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David Adelman Papers

David Adelman Papers

Descriptive Summary

Title: David Adelman Papers
Creator: Adelman, David, 1964-
Inclusive Dates: 1990s-2000s
Language(s): English
Extent: 12 box(es) (12 linear feet, 2.96 gigabytes, 1 audio recording)
Collection Number: RBRL386
Repository: Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies

Collection Description

Biographical Note

David Adelman was born in 1964 in New York. He received an ABJ from the University of Georgia in 1986, followed by a JD from Emory in 1989 and an MPA from Georgia State in 1995. In 2002 he was elected to the Georgia Senate, representing the 42nd district.

During his four terms in the state senate (2003-2010), Adelman served as the Minority Whip and Chairman of the Urban Affairs Committee. A moderate Democrat, Adelman was known for his ability to gather bipartisan support for important issues. One such issue was SB 170, a program of financial sanctions on the Government of Sudan in response to the genocide in Darfur. The sanctions prohibited any office of the state government from contracting with any firm that maintained business interests in Sudan. Senator Adelman's was also active in the area of medical research, having authored a bill that would encourage the pursuit of stem cell research (with some ethical constraints) in Georgia. His other legislative interests included domestic violence prevention, government efficiency, and ethics reforms.

In 2009, President Barack Obama nominated Adelman to be the U.S. Ambassador to Singapore. As ambassador, he led a series of trade missions to Southeast Asia, including Myanmar--the first such American economic delegation to visit the country.

Following his resignation from the embassy in 2013, Adelman served as Managing Director of Goldman Sachs' Hong Kong offices and was appointed to the Monetary Authority of Singapore's Capital Markets Committee, the Executive Council on Foreign Relations of Hong Kong, and the Israel-Asia Center's Advisory Council.

Scope and Content

This collection contains documents originating from Ambassador Adelman's state senate campaign committee, his state senate office, and his ambassadorial staff. Campaign files are mostly composed of mailers, flyers, signs, and campaign memorabilia distributed by the Friends of David Adelman. It includes a full run of newsletters sent to constituents, letters from the campaign committee, and other correspondence.

Files from the state senate office include both legislative and political files. Legislative files document bills introduced by Adelman, including the Darfur sanctions bill (SB 170), post-conviction DNA testing bill (SB 119), campus police open records act (SB 153), and the domestic violence shelter protection act (SB 147). It also includes research materials on legislation affecting stem cell research, casino gaming, speed limits, and the Georgia corporate code; and records of Senator Adelman's activities on the Commission on Children, Marriage, and Family Law. Political files are composed mostly of press clippings and correspondence with advocacy groups and members of the General Assembly.

The ambassadorial papers include documents collected by Adelman and his staff to prepare for his confirmation hearings, trip files and itineraries, selected speeches, and correspondence with organizations and individuals involced in foreign trade and finance, including the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperaton (APEC), the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), and the American Chamber of Commerce.

Organization and Arrangement

The collection is arranged in seven series. Where possible, the archivists retained the original order of the materials.

Series I: Personal and Political Files includes materials that are not narrowly legislative in nature, such as surveys, photographs, clippings and correspondence between Senator Adelman and other politicians and party officials. Files are arranged alphabetically.

Series II: Constituent Services conatains all letters received by Adelman's office from the citizens of the 42nd state senate district from 2003 to 2009. FIles are arranged chronologically.

Series III: Campaign Files includes correspodnence related to Senator Adelman's reelection campaigns, newsletters and mailers from the Friends of David Adelman, and photographs.

Series IV: Legislative Files contains correspondence and office memos related to pending legislation in the Georgia State Senate, bill drafts, and issue briefs and policy research materials. FIles are arranged alphabetically.

Series V: Ambassador Files contains all materials related to Adelman's service as the U.S. Ambassador to Singapore. This includes correspondence with foreign officials, and travel itineraries and other briefing materials related to trade missions to Vietnam and Indonesia. The files are arranged alphabetically.

Series VI: Audiovisual Recordings contains a VHS recording of a 60 Minutes story on stem cell research.

Serives VII: Artifacts contains campaign apparel and a Georgia state flag.

The collection is divided into seven series: Personal and Political Files, Constituent Services, Campaign Files, Legislative Files, Ambassador Files, Audiovisual Recordings, and Digital Records. Within each box, all files are arranged alphabetically with the exception of Constituent Services, which is arranged chronologically.

Material from the audiovisual and digital records is available by request.

Administrative Information

Access Restrictions

The bulk of this collection is open for research. Box 11, Folder 4 is restricted until October 28, 2035 under Executive Order 13526, section 1.4 (b) and 1.4 (d).

