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Williamson S. Stuckey Papers, Series III: Legislative

Williamson S. Stuckey Papers, Series III: Legislative

Descriptive Summary

Title: Williamson S. Stuckey Papers, Series III: Legislative
Creator: Stuckey, Williamson Sylvester, 1935-
Inclusive Dates: 1967-1976
Language(s): English
Extent: 89 box(es) (43 linear feet)
Collection Number: RBRL210WSS_III
Repository: Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies
Abstract: Williamson S. Stuckey Papers, Series III: Legislative files relate to legislative issues and consist of constituent correspondence about various bills being considered. This series contains correspondence, reports, court transcripts, bills, and printed materials. Of interest are transcripts from the investigation of the Textile and Apparel Industries (332-5) in November 1967. Topics include Cumberland Island, amnesty for Vietnam draft dodgers and deserters, the equal rights amendment, American Bicentennial celebration, the Arab boycott, and gun control.

Collection Description

Biographical Note

Williamson Sylvester Stuckey, Jr. was born in Eastman, Georgia, May 25, 1935. He attended the Georgia Military Academy and graduated from the University of Georgia in 1956 with B.B.A. and LL.B. degrees. He was a member of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon Social and Phi Delta Phi Legal fraternities.

From 1956 until 1966, Stuckey was president of Stuckey's Timberland, Inc. and executive vice-president of Stuckey's Inc., a division of Pet, Inc. He also was president of the Stuckey Pecan Company, 1958-1966, and Stuckey Investments, Inc., from 1958 to 1966.

Elected as a Democrat to the United States House of Representatives from the Eighth and later the Ninth District, Stuckey served in Congress from 1967 until 1977. He was not a candidate for re-election in 1976. While in Congress, Stuckey served on the Agriculture committee, the District of Columbia committee, the Interstate and Foreign Commerce committee and its subcommittee on Commerce and Finance and was chairman of the Commerce, Housing and Transportation subcommittee.

Stuckey was most proud of two pieces of legislation that dealt with the environment. He successfully introduced and had passed a bill that made Cumberland Island, Georgia, a National Seashore. The other measure he introduced made the Okefenokee Swamp a Federally Protected Wilderness open to the public through five water trails.

Since 1985, Stuckey has been chairman of Stuckey's Corporation. He is married to Ethelynn McMillan and they have five children. He currently resides in Washington, D.C. and Eastman, Georgia.

Scope and Content

These files relate to legislative issues and consist of constituent correspondence about various bills being considered. This series contains correspondence, reports, court transcripts, bills, and printed materials. Of interest are transcripts from the investigation of the Textile and Apparel Industries (332-5) in November 1967. Topics include Cumberland Island, amnesty for Vietnam draft dodgers and deserters, the equal rights amendment, American Bicentennial celebration, the Arab boycott, and gun control.

Organization and Arrangement

This series is arranged chronologically.

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Cumberland Island (Ga.)
Legislators -- United States.
United States -- Politics and government -- 1963-1969.
United States -- Politics and government -- 1969-1974.
United States -- Politics and government -- 1974-1977.
Vietnam War, 1961-1975.

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Series Descriptions and Folder Listing


III. Legislative

89 box(es)
(43 linear feet)

