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Felix Hargrett collection

Felix Hargrett collection

Descriptive Summary

Title: Felix Hargrett collection
Creator: Hargrett, Felix
Inclusive Dates: 1739-1964
Language(s): English
Extent: 3.5 Linear Feet (7 boxes and 1 oversize folder)
Collection Number: ms302
Repository: Hargrett Library

Collection Description

Historical Note

Felix Hargrett was a university alumnus (graduated in 1924) who contributed significantly to the University of Georgia. He began donating materials as early as the 1940s, but his first considerable donation came in 1951, and included a significant amount of Civil War materials. The Special Collections Library was renamed in his honor, due to his many contributions and support.

Of particular interest are the Confederate States of America (CSA) Nitre and Mining Bureau Corps records. This military unit was intended to supply the Confederacy with metals and minerals. Nitre could be mined across the South and was needed for explosives and gunpowder. The Nitre and Mining Bureau was officially formed in 1863 and continued to the war's end in 1865. Notably, Nathaniel E. Pratt, John LeConte, and Joseph LeConte all helped create maps for the Nitre and Mining Bureau. This organization significantly helped the Confederacy continue the war effort, supplying a tremendous amount of niter and saltpeter.

Scope and Content

The collection consists primarily of letters, but also includes reports, petitions, furloughs, receipts, depositions, indentures, court orders, soldier tickets, payrolls, invoices, notes, statements, land orders, and certificates. The collection documents the Colony of Georgia, slavery, the Confederacy, the Civil War, and Reconstruction. There is a large amount of material about the Nitre and Mining Bureau of the Confederacy, Georgia Home Insurance Company, and Nathaniel A. Pratt.

Organization and Arrangement

Arranged alphabetically by personal or company name, and occasionally by subject.

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Felix Hargrett collection, ms302, Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library, The University of Georgia Libraries.

Related Materials and Subjects

Subject Terms

Birth records.
Book collectors -- Georgia.
Confederate States of America
Confederate States of America -- Ordnance and ordnance stores.
Death certificates.
Endowments -- Georgia.
Georgia -- History -- Colonial period, ca. 1600-1775.
Indians of North America -- Arkansas.
Indians of North America -- New York (State)
Marriage records.
Mines and mineral resources -- Georgia.
Missionaries -- United States.
Missions, Spanish -- Arkansas.
Registers of births, etc. -- Arkansas.
Slave trade -- Georgia.
Slavery -- Georgia -- History.
United States -- History -- Revolution, 1775-1783.
Universities and colleges -- Georgia.
University of Georgia

