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Marion R. Hemperley papers

Marion R. Hemperley papers

Descriptive Summary

Title: Marion R. Hemperley papers
Creator: Hemperley, Marion R.
Creator: Goff, John H. (John Hedges), 1899-1967
Inclusive Dates: 1744-1993
Bulk Dates: 1968-1987
Language(s): English
Extent: 4.3 Linear Feet 7 document boxes, 1 half box, 1 oversized box, 1 oversized folder
Collection Number: ms3070
Repository: Hargrett Library

Collection Description

Historical Note

Marion R. Hemperley was born Sept. 21, 1923 in East Point, Fulton County, Georgia. He was the son of the late George Washington and Francis Lee Luck Hemperley. He was preceded in death by a son, Roy Hemperley. He had served in the U.S. Marine Corps during World War II, and was graduated from DeKalb Community College and Georgia State University. He was retired as the Deputy Surveyor General of Georgia at the Georgia Archives and also had served on the State Board of Registration for Professional Engineers and Surveyors, State of Georgia. Hemperley was a well known author of a number of books, among them "Placenames of Georgia", "Cities, Towns & Communities of Georgia", "Historical Indian Trails of Georgia", "Georgia's Boundaries" and "Heritage of Georgia Indians". Fayette County Georgia Citizen online, Wednesday, July 22, 1998 (Retrieved July 15, 2009)

Dr. John H. Goff (1899-1967) was an author and professor emeritus at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia. Prior to his death in 1967, Dr. Goff gave his collection of historical data to the Georgia Surveyor General Department and a portion of his collection to his friend, Marion Hemperley.

Scope and Content

The collection consists of writings, printed material, maps, clippings, photographs and artifacts. This collection also includes material from Dr. Goff's research including preliminary notes for articles, working copies of Georgia county maps, and the incomplete manuscript for "Off to Alabama." Dr. Goff asked Hemperley to complete some of his writings and this collection contains research and notes pertaining to this project. Aslo included are stone fragments, pottery fragments, 18th century nails, Civil War bullets, and a 19th century brass spike.

Georgia maps stamped "Dr. John H. Goff Collection" were removed from this collection and added to the county map folders in the Hargrett Library Map Collection.

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Marion R. Hemperley papers, ms3070, Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library, The University of Georgia Libraries.

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Finding aid prepared on: 2009 June 29.

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Georgia -- Historical geography -- Maps.
Georgia -- Historical geography.
Georgia -- History.
Georgia -- Maps.
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Series Descriptions and Folder Listing


1. Photographs and clippings

12Trentham Spring (Fairburn, GA)

2. Subject files

13Georgia - Brown Springs
14Georgia - Campbell County, 1842-1864
15Georgia - Henry County, 1823
16Georgia - Montgomery County
17Georgia Records Act
19House Bill #330 re: land use
110Indian names
112Mapping - archives automation
113Mapping -digital cartography
114Mapping - plane coordinate systems
21Mapping - Barrow County (GA)/Sam Meltz, Land Information System, 1986-1987 February
22Mapping - Barrow County (GA)/Sam Meltz, Land Information System, 1987 April
23Mapping - Barrow County (GA)/Sam Meltz, Land Information System, 1987 May
24Mapping - Barrow County (GA)/Sam Meltz, Land Information System, 1987 June-July
25Mapping - Barrow County (GA)/Sam Meltz, Land Information System, 1987 August-December

