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University of Georgia Board of Trustees correspondence and reports

University of Georgia Board of Trustees correspondence and reports

Descriptive Summary

Title: University of Georgia Board of Trustees correspondence and reports
Creator: University of Georgia. Board of Trustees
Inclusive Dates: 1866-1932
Language(s): English
Extent: 15 Linear Feet (14 boxes)
Collection Number: UA02-042
Repository: University of Georgia Archives

Collection Description

Historical Note

The University of Georgia Board of Trustees was created by statute in the charter of the University of Georgia, drafted by Abraham Baldwin, and ratified by the Georgia State legislature in January of 1785. As originally structured, the Board of Trustees was one of two bodies in the bicameral governance of the University. It shared this governance with the Board of Visitors, an appointed body composed of the Governor and other high-ranking individuals in state government. The Board of Trustees was be charged with the administration of the University's affairs, and the Board of Visitors was tasked with endorsing appointments and fiscal requests of the Trustees. In effect, the Board of Visitors was expected to function as the liason between the Trustees and the revenue-dispensing agencies of state government. Shortly after the commencement of classes in 1801, the final governance structure of a Prudential Committee was put in place by the Trustees. Because the Trustees normally only met a few times in the course of a given year, it was felt that the day-to-day administration of the University could best be addressed via the mechanism of the Prudential Committee. From a practical standpoint, then, much of the "business" of maintaining the University fell to the Prudential Committee and, as time went by, to the Faculty.

There is little record of the pre-20th century governance at the University. This can doubtlessly be attributed to two disastrous fires roughly a century apart. The first of these, the fire that destroyed New College in 1830, almost certainly destroyed much of the official record of the first three decades of the University. The second fire, which brought down Science Hall in November of 1903, destroyed at least some of the Faculty records (there is a missing volume of Faculty Minutes, 1887-1903, which almost certainly was lost in the fire), and, it is suspected, other pre-20th century documents as well. The minutes for the Board of Trustees, the Senatus Academicus, and the Prudential Committee, along with other reports and correspondence, represent the most comprehensive glimpse into the internal workings of the governance of the University of Georgia in the period preceding what is generally held to be the "modern" era (World War II to present). The Board of Trustees and the other extant structures of governance were swept aside in the reorganization of the State University System which took place in 1931-1932. In place of the largely institution-specific Board of Trustees, there emerged a Board of Regents, charged with the responsibility of maintaining authority over all state-supported higher education in Georgia.

Scope and Content

The collection consists of materials of the University of Georgia's Board of Trustees, including meeting minutes, drafts of resolutions, annual reports, committee reports, auxiliary reports (such as catalogues, fiduciary documents, recommendations on degrees, and petitions, including a series of petitions pertaining to the issue of admission of women to the University), and correspondence.

The Board of Trustee minute books include descriptions of enslavement events and treatment of enslaved people on campus.

Organization and Arrangement

The collection is organized by format: minutes/resolutions, annual reports, committee reports, auxiliary reports, correspondence, estrays, and processing records.

Administrative Information

Custodial History

This collection was received by the Rare Book/Special Collections section of the University of Georgia Libraries at some point prior to the mid-1950s.

Preferred Citation

University of Georgia Board of Trustees correspondence and reports, UA02-042, University Archives, Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library, The University of Georgia Libraries.

General Notes

Portions of this collection are digitized and available through the Digital Library of Georgia:

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Annual reports
Coeducation -- Georgia.
Corporate minutes.
Corporate resolutions.
Corporation reports.
Degrees, Academic.
Enslaved persons -- Georgia
Financial records.
Financial statements.
Minutes (administrative records)
Official reports.
Resolutions (administrative records)
Slavery -- Georgia -- History.
University of Georgia

Series Descriptions and Folder Listing


1. Supporting Documentation

121White Resignation, 1907 June 13
123Cobb Resignation , 1908 June 16
125Lt. Kimbrough letter , 1909 June 14

