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WSB-TV and WSB Radio Records, Series 4. Awards

WSB-TV and WSB Radio Records, Series 4. Awards

Descriptive Summary

Title: WSB-TV and WSB Radio Records, Series 4. Awards
Creator: WSB-TV (Television station : Atlanta, Ga.)
Creator: WSB (Radio station : Atlanta, Ga.)
Inclusive Dates: 1962-1980
Language(s): English
Extent: 7 Linear Feet 7 boxes
Collection Number: ms2137_4
Repository: Hargrett Library

Collection Description

Historical Note

The first broadcast of Atlanta's first radio station, WSB, occurred on March 15, 1922. The call letters, which had been assigned that afternoon by the U.S. secretary of commerce, had formerly been used by a ship's wireless. The station was owned by the Atlanta Journal. On September 29, 1948, the first live commercial television program was broadcast in Georgia. Broadcasting on channel eight from the state's tallest structure at the time, a tower higher than 800 feet, the television arm of WSB Radio and its parent, Cox Broadcasting, began regular service.

For more information, see the article "WSB Radio" in the New Georgia Encyclopedia.

Scope and Content

This series includes files related to various journalism and broadcasting awards and include entry packages, certificates, correspondence, photographs, and articles submitted by WSB.

Organization and Arrangement

The WSB-TV and WSB Radio records are organized into 7 series: sales; programming; press releases and clippings; awards; surveys and ratings; promotional/marketing; and correspondence and business files.

The awards files are arranged alphabetically by name of the award.

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

WSB-TV and WSB Radio records, ms2137, Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library, The University of Georgia Libraries.

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Finding aid prepared on: 2014.

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Subject Terms

Broadcasting -- Awards -- United States.
Journalism -- Georgia -- Awards.
Peabody Awards.
Radio broadcasting -- Awards -- United States.
Television broadcasting -- Awards -- United States.

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Series Descriptions and Folder Listing

