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Howard J. Wiarda and Iêda de Barros Siqueira Wiarda Collection: Howard J. Wiarda Papers

Howard J. Wiarda and Iêda de Barros Siqueira Wiarda Collection: Howard J. Wiarda Papers

Descriptive Summary

Title: Howard J. Wiarda and Iêda de Barros Siqueira Wiarda Collection: Howard J. Wiarda Papers
Creator: Howard J. Wiarda
Inclusive Dates: 1928-2014
Bulk Dates: 1970-2000
Language(s): English
Extent: 302 box(es) (282.75 linear feet)
Collection Number: RBRL/276/HJW
Repository: Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies
Abstract: Howard J. Wiarda is a scholar, consultant, think tanker, and political advisor in the fields of international relations, foreign policy, and comparative politics. His papers document his academic and political career, including his research, advising of government officials, and participation in Washington think tanks, and are predominantly composed of research files and writings.

Collection Description

Biographical Note

Howard J. Wiarda is a scholar and political advisor in the fields of international relations, foreign policy, and comparative politics. He received a B.A. in history from the University of Michigan (1961), and a M.A. in History and Latin American Studies (1962) and a Ph.D. in Political Science (1965) from the University of Florida. Wiarda had a long career at the University of Massachusetts/Amherst as Professor of Political Science and Comparative Labor Relations (1965-2003, now emeritus) and then the Leonard J. Horwitch Professor of Iberian and Latin American Studies (1996-2003, now emeritus). In 2003, Wiarda came to the University of Georgia, where he is Dean Rusk Professor of International Relations and also served as founding department head of the Department of International Affairs until 2009.

Wiarda's initial research focused on Latin American politics, and he is well known for his writing on Latin America, Spain, Portugal, and developing nations. His scholarship over his career has encompassed a broad range of topics, including Russia, East and Central Europe, Asia, Western Europe, Sub-Saharan Africa, comparative democratization, civil society and general comparative politics, and American foreign policy. He is a prolific author, publishing or editing over 120 books and authoring over three hundred scholarly articles, book chapters, op-eds, and congressional testimony.

Throughout his career, Wiarda has been involved in American foreign policy as an advisor to many presidents, government agencies and departments, and as a member of numerous think tanks including American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research (1981-1991), Center for Strategic and International Studies (1991-present), and the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars (2000-present). He has also served as an instructor to government officials through the National War College (1991-1996), National Defense University (1990-2003, 2010 - present), and Department of State Foreign Service Institute (1992-present).

Source: University of Georgia Department of International Affairs Faculty / Staff Profiles.

Scope and Content

The Howard J. Wiarda Papers document Wiarda's career as a scholar and his deep involvement in critiquing, shaping and responding to public and foreign policy through think tanks, teaching, and advising. The papers consist of his research and writing files, records of think tanks, papers documenting his teaching for various governmental entities, and his personal journals. Subject areas of this collection span the breadth of his research interests, especially issues affecting Latin America, American foreign policy, comparative politics, international relations, and defense policy.

Organization and Arrangement

The Howard J. Wiarda Papers are divided into seven series: I. Correspondence, II. Think Tanks and Policy Experience, III. Teaching, IV. Research, V. Writings, VI. Personal, and VII. Audiovisual Materials.

Administrative Information

Access Restrictions

This collection is open for research use.

Some boxes in Series III. Teaching, Series IV. Research, and Series V. Writings must be reviewed for social security numbers prior to research use. These boxes are identified with an R before the box number. Please request these boxes 3 business days prior to your research visit to allow time for this review.

Wiarda's journals and collected writings, which have not yet been donated, will be closed for a period of 20 years from date of creation.

Preferred Citation

Howard J. Wiarda Papers, Howard J. Wiarda and Ieda de Barros Siqueira Wiarda Collection, Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies, University of Georgia Libraries, Athens, Georgia, 30602-1641.


Approximately 75 linear feet of materials were not yet donated when these papers were processed in 2014. The archivist surveyed the materials that are expected to be donated at a later date. There are accrual notes for each series in the finding aid that describe these materials.

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Finding Aid prepared by Adriane Hanson, 2014 October.

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Comparative government.
International economic relations.
International relations.
Latin America.
United States -- Defenses.
United States -- Foreign relations.

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Series Descriptions and Folder Listing


Series I. Correspondence

Series I. Correspondence will contain Wiarda's personal and professional correspondence with figures in government, political science, foreign policy and international relations as well as scholars, students and family.
All still to be donated (approximately 20 boxes).

Series II. Think Tanks and Policy Experience, 1957-2010 (1980-1990)

19 box(es) (19 linear feet)
Series II. Think Tanks and Policy Experience documents Wiarda's involvement with think tanks and his role as a policy advisor. The majority of the papers relate to the American Enterprise Institute (AEI), as well as its Center for Hemispheric Studies, and the series also includes papers about the Atlantic Council, Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), Foreign Policy Research Institute (FPRI), and Institute for the Integration of Latin America (INTAL). The papers consist of event planning materials, papers and reports authored by the think tanks, newsletters, correspondence, and memos.
Additional materials still to be donated include more files from CSIS, the Woodrow Wilson Center, and the Mershon Center for International Security Studies (approximately 3 boxes).

Subseries A. American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research (AEI) , 1957-2001 (1980-1989)

( 16 box(es) (16 linear feet) )
Subseries A. American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research (AEI) documents the institute generally, its Center for Hemispheric Studies, as well as Wiarda's involvement (1981-1988) with AEI and his role in the 1980s policy debate over Central America. The subseries contains papers and reports, correspondence, memos, press releases, and conference and event materials. Topics include Latin America, United States policy towards Latin American countries, Iberia, public policy, and trade.
II.11Grand Rapids Christian High School Class of 1957: Sociological Profile, 1957
II.12Meridian House International, 1982 May-July
II.13American Enterprise Institute, Wilson Center, 1982 May-July
II.14American Enterprise Institute, Wilson Center, 1982 January-April
II.15American Enterprise Institute, Wilson Center, Fall, 1981
II.16-7World Political Risk Forecasts, 1980-1981
II.18-10University of Massachusetts Press - Revised Edition, 1982
II.111-12American Enterprise Institute, 1983
II.113[American Enterprise Institute News and Events], 1983
II.114Hemispheric Priorities, 1979
II.21Hemispheric Priorities, 1979
II.22Public Policy Week, 1982
II.23-4[Conference on Trade, Investment, and Public Policy in Latin America], 1982
II.25-6Landau - EEC [Enlarged European Community], 1979-1984
II.27[Miscellaneous - Center for Hemispheric Studies], 1980-1987
II.28[Miscellaneous], 1982-1983
II.31-2[Hemispheric Priorities and Forums of Americas], 1982-1984
II.33Westview Press, 1981-1984
II.34Trade and Investment Conference, 1982
II.35New Directions in Comparative Politics, 1981-1984
II.36Future of Comparative Politics, 1980-1981
II.37Comparative Politics Book, 1981-1982
II.38Houghton - Mifflin, 1984
II.41-2Houghton - Mifflin, 1984
II.43-4Fulbright Committee, 1982-1983
II.45US Mexico Relations, 1984
II.46Congressional Testimony, 1984 February 22
II.47-9Leiken/Carnegie/Central America, 1983-1984
II.51Jack Hopkins, 1983-1984
II.52-6Commission on Central America, 1983-1984
II.57-9US Policy in CA [Central America]: Consultant Papers for the Commission, 1984
II.510Ag-Bus Council [Agribusiness], 1979-1980
II.511AIFLD [American Institute for Free Labor Development], 1987
II.512APRODECA [Association for the Promotion of Democracy in Central America], 1984
II.513Brazil Invest, 1980
II.514Caribbean Council, 1987
II.61CASA [Center for Advanced Studies of the Americas], 1986
II.62Cato, 1986-1987
II.63CEPAL [Economic Commission For Latin America and the Caribbean], 1987
II.64Center for IA [Inter-American] Relations, 1979-1980
II.65Chile Center for Policy Studies, undated
II.66CIPE [Center for International Private Enterprise], 1987
II.67Council of Americas, 1979-1980
II.68COHA [Council on Hemispheric Affairs], 1985
II.69CSIS [Center for Strategic and International Studies] Competitive Analysis, 1985
II.610Hispanic, 1979
II.611Ditchley Foundations, 1981
II.612Fundacion General Mediterranea, undated
II.613IDEA [Institute for the Development of Entrepreneurs in Argentina], 1980
II.614Institutes and Foundations, 1980-1981
II.615Institute of the Americas, 1985
II.616Inter-American Foundation, 1980
II.617Konrad Adenauer Stiftung, 1980
II.618LA [Latin America] Programs, 1977-1980
II.619WOLA [Washington Office on Latin America], 1987
II.620MacKenzie McCheyne, Inc., 1980
II.621Of Human Rights [Proposal for Tax Deductible Grants and Contributions], 1981
II.622OAS [Organization of American States], 1978-1980
II.623Pan American Development Foundation, 1978
II.624Probe International, 1979
II.625Public Affairs Analysts, 1978
II.626SRI [Stanford Research Institute] International, 1977
II.627USIA [United States Information Agency], 1984
II.628VOA [Voice of America], 1977
II.629Wilson Center, 1981-1985
II.630Chamber of Commerce, 1980
II.631-32American Enterprise Institute, 1976-1982
II.633[American Enterprise Institute Pamphlets], 1982
II.634Iberia and Latin America: Reforging the Historic Linkages?, undated
II.71Inter-American Foundation Annual Report, 1981
II.73[Latin America and the US International Development - Global Interdependency: Conference], 1984
[Department of State Conference Papers], 1982
II.74-6American Enterprise Institute, 1984-1986
II.77Robert Maynard Hutchins Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions, 1984
II.78Southern Cone Publishing and Advisory Services, Inc., 1983
II.79Public Policy Week, 1983
II.710Pluralism in Nicaragua, 1982-1984
II.711Budget Memos, 1985
II.712Center Quarterly Activity Reports, 1985
II.713-14Cuba Trip: July '87, LASA-CEA [Asociacion de Estudios Latinoamericanos y el Centro de Estudios sobre America], 1987
II.81-3FPRI [Foreign Policy Research Institute] - Wobbly Tyrants, 1985-1988
II.84University of Oklahoma, 1986-1987
II.85American Enterprise Institute, 1986-1987
Center for Hemispheric Studies
II.86Photographs (of Pedro from CD Conference), undated
II.87June 22 Caribbean Conference, 1981
II.88Energy, 1981
II.89Funding, 1980
II.810A Proposal to Investigate the Preservation and Destruction of Public Order in Central America, 1981
II.811SR [Smith-Richardson], 1981
II.812Jeane, 1985
II.813Pedro, 1980
II.814Political Alternatives for Energy Development in the Americas, undated
II.815The Expansion of Soviet Nuclear Exports and the Latin American Market-Nature Abhors a Vacuum, undated
II.816LA [Latin American] Policy, 1980
II.817Pedro Papers [San Juan], undated
II.818Pedro: Political Activities, 1980
II.819September 1980 LA [Latin America] to the Year 2000 Speech, Spanish and English, 1980
II.820Article - Miami Herald, 1980-1981
II.821Roger [Fontaine] Biographies, 1982
II.822Strategic Review, undated
II.823Roger's Press Clippings, 1980
II.824Reagan FP [Foreign Policy] Advisers, 1981
II.825[Reagan], 1980
II.91Reagan, 1980
II.92-4CA [Central America] Survey, Caribbean, and WI [West Indies], 1980
II.95InterAmerican Fair on Agriculture and Food Production, 1981
II.96Forum Das Americas, 1982
II.97Center for Hemispheric Studies Press Releases, undated
II.98Ford on Center for Hemispheric Studies, 1979
II.99Center for Hemispheric Studies Origins, 1979
II.910A Memorandum of Understanding Between The Forum of Americas and American Enterprise Institute - American Hemisphere Priorities Commission, 1981
II.911Forum of the Americas, 1979-1980
II.912Forum das Americas, 1980
II.913Presentation before Permanent Council on Integration Committee of Fifteen Forum of the Americas, 1979
II.914Committee for Definition of Hemispheric Priorities - Advisory Board, 1979
II.915Center for the Definition of New Hemispheric Relations, undated
II.916Center for Hemispheric Studies, 1979-1980
II.917Nuclear Policy, 1979
II.918Puerto Rico, undated
II.919U.S. Argentine Relations - American Enterprise Institute/ Fundacion Internacional Argentina, undated
II.920-21Budapest etc. - Miami, 1979
II.101Miami Conference, 1979
II.102Dr. Sergio De Castro Spikula (Chile), 1979 December
II.103Dr. Jose Martinez de Hoz (Argentina Minister of Economy), 1979 May
II.104Aja Espil Ambassador of Argentina, 1979 April 30
II.105Immigration Policy, 1980
II.106Alianza Productiva-Salvadorean Businessman (El Salvador), 1980
II.107Dr. Delfin Uarte-Centurion (Paraguay-Minister of Industry), 1980 June
II.108Prime Minister Eugenia Charles (Dominica), 1980 October
II.109Ambassador Marvin Weissman (Ambassador to Bolivia), 1980 August
II.1010Dr. Sergio de Castro Spikula (Chile), 1980 October
II.1011PPW [Public Policy Week], 1980
II.1012Christian Democrats, 1980
II.1013Budget 85-86, 1985-1986
II.1014-17Center for Hemispheric Studies, 1981-1983
II.1018Rosenn [Keith], 1983
II.1019Abrams, [Elliott] - Human Rights, undated
II.1020Richard Allen Conversation, 1983
II.1021Toward a Non Ethnocentric Theory of Development: Alternative Connections from the Third World, 1983
II.1022My Writings, undated
II.111Cooperation for Defense: The US and Central America, 1986
II.112The Communist Challenge in the Caribbean, 1985
II.113Finding Our Way Toward Maturity in US-Latin American Relations, undated
II.114Latin America at the Crossroads: Debt and Development Strategies for the 1990s, undated
II.115[John Van de Camp], 1985
II.116First Drafts, 1981-1986
II.117Population, Internal Unrest, and U.S. Security in Latin America, 1985
II.118The Paralysis of Policy, undated
II.119Spanish FP [Foreign Policy], 1985
II.1110Alternative Futures, 1984
II.1111Jamaica, 1984
II.1112Ethnocentrism, 1984
II.1113"Thanks for the Publications" Letters, 1985
II.1114Correspondence, 1982
II.1115[Paper Samples], undated
II.1116Occasionals, undated
II.1117CA [Central America] Bibliography, 1985
II.1118AEI and HSC [American Enterprise Institute and Hemispheric Studies Center] Press Clips, 1985
II.121HJW [Howard J Wiarda] Press and Op-eds, 1985-1986
II.122Human Rights in LA [Latin America] Press Release, undated
II.123Crisis in Central America Press Release, 1982
II.124Crisis in Latin America - Press Release, undated
II.125Rift and Revolution [Wiarda book on Central America] - Press Releases, Paperwork, 1984
II.126Small Countries, Large Issues, 1984
II.127Press Release LA [Latin American] Periodicals, 1985
II.128American Enterprise Institute LA [Latin American] Publications, undated
II.129Press Releases on HJW [Howard J. Wiarda] Books, 1982-1986
II.1210American Enterprise Institute - Authors Guidelines for Manuscripts, Gallery Review Memos, Library, undated
II.1211Author Addresses, 1985
II.1212Iberia-LA [Latin America] Payments, 1985
II.1213Kipper, ed. "Decision Making on Foreign Policy: Iran", 1985
II.1214FP&DR [Foreign Policy and Defense Review] - Southern Europe, Fall 1986 Publication, 1986
II.1215Tinker Proposal 1955 Southern Europe, 1985-1986
II.1216Speeches, Outlines, 1982
II.1217My Papers, 1984
II.1218Ethno, Soviets, undated
II.1219CA [Central America], 1983
II.1220In Search Of, 1981-1982
II.1221Iberia - LA [Latin America], 1984
II.131Risk Analysis - Wiarda, undated
II.132Book Reviews, undated
II.133Budget FY 85-86, 1985-1986
II.134Budget, 1984
II.135Wiarda 1986 Master, 1986
II.136Short Biography, undated
II.137CV [Curriculum Vitae] Long, 1986
II.138Biography, 1983
II.139[Biography], 1984
II.1310Memorandums - Invitations, 1985
II.1311Guest Lists, 1982-1985
II.1312Conversation Transcripts, 1984
II.1313Publication Authorizations, 1986
II.1314Letters, 1987
II.1315State and Economic Development, 1982
II.1316Iberia-LA [Latin America] Book - Letters, Contents, Preparation Materials, 1984-1985
II.1317Iberia-Latin America Chapter Proposals, undated
II.1318[Conferences on Iberia and Latin America], 1983 June 15, 1984 September 28
II.1319Iberia-LA [Latin America] Research Materials, 1981-1985
II.1320Perfit [Janine, Select Bibliography and Correspondence], 1985
II.1321Speeches-Wiarda, 1987
II.132220th Century Proposal, 1985
II.1323National Endowment Proposal, 1985-1986
II.1324Proposals, 1985-1987
II.1325Projects, 1984-1985
II.1326Population Proposal, 1984-1985
II.1327Forbes - Jamaica, undated
II.1328[Richard] Morse, 1984
II.1329My Papers, 1984-1985
II.1330Papers - H.J. Wiarda, 1985
II.141Finding Our Way: Toward Maturity in U.S.-Latin American Relations [Wiarda book], undated
II.142Dealing with Dictators in Decline, undated
II.143Population, 1985
II.144-5My Writings, 1986
II.146My Papers, 1987
II.147Outlines, 1986
II.148Miscellaneous Papers, 1984
II.149Small Mailings - Papers, 1984-1987
II.1410Memos - Wiarda, 1986
II.1411Memos - Wiarda, 1985
II.1412Memos - American Enterprise Institute Quarterly Reports, Center for Hemispheric Studies, 1985
II.1413Letters - Wiarda, 1985
II.1414Letters - Wiarda, 1986
II.1415Budget, 1985-1986
II.1416[Budget/Grants], 1985-1986
II.14174 Grants, Budget, Notes, etc., 1985-1986
II.1418Center for Hemispheric Studies Quarterly Report, 1986 January-March
II.1419Information on Center for Hemispheric Studies Activities for Pew Briefing, 1986 April 23
II.1420Quincentenary Proposal and Materials, 1985-1986
II.1421[Voluntary Visitor Project for Spanish Military Officers], 1986
II.1422Center for Hemispheric Studies Proposal to Smith-Richardson Spring 1986, 1986
II.1423Spring '86 Alliance for Progress, Political Representation, Democracy in LA [Latin America] - Notes, 1986
II.1424Jorge Blanco, 1982 February 24
II.1425Salvadoran Labor Leaders, 1982 February 26
II.1426Elliott Abrams, 1982 January 13-March 24
II.1427Argentine Business Leaders, 1982 April 30
II.1428Conversation with General Walters, 1982 May 10
II.1429Lunch with Ambassador Theberge, 1982 October 7
II.1430Conversation with Alejandro Orfila, 1982 November 22
II.1431Conversation with Giovani Sartori, 1982 December 13
II.1432PPW [Public Policy Week], 1982
II.1433Lunch with Muricio Garcia, 1983 January 26
II.151[Luncheon with Argentine Political Leaders], 1983 January31
II.152Conversation with Diego Ascencio, 1983 March 7
II.153Richard Allen, 1983 May 16
II.154[Lunch with Peronist Leaders/Argentina], 1983 May 26
II.155Conversation with Nicolas Ardito Barletta, 1983 June 9
II.156Conversation with Finance Minister Caceres of Chile, 1983 September 29
II.157[Lunch with Hernan Cubillos], 1983 October 3
II.158Conversation with Ambassador Motley, 1983 December 16
II.159PPW [Public Policy Week] 83, 1983
II.1510Lunch for Minister of Finance Caseres of Chile -Cancelled, 1984 February 17
II.1511Luncheon with Dr. Oscar Camilion, 1984 March 22
II.1512[Conversation with Leopoldo Calvo-Sotelo], 1984 April 9
II.1513Meeting with Argentine Congressmen, 1984 April 27
II.1514Spanish Congressmen - Cancelled, 1984 June 27
II.1515Lunch for Joe Grunwald, 1984 June 28
II.1516Errazuriz Lunch, 1984 October 5
II.1517Conversation with Arturo Cruz, Jr, 1984 October 18
II.1518Lunch for Colombian Ambassador, 1984 November 14
II.1519Conversation with Colonel John Waghelstein, 1985 January 16
II.1520[Luncheon with Argentine Business and Political Leaders], 1985 February 12
II.1521Lunch in Honor of H.E. Hrnan Buchi, Minister of Finance, Chile, 1985 March 7
II.1522Conversation with Lewis Tambs, 1985 March 18
II.1523Conversation with Constantine Menges, 1985 April 8
II.1524Central American Journalists, 1985 April 8
II.1525Meeting with a Security Delegation, 1985 April 9
II.1526Conversation with Alvaro Gomez Hurtado, 1985 May 6
II.1527[Meeting with Members of the International Democratic Union], 1985 July 24
II.1528Governor Angeloz of Argentina, 1985 September 10
II.1529Conversation with H.E. Garrett of Bolivia, 1985 October 17
II.1530Conversation with Robert Packenham, 1985 November 1
II.1531Lunch for Maribel Gonzalez, 1985 December 6
II.1532PPW [Public Policy Week] 85, 1985
II.1533CD [Christian Democratic] Leaders, 1986 February 6
II.1534West Point Cadets, 1986 March 20
II.1535PPW [Public Policy Week] Mailing List - Instructions and Adds/Changes, 1981-1983
II.1536[Biographies, Curriculum Vitae], 1981-1986
II.15371985 Proposals, 1985
II.1538Proposals, 1983
II.1539Tinker Foundation Proposal, 1986
II.1540Funding, undated
II.1541Center for Hemispheric Studies - Quarterly Reports, 1981-1984
II.1542American Enterprise Institute], undated
II.1543Center for Hemispheric Studies, 1984
II.1544Iberia-Latin America Conferences, 1983 June, 1984 September
II.1545Center for Hemispheric Studies Yearly Review, 1983-1984
II.1546O. Globo, 1984 December 17
II.1547Proposals, Mellon Grant, Memos, etc., 1984-1985
II.1548Trustees Update of Center for Hemispheric Studies Activities, 1984-1985
II.1549Center for Hemispheric Studies - Funding, 1985
II.1550Population Project, 1985
II.1551Center for Hemispheric Studies Quarterly Report, 1985 January-March
II.15522nd Quarter Activities - Center for Hemispheric Studies, 1985 April-July
II.1553Review of Activities, 1984-1985
II.1554American Enterprise Institute], 1985
II.1555FP [Foreign Policy] Brochure, 1986
II.1556American Enterprise Institute Forms and Instructions, undated
II.161Changing Dynamics of the Brazilian Economy, 1983
II.162[Brazil], 1982
II.163Robert Leiken [Central America in the 1980's], 1982
II.164"Energy Policy and the Colombian Elite" by Harvey F. Kline, 1982
II.165"Reflections on the Argentine Crisis" by Torcuato S. Di Tella, 1982
II.166Iberia, Latin America, and the Second Enlargement of the European Community, undated
II.167"Trends in Brazilian Regulation of Business" by Keith Rosenn, undated
II.168"Cooperation for Defense: The US and Central America" by John William Van de Kamp, 1986
II.169Eric Baklanoff ["Spain's Emergence as a Middle Industrial Power"], 1985
II.1610Interpreting Iberian-Latin American Interrelations, undated
II.1611Mass Mobilization in Cuba, 1984
II.1612[Prefatory Note to "Regulation in Foreign Investment in Brazil'] undated, 1984
II.1613"U.S.-Caribbean Basin Military Connection" by Curtis Morris, 1983
II.1614Israeli-Latin American Connections, 1984
II.1615Trade, Aid, and US Economic Policy in Latin America, 1983
II.1616Hemispheric Studies - Speakers, 1983
II.1617Hemispheric Studies, 1985
II.1618Westview Press - New Books and Complete Backlist, 1985-1986
II.1619Latin American Studies Graduate Level Courses, undated
II.1620Soviet Policy in the Caribbean and Central America, undated
II.1621The Latin Americanization of the US, undated
II.1622Toward a Non-Ethnocentric Theory of Development, undated
II.1623US Policy in Central America: Toward a New Relationship, undated
II.1624Papers Presented at a Conference on Nicaragua, 1982
II.1625Five College international Relations Certificate Program, 1999
II.1626Soviet Policy in the Caribbean and Central America, 1984
II.1627Political Development in Central America, 1983
II.1628University of Massachusetts Graduate Study in Political Science, undated
II.1629Changing Realities and US Policy in the Caribbean Basin [Paper by Wiarda], undated
II.1630Conceptual and Political Dimensions of the Crisis in US-Latin American Relations: Toward a New Policy Formulation [Paper by Wiarda], 1982
II.1631Does Europe Still Stop at the Pyrenees? Or Does Latin America Begin There? Iberia, Latin America, and the Second Enlargement of the European Community [Monograph], undated
II.1632The Ethnocentrism of the Social Sciences [Paper, book], undated
II.1633The Roots of the Crisis in Central America [Paper by Wiarda], undated
II.1634[DC Intern Program], undated
II.1635Computer Search Service Information Sheet, undated
II.1636University of Massachusetts Certificate Program in Latin American Studies, undated
II.1637The Soul of Latin America [Book manuscript], undated
II.1638[University of Massachusetts Amherst], 2001
II.1639[IAF (Inter-American Foundation) Fellowship Program], 1999
II.1640Cracks in the Consensus [Book Review], undated
II.1641Fulbright Program for US Professors, undated
II.1642-43From Reagan to Bush [Book manuscript], undated
II.1644Prospects for Portugal [Paper by Wiarda], 1974
II.1645US Policy in Central America [Paper by Wiarda], undated
II.1646Conceptual Failures in Us-Central American Relations [Paper by Wiarda], 1984
II.1647The Roots of the Crisis in Central America [Paper by Wiarda], 1983
II.1648Western Interests and US Policy Options in the Caribbean Basin [Paper for Atlantic Institute], 1983
II.1649Social Science Models and Iberian-Latin American Relations, undated
II.171[AEI (American Enterprise Institute)], 1983
II.172AEI [American Enterprise Institute], 1990-1994
II.196[Conference on Free Elections], 1982

