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Descriptive Summary
Collection Description
Administrative Information
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Series Descriptions and Folder Listing
UGA Student Veterans Resource Project
SVOH-001 Dan Phillips2017 March 24
SVOH-002 Maria Munoz2017 March 24
SVOH-003 Ryan Mohney2017 March 27
SVOH-004 Gilberto Delriovives2017 March 27
SVOH-005 Whitnei Harris2017 April 10
SVOH-006 James Allen2017 April 10
SVOH-007 Edgar Miranda2017 April 10
SVOH-008 Kyle McReynolds2017 April 11
SVOH-009 Mandy Enloe2017 April 17
SVOH-010 Kyle Harper2017 July 13
SVOH-011 Steven Thompson2017 July 25
SVOH-013 Guyton Lee Robinson2017 August 4
SVOH-014 Stephen McHugh2017 August 5
SVOH-015 Jackson Berg2017 August 29
SVOH-016 Caleb Wiff2017 August 31
SVOH-017 Andrew Williams2017 Aubust 31
SVOH-018 Victor Andrew Mathis2017 September 7
SVOH-019 Diane Arnold2017 September 14
SVOH-020 Hunter Holder2017 September 26
SVOH-021 Lizette Busquets 2017 October 5
SVOH-022 Joel Herbert2018 January 25
SVOH-023 Marcus Garrison2018 February 16
SVOH-024 David Navarrete2018 February 20
SVOH-025 Philip Newberry2018 February 23
SVOH-026 Grant Horton2018 February 23
SVOH-027 Bakary Sanneh2018 February 27
SVOH-028 Osmayra Chipana2018 March 9
SVOH-029 Andrew Dorminey2018 October 16
SVOH-030 Flauriane Dorismond2018 October 21
SVOH-031 Richard Lopez2018 October 21
SVOH-032 Lateef Boone2019 January 09
SVOH-033 Holly Simon2019 January 09
SVOH-034 Eder Villegas2019 January 10
SVOH-035 Dillon Cody Ellis2019 January 10
SVOH-036 Joseph Millunzi2019 January 14
SVOH-037 Matthew Dreher-Roy
SVOH-038 Robert Clark2019 January 18
SVOH-039 Nathan Smith2019 January 22
SVOH-040 Adam Keith2019 January 28
SVOH-041 Charles Davis2019 January 28
SVOH-042 Lisa Dellert2019 January 30
SVOH-043 Dylan Brown2019 January 30
SVOH-044 Eric Dowler2019 January 31
SVOH-045 Trenton Draper2019 February 7
SVOH-046 Reid Geddie2019 February 12
SVOH-047 Steven Miller2019 February 13
SVOH-048 Wallace Jones2019 February 19
SVOH-049 Jerard Adams2019 February 26
SVOH-050 Eric Martin2019 February 27
SVOH-051 Perry West2019 February 27
SVOH-052 Jonathan Anderson2019 March 4
SVOH-053 Daniel Brown2019 March 4
SVOH-054 Adam Drew2019 March 5
SVOH-055 Thomas Hendrickson2019 March 6
SVOH-056 Rachel Bailey2019 March 6
SVOH-057 Thomas McShea2019 March 7
SVOH-058 Joshua Wannemacher2019 February 20
SVOH-059 Patrick Jenkins2019 March 25
SVOH-060 David Velez2019 March 25
SVOH-061 Liesl Himmelberger2019 March 27
SVOH-062 Nicholas Hughes2019 March 27
SVOH-063 Michael Perry2019 March 28
SVOH-064 Stanley Mayfield Jr.2019 April 1
SVOH-065 John Wiemels2019 April 1
SVOH-066 Kate Dahlstrand2019 April 2
SVOH-067 Harrison Peed2019 April 3
SVOH-068 Joshua Johnson2019 April 3
SVOH-069 Daniel Procel2019 April 3
SVOH-070 Dylan Cruz2019 April 4
SVOH-071 Ted Barco2019 April 10
SVOH-072 Truett Floyd2019 April 23
SVOH-073 Hailey Reynolds2019 September 12
SVOH-074 Joseph D'Ambrosio2019 September 17
SVOH-075 Joshua DeJongh2019 September 19
SVOH-076 Phillip Choi2019 September 19
SVOH-077 Christopher Lake Lowman2019 October 15
SVOH-078 Gabriel Shaber2019 October 17
SVOH-079 Andrea Anderson2019 October 22
SVOH-080 Heather Brown2019 October 24
SVOH-081 Jeremy Reynolds2019 October 24
SVOH-082 Brian Hwang2019 October 29
SVOH-083 Adrienne Gillis2019 November 1
SVOH-084 Jeremy Bell2019 November 5
SVOH-085 Joshua Dillard2019 November 12
SVOH-086 Thai Le2020 January 30
SVOH-087 Garrett Pinson2020 February 4
SVOH-088 Chadrick Richardson2020 February 5
SVOH-089 Julian Saviano2020 February 11
SVOH-090 Tucker Duval2020 February 12
SVOH-091 Jose I. Tamayo2020 February 13
SVOH-092 Clinton Maxwell2020 February 27
SVOH-093 Jordan Goolsby2020 September 11
SVOH-094 Patrick Testa2020 September 14
SVOH-095 Caleb Ray2020 September 16
SVOH-096 Travis Parker George2020 September 19
SVOH-097 Nicholas Sesing2020 September 22
SVOH-099 William Hunter Bradford2020 October 09
SVOH-100 Thomas Carroll2020 October 12
SVOH-101 Joshua Cushing2020 October 15
SVOH-102 Kenneth Clark2020 October 16
SVOH-103 Grant McDonald2020 October 27
SVOH-104 Derek Huff2021 January 26
SVOH-105 Brennen B. Sanders2021 January 27
SVOH-106 Jon Segars
SVOH-106-01 Jon Segars, Part One 2021 August 02
SVOH-106-02 Jon Segars, Part Two 2021 August 09
SVOH-107 Nicholas Trevena2021 November 16
SVOH-108 Jonathan Martinez Florencio2021-11-17
SVOH-109 Caitlyn Davis2021 November 29
SVOH-110 James Greco2021 December 2
SVOH-111 Matthew Whitley2021 December 6
SVOH-112 Jacob Lay2021 December 7
SVOH-113 Patricia Fors2022 March 14
SVOH-114 Kyle Minder2022 April 18
UGA Student Veterans Oral History Project

