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Philip Lee Williams papers

Philip Lee Williams papers

Descriptive Summary

Title: Philip Lee Williams papers
Creator: Williams, Philip Lee
Inclusive Dates: 1946, 1968-2012
Bulk Dates: 1970-2006
Language(s): English
Extent: 32.25 Linear Feet 36 boxes
Collection Number: ms3311
Repository: Hargrett Library

Collection Description

Historical Note

Philip Lee Williams (b. 1950) was born in Athens and raised in nearby Madison, Georgia. He attended the University of Georgia and received his degree in journalism in 1972. That same year he married Linda Rowley and, in 1973, they founded Ataraxia, a literary magazine, which operated for three years. Williams' journalism career includes being news editor for The Clayton Tribune (1972); a copy editor for The Daily News, Athens, Ga. (1972-1974); associate editor, The Madisonian, Madison, Ga. (1974-1978); editor, The Athens Observer (1978-1985); and twenty-five years in various communication roles at the University of Georgia.

Williams has published eleven novels, three works of non-fiction, poetry, and essays. His first novel, The Heart of a Distant Forest, won the Townsend Prize in 1986. In 2007, He received a Governor's Award in the Humanities and he was inducted into the Georgia Writer's Hall of Fame in 2010. In addition to his literary work, Williams has composed eighteen symphonies and a full length opera.

For additional information see the New Georgia Encyclopedia article, "Philip Lee Williams",

Scope and Content

This collection consists of notes, drafts, and manuscripts of fiction, non-fiction, and poetry written by Philip Lee Williams. Personal and professional correspondence, including letters from publishers and fans are included. The music series includes completed compositions, drafts, and notes, including copies of all of Williams' eighteen symphonies and opera.

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Philip Lee Williams papers, ms3311, Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library, The University of Georgia Libraries.

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Series Descriptions and Folder Listing


1. Correspondence

28-11Heart of a Distant Forest scrapbooks
212-13Rejection letters
214Byron Herbert Reece Society
215Fan mail
216Aaron M. Priest Literary Agent, 1985-2000
217Rysher/Kevin Meyer, 1995-1997
218Peachtree Publishing
31-2Peachtree Publishing
33Norton/Tom Wallace
34Bill Anderson
35Peter Lampack Agency
36Deborah Schneider
37Palmer and Dodge Agency
38Jim Moser
39Harvey Klinger
310Richard Zanuck
311Longstreet Press
312Bill Contardi
313Film correspondence
314Turtle Bay Books
315Hill Street Press
316Mary Hood
317Copyright certificates

