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Heidi Davison Papers

Heidi Davison Papers

Descriptive Summary

Title: Heidi Davison Papers
Creator: Davison, Heidi.
Inclusive Dates: 1987-2017
Bulk Dates: 2003-2012
Language(s): English
Extent: 52 box(es) (50 linear feet, 5.8 gigabytes, 39 audiovisual items)
Collection Number: RBRL281HD
Repository: Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies
Abstract: The Heidi Davison Papers contain the papers of Heidi Davison, who served as Mayor of Athens, Georgia, from 2003-2011. The papers contain official paperwork, correspondence, and artifacts related to Athens-Clarke County Unified Government, the Mayor, and the Commission. The papers contain materials related to city planning and development, environmental and public health initiatives, and economic development.

Collection Description

Biographical Note

Heidi Davison came to Athens in 1973 and graduated from the University of Georgia in 1975 with a B.S. in Education. She began her career as a teacher soon after and taught Language Arts in area schools. Davison worked on numerous local and community associations and became politically involved in Athens when she served on a committee that aided in the Clarke County-Athens city unification process in the late 1980s. Davison entered the local political arena by organizing the election campaign for Louise McBee when she ran for a seat in the Georgia House of Representatives in 1991. Throughout the 1990s Heidi Davison served on Athens-Clarke County committees and boards related to environmental initiatives, arts foundations, and education projects.

As Mayor of Athens from 2003-2011, Heidi Davison oversaw major developments in Athens-Clarke County. Some of the most important projects emphasized environmental regulations and recycling projects, public health initiatives, and arts and education funding. Many of the projects she oversaw included neighborhood safety and planning, creation of public recreation facilities, and the expansion of public transportation. She participated in the founding of Partners for a Prosperous Athens (ONE Athens), an anti-poverty initiative, that continues to be an effective source of community action aimed at decreasing rates of poverty in Athens-Clarke County. Davison continues to be active in Athens as a volunteer in multiple organizations and serves on local committees.

Scope and Content

The Heidi Davison Papers contain material related to her two terms of office from 2003 to 2011. The papers include local and state political campaign materials, photographs related to Davison's political activities, as well as awards and gifts she received as Mayor of Athens.

The bulk of the documents relate to her role as mayor and participation as leader of the Commission that governs Athens-Clarke County Unified Government. The papers reflect many different areas of governance such as regional development and planning, zoning, and Athens-Clarke County Commission work. The papers also contain the mayor's correspondence, and community event programs. Many of the projects relate to environmental projects, education and arts plans, and regional development.

Organization and Arrangement

The Heidi Davison Papers are divided into six series: I. Campaigns, II. Mayoral, III. General Political, IV. Photographs, V. Artifacts, and VI. Additions.

Administrative Information

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This collection is open for research with the following exception: Boxes with restricted materials are identified with an R before the box number. An access restriction note follows each restricted folder title with an explanation of the restriction and when the folder will be open.

Series I-IV contain digital files. To access these files, please request the folders you would like through the finding aid using your research account. An archivist will be in contact with you to explain how to access the files. Please note that not all file formats are currently supported by the library for research use.

Series I and II contain audiovisual materials. Reference copies of the audiovisual recordings are available upon request. Research requests will be filled as soon as possible and will be dependent upon the condition of the recordings.

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Heidi Davison Papers, Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies, University of Georgia Libraries, Athens, Georgia, 30602-1641.

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Finding Aid prepared by Angelica Marini, Anna Harris, & Jessica Wylie, 2013.

Added Series VII: Additions, 2023-12-11.

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Athens (Ga.)
Athens-Clarke County (Ga.) -- Politics and government.
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Georgia -- Politics and government.
Mayors -- Georgia.
Women -- Political Activity -- Georgia.
Women mayors.
Women politicians

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Series Descriptions and Folder Listing


Series I. Campaigns, 1990-2011

5 box(es) (5.75 linear feet, 11 audiovisual items, and 865 megabytes)
Series I: Campaigns contains materials related to Heidi Davison's mayoral campaigns for Athens-Clarke County in 2002 and 2006. It contains campaign correspondence, research files and oversized campaign memorabilia like posters and press clippings. The digital files include campaign ads and other campaign materials, which include strategies for reaching the Latino community, files for the campaign website, financial records, statistics about voters and election results, and photographs.
This series contains digital files. To access these files, please request the folders you would like through the finding aid using your research account. An archivist will be in contact with you to explain how to access the files. Please note that not all file formats are currently supported by the library for research use.
Reference copies of the audiovisual recordings are available upon request. Research requests will be filled as soon as possible and will be dependent upon the condition of the recordings
11EHM [Elect Heidi Mayor] Money Stuff, 2006
12Names Potential, 2005-2010
13Fundraising Lists- Donors, 2006
14Petition Lists Email District Lists, 2006
15Grow Green Endorse, 2006
16Follow the Votes Issues in 2002 Election and Key Votes in Earlier Years, 2001-2006
17Charlie, 2006
18Tom, 2006
19States, 2005-2006
110Doc, 2002-2003
111DE [Doc Eldridge] Stuff, 2002
112District 1, 3, 9, 2005-2006
113Campaign Mailers, 2002
114Newspaper Ads, 2006
115Campaign Mailers, 2006
116Endorse Shirley Franklin and Dems, 2006
117Volunteers/ Work BOE [Board of Education], 1993
118BOE Race "News" [Board of Education], 1993
119Scrapbook BOE [Board of Education], 1993-1994
120Campaign Mailers, 1994-2010
121Campaign Notes, 2002
122-24Notecards RE: Running, Winning, 2002-2006
125Local Races, Not ACC Commission, 1996
126-27Statewide Races Not-Specifically Athens, 2002-2010
22Articles About Mayor Heidi, 2003
23Congratulations and Words of Encouragement Election 2002, 2002-2003
24-5Newspapers ABH [Athens Banner-Herald], Flagpole, Red and Black Election 6-26, 2002
26National Voter, 1999-2002
27Voting Materials, 1966, 1990-2002
28Information DOC, 2000
29Campaign Mailers for Other Candidates, 2004
210Elect Heidi Mayor, 2002-2003
211Anti-Heidi Stuff, 2005, 2009
212Campaign Finance, 2006
213Invoices and Bank Statements, 2002
214Campaign Finance, 2002
215$ Letter [Donation Request], 2002, 2006
216Campaign Notes, Contacts, circa 2003-2011
217Election Materials, 2006
218Elections- Promotional/ Campaign, 2006-2007
219Campaign Events, 2006
220ABH Editorials, 2006
221Campaign Articles Editorials, 2006
222Letters to Editor, 2006
223Campaign Articles, 2006
224Campaigns Notes, 2006
225Heidi Party, 2011
451Plan (BOE [Board of Education], 1994-1997
452[Consideration of run for District 7], 2001
453Speeches Notebook, undated
454-5[Land-use and neighborhood involvement], 1993-2002
456[Heidi for Mayor], 2006
3Phi Theta Kappa Awards, circa 2003-2011
31st Athens Mayor's Meeting, 2009
3Certificates and Awards, circa 2003-2011
3Press Clippings, circa 2003-2011
3Campaign Posters, 2002-2010
3ONE Athens Posters, 2008-2011
4Heidi Davison Campaign T-Shirt- Green and Blue, 2002-2010
4Heidi Davison Campaign T-Shirt- "Just Another...", 2002-2010
4Zoning Maps, circa 2003-2011
4Zoning Maps, circa 2003-2011
4Campaign and Event Posters, 2002-2010
4School Board Campaign Poster, 1993
4City Hall Print, 2003-2011
ER 11[Campaign Finances and Election Results] [digital files], 2006
Includes records of campaign contributions, contact lists, and financial disclosure reports.
ER 1[ElectHeidi Website Files] [digital files]
View an inventory of this folder online. [digital files], 2006
ElectHeidi [Website] [digital files], 2002
ElectHeidi [digital files], 2002
ER 52006 [digital files], 2006
Includes campaign ads, financial records, photographs, and position memos.
View an inventory of this folder online.
ER 12Campaign Notes, Bienvenidos Amigos -- Latino Welcome Packet [digital files]
Banking and Finance [digital files], 2006
Education [digital files], 2006
Health [digital files], 2006
Housing and Utilities [digital files], 2006
Legal Services and Public Safety [digital files], 2006
Legal Services and Public Safety -- U.S. Immigration [digital files], 2006
ER 6Flagpole 2940_files [digital files], 2006
Includes icons and website pages.
ER 7Flagpole Ad [Photographs] [digital files], 2006
ER 8General Election Night [Photographs] [digital files], 2006
ER 13Heidi Davison Postcard [digital files], 2002 July 19
ER 9Heidi shtml Files [Campaign Ads] [digital files], 2006
ER 10Mayor 2006 [digital files], 2006
Campaign speeches about accomplishments.
ER 2Radio Ads [digital files], 2006
ER 4Results [digital files], 2002
Precinct maps.
ER 3Voter Files [digital files], 2006
Mailing lists and statistics about prospective voters.
Some files are in a format that is not currently supported by the library for research use.
Records of how individuals voted have been redacted from these files.
UC RBRL/281/HD/CD_0001Heidi Davison for Mayor radio spots, WGAU NewsTalk 1340, 2002 ( 1 sound_recording(s) )
UC RBRL/281/HD/CD_0002Elect Heidi Mayor radio spots, 2006 October 23 ( 1 sound_recording(s) )
UC RBRL/281/HD/CD_0003Elect Heidi Mayor radio spots, general, 2006 ( 1 sound_recording(s) )
UC RBRL/281/HD/CD_0004Elect Heidi Mayor radio spots, general, 2006 ( 1 sound_recording(s) )
UC RBRL/281/HD/CS_0002Congrats, undated ( 1 sound_recording(s) )
UC RBRL/281/HD/CS_0003Messages from answering machine. Birthday (2005), Campaign (2006), 2005, 2006 ( 1 sound_recording(s) )
UC RBRL/281/HD/CS_0006Runoff Candidates Forum, WUGA, 2009 September 9 ( 1 sound_recording(s) )
UC RBRL/281/HD/CS_0008Candidate Forum, WUGA, 2002 October 14 ( 1 sound_recording(s) )
UC RBRL/281/HD/CS_0009Athens-Clarke CEO & Commissioners Candidates' Forum, 1994 August 14 ( 1 sound_recording(s) )
UC RBRL/281/HD/CS_0010Heidi Davison Campaign, Radio Spots, 4 60-second spots. Judy Chandler, Susan Dougherty, Cheryl Cornwell, Robin Chasman, undated ( 1 sound_recording(s) )
UC RBRL/281/HD/CS_0011Tom Chasteen announce mayor, 2005 July 1 ( 1 sound_recording(s) )

