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WSB-TV, Georgia Giant Documentary Files

WSB-TV, Georgia Giant Documentary Files

Descriptive Summary

Title: WSB-TV, Georgia Giant Documentary Files
Creator: WSB-TV (Television station: Atlanta, GA)
Inclusive Dates: 1952-1974
Language(s): English
Extent: 5 box(es) (3 linear feet)
Collection Number: RBRL212WSB
Repository: Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies
Abstract: The collection consists of records relating to the creation and production of Richard Russell, Georgia Giant, a documentary produced by WSB-TV (Atlanta, GA) in 1970. WSB-TV is the first and largest of Georgia's radio and television stations and is now owned by Cox Enterprises, formerly Cox Broadcasting Corporation.

Collection Description

Historical Note

WSB-TV is the first and largest of Georgia's radio and television stations. It became the South's first radio station when it signed on at 100 watts on May 15, 1922. It became the south's first television station on September 29, 1948. Ohio governor James Middleton Cox purchased WSB radio and the Atlanta Journal in 1939, and following World War II, he was able to bring first-class television news and entertainment programming to Atlanta viewers. Through the turbulent 60s and 70s WSB-TV continued to grow and thrive. In 1972 the Cox radio and television concerns became Cox Broadcasting Corporation.

Early in 1969, WSB-TV in Atlanta embarked on production of a series of interviews with Senator Russell that culminated in over twenty-five hours of film. Hal Suit, WSB's former news director, and WSB-TV's Washington correspondent, Jim Giltmier, spent months researching newspaper articles, combing Congressional Records, searching out film clips and photographs, to provide biographical information on Senator Russell and pinpoint key events in his career as a public servant. Hal Suit interviewed Senator Russell with the end result being a three-part television special titled Richard Russell, Georgia Giant, that was aired February 11, 12, and 13, 1970. A thirty minute condensed version of the three hour film was created to show at a Washington D.C. reception for the Senator, hosted by Cox Enterprises in February 1970.

Scope and Content

This collection primarily contains papers relating to the Richard B. Russell, Jr. documentary created by Cox Enterprises for the Atlanta television station WSB-TV and presented by WSB-TV during 1969 to 1970. The transcripts include formal and draft scripts of the film, transcripts of speeches, and transcripts of personal interviews with Russell (1968-1969). The correspondence relates to the production of the documentary, public opinion regarding the film, and the Washington, D.C. reception sponsored by Cox Broadcasting Corporation. The press files include promotional materials, news and magazine articles resulting from the documentary. The research files are a compilation of materials used for background information including materials relating to Senator Russell's congressional career, the Richard B. Russell Foundation, and the dedication of the Richard B. Russell Memorial Library at the University of Georgia in 1974. Photographs are generally duplicates of photographs that may be found in Senator Russell's photograph files or in Russell family photographs. These were selected by the WSB for still shots in the documentary film. There are also stills from the interviews and from the Cox reception.

Organization and Arrangement

The collection is arranged in six series: I. Transcripts, II. Correspondence, III. Press, IV. Research Materials/General, V. Photographs, and VI. Audiovisual materials (see separate finding aid for AV).

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

WSB-TV, Georgia Giant Documentary Files, Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies, University of Georgia Libraries, Athens, Georgia, 30602-1641.

Processing Notes

Clippings have been copied onto bond paper for protection of content. Photographs and audiovisual materials have been separated for preservation purposes. User copies of the finished versions (long and short) of Georgia Giant have been created.

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Library acts as "fair use" reproduction agent.

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Finding aid prepared on: 2008.

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Documentary television programs -- Georgia.
Legislators -- United States.
Motion pictures.
Richard Russell: Georgia giant (Television program)
Russell, Richard B. (Richard Brevard), 1897-1971
Television scripts.

