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Iêda de Barros Siqueira Wiarda Papers

Iêda de Barros Siqueira Wiarda Papers

Descriptive Summary

Title: Iêda de Barros Siqueira Wiarda Papers
Creator: Library of Congress
Creator: Ieda de Barros Siqueira Wiarda
Inclusive Dates: 1911-2018
Extent: 19 box(es) (21 linear feet, 39 audiovisual recordings, 1.98 gigabytes )
Collection Number: RBRL/456
Repository: Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies
Abstract: Iêda de Barros Siqueira Wiarda holds a Ph.D. in International Relations from the University of Florida. She is a scholar of Latin American and Brazillian relations as well as women's health in Latin American. In 2006 became the Luso-Brazil Specialist in the Hispanic Division at the lIbrary of Congress. Her late husband, Howard, was the founding head of the Department of International Affairs at the University of Georgia. Her collection consists of publications and research on her native Brazil and Latin America in general, as well as an oral history documenting her own research.

Collection Description

Biographical Note

Iêda de Barros Siqueira Wiarda was born in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil in 1936. She attended and her father taught at the Isabella Hendrix School, a prestigious private school for girls in Belo Horizonte. Wiarda was sponsored by the U.S. Department of State to attend a year of high school in Houston, Texas. She later attended Nebraska Wesleyan and received her PhD in International Relations from the University of Florida, where she met her husband, Howard J. Wiarda. The two married in 1964 and spent time in the Dominic Republic, the country which Howard Wiarda was studying. Both Iêda and Howard Wiarda then taught at University of Massachusetts-Amherst.

Both Howard and Iêda joined the faculty of the University of Georgia, and Howard became the founding head of the Department of International Affairs. In 2006, Iêda became the Luso-Brazil Specialist in the Hispanic Division at the Library of Congress. Her research focused on Latin America, Brazil, Portugal, and women's health in Latin America.

Scope and Content

This collection consists of Dr.Iêda de Barros Siqueira Wiarda's books and papers on Brazil, as well as her work on Latin America in general and other countries in South America. It also contains information on people, organizations, and subjects Dr. Wiarda studied, including women in Latin America. Other topics represented in the collection include her work at the Library of Congress and the research she and her husband, Dr. Howard J. Wiarda, conducted while at the School of Public and International Affairs at the University of Georgia. The collection also includes her oral histories about her collection and other audiovisual recordings.

Organization and Arrangement

This collection is arranged into the following series, reflecting Dr. Wiarda's organization of the material: Series I: Brazil and Latin America, Series II: Around the World, Series III: Organizations, Series IV: People, Series V: Women and Women's Organizations, Series VI: Dr. Ieda Wiarda's Work and the Library of Congress, Series VII: Public and International Affairs at UGA and Howard J. Wiarda, and Series VIII: Audiovisual Recordings. Within each series and subseries, manuscript materials are listed before publications.

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Series Descriptions and Folder Listing