Subseries B. Atlantic Council , 1981-1984

( 1 box(es) (0.5 linear feet) )
Subseries B. Atlantic Council contains reports about United States policy toward the Caribbean and about the Caribbean generally, including economic development, regional security, and population migration.
II.173[Atlantic Council of the United States], 1982-1984
II.174[Changing Realities in the Caribbean Basin], 1981-1983
II.175[United States Policy in the Caribbean Basin], 1983
II.176[United States Policy Options in the Caribbean], 1983
II.177Atlantic Council, 1982-1983

Subseries C. Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) , 1988-2009

( 2 box(es) (1.5 linear feet) )
Subseries C. Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) contains conference files, memos, and reports, including analysis of Latin America, Latin American elections, and United States trade policy. [Wiarda joined CSIS in 1991.]
II.178[CSIS (Center for Strategic and International Studies) Brochures and Conference Information], 1995-2000
II.179CSIS [Center for Strategic and International Studies] Brazil, 1995-1996
II.1710CSIS [Center for Strategic and International Studies] Africa, 1988-1992
II.1711[CSIS (Center for Strategic and International Studies): Presidential Transition in International Affairs], 1988
II.1813[CSIS (Center for Strategic and International Studies) News and Memos], 1994-2001
II.191-4[CSIS (Center for Strategic and International Studies)], 1990-2003
II.195[CSIS (Center for Strategic and International Studies) News and Memos], 1994-2000
II.197-8[Latin American Election Study Series], 1989-1990
II.199[Reports], 2002-2009
II.1910["Latin American Security Project: Allied Involvement in Latin America Background Analyses"], undated
II.1911[Calendar of Events, Directories], 1991-1992
II.1912["Global Policy Briefing: U.S. Trade Policy, the Free Trade Area of the Americas, and th New Administration"], 2001

Subseries D. Foreign Policy Research Institute (FPRI) , 1991-2010

( 2 box(es) (1.25 linear feet) )
Subseries D. Foreign Policy Research Institute (FPRI) contains correspondence, memos, a history of the institute, and reports, including analysis of the roles of think tanks in public policy. [Wiarda joined FPRI in 1987 as Thornton Hooper Fellow in National Security.]
II.1712FPRI [Foreign Policy Research Institute], 1991-1993
II.1713[FPRI (Foreign Policy Research Institute) History], 2010
II.1714FPRI [Foreign Policy Research Institute], 2009-2010
II.1715-16[Think Tanks and Foreign Policy], 2009
II.181-2[From Reagan to Bush: Presidential Politics and the Foreign Policy Research Institute: A Memoir], 2007-2010
II.183FPRI [Foreign Policy Research Institute], 1994-2002
II.184[Think Tanks and Foreign Policy], 2008
II.185[FPRI (Foreign Policy Research Institute) Research/Drafts], 2007
II.186[FPRI (Foreign Policy Research Institute) Drafts], undated
II.187[Think Tanks and Foreign Policy], 2007-2008
II.188FPRI [Foreign Policy Research Institute], 2005-2007
II.189-10[Think Tanks and Foreign Policy: The Foreign Policy Research Institute and Presidential Political], 2008-2009

Subseries E. Institute for the Integration of Latin America (INTAL) , 1985-1987

( 1 box(es) (0.1 linear feet) )
Subseries E. Institute for the Integration of Latin America (INTAL) includes correspondence, memos, and reports. [Wiarda served as the United States' representative to INTAL.]
II.1811-12INTAL [Institute for the Integration of Latin America], 1985-1987

Series III. Teaching, 1977-2010 (1990-2000)

15 box(es) (14.5 linear feet)
Series III. Teaching includes materials about Wiarda teaching for the National War College and also for the Department of State Foreign Service, where he trained ambassadors to Latin American countries. The majority of the papers are assigned course readings and syllabi.
Additional materials still to be donated, including National Defense University, more Foreign Service Institute, and the Peace Corps, which includes his sociological research about who was volunteering (approximately 8 boxes).
Some boxes in this series must be reviewed for social security numbers prior to research use. These boxes are identified with an R before the box number. Please request these boxes 3 business days prior to your research visit to allow time for this review.

Subseries A. National War College , 1977-2010

( 14 box(es) (13.5 linear feet) )
Subseries A. National War College is largely composed of course readings and reading lists, and also includes college handbooks, correspondence, and syllabi. Course topics included Latin America and national security strategy. [Wiarda taught at NWC 1991-96.]
Some boxes in this subseries must be reviewed for social security numbers prior to research use. These boxes are identified with an R before the box number. Please request these boxes 3 business days prior to your research visit to allow time for this review.
R.III.11[Course Material], 1992-1997
This box must be reviewed for social security numbers prior to research use.
R.III.12[Staff Biographies/ Directory Information], 1995-1996, 2000
R.III.13[Contested Teaching Paperwork], 1996
This box must be reviewed for social security numbers prior to research use.
R.III.14AEI [American Enterprise Institute] '94, 1994-1995
R.III.15[News Articles], 1996
R.III.16[National War College Catalogue, Handbook], 1996-1998
R.III.17[Instructor Materials/ Evaluations], 1995-1996
This box must be reviewed for social security numbers prior to research use.
R.III.18-10[Civilian Employees Program], 1993-1994
This box must be reviewed for social security numbers prior to research use.
R.III.111[Course Material], 2001
R.III.112[National War College Handbooks], 1995-1997
R.III.113[Contested Evaluation Memo], undated
R.III.114[National Defense University Visitor Information], 1995-1996
This box must be reviewed for social security numbers prior to research use.
R.III.115[National War College Biography Books], 1996
R.III.116[CSIS (Center for Strategic and International Studies) Mailing Lists], 1997
III.21[Course Readings], 1977-1992
III.22[Five College Program], 1990
III.23[Course Readings], 1991-1992
III.24[Geostrategic Context: Peru], 1991-1992
III.25[Geostrategic Context: Philippines], 1991-1992
III.26[Foundations in Military Thought and Strategy], 1991-1992
III.27[Eastern Europe], 1991-1992
III.28[CRS (Congressional Research Service) Report for Congress], 1992
III.29[Foundations in Military Thought and Strategy], 1992-1993
III.210[Forces/ Capabilities Handbook], 1992-1993
III.211[Course Readings], 1992-1993
III.212[Course Syllabi], 1992-1993
III.213-15[Course Readings], 1992-2002
III.216[Conference on Anti-Americanism], 2002
III.31Bernell: American Foreign Policy, 2004
III.32Drugs, 1990-1991
III.33[Geostrategic Context: Soviet Union/ Europe], 1991-1992
III.34[Regions of Vulnerability: The Limits of Power: Africa and Latin America], 1992-1993
III.35[Course Readings on Security and Defense], 1992-1993
III.36[Regions of Vulnerability: The Limits of Power: The Middle East and Southwest Asia], 1992-1993
III.37[Geostrategic Context, Rosters], 1991-1993
III.38[The Global Context of U.S. Security Policy in Asia: Responding to the Post- Cold War Security Environment], 1992-1993
III.39[Drafts and Data], undated
III.310[Drafts: An Introduction to Latin America: History, Culture, Society, Economics, and Politics], undated
III.41[Drafts and Memos on Latin America Anthology Text], 1992
III.42[Correspondence on Latin America Anthology], 1992
III.43[Publishing Correspondence/ Drafts], 1992
III.44[Essays on Strategy], 1991
III.45[National War College Distinguished Visitors Day], 1992
III.46[Rethinking America's Security], 1991
III.47[National War College Wiarda Notes], 1996
III.48[Military Strategy and Operations: Operation Desert Storm], 1991
III.49[National Security Strategy], 1993-2003
III.410[Course I: Foundations of National Security Strategy], 1992-1993
III.411[National War College: Course Readings and Clippings], 1991-1993
III.412[Geostrategic Context: Latin America/ Africa], 1991-1992
III.413[Insurgency: Afghanistan and Northern Ireland, Memos], 1991-1992
III.414[Geostrategic Context: Middle East/ Persian Gulf], 1991-1992
III.415-16[Geostrategic Context and Notes/Clippings], 1993-1994
III.51[Geostrategic Context and Nuclear Politics], 1993-1994
III.52[National War College Self-Appraisal], 1991
III.53[Low Intensity Conflict- Advanced Studies Readings], 1991-1992
III.54[Military and Diplomatic Planning], 1991-1994
III.55[Military Strategy and Operations Readings A], 1993
III.56[World Peace Foundation], 1993
III.57[Peacekeeping, Peacemaking, and Peace Enforcement], 1993-1994
III.58Sergounin: Theories and Approaches in International Relations, 1998
III.59[Course Readings], 1998-2005
III.510[Pakistan Article], 2003
III.511[European Union Reports], 2000
III.512Failed States, 2003-2005
III.513[Theses/ Dissertations], 2006-2010
III.514[Justice Denied: Dispute Settlement in Latin America's Trade and Investment Agreements], 2009
III.61[Foreign Policy/World Politics], 1988-1998
III.62[Conduct of the Reserve Components National Security Course], 1990-1991
III.63[National Security Policy Process], 1991-1992
III.64[Low Intensity Conflict], 1991-1992
III.65[Course Readings], 1991-1999
III.66[National Security/ Military Issues], 1992
III.67[Advanced Studies Course], 1992-1993
III.68[Course Readings], 1992-1993
III.69[Seapower and Strategy], 1992-1993
III.610[Foundations of Military Thought and Strategy], 1993-1994
III.611-12[Course Readings], 1993-2002
III.613[Foundations of National Security Strategy], 1994-1995
III.614[Course Readings: American Diplomacy], 1991-1993
III.615[Course Readings: National Strategy and Policy], 1990-1995
III.616[Course Readings, including National Security Strategy], 1992-1993
III.71[Course Readings, including National Security Strategy], 1992-1993
III.72[Course Readings: Security], 1991-1994
III.73[Course Readings: Economics and Security], 1993-1994
III.74[National Security Strategy], 1991
III.75[The U.S., Caribbean, and South America], 1991-1993
III.76[The U.S. and Caribbean Basin and Notes], 1991-1992
III.77[South America and the U.S.], 1993-1994
III.78[Secretary of State Statement for U.S. House of Representatives], 1991
III.79[South America and the U.S.], 1991-1993
III.710[Mexico: The North American Free Trade Agreement], 1991
III.81[American Embassy in Costa Rica Orientation Guide], 1993
III.82Nuclear Proliferation/ Missile Technology, 1990
III.83Economic Assistance, 1990
III.84U.S. Southcom Strategic Assessment, 1989
III.85Civil-Military Issues, 1987-1988
III.86Debt, 1989-1991
III.87Economics- Latin America, 1991
III.88Geostrategy, 1989-1991
III.89Seminar on Latin American Security Studies, 1988
III.810Latin America Bibliography, 1985-1988
III.811Maps, undated
III.812Latin America Environment/ Ecology, 1990-1991
III.813[Course Readings], 1993
III.814[Foundations of National Security Strategy], 1992
III.815-16[Foundations of National Security Strategy], 1991-1993
III.817[Geostrategic Context: Soviet Union/ Europe and Asia], 1991-1992
III.91[Geostrategic Context, Latin America], 1990-1993
III.92[Foundations of National Security Strategy and Geostrategic Context], 1992-1994
III.93[Foundations of National Security Strategy], 1993-1994
III.94[Course Readings and Economics Review], 1993-1994
III.95[Course Readings], 1994
III.96[National Security Strategy, Geostrategic Context], 1993-1994
III.97[Geostrategic Context, National War College Information], 1994
III.98[Crisis Decision Exercise and Clippings], 1993
III.99[Memos, Outlines, and Clippings], 1986-1992
III.910[National Security Strategy Readings and Clippings], 1992-1993
III.911[Foundations of National Security Strategy: Concepts and Principles], 1991-1992
R.III.101Trip, 1991-1992
R.III.102[National War College Regional Studies: Venezuela], 1992-1995
This box must be reviewed for social security numbers prior to research use.
R.III.103[Central America Regional Studies Trip Report], 1993
R.III.104Faculty Appointments and Tenure, 1990-1992
R.III.105[The Geostrategic Context], 1995-1996
R.III.106[National Security Strategy and Economic Review], 1995-1996
R.III.107[Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean], 1994-1995
R.III.108[National War College Readings and United Nations Reports], 1995-1996
R.III.109-10[South America and the U.S.], 1991-1993
R.III.1011[Readings Materials], 1993-1994
R.III.1012[The U.S. and the Caribbean Basin], 1992-1993
III.111[Latin America and the U.S. Course Syllabus], undated
III.112[1992 Roster, Graduation Program], 1992
III.113[Central America Regional Studies Trip Report], 1993
III.114[Foundations of National Security Strategy: Cases and Concepts], 1994-1995
III.115[Course Readings and Memos], 1990-1992
III.116[Course Readings], 1992-1993
III.117[The U.S. and the Caribbean Basin], 1992-1993
III.118[South America and the U.S.], 1992-1993
III.119[Notes], 1995
III.1110[South America and the U.S., Notes], 1993-1994
III.1111[Book Drafts, Public Policy Chapter], undated
III.1112[Chapter Drafts: Political Parties and Education], undated
III.1113-14[Drafts of Latin America Anthology Chapters], 1993
III.1115[Chapter Draft: The Indigenous, Iberian, and African Background, and Editor Information], undated
III.1116[Prospecti: Democracy and Its Discontents], 1994
III.1117[Latin America Anthology Drafts], undated
III.1118[Geostrategic Context and Rosters], 1995-1996
III.121[Foundations of National Security Strategy], 1995-1996
III.122[Foundations of National Security Strategy: Statecraft], 1995
III.123[Course Information, Memos], 1995
III.124[Foundations of National Security Strategy], 1995
III.125[Regions of Vulnerability: The Limits of Power: The Middle East/ Southwest Asia], 1992-1993
III.126[Geostrategic Context: Insurgency Peru], 1992-1993
III.127[Geostrategic Context], 1992-1993
III.128[Insurgency: Northern Ireland, Afghanistan], 1992-1993
III.129-10[Geostrategic Context], 1994-1995
III.1211[Regional Appraisals], 1988
III.1212[International Reaction to the U.S. Presidential Election], 1992
III.1213[Course Readings: Military Strategy], 1992-1993
III.1214[Course Notes, Memos], 1995-1996
III.1215[Course Readings: International Affairs], 1995-1996
III.131[Course Readings: Foreign Countries and National Security Strategies, 1995-1996
III.132[Course Readings: Asia and Geostrategic Context], 1995-1996
III.133[Course Materials], 1995-1996
III.134[Course Readings on Strategy/ Task Force Reports], 1991-1992
III.135[Course Readings: Military Strategy and Operations], 1992-1995
III.136[Course Readings: Strategy and Report on Congress], 1986-1993
III.137[Geostrategic Context], 1994-1995
III.138General Trip Information (Trip 15): Colombia, Panama, El Salvador, Mexico, 1985-1986
III.141AS 347- South America and U.S. Fall AY, 1991-1992
III.142[National War College Correspondence], 1992
III.143#15 Col. [Colombia], Pan [Panama], Hon [Honduras], Mex [Mexico], El Salvador, 1985-1986
III.144FY 88 Trip- #13: Mexico, Panama, Honduras, El Salvador, 1988
III.145Trip 12 Central America, 1989
III.146Seminar 12 Central America, 1990
III.147[Regional Appraisals: The Americas], 1988
III.148[Geostrategic Context], 1994-1995
III.149[Latin American Issues and Policies, Reading Materials], 1988-1991
III.1410[Russian Domestic and Foreign Policies], 1993-1994
III.1411[Weapons Systems], 1993
III.1412[Course Readings], 1991-1993

Subseries B. Department of State Foreign Service Institute , 1981-1985

( 1 box(es) (1 linear foot) )
Subseries B. Department of State Foreign Service Institute includes course readings and other course materials, as well as related correspondence and reports. [Wiarda taught at FSI 1982-1984.]
III.151[Foreign Service Institute Course Information], 1982-1983
III.152[Course Materials and Information], 1982-1983
III.153[Course Materials and Memos], 1982-1983
III.154[Course Readings], 1982
III.155[Ecuador Postcard], undated
III.156[Correspondence and Schedules], 1981-1982
III.157[Organization Agendas, Notes, and Academic Readings], 1982-1984
III.158[Central America and the Spanish Caribbean, Essays and Notes], 1981-1984
III.159FSI [Foreign Service Institute], 1982
III.1510[Course Materials], 1984
III.1511-12[Reports and Writings], 1983-1985

Series IV. Research, 1951-2014 (1970-2000)

161 box(es) (161 linear feet)
Series IV. Research contains the materials Wiarda collected throughout his career related to his research projects and areas of expertise, as well as documents related to research proposals and grant applications for research projects. The majority of the papers are newspaper clippings, including international newspapers, as well as memos, notes, conference materials, and unpublished works of others. Major subjects include Latin America, American foreign policy, international relations, comparative politics, and defense policy.
Some boxes in this series must be reviewed for social security numbers prior to research use. These boxes are identified with an R before the box number. Please request these boxes 3 business days prior to your research visit to allow time for this review.

