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Tommy Irvin Papers

Tommy Irvin Papers

Descriptive Summary

Title: Tommy Irvin Papers
Creator: Irvin, Thomas T. (Tommy), 1929-
Inclusive Dates: 1945-2011
Bulk Dates: 1969-2011
Language(s): English
Extent: 64 box(es) (59.75 linear feet, 97 audiovisual items, and 772 megabytes)
Collection Number: RBRL272TI
Repository: Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies
Abstract: Tommy Irvin served as Georgia's Commissioner of Agriculture from 1969 to 2011. His papers document his service as commissioner, including promoting Georgia agriculture products and protecting Georgia farmers and Georgia consumers. The papers include correspondence, department publications and news releases, subject files, photographs, audiovisual materials, and digital files.

Collection Description

Biographical Note

Tommy Irvin served as Georgia's Commissioner of Agriculture from 1969 to 2011. Prior to that, he held public office on the Habersham County Board of Education (1956-1976) and in the Georgia General Assembly (1957-1967), and also served as Executive Secretary to Governor Lester Maddox (1967-1968).

Irvin was appointed as Commissioner of Agriculture in 1969 by Governor Maddox after J. Phil Campbell resigned. The commissioner heads the Department of Agriculture, which is responsible for promoting Georgia agriculture products and also for regulating food safety.

Eradication of animal diseases was an early priority for the department, given the significant economic impact of an outbreak and the potential for some diseases to be transmitted to humans. Georgia was declared free of hog cholera in 1971 and of brucellosis and cattle tuberculosis in 1974.

Irvin also established Georgia's first International Trade Division in 1974 to promote Georgia agriculture products abroad. As a result, Georgia's agriculture exports rose from $207 million in 1972 to $615.3 million in 1984. In 1985, they established their first overseas office in Brussels, Belgium to expand Georgia agriculture exports to Europe and the Middle East. Under Irvin's direction, the department also pursued markets in the Soviet Union, China, and Cuba.

One unusual challenge that Irvin faced was over if horses with piroplasmosis could compete in the Olympic Games held in Atlanta in 1996. The disease, which is transmitted by ticks, is common in Europe but not in the United States, and horses with piroplasmosis were banned from entering the state. Irvin worked out an agreement that allowed these horses to compete while also instituting safety measures that successfully prevented the disease from spreading to any other horses.

While commissioner, Irvin provided leadership on agriculture policy for the region and the nation. He was president of the Southern Association of State Departments of Agriculture (1972-1973), the Southern United States Trade Association (1981-1983), and the National Association of State Departments of Agriculture (1987). The U.S. Department of Agriculture also used his programs to eradicate animal diseases and to control plant pests, and for ensuring food safety, as models for the rest of the country.

Irvin chose to retire from office in 2010. He was succeeded by Gary Black in 2011.

Tommy Irvin was born on July 14, 1929, the son of a North Georgia farmer. He married Edna Bernice Frady on June 1, 1947 and they had 5 children. Prior to embarking on his political career, he was self-employed in the lumber industry and also had business ventures in real estate, nursing homes, and food service establishments. Irvin was also an active member of the Georgia Free & Accepted Masons beginning with his initiation in 1953.

Scope and Content

Irvin's papers document his service as commissioner, including promoting Georgia agriculture products and protecting Georgia farmers and Georgia consumers. The papers also document Irvin's campaigns for Commissioner of Agriculture. Common subjects include the economic impact of farming, food safety, pets and animal cruelty, farming methods and analysis about the state of Georgia agriculture, and natural disasters that impacted farming, especially drought. The papers include correspondence, department publications and news releases, subject files, photographs, audiovisual materials, and digital files.

Organization and Arrangement

This collection is organized into 6 series: I. Communication and Outreach, II. Correspondence, III. National Association of State Departments of Agriculture, IV. Political and Personal, V. Schedules, and VI. Subject Files.

Administrative Information

Conditions Governing Access

This collection is open for research.

Series I. Communication and Outreach, Series IV. Political and Personal, and Series VI. Subject Files contain digital files. To access these files, please request the folders you would like through the finding aid. An archivist will be in contact with you to explain how to access the files. Please note that not all file formats are currently supported by the library for research use.

Series I. Communication and Outreach, Series IV. Political and Personal, and Series VI. Subject Files contain audiovisual items. Reference copies of the audiovisual recordings are available upon request. Research requests will be filled as soon as possible and will be dependent upon the condition of the recordings.

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Tommy Irvin Papers, Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies, University of Georgia Libraries, Athens, Georgia, 30602-1641.

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With the exception of correspondence, this collection was not received in any kind of order. The archivist created series by identifying related materials and bringing together isolated folders. Additionally, 20 boxes did not have any folders and were sorted into series at the item level.

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Finding Aid prepared by Adriane Hanson, November 2016.

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Agricultural industries -- Georgia
Agricultural laws and legislation
Agriculture -- Georgia
Agriculture -- International cooperation
Animal welfare.
Audiovisual materials
Farms -- Georgia.
Food safety and technology.
Georgia. Department of Agriculture

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Series Descriptions and Folder Listing