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Series Descriptions and Folder Listing


I. Transcripts

2 box(es)
(.75 linear foot)
This series is organized into three subseries: A. Richard Russell, Georgia Giant, B. Speeches, and C. Interviews. Files on the Georgia Giant film contain formal and draft scripts of the film, audio and visual text for the documentary, and copies of the advertisements used by WSB-TV to promote the television special. Transcripts of speeches by a variety of personalities form subseries B. Texts include a copy of The Today Show, March 1964, featuring Senators Hubert Humphrey and Richard Russell on civil rights; a speech by Senator Russell during the Senate debates of the 89 th Congress regarding Vietnam demonstrations; remarks given by Russell at the inauguration of the president of Georgia Southern College, 1969, with comments on campus conflicts over Vietnam; and speeches made in reference to the Richard B. Russell Foundation, Inc. Subseries C. contains interviews with Senator Russell, which took place between 1968 and 1969. Included in these scripts are descriptions of Russell's childhood and early years in Georgia politics, and comments on events during Russell's thirty-seven years in Washington D.C. including his participation in the Cuban Missile Crisis (1962), his unsuccessful bid for the Democratic Party's nomination for the presidency in 1952, the story of Lyndon Johnson's rise to power, and his involvement on the Warren Commission (1963-1964).

A. Richard Russell, Georgia Giant

I.11Script of "Richard Russell, Georgia Giant" ("RRGG")/ Documentary No. 1
I.12Script of "RRGG"/Documentary No. 2
I.13Script of "RRGG"/ Documentary No. 3
I.14Draft Script of "RRGG"/ Documentary No. 1
I.15Draft Script of "RRGG"/ Documentary No. 2
I.16Draft Script of "RRGG"/ Documentary No. 3
I.17Audio and Visual Script of "RRGG"/ Documentary No. 1
I.18Scripts of WSB-TV Advertisements for "RRGG"

B. Speeches

I.19"The Today Show" with Senators Hubert Humphrey and Russell on Civil Rights, [March 19, 1964]
I.110Speech of Senator Russell Regarding Vietnam Demonstrations, Senate Debates, 89th Congress, [October 18, 1965]
I.111Speech of Senator Russell for Inauguration of Dr. John O. Eidson as President of Georgia Southern College--comments on Campus Demonstrations over Vietnam, [April 3, 1969]
I.112Remarks of Senator John C. Stennis at Dedication of Russell Memorial Library, UGA, [June 22, 1974]
I.113Speech of Senator Talmadge Regarding Richard B. Russell Foundation to Senate, [March 9, 1976]

C. Interviews

I.114Interview by Wayne Kelly with Richard B. Russell, [December 1968]
I.115"RRGG" Interviews, Reels 1-9, [August 1969]
I.116"RRGG" Interviews, Reels 10-20, [August-September 1969]
I.117"RRGG" Interviews, Reels 21-28, [September-October 1969]
I.118Audio Script of Interviews for "RRGG", [October-November 1969]
I.21Audio Script of Interviews for "RRGG," Reels 1-9, [August 1969]
I.22Audio Script of Interviews for "RRGG," Reels 10-19, [August 1969]
I.23Audio Script of Interviews for "RRGG," Reels 20-28, [September-October 1969]

II. Correspondence

1 box(es)
(.25 linear foot)
This series is organized into two subseries: A. Richard Russell, Georgia Giant Documentary and B. Cox Reception (February 10, 1970). Subseries A. contains letters that reflect public reaction to the Georgia Giant. Internal WSB-TV memos, a House of Representatives resolution on the documentary, and other general correspondence are also included. Subseries B. contains a file on the Washington D.C. reception held by Cox Broadcasting Corporation honoring Senator Russell in February 1970 as well as organizational memos and invitations to the event.

A. Richard Russell, Georgia Giant Documentary

II.11"RRGG" Documentary
II.12Documentary "RRGG"/General
II.13Richard B. Russell, Special, [1970]
II.14Letters Regarding "RRGG" Documentary
II.15Russell Coverage, Complimentary Letters, [1971]
II.16Russell Coverage, Critical Letters, [1971]
II.17House of Representatives Resolution on Russell Documentary, undated

B. Cox Reception

II.18Russell: Washington Reception, 1970

III. Press

1 box(es)
(.5 linear foot)
This series includes news articles, press releases, and packages. Information is organized in three subseries: A. Richard Russell, Georgia Giant Documentary, B. Cox Reception, and C. General. Subseries A. contains a sampling of magazine and newspaper articles resulting from the release of the Georgia Giant. Subseries B. includes a variety of news articles on the Cox reception. News items on Senator Russell, the formation and activities of the Richard B. Russell Foundation, Inc., and the Russell Dam comprise Subseries C. General.