11Abe Lincoln Award, 1971
12Abe Lincoln Entry, 1973 September 1
13Abe Lincoln Award, 1975
14American Baptist Radio, TV Awards, 1968
15American Baptist Awards Deadline, 1969 March 1
16Annual American Baptist Radio-TV Awards, 1967
17American Baptist Radio-TV Entry, 1966
18American Cancer Society Entry, 1967 May 24
19American Cancer Society, 1976
110American Cancer Society Media Awards, 1977
111American Cancer Society
112American Legion Auxiliary "Golden Mike" Deadline, 1969 May 1
113American Legion Auxiliary "Golden Mike" Award, 1970 May 15
114American Medical Journalism Award Entry, 1967 January 31
115American Medical Journalism entry, 1968 January
116American Medical Associations Deadline, 1970 February 1
117AMA Awards
118AMA Journalism Award Competition, "The World of Medicine", 1970
119AMA Awards, 1974
120American Music Awards, 1975
121AMF Recreation Entry, won first place in national competition
122AMF Recreation Award Entry, 1963 March 15
123American Optometric Association Public Service Awards, 1971
124American Psychologic Foundation Award, 1969
125American Psychological Foundation, 1973 May 15
126American Psychological Association, 1976
128"Major" Armstrong Award Entry, 1970 January 29
129"Major" Armstrong Award Entry, 1970 December 16
130"Major" Armstrong Awards , 1974
131"Major" Armstrong Awards, 1976
132"Major" Armstrong Awards, 1977
133Associated Press Awards to Station, Past
134Associated Press Award Entry, 1965
135Associated Press Award Entry, 1966
136Associated Press Award, 1966
137Associated Press Awards, 1967
138Associated Press Awards
139Associated Press Awards Deadline, 1968 January 31
140Atlanta Ad Club Awards Deadline, 1969 January 2
141Associated Press Awards, 1971
142Associated Press Awards, 1972
143Associated Press Awards, 1973
144Associated Press Awards, 1974
145Associated Press, 1976
146Associated Press Awards, 1976
147Associated Press Awards
148Associated Press Awards, 1978
149Associated Press Awards, 1979
150Georgia Associated Press Broadcaster Awards Deadline, 1970 January 31
151Pacemaker G.A.P., 1964
152Georgia Associated Press Awards, 1970
153Georgia Associated Press Broadcaster Awards Deadline, 1969 January 31
154ARB Innovator Awards Deadline
155Atlanta Ad Club Awards, 1971 February 3
156Billboard Community Interest Awards, 1970 June
21Billboard Entry
22Howard W. Blakeslee Award Entry, 1968 May
23Blakeslee Additional Copy, Letters
24Howard W. Blakeslee Awards , 1969
25Blakeslee Awards, 1971
26Blakeslee Award Entry, 1978 May 1
27Blakeslee Award, 1975 May 1
28Howard W. Blakeslee Award
29Blakeslee Award
210BPA/RAB Awards Deadline, 1969 July 21
211BPA Community Involvement Awards, 1970
212BPA Sales Promotion Award Entry, 1971
213BPA Entries, 1972
214Broadcasters Promotion Association, 1973
215BPA Awards, 1973
216BPA Awards, 1975
217BPA Awards, 1976
218BPA Awards, 1977
219BPA Awards, 1978
220Brotherhood Award Entry, 1964
221Awards to Broadcast Management, General Federation of Women's Clubs
222Brotherhood Award, 1968
223Brotherhood Awards Deadline, 1969 April 1
224National Brotherhood Awards Entry, 1969
225Broadcasting Promotion Association, Inc.
226Civil Defense Award, 1976
227Clarion Awards, Women in Communications, 1976
228Clarion Awards, 1977
229Clarion Awards, 1978
230Clarion Awards, 1979
231CLIO Awards Entry, 1973
232Alfred I. DuPont Award Entry, 1963
233Alfred I. DuPont Entry, 1964
234Alfred I. DuPont Award Entry, 1965
235DuPont Awards, 1967
236Alfred I. DuPont - Columbus Survey and Awards, 1969 May 29
237Alfred I. DuPont Awards Deadline, 1969 July 2
238DuPont - Columbia Entry, 1971
239DuPont - Columbia Survey and Awards, 1974
240DuPont - Columbia Survey and Awards, 1979
241DuPont - Columbia Survey and Awards
242Thomas Edison Awards, 1962
243Georgia State Science Fair, 1968 April 4-6
244Thomas Alva Edison Award Entry, 1963
245Thomas Alva Edison Award Entry, 1965
246Thomas Alva Edison Award Entry, 1966
247Edison Foundation Award, 1967
248Edison Award, 1968
249Edison Scholarship
250Thomas Alva Edison Awards Deadline: November 15, 1969
251Environmental Award Deadline, 1972 December 31
252George Erwin Award, 1975
253George Erwin Award, 1977
254George Erwin Awards, 1978
255Eyeshade Award, 1975
256Freedoms Foundation Award Entry, 1962
257Freedoms Foundation Entry, 1964
258Freedoms Foundation Awards Entry, 1966
259Freedoms Foundation Award