Series I. Brazil and Latin America, 1911-2018

Subseries A. Brazilian Topics, 1911-2018

12Brazil 10/2002, 2002-2004
13The Brasilians
14Brasil: 500 anos , 2000
15African-Brazilian History, 2012
16Brazil Architecture
17Brazilian Art
18China and Brasil
110Brazilian Cities
111Brazilian Congress
112Democracy in Brazil
113Dutch in Brazil
114Brazilian Economy
115Brazil Education
116Brazilian Embassy
117Family Planning Brazil
118Brazil Foreign Policy
119Germans in Brazil
120Brazilian Government and Politics
121Brazilian History
122Indigenous People of Brazil
123[Igreja e Internet], 2002
21Jews in Brazil Folder 1/2
219[The United States and Brazil: Structuring a Mature Relationship- CSIS Panel], May 1998
22Jews in Brazil Folder 2/2
23Brazil Labor
24Brazil Law
25Brazilian Literature
26Brazil Maps
27Brazilian Military
28Brazilian Music
29Pentecostals in Brazil
210Presbyterians in Brazil
211Protestants in Brazil
ER 1Protestants in Brazil [digital files], 2000, 20003
212Race in Brazil
214Rio de Janeiro
215Sao Paulo
216[Guide to the Study of Brazil in the United States, 1945-2000], December 2000
217[Brazil-US Relations]
218Religion in Brazil
220[Brazil and the USA: What Do We Have in Common?], 1997
221Brazil and US
222[Brazil and WWI: Exerpts], 2012
223[Guia dos Arquivos Americanos Sobre o Brasil], October 2002
224The Baroque Art of Minas, December 1981
31[Belo Horizonte Tourism pamphlets]
ER 2"It is Called Belo Horizonte" Tourism Video [digital files], 2000
32Belo Horizonte
34[British Enterprise in Brazil; Brazilian Factories Tested by China; Brazil and the World], 1989-2010
36Caros Amigos
37Cartografia e Diplomacia no Brasil do Seculo XVIII, 1999
38[CEMIG: Revista dos 50 anos da CEMIG], 2001
39Cidade E Poder: Revista de Sociologia e Politica, 2001
310[From Colony to Democracy: Teacher Resource Book], 2004
311[Ministry of Culture Handouts]
312Juiz de Fora
313[Georgetown University: Brazilian Students Program], 2000-2004
314Luiz Heiter
315[nossa Historia magazines], 2003-2004
316[ICLEI Preparing for Tomorrow], 2012-2018
317[Minas Business: magazines], 1999
318Minas Gerais Culture
319Estado de Minas Gerais
320Minas Gerais- Famiy
321Minas Gerais- Izabela Hendrix
322Sabara Minas
323[Passado Presente: Fernando Monteiro museu, arquivo historico e biblioteca]
325O Macoqueiro
326Ouro Preto
327"Rumos magazine: "Conflitos da Identidade Nacional], 1999
32830 Years of the magazine "Sem Fronteiras", April 2002
330[Devoção e Arte: Card removed from book]
331Amar Sentir e Viver a História , 1995
332[Documentação Juridica Sobre: Card Removed from Book], 2001
333[A Casa das Musas, by Ana Hatherly: note removed from Book], 1995
334As Danças Coletivas Públicas Períoda Colonial Brasileiro, 1969
335Sur Les Méts au Brésil, 1911
191Museu Colonial- Blumenau
193Jornal Notícias do Congresso Nacional, 2012
194Terres Verdes
195Liana D'Urso Design
ER 3Catalogo de Obras Raras da Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro CD-ROM [digital files], 1995
ER 4Museu de Arte da Pampulha CD-ROM [digital files]
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Subseries B. Latin and South America , 1968-2012

44BCIU- Chile
47Dominican Republic
48DR- 2000 , 2000
410Haiti 1/2
411Haiti 2/2
413Prospects for Mexico: Foreign Service Institute , 1988
414Mexico: Course Notes
54Puerto Rico
56Venezuela 1/2
57Venezuela 2/2
58Venezuela '85
59Venezuela FBIS
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511Latin America
512South America
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Series II. Around the World, 1972-2007

Subseries A. Countries outside of the Americas, 1992-2001

518Cabo Verde
521East Timor
526Santiago de Compostela
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Subseries B. Portugal, 1972-2007

62Portugal 1/2
63Portugal 2/2
64BN- Portugal
65Portuguese Studies: Folders and General Articles
66Portugal and Africa
67Brazil and Portugal
68Portuguese Discoveries
69Camões Center Quarterly Volume 6/7 Nos. 1 and 2
610Spanish/Portuguese Empire
611Portugal and Europe
612Portugal Historiography
613Jews in Portugal
71Portuguese Literature
72Jorge Ribeiro, 1991-1993
73Portuguese Tourism
74Portugal and US
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Subseries C. Macau, 1988-2004

