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Anne L. Sweaney collection

Anne L. Sweaney collection

Descriptive Summary

Title: Anne L. Sweaney collection
Creator: Sweaney, Anna L. (Anne Landoy)
Inclusive Dates: 1907-2012
Language(s): English
Extent: 78.5 Linear Feet (75 boxes)
Collection Number: UA11-202
Repository: University of Georgia Archives

Collection Description

Historical Note

Anne Sweaney was recruited by Dean Emily Pou to join the College of Family and Consumer Sciences as a part-time temporary instructor in 1981. She then applied for and earned a tenure-track assistant professor of housing position in 1982. In 1995 Sweaney was named a full professor and in 2004 she became the head of the Department of Housing and Consumer Economics. As department head, she led the way to establish a Family Financial Planning major and for the department to place more emphasis on residential property management. She served as interim dean of FACS from 2010-2011 and worked to reinvigorate the college's obesity initiative. In 2012 Sweaney announced her retirement and that same year the Anne L. Sweaney Innovation Fund was established to "provide a source of perpetual support for the college's programmatic needs long into the future."

During the course of her tenure, Sweaney was presented with a number of awards. These include the FACS Teacher of the Year Award for both 1994-1995 and 2000-2001 and the U.S. Department of Agriculture's National Award for Excellence in College and University Teaching in the Food and Agricultural Sciences in 1996. Sweaney was also the recipient of the UGA Josiah Meigs Awards for Excellence in Teaching for 1999.

Scope and Content

The Anne L. Sweaney collection consists of materials from her career with the College of Family and Consumer Sciences' Home and Consumer Economics department. The collection has manuscripts that she wrote on topics ranging from low income housing to the quality of life for older adults. There are records of Sweaney's research including the SMART HOUSE studies (1988 through 1991) and her work on various Southern Regional Projects (1970s-1990s). Other documents relate to her teaching (1981-2012), serving as head of the HACE department (2004-2012) and as Interim Dean of FACS (2010-2011). Also included is information about conferences that she attended and presented at along with grants that went toward funding her numerous studies and research projects. In addition, there is material from her service on the Athletic Association's Board of Directors.

Organization and Arrangement

This collection is arranged into ten series: Manuscripts, Research, Teaching, Family and Consumer Sciences materials, Proposal and grants, Conferences, Reviews, Athletic Association Board of Directors, Personal materials and Readings.

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Preferred Citation

Anne L. Sweaney collection, UA11-202, University Archives, Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library, The University of Georgia Libraries.

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Cooking -- United States -- History
Farm life -- Georgia.
Household appliances.
Housing -- Georgia
Obesity -- Georgia.
Older people.
Poverty -- Georgia.
Prefabricated houses
Research grants.
Teachers -- Georgia.
Universities and colleges -- Georgia -- Administration.
University of Georgia. College of Family and Consumer Sciences
University of Georgia. Cooperative Extension Service
University of Georgia. Department of Housing and Consumer Economics
University of Georgia. Faculty
University of Georgia. Georgia Agricultural Experiment Stations

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Series Descriptions and Folder Listing


1. Manuscripts

11"Preschool childrens perception of their parents in their residential interiors", 1980s
12"A comparison of housing characteristics and housing satisfactions...", 1981
12"Making home management come alive", 1981
13"Perceptions of alternative housing", 1982
15"Acceptability of alternative housing environments", 1983
16"Family social clilmate and perception of the residential environment of preschool children and their parents", 1983
17"Preschool children and effects of crowding in the home", 1985
18"The influence of martial status and age on the housing behavior of older southern women", 1985
19"A sense of real accomplishment: young children as productive...", 1985
110"Assessing family needs for housing information", 1985
111"A sense of real accomplishment", 1985
112"Helping young children to become productive memberso f the family system...", 1986
113"Housing for the elderly in the Athens MSA-a market study", 1986
114"Children's participation in household tasks", 1986
115"A real sense of accomplishment"/"Reducing stress in young children's lives", 1986
116"The development of responsibility in young children", 1986
117"The development of responsibility in young children: 25 year view", 1987
118"Perceptions of energy-efficient housing alternatives among southern households", 1987
119-20"Identifying nonmetropolitan communities with innovative housing", 1987
121"Use of a tour course to study housing in planned communities in Georgia", 1987
122"The development of responsibility in young children: a 25 year view", 1987
123"Responsibility in children: differences in grandparents and parents views" (correspondence), 1988
124"Housing condition and satisfaction of elderly men and women living alone", 1988
125Practical examination of household ranges-final report", 1988
126"The market for multifamily housing-Athens, Georgia, 1988
127"Assessments of public and professional acceptance of alternative plug and receptacle designs...", 1989
128'Indicators of quality of life for Georgia counties", 1990s
129"Successful bed and breakfast inns..." (draft), 1990s
130"The use of teaching portfolios to document the scholarship of instruction", 1990
131"Preschool children can help around the house and school...", 1990s
132"What's ahead for higher education?..."
133"Factors which predict preceived changes in housing costs and housing quality in elderly...", 1990s
134"Politically incorrect mothers", 1990s
135"It takes all kinds of mothers...", 1990s
136"College experiences, retention and career success", 1990s
137"A search engine for locating appliance information in cyberspace", 1990s
138"Current immigration patterns and U.S. housing demand", 1990s
139"Preparation of an affordable housing manual-a proposal submitted to the Resolution Trust Corporation...", 1990
140"A survey of housing conditions in Soperton, Georgia", 1990
141"A survey of housing conditions in Walthourville, Georgia", 1990
142"Housing in the Consumer Economics model", 1990
143"Groups with special housing needs: an overview", 1990
144"Porch ponderings or what did they do there anyway?", 1990
145"Affordable housing in the rural south...", 1991
146"SMART HOUSE: adopting new technology", 1991
147"Perceptions of preschool", 1991
148-49"A discussion of private housing market issues", 1991
150"Consumer's willingness to innovate: ownership of microwaves, computers and entertainment products", 1991
151"Perceptions of preschool children by their parents in the residential environment", 1992
152"A discussion of private housing market issues", 1992
153"An analysis of water quality...", 1992
154"Acceptance of SMART HOUSE technologies; a study of plugs and receptacles", 1992
155"A discussion of private housing market issues", 1992
156"The Georgia Centenarian Study", 1992
21"Building professionals views on adopting new technology", 1992
22-3"Adopting new technology: the case of electrical plugs and receptacles", 1992
24"An assessment of changes in energy behavior", 1993
25"Nuisance contaminants from private wells in Georgia", 1993
26"Assessing housing affordablity in rural Georgia", 1993
27"Nuisance contaminants from private wells in Georgia...", 1993
28"Factors influencing the use of microwave ovens...", 1993
29"Factors influencing the use of microwave ovens and VCRs", 1993
210"An analysis of water quality from private wells", 1993
211"An assessment of changes in energy behavior", 1993
212"Nuisance contaminants from private wells in Georgia", 1993
213"The difference in microwave oven ownership and use in London, England and Atlanta, Georgia"
214"An assessment of changes in energy behavior", 1993
215"Assessing energy conservation behavior", 1993
216"An assessment of changes in energy behavior", 1993
217"Nuisance contaminants from private wells: what action can be taken", 1993
218"Assessing housing affordability in rural Georgia", 1994
219"The impact of energy education program", 1994
220"Accessing energy conservation behavior", 1994
221"College experience and career success: a comparison by major and race", 1994
222"The impact of an energy education program", 1994
223"The difference in microwave oven ownership...", 1994
224"The difference in microwave oven ownership and use in London, UK and Atlanta, Georgia", 1994
225"A discussion of private housing market issues", 1994
227"Preschool children's perceptions of their parents and personal space in homes", 1994
227"Accessing energy conservation behavior", 1994
228"Using bed and breakfast operations to preserve the housing stock", 1994
229"Assessing housing affordability in rural Georgia", 1994
230"Adoption of energy conservation behavior at various cost levels", 1994
231"A cross-cultural study of microwave oven ownership and use", 1994
232"Economic and social support received by undergraduate stduents: a comparison by major and race", 1995
234"Children's environments", 1995
235"Current immigration patterns and U.S. housing demand", 1995
236"Adoption of energy conservation behaviors at various cost levels", 1995
237"The shape of things to come", 1995
238Analysis for American Society of Heating, Refrigeration Engineers (ASHRAE) paper, 1995
239-40"Intergenerational interdependence", 1995
241"India: an exploding market for the appliance industry", 1995
242"College experiences and career success: a comparison by major and race", 1995
243"What's ahead for higher education?: the delivery of knowledge and information in the New Millennium", 1996
244"College experiences and career success: a comparison by major and race", 1996
245"Contributions of college experiences to African American and white graduates' careers", 1996
246"Porch ponderings or what did they do there anyway", 1996
247"Quality and afforability of housing of rural households at risk", 1996
248"A comparison of demographic and housing characteristics of elderly movers and stayers", 1996
249"Economic and social support received by undergraduate students: a comparison by major and race", 1996
250"Rural housing", 1996-1997
251"A search engine for locating appliance information in cyberspace", 1997
252"Using PolicyWeb as a resource to teach courses on housing policy", 1997
253"Why use the Web in the classroom?", 1997
254"A comprehensive interdisciplinary study of affordable housing", 1997
255"A comparison of elderly movers and stayers", 1997
256"A housing affordability study: a collaborative effort between the University of Georgia Housing...", 1997
257"Using the PolicyWeb as a resource to teach courses on housing policy", 1997
258"Housing educators: cross-cultural study of housing: Brazil and United States", 1997
259"Indicators of quality of life for Georgia counties", 1997
259"A search engine for locating appliance information in cyberspace, 1997
261"A comparison of elderly movers and stayers", 1997
262"Neighbors, households and front porches...", 1997
263"A high performance multi-purpose computer classroom", 1998
31"The relative contribution of career self-efficacy, locus of control...", 1998
32"The world is a classroom: from D.C. to Mexico", 1997-1998
33"Testing the efficacy of internet information delivery systems for students in the Consumer Sciences", 1998
34"Teaching techniques to enhance student involvement in the New Millennium", 1998
35"Neighbors, households and front porches...", 1998
36"PolicyWeb: using the Internet for policy research in the Consumer Sciences", 1998
37"Neighbors, household and front porches...", 1998
38"Factors which predict perceived changes in housing costs and housing quality...", 1998
39"Learning about consumer diversity via the ConsumerEdWeb: a model program", 1998
310"Neighbors, households and front porches: new urbanist community tool or mere nostalgia", 1998
311"Study-tour courses teach consumer issues and policy...", 1998
312"Designing environmentally conscious homes", 1998
313"Documenting the scholarship of instruction...", 1998
314"Documenting the scholarship of instruction: teaching portfolios", 1998
315"Housing for the elderly", 1990s
316"PolicyWeb: using the internet for research in the Consumer Sciences", 1998
317"Neighbors, households and front porches...", 1998
318"What's ahead for higher education?", 1998
319"Demographic comparisons of aging in five selected countries", 1999
320"The importance of neighborhood to elderly home owners and renters", 1999
321"Demographic comparisons of aging in five selected countries", 1999
322"Testing the efficacy of internet information delivery systems for students in the Consumer Sciences", 1999
323"The influence of residential mobility of elderly households on housing costs", 1999
324"The impact of mobility on the Quality and affordability of housing of the elderly", 1999
325"The importance of neighborhood to elderly home owners and renters", 1999
326"Web-based courses for international settings", 1999
327"A search engine for locating appliance information in cyberspace", 1999
328"What I have learned...", 1999
329"Demographic comparisons of aging...", 1999
330"Workforce housing...", 2000s
331"How proud would an older person be of living in manufactured housing?", 2000s
332"An analysis of homeownership...", 2000
333"Computer experience and skills of Family and Consumer Sciences...", 2000
334"Internet usage among Family and Consumer Sciences professionals", 2000
336"Housing quality in Ghana", 2000
336"Computer and internet experience of Family Consumer Science undergraduate and professional...", 2000
337"Housing in Japan: structure types, quality and household composition", 1999
338"Sharing a wealth of knowledge: a cyber-community for Housing and Consumer educators", 2000
339"The development of a housing innovations consumer survey", 2001
340"Internet usage among Family and Consumer Education Professionals", 2001
341"Fulton County housing conditions...", 2001
342"Computer experience and skills of Family and Consumer Sciences...", 2001
343"Internet usage among Family and Consumer Sciences Education professionals", 2001
344"Casual wear shopping behavior of college men in Georgia, U.S.A.", 2001
345"Employee perceptions of workforce housing in Georgia", 2001
346"Keeping older adults safe in their homes: a rural model", 2001
347"Impact of internet technology on educators and housing curriculum", 2001
348"Rural schools and communities: perspectives on interdependence", 2001
349"Changes in perceived housing quality among elderly movers...", 2002
350"Changes in perceived housing quality among elderly movers: does neighborhood and tenure matter?", 2002
351"Where people shop, and why?...", 2002
352"Apparel shopping center choice...", 2002
353"Beyond the textbook...", 2002
354"An analysis of manufactured housing in Georgia: how can we house Georgians?", 2002
355"The development of a consumer survey measuring willingness to accept...", 2002
356"Beyond the textbook...", 2002
357"Universal design features in consumer's current residences...", 2002
358"Consumer receptiveness to universal design features", 2002
359"Cyber-community for housing, Consumer Economics created", 2002
360"Locked out work blues", 2003
361"Workforce housing and economic development in Georgia", 2002
362"The state of workforce housing in Georgia...", 2002
41-2"College experiences and career success: a comparison by major and race", 1998
43"Employee perceptions of workplace housing in Georgia", 2001
44"Workforce housing issues from a community development perspective" , 2002
46"The role of housing in rural economic development", 2002
47"The state of workforce housing in Georgia...", 2002
48-10"Beyond the textbook: a cyber-community for housing and Consumer Economics educators", 2002
411"The challenges of crossing cultures in London", 2003
412"Apparel shopping center choice with attitudinal and situational influences", 2003
413"Searching for a way to house more Americans...", 2003
414"Workforce housing: an expanding market", 2003
415"The role of housing in rural economic development", 2003
416"Searching for a way to house more Americans: a Hedonic Model", 2003
417"Searching for a way to house more Americans: a Hedonic price comparison of manufactured and site-built houses...", 2004
418"Elderly housing market analysis and needs assessment", 2004
419-20"Housing and Economic Leadership Partner, Inc. manual" (technical writer), 2004
421"Are profiles of moblie home residents in Georgia changing?", 2004
423"Journals for publishing", 2004
424"Rural workforce housing...", 2004
425-26'Rural workforce housing: perceived barriers and incentives for development", 2004
426"The presence of Universal Design features in consumer's current residences and planned use in future homes", 2005
427"How proud would older persons be of living in manufactured housing?", 2005
428"Life skills literacy: an intervention model alleviate family poverty", 2005
429"Assessing benefits and challenges of affordable housing...", 2005
430"Factors associated with community versus institutional longterm care", 2005
431"Factory built housing: built for living, built for life", 2005-2006
432"Poverty and population density: implication for Economic Development Policy", 2005
433"Are profiles of mobile home residents in Georgia changing?", 2006
434"Introduction to housing" (chapter 4), 2006
435"The economic impact of low-income housing tax credits in Georgia", 2006
436"An analysis of tenure and house structure type by household composition", 2006
437"The economic impact of low-income...", 2006
438"U.S.-India collaborative research directions in urban housing and supporting infrastructure", 2006
439"An analysis of tenure and house structure type household composition", 2006
440"Are profiles of mobile home residents in Georgia changing...", 2006
51"The economic impact of low-income housing tax credits in Georgia", 2006
52"A cyber-community for housing and Consumer Economics educators", 2006
53"The economic impact of low-income housing tax credits in Georgia", 2006
54"Are profiles of mobile home residents in Georgia changing?", 2007
55"Multifamily housing characteristics and tenant satisfaction", 2007
56-7"Assessing the pride of owning manufactured housing among young adults", 2007
58"Partnering with local employers to meet workforce housing needs", 2007
59"Universal design features in consumers current residences and planning use in future homes", 2007
510"Sources of discontent: residential satisfactioni of tenants from an internet rating site", 2007
511"Consumer receptiveness/Universal Design", 2007
512"Encyclopedia of rural America", 2008
513"Changes in home modifications among older adults in the United States", 2008
514"Partnering with local employers to meet housing needs", 2008
515"Assessing the pride of modern manufactured housing among young adults", 2008
516"Connecting residential dissatisfaction and cognitive decline in older adults", 2009
517"Consumer perception of manufactured homes...", 2010
518"Chalk talk-it's all in the cards!" (teaching tips/info about the business cards), 2010
519"Determining workforce housing needs...", 2010