Subseries A. Country Files , 1958-2011

( 91 box(es) (90.5 linear feet) )
Subseries A. Country Files contains research that Wiarda organized by country, predominantly Latin America in general, as well as individual Latin American countries, Spain and Portugal, the Caribbean, Eastern Europe, and a smaller amount of material about countries from all over the world. Also of note are files on revolutions in the Dominican Republic and in Grenada. The majority of the papers are newspaper clippings, including papers from the country being researched, as well as unpublished scholarship, conference materials, and notes.
Some boxes in this subseries must be reviewed for social security numbers prior to research use. These boxes are identified with an R before the box number. Please request these boxes 3 business days prior to your research visit to allow time for this review.
IV.11-6Caribbean Islands: Caribbean Crucible Elections, 1994-1995
IV.17-9Carbbean Islands: Caribbean Crucible Elections - Dominican Republic, 1988-1993
IV.21-2Carbbean Islands: Caribbean Crucible Elections - Dominican Republic, 1988-1992
IV.23-8Central America, 1983-1984
IV.29Jack Child Paper - El Salvador, 1983
IV.210-12Central America, 1983
IV.31Central America, 1981-1984
IV.32Central America Volume - My Chapter
IV.33-5Central America, 1981-1984
IV.36-10Central America, 1979-1983
IV.311-13Cuba, 1997-1998
IV.41-9Cuba, 1998-2000
IV.51-12Dominican Republic, 1985-1988
IV.513-14Dominican Republic: Revolution, 1967-1975
IV.61-9Dominican Republic: Revolution, 1967-1976
IV.610-12Dominican Republic: Revolution, 1973-1980
IV.71-10Dominican Republic: Revolution, 1973-1980
IV.711-15Europe, 2003-2006
IV.81-14Europe, 1997-2009
IV.815-17Europe: Travel Research, 2005
IV.91-11Europe: Travel Research, 2005-2009
IV.912-14Europe, Eastern, 2001-2006
IV.101-20Europe, Eastern, 1999-2006
IV.111Europe, Eastern, 2000-2005
IV.112-9Europe, Eastern, 2000-2004
IV.1110-12Europe, Eastern, 2006
IV.1113-21Europe, Eastern: Fulbright Pre-Trip, 2001-2002
IV.121-12Europe, Eastern: Fulbright Pre-Trip, 1997-2005
IV.1213Europe, Eastern: Fulbright Pre-Trip, 1999-2000
IV.131-12Europe, Eastern: Fulbright Pre-Trip, 1999-2007
IV.1313-23Europe, Southern, 1993-2005
IV.141-7Europe, Southern, 1978-1998
IV.148-14Europe, Southern: Labor Relations 1979-1980 Sabbatical Research, 1978-1998
IV.151-15Europe, Southern: Labor Relations 1979-1980 Sabbatical Research, 1979-1995
IV.1516-18Haiti, 1979-1995
IV.161-9Haiti, 1990-2001
IV.1610-11Latin America, 1990-2001
IV.171-8Latin America, 1985-2002
IV.179-14Latin America: Economic Policy, 1985-2002
IV.181-7Latin America: Economic Policy, 1988-1998
IV.188-32Latin America, 1967-1996
IV.191-18Latin America, 1967-1996
IV.1919-27Latin America, 1971-2003
IV.201-18Latin America, 1971-2003
IV.2019-20Latin America, 1978
IV.2021-44Latin America, 1976-1989
IV.211-23Latin America, 1981-2001
IV.2124-26Latin America, 1971-1995
IV.221-9Latin America, 1971-1999
IV.2210-35Latin America, 1971-1999
IV.231-12Latin America, 1971-1999
IV.2313-20Latin America, 1971-1991
IV.241-9Latin America, 1971-1991
IV.2410-13Latin America, 1971-1991
IV.251-16Latin America, 1971-1991
IV.2517-18Latin America: Bush Foreign Policy, 1971-1991
IV.261-12Latin America: Bush Foreign Policy, 1987-1994
IV.2613Latin America: Bush Foreign Policy, 1971-1991
IV.271-5Latin America: Bush Foreign Policy, 1971-1991
Latin America Countries
IV.276Mexico, 1971-1991
IV.277-8Nicaragua, 1971-1991
IV.279-10Panama, 1971-1991
IV.281-2Latin America: Countries -Paraguay, 1971-1991
IV.283Paraguay, 1971-1991
IV.284-5Peru, 1971-1991
IV.286Puerto Rico, 1971-1991
IV.287Dominican Republic, 1971-1991
IV.288Uruguay, 1971-1991
IV.289Venezuela, 1971-1991
IV.2810General, 1980-1983
IV.2811Mexico, 1980-1983
IV.291Nicaragua, 1980-1983
IV.292Panama, 1980-1983
IV.293Paraguay, 1980-1983
IV.294Peru, 1980-1983
IV.295Puerto Rico, 1980-1983
IV.296Latin America: Radio Marti, 1980-1983
IV.297-9El Salvador, 1980-1983
IV.2910Portugal, 1980-1983
IV.2911Spain, 1980-1983
IV.2912Suriname, 1980-1983
IV.2913Uruguay, 1980-1983
IV.2914Venezuela, 1980-1983
IV.2915Antigua-Barbuda, 1980-1983
IV.2916Dominican Republic, 1980-1983
IV.2917Grenada, 1980-1983
IV.2918Caribbean-General, 1980-1983
IV.2919Carribbean-Aid, 1980-1983
IV.2920Carribbean-Trade and Investment, 1980-1983
IV.2921Trinidad and Tobago, 1980-1983
IV.2922Carribbean-Aid, 1980-1983
IV.2923Central America, 1980-1983
IV.2924Chile, 1980-1983
IV.2925Costa Rica, 1980-1983
IV.2926Colombia, 1980-1983
IV.2927-28Cuba, 1980-1983
IV.301Weekly Report, 1980-1983
IV.302Andean Pact, 1980-1983
IV.303Argentina, 1980-1983
IV.304Belize, 1980-1983
IV.305Bolivia, 1980-1983
IV.306-7Brazil, 1980-1983
IV.308Cancun, 1980-1983
IV.309Costa Rica, 1980-1983
IV.3010Cuba, 1980-1983
IV.3011Dominican Republic, 1980-1983
IV.3012Latin America: Economics, 1980-1983
IV.3013Haiti, 1980-1983
IV.3014Honduras, 1980-1983
IV.3015Latin America: Human Rights, 1980-1983
IV.3016Jamaica, 1980-1983
IV.3017-18Guatemala, 1980-1983
IV.3019Latin America: Foreign Policy, 1980-1983
IV.3020Argentina, 1976-1993
IV.311Argentina, 1976-1993
IV.312Belize, 1976-1993
IV.313Bolivia, 1976-1993
IV.314Carribbean Islands, 1976-1993
IV.315-7Brazil, 1976-1993
IV.318-10Chile, 1976-1993
IV.3111-12Colombia, 1976-1993
IV.321Colombia, 1976-1993
IV.322Carribbean Monthly Bulletin, 1976-1993
IV.323-4Costa Rica, 1976-1993
IV.325-8Cuba, 1976-1993
IV.329Dominican Republic: Travel Folder, 1976-1993
IV.3210Latin America: Dutche Colonies, 1976-1993
IV.3211El Salvador, 1976-1993
IV.3212Ecuador, 1976-1993
IV.3213-14Guatemala, 1976-1993
IV.331Haiti, 1976-1993
IV.332Honduras, 1976-1993
IV.333Guayana, 1976-1993
IV.334Jamaica, 1976-1993
IV.335Mexico, 1976-1993
IV.336-9Mexico, 1976-1993
IV.3310-13Latin America: Drugs, 1971-1991
IV.341-6Latin America: Drugs, 1971-1991
IV.347-9Mexico, 1989-1999
IV.351-4Mexico, 1989-1999
IV.355-9Mexico, 1999-2006
IV.361-5Mexico, 1999-2006
IV.366-8Russia, 1971-1991
IV.369-11Russia, 1971-1991
IV.371-11Russia, 1971-1991
IV.381-2Russia, 1971-1991
IV.383-7South Africa, 1999-2003
IV.388-11South America: History, 1971-1991
IV.391-15South America: History, 1971-1991
IV.401-9South America: History, 1971-1991
IV.4010-South America: Public Policy, 1971-1991
IV.411-3South America: Public Policy, 1971-1991
IV.414-14South America: Public Policy, 1971-1991
IV.421-11Spain-Portugal: Portugal, 1971-1991
IV.4212Spain-Portugal: Portugal, 1971-1991
IV.431-10Spain-Portugal: Portugal, 1971-1991
IV.4311-16Spain-Portugal: Portugal and Colonies, 1971-1991
IV.441-18Spain-Portugal: Portugal and Colonies, 1971-1991
IV.451-9Spain-Portugal: Portugal and Colonies, 1971-1993
IV.4510-16Spain-Portugal: Programs, 1971-1993
R.IV.461-2Spain-Portugal: Programs, 1971-1991
R.IV.463-18Spain-Portugal: Programs, 1971-1991
This box must be reviewed for social security numbers prior to research use.
IV.471-3Spain-Portugal: Programs, 1971-1991
IV.474-7Latin America: Terrorism, 1971-1991
IV.478-11South America, 1971-1991
IV.4712-13India/Goa, 1971-1991
IV.481Hong Kong, 1971-1991
IV.482Singapore, 1971-1991
IV.483-4Asia, 2001
IV.485-7Dominican Republic [Government Reports], undated
IV.488-11Malaysia, 1999-2005
IV.4812-14Asia Project, 2000-2002
IV.4815Philippines, 2003
IV.491-3Philippines, 1992-2002
IV.494-7Indonesia, 2003-2006
IV.498-10East Timor, 1999-2003
IV.4911Korea, 2007-2011
IV.501Israel, 2007-2011
IV.502Indonesia, 2009-2010
IV.503-4India, 2007-2010
IV.505Iceland, 2008-2010
IV.506Hungary, 2009-2011
IV.507Hong Kong, 2007-2011
IV.508-9Honduras, 2009-2011
IV.5010-12Haiti, 2007-2010
IV.5013Guyana, 2007-2010
IV.511Guatemala, 2007-2011
IV.512-5Greece, 2006-2011
IV.516Great Britain, 2007-2010
IV.517Goa, 2008-2010
IV.518-9Germany, 2009-2011
IV.5110Peru, 1987-1988
IV.5111Philippines, 1983-1984
IV.5112Portugal, 1986
IV.5113Puerto Rico, 1986
IV.5114-16Spain, 1986
IV.5117Nicaragua, 1986
IV.521-2Nicaragua, 1986
IV.523Latin America, 1986
IV.524Jamaica, 1986
IV.525-6Honduras, 1986
IV.527Guyana, 1985
IV.528-10Guatemala, 1985-1988
IV.5211-12Haiti, 1986-1988
IV.5213Paraguay, 1984-1986
IV.5214Panama, 1985-1987
IV.5215-16Nicaragua, 1986
IV.531Nicaragua, 1986
IV.532-4Nicaragua, 1992-1996
IV.535-7Mexico, 1986
IV.538-11Nicaragua, 1984-1986
IV.541Nicaragua, 1984-1986
IV.542-5Haiti, 1995-2011
IV.546-11Latin America, 1995-2011
IV.551-2Latin America, 1995-2011
IV.553-4Italy, 2007-2011
IV.555Ivory Coast, 2000-2010
IV.556Italy, 2004-2005
IV.557Jamaica, 2007-2010
IV.558Japan, 2007-2010
IV.559Kosovo, 2007-2009
IV.5510-11Dominican Republic, 1966-1968
IV.5512Guyana, 1998-2002
IV.5513-14Guatemala, 1996-2005
IV.5515El Salvador, 1997-2004
IV.561-2Ecuador, 1997-2006
IV.563-8Dominican Republic, 1999-2005
IV.569Costa Rica, 1997-2006
IV.5610USSR [Soviet Union], 1980-1981
IV.5611U.S. Latin America, 1980
IV.5612Venezuela, 1978-1981
IV.5613Vatican, 1981
IV.5614Belgium, 1981
IV.5615Europe, 1981
IV.5616-17Nicaragua, 1979-1981
IV.5618Panama, 1980
IV.5619Paraguay, 1980
IV.5620Peru, 1981
IV.5621Puerto Rico, 1980-1981
IV.5622Portugal, 1980-1981
IV.5623Spain, 1981
IV.571Bolivia, 1983
IV.572Bipartisan Commission, 1984
IV.573Belize, 1983
IV.574Spain, 1984
IV.575Suriname, 1984
IV.576Uruguay, 1984
IV.577Venezuela, 1984
IV.578Peru, 1984
IV.579Puerto Rico, 1984
IV.5710Panama, 1984
IV.5711Paraguay, 1984
IV.5712-13Nicaragua, 1983-1984
IV.5714Uruguay, 1980-1981
IV.5715-20Colombia, 1997-2002
IV.581Costa Rica, 1983
IV.582-3Chile, 1983
IV.584-6Central America, 1983
IV.587Virgin Islands, 1981
IV.588France, 1981
IV.589Caribbean Islands: Caribbean Basin, 1983
IV.5810Ecuador, 1980-1981
IV.5811-12El Salvador, 1981
IV.5813Dominican Republic, 1981
IV.5814-15Caribbean, 1982
IV.5816-17Brazil, 1982
IV.5818Belize, 1981-1983
IV.5819Bolivia, 1982
IV.5820Argentina, 1982
IV.591Venezuela, 1983
IV.592Portugal, 1983
IV.593Puerto Rico, 1983
IV.594Spain, 1983
IV.595Peru, 1983
IV.596Uruguay, 1983
IV.597Paraguay, 1983
IV.598Suriname, 1983
IV.599Panama, 1983
IV.5910Jamaica, 1980-1981
IV.5911Latin America, 1980-1981
IV.5912Mexico, 1981
IV.5913Haiti, 1981-1982
IV.5914Honduras, 1976-1981
IV.5915Italy, 1981
IV.5916Guatemala, 1980
IV.5917Guyana, 1981
IV.5918Suriname, 1981
IV.5919-22Latin America, 1984-1985
IV.5923-24Nicaragua [Including Foreign Aid and Elections], 1984-1985
IV.5925Brazil, 1983
IV.601-2Argentina, 1983
IV.603-4Mexico, 1983
IV.605-7Latin America [Economy, Weekly Reports, General], 1983
IV.608Jamaica, 1983
IV.609Honduras, 1983
IV.6010Haiti, 1983
IV.6011Guyana, 1983
IV.6012Guatemala, 1983
IV.6013Grenada, 1983
IV.6014-16El Salvador, 1983
IV.611Ecuador, 1982-1983
IV.612Colombia, 1983
IV.613Dominican Republic, 1983
IV.614Jamaica, 1984
IV.615Honduras, 1984
IV.616-9Nicaragua, 1983
IV.6110-11Latin America [Economics and Weekly Report], 1984
IV.6112Mexico, 1984
IV.6113-15Nicaragua, 1981-1984
IV.6116-17Grenada, 1983
IV.621Grenada, 1983
IV.622Guatemala, 1984
IV.623Guyana, 1984
IV.624Haiti, 1984
IV.625Argentina, 1984
IV.626Brazil, 1984
IV.627Belize, 1984
IV.628Bolivia, 1984
IV.629Caribbean Islands, 1984
IV.6210Central America, 1984
IV.6211Chile, 1983-1984
IV.6212Colombia, 1984
IV.6213Costa Rica, 1984
IV.6214Cuba, 1984
IV.6215Dominican Republic, 1983-1984
IV.6216Ecuador, 1984
IV.6217-18El Salvador, 1984
IV.631Ecuador, 1988-1990
IV.632-5El Salvador, 1980-1990
IV.636Guatemala, 1988-1989
IV.637Grenada, 1987
IV.638Guyana, 1989
IV.639Haiti, 1989
IV.6310Honduras, 1989
IV.6311Jamaica, 1989
IV.6312Latin America in General, 1989
IV.6313-15Mexico, 1985-1989
IV.6316-17Falklands, 1980-1982
IV.641Falklands, 1982
IV.642Caribbean Islands: Caribbean Refugees, 1982
IV.643-4Central America, 1982
IV.645Chile, 1982
IV.646Colombia, 1982
IV.647Cuba, 1989-1990
IV.648Costa Rica, 1989-1990
IV.649-10Colombia, 1990
IV.6411-12Chile, 1986-1990
IV.6413Belize, 1989
IV.6414Bolivia, 1989
IV.6415-16Brazil, 1988
IV.6417-18Argentina, 1989
IV.651-9Spain [Including Thomas Lancaster Studies], 1987-2002
IV.6510Jamaica, 1996-2001
IV.6511Honduras, 1998-2002
IV.661-4Mexico, 1997-2001
IV.665-6Nicaragua, 1996-2004
IV.667Panama, 1998-2000
IV.668Paraguay, 1999-2005
IV.669Spain, 1997
IV.671-2Panama, 1989-1994
IV.673-4Peru, 1991-1995
IV.675Puerto Rico, 1993-1995
IV.676-7Venezuela, 1992-1996
IV.678Suriname, 1992-1996
IV.679Trinidad, 1992
IV.6710Uruguay, 1992-1994
IV.6711Slovenia, 2007-2010
IV.6712-13South Africa, 2007-2012
IV.6714-16Spain, 2007-2011
IV.6717Switzerland, 2008-2011
IV.681Suriname, 2007-2010
IV.682Sweden, 2007-2011
IV.683-4Paraguay, 1989-1996
IV.685-7Nicaragua, 1985-1988
IV.688Uruguay, 2007-2011
IV.689-10Venezuela, 2007-2009
IV.6811-12Ukraine, 2007-2011
IV.6813-14Turkey, 2007-2010
IV.691Turkey, 2007-2010
IV.692Trinidad, 2007-2011
IV.693-5Taiwan, 2007-2010
IV.696Greece, 1981-1983
IV.697-12Nicaragua, 1986-1990
IV.6913-14Panama, 1988-1990
IV.701Panama, 1990-1991
IV.702Paraguay, 1989-1990
IV.703Peru, 1989-1990
IV.704Puerto Rico, 1989-1991
IV.705Suriname, 1990
IV.706Trinidad, 1990
IV.707Uruguay, 1989-1990
IV.708Venezuela, 1989-1990
IV.709Virgin Islands, 1989-1990
IV.7010Macedonia, 2008
IV.7011Malaysia, 2007-2009
IV.7012Malta, 2007-2009
IV.7013-17Mexico, 2007-2011
IV.7018Middle East, 2009-2010
IV.7019Moldova, 2008-2010
IV.7020Montenegro, 2007-2010
IV.7021Nicaragua, 2007-2011
IV.7022-23Nigeria, 2006-2010
IV.7024Nordics, 2009-2010
IV.7025Norway, 2009-2011
IV.7026Panama, 2007-2011
IV.7027Paraguay, 2007-2010
IV.711Peru, 2007-2011
IV.712Philippines, 2007-2011
IV.713Poland, 2007-2011
IV.714Puerto Rico, 2007-2011
IV.715Romania, 2007-2011
IV.716-7Russia, 2009-2011
IV.718Serbia, 2008-2010
IV.719Singapore, 2007-2011
IV.7110Slovakia, 2007-2011
IV.7111Greece, 1986
IV.7112Grenada, 1986
IV.7113Ecuador, 1986-1988
IV.7114Latin America: Drugs, 1986
IV.7115Dominican Republic, 1984-1985
IV.7116Costa Rica, 1986
IV.7117Uruguay, 1998-2006
IV.7118Suriname, 1998-2001
IV.7119-20Puerto Rico, 1997-2004
IV.7121-22Venezuela, 1996-2006
IV.721-3Venezuela, 1996-2006
IV.724Regional Studies Seminar Report, 1991
IV.725Macao, 2007
IV.726Lithuania, 2009-2011
IV.727Latvia, 2009
IV.728Brazil, 1967-1980
IV.729Latin America: World Bank Papers, 1987
IV.7210-11Caribbean, 1986
IV.7212-13Colombia, 1985-1988
IV.7214El Salvador, 1985-1988
IV.731El Salvador, 1985-1988
IV.732-3Cuba, 1982-1987
IV.734Latin America: Debt, 1985-1986
IV.735-9Peru, 1996-2006
IV.7310-12Argentina, 1985-1987
IV.741Argentina, 1964-1980
IV.742Belize, 1986
IV.743Bolivia, 1986-1987
IV.744-6Brazil, 1985-1988
IV.747-9Brazil - General Articles, 1977-1980
IV.7410-12Chile, 1986-1988
IV.7413Central America, 1984-1986
IV.7414Spain, 1977-1980
IV.751-2Spain, 1977-1980
IV.753Latin America: Argrarian Reform, 1985
IV.754Latin America: American Chamber of Commerce, 1978-1979
IV.755Latin America: Armed Forces, 1979
IV.756Latin America: Authoritarian Regimes, 1979
IV.757Latin America: Immigration Policy, 1979
IV.758Latin America: Canada and Latin America, 1979
IV.759Caribbean Monthly Bulletin, 1976-1979
IV.7510Central America, 1977-1985
IV.7511Latin America: Church, 1985
IV.7512Latin America: Drug Traffic, 1984-1986
IV.7513Latin America: Culture, 1980
IV.7514Latin America: Europe and Latin America, 1981-1984
IV.7515-16Latin America: Economics, 1981-1984
IV.7517Latin America: Human Rights, 1984
IV.7518Latin America: Hispanics in the U.S., 1977-1986
IV.7519Japan, 1977
IV.7520Latin America: Labor, 1985
IV.7521Latin America: Legal Systems, 1977
IV.7522Latin America: NACLA [North American Congress on Latin America], undated
IV.7523Latin America: North/South, 1977
IV.7524Latin America: Political Participation, 1977
IV.7525Latin America: Regional Integration, 1984
IV.7526Latin America: Revolution, 1977
IV.7527Latin America: Security Issues, 1984
IV.7528Latin America: Small States, 1976-1977
IV.7529Latin America: Solidarity Committee, undated
IV.7530Latin America: Soviet Union and Latin America, 1980-1985
IV.7531Latin America: Stereotypes about Latin America, 1981-1985
IV.7532Latin America: Times of Americas, 1978
IV.7533Latin America: Media in Third World, 1980
IV.7534Latin America: Inter-American Development Bank, 1980-1985
IV.7535Latin America: Methodologies, 1980
IV.7536Latin America: On Publishing, 1980
IV.7537Latin America: OAS [Organization of American States], 1979
IV.7538Latin America: Publication Possibilites, 1981
IV.7539Latin America: East Germany in Latin America, undated
IV.7540Latin America: USSR in Latin America, 1981
IV.7541Latin America: Inter-American Development Bank, 1981-1986
IV.7542Latin America: Jews in Latin America, 1981
IV.7543Latin America: Libya in Latin America, undated
IV.7544Latin America: Socialist International, 1981
IV.7545Latin America: Partners of Alliance, 1979-1985
IV.761Latin American Political Report, 1978-1979
IV.762United States and Latin America, 1978
IV.763-4Latin America: Labor Unions, 1979-1980
IV.765-7Portugal, 1977-1979
IV.768Turkey, 1978-1980
IV.769Philippines, 1977-1985
IV.7610Pacifica, 1985
IV.7612Greece, 1978-1985
IV.7613Western Europe, 1978
IV.7614Eastern Europe, 1978-1986
IV.7615Venzuela, 1963-1974
IV.7616Latin America: Constitutional Structure, undated
IV.7617Latin America: Ministry of Corporacoes, 1973
IV.7618Latin America: Corporations, Gremios, Juntas, etc, 1973
IV.7619Latin America: Social welfare, 1973
IV.7620Latin America: Corporative Chambers, 1973
IV.7621Latin America: Church, 1974
IV.7622Latin America: Portuguese in U.S., 1973
IV.7623Latin America: Biliographic Meterials, 1972-1974
IV.771Latin America: Contacts-Addresses, 1972-1980
IV.772Latin America: Economic Behavior-Monopoly, undated
IV.773Latin America: Economy-Development Efforts, 1959-1969,1974
IV.774Latin America: Education and Universities, 1965-1973
IV.775Latin America: General, 1973
IV.776Latin America: United States, 1867-1974
IV.777Portugal: Casas de Povo [Materials for book manuscript, "Corporations and Development: The Portuguese Experience"], 1972-1973
IV.778Portugal: Party and Elections, 1958-1966
IV.779Portugal: Youth, 1973
IV.7710Portugal: Labor, 1973
IV.7711Portugal: Travel and General Information, 1969-1970
IV.7712Portugal: Controls, 1964-1965
IV.7713Portugal: Local Government, 1972
IV.7714Portugal: Army-Defense, 1969-1973
IV.7715Portugal: Casas de Pescadores, 1973
IV.7716Portugal: Population and Family, 1973-1974
IV.7717Portugal: Gulbenkian Foundation, 1973-1977
IV.7718Portugal: Elite, 1959-1973
IV.7719Honduras, 1989-1996
IV.7720Jamaica, 1993
IV.7721-23Haiti, 1991-1995
IV.7724-26Guatemala, 1990-1995
IV.7727-28El Salvador, 1992-1993
IV.781-3El Salvador, 1990-1992
IV.784Belize, 1991
IV.785Bolivia, 1990
IV.786-8Brazil, 1992-1994
IV.789Caribbean Island, 1987-1996
IV.7810-11Chile, 1993-1996
IV.7812-14Colombia, 1991-1994
IV.791Costa Rica, 1989-1996
IV.792-3Cuba, 1980-1994
IV.794Ecuador, 1992-1996
IV.795-7Caribbean Islands, 1997-2005
IV.798Belize, 1997-2002
IV.799-12Chile, 1997-2006
IV.7913-14Argentina, 1988-1993
IV.801-2Argentina, 1988-1995
IV.803Albania, 2007-2008
IV.804-5Argentina, 2007-2011
IV.806-7Austria, 2008-2011
IV.808Belarus, 2007-2011
IV.809Belgium, 2007-2011
IV.8010Belize, 2007-2011
IV.8011Bolivia, 2007-2010
IV.8012Bosnia, 2010-2011
IV.8013-14Brazil, 2007-2010
IV.8015Bulgaria, 2007-2010
IV.8016Canada, 2010
IV.8017Caucuses, 2010
IV.8018Central America, 2007
IV.8019Bosnia, 2007-2009
IV.8020Chile, 2008-2010
IV.811-2China, 2007-2011
IV.813-5Colombia, 2007-2011
IV.816Costa Rica, 2006-2010
IV.817Croatia, 2007-2008
IV.818-11Cuba, 2005-2011
IV.8112Curacao, 2010-2011
IV.8113Cyprus, 2006-2008
IV.8114Czech Republic, 2007-2011
IV.8115Denmark, 2011
IV.8116Suriname, 1987
IV.8117Uruguay, 1984-1985
IV.8118Venezuela, 1984-1985
IV.8119Portugal, 1985
IV.8120Puerto Rico, 1985-1987
IV.821Panama, 1985-1987
IV.822Spain, 1985
IV.823Paraguay, 1985
IV.824Peru, 1985
IV.825-10Argentina, 1996-2006
IV.8211-12Bolivia, 2000-2006
IV.8213Brazil, 1997-2001
IV.831-5Brazil, 2000-2004
IV.836Suriname, 1985-1986
IV.837Turkey, 1986
IV.838Trinidad, 1985
IV.839Uraguay, 1985
IV.8310Venezuela, 1986
IV.841Nicaragua, 1985
IV.842Argentina, 1985-1987
IV.843Belize, 1985
IV.844Bolivia, 1984-1985
IV.845Brazil, 1985-1987
IV.846Carribbean, 1985
IV.847Caribbean Islands: Caribbean Basin Institute, 1984-1985
IV.848-9Central America, 1984-1985
IV.8410-11Chile, 1985-1987
IV.8412Colombia, 1985-1987
IV.8413Costa Rica, 1985
IV.8414Cuba, 1985
IV.8415Latin America: Debt-IMF [International Monetary Fund], 1986
IV.8416Domican Republic, 1985
IV.8417Latin America: Development, 1984-1985
IV.8418Ecuador, 1985
IV.8419-20El Salvador, 1984-1985
IV.8421Latin America: Foreign Policy, 1985
IV.8422Greece, 1985
IV.8423Grenada, 1985
IV.8424Guatemala, 1985
IV.851Honduras, 1985
IV.852Haiti, 1987
IV.853Italy, 1985
IV.854Jamaica, 1985
IV.855-6Mexico, 1984-1985
IV.857French Guiana, 2008
IV.858-9Georgia, 2007-2008
IV.8510-11France, 2008-2011
IV.8512European Welfare States, 2009
IV.8513Finland, 2010-2011
IV.8514-15Dominican Republic, 2007-2011
IV.8516-17Europe, Eastern, 2007-2010
IV.8518East Timor, 2007-2010
IV.8519Ecuador, 2007-2010
IV.861-2Egypt, 2005-2011
IV.863El Salvador, 2007-2010
IV.864Estonia, 2007-2010
IV.865Ethiopia, 2007
IV.866-11Europe, 2003-2010
IV.8612-13Mexico, 1987-1988
IV.871-9Mexico, 1982-1990
IV.8710-12Nicaragua, 1986-1989
IV.881-4Nicaragua, 1985-1987
R.IV.1371-2Central America, 1980-1991
R.IV.1373Latin American Intellectuals and Underdevelopment, 1976-1978
R.IV.1374Containment in Latin America, 1985-1986
R.IV.1375General Articles, 1970-1974
R.IV.1376Chapter Outlines, 1974-1978
R.IV.1377Portuguese Background and History, 1969-1973
R.IV.1378State and Society in Latin America, 2000-2001
R.IV.1379Ebel et al.: Political Culture and Foreign Policy, undated
R.IV.13710[Articles], 1985-1988
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R.IV.13711[Articles and Correspondence], 1978-2008
IV.1381[Articles and Correspondence], 2005-2008
IV.1382-3[Articles and Notes], 1979-1985
IV.1384[Articles and Writings on Grenada], 1984-1988
IV.1385[Spanish and Latin American Government], 1984
IV.1386[Spain and the Andean Republics: Reforging the Historic Links?], 1984
IV.1387[Iberia, Latin America, and the U.S.], 1982-1984
IV.1388[The New England Center for Continuing Education: Workshop on Modern Portugal], 1973
IV.1389[American Enterprise Institute Congressional Research Service: Seminar for the New Members of the 99th Congress], 1984-1985
IV.13810[Spanish- Latin American Relations: Two Centuries of Divergence -- and a New Beginning?], undated
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IV.13811[Spanish Relations], 1984
IV.13812[Clippings], 1983
IV.13813[Clippings and Correspondence on Spain and Latin America], 1983-1984
IV.1391[Clippings], 1982-1984
IV.1392[Spain/Portugal Introduction], 1983-1984
IV.1393[Paper Drafts and Clippings], 1984
IV.1421-5[Grenada], 1981-1983