Series II. Mayoral, 1990-2013

37 box(es) (34.5 linear feet, 26 audiovisual items, and 4.5 gigabytes)
Series II: Mayoral documents Davison's two terms as Mayor of Athens (2003-2011) as well as activities undertaken in her capacity as a former mayor. This series is divided into five subseries that reflect the different work of the mayor and the major projects of her terms in office. Subseries A contains materials related to Davison's transition into the position of Mayor and papers related to building the office and committees. Subseries B contains documents related to development and planning connected to the Mayor's office. The planning and development subseries includes materials about environmental, economic, transportation, public health, and community development projects. Subseries C contains the Mayor's work files and Commission work files including agendas, memoranda, and reports. Subseries D contains the daily business papers of the Mayor's office and contains monthly schedules and phone messages. Subseries E contains correspondence and includes "citizen complaints" and "personal notes," arranged by the creator and her staff. Subseries F. Press Clippings and Event Programs, includes press clippings about the mayor and programs for community events Heidi Davison attended as Mayor of Athens. Subseries G. Subject Files includes material related to transportation and traffic, urban planning and the environment, and economic and downtown development.
This series contains digital files. To access these files, please request the folders you would like through the finding aid using your research account. An archivist will be in contact with you to explain how to access the files. Please note that not all file formats are currently supported by the library for research use.
Reference copies of the audiovisual recordings are available upon request. Research requests will be filled as soon as possible and will be dependent upon the condition of the recordings

Subseries A: Mayoral Transition

51Mayoral Transition (folder 1 of 4), 2002-2006
52Mayoral Transition (folder 2 of 4), 1994-2006
53Mayoral Transition (folder 3 of 4), 2002
54Mayoral Transition (folder 4 of 4), 2002