A. 1967

( 15 box(es) ) ( (7.25 linear feet) )
1. Subject
This series contains correspondence, reports, court transcripts, and printed materials. Materials include committee files and agency files. Of interest are transcripts from the investigation of the Textile and Apparel Industries (332-5) in November 1967. Arrangement is alphabetical.
III.1 1Accident Reports
III.1 2Agriculture Committee
III.1 3-5 Agriculture
III.1 6Agency for International Development (A.I.D.)
III.1 7Air-Water Pollution
III.1 8Anti-Dumping
III.2 1Auto train
III.2 2Appropriations Committee
III.2 3Armed Services Committee
III.2 4Ballot for National Federation of Independent Business
III.2 5Banking and Currency Committee
III.2 7Civil Rights
III.2 8Committee Information
III.2 9Compulsory Arbitration letters and telegrams
III.2 10Crime
III.2 11Disaster Relief Act
III.2 12District of Columbia Committee
III.2 13Education and Labor Committee-June
III.2 14Education and Labor Committee-May
III.2 15Elementary and Secondary Education
III.3 1Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)
III.3 2Fire arms
III.3 3Federal Communications Commission
III.3 4Firemen's hours
III.3 5Foreign Affairs Committee
III.3 6Form letter upgrading letter carriers and clerks
III.3 7Government Operations Committee
III.3 8House Administrative Committee
III.3 9House Textile Advisory Committee
III.3 10Housing Codes-local
III.3 11Industrial Bond
III.3 12Interior and Insular Activities
III.3 13-15 Interstate and Foreign Commerce
III.3 16Investigation 332-55 (Textile and Apparel Industry)
III.3A 1Investigation 332-25
III.3A 2-3 Judiciary Committee
III.3A 4Legislation OEO (Economic Opportunity)
III.3A 5Library funds
III.3A 6Marine Sanctuaries
III.3A 7Medicare
III.3A 8Merchant fleet
III.3A 9Merchant Marine and fisheries
III.3A 10Miscellaneous by subject
III.4 1Mid-decade census
III.4 2Milk
III.4 3Mutual funds
III.4 4National Guardsmen protection
III.4 5National Visitors Center
III.4 6New animal drugs-poultry
III.4 7Official Conduct Standards
III.4 8Opinions
III.4 9Optometric Legislation (Social Security)/Ways and Means
III.4 10Out of District
III.4 11Pacific Memorial Association
III.4 12Passenger Train Service
III.4 13Police salary
III.4 14-15 Post Office and Civil Service
III.4 16Powell, Adam Clayton
III.4 17Power reliability
III.5 1Prayer legislation
III.5 2Public Works
III.5 3Reserve Reorganization
III.5 4Rhodesian Embargo
III.5 5Rules
III.5 6-9 REA [Rural Electrification Administration] and Power
III.5 10Science and Astronautics
III.5 11Selective Service Act
III.5 12SEC [Securities Exchange Commission] legislation
III.5 13Senior Service Corps
III.5 14Supersonic Transport
III.6 1-2 Tax Increase (Form letters)
III.6 3Thank you letters (generally for gifts/correspondence)
III.6 4Tobacco
III.6 5Travel expenses
III.6 6Travel tax
III.6 7Truth in lending bill
III.6 8Un-American Activities
III.6 9Untitled Correspondence
III.6 10Veteran's Affairs
III.6 11Wage study-Agriculture
III.6 12-14 Ways and Means
III.7 1-3 Ways and Means
III.7 4Wheat and Grain Act
2. Bill files
These are bills that were brought up for discussion and votes in the US House of Representatives. Occasionally background material, brief synopsis of the bill, and correspondence are included in the files, but more often they contain only a copy of the bill. The bills are organized by number. Topics include food stamps, tobacco, education, selective service, rural electrification administration, and situs picketing.
III.8 1House Resolution 7
III.8 2House Resolution 25
III.8 3House Resolution 43
III.8 4House Resolution 47
III.8 5House Resolution 100 (Situs Picketing)
III.8 6House Resolution 159
III.8 7House Resolution 182
III.8 8House Resolution 206
III.8 9House Resolution 364
III.8 10House Resolution 421
III.8 11House Resolution 426
III.8 12House Resolution 470
III.8 13House Resolution 478
III.8 14House Resolution 480
III.8 15House Resolution 482
III.8 16House Resolution 512
III.8 17House Resolution 541
III.8 18House Resolution 542
III.8 19House Resolution 680
III.8 20House Resolution 838
III.8 21House Resolution 839
III.8 22House Resolution 845
III.8 23House Resolution 960
III.8 24House Resolution 971
III.8 25House Resolution 1197
III.8 26House Resolution 1318 (Food Stamp)
III.8 27House Resolution 1341
III.8 28House Resolution 1400 (Rural Electrification Admi
III.8 29House Resolution 1401
III.8 30House Resolution 1411
III.8 31House Resolution 2138
III.8 32House Resolution 2275
III.8 33House Resolution 2508
III.8 34House Resolution 2512
III.8 35House Resolution 2516
III.8 36House Resolution 2594
III.8 37House Resolution 2630
III.8 38House Resolution 3357
III.8 39House Resolution 3639
III.8 40House Resolution 3810
III.8 41House Resolution 3817
III.8 42House Resolution 3982
III.8 43House Resolution 4241
III.8 44House Resolution 4282
III.8 45House Resolution 4451
III.8 46House Resolution 5017
III.9 1House Resolution 5037
III.9 2House Resolution 5038
III.9 3House Resolution 5161
III.9 4House Resolution 5348
III.9 5House Resolution 5384
III.9 6House Resolution 5385
III.9 7House Resolution 5386
III.9 8House Resolution 5505
III.9 9House Resolution 5638
III.9 10House Resolution 5645
III.9 11House Resolution 5652
III.9 12House Resolution 5654 (Senate 1003)
III.9 13House Resolution 5702 (Public Law 90-52) Tobacco
III.9 14House Resolution 5710 (Social Security Amendment)
III.9 16House Resolution 5784
III.9 16House Resolution 5787
III.9 17House Resolution 5788
III.9 18House Resolution 5799
III.9 19House Resolution 6111
III.9 20House Resolution 6138
III.9 21House Resolution 6168
III.9 22House Resolution 6279
III.9 23House Resolution 6339 (Tobacco)
III.9 24House Resolution 6382
III.9 26-27 House Resolution 6418 (Public Services Act)
III.9 28House Resolution 6430
III.9 29House Resolution 6431
III.9 30House Resolution 6527
III.9 31House Resolution 6736 (Education television)
III.9 32House Resolution 6980
III.9 33House Resolution 7005
III.9 34House Resolution 7105
III.9 35House Resolution 7123
III.10 1House Resolution 7390
III.10 2House Resolution 7477
III.10 3House Resolution 7608
III.10 4House Resolution 7659
III.10 5House Resolution 7698