2. Research

2.1 General

520Housing alternatives study, 1980s
522Population information-Census, 1980s
522The economics of rural housing, 1980s
523Various contact names and numbers, 1980s
524Research projects in progress (Punjab Ag University), 1980s-1990s
525Georgia case studies information, 1980s
526Case studies for McIntosh County, 1980s
527Case studies for Randolph County, Georgia, 1980s
528Case studies for Spalding County, Georgia, 1980s
529Case studies for Lumpkin County, Georgia, 1980s
530Perceptions of alternative housing (Randolph County, Georgia-refused interview), 1981
531Perceptions of alternative housing (Lumpkin County, Georgia-refused interview), 1981
532Perceptions of alternative housing (McIntosh County, Georgia-refused interview), 1981
533Widow Project (completed survey cards), 1983
535Widow Project printout (case numbers for sample), 1983
536Earthsheltered, 1983
537-38Children's responsibility scale, etc., 1983
61Directory of Rural Development Researchers in the South, 1984
62Planning and design, 1984
63Project summary for the Housing for Low and Moderate Income Families Project, 1984
64Paper for New York and widowers (statistics), 1985
65McPhaul Center Study, 1985
68Housing and Urban Development (HUD) research (user), 1987-1990
69Centenarian Research Project, 1988
610Georgia Residential Finance Authority (GRFA) research, 1988
66-7Sugar Cookie Test, 1987
611Community Reinvestment Act, 1988
612National Housing Research Center (NHRC) policies/procedures, 1988
613National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) correspondence, 1988-1990
614Range Project, 1988
615University of Georgia Housing Research Center (HRC)-annual report, 1989
616Housing and Consumer Economics/Housing Research Center (HACE/HRC) flyer, 1989-1990
617Georgia Housing Coalition (community housing survey training. etc.), 1989
618Georgia Centenarian Study-second submodel-results, 1989
619Georgia Housing Coalition-contracts, 1989
620Georgia Housing Coalition, Inc., 1989
621National Council-housing addresses on the housing industry, 1989-1991
622A survey of housing conditions in Leslie and DeSoto, Georgia, 1990
623A survey of housing conditions in Soperton, Georgia, 1990
624Consumer perceptions of range's appearance and usability (ratings), 1990s
625Georgia Forum news, 1990s
626Georgia Housing Coalition-Housing analysis, 1990s
627The Georgia Housing Coalition-A survey of housing conditions in Leslie and DeSoto, Georgia, 1990
628Housing codes (slides), 1990s
629The Housing and Demographics Research Center (HDRC), 1990s
630Georgia Housing Coalition training manual (originals), 1990
631A survey of housing conditions in Walthourville, Georgia, 1990
632A survey of housing conditions in Soperton, Georgia, 1990
633A survey of housing conditions in Clayton, Georgia, 1990
634Georgia Housing Coalition tables, 1990
635A survey of housing conditions in Clayton, Georgia, 1990
636A survey of housing conditions in Leslie and DeSoto, Georgia, 1990
637Workforce housing policy options (original drafts), 1990s
638Athens Area Home Builders Association/Housing Research Center (AAHBA/HRC) builders and associates, 1990
639Analysis, 1990
640Georgia Housing Coalition (GHC) analysis, 1990
641Housing Research Center (HRC) notes, 1990s
71Consortium meeting of University based Housing Research Centers (NAHB/HRC), 1989-1990
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73Athens and Garden Show, 1990
74Alternative housing (photographs), 1990s
75Alternative housing, 1990s
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77Elderly/Parkview rehabilitation (slides), 1990s
78University of Georgia research policies and procedures handbook, 1990s
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715Home Builders Association of Georgia exective officiers (contacts, names and number), 1990s
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718Final report-plug/receptacle evaluation project-procedures, finding and appendices vol. II, 1989
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720Final report-plug/receptacle evaluation project-procedures, findings and appendices vol. II, 1989
721Final report-plug/receptacle evaluation project-responses to open ended questions vol.III, 1989
722UGA Housing Research Center (HRC) advisors, 1989-1990
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731Housing Research Center (HRC) Board meeting, 1990
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733Market study analysis/strategic plan for Thomson, Georgia , 1990s
81Housing Research Center (HRC) minutes, 1990-1992
82Housing Research Center (HRC) agenda, 1990-1992
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812Market study analysis for Thomas Mill Site (Athens, Georgia), 1994
813Household tasks and children (slides), 1994
91Child Development supplement (questionaires/etc.), 1-2
93-4PolicyWeb-Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS) materials (child assessments, time diaries, weights), 1997-1998
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96Clayton County Study, 1998
97Time diary explanation, 1998
98In-house research review meeting (Punjab Ag University), 1995
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915Manufactured Housing Research Alliance (MHRA)-strategic plan and fule switching field test study, 1999-2000
916Respondents, 1999
101Southwest Georgia Housing Development Corporation (SWGAHDC), 1999
102Georgia Association of Family and Consumer Sciences (GAFCS) membership technology survey, 1999
103User guide , 1997-1999
104Summary of the Child Development Supplement of the panel study of Income Dynamics-Mimura, 1999
105Energy efficient industrialized housing vol. 1, 1999
106Data preparation with Core
107Service Learning Fellows-Office of Student Life (OSL) survey responses , 2000s
108Contract between Georgia, University of Georgia and Family and Consumer Sciences, 2000
109UGA New Media Institute (NMI), 2000
1010Conference-Department of Community Affairs (DCA) survey, 2000
1011Power to our children (IRB-human subjects), 2000
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1013Current Research Information System (CRIS) report, 2000
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1015-17Georgia Community Development Association-board manual, 2000-2001
1018The development of a housing innovations consumer survey-final report, 2001
1019Community Management Development strategies, 2001
1020Workforce housing in Georgia, 2001
1021Baker County-housing needs assessment, 2001
1022Calhoun County-housing needs assessment, 2001
1023Camden County-housing needs assessment, 2001
1024Housing study requests, 2001
1025Charlton County-housing needs assessment, 2001
1026Clay County-housing needs assessment, 2001
1027Cook County-housing needs assessment, 2001
1028Crisp County-housing needs assessment, 2001
1029Dodge County-housing needs assessment, 2001
1030Dooly County-housing needs assessment, 2001
1031Doughtery County-housing needs assessment, 2001
1032Lee County-housing needs assessment, 2001
111Library County-housing needs assessment, 2001
112Manufactured homes (photographs), 2001
113Rural housing report (workforce housing in Georgia), 2001
114National Community Reinvestment Coalition (NCRC)-Housing and Urban Development (HUD) survey-housing innovations abstract, 2001
115Lowndes County-housing needs survey, 2001
116Macon County-housng needs assessment, 2001
117Marion County-housing needs assessment, 2001
118Muscogee County-housing needs assessment, 2001
119Mitchell County-housing needs assessment, 2001
1110Randolph County-housing needs assessment, 2001
1111Schley County-housing needs assessment, 2001
1112Stewart County-housing needs assessment, 2001
1113Quitman County-housing needs assessment, 2001
1114Sumter County-housing needs assessment, 2001
1115Taylor County-housing needs assessment, 2001
1116Tift County-housing needs assessment, 2001
1117Toombs County-housing needs assessment, 2001
1118Webster County-housing needs assessment, 2001
1119Workforce housing in Georgia, 2001
1120Aging in place-National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) Research Center, 2001
112001Power to our children-an energy education project for our teachers, children and families (USEPA Energy Education-final report), 2001
1122Debtor Educator Project-Northern District of Georgia, 2002
1123T-Suite meeting notes, 2002
1124Georgia Specialty Mushroom Feasibility Study, 2002
1125National Consortium of Housing Research Centers annual reports, 2003
1126Directory of Gerontology and Geriatrics educational programs, etc., 2003
1127Affordable housing development in Georgia-the results of a G-STAND survey, 27
1128Housing and Demographic Research Center (HDRC) donations, 2004
1129Affordable housing development by nonprofit organizations in Georgia-results of G-STAND survey, 2004
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1131Housing research, 2004
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125Comparing manufactored and site-built home and their residents (Human Subjects research application), 2005
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127Manufactured housing: expanding housing options for Georgia's families (IRB application-Human Subject Office), 2005
128Housing and Demographics Research Center (HDRC) board meeting, 2005
129Housing pride, 2005
1210Agricultural Extension Station (AES) research questions, 2005
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1214Manufactured Housing Research Alliance (MHRA) Board meeting, 2006
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1216Documents relating to Sanderson Farms housing survey datebase, 2006
1217Housing Pride survey meeting summary, 2006
1218Collaborative IRB Training Initiative (CITI) , 2006
1219Housing Education and Research Association (HERA) policy handbook, 2006
1220Moultrie-Colquitt County Quality Growth Resource Team visit info, 2006
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141-12Housing Research Center (HRC) questionnaire, 1990s
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1231Market at a glance (low income housing issues-Clarke County, Georgia), 2010
1231University of Georgia Obesity Initiative, 2011
1232Obesity initiative (draft), 2011