2. Manuscripts

2.1 Fiction

41Heart of a Distant Forest draft
42Heart of a Distant Forest draft, 1980
43Heart of a Distant Forest
44All the Western Stars manuscript, 1985
45-6All the Western Stars draft
47All the Western Stars author kit, 1988
48Slow Dance in Autumn proof, 1988
49Slow Dance in Autumn manuscript
410Slow Dance in Autumn first draft of opening
411Slow Dance in Autumn
412-14Slow Dance in Autumn manuscript
415Slow Dance in Autumn catalog copy
416The Song of Daniel unedited manuscript, 1988
417The Song of Daniel jacket design and press release plan
418The Song of Daniel jacket copy
51-2The Song of Daniel proof, 1989
53The Song of Daniel draft
54The Song of Daniel draft [incomplete]
55Perfect Timing proof, 1991
56-7Perfect Timing draft
58-9Perfect Timing draft, 1989
510-11Perfect Timing draft
512Perfect Timing draft pages 1-5
513Perfect Timing marketing plan, 1991
514Perfect Timing
515-16Final Heat proof, 1991
61Final Heat finished first draft, 1987
62Final Heat draft
63Final Heat proof [partial], 1991
64-5Final Heat proofs, 1991
66Final Heat master proof, 1991
67Final Heat
68Final Heat jacket cover
69-10Blue Crystal draft
611Blue Crystal draft
612Blue Crystal draft
71Blue Crystal notes
72-3Blue Crystal draft
74Blue Crystal draft different point of view
75Blue Crystal
76True and Authentic History of Jenny Dorset uncorrected proof [incomplete]
77True and Authentic History of Jenny Dorset
78True and Authentic History of Jenny Dorset draft [incomplete]
79-11True and Authentic History of Jenny Dorset draft
712True and Authentic History of Jenny Dorset
713-14A Distant Flame proof, 2004
715A Distant Flame draft
716-17A Distant Flame proof
718A Distant Flame
719A Distant Flame draft
81A Distant Flame draft
82-3A Distant Flame vetted manuscript
84-6Shadows of the Stone
87-9Shadows of the Stone
810The Campfire Boys review copy
811The Campfire Boys author kit
812-14Inner Kingdom draft
91-2Inner Kingdom draft
93-5Inner Kingdom , 2003
96-8Inner Kingdom draft
99Inner Kingdom textual overview
910Inner Kingdom manuscript, possibly 1983
911Inner Kingdom manuscript
912-13The Divine Comics proof
101-3The Divine Comics proof
104The Divine Comics author kit
105Emerson's Brother proof, 2012
106-7Dreams and Dust [Friday Morning]
321-2Dreams and Dust manuscript
108Almost Light original manuscript
109-11Almost Light
1012-13The Travels and Adventures of Anthony Clark, Viscount
111The Travels and Adventures of Anthony Clark, Viscount
112Edge of the Current draft
113-4Edge of the Current draft
115Edge of the Current
116Edge of the Current original manuscript
117Edge of the Current
118-9Darkness draft
1110Darkness draft
121-2Darkness draft
123Darkness notes
124Into the Silent Land [Rites of Darkness], 1983
125Speak Again Bright Angel draft
126Speak Again Bright Angel unedited manuscript, 1988
127Speak Again Bright Angel notes
128Speak Again Bright Angel pages 1-23
129-10Speak Again, Bright Angel draft
323-4Speak Again, Bright Angel manuscript
1211-12Book of Timothy draft, 1988
1213-14Book of Timothy draft
1215Timothy: a novel , 1988
131-3Beyond the River
134-6Beyond the River
137Beyond the River
138-9Declared Dead: a Hank Prince mystery
1310Declared Dead: a Hank Prince mystery draft
1311Declared Dead: a Hank Prince mystery draft
325Declared Dead: a Hank Prince mystery manuscript
1312Third Hank Prince novel draft and notes
1313The Seventh Secret
1314Southern Light draft
141Let Us Have Madness manuscript
142-3Let Us Have Madness manuscript [first full length novel by Williams], 1977-1978
144-5Asphodel manuscript
146-7The Wind in Shannon's Eyes manuscript
148The Book of Thomas
149-10In the Court of Queen Lola
1411-12Children of the Country
151-2[Untitled Burleigh Dunlap, Charles Town, novel]
326Flight manuscript
157The Boys of Deathshead, 1977
158Charley, 1988
159Judgement night [working title]
1510-11Tomorrow Shall Be My Dancing Day
327-8Tomorrow Shall Be My Dancing Day manuscript
1512An Early Snow and Other Stories
329An Early Snow and Other Stories manuscript
1513Fancy : a play in one act
161[Untitled manuscript, Dee Tyler]
162-4Owen Pflunk - a life
165Brighton, 1979
166The Thinking Cat's Guide to the Millennium
167Falling Water
168Red on White
169Old Glory
1610Attaching the Sleeves
1612Good Creole Cooking
1615Tragedy in the Mountains
1617Hoping to Glimpse his face
1618A Song of Summer
1619An Obituary
1620Bottle Rockets
1621Bear Breaks Out
1622Baby Sweet's - an introduction
1624In the Rainey Season
1625My Old Man's Hands
1626-27[Untitled, Nashville novel]
1628-29Max Westerbrook Sessions
1630David Greenlee [Civil War novel notes]
1631Garden of Wonder script
1632[Untitled, Duvall Greenfield, chapter 1]
171Lips of the Night Wind, 1976
172Fizz - a novella, 1972
173Mercenaries - a play in three acts
174Robin Shaw manuscript
175[Cutter family five plays outline]
176Editor's preface - Thomas Ruffin Oxbridge
177Lewis Hawkins, Branton, Ga. - chapter 2
178-9[Untitled, Willow, Ga.], 1977
3210-11Here, Now, and in the Darkness manuscript
3212-13Rocky Island manuscript
331-2O, My Sisters manuscript
333-4A. Lincoln & Son manuscript
335Coming Into Darkness manuscript
336I Shall Be Changed manuscipt
337-8The Angel of Blades manuscipt
339Casey's Sky manuscipt
3310-13Thoreau's Last Theorem manuscipt
341-2Thoreau's Last Theorem manuscipt
343Inside the House - Unfinished novel
344The Reader - Unfinished novel
345The Lifeguard - Unfinished novel
346The Liberator - Unfinished novel
347In the RUSA - Unfinished novel

2.2 Non-fiction

1714-15Crossing Wildcat Ridge proof
1716-17Crossing Wildcat RIdge copy edit, 1999
181Crossing Wildcat Ridge draft
182-3Crossing Wildcat Ridge
184In the Morning
185In the Morning author kit, 2006
186In the Morning notes
187Georgia Archaeology script for WPBA-Atlanta
188The Legacy and the Hope - Georgia's agricultural research
189Raymond Andrews - a rememberance
1810Fickling article
1811Georgia Guide
1813[Untitled autobiography]
1814News releases (Science Research), The University of Georgia, 1992-1993