A. Richard Russell, Georgia Giant Documentary

III.11WSB-TV Promotions for Russell Documentary, News Releases, [January-February 1970]
III.12WSB-TV Promotion for Russell Documentary, undated
III.13WSB-TV Promotional Pamphlets on Russell Documentary, undated
III.14WSB-TV Promotional Folder on Russell Documentary, undated
III.15Sampling of News and Magazine Articles Resulting from Russell Documentary, [January-February 1970]
III.16News and Magazine Articles Resulting from Russell Documentary, [January-February 1970]
III.17"Richard Russell, Georgia Giant"
III.18Credit Sheets from Russell Documentary

B. Cox Reception

III.19Articles on Cox Reception

C. General

III.110Articles and Press Releases: Richard B. Russell
III.111Articles: Russell Foundation, [1972]
III.112Articles: Russell Dam, undated

IV. Research Materials/General

1 box(es)
(.5 linear foot )
This series includes materials gathered as research for the development of the Georgia Giant film. The series covers a broad spectrum of documents from articles on Senator Russell's 1952 Democratic Party campaign to a general sketch of Russell's life. These materials are organized into three subseries: A. Richard Russell, Georgia Giant Documentary Background Information, B. Richard B. Russell Foundation, and C. Special. Subseries A. includes an article on the 1952 Russell campaign, excerpts from Congressional Records, reviews of various Senate Committees, and news film releases from the Office of Secretary of Defense. Subseries B. contains correspondence, pamphlets, and news articles on the Richard B. Russell Memorial Library and its dedication. A short biography of Senator Russell and materials on the Russell funeral comprise the C. Special subseries.

A. Richard Russell, Georgia Giant Documentary Background Information

IV.11Russell Campaign, [1952]
IV.12Congressional Record, Russell Excerpts, [1968]
IV.13Senate Committees, [1967-1969]
IV.14Newsfilm Release, Office of Secretary of Defense, [1969]

B. Richard B. Russell Foundation

IV.15Russell Library Luncheon, [June 6, 1970]
IV.16Richard B. Russell Memorial Library Pamphlets
IV.17Russell Library and the Dedication
IV.18List of Interviews for Richard B. Russell Library Oral History Project, [1971-1974]

C. Special

IV.19Richard Russell File [Pre-Death Obituary], undated
IV.110Russell Funeral-Miscellaneous, [1971]
IV.111Richard B. Russell Biographies, [November 2, 1897-January 21, 1971]
IV.112Film Reel Materials