Series I: Communication and Outreach, 1969-2010

13 box(es) (10.75 linear feet, 44 audiovisual items, and 49 megabytes)
Series I. Communications and Outreach documents the Georgia Department of Agriculture's work to promote the agriculture products of Georgia nationally and internationally and to educate the Georgian public on agriculture issues, especially the importance of agriculture for Georgia's economy and food safety. The series includes news releases, speech materials, department publications, audiovisual materials, digital files, and photographs. Some of their programs include Georgia Agriculture Day, their "Georgia Grown" advertising campaign, a crisis hotline for rural farmers, a license plate to raise funds for spaying and neutering programs, and a cookbook. Also included are files on the Georgia Department of Agriculture's work during the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta to monitor the health and care of the horses, especially preventing the spread of piroplasmosis.
This series contains digital files. To access these files, please request the folders you would like through the finding aid. An archivist will be in contact with you to explain how to access the files. Please note that not all file formats are currently supported by the library for research use.
Reference copies of the audiovisual recordings are available upon request. Research requests will be filled as soon as possible and will be dependent upon the condition of the recordings.
11-16Georgia Agriculture Day, 1989-2009
56[Medal with Georgia Grown Logo for Honorable Mention, Georgia Ag Day], 2002
117[Monthly Press Packet], 1996-1999
21-8News Releases, 1980-1992
31-11News Releases, 1993-2009
312[Atlanta Committee for the Olympic Games Master Plan Summary], 1992 January
313Olympic Work Plan, 1996
314Olympic Feedback, 1996
315Olympic Media Requests, 1996
316Georgia Department of Agriculture PCP Handout, 1996
317Opinion/Mitch McConnell [US Senator KY], 1996
318ESPN [Interview with Tommy Irvin 20 March 1996], 1996
319Tour of the Quarantine Equine Station, 1996 June 12
320-23Piroplasmosis, 1995-1996
571USA Article [Olympic Facilities], 1998
UC RBRL272TI-VHS_0177GIHP/PIRO/TTI/Dr Brooks, 1996 July 2
UC RBRL272TI-VHS_0178ESPN TTI Olympics, 1996
UC RBRL272TI-VHS_0180The Commissioner; Equine Quarantine-Hartsfield Airport, 1996 June 12
41-9Staff Newsletters, 1974-2010
410-23Farmers and Consumers Market Bulletin, 1969-2010
424Georgia. Always in Season, undated
425Georgia Department of Agriculture Fruit and Vegetable Directory, 1996-2010
426-28[Georgia Department of Agriculture Publications], 1974-1997
429Georgia Department of Agriculture Annual Reports, 1986, 1990, 2003
51-2Georgia Poultry Facts, 1996-2009
UC RBRL272TI-VHS_0162Agriculture's New Professionals, undated
14 minutes 50 seconds
UC RBRL272TI-VHS_0164Georgia Department of Agriculture; First Edit Draft, 2002 January 22
UC RBRL272TI-VHS_0165An Agricultural Video; Georgia--A State of Diversity; A Weekend on the Farm, undated
UC RBRL272TI-VHS_0166Promoting the Farmer Protecting the Consumer, undated
9 minutes 45 seconds
UC TI CS 0005Georgia Market Bulletin, undated
UC TI VHS 0098Georgia Department of Agriculture, Georgia on My Mind, Short Version, undated
UC TI VHS 0127Georgia Department of Agriculture... Working for You!, undated
53-7Speech Materials, 1980-1994
Common subjects include apples, poultry, general assessments of Georgia's agriculture, and speeches given at agricultural festivals and masonic events.
61-28Speech Materials, 1995-1997
Common subjects include the cattle industry, pest control, international trade of Georgia agricultural products, regulation and food safety, and speeches given at agricultural festivals and masonic events.
71-22Speech Materials, 1997-1999
Common subjects include the poultry and dairy industries, animal rights, pest control, the role of the Georgia Department of Agriculture, and speeches given at masonic events.
81-16Speech Materials, 1999-2003
Common subjects include the state of Georgia agriculture, agricultural trade, drought and farmers aid, Georgia crops such as cotton, peanuts and tobacco, the cattle industry, and speeches given at masonic events.
91-15Speech Materials, 2003-2010
Commons subjects include the export and import of agricultural products, agricultural safety, biofuels, the cat and dog spay and neuter program, consumer protection, the mission and services offered by the Georgia Department of Agriculture, assessments of the state of Georgia agriculture, and speeches given at political and masonic events.