UGA Student Veterans Oral History Project

Descriptive Summary

Title: UGA Student Veterans Oral History Project
Creator: Dahlstrand, Kate
Creator: Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies
Inclusive Dates: 2017-
Language(s): English
Extent: 113 interview(s)
Collection Number: RBRL/423/SVOH
Repository: Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies

Collection Description

Historical note

The UGA Student Veterans Oral History Project originated as a project organized by Ted Barco, Director of the Student Veterans Resource Center at the University of Georgia, to document the experiences of the population of student veterans on campus. Barco conducted the first oral history in the collection, after which Kate Dahlstrand, a doctoral candidate in the UGA History Department and U.S. Army veteran, assumed the role of interviewer.

Scope and Content

The UGA Student Veterans Oral History Project is comprised of oral history interviews with University of Georgia student veterans, who represent service across the different branches of the United States military. Participants discuss their decision to enroll in service, their experience in basic training and in their respective departments, as well their experiences as non-traditional students.

Administrative Information

Conditions Governing Access

Interviews have varying levels of access. Some interviews are available online, while others are only available through the Russell Library Reading Room.

Preferred citation

UGA Student Veterans Oral History Project, Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies, University of Georgia Libraries, Athens, Georgia, 30602-1641.

Processing Information

Original media for this collection include digital audio files.

Copyright Information

Resources may be used under the guidelines described by the U.S. Copyright Office in Section 107, Title 17, United States Code (Fair use). Parties interested in production or commercial use of the resources should contact the Russell Library for a fee schedule.

Finding Aid Publication

Finding aid prepared on: 2017.

Related Materials and Subjects

Subject Terms

Veterans -- Education -- United States
Veterans -- United States.

Series Descriptions and Folder Listing


UGA Student Veterans Resource Project

For interviews that do not have access links on this finding aid, public access is limited to the Russell Library Reading Room. Online access may be made available for UGA courses with permission and by request. Email to request access.