V. Photographs

150 photograph(s)
Photographs are generally duplicates of photographs that may be found in Senator Russell's photograph files or in Russell family photographs. These were selected by the WSB for still shots in the documentary film. There are also stills from the interviews and from the Cox reception.
V.1WSB-PF-01Dillard home in Oglethorpe County, Georgia Oglethorpe County, Georgia, 1880-1889. ((8x10") b/w)
V.1WSB-PF-02Portraits of Judge Richard B. Russell, Sr., 1880-1920, 1926. (6 (8x10") b/w)
V.1WSB-PF-03Honeymoon of Richard and Ina Russell. Niagara Falls, New York, June 24, 1891. (2 (8x10") b/w)
V.1WSB-PF-04Russell family portrait. Athens, Georgia, June 1894. ((8x10") b/w)
V.1WSB-PF-05Infant photo of Richard B. Russell, Jr. Winder, Georgia, July 1, 1898. ((8x10") b/w)
V.1WSB-PF-06Russell family portrait in front of Winder home where Richard B. Russell, Jr. was born. Winder, Georgia, June 24, 1902. ((8x10") b/w)
V.1WSB-PF-07Christening of Walter and twins. Winder, Georgia, July-August 1908. ((8x10") b/w)
V.1WSB-PF-08Brothers, sisters, and others. Front row seated, left to right: Patience Elizabeth Russell, Robbie Blasingame, Richard B. Russell, Jr., Robert Lee Russell, Marie Riviere, Woodson Wood. Front row standing, on right: Harriette Brumby Russell. Standing left to right: Annelle Dillard, Henry West, William Reviere, Ina Dillard Russell (Stacy), Mary Alice Strange, Frances West, Mary Comer, Ermine Stanton, Frances Marguerite Russell, Andrew West, Mary Willie Russell, circa 1908. ((8x10") b/w)
V.1WSB-PF-09Women of the Dillard family, circa 1909. ((8x10") b/w)
V.1WSB-PF-10Train trip. Russell, Georgia, 1909-1915. (2 (8x10") b/w)
V.1WSB-PF-11Representative of the Georgia legislature, Richard B. Russell, Jr. Atlanta, Georgia, 1925, 1928-1930. (5 (8x10") b/w)
V.1WSB-PF-12Reunions of the Russell family. Winder, Georgia, July 1926. (3 (8x10") b/w)
V.1WSB-PF-13University of Georgia reunion – Richard B. Russell, Jr. Athens, Georgia, 1928. (2 (8x10") b/w)
V.1WSB-PF-14Reunion of the Russell family. June 1929. Winder, Georgia, June 23, 1929. ((8x10") b/w)
V.1WSB-PF-15Russell reunion. Winder, Georgia, 1930-1939. ((8x10") b/w)
V.1WSB-PF-16Walter B. Russell at William J. Russell store in North Carolina. Marshall, North Carolina, 1930-1939. ((8x10") b/w)
V.1WSB-PF-17Underwood and Underwood portrait of Russell, 1930-1949. ((8x10") b/w)
V.1WSB-PF-18Winder portrait of Governor Russell. Winder, Georgia, June 25, 1931. ((8x10") b/w)
V.1WSB-PF-19Gubernatorial parade. Atlanta, Georgia, June 27, 1931. (4 (8x10") b/w)
V.1WSB-PF-20Inauguration of Russell. Atlanta, Georgia, June 27, 1931. (2 (8x10") b/w)
V.1WSB-PF-21Georgia's new governor and his mother. Winder, Georgia, June 1931. ((8x10") b/w)
V.1WSB-PF-22Camp McClellan visit by Russell and aides, near Anniston, Alabama, July 22-23, 1931. (2 (8x10") b/w)
V.1WSB-PF-23Governor Roosevelt welcomed to Atlanta. Atlanta, Georgia, October 3, 1931. ((8x10") b/w)
V.1WSB-PF-24New mistress (Mother Russell) in Governor's Mansion. Atlanta, Georgia, July 1931. (2 (8x10") b/w)
V.1WSB-PF-25Georgia Hotel Men's Association meeting. Unidentified man, Richard Russell, Ray Ross. Sea Island, Georgia, 1931-1932. ((5x7") b/w)
V.1WSB-PF-26Gubernatorial photographs. Richard Russell and F. R. Burch. Fannie Kate Hollingsworth, P. D. Fulwood, Hattie Hardy, Richard Russell, J. L. Bowen, Mrs. P. D. Fulwood. Tifton, Georgia, 1931-1932. (2 (8x10") b/w)