III.10 6House Resolution 7819 (Elementary-Secondary Education
III.10 7House Resolution 7977 (Federal Employee Pay Increase)
III.10 8House Resolution 8000
III.10 9House Resolution 8009
III.10 10House Resolution 8259
III.10 11House Resolution 8261
III.10 12House Resolution 8265/Public Law 90-51 (Tobacco)
III.10 13House Resolution 8320
III.10 14House Resolution 8333
III.10 15House Resolution 8375
III.10 16House Resolution 8547
III.10 17House Resolution 8581
III.10 18House Resolution 8582
III.10 19House Resolution 8629
III.10 20House Resolution 8630
III.10 21House Resolution 8654
III.10 22House Resolution 8664
III.10 23House Resolution 8715
III.10 24House Resolution 8765
III.10 25House Resolution 8766
III.10 26House Resolution 8775
III.10 27House Resolution 8983
III.10 28House Resolution 9059
III.10 29House Resolution 9013
III.10 30House Resolution 9215
III.10 31House Resolution 9509
III.10 32House Resolution 9510 (Mutual Funds)
III.10 33House Resolution 9547
III.10 34House Resolution 9644
III.10 35House Resolution 9661
III.10 36House Resolution 9682
III.10 37House Resolution 9837
III.10 38House Resolution 10190 (Rural Electrification Administration)
III.10 39House Resolution 10213
III.10 40House Resolution 10226
III.10 41House Resolution 10242
III.10 42House Resolution 10317
III.10 43House Resolution 10337
III.10 44House Resolution 10340 (NASA)
III.10 45House Resolution 10347
III.11 1House Resolution 10409
III.11 2House Resolution 10480 (Flag)
III.11 3House Resolution 10520
III.11 4House Resolution 10583
III.11 5House Resolution 10595
III.11 6House Resolution 10599
III.11 7House Resolution 10673
III.11 8House Resolution 10721
III.11 9House Resolution 10726
III.11 10House Resolution 10730
III.11 11House Resolution 10738
III.11 12House Resolution 10789
III.11 13House Resolution 10790
III.11 14House Resolution 10805
III.11 15House Resolution 10831
III.11 16House Resolution 10867 (Debt limit)
III.11 17House Resolution 10915
III.11 18House Resolution 10918
III.11 19House Resolution 10943/Public Law 90-35
III.11 20House Resolution 11000
III.11 21House Resolution 11089
III.11 22House Resolution 11222
III.11 23House Resolution 11284
III.11 24House Resolution 11395
III.11 25House Resolution 11456
III.11 26House Resolution 11555
III.11 27House Resolution 11565
III.11 28House Resolution 11601
III.11 29House Resolution 11627
III.11 30House Resolution 11638
III.11 31House Resolution 11641
III.11 32House Resolution 11722
III.11 33House Resolution 11726
III.11 34House Resolution 11816
III.11 35House Resolution 11930
III.11 36House Resolution 11945
III.11 37House Resolution 12048
III.11 38House Resolution 12067
III.11 39House Resolution 12080 (Social Security)
III.11 40House Resolution 12120
III.11 41House Resolution 12121
III.11 42House Resolution 12144
III.11 43House Resolution 12187
III.11 44House Resolution 12257
III.11 45House Resolution 12474
III.12 1House Resolution 12601
III.12 2House Resolution 12603
III.12 3House Resolution 12639
III.12 4House Resolution 13048
III.12 5House Resolution 13054
III.12 6House Resolution 13165
III.12 7House Resolution 13178
III.12 8House Resolution 13252
III.12 9House Resolution 13489
III.12 10House Resolution 13510 (Uniform Services Pay Act)
III.12 11House Resolution 13606
III.12 12House Resolution 13669
III.12 13House Resolution 13706
III.12 14House Resolution 13738
III.12 15House Resolution13781
III.12 16House Resolution 13789
III.12 17House Resolution 13833
III.12 18House Resolution 13844
III.12 19House Resolution 13934
III.12 20House Resolution 14098
III.12 21House Resolution 14314
III.12 22House Resolution 14330
III.12 23House Resolution 14474/Senate 2658
III.12 24House Resolution 14743
III.12 25House Resolution 14816
III.12 26House Resolution 14910
III.12 27House Resolution 14922
III.12 28House Resolution 14933
III.12 29House Resolution 14940
III.12 30House Resolution 15004
III.12 31House Resolution 15067 (Higher Education)
III.12 32House Resolution 15087
III.12 33House Resolution 15147
III.12 34House Resolution 15190
III.12 35House Resolution 15198
III.12 36House Resolution 15216
III.12 37House Resolution 15224
III.12 38House Resolution 15263 (Foreign Assistance)
III.12 39House Resolution 15266
III.12 40House Resolution 15267
III.12 41House Resolution 15344
III.12 42House Resolution 15345
III.12 43House Resolution 15355
III.12 44House Resolution 15364
III.12 45House Resolution 15398
III.12 46House Resolution 15399
III.12 47House Resolution 15414 (Tax Adjustment)
III.12 48House Resolution 16419
III.12 49House Resolution 16760 (Child Labor Services)
III.13 1House Joint Resolution 1 (Crime)
III.13 2House Joint Resolution 267 (Emergency Food Assistance to India)
III.13 3House Joint Resolution 492
III.13 4House Joint Resolution 559 (Rail Dispute)
III.13 5House Joint Resolution 601
III.13 6House Joint Resolution 611
III.13 7House Joint Resolution 652
III.13 8House Joint Resolution 853
III.13 9House Joint Resolution 859
III.13 10Senate 20 (National Water Commission Act)
III.13 11Senate 109
III.13 12Senate 119
III.13 13Senate 176
III.13 14Senate 281
III.13 15Senate 320
III.13 16Senate 325
III.13 17Senate 423
III.13 18Senate 602
III.13 19Senate 676
III.13 20Senate 763
III.13 21Senate 780
III.13 22Senate 828
III.13 23Senate 862
III.13 24Senate 1003
III.13 25Senate 1031
III.13 26Senate 1136
III.13 27Senate 1160
III.13 28Senate 1161
III.13 29Senate 1214
III.13 30Senate 1217
III.13 31Senate 1236
III.13 32Senate 1320
III.13 33Senate 1432-Draft
III.13 34Senate 1465
III.13 35Senate 1467
III.13 36Senate 1504
III.13 37Senate 1552
III.13 38Senate 1657
III.13 39Senate 1159 (Proposed Investment Companies)
III.13 40Senate 1507
III.13 41Senate 1760
III.13 42Senate 1762
III.13 43Senate 1985
III.14 1Senate 2388
III.14 2Senate 2481
III.14 3Senate Joint Resolution 33
III.14 4Senate Joint Resolution 112
III.14 5Senate Joint Resolution 114
III.14 6Public Law 85-36
III.14 7Public Law 85-864
III.14 8Public Law 88-204
III.14 9Public Law 89-136
III.14 10Public Law 89-329
III.14 11Public Law 89-601
III.14 12Public Law 89-750
III.14 13Public Law 90 Series
III.14 14Public Law 90-77
III.14 15Public Law 90-201 (Wholesome Meat Act)