260Freedoms Foundation Entry, 1967
261Freedoms Foundation Award Entry Date, 1968 October 31
31Freedoms Foundation Special Award, 1969
32Freedoms Foundation National Award, 1970
33Freedoms Foundation Awards Deadline, 1971 November 1
34Freedoms Foundation, 1973
35Freedoms Foundation Possibility, 1973
36Freedoms Foundation, 1974
37Freedoms Foundation, 1975
38Freedoms Foundation, 1976
39Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge, 1976
310Freedoms Foundation Valley Forge, 1977
311Freedoms Foundation, 1979
312Freedom of Speech
313International Association of Fire Fighters
314GAB Promotion of the Year Entry, 1963 May 1
315GAB-Education School Story Entry, 1963 May
316GAB Prestige Awards, 1964
317GAB Safety-Thon Entry
318GAB Prestige Entries, 1965
319GAB Award Entry, Station of the Year, 1966
320GAB Entry, Broadcaster-Citizen of the Year, 1966
321GAB Promo of the Year, 1967
322GAB Station of the Year, 1967
323GAB Entry, 1968 April
324GAB Promotion of the Year, 1968 May 1
325GAB Station of the Year, 1968 May 1
326GAB Prestige Awards Deadline, 1969 May 1
327GAB Awards, Station of the Year, Promotion of the Year, 1969
328GAB Entries, Station of the Year, Promotion of the Year, 1970
329GAB Awards, 1971
330GAB, 1971
331GAB Award Entry, 1972
332GAB Entry, Station of the Year, 1973
333GAB Entry, Station of the Year, 1973 April 16
334GAB Awards Entry, Promotion of the Year, Station of the Year, 1974
335GAB Tourism Promotion Award
336GAB Prestige Award, 1975
337Georgia Association of Broadcasters, 1976
338GAB Awards, 1976
339GAB Awards, 1977
340GAB, 1978
341GAB, 1979
342GAB, 1979
343GAB Media Awards
344GAB Station of the Year Entry, 1963 May
345GAB Promotion of the Year, 1962
346Safety-Thon Information for Award Entry, 1963
347GAB Safety-Thon Award Entry, 1963
348Safety-Thon, 1962
349GAB Competition Award Entry, 1962
350Gabriel Awards, 1968
351Gabriel Awards, 1975
352Gabriel Awards, 1977
353Gabriel Awards, 1976
354Georgia Association of Newscasters, 1970
355ABA Gavel Award Entry, 1963
356Gavel Awards Entry
357Gavel Awards
358Gavel Awards Competition, 1967
359ABA Gavel Awards Deadline, 1969 April 1
360Gavel Awards, 1972
361Gavel Awards, 1973
362Gavel Awards, 1975
363Gavel Awards, 1978
364Gavel Awards, 1977
365Gavel Award, 1978
366Georgia Association of Realtors, George Erwin Award, 1976
367Georgia Association of Realtors, Inc.
368Gavin Award
369GEA School Bell Award, 1964
370GEA School Bell Competition, 1965
371GEA School Bell Awards Deadline, 1969 October 15
372School Bell, 1971
373School Bell Award Entry, 1972
374GAE, 1972
375Georgia Association of Educators Award Entry, 1973
376GAE School Bell Award , 1974
377GAE School Bell Award, 1975
378Georgia Association of Educators, 1979
41Green Eyeshade Award Entry, 1964
42Green Eyeshade Entry Date, 1967 February 17
43Green Eyeshade Award, 1968
44Green Eyeshade Entry Date, 1969 February 14
45Green Eyeshade, 1970
46Green Eyeshade Awards, 1974
47Green Eyeshade Awards, 1976
48Green Eyeshade Award, 1977
49Green Eyeshade Award, 1979
410Green Eyeshade Awards, 1979
411Golden Mike Award, 1966
412Golden Mike Award Entry, 1967
413Golden Mike Awards, American Legion Auxiliary, 1974
414Abe Goldstein Human Relation Award, 1975
415Governor's Committee on Employment of Handicapped, Public Service Award, 1974
416Governor's Committee on Employment of the Handicapped, 1976
417Governor's Committee on Employment of the Handicapped
418Grade Crossing Safety Media Award, 1977-1978
419Headliner Awards Entry, School Integration (Public Service), 1962
420National Headliner Award Entry (Editorials), 1963 January
421Headliner Awards Entry, 1964
422Headliner Awards, 1965
423Headliner Award Entry, 1966
424Headliner Award Entry Date, 1967 February
425National Headliner Award Entry, 1968 January
426Headliner Entry, 1969
427National Headliner Awards Deadline, 1969 February 1
428National Headliner Awards, 1970
429Headliner Award, 1972
430National Headliners, 1977
431Headliners Awards
432Georgia Heart Association
433William Randolph Hearst, 1968-1969
434Sydney Hillman Award Entry, "Century of Freedom", 1963
435Sidney Hillman Awards Entry Date, 1967
436Sidney Hillman Awards Deadline, 1968 February 2
437Sidney Hillman Awards Deadline, 1969 February 1
438Hillman, 1970 January 29
439Sidney Hillman Awards, 1969
440Sidney Hillman Award, 1971
441Sidney Hillman Award, 1974