V.1WSB-PF-27Banquet at Capitol City Club given by Col. De Witt King. Atlanta, Georgia, November 12, 1932. ((8x10") b/w)
V.1WSB-PF-28Baptism of Fielding, Jr. and Bill Green. Winder, Georgia, July 2, 1933. (2 (8x10") b/w)
V.1WSB-PF-29Georgia State Society dance announcement portrait of Russell. Washington, D.C., January 30, 1935. ((8x10") b/w)
V.1WSB-PF-30Roosevelt's visit to Atlanta. Franklin Roosevelt, Anna Eleanor Roosevelt, Walter George, Richard Russell. Atlanta, Georgia, November 1935. (2 (8x10") b/w)
V.1WSB-PF-31Senate campaign portraits of Russell and Talmadge. Atlanta, Georgia, September 9, 1936. ((8x10") b/w)
V.1WSB-PF-32Winder Drum and Trumpet Corps, 1936. (2 (8x10") b/w)
V.1WSB-PF-33President invited to Roosevelt Square, Gainesville, Georgia. Richard Russell and Walter George. Washington, D.C., October 22, 1937. ((8x10") b/w)
V.1WSB-PF-34Admission of Hugh Peterson to Supreme Court practice. Washington, D.C., May 23, 1938. ((8x10") b/w)
V.1WSB-PF-35Georgia delegates see Roosevelt. Walter George, Paul Brown, L. S. Moody, Richard Russell. Washington, D.C., June 2, 1938. ((8x10") b/w)
V.1WSB-PF-36Rural Electrification Administration (REA) dedication. Barnesville, Georgia, August 1938. (5 (8x10") b/w)
V.1WSB-PF-37Seventy-fifth Congress open, John Hollis Bankhead II presiding. Washington, D.C., 1938. ((8x10") b/w)
V.1WSB-PF-38Selective Service Bill, Joseph F. Guffey and Richard Russell next to a U.S. Army recruitment sign. Washington, D.C., August 5, 1940. (7 (8x10") b/w)
V.1WSB-PF-39Parade in Winder, Georgia, 1940-1949. ((8x10") b/w)
V.1WSB-PF-40Mother Russell and sons. Winder, Georgia, 1940-1953. ((8x10") b/w)
V.1WSB-PF-41War zone trip, 1943. Australia, Great Britain, Italy, New Guinea, Sicily, Hawaii, Washington, D.C., July, October-November 1943. (11 (8x10"), (10x12.25"))
V.1WSB-PF-42European war zone trip, 1945. France and Germany, May 29-June 4, 1945. (8 (8x10") b/w)
V.1WSB-PF-43GI Subsistence Conference, University of Georgia students. Winder, Georgia, April 13, 1946. ((8x10") b/w)
V.1WSB-PF-44"Have some milk, son" – Ina and Richard, Jr. photo. Atlanta, Georgia, April 23, 1947. ((8x10") b/w)
V.1WSB-PF-45Reunion of Russell family. Winder, Georgia, September 1, 1947. ((8x10") b/w)
V.1WSB-PF-46Farm ownership loan, first insured closing. Americus, Georgia, 1947. ((8x10") b/w)
V.1WSB-PF-47School lunch program in Georgia, includes children having lunch, 1947-1955. (3 (8x10") b/w)
V.1WSB-PF-48Name of Russell suggested as Democratic nominee. Washington, D.C., June 13, 1948. ((8x10") b/w)
V.1WSB-PF-49Filibuster on Rule XXII change. Washington, D.C., March 11-13, 1949. (2 (8x10") b/w)
V.1WSB-PF-50Judge Robert Lee Russell – "To Mother," left to right: Samuel Hale Sibley, Robert Lee Russell, and Frank Arthur Hooper Jr., October 27, 1949. ((8x10") b/w)
V.1WSB-PF-51Eighty-second birthday of Ina Dillard Russell. [Winder, Georgia ?], February 18, 1950. ((8x10") b/w)
V.1WSB-PF-52Southern filibuster on Fair Employment Practices Commission. Washington, D.C., May 8, 1950. ((8x10") b/w)
V.1WSB-PF-53Mother of the year. Winder, Georgia, May 11, 1950. ((8x10") [missing])
V.1WSB-PF-54Armed Services Committee hearing re: Anna Rosenburg. Washington, D.C., December 7, 1950. ((8x10") b/w)