Subseries B. Organizations , 1958-2006

( 7 box(es) (6 linear feet) )
Subseries B. Organizations contains papers, reports, memos, and conference materials from a wide variety of think tanks, political groups, and corporations.
American Politics Organizations
IV.885WOLA [Washington Office on Latin America], 1985-1987
IV.886World Affairs, 1987
IV.887World Bank, 1986
IV.888World Peace Foundation, 1985-1988
IV.889World Politics: Abstracts, 1973-1983
IV.8810Center for International Journalism - USC [University of Southern California], 1987-1988
IV.8811Abelardo Valdez, 1978-1979
IV.8812[Iberia and Latin America], undated
IV.8813Wallich/TV Globo, 1985
IV.8814UN Economics Commission for Latin America, 1985-1986
IV.8815USAID [US Agency for International Development], 1990
IV.8816US Global Strategy Council, 1988-1990
IV.8817USIA [United States information Agency]- Visitors, 1985-1988
IV.8818US Institute for Peace, 1989-1990
IV.8819University of California San Diego, 1986
IV.8820Universidad Catolica Madre y Maestra, 1989
IV.8821University of Maryland, 1986
IV.8822US National Commission on Libraries and Information Science, 1987
IV.8823USSR in Latin America, 1981
IV.8824Vision, 1989
IV.8825Visitor Program - Meridan House, 1985-1986
IV.8826Vernan Walters - Conversation, 1982
IV.8827War Powers Act, 1983
IV.8828Washington Center, 1981
IV.8829Washington Office on Latin America (WOLA), 1981-1987
IV.8830Washington Institute, 1985
IV.8831Washington Institute for Values in Public Policy, 1986
IV.8832Washington Journalism Center, 1983-1986
IV.8833Washington Report, 1986-1990
IV.8834Colonel John Waghelstein, 1985
IV.8835Western Europe, 1984-1985
IV.8836West India Committee: David Jessop, 1984
IV.8837White House: Outreach Working Group on Central America, 1984-1986
IV.8838Tom Wicker, 1984
IV.8839World Peace Foundation, 1989
IV.8840William Hill, PhD, 1980
IV.8841[Publications (City Management and Lobbying)], 1958, 1962
Corporations and Development
IV.8842Multinational Corporations, 1986
IV.8843Mundus Novus Foundation, undated
IV.8844NATO [North American Treaty Organization], undated
IV.8845NDEA Materials [National Defense Education Act - International Studies Centers Program], 1981
IV.8846National Association of Scholars, 1989
IV.8847National Center Pan American Studies, 1983
IV.8848NCEIS (National Center for Export-Import Studies), 1985
IV.8849National Democratic Institute for International Affairs, 1985
IV.8850National Endowment for Democracy, 1989-1990
IV.8851New England Council of Latin American Studies, 1988-1990
IV.891NECLAS [New England Council of Latin American Studies], 1979-1986
IV.892National Endowment for the Humanities, undated
IV.893National Republican Institute for International Affairs, 1987-1988
IV.894Asociacion Nicaraguense, 1987
IV.895National Security Record, 1986
IV.896NOMOS [Center for International Affairs at Harvard], 1985
IV.897Latin American Programs University of New Mexico, undated
IV.898North American Communications, undated
IV.899Northwest Banks, 1984
IV.8910Ohio University - Department of Political Science, 1988
IV.8911Cesar Orantes (APRODECA [Association for the Promotion of Democracy in Central America]), 1981-1984
IV.8912Organization of American States, 1982-1986
IV.8913Overcoming Corporatism, 1974
IV.8914-15Overseas Development Council, 1983-1985
IV.8916Overseas Private Investment Corporation, 1985-1987
IV.8917Scott Palmer: Corporations and Authoritarianism in Peru, undated
IV.8918Pan American Development Foundation, 1985-1988
IV.8919Pan American Society of New England, 1981
IV.8920Partners of Alliance, 1989
IV.8921PAWSS: Peace and World Security Studies, 1990
IV.8922Perlmutter: Authoritarianism, 1979
IV.8923Perspectives of Political Science, 1990
IV.8924Portuguese Studies: Workshop, 1976-1981
IV.8925Post-Authoritarianism, 1969-1974
IV.8926John Powelson, 1984
IV.8927Princeton Press, 1982
IV.8928PRODEMCA [Promotion of Democracy in Central America], 1986
IV.8929Public Policy Week, 1985
IV.8930Publication Possibilities, 1986
IV.8931Donald Puchala, 1983
IV.8932Puerto Rico Conference, 1981
IV.8933Republican Institute for International Affairs, 1985
IV.8934Republicans, undated
IV.8935Rockefeller, 1980-1986
IV.8936William Rogers, undated
IV.8937Joel Barromi, 1984
IV.8938Roosevelt Center, 1984-1987
IV.901Wilson Center, 1983-1987
IV.902-8Think Tanks Military and Civilian, 1995-2006
IV.911-3Think Tanks Military and Civilian, 1984-2001
Washington Think Tanks, Washington Organizations
IV.914Canada-Latin America Relations, 1981-1985
IV.915Argentina-Institutionalization of Constitutional Democracy, 1985
IV.916AACCLA [Association of American Chambers of Commerce in Latin America], 1984
IV.917Association of Public Justice, 1983
IV.918AFL-CIO [American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations], 1988
IV.919Area Studies, 1986
IV.9110Amnesty International, 1989
IV.9111Argentine-American Forum, 1982-1983
IV.9112-14AEI [American Enterprise Institute], 1985-1986
IV.9115American Assembly, 1988-1989
IV.9116American Ditchley Foundation, 1986
IV.9117American Institute for Free Labor Development, 1984-1989
IV.921American Political Science Association, 1987-1988
IV.922American Security Council, 1986
IV.923America Society, 1986-1990
IV.924American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family, and Property, 1986
IV.925APSA [American Political Science Association]: Research Committee, 1986-1987
IV.926-7APSA [American Political Science Association]: Grants Committee, 1989
IV.928AEI [American Enterprise Institute], 1987-1988
IV.929Elliott Abrams - Conversation, 1982
IV.9210Accuracy in Academia, 1985-1986
IV.9211Accuracy in Media, 1985
IV.9212AEI [American Enterprise Institute], 1986-1987
IV.9213AEI [American Enterprise Institute]: News Clips, 1986
IV.9214Aid, Foreign Assistance, 1982-1983
IV.9215Atlantic Council, 1986-1987
IV.9216Authoritarian-Totalitarian Distinction and US Policy, 1981
IV.9217Atlantic Council, 1984-1987
IV.9218BACLA [Boston Area Colloquium on Latin America], 1985
IV.9219Baklanoff Occasional Papers, undated
IV.9220Bildner Center, undated
IV.9221Banker Trust, 1986-1984
IV.9222AEI [American Enterprise Institute]- Joe Brady, 1985-1986
IV.9223BCIU [Business Council for International Understanding] Institute American University, 1989
IV.9224Balzano Associates, 1985
IV.9225BDM Corporation, 1988
IV.9226Brazil Conference - Federalism, 1984
IV.9227Caribbean, Central American Action, 1984-1987
IV.9228Caribbean Studies Association, 1974-1984
IV.9229Carnegie Endowment, 1986-1987
IV.9230Carter Center, 1985-1990
IV.9231Casa de las Americas, 1987-1988
IV.9232Central American Peace and Democracy Watch Bulletin, 1988
IV.9233Cato Institute, 1987-1989
IV.9234Central American Resource Center, 1987
IV.9235Cato Institute, 1985-1987
IV.9236Center for Democracy, 1985
IV.9237Center for Democratic Institutions, 1984-1985
IV.9238Center for International Affairs - Harvard, 1981-1987
IV.9239CCD - Committees for a Community of Democracies, 1985
IV.9240Center for International Development Research, 1988
IV.9241Center for International Journalism, 1986
IV.9242Center for International Private Enterprise, 1987
IV.931CES [Center for European Studies], 1980-1988
IV.932Center for the New West, 1990
IV.933Center for Study of Foreign Affairs, 1986
IV.934Center for US-Mexican Studies, 1986-1987
IV.935Center for International Economics, 1989
IV.936Center for International Development Research, 1988
IV.937Center for International Journalism, 1989
IV.938Center for International Relations, 1986
IV.939Center for International Studies - Madrid, 1983-1990
IV.9310Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE), 1985-1986
IV.9311Center for Latin American Studies, 1988-1989
IV.9312Center for National Policy, 1984-1986
IV.9313Central American Recovery and Development Project, 1988
IV.9314Centro de Estudias Publicas, 1987
IV.9315Centro Lantinamerico de Moticias, 1989
IV.9316CSIS [Center for Strategic and International Studies], 1987-1990
IV.9317Laurie Hiller Perez Sanchez Cerro, 1989
IV.9318Challenge - Bartel, 1983-1984
IV.9319Christic Institute, 1988
IV.9320Circulo de Empresarios, 1983-1989
IV.9321Centro de Investigaciones del Caribe y America Latina - CISCIA in University of Puerto Rico, 1986
IV.9322Citibank Funding, 1985
IV.9323Coalition for a Democratic Majority, 1984-1985
IV.9324Colby, Barley, Werner Consulting Firm, 1985
IV.9325Commission on US-Central American Relations, 1988-1990
IV.9326Commission on Common Security, 1990
IV.9327Committee for Economic Development, 1984
IV.9328Melvin Conant Association, 1985-1986
IV.9329Donald Connors, 1981-1984
IV.9330Consortium of DC Universities, 1983
IV.9331Consortium of Social Science Associations, 1987-1988
IV.9332Contadora Process, undated
IV.9333Corporatism on Left, 1983
IV.9334Corporatism and Post-Corporatism, 1974
IV.9335Council of the Americas, 1986-1990
IV.9336Council on Hemispheric Affairs, 1980
IV.9337Council for Democracy in the Americas, 1985
IV.9338Council on Foreign Relations, 1986-1989
IV.9339Council for Inter-American Security, 1983
IV.9340Creative Associates, 1987
IV.9341Cuban/American National Foundation, 1985
IV.9342Minda de Gunzburg Center for European Studies, 1989-1990
IV.9343Delphi Research Associates, 1985-1986
IV.9344Department - My Position, 1985-1986
IV.9345Divestitures/Destatization, undated
IV.9346Educational Testing Service, 1985
IV.9347Department of Commerce, 1988
IV.9348Department of Defense - Funding, 1985
IV.9349Department of Education: Centers and Fellowship Program, 1984-1985
IV.9350Department of Education, 1983-1984
IV.9351Department of State, 1988
IV.9352Directors and Boards, 1988
IV.9353DiTella Institute, 1982
IV.9354William Donner Foundation, 1988
IV.9355Drugs, 1984
IV.9356ECLAC [Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean] (Cepal), 1986-1987
IV.9357Eisenhower Exchange, 1987-1988
IV.9358Ensearch: David Roddock, 1982-1984
IV.9359Ethnocentrism, undated
IV.9360Ethics and Public Policy Center, 1984-1986
IV.9361Eastern Europe, 1981-1984
IV.9362Eisenhower Exchange Fellowship, 1987-1988
IV.941ETS [Education Testing Service], 1989
IV.942Ethics and Public Policy, 1989-1990
IV.943Faculty for Peace in CA [Central America], 1986
IV.944FLASCO [Latin American Faculty of Social Sciences], 1986
IV.945Forbes - Jamaica, undated
IV.946Foreign Aid, 1982-1984
IV.947AEI [American Enterprise Institute] Foreign Policy, 2000
IV.948Foreign Policy and Defense Review, 1984
IV.949FLAD [Luso-American Development Foundation], 1996
IV.9410FLASCO [Latin American Faculty of Social Sciences], 1987
IV.9411Foreign Policy Research Institute, 1987
IV.9412Foreign Service Institute, 1986-1987
IV.9413Foundation for American Communications, 1981-1985
IV.9414Ford Foundation, 1984
IV.9415Foundation for Global Economic Reconstructing, undated
IV.9416Freedom House, 1988
IV.9417Friedrich - Naumann - Stiftung, 1987
IV.9418Frost and Sullivan, 1985
IV.9419Fundacion Canovas del Castillo, 1986
IV.9420Fund for New Priorities in America, 1985
IV.9421Fundacion Canovas del Castillo, 1985-1986
IV.9422Fundacion Javier Barros Sierra, 1984
IV.9423Fusades [Fundacion Salvadorena para el Desarrollo Economico y Social], 1986
IV.9424Georgetown Position, 1985-1986
IV.9425Global Economic Action Institute, 1986-1989
IV.9426George Washington University Foreign Service History Center, 1986
IV.9427Alvas Gomez Hurtado - Conversation, 1985
IV.9428Hubert Humphrey Institute, 1984
IV.9429Johns Hopkins Foreign Policy Institute, undated
IV.9430Holmes and Meier, 1985
IV.9431Hoover Institution, 1984-1986
IV.9432Harvard, 1981-1988
IV.9433Heritage Foundation, 1982-1988
IV.9434Hispanic Foundation, 1984
IV.9435Hispanics in the US, 1984
IV.9436Michael Grow: Corp and US Policy, 1983
IV.1394[Latin American Topics], 1990-1991
IV.1395-6[Calvin College], 1999-2001
IV.1397[Higher Education and American Universities in the Middle East], 2007
IV.1398[Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs], 2006
IV.1399[U.S. Department of Commerce/ International Trade Administration: Enterprise for the Americas Initiative], 1992
IV.13910[Council on Foreign Relations], 2002
IV.13911Foundation for the Future, 1991-2000
IV.13912[Five College Program in Peace and World Security Studies], 1991
IV.13913Inter-American Foundation, 1985-1989
IV.13914Inforum, 1989
IV.13915Inter-American Development Bank, 1985-1988
IV.13916Inter-American Dialogue, 1985-1989
IV.13917Inter-American Foundation, 1987-1989
IV.13918ISA [International Studies Association]- Jack Donnelly, 1981-1985
IV.13919[Williams College NECLAS (New England Council of Latin American Studies)], 1996
IV.13920[Cooperative Security Challenges in the Americas], 1993
IV.1401[LASA98 (Latin American Studies Association) Social Justice: Past Experiences and Future Prospects], 1998
IV.1402[Millenium Challenge Corporation], 2007
IV.1403[Carnegie Endowment for International Peace], 2007
IV.1404[Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS)], 1998
IV.1405[Dartmouth College NECLAS (New England Council of Latin American Studies) 25th Anniversary], 1995
IV.1406[NECLAS (New England Council of Latin American Studies) Mount Holyoke College], 1997
IV.1407[Council on Foreign Relations], 2007
IV.1408[Taiwan Thinktank], 2007
IV.1409[International Conference Group on Portugal], 1995
IV.14010[Amherst NECLAS (New England Council of Latin American Studies)], 2000
IV.14011[LUSO American Development Foundation], 1996
IV.14012[PALCUS (Portuguese-American Leadership Council of the United States)], 1996
IV.14013[Foundation for the Future], 2001-2003
IV.14014[Conference on the Caribbean, U.S.- Caribbean Relations into the 21st Century], 2000
IV.14015Caribbean Issues Conference, 2001-2003
IV.14016[CSIS (Center for Strategic and International Studies): Caribbean Leadership Initiative], 1995-1996
IV.14017[Improvement of Interests of the U.S. and Latin America: A Study of Strategy], 1992
IV.14018[National War College Mexico Trip and Clippings], 1993
IV.14019[A New Vision of the OAS (Organization of American States)], 1995
IV.14020[National Defense University Trip to Panama and Clippings], 1993
IV.14021[Obituary], 1994
IV.14022[National War College to El Salvador], 1993
IV.14023[Fourth Conference of Ministers of Defense of the Americas], 2001-2002
IV.14024[The Caribbean Diaspora Hits Home: Economic, Social, and Political Impacts in the Caribbean], 2002
IV.14025[Partners of Choice? A Western Hemisphere Security Conundrum], 2006
IV.14026[Caribbean Leadership Conference], 1998
IV.14027[Space, Place, and Nation: Reconstructing Neo-liberalism in the Americas], 1998
IV.1411[Inter-American Dialogue: The First Summit of Western Hemisphere Ministers of Finance], 1992
IV.1412Japan Conference- Democracy and Integration, 1996
IV.1413[PALCUS (Portuguese-American Leadership Council of the United States)], 1997
IV.1414[Employment in Latin America: What is the Problem and How to Address It?], 1998

