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Paul Edmonston papers

Paul Edmonston papers

Descriptive Summary

Title: Paul Edmonston papers
Creator: Edmonston, Paul, 1922-2011
Inclusive Dates: 1949-1991
Language(s): English
Extent: 9 Linear Feet (25 boxes)
Collection Number: UA0058
Repository: University of Georgia Archives

Collection Description

Historical Note

A native of Massachusetts, Paul Edmonston enrolled in the Massachusetts College of Art in 1940 but soon saw his studies interrupted by World War II. After the war he enrolled in Boston University and eventually went on the receive his PhD in Fine Arts from Ohio State University in 1961. A distinguished educator, Dr. Edmonston served on the faculty of Florida State, Ohio State, Pennsylvania State University and the University of Georgia. As a UGA faculty member Edmonston received numerous grants and honors and was listed in Who's Who in American Art. He edited several monograms, books, anthologies in Art Education and founded Apelles: The Georgia Art Journal. In 1989, after 39 years of teaching, Edmonston retired and that same year was declared Art Educator of the Year by the NAEA. Edmonston was a well-known figure in the field of Art Education having taught classes related to the subject's history, philosophy and methodologies. A versatile educator, he also taught studio courses as well as classes in art appreciation/criticism and graduate seminars on cross-cultural research in art. Primarily a painter, Dr. Edmonston exhibited in regional and national shows including ones at the High Museum in Atlanta. In addition to his painting he lectured worldwide on topics such as violence and broken images of man in contemporary art, the Biblical imagination in Western art, the nature of visual intelligence, the creative process and angelic interventions from the Old and New Testaments to the present.

Scope and Content

Although this collection includes pre-UGA documents, most of the material documents Edmonston's contribution to the UGA Art Department and to the field of Art Education. Included are materials that show his participation in various conferences and committees and his involvement with the students and faculty of the UGA Art Department. Also found in this accession are materials relating to Apelles: The Georgia Art Journal.

Organization and Arrangement

Organized into five series: (1) Career highlights, (2) Conferences and committees, (3) Department of Art, (4) Apelles: The Georgia Art Journal, (5) Reading files.

Administrative Information

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Paul Edmonston papers, UA0058, University Archives, Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library, The University of Georgia Libraries.

General Notes

RG2-10-1 (Department of Art)

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Administrative records.
Apelles: The Georgia Art Journal.
Art -- Study and teaching.
Franklin College of Arts and Sciences. Dept. of Art.
National Art Education Association
Papers (document genre)
United States Society for Education through Art
University of Georgia -- Faculty

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Series Descriptions and Folder Listing