3. Writings

Marion Hemperley

31Atlanta Ferries - Abbott's Ferry
32Atlanta Ferries - Aderhold Ferry
33Atlanta Ferries - Austell Ferry
34Atlanta Ferries - Bakers Ferry
35Atlanta Ferries - Beavers Ferry
36Atlanta Ferries - Blakes Ferry
37Atlanta Ferries - Bomars Ferry
38Atlanta Ferries - Bozemans Ferry
39Atlanta Ferries - Brocks Ferry
310Atlanta Ferries - Brooks Ferry
311Atlanta Ferries - Campbellton Ferry
312Atlanta Ferries - Capps Ferry
313Atlanta Ferries - Carrolls Ferry
314Atlanta Ferries - Collins Ferry
315Atlanta Ferries - Coplin Ferry
316Atlanta Ferries - Cupps Ferry
317Atlanta Ferries - De Foors Ferry
318Atlanta Ferries - Dickens Ferry
319Atlanta Ferries - Dobbs Ferry
320Atlanta Ferries - Foots Ferry
321Atlanta Ferries - Garretts Ferry
322Atlanta Ferries - Gates Ferry
323Atlanta Ferries - Goodwins Ferry
324Atlanta Ferries - Gormans Ferry
325Atlanta Ferries - Green and Howell's Ferry
326Atlanta Ferries - Grogans Ferry
327Atlanta Ferries - Hammonds Ferry
328Atlanta Ferries - Harris Ferry
329Atlanta Ferries - Heards Ferry
330Atlanta Ferries - Henrys Ferry
331Atlanta Ferries - Holcombs Ferry
332Atlanta Ferries - Hoopers Ferry
333Atlanta Ferries - Howells Ferry #1
334Atlanta Ferries - Howells Ferry #2
335Atlanta Ferries - Howells Ferry #3
336Atlanta Ferries - Howells Ferry #4
337Atlanta Ferries - Hutcheson Ferry
338Atlanta Ferries - Islands Ferry
339Atlanta Ferries - Isoms Ferry
340Atlanta Ferries - Jamerson Ferry
341Atlanta Ferries - Jenkins Ferry
342Atlanta Ferries - Jett Ferry
343Atlanta Ferries - Johnsons Ferry
344Atlanta Ferries - Jones Ferry (lower)
345Atlanta Ferries - Jones Ferry (upper)
346Atlanta Ferries - Lathams Ferry
347Atlanta Ferries - Little Ferry
41Atlanta Ferries - McGinnis Ferry
42Atlanta Ferries - Martins Ferry
43Atlanta Ferries - Mayson and Turners Ferry
44Atlanta Ferries - Medlock Ferry
45Atlanta Ferries - Montgomery Ferry
46Atlanta Ferries - Morris Ferry
47Atlanta Ferries - Neals Ferry
48Atlanta Ferries - Nelsons Ferry
49Atlanta Ferries - Nesbits Ferry
410Atlanta Ferries - Osborne Ferry
411Atlanta Ferries - Paces Ferry
412Atlanta Ferries - Phillips Ferry (lower)
413Atlanta Ferries - Phillips Ferry (upper)
414Atlanta Ferries - Pittman Ferry
415Atlanta Ferries - Powers Ferry (lower)
416Atlanta Ferries - Powers Ferry (upper)
417Atlanta Ferries - Pumpkintown Ferry
418Atlanta Ferries - Randols Ferry
419Atlanta Ferries - Reynolds Ferry
420Atlanta Ferries - Rivertown Ferry
421Atlanta Ferries - Rogers Ferry
422Atlanta Ferries - Johnson Rogers Ferry
423Atlanta Ferries - Sandtown Ferry
424Atlanta Ferries - Smiths Ferry
425Atlanta Ferries - Stills Ferries
426Atlanta Ferries - Turners Ferry
427Atlanta Ferries - Varners Ferry
428Atlanta Ferries - Waits Ferry
429Atlanta Ferries - Wallers Ferry
430Atlanta Ferries - Warsaw Ferry
431Atlanta Ferries - Waters Ferry
432Atlanta Ferries - Watkins Ferry
433Atlanta Ferries - Watsons Ferry
434Atlanta Ferries - Williams Ferry
435Atlanta Ferries - Wilsons Ferry
436Atlanta Ferries - Winns Ferry
437Atlanta Ferries - Woodall and Nesbitt Ferry
438Atlanta Ferries - Words Ferry
439Atlanta Ferries - General material
51"The Battle of Bloody Marsh"
52"The Creek Indian Seasons and Months"
53Hawkins trip from Etowah to the Hillaubee
54"Legacy of the Cherokee"
55"A New Look at the Cherokee Indian in Georgia"
56"Off to Alabama" - handwritten copy (by Dr. Goff)
57"Off to Alabama" - handwritten copy (by Dr. Goff)
58"Off to Alabama" - typed, Chapter 1
59"Off to Alabama" - typed, Chapters 1-4,6,8-9
510"Off to Alabama" - typed, Chapters 1-6, 8-9
511"Off to Alabama" - correspondence, illustrations, etc.
512Peachtree/pitchtree controversy