B. 1968

( 4 box(es) ) ( (2 linear feet) )
This contains correspondence, press releases, and telegrams. These files relate to legislative issues and consist of constituent correspondence about various bills being considered, such as gun control, public works and interior.
III.15 1-2 Agricultural
III.15 3Appropriations
III.15 4Armed Services
III.15 5-6 Banking
III.15 7District of Columbia
III.15 8-10 Education and Labor
III.15 11Foreign Affairs
III.16 1Government Operations
III.16 2House Administration
III.16 3Interior and Insular Affairs
III.16 4Interior and Insular Affairs (S752)-Trucking industry
III.16 5Interior and Insular Affairs-environment
III.16 6-7 Interstate and Foreign Commerce (September-December)
III.16 8-9 Interstate and Foreign Commerce (July-August)
III.16 10-11 Interstate and Foreign Commerce (May-June)
III.16 12Interstate and Foreign Commerce (January-April)
III.17 1Interstate and Foreign Commerce (January-April)
III.17 2-4 Judiciary
III.17 5Judiciary (S25160)-penalties for Interference with civil rights
III.17 6-8 Judiciary -Gun Control
III.18 1-2 Judiciary-Gun Control
III.18 3MDT (Man Power Development and Training Act)-HR 15045
III.18 4Merchant Marines
III.18 5Post Office and Civil Service
III.18 6-8 Public Works
III.18 9Rule 22nd Abolishment (Securities and Exchange Commission)
III.18 10Television-Educational