1. Career Highlights

11State Dept. Of Pennsylvania Evaluation For Art Programs In Penn. State Colleges-ESEA Title I Claysburg- Kimmel Evaluation DPI Team Edmonston, Chairman., 1969
12ESEA Title III-Pocono Mt. School District-DPI Eval. Report-Edmonston, Chairman, 1968
13Mansfield State College-Teacher Education Program, 1967
14Title III ESEA Project-Montgomery County-DPI eval. team report-Edmonston, 1969
15Edmonston, Paul. "A program for an Interdisciplinary Problems Exposure Center" Interdisciplinary-2, 1969
16"The image of man in contemporary art"-Paul Edmonston] Images 2, 1964
17Edmonston, Paul "The image of man in contemporary art" , 1967
18Edmonston, Paul-"Figure drawing in the high school", 1957
19Edmonston, Paul-"On first viewing Lasansky's Drawings: The Nazi Series"-Drawing 2, circa 1967
110Edmonston, Paul - "Visual arts and the primary child" School arts-Art Ed 2, 1963 January
111Edmonston, Paul-"Visual arts and the primary child"-Art Ed 2, 1963
112Cover pages/signatory Masters/Doctoral-Penn. State-papers-University Park supervised by Paul Edmonston, 1975
113Art 401/601 UGA-Art Appreciation-criticism-syllabi, 1988 spring
114 Apelles , 1979-1984
115Articles-Georgia/Emeritus Professor of Art-arranged in order by date/year of publication, lecture, teaching, etc., 1988
116Articles , 1954
117-19Career highlights
120-25Vita materials
126-29[Articles written by Edmonston], 1955-1984
21Aesthetics-development of a Visual Creativity Index-Edmonston , 1961
22Aesthetics-selected student responses to random slide presentation AE 434, 1970
23Aesthetics-an analysis of John Dewey's thinking on artistic and aesthetics experience
24Aesthetics-"Some propositions on Esthetic Education: implications for Teacher Education"
25Art Education: an experimental curricular pattern for the development of high level talent in the university
26Art Education-book reviews published, 1963
27Art Education [notes on demonstration 1], 1959
28Art Education-objectives (behaviors) for Art Education-Bradenton , 1949
29Art Education-"Teaching graduate seminars on the history of Art Education", 1985
210Art Education-"The visual arts and the primary child", 1975
211Creativity-identifying the visually creative child , 1960-1981
212Creativity-"Some speculations concerning criteria for defining creativity in the visual arts"
213Creativity-"Some teaching implications derived from Barron's finding on tolerance for ambiguity in the creative mind" [Missing Article]
214Creativity-"II conditions which enhance or inhibit creative teaching and learning"
215Creative Act/Event-"The creative act and the work of art", 1964
216Creative Act/Event-notes on demonstrations , 1959, 1964
217Creative Act/Event-"The creative event: an experiment in artistic democracy", 1960
218Creative Visual Intelligence-"A conceptual model of creative visual intelligence", 1966
219Cross Cultural General/Native American "On witnessing a Name-Giving Ceremony of the Oglala Sioux", 1984
220Cross Cultural/India-"Gopuram to Matrimandir: Auroville as Utopia", 1985
221Cross Cultural/India-"The spiritual odyssey of Sri Aurobindo"
222Cross Cultural/India-"Themes in cross cultural renewal..." (presented at USSEA/CESA Conf. U. British Columbia) , 1986 June
223Cross Cultural/India-"Indian aesthetics and art activity", 1971
224Cross Cultural/India-"Myth and symbol in Indian art" Perkins Seminar , 1976
225Cross Cultural/India-"Report On Sabbatical Leave In India" , 1967-1968
226Curriculum-Frustrate The Frill Charge Arts And Activities, 1955 February
227Curriculum-"An Experimental Curricular Pattern For The Development Of High Level Talent In The University"
228Curriculum-Art In Polytechnics And Program In Wales - USSEA - N.Y.C., 1980
229Curriculum-"A Glance Through Strong Glasses", 1954
230Curriculum-"The Goal Of Art Education" State Guidelines In Art - Chapter I., 1980
231Curriculum-"A Rationale For A Curriculum In The Visual Arts", 1982
232Curriculum-"Notes Relative To The Design Of Thematic Academic Programs", 1973 June
233Curriculum-Recommendations For The Future Of The Thematic Academic Program/Penn. St., 1974
234Drawing-"On First Viewing Lasansky's Drawing: The Nazi Series", 1967
235Drawing-"Sequential Drawing And The Generation Of Visual Ideas", 1963
236Drawing-"Sequential Drawing And The Generation Of Visual Ideas" [Original Manuscript], 1963
237Drawing-"To See Ourselves" (Portrait Drawing In High School) FSU, 1957 May
238Drawing-"Figure Drawing In The High School", 1957
239"The Monumental Relics Of Gendron Jenson"
240Drawing-NAEA, 1962
241Evaluation-[Millersville State College - Master Of Education In Art Education], 1976
242Evaluation ["An Experiment Toward Defining Common Criteria Of Evaluation In The Visual Arts"], 1961
243Evaluation-Product Evaluation In Visual Arts - EAA, 1961
244Evaluation-"Paper On Product Evaluation", 1961
245Images Of Man-Image Of Man In Contemporary Art - JGE Reprint, 1976
246Images Of Man-Human Image In Contemporary Art (Slides)-Descriptions, 1970-1979
247Images Of Man-Notes: Human Symbol In Contemporary Art-PSU, 1964
248Images Of Man-"The Image Of Man In Contemporary Art", 1967
249Images Of Man-Human Image: Levels Of Being In Contemporary And Historical Art/Concordia, 1979
250Cross Cultural/India-Rasa Theory, The South Indian Temple And Sculpture, Its Aesthetic Bases
251[Final Report And Recommendations-The Academic Development Committee For A Thematic Academic Program Center], 1974
258Photography-The Photograph As Art Catalog, Shepard College, W.V.
252Photography-Photography As Art-Festival Of The Arts, West VA, 1981