This collection contains digital files. To access these files, please request the folders you would like through the finding aid using your research account. An archivist will be in contact with you to explain how to access the files. Please note that not all file formats are currently supported by the library for research use.

This collection contains audiovisual materials. Reference copies of the audiovisual recordings are available upon request. Research requests will be filled as soon as possible and will be dependent upon the condition of the recordings.

Preferred citation

David Adelman Papers. Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies, University of Georgia Libraries, Athens, Georgia, 30602-1641.

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Finding Aid Publication

Finding Aid prepared by Robert Lay, 2018-11-20.

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Subject Terms

Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (Organization)
United States -- Foreign relations -- Singapore
United States -- Foreign relations -- Southeast Asia

Series Descriptions and Folder Listing


Series I. Personal and Political Files

11Adelman Mail, circa 2001-2002
12[Analysis & Data Presentation], 2002
13Anti-Defamation League, 2007
14Beth Jacob Label Hardcopies, undated
15Bob Wilson Mail, circa 2002
16Clippings, 2004
17Clips, circa 2002
18-9D. Adelman Press Clips, 2003
110-11D. Adelman Press Clips, 2004
112D. Adelman Press Clips, 2005
113D. Adelman Press Clips, 2006 - 2009
114[David Adelman Newsletters], circa 2004 - 2008
115[Directories], circa 2001 - 2002
116Legislative Clippings, 2008
117Maine / Vermont, circa 1999-2002
118Maps, circa 2001
119[Personal / Political Correspondence], 2002-2008
120-25[Personal / Political Correspondence], 2005
21-4[Personal / Political Correspondence], 2006
25Photos , 2002
ER 1[Photos of Adelman with Constituents] [digital files], 2002
Photos were sampled from a larger selection of unidentified photographs transferred on a digital photo CD.
26Photo Release, undated
27Press Clippings, 2005-2006
28Press, 2002
29Questionnaire/Endorsements , 2002
ER 2GARAL [Georgia Abortion and Reproductive Action League] Logo and Sample Press Releases [digital files], 2002
210#S, 1998-2001
211[SEIU Stronger Together], 2004
212Senate Clips, 2003
213Senate Clips, 2006
214Senate Democratic Office, 2006
215Senate Press Clipping , 2009
216Senate Press Office Clips , 2007
217S.G. Paperwork, 2002
218[Tabular Report], 2002
219[Transition Into Law Practice Program], 2006
220[Vendors], 2006-2007
221Website, 2002
222Womens' Resource Center - Jean Douglas, Executive Director, circa 2005-2007

Series II. Constituent Services

223Constituent Correspondence- In District, January 2003
224Constituent Correspondence- In District, February 2003
225Constituent Correspondence- In District , March 2003
226Constituent Correspondence- In District , April 2003
227[Memorandum - Oblander Group Campaign Fund] , 2005
31Constituent Correspondence- In District , May 2003
32Constituent Correspondence- In District , June 2003
33Constituent Correspondence- In District , July 2003
34Constituent Correspondence- In District , August 2003
35Constituent Correspondence- In District , September 2003
36Constituent Correspondence- In District , October 2003
37Constituent Correspondence- In District , November 2003
38Constituent Correspondence- In District , December 2003
39Constituent Correspondence- Out of District , January 2003
310Constituent Correspondence- Out of District, February 2003
311Constituent Correspondence- Out of District , March 2003
312Constituent Correspondence- Out of District, April 2003
313Constituent Correspondence- Out of District, May 2003
314Constituent Correspondence- Out of District, June 2003
315Constituent Correspondence- Out of District, July 2003
316Constituent Correspondence- Out of District, August 2003
317Constituent Correspondence- Out of District, September 2003
318Constituent Correspondence- Out of District, October 2003
319Constituent Correspondence- Out of District, November 2003
320Constituent Correspondence- Out of District, December 2003
321-22Constituent Correspondence- In District, January 2004
323Constituent Correspondence- In District, February 2004
324Constituent Correspondence- In District , March 2004
325Constituent Correspondence- In District , April 2004
326Constituent Correspondence- In District , May 2004
327Constituent Correspondence- In District , June 2004
328Constituent Correspondence- In District , July 2004
329Constituent Correspondence- In District, August 2004
330Constituent Correspondence- In District, September 2004
331Constituent Correspondence- In District , October 2004
332Constituent Correspondence- In District , November 2004
333Constituent Correspondence- In District , December 2004
41Constituent Correspondence- Out of District , January 2004
42Constituent Correspondence- Out of District , February 2004
43Constituent Correspondence- Out of District , March 2004
ER 3