C. 1969

( 8 box(es) ) ( (3.75 linear feet) )
1. Subject
This series contains correspondence, reports, and printed materials. Materials include committee files and agency files. Of interest are files related to Cumberland Island and reports related to the Planning Commission. Arrangement is alphabetical.
III.19 1Coast Guard
III.19 2-3 Condolences
III.19 4Congratulatory
III.19 5Correspondence-Personal
III.19 6-7 Cumberland Island
III.19 8Customs
III.19 9Death
III.19 10Donations asked
III.19 11-12 Education
III.20 1-3 Education and Labor (Miscellaneous bills for education, including HR 13111)
III.20 4Family and Children Services
III.20 5Federal Highway Administration
III.20 6Government Operations
III.20 7Health
III.20 8Hospitals
III.20 9House Administration
III.20 10Interior and Insular Affairs
III.20 11-13 Interstate and Foreign Commerce
III.21 1-8 Interstate and Foreign Commerce
III.22 1Interstate and Foreign Commerce
III.22 2Internal Revenue Service
III.22 3-4 Judiciary
III.22 5Loans
III.22 6Marine Corps
III.22 7Medicare
III.22 8Merchant Marine and Fisheries
III.22 9Navy
III.22 10Office of Economic Opportunity
III.22 11Planning Commission: Public Improvement Programs
III.23 1Planning Commission: Altamaha
III.23 2Planning Commission: Asburn, GA
III.23 3Planning Commission: Brunswick, GA (Coastal Area)
III.23 4Planning Commission: Coastal Plains Economic Development Region
III.23 5Planning Commission: Coastal Plains Area Industrial Site Manual
III.23 6Planning Commission: Valdosta-Lowndes County
III.23 7-9 Post Office and Civil Service
III.23 10Public Health Department
III.23 11-12 Public Works
III.23 13Recommendations
III.23 14Rehabilitation Services Administration
III.24 1Resolutions
III.24 2Science and Astronautics
III.24 3Securities and Exchange Commission
III.24 4Selective Service System
III.24 5Small Business
III.24 6Small Business Administration
III.24 7-8 Slash Pine Area Planning and Development Commission
III.24 9State Department
III.24 10Terminal correspondence
III.24 11Transportation Department
III.24 12Treasury
III.24 13House Committee on the Un-American Activities/Robert M. Shetton
III.24 14Veteran Affairs
III.24 15VA Loans
III.25 1-2 Veterans
III.25 3Visas
III.25 4-6 Miscellaneous
2. Bill files
These are bills that were brought up for discussion and votes in the US House of Representatives. Occasionally background material, brief synopsis of the bill, and correspondences are included in the files, but more often they contain only a copy of the bill. The bills are organized by number. Topics include education, appropriation for various departments and groups, and voting.
III.26 1House Resolution 269
III.26 2House Resolution 337
III.26 3House Resolution 514
III.26 4House Resolution 542-1072 (Georgia General Assembly)
III.26 5House Joint Resolution 584
III.26 6House Resolution 796
III.26 7House Resolution 822
III.26 8House Resolution 960
III.26 9House Resolution 994 (Georgia General Assembly-Education)
III.26 10House Joint Resolution 1117
III.26 11House Resolution 4249 (Voting Rights)
III.26 12House Resolution 4293
III.26 13House Resolution 5554
III.26 14House Resolution 6715
III.26 15House Resolution 6778
III.26 16House Resolution 7757
III.26 17House Resolution 10420
III.26 18House Resolution 11832
III.26 19House Resolution 12025
III.26 20House Resolution 12321
III.26 21House Resolution 12475
III.26 22House Resolution 13100 (Allied Health Profession)
III.26 23House Resolution 13827 (Housing and Urban Development Act)
III.26 24House Resolution 13949
III.26 25House Resolution 14114
III.26 26House Resolution 14124
III.26 27House Resolution 14159 (Appropriations for public works)
III.26 28House Resolution 14169
III.26 29House Resolution 14237 (Facility Funds for Developmental Disabilities)
III.26 30House Resolution 14465 (Airport Revenue Act)
III.26 31House Resolution 14741
III.26 32House Resolution 14810
III.26 33House Resolution 15165
III.26 34House Resolution 15351
III.26 35House Resolution 15628
III.26 36House Resolution 15728
III.26 37House Resolution 15733
III.26 38House Resolution 15945 (Railroad Retirement)
III.27 1House Resolution 16311 (Family Assistance)
III.27 2House Resolution 16542
III.27 3House Resolution 14684
III.27 4House Resolution 16968 (Government Health Benefits)
III.27 5House Resolution 17548
III.27 6House Resolution 17809 (Government Employee Rate)
III.27 7House Resolution 18434
III.27 8Senate Resolution 211 (Georgia General Assemb Education)
III.27 9Senate Resolution 265 (Georgia General Assembly-Social Security Benefits)
III.27 10Senate Resolution 2190
III.27 11Senate Resolution 2484
III.27 12Senate Resolution 3279

