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Statewide Independent Living Council of Georgia Records

Statewide Independent Living Council of Georgia Records

Descriptive Summary

Title: Statewide Independent Living Council of Georgia Records
Creator: Statewide Independent Living Council of Georgia
Inclusive Dates: 1985-2019
Language(s): English
Extent: 4 box(es) (4 linear feet, 4.93 gigabytes)
Collection Number: RBRL343
Repository: Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies
Abstract: The Statewide Independent Living Council of Georgia, Inc., is a private, non-profit corporation founded in 1995 to identify societal barriers to independent living and to collaborate with other organizations to remove those barriers. The records document the organization's work to increase opportunities for independent living through statewide planning and advocacy.

Collection Description

Historical Note

Founded in 1995, the Statewide Independent Living Council of Georgia, Inc. (SILC) is a private, non-profit corporation governed by people with all types of disabilities from all across the state. The role of the SILC is to identify societal barriers to independent living and to collaborate with Centers for Independent Living, Rehabilitation Services and other related entities to remove those barriers and to increase the supports and services needed to create independent living opportunities.

SILC activities include sponsoring public hearings, quarterly public meetings, and other educational and outreach efforts; providing information to public officials, state agencies and local organizations and individuals; and conducting studies and research.

Source: SILC web site

Scope and Content

The Statewide Independent Living Council of Georgia Records contains correspondence, reports, program files, legal documents and other records that document the organization's work to increase opportunities for independent living through statewide planning and advocacy. The digital files document the Easy Living Home and Visit_ability initiatives.

Organization and Arrangement

The records are arranged in five series: Series I. General Files, Series II. Programs and Initiatives, Series III. Artifacts, Series IV. Audiovisual Materials, and Series V. Websites.

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This collection is open for research use.

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User reference copies of the audiovisual recordings may be available upon request. Availability is dependent upon the condition of the recordings.

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Statewide Independent Living Council of Georgia Records, Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies, University of Georgia Libraries, Athens, Georgia, 30602-1641.

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Finding Aid prepared by Mat Darby, 2013.

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Subject Terms

Disabilities -- Law and legislation.
People with disabilities -- Georgia.

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Series Descriptions and Folder Listing


Series I. General Files

1 box(es) (1 linear foot)
11Presentations/Overhead Materials, undated
12Activity Nurse Practice, 2006-2010
13Life is an Idea, and a Mystery - Tabb Bahner and NationsBank, 2000
14Lifelong Communities Partnership Quarterly Meeting, 2013 January 8
15The Center for Financial Independence & Innovation, 2011 April 8
16Ombudsman Long Term Care Residents' Advocate 2010 Annual Reort, 2010
17My Medicaid Matters!, 2012 April
18Not Dead Yet, 2003
19Life/Death Schaivo, 2005
110Kaiser Commission Report on Olmstead, 2004 June
111Roadmap for Medicaid Reform, 2006
112SILC Congress - 01, 2001
113SILC Congress- 2000 Resolutions, 2000
114SILC Congress - Issues and Recommendations of SILC Congress '99, 1999
115SILC Congress - 1998 Resolutions, 1998
116History of Independent Living, undated
117Medicaid Reform, 2005
118Georgia Healthcare Coverage Project, 2003 November
119Blue Ribbon Commission, 2001 January
120Disability History, undated
121Three Phases in the Development of Services for People with Disabilities, undated
122Skilled Nursing Care Facility Form, 2012 September 12
123AgrAbility, 1991-2011
124From Loving Arms: Georgia's Children Living in Nursing Homes and State Hospitals, 2011
125Managed Care: Doing It Right, undated
126Ombudsman Long Term Care Residents' Advocate 2011 Annual Report, 2011
127[Georgia Health Care information], 2011-2013
128Legislative Facts, 2000
129Americans with Disabilities: Facts on PWD, 2004
130Money Follows the Person: Data, 2011
131[Federal Assistance Application], 2006
132[Rehabilitation Counseling: Independent Living], 1997 August 25
133 Freedom of Movement: Independent Living History and Philosophy , 2000
134A Congressional Insider's Guide to Influencing Disability Policy [3 booklets], 1999
135Long Term Care Coalition, Inc., Annual Report, 1995
136 Spinal Column , 1995 Winter
137 - 64[Federal and State Agency Reports and Handbooks], 1986-2013
21Articles: John O'Brien, etc., 1989-1993
22Advocacy Tips, 1994
23L.C. & E.W. v. Olmstead (ADA & Institutionalization), 1997-1999
24L.C. v. Olmstead, 1997-1999
25[Material on the Olmstead Decision], 2003, 2009
26[Voter Guides], 2002
27Lemon Laws, 1993
28[ADAPT], 2008-2011
29[Disability History], 2007, 2009
210[Independent Living], 2007

Series II. Programs and Initiatives

3 box(es) (3 linear feet, 1.4 gigabytes)