2. Annual Reports

184Annual Reports from Board of Visitors, 1896-1910
185Annual Reports from Board of Trustees, 1899-1924
186Annual Reports from Board of Visitors, 1896-1910
187Annual Reports from Board of Visitors, 1911-1929
188Annual Reports from Chancellor, 1891-1900
12Annual Reports from the Chancellor (bound), 1891-1912
189Annual Reports from Chancellor, 1906-1931
190Annual Reports from Treasurer, 1918-1929
191Annual Reports from Agriculture Department, 1896-1895
192Annual Reports from Agriculture and Geology Department, 1891
193Annual Reports from Practical Agriculture Class, 1895
194Annual Reports from Ancient Language Department, 1891-1895
195Annual Reports from Athletic Department, 1895
196Annual Reports from Biology Department, 1891-1895
197Annual Reports from Chaplain, 1892
198Annual Reports from Chemistry Department, 1892-1895
199Annual Reports from Chemistry and Geology Department, 1894
1100Annual Reports from Elocution Department, 1892
1101Annual Reports from Engineering Department, 1891-1895
1102Annual Reports from English Department, 1891-1901
1103Annual Reports from History and Political Science Department, 1892-1895
1104Annual Reports from Law Department, 1892-1915
1105Annual Reports from Library, 1891-1894
21Annual Reports from Mathematics, 1891-1895
22Annual Reports from Medical Department, 1917-193
23Annual Reports from Metaphysics and Ethics Department, 1892
24Annual Reports from Military Department, 1891-1895
25Annual Reports from Modern Languages Department, 1890-1898
26Annual Reports from Physics and Astronomy Department, 1891-1897
27Annual Reports from Psychology Department (inventories), 1920-1921
28Annual Reports from President of State College of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts, 1891-1916
29Annual Reports from President of State College of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts, 1917-1930
210Annual Reports from State College of Agriculture - Support Document- Trustees Minutes, 1906-1928
211Annual Reports from State College of Agriculture- Support Document- Trustees and Executive Committee Minutes, 1919
212Annual Reports from State College of Agriculture- Support Document- Executive Committee Minutes, 1908-1909
213Annual Reports from State College of Agriculture- Support Document- Executive Comm. Min., 1918-1921
214Annual Reports from State College of Agriculture- Support Document- Executive Committee Minutes, 1921 June 6
215Annual Reports from State College of Agriculture- Support Document- Executive Com. Min., 1921-1922
216Annual Reports from State College of Agriculture- Support Document- Executive Committee Minutes, 1923
217Annual Reports from State College of Agriculture- Support Document- Executive Committee Minutes, 1925
218Annual Reports from State College of Agriculture- Support Document- Budget & Investigating Comm. Report, 1919
219Annual Reports from State College of Agriculture- Support Document- Financial and Treasurer's Report, 1909-1922
220Annual Reports from State College of Agriculture- Support Document- Misc. Financial Documents, 1921-1924
221Annual Reports from State College of Agriculture- Support Document- Misc. Documents, 1918-1921
222Annual Reports from State College of Agriculture- Support Document- Misc. Engineering Experiment, 1922
223Annual Reports from from A and M State School, 1927
224Annual Reports from Bowden State Normal and Industrial College, 1922-1932
225Annual Reports from Farmer's Institutes, 1895-1905
226Annual Reports from Georgia Institute of Technology, 1891-1928
227Annual Reports from Georgia Institute of Technology- Support Document- Trustees'Reports, 1893-1930
228Annual Reports from Georgia Normal and Industrial College, 1891-1922
229Annual Reports from Georgia Normal & Industrial College- Support Document-Directors' Reports, 1891-1922
230Annual Reports from Middle Georgia Military and Agricultural College, 1891-1894
231Annual Reports from Middle Georgia Military & Agr. Coll.- Support Document-Trustees' Reports, 1891-1894
232Annual Reports from North Georgia Agricultural College, 1891-1931
233Annual Reports from North Georgia Agricultural College- Support Document-Misc., 1897-1918
234Annual Reports from South Georgia Agricultural and Mechanical College, 1891-1931
235Annual Reports from South Georgia State Normal College, 1914-1922
236Annual Reports from Southwest Georgia Agricultural and Military College, 1891
237Annual Reports from State College for Colored Youth, 1890-1894
238Annual Reports from State Industrial College, 1893-1910
239Annual Reports from State Industrial College, 1913-1928
240Annual Reports from West Georgia A and M College, 1893
241Annual Reports from State Normal School, 1910-1930
242Annual Reports from Brenau College- Support Document- Trustees' Report, 1929