D. 1970

( 5 box(es) ) ( (2.5 linear feet) )
Correspondence, petitions, testimonies and telegrams are included in this series. There are materials related to adding chiropractic care to Medicare and opposition to pay television. Arrangement is alphabetical.
1. Subject
III.28 1Alcohol Abuse/Alcohol Prevention Treatment and Rehabilitation Act of 1970 (HR18874/S 3835)
III.28 2Attorney's Fees S`653
III.28 3Chiropractic bill
III.28 4-8 Chiropractic bill
III.28 9Citizenship
III.29 1Clean Air Act/House Resolution 17255
III.29 2Congratulatory
III.29 3S. 3201/HR 14931 Consumer Class Action
III.29 4Cruelty to horses
III.29 5Customs
III.29 6Domestic Population bill-HR 11550
III.29 7FBI [Federal Bureau of Investigation]
III.29 8Flammable Fabrics Act-HR 16824
III.29 9Franchise Disclosure Act of 1970-HR 19022
III.29 10Hospitals
III.29 11Immigration and Naturalization Service
III.29 12Interstate Commerce Commission (ICC)
III.29 13ICC-Railroad Merger
III.29 14Interstate and Foreign Commerce Mutual Fund bill
III.29 15Justice
III.29 16Judiciary
III.29 17Judiciary-Pending
III.29 18Labor
III.29 19Legislation-Miscellaneous
2. Bills
III.29 20Loans
III.30 1Manpower Administration
III.30 2-3 Medical Assistance-HR 17550
III.30 4Merchant and Marine Fisheries
III.30 5Miscellaneous
III.30 6Miscellaneous governmental agencies
III.30 7Mutual funds
III.30 8Poison Prevention Packaging Act of 1970-S. 2162
III.30 9-10 Post Office and Civil Service
III.30 11Prisons and Parole Board
III.30 13Public Works
III.31 1Railroad Finance-HR 1413
III.31 2Railroad Passenger Service Act-S. 3706
III.31 3Railroad Retirement Act-HR 11607
III.31 4Rail Service and Safety-HR 8449/HR 7068
III.31 5Rules
III.31 6Stieger-Sikes Occupational Safety and Health Bill-HR 19200
III.31 7Trade Act-HR 18970
III.31 8Travel Service Bill
III.31 9Treasury (Miscellaneous)
III.31 10Veterans Affairs
III.31 11Veterans Affairs (Pending)
III.31 12Veterans (Miscellaneous)
III.31 13-15 Ways and Means
III.32 1Pay Television Petition