Subseries C. Subject Files , 1951-2012

( 36 box(es) (35.5 linear feet) )
Subseries C. Subject Files includes newspaper clippings, papers, and notes about American foreign policy, international relations, and comparative politics topics. Specific subjects include military policy, national security, peace, economic development, and foreign policy under different American presidents.
Some boxes in this subseries must be reviewed for social security numbers prior to research use. These boxes are identified with an R before the box number. Please request these boxes 3 business days prior to your research visit to allow time for this review.
American Foreign Policy
IV.9437Homeland Security, 2001-2006
IV.9438Human Rights and Foreign Policy, 1983-1997
IV.9439Human Rights Policy: Carter Ad, 1980-1993
IV.9440Human Rights Groups, 1985-2000
IV.9441Human Rights, Reagan Ad, 1980-1989
IV.9442Human Rights - Clinton, 1998-2004
IV.9443Humanitarian Interventions, 1999-2002
IV.9444IMF [International Monetary Fund], 1991-2006
IV.9445Globalization, 2000-2006
IV.9446Hispanics, 2002-2003
IV.951Hispanics, 2002-2003
IV.952Dictator and Foreign Policy, 1975-2001
IV.953Dole Campaign, 1987-1996
IV.954Domestic Politics, 1997-2000
IV.955Domino Theory, 1983
IV.956Election Campaign, 1980
IV.957Ethnocentrism and Foreign Policy, 1990
IV.958Export and Import Bank, 1995-1999
IV.959FBI, 2003-2006
IV.9510Foreign Aid, 2002-2006
IV.9511Foreign Area Studies, 1991-2001
IV.9512Foreign Policy and Domestic Politics, 1982-1986
IV.9513Fulbright Program, 1996
IV.9514Genocide, 2000
IV.9515Debt Crisis, 1999-2000
IV.9516Decision Making/ Bloomfield, 1983-1997
IV.9517-19Democracy, 2002-2004
IV.9520Democrats, 1999-2004
IV.9521IDB [Inter-American Development Bank], undated
IV.9522Immigration, 2007-2010
IV.9523Institutions, 2008
IV.9524Integration, 2003
IV.9525IMF [International Monetary Fund], 2007-2009
IV.9526Immigration, 2007
IV.961-2International Relations, 2007-2009
IV.963Jobs, 2009-2010
IV.964Massachusetts, 2007
IV.965Multiculturalism, 2006-2008
IV.966Nation Building, 2007-2008
IV.967Nationalism, 2005-2006
IV.968NATO [North Atlantic Treaty Organization], 2008-2012
IV.969Neocons, 2007
IV.9610Patrimonialism (folder is empty), 2007
IV.9611Peace Corps, 2007-2009
IV.9612Pirates, 2009
IV.9613Political Theory, 2007
IV.9614Population, 2011
IV.9615Progressives, undated
IV.9616Projects/Plans, 2007
IV.9617Publishing, 2010-2012
IV.9618-21The State, 2008-2012
IV.9622Sustainable Development, 2005
IV.9623Terrorism, 2007-2010
IV.9624Torture, 2007-2008
IV.9625Totalitarianism, 2007
IV.9626Trade, 2007-2011
IV.971Travel, 2009-2011
IV.972Trust, 2009
IV.973-4Universities, 2008-2010
IV.975US-LA [Latin America], 2006-2007
IV.976Welfare State, 2007-2010
IV.977World Bank, 2007
IV.978World Trade Organization, 2007
IV.979-11Writing, 2007-2010
IV.9712-13Foreign Policy Internet Groups, 1997-2009
IV.9714-15Media, 2002-2010
IV.9716National Counterterrorism Center, 2010
IV.9717NSA [National Security Agency], 2010
IV.9718National Security Council, 1997-2010
IV.9719-21Parties, 2005-2009
IV.981Paralysis of Policy, 1986-2007
IV.982-3Political Culture, 1990-2010
IV.984Political Parties, 2009-2012
IV.985Presidency and Foreign Policy, 1996-2008
IV.986Privatization, 2007-2010
IV.987Private Foreign Policy, 1987-2011
IV.988-10Public Opinion, 1995-2007
IV.9811-12Right Wing, 1989-1999
IV.9813Social Life, 2008-2010
IV.9814Washington Social Life, 2006-2007
IV.9815State Department, 1997-2012
IV.991State Department, 1997-2012
IV.992Treasury, 1999-2001
IV.993Think Tanks, 2001-2010
IV.994Conclusion, 2007-2012
Bush Foreign Policy
IV.995-13Bush Foreign Policy, 2000-2004
IV.1001-6Bush Foreign Policy, 2000-2004
IV.1007-10Bush Foreign Policy, 2000-2004
IV.10011Bush Foreign Policy 2nd Term, 2004-2008
IV.1011-11Bush Foreign Policy 2nd Term, 2004-2008
IV.1021-2Bush Foreign Policy 2nd Term, 2004-2008
IV.1023-11Bush Foreign Policy 2nd Term, 2004-2008
IV.1031-5Bush Foreign Policy 2nd Term, 2004-2008
IV.1036-7Bush Foreign Policy 2nd Term, 2004-2008
Clinton Foreign Policy
IV.1038Clinton Foreign Policy, 1997-2001
IV.1039Clinton: Latin America, 1997-2001
IV.10310-12Clinton Foreign Policy, 1997-2001
IV.1041-9Clinton Foreign Policy, 1997-2001
Comparative Politics
IV.10410Grand Theory, 1997
IV.10411Political Culture, 1989
IV.10412Economic Development, 1966-1973
IV.10413Political Communications, undated
IV.10414Social Change, 1966
IV.10415US Aid, 1974-1975
IV.10416Bureaucracy, 1966-1968
IV.1051Owens: Development, undated
IV.1052Fascism, 1968-1985
IV.1053Eisenstadt: Past Traditional Societies, undated
IV.1054New Directions, 1989
IV.1055Welfare State, 1981
IV.1056Economic Development Theory, 1986-1988
IV.1057Europeanists, 1978-1979
IV.1058Development, 1987-1988
IV.1059North-South Relations, 1989
IV.10510Comparative Politics Syllabi, 1968
IV.10511Judiciary, undated
IV.10512Futurology, 1967-1978
IV.10513Federalism, 1968
IV.10514Elites, 1968
IV.10515Culture and Development, 1987
IV.10516Education, Students, 1967-1969
IV.10517Political Economy, 1987
IV.10518New Nations, 1968-1970
IV.10519Mass Society, 1961
IV.10520Law and Legal Systems, 1968-1984
IV.10521Intellectuals, 1960
IV.10522Disorder and Revolution, 1969-1970
IV.10523Interest Groups, 1958-1968
IV.10524Ideology, undated
IV.10525Non-Western Nations, 1958-1959
IV.10526Dictatorships and Development, 1970, 1990-1991
IV.10527Future Studies, 1987-1996
IV.10528Pluralism, 1972
IV.10529Religion and Churches, 1967-1986
IV.10530Peasants, 1974
IV.10531Labor, 1968-1974
IV.10532Political Parties, undated
IV.10533Culture Conflict, 1968-1970
IV.10534Technicians, 1969
IV.10535Decision Making, 1969, 1981
IV.10536Public Policy, Outputs, 1967-1983
IV.10537Armed Forces, 1966-1969
IV.10538International Systems, 1959, 1969-1975
IV.10539Constitutions, 1968
IV.10540Europe and Third World, 1984-1986
IV.10541Developmentalist Theory, 1986-1994
IV.10542Comparative Theories of Social Change, undated
IV.10543Grand Theory, 1977-1985
IV.10544European Political Development, 1977
IV.10545Area Studies, 1974, 1985
IV.10546North-South Relations, 1975
IV.10547Trust, 1995
IV.10548Fundamentalism, 1989-1994
IV.10549Newly Industrialized Countries (NICs), 1986
IV.10550End of Hegemony? Alliance Transformations, 1986
IV.10551Development N/S [North/South], 1992-1994
IV.10552Population, 1994-1996
IV.10553Democracy, 1998-1999
IV.10554Non-Aligned, 1998
Comparative Politics Asia
IV.1061-2Korea, 1996-2006
IV.1063-4Japan, 1994
IV.1065-7China, 1994
Development and Travel
IV.1068-9Development and Travel, 2000-2003
IV.10610Development, 2003
IV.10611Islam, 2003
IV.10612George Washington University, 2003
IV.1071-2Georgetown, 2002-2003
IV.1073North Carolina Ticket, 2003
IV.1074-11Development and Travel, 2000-2003
EU/NATO Enlargement
IV.10712EU/NATO Enlargement, 2001-2008
IV.1081-13EU/NATO Enlargement, 2001-2008
IV.1091-3EU/NATO Enlargement, 2001-2008
IV.1094-12EU/NATO Enlargement, 2001-2008
Foreign Policy
IV.10913Anti-Americanism, 2006-2008
IV.10914Authoritarianism, 2007
IV.10915BRICS [Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa], 2008
IV.10916Climate Change, 2006-2009
IV.10917-18Comparative Politics, 2006-2011
IV.1101Conservatives, 2004-2009
IV.1102Corruption, 2007-2010
IV.1103Debt, 2006-2010
IV.1104-5Democracy, 2005-2010
IV.1106-7Development, 2007-2012
IV.1108Drugs, 2004-2012
IV.1109Endowments, 2006
IV.11010Environment, 2007
IV.11011Ethnicity, 2010
IV.11012Foreign Aid, 2006-2012
IV.11013Foundation for Future, 2007
IV.11014Foundations, 2007-2011
IV.11015Friendly Tyrants, 2007-2008
IV.11016Futurology, 2008
IV.11017Globalization, 2007-2012
IV.11018Global Warming, 2007
IV.11019Governance, 2006-2012
IV.11020Grand Theory, 2012
IV.11021Hispanics, 2007-2010
IV.11022Humanitarian Interventions, 2008
IV.11023Human Rights, 2006-2010
IV.11024AFL-CIO, 1985-1987
IV.11025Bi-Partisanship, 1985
IV.11026Business Interests, 1978-1984
IV.11027Church Groups, 1989-1990
Foreign Policy
IV.1111-3CIA, 1984-1995
IV.1114Congress, 1989-1995
IV.1115-8Defense Department, 1984-1995
IV.1119Democratic Party, 1986-1995
IV.11110Democrats, 1983-1996
IV.11111Foreign Aid, 1980-1995
IV.1121Foreign Policy Book, 1976-1995
IV.1122How Foreign Policy is Made: Case of CA [Central America] Great Decisions/World Affairs Council, 1986
IV.1123General Foreign Policy, 1980-1981
IV.1124Foreign Policy-Reagan, 1980-1985
IV.1125Foreign Policy, General, 1980-1991
Foreign Relations [The Dominican Revolution of 1965]
IV.1126Peasantry, 1962-1969
IV.1127Foreign Relations, 1963-1969
IV.1128OAS-UN [Organization of American States-United Nations] Other Outside Influences, 1963-1969
IV.1129Education and Students, 1952-1969
IV.11210OAS [Organization of American States] and Rev [Revolution in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic], 1965-1970
IV.11211Relations with Haiti, 1963-1968
IV.11212Role of U.S., 1960-1969
IV.11213Armed Forces, 1963-1975
IV.11214Elite, 1962-1970
IV.11215Middle Class, 1951-1969
IV.1131Labor, 1961-2000
IV.1132Trujillo Properties, 1962-1967
IV.1133Church, 1960-1969
IV.1134Foreign Colonies, 1963-1967
IV.1135Conclusion, 1962-1970
IV.1136Social Welfare, 1965-1972
IV.1137Public Policy, 1969
IV.1138Current DR [Dominican Republic], 1965
IV.11391991 Topical Symposium: "From Globalism to Regionalism -- New Perspectives On American Foreign And Defense Policies", 1991
IV.11310DR [Dominican Republic]: Post-Revolution, September 1965-Spring 1966 - Garcia Godoy Period, 1965-1966
IV.11311-12Dominican Revolution, 1965
IV.1141-2Dominican Revolution, 1965
International Relations and Foreign Policy
IV.1143LASA [Latin American Studies Association] Forum, 1991
IV.1144American University, 1990-1991
IV.1145Mexico: Limits to Friendship, Pastor/Castaneda, 1989
IV.1146SAIS [School of Advanced International Studies]: Democratic Breakthrough, 1991
IV.1147George Mason [University], 1989-1990
IV.1148U-Mass [University of Massachusetts] - FRG [Faculty Research Grant], 1987-1989
IV.1149-12Educational Testing Service, 1985-1992
IV.1151-3Institute of Peace, 1987-1991
IV.1154Debt Problem: Bush Ad, 1988-1991
IV.1155Debt- P.S. [Wiarda article for journal P.S. "Politics of Third World Debt"], 1990-1991
IV.1156Debt and Democracy-C.I.A., 1988
IV.1157Debt '87-'88, 1987-1989
IV.1158-9Debt '87, 1986-1988
IV.11510The United Nations and the Use of Force, 1961
IV.11511Foundation for the Future's Humanity 3000 Symposium One Introductory Package, 2000
IV.1161-2Select Committee on Intelligence, 1975
Obama Foreign Policy
IV.1163-9Obama Foreign Policy, 2008-2012
IV.1171Obama Foreign Policy, 2009
Political Development
IV.1172Kline, Wiarda: LA [Latin American] Pols. [Politics] and Development 3rd Edition, 1986-1990
IV.1173Harvard, 1990-1991
IV.1174Westview: Foreign Policy Series, 1988-1990
IV.1175AEI [American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research], 1989-1990
IV.1176-8Cuba, 1983-1990
IV.1179-10Agenda, 1984-1990
IV.1181Agenda, 1981-1989
IV.1182-3Cuba Trip, Apr-88
IV.1184-5Democracy and Lipset Conference, 1985-1987
IV.1186-8Political Development Reconsidered, 1988
IV.1189South Church Pastoral Church Committee, 1985-1989
IV.1191Nicaragua: 1990 Election, 1990
IV.1192FPRI [Foreign Policy Research Institute], 1989-1990
IV.1193-4Non-Western Theories of Change, 1977 -1998
IV.1195-8Transition to Democracy Spain/Portugal/General, 1977-1995
U.S. Policy
IV.1199Interest Groups, 1983-1995
IV.1201Left Groups, 1984-1995
IV.1202Linowity [Linowitz] Commission, 1983
IV.1203Lobbying, 1986-1991
IV.1204Local Foreign Policy, 1987-1992
IV.1205Media, 1983-1996
IV.1206National Security Adviser, 1977-1993
IV.1207Presidential Leadership, 1983-1995
IV.1208Public Opinions on Central America, 1983-1996
IV.1209Reagan, 1983-1994
IV.12010Reagan Administration, 1984-1990
IV.12011Refugees/Sanctuary, 1985-1992
IV.12012State Department, 1985-1995
IV.12013Sugar, 1985
IV.12014Transition: Carter to Reagan, 1980-1995
IV.12015Trilateral Commission, 1992
IV.12016United Nations-Walters, 1985
IV.1211U.S. Policy, 1980-1985
IV.1212Vietnam Impact, 1985
IV.1213White House, 1983-1987
IV.1214-6Peacekeeping, 1992-1994
IV.1217Foreign Policy-Clinton, 1992-1993
IV.1218Clinton and Latin America, 1992-1994
IV.1219U.S. Policies Towards Latin America and the Caribbean, 2007
IV.12110Introduction, 2006-2010
IV.12111Bureaucratic Politics, 1982-2011
IV.12112Bush Foreign Policy, 2011
IV.12113CIA, 2007-2012
IV.12114-15Congress, 1997-2012
IV.1221-5Defense Department, 1997-2011
IV.1226DEA [Drug Enforcement Administration], 2010
IV.1227DNI [Director of National Intelligence], 2009-2010
IV.1228FBI, 2007-2012
IV.1229Homeland Security, 2006-2009
IV.12210ICE [Immigration and Customs Enforcement], 2010
IV.12211National Security Administration, 1991-2009
IV.12212Internet Groups, 1996-2011
IV.12213FACS [Foundation for American Communications]: Media and Latin America, 1984-1985
IV.12214Paralysis of Policy, 1985-1987
IV.12215Dictators in Decline, 1985-1987
IV.12216Balaguer, 1996
IV.12217International Business - Government Counsellors, 1996
IV.1231Dictators in Decline, 1985-1987
IV.1232Monroe Doctrine, 1987
IV.1233Nicaraguan Constitution, 1986-1987
IV.1234Labor Force in Latin America, 1976-1977
IV.1235-7[Grenada], 1980-1988
IV.1238Grenada, 1984
IV.1239Grenada: Soviets, 1983-1984
IV.12310Grenada: Cuba, 1983-1984
IV.12311Grenada: Nicaragua, 1983-1984
IV.12312Grenada: Caribbean, 1984
IV.12313Grenada: Suriname, 1983
IV.12314Grenada and Central America, 1984-1987
IV.12315[Government Documents], 1981-1983
IV.12316Nicaragua/Grenada/El Salvador Before the Intervention, 1981-1983
IV.12317Population and U.S. Security, 1983-1985
IV.1241-2Population and U.S. Security, 1984-1985
IV.1243Interest Representation in Latin America, 1986
IV.1244Reagan's Second Term/ Am. Spectator [Journal American Spectator], 1984-1985
IV.1245Communist Challenge in the Caribbean, 1987
IV.1246Public Policy Week, 1985-1986
IV.1247F.I.I.S. [Faculty Institute for International Studies] "Social Revolution in Latin America", 1971-1972
IV.1248Department of State Lectures, 1978
IV.1249Dominican Professional Seminars [Contemporary U.S. and Political/Social Changes in Latin America], 1965-1978
IV.12410-11AEI [American Enterprise Institute] Public Policy Week 40th Year, 1984
IV.1251National Conference on Population Growth in Latin America and U.S. National Security, 1985
IV.1252AEI [American Enterprise Institute]: "The Politics of Industrial Policy", 1984
IV.1253Argentine-American Forum, 1983
IV.1254Central America, 1983
IV.1255The White House, 1983-1984
IV.1256Hubert H. Humphrey Institute of Public Affairs: "Future Directions for U.S. Policy in Central America", 1984
IV.1257Student Conference on U.S. Affairs: "Emerging Social Forces: Challenges for American Foreign Policy", 1982
IV.1258Structural Changes in World Economy, 1983
IV.1259[Latin America (Emphasis on El Salvador)], 1981-1982
IV.12510AEI [American Enterprise Institute] Annual Report, 1983-1984
IV.12511Nicaragua and Cuba Compared, 1982-1983
IV.12512Foreign Policy, 1981-1983
IV.12513U.S.-Venezuela Policy Dialogue, 1981
IV.12514Caribbean Basin Policy, 1982-1983
IV.12515CASA [Center for the Advanced Studies of the Americas], 1984-1988
IV.12516CARI [Consejo Argentino para Las Relaciones Internacionales (Argentine Advice for International Relations)], 1987
IV.12517Miller Center [Report from Miller Center of Public Affairs, University of Virginia], 1986-1989
IV.12518Mexico-U.S. Report, 1989-1990
IV.12519Mexico Project, 1983-1985
IV.12520Methodology, Approaches, Systems Theory, 1968-1969
IV.12521Mellon Foundation, 1984-1985
IV.1261Constantine Menges, 1980
IV.1262Mershon Center, 1988-1990
IV.1263Liberal International, 1987
IV.1264Latin American Studies, 1990
IV.1265Latin American Studies Institute, 1988-1989
IV.1266Latin America Weekly Report, 1979-1981
IV.1267Latin American Studies Program-UMass, 1990
IV.1268Mailing Lists, 1982
IV.1269Mediating Structures [From AEI (American Enterprise Institute)], 1985
IV.12610LACC [Latin American and Caribbean Center] News, 1986-1987
IV.12611Lagniappe, 1984-1986
IV.12612LASA [Latin American Studies Association], 1979-1987
IV.12613Latin America Economic Report, 1976-1977
IV.12614Latin American Index, 1987
IV.12615Latin American Labor Institute, undated
IV.12616Latin America Political Report, 1976-1977
IV.12617USIA [United States Information Agency] - Richard Kaplan, 1983
IV.12618Ellis Katy, 1984
IV.12619Kellogg Foundation/Institute, 1981-1984
IV.12620Joint Border Research Institute, 1989
IV.12621Inter-American Dialogue, 1987
IV.12622Inter-American Security, undated
IV.12623International Center for Dynamics of Development, 1985-1986
IV.12624International Center for Development Policy, 1987
IV.12625Italy, 1981-1983
IV.12626James Madison Foundation, 1987
IV.12627Japan, 1982-1984
IV.12628Institute for International Economics, 1984-1990
IV.12629Institute of International Education, 1984
IV.12630Institute of IR [International Relations]-West Indies, 1986
IV.12631Institution of Latin American Studies (University of Texas), 1985
IV.12632IPS (Institute for Policy Studies), 1985
IV.12633Instituto de Relaciones Europeo-Latinoamericanas, 1985-1987
IV.12634Institute of the Americas, 1982-1988
IV.12635Institute of Caribbean Studies, 1984
IV.12636Institute for Contemporary Studies, 1987-1988
IV.12637Instituto de Cuestiones Internacionales, 1986
IV.12638Institute of Developing Economies (Japan), 1982-1983
IV.12639Inter-American Foundation, 1980-1987
IV.12640IRIS [International Reporting Information Systems], 1982-1983
IV.12641Israel, 1983
IV.12642Israel-Latin American Relations, 1983-1984
IV.12643IPA: International Peace Academy, 1986
IV.12644International Science and Technology Institute, 1987
IV.12645IPSA [International Political Science Association], 1985-1986
IV.12646International Commission on Central American Recovery and Development, 1987
IV.12647International Conference Group on Portugal, 1986
IV.12648International Center for Economic Growth, 1987
IV.12649Institute of Interamerican Studies, 1988
IV.12650InterAmerican Luncheon Group, 1985
IV.12651Global Policy Briefing: Terrorism and Security, 2003
IV.12652NATO 50th Anniversary [North Atlantic Treaty Organization], 1998-1999
IV.12653U.S.-Latin America: Partners of Choice, 2004-2006
IV.12654The Americas and the World: Public Opinion and Foreign Policy in Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, and Peru, 2010-2011
IV.12655Inter-American Cooperation: A Primer [Produced by the U.S. Department of Defense], 1991
IV.12656[Trade in the Western Hemisphere, Free Trade Area of the Americas], 1995-2001
IV.12657[Portugal and Japan], 1988
IV.12658Governor's Inn [Includes Briefs on Women and Homosexuality in the Armed Forces], 1992
IV.12659FLAD [Luso-American Development Foundation, Portugal], 1996-1997
R.IV.1271[National War College] Maxwell Air Force Base Reserve Components National Security Course [The National Defense University], 1989-1992
R.IV.1272New England Council of Latin American Studies [Boston University], 1992
R.IV.1273International Republican Institute [IRI], 1992
R.IV.1274The Reserve Components National Security Course [The National Defense University], 1992-1993
R.IV.1275Inter-American Development Bank [INTAL: Institute for the Integration of Latin American and the Caribbean], 1992
R.IV.1276The Reserve Components National Security Course [The National Defense University], 1992
R.IV.1277Air War College of Air University [Department of the Air Force], 1995-1996
R.IV.1278-9Conference on Political and Economic Effects in Latin America of the Foreign Debt, and Policy Implications [Hoover Institution], 1986-1987
This box must be reviewed for social security numbers prior to research use.
R.IV.12710The International Conference Group on Modern Portugal: "20th Century Portugal", 1979
R.IV.12711Toronto Conference on Portugal, 1976
R.IV.12712[Latin and Portuguese Economies and Debt], 1983-1984
R.IV.12713INTAL [Institute for the Integration of Latin American and the Caribbean], 1986
R.IV.12714The Center for Hemispheric Studies "Trade, Investment, and Public Policy in Latin America: Trends and Prospects" [Cosponsored by AEI (American Enterprise Institute), Organization of American States, Inter-American Bank, Forum Das Americas], 1982
R.IV.12715Arms Sales [Includes Report by Department of Defense Office of International Security Affairs], 1995-1998
R.IV.12716Non-traditional Roles for the U.S. Military in the Post-Cold War Era [National Defense University], 1992-1994
R.IV.12717Military and Democracy in Latin America, 1992-1993
IV.1281DOD [Department of Defense]: Planning for the Americas [National Defense University], 1992-1993
IV.1282Security in Latin America, 1992
IV.1283Strategic Policy in Latin America, 1983-1993
IV.1284Research in Progress, 1977
IV.1285Updating U.S. Strategic Policy: Application to Foreign Policy Research Institute, 1986-1990
IV.1286Latin America: Security Strategies, 1990-1991
IV.1287Harper Collins, 1990
IV.1288U.S. and Latin America: Military-Strategic Concerns, 1984-1991
IV.1289Latin America of U.S., 1977-1984
IV.12810Think Tanks and Latin America, 1990-1994
IV.12811Novel, 1982-1994
IV.12812Energy, 1981-1982
IV.12813Foreign Policy, 1981
IV.12814Human Rights, 1978-1982
IV.12815Immigration, 1981
IV.12816Foreign Aid (and Related Business), 1985
IV.12817Terrorism, 1980-1981
IV.12818Central America-Third World, 1981
IV.12819Trade, 1985-1986
IV.12820Terrorism, undated
IV.12821Third World, 1985-1986
IV.12822Foreign Policy, 1986
IV.12823[World Revolution], 2005-2006
IV.12824Bush Foreign Policy, 2000-2001
R.IV.1291Foreign Policy, 1980-1984
R.IV.1292Kissinger Commission [Wiarda served as lead consultant], 1984
R.IV.1293Corporatism, 1979-1992
R.IV.1294U.S. and Latin America '83 Onward, 1983
R.IV.1295Election Campaign, 1984
R.IV.1296Contadora, 1984-1987
R.IV.1297Kissinger Commission, 1985
R.IV.1298Orfila/OAS [Organization of American States], 1983-1986
R.IV.1299Radio Marti, 1985-1990
R.IV.12910Dan Quayle, 1989-1992
R.IV.12911Soviet Union and Latin America, 1981-1985
R.IV.12912Socialist International, 1985
R.IV.12913Richard Stone, 1983