3. Committee Reports

243Committee Reports- Accounts Committee, 1894-1895
244Committee Reports- Agriculture Committee, 1895-1907
245Committee Reports- Auditing Committee, 1891-1896
246Committee Reports- Branch Colleges Committee, 1891-1929
247Committee Reports- Budget Committee (support documents included), 1903-1927
248Committee Reports- Building Committee (support documents included), 1894-1928
249Committee Reports- Chapter Houses Committee, 1902
250Committee Reports- Chas. McDonald-Brown Fund Com. (support documents included), 1891-1909
251Committee Reports- Chas. McDonald-Brown Fund Com. (support documents included), 1911-1931
31Committee Reports- Dormitory Committee, 1908-1931
32Committee Reports- Faculty Committee, 1896-1931
33Committee Reports- Farm Committee, 1898-1907
34Committee Reports- Finance Committee, 1891-1927
35Committee Reports- Finance Committee- Support Document, 1898-1931
36Committee Reports- Graduate Work Committee, 1902
37Committee Reports- Honorary Degrees Committee, 1892-1927
38Committee Reports- Honorary Degrees Committee- Support Documents, 1891-1919
39Committee Reports- Honorary Degrees Committee- Support Documents, 1920-1931
310Committee Reports- Insurance Committee, 1906-1919
311Committee Reports- Law School Committee (support documents included), 1900-1929
312Committee Reports- Laws and Discipline Committee, 1891-1897
313Committee Reports- Laws and Discipline Committee, 1898-1901
314Committee Reports- Laws and Discipline Committee, 1902-1909
315Committee Reports- Laws and Discipline Committee, 1910-1916
316Committee Reports- Laws and Discipline Committee, 1917-1928
317Committee Reports- Legislative Committee, 1913-1928
318Committee Reports- Library Committee, 1890-1931
319Committee Reports- Literary Societies Committee, 1891-1907
320Committee Reports- Literary Societies Committee- Support Documents, 1893-1903
321Committee Reports- Loan Funds Committee, 1921-1932
322Committee Reports- Location of College Buildings Committee, 1907-1913
323Committee Reports- Medical College Committee, 1893-1912
324Committee Reports- Members of Committees Lists, 1897-1928
325Committee Reports- Promotions and Appointments Committee, 1898-1927
326Committee Reports- Property Committee, 1891-1908
327Committee Reports- Property Committee, 1911-1929
328Committee Reports- Prudential Committee, 1891-1928
329Committee Reports- Senior Memorial Committee, 1915
330Committee Reports- Special Committee, 1892-1907
331Committee Reports- Special Committee, 1909-1931
332-33Committee Reports- Special Committee (bound), 1923
334Committee Reports- Special Committee - Carnegie Foundation, 1908-1914
335Committee Reports- Alumni Society, 1898-1928
13Committee Reports-Various Committees (bound), 1913-1923

4. Auxiliary Reports

336Auxiliary Reports- Catalogues, 1890-1931
337Auxiliary Reports- Recommendations for Conferral of Degrees, 1894-1931
338Auxiliary Reports- Financial Documents, 1882-1912
339Auxiliary Reports- Financial Documents, 1912-1931
340Auxiliary Reports- Georgia State Industrial College Dormitory Funding, 1922
41Auxiliary Reports- Honorary Degrees to Civil War Veterans, 1913
42Auxiliary Reports- In Defense of Land Grant, 1895
43Auxiliary Reports- Petitions (many petitions concerning the admission of women) , 1879-1920
44Auxiliary Reports- Psychology Course Critique, 1901
45Auxiliary Reports- Salary Lists of Various Schools, 1923
46Auxiliary Reports- Southwest Ga. Agr. College and Bethel Female College Property, 1892-1893
47Auxiliary Reports- Supplementary Chancellor's Reports, 1892