2.2 Housing Research Center (HRC) SMART HOUSE

1233-35Questionnaires, 1989-1990
131-11Questionnaires, 1989-1990
157-8Project, 1988-1990
159Flash cards A-F, 1989
1510Information and brochures, 1989
1511Best Variable by Software Asset Management (SAM), 1989
1512Report results on correlation (CORR) and General Linear Models (GLM), 1989
1513Early analyses-samples not complete, not reported, 1989
1514General Linear Model (GML) starting room plug, interaction, 1989
1515File 3, 1989
1516Table 3: rankings of outlet characteristics by consumers, 1989
1517Data analysis, 1989
1518Final tables and graphics, 1989
1519Proposal, 1989
1520Materials, 1989
1521Originals for final report, 1989
1522Vol. I (original), 1989
1523Vol. II (original), 1989
1524Codebook for questionnaire, 1989
1525Photographs, 1989
1526General Linear Model (GLM) by Software Asset Management (SAM) , 1989
1527General Linear Model (GLM), characteristics by Best, 1989
1528Respondent mailings, 1989
1529Lincolnton data and codebooksfor intermediate and household questionnaire, 1989
1530Daily report, 1989
161Plug/receptable proposal, 1989
162Coding sheets for open ended questions, 1989
163Project, 1989
164Project-instrument, 1989
165Project training manual, 1989
166Project Q and I means, 1989
167Correspondence, 1989
168Subcontract agreement, 1989
169Consent form, 1989
1610Introducting the project-codes, etc., 1989
1611Minutes, 1989
1612General Linear Model (GML) , 1989
1613Proc print-3 data files, 1989
1614Final results, 1989
1615Questionnaire answers-consumers/professionals, 1989
1616Assessment of public and professional acceptance of alternative plug and receptacle designs, 1989
1617Final Report-plug/receptable evaluation project-executive smuuary, analysis and findings vol. 1, 1989
1618Final report-plug/receptacle evaluation project-procedures, findings and appendices vol. II, 1989
1619Final report-plug/receptacle evaluation project-responses to open-ended questions vol. III, 1989
1620-21A methodology for assessing public acceptance of alternative plug/receptacle designs , 1989-1990
1622Request for copies, 1990
1623Stone Mountain, 1990
1624Materials , 1990-1991
1624Answer sheets, 1989

2.3 Southern Regional Projects

171-2S-95 articles published from data (Alabama through Georgia), 1970s
173-4S-95 articles published from data (Oklahoma through Texas), 1970s
175-6S-95 articles published from data (USDA-Clemson, South Carolina through Virginia), 1970s
177S-95 quality housing environment for low-imcome families, 1973
178S-95 materials, 1975-1978
179S-95 proposal, 1975-1976
1710S-95 TYA Conference, 1978
1711S-141 annual report, states progress reports, 1979
1712S-141 data/revisions-perceptions of alternative housing, 1980s
1713S-141 paper-"How popular? Acceptability of manufactured/mobile homes", 1980s
1714S-141 paper "What does public... manufactured mobile homes?", 1980s
1715S-141 programs for affordable housing-Center for Community Self-Help, 1980s
1716S-141 state progress report, 1980
1717S-141 progress report of planned activities, 1981
1718S-141 bibliography (housing)-Ken T., 1981
1719S-141 annual report, 1981
1720S-141 Technical Committee annual meeting, 1981
1721S-141 states progress report, 1981
1722S-141 budget allotment for housing for low and moderate income families, 1981-1982
1723S-141 Benchmark House provision, 1982
1724S-141 Benchmark House, 1982
1725S-141 Julia's project, 1982
1726S-141 paper-continuous flooring systems, 1983
1727S-141 perception of alternative housing, 1983
1728S-141 research apprenticeship program for high school students (reports), 1984-1986
1729S-141 progress report, 1983-1984
1730S-141 annual report, 1984
1731S-141 and S-194 annual Technical Committee resolution, 1985
1732S-141 proposals for articles, 1983
1733S-141 budget printouts, 1985
181S-141 interviewer's manual, 1977
182S-141 annual report, 1980
183S-141 preceptions of housing alternatives, 1980s
184S-141 marked punchcards, 1980s
185S-141 name and telephone numbers of county personnel, 1980-1983
186S-141 budget, 1981
187S-141 honorarium forms/correspondence, 1981-1982
188S-141 states progress reports, 1982
189S-141 perceptions of alternative housing, 1982
1810S-141 budget, 1983
1811S-141 "Perceptions of alternative housing: a data book", 1983
1812S-141 paper "Public acceptability of manufactured housing" , 1983
1813S-141 Psychographics, 1980s
1814S-141 slide show (plans for project), 1981-1982
1815S-141 states progress reports, 1983
1816-17S-141 "Housing for low and moderate income families" (various materials), 1983-1984
1818S-141 The impact of codes and regulatory practices, 1984
1819S-141 annual report/"Avowed happiness as an overall assessment of the Quality of Life", 1982
1820S-206 determinants and outcomes of household time use, 19861992
1821S-206 survey research, 1986-1990
1822S-206 annual report, mailing list, etc., 1988
1823S-206 meeting, budget, etc., 1989
1824S-206 regional proposal, 1990-1991
1825S-206 proposal, 1992-1997
18S-141 booklets "Perceptions of alternative housing" (Spalding), 1980s
19S-141 booklets "Perceptions of alternative housing" (Spalding, McIntosh, Lumpkin, Randolph), 1980s
201S-194 barriers and incentives to affordable housing-housing directory information, 1980s
202S-194 statistics, 1980s
203S-194 minutes of fall meeting-Atlanta, Georgia, 1984
204S-194 impediments to the expansion of mobile homes as an acceptable housing alternative, 1984
205S-194 Delphi technique (Iiterature), 1984
206S-194 Atlanta meeting, 1984
207S-194 proposal, 1984
208S-194 official proposal, 1984
209S-194 proposal/extension, 1984-1989
2010S-194 zip codes (North Carolina, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama, Arkansas), 1984-1989
2011S-194 spring meeting minutes, 1985
2012S-194 list of communities, 1985
2013S-194 memorandum regarding housing practices-data, 1985
2014S-194 annual report, 1985
2015S-194 household questionnaire and follow-up materials and codebook, 1985
2016S-194 Technical Committee questionnaire information, 1985
2017-18S-194 agencies (various states), 1985
2019S-194 progress/annual report, 1985
2020S-194 New Orleans meeting, 1985
2021S-194 data from HP questionnaire and rural towns compilation, 1985
2022S-194 Claxton-articles and information, 1985
2023S-194 results of 1st questionnaire, 1985
2024S-194 annual report, 1985
2025S-194 communities, 1985
2026S-194 housing practices code book, 1985
2027S-194 assorted information, 1985
2028S-194 household selection, 1985
2029S-194 innovative project documentation (Lincolnton), 1985
2030S-194 computer printout-plots, 1985-1986
2031S-194 miscellaneous correspondence , 1985-1986
2032S-194 coding-intermediaries, 1985-1986
2033S-194 Georgia population and distribution data, 1985-1986
2034S-194 Lakeland information and case study, 1985-1986
2035S-194 community selection, 1985-1988
2036S-194 Georgia towns-leaders, Extension members, etc., 1985-1989
2037S-194 annual reports, 1985-1986
2038S-194 Technical Committee response to intermediaries proposal, 1986
2039S-194 name and addresses, 1986
2040S-194 returns information-households and intermediaries, 1986
2041S-194 Technical Committee list, memo, comment form, 1986
2042S-194 Toccoa-articles and meetings, 1986
2043S-194 Lakeland-articles and information, 1986
2044S-194 case study documentation outline, 1986
2045S-194 Lincolnton intermediary questionnaire, 1986
2046S-194 information sent to Dale Dorman for Lisa K. about conducting housing surveys, 1986
2047S-194 agenda/minutes for Technical Committee meeting, 1986
2048S-194 Alabama housing information resources, 1986
211S-194 South Carolina housng information resource, 1986
212S-194 codebook for housing practices survey, 1986
213S-194 Arkansas housing information resources, 1986
214S-194 original labels-households, 1986
215S-194 case study documentation outline, 1986
216S-194 Tennessee housing information resources, 1986
217S-194 Siler City Project information, 1986
218S-194 Virginia housing information resources, 1986
219S-194 Original leaders labels, 1986
2110S-194 Georgia housing information resources, 1986
2111S-194 Oklahoma housing information resources, 1986
2112S-194 North Carolina housing information resources, 1986
2113S-194 procedures for intermediary study, 1986
2114S-194 case study documentation outline (most recent), 1986
2115S-194 innovations scale-preliminary factors analysis, 1986
2116S-194 responses about community definition, 1986
2117S-194 consumer questionnaire, 1986
2118S-194 final drafts-quesitonnaires for households and leaders, 1986
2119S-194 completed surveys-housing practices in rural comunities-4 Georgia towns, 1986
2120S-194 news releases-samples, 1986
2121S-194 residential mortage schedule, 1996
2122S-194 poverty income guidelines (revision), 1986
2123S-194 review of identifiying non-metro communities with innovative housing (paper), 1986
2124S-194 agency directory correspondence, 1986-1987
2125S-194 telephone books and yellow pages (4 towns), 1986-1987
2126S-194 Lincolnton housing questionnaire, 1986-1987
2127S-194 questionnaire and procedures, 1986-1987
2128S-194 progress reports from states, 1986-1987
2129S-194 crime statistics for services variable, 1986-1988
2130S-194 related materials, 1986-1989
2131S-194 proposal, 1986-1990
2132S-194 case study documentation outline-Tennessee, 1987
2133S-194 doucmentation outline, 1987
2134S-194 directory of housing related agencies in eight southern states, 1987
2135S-194 CSRS success stories, 1987
2136S-194 questionnaire revisions-response, 1987
2137S-194 case study documentation outline (blanks), 1987
2138S-194 "Barriers and incentives to affordable housing in Okemah, Oklahoma", 1987
2139S-194 intermediary questionnaire, 1987
2140S-194 intermediary questionnaire, 1987
2142S-194 intermediary questionnaire, 1987
2142S-194 peer review of projects, 1987
2143S-194 human subjects form, 1987
2144S-194 Nashville minutes, 1987
2145S-194 community selection, 1987
2146S-194 Technical Committee meeting, 1987
221S-194 housing practices in rural communities (scores to questionnaires), 1987
222S-194 questionnaires ordered, 1987
223S-194 coding-household (and changes), 1987
224S-194 Lincolnton-articles and information, 1987
225S-194 household questionnaires-Lincolnton (pilot), 1987
226S-194 procedures manual, 1987
227S-194 February meeting, 1987
228S-194 mailing list, 1987
229S-194 case study documentation outline-AL, 1987
2210S-194 Current Research Information System (CRIS) report, 1987-1989
2211S-194 Cairo information and case study documentation outline, 1987-1988
2212S-194 publication policies and procedures, 1987-1988
2213S-194 coding-intermediaries, 1987-1988
2214S-194 demographic and housing data, 1988
2215S-194 demographic and housing data-Alabama, 1988
2216S-194 demographic and housing data-Tennessee, 1988
2217S-194 demographic and housing data-North Carolina, 1988
2218S-194 demographic and housing data-Arizona, 1988
2219S-194 Toccoa information and case study documention outline, 1988
2220S-194 extension, 1988
2221S-194 Human Subjects approval, 1988
2222S-194 request from Gwen Brewer, 1988
2223-24S-194 data, 1988
2225S-194 progress report and annual report-Georgia, 1988-1989
2226S-194 community regulations survey, 1989
2227S-194 extension, 1989
2228S-194 extension of project to next year, 1989
2229S-194 Symposium-issues in community housing research, 1989
2230S-194 progress reports, 1989
2231S-194 cooperative regional project proposal, 1989
2232S-194 survey: data for housing stock component, 1989
2233S-194 communities-complete listing, 1989
2234S-194 methology response rate for intermediary pilot study, 1989
2235-37S-194 reports, 1989-1990
2238S-194 Southern Rural Development Center, 1990
2239S-194 new Cooperative State Research Service (CSRS) assurance statement forms, 1990
2240S-194 economic base component, 1990
2241S-194 "Affordable housing in the rural South: a causal model of barriers and incentives", 1992
2242S-194 "Barriers and incentives to affordable housing", 1993

