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State Botanical Garden of Georgia records

State Botanical Garden of Georgia records

Descriptive Summary

Title: State Botanical Garden of Georgia records
Creator: State Botanical Garden of Georgia
Inclusive Dates: 1967-2010
Language(s): English
Extent: 20.75 Linear Feet (24 boxes)
Collection Number: UA92-157
Repository: University of Georgia Archives

Collection Description

Historical Note

The University of Georgia Botanical Garden was created in 1968. In 1984 it was renamed as the State Botanical Garden of Georgia and is a unit of the University of Georgia's Office of Public Service and Outreach. The Garden contains eleven botanical and horticultural collections with about 5 miles of nature trails.

Scope and Content

The records document the creation and administration of the State Botanical Garden of Georgia and include correspondence, reports, plans, marketing and publicity material, newsletters, information regarding plants, grant files, and friends of the botanical garden files. There are also correspondence files from directors Francis Johnstone, Michael Dirr, and Samuel Jones.

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

State Botanical Garden of Georgia records, UA92-157, Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library, The University of Georgia Libraries.

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Subject Terms

Annual reports
Botanical gardens -- Design and construction.
Dirr, Michael A.
Garden Club of Georgia
Gardening -- Societies, etc.
Johnstone, Francis E. , Jr.
Jones, Samuel B., Jr.
State Botanical Garden of Georgia
University of Georgia

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Series Descriptions and Folder Listing