Series Descriptions and Folder Listing

11Alabama. Benton County. Citizens meeting regarding the hostile movements of the Creek Indians, 1836
12Alabama. Bureau of Refugees, Freedmen and Abandoned Lands. Letter regarding setting apart property of the Rebel Government for the benefit of freedmen and refugees, 1865
13Alexander, William H. Letter, 1866
14Allan, Thompson. Letter to the state tax collector of North Carolina (handwritten copy), 1863
15Allston, Washington. Letter to discontinue the receipt of the Southern Literary Messanger, 1843
16Asbury, Francis. Receipt to pay E. Cooper and J. Wilson from the M.E. Chrurch, Philadelphia, 1808
17Baker, John. Liberty County. Petition regarding the estate of Thomas Perkins, 1783
18Barnaby, James. Sunbury. Promissory Note , 1789
110Bassett, Stephen E. Fort Valley. American Home Missionary Society form letter requesting funds, 1892
111Beauregard, G.T. Letter to Colonel Early ordering his brigade to Camp Walker, 1861
112Beck, J.J.E. Lumpkin, Georgia. Letter to his cousin S. H. Latimer, 1856
113Beck, Jesse. Lumpkin, Georgia. Letter to his cousin S. H. Latimer regarding farming and mentions John Stovall, 1858
VB31Beckley, Alfred. Petition for debt, 1862 October 29
114Benney, A. Letter to A. S. Jeffries concerning the taking of corn and meat by the soldiers , 1865
VB32Benton, Thomas Hart autograph
115Bibb, J. B. Montgomery, Alabama. Letter to Judge W. A. Cobb regarding family, 1855
VB33Black, Robert. Petition for debt, 1862
116Bonde (Bindo?) John C. Letter to J. G. Steele regarding debt, 1862
117Bright, H.T. - Soldier's Furlough, 1865
119Burnley, Samuel. Inventory of Estate, 1793
120Burritt, E.H. Milledgeville. Receipt for subscription to Statesman & Patriot, 1827
121Candler, William & Elizabeth. Parish of Saint Paul. Deposition, 1773
VB35Charles I, King of England autograph
122Clark, John. Letter to Alabama Govenor William Bibb regarding the fugitives William Morgan (alias Lemuel Redden) and three slaves, 1820
123Clarke County, Georgia. Indenture between Alonzo Church and the UGA Trustees selling land to Asbury and Henry Hull [includes survey], 1844 Access Online
124Clarke, Elijah. Document giving land to Daniel McKief of Walker County, 1784
125Clay, C.C., Jr., U.S. Senator Huntsville, Alabama. Letters, 1857, 1866
126Clay, Joseph. Savannah. Letter to Edward Telfair regarding the estate of Mrs. Elbert, 1792 Access Online
Includes 27 enslaved people
127Clemens, Jere. Huntsville, Alabama. Letters regarding public opinion and the war, 1861
128Cobb, Howell. Macon. Letter regarding Virginia seceding , 1861
130Coddington, Francis. Rees, David Executors of Estate of John Kell, 1786
131Cogswell, Elizabeth. Blooming Prairie, Minnesota. Letter to her brother asking for financial aid, 1874
132Confederate States of America. Western District of Virginia. Court Order for E. G. Booth, 1862
133Confederate States of America. 29th Georgia Volunteers. Documents including requisitions, roll calls, accounts, 1862
134Confederate States of America. 29th Georgia Volunteers Officers Pay Account Vouchers, 1862-1863
135Confederate States of America. Bonds and Certificates, Receipts (photocopies - originals in vault)
VB38-9Confederate States of America. Bonds and Certificates, Receipts
136Confederate States of America. Soldiers rail road tickets
VB37Colfax, Schuyler. Autograph
137Connectional Preacher's Aid and Mutual Relief Association. African Methodist Episcopal Church, 1907
138Cook, Nap (?), Judge. Near Adairsville. Letter regarding "Vigilance Committee"
139Cowper & Telfairs. Savannah. Receipt for shipping including an enslaved woman named Molly from Charles Town , 1775 Access Online
140Creighton, Alexander. Savannah. Bond between Creighton and Thomas Johnston and James Thompson, 1782 Access Online
145The Daily Era. Atlanta, GA. Brown, Joseph E. regarding the reconstruction measures of Congress , 1867
146The Daily Press, Augusta, GA. Brown Jos. E. regarding the reconstruction measures of Congress , 1867
147Davis, Jefferson. Richmond, Va. Letter to T. H. Watts regarding the shipping of cotton for the benefit of Alabama soldier's in U.S. prisons, 1865
148Davis, Newton N. & Others. Military Prison Johnson's Island Ohio. Letters regarding prisoners of war, 1865
149Delano, E. & J.N.B. Invoice Ocmulgee (Macon) Steam-Boat Company, 1836