UC RBRL272TI-CS_0026Commissioner Irvin Quotes, undated ( 1 sound_recording(s) )
UC RBRL272TI-VHS_0225Bankers Convention: TTI Interview with Community Bankers, undated ( 1 moving_image(s) )
Channel 21 WBSG. Has note on it that it is "very important."
916[Columns], 1990-1993
Common subjects include legislation and environmental conditions that are affecting farmers, Georgia Department of Agriculture marketing activities, and addressing specific products such as diary, eggs, tobacco, and vegetables.
917Georgia Equestrian Society Tommy Irvin Columns, 1992-1993
918Tommy Irvin Columns, 1987-1996
Common subjects include the health of the farming industry and its role in the economy, fuel quality, consumer safety, and Olympic horses with piroplasmosis.
919Tommy Irvin Articles, 1997, 2001
920Letters to Editor, 1990-2006
Common subjects include safety of the food supply, tobacco subsidies, and agriculture exports.
921[Public Affairs Interviews], 1997
922Tobacco Hotline, 1999
923Tobacco Tour [Georgia Tobacco Markets], 1989-1991
924Clearing House File, 2004-2005
Georgia Grown
925[Georgia Grown Campaign], 2002-2007
55[Georgia Grown Campaign], undated
Includes posters, fans, and a gift bag with information.
ER 4Georgia Grown Ad: 1. Tomato Spec, 2. Onion Spec. [digital files], 2005
Aired on The Fish 104.7 FM - WFSH Atlanta, Georgia
UC RBRL272TI-VHS_0167Georgia Grown Spots, 2006
30 second and 10 second spots, WSB-TV Atlanta 2
UC RBRL272TI-VHS_0172Turner South Original's Home Plate #125 "Georgia Grown", 2003 September 16
23 minutes, Turner Studios
UC TI VHS 0070WXIA TV/11, Friday, June 13, 2008, 6:00 p.m. - 7:30 p.m., Georgia-Grown Tomatoes, 2008 June 13
926-30[Cat/Dog License Tag], 2002-2009
101[Employee Orientation], 1997
102[Employee Handbook], 1983
103-5[Georgia Farm Surveys/Rural Crisis Hotline], 1985-1987
106Atlanta State Farmers Market, 1984, 2004
Farmers' Markets
UC RBRL272TI-CS_0016Atlanta State Farmers Market, 1994 April 23
3 - 60 second spots as ran
UC RBRL272TI-VHS_0163Deputy Commissioner Terry Cleman; Georgia Farm Bureau Monitor (Television Feature), 2008 September 27
#1 Rebuilding Macon Farmers Market from May Tornado; #2 GA Agriculture Department Disaster Preparedness
UC RBRL272TI-VHS_0228Good Day Atlanta Farmers Market, undated
8 minutes 25 seconds. Tommy Irvin, Kindra Walton - Peach Salsa
UC TI VHS 015810/23/02, Columbus Farmers' Market, Brown's Claim Against the Department of Agriculture (CBS), 2002 October 23
107Norflurazon, Bermudagrass Hayfields, 1996 February 2
108[Town and Country Interview], 1985
109[Cost for Advertisement Spots], 1998
1010[Wild Hog Supper], 2002-2009
55[Poster for the Wild Hog Supper], 2005
1011[Georgia Department of Agriculture Cookbook], 1997
1012[Boll Weevil Song], 1991
1013[Southeast Diesel Collaborative Kickoff Meeting], 1996 April 26
1014-15Press, 1994-2004
1016[Georgia Department of Agriculture "In the Field"], undated
1017[Interviews], 1970-2001
1018[Irvin Giving Awards], undated
1019[Cat/Dog Tag Promotional Photos], 2003-2005
1020[RC Cola Sunbelt Commemorative Bottle], undated
1021[Irvin with Homegrown Produce], undated
1022[Irvin at Parades and Festivals], undated
1023[Irvin and Agriculture Princesses], undated
1024[Agriculture Day Proclamation and Event], 1997-2003
1025[Irvin and Cows], undated
Including Irvin milking cows.
1026[Watermelon Day Event], undated
1027["June is Dairy Month" Event], circa 1970-1979
Features Jimmy Carter.
1028[Agriculture Events Georgia Department of Agriculture], undated
1029[Pidcock Farm Visit], circa 1990-1999
Includes tobacco, cotton, horses, and chickens.
1030[Peanut Farm Visit], circa 1990-1999
1031[Tobacco Tour], 1984
1032[The Grand Lodge Mississippi Room], undated
1033[Puerto Rico Trip], 1980
1034[Fort Stewart Visit], undated
1035[25th Anniversary Atlanta Farmers Market], undated
1036[Georgia Egg Commission], 1999-2001
1037[Wild Hog Event], 1999-2003
1038[Officials in the Department of Agriculture], 1969
Includes official Irvin portrait.
ER 1Groundbreaking Tifton LAD [digital files], 2010 March 5
Photographs by Dr. James Sutton.
The archivist sampled the photographs in this folder by selecting a number of representative images. 6 out of a total of 38 photographs were retained.
ER 2Commissioner Irvin at Cagle's Corn Maize Ribbon Cutting [digital files], 2003
The archivist sampled the photographs in this folder by selecting a number of representative images. 2 out of a total of 8 photographs were retained.
