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Williamson S. Stuckey Papers, Series IV: Office Administration

Williamson S. Stuckey Papers, Series IV: Office Administration

Descriptive Summary

Title: Williamson S. Stuckey Papers, Series IV: Office Administration
Creator: Stuckey, Williamson Sylvester, 1935-
Inclusive Dates: 1967-1975
Language(s): English
Extent: 124 box(es) (61.5 linear feet)
Collection Number: RBRL210WSS_IV
Repository: Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies
Abstract: The Office Administration Series consists of agency, personnel, campaign, and political files, and projects Stuckey was involved with during his service in Congress. Included is correspondence, reports, printed materials, maps and legislative bills. This series provides insight into Stuckey's dealings with individuals, both colleagues and constituents, on various issues of the day. Topics include: Cumberland Island and the Okefenokee Swamp project; expanding Atlanta's airport to include international flights to Europe and the Pacific region; Corps of Engineers' work on the Satilla and Altamaha Rivers; Vietnam conflict and Lt. William Calley's case; and impeachment of President Richard Nixon.

Collection Description

Biographical Note

Williamson Sylvester Stuckey, Jr. was born in Eastman, Georgia, May 25, 1935. He attended the Georgia Military Academy and graduated from the University of Georgia in 1956 with B.B.A. and LL.B. degrees. He was a member of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon Social and Phi Delta Phi Legal fraternities.

From 1956 until 1966, Stuckey was president of Stuckey's Timberland, Inc. and executive vice-president of Stuckey's Inc., a division of Pet, Inc. He also was president of the Stuckey Pecan Company, 1958-1966, and Stuckey Investments, Inc., from 1958 to 1966.

Elected as a Democrat to the United States House of Representatives from the Eighth and later the Ninth District, Stuckey served in Congress from 1967 until 1977. He was not a candidate for re-election in 1976. While in Congress, Stuckey served on the Agriculture committee, the District of Columbia committee, the Interstate and Foreign Commerce committee and its subcommittee on Commerce and Finance and was chairman of the Commerce, Housing and Transportation subcommittee.

Stuckey was most proud of two pieces of legislation that dealt with the environment. He successfully introduced and had passed a bill that made Cumberland Island, Georgia, a National Seashore. The other measure he introduced made the Okefenokee Swamp a Federally Protected Wilderness open to the public through five water trails.

Since 1985, Stuckey has been chairman of Stuckey's Corporation. He is married to Ethelynn McMillan and they have five children. He currently resides in Washington, D.C. and Eastman, Georgia.

Scope and Content

The Office Administration Series consists of agency, personnel, campaign, and political files, and projects Stuckey was involved with during his service in Congress. Included is correspondence, reports, printed materials, maps and legislative bills. This series provides insight into Stuckey's dealings with individuals, both colleagues and constituents, on various issues of the day. Topics include: Cumberland Island and the Okefenokee Swamp project; expanding Atlanta's airport to include international flights to Europe and the Pacific region; Corps of Engineers' work on the Satilla and Altamaha Rivers; Vietnam conflict and Lt. William Calley's case; and impeachment of President Richard Nixon.

Organization and Arrangement

This series is arranged chronologically.

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Access Restrictions

Case mail is closed.

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Williamson S. Stuckey Papers, Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies, University of Georgia Libraries, Athens, Georgia, 30602-1641.

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Cumberland Island (Ga.)
Environmental policy -- Georgia.
Legislators -- United States.
Nixon, Richard M. (Richard Milhous), 1913-1994.
Okefenokee Swamp (Ga. and Fla.)
Political campaigns -- United States.
United States -- Politics and government -- 1963-1969.
United States -- Politics and government -- 1969-1974.
United States -- Politics and government -- 1974-1977.

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Series Descriptions and Folder Listing


IV. Office Administration

124 box(es)
(61.5 linear feet)
The Office Administration Series consists of agency, personnel, campaign, and political files, and projects Stuckey was involved with during his service in Congress. Included is correspondence, reports, printed materials, maps and legislative bills. This series provides insight into Stuckey's dealings with individuals, both colleagues and constituents, on various issues of the day. Arrangement is alphabetical within each subseries.

A. 1967

( 14 box(es) ) ( (7 linear feet) )
Included are correspondence, reports and materials related to Stuckey's work on agriculture, environmental issues such as Cumberland Island and the Okefenokee Swamp project, and social security. Also there are materials related to political involvement in his home district. While Representatives run for election every two years, this material documents Stuckey's interest in the District and state Democratic Party during an off-election year.
IV.1 1Accomplishment file
IV.1 2Project COG [Coordinating Opportunities in Georgia]
IV.1 3Administrative
IV.1 4Agriculture (Miscellaneous)
IV.1 5Agriculture (Miscellaneous)
IV.1 6Agriculture Bulletin
IV.1 7ASCS-Agriculture Stabilization and Conservation Service
IV.1 8-9 Cotton
IV.2 1Farmers Home Administration
IV.2 2-3 Forest Services
IV.2 4Peanuts
IV.2 5Poultry
IV.2 6REA [Rural Electrification Administration]
IV.2 7Soil Conservation Service
IV.2 8Daily Tobacco Prices
IV.2 9[Agriculture] Yearbooks
IV.2 10Air Force (Miscellaneous)
IV.2 11Reserves
IV.2 12-14 Army
IV.2 15Corps of Engineers
IV.3 1King's Bay
IV.3 2Reserves
IV.3 3Bureau of Budget (Miscellaneous)
IV.3 4Civil Aeronautics Board (Miscellaneous)
IV.3 5Civil Service Commission (Miscellaneous)
IV.3 6-7 Civil Service-Positions
IV.3 8-10 Civil Service-Positions
IV.3 11Retirement
IV.3 12Summer employment
IV.3 13Commerce Department (Miscellaneous)
IV.4 1Census
IV.4 2Economic Development Administration
IV.4 3Patent Office
IV.4 4-5 Defense (Miscellaneous)
IV.4 6Defense-Middle East
IV.4 7Vietnam
IV.4 8Executive Office (Miscellaneous)
IV.4 9Executive Department
IV.4 10White House
IV.4 11Mid-South Froze Food Plant, Jesup, GA-EDA [Economic
IV.4 Development Agency]
IV.4 12Federal Aviation Agency (Miscellaneous)
IV.4 13Airports
IV.4 14Federal Communications Commission (Miscellaneous)
IV.4 15Federal Power Commission (Miscellaneous)
IV.5 1Federal Trade Commission (Miscellaneous)
IV.5 2General Services Administration (Miscellaneous)
IV.5 3Public Buildings Service
IV.5 4GSA-Surplus Property
IV.5 5Government Printing Office (Miscellaneous)
IV.5 6Campaign file
IV.5 7Democratic Party of Georgia
IV.5 8Democratic Party (National)
IV.5 9Contributors
IV.5 10-11 Education Department
IV.5 12-13 Eighth District Advisory Council
IV.5 148th District Advisory Council Applicants
IV.5 158th District Democratic Executive Committee
IV.5 16Game and Fish Commission
IV.5 17Georgia: General Assembly
IV.5 18Georgia Department of Industry and Trade
IV.5 19Georgia Jaycee
IV.6 1Highway Department
IV.6 2-3 Miscellaneous
IV.6 4Pardons and paroles
IV.6 5Projects
IV.6 6Public Health Service
IV.6 7Public Safety
IV.6 8Public Service Commission
IV.6 9Recommendations for state jobs
IV.6 10State Offices
IV.6 11Vocational rehabilitation
IV.6 12Workmen's compensation
IV.6 13-14 1967 High School Graduates
IV.6 15Graduation letter
IV.7 1-2 Education
IV.7 3Food and Drug Administration
IV.7 4Guidelines
IV.7 5HEW [Health, Education and Welfare]-Public Health Service
IV.7 6School Information
IV.7 12-15 Social Security
IV.8 1Welfare
IV.8 2Architect (Flags, etc.)
IV.8 3Clerk
IV.8 4Clerk Hire (Members of Mr. Stuckey's staff)
IV.8 5Clerk Hire (Field Representatives)
IV.8 6Clerk Hire Applicants)
IV.8 7Field Representative (Norman Dominy)
IV.8 8Field Representative (Herman Heath)
IV.8 9Field Representative (Herman Heath)
IV.8 10Congressional Record
IV.8 11Correspondence with other members
IV.8 12Congressional staff-personnel
IV.8 13Democratic whip
IV.8 14Disbursing office
IV.8 15District office allowance
IV.8 16Doorkeeper
IV.8 17House of Representatives Eastman office
IV.8 18Folding room
IV.8 19House recording studio
IV.8 20Interns
IV.8 21Majority room (Truman Ward)
IV.8 22House of Representatives (Miscellaneous)
IV.9 1Office equipment-Washington
IV.9 2House of Representatives-office space
IV.9 3Patronage
IV.9 4Postage allowance
IV.9 5Referrals to other memb
IV.9 6Sergeant at arms
IV.9 7Telegraph accounts
IV.9 8Telephone accounts
IV.9 9District office visits fulfilled
IV.9 10Services offered
IV.9 11Housing and Urban Development (Miscellaneous)
IV.9 12Federal Housing Administration
IV.9 13Urban Renewal Administration
IV.9 14Interior (Miscellaneous)
IV.9 15Alapaha River Project
IV.9 16-18 Cumberland Island
IV.9 19National Park Service (Cumberland Island)
IV.9 20Fish and Wildlife Service
IV.9 21Geological Survey
IV.9 22-23 Interior-Okefenokee Swamp Project
IV.9 23Suwanee River-wild river
IV.10 1Invitations-Declined
IV.10 2-6 Invitations-Declined
IV.10 7Invitations-Fulfilled
IV.10 8Invitations-Fulfilled
IV.11 1Invitations-Fulfilled
IV.11 2-3 Speaking engagements-fulfilled
IV.11 4-6 Invitations-Declined
IV.11 7Indefinite
IV.11 8Pending speaking engagements
IV.11 9Sponsored invitations
IV.11 10Justice (Miscellaneous)
IV.11 11Citizenship
IV.11 12Justice-Immigration and Naturalization (Himaya, Macram I.)
IV.11 13Immigration and Naturalization Services
IV.11 14Prisons and Parole Board
IV.12 1Labor (Miscellaneous)
IV.12 2Employee Compensation
IV.12 3Wage and Labor Standards
IV.12 4Wage, Hour and Public Contract Division
IV.12 5Office of Economic Opportunity
IV.12 6Office of Economic Opportunity
IV.12 7Political ratings and polls
IV.12 8Political-Appling County
IV.12 9Political-Bacon County
IV.12 10Political-Ben Hill County
IV.12 11Political-Berrien County
IV.12 12Political-Bleckley County
IV.12 13Political-Clinch County
IV.12 14Political-Coffee County
IV.12 15Political-Cook County
IV.12 16Political-Dodge County
IV.12 17Political-Echols County
IV.12 18Political-Jeff Davis County
IV.12 19Political-Lanier County
IV.12 20Political-Lowndes County
IV.12 21Political-Pierce County
IV.12 22Political-Telfair County
IV.12 23Political-Ware County
IV.12 24Political-Wayne County
IV.12 25Political-Out-of-State
IV.12 26Political-Glynn county
IV.12 27Political-Out-of-District
IV.13 1Donations-Asked
IV.13 2Donations-Received
IV.13 3Post Office
IV.13 4State Department (Information)
IV.13 5Office visits
IV.13 6Office appointments
IV.13 7Office visits (district office)
IV.13 8Miscellaneous memos to Washington office
IV.13 9Telegrams
IV.13 101966 Thank you letters
IV.13 11Recommendations
IV.13 12Out of State
IV.13 13Form letters
IV.13 14Area Planning and Development Commission reports
IV.13 15Legislation
IV.14 1Legislation
IV.14 2Pending
IV.14 3Engineering Report-Twin Lakes Sewage
IV.14 4France
IV.14 5Memos
IV.14 6Speeches and Speech materials
IV.14 7Research material
IV.14 8Special letters

