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University of Georgia student records

University of Georgia student records

Descriptive Summary

Title: University of Georgia student records
Creator: University of Georgia
Inclusive Dates: 1821-1978
Language(s): English
Extent: 81 Linear Feet (78 boxes)
Collection Number: UA19-021
Repository: University of Georgia Archives

Collection Description

Scope and Content

This collection mostly consists of University of Georgia academic related material dating from the 19th century through 1945 but does hold a few records dating to 1978. Some academic items include recordbooks (grade reports and class records), graduation information, correspondence, application and transferral forms along with material related to various student organizations. Among the artifacts are such things as a time capsule dating from 1872.

Some items of particular interest are two tuition books dating from 1821 to 1826 and 1838 to 1850. There also are 1932-1938 records from the Coordinate College and a large number of student reports from 1905 through 1916 (grades, correspondence, etc.) relating to Charles Mercer Snelling's time as a professor and dean at the University.

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Preferred Citation

Student records, UA19-021, University Archives, Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library, The University of Georgia Libraries.

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Finding aid prepared on: 2019.

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Subject Terms

Grade books.
Plaques, plaquettes.
Snelling, Charles Mercer, 1862-1939
Student records.
University of Georgia
University of Georgia. Coordinate College
University of Georgia. Office of the Registrar
University of Georgia. Students