1039[Correspondence on The Best of Georgia Farms Cookbook], 1998
55[Flyer about the Work of the Georgia Department of Agriculture], undated
55[Poster Promoting the Services of the Georgia Department of Agriculture Consumer Services], undated
55[Artwork by Elementary School Children with Georgia Agriculture Themes], undated
56[Pins], undated
Includes advertisements for the spay/neuter plate, Georgia Department of Agriculture, "Ask for Milk", and "Georgia Grown."
56[Georgia Department of Agriculture Approval Seal Sticker], undated
56[Georgia Cotton License Plate], undated
ER 3Community Perspective: Segment 1: Georgia's Commissioner of Agriculture Tommy Irvin, Segment 2: Roger Cooper, Executive Vice-President of Policy and Planning for the American Gas Association [digital files], 2006 April 9
Salem Media of Georgia, Inc., Aired on WNIV - WGKA - 104.7 The Fish
These files are not currently available for research due to technical difficulties with the disk. Please contact the Russell Library ( for further information.
572[Great American Agriculture: Southern Edition], 2007
573Strawberry Recall, 1997
Food Safety
UC RBRL272TI-VHS_0194Good Day Atlanta - Ag Day; Strawberries/Hepatitis A (Channel 5 at 10pm, Channel 2 at 11pm, Channel 11 at 6am including TTI Interview), 1997 April 3
UC RBRL272TI-VHS_0197TTI, TUS - Presidential Elections; "Eat at Your Own Risk" TV-5, 1988 October 28-29
UC TI VHS 0033Mad Cow, CBS, 1/29/01; WSB Channel 2, 2/22/01 - Mad Cow, Tommy T. Irvin, 2001 January 29 and February 22
UC TI VHS 0052Rat Infestation - Gwinnett Food Warehouse, Tommy T. Irvin Interview 2004, 2004
UC TI VHS 0062Senate Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition, and Forestry, 10:00 a.m. - 12:39 p.m., Thursday, February 5, 2008, Exam of Federal Food Safety Oversight in Wake of Peanut Product Recall, 2008 February 5
UC TI VHS 0116WSB TV, Salmonella, Tommy T. Irvin, 7/18/08, 2008 July 18
574[Exhibits (Savannah) Slides], undated
UC RBRL272TI-CS_0014Rhubarb Says Hey!, 1993 ( 1 sound_recording(s) )
Crumbly & Associates
UC RBRL272TI-CS_0022Green Beans, Tomatoes, Watermelon, 1992 June 22 ( 1 sound_recording(s) )
60 second spots, Crumbley & Associates
UC RBRL272TI-CS_0025Peanut Butter with Commissioner Irvin, 1986 June 30 ( 1 sound_recording(s) )
2:35 Vigodsky plus raw interview
UC RBRL272TI-Umatic_0002Georgia Department of Agriculture WXIA Hay Stories, 1986 July 22-25 ( 1 moving_image(s) )
UC TI VHS 00607/2/08, TV 46 and TV 2, Irvin Promotes Tomatoes, 2008 July 2 ( 1 moving_image(s) )
UC RBRL272TI-VHS_0181TTI Budget, 1999 January 19 ( 1 moving_image(s) )
GPTV Lawmakers
UC RBRL272TI-VHS_0182Budget Hearings TTI House Chamber, 1999 ( 1 moving_image(s) )
GPTV Lawmakers
UC RBRL272TI-VHS_0212TTI and Publix, 1996 December 16 ( 1 moving_image(s) )
Channel 5 at 6 and 10, Mark Mooney
UC RBRL272TI-VHS_0213Bottle Water NBC; Channel 5 TTI/Grocery Stores, 1992 November-December ( 1 moving_image(s) )
UC RBRL272TI-VHS_0175Georgia Department of Agriculture Jane Hess Investigation, 1998 March 19-24 ( 1 moving_image(s) )
UC TI VHS 0101Ethics Committee Tape, undated ( 1 moving_image(s) )
UC TI VHS 0111May 19, 2002, Channel 11 Sunday, Denis O'Harper, Cuba - Carter Discussion, Tommy T. Irvin, Foster, and others, 2002 May 19 ( 1 moving_image(s) )
UC RBRL272TI-VHS_0218Ultradrought TTI and Edsel Walden, 2000 July 11 ( 1 moving_image(s) )
CBS Evening News, Byron Pitts
UC RBRL272TI-VHS_0219TTI Drought, Farm Economy, 1998 August 21 ( 1 moving_image(s) )
Georgia Business Report
UC RBRL272TI-VHS_0222Commissioner's Interview on Georgia Drought, 1988 June 6 ( 1 moving_image(s) )
NBC Today Show, 7:09am
UC RBRL272TI-VHS_0221Drought Tour Coverage with Department Secretary Rominger, TTI, 1993 July 30 ( 1 moving_image(s) )
UC RBRL272TI-VHS_0227Russ Jamison and TTI Future of Agriculture, undated ( 1 moving_image(s) )
Also Bowers Affair at end
UC RBRL272TI-VHS_0173Georgia Department of Industry, Trade and Tourism "All of GA On My Mind", 2002 January 23 ( 1 moving_image(s) )
60 second spot, Outback Editorial Inc.
UC RBRL272TI-VHS_0229Story re: Commissioner Irvin's comments on Mattingly's Claims about the Farm Support, 1986 September 30 ( 1 moving_image(s) )
WXIA-TV at 6pm, 11pm, Paid for by Fowler for Sneate
6319Georgia Food Facts Council, 1975
6320Requisitions, 1976
6321Poultry and Meat Compliance, USDA Worksheets, 1976
6322Personnel, 1976
6323Pecans, 1976
6324Memos - Division Heads, 1976
6325Hearings, 1976
6326Food Inspection, 1976
6327Cliff Ward, State Farm Family Judge, 1976