B. 1968

( 14 box(es) ) ( (7 linear feet) )
Included are correspondence, reports and materials related to Stuckey's work on agriculture, Georgia-related projects and Department of Interior programs. There is also materials related to invitations accepted and declined. There are one box of case mail that has been closed.
IV.15 1Accomplishment File: Cases
IV.15 2Accomplishment File: Miscellaneous
IV.15 3Accomplishment File: Projects
IV.15 4Agriculture: ASCS [Agriculture Stabilization and Conservation Service]
IV.15 5Agriculture: Cotton
IV.15 6Agriculture: Farmer's Home Administration
IV.15 7Agriculture: Forest
IV.15 8Agriculture: Miscellaneous
IV.15 9Agriculture: Miscellaneous
IV.15 10Agriculture: Peanuts
IV.15 11Agriculture: Poultry
IV.15 12Agriculture: REA [Rural Electrification Administration]
IV.15 13Agriculture: Soil Conservation Service
IV.15 14Agriculture: Tobacco
IV.15 15Agriculture: Tobacco
IV.16 1Air Force: Miscellaneous
IV.16 2Army: Blythe Island
IV.16 3-5 Army: Miscellaneous, (July-December 1968)
IV.16 6-8 Army: Miscellaneous
IV.16 9Army: Reserves
IV.17 1Civil Aeronautics Boards: Miscellaneous
IV.17 2Civil Service Commission: Miscellaneous
IV.17 3-4 Position File No. 1, (December 1967-February 1968)
IV.17 5Retirement
IV.17 6Commerce: Census
IV.17 7Commerce: Economic Development Administration
IV.17 8-9 Commerce: Miscellaneous
IV.17 10Commerce: Patent
IV.18 1Defense: Middle East
IV.18 2Defense: Korea
IV.18 3Defense: Miscellaneous
IV.18 4Defense: Vietnam
IV.18 5District of Columbia: Miscellaneous
IV.18 6Federal Aviation Administration: Miscellaneous
IV.18 7FAA: Airports
IV.18 8Federal Communications Commission: Miscellaneous
IV.18 9General Services Administration: Miscellaneous
IV.18 10GSA: Public Building Services
IV.18 11GSA: Surplus Property
IV.18 12GSA: Waycross Federal Building
IV.18 13Government Printing Office: Miscellaneous
IV.18 14Georgia: Chamber of Commerce
IV.18 15-16 Georgia: Campaign
IV.18 17Georgia: Democratic Party of Georgia
IV.18 18Georgia: Education Department-Higher Education
IV.19 1Georgia: Education Department-Elementary and Secondary
IV.19 2Georgia: Education-Vocational Rehabilitation
IV.19 3Georgia: 8th District Advisory Staff
IV.19 4Georgia: 8th District Industrial Council
IV.19 5Georgia: Family and Children Services Department
IV.19 6Georgia: Department of Defense
IV.19 7Georgia: Highway Department
IV.19 8Georgia: Game and Fish Commission
IV.19 9Georgia: Governor and Executive Offices
IV.19 10Georgia: Jaycees (1968 Federal Affairs Seminar)
IV.19 11Georgia: Jaycees (1968 Federal Affairs Seminar)
IV.19 12Georgia: Miscellaneous
IV.19 13Georgia: Miscellaneous
IV.19 14Georgia: High School Graduation letters
IV.19 15Georgia: Food and Drug Administration
IV.19 16Georgia: Health
IV.19 17Georgia: Projects--Miscellaneous
IV.19 18Georgia: Public Health Department
IV.19 19Georgia: Public Safety
IV.19 20Georgia: Public Service Commission
IV.19 21Georgia: Roscoe Dean, Georgia State Senator
IV.19 22Georgia: State Offices
IV.19 23Georgia: State and County Officeholders
IV.19 24Georgia: Resolutions
IV.19 25Georgia: Worker's Compensation
IV.20 1Health, Education and Welfare: Miscellaneous
IV.20 2-3 HEW: Education
IV.20 4-7 HEW: Social Security Cases
IV.21 1Architect's Office: Flags
IV.21 2Clerk's Office
IV.21 3Clerk Hire Field Representative: Norman Dorminy
IV.21 4Clerk Hire: Members of WSS staff
IV.21 5Clerk Hire Field Representative: Herman Heath
IV.21 6Congressional Record
IV.21 7Correspondence with other members
IV.21 8Democratic Whip
IV.21 9Folding Room
IV.21 10Majority Room: Truman Ward
IV.21 11House or Representatives voucher
IV.21 12Referrals: Congressional Courtesy
IV.21 13House of Representatives: Miscellaneous
IV.21 14Office equipment
IV.21 15Postage allowance
IV.21 16Telegraph account
IV.21 17Telephone account
IV.21 18House recording studio
IV.21 19Telephone account: district office
IV.21 20Housing and Urban Administration: Miscellaneous
IV.21 21HUD: Federal Housing Administration
IV.21 22HUD: Model Cities
IV.22 1Interior: Miscellaneous
IV.22 2Interior: Alapaha River Project
IV.22 3Interior: Altamaha-Brunswick Canal
IV.22 4Interior: Altamaha River
IV.22 5Interior: Reed Bingham State Park Dam
IV.22 6Interior: Corps of Engineers and Public Works
IV.22 7Interior: Cumberland
IV.22 8Interior: Fish and Wildlife Service
IV.22 9Interior: Geological Survey
IV.22 10Interior: Project Jekyll Island
IV.22 11Interior: National Park Service
IV.22 12Interior: Okefenokee Swamp
IV.22 13Interior: Satilla
IV.22 14Interior: Suwanee River
IV.22 15Interstate Commerce Commission:
IV.22 16Invitations declined, October-December 1968
IV.22 17Function attended without formal invitation
IV.23 1-2 Accepted but could not attend
IV.23 3-4 Speeches fulfilled
IV.23 5Declined speeches
IV.23 6Accepted but could not attend
IV.23 7Invitations declined, (July-September)
IV.23 8Invitations declined, (May-June)
IV.24 1Speeches declined, (May-June)
IV.24 2-3 Invitations fulfilled, (January-June)
IV.24 4Speeches declined, (January-February)
IV.24 5Invitations declined, (January-February)
IV.24 6Speeches fulfilled
IV.24 7Invitations declined, (July-August)
IV.24 8-9 Invitations declined, (March-April)
IV.24 10Invitations declined, (January-February)
IV.25 1Justice: Miscellaneous
IV.25 2Justice: Citizenship
IV.25 3Justice: FBI [Federal Bureau of Investigation]
IV.25 4Justice: Immigration and Naturalization
IV.25 5Justice: Prisons and Parole Board
IV.25 6Labor: Miscellaneous
IV.25 7Labor: Employee
IV.25 8Labor: Wage and Labor Standards
IV.25 9Library of Congress: Miscellaneous
IV.25 10Miscellaneous Government Agencies
IV.25 11Atomic Energy Commission
IV.25 12Out of State letters
IV.25 13NASA [National Aeronautics and Space Administration]
IV.25 14Navy
IV.25 15Marine Corps
IV.25 16Office of Economic Opportunity: Miscellaneous
IV.25 17Personal: Miscellaneous
IV.25 18Donations asked
IV.25 19Donations received
IV.25 20Services offered
IV.26 1Appling
IV.26 2Atkinson
IV.26 3Ben Hill
IV.26 4Brantley
IV.26 5Camden
IV.26 6Coffee
IV.26 7Dodge
IV.26 8Glynn
IV.26 9Irwin
IV.26 10Jeff Davis
IV.26 11Lowndes
IV.26 12Pierce
IV.26 13Telfair
IV.26 14Ware
IV.26 15Wilcox
IV.26 16Out of State
IV.26 17Out of District
IV.26 18Alapaha Rural Route
IV.26 19Commemorative stamps
IV.26 20Frankables
IV.26 21Positions not in 8th District
IV.26 22Rural route extensions
IV.26 23Agriculture Publications
IV.26 24Requests, (November-December)
IV.26 25Requests, (September-October)
IV.26 26Requests, (July-August)
IV.26 27Requests, (May)
IV.26 28Requests, (March-April)
IV.26 29Requests, (March-April)
IV.27 1-2 Requests, (January-February)
IV.27 3-4 Selective Service: Miscellaneous
IV.27 5Small Business Administration: Miscellaneous
IV.27 6SBA: Loans
IV.27 7Securities and Exchange Commission: Miscellaneous
IV.27 8State Department: Miscellaneous
IV.27 9State Department: Cuban Refugees
IV.27 10State Department: Visas
IV.27 11Thank Yous from Us, (November-December)
IV.27 12Thank Yous from Us, (September-October)
IV.27 13Thank Yous from Us, (July-August)
IV.27 14Thank Yous from Us, (July-August)
IV.27 15Thank Yous from Us, (March-April)