253"Art In The English Polytechnic Schools And A Comprehensive Schools Arts Program In Wales", 1980
254"Some Objectives For The Teaching Of The Arts From Kindergarten Through Grade 12" Bradenton: Art Notes/Edmonston, 1949-1958
255Research Reviews: Overview EAA, 1966
256"Analysis Of Picasso's Artistic Behavior" , 1962
257Creative Visual Intelligence-"A Conceptual Model Of Creative Visual Intelligence", 1975
259Meditations On Teaching, Culture, Survival And The Arts, 1977
260Meditations On Teaching, Culture, Survival And The Arts, 1977
31M/SS Accepted-Journal Of Multicultural And Cross-Cultural Research In Art Education, 1986 fall
32"...Name-Giving Ceremony..." - INSEA World Conference-Bath, England, 1985 April
33Proposal For Slide Library-PSU-Munson/Edmonston
34"Themes In Cross Cultural Renewal-A Graduate Seminar In Cross Cultural Research And Multicultural Issues In Art Education"-Edmonston, 1986
35Religion-Edmonston-"Some Similarities Between Religious And Aesthetic Experience"
36Religion-Edmonston-"Creative Risk: A Biblical Perspective", 1963
37Wachowiak-["The Oriental Treasures Of Frank Wachowiak"]
38Research-Edmonston-"On The Necessity For Self Inquiry By Artists And Teachers Of The Arts"
39Research-"Impact Of Research On Art Education: Past, Present And Future" - Norfolk SEA , 1962
310Research-Edmonston-"Thought On Variables To Consider In Educational Experimentation Relating To Psychological Health"
311Research-"The Impact Of Research On Art Education: Past, Present And Future"
312Research-Edmonston-"Impact Of Research On Art Ed.-Past, Present And Future", 1962
313Research-"Some Implications For Art Education In The Junior High School", 1964
314Studio-"A Methodology For Inquiry Into One's Own Studio Processes"
315Studio-"The Studio Behavior Of The Painter"
316Studio - "Analysis Of Picasso's Artistic Behavior...", 1962
317Studio - "The Studio Way Of Learning: Its Import For Teaching", 1962
318Studio - Reactions To Proposal For Studio Self Study - OSU Seminar, 1958
319Studio - "Notes From An Artist's Journal"
320Studio - "The Studio Behavior Of The Painter"
321Teaching - "Some Assumptions About Teaching And Learning", 1970
322Teaching - "Descriptive Model Of A Teaching Transaction In The Visual Arts", 1962
323Teaching - "Teaching In The Visual Arts", 1970
324Teaching - "Sensitizing Prospective Teachers To Some Variable In A Creative Teaching Event", 1965
325Teaching - "Descriptive Model Of A Teaching Transaction In The Visual Arts", 1962
326Teaching - "Objectives For Learning In Visual Arts..."
327Symbol Making - "A Reflection On Man's Artistic And Symbol Making Propensities, 1969, 1975
328NAEA Proposal [Due October 15, 1982], 1983 March 25
329NAEA Seminar For Research In Art Education: Detroit [ Proposal Due: October 15, 1982], 1983 March 25
330Teaching - "The Witness Tree" - Letter To My Class, 1970 winter
331'Toward Cross Fertilization Of Ideas And Attitudes..." Ohio State , 1957 October
332Teaching - "To Strive, To Make, To Find...The Five Year Old", 1955
333Interdisciplinary - "A Pilot Study Involving The Use Of Visual, Literary And Dramatic Materials In A Core Program"
334"Evaluation Of Secondary Art Program At Manatee High School", 1949
335My Writings File - OSU University School - Notes: Creativity Committee, 1956 - 1957
336Five Month Core Project: OSU Objectives And Evaluations, 1957
337Effects Of Teacher Demonstration On Student Work - OSU, 1959
338Interdisciplinary - The Allenberry Seminar: Humanities In Transition, 1969
339Meditations - "Inferences Derived From Viewing Flaherty's Documentary...", 1967
340Meditatons - "Meditation On The Role Of The Arts In Culture"
341Meditations - "Meditations On Teaching, Culture, Survival And The Arts"
342Meditations - Identification Of Talent And Creative Process
343Participant Observer - Participant Observation - Visual Arts Research, 1983
344"Participant Observer - Participant Observation..."(Draft), 1982
345Photography - "Statement For The Look Of Peace: Photographs" , 1976
346Correspondence Notes, Misc. - Mina Hallfish
347Correspondence Notes, Misc. - Canadian Photography Exhibit, 1982
348Correspondence Notes, Misc. - Ohio State University Alumni Association, 1985
349Correspondence Notes, Misc. - Requests For Manuscripts, Reprints, Articles
350Correspondence Notes, Misc. - Statistics: My Notes
351Interdisciplinary - "A Pilot Study Involving The Use Of Visual, Literary And Dramatic Materials In A Core Program"
352"A Methodology For Inquiry Into One's Own Studio Processes", 1961
353Studio - "The Studio Way Of Learning: Its Import For Teaching", 1962
354"The Creative Process"
355Cross Cultural - "The Arts In Cross Cultural Perspective - A Rationale For Curriculum In The Visual Arts", 1981
356435 SS67: Inferences: "Nanook Of The North" , 1967
357"Participant Observation And Visual Documentation As Modes Of Inquiry In The Visual Arts" - Visual Arts Research , 1983
358Photography - "Reflections On Photography Taken As A Creative Act" , 1970
359"Impact Of Research On Art Education: Past, Present And Future", 1962
360Creativity - "Some Teaching Implications Derived From Barron's Findings On Tolerance For Ambiguity In The Creative Mind" , 1961
361"Inferences Derived From Viewing Flaherty's Documentary: 'Nanook Of The North'" , 1967
362Art Ed. - "Notes On The Child, The Culture, And The School" , 1967
363INSEA Talks - Brazil , 1984
364INSEA Talks - "The Education And Transformative Role Of The Arts In Culture" [Excerpt], 1984
365Interdisciplinary - Interdisciplinary Problems
366-67[Articles], 1961 - 1985
368Studio - "Sequential Drawing And The Generation Of Visual Ideas", 1963