75Macau 1/2
76Macau 2/2
77Macau 2003-2004
78[Academic Papers on Macau]
79Macau- Biblio
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Series III. Organizations, 1969-2014

712American Portuguese Society
714Biblioteca Nacional
716Brazilian American Cultural Institute
717The Camões Center
718Instituto Fernando Cardoso
719Catholics for a Free Choice
720Center for Immigration Studies
722Brazil FBIS
81Foreign Service Institute
82Fund Globe
83Fundação Getulio Vargas
84Fundacion Pedro Barrie de la Maza
85Fundação Oriente
86International Women's Health Coal.
87Inter-American Foundation
810Luso-American Foundation
811Luso-Brazilian: Library of Congress
813Ordem de Rio Branco
815Portuguese-Am. Lead. Comp.
816Portuguese Historical Society
818U. de Sao Paulo
819Terra Brasileira
91UNIPÊ 1/2
92UNIPÊ 2/2
94VITAE 1/2
95VITAE 2/2
96Woodrow Wilson Center
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Series IV. People, 1916-2015

98Oswaldo Aranha
99Correa de Azevedo
910Rui Barbosa
911Rubens Barbosa
101Bennett, December 2006
103Elizabeth Bishop
104Miriam Carani
106Fernando Henrique Cardoso
107Paulo Coelho
109Cohen 2002, 2002
1011Pauline Collins
1012Beatriz Helena Domingues
1013Thomas Ender
1014Itamar Franco
1015Gilberto Freire
1016Ellen Bromfield Geld
1017Lincoln Gordan
1019O Barroco Mineiro, by Marcello Caetano , 1975
1020Gulbenkian 1/2
111Gulbenkian 2/2
112Ann Hartness
113Ana Hatherly
115Manuel Fraga Irabarne
117Gloria Kaiser
118Kaiser '94, 1994
1111Ferreira Alberto de Lemos
1112Flecha de Lima
122Helder Macedo
123Kenneth Maxwell
124Margaret Mee
125Aristides de Sousa Mendes
126A. Sousa Mendes '96, 1996
127Beatrice Berle Meyerson
128Mindlin's Tape
129Mindlin 1/2
1210Mindlin 2/2
1212Joaquim Nabuco
1213José Neistein
1216Pedro II
1217Alfonso Pereiso da Silva
1219Torres Queiruga
131José Lins de Rego
132Célia Maria Ribeiro
133D. Ribeiro
134Rubens Ricupero
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Series V. Women and Women's Organizations, 1943-2003

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1320Women in Portugal
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Series VI. Dr. Iêda Wiarda's Work and the Library of Congress, 1983-2013

1415Frontiers Project
1416Brazilian Publications
1417Problemas Brasileiros
151Revista de Sociologia e Politica
152Portuguese American
153Portuguese Studies Correspondences, 1995-96
156Amherst, MA
157LOC Career
1513[Luso-Americano Work]
1514LOC- Rio Office
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1516Library of Congress: Reports
15171994, 1994
1519Freud- Exhibition
1520Library of Congress
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1523The Library of Congress Strategic Plan 1997-2004, 1997-2004
161[Library of Congress Magazines]
162An Open Reply to "What is Going on at The Library of Congress?", July 7 2006
163[Memorial for Dolores Moyano Martin], October 20 2003
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165The Luso-Hispanic World in Maps, 1999
166Report to Internship at the Library of Congress Hispanic Division- Carla Ramos, 2002-2003
167Candido Portinari: Brazilian Artist as Cultural Ambassador by Karen D. Daly, 1995
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169Collecting Hispania: Dissertation by Melvin Duane Davis , 2005
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Series VII. School of Public and International Affairs at UGA and Howard J. Wiarda, 1968-2014

