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ADA Training Materials Collection

ADA Training Materials Collection

Descriptive Summary

Title: ADA Training Materials Collection
Creator: Southeast ADA Center
Inclusive Dates: 1990-2004
Language(s): English
Extent: 2 box(es) (1.5 linear feet)
Collection Number: RBRL380
Repository: Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies
Abstract: The ADA Training Materials Collection includes curricula created by the Disability Rights Education and Defense Fund (DREDF) for states and organizations to use in implementing ADA education and training.

Collection Description

Historical Note

The ADA Training Materials Collection was donated by Stacy Peace, assistant to the Georgia state ADA coordinator in 2015. The collection includes instructional materials from the Southeast Disability and Business Technical Assistance Center, the former name for the Southeast ADA Center and from the Disability Rights Education and Defense Fund. This collection of materials was used by trainers in workshops and classes to aid employers and groups with understanding and adhering to guidelines of the Americans with Disabilities Act passed in 1990.

Scope and Content

The ADA Training Materials Collection contains instructional materials provided by the ADA Technical Assistance Network and the Disability Rights Education and Defense Fund. The collection is comprised of ADA core curriculum files that provide history and instruction for education about the law, class materials from training sessions and public presentations, and articles about the ADA. Materials date from 1990 to 2004.

Organization and Arrangement

The ADA Training Materials Collection is arranged into two series: Series I. ADA Training Materials and Series II. Disability Rights Education and Defense Fund Materials.

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Collection is open for research.

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Finding Aid prepared by Angelica Marini, 2016.

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Subject Terms

Disabilities -- Law and legislation.
Disability Rights Education and Defense Fund
People with disabilities -- Education.
People with disabilities -- Government policy.
People with disabilities -- Legal status, laws, etc.
People with disabilities -- Social conditions.
United States. Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990

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Series Descriptions and Folder Listing


Series I. ADA Training Materials, 1990-2004

The ADA Training Materials are an informational set of instructional materials provided by the ADA Technical Assistance Network. The ADA training materials include a set of "core curriculum" files related to disability history, education, rights, and other subjects. Class materials include handouts, overheads, and lecture notes from classes that covered employment, communication, administrative requirements, accessibility, and disability awareness. Outreach articles contains materials related to ADA training and a run of the Japanese magazine Abilities sent to Mike Galifinakis who was State ADA Coordinator in 2004.