Subseries B: Development and Planning

55[Unfiled Meeting Notes/ Miscellaneous], 2003-2011
56Newspaper Clippings, 2003-2010
57Climate Communities: GreenBuild, 2009-2010
58Prince-Oak/Oconee Land Bank Authority, 2010
59EECBG [Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant], 2010
510Green Jobs, 2008-2010
511Community Tree Planting, 2009-2010
512ARRA [American Recovery and Reinvestment Act] Implementation and Updates, 2009
513Obama Stimulus, 2009
514ARRA [American Recovery and Reinvestment Act] City Funding GMA [Georgia Municipal Association] Overview, 2009
515Action, Inc. Weatherization, 2009
516FTA [Federal Transit Administration]. GHG [Greenhouse Gasses]/ Energy, 2009
517Health, 2009
518NSP [Neighborhood Stabilization Program], 2009
519Urban Circulator Streetcar Grants, 2009
520GEFA [Georgia Environmental Facilities Authority], 2009
521Byrne Grant- Judicial, 2009
522Youth WIA [Workforce Investment Act] Adult Dislocated, 2009
523GEFA [Georgia Environmental Facilities Authority] Loans, 2009
524Clean Diesel- Got Grant, 2009
525HUD [Housing and Urban Development], HPRP [ Homelessness Prevention and Rapid Re-Housing Program], & CDBG [Community Development Block Grants] (Got), 2009
526HPRP [ Homelessness Prevention and Rapid Re-Housing Program], & CDBG [Community Development Block Grants], 2009
527Sustainable Communities Grant, 2010
528Livable Communities, 2010
529ARRA [American Recovery and Reinvestment Act] for Bike/Pedestrians, 2009
530TIGER [Transportation Investment Generating Economic Recovery] DOT, 2010
531Broadband, 2009
532GEFA [Georgia Environmental Facilities Authority] Grant for CCSD [Clarke County School District], 2009
533DOL [Department of Labor] Training, 2009
534Recovery Bonds/ Energy Bonds, 2009-2010
535Bamboc- Solvay, 2006-2007
536Clarke Oconee 316 Orkin Tract, 2000-2006
537Enron, 2001-2002
61Neighborhood Traffic Management Program, 2004-2011
62Heidi Corresponds with Others, 2003
63Ga. Bioscience Development and 316 Biotech Corridor, 2005-2009
64Official Election Ballot, 2002
65Correspondence Calendar Phone, 2002-2010
66Correspondence with Others, 2003
67Correspondence with Others, 2007
68Correspondence with Others, 2010
69Correspondence with Others, 2009
610Correspondence with Others, 2008
611Correspondence with Others, 2006
612Correspondence with Others, 2005
613Correspondence with Others, 2004
614Correspondence with Others, 2001-2002
615Chamber of Commerce, 2004
616Hurricane Katrina, 2005
617Issues, 2004
618Community Snapshot Project, 2003
71MACORTS [Madison Athens-Clarke Oconee Regional Transportation Study], 2003-2006
72One Athens Housing Subcte [Subcommittee] Workforce Housing, 2006-2009
73Skatepark, 2004-2006
74Water Conservation Cte [Committee], 2007
75Downtown Historic Designation, 2003-2006
76Reese/Pope Historic Designation, 2008
77Milledge Ave Historic Designation/ Overlay, 2007-2008
78Neighborhood Planning Systems, 2002-2007
79CPD [Community Protection Division], 2003-2009
710Neighborhood- Rental Registration, 2000-2002
711Neighborhood Relations Roundtable, 2002-2006
712Prince Rondavel Rezone, 2004-2005
713CAPPA [Community Approach to Planning Prince Avenue], 2004-2007
714Mayors' Institute on City Design, 2004
715Downtown Cafe Ordinance, 2003-2005
716Environmental Areas Ordinance, 2003-2004
717Mass Grading, 2005
718Tree Ordinance, 2002-2008
719Erosion/ Sedimentation Ordinance, 2003-2006
720Lighting Ordinance, 2004-2009
721Latino Issues, 2003
722So. Milledge Ave. Bike Facilities, 2005
723Greek Life Housing Ban Special Use Permit, 2006
724Baxter Street, 2006
81Manufactured Homes, 2003
82RM1 Committee, 2003
83Partners for a Prosperous Athens/ OneAthens, 2005-2007
84[Humane Society/ Feral Cat Issues], 2005-2010
85Tethering Dogs, 2007
86Affordable Housing Roundtable, 2003
87Dudley Park Building, 2005-2006
88HPP [High Priority Project] Federal Reauthorization, 2009
89Beechwood Shopping Center Redesign, 2004
810HED 5Yr Strategic Plan, 2004-2005
811Max Burns, 2003
812Certainteed (Emissions), 2005-2006
813Art Bus Shelters, 2008
814Domestic Partner Benefits Non-Discrimination Ordinance, 2006-2010
8154th St. Village, 2006-2006
816Boys & Girls Club Rezone, 2007
817RM Text Amendment/ Carrs Hill, 2007, 2010
818Oak Grove Zoning, 2006-2009
819Church of Christ Epps Bridge Parkway, 2004
820Conservation Subdivision Ordinance, 2003
821Comp Plan, 2008
822Barnett Shoals Widening SPLOST, 2002-2003
823Hospital Authority, 2002-2004
824[Transportation], 2005-2009
91Transportation, 2001-2005
92Transportation, 2004-2006
93Mexico, 2005
94MACORTS [Madison Athens-Clarke Oconee Regional Transportation Study] NB Public Comment, 2003
95Community Snapshot Project, 2002-2003
96Urban Designer Planner Position, 2003-2004
97Environmental Coordinator, 2001-2004
98ADDA Director, 2006
99Leadership Plenty, 2002
910Action, Inc., 2005-2009
911Gundaker- Hot Dog Stand, 2003
912Louisiana Pacific Emissions Request, 2003-2004
913Summerwood/ Gun Emplacement Site, 2003
914Heery, 2004
915Ga Bioscience Auth Retreat, 2004
916Georgia Department of Industry & Trade Centers of Innovation, 2003
917Entrepreneur Friendly, 2006
918Hatchery, 2003-2005
919Aardvark, 2006
920Commuter Rail, 2002-2007
101SPLOST (folder 1 of 3), 2010
102SPLOST (folder 2 of 3), 2004
103SPLOST (folder 3 of 3), 2004-2005
104SPLOST Nominees, 2004
105SPLOST IV & 2000 Projects, 2002
106-8SPLOST, 2003
109Transportation and Public Works (folder 1 of 2), 2003
1010Transportation and Public Works (folder 2 of 2), 2003, 2005
1011Prince Avenue Safety, 2005
111Smoking Ban, 2004-2006
112Smoking Ban, 2004
113Smoking Ban, 2003-2004
UC RBRL/281/HD/DVD_0017"Secondhand Smoke in Restaurants: A Search for Solutions", Athens Tobacco Prevention Coalition, undated
114Building Inspection, 2003
115Central Services, 2003
116Fire and Emergency Management, 2003
117Human and Economic Development, 2003
118Juvenile Court, 2003
119Leisure Services, 2003
1110Manager's Office, 2003
1111Personnel, 2003
1112Planning and Development, 2003
1113Police, 2003
1114Public Utilities, 2003
1115Sheriff, 2003
1116Solid Waste, 2003- 2012
1117State Court, 2008
1118Transit, 2003
1119Zoning (Text Amendments), 2003
1120Zoning (1 of 3), 2003
1121Zoning (2 of 3), 2003
1122Zoning (3 of 3), 2003
1123[Planning: 274 North Rocksprings], 2008
121Northeast Ga Homeless Coalition (NSCS [Naval Supply Corps School] Redevelopment) (folder 1 of 3), 2006
122Northeast Ga Homeless Coalition (NSCS Redevelopment) (folder 2 of 3), 2006
123Northeast Ga Homeless Coalition (NSCS Redevelopment) (folder 3 of 3), 2006
124NSCS [Naval Supply Corps School] Redevelopment - Notice of Interest Application (folder 1 of 3), 2006
125NSCS Redevelopment- Notice of Interest Application (folder 2 of 3), 2006
126NSCS Redevelopment- Notice of Interest Application (folder 3 of 3), 2006
127NSCS Notices of Interest Review Committee, 2006-2009
128NSCS BRAC (Base Realignment and Closure) (folder 1 of 2), 2005
129NSCS BRAC [Base Realignment and Closure) (folder 2 of 2), 2005
UC RBRL/281/HD/DVD_0018"Communities Responding to Change" produced by Department of Defense and Office of Economic Adjustment, 2005 May
1210NSCS BRAC [Base Realignment and Closure] Lowry Mobile Workshop (folder 1 of 2), 2005-2009
1211NSCS BRAC [Base Realignment and Closure] Lowry Mobile Workshop (folder 2 of 2), 2005-2006
UC RBRL/281/HD/DVD_0016Lowry: 10 Years in the Making, undated
131Navy School Celebration, 2010
132Navy Supply Corps School, 2005-2007
133Navy Supply School, 2003-2005
134NSCS- NAID Redevelopment Basics, 2005
135NSCS- Local Redevelopment Authority Reading File, 2005-2006
136NSCS- Convention, Atlanta, 2006
137NSCS- Project Plans (Lawyer's), 2005-2006