Subseries D. Grants and Research Proposals , 1960-2004

( 8 box(es) (7.5 linear feet) )
Some boxes in this subseries must be reviewed for social security numbers prior to research use. These boxes are identified with an R before the box number. Please request these boxes 3 business days prior to your research visit to allow time for this review.
Subseries D. Grants and Research Projects includes grant applications, project proposals, correspondence, notes, and other materials related to Wiarda planning research projects.
R.IV.12914-16[Grant Applications/Grant Projects], 1997-2002
This box must be reviewed for social security numbers prior to research use.
R.IV.12917American Philosophical Society, 2000
R.IV.12918Guggenheim, 1999-2000
R.IV.12919Fulbright, 1999-2000
R.IV.1301Fulbright, 1999-2001
R.IV.1302Earhart, 1998-2000
R.IV.1303Oriente Foundation, 1997-2000
R.IV.1304Aspen Institute, 2000
R.IV.1305NATO [North Atlantic Treaty Organization], 1999
R.IV.1306Grants, 1983-1999
R.IV.1307ACLS [American Council of Learned Societies], 1999-2000
This box must be reviewed for social security numbers prior to research use.
R.IV.1308German Marshall Fund, 1999-2000
This box must be reviewed for social security numbers prior to research use.
R.IV.1309-11[Grant Applications/Grant Programs], 1991-2000
This box must be reviewed for social security numbers prior to research use.
R.IV.13012[Professional Development Funds Committee], 1980
R.IV.13013Population Grant Proposal, Ford-Rock [Rockefeller], 1975-1976
R.IV.13014Population Council, 1971-1972
R.IV.13015Foreign Area Fellowship Program, 1971-1975
R.IV.13016Faculty Research [Grant], 1971-1977
R.IV.13017Ford-Rockefeller Pop. [Population Policy], 1974-1975
This box must be reviewed for social security numbers prior to research use.
R.IV.13018Guggenheim, 1979-1981
R.IV.13019Application for Public Health Service Grant or Award [Department of Health, Education, and Welfare], 1974-1978
This box must be reviewed for social security numbers prior to research use.
R.IV.1311-3Application for Public Health Service Grant or Award [Department of Health, Education, and Welfare], 1971-1974
This box must be reviewed for social security numbers prior to research use.
R.IV.1314Faculty Research Grant (1980), 1977-1981
R.IV.1315Faculty Research Grant, 1978-1979
R.IV.1316National Endowment, 1978-1980
R.IV.1317American Philosophical Society, 1978-1980
R.IV.1318Inter-American Foundation, 1978-1980
R.IV.1319Professional Development Funds Committee, 1979-1980
R.IV.13110ACLS [American Council of Learned Societies], 1980-1981
This box must be reviewed for social security numbers prior to research use.
R.IV.13111Faculty Fellowship, 1981
R.IV.13112La Ermita Project, 1972-1973
R.IV.13113Political Campaigning, 1977
R.IV.13114-15Harvard [Center for International Affairs], 1980-1981
R.IV.13116Harvard [Center for International Affairs], 1981-1982
R.IV.13117Trustees, 1976-1980
R.IV.13118-19Washington Christian School, 1982-1983
Grants and Social Research
IV.1321Positions in Washington, 1974-1987
IV.1322Harvard Positions, 1986
IV.1323Diaconate, 1990-1991
IV.1324Social Research, 1981-1983
IV.1325Investments, 1978-1981
IV.1326-10Reviews of My Own Books, 1970-1993
R.IV.1331Reviews of My Own Books, 1987-1994
R.IV.1332-3Reviews and Reviewed, 1981-1987
R.IV.1334Political Risk Analysis, 1979-1981
R.IV.1335-6Sabbatical, 1972-1988
This box must be reviewed for social security numbers prior to research use.
R.IV.1337-8Grant Info, 1964-1989
IV.1341National Disintegration [Washington Years] , 1984
IV.1342Republican Institute for International Affairs, 1986
IV.1343Democracy Endowment, 1982-1985
IV.1344Development and Democracy, Peace and Serenity- Peace Academy, 1986
IV.1345Autocrats vs. Communists and U.S. Policy, undated
IV.1346Patron-Dependent Relations: LA [Latin America], 1960
IV.1347Mercantilist Model, 1976-1994
IV.1348Speaking Possibilities, 1988
IV.1349Consulting, 2001
IV.13410University of Michigan, 1977-1994
IV.13411University of Michigan, 1986-2005
IV.13412Foundations, 2003-2004
IV.13413On Writing, 1987-2005
IV.13414Plans, Projects, 1978-2003
IV.13415Book Proposals and Ideas, undated
IV.13416Project Priorities, 1984-1986
IV.13417Friends, Contacts, 1981
IV.13418Trade, 1998-2006
IV.13419Globalization, 1999-2005
IV.13420Publication Possibilities, 1985-2007
IV.13421Job Possibilities, 1989-1994
IV.13422Lecturing, Public Speaking, 1988
IV.13423On Writing, 1981-2005
IV.13424Harper Collins, 1992
IV.13425Publishing, 1990-2007
IV.13426Book Proposals and Prospecti, 1995-1997
IV.13427Ahora, 1967
IV.13428American Council of Learned Societies, 1966
IV.13429America Latina, 1966-1967
R.IV.1351Am-In. [American Institute] of Comparative Law, 1971
R.IV.1352American Philosophical Society, 1966
R.IV.1353Draft Board, 1966-1968
R.IV.1354Gormley, Robert, 1967-1972
R.IV.1355Harrison, Gilbert, 1968
R.IV.1356Review, 1971
R.IV.1357Inter-American Law Review, 1966
R.IV.1358Jupiter- Liv Tijuco, 1966
R.IV.1359Law and Society Review, 1967-1968
R.IV.13510Luso-Brazilian Review, 1981
R.IV.13511Tom Martinson, 1970
R.IV.13512Merel, Juan de D., 1966
R.IV.13513G. Theodore Mitau, 1968-1969
R.IV.13514Nation, 1967-1968
R.IV.13515National Endowment for the Humanities, 1967-1971
This box must be reviewed for social security numbers prior to research use.
R.IV.13516National Information Network on LA [Latin America] (NINOLA), 1970
R.IV.13517National Geographic, 1977
R.IV.13518National Science Foundation, 1966-1967
R.IV.13519New Republic, 1968
R.IV.13520Orbis, 1967
R.IV.13521Peace Corps, 1966-1970
R.IV.13522Penn State Press, 1984
R.IV.13523University of Pittsburgh Press, 1975-1981
R.IV.13524Praeger Contract, 1967-1985
R.IV.13525Joyce Riegelhaupt, 1974
R.IV.13526Revista/Review Interamericana, 1977
R.IV.13527JOSPOD [Joint Seminar on Political Development]/ Harvard, 1982-1985
This box must be reviewed for social security numbers prior to research use.
R.IV.13528University of Florida Press [Wiarda book on Trajillo], 1967-1975
R.IV.13529U-Mass [University of Massachusetts] Press [Portuguese corporatism book], 1971-1985
R.IV.13530Elites in Crisis: Decline of Old Order and Fragmentation of New in Latin America, 1970-1974
R.IV.13531Dissertation Abstract, undated
R.IV.13532Materials, 1968
R.IV.13533Chapter for Needler Book, undated
R.IV.13534Helen Delpar, 1972-1973
R.IV.13535Scholarly Resources Including DR [Dominican Republic], 1972
R.IV.13536-37Corporatist Theory and Ideology, 1974-1977
R.IV.13538Roett Project, 1978-1979
IV.1361Roett Project, 1976-1979
IV.1362Encyclopedia Britannica, 1977-1979
IV.1363Encyclopedia Britannica, 1979-1980
IV.1364NECLAS [New England Council on Latin American Studies] Report for LARR [Latin American Research Review], 1978
IV.1365Westview [Book manuscript: "Corporatism and National Development in Latin America"], 1980-1981
IV.1366Rutgers University Press, 1969
IV.1367Sheldon, Chris, 1968
IV.1368Trupp, Anne [Mershon Center], 1970
IV.1369United Nations, 1970
IV.13610University of Arizona Press, 1973
IV.13611University of Chicago Press, 1970-1973
IV.13612University of Massachusetts Press, 1961-1978
IV.13613University of Massachusetts- Systems Research Group, undated
IV.13614UPI [United Press International], 1968-1969
IV.13615University of Texas Press, 1965-1967
IV.13616Yvan Van Garsse, 1975
IV.13617Wadsworth, 1967-1970
IV.13618University of Florida, 1985
IV.13619Ione Wright, 1971
IV.13620Windsor-Playdell, 1977
IV.13621Albert Williams, undated
IV.13622Wilgus, A.C., 1968
IV.13623Wide World Photo, 1968-1969
IV.13624University of Pittsburgh, 1984-1985
IV.13625Dorsey Press, 1985
IV.13626Houghton-Mifflin, 1982
IV.13627Latin American Studies, 1980
IV.13628Latin American Studies- University of Massachusetts, 1985
IV.13630Rent Control, 1978-1986
IV.13631Grant Applications, 1981-1985
IV.13632Grant Possibilities, undated
IV.13633Mellon, 1984-1985
IV.13634Smith-Richardson, 1985
IV.13635Citibank, 1985
IV.13636Tinker [Tinker Foundation], 1982-1984
IV.13637Risk Analysis, 1990
IV.13638Holmes and Meier, 1990
IV.13639Twentieth Century Fund, 1990-1992
IV.13640Amherst, 1989-1991
IV.13641Westfield State, 1985

Subseries E. Collected Writings

( 19 box(es) (19 linear feet) )
Subseries E. Collected Writings includes drafts, correspondence, organizational memos of think tanks and programs, reviews of his own work, and other supporting documents about foreign policy, international affairs, and Washington policy-making. In order to organize potential research material, Wiarda collected this material in a series of approximately 100 binders arranged in chronological order. Photocopied material likely duplicates documents located elsewhere throughout his papers.
IV.1431-4Collected Writings: Brazil, Portugal, Comparative Corporatism, 1967-1975
IV.1435-8Collected Writings: Early Dominican Republic, 1968-1977
IV.1439-10Collected Writings, 1978-1979
IV.14311-12Collected Writings and Earlier, 1980-1981
IV.14313-18Collected Writings, 1981-1983
IV.1441-18Collected Writings, 1982-1986
IV.1451-17Collected Writings, 1985-1988
IV.1461-15Collected Writings, 1987-1990
IV.1471-15Collected Writings, 1989-1992
IV.1481-15Collected Writings, 1991-1994
IV.1491-15Collected Writings, 1993-1996
IV.1501-15Collected Writings, 1996-1999
IV.1511-15Collected Writings, 1998-2001
IV.1521-14Collected Writings, 2000-2004
IV.1531-15Collected Writings, 2003-2005
IV.1541-14Collected Writings, 2004-2006
IV.1551-10Collected Writings, 2005-2007
IV.15511-14Collected Writings: Washington, D.C., 2007 Spring
IV.1561-14Collected Writings, 2007-2008
IV.1571-11Collected Writings, 2008-2009
IV.15712-14Collected Writings: Washington, D.C., 2009-2010
IV.1581-2Collected Writings: Washington, D.C., 2009-2010
IV.1583-10Collected Writings: Athens [Georgia], 2009-2010
IV.15811-14Collected Writings, 2010-2011
IV.1591-14Collected Writings, 2010-2012
IV.1601-3Collected Writings: Washington, D.C., 2011-2012 Summer
IV.1604-14Collected Writings, 2012-2013
IV.1611-13Collected Writings, 2012-2014

Series V. Writings, 1928-2012 (1975-2005)

