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Paul Edmonston papers, Georgia Art Education Association

Paul Edmonston papers, Georgia Art Education Association

Descriptive Summary

Title: Paul Edmonston papers, Georgia Art Education Association
Creator: Edmonston, Paul, 1922-2011
Inclusive Dates: 1972-1992
Bulk Dates: 1980-1989
Language(s): English
Extent: 7 Linear Feet (7 boxes)
Collection Number: UA97-128
Repository: University of Georgia Archives

Collection Description

Biographical/historical note

A native of Massachusetts, Paul Edmonston enrolled in the Massachusetts College of Art in 1940 but soon saw his studies interrupted by World War II. After the war he enrolled in Boston University and eventually went on the receive his PhD in Fine Arts from Ohio State University in 1961. A distinguished educator, Dr. Edmonston served on the faculty of Florida State, Ohio State University, Pennsylvania State University and the University of Georgia. As a UGA faculty member Edmonston received numerous grants and honors and was listed in Who's Who in American Art. He edited several monograms, books, anthologies in Art Education and founded Apelles: The Georgia Art Journal. In 1989, after 39 years of teaching, Edmonston retired as Professor Emeritus of Art and that same year was declared Art Educator of the Year by the NAEA. Edmonston was a well-known figure in the field of Art Education having taught classes related to the subject's history, philosophy and methodologies. A versatile educator, he also taught studio courses as well as classes in art appreciation/criticism and graduate seminars on cross-cultural research in art. Primarily a painter, Dr. Edmonston exhibited in regional and national shows including ones at the High Museum in Atlanta. In addition to his painting he lectured worldwide on topics such as violence and broken images of man in contemporary art, the Biblical imagination in Western art, the nature of visual intelligence, the creative process and angelic interventions from the Old and New Testaments to the present.

Scope and Content

The collection consists of papers of Paul Edmonston, chiefly concerning the Georgia Art Education Association(GAEA), the National Art Education Association (NAEA) and Youth Art Month (YAM).

Organization and Arrangement

Organized alphabetically.

Administrative Information

Preferred citation

Paul Edmonston papers, Georgia Art Education Association, UA97-128, University Archives, Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library, The University of Georgia Libraries.

General Notes

RG 2-10

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Subject Terms

Administrative records.
Art -- Study and teaching.
Edmonston, Paul, 1922-2011 -- Correspondence
Georgia Art Education Association
Minutes (administrative records)
National Art Education Association

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Series Descriptions and Folder Listing