3. Teaching

231Class readings, handouts, cookware quiz, 1980s
232Graduate curriculum, 1980s
233Class material "Kitchen tool school", 1980s
234Class material, 1980s
235HCE343 Kitchen Planning Lab, 1980s
236HCE368, 1980s
237University of Georgia/Georgia Manufactured Housing Association (GMHA) lesson plan, 1980s
238Refrigerators and freezers: a teaching guide, 1980s
239Class handouts ("Make money work for you"), 1980s
2310Class handouts (appliances), 1980s
2311Class handouts (range cooktops), 1980s
2312Class handouts (carpet needs), 1982
2313Home Economics learnning packet-AHEA/HACE course material, 1980s
2314HCE343 Kitchen Design manual, 1980s
2315Class handout(lumen count), 1980s
2316HCE464/664, 1980s
2317HCE860, 1980s
2318HCE681, 1980s
2319HCE867, 1980s
2320HCE577/777, 1980s-1990
2321HCE591/791, 1980s-1990s
2322Appliances, water, houses (slides), 1980s-1990s
2323-24HCE343-4350 (exams-household technology and systems), 1980s-2000s
2325Class readings and notes (affordable housing), 1980-1988
2326Foreign students hosted by married Home Management class (photographs include Darl Snyder's wife an Anne Sweaney), 1981
2327HMC369 Home Management residence laboratory handbook (revised), 1983
2328Class handouts (knives handout), 1983
2329HMC369 (Home Management), 1984-1986
2330HCE471/671, 1984
2331HMC343 (assignments), 1984
2332HCE547/747, 1984
2333HCE480/680, 1984-1987
2334HCE567, 1984-1991
2335HMC681 (Granny flats...), 1985
2336HMC343 (In praise of cookware), 1985
2337HCE 571/771, 1985-1988
2338HCE570/770, 1985-1990
2339HMC471A/671A (Housing in new towns and planned communities in Georgia), 1986
2340HCE500/700, 1986
241HMC471A/671A, 1986
242HMC471A/671A, 1986
243HCE386, 1986-1991
244HCE364, 4
245HIDM5400 (The consumer in the economy), 1987-1988
246HCE568/768, 1987-1990
247HCE865, 1987-1990
248Home Management houses-blueprints, 1988
249HCE365, 1988-1992
2410HCE485/685, 1988-1990
2411HCE576/776, 1988-1990
2412HCE369, 1988-1990
2413HCE465/665, 1989-1991
2414Appliance labeling workshop, 1990s
2415Class recourse materials (Learning Dynamics: appliances and porches-slides and porches), 1990s
2416-18ACE5710/7710 (The Global Marketplace: Mexico study tour), 1990s-2000s
2419HCE343, 1990
2420HCE700 (Consumer issues-radon report), 1990
2421Class (homework assignments tasks), 1990
2422HCE343 (materials lab), 1990
2423HCE210, 1991
2424HCE343, 1991
2425London trip (visiting faculty), 1992
2426London internships, 1994, 2007-2008
2427London trip-internships journal, 1992
2428"How to make a homerun with refrigeration appliances: teaching resource", 1993
2429HCE6810, 1994-2002
251-2HCE886, 1995
253Senior Teaching Fellow, 1995-1996
254HCE681 (Housing for the elderly), 1996
255HCE seminar (Anne Sweaney presenter), 1996
256HCE (teaching materials), 1996
257American Housing Survey Seminar, 1996
258-9HCE681, 1997
2510TA Seminar (critical thinking), 1998)
2511HCE6810 (Athens area guide to housing options for the elderly), 1999
2512HCE6810 (Housing for the elderly Spring Semester), 1999
2513HCE6810 "Athens area guide to housing options for the elderly", 1999
2514HACE materials (various classes, etc.), 2000s
2515HCE5900 (copies of student resumes-no grades), 2000s
2516HACE4350/6350 (information sheets), 2000
2517HCE4350 (microwave video quiz), 2000s
2518-19Class readings (kitchen design), 2000s
2520HCE4350 (electricity lab), 2000s
2521HCE4350 (Mr. Maytag-photocopied picture and autograph), 2000s
2522Class handouts (homeownership), 2000s
2523HCE4350 (Electromagnetic Spectrum), 2000s
2524HCE5900/7900 (internship information), 2000
2525HCE 4900/6900 (housing alternatives), 2001
2526HCE2000 , 2001
2527HCE4350 (exam 1, 2), 2001
2528HCE4350 (exam 2), 2001
2527HCE4350 (appliance data), 2001
261-2HCE5350/7350 ("A case study for assessing housing and community needs"), 2002
263HCE5900 (readings), 2012
264HCE4350 (assignments), 2002
265"Secrets to success: a study of Athens area rental properties and success rates" (class research report), 2002
266HCE3000 (technology presentation), 2003
267HCE4350 (water), 2003
268HCE4350, 2003
269HCE5710/7710 (Housing and Consumer Economics study tour in Washington, DC), 2003
2610"Internship in New York City" student's binder, 2004
2611HCE3010 (HUD Internship program), 2004
2612HCE4350 (PowerPoint handouts), 2004
2613HCE4350 (entertainment technologies and SMART HOUSE), 2004
2614Flyers ("Get moving Kentucky"/"Healthy home"), 2004-2005
2615HCE4990 (proposal and correspondence with international programs), 2004
2616PowerPoint presentation, 2004
2617HCE3010 (Manufactured housing research: focusing on ENERGY, STAR, financing and trends), 2005
2618Community lending seminar (The state of Georgia's familes and finances), 2005
2619FACS 2000 (into course for College of Family and Consumer Sciences), 2005
2620HCE 6810 (Universal Design: independent living for life), 2005
2621HCE2100/3100 (Direct Selling Education Foundation (DSEF)-Consumer Advocate on Campus program), 2006
2622HCE3010 (Consumer Research), 2006
2623New HACE classes (Residential Property Management Program (RPM) course outline, course applications for 6 new courses), 2006
Washington, DC class, 2007
2625HCE4350, 2008
2626HCE3000 (Thank You correspondence for Poverty Simulation volunteers), 2008
2627HCE4400 (Griffin), 2008
2628Greystar Internship, 2008
2629HCE4350, 2008
2630London student tour, 2008
2631Griffin list of students and their topics, 2008
2632Housing and Technology class (Thank You letters), 2008
2633HCE3000 (Housing and Technology-dishwashers and laundry machines), 2008
2634Thesis proposal ('Housing type and the social contact of older adults"), 2009
2635HCE1110 (course description), 2009
2636HCE4900, 2009
2637FACS 5910 (Athens guide to London-UGA Interns), 2009-2010
2638HCE5910 (roll-summer internship), 2010
2639HCE3300 (presentation on manufactured housing), 2010
2640HCE7025 (Research Development II), 2010
2641Thank You notes from HACE students to potential employers, 2011
2642HCE3010 (weekly log), 2012
67"Home Energy Guide" electronic quiz board
69'Beltsville supplies the proof" (2) 33 1/3 rpm LPs
70Display boards and graduate student materials
71Display boards and undergraduate materials

4. College of Family and Consumer Sciences (FACS) materials

4.1 Housing and Consumer Economics (HACE) annual reports

271Report , 1992-1993
272Report, 1993-1994
273Report, 1994-1995
274Report, 1994-1995
275Report, 1996-1997
276Report, 1997-1998
277Report , 1998-1999
278Report (as it appeared in the College of Family and Consumer Sciences annual report), 1998-1999
279College Outreach report , 1999 June

4.2 Housing and Consumer Economics (HACE) meeting minutes

2710Minutes, 1994 November 17
2711Faculty Minutes, 1995
2712Minutes, 1998 August 19-1998 December 11
2713Minutes, 1999 January 11-1999 April 19
2714Minutes, 2000 August 16
2715Minutes, 2000 September 7
2716Minutes, 2000 September 18
2717Minutes, 2000 October 16
2718Minutes, 2000 November 27
2719Retreat minutes, 2001 August 15
2720Minutes, 2001 January 10
2721Minutes, 2001 January 22
2722Minutes, 2001 February 28
2723Minutes, 2001 March 21
2724Minutes, 2001 April 18
2725Minutes, 2001 May 3
2725Minutes, 2001 September 17
2726Minutes, 2001 September 17
2727Faculty minutes, 2001 October 15
2728Minutes, 2001 November 26
2729Minutes, 2002 January 28
2730Faculty discussion, 2002 March 11
2731Minutes, 2002 February 18
2732Minutes, 2002 April 8
2733Minutes, 2002 April 22
2734Faculty business meeting, 2002 September 16
2735Minutes, 2002 September 26
2736Faculty business minutes, 2002 October 14
2737Minutes, 2002 November 11
2738Minutes, 2002 November 25
2734Faculty minutes (congratulations and announcements), 2002-2008