California Coalition for Immigration Reform, "The Takeover of America" Audio CD [digital files]

Audio recording created by the anti-immigration group California Coalition for Immigration Reform (CCIR) and distributed by The American Restance Foundation of Marietta, Georgia. According to the insert, the CD is "a compilation of live, recorded statements by elected U.S. politicians, college professors, and pro-illegal alien activists whose goal is to take control of our government." Tracks: 1. Armando Navaroo, 2. Art Torres, 3. Jose Angel Gutierrez, 4. Bill Richardson, 5. Mario Obledo, 6. Mario Obledo, 7. Richard Alatorre, 8. Joe Baca, 9. Antono Villaraigosa, 10. Gloria Molia, 11. Vicky Castro, 12. Ruben Zacarias, 13. President [of Mexico Ernesto] Zedillo, 14. Augstin Cebada, 15. Fabian Nunez, 16. Larry Elder, 17. Tom Tancredo, 18. Gov. Gary Davis, 19. MEChA [Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlan] chants
44Constituent Correspondence- Out of District , April 2004
45Constituent Correspondence- Out of District , May 2004
46Constituent Correspondence- Out of District, June 2004
47Constituent Correspondence- Out of District , July 2004
48Constituent Correspondence- Out of District , August 2004
49Constituent Correspondence- Out of District , September 2004
410Constituent Correspondence- Out of District , October 2004
411Constituent Correspondence- Out of District, November 2004
412Constituent Correspondence- Out of District, December 2004
413Correspondence- In District Constituent, January 2005
414Correspondence- In District Constituent , February 2005
415-16Correspondence- In District Constituent , March 2005
417Correspondence- Out of District , January 2005
418Correspondence- Out of District , February 2005
419Correspondence- Out of District , March 2005
420Correspondence- In-District, January 2006
421-22Correspondence- In District , 2006
423Correspondence- In District, January - February 2006
424Correspondence, 2007
425-26[Constituent Correspondence], 2007
427Adelman's Correspondence, 2008
428[Constituent Correspondence file], 2009
429General Files, 2003

Series III. Campaign Files

51Misc- Friends of David Adelman , circa 2001-2002
52PCIDs Joint Board Meeting, December 06, 2002
53Friends of David Adelman (Invites/Name Tags/Etc.), undated
54-6Friends of David Adelman- Rolodex, circa 2001-2002
57-9Friends of David Adelman - Correspondence, circa 2001-2002
510Friends of David Adelman Misc, 2002-2008
511[Campaign flyers & magnets]
512[David Adelman's Campaign Reception]
513[The Georgia Commission on the Holocaust]
514[Friends of David Adelman]
515[David Adelman Headshots]
516[Friends of David Adelman Letters]
517Professional Development
518[District Information]
61-2[Campaign Correspondence], 2004
63[Friends of David Adelman], 2004
64-5David Adelman's 2008 Re-election Campaign]
66Holocaust Commission
67Senate District 42 - Dekalb County - Newsletter, 2005-2007
68Constituent Newsletters, 2006-2007
69-12Georgia State Senate , 2008
613ACS National Convention, June 12-14, 2008
6142008 Campaign, circa 2008