C. 1969

( 6 box(es) ) ( (3 linear feet) )
This subseries includes correspondence, newspaper clippings, reports, and printed materials. Information on Stuckey's legislative work on expanding Atlanta's airport to include international flights to Europe and the Pacific region (Hawaii), Corps of Engineers' work on the Satilla and Altamaha Rivers, and his introduction of mutual funds legislation are highlighted.
IV.29 1Agriculture: Miscellaneous
IV.29 2Air Force: Miscellaneous
IV.29 3Airline Commission Information
IV.29 4Airports
IV.29 5AMB [Anti-Ballistic Missile Defense]
IV.29 6Army: Miscellaneous
IV.29 7Reserves
IV.29 8Army Miscellaneous 4th File
IV.29 9Army Miscellaneous 3rd file
IV.29 10Army Miscellaneous 3rd file
IV.30 1Atomic Energy Commission
IV.30 2Bureau of Retirement and Insurance
IV.30 3Census
IV.30 4Civil Aeronautics Board: Miscellaneous
IV.30 5Civil Service: Miscellaneous
IV.30 7Corps of Engineers: Altamaha River
IV.30 8Defense: Miscellaneous
IV.30 9Defense: Miscellaneous, Morrison, David
IV.30 9Defense: Miscellaneous, Morrison, David
IV.30 10Economic Development Administration
IV.31 1Federal Aviation Administration: Miscellaneous
IV.31 2Federal Communications Commission: Miscellaneous
IV.31 3Federal Trade Commission
IV.31 4House (Leases, etc.)
IV.31 5Inaugural
IV.31 6Invitations fulfilled
IV.31 7Invitations fulfilled, (June 16-)
IV.31 8-9 Invitations declined, (September-October)
IV.31 10Invitations declined, (May-June)
IV.31 11Speeches fulfilled
IV.32 1-2 Invitations declined, (March-April)
IV.32 3General Service Administration
IV.32 4Memos to WSS
IV.32 5Memos to Wallace
IV.32 6Edie Moore
IV.32 7-8 Mutual fund letters
IV.32 9Office visit
IV.32 10Patent Office
IV.32 11-12 Bill's Personal Correspondence
IV.33 1Personal Business Correspondence
IV.33 2Position files
IV.33 3Railway Labor Act
IV.33 4-5 Requests, (January-February)
IV.33 6-7 Requests, (September-October)
IV.34 1Securities Review
IV.34 2Stock Market correspondence
IV.34 3Stuckey's Inc.
IV.34 4Surplus Property
IV.34 5Vietnam
IV.34 6Washington Office Visit
IV.34 7White House
IV.34 8Woodward Academy
IV.34 9YPO [Young President's Organization]
IV.34 10-11 To Us