Series II: Correspondence, 1970-2010

23 box(es) (19.75 linear feet)
Series II. Correspondence contains Irvin's general correspondence while he was Commissioner of Agriculture. The majority are routine correspondence with constituents, agricultural interest groups, politicians, and employees, such as thank you letters for visits or gifts, condolence letters, and congratulations. Letters can also include answers to requests for information, discussions of the department's accomplishments, follow ups to his speaking engagements, and support for his political campaigns. Also included are interdepartmental memos and a ledger of messages for Irvin from 1988 to 1993.
This is the only series that was received in order. For the most part, correspondence was already in boxes in chronological order. Russell staff added 2 feet of materials from miscellaneous to the chronological run.
111-10Correspondence, 1970
121-8Correspondence, 1970
131-6Correspondence, 1970
141-8Correspondence, 1970
151-9Correspondence, 1970
161-10Correspondence, 1970
171-17Correspondence, 1970-1979
181-18Correspondence, 1979-1982
191-15Correspondence, 1982-1983
201-16Correspondence, 1983-1987
211-14Correspondence, 1987-1988
221-11Correspondence, 1988-1991
231-13Correspondence, 1989-1991
241-12Correspondence, 1989-1991
251-12Correspondence, 1990-1995
261-12Correspondence, 1993-1995
271-21Correspondence, 1993-1997
281-27Correspondence, 1997-2004
291-12Correspondence, 1997-2004
3268-73Correspondence, 1999-2001
331-14Correspondence, 2001-2010
2913-25Interdepartmental Memos, 1980-1997
55[Correspondence from President Ronald Reagan], 1984, 1988
The subject of the letters are a thank you after a meeting with Irvin and congratulations after Irvin received the National Award for Agricultural Excellence from the National Agri-Marketing Association.
56[Ledger With Messages for Irvin], 1988-1993
591-10Correspondence, 1981
601-10Correspondence, 1981, 1983
611-10Correspondence, 1983, 1985
621-29Correspondence, 1985
631-18Correspondence, 1976

Series III. National Association of State Departments of Agriculture (NASDA), 1969-2006 (1980-1985)

5 box(es) (3 linear feet)
Series III. National Association of State Departments of Agriculture documents Irvin's active participation in NASDA, including serving as chair of their National Egg Pricing System Study Committee. The series includes correspondence and memos, materials from annual meetings, committee materials, financial records, membership records, press releases, and reports.
2926NASDA - 61st Annual Convention Proceedings, 1979
2927-31NASDA Annual Meetings, 1980-1983
301-5NASDA Annual Meetings, 1986-2005
306-7Southern Association of State Departments of Agriculture [SASDA] Annual Meetings, 1992, 2004
55[SASDA Meeting Name Ribbon], 1991
3010-11[Newsletters], 1994-1999
National Egg Pricing System Study Committee (NEPSSC)
3012NEPSSC, 1985
311Executive Committee, 1981-1983
312Funding Committee, 1981-1982
313Guidelines, 1980-1983
314Secretary Dr. George Rogers, 1980-1984
315Membership Memo, 1980-1984
316Nominating Committee, 1983
317Screening Committee, 1980-1984
3181982 Annual Meeting (January 28, 1982), 1982
319Press Information, 1980-1984
3110Meetings, 1980-1982
3111Membership Drive, 1982-1984
3112Members, 1983
3113Membership, 1980-1981
3114Treasurer, 1983
3115United Egg Producers, 1980-1982
3116Minutes, 1969-1984
3117Urner Barry, 1980-1984
3118Vice Chairman, 1982
3119United States Department of Agriculture, 1981-1984
3120Financial Reports, 1980-1984
3121Sub Committees, 1984
321State Funding Request General, 1982
322[NEPSSC], 1982-1984
323State Response Report, 1982 May
324State Response Report, 1982 September
325State Response Report, 1982 December
326State Members, 1983 January
327State Members, 1983 February
328-57Alabama - Wyoming, 1982-1983
3258[Directories], 1993, 2006
3259[News Releases], 1997
3260[NASDA Expo '83 Media Coverage], 1983
32611985 Food Show Evaluation, 1985
3262NASDA National Food Show, 1983
3263NASDA Minutes, 1984
3264Minutes, 1994
3265NASDA Reports, 1984-1988
3266[NASDA/Southern Association of State Departments of Agriculture/Opening Events/Associations] Photographs, 1987-2003
3267Southern Association of State Departments of Agriculture, 1997
575[NASDA Slide Presentation Script: "Georiga - A State of Diversity"], 1987