Series IV. Legislative Files

615American Jewish Committee
616American Jewish Committee: AJC Literature
617American Jewish Committee: New Member Orientation , 2003
618Anti-Defamation League
619Association of Educators
620Campaign Committee
621Capitol Arts Standards Commission
71Card- Thank You Notes
72Caucus, 2005
73Cell Phone Legislation, 2005
74Center for the Visually Impaired, 2005
75Chamber of Commerce
76Children, Marriage, Family, 2007
77City of Atlanta: Atlanta Department of Watershed Management, June 2003
78Code Revision Commission, 2003-2008
79Code Revision Commission: Lexus Nexus Proposal Official Code of Georgia Annotated; Revision 2007/ 2008; Fulton County , 2006-2008
710Commission on Family Violence: Strategic Planning Meeting, 2004-05
711Consulate General of Israel in Atlanta, circa 2007
712Darfur, 2008
713Decatur, 2005
ER 4Project Achieve Promotional Video [digital files], 2005
Promotional video for the Project Achieve [Amplifying, Courageous, Helpful, Innovative, Educational Ventures for Excellence] education program targeting "at-risk youth." Dr. Wendolyn Bouie and Judge Johnny Panos. Run time: 05:11.
714DeKalb Development Authority, 2009
715Editorial Board Interviews, 2005
716Essay Contest, 2005
717Gaming, 2003-2004
718(GARAL) Georgia Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League, 2002-2003
719Georgia Equality , circa 2002-08
720Georgia Equality - Daniel Duncan, circa 2002-03
721Georgia Equality - Katie Beckett Materials, circa 2004
EM 6Denied: A Georgia Deeming Waiver Injustice [digital files], 2006
Documentary film by Bill and Peat Ruck. Includes complete film (run time: 18:03), 3 minute abbreviated version, and video featuring photos of children from the film.
722Georgia State Rehabilitation Council
723Grady, circa 2004-07
724Grady - Health Students Taking Action Together (Health STAT)
725Grady - Task Force on Health Professionals Education, 2006
726Grady Health System
ER 5[Grady Health System Plans, Reports, and Statements of Operation] [digital files], 2007
Includes Grady Health System Plan of Operations (Spring 2007); Greater Grady Task Force Final Report (July 13, 2007); Greater Grady Task Force Preliminary Report (As of June 22, 2007); The Fulton and DeKalb Hospital Authority Grady Health System, Otis L. Story Sr., CEO Presentation (June 21, 2007); Grady Health System Cash Flow Forecast Assumptions (July 1, 2007 through December 31, 2007); The Fulton-DeKalb Hospital Authority Statement of Operations-Consolidated (for the Month Ended May 31, 2007); and The Fulton-DeKalb Hospital Authority Statement of Operations-Consolidated (for the Twelve-Month Period Ended December 31, 2006, Unaudited).
727Grady Health System - Urban Affair Committee
81Hate Crimes
82Highway Safety Information
83Highway Safety Information - AAA Poll, 2004
84Highway Safety Information - HB 353
85Highway Safety Information - Info from Iowa
86Highway Safety Information - Resolution; SR 669
87Highway Safety Information - Road Information Programs, 2002-2004
88Highway Safety Information - Speed Limits in Georgia
89Highway Safety Information - Studies
810Holocaust Commission
811Immigration Materials, 2006
812Israel Trip , 2003
813Israel Trip - Kinarot Initiation & Development Company, 2003
814Israel Trip 2006, 2006
815Israel Trip 2006 - Trip book for Senator David Adelman, 2006
816Juvenile Diabetes
817Kirkwood, 2007
818Kirkwood - Letters RE: Pratt-Pullman Railyard, 2007
819Kosher, 2006
820Letters of Recommendation, 2000's
821Lupus Awareness Day, 2008
822Lupus Awareness Day - Living with Lupus, 2008
823Marfan Syndrome, 2007
824Manson Mill Project, 2007
825Meghan's Law, 2004
826Oakhurst, 2005-2007
827PDK Information
828Renewable Fuels Research , 2007
829SB 22 - Release Offender Records to Potential Employees, 2003
830SB 62 - Cyber Crimes, 2006
831SB 89 - Georgia Township Act, 2007-2008
832SB 101 - Sex Offender
833SB 119 - Postconviction DNA Testing , 2003
834SB 147- Renewable Energy , undated
835SB 147 - Shelter Protection Act, circa 2003
836SB 153 - Campus Police Act Open Records, 2006
837SB 162 - Georgia Slam Spam Email Act, undated
838SB 211 - Corporate Clean Up, 2003
839SB 256 - Buses Along Highway Shoulder , circa 2003
840SB 283 - Share the Road Plates, 2003-2004
91SB 462 - Cullum's Law
92SB 462 - Cullum's Law - ALP Notes
93SB 462 - Cullum's Law - Correspondence
94SB 462 - Cullum's Law - DMV Crash Statistics
95SB 462 - Cullum's Law - Insurance Institute of Highway Safety
96SB 462 - Cullum's Law - LC 28 1401
97SB 462 - Cullum's Law - Press Releases
98SB 462 - Cullum's Law - South Carolina
99SB 462 - Cullum's Law - Steve Owings Speeches, etc.
910SB 443 Giftcards
911SB 629
912Senate Res. 669 - State of Georgia Commercial Motor Vehicle Working Group Part II, October 13, 2004
913Senate Res. 669 - Study Highway Safety
914SB 1011 - Resolution Urging Support for the State of Israel, circa 2002
915Senate Personal, circa 2003
916Senate Rules, 2002-2004
917SR 130 - Township Bill, 2007
918Stem Cell Material , 2005
919Stem Cell Material - Adelman Bill
920Stem Cell Material - American Medical Association (AMA)
921Stem Cell Material - HR 810
922Stem Cell Material - Legislation
923Stem Cell Material - Multiple Sclerosis (MS), 2006
924Stem Cell Material - Orrin Hatch
925Stem Cell Material - Other advocates
926Stem Cell Material - Parkinson's
927Stem Cell Material - Patient Advocates
928Stem Cell Material - Patients/Individuals
929Stem Cell Material - Shafer Bill SB 596, 2006
930Stem Cell Material - Shafer Bill SB 596 - Hearing, March 01, 2006
931Stem Cell - Biomedical Partnership
932Stem Cell - Correspondence, 2007
933Stem Cell - Editorial
934Stem Cell - Ethical Requirements
935Stem Cell - Experts
936Stem Cell - Governor's Commission for Newborn Umbilical Cord Blood
937Stem Cell - Press
938Stem Cell - Primer Diagram
939Stem Cell - Research, 2008
940Streetcars, circa 2006
941Subie Green/Center for the Visually Impaired
942Essay Contest, undated
943Legislative Retirement System, undated
EM 7The Alliance for Medical Research, Regenerative Medicine: Pathways to Cures, Version 2.0 [digital files], 20006
Informational video about the benefits of regenerative medicine utilizing stem cells. Run time: 14:44.
EM 8Georgia State Senate Committee on Science and Technology Hearing on SB 596 [digital files], 2006-03-02
Audio recording of committee hearing on Georgia State Senate Bill 596 ("Delivering the Cure: Newborn Umbilical 15 Cord Blood Initiative Act" or "Keone's Law") concerning stem cell research and the banking of newborn umbilical cord blood.
EM 9[Press Releases Concerning Georgia State Senate Bills] [digital files], 2005
Press releases from Adelman's office, written by Christian Ayotte, concerning SB 91 (proposal to improve access to information such as newspapers and other timely, printed materials for the visually impaired), SB 129 (legislation which would make it illegal to solicit money or sell goods or services to the operator or passengers of mass transit buses and rapid rail), and a Senate bill prosed in response to a Georgia Court of Appeals ruling that the crime statistics and police logs of Mercer University's campus police department are not subject to the Georgia Open Records Act.