D. 1970

( 12 box(es) ) ( (5.75 linear feet) )
Materials of interest in this subseries include the US Army Corps of Engineers' work on the Altahama and Alapaha Rivers projects, the Vietnam conflict, and the Department of Interior projects in Georgia.
IV.35 1Cases (Veterans)
IV.35 2Accomplishments: Miscellaneous
IV.35 3Agriculture: Miscellaneous
IV.35 4Agriculture: ASCS [Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation Service]
IV.35 5Agriculture: Federal Crop Insurance Corporation
IV.35 6Agriculture: Forest Service
IV.35 7Agriculture: Farmers Home Administration
IV.35 8Agriculture: REA [Rural Electrification Administation]
IV.35 9Agriculture: Soil Conservation Service
IV.35 10Agriculture: Tobacco
IV.35 11Air Force: Miscellaneous
IV.35 12Air Force: Miscellaneous
IV.35 13Air Force: Reserves
IV.35 14Army: Miscellaneous
IV.35 15Army: Miscellaneous
IV.36 1-3 Army: Miscellaneous
IV.36 4Army: Corps of Engineers Miscellaneous
IV.36 5Army: Corps of Engineers Altamaha
IV.36 6Army: Corps of Engineers Alapaha River Project
IV.36 7Army: Corps of Engineers St. Simons Beach Erosion
IV.36 8Army: Corps of Engineers Satilla
IV.36 9Army: Reserves
IV.36 10Atomic Energy Commission
IV.36 11Bureau of Budget: Miscellaneous
IV.36 12Civil Aeronautics Board: Miscellaneous
IV.36 13Civil Service: Retirement
IV.37 1Civil Service Commission: Miscellaneous
IV.37 2Civil Service Commission: Positions
IV.37 3Commerce: Miscellaneous
IV.37 4Commerce: Census
IV.37 5Commerce: Economic Development Administration
IV.37 6Defense: Miscellaneous
IV.37 7Defense: National Guard
IV.37 8Defense: Vietnam
IV.37 9Defense: Vietnam
IV.37 10Federal Aviation Administration: Miscellaneous
IV.37 11FAA: Airports
IV.37 12Executive Office: Miscellaneous
IV.37 13Executive Office: White House
IV.37 14Federal Communications Commission: Miscellaneous
IV.37 15Federal Trade Commission: Miscellaneous
IV.37 16General Accounting Office: Miscellaneous
IV.37 17General Services Administration:
IV.37 18GSA: Waycross Federal Building
IV.37 19Government Printing Office: Miscellaneous
IV.37 20Federal Power Commission: Miscellaneous
IV.38 1Federal Housing Administration
IV.38 2Interior: Miscellaneous
IV.38 3Interior: Fish and Wildlif
IV.38 4Interior: Geological Survey
IV.38 5Interior: National Park Service
IV.38 6Interior: Okefenokee
IV.38 7Interior: Outdoor Recreation
IV.38 8Interior: Suwanee River
IV.38 9Housing and Urban Development: Miscellaneous
IV.38 10HUD: Coastal Plain
IV.38 11HUD: Coastal Area Planning and Development Commission District Overall Economic Development Program
IV.38 12HUD: Community Development Survey
IV.38 13HUD: Community Development Survey
IV.39 1HUD: Model Cities
IV.39 2Food and Drug Administration
IV.39 3Georgia: Miscellaneous
IV.39 4Georgia: Advisory Council
IV.39 5Georgia: Agriculture
IV.39 6Georgia: Campaign
IV.39 7Georgia: Executive Office
IV.39 8Georgia: Highway Department
IV.39 9Georgia: Jaycees
IV.39 10Georgia: Pardons and Paroles
IV.39 11Georgia: Projects
IV.39 12Georgia: Public Health
IV.39 13Georgia: Public Safety
IV.39 14Georgia: Public Service Commission
IV.39 15Georgia: Questionnaire
IV.39 16Georgia: Questionnaire
IV.39 17Georgia: Georgia State Planning Bureau
IV.39 18Georgia: Georgia State Society of Washington
IV.39 19Georgia: Georgia State Society of Washington
IV.39 20Georgia: Recommendations for state jobs
IV.40 1-2 Health, Education and Welfare: Miscellaneous
IV.40 3-4 HEW: Education
IV.40 5HEW: Education, elementary and secondary
IV.40 6HEW: Education, college
IV.40 7HEW: Education, vocational rehabilitation
IV.40 8HEW: Medicare
IV.40 9HEW: Social Security
IV.40 10HEW: Public Health Service
IV.40 11HEW: Welfare
IV.40 12House of Representatives: Miscellaneous
IV.40 13House of Representatives: Architect (Flags, etc.)
IV.40 14House of Representatives: Clerk
IV.40 15House of Representatives: Congressional Record
IV.40 16House of Representatives: correspondence with other members
IV.40 17House of Representatives: democratic whip
IV.40 18House of Representatives: Folding room
IV.40 19House of Representatives: Majority room
IV.40 20House of Representatives: Referrals
IV.41 1Georgia State Society
IV.41 2Invitations Declined, January-February
IV.41 3Paris
IV.41 4Speeches declined, January-February
IV.41 5Invitations declined, March-April
IV.41 6-7 Invitations fulfilled, January-June
IV.42 1Invitations declined, May-June
IV.42 2Invitations declined, July-August
IV.42 3Invitations declined, September-October
IV.42 4Invitations declined, November-December
IV.42 5Speeches fulfilled, January-June
IV.42 6Speeches fulfilled, January-June
IV.42 7Speeches declined, April-June
IV.42 8Speeches declined, July-November
IV.42 9Speeches pending
IV.42 10Hardman and Stuckey Travel Investments
IV.42 11Stuckey's Inc.
IV.42 12Mutual funds
IV.42 13Woodward Academy
IV.43 1-2 Woodward Academy
IV.43 3Bill's personal correspondence
IV.43 4Young President's Organization (YPO)
IV.43 5Bright Leaf
IV.43 6Bill's business correspondence
IV.43 7District office visit
IV.43 8Form letters
IV.43 9Selective Service: Miscellaneous
IV.43 10Small Business Administration: Miscellaneous
IV.43 11SBA: Loans
IV.43 12State Department: Miscellaneous
IV.43 13State Department: Passports
IV.43 14State Department: Visa office
IV.44 1Tariff Commission: Miscellaneous
IV.44 2Thank you to us
IV.44 3-6 Thank you from us
IV.44 7Transportation Department: Miscellaneous
IV.44 8Transportation: Bureau of Public Roads
IV.44 9Transportation: Coast Guard
IV.45 1Transportation: Federal Highway Administration
IV.45 2Post Office: Miscellaneous
IV.45 3Post Office: Commemorative stamps
IV.45 4Post Office: Frankables
IV.45 5Post Office: Civil Service
IV.45 6Railroad Retirement Fund: Miscellaneous
IV.45 7Requests, November-December
IV.45 8Requests, September-October
IV.45 9Requests, September-October
IV.45 10Requests, July-August
IV.45 11Requests, May-June
IV.45 12Requests, March-April
IV.46 1-3 Requests, January-February