V.1WSB-PF-55Eighteen year-old draft bill. Washington, D.C., February 14 and March 7, 1951. ((7x9") b/w, 2 (8x10") b/w)
V.1WSB-PF-56Harris and Ewing portrait of Russell. Washington, D.C., February 23, 1951. ((10x12.5") b/w [missing])
V.1WSB-PF-57Talmadge dinner for Russell. Washington, D.C., February 1951. ((8x10") b/w)
V.1WSB-PF-58MacArthur hearings. Washington, D.C., April 13-June 8, 1951. (7 (8x10") b/w)
V.1WSB-PF-59Germany trip. Stuttgart, Germany, November 28, 1951. ((8x10") b/w)
V.1WSB-PF-60Friendly adversaries: Estes Kefauver and Richard Russell. Washington, D.C., February 28, 1952. ((8x10") b/w)
V.1WSB-PF-61Meet the Press with Senator Russell. Washington, D.C., March 16, 1952. ((8x10") b/w)
V.1WSB-PF-62At home in the kitchen. Washington, D.C., March 29, 1952. ((8x10") b/w)
V.1WSB-PF-63Meeting of Henry Cabot Lodge and Richard Russell. Washington, D.C., March 30, 1952. ((8x10") b/w)
V.1WSB-PF-64Portrait of Russell. Washington, D.C. or New York, New York, March 31, 1952. ((8x10") b/w)
V.1WSB-PF-65Atlanta dinner for Russell. Atlanta, Georgia, April 25-26, 1952. (2 (8x10") b/w)
V.1WSB-PF-66Life magazine photos. Atlanta, Georgia, April 26, 1952. (4 (8x10") b/w)
V.1WSB-PF-67Florida campaign. Washington, D.C., May 8, 1952. ((8x10") b/w)
V.1WSB-PF-68Time covers with Russell, May 19, 1952 and August 12, 1957. ((8x10"), (9x12") [missing])
V.1WSB-PF-69Democratic victory hat modeled by Russell. Chicago, Illinois, June 20, 1952. ((8x10") b/w)
V.1WSB-PF-70"Thumbs up for Russell" Chicago, Illinois, July 22, 1952. ((8x10") b/w)
V.1WSB-PF-71"Two or three day more" statement by Russell. Chicago, Illinois, July 25, 1952. ((8x10") b/w)
V.1WSB-PF-72Chicago convention hall. Chicago, Illinois, July 1952. ((8x10") b/w)
V.1WSB-PF-73Chicago convention hall – Richard Russell and Jane Russell. Chicago, Illinois, July 1952. ((8x10") b/w)
V.1WSB-PF-74Florida fishing trip. Near Miami, Florida, September 1952. ((8x10") b/w)
V.1WSB-PF-75Campaign publicity, Russell family barbecue, snapshot of Russell taken in 1910, Russell with his parents. Georgia, 1952. (4 (8x10") b/w)
V.1WSB-PF-76Campaign sticker and button, 1952. (3 (8x10") b/w)
V.1WSB-PF-77Life magazine viewed by Knowland and Russell. Washington, D.C., 1952. ((8x10") b/w)
V.1WSB-PF-78Meeting of Lyndon Johnson, Stuart Symington, and Russell. Washington, D.C., 1952. ((8x10") b/w)
V.1WSB-PF-79Senate minority leadership vote – Lyndon Johnson and Russell. Washington, D.C., circa January 2, 1953. ((8x10") b/w)
V.1WSB-PF-80White House luncheon with Dwight Eisenhower. Washington, D.C., February 19, 1953. ((8x10") b/w)
V.1WSB-PF-81Reunion of Russell family. Winder, Georgia, October 18, 1954. ((8x10") b/w)
V.1WSB-PF-82Russell family reunion. Winder, Georgia, 1955. ((8x10") b/w)
V.1WSB-PF-83White House bi-partisan luncheon. Washington, D.C., March 31, 1955. (3 (8x10") b/w)
V.1WSB-PF-84European trip – Paris, France. Richard Russell, Gen. Alfred Gruenther, Otto Ernest Passman, September 5, 1955. ((8x10") b/w)
V.1WSB-PF-85NATO trip – SHAPE [Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe] headquarters. Near Paris, France, November 22, 1956. (2 (8x10") b/w)
V.1WSB-PF-86Winder Appreciation Day. Winder, Georgia, October 26, 1957. (4 (8x10") b/w)
V.1WSB-PF-87Buford Dam: ground breaking. Richard Russell, Paul Weir, William Hartsfield. Atlanta, Georgia, October 1957. (2 (8x10") b/w)