1613BCIU, 1992
1614BCIU, 1993
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1616BCIU- Portugal
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1619Population Institute Chica, 1986, 1986
1620LA Population
1621BCIU Brazil '89, 1989
171Corrêa do Lago
172W Tabb 1998, 1998
173US and Latin America
175Ibero-American Studies
176Brazilian Embassy
178Southern US Immigrants to Brazil
179Portuguese Speakers in US
1710Estudos Portugueses
1711Central America
1712Agrarian Reform
1713Biblioteca Nacional- Mexico
1714Liberation Theology
1715World Cup 2014, 2014
1716Population/Grants/Etc. , 1986
1717Population in Latin America
1718CFF- Kissling
1719Oliveira Lima Library
1721Population Crisis Committee, 1987
1722Wiarda- Russia, 1997
1723Dr. Howard Wiarda's Work
1724Dr. Howard Wiarda's Work 2/2
198Picture: Dr. Howard Wiarda, Guest Speaker, Department of Political Science, United States Air Force Academy, Ocotber 1990
199Certificate of Appreciation Presented to Howard J. Wiarda, in recognition of 25 years of loyal and dedicated service to the University of Massachusetts Amherst
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Series VIII. Cordel

This series contains materials related to Iêda de Barros Siqueira Wiarda's work collecting Literatura De Cordel, Brazilian folkloric chapbooks. These books are typically short poetic booklets, cheaply published and displayed in the marketplace on string, hence the name "literature of the chord." In addition to poetry, the books also feature woodblock prints, and typically address history, politics, and popular culture. The material can be serious or satirical, but always relates its content to the regions from which it came. The series includes articles, correspondences, and materials related to Iêda de Barros Siqueira Wiarda's work curating the Smithsonian's collection of these books, as well as some of the books themselves. The folders that contain these books will be labeled as such.
1911Palavra Year 1 No. 12 April 2000, April 2000
1912Lira Norde Stina, undated
1913Literatura De Cordel - Raimundo Santa Helena, undated
201Cordel - 100 Anos De Cordel , April/May 2001
202A Brief History Of The Life Of Poet Gonçalo Ferreira da Silva
203[Cordel] A História Da Literatura De Cordel, Undated
204[Cordel] As Eleições E As Promessas , Undated
205A Serra Do Curral, 2000
206Award of Merit, March 1, 2000
207Axé, Malungo!, 1994
208Cordel - Biblioteca Do Congresso Americano, September 2011
209Cordel - Bolsa Escola , 1996
2010Bosquejo De Una Introduccion Al Folklore, 1942
2011Cordel - Brasil: 500 Anos De Resistência Popular, May 2000
2012Brazilian Chapbooks: The Original Books On Line , 1994-2000
2013Brazilian Reality Through The Lens Of Popular Culture
2014[Brazilian Statistics], 1995
2015Brazil Recordings In The Archive Of Folk Culture, 1990
2016Cahiers Du Centre Basque & Cascon D'etudes Regiones, 1990
2017[Catalog Record] Troubadours D'oc Et Troubadours Galiciens-Portugais, 1976
2018Catalogo De Literatura De Cordel, 1970
2019Ciência Hoje Vol. 40 , August 2007
2020Civilization, June/July 2000
2021Coleção Folclórica De UFAL, 1977
2022The Collecting Of Folk Music And Other Ethnomusicological Material, 1958
2023Cordel, 1991-2011
2024[Cordel] Cordel Em Louvor A Carlos Drummond De Andrade, 2005
2025Corde LASA , 1995
2026Cordel Lit., 1997-2000
2027[Correspondence], 998-2011
2028[Correspondence: Library of Congress], 1992-2000
2029[Cordel] Crimes De Colarinho Verde, Undated
2030Defesa De Folclore, 1961
2031[Cordel] Discussão De Um Crente Com Um Cachaceiro, Undated
2032[Cordel] Enforcamento Do Poeta Negro, October 18, 1985
2033[Cordel] Escândalo Judicial Na Condenação Do Lider Negro Abu Jamal, Undated
2034Folk Life Center (1 of 2), 1992-2011
2035Folklife Center (2 of 2), 2008-2011
2036Folklife Center News, 2000-2011
2037The Gazette Library of Congress, 1996-1999
2038[Cordel] Gerardo Lopes De Araùjo , September 2000
2039[Cordel] História De Josina: A Menina Perdida, Undated
2040Ilê Obá, Undated
2041[Cordel] Jean Piaget, March 21 2001
2042LER (Livros & Leitores), November 2008
2043Literatura De Cordel: Contribuição A Su Bibliografia, Undated
2044Luiz Figueiredo, December 5-30 1989
2045[Marcos Tùliò Damascena], 2013
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2050[Cordel] O Menino Que Viajou Num Cometa, September 11 2011
2051[Postcard], Undated
2052[Press Clippings: English], 1991-2014
2053[Press Clippings: Portuguese], 1992-2003
2054[Cordel] Que Bicho É Esse?, Undated
2055[Cordel] Que País É Esse?, Undated
2056Rurália Editorial , August 1995
2057[Cordel] Santo Antônio Um Santo Casamenteiro, 2005
2058[Cordel] Se O Clone For Aprovado Vou Mandar Fazer o Dela, March 1997
2059Literatura Cordel: Continuity and Change in Brazilian Popular Culture [A Symposium], September 26 2011
2060Teoria Do Tabù Simbolico, 1956
2061[Cordel] Thomas Jefferson, April 23 2001
2062[Cordel] Vícios: Veneno Da Vida, 1999
2063[Cordel] Victor Hugo, May 22 1999
2064The Year In Review, February 2003
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2066Zuszu Angel: A Força Do Anjo, 1970
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Series IX. Audiovisual Recordings, 1977-2018