E. 1971-1972

( 19 box(es) ) ( (9.25 linear feet) )
Highlights of this subseries include files on the Lt. William Laws Calley case regarding the My Lai Massacre, Department of Interior projects in Georgia and the post office. Arrangement is alphabetical by subject.
IV.47 1Agriculture
IV.47 2Agriculture, Department of, 1972
IV.47 3Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation Service
IV.47 4Forest Service
IV.47 5Peanuts
IV.47 6REA [Rural Electrification Administration]
IV.47 7Soil Conservation Service
IV.47 8Tobacco
IV.47 9Area Planning and Development, 1971
IV.47 10Area Planning and Development, 1972
IV.47 11Miscellaneous
IV.47 12Miscellaneous
IV.47 13Georgia
IV.47 14Correspondence from Atlanta Office
IV.47 15Atomic Energy Commission
IV.47 16Autistic Children
IV.47 17Budget
IV.47 18Busing-about face
IV.47 19Busing
IV.48 1-2 Census
IV.48 3Civil Aeronautics Board
IV.48 4Civil Service
IV.48 5Civil Service
IV.48 6Civil Rights
IV.48 7Civil Service, 1972
IV.48 8Commerce, Department of
IV.48 9Patent Office
IV.48 10Commuter Train
IV.48 11Congressional District Data, 1972
IV.48 12Congressional Record
IV.48 13Corps of Engineers-Altamaha
IV.49 1Corps of Engineers-Alapaha
IV.49 2Corps of Engineers-Miscellaneous
IV.49 3Kings Bay
IV.49 4Correspondence with other members
IV.49 5[Cost of Living Council] Price Commission/Pay Board
IV.49 6Defense, Department of-Lt. Calley Mail
IV.49 7Defense, Department of-Lt. Calley Mail
IV.49 8Defense-Miscellaneous
IV.49 9Vietnam
IV.49 10District of Columbia--Bus Subsidy
IV.49 11District of Columbia--Piano
IV.49 12District of Columbia Committee-Rules Calendar
IV.50 1-2 District of Columbia-Home Rule
IV.50 3District of Columbia-Home Rule Legislation
IV.50 4Economic Development Administration
IV.50 5Environmental Protection Agency
IV.50 6Executive Office, 1971
IV.50 7White House, 1971
IV.50 8White House, 1972
IV.50 9Farmers Home Administration
IV.50 10Federal Aviation Agency
IV.50 11Federal Aviation
IV.50 12Federal Bureau of Investigation
IV.50 13Federal Communications Commission, 1971
IV.50 14Federal Communications Commission, 1972
IV.51 1Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
IV.51 2Federal Housing Administration
IV.51 3Federal Power Commission
IV.51 4Federal Reserve Board
IV.51 5Federal Trade Commission, 1971
IV.51 6Sale of Franchise
IV.51 7Federal Trade Commission, 1972
IV.51 8General Accounting Office
IV.51 9General Service Administration-Waycross Federal Building
IV.51 10General Service Administration, 1971
IV.51 11General Service Administration, 1972
IV.51 12Government Agencies-Miscellaneous
IV.51 13Government Printing Office
IV.51 14Health, Education and Welfare (HEW), 1971
IV.51 15HEW, 1971
IV.51 16Food and Drug Administration, 1972
IV.51 17Food and Drug Administration, 1971
IV.51 18Medicare, 1972
IV.51 19Medicare, 1971
IV.51 20Public Health, 1971
IV.51 21Public Health, 1972
IV.51 22Public Health Service, 1972
IV.51 23School Lunch Program, undated
IV.51 24Housing and Urban Development, 1972
IV.51 25Housing and Urban Development, 1971
IV.52 1Education
IV.52 2Federal Housing
IV.52 3HUD-Golden Shore Seafood, Inc.
IV.52 4Hospitals
IV.52 5Immigration and Naturalization
IV.52 6Interior, Department of-Miscellaneous, 1971
IV.52 7Interior, Department of-Miscellaneous, 1972
IV.52 8Interior-Blythe Island, 1971
IV.52 9Interior-Blythe Island, 1971
IV.52 10Fish and Wildlife Service, 1971
IV.52 11Fish and Wildlife Service, 1972
IV.52 12Geological Survey, undated
IV.52 13National Park Service, 1971
IV.52 14National Park Service, 1972
IV.52 15Okefenokee
IV.52 16Outdoor Recreation
IV.52 17Suwannee River
IV.52 18Internal Revenue Service
IV.52 19Interstate Commerce Commission, 1971
IV.52 20Interstate Commerce Commission, 1972
IV.52 21Interstate and Foreign Commerce Committee
IV.53 1-2 Georgia-Miscellaneous
Mapcase 1Blueprints-"Proposed Sewer System Improvements-Gordon, GA, Jan 1971"[oversize], 1971 January
IV.53 3Democratic Party of Georgia
IV.53 4-6 Georgia-Education
IV.53 7Georgia-College
IV.53 8Elementary and Secondary
IV.53 9-10 Executive Department--Georgia
IV.53 11Game and Fish Commission
IV.53 12Highway Department, 1971
IV.53 13Highway Department, 1972
IV.53 14Federal Highway Administration-Georgia
IV.53 15Miscellaneous-Transportation-Georgia
IV.54 1General Assembly Resolutions
IV.54 2Industry and Trade Department
IV.54 3Jaycees
IV.54 4Lockheed-Georgia
IV.54 5Pardons and Paroles
IV.54 6Projects, 1971
IV.54 7Projects, 1972
IV.54 8Public Health, undated
IV.54 9Public Service Commission, 1972
IV.54 10Public Service Commission, 1971
IV.54 11Recommendations for state jobs, undated
IV.54 12Regional Development Commission, undated
IV.54 13State Offices, 1972
IV.54 14State Offices, 1971
IV.54 15State Parks, undated
IV.54 16Wage-Price-Internal Revenue Service Local Information, undated
IV.54 17Welfare, undated
IV.55 1Labor Department, undated
IV.55 2Labor Department, 1971
IV.55 3Employee Compensation
IV.55 4Industrial Data on Dublin, Georgia
IV.55 5Manpower Administrator
IV.55 6Wage and Labor Standards
IV.55 7Legislation: S. 1938 Mortgage Bankers and Consumer Protection
IV.55 8Legislation: S 1938 Mortgage Bankers and Consumer Protection
IV.55 9Legislation: HR 2496/7095/9687 Restaurant Health Regulations
IV.55 10Legislation: HR 2595 Podiatry Regulations
IV.55 11Legislation: HR 3121/J Professional incorporation
IV.55 12Legislation: HR 5501-9983 Election Reform
IV.56 1Legislation: HR 6238 Freeway Airspace Utilization Act
IV.56 2Legislation: HR 7405/J District of Columbia Lien Law
IV.56 3Legislation: HR 8392 District of Columbia Revenue Act
IV.56 4Legislation: HR 8392 District of Columbia Revenue Act
IV.56 5Legislation: HR 8744 Police, Fireman's Pay
IV.56 6Legislation: HR 8744 Police, Fireman's Pay
IV.56 7Legislation: HR 9769 Medical Records, etc.
IV.56 8Legislation: HR 9772 Charitable Trusts
IV.56 9Legislation: HR 10236 Workmen's Compensation
IV.56 10Legislation: HR10344 Mental Health Compact
IV.56 11Legislation: HR 10677 Charter for Gold Star Wives
IV.57 1Legislation: HR 11032 White Cane Law
IV.57 2-4 Legislation: HR 11628 Medical Facilities Construction