V.1WSB-PF-88Wilcox County centennial. Richard Russell, Mrs. W. P. Pope, and J. M. Pope. Wilcox County, Georgia, 1957. ((8x10") b/w)
V.1WSB-PF-89Agricultural Research Service in Georgia. Georgia, 1957-1965. (20 (8x10") b/w)
V.1WSB-PF-90News conference as chairman of Armed Services Committee. Washington, D.C., June 23, 1958. (3 (8x10") b/w)
V.1WSB-PF-91Visit to SETAF [U.S. Army Southern European Task Force] headquarters, meeting with fellow Georgians in the mess hall. Verona, Italy, October 10, 1958. ((8x10") b/w)
V.1WSB-PF-92Portrait of Harry S. Truman. Washington, D.C., October 16, 1961. ((8x10") b/w)
V.1WSB-PF-93College News Conference. Athens, Georgia, December 6, 1961. ((8x10") b/w)
V.1WSB-PF-94Congress addressed by President Kennedy. Washington, D.C., 1961-1963. (2 (8x10") b/w)
V.1WSB-PF-95President Kennedy and senators. Washington, D.C., 1961-1963. ((8x10") b/w)
V.1WSB-PF-96U.S. Senate in session. Washington, D.C., 1961-1963. ((8x10") b/w)
V.1WSB-PF-97Lynda Bird Johnson Robb. Washington, D.C., 1961-1968. ((8x10") b/w)
V.1WSB-PF-98John Glenn (astronaut): Award presentation. Washington, D.C., July 25, 1962. ((8x10") b/w)
V.1WSB-PF-99Press conference of MacArthur and luncheon in his honor. Washington, D.C., August 1962. ((8x10") b/w)
V.1WSB-PF-100U.S.S. Forrestal. Mediterranean Sea, November 22, 1962. (6 (8x10") b/w)
V.1WSB-PF-101Jefferson-Jackson day dinner. Atlanta, Georgia, January 22, 1963. (3 (8x10") b/w)
V.1WSB-PF-102Senate youth program. Washington, D.C., January 29, 1963. ((8x10") b/w)
V.1WSB-PF-103Southern Dames of American National Society: Jefferson Davis Distinguished Service Scroll presentation. Washington, D.C., June 3, 1963. ((8x10") b/w)
V.1WSB-PF-104Boy's Nation, American Legion. Washington, D.C., July 22, 1963. ((8x10") b/w)
V.1WSB-PF-105Newsweek cover of Russell, "Civil Rights: The South's Stand." Washington, D.C., August 19, 1963. ((8x10") b/w)
V.1WSB-PF-106March of Dimes poster child. Washington, D.C., October 1963. ((8x10") b/w)
V.1WSB-PF-107Portrait of Lyndon Baines Johnson family. Stonewall, Texas, December 1963. ((8x10") b/w)
V.1WSB-PF-108White House meeting, February 1964. Washington, D.C., February 1964. ((8x10") b/w)
V.1WSB-PF-109Atlanta Journal photo of Richard Brevard Russell III, July 1964. ((8x10") b/w)
V.1WSB-PF-110Steel Pike I, joint Marine amphibious landings. Sevilla and southwest coast of Spain, October 18, 1964. (3 (8x10") b/w)
V.1WSB-PF-111Appreciation dinner, Chamber of Commerce, Cobb County. Marietta, Georgia, November 17, 1964. ((8x10") b/w)
V.1WSB-PF-112Carters Dam Progress Celebration. Chatsworth, Georgia, November 1964. (2 (8x10") b/w)
V.1WSB-PF-113Israel trip. Jerusalem, Israel, December 1964. (3 (8x10") b/w)
V.1WSB-PF-114Little Fielding Russell with James Bowden. Winder, Georgia, 1964. ((8x10") b/w)
V.1WSB-PF-115Lockheed aircraft inspection. Atlanta and Marietta, Georgia, 1964. (3 (8x10") b/w)
V.1WSB-PF-116Reunions of Russell family. Washington, D.C. (?) and Winder, Georgia, 1964-1970. (3 (8x10") b/w)
V.1WSB-PF-117Senate Democratic Conference – 89th Congress, 1st session, organizational meeting. Washington, D.C., January 4, 1965. (2 (8x10") b/w)
V.1WSB-PF-118Baseball opening night. Washington, D.C., June 29, 1965. ((8x10") b/w)
V.1WSB-PF-119Wesleyan College fall convocation. Macon, Georgia, October 20-21, 1965. (2 (8x10") b/w)