21Depriest, John - Bond between Depriest, Daniel Perrow, and Thomas Jefferson of Albemarle, Virginia, 1791 Access Online
22Dixie Salt Works. Statement regarding Col. Seach's "free negro servant" , 1864
23Dunmore, James. Order for Land in Franklin County , 1785
24Dunn, W.M. Report on the laws and orders relating to registration under the reconstruction acts of Congress, 1868
25Edmondson, Samuel P. Certificate of Disability for Discharge, C.S.A., 1862
26Ellis, Henry. Receipts and brief summary of Ellis' life, 1758, 1760 Access Online
27Ezzard, William, Mayor of Atlanta. Resolution of a Convention of seceded states, 1861
28Farrand, Eben. Letter to Gov. Thomas Watts regarding the release of Engineer Riddle from jail, 1865
29Farrow, Henry P. Letter (Simpson, O. F.). Form letter regarding claims atainst the United States , 1868
210Finley, Robert. Letter , 1809
211Fitzhugh, William. Receipt with signature, 1806
212Florida. John C. McGehee. Secessionist Convention, 1861
213Florida. John C. McGehee. Ordinance of Secession, 1861
214Forney, John H. Letter to George Goldthwaite regarding the defense of Pensacola , 1861
215Forrest, Nathan Bedford. Letter regarding the Selma Marion and Memphis Rail Road, 1873
216Fort Tomlinson manuscript account of journey home after the war
VB310Fulkerson, Samuel V. Court summons, 1862
218Furman, James C. Letter to Mary Furman regarding the South Carolina ordinance of secession , 1860 December 21
219Fury, Peregrine. Letter to General Oglethorpe regarding Captain Dunbar, 1743
219Gardner, Samuel S. Bureau of Refugees, Freedmen, and Abandoned Lands, Selma, Alabama. Letter concerning the case of a freedman being abused by a couple of white men and another case concerning freedmen providing "colored evidence" in court, 1866
221Galphin, George. Administrators Bond, 1775
222Georgia, Liberty County. FIFA, 1790
223Georgia. Liberty County. Summons to Jury Duty, 1789
224Georgia. Railroad Commission Order for the Covington and Macon Railroad Company, 1889
225Gibbons, William. Receipt, 1785
226Gignilliat, James. Liberty County. Petition against James Barnaby, 1791
227Goldsmid, Edmund, Ed. A Collection of Epitaphs
228Goulding, John. Liberty County. Will, 1789
229Govan, Daniel C. Letter regarding the history of Govan's Brigade with Cleburne's Division including the Battle of Franklin "if we must die, let us die like men", 1867
230Grice, Herbert L. List of Georgia authors, 1910
231Grier, John. Washington County. Order for Land , 1784
232Gunn, James. Account , 1794
233Habersham, John. Letter to Lachlan McIntosh regarding rate of exchange and prospects of war; to Joseph Clay request for public arms to be delivered to Daniel Pendleton; and letter to Garret Wall, 1787, 1798, 1799
234Hackett, John. Lieut. Prisoner of War at Savannah, Parole of Honor, 1814
VB311Hale, F. L. Court summons, 1863 July 25
235Hampton, Wade - Note to Brig. Gen. Dearing regarding work on fortifications by slaves, 1864
236Hancock, William H. Pay account & discharge papers, 1863
237Hancock, William. Land Grant, Bedford County, Virginia, 1782
238Hargrett, Felix and Kellam, Porter photographs of donation , 1964
239Harris, William - Note between Willam Harris, James Pinn, John Callaway, Edmond Cobbs, and Thomas Jefferson of Albemarle, Virginia, 1791
240Henry, Patrick. Signatures. Court summons for John Bates (Virginia); declaration of ejectment; Hunt vs. Handifer plea, 1791, 1792
241Higgins, H. H. Letter to William Smith regarding Company F, 13 Regiment, U.S. Infantry, 1853
242Hill, Benjamin Harvey. Letter regarding a speech, 1856
243Hinson, Clayborn. Account of the Estate with the Sunbury Academy, 1795
244Holcombe, Henry B. Letter to Louis B. Parsons regarding application for Postmaster of Mobile, states he did not want secede from the Union, 1865
245Holden, William W. Proclamation to convene a Constitutional Convention to alter the Constitution, 1865
246Hoskins, Z.T. Account of Hoskins battery in the Battle of Kennesaw
VB312Humboldt, Alexander, Baron. Autograph
247Inzer, J. W. Letter to Gov. R. M. Patton regarding conditions in St. Clair County, 1868
248J.K. (?) Letter regarding the progress of the war and morale of soldiers, 1864
249Jackson, Thomas J. (Stonewall). Letter on promotion of an officer, 1863
250Jenkins, Ervin. Deposition about the burning of a Negro school, 1870