138NSCS (LRA [Local Redevelopment Authority]) Homeless Assistance Review Committee, 2006
139NSCS- "Adaptive Reuse Study", 2007
1310NSCS- Reuse Plan Draft (folder 1 of 2), 2006-2007
1311NSCS- Reuse Plan Draft (folder 2 of 2), 2006-2007
1312NSCS- LRA [Local Redevelopment Authority] Reuse Plan, 2005
141NSCS- LRA Reuse Plan (folder 1 of 2), 2005
142NSCS- LRA Reuse Plan (folder 2 of 2), 2005
143Economic Development Events, 2003-2010
144CDBG [Community Development Block Grant], 2010
145CDBG [Community Development Block Grant], 2009
146CDBG [Community Development Block Grant], 2008
147CDBG [Community Development Block Grant], 2007
148CDBG [Community Development Block Grant], 2006
149CDBG [Community Development Block Grant], 2005
1410CDBG [Community Development Block Grant], 2004
1411CDBG [Community Development Block Grant], 2003
1412Hancock Corridor Development Corporation (folder 1 of 2), 2003-2008
1413Hancock Corridor Development Corporation (folder 2 of 2), 2005-2007
1414Human and Economic Development, 2005-2008
1415Land Bank Authority, 2004-2010
1416Surplus Property, 2002
1417Vacant and Abandoned Properties, 2006-2009
1418Building Better Neighborhoods Ga Trust, 2001-2002
1419Community Revitalization Gainesville, Ga Projects, 2002
1420Georgia Cities Foundation Revolving Loan- Redevelopment, 2002-2006
151Athens Classic Center, 2001-2002
152Classic Center Support Cards, 2003-2004
153Classic Center Authority Hotel Study Executive Summary (Draft), 2001-2003
154Classic Center (folder 1 of 2), 2003-2004
155Classic Center (folder 2 of 2), 2003-2004
156Classic Center Hilton Garden Inn, 2004-2006
157Hotel Benson Classic Center, 2003-2004
158Classic Center Authority, 2003
159UGA- Participating, 2005
1510UGA Relationship, 2002-2007
1511UGA/ ACC Design Studio, 2003-2005
1512Board of Regents OITT [Office of Information and Instructional Technology], 2003
1513UGA/ACC Comm. Coalition on Substance Abuse, 2003-2006
1514Fan Behavior- UGA, 2003-2006
1515UGA ACC/ UVA/ UNC Trip, 2002-2003
1516Georgia Urban Summit, 2003
1517Leader Shape, 2003
1518UGA Dean's Forum, 2002
1519UGA Faculty Symposium Acad. [Academic] Rigor, 2005
1520Rural Studio, 2003-2004
1521Rental Registration (folder 1 of 5), 2003
1522Rental Registration (folder 2 of 5), 2003
1523Rental Registration (folder 3 of 5), 2003-2004
1524Rental Registration (folder 4 of 5), 2003
1525Rental Registration (folder 5 of 5), 2003
161East Athens Development Corporation, 2008
162East Athens Development Corporation, 2003-2008
163East Athens Development Corporation, 2005-2008
164National Bio and Agro-Defense Facility (NBAF) (folder 1 of 2), 2008
165National Bio and Agro-Defense Facility (NBAF) (folder 2 of 2), 2008
166NBAF [National Bio and Agro-Defense Facility] Site Visit, 2007
167National Bio and Agro-Defense Facility, 2007-2008
168National Bio and Agro-Defense Facility (folder 1 of 3), 2008
169National Bio and Agro-Defense Facility (folder 2 of 3), 2008
1610National Bio and Agro-Defense Facility (folder 3 of 3), 2008
171Georgia Brownfields Program, 2003-2010
172Brownfield News, 2007-2008
173Greenprints Presentation 2008, 2008-2011
174TDR [Transferable Development Rights] Feasibility Study, 2003-2006
175TDR [Transferable Development Rights], 2003-2008
176TSPLOST Land Bank Green Build, 2004-2010
177Green Research, 2004-2010
178Green Building Ordinance, 1994-2010
179Brownfields, 2004-2008
1710Population Data, 2004-2005
1711Tax Allocation Districts, 2004-2008
1712Homestead, 2002-2003
441Athens Rising [news clippings], 2008-2012
442Congress for the New Urbanism, 2010
443Mayors Innovation Project, 2007-2015
444Mayors' Institute on City Design, 2004, 2008-2009
445Mayors' Institute on City Design: South Resource Book (folder 1 of 2), 2004
446Mayors' Institute on City Design: South Resource Book (folder 2 of 2), 2004
447Metro Atlanta Mayors Association, 2004-2005
448[News Clippings, Notes and Miscellaneous Correspondence], 2002-2015
449[Correspondence: June Waguespack], 2006-2012
ER 27[Housing and General Development] [digital files], 2003-2010
ER 182010 Overview Commission Report [digital files], 2011
Review of the Athens-Clarke County unified government.
ER 28316 Orkin Property [digital files], 2004-2007
ER 29Airport [digital files], 2004-2010
ER 20Athens-Atlanta Corridor Environmental Assessment 2003 May [digital files], 2003
ER 16Athens Clarke County and The City of Winterville Comprehensive Plan Community Agenda 2007 December 6 [digital files], 2007
ER 17Athens Clarke County and The City of Winterville Comprehensive Plan Public Participation Strategy and Community Assessment 2006 June 23 [digital files], 2006
View an inventory of this folder online.
ER 30Classic Center [digital files], 2004-2005
ER 83Community Agenda Land Use Plan [digital files], 2008
Reports on Athens-Clarke County and the City of Winterville.
ER 15Community Agenda Mayor and Commission Worksession 2007 January 8 [digital files], 2007
ER 26Community Snapshot Economic Renewal, Peer Communities [digital files], 2003
ER 25Community Snapshot Land Use [digital files], 2003
ER 24Community Snapshot Natural Resources [digital files], 2003
ER 21Corridor Management; Boys and Girl Club; ACTION Special Use [digital files], 2007
ER 19Go Green ADPR 5950 Dr. Sallot Spring 2008 [digital files], 2008
Report on student perceptions on UGA's sustainability efforts.
ER 31Hospital Authority [digital files], 2003-2006
ER 32Hotel and Motel Legislation [digital files], 2004-2005
ER 33JDA [Joint Development Authority] University Parkway [digital files], 2004-2010
ER 34Local Redevelopment Authority [digital files], 2005
ER 14Mayors' Institute on City Design [digital files], 2004
Materials about efforts to develop the Prince Avenue area of Athens presented at the Mayor's Design Institute. Includes presentation slides, notes, maps, and photographs. View an inventory of this folder online.
ER 35Navy LRA [Local Redevelopment Authority] [digital files], 2005
ER 36Navy School Minutes [digital files], 2004
ER 22NSCS [Naval Supply Corps School]-LRA [Local Redevelopment Authority]-Reuse Plan [digital files], 2002-2005
ER 37Neighborhood Relations [digital files], 2004
ER 38NPU [Neighborhood-Based Planning] [digital files], 2004
ER 39Police [digital files], 2004, 2010
ER 40Poverty Initiative [digital files], 2004-2008
ER 41Rental Permit [digital files], 2003-2004
ER 42Solid Waste [digital files], 2009
ER 43Solid Waste Task Force [digital files], 2009
ER 44State Legislative Issues [digital files], 2004-2008
Funding proposals, water conservation.
ER 45Stormwater [digital files], 2004-2005
ER 23TNR Reality Check Presenting the Realities of Feral Cat Colony Management [digital files], 2008
ER 46Transportation [digital files], 2003-2010
Includes airports, highways, T-SPLOST (transportation tax), TEA-21 (Transportation Equity Act for the 21st Century).
ER 47Water Conservation [digital files], 2004
UC RBRL/281/HD/CS_0007Heidi Davison, Courthouse, 2002 September 10
UC RBRL/281/HD/DVD_0001AthFest Electronic Press Kit, circa 2009
UC RBRL/281/HD/DVD_0004Athens-Clarke County Materials Recycling Facility Promo DVD (1. History -- 2. Tour Facility)
UC RBRL/281/HD/DVD_0005North Oconee River Greenway
UC RBRL/281/HD/DVD_0010Sandy Creek Nature Center Staff and Volunteer Training (Introduction, History, & Mission -- Programs & Services -- The Future of SCNC), 2004
UC RBRL/281/HD/DVD_0012Welcome to Athens-Clarke & Oconee Counties, circa 2004
UC RBRL/281/HD/DVD_0020National Bio and Agro Defense Facility Preview Video [UGA], 2007 April 20
UC RBRL/281/HD/VHS_0001Athens-Clarke County Mayor & Commission Meeting, Regular Session, 2003 January 7
UC RBRL/281/HD/CS_0012Puerta Del Sol Disc., 2005 July 7