Series IV. Political and Personal, 1956-2011 (1980-2011)

7 box(es) (3.75 linear feet, 15 audiovisual items, and 18 megabytes)
The majority of Series IV. Political and Personal is composed of papers from Irvin's campaigns for Georgia Commissioner of Agriculture, including campaign memorabilia, correspondence with supporters, fundraising, advertising materials and campaign ads, recorded candidate debates, surveys and election data, and photographs. The series also contains biographical information, documentation of his involvement in the Democratic Party and support for other candidates, and records from his involvement with the Freemasons. For additional materials on the Freemasons, see the speeches in Series I.
This series contains digital files. To access these files, please request the folders you would like through the finding aid. An archivist will be in contact with you to explain how to access the files. Please note that not all file formats are currently supported by the library for research use.
Reference copies of the audiovisual recordings are available upon request. Research requests will be filled as soon as possible and will be dependent upon the condition of the recordings.
Campaigns for Georgia Commissioner of Agriculture
3315-19[Campaign Correspondence], 1986
341-27[Campaign Correspondence], 1986
3428[Campaign Correspondence], 1998
3429[Thomas T. Irvin Campaign Committee], 1990
3430[Correspondence], 1978-1989
3431[Opponents], 2005
3432[Ads and Flyers], 1993-2006
3433[Campaign Events], 1997-1998
3434[Ad Plans and Budget], 1997-2002
3435[District Maps], undated
3436[Candidate Questionnaires], 2002
3437[Election Results], 1998-2002
351[Surveys], 1996-1998
352Survey Results and Statistics, 2006
353Endorsements, 1994-2007
354Fundraising Information and Publicity, 2005
355-7[Contributions], 1978-2006
358Atlanta Journal Constitution - Campaign Contributions Ann Hardie, 1990-1999
359[Articles], 2004-2010
3510[Declarations of Candidacy], 1992-2008
3511[Certificates of Election], 1986-2006
3512Appreciation Dinner, 1981
3513[Campaign], 1986
3514[Campaign], 1994
3515[Campaign], 1998
3516[Campaign], 2002
3517[Voter Comments], 1982
3518[Let's Keep Irvin Photographs], undated
3519[Let's Keep Irvin Photographs], 1970
3520[Let's Keep Irvin Campaign Photographs], 1990
3521[Let's Keep Irvin Election Night Photographs], 1998
3522[Let's Keep Irvin Photographs], 2006
55[Georgia Commissioner of Agriculture Debate], 2010
Includes a poster advertising the debate between Black, Powell, and Cherry to be the next Georgia Commissioner of Agriculture, a photograph of Irvin hanging that poster, and a press release about Irvin's retirement.
55["Let's Keep Tommy Irvin" Campaign Memorabilia], undated, 1998-2005
Includes campaign posters, fans, and stickers. Some of the fans were printed with the 1998 election date and then reused by writing the 2005 over with printed date with a sharpie pen.
56["Let's Keep Tommy Irvin" Campaign Pins], undated
56[Prototype for "Re-Elect Irvin in '94" Button], 1994
56["Let's Keep Tommy Irvin" Campaign Magnets], undated
58[Campaign Advertisement], circa 1998
Hand-drawn 8 panel cartoon showing Irvin protecting children from contaminated strawberries in the school lunch, consumers from tainted hamburger, and securing aid for farmers during a drought.
ER 5"Watchdog" [digital files], 2002 October 23
Audio campaign ad by Allan B. Crow and Associates.
UC RBRL272TI-CS_0024Radio Spots for Tommy Irvin: 1. Female/Consumer Spot, 2. Male/Consumer Spot, 1998 October 8
2 - 60 second spots, Hood & Associates
UC RBRL272TI-RR_0001Tommy Irvin; Campaign; Housewife, Consumer Protection, Tax Savings, undated
3 - 60 second radio spots, Project 70 Audio Services
UC RBRL272TI-RR_0002Tommy Irvin for Agriculture Commissioner; 1. Irvin International, 2. Variety, 3. Safety, 4. Fuel, 5. Money's Worth, undated
5 - 30 second spots, Magnetic Limited Recording Studios
UC RBRL272TI-VHS_0184A+A Exterminating-Virginia Ellis Re-election Material, 1997 May 27
UC RBRL272TI-VHS_0185Jim Graham for Agricultural Commissioner: 1. Agriculture, 2. Bio-Tech, 3. Did You Know?, 1996 January 25
3 - 30 second spots
UC RBRL272TI-VHS_0186Tommy Irvin for Georgia Agriculture Commissioner, Watchdog, 2002 October 18
30 second spot, Allan B. Crow and Associates Inc.
UC RBRL272TI-VHS_0187Tommy Irvin Campaign, 1998
30 second spot
UC TI VHS 0046Tommy Irvin Campaign Ad, 2006
UC TI VHS 0051Georgia Public Television Debate 10/13/02, Race for Agriculture, 2002 October 13
UC TI VHS 0076WSB-TV 2006 Candidates, 2006
UC TI VHS 0093Georgia Public Television Debate, 10/22/06, Agriculture Commissioner, [Arty's Copy], 2006 October 22
UC TI VHS 0128Allan B. Crow and Associates, Tommy Irvin, Commissioner of Agriculture, "Fighting," 1 X :30, 10/20/98, 1998 October 20
UC TI VHS 0129Runoff Debate, undated
UC TI VHS 0130Atlanta Press Club Debate, Republican Candidates, Department of Agriculture: Kemp, Black, Strickland, Greer - Republican Primary, July 2006, 2006 July
3523[Irvin Swearing In], 1969-2011
Including signing the document on the back of a cow.
3524[Conferences/Political Events], undated
3525[Irvin with Georgia Government Officials], undated
3526[Zell Miller Campaign], undated
3527[Hunting/Visiting Farms], undated
3528[Aerial Photographs of Compound], undated
3529[Signed Photographs of Irvin with Public Figures], undated
3530[Irvin with Public Figures], 1980-1998
Includes NAACP event, Maxine Goldstein, Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter, and Rosalyn Carter.
3531[Irvin with Identified People], undated
3532[Free Masons and Fraternities], undated
3533[Irvin First Day Promotional Photos], 1969
3534[Portraits of Irvin], undated
3535[Family Photographs], undated
55[Portrait of Tommy Irvin], undated
55[Stone Mountain Photographs], undated
ER 6Irvin Inauguration [digital files], 2003 January 13
The archivist sampled the photographs in this folder by selecting a number of representative images. 2 out of a total of 9 photographs were retained.
ER 7Irvin at the Georgia Legislature State Senate [digital files], 2010 April 20
The archivist sampled the photographs in this folder by selecting a number of representative images. 4 out of a total of 20 photographs were retained.
3536[Democratic Party], 1982-1988
361[Democratic Party], 1984-1985
362[Democratic Information], 1990
363Georgia Campaign Committees, 1983-1984
364Carter/Mondale Re-Election, 1980
365John Glenn, 1983-1984
366[Georgia Farmers for Clinton/Gore], 1992
367[Clinton's Agriculture Record], undated
368-13[Biographical], 1978-2008
3614Hal Gulliver, 2008
3615Farm Bureau Nomination, 2009
3616Farm Bureau Award, 2003-2008
3617Georgia Farm Bureau Tribute Video, 2009
3618[Awards and Honors], 1978-2002
3619[Proclamations and Resolutions], 1956-2010
3620[Representative of Habersham County], 2005
3621[Letter From President Bill Clinton], 1999
3622[Commissioner Tommy Irvin and Friends of Georgia Agriculture Student Leadership Award], 2005
3623Habersham Heritage Thomas T. Irvin, 1996-2000
3624-25[Masons], 1994-1997
3626[Correspondence (Grand Master)], 1990-1995
3627[Masonic Educational Committee], 1988
3628Irvin, Tommy, 2005
3629Thomas T. Irvin Christmas Cards, 1994-1997
3630[Articles About Irvin], 1983-2010
3631[Who's Who 1997], 1997
54[Peanut Legislation Bill Signing], 1979
Large shadowbox on S.984, An act to provide the Secretary of Agriculture with authority to reduce marketing penalties for peanuts. Includes mounted copies of the bill, a letter from Jimmy Carter to Irvin about the signing, and a pen used for signing the bill into law.
55[Print of Baldy Cartoon, "25th Annual Cracke..."], undated
55[Appointment Documents as Commissioner of Agriculture], 1979-1987
56[Lester Maddox Novelty Souvenir: "The Phoey Balancer-Whistle-Chicken Leg"], undated
55["A Special Agricultural Salute to Tommy Irvin" Banner], undated
55[Certificate for 30 Years of Service], undated
55[Government Resolutions Honoring Irvin], 1993-2010
56[Senator Sanford Bishop Tribute to Irvin Mounted on a Plaque], 2010
56[Georgia House of Representatives Resolution Honoring Irvin], 2010
UC RBRL272TI-VHS_0183Georgia Legislative Black Caucus Prayer Breakfast and Banquet, 1998 October 3 ( 1 moving_image(s) )
3 hours 51 minutes