E. 1971

( 15 box(es) ) ( (7.25 linear feet) )
1. Subject
Correspondence, newspaper clippings, reports and printed materials embody this subseries. Of particular interest is the work of the Ways and Means Committee, the District of Columbia committee and the Interstate and Foreign Commerce Committee. Stuckey served on all three committees during this period.
III.33 1-3 Air Force
III.33 4Agriculture
III.33 5-8 Agriculture Pending
III.33 9Appropriations Pending
III.33 10Appropriations Accomplished
III.34 1Armed Services Accomplished
III.34 2Armed Services Pending
III.34 3Armed Services Miscellaneous
III.34 4-7 Army-Shop File (Miscellaneous)
III.35 6Banking and Currency Accomplished
III.34 8-9 Army
III.35 1-2 Army
III.35 3Army -Civil Defense
III.35 4Atomic Energy Commission
III.35 5Banking and Currency Pending
III.35 7Census
III.35 8Child Abuse
III.35 9Civil Aeronautics Fund
III.35 10-11 Civil Service Commission
III.35 12Miscellaneous Civil Service
III.35 13Commerce Department
III.35 14Corps of Engineers Miscellaneous
III.36 1Corps of Engineers Miscellaneous
III.36 2Corps of Satilla River Project
III.36 3Correspondence
III.36 4Correspondence
III.36 5Crawford, Mitchell, etc.
III.36 6Defense
III.36 7District of Columbia Committee Press Club
III.36 8District of Columbia Subcommittee
III.36 9-10 District of Columbia-Legislative
III.36 11District of Columbia-Junior Village
III.37 1District of Columbia-Legislative Program
III.37 2District of Columbia-Tax Procedures and Administrative Reform Act of 1971
III.37 3District of Columbia--Information
III.37 4-5 District of Columb
III.37 6District of Columbia--Elections
III.37 7District of Columbia-MARTA
III.37 8-9 District of Columbia-Public School Hearings
III.38 1Economic Development Administration
III.38 2Economic Impact of Proposed Cumberland Island
Mapcase2Maps - Proposed Boundary of Cumberland Island National Seashore; Boundary Map Cumberland Island National Seashore
III.38 3Letters re: Education Subcommittee
III.38 4Education and Labor Pending:
III.38 5Education and Labor Pending:
III.38 6Education and Labor Pending:
III.38 7Education and Labor Accomplished
III.38 8Easement-Kings Bay Army Depot
III.38 9Farmers Home Administration
III.38 10Forest Service
III.38 11Full Committee Meeting
III.38 12Health
III.39 1Health
Mapcase 1Highway Map of Camden County, Georgia [oversize], 1962.
III.39 2Housing
III.39 3Interior and Insular Affairs Accomplished
III.39 4Interior and Insular Affairs Pending
III.39 5Interstate and Foreign Commerce-Accomplished
III.39 6Interstate and Foreign Commerce-Accomplished
III.39 7Interstate and Foreign Commerce-Pending
III.39 8Interstate and Foreign Commerce-Pending
III.40 1Interstate and Foreign Commerce-Pending
III.40 2Interstate and Foreign Commerce-Pending
III.40 3Interstate and Foreign Commerce-Pending
III.40 4Judiciary Accomplishments
III.40 5-6 Judiciary Pending
III.40 7-8 Legislation-Miscellaneous
III.41 1Legislation-Miscellaneous Ballot 350
III.41 2Legislation-Miscellaneous Ballot 351
III.41 3Legislation-Miscellaneous Ballot 352
III.41 4Legislation-Miscellaneous Ballot 353
III.41 5Legislation-Miscellaneous Ballot 354
III.41 6Legislation-Miscellaneous Ballot 355
III.41 7Legislation-Miscellaneous Ballot 356
III.41 8Legislation-Miscellaneous Ballot 357
III.41 9Legislation-Miscellaneous Ballot 358
III.41 10Legislation-Miscellaneous Ballot 359
III.41 11Legislation-Miscellaneous Ballot 360
III.41 12Legislation-Resolutions (Right to vote for 18 year olds; amendment to end busing to schools)
III.42 1-2 Lockheed
III.42 3Merchant Marine Accomplished
III.42 4Merchant Marine Pending
III.42 5-7 Miscellaneous
III.42 8National Guard
III.42 9Notice of hearings
III.42 10Patent Office
III.42 11Positions
III.42 12Post Office and Civil Service Accomplished
III.42 13Post Office and Civil Service Pending
III.42 14Poultry
III.42 15Public Works Accomplished
III.42 16Public Works Pending
III.42 17Retirement
III.42 18Rules Accomplished
III.42 19Rules Pending
III.42 20Rural Community Service Projects
III.42 21REA [Rural Electrification Administration]
III.42 22Science and Astronautics
III.42 23Social Security (Treasury) Current Hearings
III.42 24Soil Conservation Services
III.42 25Subcommittee on Housing Youth Affairs and Education Hearings, May 24-25, 1971
III.42 26Tobacco
III.43 1Vietnam
III.43 2Veteran Affairs Accomplished
III.43 3Veteran Affairs Pending
III.43 4Ways and Mean Accomplished
III.43 5-8 Way and Mean Pending
III.43 9Welfare
III.43 10Workman's Compensation
III.44 1Workmen's Compensation Laws
III.44 2Youth
2. Bill files
These are bills that were brought up for discussion and votes in the US House of Representatives. Occasionally background material, brief synopsis of the bill, and correspondence are included in the files, but more often they contain only a copy of the bill. The bills are organized by number. Topics include the environment and social security.
III.45 1House Resolution 5 (Higher Education funding)
III.45 2House Concurrent Resolution 9
III.45 3House Resolution 14
III.45 4House Resolution 32
III.45 5House Concurrent Resolution 133 (Boy Scouts)
III.45 6House Resolution 141 (Justice William Douglas)
III.45 7House Resolution 330 (Energy Resources Committee)
III.45 8House Resolution 377 (Calley Committee-review official responsibility for the My Lai 4 incident)
III.45 9House Concurrent Resolution 219 (Grant notification)
III.45 10House Resolution 456 (Reserve Officers Association: Tax Exemption)
III.45 11House Concurrent Resolution 523 (Interest rates)
III.45 12House Concurrent Resolution 600 (Death of J. Eager Hoover)
III.45 13House Concurrent Resolution 670 (Debt Repayment)
III.45 14House Resolution 627 (France)
III.45 15House Resolution 662 (Government Program Analysis)
III.45 16House Resolution 684 (Support of Nixon Vietnam Policy)
III.45 17House Resolution 846 (Select Committee to study the impact of East-West trade)
III.45 18House Resolution 858 (Farmers Home Administration)