11AP Art Exam Statistics, 1988
12 Apelles Arts Journal , 1978, 1983
13Archives, 1985-1987
14Art Brochures, Miscellaneous
15Art Catalogs, 1987
16Art Exhibits, 1981-1987
17Art Honor Society, 1990
18Art Quest, 1987
19Art Speeches, 1985
110The Arts Consumption Skills In The Post Modern Economy, 1986
111Arts In Education, 1985-1986
112Arts In Education Design, 1988
113Arts In Education Guidelines, 1986
114B and I Gallery Specialists
115Board Of Education
116Board of Regents, 1981
117CAEA Awards
118Campus Retention Audits
119Catalog Format
121Clarke County Alliance For Arts Education, 1983
122Colorado Arts Education Poster
123Columbus College Faculty Senate Minutes, 1989
124Comfort Arts Scholarship
125Crayola Dream-Makers Art Exhibit, 1986
126Department Of Education Arts Education Plan
127Department Of Education Survey Of Arts Education In Public Schools, 1978-1979
128Department Of Education Visual Arts Education Activities And Other Arts Developments, 1979-1986
129Discipline Based Art Education Conference, 1989
130GAEA-Application For Certification Renewal Credit, 1987
131GAEC-Art Advocacy Committee
132GAEC-Art Educator Of The Year, 1985
133GAEC-Awards, 1986, 1988
134GAEC-Awards Nominations, 1983-1989
135GAEC-Awards Policy, 1987-1988
136GAEC-Ballots/Officiers, 1985-1987
137GAEC-Board Meetings, 1979
138GAEC-Board Meetings, 1980
139GAEC-Board Meetings, 1981
140GAEC-Board Meetings, 1982
141GAEC-Board Meetings (High Museum), 1983 May 28
142GAEC-Board Meetings, 1983
143GAEC-Board Meetings, 1984
144GAEC-Board Meetings, 1985
145GAEC-Board Meetings, 1986
146GAEC-Board Meetings, 1987
147GAEC-Board Meetings, 1988
148GAEC-Board Meetings, 1989
149GAEC-Board Meetings, 1990
150GAEC-Board Meetings, 1991
151GAEC-Board Meetings, Miscellaneous
152GAEC-Board Members, 1984-1987
153GAEC-Book Sale, 1987
154GAEC-Capital Art Exhibit, 1983-1991
155GAEC-Career Ladder, 1986
156GAEC-Chattahoochee District, 1984 Spring
157GAEC-China Art Tour, 1986
158GAEC-Collage, 1986-1989
159GAEC-Collage Copies, 1986-1992
160GAEC-Computer Graphics
21GAEC-Constitution And Bylaws, 1984-1985
22GAEC-Constitution File, 1985-1987
23GAEC-Counselors Brochures, 1983-1986
24GAEC-Curriculum, 1986
25GAEC-Dates To Remember, 1986-1987
26GAEC-District President And Chairpersons Report Format
27GAEC-District Reports, 1986
28GAEC-Duties Of District Presidents, 1986
29GAEC-Elections, 1985-1987
210GAEC-Elections, 1987-1989
211GAEC-Elections, 1989-1991
212GAEC-Executive Committee, 1988
213GAEC-Fall Conference, 1982
214GAEC-Fall Conference, High Museum, 1983 October 28-29
215GAEC-Fall Conference, Savannah, Georgia, 1984 October 26-27
216GAEC-Fall Conference, Planning Committee, 1985
217GAEC-Fall Conference, 1985 November
218GAEC-Fall Conference, Columbus, Georgia, 1986 November 7-9
219GAEC-Fall Conference, Atlanta, 1987 November 6-8
220GAEC-Fall Conference, 1988
221GAEC-Fall Conference, 1989
222GAEC-Fall Conference, 1990
223GAEC-Fall Conference, 1991
224GAEC-Fall Conference Programs Assisted
225GAEC-Fiscal Year Report, 1985
226GAEC-Ruth Gasset Letters, Flyers To Board, 1982
227GAEC-Fiscal Year Report, 1987-1989
228GAEC-General Correspondence, 1981-1987
229GAEC-Goals For Schools, 1983-1987
231GAEC-History, 1985-1989
232GAEC-Invitations To Georgia General Assembly, 1983
233GAEC-IRS Application For Non-Profit Status, 1982-1984
234GAEC-Lists Of Board Members, 1988-1991
235GAEC-Mailing Lists, 1982-1983
236GAEC-Mailing List And Membership, 1984
237GAEC-Mailing List
238GAEC-Management Plan, 1987-1988
239GAEC-Management Plan, 1991
240GAEC-Membership, 1972-1973
241GAEC-Membership, 1989
242GAEC-Membership Lists And Officers, 1982-1984
243GAEC-Memorandum Of Agreement
244GAEC-Newsletter Committee, 1985
245GAEC-Newsletter Correspondence, 1982, 1988
246GAEC-Newsletters, 1978-1989
247GAEC-Newsletters, Assisted, 1986-1991
248GAEC-Nominations, 1988
249GAEC-Officers, 1981-1987
250GAEC-Officers-District Presidents, 1978-1983
31GAEC-Outgoing Letters, 1983
32GAEC-Parents Propaganda
34GAEC-Plan Of Action, 1987-1988
35GAEC-Political Committee, 1986
36GAEC-President's Notes, Miscellaneous, 1986
37GAEC-Printed Material
38GAEC-GA Dept. Of Education Proposed Network Projects, 1984-1985
310GAEC-Research, 1986
311GAEC-Special Groups And Art
312GAEC-Student Chapters, 1986
313GAEC-Suggestions, 1985
314GAEC-Surveys, 1982, 1984
315GAEC-Tax Exemption, 1985
316GAEC-Telephone Book Committee, 1985
317GAEC-Telephone Directory Form
318GAEC-Treasurer's Reports, 1987-1991
319GAEC-Treasury, Miscellaneous
320GAEC-Unified Arts Conference, 1988
321GAEC-Workshops, 1984-1986
322GAEC-Workshops And Programs For Georgia Art Teachers Or Art Interested Groups, 1981