Series V. Schedules, 1978-2010

6 box(es) 5.75 linear feet
Series V. Schedules includes yearly schedule books and weekly printed itineraries with brief descriptions of everyone Irvin met with and events he attended. The series also includes materials and travel logistics from international and conference travel, including trips to Cuba, China, and Europe to exchange information and promote the international trade of Georgia agricultural products.
371-8Schedules, 1978-1985
381-8Schedules, 1986-1993
391-7Schedules, 1994-2000
401-7Schedules, 2001-2007
411-3Schedules, 2008-2010
414Arty Schronce, Director of Public Affairs, 1998, 2005
415-25Itineraries, 1980-2008
421-3Itineraries, 2009-2010
424Travel, 1994
425[Cuba Trip], 2002
426-9Southern United States Trade Association Trip to China, 1985
4210Governor's Conference on Small and Minority Business, 1985
4211Brussels/Europe, 1995
4212Europe Trip, 1982
4213London Budapest, 1995
4214Trade Mission, 1985
641-9Schedules, 1969-1977

Series VI. Subject Files, 1945-2009 (1988-1999)

13 box(es) (10.5 linear feet, 38 audiovisual items, and 705 megabytes)
Series VI. Subject Files contains correspondence, newspaper clippings, taped news programs, press releases, publications, and reports about a wide range of agricultural subjects. Common subjects include the economic aspects of Georgia agriculture, farming methods and analysis about the state of Georgia agriculture, natural disasters that impacted farming, dairy cows and other livestock, horses, animal cruelty, different types of crops raised in Georgia, and food safety.
This series contains digital files. To access these files, please request the folders you would like through the finding aid. An archivist will be in contact with you to explain how to access the files. Please note that not all file formats are currently supported by the library for research use.
Reference copies of the audiovisual recordings are available upon request. Research requests will be filled as soon as possible and will be dependent upon the condition of the recordings.
4215Good Taste Program, 1989-1992
4216Huddle House, 1990
4217Drought/Disaster Assistance, 1988
4218Land/Farm - Agriculture, 1987
4219Farm Future, 1983-1989
4220Kenaf, 1988-1997
4221Garden Center Grand Opening, 1994
4222Insulation, 1997
4223Hess, Jane, 1998-1999
431Flood 1994, 1994
432Arrendale, Lee, 1990-1993
433Gypsy Moths, 1984-1988
434Fortune Cookie Lucky Dragon, 1996
435AgHeritage Copy, 1993
436Pesticide Articles, 1989-1993
437Pletton, Lonnie, 1997
438Mobile Meat Sales, 1990-1999
439National Environmentally Sound Production Agriculture Laboratory, 1994
4310Octane - Channel 2, 1996 January 17
4311Oglethorpe County Poultry, 1997
4312BC - August 17, 1994 [Parmalat], 1994
4313NASDA Honors Award Program, 1995
4314Organic, 1996-1997
4315Peanut, 1996-1997
4316Poultry Nuisance May v. Brueshaber, 1995
4317Prairie Dogs, 1993
4318Precision Farming, 1995
4319Private Property Rights, 1994
4320Proclamation, circa 1990-1999
4321Produce, 1995
4322Biographies (Miscellaneous), 1989-1990
4323Beagle Brigade, 1995
4324Audit/Market Bulletin, 1988-1989
4325Alar, 1986-1989
4326D.W. Brooks, 1983
4327Benlate, 1993
4328Boll Weevil Program, 1987-1990
4329Blizzard, 1993
4330Pseudorabies, 1992
4331Pumpkin House, 1997
4332Quadris, 1998
4333Radio Spots, circa 1990-1999
4334Ratites, 1997
4335Ratajczak, 1997
4336Science and Technology Advisory Council, 1994-1995
4337Slide Shows, circa 1990-1999
4338Spit, 1997
4339Stable Fire, 1997
4340Stains, 1989
4341Stanley Sisters Tax, 1997
4342Stucco, Synthetic, 1997
4343Sylvester Dog Shooting, 1997
4344Syrup Mills, 1998
4345Thanksgiving Day, 1994
4346Testimony, 1989
4347Thistle, 1997
4348Venezuelan Equine Encephalitis, 1995
4349Vegetables, 1996
4350United States Poultry and Egg Association, 1999
4351Usry Jerry, 1999
4352Union Camp, 1995
4353Tomato Spotted Wilt Virus, 1997
4354Treated Timber/Chemigation, 1985
4355Transportation - Trucking, Ports, 1991
4356Trade, 1989
4357Tractors, 1995
4358Toxaphene, 1989
4359Tornado, 1994
4360Tornado, 1995
4361Tomato Spotted Wilt Virus, 1992
4362Weather, 1995
441Water Resources, 2000
442Water Supply, 1997
443Waste, 1989
444Warehouses Panasian/New Happy Food, 1997
445Warehouse Division, 1989
446Vocational Agricultural Education, 1989
447Cochran/Viele Questions, 1997
448Veterinarians, 1997
449Vidalia, 1999
4410Toxaphene Hay, 1999
4411Canola, 1995
4412Bottled Water Pre-1997, 1992
4413Disaster, 1986-1993
4414Extra Monthly Media Press Packets, 1994
4415Drought, 1997
4416Drought, 1998
4417Dairy Story - Cholesterol, 1990
4418Blizzard, 1990-1993
4419Tobacco, 1998
4420Disaster, 1992
4421Disaster, 1997
4422Peanut Commission Investigation, 1983-1986
4423-24Cotton, 1994-1995
4425Food Security Biosecurity Food Safety, 2003-2005
4426Cold Weather Effects on Crops February-March, 2002
4427Fried Pies, 2006
4428Hoof and Mouth, 2001
4429Foot and Mouth Disease - Response Meeting Plans, 2001
4430Mad Cow Information, 2001
451Tobacco, 1995
452Pumpkins, 1998
453Pork, 1993
454Equine Survey, 1989
455Horticulture Growing Media Act, 1994
456Syrup, 1992
457Timber, 1995
458Tobacco Warehouses, 1991
4591986 Hay Relief Effort, 1986
4510Parmalat, 1995
4511Welfare Reform, 1996
4512Newspaper Publication, 1995-1996
4513Strickland - Subsidy, 2004
4514Sweet Auburn 80th Festival, 2003
4515Canine Angels, 2006
ER 9Canine Angels [digital files], 2006
15 minutes of footage of conditions at Canine Angels, a housing facility for dogs.
4516Haynet Information, 1988
4517Hay, 1988
4518[1992 Census of Agriculture], 1992
4519Griffin Industries, 2002
4520Horse Survey, 1988-1989
4521Horses, 1993
4522Equine, 1994
4523Equine Health, undated
4524[Pets], 1998
4525[Cotton], 1995-1996
4526[Agribusiness], 1998-2007
4527[Cattle and Beef], 2005-2006
4528[Dairies], 1991-1992
4529Dairy Dating Program, 1979