4.3 Housing and Consumer Economics (HACE) administrative files

281Information on remodeling Home Management houses, 1960s-1980s
282Correspondence, 1967
283American Home Economics Association (AHEA) accreditation of FACS (Home Economics), 1977-1981
284Walters, Linda "Discriminant analysis", 1978
285College of Home Economics Lecture Fund gift, 1978
286Graduate program evaluation, 1978-1980
287Home Economics timeline, 1959-1980s
288Equipment inventory, 1980s
289Dawson room 262 inventory, 1980s
2810Home Management residence laboratories, 1980s
2811Legislative aides (photographs), 1980s
2812Home Management residence-repairs and purchases, 1980s
2813Georgia Experimental Station forms, 1980s
2814Housing action resource guide, 1980s
2815Order forms-Southern Cooperative Publications, 1980s
2816Examples of brochures (University of Georgia and other institutions), 1980s-1990s
2817Material for Jane's thesis , 1980s-1990s
2818Maytag appliances used by Housing a Consumer Economics (HACE)-informational materials, 1980s-1990s
2819Housing and Consumer Economics (HACE) assorted material, 1980s-1990s
2820Program data, 1980s-1992
2821Family Life Circle, 1981
2822-24Legislative Aide Program at the University of Georgia, 1982
2825Home Management comments/correspondence, 1982-1985
2825Home Economics resource directory, 1984
2827Dean Emily Pou (memos) , 1984-1985
2828Internships: a programmatic summary and review, 1984-1985
2829College of Home Economics, 1985
2830Faculty teaching evaluations, 1984-1992
2831University Bicentennial, 1985
2832Responses from Home Economics alumni who lived in Home Management, 1985
2833Home Management students, 1986
2834Revisions of Graduate Program, 1986
291Department of Housing, Home Management and Consumer Economics, 1985-1986
292Semester conversion forms , 1980s
293Room 262, 1990
294Cooperative State Research Service-comprehensive review, 1985
295Gladys Shelton, 1985
296Textiles, Merchandising and Interiors (TMI) self study report, 1986
297Curriculum, etc., 1986-1987
298Status and goals of the College of Home Economics, 1986
299"Graduate policies handbook", 1986-1987
2910Susan Brooks, 1986-2011
2911Undergraduate advisors Permission of Department (POD) cards-Business classes available , 1987
2912Graduate School review, 1987
2913Graduate review self-study, 1987-1988
2914College of Home Economics, 1988
2915-16American Home Economics Association (AHEA) accreditation (Home Economics/FACS), 1988
2917Graduate policies handbook, 1988-1989
2918Faculty reports (2nd copy), 1989-1990
2919Section request forms, 1988-1989
2920University of Georgia Strategic plan, 1989
2921Schedule of classes-section request forms, 1989-1990
2922Inventory, 1989-1990
2923General information, 1989
2924Home Economics Strategic Plan , 1989-1994
2925Graduate School review progress report, 1989-1991
2926Departmental slides, 1990s
301International student exchange agreement with Universidad Veracruzana, 1990s
302Faculty slides, 1990s
303Housing (slides), 1990s
304Anne Sweaney's notes, 1990s
305Transparencies for Leadership Retreat, 1990s
306Child and Family Development-McPhaul Center history, 1990s
307Contact info, 1990s
308Semester conversion study, 1990
309Inventory, 1990
3010Gender equity, 1990
3011UGA Strategic Plan, 1990 June 30
3012House B (includes photographs), 1990
3013Fall faculty meeting, 1990 September 12-13
3014Strategic Plan update part 1, 1990 September 21
3015Strategic Plan update-part II, 1992
3016University of Georgia's Strategic Plan (three revolutions of Higher Education), 1990s
3017University of Georgia's Department of Workforce Education, Leadership and Social Foundations, 1990s
3018Third Century Campaign, 1990-1991
3019Various classes, 1990-1991
3021Departmental meetings, 1990-1991
3022Schedule of classes, 1990-1991
3023Strategic Plan update-part I objectives, 1990-1991
3024Frankie Welch (includes scarf and information on the sale of her house), 1990-1991
3025Faculty evaluation materials, 1991
3026Salary savings policies, 1991
3027General information, 1991
3028University System of Georgia (USG) Regents Academic Advisory on Home Economics, 1991
3029Family and Consumer Sciences dean transition, 1991 August
3030Faculty Evaluation Committee (FEC) , 1991 May 23
3031National Safety Associates (NSA)-donation and class presentation, 1991
3032Correspondence regarding budget cuts (faculty meeting), 1991 September 23
3033"Dialogue with the Dean" (faculty meeting), 1991 October 29
3034Gender materials-comparisons in salary, 1991
3035Extension faculty transfer, 1991
3036Foundation accounts, 1991
3037Faculty reports, 1991
3038Management by Objectives (MBO's) , 1991
3039Strategic planning, 1991-1992
3040Schedule of classes, 1991-1992
3041Sharon Y. Nickols-application for tenure, 1991-1992
3042Public service grants, 1991-1992
3043Faculty retreat, 1991-1992
311Letters to faculty from Sharon Nickols, 1991-1994
312Development goals, 1991-1995
313Deborah D. Godwin , 1991-1998
314Management by Objectives (MBO), 1992
315Faculty reports, objectives and evaluation letters, 1992
316"The budget box and credit management"-National Coalition for Consumer Education (NCCE)/AT&T Consumer Credit Education Fund , 1992
317Strategic Plan, 1992 January
318Campaign for Charities, 1992
319Retention of minority students at UGA, 1992
3110Faculty evaluations, 1992
3111"Industrialized housing and housing availability..." a proposal for a Fannie Mae University Colloquium Series (HACE), 1992
3112University of Georgia Strategic Plan, 1992-1995
3113Departmental retreat, 1992
3114Inventory, 1992
3115WInt Wilks correspondence-Southeast Builders Conference (SEBC), 1992
3116-18Program review , 1992
3119University affiliated program, 1992
3120International activity in College of Family and Consumer Sciences, 1992
3121Faculty evaluations, 1992 Fall
3123Leadership retreat, 1992
3124Faculty meeting, 1992
3125Twelve months to nine months appointment plan, 1992
3126Faculty evaluations, 1992 Summer
3128Faculty meeting, 1992
3130Thomas Klei Seminar, 1992-1993
3131Faculty evaluations, 1992-1993
3132Schedule of classes, 1992-1993
3133Calendar, 1992-1993
3129Distance Learning work group, 1992
3134Research grant proposals, 1992-1993
3135Original budget, 1992-1993
3136Strategic planning, 1992-1995
321Faculty evaluations, 1992
322Budget request, 1993
323College brochure, 1995
324Departmental review, 1992-1994
325Bylaws: College of Family and Consumer Sciences (FACS), 1993
326General informationi , 1993
327Development, 1993
328Teaching evaluations, 1993 Winter
329Teaching evaluations, 1993 Spring
3210Teaching evaluations, 1993 Summer
3211Faculty evaluations, 1993 Fall
3212Faculty evaluations, 1993 March
3213Evaluation materials on faculty (originals), 1993
3214Leadership Retreat , 1993
3215College assembly, 1993 September 28
3216Undergraduate Advising Award, 1993
3217Success with, and barriers to, financial readiness (Peach Program), 1993
3218Inventory, 1993
3219Objectives and faculty reports, 1993-1994
3220Schedule of classes, 1993-1994
3221Program evaluations, 1993-1994
3222Family and Consumer Sciences (FACS) original budget, 1993-1994
3223Accessment of undergraduate majors , 1995
3224Eternal Relations Committee, 1993-1996
3225Holiday greeting cards, 1993-2002
3226Brief history of Family and Consumer Sciences (FACS) at UGA, 1994
3227Family and Consumer Sciences (FACS) IHDD budget, 1994-1995
3228College assembly , 1994 October 5
3229Guidebook-public service proposal, 1994
3230Faculty course evaluation, 1994 Winter
3231Faculty course evaluations, 1994 Spring
3232Faculty teaching evaluations, 1994 Summer
3233Course evaluation forms, 1994 Fall
3234Departmental retreat, 1994 Fall
3235Evaluation of administrators policy, 1994
3236Alumni Association general meeting, 1994
3237Schedule of the visiting Punjab Ag University team , 1994
3238Development, 1994-1995
3239Leadership Retreat, 1994-1995
3240Budget book, 1994-1995
3241External funding research-instruction/public service, 1994-1995
3242Public service goals, 1994-1996
3243Textiles, Merchandising and Interiors (TMI) budgets, 1994-2000
3244Development cards, 1994-2005
3245Textiles Research Institute , 1995
3246General information, 1995
3247Progress on goals, 1995
3248Teaching evaluations, 1995
3249Faculty teaching evaluations, 1995 Spring
3250Teaching evaluations, 1995 Summer
3251Teaching evaluations, 1995 Fall
3252Budget, 1995-1996
3253Inventory, 1995
3254Home Economics Journalism Club, 1995
3255Original budget, 1995-1997
331College assembly, 1995 February 16
332College Board of Visitors, 1995
333Statewide Community/School Survey and Evaluation Design, 1995
334"Housing Specialist" vacancy , 2000s
335Strategic planning, 1995-2000
336Tobacco sampling for Synar Amendment-Georgia Department of Human Resources division, 1996
337-9Barriers for female employment opportuities: a solutions based research project in Northwest Georgia (Bachtel pending), 1996 September
3310Scholarship policies and procedures, 1996
3311General information, 1996
3312Teaching evaluations, 1996 Winter
3313Budget redirection plan, 1996-1997
3314Course evaluations, 1996 Spring
3315Teaching evaluations, 1996 Fall
3316Teaching evaluations, 1996 Summer
3317Inventory, 1996
3318Carol B. Meeks nomination to Research Professor (UGA), 1996
3319Gladys G. Shelton promotion to Associate Professor, 1996
3320College assembly, 1996 October 16
3321Appalachian Scenic Parkway, 1996
3322Public service programs, 1996-1997
3323Department meeting, 1996-1997
3324Family and Consumer Sciences (FACS) budget , 1996-1997
3325India visitor, 1997
3326Aging conferences, 1997
3327Inventory, 1997
3328College assembly, 1997 November 20
3329Budget review, 1997
3330Disability in Georgia report for the Division of Rehabilitation Services (D Bachtel), 1997
3333Teaching evaluations, 1997 Summer
3332Teaching evaluations, 1997 Winter
3333Teaching evaluations, 1997 Spring
3334Teaching evaluations, 1997 Fall
3335Macon Area Family and Consumer Sciences Association meeting-balancing job and family
3336General information, 1997
3337President and Mrs. Knapp visit McPhaul Center, 1997 April
3338Budget Redirection Plan, 1997-1999
3339Policies ICR and salary savings, 1997
3340College Computer Advisory Committee, 1997
3341Leadership Retreat, 1997
3342McPhaul Children's Program, 1997-1988
3343Government relations-federal initiatives, 1999
3344McPhaul budget hearings, 1997-1998
3345Progress reports, 1997-1999
3346Graduation/Convocation faculty attendence schedule, 1997-2004
3347Outreach, 1998
3348College assembly, 1998 March 6
3349Faculty assigned time guidelines, 1998
3350Dean's Report-annual meeting-"Who do you know? What do you know? Family and Consumer Sciences (FACS) Alumni Association, 1998
3351Teacher evaluations, 1998 Summer
3352Teaching evaluations, 1998 Winter
3353Teaching evaluations, 1998 Spring
3354Inventory, 1998
3355Faculty departmental reports and objectives, 1998-1999
3356Housing Specialist (Extension), 1998
3357Harvard meeting notes, 1998
3358Teaching evaluations, 1998 Fall
3359Consumer Journalism Permission of Department (POD), 1998 Fall
3360Budget redirection, 1997-1998
3361Child care issues, 1998-1999
3362Executive Committee retreats, 1998-2002
3363Graduate School Office of Enrollment Management, 1998, 2011
3364Departmental goals, 1999
3366Inventory, 1999
3366College assembly, 1999 April 14
3367Lily Fellows (photographs), 1999
3368Administrative retreat, 1999
3369Teaching evaluations, 1999 Spring
3370Teaching evaluations, 1999 Summer
3371Teaching evaluations, 1999 Fall
3372Child care issue, 1999
3373Journalism Permission of Department (PODs)-Consumer Journalism, 1999
3374Development, 1999
3375Budget reduction and redirection, 1999
3376College trend data, 1999-2001
3377Department issues, 1999-2000
341Departmental budget reports, 2000
342Food and Nutrition joint BS/MS, 2001
343South Georgia visitors to Family and Consumer Sciences (FACS)-presentation, 2001
344Inventory, 2001
345Permission of Department (PODs) for Journalism and Textiles, Merchandising and Interiors (TXMI), 2001
346Original budget, 2001
347Journalism, Consumer Journalism, 2001 Spring
348Commencement assembly
349State of the College an update, 2001
3410Development, 2001
3411Dean's Faculty Advisory Committee, 2001-2002
3412-13Semester course outlines (volume I), 2001
3414Alumni Association general meeting, 2002 March 2
3415Legislative initiatives, 2002 June
3416Inventory, 2002
3417Set designers (teaching related information), 2002
3418Institutional Research and Planning, 2002
3419-20Program review (original), 2002
3421Consumer Journalism (CJ) Permission of Department (POD) requests , 2002 Spring
3422Self review, 2002
3423Permission of Department (POD) lists for Consumer Journalism, 2002 Summer-Fall
3424Report, 2002
3425College assembly program, 2002 September 18
3426General information, 2002-2003
3427Budget review, 2002-2003
3428Extension-Financial Management, 2002-2004
3429Internships (information), 2002, 2004
3430Administrative Retreat, 2003
3431Student diversity Latino Recruitment Initiative, 2003-2004
3432Student chapter-Home Builders Association (advisor Anne Sweaney), 2003
3433Society of Consumer Affairs Professionals (student chapter), 2003
351Amendment for faculty lines -budget, 2003
352Consumer Journalism (CJ) Permission of Department (POD) requests, 2003 Summer-Fall
353Permission of Department (POD) requests, 2003 Spring
354Inventory, 2003
355Effects of budget cuts, 2003
356Budget reduction plan, 2003-2004
357Georgia Apparel Education Foundation and Textile Science and Fashion Merchandising faculty, 2003
358Budget/enrollment issues, 2003 May
359Budget and reduction plans, 2003
3510"Archway to Excellence Capital Campaign Steering Committee", 2003-2004