IV.57 5Legislation: HR 11935 Providence Hospital Site
IV.57 6Legislation: HR 15507 METRO Bonding guarantee
IV.57 7-8 Petitions to include chiropractic in Medicare
IV.58 1Mutual Funds
IV.58 2National Aeronautics and Space Administration
IV.58 3National Federation for the Blind
IV.58 4National Security Agency
IV.58 5Navy
IV.58 6Office of Economic Opportunity
IV.58 7Office of Emergency Preparedness
IV.58 8-11 Post Office
IV.59 1Post Office
IV.59 2Commemorative Stamps
IV.59 3Frankables
IV.59 4Prisons and parole board
IV.59 5Railroad Retirement Board
IV.59 6Brian Rigby, Norair
IV.59 7Rural Redevelopment Act, 1972
IV.59 8Rural Environmental Assistance Program (REAP)
IV.59 9Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)
IV.59 10Selective Service System
IV.59 11Sickle Cell Anemia
IV.59 12Small Business Administration
IV.59 13Speeches
IV.59 14Introduction
IV.59 15Speech: Grocery Manufacturers Association, 2/10/1972
IV.59 16Speech: Real Estate, 8/19/1972
IV.59 17Speech: Securities Dealers, San Francisco, 10/22/1968
IV.59 18Speech: Independent Broker Dealers Trade Association, 10/22/1968
IV.59 19State Department
IV.59 20Passports
IV.59 21Visa Office
IV.59 22Personal: Campaign related
IV.59 23Personal: Media Data campaign related
IV.59 24Personal: Advisory Letters to WSS
IV.59 25Personal: WSS biography/personality sketch
IV.59 26Personal: Campaign, 1972
IV.59 27Personal: Donations Asked
IV.60 1Personal: Election Precincts
IV.60 2Personal: Issues-Local and National
IV.60 3Personal: New District Breakdown
IV.60 4Personal: Baldwin County
IV.60 5Personal: Laurens County
IV.60 6Personal: Pulaski County
IV.60 7Personal: Treutlen County
IV.60 8Personal: Wheeler County
IV.60 9Personal: Wilkenson County
IV.60 10Personal: US Constitution
IV.60 11Personal: News clips
IV.60 12Personal: Weekly Column sample
IV.60 13Personal: Roscoe Dean Biography
IV.60 14Personal: WSS Voting Record, 1967-1968
IV.60 15Personal: Leadership (a speech)
IV.60 16Personal: "Representative Bill Stuckey' by Diane Christmas
IV.60 17Personal: Televised Ads
IV.60 18Personal: "Grubby' by Rick Vee and Candy Vee
IV.61 1Personal: Legislative Appearance
IV.61 2Hearings on National Emergency Disputes Legislation in the Transportation Industry, statement by E. L. McCulloch
IV.61 3Miscellaneous
IV.61 4French Visitor
IV.61 5House of Representatives projects
IV.61 6Miscellaneous letters from WSS
IV.61 7Thank yous
IV.61 8From Us
IV.61 9From Us
IV.61 10To Us
IV.62 1-6 Miscellaneous

F. 1973

( 9 box(es) ) ( (4.25 linear feet) )
Of interest to researchers are files relating to education, the activities of the Department of the Interior and constituent concerns regarding the impeachment of President Richard Nixon. There are also declined invitations and requests by constituents.
IV.66 1Air Force
IV.66 2Army
IV.66 3Army-Corps of Engineers
IV.66 4Bio-WSS
IV.66 5Bureau of the Budget
IV.66 6Citizenship List
IV.66 7Consumer Product Safety Commission
IV.66 8Agriculture-Miscellaneous correspondence
IV.66 9ASCS [Agriculture Stabilization Conservation Service]
IV.66 10Farmer's Home Administration
IV.66 11Peanuts
IV.66 12REA [Rural Electrification Administration]
IV.66 13REAP [Rural Environment Assistance Program]
IV.66 14Tobacco
IV.66 15[Cost of Living Council]-Price Commission
IV.66 16Cost of Living Council-Energy
IV.67 1[Defense]-Vietnam
IV.67 2Education Department
IV.67 3Education and Schools: Colleges-Vocational
IV.67 4Adult Education-HEW
IV.67 5Education-Miscellaneous
IV.67 6Education (Higher)-grants
IV.67 7Education-Elementary/Secondary
IV.67 8Education-Handicapped/Vocational
IV.67 9Manpower Development and Training Administration [MDTA]
IV.67 10EPA [Environmental Protection Agency]
IV.67 11FAA [Federal Aviation Administration]
IV.67 12FCC [Federal Communications Commission]-proposed forfeitures
IV.67 13FCC-Miscellaneous
IV.67 14Food and Drug Administration
IV.67 15Georgia-Miscellaneous
IV.67 16HEW [Health, Education and Welfare]-Miscellaneous
IV.67 17HEW-proposed regulations
IV.68 1HEW-Title 4-A
IV.68 2Medicare
IV.68 3Social Security
IV.68 4HEW-Welfare-public assistance grants
IV.68 5Housing and Urban Development
IV.68 6Interior-Miscellaneous (Energy)
IV.68 7Interior-Miscellaneous (Energy)
IV.68 8Interior-Miscellaneous
IV.68 9Interior-Correspondence-Energy
IV.68 10Interior-Forms-Cost of Living and others
IV.68 11Interior-Middle Distillates
IV.69 1Interior-Natural Gas
IV.69 2Interior-National Park Service
IV.69 3Interior-National Wild Life
IV.69 4Interior-Office of Oil and Gas
IV.69 5Interior-Offshore Outer Continental Shelf
IV.69 6Interior-Outdoor Recreation
IV.69 7Interior-Propane
IV.69 8ICC [Interstate Commerce Commission]
IV.69 9Labor, Department of
IV.69 10Labor-Employee Compensation
IV.69 11Labor-Man-Power Administration
IV.69 12Labor-Occupational Safety Administration
IV.69 13Mideast War
IV.69 14Miscellaneous Mailing List
IV.69 15Miscellaneous
IV.69 16Miscellaneous Miscellaneous
IV.69 17Miscellaneous Miscellaneous
IV.69 18National Aeronautics and Space Administration [NASA]
IV.69 19Navy
IV.70 1-3 Nixon-Opposed to Impeachment
IV.70 4Nixon-Pro-Impeachment
IV.70 5-6 Nixon-Pro-Impeachment (letters from Georgians not in 8th District)
IV.70 7-8 Nixon-Pro-Impeachment (letters from 8th District)
IV.70 9Ford Nomination as Vice-President
IV.71 1Miscellaneous-Opinion Ballot
IV.71 2Persons Naturalized in state of Georgia during December 1972
IV.71 3Prisons and Parole Board
IV.71 4Robo-Opinion Ballot
IV.71 5Tobacco
IV.71 6Miscellaneous-Watergate
IV.71 7White House
IV.71 8Requests-Schools
IV.71 9Requests-Miscellaneous
IV.71 10Requests-Miscellaneous
IV.71 11Requests-Educational materials
IV.71 12Requests-Prison Parole/Judicial procedure
IV.71 13Requests-Legislative materials, committee reports, department publications
IV.71 14Congressional directory
IV.71 15Miscellaneous requests
IV.71 16Miscellaneous requests
IV.72 1-3 Miscellaneous requests
IV.72 41972 Yearbook
IV.72 5-6 Invitations Declined
IV.72 7Miscellaneous Miscellaneous
IV.73 1-2 Invitations Declined
IV.73 3-5 Blue and White letter copies
IV.74 1Case Mail-CLOSED