323GAEC-Year Agenda And Officer List, 1988-1989
324GCA-Budget Update, 1981-1982
325Georgia Alliance For Arts Education Board, 1982
326Georgia Arts Newsletter
327Georgia Council For The Arts, 1981-1982
328Georgia Semiquincentenary Exhibition, 1982
329Getty Foundation
330Goodwill Games Youth Art Competition, 1986
331Greeting Cards
332KAEA Journal, 1988
333KAEA Members (Executive Committee), 1988-1991
334Louis Harris And Associates, Inc.-Letter To Donna Maddox, 1989
335David Maculy Book Promotions
336Marty Gras For The Arts Festival
337The Metropolitan Museum Of Art Propaganda
339NAEA-Affiliation, 1981
340NAEA-Annual Report, 1988-1989
341NAEA-Annual Report, 1988-1989
342NAEA-Art Talent Search, 1986
343NAEA-Arts In Education Program, 1986
344NAEA-Awards, 1985-1987
345NAEA-Fortieth Anniversary Awards, 1986
346NAEA-Board Of Directors, 1985
347NAEA-Briefing Report, 1987
348NAEA-Cacus Groups Convention, 1985-1986
349NAEA-Convention, 1983
350NAEA-Convention, 1984
351NAEA-Convention, 1985
352NAEA-Convention, 1986
353NAEA-Convention, 1986
354NAEA-Convention, General Sessions, 1986
355NAEA-Convention, List Of Speakers, Disks 1-4, 1986
356NAEA-Convention, 1987
357NAEA-Convention, Cancellations, 1987
358NAEA-Convention, General Sessions, 1987
41NAEA-Convention, Hotel Scheduling, 1987
42NAEA-Convention, Input, 1987
43NAEA-Convention, Letters To National Artists, 1987
44NAEA-Convention, Local Information, 1987
45NAEA-Convention, Major Speakers, 1987
46NAEA-Convention, Minutes, 1987
47NAEA-Convention, National Committee, 1987
48NAEA-Convention, Plans, 1987
49NAEA-Convention, Publications, 1987
410NAEA-Convention, Scheduling Requests, 1987
411NAEA-Convention, Tours, 1987
412NAEA-Correspondence, 1981-1982
413NAEA-Delegates Assembly, 1989
414NAEA-Election, 1983
415NAEA-Election, 1987
416NAEA-Goals, 1986
418NAEA-Invoices, 1986
419NAEA-Job Placement, 1981-1982
420NAEA-Leadership Session, 1989
421NAEA-Leadership Workshop, 1987
422NAEA-Letters, Miscellaneous
423NAEA-Mailing Lists, 1979-1987
424NAEA-Management Plan, 1986
425NAEA-Management Plan, 1987
426NAEA-Membership, 1980-1985
427NAEA-Membership Bulletins, 1982-1986
428NAEA-Membership Information, 1983-1987
429NAEA-Membership Policies And Procedures, 1983
430NAEA-National Convention Management Handbook, 1983
431NAEA-National Honor Societies, 1983, 1985
432NAEA-National Survey Of Art Education
433NAEA-News, 1986-1988
434NAEA-Newsletter Information, 1982-1986
435NAEA-Nominations, 1979
436NAEA-Outstanding Art Educator Nominations, 1987
437NAEA-Periodicals And Publications, 1988-1989
438NAEA-Policy Manual
439NAEA-Posters And Stickers
440NAEA-President- Elect Speech, 1986
441NAEA-Press Releases, 1982-1988
442NAEA-Products, 1986
444NAEA-Request For Sea Nominations From Donna Maddox, 1982
445NAEA-Retired Art Educators Affiliate, 1986
446NAEA-Services, 1986
447NAEA-State And Regional Art Educator Of The Year, 1986-1989
448NAEA-State Needs Survey Report
449NAEA-States Assembly Leadership Workshop #2, 1980
51NAEA-States Assembly, 1981-1982
52NAEA-States Assembly, 1982
53NAEA-States Assembly, 1983
54NAEA-States Assembly, 1984
55NAEA-States Assembly, 1985
56NAEA-States Assembly, 1986
57NAEA-States Assembly, 1987
58NAEA-States Assembly, 1988
59NAEA-Student Membership, 1983-1984
510NAEA-Toward Civilization Benefit, 1988
511NAEA-Vice Presidents Report To State President, 1978-1979
512Newsletters A-F, 1985-1987
513Newsletters G-N, 1986-1989
514Newsletters O-T, 1986-1988
515Newsletters U-W, 1986-1988
516Miscellaneous Personal Abstracts, 1987
517Pratt National Talent Search, 1987
518Prospectus Writers Competition, 1989
519The Purple Cow, 1987
520Quality Art Education Brochures
521Quality Basic Education Art, 1985
523School Art Symposium, 1983
524School Art Symposium, 1986
525School Arts-Art Education Magazine For Teachers, 1988
526School Board Members, 1988
527Slide Registry, 1989
528South Atlantic States High School Art Exhibit Rule Book, 1983
529South Eastern Art Education Association
530State Government, 1984, 1986
531TAEA, 1987
532Talent ID Program, 1984-1985
533University Of Alabama, 1987
534Urban Arts, 1979-1981
535VAEA, Exhibitor Survey
536Visual Arts Advisory Panel
537WAEA-News, 1979
538YAM (Youth Art Month), 1985
539YAM, New Jersey, 1983
540YAM, 1983
541YAM, 1984
542YAM, 1985
543YAM, Committee, 1985-1986
544YAM, 1986
545YAM, 1987
546YAM, 1988
547YAM, 1991
548YAM, Miscellaneous
549Year Of Elementary Art Education (YAM), 1987
6Georgia Art Education Association Archives, Atlanta Stamp Clay-Quality Core Curriculum , 1979-1987
7Georgia Art Education Association Archives, 1979-1987