SVOH-001 Dan Phillips

( 1 sound_recording(s) 34 minutes )

SVOH-002 Maria Munoz

( 1 sound_recording(s) 47 minutes )
Maria Munoz was a Senior Airman in the United States Air Force from 2009 - 2013. In this interview she describes her MOS (military occupational specialty), her deployments to Afghanistan and South Korea. She discusses her transition to civilian life and her experiences as a student veteran while attending the University of Georgia.
SVOH-002 Maria Munoz audio and interview index in OHMS Access Online

SVOH-003 Ryan Mohney

( 1 sound_recording(s) 52 minutes )
A paper copy of the interview index available upon request in the Reading Room.

SVOH-004 Gilberto Delriovives

( 1 sound_recording(s) 41 minutes )
Gilberto Delriovivies served in the United States Navy, working as a hospital corpsman. He describes his four deployments on carrier ships, discussing the routine of ship life and defining moments in his career. Delriovivies also talks about his motivations for leaving the military, including a desire to puruse higher education in order become a physician's assistant. He discusses the importance of military educational benefits and his life as a student at the University of Georgia. He concludes the interview by describing his future plans of PA school and his final thoughts on the state of veteran affairs.
A paper copy of the interview index available upon request in the Reading Room.

SVOH-005 Whitnei Harris

( 1 sound_recording(s) 34 minutes )

SVOH-006 James Allen

( 1 sound_recording(s) 32 minutes )

SVOH-007 Edgar Miranda

( 1 sound_recording(s) 52 minutes )
Edgar Miranda served in the United States Marine Corps from 2007 - 2015. In this interview, he discusses his MOS (military occupational specialty) and his deployments to Japan, and Afghanistan. He describes his transition from active duty to collegiate education and his interactions on the University of Georgia campus. He also talks about the LGBTQ community in the military and the differences between other branches.
SVOH-007 Edgar Miranda audio and interview index in OHMS Access Online

SVOH-008 Kyle McReynolds

( 1 sound_recording(s) 27 minutes )

SVOH-009 Mandy Enloe

( 1 sound_recording(s) 31 minutes )

SVOH-010 Kyle Harper

( 1 sound_recording(s) 36 minutes )

SVOH-011 Steven Thompson

( 1 sound_recording(s) 23 minutes )
Steve Thompson served in the Alabama Army National Guard from 2010 - 2019. He describes his occupation as a Religious Affairs Specialist and about his deployment to Afghanistan. He discusses his experiences as a student veteran at the University of Georgia and how the military educational benefits have assisted him.
SVOH-011 Steven Thompson audio and interview index in OHMS Access Online


This interview has been withdrawn at the narrator's request.

SVOH-013 Guyton Lee Robinson

( 1 sound_recording(s) 42 minutes )
Guyton Lee Robinson has served as an Aviation Officer in the United States Army since May 2000. Throughout his interview, he recalls his deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan and the responsibilities of an officer. He also describes attending West Point, Cornell, and then the University of Georgia to receive his PhD in Public Management.
SVOH-013 Guyton Lee Robinson audio and interview index in OHMS Access Online

SVOH-014 Stephen McHugh

( 1 sound_recording(s) 28 minutes )

SVOH-015 Jackson Berg

( 1 sound_recording(s) 16 minutes )

SVOH-016 Caleb Wiff

( 1 sound_recording(s) 34 minutes )

SVOH-017 Andrew Williams

( 1 sound_recording(s) 30 minutes )

SVOH-018 Victor Andrew Mathis

( 1 sound_recording(s) 46 minutes )

SVOH-019 Diane Arnold

( 1 sound_recording(s) 37 minutes )
A paper copy of the interview index available upon request in the Reading Room.

SVOH-020 Hunter Holder

( 1 sound_recording(s) 44 minutes )
Hunter Holder has served as a Chief Warrant Officer in the Army National Guard since February 2011. Holder describes his occupation as a medical evacuation helicopter pilot, the extensive training he underwent at Warrant Officer Training School, and his deployment to Iraq. He talks about deciding to attend the University of Georgia, the educational benefits the military provides, and public misperceptions of the military.
SVOH-020 Hunter Holder audio and interview index in OHMS Access Online