2. Conferences And Committees

41Drama Dept. Evaluation Committee Materials - Drama Dept., 1976-1984
42Drama Dept. Evaluation Committee Materials , 1976-1984
43Diary, Notes, Interviews: Canadian Study Visit, 1980 August
44Addresses: Canadian Art, Museums Persons - Contemp. Art Trip
45[Canadian Travel - Faculty Enrichment Programme] , 1979-1980
46Slide Titles, Sources - Contemporary Canadian Art , 1979-1980
47Educational Evaluation Materials/Models, 1973-1985
48Educational Evaluation Materials/Models - Competency Based Teacher Ed. SS 74 Potts And Lewis, 1974
49Educational Evaluation Materials/Models - TPAI Assessment Instruments And Teacher Certification In Georgia, 1981
410Departmental Assignments, 1970-1989
411-12The Getty Center For Education In The Arts, 1989
413[Insea], 1981
414History Of Art Education Conference: Proceedings: PSU, 1985 November 3-5
415Seminar For Research In Art Ed. - NAEA, 1987
416Conference On The History Of Art Education - PSU - Paper, 1985 November 3-5
417NAEA - Kansas City - Notes, 1990 April 5-9
418USSEA Conference Program - Taft Hotel/Bank St. - N.Y. City Friday/Saturday, 1980 November 7-8
419USSEA Correspondence (N.Y. City Conference Plans), 1980
420USSEA Annual Conference: Harvard University, 1979 November 8-10
421Insea Newsletters: Hurwitz, Correspondence , 1977- 1981
422USSEA Conference: Washington, D.C., 1978 November 12
423Insea Newsletters: Hurwitz, Correspondence, 1977 - 1979
51Visit To Winston Salem, Charlotte, VA/NCAE Conference, 1975 May 9-13
52USSEA Constitution, By Laws - USSEA Bulletins, 1978 - 1980
53Conferences [Mostly "Southeast Conference Of The Association For Asian Studies" - Winthrop College], 1991
54GAEA Fall Conference: Unicoi - (Proposal Due: June 3rd), 1989 November 17-19
55Journal Notes: Cortona Trip, Amsterdam, Milan, Rome, 1981 June 14 - August 6
5655 And Better Exhibit - Opening Reception, 1983 March 1
57Letters: Steveni And Eddie Price At Birmingham Polytechnic, 1980, 1984
58[Conferences] , 1978, 1986, 1989
59Notes On Berlyne - Ms.
510Excerpts: Jr. High Literature On Creativity And Art, 1963
511Trip To Nova Scotia, Boston Museum, State College, 1984 November - December
512Roots In Georgia: A Literary Symposium - UGA Conference Center, 1985 May 15 -18
513Expose 1986: CSEA/USSEA Vancouver Conference - University Of British Columbia, 1986 July
514INSEA World Congress - Hamburg - Proposal - Extra Materials, 1987 August 24 - 28
515[Brochures - Mostly Helen, Georgia]
516SECAC Conference - Memphis/State University, 1991 October - November
517Kentucky Art Education Association, 1980 November 8-10
518Perkins Seminar: Summer "Community/Authenticity", 1978 July 23-30
519South Carolina Art Association Conference - Columbia, S. C., 1978 - 1979
520[Conferences, Lectures And Associations] , 1956-1987
521Washington, D. C. - Higher Education Division Award/NAEA , 1989 April 8-12
522ACS Conference - Charlotte, N. C. With Liz, 1990 May
523Center For The Study Of Higher Education Questionaire/Responses, 1970
524U. S. Forest Service: Environmental Programs, Soil, Water Conservation
525Beyond Dbae, 1988
526NAEA [Greetings To Membership - Athens]
527NAEA Conference - New Orleans, 1986 April 4-8
528NAEA Convention - Boston, 1987 April 22-27
529YAM - Pictures, 1983
530Notes: Business Community For The Arts Conference - Coca Cola Center, Atlanta, GA, 1981
531Report To Staff On USSEA Conference - Harvard, 1981 November 8-10