85 box(es) (85 linear feet)
Series V. Writings contains Wiarda's scholarly output, including materials related to over 300 books, articles, op-eds, and Congressional testimony. The papers include published copies of the works, as well as drafts, notes, and research files. The works cover Wiarda's wide-range of research interests, including many topics related to Latin America, American foreign policy, comparative politics, international relations, Washington policy-making, democracy, and Iberia. The series also includes materials about his autobiography Adventures in Research.
Still to be donated are materials related to a planned two-volume autobiography and a few other ongoing projects (volume of materials unknown).
Some boxes in this series must be reviewed for social security numbers prior to research use. These boxes are identified with an R before the box number. Please request these boxes 3 business days prior to your research visit to allow time for this review.
V.11-9Adventures in Research: A Memoir, 1991-2012
V.21-15Adventures in Research: A Memoir, 1956-2005
V.31-8Adventures in Research: A Memoir, 1973-2005
R.V.41-11Adventures in Research: A Memoir, 1988-1989, 2003-2009
This box must be reviewed for social security numbers prior to research use.
V.51-2Adventures in Research: A Memoir, undated
V.53-9American Foreign Policy Topics First Edition, 1981-2007
V.61-19American Foreign Policy Topics First Edition, 1987-2006
V.71-11American Foreign Policy Topics First Edition, 1987-2006
V.712-15American Foreign Policy in Regions of Conflict, 2003-2009
V.716A Clash of Cultures: Military Brass vs. Civilian Academics at the National War College, 2004
V.81-12A Clash of Cultures: Military Brass vs. Civilian Academics at the National War College, 1983-2010
V.91-2A Clash of Cultures: Military Brass vs. Civilian Academics at the National War College, 2011-2012
V.93-10Comparative and International Politics, 1990-1994
V.101-6Comparative and International Politics, 1991-1995
V.107-11Conservative Braintrust: The Rise. Fall and Rise Again of the American Enterprise Institute (AEI), 1975-2012
V.111-11Conservative Braintrust: The Rise. Fall and Rise Again of the American Enterprise Institute (AEI), 2006-2008
V.121-3Conservative Braintrust: The Rise. Fall and Rise Again of the American Enterprise Institute (AEI), 2004-2007
V.124-10Corporatism and Comparative Politics: The Other Great Ism, 1973-1996
V.131-12Corporatism and Comparative Politics: The Other Great Ism, 1978-1996
V.141-8Corporatism and Comparative Politics: The Other Great Ism, 1976-1979, 1996-2003
V.149-13Corporatism and Development: The Portuguese Experience, 1984-1985
V.151-18Corporatism and Development: The Portuguese Experience, 1966-1985
R.V.161-7Corporatism and Development: The Portuguese Experience, 1974-1984
This box must be reviewed for social security numbers prior to research use.
R.V.168-12Democracy and Democratization, 1990-2001
V.171Democracy and Democratization, 1999-2000
V.172-8Democracy and Its Discontents: Development, Interdependence, and U.S. Policy in Latin America, 1993-1995
V.181Democracy and Its Discontents: Development, Interdependence, and U.S. Policy in Latin America, undated
V.182-11The Democratic Revolution in Latin America: History, Politics, and U.S. Policy, 1980-1989
V.191-12The Democratic Revolution in Latin America: History, Politics, and U.S. Policy, 1981-1990
V.201-12The Democratic Revolution in Latin America: History, Politics, and U.S. Policy, 1980-1990
V.211-7The Democratic Revolution in Latin America: History, Politics, and U.S. Policy, 1985-1988
V.218-11Divided America on the World Stage: Broken Government and Foreign Policy, 1997-2011
V.221Divided America on the World Stage: Broken Government and Foreign Policy, 2007
V.222-7European Politics in the Age of Globalization, 1999-2000
V.231-6European Politics in the Age of Globalization, 1995-2001
V.237-9Finding Our Way: Toward Maturity in U.S.-Latin American Relations, 1985
V.241-3Finding Our Way: Toward Maturity in U.S.-Latin American Relations, 1985-1986
V.244-13Foreign Policy First Edition, 1986-2011
V.251-14Foreign Policy First Edition, 1977-2006
V.261-33Foreign Policy First Edition, 1981-2009
V.2634-36Foreign Policy Without Illusion: How Foreign Policy Works and Fails to Work in the United States, 1987-1989
V.271-17Foreign Policy Without Illusion: How Foreign Policy Works and Fails to Work in the United States, 1983-1990
R.V.281-6Foreign Policy Without Illusion: How Foreign Policy Works and Fails to Work in the United States, 1984-1988
R.V.287-9Globalization: Universal Trends, Regional Implications, 1999-2009
This box must be reviewed for social security numbers prior to research use.
V.291-8Grand Theories and Ideologies in the Social Sciences, 2006-2010
V.299Harvard and the Weatherhead Center for International Affairs, 2009
V.301-10Harvard and the Weatherhead Center for International Affairs, 1979-2012
V.311Harvard and the Weatherhead Center for International Affairs, 1980-1991
V.312-7Iberia and Latin America: New Democracies. New Policies, 1995-1996
V.318-22An Introduction to Comparative Politics: Concepts and Processes, 1992-1993
V.321-12An Introduction to Comparative Politics: Concepts and Processes, 1976-2002
V.331-12An Introduction to Comparative Politics: Concepts and Processes, 1987-1999
V.341-10An Introduction to Comparative Politics: Concepts and Processes, 1990-1995
V.3411Latin America at the Crossroads: Development Strategies for the 1990s - A Report Prepared for the Inter-American Development Bank, 1985
V.351-10Latin America at the Crossroads: Development Strategies for the 1990s - A Report Prepared for the Inter-American Development Bank, 1979-1987
R.V.361-11Latin America at the Crossroads: Development Strategies for the 1990s - A Report Prepared for the Inter-American Development Bank, 1981-1987
R.V.3612-16Latin American Politics and Development, 1992-2011
This box must be reviewed for social security numbers prior to research use.
V.371Latin American Politics and Development, 2010
V.372-4Latin American Politics and Development, 1999-2000
V.375-13Latin American Politics: A New World of Possibilities, 1992-1994
R.V.381Latin American Politics: A New World of Possibilities, 1993
R.V.382-3Latin American Politics: A New World of Possibilities, 2003
R.V.384-14New Directions in Comparative Politics, 1966- 1987
This box must be reviewed for social security numbers prior to research use.
R.V.391-2New Directions in Comparative Politics, 1976-1984
R.V.393-9New Directions in Comparative Politics, 1985-1991
This box must be reviewed for social security numbers prior to research use.
V.401New Directions in Comparative Politics, 1989
V.402-4On the Agenda: Current Issues and Conflicts in U.S. Foreign Policy, 1989-1991
V.405-13Policy Passages: Career Options for Policy Wonks, 1982-2006
R.V.411-16Policy Passages: Career Options for Policy Wonks, 1981-1985, 1996-2007
R.V.4117-21Policy Passages: Career Options for Policy Wonks, 1998-2002
This box must be reviewed for social security numbers prior to research use.
V.421-3Policy Passages: Career Options for Policy Wonks, 2001
V.424-11Politics and Social Change in Latin America, 1986, 2000-2003
V.4212Politics in Iberia: The Political Systems of Spain and Portugal, 1989-1992
V.431-6Politics in Iberia: The Political Systems of Spain and Portugal, 1984-1991
V.437-8Politics in Iberia: The Political Systems of Spain and Portugal, 1991
V.441Politics in Iberia: The Political Systems of Spain and Portugal, undated
V.442-7Politics in Iberia: The Political Systems of Spain and Portugal, 1977-1990
R.V.451-2Politics in Iberia: The Political Systems of Spain and Portugal, 1988-1990
This box must be reviewed for social security numbers prior to research use.
R.V.453-10Politics in Iberia: The Political Systems of Spain and Portugal, 1984-1991
V.461Politics in Iberia: The Political Systems of Spain and Portugal, undated
V.462-18Portugal Book, 1934-1978
V.471-7Portugal Book, 1928-1981
V.478-15Regional Comparative Politics Readers, 2001-2003
R.V.481-6Regional Comparative Politics Readers, 2002
This box must be reviewed for social security numbers prior to research use.
R.V.487-19The Soul of Latin America: The Political Theory and Political Tradition of Latin America, 1970, 1986-2000
This box must be reviewed for social security numbers prior to research use.
R.V.491-7The Soul of Latin America: The Political Theory and Political Tradition of Latin America, 1999-2000
This box must be reviewed for social security numbers prior to research use.
R.V.498-11The Soul of Latin America: The Political Theory and Political Tradition of Latin America, 1971-1997
V.501-6The Soul of Latin America: The Political Theory and Political Tradition of Latin America, 1985-1999
V.507-10The Soul of Latin America: The Political Theory and Political Tradition of Latin America, undated
V.511-4The Soul of Latin America: The Political Theory and Political Tradition of Latin America, 1997
V.515-9The Soul of Latin America: The Political Theory and Political Tradition of Latin America, 1993-1998
R.V.521-12The Soul of Latin America: The Political Theory and Political Tradition of Latin America, 1990-1999
This box must be reviewed for social security numbers prior to research use.
R.V.5213-16Toward Consensus in Interpreting Latin American Politics: Developmentalism, Dependency, and The Latin American Tradition, 2000-2001
This box must be reviewed for social security numbers prior to research use.
V.531-11Toward Consensus in Interpreting Latin American Politics: Developmentalism, Dependency, and The Latin American Tradition, 1996-1999
V.5312-16Toward Consensus in Interpreting Latin American Politics: Developmentalism, Dependency, and The Latin American Tradition, 1997-2005
V.541-4Toward Consensus in Interpreting Latin American Politics: Developmentalism, Dependency, and The Latin American Tradition, 1995-2000
Comparative Politics
V.542Political Parties in LA [Latin America], 1982
V.543Inter-State Conflict in LA [Latin America], 1982
V.544Iberia and Latin America: International Journal, 1981-1982
V.545Imperialism, Foreign Investment- LA [Latin American] Dependency, 1965-1979
V.546Public Policy- LA [Latin America], 1982
V.547Latin America: Energy & Energy Policy, 1983
V.548Hellman-Caribbean, 1979-1981
V.549Third World, 1975-1979
V.5410Political Culture, 1950-1969
V.5411Political Parties in Latin America, 1980-1981
V.5412Latin America, Foreign Policies, 1981-1983
V.551Latin America Overviews, 1983
V.552Conference on Caribbean, 1978-1982
V.553Comparative Politics Book, 1979-1982
V.554Central American Project: Smith- Rich, 1981-1982
V.555Death Squads in Latin America, 1984
V.556Caribbean and U.S. [United States]: Wilson Center, 1981
V.557Wilson Center on Central America, 1982
V.558State- Society Relations in Latin America, 1977-1978
V.559Military in Latin America, 1984
V.5510Church in Latin America, 1983
V.5511Human Rights Projects- Book, 1981-1982
V.541Inter-American System, 1979
Foreign Policy
V.5512[Dominican Republic], 1965
V.5513[Drug Trafficking in Mexico and Colombia], undated
V.5514[Democracy], 1984, 2004
V.5515Volume III Backup Data/Documents, 2002-2004
V.5516Volume III Sent to Doris for Revisions, 2005
V.5517[Comparative Politics: Approaches and Issues], undated
R.V.561[Comparative Politics: Approaches and Issues], undated
R.V.562Book 3- Comparative Politics, 1984
R.V.563[Democracy in Latin America], 2003
R.V.564Civil Military Relations, 2004
R.V.565Contributors, 2003
R.V.566[Wiarda Textbook Series on Foreign Policy], 2002-2003
This box must be reviewed for social security numbers prior to research use.
R.V.567Permissions, 2004
R.V.568Book 4- American Foreign Policy, 2004
R.V.569Volume IV. Foreign Policy, undated
Foreign Policy and Comparative Politics Books
R.V.5610[Development on the Periphery], 2005
R.V.5611Doris, undated
R.V.5612Data- Miscellaneous- Four Volume Series, 2003-2005
R.V.5613Volume I- Final Draft, undated
V.571Volume I Latin America, undated
V.572Volume II: Southern to Eastern Europe and Disk, 2005
V.573-5Volume II, 2002-2003
Government and Politics
V.576Portuguese Corporatism Revisited, 1974-1975
V.577Book Proposals, undated
V.578State Department Memo: Background, Portuguese Coup of April, 1974
V.579Labor in DR [Dominican Republic], 1966
V.5710Debt- PS [Political Science Journal], 1990
V.5711Ethnocentrism and Third World Development, 1989-1990
V.5712Comparative Politics- Intro, undated
V.5713U.S. [United States] and LA [Latin America]: Change and Conformity, Published by University of Pittsburgh, 1981-1982
V.5714Lucena: Review of My Corporatism Work, 1981
V.5715GEAI [Global Economic Action Institute], Democracy, Development, Security, undated
V.5716Toward a Non-Ethnocentric Theory of Development, 1981-1983
V.581From Corporation to Neo-Syndicalism, 1982
V.582U.S., LA [Latin America], and International Debt; Finn: Catholic Social Teaching, 1987
V.583DR [Dominican Republic]: Govt. and Politics- LOC [Library of Congress], 1989
V.584[Wiarda Publications], 1980-1990
V.585Political Parties in Spain and Portugal- Merkl, 1980
V.586Ethnocentrism of Social Sciences, undated
V.587Iberia, LA [Latin America] and EEC [Enlargement of the European Community], undated
V.588Intro to Social Change and Political Development in LA [Latin America], 1971-1972
V.589Conclusion to Politics and Social Change Book, undated
V.5810Intro and Conclusion: Politics and Social Change, 1970
V.5811Church in DR [Dominican Republic], 1965
V.5812Superpower Cooperation: Katy/USIP [United States Institute of Peace], 1989
V.5813Political Culture and Development - Fletcher, 1989
V.5814Reagan Retrospective: Malloy, 1989
V.5815Conceptual and Political Dimensions of Crisis in LA [Latin America] Toward a View Policy Formulation, Public Policy Week Paper, published in "Crisis", 1982
V.5816Toward a Non Ethnocentric Theory of Development: Alternative Conceptions from 3rd World, 1983
V.5817US [United States] and LA [Latin America]: Change and Conformity, Published by University of Pittsburgh, 1982-1986
V.5818Electoral Competition in Portugal, Weiner/Ozbudun Book, undated
V.5819[Articles and Chapters by Wiarda, including about Corporatism], 1970-1981
V.591[Articles and Chapters by Wiarda, including about Corporatism], 1970-1982
Iberia Early Papers
V.592Southern Europe (FPDR), 1985-1987
V.593[Correspondence], 1984, 1986
V.594The Spanish Institute, Inc., 1985
V.595The Iberian-Latin American Connection, 1986
V.596Elections and Democracy in Portugal, 1975-1981
V.597Yale Conference, 1975 March
V.598SAIS [School of Advanced International Studies]: Portugal Seminar, 1976
V.599Portugal Conference/ CIA, 1984 December
V.5910Institute for Study of Conflict, 1975-1978
V.601Political Parties in Spain and Portugal- Merkl, 1977-1979
V.602Chapter on Portuguese Corporatism for Graham Makler book, 1976-1978
V.603The Portuguese Revolution: Towards Explaining the Political Behavior of the MFA [Armed Forces Movement], 1975
V.604Wilson Center- Portugal, 1987
V.605-6Iberia Manuscript, 1974-1985
V.607Can We Learn to Live with Socialism? Foreign Policy Implications of Portuguese Revolution and New Currents, 1975
V.608-9[AEI (American Enterprise Institute) Conference on Iberia and Latin America, 1984-1986
International Relations
R.V.611PLANTS and Gardens, 1984, 1990-1991
R.V.612Fulbright, 1991-1993
This box must be reviewed for social security numbers prior to research use.
R.V.613-4DR [Dominican Republic] Emigration/ RAND, 1990-1993
R.V.615Brooks Cole, 1988-1992
R.V.616Brooks/Cole Author's Guide, 1988
R.V.617Christian Scholar's Review: Historical Culturalism, 1990-1991
R.V.618Scaife Foundation, 1988
R.V.619Center for Naval Analysis, 1988
R.V.6110South America, 1988
R.V.6111Encyclopedia Britannica, 1988-1989
R.V.6112DR [Dominican Republic]: Crucible (2nd), 1991
R.V.6113FPRI [Foreign Policy Research Institute], 1987-1988
R.V.621Howard Wiarda USIP [United States Institute of Peace], 1991-1992
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R.V.622George Mason: Robinson Chair, 1986-1987
R.V.623SSRC [Social Science Research Council]: Think Tanks and Foreign Policy, 1986-1989
R.V.624Institute of American Universities, 1987
R.V.625Heinz Endowment, 1986
R.V.626NAFTA [North American Free Trade Agreement], undated
R.V.627Lecture Invitations- 1980s, 1982-1988
R.V.628INTAL [Institute for Latin American Integration], 1992-1994
R.V.629INTAL [Institute for Latin American Integration]/IDB [Inter-American Development Bank], 1989-1993
R.V.6210LA [Latin America]: Toward the Future, 1992
R.V.6211Faculty Growth Grant, 1989-1990
Latin America
R.V.6212Mexico: Unraveling of Corp. [Corporatist] Regime, undated
R.V.6213[Dealing with Dictators in Decline], 1987
R.V.6214Spain-LA [Latin America] Materials, 1979-1984
R.V.6215[The Center for Hemispheric Studies Conference on "Trade, Investment, and Public Policy in Latin America"], 1982
R.V.6216Soviets and Latin America, 1981-1984
R.V.6217[Latin America at the Crossroads: Debt and Development Strategies], 1985
R.V.6218[Books on Latin America from AEI (American Enterprise Institute)] (brochures), undated
R.V.6219[The United States and Latin America], 1987
R.V.6220Monroe Doctrine, 1987
R.V.6221[The Rising Soviet Presence], 1986
V.631[Articles on Latin America Issues, including Economics and International Relations], 1982-1987
V.632[Electoral Competition and Participation in Portugal: Has Democracy Been Institutionalized?], undated
V.633[The Corporative Origins of the Iberian and Latin American Labor Relations Systems], 1976
V.634-5[Political Articles and Journals], 1968-1981
V.636Middlebrook/Democracy Ms. [Manuscript], 1984
V.638[The Center for Hemispheric Studies Conference on "Trade, Investment, and Public Policy in Latin America"], 1982
Latin American Politics
V.639[Edited Drafts on Latin American Theory], undated
V.6310[A Century of Latin-American Thought], 1945
V.6311[Clippings and Notes], 2003
V.6312[Chapter 4: Spain and Portugal in America], undated
V.6313-14[Assorted Book Chapters], undated
V.641Spain in Latin America: Colonial System, undated
V.642[Brochures and Correspondence (Incudes U.S. Institute of Peace)], 1997-2002
V.643[Articles on Democracy and Political Development in Latin America], 1988
V.644LA [Latin America] Political Theory Seminar, 1997
V.645[Political Theory and the Political Tradition of Latin America], 1979
V.646[Chapter 3], undated
V.647[Book Draft], undated
V.648Warden- Donoso Cortes, 1971
V.649Political Development in Iberia- Later Traditions, Grand Book, 1968-1976
V.6410Authoritarian Models- LA [Latin America], 1973-1978
V.6411-12Introduction (Theory). [See also file on book on Iberia-Later Tradition], 1970-1978
V.6413Political Development in LA [Latin America] General Perspectives, 1968-1973
V.651Political Development in LA [Latin America] General Perspectives, 1968-1974
V.652-3Political Theory of LA [Latin America], 1976-1986
V.654Political Theory and Tradition of LA [Latin America], 1990-1992
Latin American Relations
V.655[When a Client State Also Becomes a Patron: The Soviet Union, Cuba, and the Nicaraguan and Grenadan Revolutions], 1986
V.656Elections in Portugal: Weiner Volume, 1983
V.657Reagan's Second Term, 1985
V.658[The Armed Forces and Politics in Latin America], 1986
V.659INTAL [Institute for Latin American Integration]- Debt, 1987
V.6510Updating U.S. Strategic Policies, 1988
V.6511[Articles on Spanish/ Latin American Democracy], 1984-1985
V.6512Project Democracy, undated
V.6513[Population, Internal Unrest, and U.S. Security in Latin America], 1986
V.6514Interest Representation, 1986
V.6515[Democratic Development in the Dominican Republic], 1987
V.6516[The Problem of Ethnocentrism], 1985
V.6517[Ethnocentrism and the Social Science], 1981
V.6518[Population, Internal Unrest, and U.S. Security in Latin America], 1985
V.661[CSIS (Center for Strategic and International Studies) Project: The Domestic Politics of the U.S.-Mexico Free Trade Agreement], 1992
V.662CSIS [Center for Strategic and International Studies], 1989-1992
V.663[Article Clippings and Reports on Trade with Latin American Countries], 1991-1996
V.664Conferences 1985, 1985-1992
V.665[Article Clippings and Reports on Trade with Latin American Countries], 1991-1993
V.666How to Get Published/ Wiarda [CSIS Publications], 1992
V.667[Reports on Policy and Economics of NAFTA], 1992-1994
V.668NAFTA [North American Free Trade Agreement], 1992
V.669[NAFTA Clippings], 1980-1994
V.6610[Opening of NAFTA Trade], 1991-1992
V.6611[NAFTA Clippings and Articles], 1993
Policy Reports
V.6612[Portuguese Democracy: A Somber View], 1988
V.6613Political Systems of Latin America- Hopkins, undated
V.6614New Relationships in CA [Central America], 1983
V.6615Conceptual Failures- Leiken, undated
V.6616K [Kissinger] Report, undated
V.6617U.S.- 1987South America, 1987
R.V.671[World Affairs Journal], 1986
R.V.672Soviet Policy in Caribbean, 1987
R.V.673[AEI (American Enterprise Institute) Brochures], undated
R.V.674[The Paralysis of Policy: Current Dilemmas of U.S. Foreign Policy Making], undated
R.V.675Aftermath of Grenada, 1984
R.V.676[Soviet Policy in the Caribbean and Central America], 1984
R.V.677Alliance for Progress, 1986
R.V.678[U.S. Policy in Central America: Consultant Papers for the Kissinger Commission], 1984
R.V.679[Toward a Non-Ethnocentric Theory of Development: Alternative Conceptions from the Third World], 1981-1983
R.V.6710Can the Mice Roar [Small Countries and the Debt Crisis], 1987
R.V.6711[The Paralysis of Policy: Current Dilemmas of U.S. Foreign Policy Making], 1986
Politics and Social Change (U.S.-USSR Institute of Peace)
R.V.6712-13[American Foreign Policy Towards Latin America in the 80s and 90s], 1979, 1992-1996
R.V.6714[American Foreign Policy Towards Latin America in the 80s and 90s and Other Manuscripts on International Relations], 1989-1992
R.V.6715From Reagan to Bush, 1991
This box must be reviewed for social security numbers prior to research use.
R.V.6716Politics and Social Change, 1991-1992
V.681Politics and Social Change, 1989-1993
V.682-3Institute of Peace: Superpowers in Central America, 1989-1991
South America Democracy
V.684After Miami, 1994-1995
V.685Democracy in the Southern Cone, 1995
V.686Balaguer, 1995
V.687Democracy and Elections in the Caribbean, CSIS [Center for Strategic and International Studies], 1993-1995
V.688Hopkins: Latin America: Perspectives on a Region- "Political Systems of Latin America" Models and Typology, 1994-1995
V.689Ethnocentrism and Foreign Assistance/ IPSA [International Political Science Association], 1985-1986
V.6810Portugal Corporatism- Dicionario, 1995
V.6811Portuguese Democracy: A Somber View, undated
V.6812Dismantling Corporation, 1994
V.6813DR [Dominican Republic] Elections, 1986, 1994
V.691DR [Dominican Republic] Elections, 1993-1996
V.692-4Future of Marxist- Leninist Regimes and Cuba, 1985-1995
V.695Armed Forces and Politics in Latin America: Role of Military Under Democracy, Harvard International Review, 1986-1995
V.696Clinton and Latin America: North, South, 1994-1995
V.697Washington's Misguided Haiti Policy- Latin American Index, 1994
V.698Vellinga: Latin American State, 1996
South America Public Policy
V.699Health Conditions, 1969-1972
V.6910Church, 1969-1972
V.6911DR [Dominican Republic] Book, 1979-1981
V.6912DR [Dominican Republic]: Population Essay, 1967-1968
V.6913DR [Dominican Republic] Chapter: Kline and Wiarda Book, 1978
V.6914DR [Dominican Republic] Book, undated
V.701Propaganda, 1967-1972
V.702U.S., 1969-1972
V.703Opposition, 1969-1971
V.704Population- OSU [Ohio State University] Mershon Seminar, 1969-1970
V.705Government Position, 1967-1972
V.706Conclusion: Population Study, 1974
V.707Trujillo Essay, 1977-1978
U.S. Economic Policy in Latin America, South America Democracy
V.708[U.S. and Latin American Economic and Social Relationship], 1983-1985
V.709Certification for El Salvador: Senate Testimony, 1983
V.7010[Clippings], 1990
V.7011Council on Foreign Relations, 1984-1988
V.7012-14[Global Economic Action Institute (GEA)], 1987-1988
V.711[Mexico: The Unraveling of a Corporatist Regime?], undated
V.712[Rethinking Political Development: A Look Backward Over Thirty Years, a Look Ahead], 1988
V.713Cuba and U.S. FP [Foreign Policy] in LA [Latin America]- Havana, 1988
V.714Political Development- Rethinking, 1988
V.715LA [Latin America] in 1990- Five College, 1988
V.716Trust but Verify- Singapore, undated
V.717U.S. and CA [Central America]: Reagan Retrospective- Malloy, 1989
V.718-9[American Foreign Policy: Global Issues and Regional Responses], undated
V.7110[Correspondence on Writing Revisions and Reproductions], 2004
V.7111-15[Democracy in Latin America], 2003-2004
V.7116[Comparative Politics], 2005-2006
V.721[Comparative Politics, The Crisis of American Foreign Policy], 2006
V.722Volume IV. Foreign Policy, 2005
V.723Volume IV. American Foreign Policy, 2005
V.724[Development on the Periphery], 2005
V.725[The Context of Latin American Politics], undated
V.726[American Foreign Policy], 2004-2005
V.727-8Presidential Task Force/ Project Economic Justice, 1984-1987
R.V.731Presidential Task Force/ Project Economic Justice, 1986
R.V.732U.S. and South America- Current History, 1987
R.V.733-4Alliance for Progress, 1983-1987
R.V.735Communism in LA [Latin America], 1985-1987
R.V.736Commie [Communist] Book, 1984-1987
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R.V.737Harvard/ JOSPOD [Joint Seminar on Political Development] Breakdown of Regimes, 1985-1986
R.V.738Factionalism, Contras, and U.S. Policy; State Department, 1986-1987
R.V.739Soviet Activities in LA [Latin America] State Department, 1987
R.V.7310JOSPOD [Joint Seminar on Political Development]/ Harvard; Intellectuals and Technocrats in Development, 1984-1985
V.741Soviet Policy in Third World (Arizona), 1984-1987
V.742Public Policy Week: Paralysis, 1986
V.743[High Road to Economic Justice], 1986-1987
V.744Sandoz/ Costa Rica, 1984
V.745[Foreign Policy and Population: Latin America], 1975-1985
V.746[Latin American Topics], undated
V.747[Reports on Latin America and Central America], 1974-1990
V.748[Reports on Iberian-Latin American Relations], 1985-1988
V.749[U.S. Foreign Policy, especially Central America], 1985-1986
V.751[Reports on Latin American Democracy], 1968, 1982-1986
V.752GEAI [Global Economic Action Institute]: Democracy, Development, Security, undated
V.753[U.S.- Latin American International Relations], 1983-1985
V.754Statism in LA [Latin America], 1985
V.755USSR, Cuba, Vietnam- University of Illinois, 1986
V.756U.S. and CA [Central America]- Kissinger, 1983
V.757U.S.- LA [Latin America] After Faulklands, 1982
V.758U.S. and LA [Latin America]: Change and Continuity, 1982
V.759U.S.- LA [Latin America] Continuities and New Directions, Johnson State, 1987
V.7510U.S.- LA [Latin America] Conceptual and Political Dimensions; Public Policy Week, 1982
V.7511Alliance for Progress, 1986
V.7512Atlantic Council, 1983
V.7513Brazil Communications, undated
V.7514Cancun and After: U.S. and Third World, 1982
V.7515Central America Isn't Middle America, 1984
V.7516Certification for El Salvador, 1983
V.7517Comparative Politics- Introduction, undated
V.7518At Root: Conceptual Failures in CA [Central America]- Leiken, undated
V.7519Sixteen Reasons, 1990
V.7520Consensus on CA [Central America], 1985
V.7521Constitution as Propaganda, 1987
V.7522Europe and LA [Latin America], 1989-1990
V.7523Weiner: Elections in Portugal, undated
V.7524Politics in Spain and Portugal, 1980
V.7525Corporatist Model: Spanish Edition, 1974-1975
V.7526Corporatist Theory, 1978
V.7527U.S., LA [Latin America], and Debt- Finn, 1987
V.7528U.S.- South America, 1985
V.7529Mexico: Another Portugal, 1988
V.7530What Future for Mexico?, undated
V.7531Mexico- Unraveling, 1988
V.7532Cuba and U.S. FP [Foreign Policy] in LA [Latin America]- Havana, 1988
V.7533Crisis of Communist Regimes: Cuba, undated
V.7534Trust but Verify- Singapore, 1988
V.7535U.S.- South America, 1987
V.7536U.S. Strategic Policy, 1985
V.7537Corporatist Theory- Spanish Theory, 1978
V.7538Democracy Exported, 1983
V.7539Friendly Tyrants, 1987
V.7540Development, Democracy, Peace, and Security, 1986
V.7541U.S. and CA [Central America]: Reagan Retrospective- Malloy, 1989
V.7542DR [Dominican Republic], 1981
V.7543El Salvador: U.S. Policy, 1983
V.7544Ethnocentrism, 1981
V.7545Non-Ethnocentric Development, 1981
V.7546Ethnocentrism and U.S. Aid, 1985
V.7547Factionalism and Contras, State Department, 1987
V.7548Foreign Policy Without Illusion, Little Brown, undated
V.7549Future of LA [Latin America], 1984
V.7550Grenada Aftermath, 1984
V.7551Kissinger Commission, undated
V.7552Iberia- LA [Latin America], undated
V.7553Interest Representation in LA [Latin America], 1986
V.7554LA [Latin Americanization] of U.S., 1976
V.7555Lebanon and El Salvador, 1984
V.7556Media and LA [Latin America], 1985
V.7557LA [Latin America] in 1990- Five College, 1988
V.7558Political Culture and M-L [Marxism-Leninism]: Inferiority Complexes, 1988
V.7559Monroe Doctrine, 1987
V.7560Paralysis of Policy, 1986
V.7561Political Development in CA [Central America], 1983
V.7562Political Systems of LA [Latin America], undated
V.7563Population and U.S. Security, 1985-1986
V.7564Portugal- Corporatism, 1981
V.7565Portuguese Democracy: A Somber View, 1988
V.761Portugal- Elections, undated
V.762Power and Policy in DC [Washington D.C.], 1982
V.763Project Democracy, 1983
V.764Reagan's Second Term, 1985
V.765Small Countries and Debt, 1987
V.766South American Domestic Politics and Foreign Policy, CSIS [Center for Strategic and International Studies], 1987
V.767Southern Europe, 1986
V.768Soviet Policy in Caribbean, 1986
V.769Soviet Presence in LA [Latin America], 1986
V.7610Spain and LA [Latin America], 1985
V.7611[Nonprofit Sector Research Fund (NSRF): Is Civil Society Exportable? The American Model and Third World Development], 2002
V.7612-14[The Dilemmas of Democracy in Latin America], 2003
V.7615[Development on the Periphery], 2005
V.7616-18Vol. 3: Comparative Politics as Test: Approaches and Hot Issues, 2003-2004
V.7619[Publisher Correspondence], 2004-2005
V.7620[Publishing Information and Drafts], 2004
V.7621[Southern Europe and Eastern Europe: A Comparative Analysis of Democratic Transitions], 2004
R.V.771[Southern Europe and Eastern Europe: A Comparative Analysis of Democratic Transitions], 2004
R.V.772Notes 1987- XXI and XXII [Includes Southern Europe and Eastern Europe: A Comparative Analysis of Democratic Transitions], 2004
R.V.773[Southern Europe and Eastern Europe: A Comparative Analysis of Democratic Transitions], undated
R.V.774Book 2: Development on the Periphery, 2003-2004
R.V.775Authoritarianism and Corporatism, University of Florida Press, 2003-2004
R.V.776[Journal of Interamerican Studies and World Affairs Special Issue: U.S.- Latin American Relations], 1997
R.V.777LA [Latin American] Politics: New World of Possibilities- China Edition, 1997
R.V.778CSIS [Center for Strategic and International Studies] Caribbean Leaders, 1995
R.V.779Harcourt Brace, 1996-2003
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R.V.7710[CSIS [Center for Strategic and International Studies] Correspondence], 2001
R.V.7711U.S. FP [Foreign Policy]- Hook, 2000-2001
R.V.7712[Technique of Coup: Lessons for Republicans], 1997
R.V.7713Economic Groups in Portugal: Dicionario, 1997
R.V.7714Catholic Roots and Democratic Flowers: Spain/Portugal, 2000
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V.781Catholic Roots and Democratic Flowers: Spain/Portugal, 1999-2000
V.782Conservative Parties: Spain and Portugal, 1995-1996
V.783[Articles on Latin America Political Theory], 1975-1981
V.784Article: The Making of a Latin Americanist: A Personal Account, My Research Sojourn and Corporatism Model, undated
V.785Book: Collection of My Own Articles, 1978-1980
V.786Gleijeses, Diederich Review, 1979
V.787Bolivia Chapter, 1978-1979
V.788Pittsburgh Meetings on Caribbean, 1981
V.789Kryzanek Article, 1979-1981
V.7810Proposed Article on Military Implications of Dominican Revolution, 1965, 1978
V.7811Comparative Theories of Social Change, undated
V.7812Brazil Monograph I, undated
V.7813Family Planning in DR [Dominican Republic], 1968-1973
R.V.791Transition to Democracy in Portugal, 1976
R.V.792Cuba: Is it Also Corporatist?, 1977-1979
R.V.793NSF [National Science Foundation], 1978-1980
This box must be reviewed for social security numbers prior to research use.
R.V.794[Behavioral Sciences and the National Security Report No. 4], 1966
R.V.795[Latin American Studies Association (LASA) Meeting Program], 1980
R.V.796LA [Latin America]: Summing Up, undated
R.V.797[Wiarda Curriculum Vitae, University of Massachusetts Personal Stationery], 1997-2002
R.V.798[Cancun and After: The United States and the Developing World], 1982
R.V.799[Can Democracy Be Exported? The Quest for Democracy in United States Latin America Policy], 1983
R.V.7910[Catalog of the Latin American Browsing Collection in the University of Massachusetts Library], 1988
R.V.7911[Social Issues and Social Theory], 1985
R.V.7912[Articles on International Relations with Emphasis on Latin America, Central America, and the Caribbean], 1982-1984
R.V.7913[Is Civil Society Exportable? The American Model and Third World Development], 2001
R.V.7914[Notebooks], undated
R.V.7915-16[Articles on Latin American Development], 1976-1991
R.V.7917[In Search of Policy], 1983
V.801-2[In Search of Policy], 1984
V.803The Crisis in LA [Latin America]: Falcoff, Grunwald, Wiarda [Published monograph], 1982-1984
V.804Neale Pearson, 1981-1984
V.805Book: U.S. Policy and LA [Latin America], 1983-1984
V.806[In Search of Policy: The United States and Latin America], 1983
V.807Lebanon and El Salvador: Why Policy Goes Astray, undated
V.808[Interpreting Iberia-Latin American Interrelations: Paradigm Consensus and Conflict], 1985
V.809Corporatist Model- Spanish, 1974-1975
V.8010Corporatist Theory- Spanish, 1978
V.8011Literature and Commerce, undated
V.8012Tinker Foundation Grant Proposal, undated
V.8013Corporatist Theory, 1978
V.8014Smith-Richardson Grant Proposal, 1982-1983
V.8015[Article in Japanese], undated
V.8016Unexamined Research Frontiers: Grieb in DR [Dominican Republic]: Balaguer and Trujillo, 1984
V.8017Development and Democracy, 1986
V.8018Impact of an Enlarged European Community on LA [Latin America], Landau/Summ, 1982
V.811LA [Latin Americanization] of U.S., 1976
V.812[Survey of External Communication Research: Brazil; Report for USIA], 1979
V.813Op-Ed Christian Science Monitor, 1985
V.814Social Science Models and Iberian-Latin American Relations, 1983
V.815Dominican Republic, 1981
V.816[Hearings Before the Committee on Foreign Relations: Radio Broadcasting to Cuba], 1983
V.817Maine and Towson State, 1983-1984
V.818Democratization in Communist Countries, 1982
V.819Power and Policy-Making in [Washington] D.C., 1982
V.8110U.S. and LA [Latin America] After Faulklands, 1982
V.8111CSIS [Center for Strategic and International Studies]- South America and U.S., 1987
V.8112[Introduction- The Roots of the Crisis in Central America], 1983
V.8113Latin American Perspectives: Response to Haynes, 1989
V.8114Government, Politics, Society- Venezuela, 1991
V.8115[Dominican Republic]: Library of Congress, 1989-1992
V.8116[Latin American Diplomacy and the Central American Peace Process: The Contadora and Esquipulas II Cases by Mary Kathryn Meyer], 1992
V.8117[Propspecti on Policy Careers and European Politics], 1997
V.8118[Parallels and Actuals of Political Development], 2000
V.8119[Portugal: A Country Study], 2003
V.8120[Ethnocentrism in Foreign Policy: Can We Understand the Third World?], 1997
V.8121Crisis in Communist Regimes: Cuba, undated
V.8122[Articles on Latin American and Central American Topics], 1978-1982
V.8123[Ethnocentrism in Foreign Policy: Can We Understand the Third World?], 2000
V.8124[Articles on Latin American and Central American Topics], 1977-1978
V.821[Articles on Latin American and Central American Economics], 1983-1986
V.822[The Political Theory and Political Tradition of Latin America], undated
V.823[Publishing Brochures], 1993-1995
V.824Transition to Democracy in Spain and Portugal, 1973-1987
V.825[Journals on Latin American and European Topics], 1976, 1986
V.826[Universities, Think Tanks, and War Colleges: The Main Institutions of American Academic Life], undated
V.827-8[Articles on Latin American Development and Policy], 1968, 1984-1985
V.831[Articles on Latin American Topics], 1982-1984, 1992
V.832[Articles on Latin American Development and Politics], 1980-1985
V.833LA [Latin American] Perspectives: Haynes on Wiarda, 1988
V.834[Articles on World Politics], 1973, 1982
V.835Brazilian Catholic Labor Movement, 1969
V.836[Revolution or Counterrevolution in Brazil?], undated
V.837Catholic Labor Movement in Brazil, 1969
V.838[Spain and Portugal], 1985-1989
V.839[Dominican Republic], 1963, 1974
V.8310[Brazil], 1970-1986
V.8311Corporatist Theory and Ideology, undated
V.8312Brazil Pop [Population] Chapter, undated
V.8313Human Rights in LA [Latin America], 1977-1978
V.8314The Portuguese Revolution: Explaining the MFA [Armed Forces Movement], 1975
V.8315Can Democracy Be Exported?, 1984
V.8316Encyclopedia Britannica: DR [Dominican Republic], 1974
V.8317DR (Dominican Republic]: The Fuse Still Sputters (Nation), 1968
V.8318Crisis Coming in Brazil (New Republic), 1968
V.8319Europe, Iberia, and Latin America: Speech at Georgetown, 1982
V.8320Economic and Political Station in LA [Latin America], 1981
V.8321Iberia and LA [Latin America]: Continuities and Parallels, 1974
V.8322Can We Learn to Live With a Socialist World?, 1975
V.8323Alternative Environments, 1978
V.8324Latin American Intellectuals and the "Myth" of Underdevelopment, 1977
V.8325The Portuguese Corporative System, 1973
V.8326[Wiarda Articles on Corporatism], 1966, 1971-1982
V.8327Iberia and LA [Latin America]: Intro, Conclusion, undated
V.841[Articles on Political Development] (Includes Dominican Republic), 1967-1975
V.842[Articles on Politics in the Dominican Republic and Latin America], 1965-1975
V.843-6[The Legacy of Portuguese Rule in Asia: Reasserting Influence in the Post-Colonial Era], 2001-2002
V.847Vitas [Includes Portugal in Asia: Ongoing Social and Political Concepts and Institutions], 2002
V.848Certification of El Salvador, 1983
V.849Factionalism in Nicaragua, 1987
V.8410U.S. and El Salvador, 1983
V.8411[Articles on Latin American Economics and Foreign Relations], 1984-1985
V.8412Media and LA [Latin America], 1985
V.8413Consensus on CA [Central America], 1985
V.8414CA [Central America] Isn't U.S., 1984
V.8415Atlantic Council- CA [Central America], 1983
V.8416[Cuba and U.S. Foreign Policy in Latin America: The Changing Realities], 1988
V.8417On Leave, undated
V.8418First Drafts, undated
V.851-6The Dutch Diaspora, 1970-1993
Contains a small amount of material about Wiarda's family, including photographs and a directory of family members.