Subseries A. Personal Assistance

( 1 box(es) (1 linear foot) )
Vocational Rehabilitation - Independent Living Program:
211[Articles on Personal Assistance], 1985-1996
212Essay: "The Welfare of the Personal Assistant User and Welfare of the Personal Assistant: Is There a Contradiction?" by Dr. Jerry Carr, 1990 July 1
213The Consumer Directed Personal Assistant Program Guide, 1995
214PAS [Personal Assistance Services] 1994 Status Report, 1994
215DRS-GA [Division of Rehabilitation Services, Georgia] PA [Personal Assistance] Program, 1993
216ADAPT & HCFA [Health Care Finance Administration], 1995
217PAS-NET [Personal Assistance Services Network] Activity, 1994-1996
218PAS-NET Questionnaire, circa 1999
219PAS-NET 98 Mail Out, 1997
220LTC [Long Term Care] Choice Act, 1998
Blue Ribbon [Governor's Blue Ribbon Task Force on Community-Based Services]:
221[Reports and Correspondence], 2000
222Agendas, Minutes [empty], undated
223Principles Committee [empty], undated
224Blue Ribbon Task Force Final Report, 2000
225Previous Studies, 1999
226Atlanta Legal Aid, 2000
227Structures Committee, 2000
228SC [Supreme Court] Ruling - L.C. [Olmstead v. L.C.], 2000
229[Community Care Services Program], 2000
230Surveys, 2000
Nursing Home Transition:
231NH [Nursing Home] Transition Survey/Report, 2006
232NH [Nursing Home] Transition Data, 2003
233Minutes - Task Force, 2003
234[Systems Change Grants material], 2002-2003
235Time Lines [Budget], circa 2002
236Barriers [to Community Living], 2003
237CIL [Center for Independent Living] Grant, 2002
238Members [Systems Change Task Force], 2002
239Housing Committee/Issues, 2002
240TTL [Transition Team Leader] Job Description, 2002
241Outreach Manual, 2002
242Reports, Stats & Miscellaneous, 2002
243NHs [Nursing Homes] in Georgia, 2001
244[Building Lives, Building Communities Packet], 2004
ER 1disAbility LINK: The Center for Rights and Resources, "Nursing Facility Transition Manual" Interactive Disc (Open Captioned) [digital files], 2004
245Disk Packaging, undated

Subseries B. Healthcare

( 0.5 box(es) (0.5 linear foot) )
Common Sense [Georgians for a Common Sense Health Plan]:
246[Georgia SecureCare Program reports and planning material], 2003
247PNHP [Physicians for a National Health Program] PowerPoint, 2007
Let's Get Together, Inc.; et al. v. Insurance Commissioner of the State of Georgia; et al.:
31Retention Letter and Correspondence: Carr, Tabb & Pope [Blue Cross/Blue Shield case], 1997-2001
32Deposition/Affidavit, 1997-1998
33Georgia Healthcare, Inc. Resolution for Initial Board of Directors, 1998
34Blue Cross/Blue Shield Final Stipulation, 1998
35Blue Cross/Blue Shield History, 1998
36Blue Cross/Blue Lawsuit, 1997-1998
37Sutherland, Asbill and Brennan, 1998