5. Correspondence

48Correspondence- Admission of Women, 1891-1919
49Correspondence- Appointments- Board of Trustees, 1867-1923
410Correspondence- Appointments- Branch Colleges, 1898-1931
411Correspondence- Appointments- Committees, 1882-1929
412Correspondence- Appointments- Committee to Investigate the University, 1923
413Correspondence- Appointments- Local/District Board of Education, 1922-1925
414Correspondence- Attendance- Absence (Board meetings), 1867-1909
415Correspondence- Attendance- Absence (Board meetings), 1910-1931
416Correspondence- Attendance- Absence (Commencement), 1881-1931
417Correspondence- Attendance- Confirmation, 1884-1931
418Correspondence- Attendance- Delayed, 1903-1931
419Correspondence- Attendance- Meetings Called, 1871-1905
420Correspondence- Attendance- Meetings Called, 1906-1923
421Correspondence- Attendance- Meetings Called, 1924-1931
422Correspondence- Book Collection at University, 1895
423Correspondence- Branch Colleges- North Georgia Agricultural College, 1873-1909
424Correspondence- Branch Colleges- Rock College, 1886-1898
425Correspondence- Branch Colleges- State Normal School, 1894
426Correspondence- Branch Colleges- West Georgia Agricultural College, 1885-1891
427Correspondence- Catalogue, 1886-1923
428Correspondence- Chancellor- Emeritus, 1923-1926
429Correspondence- Chancellor- Search, 1874-1910
430Correspondence- Commencement Address- Arrangements for Speakers, 1898-1923
431Correspondence- Commencement Address- Request for Information, 1900
432Correspondence- Commencement Address- Speech Publication, 1876
433Correspondence- Conflicts- Classics, 1894-1896
434Correspondence- Conflicts- English, 1899
435Correspondence- Debate- Debates and Declamations, 1896
436Correspondence- Debate- Oratory and Debate in Southern Colleges, 1901
437Correspondence- Diploma Printing, 1868-1911
438Correspondence- Employment- Application and Support, 1868-1923
439Correspondence- Employment- Election to Faculty, 1868-1920
440Correspondence- Employment- Engineering Assistant Election, 1911
441Correspondence- Employment- Natural History and Agriculture Position, 1886-1889
442Correspondence- Employment- Resignations, 1866-1924
443Correspondence- Employment- Resignations- Herty, 1901
444Correspondence- Financial- Appropriations and Requisitions, 1867-1910
445Correspondence- Financial- Appropriations and Requisitions, 1916-1924
446Correspondence- Financial- Audit, 1911-1917
447Correspondence- Financial- Bonds, 1872-1928
448Correspondence- Financial- Bonds- First Bank of Albany, 1922-1923
449Correspondence- Financial- Bonds- First Bank of Albany, 1922-1923
450Correspondence- Financial- Bonds- Georgia Rail Road Bonds, 1889
451Correspondence- Financial- Bonds- Donations, 1867-1931
451Correspondence- Financial- Gilmer Fund, 1885-1891
452Correspondence- Financial- Matriculation Fees, 1893-1907
453Correspondence- Financial- Miscellaneous, 1866-1930
454Correspondence- Financial- Money from the University, 1878-1941
455Correspondence- Financial- Money to the University, 1868-1929
456Correspondence- Financial- Per Diem Compensation, 1898-1923
457Correspondence- Financial- Per Diem Compensation- Support Documents, 1891-1931
458Correspondence- Financial- Prizes, 1896-1923
459Correspondence- Financial- Property Value and Insurance, 1888-1924
460Correspondence- Financial- Receipts, 1885-1910
461Correspondence- Financial- Salaries, 1893-1927
462Correspondence- Financial Aid- Brown Fund- Appointments, 1882-1910
463Correspondence- Financial Aid- Brown Fund- Cannot Repay, 1895-1902
464Correspondence- Financial Aid- Brown Fund- Creation, 1882-1883
465Correspondence- Financial Aid- Brown Fund- Conflicts- Graham, 1893-1894
466Correspondence- Financial Aid- Brown Fund- Conflicts- Moore, 1899
467Correspondence- Financial Aid- Brown Fund- Inquiries, 1880-1887
468Correspondence- Financial Aid- Brown Fund- Miscellaneous, 1882-1914
469Correspondence- Financial Aid- Brown Fund- New Brown Fund, 1920
470Correspondence- Financial Aid- Brown Fund- Permission to Reallocate Funds, 1916-1931
471Correspondence- Financial Aid- Brown Fund- Repayment, 1885-1910
472Correspondence- Financial Aid- Brown Fund- Replacement Appointments, 1886-1902
51Correspondence- Financial Aid- Loans, 1914-1924
52Correspondence- Financial Aid- Scholarship Requests, 1876-1931
53Correspondence- Geology Lectures, 1894-1897
54Correspondence- Honorary Degrees- Appreciation, 1871-1931
55Correspondence- Honorary Degrees- Nominations, 1882-1929
56Correspondence- Honorary Degrees- Support for Candidate, 1907-1929