Series Descriptions and Folder Listing


1. Academic materials

11-2Franklin College-tuition books, 1821-1826, 1838-1850
21Account book, 1826-1830
22Tuition book, 1831-1837
2A1Account book, 1890-1902
2A2Account book, 1912-1928
1Account books, 1916-1920
2Account books, 1920-1922, 1931-1932
3Account book, 1937-1938
31Absence records, 1834-1837
41Ledger, 1897-1898
51-2Gradebook, 1890-1909
61-3Recordbook, 1909-1910
41Roster, 1855-1872
64-6Recordbook, 1910-1911
67-11Recordbook, 1912-1913
71-4Recordbook, 1913-1914
75-8Recordbook, 1914-1915
81-3Recordbook, 1916-1917
84-7Recordbook (1), 1917-1918
88-11Recordbook (2), 1917-1918
91-5Recordbook, 1922-1923
96-10Recordbook , 1923-1924
101-6Recordbook, 1924-1925
107-9Recordbook (A-H), 1926-1927
111-3Recordbook (I-Z), 1925-1926
114-11Recordbook, 1928-1929
121-8Recordbook, 1929-1930
129-10Recordbook (A-C), 1930-1931
131-6Recordbook (D-Z), 1930-1931
138-11Recordbook (A-L), 1931-1932
141-4Recordbook (M-Z), 1931-1932
145-10Recordbook, 1932-1933
148-10Recordbook (A-F), 1933-1934
151-6Recordbook (G-Z), 1933-1934
157-12Recordbook (A-P), 1934-1935
161-3Recordbook (Q-Z), 1934-1935
164-11Recordbook (A-S), 1935-1936
171Recordbook (T-Z), 1935-1936
172-9Recordbook (A-R), 1936-1937
181-2Recordbook (S-Z), 1936-1937
183-8Recordbook (A-K), 1937-1938
191-6Recordbook (L-Z), 1937-1938
197-11Recordbook (A-H), 1938-1939
201- 7Recordbook (I-Z), 1938-1939
211-2Recordbook-Coordinate College, 1932-1933
213-4Recordbook-Coordinate College, 1933-1934
215-6Recordbook-Coordinate College, 1936-1937
217-9Recordbook-Coordinate College, 1937-1938
2110-12Recordbook-Coordinate College, 1938-1938
221-4Grade records (1), circa 1939
225-8Grade records (2), circa 1939
229-11Grade records (N-Z), circa 1939
231-4Grade records (A-E), 1940 Winter
235-8Grade records (F-M), 1940 Winter
239-12Grade records (N-Z), 1940 Winter
248-9Grade reports (A-K), 1941 Winter
251-2Grade reports (K-M), 1941 Winter
253-6Grade records (N-Z), 3-6
257-10Grade reports (A-G, N), 1941 Fall
261-3Grade reports (P-Z), 1941 Fall
264-6Grade reports (A-K), 1942-1943 Winter
267-9Grade reports (H-M), 7-9
2610-13Grade reports , 1945 Summer
271Student reports (Snelling-includes grades, correspondence, etc.) Atkinson, B.A. through Broadus J.H., 1909-1917
272Student reports (Snelling-includes grades, correspondence, etc.) Brock, P.L. through Chandler, O., 1908-1914
273Student reports (Snelling-includes grades, correspondence, etc.) Cheney, P.M. through Covington, L.H.), 1908-1913
274Student reports (Snelling-includes grades, correspondence, etc.) Cowan, X.S. through Dukes, E.T., 1907-1916
275Student reports (Snelling-includes grades, correspondence, etc.) Dunn, M.A. throughFluker, L.J., 1909-2014
276Student reports (Snelling-includes grades, correspondence, etc.) Foley, C.B. through Ginn, C.M., 1905-1913
277Student reports (Snelling-includes grades, correspondence, etc.) Glover, A.R. through Haselton, F., 1909-1913
278Student reports (Snelling-includes grades, correspondence, etc.) Hawes, R.E. through Humphries, J.O., 1910-1914
279Student reports (Snelling-includes grades, correspondence, etc.) Hurst, W. through Jones, J.C., 1908-1927
2710Student reports (Snelling-includes grades, correspondence, etc.) Jones T.F. through Kemp, J.F., 1907-1913
281Student records (Snelling-includes grades, correspondence, etc.) Killingsworth, E.C. through Lanier, W.H., 1907-1913
282Student reports (Snelling-includes grades, correspondence, etc.) Lavender, W.E. through Lowry, D.E., 1909-1913
283Student reports (Snelling-includes grades, correspondence, etc.) Loyd, A.L. through Marks, C., 1907-1913
284Student reports (Snelling-includes grades, correspondence, etc.) Marshburn, J. through Michael, B., 1907-1913
285Student reports (Snelling-includes grades, correspondence, etc.) Middlebrooks, J.R. through Moreno, B.C., 1907-1913
286Student reports (Snelling-includes grades, correspondence, etc.) Morgan, H.G. through McLarty, H.R., 1907-1913
287Student reports (Snelling-includes grades, correspondence, etc.) McLarty, H.W. through Norton, C.H., 1907-1913
288Student reports (Snelling-includes grades, correspondence, etc.) Novins, J. through Palmer, F., 1909-1913
289Student reports (Snelling-includes grades, correspondence, etc.) Palmer, S.W. through Peacock, N.A. , 1909-1913
2810Student reports (Snelling-includes grades, correspondence, etc.) Pendergrass, N.W. through Pina, R.E., 1909-1913
291Student reports (Snelling-includes grades, correspondence, etc.) Rampley, O.C. through Robert, B.E., 1907-1914
292Student reports (Snelling-includes grades, correspondence, etc.) Roberts, C. through Rountree, R.L., 1907-1913
293Student reports (Snelling-includes grades, correspondence, etc.) Rowland, H. through Scott, J.I., 1908-1913
2811Student reports (Snelling-includes grades, correspondence, etc.) Pope, G. through Raiford, R.S., 1909-1913
294Student reports (Snelling-includes grades, correspondence, etc.) Scott, T.J. through Slade, W., 1907-1913