Subseries C. Housing

( 1.5 box(es) (1.5 linear feet, 1.4 gigabytes) )
38Visitability Materials, 2000
39Visitability Application [U.S. Patent and Trademark Office], 2000
310Visitability USPTO Response, 2001
311Visitability Response, 2001
312Home Seal Reports, 2000
313Virginia Carron, Esq. Guidance, 2000
314Easy Living Home Application [U.S. Patent and Trademark Office], 2000-2002
315Response, 2001
316USPTO Correspondence, 2001-2002
317Georgia Trademark Process, 1998-1999
318Trademark Process [United States], 1999
Easy Living Home
319[Easy Living Home information packets], 2002
320Fair Housing Act Design Manual, 1996 August
321ELH - Miscellaneous Vendors, 2008-2009
322Lifespring Environs FY08, 2007-2008
323Vision Media TV Group FY08, 2007-2008
3242009 Replication Summit, 2009
3252008 Replication Summit, 2008
3262007 Replication Summit, 2007
3272004 Replication Summit, 2004
328Frank Betz [License Agreements], 2008
329Replication Contracts, 2005-2009
330Easy Living Registrations, 2002-2009
331ELH Remodelers, 2008-2009
332NIDRR [National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research] Conference Grant, 2003
333[Grant and Vendor Information], 2003-2004
334NEA Grant Info, 2002-2003
41Replication Manual Prepared for Texas, circa 2005
42Southern Building Show 2007 Exhibitor Service Kit, 2007
43 - 4Replication Committee Manuals
45 - 6[Easy Living Home information binders], 2004-2009
47Market Research/Focus Groups, 1999-2000
48Job Description - ELH Coordinator, circa 1999
49DCA Stats, 1999
410Realtor Class, 2005
411ELH Position Statement: Certification of Remodeled [Homes], 2008
412ELH Prospects, 2001-2004
413ELH MInutes, 2008-2009
414ELH Meeting Agenda/Minutes, 2007
415ELH Meeting Agenda/Minutes, 2006
416ELH Minutes, 2004
417ELH Minutes FY03, 2002-2003
418Easy Living Meetings, 2001
419Easy Living Meeting Notes, 1999-2000
420Articles, 1999-2002
421DCA Housing Committee, 2002-2004
422Legislation, Ordinances, 1998-2000
423ELH Reality Assessment Proposal, 2006-2007
424ELH Proposals/Grants, 2002-2003
425Fannie Mae Grant - Easy Living, 2004
426Survey Results from the 2006 Livable Lifetime ShowHouse, 2006
ER 3Easy Living RBRL343CD010 [digital files], 2005
ER 4Brochure RBRL343CD003 [digital files], 2004
ER 5Builder Manual Marketing Assistance RBRL343CD007 [digital files], 1987-2003
ER 6Builder Packet Folder and Inserts RBRL343CD002 [digital files], 2002-2004
ER 7Information Files for Builders RBRL343CD005 [digital files], 1987-2004
ER 8PowerPoint Presentation for Export RBRL343CD009 [digital files], 2005
ER 9PowerPoint Presentation RBRL343CD004 [digital files], 2002-2005
ER 10PowerPoint Presentation RBRL343CD008 [digital files], 2005
ER 11Replication Manual RBRL343CD001 [digital files], 2004
ER 12Entryways: Creating Attractive, Low-Cost, Zero-step Entrances RBRL343CD006 [digital files], 2002-2005
ER 13Liveable Lifetime Show House Fayetteville Georgia Final Report RBRL343CD014 [digital files], 2006
ER 2"Visit-ability: Making Universal Access to Community Life a Reality" RBRL343CD011 [digital files], 2003
427"Visit-ability: Making Universal Access to Community Life a Reality" Disk Packaging RBRL343CD011, 2003

Series III. Artifacts, 1996-2003

3 folder(s)
428Bumper stickers, 1996-2003
429Buttons (3), undated
430Sign: Free Our People Now, undated

Series IV. Audiovisual Materials

14 item(s)
Series IV. Audiovisual Materials contains moving images that document issues related to disabilities in Georgia and across the United States. Many of the items are commercially produced recordings that were purchased or recorded from a television broadcast.
UC RBRL/343/VHS_001Chris "Crazy Legs" Fonseca, undated ( 1 moving_image(s) )
UC RBRL/343/VHS_002Look Who's Laughing, 1994 ( 1 moving_image(s) )
UC RBRL/343/VHS_003Without Pity: A Film About Abilities (HBO), 1996 August 14 ( 1 moving_image(s) )
UC RBRL/343/VHS_004Nightline "Assisted Suicide", 1997 ( 1 moving_image(s) )
UC RBRL/343/VHS_005Dateline- Hockenbery, 1997 ( 1 moving_image(s) )
UC RBRL/343/VHS_006When Billy Broke His Head, [1995] ( 1 moving_image(s) )
UC RBRL/343/VHS_007Unlock the Waiting List: Real Georgians, Real People, undated ( 1 moving_image(s) )
UC RBRL/343/VHS_008Channel 5: Housing, undated ( 1 moving_image(s) )
UC RBRL/343/VHS_009Concrete Change "Building Better Neighborhoods", undated ( 1 moving_image(s) )
UC RBRL/343/DVD_001Entryways: Creating Attractive, Low-Cost Zero-Step Entrances, 2005 ( 1 moving_image(s) )
UC RBRL/343/DVD_002A Call to Service, undated ( 1 moving_image(s) )
UC RBRL/343/DVD_003The Light of Inclusion, undated ( 1 moving_image(s) )
UC RBRL/343/DVD_004The Future of Medicaid: Stakeholders Workshop, 2003 ( 1 moving_image(s) )
UC RBRL/343/DVD_005IL [Independent Living] History and Philosophy: Orientation for IL Staff, 2006 ( 1 moving_image(s) )
UC RBRL/343/DVD_006 It's Our Story: Atlanta, Georgia; Louisville, Kentucky: Kate Gainer, Pat Puckett, Mark Johnson, Eleanor Smith, Stephan Brown, Chris Palames , 2005 August ( 1 moving_image(s) )
UC RBRL/343/DVD_007 It's Our Story: Decatur, Georgia: Louis Fricks, Beth Tumlin, Bernard Baker, Ann Rosewater , 2006 December ( 1 moving_image(s) )
It's Our Story: Decatur, Georgia; Memphis, Tennessee: Bernard Baker, Ann Rosewater, Anil Lewis, Lois Curtis, Jessica Long, Betty Anderson , 2006 December ( 1 moving_image(s) )

Series V. Websites

Statewide Independent Living Council of Georgia Website Access Online
Website of the Statewide Independent Living Council of Georgia captured using Archive-It.