Subseries A. ADA Core Curriculum

Subseries A. ADA Core Curriculum Files contains instructional and educational materials about the ADA and disability history.
111.1.1 Introduction, circa 1995
121.1.2 Table of Contents, circa 1995
131.1.3 Cross Reference, circa 1995
141.1.4 Training Guidelines, circa 1995
152.1.1 Civil Rights Era, circa 1995
162.1.2 Disability Rights Law, circa 1995
172.1.3 Enactment of the ADA, circa 1995
182.2.1 Structure of the ADA, circa 1995
193.1.1 Definition of Disability, circa 1995
1103.1.2 Physical and Mental Impairments, circa 1995
1113.1.3 Substantially Limits, circa 1995
1123.1.4 Major Life Activities, circa 1995
1133.1.5 Record of Such an Impairment, circa 1995
1143.1.6 Regarded as Having Such an Impairment, circa 1995
1153.1.7 Exclusions from the Definition of Disability, circa 1995
1163.1.8 Qualified Individual, circa 1995
1173.2.1 Direct Threat, circa 1995
118ADA Training "Deaf Focus Group", circa 1995
1193.3.1 Nondiscrimination Overview, circa 1995
1203.3.2 Equal Opportunity, circa 1995
1213.3.3 Eligibility Criteria, circa 1995
1223.3.4 Integration, circa 1995
1233.3.5 Reasonable Modifications, circa 1995
1243.3.6 Surcharges and Additional Requirements, circa 1995
1253.3.7 Contracts, circa 1995
1263.3.8 Licensing, circa 1995
1273.3.9 Personal Services and Devices, circa 1995
1283.4.2 Auxiliary Aids and Services Considerations, circa 1995
1293.4.3 Auxiliary Aids and Services Considerations, circa 1995
1303.4.1 Effective Communication, circa 1995
1313.4.4 Text Telephones/ TDDs/ TTYs, circa 1995
1323.4.5 Interpreters, circa 1995
1333.4.6 Relay Services, circa 1995
1343.4.7 Public Service Announcements, circa 1995
1353.5.1 Architectural Accessibility in the ADA, circa 1995
1363.5.2 Employment: Architectural Accessibility, circa 1995
1373.5.3 Public Entities: Facilities Overview, circa 1995
1383.5.4 Public Entities: Program Accessibility, circa 1995
1393.5.5 Private Entities: Facilities Overview, circa 1995
1403.5.6 Private Entities: Barrier Removal, circa 1995
1413.5.7 Alterations, circa 1995
1423.5.8 New Construction, circa 1995
1433.5.9 ADA Standards for Accessible Design, circa 1995
1443.5.10 Historic Preservation, circa 1995
1453.5.11 Specialized Facilities, circa 1995
1463.5.12 Code Certification, circa 1995
1473.6.1 Public Transportation, circa 1995
1483.6.2 Publicly Funded Transportation- Buses, circa 1995
1493.6.3 Publicly Funded Transportation- Private Contracts, circa 1995
1503.6.4 Nondiscriminatory Service, circa 1995
1513.6.5 Paratransit, circa 1995
1523.6.6 Paratransit- Service Criteria, circa 1995
1533.6.7 Eligibility Determination Process, circa 1995
1543.6.8 Paratransit Service Plan, circa 1995
1553.6.9 Waiver for Undue Financial Burden, circa 1995
1563.6.10 Demand Responsive Systems, circa 1995
1573.6.11 Rail Transit, circa 1995
1583.6.12 Privately Funded, Primarily Engaged, circa 1995
1593.6.13 Intercity Bus Service and Over-the-Road Buses, circa 1995
1603.6.14 Privately Funded, Not Primarily Engaged, circa 1995
1613.7.1 Enforcement: Employment, circa 1995
1623.7.2 Enforcement: Public Entities, circa 1995
1633.7.3 Enforcement: Private Entities, circa 1995
1643.7.4 Enforcement: Private Transportation, circa 1995
1653.7.5 Enforcement: Telecommunications, circa 1995
1663.8.1 Alternative Dispute Resolution, circa 1995
1673.9.1 Tax Incentives, circa 1995
1684.1.1 Employment: Scope of Coverage, circa 1995
1694.1.2 Essential Job Functions, circa 1995
1704.1.3 Reasonable Accommodation, circa 1995
1714.1.4 Recruitment and Hiring, circa 1995
1724.1.5 Medical Examinations, circa 1995
1734.1.6 Benefits and Privileges, circa 1995
1744.1.7 Workers' Compensation, circa 1995
1754.1.8 Defenses, circa 1995
1764.1.9 Collective Bargaining, circa 1995
1774.2.1 Public Entities, circa 1995
1784.2.2 Administrative Requirements, circa 1995
1794.2.4 Transition Plan, circa 1995
1804.3.1 Private Entities, circa 1995
1814.3.2 Public Accommodation, circa 1995
1824.3.3 Places of Public Accommodation, circa 1995
1834.3.4 Public Accommodation Exemptions, circa 1995
1844.3.5 Commercial Facilities, circa 1995
1854.3.6 Examinations and Courses, circa 1995
1864.5.1 Miscellaneous, circa 1995

Subseries B. ADA Training Class Materials

Subseries B. ADA Training Class Materials includes educational materials used in training and instruction.
21Overview Class 1- Talking Points, Lecture Notes, OVs, circa 1995
22ADA Training Class 1 Employment, circa 1995
23Overview Class 1- Participant Packet, circa 1995
24Employment Class 2- Participant Packet, circa 1995
25Class 2 Employment Extra Handouts, circa 1995
26Class 3 Effective Communication, circa 1995
27Class 3 Effective Communication- Extra Handouts, circa 1995
28Class 4 OVs, Talking Points, Lecture Notes, circa 1995
29Class 4 Extras- Administrative Requirements, circa 1995
210Class 4 Participant Packet Administrative Requirements, circa 1995
211Access Review Class 5 Talking Points, circa 1995
212Class 5 Accessibility Review Transition Plan, circa 1995
213Class 5 Participant Packet Accessibility Review Transition Plan, circa 1995
214Class 6 Disability Awareness (Extra Handouts), circa 1995
215Class 6 Disability Awareness Participant Packet, circa 1995

Subseries C. Outreach Articles

Subseries C. Outreach Articles contains materials related to ADA training and outreach.
187-88ADA Training "Outreach Articles", 2004

Series II. Disability Rights Education and Defense Fund (DREDF) Materials, 1992-1994

Materials produced by the Disability Rights Education and Defense Fund (DREDF) aimed at education and simplification of ADA include network lists, class handouts, and outlines related to speeches and other public presentations.
189DREDF Simplified Version, 1992
190My Commitment of DREDF Reports, 1993
191DREDF Outlines San Diego, 1992
192DREDF Outlines for Speeches, 1992
193Court Cases/ Role Play Hypotheticals Used in San Diego, Texas, 1992
194Clear Copy Material, 1992
195My Presentation, San Diego, Undated
196DREDF Trained Network, 1992-1993
197DREDF Network List, Undated
198DREDF Presentation Information, Undated
199DREDF Information from Deidre, 1993
1100Technology Presentation, 1993
1101E.I. Information, Undated
1102Overheads (DREDF), Undated
1103DREDF Mailing 11/93, 1993-1994
1104DREDF Overheads, 1992