57Correspondence- Intercollegiate Athletics, 1892
58Correspondence- Invitations, 1889-1931
59Correspondence- Leave of Absence, 1891-1928
510Correspondence- Legal- Bruce and Morgan Contract, 1897
511Correspondence- Legal- Land Script Fund Information, 1872
512Correspondence- Legal- Legislation, 1885-1906
513Correspondence- Legal- Lowe Will, 1903-1910
514Correspondence- Legal- Science Building Suit, 1897-1898
515Correspondence- Legal- Smith- Lever Act Information, 1914-1916
516Correspondence- Legal- Suits and Other Legal Matters, 1896-1927
517Correspondence- Military, 1896-1921
518Correspondence- Newspaper Advertisement, 1884-1916
519Correspondence- Personal- D. Barrow, 1881-1882
520Correspondence- Personal- J. Brown, 1878-1886
521Correspondence- Personal- Gresham, 1882-1886
522Correspondence- Personal- Hammond, 1883-1907
523Correspondence- Personal- N. Harris, 1905-1908
524Correspondence- Personal- C. Howell, 1899-1924
525Correspondence- Personal- Jenkins, 1867-1881
526Correspondence- Personal- McDaniel, 1886-1922
527Correspondence- Personal- Peabody, 1922-1930
528Correspondence- Personal- Reed, 1909-1931
529Correspondence- Personal- Reese, 1884-1889
530Correspondence- Pharmacy Department, 1907
531Correspondence- Photo of University, 1911
532Correspondence- Physical Plant- Library Construction, 1903-1905
533Correspondence- Physical Plant- Repairs, 1888-1911
534Correspondence- Physical Plant- Science Hall Construction, 1897-1904
535Correspondence- Presidents- Lipscomb, Mell, Boggs, & Hill, 1867-1905
536Correspondence- Presidents- Barrow and Snelling, 1906-1931
537Correspondence- Prison Extension, 1931
538Correspondence- Requests- for Action, 1878-1928
539Correspondence- Requests- for Diploma, 1883-1921
540Correspondence- Requests- for Information, 1889-1916
541Correspondence- Requests- for Law Degrees, 1901-1903
542Correspondence- Requests- for General Inquiries, 1868-1931
543Correspondence- Sympathy Notes, 1886-1931
544Correspondence- Trustees' Records- Minutes Excerpts, 1893-1907
545Correspondence- Trustees' Records- Resolutions, 1870-1930
546Correspondence- Typhoid Fever, 1888
547Correspondence- University Press Creation, 1902
548Correspondence- (Bacon, P. Barrow, Billups, Cobb, I. Harris, Hull, LeConte, Lewis, Yancy), 1867-1870
549Correspondence- (Johnston, Plant, Waddell), 1872-1875
550Correspondence- (Casper (?), Crawford, Johnston, MacIntyre, Pendleton, Phinzy), 1876-1880
551Correspondence- (P. Barrow, Blackshead, Brooks, Crawford, Cumming,  Davis, Habersham, Hamilton, I. Harris, Harrison, Henderson, Hill,      Jerger, Key, King, MacIntyre, McAdoo, Melban (?), Mitchell, Morris, Nelson &Matter Co., Parker, Pittseten (?), Russell, Smith, Speer, Warren, Wilcox, Wright), 1881-1885
552Correspondence- (Billups, Bennett, Bot, Grady, Harrison, Hill, Houghton Mifflin & Co., Spalding Kin (?), Lipscomb, Meigs, Metz, Mitchell,     Nisbt, Powell Rutherford, Scott, Snelling, Spencer, Thomas, Young, Walsh), 1886-1890
553Correspondence- (Beeks, Chappell, Cobb, Hemphill, Holcombe), 1891-1895
554W.M. Howell, Inman, Jones, Morris, Moye, Peacock, Riley, Strahan, White
555Correspondence (Branson, Campbell, Charbonnier, Hall, Hutchins, Loreven (?), MacIntyre, Meldrim, Mone (?), Morris, Newton, Stewart, Strahan, White) , 1896-1900
556Correspondence (Akers, Anderson, Bacon, Bennett, M.W. Brown, R.R. Brown, Burt, Callaway, Campbell Coal Co., Church, duBignon, Ford, Hamilton, Henry, Hooper, Hughes, Hull, Hutchins, Lawton, McWhorter, Mell, Mitchell, Newton, Riley, Roberts, Snelling, Stoney, Terrell, Thompson) , 1901-1905
557Correspondence (Alexander, Akerman, Barnett, Benedict, Boland,Broam (?), Carithan, R.I. Gresham, Hooper, Hoxie, Lipscomb, McIntosh,    Meldrim, Morris, Nunnally Co., Sage, Vash, Walker, Wilson, York) , 1906-1910
558Correspondence (Adams, Arkinnington, Barnett, Callum, Campbell, Gober, Goetchins, Jones, Harden, Harrison Co., Hulsey, Snelling) , 1911-1915
559Correspondence (Brown, Burnet, Cobb, Houston, Jacobs, Lustrat, Micheal, Miller, Shackelford, Shaw, Shelton, Soule, Stokes, Thompson), 1916-1920
560Correspondence (Adams, Allen, Burch, Burnet, Caldwell, Curry, Dean, F…dyer (?), Hodgson, Holley, Hooper, Lawton, Ludlow & Peabody,  Miller, Pottle, Reade, Russell, Soule, Vance, White, Wilson), 1921-1924
561Correspondence (Anderson, Branch, Branson, Bridges, Dawson,Erwin, Holliday, Hopkins, Lee, Morris, Paxton, Porter, Russell, Whitman), 1927-1931
562Correspondence (Aunten, Billups, Blackwell, Bloomfield, duBignon, Griggs, Gurley, Hardirmber, Hartfield, Hoose, J. B. Lippincott Co., Jones, Scott)