VB313Johnson, T. Letter to Phineas Porter regarding clothing soldiers, 1782 May 7
251Johnston, Albert Sidney. Letters to A.B. Moore regarding defences in the northern frontier and needs for arms, 1861
252Johnston, J. D. Letter to E. Farrand regarding naval affairs and insubordination, 1865
253Johnston, Joseph Eggleston General Orders, No. 18 (Copy) regarding terms of surrender, 1865
254Johnston, Richard Malcolm. Letter to James Thomas requesting help to put up a sugar mill, 1864
255King, John P. Letter to W. W. Clark regarding the railroad, 1862
256Knight, Lucian Lamar. Letter regarding Francis Orray Ticknor's poetry, 1898
257Lanier, Sidney. Order for adjournment of the court on the death of Col. A. W. Persons, 1872
258Lee Letters (photocopies of letteres found in ms302a) and pamphlet for Custis-Lee Mansion Robert E. Lee Memoria
259Leitner, H.D. Letters, 1838, 1888
1BLiberty county, GA, tax return for Capt. E. Lewis's Militia Company District, 1787
260Lomax, Tennent. Pensacola District. Letters regarding difficulties in holding troops in military service and report of the position near Fort Pickens, 1861
262Longstreet, Augustus B. Letter to Gov. R. Patton regarding the presidency of the Mobile and Ohio Railroad and letter regarding Longstreet's amnesty, 1865, 1866
263Lumpkin, John H. Autograph
264Lumpkin, Joseph Henry. Letter regarding sermons on the loss of the Steamboat Home and the Theatre, 1838
265Lumpkin, Wilson. Letters regarding Commission from U.S. President to run lines between lands ceded by 1818 Treaty; request for copies of Stephen Douglas' speeches on slavery; and Judge Cuyler, 1818, 1840, 1854
266Lunday, Francis. Social letter, 1849
267Lutheran Church, constitution, resolutions, minutes, certificates, pertaining to the establishment of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in the Confederate States of America, 1862-1863
268McCalla, Charles P. Letter regarding the sale of an engine, 1862
269McIntosh, A. C. Oath of Justice of Inferior Court, 1862
270McIntosh, John, Sr. accounts with George Troup for indigo, rice, and two unnamed enslaved people, 1783-1786 Access Online
271McIntosh, Lachlan. Letter to John Wereat regarding the treatment McIntosh received from the Govenor and Council, 1780 Access Online
272McMichael, Stephen E. Letter and certificate regarding his retirement from the Confederate Army Co. A 30th Ga. Regt., 1864
VB332McPhil, John. Oath of amnesty, 1865
273Marion, Pseud. Letter to a "rascally abolitionist", 1861
274Martin, John. Letter to General Green regarding Col Wylly, who has been a prisoner of the British, 1782
275Mary Lizzie. Social letter during the Civil War, 1860s
276Meigs, Josiah. Letter about family and "Tory newspapers", 1818, 1822
277Miles, Samuel vs. Nicholas Beatzman, 1802
278Milledge, John. Letter, 1800
279Miller's Ferry Rates for horses, waggons, carts, people, cattle, hogs, and sheep, 1865
280Millner, William. Note William Millner, William Miller, and Simon Miller of Beford Co. to Thomas Jefferson, 1792
281Montpelier Female Institute letter and receipts of tuition, 1849-1852
282Moulton, C. F. Mobile, Alabama. Letter regarding Reconstruction, 1867
283Murray, James A. Letter regarding skulkers from military service, 1862
284Neil, William. Land Grant Montgomery Co., 1794
285Longstreet, Augustus B. Letters recommending Professor Wilson Richardson, 1860, 1866
286Manuscript List of Acts of Assembly. Georgia, 1755-1762
31Nisbet, Eugenius A. Fire Insurance Policy Southern Mutual Insurance Company of Georgia, 1854
32North Carolina. Chatham Co. Drumond vs. Clarke, 1771
33North Carolina. Chowan County Indenture for the orphan of William Harris, 1739
34North Carolina. Chowan Co. (?) Indenture. Coffield vs. Walter Ferguson, 1788
35North Carolina. Chowan Co. (?) James Hayes vs. John Watkins, 1788
VB36North Carolina. Chowan Co. Trail and Judgement of a Slave named Esther for poisoning her mistress
36North Carolina. Davidson Co. Report of Military Committee, 1861-1865
37North Carolina. Davidson Co. Case of Charles Haines, a free person of color, taken into custody as a possible runaway slave, 1862
38North Carolina. Davidson Co. Report of Salt Agent, 1864-1865
39North Carolina. Stokes Co. petition to pay tithes in money instead of provisions, 1863-1864
310Oswald, Joseph. Savannah. Certificate. refugee entitled to 250 acres of land, 1784 Access Online