3. Department of Art

61Betty Andrews - Job Description - Graduate Coordinator's Office
62Committee On Graduate Faculty Membership, College Of Education - PSU (Edmonston - Member), 1976
63Answers To Faculty Survey Of Departmental Self Study, 1979
64Doctoral Exam (Revision) - Penn. State
65Objectives And Strategies For Change In Graduate Program, 1968 November
66University Committee On Promotions - UGA, 1980
67Graduate Program Evaluation, 1980
68Departmental Self-Study Statement, 1979
69Circulation Of Written Prelim Examinations, 1980 March 10
610Art Department Graduate Programs - Dieball, 1974
611Current/Past Graduates In Art Education/PSU, 1970
612Review Committee Report- On Graduate Programs In Art, 1981
613Doctoral Studies: Ph.D./Ed. D. , 1979-1981
614Admissions Summary-fall quarters, 1976-1980
615Annual Report - Art Education Area, 1977-78
616Tenured Faculty Promotions Data, 1981 May
617Criteria For Graduate Faculty Membership (Entry) College Of Education - PSU, 1975-76
618Promotion And Tenure Manual: Georgia State University Revised, 1981
619Graduate Enrollments, Dept. Of Art, 1976-1981
620University Committee On Promotions, 1979
621Cultural Foundations Of Education, Program, Course Syllabi: PSU, 1974-1976
622Graduate Program Information - McCutcheon, 1978-1981
623In Residence Doctoral Students In Art Education, 1978
624M.F.A. Advising Procedures, 1978-1980
625Tenured Faculty Meetings - Art Dept., 1987
626Abstracts - Research Seminars - NAEA - Penn. State, 1963
627A Survey Of Graduates (Doctoral) From Illinois State University - Sister Majewski, 1975
628Graduate Papers - UGA - PSU, Etc., 1978-1986
629Doctoral Standards, Procedures For D. Ed. Degree: PSU
630Ian Barr: Glascow Evaluation Advisory Service: Letters, Notes, 1985
631Faculty Research Grant Proposal, 1986-1988
632Fulbright Award Application [Thank You Letters], 1985-1986
633Short Biographies: Graduate Faculty In Art Ed., 1979
634Memos To Nix: Purchase Of Dissertations - Schedule - Outline Of 401 Course, 1981 spring
635[A Statement Of Competency Objectives For Ph.D. Candidates With Art Education As Their Major Area Of Concentration] , 1980
636A. E. 435 Syllabus - Bibliography
637Department Of Art Evaluation, 1983
638Catherine Carter Lecture Series - "New York Art Scene/Whitney"
639Ford Foundation UGA Faculty Enrichment Grant, 1977
640Tentative Guidelines For Faculty Research And Released Time, 1980
641Department Assistantships, 1987-1988
642Lists Of Enrollments, 1976-1977
643[University Of Georgia Handbooks]
644"Design Judgment Test"
646Statement On Ph.D. With Art Ed. Concentration - NASA Report, 1981 May
647Art Education Curriculum Meeting, 1978-1979
648Department Of Art, 1978-1982
649Departmental Evaluation Materials, 1968-1969
650"Report On Summer Research - Cortona, Italy" , 1981 June 14 - August 6
651[Art Classes - Syllabi]
652Graduate Coordinator's Reports, 1983 - 1986
71-3[Department Of Art - Mostly UGA]
74Drawing And Painting Instruction In The 19th Century In The U.S. - C. Bickley - Green, 1980
75History Of Art Education - Art 741 - Extensive U.S. And Foreign Bibliography, 1983
76[Art 741 And 743]
77History Of Art Education 741 - Bibliographies
78History Of Art Education - Art 741 - Names And Sources
79Art 741 - History Of Art Education - Exams
710Art 741 - History Of Art Education - Check Sheets
711History Of Art Education - Art 741 - Supplementary Material
712Art 741 - History Of Art Education - Notes
713Art Ed 501 - Critical Analysis, 1961
714EEC602 - XPMNTL Course Proposal - Supervised Practicuum: College Teaching, [1976]