295Student reports (Snelling-includes grades, correspondence, etc.) Small, A.H. through Starr, H., 1907-1913
296Student reports (Snelling-includes grades, correspondence, etc.) Steven, R.T. through Strickland, W.E., 1907-1913
297Student reports (Snelling-includes grades, correspondence, etc.) Strickland, W.H. through Thomas, W.M., 1910-1913
298Student reports (Snelling-includes grades, correspondence, etc.) Thomasson, J.J. through Tomlinson, C.S., 1907-1913
299Student reports (Snelling-includes grades, correspondence, etc.) Wallace, R.W. through West, A., 1908-1913
2910Student reports (Snelling-includes grades, correspondence, etc.) West, W.L. through Williams, J.M., 1907-1916
2911Student reports (Snelling-includes grades, correspondence, etc.) Williams, L.E. through Wood. H.G., 1909-1913
301Student reports (Snelling-includes grades, correspondence, etc.) Woodcock, J.B. through Zeiglere, J.T., 1907-1913
302Applications for graduation, 1932
303Applications for graduation, 1933
304Applications for graduation, 1934
305Applications for graduation A-L, 1935
306Applications for graduation M-Z, 1935
307Course grade reports-Summer School, 1935
308Applications for graduation A-L, 1936
309Applications for graduation M-Z, 1936
3010Course grade reports, 1935 Fall-1936 Winter
3011Course grade reports-Summer School, 1936
3012Applications for graduation, 1937
311Medical School transcripts, 1937
312Applications for graduation-"out" file, 1937
313Applications for graduation-Summer School, 1937
314-5Course grade reports, 1937 Winter-Summer
316Mid-term grade reports, 1937 Fall
317-8Course grade reports, 1937 Fall
319Applications for graduation-miscellaneous materials, 1938
3110Application for graduation-MA, 1938
3111Application for graduation A-B, 1938
3112Applications for graduation C-F, 1938
3113Applications for graduation G-H, 1938
3114Applications for graduation I-M, 1938
3115Applications for graduation N-R, 1938
3116Applications for graduation S-Z, 1938
321Applications for graduation "finished" N-R, 1938
322Applications for graduation "finished" S-Z, 1938
323Miscellaneous applications for graduation, 1938
324Application for graduation-Summer School, 1938
325Applications for graduation-"out" file , 1938
326-7Course grade reports-Coordinate College, 1937-1938
328-9Course grade reports, 1938 Winter
3210-11Course grade reports, 1938 Spring
331Course grade reports, 1938 Summer
332-4Course grade reports, 1938 Fall
335Miscellaneous graduation application-MA, 1939
336Course grade reports, 1939
337Applications for graduation-B.S. Agricultural Engineering, 1940
338-9Course grade reports, 1940 Winter
3310Course grade reports, 1940 Spring
Course grade reports, 1940 Spring
341Course grade reports, 1940 Spring
342Applications for graduation A-L, 1940 Summer
343Applications for graduation M-Z, 1940
344Course grade reports, 1940 Fall
345Applications for graduation-A.B. general, 1941
346-8Course grade reports, 1942 Fall
349Applications for graduation-A.B. Education, 1941
3410Applications for graduation-B.F.A., 1941
3411Applications for graduation-B.S. Chemistry, 1941
3412Applications for graduation-B.S. Pharmacy, 1941
3413Applications for graduation-held for fees, 1941
3414Applications for graduation-Graduate Students, 1941
3415Constitutional exam listings, 1941
3416Graduation listings, 1941
3417Course grade reports, 1941 Winter
3418Course grade reports, 1941 Spring
351-2Course grade reports, 1941 Summer
353Senior grades, 1941 May 31
354-5Grade printout, 1941 Summer
356Senior grades, 1942 May
357Course grade reports, 1944 Winter
358Class rolls, 1934-1935
359Class rolls, 1935-1936
3510Class rolls, 1936-1937
3511Southern Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools-Freshman Grade Study, 1939
3512Miscellaneous materials including student roster and entrance exam, undated
3513Senior grade printout, undated
3514-15Printout, undated
361Student records-certification of transfer, 1934
362Miscellaneous transfer materials, 1922-1932
363Certifications of transfer, 1935
364Graduation request forms, 1934-1935
365Graduation request forms, 1935-1936
366Course grade reports, 1936-1937
369-11Graduation request forms , 1936-1937
371Course grade reports, 1938 Summer
372Course grade reports, 1938 Fall
373-5Course grade reports, 1939 Winter
376-8Course grade reports, 1939 Spring
379Course grade reports, 1939 Summer
381Grade printout, 1940 Summer
382-5Course grade reports, 1939 Fall
386-8Course grade reports, 1941 Spring
389Course grade reports, 1942 Winter
3810Course grade reports, 1942 Spring
391Senior grades, 1942 Spring
392Course grade reports, 1942 Summer
393Course grade reports, 1943 Summer
394Course grade reports, 1945 Fall
395Social Science graduates, 1938-1939
396Grade changes, 1939 Winter
397Grade changes, 1939
398Grade changes , 1940
399Grade changes, 1940 Spring
401Grade changes, 1939-1940
402Grade changes-Summer school, 1940
403Grade changes-2nd session, 1940
404Grade changes-miscellaneous, 1940