Series V. Ambassador Files

101ABTC Tour - June 1-9 , 2011
102[Ambassador Correspondence], 2009-10
103Ambassador Adelman - The US-ASEAN Business Council - US ASEAN Ambassadors' Tour, December 2012
104Ambassador Adelman's U.S. Trip, October 12-28, 2010
105Ambassador David Adelman Events , 2010
106Ambassador David Adelman Events, 2011
107Ambassador David Adelman Events , 2012
108Ambassador David Adelman Events, 2013
109Ambassador David Adelman - Independence Day , 2010-2013
1010Ambassador David Adelman Selected Speeches and Remarks, 2010
1011-13Ambassador David Adelman Selected Speeches and Remarks Part I, 2011
1014Ambassador David Adelman Selected Speeches and Remarks Part II, 2011
1015Ambassador David Adelman Selected Speeches and Remarks, 2012
1016AmCham Business Mission to KL - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, May 29-30, 2012
1017AmCham Singapore Business Mission to India, March 15-18, 2011
1018AmCham Singapore Vietnam Business Mission Delegation , February 21-24, 2012
1019AmCham Trade Mission to Indonesia , April 15-17, 2013
1020AmCham Trade Mission to Vietnam, February 21-24, 2012
1021APCAC: Visit to Tokyo, Japan, February 29 - March 02, 2012
1022APEC Trip Indonesia Component, February 25-27, 2013
1023[Business Mission to Indonesia], October 11-12, 2011
1024Chiefs of Mission Conference - Washington, D.C., March 08-15, 2012
1025Investing in India, October 2010
1026Media Clips Articles , 2010
1027Media Clips Articles , 2011
1028Media Clip Articles , 2012
1029Metro Atlanta Chamber, February 22, 2011
1030-31[Nomination Packet], 2009-2010
1032[SMU Engage], July 2012
1033"State of the Art" A Symposium on Women's Leadership in Asia - Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy - Singapore, April 11, 2013
1034The University of Georgia Commencement Speech, July 31, 2010
1035The US-ASEAN Business Council, December 2012
111Trip to New York, Washington, D.C., PM/FM Meetings, Boston and Connecticut, March 27 - April 7, 2013
112USCS Outreach, September 2011
113U.S. Department of State - Bureau of East Asian and Pacific Affairs, October 12-14, 2010
114U.S. Department of State - Bureau of East Asian and Pacific Affairs - Dossiers, October 2010
115World Trade Center - San Diego, October 18, 2010

Series VI. Audiovisual Recordings

RBRL386-VHS_000160 Minutes: Stem Cells 101, undated

Series VII. Artifacts

12Campaign shirts and flags, 2002
13Campaign shirts and flags, undated