4530Southeast Milk Producers, 1996
4531Milk - Mathis, 1991-1992
4532Milk, 1990
4533Mathis Milk - Alflatoxine, 1991
461Mathis Milk, 1990
462[Aquaculture Development Plan], 1996
463[United States Census of Agriculture], 1945
464[4H], 1996-2005
465[Georgia Organics], 2006-2008
466-7Onions, 1989
468[Vidalia Onions], 2002
469[Education], 1996
4610[Organizations], 1995-2007
4611[Cuba], 2000
4612[Legislation], 1997-1998
4613[Pests], 2002-2006
4614[Poultry and Eggs], 1981-2006
4615[Tobacco], 1992-1996
4616[Water], 2005
4617[Bottled Water Label Regulations], 1991-1992
4618Ice Cream Recall, 1997
4619Agrirama, 1980-1996
4620Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Month, 1993
4621Compensation Committee Thomas T. Irvin, 1984
4622Government Policy Statement, 1988-1990
4623Chilean Fruits, 1989
4624Glynn County Animal Shelter, 1996
4625Vacation Farms, 1990-1992
4626[Pecans], 2008
4627[Fruit], undated
4628Georgia Agriculture, 1996
4629[Georgia Agriculture Facts and Figures], 1992
4630[Georgia Junior National Livestock Show], 1995, 2005
4631[Economic Impact], 1994-1995
4632[University of Georgia Farmgate Value Report], 1998-1999
471[International Trade], 1995-2005
472[Georgia Development], 1999-2005
473[Rural Georgia], 1995
474-18Press, 1995-1996
481-18Press, 1996-2006
491-12Press, 2006-2007
501-6Press, 2007
51Press, 1996-1997
52Press, 1997
53Press, 1996-2005
55[Georgia Farmer Magazine with Cover Article about Tommy Irvin and Tobacco Prices], 1997
55[Posters by the Georgia Peanut Commission in Support of Peanut Farmers], undated
ER 8Peanut Butter Open Records Request [digital files], 2007-2009
Inspection reports of peanut butter processing plants.
UC RBRL272TI-VHS_0214Statesboro Cotton Crisis, 1998 March 10 ( 1 moving_image(s) )
WTOC - Savannah
UC RBRL272TI-VHS_0216Georgia Farm Bureau: Egg Story from GA Farm Monitor, 1993 May 22 ( 1 moving_image(s) )
UC RBRL272TI-VHS_0217Tobacco Working for America, undated ( 1 moving_image(s) )
Brown & Williamson Tobacco Corporation
UC TI VHS 0078WXIA-TV/11, Peanut Butter, 2/15/07, 2007 February 15 ( 1 moving_image(s) )
UC TI VHS 0087WSB-TV, 1/21/09, Budget Cuts, Peanut Butter, 2009 January 21 ( 1 moving_image(s) )
UC TI VHS 01561) Channel 46, 5/26, Cuba: 2) Channel 11, 5/28, Vidalia's, Keith Whitney; 3) Channel 5, 5/29/02, Vidalia's, Doug Richards, 2002 May 26, 28, 29 ( 1 moving_image(s) )
UC RBRL272TI-Umatic_0003Georgia #1 Field Tape 1, undated ( 1 moving_image(s) )
UC RBRL272TI-Umatic_0004Georgia #2 Field Tape 2, undated ( 1 moving_image(s) )
UC TI VHS 0002Storey Communications, 1990 Georgia National Fair Documentary, "Nine Days of Georgia Magic," run time: 12:00, 1990 ( 1 moving_image(s) )
Food Safety
UC RBRL272TI-VHS_0188Salmonella Con Agra - Sylvester, undated
Commissioner of Agriculture Tommy Irvin and Reuben Beverly
UC RBRL272TI-VHS_0189Belcher Promo; Channel 2 Meat Mistakes, Channel 5 Dog Legislation, 1998 February 5
UC RBRL272TI-VHS_0195Mad Cow in Royston Georgia, 1997 June
WYFF Channel 4 Greenville, S.C.
UC RBRL272TI-VHS_0196Aflatoxin Contamination-Mathis Milk Media Coverage, 1991 January 3-4
See label for times and channels when aired.
UC TI VHS 0057Fox 5, Expired Food, I Team, 2/7/05, 2005 February 7
UC TI VHS 0132Contaminated Seafood, WSB TV, 11/5/07, 2007 November 5
UC TI VHS 0157Fernandez Seafood and Meat Settlement Conference, 8/5/02, WSB-TV, 5:14 p.m., 2002 August 5
UC RBRL272TI-VHS_0171Termites - Va Ellis 5/97, Economy - Russ Jamison 6/967, 1997 ( 1 moving_image(s) )
With TTI
UC RBRL272TI-VHS_0174Termite Scandal, 1993 November 29-December3 ( 1 moving_image(s) )
Richad Belcher, 4 parts
UC TI VHS 0159Pest Control, WSB Investigation, Jim Strickland, Channel 2, 2/6/02, 2002 February 6 ( 1 moving_image(s) )
UC RBRL272TI-VHS_0198Lawsuit, 2007 March 14 ( 1 moving_image(s) )
Channel 2 at 6pm and 11pm
Pets and Animal Shelters
UC RBRL272TI-VHS_0199Euthanasia Fulton County Judge, 2007 March 23
WSB-TV at 6pm
UC RBRL272TI-VHS_0201Elberton Dog Rescue, 2000 January 14
Channel 2, 11 at 11pm
UC RBRL272TI-VHS_0202June Hess Investigation Animal Protection, 1998 March 19, 24
UC RBRL272TI-VHS_0203Cherokee Animal Shelter, 1997 October 9
David McClain/TMS, Channel 2
UC RBRL272TI-VHS_0204Puppy Parvo/Lonnie Melton, 1997 March 6
Randy Travis, Channel 5
UC RBRL272TI-VHS_0208Cloud 9 2nd Story Channel 5, 1999 August 24
UC RBRL272TI-VHS_0210Fox 5 Good Day Georgia Cloud 9 Interview with Gurvir, 1999 September 1
UC TI VHS 0054Fox 5, Canine Angels, Deidra Dukes, 8/12/05, 2005 August 12
UC TI VHS 0108Carroll County [Georgia] Animal Shelter, 6/14/01, 6:16, 2001 June 14
UC RBRL272TI-VHS_0206Senator John Bulloch (R) Speaking in the Well with Scooby Doo (I) about HB 452, 2005 March 29 ( 1 moving_image(s) )
H.B. 452 established a voluntary check off for the Dog and Cat Sterilization Fund. VHS has an image of Bulloch with a stuffed animal Scooby Doo.
UC RBRL272TI-VHS_0207Spay Neuter Press Conference, 2005 December 12 ( 1 moving_image(s) )
Channels 5, 46, 2
UC RBRL272TI-DVD_0002Vidalia Onion Committee DVD Presentation, undated ( 1 moving_image(s) )
UC RBRL272TI-VHS_0223Market to Market Vidalia Onion Committee, 1991 October 25 ( 1 moving_image(s) )
28 minutes 45 seconds, Georgia Power Media Services
UC RBRL272TI-VHS_0224Vidalia Onion News Spots, 1989 November 8 ( 1 moving_image(s) )
12 minutes 30 seconds, Georgia Power Media Services
UC RBRL272TI-VHS_0220Peaches Freezing, 1998 March 12 ( 1 moving_image(s) )
The Today Show. Irvin Interview with Matt Lawrer via satellite from orchard in Locast Grove
UC TI VHS 0050Georgia's Water Crisis, undated ( 1 moving_image(s) )
UC RBRL272TI-VHS_0226Farm Crisis: The Black Experience, undated ( 1 moving_image(s) )
28 minutes 52 seconds, Federation of Southern Cooperatives
UC TI VHS 0016Buy America Rally, 90 minutes, undated ( 1 moving_image(s) )