Series VI. Personal, 1961-2013

23 box(es) (3.25 linear feet and 3 oversize folders)
Series VI. Personal includes Wiarda's personal journals, daily planners and calendars, CVs and biographical sketches, materials related to publishing his books, business cards and professional contacts, a sabbatical report, diplomas and commendations, posters for speaking engagements, and one photographic portrait. The journals, 277 small pocket notebooks, offer particular insight into Wiarda's career and philosophy, providing candid thoughts on his Washington and foreign policy work and think tank experience, covering the years 1976 through much of 2015. An index covering most of the journals is available, which Wiarda personally created.
IV.1415[Sabbatical Leave Report], undated
IV.1416Biographical Statement and CVs, 1993
IV.1417-9Old Vitas, Biographies, 1980-1985
IV.14110Book Publishers, 1983
IV.14111Contracts and Notes, undated
IV.14112Wiarda's Business Cards, undated
IV.14113Portrait, 1998
IV.14114[Commendation Medal from Dominican President Leonel Fernandez], 2012
VI.1[Diplomas], 1961-1965
VI.2[Diplomas and Commendations], 1980-2013
VI.3[Posters for Speaking Engagements and Events], 2000-2013
VI.4Journal, 1976 May 19
VI.4Journal: Israel, Greece, Iberia, 1977
VI.4Journal: APSA [American Political Science Association] in New York, 1978
VI.4Journal: Trip to Washington D.C., Vacation to Grand Rapids, Chicago, and Nebraska, 1978 July-August
VI.4Journal, circa 1979
VI.4Journal I: Europe, 1979
VI.4Journal II: Europe, 1979
VI.4Journal III: Europe, 1979
VI.4Journal IV: Europe, 1979
VI.4Journal V: Europe, 1979
VI.4Journal VI: Europe, 1979
VI.4Journal VII: Europe, 1979
VI.4Journal I: Harvard, 1979-1980
VI.4Journal II: Harvard, 1980
VI.4Journal III: Harvard, 1980-1981
VI.4Journal I: The Washington Experience, 1981
VI.4Journal II: The Washington Experience, 1981-1982
VI.4Journal III: Washington, 1982 March-April
VI.4Journal IV: Washington, 1982 May-July
VI.4Journal V: The Washington Experience, 1982 July-December
VI.4Journal VI: The Washington Experience, 1983 January-July
VI.4Journal VII: The Washington Experience, 1983 Summer-Fall
VI.4Journal VIII: The Washington Experience, 1983
VI.4Journal IX: The Washington Experience, 1984
VI.4Journal X: The Washington Experience, 1984 February-June
VI.4Journal XI: Trip to Europe, 1984 May-June
VI.4Journal XII: The Washington Experience, 1984
VI.4Journal XIII: Thinking again about returning to Washington, 1984 Fall-Winter
VI.5Journal XIV: The Washington Experience, 1985 Spring
VI.5Journal XV: The Washington Experience, 1985 Summer
VI.5Journal XVI: In Latin America, 1985 Summer
VI.5Journal XVII: The Washington Experience, 1985 Fall
VI.5Journal XVIII: Washington, 1985-1986
VI.5Journal XIX: [The Washington Experience], 1986 Spring-Summer
VI.5Journal XX: Back in Washington, 1986 Fall-Winter
VI.5Journal XXI: An Uncertain Future, 1987
VI.5Journal XXII: The Dominican Republic, 1987 March-April
VI.5Journal XXIII: Winding Down, Starting Anew, 1987 Spring-Summer
VI.5Journal XXIV: Summer Travel, 1987
VI.5Journal XXV: The Washington Experience: Cuba, Portugal, Spain, France, 1987 Summer
VI.5Journal XXVI: A New Year, A New Experience, 1987 Fall
VI.5Journal XXVII: On with the Transition: Juggling AEI GW, and FPRI, 1987 Fall
VI.5Journal XXVIII: Getting ready to head to Amherst, 1988 Winter
VI.5Journal XXIX: The Washington Experience: Drawing to a close, 1988 Spring
VI.5Journal XXX: The Washington Experience: Winding Down but Hanging on, 1988 Summer
VI.5Journal XXVI: ASIA, 1988 July-August
VI.5Journal XXXII: ASIA, 1988 August
VI.5Journal XXXIII: Back in Amherst and Commuting to Harvard and D.C., 1988 Fall
VI.6Journal XXXIV: Back in Amherst, 1988 Winter
VI.6Journal XXXV: Between Amherst, Washington and Cambridge, 1989 Winter-Spring
VI.6Journal XXXVI: Amherst, Washington, and Cambridge - Continued, 1989
VI.6Journal XXXVII: In Amherst, 1989 Summer
VI.6Journal XXXVIII: In Amherst, 1989 Fall
VI.6Journal XXXIX: Amherst and Washington, 1989-1990
VI.6Journal XL: Amherst, Cambridge, Washington, But mostly Amherst, 1990
VI.6Journal XLI: Amherst, Cambridge, Washington, but mostly Amherst, 1990
VI.6Journal XLII: Amherst, Cambridge, Washington, 1990-1991
VI.6Journal XLIII: Amherst, Cambridge, Washington, 1991 Spring
VI.6Journal XLIV: Back to Washington, 1991
VI.6Journal XLV: Washington and the National Defense University, 1991
VI.6Journal XLVI: Washington: NDU and CSIS, 1991-1992
VI.6Journal XLVII: Russon on "Moscow Fall", 1992 April
VI.6Journal XLVIII: Moscow Fall, 1992
VI.6Journal XLIX: South America, 1992
VI.6Journal L: The Washington Experience, 1992 Spring-Summer
VI.6Journal LI: The Washington Experience, 1992 Fall
VI.6Journal LII: The Washington Experience, 1992 Fall
VI.7Journal LIII: The Washington Experience Transition, 1992-1993
VI.7Journal LIV: The Washington Experience, 1993
VI.7Journal LV: Central America, 1993 May
VI.7Journal LVI: Portugal/Spain, 1993
VI.7Journal LVII: Washington, 1993 Summer
VI.7Journal LVIII: Washington D.C "Winding Down", 1993 Fall
VI.7Journal LIX: Washington, D.C., 1993
VI.7Journal LX: Washington, D.C., 1994 Spring
VI.7Journal LXI: The Dominican Creation, 1994 May
VI.7Journal LXII: ASIA, 1994 May-June
VI.7Journal LXIII: ASIA, 1994 May-June
VI.7Journal LXIV: Washington and Amherst, 1994 Summer-Fall
VI.7Journal LXV: Washington and Amherst, 1994 Fall
VI.7Journal LXVI: Washington and Amherst, 1995 Winter
VI.7Journal LXVII: The Dominican Republic, 1995 March
VI.7Journal LXVIII: Amherst and D.C., 1995 Spring-Summer
VI.7Journal LXIX: Washington D.C., 1995 Summer
VI.7Journal LXX: Washington and Amherst, 1995 Fall
VI.7Journal LXXI: Washington and Amherst, Venezuela, 1995 Fall-Winter
VI.7Journal LXXII: Washington, D.C., 1996 Winter
VI.7Journal LXXIII: Portugal and Spain, 1996 Spring
VI.7Journal LXXIV: Washington and the Dominican Republic, 1996 Spring
VI.7Journal LXXV: The Dominican Republic; A Farewell, 1996 Spring-Summer
VI.8Journal LXXVI: Portugal, 1996 July
VI.8Journal LXXVII: Back in Amherst, 1996 Fall
VI.8Journal LXXVIII: Japan, 1996 September
VI.8Journal LXXIX: Amherst and Washington, 1996 Fall
VI.8Journal LXXX: Amherst and Washington, 1996-1997
VI.8Journal LXXXI: Russia, 1997 February-March
VI.8Journal LXXXII: Amherst, Washington, 1997 Spring
VI.8Journal LXXXIII: In Washington, 1997 Summer
VI.8Journal LXXXIV: Europe: Austria, Great Britain, Spain, Portugal, 1997 June
VI.8Journal LXXXV: Europe, Austria, Great Britain, Spain, Portugal, 1997 June
VI.8Journal LXXXVI: The Dominican Republic, 1997 July
VI.8Journal LXXXVII: Amherst and Washington, 1997 Fall
VI.8Journal LXXXVIII: Amherst and Washington, 1997-1998 Winter
VI.8Journal LXXXIX: Amherst and Washington, 1998
VI.8Journal XC: Amherst and Washington, 1998 Spring
VI.8Journal XCI: Europe, 1998 Summer
VI.8Journal XCII: Europe, 1998 Summer
VI.8Journal XCIII: Washington and Amherst, 1998 Summer-Fall
VI.8Journal XCIV: Washington and Amherst, 1998 Fall-Winter
VI.8Journal XCV: Washington and Amherst, 1998-1999 Winter
VI.8Journal XCVI: Washington and Amherst, 1999 Spring
VI.8Journal XCVII: Santo Domingo, 1999 April
VI.8Journal XCVIII: In Washington, 1999 Summer
VI.9Journal XCIX: Amherst and Washington, 1999 Fall
VI.9Journal C: Howard Wiarda, 1999 Fall
VI.9Journal CI: Dominican Republic and LASA, 2000 Spring
VI.9Journal CII: Illinois, DC, DR, 2000 Spring
VI.9Journal CIII: DR, DC, 2000 Spring
VI.9Journal CIV: Washington and Eastern Europe, 2000 Summer
VI.9Journal CV: Washington and other Points: Quebec City, Seattle, 2000 Summer
VI.9Journal CVI: Washington and Amherst, 2000 Fall
VI.9Journal CVII: Washington and Amherst, 2000 Fall
VI.9Journal CVIII: Washington, D.C., 2000-2001
VI.9Journal CIX: Europe, 2001 Winter
VI.9Journal CX: Vienna and Bratiswa, 2001 Winter
VI.9Journal CXI: Vienna and Europe, 2001 Spring
VI.9Journal CXII: Austria and Europe, 2001 Spring
VI.9Journal CXIII: Hungary and Europe, 2001 Spring
VI.9Journal CXIV: Vienna-Washington, 2001 Spring
VI.9Journal CXV: Hungary, Poland, Batties, Austria, Romania-Bulgaria, and Spain-Portugal, 2001 Spring
VI.9Journal CXVI: Hungary, Slovakia, Austria, Romania, Bulgaria, Spain, Portugal, 2001 Spring
VI.9Journal CXVII: Europe, Washington, 2001 Summer
VI.9Journal CXVIII: Back in Washington and in between travels, 2001 Summer
VI.9Journal CXIX: South Africa, 2001 Fall
VI.9Journal CXX: South Africa, 2001 September
VI.10Journal CXXI: Asia, 2001 Fall
VI.10Journal CXXII: ASIA, 2001 Fall
VI.10Journal CXXIII: Asia, 2001 Fall
VI.10Journal CXXIV: Asia, 2001 Fall
VI.10Journal CXXV: Washington DC after Asia, 2001
VI.10Journal CXXVI: Washington and Amherst, 2002 Winter
VI.10Journal CXXVII: Europe, 2002 Spring
VI.10Journal CXXVIII: Europe, 2002 Spring
VI.10Journal CXXIX: Washington, 2002 Summer
VI.10Journal CXXX: Washington, 2002 Summer
VI.10Journal CXXXI: Amherst, Washington, Georgetown, 2002 Fall
VI.10Journal CXXXII: Europe: Portugal, Switzerland, Germany, 2002 Fall
VI.10Journal CXXXIII: Amherst and Washington, 2002 Winter
VI.10Journal CXXXIV: Amherst and Washington: Recession Time, 2003 Winter
VI.10Journal CXXXV: (Amherst, Washington, and Georgia on our mind), 2003 Summer
VI.10Journal CXXXVI: University of Georgia, 2003 Fall
VI.10Journal CXXXVII: UGA, 2004 Spring
VI.10Journal CXXXVIII: Back to Georgia, 2004 Spring
VI.10Journal CXXXIX: The Dominican Republic, 2004 May
VI.10Journal CXL: Germany, 2004 Spring
VI.10Journal CXLI: Germany, 2004
VI.10Journal CXLII: Georgia, 2004 Fall
VI.10Journal CXLIII: Washington/Athens, 2004
VI.11Journal CXLIV: Curacao and Suriname, 2005 Spring
VI.11Journal CXLV: Athens and other Points, 2005 Spring-Summer
VI.11Journal CXLV-A, circa 2005 Spring
VI.11Journal CXLVI: Dominican Republic, 2005 Spring
VI.11Journal CXLVII: Europe, 2005 Spring
VI.11Journal CXLVIII: Europe: Spain, 2005 Spring
VI.11Journal CXLIX: Athens/UGA - Months of Recession, 2005 Summer-Fall
VI.11Journal CL: Washington and Athens, 2005 Fall
VI.11Journal CLI: Germany and other stops, 2005-2006
VI.11Journal CLII: Athens, 2005-2006 Winter
VI.11Journal CLIII: Europe, 2006 Summer
VI.11Journal CLIV: Europe, Traveling, Moving, D.C., 2006 Summer
VI.11Journal CLV: Washington, Athens, 2006 Fall
VI.11Journal CLVI: Washington and Athens on the eve of my sabbatical, 2006
VI.11Journal CLVII: On leave in Washington, 2006-2007 Winter
VI.11Journal CLVIII: On leave in Washington, 2007
VI.11Journal CLIX: Washington D.C., 2007 Winter
VI.11Journal CLX: Washington D.C., 2007 Winter
VI.11Journal CLXI: Washington D.C., 2007 Winter
VI.11Journal CLXII: Washington D.C., 2007 Spring
VI.11Journal CLXIII: European Adventures- "April in Paris", 2007 Spring
VI.11Journal CLXIV: European Adventures - "April in Paris", 2007 Spring
VI.11Journal CLXV: Washington, D.C., 2007 Spring
VI.11Journal CLXVI: Washington D.C., 2007 Spring
VI.11Journal CLXVII: ASIA, 2007 Spring
VI.11Journal CLXVIII: ASIA, 2007 Spring
VI.11Journal CLXIX: Asia, 2007 Spring-Summer
VI.11Journal CLXX: Athens and Washington, 2007 Summer-Fall
VI.12Journal CLXXI: Athens and Washington, 2007 Fall
VI.12Journal CLXXII: Athens and Washington, 2007 Fall
VI.12Journal CLXXIII: Athens and Washington, 2008 Winter
VI.12Journal CLXXIV: Athens, 2008 Winter
VI.12Journal CLXXV: Spring Vacation in Washington, 2008 March
VI.12Journal CLXXVI: Athens, 2008 Spring
VI.12Journal CLXXVII: Washington D.C., 2008 Spring
VI.12Journal CLXXVIII: The Real Athens, 2008 May
VI.12Journal CLXXIX: Howard Wiarda, 2008 May
VI.12Journal CLXXX: Athens and Washington, 2008 Summer
VI.12Journal CLXXI: Washington and Athens, 2008 Summer
VI.12Journal CLXXXII: Washington and Athens, 2008 Summer
VI.12Journal CLXXXIII: Washington and Athens, 2008 Summer
VI.12Journal CLXXXIV: Athens, Georgia, 2008 Fall
VI.12Journal CLXXXV: Washington and Athens, 2008 Fall
VI.12Journal CLXXXVI: In Washington, 2008 Winter
VI.12Journal CLXXXVII: Georgia, 2009 Winter
VI.12Journal CLXXXVIII: Washington, D.C., 2009 Winter
VI.12Journal CLXXXIX: Athens and UGA, 2009 Winter
VI.12Journal CXC: Washington and UGA, 2009 Spring
VI.12Journal CXCI: Off to Brazil, 2009 May
VI.12Journal CXCII: Brazil, 2009 May
VI.12Journal CXCIII: Athens and Washington, 2009 Summer
VI.12Journal CXCIV: Adventures, 2009 Summer
VI.12Journal CXCV: Adventures in Europe, 2009 Summer
VI.12Journal CXCVI: Adventures in Europe, 2009 Summer
VI.12Journal CXCVII: Washington, D.C., 2009 Fall
VI.12Journal CXCVIII: Amherst-Washington-Athens, 2009 Fall
VI.13Journal CXCIX: Washington and Athens, 2009 Fall
VI.13Journal CC: Washington, D.C., 2009 Fall
VI.13Journal CCI: Washington, D.C., 2009 Fall
VI.13Journal CCII: Athens and Washington, 2010 Winter
VI.13Journal CCIII: Athens, 2010 Winter
VI.13Journal CCIV: Central Europe, 2010 March
VI.13Journal CCV: On Tour in Europe, 2010 March
VI.13Journal CCVI: Washington DC and Athens, 2010 Spring
VI.13Journal CCVII: ASIA, 2010 May
VI.13Journal CCVIII: ASIA, 2010 May
VI.13Journal CCIX: The Persian Gulf, 2010 May-June
VI.13Journal CCX: Summertime, 2010 Summer
VI.13Journal CCXI: Central America and the Midwest, 2010 Summer
VI.13Journal CCXII: Athens and Washington, 2010 Summer-Fall
VI.13Journal CCXIII: Athens, 2010 Fall
VI.13Journal CCXIV: A Farewell to Athens; Hello to Washington, D.C., 2010 Fall
VI.13Journal CCXV: Washington, D.C. and CHDS, 2010-2011 Winter
VI.13Journal CCXVI: Washington, D.C. and CHDS, 2011 Winter
VI.13Journal CCXVII: Asia and the Persian Gulf, 2011 Spring
VI.13Journal CCXVIII: Asia and return to Washington, 2011 Spring
VI.13Journal CCXIX: Washington, DC and CHDS, 2011 Spring
VI.13Journal CCXX: Washington, D.C., 2011 Spring
VI.13Journal CCXXI: Washington and CHDS, 2011 Spring
VI.13Journal CCXXII: Washington and Brazil, 2011 Summer
VI.14Journal CCXXIII: Washington, Brazil, and Chile, 2011 Summer
VI.14Journal CCXXIV: Athens, Georgia, 2011 Fall
VI.14Journal CCXXV: Between Georgia and Washington, 2011 Fall
VI.14Journal CCXXVI: Georgia and Washington, 2011 Fall
VI.14Journal CCXXVII: Georgia and Washington, 2012 Winter
VI.14Journal CCXXVIII: Dominican Republic, 2012 February
VI.14Journal CCXXIX: Georgia and Washington, 2012 Spring
VI.14Journal CCXXX: Washington and Georgia, 2012 Summer
VI.14Journal CCXXXI: Mediterranean Europe, 2012 Spring
VI.14Journal CCXXXII: Washington DC, 2012 Summer
VI.14Journal CCXXXIII: Athens, Georgia, 2012 Fall
VI.14Journal CCXXXIV: Athens and Washington, 2012 Fall-Winter
VI.14Journal CCXXXV: Athens and Washington, 2013 Winter
VI.14Journal CCXXXVI: A Farewell to Washington?, 2013 Spring
VI.14Journal CCXXXVII: Washington and Athens in a New Era, 2013 Spring
VI.14Journal CCXXXVIII: Ecuador, 2013 May
VI.14Journal CCXXXIX: The British Isles, 2013 May
VI.14Journal CCXL: The British Isles, 2013
VI.14Journal CCXLI: Athens and Washington, 2013 Summer
VI.14Journal CCXLII: Athens and UGA, 2013 Fall
VI.14Journal CCXLIII: Athens and Washington, 2013 Fall
VI.14Journal CCXLIV: Washington and Athens, 2013-2014 Winter
VI.14Journal CCXLV: Malta and Turkey, 2014 January
VI.15Journal CCXLVI: Athens, UGA, 2014 Winter
VI.15Journal CCLCVII: The Caribbean, 2014 Winter
VI.15Journal CCXLVIII: Stuck in Georgia, 2014 Spring
VI.15Journal CCXLIX: Athens, South, D.C., 2014 Summer
VI.15Journal CCL: Luxembourg and Turkey, 2014 June
VI.15Journal CCLI: Luxembourg and Turkey, 2014 June
VI.15Journal CCLII: Washington and Athens, 2014 Summer
VI.15Journal CCLIII: Athens, Washington, and Parts Unknown, 2014 Fall
VI.15Journal CCLIV: Athens and Washington, 2014 Fall
VI.15Journal CCLV: Athens and Washington, 2015 Winter
VI.15Journal CCLVI: Europe: Monaco and Malta, 2014 December
VI.15Journal CCLVII: Europe: Monaco and Malta, 2014 December
VI.15Journal CCLVIII: Athens and Washington, 2015 Spring
VI.15Journal CCLIX: Athens and Washington, 2015 Spring-Summer
VI.15Journal CCLXI: Dominican Republic, 2015 June
VI.15Journal CCLXII: Europe/Balkans, 2015 July
VI.16Journal Index Cards: A-K, 1977-2015
VI.17Journal Index Cards: L-Z, 2977-2015
VI.18[Daily Planners and Calendars], 1973-2000
VI.19[Daily Planners, Calendars, and Passport], 2001-2014
VI.19[Professional Contacts - Business Cards], 1980s-2010s

Series VII. Audiovisual Materials, 1983-1988

2 item(s)
Series VII. Audiovisual Materials contains recordings of Wiarda speaking at a public policy forum in 1983 and at an unidentified event in 1988.
Reference copies of the audiovisual recordings are available upon request. Research requests will be filled as soon as possible and will be dependent upon the condition of the recordings.
CS_0067RBRL 276 CS 001Public Policy Forum, Novak and Wiarda, 1983 March 18
CS_0067RBRL 276 CS 002Howards Wiarda, 1988 November 4