2.3 Poetry

1816Collected poems, 1969
1817New Seeds proof, 1971
1818New Seeds
1819New Seeds proof
1820Miscellaneous poems, 1973-1975
1821Miscellaneous poems, 1972
1822Princeps Musicorum and Images
191Princeps Musicorum, 1974
192-3Images, 1974
194-5A Farm in Central Georgia, 1975
196Poems, 1975-1976
197Miscellaneous poems , 1976-1977
199Miscellaneous poems
1911Nazi related poems/sketches
1913Against the Dying of the Light
1914Poetry vol. 1
1915Collected poems vol. 2
1916Emancipation collected poems vol. 3
1917Nightmare Kudos and Other Poems vol. 4
201-2Poetry anthology
203Poetry anthology
204-5Night Wings
206The Histories [Roderigo Escobar]
207Naming the Spaces : poems
208Dicky Nashe poem
209Book three of epic poem
2010-11The Flower Seeker
2012The Flower Seeker
2013The Flower Seeker author kit
2014Elegies for the Water author kit
2015Poems with notations
2016-18Poems A-Z
2019Untitled poems
2020Untitled partial poem
21Poetry notebooks
348Going on Alone - Poems
349Wounds - A Poem
3410Scientia - Sequence of Poems
3411Reunion - Unfinished Poem

2.4 Screenplays

221-4All the Western Stars
225-7Dreamer in the Sun
228-12The Growing Season
2213Prince 3 proposal
2214Proposed screenplay [Casey Tucker]
3412The Growing Season
3414-16In a Southern Garden - Cycle of Five Plays

3. Notes/Notebooks

231-8Drafts, notes, general writing

4. Clippings/Printed Material

261-24Clippings, 1968-2011
2625Clippings - undated
2627-28Printed material - events, flyers, brochures regarding Williams' publications
2Printed material - events, flyers, brochures regarding Williams' publications [oversize]
2629An interview with Philip Lee Williams by William J. Walsh, III
2630-31Publisher catalogs
2632Name tags
2633U.S.S. Marine Serpent newsletter
2635Printed material - personal

5. Music

271Symphony Number One (2 copies)
272Symphony Number Two "Easter" (2 copies)
273Symphony Number Three "The Bridge" (2 copies)
274Symphony Number Four (2 copies)
275Symphony Number Five (2 copies)
276Symphony Number Six "Andersonville" (2 copies)
277Symphony Number Seven "9-11-01" (2 copies)
278Symphony Number Eight (2 copies)
279Symphony Number Nine "Inferno" (2 copies)
2710Symphony Number Ten (2 copies)
2711Symphony Number Eleven (2 copies)
2712Symphony Number Twelve (2 copies)
2713Symphony Number Thirteen "Gravity's Rainbow" (2 copies)
2714Symphony Number Fourteen (2 copies)
2715Symphony Number Fifteen (2 copies)
2716Symphony Number Sixteen "1950" (2 copies)
2717Symphony Number Seventeen "Tenabrae" (2 copies)
2718Symphony Number Eighteen "For the Civil Rights Martyrs" (2 copies)
2719Youth Symphony (2 copies)
2720Holocaust Symphony (2 copies)
2721Symphony No. 2 [crossed out] Apprentice Work Only, 1990
281Inferno Symphony
282Libretto : the Inferno
283Symphony #1, III Allegro Agitato
284Symphony in C minor
285-6Emma Devlin : an opera in four acts
287Concerto for four horns and piano
288Concerto grosso for 4 trombones
289-10Concerto for Piano and Orchestra
2811-12Clarinet Concerto
2813-14Trumpet Concerto
2815-16Flute Concerto
2817Oboe Concerto
2818Prelude Sorrow and Light
2819Sorrow and Light
2820-23Sorrow and Light
2824-27Quartet no. 1
2828-29Quartet for 9/11
2830-31November : a tone poem
2832-33Morning Suite
2834-35The Bad-Tempered Clavier
2836Requiem Mass
291Requiem Mass
292-3King Lear
294-5Trio Number One
296Music for Strings
297Song Themes
298Edge of the Current
2910Day of the Hunt
2911Romance Heroique
2914Little Scherzo
2915Toward Auschwitz
2916Sonata for Sandra Blanton
2917Birthday Symphony for Marshall Williams
2918Summer Streams
2919November Elegies
2920Jesus fill our hearts with light
2921My Friend
2922Gather all the tears
2923St. Matthew Passion
3416St. Matthew Passion - Adaptation
2924Portrait of Love
2925He Cried for Me
2926Love Like an Angel
2927Unidentifed score
2928Unidentified composition
2929-31Music notes/compositions
2932-35Music notebooks
11Act I, scene I
12Music for Strings
13Sorrow and Light
3417Emma Devlin - Libretto

6. Calendars/Schedules

301-20Calendars/schedules, 1985-2004
311-7Calendars/schedules, 2005-2011