V.1WSB-PF-120Legion of Merit received by Walter Brown Russell, Jr. Washington, D.C., November 17, 1965. ((8x10") b/w)
V.1WSB-PF-121"Georgia's Man in Washington" photos. Washington, D.C. and Georgia, 1965-1966. (18 (8x10") b/w)
V.1WSB-PF-122Portrait of President Lyndon B. Johnson, January 26, 1966. ((8x10") b/w)
V.1WSB-PF-123John F. Kennedy Space Center visit. Cape Canaveral, Florida, January 28, 1966. (2 (8x10") b/w)
V.1WSB-PF-124U.S.S. Observation Island. Near Cape Kennedy, Florida, January 31, 1966. (4 (8x10") b/w)
V.1WSB-PF-125Senate Armed Services Committee and press conference. Washington, D.C., February 9, 1966. ((8x10") b/w)
V.1WSB-PF-126White House conference, Richard Russell, Gerald Ford, and Everett McKinley Dirksen. Washington, D.C., June 11, 1966. ((8x10") b/w)
V.1WSB-PF-127Sergeant Major of the Army William O. Woolridge. Washington, D.C., June 22, 1966. ((8x10") b/w)
V.1WSB-PF-128Joint Committee on Atomic Energy twentieth birthday. Washington, D.C., August 2, 1966. ((8x10") b/w)
V.1WSB-PF-129State of the Union, 1967. Washington, D.C., January 10, 1967. ((8x10") b/w)
V.1WSB-PF-130Hospital visit of Russell by Johnson. Washington, D.C., June 11, 1968. ((8x10") b/w)
V.1WSB-PF-131"Georgia Giant" interview of Russell by Suit. Washington, D.C. and Winder, Georgia, 1969-1970. (6 (4x5"), (5x7"), 11 (3½x5"), 2 (8x10"))
V.1WSB-PF-132Cox Broadcasting reception. Washington, D.C. and Atlanta, Georgia (folder 1 of 3), February 10, 1970. (2 contact sheets, 12 (8x10") b/w, (7x9") b/w, (5x7") b/w)
V.1WSB-PF-132Cox Broadcasting reception. Washington, D.C. and Atlanta, Georgia (folder 2 of 3), February 10, 1970. (15 (8x10") color)
V.1WSB-PF-132Cox Broadcasting reception. Washington, D.C. and Atlanta, Georgia (folder 3 of 3), February 10, 1970. (11 (8x10") color)
V.1WSB-PF-133Cox Broadcasting reception – Nixon and Russell, February 10, 1970. ((6x8") proof)
V.1WSB-PF-134Russell lying in state at Georgia State Capitol. Atlanta, Georgia, January 22-23, 1971. ((8x10") color)
V.1WSB-PF-135"Maston O'Neal heads district Russell Foundation fund" clipping, 1971. (2 (8x10") b/w)
V.1WSB-PF-136Athens, Georgia – Federal Building, U.S. Post Office, undated. ((8x10") b/w)
V.1WSB-PF-137Caravan, people on carts pulled by donkeys, undated. ((8x10") b/w)
V.1WSB-PF-138U.S. Capitol. Washington, D.C., undated. ((8x10") b/w)
V.1WSB-PF-139Political cartoons, by Jim Berryman and Gib Crocket about Russell, undated. (7 (8x10") b/w)
V.1WSB-PF-140Cherry Blossom Festival. Washington, D.C., undated. ((8x10") b/w)
V.1WSB-PF-141Portrait of President Eisenhower, undated. ((8x10") b/w)
V.1WSB-PF-142Harris and Ewing portrait of Roosevelt. Washington, D.C., undated. ((8x10") b/w)
V.1WSB-PF-143Infantry training, Fort Benning. Fort Benning, Georgia, undated. (2 (8x10") color)
V.1WSB-PF-144Nugent's Fashion Catalogue, 1901. (6 (8x10") b/w)
V.1WSB-PF-145Portrait of Edward William Russell (1798-1863), undated. (2 (8x10") b/w)
V.1WSB-PF-146Portrait of Herman Talmadge, undated. ((8x10") b/w)
V.1WSB-PF-147Portrait of Russell by M. Constant, undated. ((8x10") b/w)
V.1WSB-PF-148Portrait of unknown Russell relative, undated. ((8x10") b/w)
V.1WSB-PF-149Russell campaign material, undated. (5 (8x10") b/w, 2 (5x7") b/w)
V.1WSB-PF-150World War I – American cemeteries. France, undated. (2 (8x10") b/w)