39 item(s)
RBRL/456/VHS0001Palestra: A Violencia Contra As Mulheres, March 29 1995 ( 1 moving_image(s) )
Lecture: Violence Against Women
RBRL/456/VHS0002Mareli, 1998- Interviews, Abortion Haven for Children, 1998 ( 1 moving_image(s) )
RBRL/456/VHS0003Interview with leader/author Rose Marie Muraro, 1998 ( 1 moving_image(s) )
RBRL/456/VHS0004Women Leaders: Marina Silva, 1998 ( 1 moving_image(s) )
PT: Ecology in Government
RBRL/456/VHS0005Agrarian Reform: Landless Peasants CMST AIDS, 1995 ( 1 moving_image(s) )
RBRL/456/VHS0006Brazilian Women's Day, May 8 1989 ( 1 moving_image(s) )
RBRL/456/VHS0007Several interviews with Women Leaders, July, August 1998 ( 1 moving_image(s) )
Interviews with Ruth Eschobar and Vivian Seva
RBRL/456/VHS0009Zohar Cinema: Coopa- Roca, December 17 1996 ( 1 moving_image(s) )
From Romy Medeiros Da Fonseca
RBRL/456/VHS0010The Miracle of Fatima/The Story of Ruth/The Song of Bernadette, undated ( 1 moving_image(s) )
In a folder entitled "Fatima Portugal"
RBRL/456/VHS0011Ecological Summit '92, 1992 ( 1 moving_image(s) )
RBRL/456/VHS0012Women Leader: Gloria Kalil (Lebanese-Brazilian), 1998 ( 1 moving_image(s) )
RBRL/456/VHS0013Planeta Femea, Controle De Qualidade, 1992 ( 1 moving_image(s) )
Coalizão De Mulheres Brasileiras
RBRL/456/VHS0008Dia Nacional Da Mulher, April 28 1993 ( 1 moving_image(s) )
RBRL/456/VHS0014Interview with Gloria (illegible) Elections Dora Kramer, October 1998 ( 1 moving_image(s) )
RBRL/456/VHS0015Sterilization, May 1994 ( 1 moving_image(s) )
RBRL/456/VHS0016(illegible) Senate- Anti- Discrimination, 1998 ( 1 moving_image(s) )
RBRL/456/VHS0017International Women's Day- Brigitte Bardot, Rosiska interview, March 7 1998 ( 1 moving_image(s) )
Women's Leader, sociolinguist
RBRL/456/VHS0018Brazilian Women Leaders- Hildegard Angel and C. (illegible), September 1994 ( 1 moving_image(s) )
RBRL/456/VHS0019Bill Clinton visit to Brazil; Interview with Paulo Fiese and Darcy (illegible), October 1997 ( 1 moving_image(s) )
RBRL/456/VHS0020Several interviews including with Black Leader/Senator Benedita Silva, 1998 ( 1 moving_image(s) )
RBRL/456/VHS0021Marriage/Divorce - Catholic Church, March 1996 ( 1 moving_image(s) )
RBRL/456/VHS0022Senator Benedita Silva, 1998 ( 1 moving_image(s) )
RBRL/456/VHS0023Women's Human Rights, 1998 ( 1 moving_image(s) )
RBRL/456/VHS0024Several Interviews with Women Leaders, 1998, 1998 ( 1 moving_image(s) )