311Otes, Karl. Letters regarding Indian attacks and considering moving to California, 1845
312Palmer, Benjamin M. Letter recommending Professor Wilson Richardson, 1866
313Parker, Ephraim. Letter to Jefferson Davis regarding 16 year old son who has joined the army without his father's consent, 1861
314Parsons, Lewis E. Letter (Copy) to Andrew Johnson regarding difficulties of restoring civil order and seizing of cotton, 1865
315Peachey, Samuel. Appointment to be Sheriff of Essex, Virginia, 1772
316Pearce, W.M. War Tax Receipt, 1862
VB333Peel, Robert. Autograph
317Pelham, Atkinson. Letter regarding his son John Pelham entering military service, 1861
318Pepper, Dr. John. Report on hospital care of North Carolina troops, 1862
319Phi Delta Society (Letter to), 1853
320Phillips, J.N. Invoice for shipping, 1845
321Pickett, A.J. Letters about his travels to Texas, 1856
322Picture - For Stereopticon "15th Amendment Bringing His Crop to Town" [Man on an oxcart loaded with hay.]
African American man driving an ox cart.
323Player, G.C. Letter to Lewis Parsons regarding Lt. Brooks and his cavalry unit holding women hostages to force their husbands to return to command and a committee that protested this action, 1865
VB334Porter, Phineas. Document commanding a Connecticut Regiment, list of 21 men and procured men, 1781
VB335Pritchard, Benjamin. Letter to Phineas Porter describing the low morale of troops, 1780 August 11
324Quarterman, Joseph & Elizabeth. Marriage bond, 1787
325Raiford, Philip. Creek Agency west of Arkansas. Letter regarding Creek Indians, 1850
VB336Rogers, Edward. Records and receipts of troops, 1776 July
326Sands, J. W. Accounts of Mr. Lewis of the Otsego (sunk during the war), 1865
VB337-38Sands, William. Letters to his parents describing military situation, 1776
327Schmidt, E. Henry. Petition of the estate of Peter Donworth. Liberty County, 1791
328Shank, J.W. Social letter, 1871
329Sherman, William T. Terms of Johnston's Surrender in North Carolina (Copy), 1865
330Shorter, Eli S. Eufaula, Alabama. Letter regarding Reconstruction, 1867
331Singleton, James W. Letter "Relief for Starving People" in Alabama, 1866
VB339Smith, D. Valley Forge. Letter to Major Porter regarding military affairs, 1778 June 10
332Smith, J. Belknap. Appointment as postmaster at Columbia Mine and purchase of Columbia Mine, 1863, 1883
333Smith, Mrs. J. Belknap (Letter to) regarding the birth of her son, 1853
334Smith, J. Little. Letter regarding seizure of cotton, 1865
335Smith, M.E. Letters regarding purchase of brandy and a question of payment, 1866-1867
336Smith, Seaborn. Discharge papers due to billious fever, 1862
337Smithe, James M. Letter to J. W. Shank, Columbia Mine, 1872
338Southern Masonic Female College, Covington, Ga. tuition fee, 1874
339Spalding, James. Petition for money due from Thomas Cater, 1792
340Stephens, Alexander H. Letters including an introduction for Nelson Tift and letter to Joseph Hemphill regarding the New Hampshire platform, 1868, 1871
341Stephens, William. Letter regarding Mr. Wood's debt and sale of lands, 1786 Access Online
342Stevens, William Bacon. Letter to E. A. Nesbit regarding the laws of divorce and other legal matters, 1847, 1868
343Stewart, James. Petition. Liberty Co., 1787
344Stone, Samuel. Note, 1758
345Stout, S. H. Order for Surgeon Morrison to report to duty, 1865
346Strother, J. E. Social letter , 1871
347Sykes, F. M. Letter to Louis Parsons regarding crimes committed by freedmen and the Freedmens Bureau, 1865
348Tattnall, Josiah, Jr. Letters concerning taxation, relations with France, and land matters, 1797, 1799
349Teachman, William N. Indenture between Teachman and Isaac P. Cooley, 1839
350Thomas, Rebecca. Land Grant 250 acres in Early County, 1829
351Thompson, W.L. Letter regarding legal case about property, 1861
352Thurman vs. Zachary, Washington Co., Depositions concerning a despute in making surveys at the fork of the Oconee River and four enslaved people named Poll and her three children, 1792 Access Online
353Thweatt, Peterson. Note and Form Letters regarding the shipment of corn for indigent widows and orphans, 1866-1867
354Ticknor, Francis Orray. Letters and poems, 1844-1871
355Treutlen, John Adam. Note to pay for riding express to Fort Howe, 1777
356Trice, Z.B. Letter regarding the building of Talbotton Railroad, 1853