SVOH-021 Lizette Busquets

( 1 sound_recording(s) 57 minutes )
Lizette Busquets served as a intelligence analyst in the United States Army during the Cold War. She discusses her identity as a Puerto Rican woman in the military, her early training, and a deployment to West Germany. Busquets addresses public misperceptions of the military and talks about her motivations for leaving the Army. She describes receiving her masters degree, working for the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), and being a military wife. Busquets also talks about the issues that women face in the military, the effects of Hurricane Maria on Puerto Rico, and her life as a student at the University of Georgia.
SVOH-021 Lizette Busquets audio and interview index in OHMS Access Online

SVOH-022 Joel Herbert

( 1 sound_recording(s) 35 minutes )

SVOH-023 Marcus Garrison

( 1 sound_recording(s) 26 mintues )
Marcus Garrison served in the United States Navy from 2010-2016. He discusses his occupation as an intelligence analyst and the job training that he underwent. Garrison describes his deployments to Syria and Germany, noting the work he did with foreign militaries. He talks about the importance of military educational benefits and about and his life as a student at the University of Georgia.
SVOH-023 Marcus Garrison audio and interview index in OHMS Access Online

SVOH-024 David Navarrete

( 1 sound_recording(s) 29 minutes )

SVOH-025 Philip Newberry

( 1 sound_recording(s) 40 minutes )

SVOH-026 Grant Horton

( 1 sound_recording(s) 26 minutes )

SVOH-027 Bakary Sanneh

( 1 sound_recording(s) 29 minutes )
A paper copy of the interview index available upon request in the Reading Room.

SVOH-028 Osmayra Chipana

( 1 sound_recording(s) 16 minutes )
SVOH-028 Osmayra Chipana audio and interview index in OHMS Access Online

SVOH-029 Andrew Dorminey

( 1 sound_recording(s) 28 minutes )

SVOH-030 Flauriane Dorismond

( 1 sound_recording(s) 34 minutes )
A paper copy of the interview index available upon request in the Reading Room.

SVOH-031 Richard Lopez

( 1 sound_recording(s) 41 minutes )

SVOH-032 Lateef Boone

( 1 sound_recording(s) 42 minutes ) Access Online

SVOH-033 Holly Simon

( 1 sound_recording(s) 15 minutes ) Access Online

SVOH-034 Eder Villegas

( 1 sound_recording(s) 23 minutes )

SVOH-035 Dillon Cody Ellis

( 1 sound_recording(s) 26 minutes )

SVOH-036 Joseph Millunzi

( 1 sound_recording(s) 39 minutes )
Joseph Millunzi served in the United States Marine Corps from 2007 - 2017, working as an aviation ordnanceman. He discusses his early training and deployments to Afghanistan, his transition from the Marine Corps to student life at the University of Georgia, his experiences at the Student Veterans Resource Center at UGA, and his future plans after earning his bachelor's degree.
SVOH-036 Joseph Millunzi audio and interview index in OHMS Access Online

SVOH-037 Matthew Dreher-Roy

( 1 sound_recording(s) 21 minutes )

SVOH-038 Robert Clark

( 1 sound_recording(s) 38 minutes )

SVOH-039 Nathan Smith

( 1 sound_recording(s) 45 minutes )

SVOH-040 Adam Keith

( 1 sound_recording(s) 29 minutes )

SVOH-041 Charles Davis

( 1 sound_recording(s) 34 minutes )

SVOH-042 Lisa Dellert

( 1 sound_recording(s) 36 minutes )

SVOH-043 Dylan Brown

( 1 sound_recording(s) 29 minutes )

SVOH-044 Eric Dowler

( 1 sound_recording(s) 20 minutes )

SVOH-045 Trenton Draper

( 1 sound_recording(s) 50 minutes )

SVOH-046 Reid Geddie

( 1 sound_recording(s) 25 minutes )

SVOH-047 Steven Miller

( 1 sound_recording(s) 30 minutes )

SVOH-048 Wallace Jones

( 1 sound_recording(s) 42 minutes )

SVOH-049 Jerard Adams

( 1 sound_recording(s) 31 minutes )

SVOH-050 Eric Martin

( 1 sound_recording(s) 45 minutes )

SVOH-051 Perry West

( 1 sound_recording(s) 30 minutes )

SVOH-052 Jonathan Anderson

( 1 sound_recording(s) 17 minutes )