Notecard with information
RBRL/456/VHS0025Brazilian Senate; Brazilian Women's Day, March 8 1998 ( 1 moving_image(s) )
RBRL/456/VHS0026Dia Nacional Da Mulher, 1995, April 26 1995 ( 1 moving_image(s) )
Homenagens As Mulheres Niteroienes
RBRL/456/VHS0027Noticias (SOS Torriso) #1, undated ( 1 moving_image(s) )
More information on tape
RBRL/456/VHS0028Hebe Carmago ono Jô Soares (Entrevista), undated ( 1 moving_image(s) )
RBRL/456/VHS0029Rivipero- Later Brazilian Representative in WTO, September 1994 ( 1 moving_image(s) )
RBRL/456/Bcam0001Documentário, March 2 2000 ( 1 moving_image(s) )
Cliente: Cemig
RBRL/456/VHS0030Benedita Da Silva Sample Tape ( 1 moving_image(s) )
Global Exchange
RBRL/456/VHS0031Presidential Election- 1st Round (Collor), undated ( 1 moving_image(s) )
RBRL/456/VHS0032Debate- Candidates (Collor), undated ( 1 moving_image(s) )
Very Important
RBRL/456/VHS0033Leda Collor de Mello- Wido of Senator, Mother of President Collor, undated ( 1 moving_image(s) )
RBRL/456/VHS0034President J. Kubitschek, undated ( 1 moving_image(s) )
RBRL/456/VHS0035La Herencia del Tirano: Balaguer y el Poder, undated ( 1 moving_image(s) )
Run time: 90 minutes
RBRL/043/CD0001Miguel Proença "Hommage A Villa-Lobos" , May 1999
RBRL/043/CD0001João Pernambuco , 1980
RBRL/043/CD0001Coleção Ler e Ouvir , 1977
ER 11Oral History Audio Recordings [digital files], 2018 October
Eighteen oral history audio recordings made by Iêda de Barros Siqueira Wiarda at the Russell Library between March 2018 and June 2018 as she was looking through the papers she had donated to the library. Topics discussed by Dr. Wiarda include her early life and family history, her travels throughout Latin America with her husband Dr. Howard Wiarda, her work as a scholar and at the Library of Congress, the University of Florida, the Dominican Republic, the University of Massachusetts, women in Brazil, Literatura de Cordel (Cordel literature), Almeida de Fonseca, religion in Brazil, Macau, Latin America in general, Venezuela, Portugal, race in Brazil, Jewish people around the world, Mexico, Itaú Unibanco, Santiago de Compostela, Rose Marie Muraro, a visit by Brazilian President Fernando Henrique Cardoso to the Library of Congress, and her acquaintance with Guita and José Mindlin.

Series X. Memorabilia

21Brass Medallion - II Seminario de Folclore do Norte, 1972
OrganicLeather Case - Estoria Dos Dois Compadres, undated