4. Apelles: The Georgia Art Journal

81Apelles: Gendron, Jenson - exhibit data, 1983
82Arthur Amiotte - Brandon Univ. Canada , 1967, 1984-1985
83Primitive Art: Ethnological Methodology
84Apelles: Letter To Institutions With Comp. Issue #3, 1982 March
85Apelles - Form Letters - Originals, 1979-1983
86Apelles Receipts , 1980-1983
87Apelles Mailing List #2, 1981-1982
88-9Apelles, 1985-1986
810Apelles Mailing Lists - Issue #3, 1982
811Apelles Fund: UGA Account - IBM Printouts, 1980-1984
812Apelles - Consignment, 1981-1984
813-14Apelles - Funds Printouts , 1984-1987
815-17Label Masters (Apelles And GAEA)
818Galley Proofs [Apelles], 1982
819Apelles [Deposits], 1985-1986
820-22Apelles [Sales Tax Reports] , 1981-1987
91William Bradley, 1979-1980
92Alan Gowan, 1983
93Rosalie Staley, 1980-1983
94Ralph Smith , 1982
95Bill Squires, 1979-1982
96David Burton, 1980
97Elmer Day
98Mike Jacobsen, 1983
99Greg Kerr
910P. Smith and J. Marlow, 1978
911Jack Moffitt, 1983
912Marvin Moon, 1979
913Mary Ruth Moore
914Ken Beittel
915Apelles: Notes From Marilyn Wolf, 1985 Winter
916Annual Report - Apelles, 1984-1985
917Manuscripts Accepted, 1981-1982
918Apelles - Bicentennial Issue (Ideas), 1984-1985
919Apelles Mailings - Issue 3 (Vol. 2, No. 1), 1982 January-February
920Alumni Fund - Funds Disbursement - Apelles, 1985
921Application For Copyright Forms - Apelles
922Apelles - Printing Request - Typesetting And Printing Vol. 3, No. 1, 1983-1984
923Tom Anderson
924-25Apelles - Mailing #5, 1984
926Apelles Distribution, 1980-1981
927Original Proposal, Title Search And Design Specifications - Apelles, 1981-1982
928Apelles , 1981-1983
929Apelles Bid, 1982-1984
930Annual Report - Apelles, 1983-1984
931Apelles: Order For Envelopes/Subscription Blanks
932Apelles Budget Information
933Robert C. Morgan, 1983
934Peter Morrin: Arts And Crafts - Speech For Article, 1980
935Floyd And Marian Rinhart (Manuscript Returned), 1979-1980
936Conrad Ross: Visual Art As Language (M/SS) - Issue #3 or 4, 1981
937Lincoln Rothschild, 1980
938Joram Rozov, 1979
939Jo Sandman
940-41Apelles , 1979-1983
942Apelles Mailings - Issue 4 (Vol.2, No. 2)
943-44Apelles #4 - Master Labels (GAEA Newsletter)
102List Of Potential Authors And INSEA Contributors, 1978 - 1979
103Letters In Response To 2nd Issue Of Apelles, 1981 - 1982
104Apelles Correspondence: Incoming - To Answer, 1980 - 1983
105Original Letters In Response To Apelles Vol. One
106Apelles: Letters In Response To, 1980-1983
107-9Apelles: The Georgia Art Journal And All The Anguished Documents, Business, Appeals, Financial Months In Between The Idea And The Printing Of Vol. 1/No. 1 For Sale - Dr. Edmonston - Editor