3511Federal initiatives, 2003-2004
3512General information, 2003-2004
3513Five year allocations, 2003-2007
3514-15Faculty retreat, 2004
3516Information regarding various faculty positions, 2004
3517Consumer Journalism (CJ) Permission of Department (PODS), 2004 Summer-Fall
3518University of Georgia/Housing and Consumer Economics (HACE) 5 year plan, 2004
3519Leadership Retreat, 2004
3520Faculty reports, 2004
3521Consumer Journalism (CJ) Permission of Department (PODS), 2004 Spring
3521Budget issues, 2004
3523Residental Property Management Program , 2004
3524Extension Housing and Environmental Specialist, 2004
3525Effects of budget cuts, 2004
3526U.S. House Agriculture Committee testimony, 2004 March 29, 2004
3527No whining, no excuses, just results-college assembly, 2004 September 1
3528Family and Consumer Sciences (FACS) initiatives, 2004
3529Academic advising/exit interviews, 2004
3530Latino students visit to Family and Consumer Sciences (FACS)/UGA, 2004
3531Program Review and Assessment Committee-one year follow-up report, 2004
3532National Textile Center-federal request, 2004
3533Program Review and Assessment Committee, 2004
3534Mary Linnenbrink visit-itinerary, 2004 August 18
3535Summer classes, 2004
3536Volunteers , 2004
3537Meeting with the Dean (Sharon Nickols)
3538Living alumni (chart), 1940-2004
3538Internships (Blimpies), 2004
3540Patrice Dollar position-grants and projects , 2004
3541Alumni Association general meeting, 2004 November 4
3542Savannah Home Builders visit to Family and Consumer Sciences (FACS)- internal tentative agenda, 2004
3543Administrative Retreat (5 year goals), 2004 September 30
3544Budget background, 2004-2005
3545Housing Extension position, 2004
3546Graduation practice-Anne Sweaney marshal, 2004
3547Yoko Mimura's position, 2004
3548Graduation marshal, 2004 Fall
3549Advisement report for Academic Affairs, 2004
3550Undergraduate teaching assistant, 2004
3551Foods and Nutrition-final report, 2004-2005
3552Consumer Journalism (CJ) Permission of Department (POD) list, 1999 Fall
3553American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences (AAFCS) nomination, 1999
3554Budget presentation to Vice Presidents, 1999-2000
3555Departmental Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT), 2000
3556Consumer Journalism Permission of Department (POD) requests, 1999 Spring
361Family Financial Management position-Assistant Professor search, 2003
362Archway to Excellence Capital Campaign, 2003
363College Assembly, 2003 April 7
364Leadership Retreat, 2003
365Dalton State College Latino student visit, 2003 October 13
366Development, 2003
367Job postings, 2004
368Convocation meeting (2:00 Wednesday), 2004 June 30
369Advertisment for Assistant Professor in Consumer Economics, 2004
3610Family and Consumer Sciences (FACS) degrees conferred, 2004-2005
3611Graduate assignments, 2004-2005
3612Goals, 2005
3613Alumni Awards luncheon and program, 2005 March 5
3614Leadership retreat, 2005
3615"The state of Georgia's families"-programs, 2005
3616Administrative retreat (Glen-Ella Springs (includes departmental goals), 2005 August 4-5
3617Information, 2005
3618Staff evaluation, 2005
3619Family Financial PLanning Program-Certified Financial Planner (CFP) Board of Standards, 2005
3620College Board of Majors, 2005
3621Faculty reports, 2005
3622Schedule of classes, 2005 Spring
3623Schedule of classes, 2005 Summer
3624Schedule of classes, 2005 Fall
3625Consumer Journalism (CJ) Permission of Department (POD) requests, 2005 Spring
3626New classification titles for Administrative staff, 2005
3627Inventory, 2005
3628Enhancing Graduate education, 2005
3629Budget development, 2005-2006
3630Committee assignments, 1999-2004
3631Graduate Assistantship offers, 2005-2006
3632-33Former students, 2005-2011
3634-35Fall faculty retreat, 2006 August 11
3636Budget, 2006
3637Management by Objectives (MBO): objectives, 2006
3638Dean search, 2006
3639Julia Marlowe-nomination American Council on Consumer Interests (ACCI) Distinguished Fellow Award, 2006 October 1
3640Dean/faculty transition, 2006-2007
3641Thank You correspondence (for donation to Department), 2008
371Classes offered, 2006 Summer
372Schedules, 2006 Fall
373Schedules, 2006
374-5Faculty reports, 2006
376-7Faculty retreat, 2006 Fall
378Fiesta-Washington, DC, 2006
379Carol Meeks-nomination for Research Professor , 2006
3710University of Georgia-Office of Vice President for Public Service and Outreach brochure, 2006-2007
3711Consumer Journalism major, 2006-2007
3712-14Family and Consumer Sciences (FACS)-minutes and agendas from Administrative Cabinet and Executive Committee, 2006-2009
3715Facebook (list of names, etc.), 2007 August
3716Status of Family Financial Planning Academic and Professional programs, 2007 May
3717Audit for Textiles, Merchandising and Interiors (TMI), 2007
3718Athletes in program, 2007 December
3719Exit interviews with graduating Seniors, 2007 December
3720-22Faculty reports, 2007
3723Class schedule, 2007 Spring
3724Correspondence to Dean Jolly, 2007
3725Diann Moorman Regents Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Award (nomination), 2007
3726Convocation Program, 2007 May 12
3727"Internships: a programmatic summary", 2007-2008
3728Housing and Consumer Economics/Housing and Demographic Research Center (HACE/HDRC) Board of Advisors, 2007-2009
3729Gina Peek's calendar schedule, 2008
3730Consumer Journalism, 2008 Summer-Fall
381Graduate student orientation, 2007
382Housing conference call, 2007 July
383Night at the Braves, 2007 September 17
384Graduate Coordinator plans, 2007
385Inspiration (miscellaneous materials), 2007-2008
386Goals, 2007-2008
387-8Graduate student orientation faculty guide, 2008 Fall
389Graduate-regarding Property Management License in South Carolina, 2008
3810Departmental plans, 2008 Fall
3811Graduate Coordinator, 2008 September 30
3812Faculty Activity Repository (FAR)-information about Anne Sweaney, 2008 November 1
3813City Hall East (Atlanta) tour, etc., 2008 May 14
3814Griffin Campus schedule, 2008 Summer
3815Curriculum Review Committee, 2008
3816Bob Cleveland emails, 2008
3817Faculty Retreat, 2008
3818Searches-Assistant Professor in Consumer Economics, 2008
3819Carswell dossier update, 2008 Fall
3820Faculty meeting, 2008 September 16
3821Lists of faculty, etc., 2008-2011
3822Information for interview-Home and Family Finance, 2008
3823UGA faculty/staff 911 guide, 2008
3824Amy Cunningham-correspondence, 2008
3825Student invention ideas, 2008
3826Various UGA information, 2008
3827Pat Ragin-Scholarship Fund from Greystar, 2008
3828Exit interviews, 2008
3829Costa Rica meeting, 2008 December 1
3830Family Financial Planning (FFP)-permission to fill position, 2008
3831Audit , 2008
3832Meeting with Dean Jolly, 2008 November 19
3833Information, 2008-2009
3834Graduates, 2008-2009
3835Budget proposal, 2008-2009
3836Budget development, 2008-2009
3837Assessments, accomplishment and graduates, 2008-2009
3838Position openings, 2000s
3839Related proposals, 2000s
3840Personal mail/invitations, 2000s
3841Consumer Journalism Permission of Department (POD) list, 2000 Summer
3842Budget review-original copies, 2000 January 27
3842Directory, 2000s
3844Budget development, 2000-2001
3845Dr. Sweaney's Departmental notes, 2000s
3846Networking-list of names/addresses, 2000s
3847Development postcards-annual appeals, 2000s
3848Consumer Economics alternatives, 2000s
3849Graduate progress, 2000s
3850Andy Carswell, 2000s
3851College Assembly, 2000 April 4
3852College Assembly, 2000 August 28
3853"FACS in Georgia, the Nation and the World, 2000 and forward" Alumni Association Annual Meeting, 2000 March 18
3854Inventory, 2000 August
3855Internships: a programmatic summary, 2000
3856Consumer Journalism-list of Permission of Department (PODs), 2000 Fall
3857Permission of Department (POD) requests for Consumer Journalism, 2000 Spring
3858Faculty report and salary evaluation, 2000
3859Honor Hall of Recognition, 2000s
3860Proposal for Agricultural Leadership Minor, 2000s
3861Miscellaneous communications, 2000s
3862Brochure, 2000s
3863Executive Committee, 2000 September 25
3864Faculty appointment policies, 2000
3865Government Relations meeting with Vice President of External Relations, 2000 September 7
3866Administrative Retreat, 2000-2002
3867Goals and progress for Senior Administrative retreats, 2000-2003
3868Enrollment report (by department), 2000-2009
391Assessment plan, 2009
392Audit (feedback), 2009
393Audit, 2009
394Student data, 2009
395Assessment plans-for majors, 2009
396Agenda, 2009 November 12
397Dawson Hall room numbers and floor layout, 2009 September
398"Careers in Family Science", 2009
399Exit interview, 2009 Spring
3911Griffin position EOO paperwork, 2009
3912Memo-Social Security number replacement, 2009
3913Jane Rhoden Student Support Fund, 2009
3914Brenda Cude ACCI Award, 2009
3915Andrew T. Carswell promotion and tenure, 2009
3916Self assessment report, 2009
3917Assessment of student learning outcomes, 2009
3918Thank You correspondence for Anne Sweaney serving as marshal of Summer Commencement, 2009
3919Email correspondence, 2009
3920PhD comprehensive examinations, 2009 Spring
3921Brenda Cude post-tenure review, 2009
3922Anne Sweaney-Retirement Party planning, 2009
3923Joseph Goetz Third-Year Review, 2009
3924Teresa Mauldin Post-Tenure Review, 2009
3925Rob Nielsen Third-Year Review, 2009
3926Budget meetings (originals), 2009
3927Strategic Plan, 2009
3928Miscellaneous UGA related materials, 2009
3929Helen Goetz, 2009
3930General information, 2009
3931Lance Palmer-promotion and tenure, 2009
3932Dossier materials for Third Year Review of Robb Nielsen, 2009
3933Promotion Review meeting, 2009
3934Doug Bachtel Post Tenure Review, 2009
3935Audit, 2009
3936University Review Committee Professional and Applied Studies, 2009-2010
3937Miscellaneous, 2009-2010
3938Review letters, 2009-2010
3939Advisor of the Year, 2010
3940Ann Ziebarth promotion , 2010
3941Housing Major Assessment Plan, 2010
3942Annual review conference, 2010
3943Convocation brochures, 2010 December
3944Exit survey for graduating seniors-results, 2010 Spring
3945Major Consumer Economics assessment plan, 2010 Fall
3946"HACE is the place!!!" messages, 2010
3947Family Financial Planning (FFP) search Estate Planning, 2010
3948Weekly briefings notebook, 2010
3949Positions and announcements, 2010
3950Robb Nielsen vitae, 2010
3951Sophia graduate faculty, 2010
3952Consumer Journalism exit interviews, 2010 Fall
3953Graduate student exit interviews, 2010 Fall
3954-55HERA (Housing Education and Research Association) Conference, 2010
3956Griffin campus graduation program (Anne Sweaney presenter), 2010-2011
401Lecturer position , 2010
402Letters of thanks , 2010-2011
403Assistant Professor search, 2010
404UGA President's Club memorabilia, 2010
405Donor/Scholar Reception, 2010 November 11
406Diann Moorman-Learning Community, 2010
407Name change-Family Financial Planning to Personal Financial Planning, 2010
408Annual report, 2010
409Funding for Graduate and Post-Graduate positions, 2010-2011
4010Development-thank you for gifts, 2010
4011Departmental materials, 2010
4012-13"FACS Forward-20/20 vision-planning timeline", 2010
4014Fund raising, 2010
4015Consumer Journalism and "HACE is the Place!!!"-undergraduate handbooks, 2010-2011
4016Schedules, 2010-2011
4017ServSafe employee training, 2010-2011
4018Impact statements, 2010-2012
4019UGA orientation-slide printouts, 2011
4020Assistant Vice President of Instruction-Griffin Campus, 2011
4021Department income summary, 2011
4022UGA football hosted by Department, 2011 September
4023Office of Pubic Affairs Unit Review Team, 2011
4024Graduate faculty, 2011
4025First year Odyssey courses, 2011 Fall
4026Internship opportunities, 2011-2012
4027Ghandi motivation, 2011
4028Response to program review, 2011
4029"Hopping across the worter (sic)" by Drake Scott, 2011
4030Dr. Anne Sweaney-notes to write, 2011
4031University of Georgia/Family and Consumer Sciences information, 2011-2012
4032Griffin Campus program consultants report, 2011 February 11
4033ASPIRE Clinic coordinator, 2011
4034Email contacts, 2011-2012
4035UGA procedures, 2011
4036Kim Skobba literature review, 2011
4037Assistant Professor position available flyer, 2011 Fall
4038Miscellaneous materials, 2011
4039Endowed Professor-Executive and Faculty Search Group, 2011
4040Office of Student Financial Aid Unit Review, 2011 January 18
4041Enrollment data, 2011 Spring
4042Internship booklet, 2011 Fall
4043Consumer Journalism exit interviews, 2011 Spring
4044Joseph Goetz nomination-Advisor of the Year, 2011
4045Swarn Chatterjee-Teacher of the Year, 2011
4046Internship opportunities, 2011-2012
4047Graduate Assistantships, 2011-2012
4048Outstanding Research Award, 2011-2012
4049Invitations/mail, 2012
4050"HACE is the Place!!!" undergraduate handbook, 2012-2013
4051Department income summary, 2012
4052Awards , 2012
4053Polanowski's dissertation, 2012
4054Fashion Week article (TMI), 2012
4055UGA COE (College of Education) Institute Workshops, 2012
4056Alumni Award nomination form, 2012
4057Information, 2012 Summer
4058Thank you notes, 2012
4059Faculty summaries, 2012
4060Online Masters Program, 2012
4061Development brochure, 2012
4062Anne's Sweaney's schedule, 2012 January-February
4063Student and Faculty Affairs meeting, 2012
4064Multidisciplinary State of the Arts Conference at UGA , 2000s
4065Mission and facts, 2000s
4066Home Economics Conference (UGA), 2012
4067Doug Bachtel (correspondence), 2012
4068-69Strategic Plan, 2000-2010
4070Box of slides (marked "Edwards")
65"HACE is the Place!!!" plaque and assorted blueprints and posters, 1970s-2000s
66"Home Energy Guide" electronic quiz board
67Posters (rolled)
68Posters (rolled)