442The Sidney Hillman Foundation Inc., 1975
443Sidney Hillman Foundation Award, 1976
444Hire the Handicapped, 1970
445Hire the Handicapped, 1968
446Hire the Handicapped Public Service Award, 1968
447Scripps-Howard Awards, Roy W. Howard Public Service Award, 1973 March 1
448Scripps-Howard, Roy W. Howard Award, 1973
449Roy W. Howard Awards, 1974
450Roy W. Howard Awards, 1975
451Roy W. Howard Awards, 1978
452Roy W. Howard Awards, 1978
453Roy W. Howard, 1979
454International Broadcasting Awards Deadline
455Janus Awards, 1977
456Janus Awards, 1978
457The Japan Prize
458John F. Kennedy Award, 1977
459Robert F. Kennedy Journalism Award, 1970
460Robert F. Kennedy Awards, 1973
461Robert F. Kennedy Journalism Awards, 1973
462Robert F. Kennedy Awards, 1975
463Robert F. Kennedy Journalism Awards, 1977
464Lasker Foundation Awards, 1968 January 30
465Lasker Awards, 1969
466Abe Lincoln Awards, 1976
467Abe Lincoln Awards Deadline
468Captain Lawton Award, 1976
469"Major" Awards for FM Entry, 1964
470"Major" Awards, 1965
471"Major" Armstrong Awards Entry for FM
472"Major" Armstrong Award Entry, 1966
473Major Awards, 1967 December 31
474"Major" Armstrong Awards Deadline, 1968 December 31
475"Major" Armstrong Awards, 1972
476"Major" Armstrong Awards, 1975
477Mayors Award, 1966
478Mayors' Award Entry Date, 1967 February 1
479Mayors' Award
480U.S. Conference of Mayors & BP Award Entry, 1964 January 31
481Maria Moors Cabot Award, 1975
51McCall's Award, Audrey Tittle, 1962
52Media/Scope Awards, 1964
53Media Awards for the Advancement of Economic Understanding, 1977
54Media Awards for Higher Education, 1978
55Media Awards for Economic Understanding, 1979
56Medical Journalism Award, 1968
57Medical Journalism Awards, AMA, 1967
58Medical Journalism Award, 1966
59Mental Health Bell Award, 1974
510Mental Health Bell Awards, 1975
511Mental Health Award, 1977
512Mental Health Association, 1977
513Mental Health Medical Awards, 1978
514Mental Health Association, 1978
515Mental Health Bell Media Award, 1979
1Mike Awards Banquet photograph, 1963
516More Than a Radio Station, 1970
517MHAMA Award, 1978
518National Association of Broadcasters
519Radio Hall of Fame, National Association of Broadcasters
520National Bicentennial Media, 1976
521NAFMB, 1973
522National Foundation of Highway Safety, 1972
523National Foundation for Highway Safety, 1973
524National Foundation for Highway Safety Awards Entry, 1974
525National Conference of Christians and Jews, 1969
526National Conference of Christians and Jews, 1962 November 21
527National Safety Council Deadline, 1969 May 1
528National Safety Council Awards, 1970 May 15
529National Safety Council Awards
530National Safety Council Awards Entry, 1968
531National Safety Council, 1967
532National Safety Council, 1966
533National Safety Council Award, 1966
534National Safety Council Public Service Awards Entries, 1965
535National Safety Council Entry, 1964 January 21
536National Safety Council Entry, 1963 January 31
537National Institute of Social Services, 1970
538NBEA, 1978
539NBEA Awards, 1977
540NBEA Awards, 1979
541NCAA Mass Media Award, 1978
542NCCJ Awards Entry Deadline, 1973 December 31
543Ohio State Awards Entry, 1963
544Ohio State Awards, 1964
545Ohio State Awards, 1965
546Ohio State Award Entry, 1967
547Ohio State Awards Deadline
548Ohio State Awards Entry Date, 1969
549Ohio State Awards, 1970
550Ohio State Awards Entry, 1970 September 15
551Ohio State Awards, 1971
552Ohio State Awards, 1972
553Ohio State Awards, 1972
554Ohio State Awards, 1973
555Ohio State Awards, 1974
556Ohio State Awards, 1975
557Ohio State Awards, 1976
558Ohio State Awards, 1978
559Ohio State Awards, 1979
560Oscars in Agriculture Entry, 1963 June 13
561Oscars in Agriculture, 1969
562Oscars in Agriculture, 1978
563Parish of the Air Award Entry, 1967
564Pacemaker Entry, 1969
565Peabody Awards Entry, 1962
566Peabody Awards Entry, 1963
567George Foster Peabody Entry, 1964
568Peabody Entry, 1965
569Peabody Awards Entries, 1966
570Peabody Awards Entries, 1966
571Peabody Awards, 1967
61Peabody Awards Entries, 1966
62Peabody Awards, 1968
63Peabody Awards Deadline, 1969 January 10
64Peabody Awards Entry, 1970 January 10
65Peabody Award Entry, 1971 January 8
66Peabody Awards Entry, 1972
67Peabody Awards, 1974
68George Foster Peabody Awards, 1975
69Peabody Awards, 1977
610Peabody Awards, 1977