1. Administrative Files

11All Risk Fine Arts Insurance, 1983
12Annual Reports, 1970-1979
13Annual Reports, 1980-1981
14Annual Reports, 1981-1982
15Annual Report - Public Service and Extension, 1981-1982
16Unit Reports, 1983
17Unit Reports, 1984 January-March
18Books Needed for the Library, 1982
19Books Donated to the Garden Library, undated
110Brochures, undated
111Brag List, 1982
112Budget, 1980-1983
113Buildings - Callaway and Visitor Center, 1973-1979
114Catalogs, 1984-1985
115Consultations for Botanical Garden Master Plan, 1977-1978
116-36Correspondence - A-Z, 1979-1985
137Dictionary of Services Committee, 1977-1978
138Duncan, Wilbur - Slide Donation, 1977
139Enterprise '84, 1984
140Events - Public Service Announcements, 1984
141Events - Flyers, 1983-1984
142Events - Art, undated
143Faculty Advisory Committee, 1976-1981
144Fund Raising, 1979
145Garden Notes, 1980-1983
146Gardening Symposium, 1983-1984
147Georgia Power Company, 1979-1980
148Greenhouse, 1976-1978
149Ground-breaking Invitation List, undated
150Herbarium, 1983
21Horticultural Therapy, 1974-1980
22HortScience, 1980-1981
23Information - Environmental Guidelines, 1974
24Information Booklet, 1981
25Maps, undated
26Master Plan, undated
27Needs, 1982-1983
28News Releases (includes photos), 1981-1982
29Nexus, 1984
210Orange Trail: A Guide by Julia E. Seward, undataed
211Phi Beta Kappa, 1982-1983
212Plants - All America Selections, 1980
213Plants - Annual and Perennial Garden, 1978-1980
214Plants - Camellia (Monah Johnstone), undated
215Plants - Nursery Sources for Entrance, undated
216Plants - Rausch, Geoffrey Diagrams, 1979-1980
217Plants - Requests for Additions, 1975-1977
218Plants - Rhododendron Collection (includes slides), 1980
219Plants - Sources of Native Plants, undated
220Plants - Threatened and Endangered, 1977-1979
221Plants - Viburnums, 1979
222Plants - Wildflowers, 1980
231Plants-Cherokee Rose, undated
232Plants-unidentified, undated
223Plaque Information, 1975
224Public Relations Campaign, 1982
225Research Ideas for Botanical Garden, undated
226Self-Guided Tours, undated
227Short Courses, 1979
228Sign System, undated
229Slide Directory, undated
230Speakers, undated
231Staff Meeting, 1981 September
232Tapestry Dedication, 1978
233This Month in Athens, 1976 October
234U.S. National Arboretum Plant Distribution, 1981-1982
235Visitor Center's of Georgia Program, 1981
236Visitor Survey Results, 1982
237Friends - Annual Meetings, 1982
238Friends - Board of Directors Meetings, 1980-1981
239Friends - Mailing Lists, 1981-1982
240Friends - Newsletter, 1982
241Friends - Secretary, 1981-1982
242Friends - Athens Garden Club, 1982-1983
243Friends - Azalea District Club, 1979
244Friends - Buckhead 50 Club, 1983
245Friends - Camellia District Club, undated
246Friends - Clyatt, Jean, 1982-1983
247Friends - Department of Transportation, 1981-1982
248Friends - Dodson, Ann, 1982
249Friends - Duncan, Sue, 1982-1983
250Friends - Garden Club of Georgia, 1979-1982
251Friends - Hayes, James A., 1982-1983
252Friends - Horticultural Club Donation, 1981
253Friends - Junior Ladies Garden Club, 1982
31Friends - Lanier Men's Garden Club, 1982
32Friends - Macaulay, Deebee, 1982
33Friends - Magnolia District, 1982
34Friends - Marietta Mens Garden Club, 1982
35Friends - Melvin, Ernest, 1981
36Friends - Memorials, 1981-1983
37Friends - Miscellaneous, 1979-1981
38Friends - Miscellaneous, 1982
39Friends - Miscellaneous, 1983
310Friends - Milner, Vera, 1978-1981
311Friends - National Council of State Garden Clubs, 1977-1978
312Friends - Pennington Azalea Collection, 1982-1983
313Friends - South Fulton Men's Garden Club, 1982
314Friends - Turner, D. Abbott, 1975-1980
315Friends - University Women's Club, 1981-1983
316Friends, Walker, Alma, 1982-1983
317Friends, Whitaker, Vella, 1983
318Friends - Whitehead, Lura, 1982-1983
319Friends - Wight, John, 1978
320Friends - Williams, Celeste, 1982-1983
321Grants - Georgia Council for the Arts and Humanities, 1979-1980
322Grants - Georgia Council for the Arts and Humanities, 1980-1981
323Grants - Department of Natural Resources, Pt. 1, 1980
324Grants - Department of Natural Resources, Pt. 2, 1980
325Grants - Department of Transportation, 1980
326Grants - Institute of Museum Services, 1979-1980
327Grants - Institute of Museum Services, 1980-1981
328Grants - Institute of Museum Services, 1982
329Botanical Garden Advisory Committee (Faculty), 1981-1983
330Anderson, Robert - VP for Research, 1979-1980
331Armitage, Allan - Evaluation of Annual and Perennial Gardens, 1981
332Burke, John D. - VP for Services, 1981-1982
333Callaway Building, 1979
334Callaway Foundation (includes photograph), 1979-1981
335Callaway Foundation - Gate Plans (includes photograph), undated
336Callaway, Fuller, 1981
337Callaway, Mark Clayton, 1983
338Charter Members to UGA Botanical Garden, undated
339Davison, Fred, 1975-1977
340Delendick, Thomas, 1982
341Dorris, Peter, 1981
342Duncan, Clarke, 1977-1981
343Kellogg Foundation, 1979-1980
344Physical Plant, 1975-1983