Subseries C: Commission Work

1713Budget Notes (folder 1 of 2), 2002-2010
1714Budget Notes (folder 2 of 2), 2002-2010
1715Committee Assignment GOC LRC Work, 2003-2010
1716Governmental Affairs, 2003-2010
1717Legislative Review, 2003-2010
1718ACCG [Association County Commissioners of Georgia] and GMA [Georgia Mayors Association], 2004, 2009
1719ACCG [Association County Commissioners of Georgia] (The Finance and Revenue Committee), 2005
181Speaking Engagements, 2003-2009
182Lawsuits, 2003-2010
183Organizational Papers, 2010
184Transition, 2002-2003
185Media, 2004-2005
186Citizen Committees, 2000-2010
187School District and ACC [Athens County-Commission], 2003-2009
188Agenda Review Meeting, 2003
189Mayor ProTem, 2004
1810Retreat, 2007
1811Retreat M&C [Mayors and Commissioners], 2004
1812External Comm. [Committee] Assignments, 2003-2009
1813Internal Committees, 2003
1814Rules/ Procedure Committee, 2003-2007
1815Audit Committee, 1995-2010
1816Open Records Request, 2003, 2010
1817HB 277 Regina Quick Court Case, 2008-2010
1818Mayor and Commission FY [Fiscal Year] 08 Goals Discussion, 2007-2008
1819"Red Folder" Notes to Myself, 2003-2009
1820Boards and Committees Possibilities, 2003-2009
1821Open Records Request, 2003-2010
1822Work Session Agendas, 2009-2010
1823"End of Meeting Round Robin", 2003-2010
1824Commission Agendas, 2003-2004
191SB 386 Redistricting, 2007
192Legislative (folder 1 of 2), 2007
193Legislative (folder 2 of 2), 2007
194Legislative: H.R. 900 Great Plan, 2007
195Legislative Delegation, 2009
196Budget Notes (folder 1 of 3), 2002-2010
197Budget Notes (folder 2 of 3), 2002-2010
198Budget Notes (folder 3 of 3), 2002-2010
199Airport, 2004
1910Building Inspecting, 2004
1911Central Services, 2004
1912Computer Information Services, 2004
1913Elections, Board of, 2004
1914Finance, 2004
1915Fire and Emergency Management, 2004-2007
1916Board of Health, 2004
1917Human and Economic Development, 2004
1918Human Resources, 2004
1919Juvenile Court, 2004
1920Leisure Services, 2004
1921Manager's Office, 2004
1922Planning, 2004
1923Police, 2004-2007
1924Public Utilities, 2004
1925Sheriff, 2004
1926Solid Waste, 2004
201East Athens Dance Center, 2003-2004
202State Court, 2004
203Superior Court, 2008
204Tax Assessor, 2003-2004
205Tax Commissioner, 2003-2006
206Airport, 2004
207Building Inspecting, 2004
208Central Services, 2004-2005
209Finance, 2005
2010Fire and Emergency Management, 2005
2011Human and Economic Development, 2005
2012Human Resources, 2005
2013Leisure Services, 2004-2005
2014Manager's Office, 2005
2015Police, 2005
2016Planning, 2004-2005
2017Public Utilities, 2005
2018Sheriff, 2005
2019Solid Waste, 2004-2005
2020SPLOST, 2005
2021Tax Assessors, 2005
2022Transit, 2004-2006
2023Transportation and Public Works, 2004
2024Zoning (folder 1 of 4), 2003-2004
2025Zoning (folder 2 of 4), 2004
2026Zoning (folder 3 of 4), 2004
2027Zoning (folder 4 of 4), 2004
2028Transit, 2005-2006
2029Transportation and Public Works, 2005
211Transportation and Public Works (folder 1 of 2), 2005
212Transportation and Public Works (folder 2 of 2), 2005
213La Puerta del Sol, 2005
214Zoning (folder 1 of 3), 2005
215Zoning (folder 2 of 3), 2005
216Zoning (folder 3 of 3), 2004-2005
217Variance Request for Lowes, 2004-2005
218Zoning Text Amendments, 2005
219Zoning- Milledge Avenue, 2006-2010
2110Barnett Shoals "Discovery Trail", 2007
2111Zoning- Boulevard Analysis, 2007-2008
2112Zoning and Planning Commission (folder 1 of 2), 2006-2010
2113Zoning and Planning Commission (folder 2 of 2), 2004, 2009
2114NIMS [National Incident Management System] Incident Command System Emergency Management, 2006
2115J&J Chemical Co., 2010
2116HED [Human and Economic Development], 2006-2010
2117Juvenile Court, 2009
2118Leisure Services, 2007-2010
2119Town and Gown Memorial Park, 2010
2120Athens Welcome Center, 2006
2121Building Inspections, 2006
2122Finance Dept., 2007
2123Airport, 2006-2009
221Bear Creek, 2006-2009
222Service Delivery Plan, 2009-2010
223Public Utilities, 2009-2010
224Water Reclamation Facilities, 2006-2008
225Solid Waste, 2006-2010
226Solid Waste, 1990, 2008-2010
227Tennis Court, 2008-2010
228TPW- Transportation and Public Works (folder 1 of 2), 2006-2007
229TPW- Transportation and Public Works (folder 2 of 2), 2006-2010
2210Classic Center Deck, 2003
2211Corridor Management, 2005-2008
2212Barnett Shoals Road, 2007-2008
2213Barnett Shoals Road: State Water Plan/ Water Councils, 2007-2009
2214Impact Fees, 2007
2215Indigent Health Care, 2006
2216Integrated Justice, 2004
2217Development Authority of Unified Government of ACC [Athens-Clarke County], 2006-2010
2218Developmental Authority, 2003-2005
2219Scott Hughes Project, 2003
2220Human Resources, Dept. of, 2003-2005
2221Community Development Block Grant, 2003-2006
2222Homeless Assistance, 2002, 2006
2223Human Relations Commission, 2003, 2008
2224Carolyn Reynolds COA [Certificate of Appropriateness] Appeal, 2003
231Historic Preservation Appeal 685 Cobb Street, 2008
232COA [Certificate of Appropriateness] 886 S.Milledge, 2010
233HPC [Historic Preservation Commission] 525 Prince, 2010
234HPC [Historic Preservation Commission] Emanuel Episcopal, 2006
235Historic Preservation (DNR) [Department of Natural Resources], 2006-2008
236Highway Trust Fund (National) Infrastructure Bank, 2009-2010
237Human and Economic Development, 2007
238Affordable Housing Survey (HED) [Human and Economic Development], 2002
239CDBG [Community Development Block Grant] Application, 2009
2310CDBG [Community Development Block Grant]/ Home Funds, 2003
2311Community Health Network (HED) ACC Growth Fund, 2003
2312Gospel Pilgrim Cemetery, 2003-2006
2313Greenspace Acquisition, 2003-2010
2314EMS, 2008-2010
2315East Athens Historic Designation National Register, 2004-2005
2316Downtown Parking Deck, 2005-2010
2317Tree Council, 2005-2010
2318Rails to Trails (folder 1 of 2), 2003-2008
2319Rails to Trails (folder 2 of 2), 2003-2008
2320Rutland Academy (RESA), 2006
2321Solid Waste Franchise, 2003-2004
2322Solid Waste, 2003-2005
2323Landfill, 2004-2007
2324Water Source, 2006-2010
2325Service Delivery Plan (Public Utilities), 2004
2326Alternative Wastewater Treatment, 2004-2010
2327Wastewater, 1999-2004
2328Water Conservation (Public Utilities), 2003-2004
2329Stormwater Utility Development, 2004
2330Transit (Advocate for Transit), 2002
2331Bicycle Master Plan, 2001
2332Dirt Roads Program (Transportation/ Public Works), 2004
2333Fleet Replacement (TPW) [Transportation/ Public Works), 2004
241Stormwater, 2003-2009
242Stormwater, 2002-2005
243Floodplain, 2007
244Neighborhood Traffic Management, 2006-2007
245Park 'n Ride Lot, 2007-2008
246Sidewalks Projects List, 2003-2007
247Traffic- Red Light Cameras, 2002-2006
248Watershed Assessment, 2000, 2010
249Wetland Stream Bank Mitigation, 2007
2410Work Ready Community, 2007
2411Pittard Road, 2003
2412OneAthens: Housing and Financial Counseling Strategic Plan, 2003, 2009
2413OneAthens: Workforce Housing Taskforce Report, 2009
2414OneAthens: Whatever it Takes, 2010-2011
2415People of Hope (folder 1 of 2), 2003-2009
2416People of Hope (folder 2 of 2), 2003-2006
2417"Fred's Uptown", 2007
2418Demolitions (50 Years Plus), 2004-2010
2419Highway 316 Toll Road, 2003-2005
2420Land Use Fiscal Impacts, 2005-2006
2421Moratoriums, 2004
2422Plan & Site Review Process, 2003
2423Prince Ave/ Oconee St, 2010
2424Stroud Rezoning Study Area, 2003
2425SPLOST, 2007-2008
2426SPLOST, 2005
2427SPLOST, 2011
2428T-SPLOST Roundtable, 2009-2010
2429Charter Overview, 1996- 2010
2430Big Box, 2004-2005
2431Cable Franchise, 2008
2432Summerour Project, 2007
2433Winterville Subdivision Growth, 2004-2006
2434Zoning Regulations (Plan), 1998-2002
2435State Gun Law, 2007, 2010
2436CALEA [Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies], 2003, 2006
251Citizen Satisfaction Survey- Police, 2003
252Crime in the Black Community (Preventing), 2003
253"Gangs", 2003
254Neighborhood Protection Program, 2006
255Panhandling, 2006-2008
256Pawn Shop (Police), 2010
257Video Cameras, 2001-2006
258Wrecker Service, 2004
259Transit Development Plan, 2004-2009
2510Public Art Task Force, 2008-2010
2511Public Information Initiatives, 2004-2006
2512Jail Advanced Housing, 2010
2513ACC [Athens-Clarke County] Jail, 2004, 2009
2514Criminal Justice Needs Assessment, 2008
2515Adopt Athens, 2005-2007
2516Green Building LEED, 2002-2004
2517Langdale Farm, 2005
2518East Athens Dance Center, 2002-2004
2519East Athens Park, 2004-2007
2520Leisure Services Pricing, 2004-2006
2521Community Playground WOW [World of Wonder] SE Park (Lex Rd), 2004
2522Leisure Services Youth Activities, 2004-2006
2523RDC [Regional Development Center], 2006, 2010
2524Municipal Court Judge, 2002-2010
2525Municipal Court Arraignment Calendar, 2011
2526Liquor License, 2004-2005
2527Mayor's Against Illegal Guns, 2007-2010
2528General Aviation Terminal, 2002-2003
2529Airport Essential Air Service, 2003-2004
2530Animal Control Dog Issues, 2003-2004
2531Athens First Bank Land Swap/ Purchase, 2006
2532Athens Housing Authority, 1999-2009
2533Athens Regional Medical Center, 2006-2007
2534Action Inc, 2009-2010
2535Air Quality Non Attainment for ACC [Athens-Clarke County], 2004, 2009
2536Air- Smog, 2003-2008
2537Clean Air Campaign, 2007-2008
2538Criminal Justice Task Force, 2003-2010
2539Georgia Bioscience University Corridor Development, 2010
261General Assembly, 2011
262Arts and Economic Prosperity Study, 2011- 2012
263Georgia Music/ Sports Hall of Fame, 2008-2010
264Heart and Soul Tour, 2011
265Youth Build Grant, 2010
266Auditor's Reports (folder 1 of 2), 2007-2010
267Auditor's Reports (folder 2 of 2), 2004-2007
ER 48Solid Waste - Site Acceptability Evaluation Athens-Clarke County MSW Landfill [digital files], 2009
ER 49Impact Fees -- Equity and Housing Affordability, Atlanta (Chris Nelson) [digital files], 2007
ER 50[Lotus Notes Files] [digital files], 2011
ER 51Budget [digital files], 2003-2010
ER 52Committees [digital files], 2003-2010
Includes committee assignments, neighborhood committees, Solid Waste Task Force, SPLOST (Special-Purpose Local-Option Sales Tax), standing committees, TDR (Transferable Development Rights) Committee, Water Conservation Committee. View an inventory of this folder online.
ER 53Community Coalition - D and A Group [digital files], 2004
Community and campus.
ER 58Davish [digital files], 2003-2009
Includes TEA21 (Transportation Equity Act for the 21st Century) and other transportation issues, notes for Unified Government of Athens-Clarke County meetings, and correspondence. View an inventory of this folder online.
ER 54Fan Behavior [UGA Football] [digital files], 2003-2004
ER 55Heidi Files [digital files], 2002-2010
Subjects include Athens land development, economic development, environment and going green initiatives, public security, SPLOST (Special-Purpose Local-Option Sales Tax). View an inventory of this folder online.
ER 56Legislative Review Committee [digital files], 2004
ER 57Meeting Notes [digital files], 2008-2010
Regular meetings of the Unified Government of Athens-Clarke County.
ER 59Oconee Water contract.memo.doc [digital files], 2003

