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Direct Mail Advertising Association scrapbooks

Direct Mail Advertising Association scrapbooks

Descriptive Summary

Title: Direct Mail Advertising Association scrapbooks
Creator: Direct Mail Advertising Association
Inclusive Dates: 1953
Language(s): English
Extent: 31.6 Linear Feet 19 oversized boxes
Collection Number: ms2961
Repository: Hargrett Library

Collection Description

Historical Note

The Direct Mail Advertising Association, founded in 1917, was later renamed as the Direct Marketing Association. The Association regulated and worked with businesses wanting to use direct mail as a way to advertise to customers. Direct mail provides direct marketing from businesses and businessmen to citizens, encouraging them to buy certain products or trust specific lines or companies. Direct mail only truly emerged in the 20th century. It was considered a fairly unique form of advertisement for many decades.

The Direct Mail Advertising Association "Best in Industry" contest occurred regularly for much of the Association's history. It invited entries from all users of Direct Mail to compete. The contest was judged by "a capable and impartial Board of Judges" who decided the winner for each business category (consumer, farm, and industry). These then were exhibited at the Association's Annual Convention.

The 1953 contest was judged by: S.R. Bernstein, editor of "Advertising Age"; Henry Hoke, publisher of "Reporter of Direct Mail Advertising"; Paul Penfield, supervisor of Advertising for the Detroit Edison Company; Percce Harvey, the president of the Harvey Advertising Agency; Paul Bringe, of the Milwaukee Dustless Brush company; A.S. Gibbins, advertising manager of Canadian Industries; and Robert Walker, supervisor of Field Service for the Mutual Life Insurance Company.

Scope and Content

The collection consists of scrapbooks for the Direct Mail Advertising "Best of Industry" contest. These provide examples and explanations about a successful campaign the business put forth the previous year. They contain posters, mail advertisements, clippings, mounted samples and the like.

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Direct Mail Advertising Association scrapbooks, ms2961, Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library, The University of Georgia Libraries.

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Subject Terms

Advertising, Direct-mail -- United States.
Direct Mail Advertising Association

Series Descriptions and Folder Listing


1. Consumer

11Scrapbook C7 No.1 (American Aviation Publications, American Aviation magazine)
12Scrapbook C7 No.2 (Associates Investment Company, personal loan service)
13Scrapbook C7 No.3 (Business Reports, business and financial services)
14Scrapbook C7 No.4 (Capital Airlines, transportation/airlines)
21Scrapbook C7 No.5 (Clipper Line, ocean cruises)
22Scrapbook C7 No.6 (GMC, automotive)
23Scrapbook C7 No.7 (Gerber Products, food products)
24Scrapbook C7 No.8 (Goodyear Tires, tires and batteries)
25Scrapbook C7 No.9 (The Grolier Society, mail order of Hammond's Nature Atlas of America)
31Scrapbook C7 No.10 (Grosset & Dunlap, book publishers)
32Scrapbook C7 No.11 (Hardware Mutuals, insurance, fire and casualty)
33Scrapbook C7 No.12 (James and Roach, heating/ventiliating/air-conditioning)
41Scrapbook C7 No.13 (James Lees & Sons, home furnishing)
42Scrapbook C7 No.14 (Lincoln-Mercury of the Ford Motor Company, automotive)
43Scrapbook C7 No.15 (National Wildlife Federation, conservation education)
44Scrapbook C7 No.16 (New Orleans Public Services, public utilities)
51Scrapbook C7 No.17 (Skytop Club, vacation visits to Skytop Club in Penn.)
52Scrapbook C7 No.18 (Wood Conversion Company, building materials)

2. Farm

53Scrapbook F2 No.1 (Bowey's, Dari-Rich-Non-Settling Chocolate)
54Scrapbook F2 No.2 (Minneapolis-Moline Company, farm machinery)
55Scrapbook F2 No.3 (Monarch Aluminum Manufacturing Company, custom-made aluminum)

3. Industry scrapbooks

61Scrapbook I4 No.1 (Abbott Laboratories International Company, pharmaceutical specialties)
71Scrapbook I4 No.2 (Behr-Manning Corporation, industrial machinery - light equipment and tools)
81Scrapbook I4 No.3 (Employers Mutual of Wausau, motor freight line)
82Scrapbook I4 No.4 (Business Week, publishers/advertising space)
91Scrapbook I4 No.5 (Dayton Rubber Company, printing machinery and equipment)
92Scrapbook I4 No.6 (Dayton Rubber Company, rubber products)
93Scrapbook I4 No.7 (Durene Association of America, textiles, Durene cotton yarn)
101Scrapbook I4 No.8 (Esso Standard Oil Company, petroleum products)
102Scrapbook I4 No.9 (Employers Mutual of Wausau, insurance)
111Scrapbook I4 No.10 (Evansville, career-planning)
121Scrapbook I4 No.11 (Fairy Silk Mills, large-size silk lingerie)
122Scrapbook I4 No.12 (Foote & Jenks, food products, vanillas)
123Scrapbook I4 No.13 (General Electric Company, 2-way radio communication equipment)
131Scrapbook I4 No.14 (Telechron Department of the General Electric Company, telechron clock-radio timers)
132Scrapbook I4 No.15 (Greyvan Lines, long distance moving)
141Scrapbook I4 No.16 (Minneapolis-Honeywell Regulator Company, heating/ventilating/air-conditioning)
151Scrapbook I4 No.17 (National Broadcasting Company, television)
152Scrapbook I4 No.18 (Baroid Sales Division of the National Lead Company, chemicals and equipment)
153Scrapbook I4 No.19 (Sande Rocke & Company, sales promotion by mail)
161Scrapbook I4 No.20 (The E.F. Schmidt Company, creative printing)
162Scrapbook I4 No.21 (Sharp & Dome Seminar, medicine)
171Scrapbook I4 No.22 (Stafford Brush Company, industrial and maintenance brushes)
172Scrapbook I4 No.23 (Toronto Stock Exchange, financial institutions)
181Scrapbook I4 No.24 (Tube Turns, welding fittings and flanges)
19Scrapbook I4 No.25 - "The Dilemma of Yoon Run" by Union Bag and Paper Corporation
182Scrapbook I4 No.26 (Westinghouse Electric Corporation, television)