4.4 Georgia Agricultural Experiment Station (AES)/Cooperative Extension Service (CES) administrative files

411Georgia Agricultural Experiment Stations (AES) policies and procedures, 1980s
412Agricultural Experiment Stations (in-house manuscript publications), 1980s
413Agricultural Experiment Station request, 1989-1990
414Extension Life Skills curriculum, 1990s
415Cooperative Extension family packet (Money Management), 1990s-2000s
416Agricultural Experiment Stations (AES) research priorities, 1991-1992
417Agricultural Experiment Stations (AES) productivity report, 1991-1992
418Cooperative Extension Station (CES) Specialist expectations, 1992
419Experiment Station request, 1992
4110Agricultural Experiment Stations (AES) productivity report, 1992-1993
4111Georgia Agricultural Experiment Stations report, 1993-1994
4112Georgia Agricultural Experiment Station budget, 1994-1995
4113Georgia Agricultural Experiment Station budget, 1995-1996
4114Family and Consumer Sciences (FACS)/Extension re-organization, 1996
4115Extension OPB (Office of Planning and Budget) discussion, 1996
4116Georgia Agricultural Extension Station re-direction, 1996
4117Extension County Agent re-organization, 1996-1997
4118Extension transition, 1996-1997
4119CAES (College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences) Extension MOU (Memorandum of Understanding), 1996-1997
4120-21Extension/Experiment Station issues, 1996-1998
4122College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences (CAES) administrative issues, 1997
4123Agricultural Experiment Stations (AES) re-direction, 1995-1996
4124Georgia Coalition of Family and Consumer Sciences Professionals (CFACS) Women's Legislative Coalition, 1997
4125Extension Legislative contacts, 1997 February-March
4126Extension impacts of budget cuts, 1998 September
4127Extension issues, 1997
4128Extension budget request, 1997-1998
4129Extension, 1997-1998
4130Extension, 1998 April
4131Strengthening Georgia's Families and Communities Initiative, 1998
4132Agricultural Experiment Stations (AES) Impact Statement meeting, 1998
4133Family and Consumer Sciences/Extension State Legislative Initiative 2000 meeting, 1998
4134Family and Consumer Sciences/Extension presentation to Georgia House of Representatives (Higher Education Cuts), 1998
4135Cooperative Extension Programs of Excellence Reports, 1999 October
4136Extension, 1998-1999
4137Agricultural Experiment Stations (AES) budget ), 1999
4138Experiment Station FACS requests, 2000
4139Extension budget, 2001
4140"B" budget/OPB (Office of Planning and Budgets)/research/Extension, 2000-2001
4141Experiment Station budget , 2001
4142Legislative initiatives, 2001-2003
4143Extension, 2001
4144Extension information, 2000-2002
4145Budget reductions "B" budget ( Agricultural Experiment Stations and Extension), 2002-2004
4146Cooperative Extension Service (CES) program needs, 2003
4147Textiles position request, 2001
4148Presentation to Cooperative Extension Service (CES) Advisory Board, 2003
4149Trends in Extension positions, 2003
4150"B" budget requests-Experiment Station and Extension, 2001
4151Sue Chapman Extension Study Group, 2004
4152Extension, 2003-2004
4153"B" budget requests-Experiment Station and Extension, 2003-2004
4154Agricultural Experiment Stations (AES) study, 2004
4155Extension status reports (presentations), 2004
4156Cooperative Extension program planning: "The role of Family and Consumer Sciences in Cooperative Extension", 2005 September 13
4157Extension presentation, 2005
4158Griffin search-Home Economics position, 2006
4159Budget reguest for Agricultural Experiment Stations (AES) and Cooperative Extension Service (CES) operations, 2006
4160Cooperative Extension "Monitoring and educating for sustainable weatherization", 2009

4.5 Photographs

421-2Assorted photographs and negatives, 1980s-2000s

4.6 Historical documents

423-4Home Management Houses scrapbook, 1940s
425Mary Creswell-notes, 1940s
426Home Management photographs, 1940s-1970s
427-9Home Management Houses scrapbook, 1948-1983
4210Alumni materials (collected by Mary Creswell), 1950s
4211Bicentenniel display pictures for Home Management House display, 1950s
4212Home Management slides used by Bicentennial
42AHome Management Houses scrapbooks, 1950-1955
42BHome Management Houses scrapbooks, 1955-1958, 1971, 1983

