. A Grit's Triumph: Essays on the Works of Harry Crews, 1993 (Binder's gatherings.)
8711Kumin, Maxine. "For My Son on the Highways of His Mind." Corrected typescript, 1969 September 3
8712Long, Gary L. "Naked Americans: Violence in the Work of Harry Crews.", 1992 March
In envelope with note by Crews: "Essay written on my work..."
8713-14Long, Gary L., and Larry W. DeBord
8715Moore, Dinty. "An Interview with Harry Crews." (Copy; original in correspondence file.)
Includes letter from Crews to David Fenza, dated May 9, 1991.
8715(b)Robinson, Monty. "The Dive."
8716-17Sauve, Damon. Various [Oyster Boy Review, online journal]
881Sauve, Damon ["The Harry Crews Website"]
882-3Shelton, Frank W. [2 essays]
884Shepherd, Allen. "Matters of Life and Death: The Novels of Harry Crews."
885Smith, Dave "What You See is What You Get...Or is It?" Critical essay on Harry Crews and Jack Matthews
886Tate, David A. "What's Going On in American Samoa?"
887Vogt, Brady. Gladiolus Drive (Copy-original in correspondence file.)
Also: Cover letter, BV to HC, no date.
888Vonalt, Larry. [2 essays]
889Walker, Robert Kirk. [Thesis] (52 p.)
8810Young, Dalene. "Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings' Cross Creek."
("Revised final shooting script," 1982) Also: Note: "...Rip Torn gave Harry this screenplay."
8812[Unknown bibliographer(s)]
891Writers Directory, 1999
892Writers Guild of America West Mailings, 2000
893Yearbook, Marine Corps Recruit Depot., Parris Island, S.C. Second Battalion, 1953 (Inscribed "Property of Harry Crews." [No page numbers. H.C. pictured in "Elliot's Beach" exercise; portrait with Platoon 197].)
894Yearbook, Junior College of Broward County, 1963
[H.C. served as yearbook advisor. (p. 14, 96, 144)].
895Yearbook, Andrew Jackson Senior High (Jacksonville, Florida), 1953
[Portrait with "1953 June Class"].
1Book jacket poster for Florida Frenzy

5. Photographs

1 box(es)
Chiefly photographs removed from Harry Crews' fan mail and miscellaneous files, there are B&W and color prints in various sizes, but most are noncommercial color prints of 3"x5" or 4"x6" dimensions. Subjects include Harry Crews, Sally Crews, Maggie Powell, James Dickey.
901Harry Crews - Unknown photographer (7 photographs: 3x5 B&W (1), 4x5 Color (1), 8x10 B&W (5).)
902Harry Crews - With Bill and Marjorie Dulaney, 2001 (2; 4x6 color.)
From 9/27/01 letter to HC from William L. Dulaney.
903Harry Crews - With Jessica Hines and Aamir Khan, 2001 (2; 4x6 color.)
From 11/28/01 letter to HC from Jessica Hines.
904Harry Crews - With John Franklin, 1990 (3; 3x5 color.)
From 10/1/90 letter to HC from John Franklin.
905Harry Crews - by Charné Porter, 1973 (5x7 B&W)
906Harry Crews - High School, Jacksonville, FL., 1953 (3x5 B&W.)
907Harry Crews - Marine Corps, Parris Island, S.C., 1953 (8x10 B&W.)
908Harry Crews - Naval Air Technical Training Center, AK school, Jacksonville, FL., 1954 (8x10 B&W.)
909Maggie Powell (2x3 color.)
9010James Dickey. Florida Writers Conference, 1972
9011[Larry Brown(?)] (5x7 color.)
From Larry Brown correspondence file.
9012Junkyard photo (3x4 color.)
"Sent by Peter Donaho- 1971" on verso.
9013Photo Postcards, 1997-2002 (4.)
Includes 4x8 color photo holiday postcards from Michael Dixon (3),Tom Thurman (1) [Removed from Correspondence files].
9014Sally Crews (4x6 color.)
Inscribed: "I love you Harry! Love, Sally."