Subseries D: Daily Business

268November (Invitations, Meetings, Etc.), 2010
269October (Invitations, Meetings, Etc.), 2010
2610September (Invitations, Meetings, Etc.), 2010
2611August (Invitations, Meetings, Etc.), 2010
2612July (Invitations, Meetings, Etc.), 2010
2613June (Invitations, Meetings, Etc.), 2010
2614May (Invitations, Meetings, Etc.), 2010
2615April (Invitations, Meetings, Etc.), 2010
2616March (Invitations, Meetings, Etc.), 2010
2617February (Invitations, Meetings, Etc.), 2010
2618January (Invitations, Meetings, Etc.), 2010
2619December (Invitations, Meetings, Etc.), 2009
2620November (Invitations, Meetings, Etc.), 2009
2621October (Invitations, Meetings, Etc.), 2009
2622September (Invitations, Meetings, Etc.), 2009
2623August (Invitations, Meetings, Etc.), 2009
2624July (Invitations, Meetings, Etc.), 2009
2625June (Invitations, Meetings, Etc.), 2009
2626May (Invitations, Meetings, Etc.), 2009
271April (Invitations, Meetings, Etc.), 2009
272March (Invitations, Meetings, Etc.), 2009
273February (Invitations, Meetings, Etc.), 2009
274January (Invitations, Meetings, Etc.), 2009
275December (Invitations, Meetings, Etc.), 2008
276November (Invitations, Meetings, Etc.), 2008
277October (Invitations, Meetings, Etc.), 2008
278September (Invitations, Meetings, Etc.), 2008
279August (Invitations, Meetings, Etc.), 2008
2710July (Invitations, Meetings, Etc.), 2008
2711June (Invitations, Meetings, Etc.), 2008
2712May (Invitations, Meetings, Etc.), 2008
2713April (Invitations, Meetings, Etc.), 2008
2714March (Invitations, Meetings, Etc.), 2008
2715February (Invitations, Meetings, Etc.), 2008
2716January (Invitations, Meetings, Etc.), 2008
2717December (Invitations, Meetings, Etc.), 2007
2718November (Invitations, Meetings, Etc.), 2007
2719October (Invitations, Meetings, Etc.), 2007
2720September (Invitations, Meetings, Etc.), 2007
2721August (Invitations, Meetings, Etc.), 2007
2722July (Invitations, Meetings, Etc.), 2007
2723June (Invitations, Meetings, Etc.), 2007
2724May (Invitations, Meetings, Etc.), 2007
2725April (Invitations, Meetings, Etc.), 2007
281March (Invitations, Meetings, Etc.), 2007
282February (Invitations, Meetings, Etc.), 2007
283January (Invitations, Meetings, Etc.), 2007
284Calendars, 2003-2006
285December (Invitations, Meetings, Etc.), 2006
286November (Invitations, Meetings, Etc.), 2006
287October (Invitations, Meetings, Etc.), 2006
288September (Invitations, Meetings, Etc.), 2006
289August (Invitations, Meetings, Etc.), 2006
2810July (Invitations, Meetings, Etc.), 2006
2811June (Invitations, Meetings, Etc.), 2006
2812May (Invitations, Meetings, Etc.), 2006
2813April (Invitations, Meetings, Etc.), 2006
2814March (Invitations, Meetings, Etc.), 2006
2815February (Invitations, Meetings, Etc.), 2006
2816January (Invitations, Meetings, Etc.), 2006
2817December (Invitations, Meetings, Etc.), 2005
2818November (Invitations, Meetings, Etc.), 2005
2819October (Invitations, Meetings, Etc.), 2005
2820September (Invitations, Meetings, Etc.), 2005
2821August (Invitations, Meetings, Etc.), 2005
2822July (Invitations, Meetings, Etc.), 2005
2823June (Speaking Engagements, Etc.), 2005
2824May (Speaking Engagements, Etc.), 2005
2825April (Speaking Engagements, Etc.), 2005
291March (Speaking Engagements, Etc.), 2005
292February (Speaking Engagements, Etc.), 2005
293January (Speaking Engagements, Etc.), 2005
294December (Speaking Engagements, Etc.), 2004
295November (Speaking Engagements, Etc.), 2004
296October (Speaking Engagements, Etc.), 2004
297September (Speaking Engagements, Etc.), 2004
298August (Speaking Engagements, Etc.), 2004
299July (Speaking Engagements, Etc.), 2004
2910June Invitations (Speaking Engagements, Etc.), 2004
2911May (Invitations, Speaking Engagements, Etc.), 2004
2912April Invitations (Speaking Engagements, Etc.), 2004
2913March Invitations (Speaking Engagements, Etc.), 2004
2914February Invitations (Speaking Engagements, Etc.), 2004
2915January Invitations (Speaking Engagements, Etc.), 2004
2916December Invitations/ Speaking Engagements, 2003
2917November Invitations/ Speaking Engagements, 2003
2918October Invitations/ Speaking Engagements, 2003
2919September Invitations/ Speaking Engagements, 2003
2920August Invitations/ Speaking Engagements, 2003
2921July (Invitations/ Speaking Engagements), 2003
2922June (Invitations/ Speaking Engagements), 2003
2923May (Invitations/ Speaking Engagements), 2003
2924April (Invitations/ Speaking Engagements), 2003
2925March Invitations/ Speaking Engagements, 2003
2926February Invitations/ Speaking Engagements, 2003
301January Invitations/ Speaking Engagements, 2003
302Speeches, 2003
303Heidi's Musings, circa 2003-2011
304"Red Folder" Scribbled Notes/ To Do Lists, circa 2003-2011
305"Red Folder", circa 2003-2011
306Notes Taken During Talks, 2005-2010
307Mayor's Business, Monthly Schedules, 2011
308Committee Members, circa 2003-2011
309Meeting Agenda, 2011
3010Issues Folder, 2005-2009
3011Reddish Memos to M&C [Mayor and Commission] (folder 1 of 2), 2005-2009
3012Reddish Memos to M&C [Mayor and Commission] (folder 2 of 2), 2003-2004
3013Mayor and Commission Agendas and Notes, 2010
3014Mayor and Commission Agendas and Notes, 2009
3015Mayor and Commission Agendas and Notes, 2008
3016Mayor and Commission Agendas and Notes, 2007
3017Mayor and Commission Agendas and Notes, 2006
3018Mayor and Commission Agendas and Notes, 2005
3019Mayor and Commission Agendas and Notes, 2004
3020Mayor and Commission Agendas and Notes, 2003
3021Invitations to be Filed, 2002-2010
3022Phone Messages Unfiled, 2003-2006
3023December Invitations, Meetings, Etc., 2010
3024Issues Research, 2002-2007
311Research and Notes, 2008-2012
312Phone Messages, 2003-2004
313Phone Messages, 2003-2005
314Phone Messages, 2004-2006
315Phone Messages, 2006-2007
316Phone Messages, 2007-2009
317Phone Messages, 2009-2010
318City Hall "cork board" [items tacked up in Davison's office], 2003, undated
319ACCENT: The Athens-Clarke County Employee and Retiree Newsletter, 2013 April
457[Emails, notes, clippings], 2003-2007
458[Emails, notes, schedules], 2003-2005
459Personnel, 2003-2005
4510Mayor(s) Lessons from Others, 2003-2007
4511Alan Reddish, 2009
50[Contacts: A-Z], 2003-2011
511-2[Contacts] , 2003-2011
R.49Judge Ethelyn Simpson [quality of life ordinances], 2005-2006
This folder contains restricted attorney-client privileged records and is open for research on January 1, 2057.
R.49Evaluations [policies and criteria], 2004
This folder contains restricted attorney-client privileged records and is open for research on January 1, 2055.
R.49[Office of the Attorney Memoranda], 2003-2010
This folder contains restricted attorney-client privileged records and is open for research on January 1, 2061.