6. Minutes

61Minutes of the Board of Trustees, 1794-1817 Access Online
Transcipt available to ease use and original manuscript available in the Hargrett Library.
62Minutes of the Board of Trustees, 1817-1835 Access Online
Transcipt available to ease use and original manuscript available in the Hargrett Library.
73Minutes of the Board of Trustees, 1835-1857 Access Online
Transcipt available to ease use and original manuscript available in the Hargrett Library.
84Minutes of the Board of Trustees, 1858-1877 Access Online
Transcipt available to ease use and original manuscript available in the Hargrett Library.
95Minutes of the Board of Trustees, 1878-1886 Access Online
A transcript is available to ease use and original manuscript is available in the Hargrett Library.
106Minutes of the Board of Trustees, 1887-1914 Access Online
A transcript is available to ease use and the original manuscript is available in the Hargrett Library.
117Minutes of the Board of Trustees, 1915-1931 Access Online

7. Estrays

563Accredited High Schools in Georgia, 1921
564Additional Note about the Students of UGA, after 1907
565Commencement Programs and Support Documents, 1891-1926
566Criminal Law Test, 1922
567Envelopes, 1893-1930
568Faculty Minutes Extract, 1891
569Hunnicutt Against White as Agricultural College President, 1905
570List of Registered Students at UGA and North Georgia Agricultural College, 1918-1920
571Notes from Meetings, 1907-1930
572Reed Affidavits (McWhorter mental capacity), 1924, 1928
573Synopsis and Agenda for Meetings , 1902-1921
574UGA Code of Laws , 1897, 1928-1929
575UGA & G.N.&I. College Relations by McDaniel, 1917
576Vocational Education, 1917
577Hammond, Strahan (Engineering Department), 1892-1898
578Bacon, Forestry Department,"The Georgian," Hull, 1901-1906
579Georgia Legislature Acts in UGA Library, York, 1911-1915
580Athletic Fee and Requirements, Journalism Department, Orr, Thomson, 1918-1922
581Assets and Liabilities, United Daughters of the Confederacy, Lovrarn, 1926-1931
582Elbert, Hammond, Waddell
583The manual of the University of Georgia, 1890