405Grade changes-substitutions and waivers, 1940-1941
406Grade changes, 1940-1941
407Grade changes, 1941
408Miscellaneous graduate listings, 1937-1939
409Grade changes-not posted, 1938-1942
4010Authorized reexaminations, 1939-1940
4011Grades to be posted, 1939
4012Miscellaneous materials, 1936-1954
4013-21Honor's Day report, 1930-1938
4022Honor's Day-miscellaneous, 1934-1936
4023Graduation rosters and materials, 1937 Summer
4024Graduation rosters and materals, 1937-1938
411Graduation rosters and materials, 1938-1939
412Report on Freshmen in Georgia colleges, 1938-1939
413Grade rolls, 1940 Spring
414-11Admissions certificates, 1904-1914
421-9Admissions certificates, 1915-1918
431-9Admissions certificates, 1918-1919
441Admissions certificates, 1919
443-9Personal information, 1930
451-2Personal information, 1930
453-7Applications and transferrals-G, 1927-1929
458-9Applications and transferrals-H, 1927-1930
461-8Applications and transferrals-H, 1927-1930
469Applications and transferrals-I, 1927-1930
471-3Applications and transferrrals-J, 1927-1931
474Applications and transferrals-A-B, 1941
475-6Applications and transferrals-B, 1941
477Applications and transferrals-B-D, 1941
478Applications and transferrals-D-F, 1941
479Applications and transferrals-F-H, 1941
4710Applications and transferrals-H, 1941
4711Applications and transferrals-H-K, 1941
481-3Applications and transferrals-A, 1923-1931
484Applications and transferrals-A-B, 1927-1930
485-8Applications and transferrals-B, 1926-1931
491-5Applications and transferrals-B, 1922-1931
496-7Applications and transferrals-C, 1923-1931
501-2Applications and transferrals-C, 1923-1931
503-4Applications and transferrals-S, 1927-1930
505-6Applications and transferrals-T, 1923-1930
507Applications and transferrals-J, 1922-1930
508Applications and transferrals-K, 1924-1931
511Applications and transferrals-K, 1927-1931
512-4Applications and transferrals-L, 1924-1931
515-7Applications and transferrals-Mc, 1924-1931
518Applications and transferrals-M, 1924-1931
521-7Applications and transferrals-M, 1924-1931
528-9Applications and transferrals-T, 1923-1931
531Applications and transferrals-T, 1927-1936
532Applications and transferrals-U, 1928-1931
533-8Applications and transferrals-W, 1924-1931
541-2Applications and transferrals-W, 1924-1931
543Applications and transferrals-XYZ, 1928-1930
544-5Applications and transferrals-N, 1924-1931
546Applications and transferrals-O, 1925-1933
547-9Applications and transferrals-P, 1924-1931
551Applications and transferrals-P, 1924-1931
552Applications and transferrals-P-Q, 1921-1931
553-7Applications and transferrals-R, 1924-1931
558Applications and transferrals-S, 1924-1931
561-5Applications and transferrals-S, 1922-1931
566-8Applications and transferrals-C, 1922-1931
571-2Applications and transferrals-C, 1923-1931
573-7Applications and transferrals-D, 1924-1930
578-9Applications and transferrals-E, 1922-1930
581-4Applications and transferrals-F, 1924-1931
585Applications and transferrals-A, 1944
586Applications and transferrals-A-B, 1944
587Applications and transferrals-B, 1944
588-9Applications and transferrals-C, 1944
591Applications and transferrals-C-D, 1944
592Applications and transferrals-D-E, 1944
593-11Applications and transferrals-not in alphabetical order, 1944
601-4 Applications and transferrals-not in alphabetical order, 1941, 1944
605Applications and transferrals-S, 1941
606Applications and transferrals-S-T, 1941
607Applications and transferrals-T-Y, 1941
608Applications and transferrals-L , 1941
609-10Applications and transferrals-not in alphabetical order, 1941
611-2Applications and transferrals-S, 1944
613Applications and transferral V-W, 1944
614Applications and transferrals-W, 1944
615-7Graduation correspondence, 1969
618Student Council-bank statements and bills, 1922-1923
619Student Council-by-laws, etc., 1921-1924
6110Student Council-correspondence, 1920-1925
6111Student Council-general and special orders, 1920-1923
6112-14Student Council-minutes, 1920-1926
6115Student Council-student violations, 1921-1925
6116Handbook of Intramural Sports, 1947-1948
6117Student handbook, 1948-1949
621Winner: the State of Georgia and the University of Georgia Certificate of Merit (booklet), 1978
631Card file-graduate students, 1910-1929
641-2Registration cards, 1945
51-2Student grade books, 1890-1909
661Junior Council minutes, 1907-1943
671International Relations Clubnotes, 1926-1939
681Junior Cabinet minutes, 1907-1942
691Lambda Chi Alpha Scholarship book, 1915-1921
701The University reporter (college paper)-ledger book, 1888-1889
711Agricultural Club treasurers book and correspondence, 1911-1953
721The Georgia Cracker (student publication)-cash book, 1939-1941
722The Georgia Cracker (student publication)-general and advertising sales journal (missing pages), 1940

2. Artifacts

731Brass bench plaque-includes class roster, 1888
741Time capsule, 1872
751Plaque-Best Dressed Coed Lipscomb Hall, 1968