345Tour Spnsored by Botanical Garden, 1980
346Trotter, Virginia, 1980-1982
347University of Georgia Development, 1975-1983
348University of Georgia Foundation, 1981-1983
349University of Georgia Foundation - Botanical Garden and Dunson Garden Funds, 1982-1983
350Younts, S.E. - VP for Services, 1977-1980
351Younts, S.E. - VP for Services, 1981-1983
41Johnstone, Francis - History of the UGA Botanical Garden, undated
42-24Johnstone, Francis - Correspondence, A-Z, 1975-1978
425Johnstone, Francis - Appointment Book, 1977
426Jones, Samuel - Vitae (includes photograph), undated
425-28Jones, Samuel - Correspondence, handwritten drafts, undated
51-4Jones, Samuel - Correspondence, handwritten drafts, undated
61-4Jones, Samuel - Correspondence, handwritten drafts, undated
65Jones, Samuel - Correspondence, 1981 April-October
66Jones, Samuel - Correspondence, 1981 November-December
67Jones, Samuel - Correspondence, 1982 January
68Jones, Samuel - Correspondence, 1982 February
69Jones, Samuel - Correspondence, 1982 March
610Jones, Samuel - Correspondence, 1982 April-May
611Jones, Samuel - Correspondence, 1982 June-August
612Jones, Samuel - Correspondence, 1982 September-October
613Jones, Samuel - Correspondence, 1982 November-December
614Jones, Samuel - Correspondence, 1983 January-February
615Jones, Samuel - Correspondence, 1983 March-April
616Jones, Samuel - Correspondence, 1983 May-June
617Jones, Samuel - Correspondence, Nursery, 1982-1983
618Jones, Samuel - Correspondence, Military, 1982-1984
619Jones, Samuel - Correspondence, Personal, 1982
620Jones, Samuel - Appointment and Building Schedules, 1982-1984
621Jones, Samuel - Tour to Holland and Belgium, 1981-1982
622Jones, Samuel - Beginning Vegetable Gardening, undated
623Jones, Samuel - President's Club, 1981
624Jones, Samuel - Appointment Book, 1981
625Dirr, Michael - Vitae, undated
626Dirr, Michael - Pathway to the 80's, undated
71-24Dirr, Michael - Correspondence - A-Z, 1979-1980
725Dirr, Michael - Incoming Correspondence, 1977
726Dirr, Michael - Incoming Correspondence, Pt. 1, 1979
727Dirr, Michael - Incoming Correspondence, Pt. 2, 1979
728Dirr, Michael - Report on the Organization and Goals of the UGA Botanical Garden, undated
729Dirr, Michael - Miscellaneous, undated
730Dirr, Michael - Appointment Book, 1980
731Dirr, Michael - Administrative Correspondence, University of Illinois, 1977
732Tinga, Jake - Correspondence, 1978-1983
733Report of Staff Activities, 1978-1982
734Research Projects Conducted in the UGA Botanical Garden, 1976-1978
735Use of the Botanical Garden, 1972
736Use of the Botanical Garden, 1975
737Use of the Botanical Garden, 1976
738Use of the Botanical Garden, 1977
739Use of the Botanical Garden, 1978
740Use of the Botanical Garden, 1979-1981
741American Association of Botanical Gardens and Arboreta, 1969-1976
742American Association of Botanical Gardens and Arboreta, 1977-1979
743American Association of Botanical Gardens and Arboreta - Newsletter, 1975-1977
744American Horticultural Society, 1969-1977
745American Society for Horticultural Science, 1974-1977
746Garden Writers Association of America, 1977-1978
81Georgia Botanical Society Newsletter, 1970-1978
82Brochures From Botanical Gardens, undated
83Brooklyn Botanic Garden, 1975-1983
84University of Michigan Botanical Garden, undated
91Newsclippings and write-ups about the Botanical Garden, 1971-1985
92Botanical Garden brochures (etc.), 1981
93Plants lists: a. plants found on site b. plants suggested for future, 1971-1980
233Garden layouts, 1989
94Botanical Garden brochures, 1971- 1995
95Cason Callaway-correspondence, 1952-1979
96Callaway Gardens-correspondence, 1980-1984
97Virginia Callaway (Mrs. Cason) re: Foundation Executive Committee (etc.), 1968-1971
98Virginia Callaway (Mrs. Cason) Highway Beautification Program), 1977
99Callaway Foundation, 1969-1982
910Fuller Callaway (including an article about his father), 1969-1979
911Fuller Callaway, correspondence, 1981-1985
912Mark Callaway, 1980-1982
913John Abbott, 1973
914Plans for Jimmy Carter's Day at the University of Georgia Botanical Garden, 1971-1978
915Library and information on Jimmy and Rosalyn Carter, 1976-1980
916Contacts with Carters, 1970-1973
917Ground-breaking for the Callaway Building, 1974-1982
918Francis E. Johnstone-letters amd memos, 1972-1986
919Francis E. Johnstone-general Botanical Garden correspondence, 1969-1990
920Johnstone Endowment Fund, 1985
921Francis E. Johnstone-personal, 1967-1988
922Europe tour, 1971
923Monah Johnstone-certificates, 1979, 1983
924Monah Johnstone correspondence-Garden Club, Friends, etc., 1976-1987
925Francis E. Johnstone Mooney Award-Camellia Project, 1971-1976
926Camellia-Monah Johnstone, description, 1966-1981
927American Camellia Society Long Range Planning Committee, 1977-1978
928Camellia Cold Hardiness Project, 1967-1980
929Camellia Breeding Project plans and data, 1967-1980
930Rose Garden-Turner Memorial planning and execution of garden and maintenance, 1975