Subseries E: Correspondence

3110Thank-You Correspondence (folder 1 of 3), 2002-2010
3111Thank-You Correspondence (folder 2 of 3), 2002-2010
3112Thank-You Correspondence (folder 3 of 3), 2002-2010
3212002, 2002
322Citizen Complaints, 2003
323Citizen Mail, 2003
324Citizen Complaints, 2004
325Citizen Letters- Patriot Act, 2004
326Citizen Mail (folder 1 of 2), 2004
327Citizen Mail (folder 2 of 2), 2004
328Citizen Complaints (folder 1 of 3), 2005
329Citizen Complaints (folder 2 of 3), 2005
3210Citizen Complaints (folder 3 of 3), 2005
3211Citizen Mail, 2005
3212Citizen Complaints, 2006
3213Citizen Letters (folder 1 of 2), 2006
3214Citizen Letters (folder 2 of 2), 2006
331Letters (folder 1 of 3), 2007
332Letters (folder 2 of 3), 2007
333Letters (folder 3 of 3), 2007
334Correspondence (folder 1 of 2), 2008
335Correspondence (folder 2 of 2), 2008
336Trash Pick-up Correspondence, 2008
337Correspondence (folder 1 of 2), 2009
338Correspondence (folder 2 of 2), 2009
339Correspondence (folder 1 of 2), 2010
3310Correspondence (folder 2 of 2), 2010
3311Correspondence- Cards, 2003-2010
3312Heidi Davison Dr. Seuss Day Drawings from Barrow Elementary School, 2003
3313Parking Correspondence (UGA), 2003-2010
3314Military Trip (folder 1 of 2), 2009
3315Military Trip (folder 2 of 2), 2009
3316Correspondence, 2003-2010
3317[Correspondence: Jack Crowley], 2003-2005
341Personal Notes (folder 1 of 2), 2009
342Personal Notes (folder 2 of 2), 2009
343Personal Letters, 2005-2006
344Personal Letters, 2004-2006
345Personal Letters, 2008
346Personal Letters, 2006-2008
4512[Thank Yous and Invitations], 2004-2010
4513[Correspondence], 2003-2010
ER 60Appointment Letters [digital files], 2003-2010
Includes East Athens Park and other neighborhood committees, Municipal Court judges, SPLOST (Special-Purpose Local-Option Sales Tax), TDR (Transferable Development Rights) Committee, Water Conservation Committee.
ER 61General Correspondence [digital files], 2003-2010
Subjects include neighborhood development, economy, public safety. View an inventory of this folder online.
ER 62Greetings [digital files], 2003-2010
ER 63Solicitation Letters [digital files], 2003-2004
ER 64Support Letters [digital files], 2003-2010
Mayor writing in support of Athens organizations applying for grants or being considered for government contracts, encouraging events to come to Athens, supporting economic development initiatives, and writing about the importance of various issues. View an inventory of this folder online.
ER 65Thank You [digital files], 2004-2010
Thanking members for their service on committees, including summaries of the major accomplishments of those committees. Includes committees to address affordable housing, criminal justice, neighborhood development, public transportation, SPLOST (Special-Purpose Local-Option Sales Tax), water conservation.

Subseries F: Press Clippings and Event Programs

347Invitations, 2002
348Events, 2002
349Mayor Memorabilia (folder 1 of 3), 2003-2004
3410Mayor Memorabilia (folder 2 of 3), 2003-2004
3411Mayor Memorabilia (folder 3 of 3), 2003-2004
351Programs, 2003
UC RBRL/281/HD/DVD_0019Memorial Service for Burt Sparer, Eulogy by Heidi Davison, circa 2003
352Programs/ Event: The Carter Presidency (Conference), 2007
353The Carter Presidency Conference, 2007
354Obama Inauguration, 2008
355Programs, 2008
356Programs, 2007-2008
357Programs, 2009-2010
358Programs, 2005-2006
359Mayor Race Heidi Articles, 2002
3510Mayor Race Front Page Stuff, 2006
3511Athens Weekly News (folder 1 of 2), 2003-2004
3512Athens Weekly News (folder 2 of 2), 2004
361Press Clippings, Certificates, Awards (folder 1 of 2), 2003-2010
362Press Clippings, Certificates, Awards (folder 2 of 2), 2003-2010
363"Chronological Chaos of Miscellany" (folder 1 of 2), 2003-2010
364"Chronological Chaos of Miscellany" (folder 2 of 2), 2003-2010
365Articles about Mayor Heidi, 2002-2005
366Issues Articles, 2003-2005
367Programs, 2013
368Art School Commencement [includes speech and notes], 2013
369-10[Flagpole Clippings - Multiple Topics], 2003-2008
ER 66Senate Visit [digital files], 2004
Schedules, guest lists, and talking points for a visit by the Senate Economic Development and Tourism Committee and the Senate Higher Education Committee.
ER 67muriels 80th.accdb [digital files], 2013
UC RBRL/281/HD/CD_0005Tim Bryant radio show "Newsmakers" with guest Heidi Davison, 2006 February 13
UC RBRL/281/HD/CS_0001Mayor Forum, WGAU, undated
UC RBRL/281/HD/CS_0004Mayors Forum, WUGA, 2002 August 19
UC RBRL/281/HD/CS_0005Athens News Matters [WUGA], undated
UC RBRL/281/HD/CS_0013Breffle Show [radio]. Doc and Richard Hathaway, 2003 April 9
UC RBRL/281/HD/DVD_0002Athens-Clarke County Mayor & Commission Regular Session, Heidi Davison Swearing In, 2006 January 2
UC RBRL/281/HD/DVD_0003Georgia Traveler featuring Athens-Clarke County, undated
UC RBRL/281/HD/DVD_0006Lawmakers, Georgia Public Broadcasting, 2006 January 23
UC RBRL/281/HD/DVD_0007[Slideshow of Travel Photographs from Mexico, Carl Vinson Institute of Government], 2005
UC RBRL/281/HD/DVD_0008Martin Luther King Freedom Breakfast, 2005 January 14
UC RBRL/281/HD/DVD_0014Sundance Summit: A Mayors' Gathering on Climate Projection: Photographs, 2005 July 10-12
UC RBRL/281/HD/DVD_0015Sundance Summit: A Mayors' Gathering on Climate Projection: Short Film, 2005 July 10-12
UC RBRL/281/HD/DVD_0021Tribute to Otis Redding [UGA], 2009 February 17

Subseries G. Subject Files

Transportation and Traffic
4514Athens-Clarke County Neighborhood Traffic Management Program (NTMP): Department of Transportation & Public Works, 2006
4515Traffic Calming Pedestrian Friendly DCA, 2003
4516Car Share, 2010
4517Complete Streets, 2007
4518Safe Routes, 2008
4519Bike Lane Standards, 2007
4520Roundabouts, 2009
4521Bike Sharing, 2009
4522Bicycle & Pedestrian: Statewide Bike & Ped. Streetscape, 2004
4523Transportation, 2007
4524Transportation, 2002
4525TOD: Transit Oriented Development, 2007
4526GDOT [Georgia Department of Transportation], 2005
Urban Planning and Environment
4527Sustainable Planning - Future, 2004-2009
4528Live-Work, 2004
4529Beltline, 2004-2008
4530Density (Zoning), 2003
461Alliance for Quality Growth (USA), 2003-2004
462Ken Reardon Community Development, 2005
463[Density and Smart Growth], 2002
464Growing Sustainably, 2005-2007
465[Guiding Principles, Objectives, Strategies and Policies], 2004-2008
466National Climate Protection Summit, 2007
467Sundance Summit, 2005-2007
468[United States Conference of Mayors], 2007-2008
469[Energy Efficient Codes Coalition], 2011-2012
4610Atlanta/ICLEI-Local Governments for Sustainability, 2009
4611[Clippings and brochures: clean air; alternative fuel; solid waste; Kilowatt Ours program; methane capture; green schools; lighting ordinance; storm water ordinance], 1995-2010
4612[Clippings and brochures: tree ordinance; water conservation; green building and LEED certification], 2003-2008
4613Economic Development and Downtown
[Correspondence], 2004-2005
Affordable Housing including Mix Use, Mix Income, 2001-2007
Arts Economic Impact, 2004
Economic Development: Economic Development Foundation (EDF), 2011
471Buy Local, 2009
472Downtown Development, 2007
Mayoral Miscellaneous
473Kenya (UGA) Project, 2008
474The World of Athens, 2010
475Mayors Innovation Project; Member Steering -> Advisory, 2011