G. 1974

( 28 box(es) ) ( (14.25 linear feet) )
This subseries includes correspondence, newspaper clippings, reports, and printed materials. There is information on Stuckey's legislative work on energy, agriculture, education, projects in Georgia, public relations and transportation.
IV.75 1Agriculture: Miscellaneous
IV.75 2Agriculture: Miscellaneous Correspondence
IV.75 3Agriculture: Miscellaneous Correspondence
IV.75 4Agriculture Stabilization and Conservation Service [ASCS]
IV.75 5Agriculture: ASCS Publications and Reports
IV.75 6Agriculture: ASCS
IV.75 7Agriculture: Cotton
IV.75 8Agriculture: Cotton
IV.75 9Agriculture: Cotton
IV.75 10Agriculture: Diary and Poultry
IV.75 11Agriculture: Environment and Consumer
IV.75 12Agriculture: Fertilizer
IV.75 13Agriculture: Fire Ants
IV.75 14Agriculture: Food Stamp Program
IV.75 15Agriculture: Food Stamps
IV.75 16Agriculture: Forest Service
IV.76 1Agriculture: Forest Service
IV.76 2Agriculture: Grants, 1973
IV.76 3Agriculture, 1973 June-August
IV.76 4Agriculture, 1973 May
IV.76 5Agriculture: Legislation (bills, reports, P-Laws, etc.)
IV.76 6Agriculture: Legislation
IV.76 7Agriculture: Livestock and Grains
IV.76 8Agriculture: Peanuts
IV.76 9Agriculture: Peanuts
IV.76 10Agriculture: Peanuts
IV.76 11Agriculture: Research Division-Dairy/Poultry/Animal
IV.76 12Agriculture: Rural Environmental Conservationist Program (REAP)
IV.77 1Agriculture: Rural Development
IV.77 2Agriculture: Rural Development [FHA]
IV.77 3Agriculture: Rural Electrification Administration [REA]
IV.77 4Agriculture: REA
IV.77 5Agriculture: Soil Conservation Service
IV.77 6Agriculture: Soil Conservation Service
IV.77 7Agriculture: Sugar
IV.77 8Agriculture: Tobacco
IV.77 9Agriculture: Tobacco
IV.77 10Agriculture: Tobacco
IV.77 11Agriculture: Wheat
IV.77 12Air Force
IV.77 13Air Force
IV.78 1-3 Air Force: Miscellaneous
IV.78 4-5 Army: Miscellaneous
IV.78 6Army: Volunteer Army
IV.78 7-8 Army: Corps of Engineers
IV.79 1-2 Army: Corps of Engineers
IV.79 3Army: Corps of Engineers-Altamaha
IV.79 4Army: Corps of Engineers-Satilla River
IV.79 5Area Planning and Development Commission
IV.79 6Area Planning and Development Commission
IV.79 7Armed Services
IV.79 8Aeronautics Board
IV.79 9Atomic Energy Commission
IV.80 1Appropriations
IV.80 2Bank Supervision and Insurance
IV.80 3Banking and Currency
IV.80 4Banking and Currency: Domestic Finance
IV.80 5Banking and Currency: Economic Stabilization Act Cost-of Living Price Control
IV.80 6Banking and Currency: International Finance
IV.80 7Banking and Currency: International Trade
IV.80 8Bicentennial
IV.80 9Bicentennial Monthly
IV.80 10Civil Service: Health Benefits (Blue Cross, Travelers, Aetna)
IV.80 11Post Office and Civil Service Commission job information
IV.80 12Civil Service Commission: Retirement
IV.80 13Commerce and Finance
IV.81 1Chamber of Commerce
IV.81 2Commerce: Miscellaneous
IV.81 3Commerce: Census, Bureau of and SESA [Social and Economic Statistics Administration]
IV.81 4Commerce: Economic Development Administration [EDA]
IV.81 5Commerce: Office of Special Trade Representative
IV.81 6Commerce: Merchant Marine
IV.81 7Commerce: Patents
IV.81 8Consumer Product Safety Commission
IV.81 9Cost of Living Council: CLC News
IV.81 10Cost of Living Council: Phase 4, Health Regulations
IV.81 11Executive Office
IV.81 12Defense: Miscellaneous
IV.82 1Defense: MIA's [Missing In Action]
IV.82 2Defense: Mid East War
IV.82 3Defense: Schools, Overseas Dependents
IV.82 4Defense: Contract Awards
IV.82 5Defense: Selective Service information
IV.82 7Energy: Emission Control
IV.82 8Energy: Solar
IV.82 9Energy: Special Interest Projects
IV.82 10Energy: Seed exemption from product warranties
IV.82 11Communications and Power
IV.83 1Environmental Protection Agency: EPA Grants
IV.83 2Environmental Protection Agency: EPA news
IV.83 3Environmental Protection Agency
IV.83 4Environmental Protection Agency: Education
IV.83 5Environmental Protection Agency: Grants
IV.83 6Federal Communications Commission
IV.83 7Projects Independence
IV.83 8Agriculture grants
IV.83 9Federal Energy Office
IV.83 10Federal Oil and Gas Corporation
IV.83 11Federal Oil Shale
IV.84 1Federal Energy Office
IV.84 2Energy
IV.84 3Petroleum Industry-National Petroleum Council
IV.84 4Federal Power Commission
IV.84 5Federal Reserve Board
IV.84 6Federal Trade Commission
IV.84 7General Accounting office
IV.84 8General Services Administration
IV.84 9Executive Office
IV.84 10White House Fellow
IV.84 11Foreign Affairs
IV.84 12Foreign Affairs: Rhodesian
IV.84 13Georgia: Area Planning and Development Commission
IV.84 14Georgia: Coastal Plain Area Planning and Development Commission
IV.84 15Georgia: Brunswick-Colonels Island
IV.84 16Georgia: Chamber of Commerce (Jaycees)
IV.85 1Georgia: Bicentennial
IV.85 2Georgia: Georgia Coastal Development
IV.85 3Georgia: Georgia Coastal Development
IV.85 4Georgia: Georgia Coastal Development
IV.85 5Georgia: Deep Water Ports
IV.85 6Georgia: Democratic Party
IV.85 7Georgia: Georgia Economic Development Profiles
IV.85 8Georgia: Georgia Economic Development Profiles
IV.85 9Georgia: Education
IV.86 1Georgia: Education
IV.86 2Georgia: 8th District Progress
IV.86 3Georgia: 8th District Progress
IV.86 4Georgia: Farm Credit Administration (Federal Land Banks and Product Credit Associations)
IV.86 5Georgia: Housing reports and publications
IV.86 6Georgia: Projects
IV.86 7Georgia: Projects
IV.86 8Georgia: Oconee Area Planning and Development Commission
IV.86 9Georgia: Project-Alapaha River
IV.86 10Georgia: Project-Altahama
IV.86 11Georgia: Project-Chattahoochee River
IV.86 12Georgia: Project-Ocmulgee River
IV.86 13Georgia: Project-Satilla River
IV.87 1Georgia: Project-Spewrell Bluff Dam
IV.87 2Georgia: Project-Umbrella Creek
IV.87 3Georgia: Project-Waycross Federal Building
IV.87 4Georgia: Miscellaneous
IV.87 5Georgia: Miscellaneous
IV.87 6Georgia: Voter Registration
IV.87 7Government Printing Office
IV.87 8Georgia: State AFL-CIO
IV.87 9Georgia:
IV.87 10Georgia: Department of Labor
IV.87 11Georgia: Minority Businesses
IV.88 1Georgia: Miscellaneous
IV.88 2Government Operations
IV.88 3GPO: Miscellaneous
IV.88 4Housing, Education and Welfare: Publications and reports
IV.88 5HEW: Elementary and Secondary Education
IV.88 6HEW: Education Division Alliance for Arts Education
IV.88 7HEW: Education-Environment Ecology
IV.88 8HEW: Education for handicapped
IV.88 9HEW: Sex Education, Title IX
IV.88 10HEW: Education Division
IV.88 11HEW: Education Division
IV.88 12HEW: Libraries and Learning Resources
IV.89 1HEW: Higher Education (Education Division)
IV.89 2HEW: Impact Aid (Education Division)
IV.89 3HEW: Education Grants, (FY 1973)
IV.89 4HEW: Education
IV.89 5HEW: Occupational and Adult Education
IV.89 6HEW: Education Grants, (FY 1974)
IV.89 7HEW: Education Grants, (FY 1974)
IV.89 8HEW: Community Mental Health Centers
IV.90 1HEW: Community Mental Health Centers
IV.90 2HEW: Public Health Service
IV.90 3HEW: Public Health Service-Food and Drug Administration
IV.90 4HEW: Public Health Service-Food and Drug Administration
IV.90 5HEW: Public Health Service-Health Grants
IV.90 6HEW: Health Grants
IV.90 7HEW: Health Service Administration Community Health Services
IV.90 8HEW: Public Health Service Health Resources Administration
IV.91 1HEW: Health Manpower Training Act
IV.91 2HEW: Social Security-Medicare/Medicaid
IV.91 3HEW: Community Service Administration
IV.91 4HEW: Social and Rehabilitation Service
IV.91 5HEW: Public Health Service
IV.91 6HEW: Public Health Service
IV.91 7Education and Labor: Minimum Wage
IV.91 8Education and Labor: Other
IV.91 9Education and Labor: Vocational Rehabilitation Act
IV.91 10Education and Labor: Economic Opportunity Act
IV.91 11Education and Labor: General Education
IV.91 12Education and Labor: General Labor
IV.91 13Education and Labor: Office of Economic Opportunity
IV.91 14Education and Labor: Office of Economic Opportunity
IV.91 15Education and Labor: OSHA [Occupation Safety and Health Administration]
IV.92 1House Administration-Postcard Voter Registration
IV.92 2House Administration-Campaign Reform
IV.92 3House of Representatives-Clerk
IV.92 4House of Representatives-Congressional Ratings
IV.92 5House of Representatives-GPO
IV.92 6House of Representatives-Correspondence with other members
IV.92 7House of Representatives: Folding Room
IV.92 8House of Representatives: Interns
IV.92 9House of Representatives: Interns
IV.92 10House of Representatives: Applications
IV.92 11House of Representatives: Miscellaneous
IV.92 12House of Representatives: Stationary Account
IV.92 13United States Capitol Page School
IV.92 14Housing and Urban Development: Grants-Federal Home Administration
IV.92 15HUD: Housing
IV.93 1HUD: Housing
IV.93 2HUD: Information
IV.93 3HUD: Information
IV.93 4HUD: Mortgage/Credit Assistance
IV.93 5Interior: Land Use and Water Planning
IV.93 6Interior: Bureau of Indian Affairs
IV.93 7Interior: National Park Service
IV.93 8Interior: Grants
IV.93 9Interior: National Wildlife Refugees
IV.93 10Interior: Offshore-Outer Continental Shelf
IV.93 11Interior: Geographical Surveys
IV.94 1Interior: Outdoor Recreation
IV.94 2Interstate Commerce Commission
IV.94 3Justice: Naturalizations in Georgia
IV.94 4Justice: Grants
IV.94 5Justice: Miscellaneous
IV.94 6Justice: Death Penalty
IV.94 7Justice: Prisons and Parole-Judicial Procedure
IV.94 8Labor: Workman's and Federal Employee Compensation
IV.94 9Labor: Wage and Labor Standards
IV.94 10Labor: Office of Information
IV.94 11Labor: Miscellaneous
IV.94 12Labor: Grants
IV.94 13Labor: Federal Registries
IV.95 1Public Health and Environment
IV.95 2Public Health and Environment
IV.95 3Interstate and Foreign Commerce: Miscellaneous
IV.95 4Interstate and Foreign Commerce: No-Fault Insurance
IV.95 5Interstate and Foreign Commerce: Anti No-Fault Insurance
IV.95 6Insular and Interior Affairs: Land-use planning
IV.95 7Insular and Interior Affairs: Pending
IV.95 8Navy: Miscellaneous
IV.95 9Navy-Marine Corps
IV.95 10OEO: Community Action
IV.95 11OEO: Grants
IV.96 1OEO: Miscellaneous
IV.96 2Office of Management and Budget
IV.96 3Public Relations:
IV.96 4PR: Condolences
IV.96 5PR: Congratulations
IV.96 6PR: Miscellaneous
IV.96 7PR: Nixon Pardon
IV.96 8PR: From Us, to US
IV.96 9PR: Inflation
IV.96 10PR: Rockefeller Appointment
IV.97 1PR: "Red Tape' assistance
IV.97 2PR: Requests for legislative materials
IV.97 3PR: Watergate
IV.97 4PR: Materials for librarians
IV.97 5PR: Congressional
IV.97 6PR: Photo requests
IV.97 7PR: Congressional Record
IV.97 8PR: Press release mailing list
IV.97 9PR: Miscellaneous
IV.97 10PR: Miscellaneous
IV.97 11PR: Flags
IV.97 12PR: Taxes
IV.97 13PR: Thank Yous
IV.98 1PR: Thank Yous
IV.98 2PR: Thank Yous
IV.98 3PR: 8th District Progress and other reports
IV.98 4PR: Educational materials
IV.98 5PR: White House tour/congressional passes
IV.98 6PR: Requests for recommendations
IV.98 7PR: Requests for recommendations
IV.98 8PR: Requests for recommendations
IV.98 9HR13714 WSS's no-fault bill
IV.99 1Railroad Retirement
IV.99 2Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)
IV.99 3Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)
IV.99 4National Securities Market Board
IV.99 5Small Business Administration
IV.99 6Small Business Administration: Loans and Grants
IV.99 7State Department
IV.99 8State: Immigration cases and information
IV.99 9State: Visas
IV.99 10State: Miscellaneous
IV.99 11Transportation and Aeronautics
IV.99 12Transportation and Aeronautics
IV.99 13Transportation: Bureau of Public Records
IV.100 1Transportation: Federal Aviation Administration
IV.100 2Transportation: Federal Highway Administration
IV.100 3Transportation: Federal Highway Administration
IV.100 4Transportation: Miscellaneous
IV.100 5Transportation: Federal Railroad Administration
IV.100 6Transportation: Office of the Secretary
IV.100 7Transportation: Transportation Energy Policy
IV.100 8Treasury Department
IV.101 1Treasury: Internal Revenue Service
IV.101 2Treasury: Miscellaneous Publications
IV.101 3Treasury: Miscellaneous Publications
IV.101 4Treasury: United States Postal Service
IV.101 5Treasury: Securities and Bonds
IV.101 6Treasury: Revenue Sharing
IV.101 7Treasury: Revenue Sharing
IV.101 8Veterans Administration Loans/Grants
IV.102 1Daily Planners (2), 1974