931D.A. Turner Foundation Fund correspondence and legal items, 1974-1987
932Christmas Open House, 1985-1986
101Environmental planning and design, 1988
102Entrance road specifications and survey, 1973
103The Mathis Plaza (early conceptual design), undated
104State Botanical Garden progress (newsclippings), 1972
105State Botanical Garden progress (newsclippings), 1972
106State Botanical Garden Visitors' Center (newsclippings), 1985
107-8Annual Reports and miscellaneous shorter reports, 1971-2001
109Miscellaneous, circa 1980s
1010-11Garden leaflets (incomplete)-changed to Garden newsletter, 1986-1992
1012Garden newsletter, 1992-1997
1013Garden news, 1997-2000
1014American Association of Botanical Gardens and Arboreta (AABGA), 1976-1980
1015Botanical Garden trails, 1971-1976
1016Botanical Garden-planning, 1968-1973
1017Personnel-applications, resumes, etc.-Director's position, 1977-1989
1018First Planning Committee, 1968-1973
1019Directors and staff (not complete), 1972-1993
1020-21Botanical Garden Planning Committee-minutes, 1968-1974
1022Tribute to Dr. Johnsone (proclamation), 1997
1023Botanical Garden-Board of Control, 1993-1976
1024Botanical Garden Committee-members, 1971-1981
1025"Botanical Garden plans grow at University", 1970
111Botanical Garden-important correspondence, 1963-1976
112Advisory Committee-members, 1972
113Committee for the Dedication of the Callaway Building, 1975
114Advisory Committee-bylaws, philosophy and preparation, 1974
115Advisory Board (former Board of Control) minutes, 1971-1988
116Budgets, 1973
117Finance-contributors to the Garden, 1973-1975
118Planning and Development-environmental guidelines, 1974
119History-Development Committees, 1970-1974
1110History-Atlanta Journal and Constitution article, 1977 February 13
1111Fundraising, 1971-1986
1112History-Arnold Arboretum gift, 1971
1113History-purposes and philosophy, 1969-1972
1114"The University of Georgia Botanical Garden past, present and future" by Burgess, 1981
1115Planning, 1968-1971
1116Callaway Building-history, 1972-1975
1117Planning-building, 1973-1987
1118Plan for Garden and associated material, 1968-1969
1119Botanical Garden proposals, 1968-1971
1120Visitor Center-activities, 1985
1121Guests-sign in book, 1985 June 30
1122Planning-plantings, 1971-1976
1123Master Plan notes by William Beery, School of Environmental Design, 1972
1124Visitors' Center-dedication (October 23) and Opening Day (June 30), 1985
1125Planning-maintenance, 1973-1977
1126Planning-Master Plan, 1972
1127Planning-Master Plan, 1973
1128Planning-Master Plan, 1974
1129Planning-Master Plan, 1975
1130News clippings, 1986-1994
1131Masters Gardeners, 1993-2000
1132Master Gardeners class material, 1993-2000
1133Assessment of strengths, weakness and needs, 1984-1985
31-3Topographic maps, undated
34Architect's drawing of front area of Visitor Center, undated
35Sketches and measurements of plants, undated
121Publications featuring the University of Georgia Botanical Garden, 1994-1995
122"People and plants: cultural and historical connection" a lecture series, 1995
123"The River Trail: A self-guided tour to the indigenous and adapted trees of the University of Georgia Botanical Garden", circa 1980s
124-6Graphics-printed materials for past Garden events (brochures, invitations, announcements, etc.), 1979-1994
127-8Graphics-printed materials for past Garden events (brochures, invitations, announcements, etc.)
129-10Public Relations-news clippings, 1990-1991
131University of Georgia Botanical Garden Workshop and Conference, 1970 November
132Master Plan-Berry, 1973
133"A short history of the State Botanical Garden of Georgia" (25 years anniversary), 1993
134Miscellaneous news clippings , 1989
135Wilbur H. Duncan (obituary), 2005
136-8Newspaper clippings from Athens Area papers, 1986-1988
139-10Public relations-news clippings, 1990
1311"A walk in the woods"-correspondence and news clippings, 1971
1312Southeastern Flower Show-Lady Bird Johnson Award and Certificate of Appreciation, 1995 February
1313Preliminary program requirements-a proposed Botanical Garden headquarters, 1973 April
1314Botanical Garden activities including Gardens of the World Balls, 1974-1993
1315Photograph Lab catalog and correspondence, circa 1980s
1316Garden Guide, news clippings and articles, 1976, 1996-1999
1317Color photocopy of Dr. Wilbur Duncan's first plant collection, circa 1980s
1318Forming of an interest group: The University of Georgia Botanical Garden auxiliary, 1975 July 2
1319The seventh Advanced Standard State Flower Show-"Georgia on my mind-under the Gold Dome" (plaque), 2005 January
1320First Atlanta Flower Show (plaque), 1988
1325"A Passion for Porcelain": A Proclamation of Recognition for Virginia F. White and a Proclamation of Recognition for Dr. Jennifer M. Cruse-Sanders, Director of the State Botanical Garden of Georgia, 2021
241Architect's drawing of area adjacent to Visitor's Center, 2003 February 19
21Unprocessed administrative records, 1984-1991
22Unprocessed administrative records, 1992-2018