Series III. General Political, 1987-2016

3 box(es) (1.75 linear foot and 22.5 megabytes)
Series III: General Political contains materials related to Davison's other political activity and interests. This series includes publications and pamphlets from local, state, and national political campaigns and pamphlets and materials related to Davison's work with the Social Action Committee before she became Mayor of Athens. The majority of the digital files are about the GMA [Georgia Municipal Association] legislative policy, as well as LLL, a community group focused on education, youth development, public safety, racial interaction, and employment.
This series contains digital files. To access these files, please request the folders you would like through the finding aid using your research account. An archivist will be in contact with you to explain how to access the files. Please note that not all file formats are currently supported by the library for research use.
371Community Coalition Against Bigotry, 1992-1993
372International Forum on Women's Development, 2012
373League of Women Voters, 1989-1998
374League of Women Voters, 1992-1997
375Lift the Ban [postcards], circa 1993
376ONE Athens, 2010-2011
377Social Action Committee (folder 1 of 3), 1987-1993
378Social Action Committee (folder 2 of 3), 1993-1999
379Social Action Committee (folder 3 of 3), 1992-1996
3710Social Action Committee , 1993, undated
3711Social Justice Political Pamphlets, 1993-1997
3712News Clippings, 1992-1996
476McBee Paraphernalia, 1990
477Heidi Davison: All Reports in Computer [Marc Wetherhorn 10th Congressional District (Heidi served on Campaign Team)], 1992
478Job Descriptions, 1992
479Voter Guides, 1990
4710[ACT: Athens-Clarke Tomorrow...], circa 1990
4711[Unification], 1990
3Unified Government Committee Members [list], circa 1990
4712Volunteer Lists, 1990
4713Executive Summary: Report of the Athens-Clarke County Unification Transition Team, 1990 December 3
4714[Proposed Charter of the Unified Government of Athens-Clarke County, Georgia], 1990 January
4715[Unification], 1990
48Adopted Districing Plan for Athens/Clarke County Unification [map], 1990 January 17
4716[Gwen O'Looney Re-Election Campaign], 1994
4717Medical Partnership - Associate Dean for Student & Multicultural Affairs Search Committee, 2014
4718[Unification 25th Anniversary], 2016
ER 68[Monterrey Mexico Visit] [digital files], 2006
Presentation slides with photographs from visit of area sites.
ER 69GMA [Georgia Municipal Association] Legislative Policy [digital files], 2004
Subjects include priorities, transportation.
View an inventory of this folder online.
ER 70Legislative Agenda State Delegation [digital files], 2003-2006
Includes meeting minutes, hotel and motel legislation, SPLOST (Special-Purpose Local-Option Sales Tax).
View an inventory of this folder online.
ER 71LLL [digital files], 2003-2009
Community group focused on education, youth development, public safety, racial interaction, and employment.

Series IV. Photographs, 1992-2011

1 box(es) (1 linear foot and 455 megabytes)
This series contains printed and digital photographs from the collection related to mayoral campaigns, community events, travel to Mexico and Greece, and other political campaigns.
This series contains digital files. To access these files, please request the folders you would like through the finding aid using your research account. An archivist will be in contact with you to explain how to access the files. Please note that not all file formats are currently supported by the library for research use.
381WOW Groundbreaking and SE Clarke Bark, 2003
382Photos given to Heidi Davison, 2002
383Photos of Heidi Davison, circa 2003-2011
384Photos of Mayor Davison, circa 2003-2011
385Official Portrait, circa 2003-2011
386Photos for Paper/Scrapbook, circa 2003-2011
387Citizens Police Academy, 2003
388Wetherhorn Congress Campaign, 1992-1993
389Campaign Event Photos, 2002
3810Campaign Portrait Photos, 2002
3811Rural Studio Photos, 2003
3812Photos, circa 2003-2011
3813"VD Party for Me", 2004
3814Campaign Photos, circa 2003-2011
3815Campaign Photos, 2002
3816Photographs: Heidi Davison, Tal DuVall and Al Davison tallying unification votes; Davison with Louise McBee, 1990, undated
ER 81[Campaign Signs and Events] [digital files], 2002
ER 80[Campaign Signs and Events] [digital files], 2002
ER 72[Portraits of Heidi Davison] [digital files]
Heidi [Portraits] [digital files], 2002
[Portraits] [digital files], 2011
Photos from Brenda Hayes [digital files], 2009
Heidi Davison in the mayor's office.
ER 73Best Heidi LGJPG [digital files], 2006
Heidi Davison portraits or talking with individuals.
ER 75Heidi and Shirley [digital files], 2006
ER 76Heidi Photos [digital files], 2000-2006
Subjects include campaigning events and campaign signs, greenway clean up, international travel, meetings, new building dedications, with constituents.
ER 78Memorial Day at Memorial Park (by mwharton) [digital files], 2008 May
ER 74Mexico with People [digital files], 2005
ER 77Mother-Daughter Tea [digital files], 2006
ER 79The World of Athens 1st Athens Mayors Meeting 2009 December 10-13 Greece [digital files], 2009

Series V. Artifacts, 1980-2011

5 box(es) (6.5 linear feet)
Series V contains artifacts related to Davison's role as mayor of Athens including objects that document significant community events, community awards, and international gifts to the mayor. This series also contains oversized campaign artifacts.
39Athens-Clarke County Messenger Bag, circa 2003-2011
39Boybutante Award, 2011
39Crystal Vase, Mexico Trip, 2005
39Mayor Heidi Davison Gavel, circa 2003-2011
39Athens-Clarke County City Key, circa 2003-2011
39Tuscaloosa City Key, circa 2003-2011
39Phi Theta Kappa Memorabilia, circa 2003-2011
39Political Pins - Local and National, circa 1980-2011
39Political Pins - Local and National, circa 1980-2011
39Event Tags and Pins, circa 2003-2011
39Event Tags, circa 2003-2011
39Local Community Event Passes, circa 2003-2011
39Sports Tickets and Passes, circa 2003-2011
39Name Badges and Conference Tickets, circa 2003-2011
39Assorted Issues/Election Pins, circa 2003-2011
39JC08 Military Trip Pins, 2009
39Boys Are Stupid gum box [gum removed; includes note of explanation], circa 2003
39Bahá'í Community of Athens booklets [presented to Mayor Davison], circa 2003
39A New Beginning: Athens-Clarke County, Georgia [paperweight], 1991 January 14
40Phi Theta Kappa Society, circa 2003-2011
40Mayor's Visitor's Guest Book, 2003-2007
40Athens Regional Medical Center Patches, circa 2003-2011
40Tobacco Prevention Coalition Award`, 2006
40Community Event Frisbees and Disc Golf (3), 2003-2006
40Water Conservation Mini-billboard, circa 2003-2011
40JC08 Medals, 2009
40Plastic Commemorative Water Bottles from Local Events (6), 2001-2011
41City of Nairobi Plaque, circa 2003-2011
41Tanzania Plaque, circa 2003-2011
41International Event Invitations, 2009-2010
41Ghana Golden Jubilee Presidential Diary, 2007
41International Medals (3 boxed), circa 2003-2011
41International Mayor's Forum on Tourism Boxed Gifts (3), 2010
41Photo from Shanghai Women's Federation Forum, 2012
42Roll of "Anyone but Heidi" campaign stickers, 2006
42Community Event Posters, circa 2003-2011
42Shooting Targets (JCO8 Trip), 2009
42Thank you Posters, circa 2003-2011
42Campaign Signs, circa 2003-2011
43"Another..." Signed Campaign Poster, 2006

Series VI. Additions

4501Post Mayoral Invites & Thank you notes, 2011-2020
4502[Daily Planner - Call List]
4503[1970 Special Report Magazine Pages 6-22], 1995
4504[2005 Correspondence & Mail], 2005
4505[School Board Campaign 1993 Door-to-Door Walking Cards]
4506[Connections - The Work of Democratic Citizenship Magazine], 2020
4507[Articles & Newspaper Clippings], 1996
4508[Box Contents], 2021-02-06
4509[SCL Docent Notebook], 2013
4510[The League of Women Voters Card]
4601[Notes], 2001-2017
4603Campaign Materials, 1992-2001
4602Political Campaign Management 101, 1991-2001
4604[Magazines], 2017-03-06-2017-04-24