5. Proposals and grants

431-2HMC (Housing, Home Management and Consumer Economics) grants submitted, 1985-1989
433Instructional grant with Bridget May, 1986
434A proposal for a National Housing Board/National Research Council (NHB/NRC) Regional Housing Research Center at the University of Georgia, 1988 June
435Curriculum Review Subcommittee Title XII Strengthening Grant, 1987-1991
436Atlanta Gas Light Company/Georgia Housing Coalition/Spencer Foundation (Small Grants Foundation), 1988-1990
437Housing and Urban Development (HUD) grants for Housing for the Homeless, 1989
438Guidelines for submitting unsolicted proposals-Housing and Urban Development (HUD), 1990
439Potential grants-funding, 1990
4310Proposal-Risk factors for family indebtness, 1997
4311Georgia Pacific grant contracts, 1990
4312Housing and Urban Development (HUD) IQCs-uniform contract format, 1990
4313"Causes and consequences of divorce..." proposal, 1990
4314Family cash flow management...project H556, 1990s
4315A proposal for recycling the image of manufactured housing in Georgia, 1990s
4316Towards a measurement of long term ramifications of poor housing...Faculty Research grants
4317-18Agricultural Experiment Stations (AES) proposal focusing on manufactured homes, 1990s
4319National Coalition for Consumer Education/AT&T Consumer Credit Education Fund grant (information about), 1990
4320Inter-University Computer Conferencing Instructional Improvement Grant, 1991
4321UGA instructional Grant Proposal for "Inter-University computer conferencing", 1991
4322Housing Research Program (Bolivia, North Carolina), 1991
4323Proposal to the National Association of Housing Counselors and Agencies for the development of trainer and user manuals ..., 1995
4324Community Outreach Partnership Center-grant recipients, 1994-1995
4325The Global Development Project-United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) grant), 1995
4326Office of Instructional Development grant, 1995
4327"Impact of mobility on the quality and afforability of housing of the elderly" AES project proposal, 1995
4328Agricultural Experiment Stations (AES) proposal-"Quality and affordability of housing of rural households", 1996-2008
4329"Quality and affordability of housing" Agricultural Experiment Stations (AES) proposal, 1996
4330Council for International Education (application), 1996
4331Georgia Statewide Academic and Medical System (GSAMS) grant, 1996
4332Agricultural Experiment Stations (AES) proposal "Quality and affordability of housing of rural households at risk", 1996
4333Georgia Statewide Academic and Medical System (GSAMS) program funding, 1996
4334Georgia Statewide Academic and Medical System (GSAMS) grant to provide an introduction to cyberspace..., 1996
4335Regents Teaching and Learning Grant proposal-"Defining, documentings and promoting excellence in teaching", 1997
4336No cost extension from First Challenge Grant, 1997
4337University of Georgia Research Foundation (UGARF) Research Fund awards pre-proposal cover page, 1997
441Georgia Pacific grant, 1997
442University System of Georgia (USG) Teaching and Learning Grant proposal, 1997
443Learning Technologies Grant, 1998
444"Power to our children" an Energy Education Project for teachers, children and families, 4
445Grant opportunities, 1998
446International grants, 1998
447Rural housing literature review-National Rural Housing Foundation, 1998
448"Policy analysis in cyberspace" PolicyWeb, 1998
449PolicyWeb project-Challenge Grant, 1998
4410UGA Office of Instructional Support and Development project proposal-"A high performance muti-purpose computer classroom", 1998
4411HUD Healthy Homes Initiative, 1999
4412Manufactured Housing Research Alliance (MHRA) proposal/grant, 1999
4413Challenge Grant-"Beyond the textbook: a cyber-community...", 1999
4414HUD Grant-"Consumer's attitudes toward housing quality...", 1999
4415Gerontology Grant, 1999
4416Andress Grant, 1999
4417FACS Undergraduate Research Grant program-"The challenge of housing security for the elderly", 1999-2000
4418Undergraduate Research Grant Program-research project proposal application, 1999-2000
4419-20Challenge Grants (contents of binder), 1999-2001 created through a grant, 2001
4422-23HUD contract-developing housing innovations consumer survey, 2000
4424National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) Endowment-Magnolia Institute for Community Housing proposal, 2000s
4425Agricultural Experiment Stations (AES) progress report-"Poverty dynamics among young adults in rural areas", 2000
4426Grant: Georgia Department of Community Affairs proposal, 2001
4427"The development of a housing innovations consumer survey" final report, 2001
4428Learning Technologies grants, 2001
4429Georgia Center for the Prevention of Obesity and Related Disorders (GCORD) small grants program , 2001
4430Learning Technologies Grants proposal-"The iSuite: a home technology learning and research proposal, 2001
4431Georgia Environmental Facilities Authority (GEFA) Grant (Janet Valente-director), 2001
4435Environmental Protection Agency (EPA): "Power to our children"-an energy education project..., 35
4436"Beyond the textbook: a cyber-community for housing and Consumer Economics educators"-USDA Challenge Grant, 2002
4437tSuite/iSuite project-Challenge Grant proposal, 2002
4438"Beyond the textbook..."-USDA Challenge Grant, 2002
4439Higher Education Challenge Grants program, 2002
4440"An assessment of housing data in Athens-Clarke County"-a pre-proposal, 2002
451Meszaros Grant, 1990s
452Pork Barrel proposal, 1990s
453Georgia Center Environmental Task Force-proposal for funding/grant, 1991
454Department of Health and Human Services Grant-"Adaptation and mental health of the oldest old", 1991
455Instructional grant, 1991
456Georgia's Aging Project (GAP)-Debbie Godwin, 1991
457Energy Education Program, 1992
458Hope for home ownership of single family home (HOPE-3) to Athens-Clarke County Department of HED (Human and Economic Development), 1992
459Agricultural Experiment Stations (AES) Grant, 1992
4510Comprehensive housing affordability strategy (CHAS) , 1992
4511Higher Education Challenge Grants, 1992
4512Comprehensive Housing Affordability Strategy (CHAS) Athens-Clarke County Housing Grant, 1992
4513-14Application for Implementation Grant for HOPE 3 for home ownership of single family homes, 1993
4515Technical Assistance to H.E.L.P. Housing and Economic Leadership Partners), 1993
4516Fanny Mae Grant, 1992
4517Health Opportunities for People Everywhere (HOPE) Planning Grant, 1993
4518Cooperative State Research Service (CSRS) Grant, 1993
4519USDA Challenge Grant-"Introducing global development issues into the curriculum...", 1993
4520HUD Grant-"City of Albany, Georgia HOPE 3 feasibility study , 1993
4521Grant proposal for London presentation , 1993
4527HUD Grant with Mac Fadyen, 1994
4523National Research Center/HUD Grant, 1994
4524Instructional Grant, 1994
4525Kappa Omicron Nu Research Grant-"Factors contributing to career success of African-American graduates", 1994
4526United State Information Agency (USIA) Grant India-Nickols, 1994
4527Agricultural Experiment Stations (AES) proposal-"The impact of mobility on the quality and affordability of housing of the elderly", 1995
4528National Association of Housing Cuonselors and Agencies proposal, 1995
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467"Functional reporting system to alter behavior in elders" (Dr. Cress expert panel created as part of a proposed grant submission), 2004
468Large grant-"UGA poverty and the Economy Initiative", 2004
469Gerontology Seed Grant-"How proud would elderly individuals be of living in manufactured housing?", 2004-2005
4610Seed Grant application-UGA Gerontology Center, 2004
4611Tallatoona Community Action Partnership Grant, 2004-2005
4612Agricultural Experiment Stations (AES) Research Grant proposal-"Barrers to workforce housing and economic...", 2005
4613Agricultural Experiment Stations (AES) Research Grant proposal-"Barriers facing manufactured housing as a widespread form of affordable housing", 2005
4614Economic impact of low-income housing tax credits-grant proposal, 2005
4615Poverty grant, 2006
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4619Water Oak Training Company-Community Economic Development Grant, 2006
4620Agricultural Experiment Stations (AES) Grant proposal-"Housing Georgia's workforce: green and affordable considerations", 2008
4621Faculty Research Grants Program-"Proverty and the Economy", 2007
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4628Grant proposals, 2010-2011
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4636"Adaptation of mental health of the oldest old"-grant for Poon, 1987

6. Conferences

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472Southeast Regional Association of Family Economics/Home Managers Conferences, 1980s
473The Soap and Detergent Association-Detergents in Depth Biennial Symposium, 1980
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476Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS) Users and Coordinators Conference, 1982
477Historically Black Land Grant Colleges and Universities Research Symposium, 1984 October 23-26
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4710American Council on Consumer Interests (ACCI) Annual Conference, 1987
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4712American Association of Housing Educators (AAHE) Conference, 1987 November 2-3
4713American Association of Housing Educators (AHEE) Annual Conference, 1988 October 11-14
4714Women with Disabilities: Through the Doors of Full Employment National Conference (UGA), 1988 March 17-20
4715Home Builders Association of Georgia (HBAG) Spring Board Meeting (Mark Baldwin Executive Vice President), 1990
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4717American Home Economics Association (AHEA) Annual Meeting, 1988
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4720National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) Construction Management Marathon (Convention), 1990
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486Georgia Tech seminars, 1990
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5020Annual College and University Computer Users Association Conference (CUMREC) presentation-"PolicyWeb: a tool for policy analysis", 1998
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5125UGA Administrative Special Topic Workshop-five-year program planning, 2004 August 11
5126Manufactured Housing Research Alliance (MHRA) Conference, 2004 April 15-16
5127National Consortium of Housing Research Center Annual Meeting, 2004 January
5128Housing Education and Research Association (HERA) Conference Planning, 2004
5129Housing Education and Research Association (HERA) Annual Meeting, 2004 October
5130Washington D.C. hotels-"Hit the hill" meetings, 2005 May
5131Housing Education and Research Association (HERA) conferences and meetings, 2005-2007
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5133American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences (AAFCA) future search summit, 2005 December 2-4
521 Convention on Construction (New Delhi), 2005
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523Convention on Construction U.S./India Joint Symposium , 2005 October 20
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5230Public Service and Outreach Promotion Workshop (University of Georgia), 2011 April 20
5231Athens Area Home Builders Association, 2011
5230Under One Roof Housing Conference, 2012 February 23
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5234Home Economics: Classroom, Corporate and Cultural Interpretations Revisited-A State-of-the-Art Conference (UGA), 2012 February
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5236Housing Education and Research Association (HERA) Conference-"Healthy home environments, 2005 October 5-8

7. Reviews

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8. Athletic Association's Board of Directors

543Super Bowl (empty reporter's notepad), 1998
544University of Georgia football ticket, 2000s
545Georgia Fan Behavior Campaign Steering Committee, 2004
546University of Georgia Student Athlete handbook, 2004-2005
547Feedboack from meeting with Athletics, 2004
548Athletic Association Board of Directors, 2009
549Georgia Athletic Association Board of Directors, 2006
5410Bubba golf, 2007
5411Coalition on Intercollegiate Athletics (COIA) Meeting, 2008
5412Athletics-Coalition on Intercollegiate Athletics (COIA) , 2008
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5414Athletic Board, 2010
5415Correspondence regarding financing of various projects, 2010
5416Proposal to serve-Ernst and Young, 2010 December 22
5417Meeting, 2010 October 7
5418National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Recertification Process Peer Review Team site visit, 2010 September 15-17
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5420Sport schedules-basketball and gymnastics, 2011-2012
5421Meeting, 2011 February 24
5422Georgia Gym Dogs calendar, 2011
5423Grading Georgia-annual plan, 2011-2012
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5425Richard Seymour, 2012
5426Audit, 2010-2011
5427Univerisity of Georgia football ticket Outback Bowl, 2012 January 2
5428University of Georgia Athletics key card and schedule, 2012 October
5429Georgia Men's Basketball season parking, 2012-2013
5430Georgia Women's Basketball tickets, 2012-2013
5431Souvenirs (cup and button), 2000s

9. Personal materials

551Korean roof tile
552Assorted photographs/autographs, 1970s-2000s
553Correspondence-letters to write, 1990s
554-5Various awards/photographs, 1996-1997
556Vita, 2000s
557Vita, 2002-2003
558Desk calendar, 2005-2006
559Certificates and mementos, 2003-2004
5510People to write (thank you notes), 2006
5511Appointment calendar, 2007
5512Vita, 2012
5513Vita-materials for update, 2009, 2011
5514Photographs (mostly of Sweaney's family and their travels), 2000s
5515Christmas list, 2007
5516Spring break
5517Christmas list, 2008
5518Christmas list, 2009
5519Recipe-chocolate pecans, 2000s
5520Radio interview, 1988
5521-23Business cards collected by Anne Sweaney, 1990s-2000s
56Thank You cards (two small containers), 2000s
64Mexican artifacts

10. Readings

10.1 Historical

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10.2 Contemporary

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