5. Reading Files

111Franz Cizek - Ludwig Hofmann - Cross Cultural - INSEA - Coventry
112Pedagogical Experiments - Benaquin And Humbert - Cross Cultural - INSEA - Coventry. Art Therapy - Sevres - Cross Cultural - INSEA - Coventry
113"Posters By Students Of Terminal Classes..." Walter Kohlhase - Cross Cultural - INSEA - Coventry
114"A Tentative Evaluation System For Art Work..." Max Klager - Cross Cultural - INSEA - Coventry
115"The School Of Applied Arts, Zagreb" M. Rosenberg - Cross Cultural - INSEA - Coventry
116"A New Teaching Aid: The Short 8mm Film" - Melle Gonse - Cross Country - INSEA - Coventry
117"An Experiment With The Education Of Creative Art" - Soren Hede - Cross Cultural - INSEA- Coventry
118"Museum Education For Children And Youth..." Hardean K. Naeseth - Cross Cultural - INSEA - Conventry
119"The Effect Of A Visual Studies Program...Slow Learner" - Mary M. Perkins - Cross Cultural - INSEA - Coventry
1110"A Tentative Evaluation System For Art Work..." Max Klager - Cross Cultural - INSEA - Coventry
1111"Child Art And Visual Perception" - S. B. Gair - Cross Cultural - INSEA - Coventry
1112"The Joke Machine And Machine Jokes" - Paul Spooner - Cross Cultural - INSEA - Coventry U.K.
1113"Art - A Form Of Therapy" - Anthony Harris - Cross Cultural - INSEA - Coventry U.K.
1114"Drawing, Perception And Intelligence" - Andrew Kneen - Cross Cultural - INSEA - Coventry U.K.
1115"A Study Based On Paintings As Reflecting Emotional Factors..." Cross Cultural - INSEA - Coventry U.K.
1116"What Kind Of Psychology?" Lea Elliot - Cross Cultural - INSEA - Coventry U.K."What Kind Of Psychology?" Lea Elliot - Cross Cultural - INSEA - Coventry U.K.
1117"The Child's Growth Through Art" - Charity James - Cross Cultural - INSEA - Coventry U.K.
1118"The Contemporary Explosion In The Crafts" - Seonaid Robertson - Cross Cultural - INSEA- Coventry U.K.
1119"...The Relationship Between The Learning Of Spatial Elements..." P. McCloskey - Cross Cultural - INSEA - Coventry U.K.
1120"Art And Teaching, Coventry College Of Education" - Cross Cultural - INSEA - Coventry U.K.
1121"'Artificial Intelligence" - S. Mealing - Cross Cultural - INSEA - Coventry
1122"Art In A Rapidly Changing World" - Ruth Saw - Cross Cultural - INSEA - Coventry U.K.
1123"The Evaluation Of Art Courses In Colleges Of Education" - S. Houghton - Cross Cultural - INSEA - Coventry U.K.
1124"The Pictures For Schools Exhibitions" - Nan Youngman - Cross Cultural - INSEA - Coventry U.K.
1125"Communication And Relationship" - Rose Hacker - Cross Cultural - INSEA - Coventry U.K.
1126"The Human Being In His Environment" - Kenneth Mellanby - Cross Cultural - INSEA - Coventry U.K.
1127"Technology And Design" - Ken Baynes - Cross Cultural - INSEA - Coventry U.K.
1128"Aesthetic Literacy As The Product Of Art Education" - Vincent Lanier - Cross Cultural - INSEA - Rotterdam
1129Cross Cultural/INSEA - Coventry U.K. Papers, 1970
1130"Individual Attention...." Max Klager - Cross Cultural - INSEA - Rotterdam, 1981
1131"The Base Of Art Education" - Tokuji Kawamura - Cross Cultural - INSEA - Rotterdam
1132"Skill - Developing Practical Training" - Amsterdam Academy - Cross Cultural - INSEA - Rotterdam
1133"The Cosmology Of Early Chinese Cities Contrasted And Compared To Early Greek And Roman Cities" - Carolyn Newton Curry - Cross Cultural - INSEA - Rotterdam
1134Global Education Program - Keach - Cross Cultural - INSEA - Rotterdam
1135"Ying Yu-chien's 'A Mountain Village..." Beittel - Cross Cultural - INSEA - Rotterdam
1136"The Dilemma Of Ideology In Art Education" - Clive Ashwin - Cross Cultural - INSEA - Rotterdam
1137"The Triumph Of American Culture Over The Art Educational Establishment" - Cross Cultural- INSEA - Rotterdam
1138"What Is Artistic About Arts Education?" - Frans Brakkee - Cross Cultural - INSEA - Rotterdam
1139"Art Education And The Many-Sided Development Of The Young Man" - Liliana Stefanova - Cross Cultural - INSEA - Rotterdam
1140"By Trial And Error...Rotterdam" - Marianne Berendse And Theo Goematt - Cross Cultural - INSEA - Rotterdam
1141Proposed Admendments To The INSEA Constitution And Notes - Cross Cultural - INSEA- Rotterdam
1142"Criticisms Of Progressive Education" - Ralph Gauvey - Education General
1143"A Model For Living - Applied To Research And Education" - Polder, Edward J. - Education General, 1958
1144"Toward An Operational Definition Of Open Education" - John Withall - Education General
1145"Philosophy Of Secondary Education" - Education General
1146John Dewey: Thinking Process - Dewey
1147"Mind And Method In Research" - John Dewey
1148"Index To John Dewey's Philosphy 'Intelligence In The Modern World'"- E. A. Post - B. U. - Dewey, 1949
1149"Sociological Theory" - Ron Jones - Culture S/T
1150Technology And Human Values Conference - Culture S/T, 1963
1151"The Problem Of The Irrational Choice In The Physical Sciences" - Harold K. Schilling - Culture S/T, 1963 February 20