513Louis DeVorsey
514John H. Goff
515C. T. Trowell

4. Printed material

6The Atlanta Historical Bulletin. Volume 6, No. 25, 1941 July
6Basso, Keith H. The Gift of Changing Woman. Anthropological Papers No. 76, Bureau of American Ethnology, Bulletin 196, Washington, DC: Government Printing Office, 1966
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8"The Battle of Bloody Marsh" by Marion R. Hemperley, Atlanta Journal, 5/9/71
8Georgia Calendar 1988-1989 by C&S Bank featuring Georgia scenes
8Calendar 1959, Currier and Ives prints
8Calendar 1986, old maps, te Neues Publishers
8Atlanta scenes by Ben Shute, from First National Bank of Atlanta
8Atlanta scenes, from 100th anniversary of First National Bank of Atlanta
8Georgia's Maps Through the Years 1733-1983, Department of Transportation
8Decorative Old Maps of the 16th,17th and 18th Centuries
8Georgia's Boundaries - poster, 1993
8Chart of heraldry symbols

5. Drawings

8Drawings by Roy Hemperley (2), 1964-1967
8Architectural drawings of the Capitol Building, Atlanta, Georgia (2)
8Unidentified diagram

6. Newspapers

8 Augusta Herald , 1819 (4 pages)
8 Bahama Gazette , 1813 (4 pages)
8 The Chronicle & Constitutionalist , 1877 (4 pages)

7. Documents

8Genealogical table of the Washington family
8James Madison, Thomas Jefferson (5)

8. Maps

8Survey of Mrs. G. W. Hemperley property, Fulton County, GA, 1946
8Tracing of subdivision of Hemperley Estate, 1939
8Land lot plats, District 9, Fayette County, now Fulton County GA, fragments
8Key to county map rolls
8Fayette County, GA
8Barrow County, GA, Saddlebrook Farms survey, 1986
8Fulton County, GA (3)
8Douglas County, GA
8Campbell County, GA
8Coastal Georgia - land plat, 1773
8Georgia and Alabama post offices and post roads, 1835 (4 parts)
8Part of Cobb and Fulton Counties, GA, 1864
8Civil War Georgia - Atlanta Campaign (2 pages)
8Georgia Early Road and Trails, 1730-1850 (3)
8Georgia, 1887
8Neueste Karte von Georgia, 1845
8Georgia - original and 1895 counties and land lot districts (12)
8Creek Territory - Alabama, 1833 (2 parts)
8Creek Nation 1757 by William Bonar
8Cherokee Country 1831 by John Bethune (2 parts)
8Cherokee Nation and Traders' Path to Charlestown 1730 by George Hunter
8Carolina. Western. 1751 by George Haig (4 parts)
8Alabama (southern portion), 1820 (2 parts)
8Alabama 1819 by John Melish
8South Carolina 1744 by John Herbert and George Hunter (2 parts)
8Carte Generale Des Estats Unis
8Early Roads and Trails (negative)
8Colonial Georgia (negative)
1CMap of portion of North Georgia, Alabama, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee / Geological survey map of Georgia by A. F. Hassan, 1932

9. Artifacts

91Pottery fragments, Banks County (Ga.)
92Brass spike from C.S.S. Nashville ("Rattlesnake") sunk on February 28, 1863 in the Ogeechee River
93Civil War bullets (2)
94Nails from Fort Lamar, Madison County (Ga.), 1792
95Unidentified stone fragments