SVOH-053 Daniel Brown

( 1 sound_recording(s) 25 minutes ) Access Online

SVOH-054 Adam Drew

( 1 sound_recording(s) 39 minutes )

SVOH-055 Thomas Hendrickson

( 1 sound_recording(s) 36 minutes )

SVOH-056 Rachel Bailey

( 1 sound_recording(s) 29 minutes )

SVOH-057 Thomas McShea

( 1 sound_recording(s) 45 minutes )

SVOH-058 Joshua Wannemacher

( 1 sound_recording(s) 32 minutes )

SVOH-059 Patrick Jenkins

( 1 sound_recording(s) 53 minutes )

SVOH-060 David Velez

( 1 sound_recording(s) 35 minutes )

SVOH-061 Liesl Himmelberger

( 1 sound_recording(s) 49 minutes )

SVOH-062 Nicholas Hughes

( 1 sound_recording(s) 33 minutes )

SVOH-063 Michael Perry

( 1 sound_recording(s) 19 minutes )

SVOH-064 Stanley Mayfield Jr.

( 1 sound_recording(s) 35 minutes )

SVOH-065 John Wiemels

( 1 sound_recording(s) 62 minutes )

SVOH-066 Kate Dahlstrand

( 1 sound_recording(s) 49 minutes )
Kate Dahlstrand is from Tennessee. She received her Ph.D. from UGA and is currently a historian with the U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command. She served in the Army and the National Guard from October 1998 to October 2008 as a field medic. In this interview, Dahlstrand explains why she joined the Army and tells her experiences during training. She describes her deployment to Iraq, the impact 9/11 had on her, and how her service followed her into civilian life.
SVOH-066 Kate Dahlstrand audio and interview index in OHMS Access Online

SVOH-067 Harrison Peed

( 1 sound_recording(s) 44 minutes )

SVOH-068 Joshua Johnson

( 1 sound_recording(s) 51 minutes )

SVOH-069 Daniel Procel

( 1 sound_recording(s) 28 minutes )

SVOH-070 Dylan Cruz

( 1 sound_recording(s) 29 minutes )

SVOH-071 Ted Barco

( 1 sound_recording(s) 75 minutes )

SVOH-072 Truett Floyd

( 1 sound_recording(s) 82 minutes )

SVOH-073 Hailey Reynolds

( 1 sound_recording(s) 63 minutes )

SVOH-074 Joseph D'Ambrosio

( 1 sound_recording(s) 61 minutes )

SVOH-075 Joshua DeJongh

( 1 sound_recording(s) 45 minutes )

SVOH-076 Phillip Choi

( 1 sound_recording(s) 31 minutes )
Philip Young Choi was born in Los Angeles, California but grew up in Costa Rica. He is a Captain of the United States Army, and enrolled at the University of Georgia. In his interview, Choi explains how and why he joined the Army, as well as his progression through the ranks. He details his first deployment and returning to school and, balancing the military, school, and his career.
SVOH-076 Phillip Choi audio and interview index in OHMS Access Online

SVOH-077 Christopher Lake Lowman

( 1 sound_recording(s) 56 minutes )

SVOH-078 Gabriel Shaber

( 1 sound_recording(s) 19 minutes )

SVOH-079 Andrea Anderson

( 1 sound_recording(s) 62 minutes )

SVOH-080 Heather Brown

( 1 sound_recording(s) 23 minutes )

SVOH-081 Jeremy Reynolds

( 1 sound_recording(s) 29 minutes )
Jeremy Reynolds is from Jonesboro, Georgia. He served for four years in the United States Marine Corps, enlisted as an electrician and later assigned to Marine Corps Forces Special Operations Command. In this interview, Reynolds discussing his experience with the Marines, including his time at Parris Island and in MARSOC. He explains how the Marine Corps has affected his general outlook and helped with his return to school.
SVOH-081 Jeremy Reynolds audio and interview index in OHMS Access Online

SVOH-082 Brian Hwang

( 1 sound_recording(s) 25 minutes )
Brian Hwang was raised in Marietta, Georgia. He has been a member of the Georgia National Guard since April 2014. He completed Infantry One Station Unit Training (OSUT) before joining the ROTC program at the University of North Georgia. He then transferred to the University of Georgia where he is on track to become a Transportation Officer for the National Guard. In this interview, Hwang talks about his educational and military experience.
SVOH-082 Brian Hwang audio and interview index in OHMS Access Online