1152"Creation: Contemporary Culture And Renaissance" - Ross L. Mooney - Culture S/T
1153Papers: Technological Change And Human Values (PSU) - Culture S/T, 1964
1154"The Minority Problem As A Basis For A Unit In Literature" - Cross Cultural - USA
1155Art And Civil Rights Questionaire - Byron Young - Cross Cultural - USA, 1971
1156Sioux Culture Vs. U.S. Culture - Arthur Amiotte - Cross Cultural - USA
1157"Adjustment Of Asian Indian In Atlanta, GA" - Rice, Kumar And Taliaver - Cross Cultural - USA
1158"...The Franchise System In American Art Education" - Tom Anderson - Culture And Art
1159"Role Of The Arts In Contemporary Society" - Lewis Mumford - Culture And Art
1160"Art, Democracy And Education" - Francis T. Villemain - Culture And Art
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1539[Articles And Assignments]
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189The History Of Art Education [Includes Edmonston's Presentation "Teaching The History Of Art Education..."
1810American Institute Of Indian Studies-Application For Fellowship, 1966
1811-13Vita, Letters And Support Materials-Dr. Paul Edmonston-Nominee Award: General Beaver Teaching Chair-Department Of Art, 1982 March 15
1816Creative Risk: A Biblical Perspective, 1963
1817-18Readings In Art And Education-OSU -Notes On Monro, Read, Dewey, Logan, Lowenfeld, Arnheim, Hopkins, Rugg, Barkan, Hartman And Shumaker, 1960
1819Vita-Updated , 2008 July 4
1820-22Fulbright Materials K.U.N. Nijmegen, Netherlands, 1992 January-June
1823Fulbright in Nijmegen, Holland [Includes Correspondence, Application and Newsletters], 1990-1991
1824Netherlands-Art Brochures, circa 1991
191-2"Our 1st Angel Conference In Charlotte"-Journal [Includes Family, Etc. Emails], 1995-1996 (73 pieces)
193-4E-Mail Journal-Auro Conference-Family/Cards, Letters, Aum. Conference, Collaboration, Articles, Art..., 1997-1998 (60 pieces)
195-6News Items-State College, PA, 1950-1979
197-8South Asia Regional Studies/Past Doctoral Fellow/U. of Pennsylvania-Includes Course Notes: Readings Bibliographies/Essays/Writings , circa 1960-1979 (23 pieces)
199-10Poems: Dierdra Baldwin, Sue Zwinger, William Bradley, etc (38 pieces)
1911-12Journal, 1971- 1972 (142 pieces)
1913-14Notes On Teaching, Art, Books To Read, Etc.-Dr. Edmonston (43 pieces)
1915Articles-Creativity, Creating , Creative Act, Creative Process-Dr. Edmonston-Personal Copy, circa 1950-1989 (22 items)
1916Notes On Theology: Theology Discussion Group/ Lectures In Schwab, circa 1950-1989 (19 items)
1917Personal Problems Papers-Jr. English Class-Bradenton, Fl. ../1st-2nd Years Of Teaching Art And English..., 1949-1951 (90 items)
201-2Hinduism, Ramakrishna, Aurobindo.../Essays On Religion: East And West: U. Of Penn., 1973 February (81 pieces)
203-4Papers In Theology, 1960-1965 (21 pieces)
205-6Notes: Books, Reading, American Literature, Criticism, Style, Novel, 1930-1949 (103 pieces)
207-8Short Novel: B.U. Version I And II, Manuscript Notes, 1948-1949 (129 pieces)
209Reflections, Essays -The Mother's Work For Peace-Aurobindo-Dec. 1969, Pondichery 1968, 1968-1972 (113 pieces)
2010History Of Greece And Rome Boston University C.L.A. , 1947-1949 (149 pieces)
2011-12History Of Ancient Art In The West...The Gothic Age...Boston University, 1946-1947 (122 pieces)
2013-15Essays: Newton High School/Mass. College Of Art/LaSalle College Retreats , 1939-1942 (58 pieces)
2016Papers On Violence, 1984-2000 (8 pieces)
211"Creative Risk: A Biblical Perspective", 1963 summer (12 pieces)
212[Journal-Art-Includes Indian Art] (1 pieces)
213Journal-Film Criticisms, circa 1980s (1 piece)
214[Journal-Misc. Notes On Television Programs And Films] Notes, 1986 - 1988 (1 piece)
215[Journal-Misc. Notes On Television Programs And Films] (1 piece)
216Vitae Records for Gen. Sandy Beaver Chair/30 Photographic Essay- Penn State, 1960-1975 (28 pieces)
217UGA Art 401-601 Art Appreciation And Criticism [Etc.], 1985 spring (65 pieces)
218-9Papers In Theology: Emmanuel -Spiritual Testament/Cursillo Notes Sermons, Lenten Lectures, Etc. , 1981, 1983 (62 pieces)
2110-11Fulbright Materials Application Conference -Fulbright Proposal India, 1994-1996 (68 pieces)
2112-13Professional/Transcripts Letters Of Reference/Vita UGA , 1944-1969, 1977-1978 (73 pieces)
2114-15Professional Materials For Promotion To Full Professor...[Includes] Penn State, 1960-1977 (25 pieces)
2116Selected Essays , 1940-1972 (119 Pieces)
221India-Photographs And Postcards-Pictures Of Sculpture And Children (11 sheets)
222[Framed Photograph-(Buddhist)] "Monks Break For Lunch, Bangkok" (1 item)
23Large art posters, circa 1970-1979
24Oriental prints-large Japan/China/India* (*Amit Ray, Vijay Kumar) ( 4 item(s) )
25Penn State: Dr. Edmonston Prints/Woodcuts/Etchings/Collagraphs. Printmaking Classes Jr./Sr./MA.ED/PH.D/D.ED (Paper Mounts 1st Exhibit UGA), 1960-1977 (49 items)