2. Photographs

1321Miscellaneous (slides), undated
1322Bartram Trail Conference (slides), 1995 October 15
1323International Garden construction (slides), 1995
1324Wesley Smith (slides taken by), 2010
141VCC Talk (slides), undated
142"Old Garden photos" (slides), circa 1980s
143Miscellaneous (slides), 1977-1984
144Christmas Reception (photographs), undated
145Mrs. Jimmy (Rosalyn) Carter and others (photograph and news clippings), 1973, 1975
146Visitors Center construction (photographs and news clipping), 1985
147Callaway Building Dedication (photographs and news clipping), 1975
148Open House at Christmas (photographs), 1986
149Independance Day celebration (photographs), undated
1410Exterior of Botanical Garden (photographs), circa 1980s
234People at Botanical Garden (photographs), undated
1411Miscellaneous (color tranparencies), circa 1980s
1412Visitors Center front (color transparencies), circa 1980s
1413International Garden (color transparencies), circa 1980s
1414Day Chapel (color transparencies), circa 1980s
1415Heritage Garden (color transparencies), circa 1980s
1416"Photography by Wingate" (negatives), 1996
1417-18Miscellaneous (negatives), circa 1980s-1990s
149Dedication of arbor and bench (negatives), 1993 September
1410Botanical Garden (negatives), 1988 February
1411Saturn and Earth aerials (negatives), 1981
1412Botanical Garden Newsletter (negatives), 2000 Spring
15Photographs (A through E), circa 1980s-1990s
16Photographs (E through P), circa 1980s-1990s
17Photographs (P-T), circa 1980s-1990s
18Photographs (T-Z), circa 1980s-1990s
18Photographs (Administrators), circa 1980s-1990s
18Photograph (Cherokee Rose), undated
19Unlabeled (negatives), undated

3. Scrapbooks

201-2University of Georgia Botanical Garden scrapbook, 1969-1982
203The State Botanical Garden of Georgia scrapbook, circa 1990s
11-2University of Georgia Botanical Garden scrapbook, 1975-1980
21The State Botanical Garden Archives (from Dr. Francis Johnstone) scrapbook, 1970-1978
22The State Botanical Garden of Georgia scrapbook, 1982-1986