VB340Trumball, Johnathan. note
357Turner, Daniel. Social letter and Spanish Privateer at Ameilia Island, sympathy of natives in E. Florida, 1806
357Turner, Joseph Addison. Letter, 1863
359Turner, Terry. Letter regarding the Seminole War, 1837
360Upper Mills, Little River, GA. J. Belknap Smith. Notes & Accounts, 1867
361Waddell, John N. Recommendation for Professor Wilson Richardson, 1866
362Waddel, Moses. Letter to George Jones regarding the Jones boys, 1800
363Wagnon, E. A. Agreement with J. Belknap Smith, Columbia Mines, to hire a slave to accompany him to Pennsylvania, 1853
1BWatkinsville Militia agreement, 1810
364aWalton, George. Washington County. Order for Land, 1784
365Walton, George William. Case Against, 1814
365Watts, Thomas Hill. Letters to Jefferson Davis regarding military affairs, 1864-1865
366Wedburg, Alfred. Letter (Copy) reporting on elections in Cherokee, DaKalb, Paine, Marshall, Clahoun, and Cleburne (Ala.), 1868
367Wereat, John. Letter to Lachlan McIntosh regarding war, prisoners, and confiscated estates. Letter to William Bingham regarding purchasing land on the Alatamaha River and nearly 4000 enslaved people from Town being confiscated by the enemy, 1782 Access Online
368Western & Atlantic Railroad Invoice, 1863
369White, Nicolous. Franklin County. Order to Survey Land, 1784
370Whittington, B.F. Letter with list of citizens of Nashville, Ga. , 1875
371Williams, Chaplin. Document, 1769
372Williams, W. Thorne. Invoice for shipping, 1855
373Winston, John A. Letters regarding his pardon, 1865
VB341Wiser, Benjamin. Letter to the Committee on Safety of Northumberland Co. (Penn.) for help apprehending deserters, 1777 March 8
374Woods, Milus H. Letter regarding campaign of the Fouche Volunteers in the Indian War, 1836
VB342Wright, Silas, Jr. autograph
375Yazoo Land Grant. Charles Ryan for 1000 acres of land in Tennessee Company, 1797
376Miscellaneous. Court document William Beall vs. John Garsed concerning cotton; engraving of Baron Brougham & Vaux; List of autographs in album [album not included], 1865
326Faiford, Phillip Letter
51Georgia Home Insurance Company Day book
52Georgia Home Insurance Company Index to stock ledger
53Georgia Home Insurance Company General statistics
54Georgia Home Insurance Company Statement book
61-3Confederate States of America Nitre and Mining Bureau notebooks
7Confederate States of America Nitre and Mining Bureau notebooks (copies)
41Nitre and Mining Bureau, 2nd District letter book, 1864-1865 ( 1 volume(s) )
The collection consists of a letter book of official correspondence for the 2nd District (South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, and Alabama) of the Nitre and Mining Bureau of the Confederate States of America from October 1864 - April 1865. The correspondence, invoices, receipts, and accounts document the activities of the Bureau and contain information regarding a fire (October 1864) that destroyed the Bureau's Augusta (Ga.) headquarters and the ensuing problems re-establishing the laboratory, shipments received and sent, problems obtaining equipment and supplies, and chemical experiments with nitre and potash. The letter book also contains some descriptions of Confederate and Union troop movements, battles, and actions of the Confederate government. Most of the correspondence was written by either Nathaniel A. Pratt or Capt. B.A. Stovall.
42Nathaniel A. Pratt letter book, 1865-1888 ( 1 volume(s) )
The collection consists of a letter book of Nathaniel A. Pratt from April 1865 - March 1888. The correspondence documents Pratt's professional and scientific activities in Georgia and Virginia including information on mineral deposits, geological analysis and surveys, and chemical research.
The collection consists of a letter book of Nathaniel A. Pratt from April 1865 - March 1888. The correspondence documents Pratt's professional and scientific activities in Georgia and Virginia including information on mineral deposits, geological analysis and surveys, and chemical research.
Nathaniel Alpheus Pratt (1834-1906), scientist and educator, served as Superintendent of the Nitre and Mining Bureau of the Confederate States of America during the Civil War.
377Tempera paintings - Civil War battle scenes of Confederate cavalry charges against a Union wagon train, signed J.J.P., 1865