611Peabody Award, 1979
612Peabody Awards, 1980
613Peace Corp
614Phoenix Awards, 1977
615Pioneer Black Journalists Awards Competition
616George Polk Memorial Awards Entry Date, 1967
617George Polk Award Entered, 1968 January 30
618George Polk Memorial Awards Deadline, 1969 February 1
619George Polk Memorial Entry Date, 1970 January 16
620Prix Italia Entry, 1962
1Protestant Radio and Television Center plaque, 1970
621Sigma Delta Chi Quill Award Entry Date, 1967 March 15
622Sigma Delta Chi Quill Awards, 1967
623Sigma Delta Chi Quill Award Third Quarter, 1967
624Sigma Delta Chi "Quill Award" Entry, 1971 January 4
625Sigma Delta Chi Quill Awards, 1973
626Sigma Delta Chi Quill Awards, 1974
627RFE Award Entry, 1963 June 24
628Religion in Media, 1977
629Radio-TV Mirror Award, 1961
630RTNDA Award Entry, 1962
631RTNDA Entry, 1964 July 31
632RTNDA Entry, 1965
633RTNDA Entries, 1966
634RTNDA Radio News Awards, 1967
635RTNDA Award, Edward R. Murrow Radio, Documentary Award, 1968
636RTNDA Award, Editorialized by Radio, 1968
637RTNDA Awards Deadline, 1969 March 1
638RTNDA Entry, 1969
639RTNDA, 1970
640RTNDA Awards, 1972
641RTNDA Awards, 1973
642RTNDA Awards, 1974
643RTNDA, 1976
644RTNDA, 1977
645RTNDA Awards
646RTNDA Awards
647RTNDA Awards, 1979
648Ted V. Rodgers Award Entry, 1963
649Robert F. Kennedy Awards, 1974
650Radio Program Conference Award, 1974
651School Bell Award, 1967
652School Bell Award, 1971
653School Bell Award, 1975
654School Bell Award 1978
655School Story Award, 1966
656School Story, 1966
657School Story Entry, 1965
658Saturday Review Award Entry, 1967 January 13
659Service Station
660Service Station
661Sigma Delta Chi Award Entry, 1961
662Sigma Delta Chi Public Safety Award Entry, 1963
663Sigma Delta Chi Awards Entry, 1964 January 20
664Sigma Delta Chi Entry, 1964
665Sigma Delta Chi Awards, 1966
666Sigma Delta Chi Award Entry, 1966
667Sigma Delta Chi Award Cover for Editorials, 1968
668Pacemaker, 1969
669Sigma Delta Chi Entry , 1968
670Sigma Delta Chi Entry, 1969
671Sigma Delta Chi Awards Deadline, 1969 February 1
672Silver Anvil Awards Deadline, 1969 March 15
673Silver Gavel Awards, 1975-1976
674Silver Gavel Award, 1977
675Silver Gavel Awards, 1979
676Silver Gavel Awards, 1980
677Sigma Delta Chi "Quill" Awards
678Sigma Delta Chi "Quill Awards Entry, 1970 March 23
679Sigma Delta Chi, 1970
680Sigma Delta Chi Awards Deadline, 1972
681Sigma Delta Chi Awards, 1973
682Sigma Delta Chi Awards, 1974
683Sigma Delta Chi, 1975
684Sigma Delta Chi Awards, 1976
685Sigma Delta Chi Awards, 1977
686Sigma Delta Chi, 1979
687Sigma Delta Chi Awards, 1979
688Alfred P. Sloan Award, 1967
71Alfred P. Sloan Awards, 1968
72Alfred P. Sloan Awards Deadline, 1969 May 19
73Sloan Awards, 1971
74Sloan Award Entry, 1972
75Sloan Awards Entry, 1974
76Sloan Awards, 1970
77Silver Anvil Award, 1968
78Alfred P. Sloan Awards, 1966
79Alfred P. Sloan Award, 1966
710Alfred Sloan Award, 1965 March 12
711State Bar Silver Gavel Awards
712Stay and See Georgia Special Award, 1968
713Stay and See Georgia Award Entry, 1969
714Stay and See Georgia Awards, 1970
715Stay and See America in Georgia
716TRUX Awards Competition, 1964
717Trux Awards Entry, 1962
718UPI Awards, 1975
719UPI Awards, 1976
720UPI Awards, 1977
721UPI, 1979
722UPI Awards, 1980
723Wildlife Federation Awards, 1973
724Jack Williams research Awards, 1967
725Jack Williams Memorial Awards
726Jack Williams Memorial Research Award, 1969 May 28
727Jack Williams Award, American Cancer Society, 1970
728Jack Williams Memorial Research Award Committee, 1976
729Jack Williams Research Award, 1975
730Jack Williams Research Award on Cancer
731Jack Williams Cancer Award, 1977
732Jack Williams Award, American Cancer Society, 1978
733Awards Entry Data, 1962-1963
734Award Entry Data, 1964
735Fireman's Strike Story
736Milledgeville Dilemna
737Awards Competition
738Awards Listing
739Public Service
740Safety Award Entry Material
741Georgia Associated Press Awards Entry, 1964 January 16
742GAPB Awards Entry, 1963
744Awards Information for Future Use
745Young American Award
746Broadcast Seminar
747Radio News
748Open Mike
749School Spirit
750Expressway Campaign
752750 Award
753Award Entry Forms, 1963-1964
754Awards, General Material
755Miscellaneous Awards
756Elmo Ellis, VA Award, 1971 October
757Award Certificates
758Award Certificates
759Award Certificates
1Award Certificates