SVOH-083 Adrienne Gillis

( 1 sound_recording(s) 86 minutes )

SVOH-084 Jeremy Bell

( 1 sound_recording(s) 76 minutes )

SVOH-085 Joshua Dillard

( 1 sound_recording(s) 49 minutes )
Joshua Dillard was raised in Snellville, Georgia. He joined the Army and was stationed with 461 Human Resource Company in Decatur, Georgia before entering the ROTC program at Georgia Gwinnett College. He then transferred to the University of Georgia. In this interview, he describes his military training and educational experience, talking about the difficulty interacting with other students.
SVOH-085 Joshua Dillard audio and interview index in OHMS Access Online

SVOH-086 Thai Le

( 1 sound_recording(s) 35 minutes )
Thai Le, from Lawrenceville, GA, served active duty in the Marine Corps for four years. He deployed twice, once on a tour of the Black Sea and the other to Okinawa, Japan. In this interview, Le discusses his experiences as a Marine, including boot camp, School of Infantry, and his deployments. He also shares his transition from military life to college life.
SVOH-086 Thai Le audio and interview index in OHMS Access Online

SVOH-087 Garrett Pinson

( 1 sound_recording(s) 64 minutes )

SVOH-088 Chadrick Richardson

( 1 sound_recording(s) 75 minutes )

SVOH-089 Julian Saviano

( 1 sound_recording(s) 33 minutes )

SVOH-090 Tucker Duval

( 1 sound_recording(s) 107 minutes )

SVOH-091 Jose I. Tamayo

( 1 sound_recording(s) 41 minutes )

SVOH-092 Clinton Maxwell

( 1 sound_recording(s) 129 minutes )
Clinton Maxwell, a Georgia Native and child of a veteran, served in the Army from 1995 to 2016. He worked many technology and communications-based positions and deployed to Asia, the Middle East, and Europe. He shares his stories from all around the world and explains his transition from military to student life.
Athens, Georgia
SVOH-092 Clinton Maxwell audio and interview index in OHMS Access Online

SVOH-093 Jordan Goolsby

( 1 sound_recording(s) 41 minutes )
Growing up as the daughter of an Army Veteran, Jordan Goolsby enlisted in the Georgia National Guard after her first year at UGA. Goolsby explains the many effects that COVID-19 has had, and continues to have, on her service with the National Guard, and she discusses her hopes of being deployed before her time in the military comes to an end. Finally, she shares her plans for her education.
Remote interview
SVOH-093 Jordan Goolsby audio and interview index in OHMS Access Online

SVOH-094 Patrick Testa

( 1 sound_recording(s) 91 minutes )
Born and raised in Georgia, Patrick Testa attended the University of Georgia for his undergraduate degree where he studied International Relations. During his time as an undergraduate, he decided he wanted to join the Marine Corps after graduation and began preparing for Officer Candidate School. Testa discusses the various training programs he attended and his later deployments as an aviator to Afghanistan, Italy, Spain, Puerto Rico, and aboard the U.S.S. Wasp. He shares that he is now a law student at the University of Georgia and has plans to work at a law firm and remain in the Reserves after graduation.
Remote interview
SVOH-094 Patrick Testa audio and interview index in OHMS Access Online

SVOH-095 Caleb Ray

( 1 sound_recording(s) 114 minutes )
Athens, Georgia
SVOH-095 Caleb Ray audio interview Access Online

SVOH-096 Travis Parker George

( 1 sound_recording(s) 79 minutes )
Travis Parker George is a Georgia native whose interest in the military was sparked by a childhood trip to Pearl Harbor. After deciding to join the Army, George was sent to various training programs and eventually became a member of a selection-based Scout Platoon tasked with reconnaissance. Although he never deployed, George believes that joining the Army was the right decision for him at the time and is now a student at the University of Georgia and a member of the UGA Police Department.
Remote interview
SVOH-096 Travis Parker George audio and interview index in OHMS Access Online