H. 1975

( 16 box(es) ) ( (8 linear feet) )
Included in this subseries are materials related to various issues corresponding to the Health, Education and Welfare department, Housing and Urban Development department, and the Interagency Task Force for Indochina Refugees.
IV.103 1Air Force Printing Plant-Warner Robins
IV.103 2Bicentennial Commission-Miscellaneous
IV.103 3Census-Social and Economic Statistics Administration
IV.103 4Civil Aeronautics Board
IV.103 5Civil Aeronautics Board
IV.103 6Civil Service Commission
IV.103 7Civil Service Commission
IV.104 1Civil Service Commission
IV.104 2Civil Service Commission-Retirement
IV.104 3Civil Service Commission-Insurance
IV.104 4Commerce-Miscellaneous
IV.104 5Commerce-Economic Development Administration
IV.104 6Commerce-Special Trade Representatives
IV.104 7Consumer Product Safety Commission-Miscellaneous
IV.104 8Defense-Southeast Asia
IV.104 9Defense-Miscellaneous
IV.104 10Defense-Miscellaneous
IV.104 11Environmental Protection Agency [EPA] grants
IV.104 12EPA News
IV.105 1EPA-Miscellaneous
IV.105 2EPA-Miscellaneous
IV.105 3Federal Communications Commission
IV.105 4Federal Energy Administration-Miscellaneous
IV.105 5Federal Energy Administration-Natural Gas
IV.105 6Federal Energy Administration-Propane
IV.105 7Federal Energy Administration-Correspondence
IV.106 1Federal Energy Administration-Miscellaneous
IV.106 2Federal Energy Administration-Miscellaneous
IV.106 3Federal Energy Administration-State Energy Office
IV.106 4Federal Energy Administration-State Energy Office
IV.106 5Federal Energy Administration-books
IV.106 6Federal Protection Agency-Miscellaneous
IV.106 7Federal Land Bank-Miscellaneous
IV.106 8Federal Trade Commission-Miscellaneous
IV.106 9General Accounting Office-Miscellaneous
IV.107 1General Service Administration-Miscellaneous
IV.107 2Governor's Bicentennial Youth Congress
IV.107 3Health, Education and Welfare-Miscellaneous
IV.107 4Health, Education and Welfare-educational grants
IV.107 5Health, Education and Welfare-educational grants
IV.107 6Health, Education and Welfare-educational grants
IV.107 7Health, Education and Welfare-education and libraries
IV.107 8Health, Education and Welfare-Civil Rights
IV.107 9Health, Education and Welfare-Libraries and Learning Resources
IV.107 10Health, Education and Welfare-Handicapped, Education for the
IV.107 11Health, Education and Welfare--Elementary and Secondary Education
IV.107 12Health, Education and Welfare-Medicare and Medicaid Information
IV.107 13Health, Education and Welfare-Supplementary Security Income
IV.107 14Health, Education and Welfare-Health
IV.108 1Health, Education and Welfare-Community Service Administration
IV.108 2Health, Education and Welfare-Miscellaneous
IV.108 3Health, Education and Welfare-Rehabilitation Service
IV.108 4Administration grants Health, Education and Welfare-Retirement and Survivors Insurance
IV.108 5Health, Education and Welfare-Social Security Administration (Aged, Blind, Disabled)
IV.108 6Health, Education and Welfare-Aged, Blind and Disabled Supplemental Security Income
IV.108 7Health, Education and Welfare-Health Insurance
IV.108 8Health, Education and Welfare-Medicare
IV.108 9Health, Education and Welfare-Disability Insurance
IV.108 10Health, Education and Welfare-Miscellaneous
IV.108 11Health, Education and We
IV.108 12Health, Education and Welfare-Education Grants
IV.109 1House of Representatives
IV.109 2Internship Board
IV.109 3Interns
IV.109 4Clerk
IV.109 5Correspondence-Other Members
IV.109 6Framing
IV.109 7Housing and Urban Development-Flood Insurance
IV.109 8Housing and Urban Development-Flood Insurance
IV.109 9Housing and Urban Development-Low Income Housing Reports
IV.109 10Housing and Urban Development-Low Income Housing Reports
IV.110 1Housing and Urban Development-PL 93-383
IV.110 2Housing and Urban Development-Congressional Impoundment Legislation HR 15572
IV.110 3Housing and Urban Development-Miscellaneous
IV.110 4Housing and Urban Development-Miscellaneous
IV.110 5Housing and Urban Development-Community Planning and Development
IV.110 6Housing and Urban Development-Community Planning and Development
IV.110 7Housing and Urban Development-Grants
IV.110 8Housing and Urban Development-Information
IV.110 9Housing and Urban Development-Mortgage/Credit Assistance
IV.110 10Interior-National Park Service
IV.111 1Interior-Miscellaneous
IV.111 2Interior-National Wildlife Refugees
IV.111 3Interior-Office of Oil and Gas
IV.111 4Interior-Offshore (Outer Continental)
IV.111 5Interstate Commerce Commi
IV.111 6Invitations fulfilled, 1975
IV.111 7Invitations accepted, 1975
IV.111 8Invitations accepted, 1975
IV.111 9Speeches accepted
IV.111 10Speeches fulfilled
IV.111 11Speeches declined
IV.111 12Invitations declined
IV.111 13Invitations declined
IV.112 1-6 Invitations declined
IV.113 1Invitations declined
IV.113 2Justice-Prisons and Parole
IV.113 3Justice-HR4/Pulaski County Federal Correction Center
IV.113 4Justice-Miscellaneous
IV.113 5Justice-Naturalization
IV.113 6Justice-Gordon Ivey School
IV.113 7Labor-Miscellaneous
IV.113 8Labor-Miscellaneous
IV.114 1Labor-Miscellaneous
IV.114 2Labor-Occupational Safety and Health Administration
IV.114 3Labor-Workmen's and Federal Employee compensation
IV.114 4Labor-Wage and Labor Standards
IV.114 5Labor-Manpower Administration
IV.114 6Labor-Grants
IV.114 7Miscellaneous Government Agencies
IV.114 8Miscellaneous Miscellaneous
IV.114 9National Aeronautics and Space Administration
IV.114 10Navy-Miscellaneous
IV.114 11Navy-Marine Corps
IV.115 1Community Services Administration
IV.115 2Office of Economic Opportunity
IV.115 3Office of Management and Budget
IV.115 4Public Relations-Condolences
IV.115 5Public Relations-From Us to Us
IV.115 6Public Relations-Nut letters
IV.115 7Public Relations-Opinion ballots
IV.115 8Public Relations-Taxes
IV.115 9Public Relations-Welfare
IV.115 10Public Relations-Congratulations
IV.115 11Public Relations-Requests
IV.115 12Public Relations-Congressional Record
IV.115 13Public Relations-Congressional Directory
IV.115 14Public Relations-White House Congressional Tour
IV.115 15Public Relations-Yearbooks
IV.115 16Public Relations-Recommendations
IV.116 1Public Relations-Recommendations
IV.116 2Public Relations-Recommendations
IV.116 3Securities Exchange Commission
IV.116 4Small Business Administration-Loans/Grants
IV.116 5Small Business Administration
IV.116 6State-Passports/Visas
IV.116 7State-Miscellaneous
IV.116 8State-Interagency Task Force for Indochina
IV.116 9State-Interagency Task Force for Indochina
IV.116 10State-Interagency Task Force for Indochina
IV.117 1Treasury-Miscellaneous
IV.117 2Treasury-Internal Revenue Service
IV.117 3Treasury-Revenue Sharing
IV.117 4Transportation-Federal Aviation Administration
IV.117 5Transportation-Federal Railroad Administration
IV.117 6Transportation-Federal Highway Administration
IV.117 7Transportation-Federal Highway Administration
IV.117 8Transportation-Miscellaneous
IV.117 9US Post Office--Miscellaneous
IV.117 10US Post Office-Commemorative Stamps
IV.118 1Veterans Administration
IV.118 2White House Fellowships
IV.118 3Woodward Academy
IV.118 4WSS business
IV.118 5Daily planner, 1975

I. 1976

( 6 box(es) ) ( (3 linear feet) )
Materials of interest in this subseries includes area planning, the work of the Civil Service Commission, a survey on coastal planning deepwater, increased funding for energy research and development, student loan program and the Rural Electrification Administration.
IV.119 1Air Force-Miscellaneous
IV.119 2Air Force-Miscellaneous
IV.119 3Agriculture Stabilization and Conservation Service
IV.119 4American Revolution Bicentennial
IV.119 5Area Planning and Development Corporation
IV.119 6Area Planning and Development Corporation
IV.119 7Environmental Impact Statement for the proposed Lake Alma Project, Alma, Bacon County, Georgia
IV.120 1Army-Miscellaneous
IV.120 2Army-Miscellaneous
IV.120 3Census (Social and Economic Statistics Admi
IV.120 4Civil Aeronautics Board
IV.120 5Civil Service Commission
IV.120 6Civil Service Commission
IV.120 7Civil Service Commission
IV.120 8Civil Service Commission
IV.120 9Civil Service Commission-Blue Cross/Blue Shield
IV.120 10Civil Service Commission-Retirement
IV.121 1Clippings information
IV.121 2Coastal Plains: Deepwater Terminal Study
IV.121 3Coastal Plains: Deepwater Terminal Study
IV.121 4Commerce, Department of
IV.121 5Commerce-Patent and Trade office
IV.121 6Corps of Engineers (US Army)
IV.121 7Correspondence-Miscellaneous
IV.121 8Correspondence-Miscellaneous
IV.122 1Correspondence
IV.122 2Defense, Department of
IV.122 3Economic Development Administration
IV.122 4Energy
IV.122 5Energy-Research Development and Demonstration Administration
IV.122 6Energy-Research Development and Demonstration Administration
IV.122 7Energy-Utilities-Georgia Power Company
IV.122 8Energy-CLC News Energy Policy and Conservation Act
IV.123 1Environmental Protection Agency
IV.123 2Federal Communications Commission
IV.123 3Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
IV.123 4Federal Power Commission
IV.123 5Federal Trade Commission
IV.123 6Food Stamps
IV.123 7Forest Service
IV.123 8General Accounting Office
IV.123 9General Services Administration
IV.123 10Health, Education and Welfare-Education Grants
IV.123 11Health, Education and Welfare-Education Grants
IV.123 12HEW-Education-civil rights
IV.123 13HEW-Education Division, Student Loan Program
IV.123 14HEW-Education Division, Student Loan Program
IV.124 11976 Presidential State of the Union Address
IV.124 2-4 Rural Electrification Administration