SVOH-097 Nicholas Sesing

( 1 sound_recording(s) 116 minutes )
Nicholas Sesing grew up in Oshkosh, Wisconsin and attended the University of Wisconsin-Madison for his undergraduate degree. He notes that there were a variety of factors that influenced him to join the Marine Corps after his graduation and shares his experiences at his training stations. He discusses his deployment to Darwin, Australia and the factors that led him to separate from the military. Finally, he shares that he is a current graduate student at the University of Georgia studying chemistry and energy storage/solutions.
Remote interview
SVOH-097 Nicholas Sesing audio and interview index in OHMS Access Online

SVOH-099 William Hunter Bradford

( 1 sound_recording(s) 47 minutes )
William Hunter Bradford was born and raised in Colorado to parents who were both UGA graduates. After high school, Bradford decided to attend UGA and join the Georgia National Guard. After attending Basic Training and AIT (Advanced Individual Training), he was transferred to various attachments and drilling locations and is currently finishing his Mechanical Engineering degree at UGA.
Remote interview
SVOH-099 William Hunter Bradford audio and interview index in OHMS Access Online

SVOH-100 Thomas Carroll

( 1 sound_recording(s) 82 minutes )
Remote interview

SVOH-101 Joshua Cushing

( 1 sound_recording(s) 99 minutes )
Growing up as the child of Army parents, Joshua Cushing decided to join the Navy shortly after beginning college. Cushing discusses the ample training he was tasked with throughout his time in the Navy, but shares his disappointment that his platoon was never deployed to the missions for which he had trained. Cushing states that after his platoon was defunded, he decided to go back to school to pursue a Master's in Business Administration, and accept a position with the Navy Federal Credit Union.
Remote interview
SVOH-101 Joshua Cushing audio and interview index in OHMS Access Online

SVOH-102 Kenneth Clark

( 1 sound_recording(s) 60 minutes )
Remote interview

SVOH-103 Grant McDonald

( 1 sound_recording(s) 83 minutes )
Remote interview

SVOH-104 Derek Huff

( 1 sound_recording(s) 78 minutes )
Born and raised in Suwanee, Georgia, Derek Huff followed in his grandfather's footsteps by serving in the Marine Corps. He shares his experiences at boot camp in Parris Island, training as a Rifleman, and being deployed to countries such as Australia and Iraq. Huff explains that he ultimately decided to leave the Marine Corps to pursue a college degree and career in business.
Remote interview
SVOH-104 Derek Huff audio and interview index in OHMS Access Online

SVOH-105 Brennen B. Sanders, 2021 January 27

( 1 sound_recording(s) 82 minutes )
Brennan B. Sanders grew up in Georgia and followed in the footsteps of many of his family members when he decided to join the Navy. Sanders spent the majority of his Naval career patrolling international waters on submarines. He shares his underwater experiences, both positive and negative, as well his transition to a full-time college student.
Remote interview
SVOH-105 Brennen B. Sanders audio and interview index in OHMS

SVOH-106 Jon Segars

( 2 interview(s) )

SVOH-106-01 Jon Segars, Part One

Athens, Georgia

SVOH-106-02 Jon Segars, Part Two

Athens, Georgia

SVOH-107 Nicholas Trevena

( 1 sound_recording(s) 111 minutes )
Athens, Georgia

SVOH-108 Jonathan Martinez Florencio

( 1 sound_recording(s) 100 minutes )
Athens, Georgia
SVOH-108 Jonathan Martinez Florencio audio interview Access Online

SVOH-109 Caitlyn Davis

( 1 sound_recording(s) 72 minutes )
Athens, Georgia
SVOH-109 Caitlyn Davis audio interview Access Online

SVOH-110 James Greco

( 1 sound_recording(s) 82 minutes )
Athens, Georgia

SVOH-111 Matthew Whitley

( 1 sound_recording(s) 103 minutes )
Athens, Georgia
SVOH-111 Matthew Whitley audio interview Access Online

SVOH-112 Jacob Lay

( 1 sound_recording(s) 82 minutes )
Athens, Georgia
SVOH-112 Jacob Lay audio interview Access Online

SVOH-113 Patricia Fors

( 1 interview(s) 107 minutes )
Athens, Georgia
SVOH-113 Patricia Fors audio interview Access Online

SVOH-114 Kyle Minder

( 1 interview(s) 67 minutes )
Athens, Georgia