III.45 19House Resolution 859
III.45 20House Resolution 1143
III.45 21House Resolution 1214 (Cancer Research)
III.45 22House Joint Resolution 1187 (Rail Abandonment)
III.45 23House Resolution 2700 (Government Program Evaluation)
III.45 24House Resolution 4458 (Emergency Communication Centers)
III.45 25House Resolution 4507
III.45 26House Resolution 4509
III.45 27House Resolution 4521
III.45 28House Resolution 4550
III.45 29House Resolution 4610
III.45 30House Resolution 4614
III.45 31House Resolution 4516
III.45 32House Resolution 5672 (Chancery)
III.45 33House Resolution 6543 (Cigarette Ads)
III.45 34House Resolution 6701 (Milk)
III.45 35House Resolution 7072 (Fort Frederica)
III.45 36House Resolution 7096 (Establish DC Health Regulators)
III.45 37House Resolution 7140 (Natural Gas Act)
III.45 38House Resolution 7248 (Higher Education Vote)
III.45 39House Resolution 8144 (Farm Vehicle Drivers)
III.45 40House Resolution 8259
III.45 41House Resolution 8362
III.45 42House Resolution 88375 (Dentistry regulations)
III.45 43House Resolution 8580 (Emergency Loan)
III.45 44House Resolution 8635 (Pollution Control)
III.45 45House Resolution 8637 (Unmarrieds taxes)
III.45 46House Resolution 8715 (Commi
III.45 47House Resolution 9215 (Tobacco)
III.45 48House Resolution 8980, 9217
III.45 49House Resolution 9248 (Health Insurance)
III.45 50House Resolution 9296 (Health Insurance)
III.45 51House Resolution 9341 (FBI Retirement)
III.45 52House Resolution 9580 (Trucking fees)
III.45 53House Resolution 9655 (Honey)
III.45 54House Resolution (Investment)
III.45 55House Resolution 10213 (Daylight Savings Time)
III.45 56House Resolution 10237 (Unemployment Compensation)
III.46 1House Resolution 10237 (Unemployment Compensation)
III.46 2House Resolution 10306 (Gag rule)
III.46 3House Resolution 10415 (911)
III.46 4House Resolution 10957 (Regional Development Act)
III.46 5House Resolution 11347 (Surface Transportation)
III.46 6House Resolution 12000 (Communications Act)
III.46 7House Resolution 12372 (Textile)
III.46 8House Resolution 12606 (Depository Libraries)
III.46 9House Resolution 12749 (Eisenhower Silver Dollars)
III.46 10House Resolution 12776 (Sickle Cell Anemia)
III.46 11House Resolution 12843 (Community Mental Health Center)
III.46 12House Resolution 13015 (Tax Exemption)
III.46 13House Resolution 13206 (Rival Opportunity)
III.46 14House Resolution 13233 (Korean Vet Tax)
III.46 15House Resolution 13481 (Amend Communication Act)
III.46 16House Resolution 14096 (Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act)
III.46 17House Resolution 14237 (Mental Retardation Facilities)
III.46 18House Resolution 14450 (Multiple Sclerosis)
III.46 19House Resolution 14512
III.46 20House Resolution 14737
III.46 21House Resolution 14737
III.46 22House Resolution 15003 (Consumer Product Safety Information)
III.46 23House Resolution 15042 (Crop Insurance)
III.46 24House Resolution 15656 (Consumer Class Action)
III.46 25House Resolution 15795 (Chiropractic Care)
III.46 26House Resolution 16057 (Interstate)
III.46 27House Resolution 16068 (Census)
III.46 28House Resolution 16178 (Investment Credit)
III.46 29House Resolution 16217 (Railroad Retirement)
III.46 30House Resolution 16411
III.46 31House Resolution 16660 (Senior Citizens)
III.46 32House Resolution 16938 (Social Security Act)
III.46 33House Resolution 17231 (Dr. Earl Bernard)
III.46 34House Resolution 17291 (Import Quotas)
III.46 35House Resolution 17113 (Cable TV with Rep. Tiernan)
III.46 36House Resolution 18458 (Social Security)
III.46 37House Resolution 18500 (Tobacco Allotments)
III.46 38House Resolution 18628
III.46 39House Resolution 19022 (Franchise)
III.47 1House Resolution 19333 (National Securities Exchange)
III.47 2House Resolution 19722 (Pollution Control)
III.47 3House Joint Resolution 363
III.47 4House Joint Resolution 126 (Equal Women's Rights)
III.47 5House Joint Resolution 386 (Environment Committee)
III.47 6House Joint Resolution 444 (Territorial Sea)
III.47 7House Joint Resolution 599 (Prayer)
III.47 8House Joint Resolution 623 (Stone Mountain Stamp)
III.47 9House Joint Resolution 722 (Territorial Sea)
III.47 10House Joint Resolution 877 (Busing)
III.47 11House Joint Resolution 883 (Moon Rocks)
III.47 12House Joint Resolution 925 (HEW Appropriations)
III.47 13House Joint Resolution 992 (GA/FLA Boundary)
III.47 14House Joint Resolution 1082-3 (Territorial Limit)
III.47 15House Joint Resolution 1087 (National Hunting and Fishing Day)
III.47 16House Joint Resolution 1264 (Death Penalty)
III.47 17Legislative Analysis Late July, Early August
III.47 18Legislative Analysis 1967
III.47 19Correspondence
III.47 20Legislative Analysis (General Weekly)
III.47 21Education Tax Credit
III.47 22Legislative Analysis 1968
III.47 23Kangaroo Bill
III.47 24Bill's Bills
III.47 25Development Council
III.47 26Suwanee River
III.47 27Business Opportunity Conference Information
III.47 28Senate Status

F. 1972

( 7 box(es) ) ( (3.25 linear feet) )
1. Subject
Correspondence, newspaper clippings, reports and printed materials embody this subseries. There are materials related to Stuckey's work on the Interstate and Foreign Commerce Committee, as well as passage of the Cumberland Island, GA bill.
III.48 1-2 Agriculture Pending
III.48 3Agriculture Accomplished/Passed
III.48 4Appropriations
III.48 5Armed Services
III.48 6Banking and Currency
III.48 7-9 Cumberland Island Seashore
Mapcase 1Two maps of Cumberland Island National Seashore (one blueprint, one copy) "Boundary Map/Cumberland Island National Seashore/Camden County, GA--Department of the Interior/National Park Service"[oversize], 1971 June; 1970 February
III.48 10Education and law
III.49 1-2 Education and law
III.49 3Federal Pollution Act
III.49 4Foreign Affairs Pending
III.49 5Funding for Title IVA, Title XVI
III.49 6Government Operations Pending
III.49 7House Administration
III.49 8Housing
III.49 9Legislation-Interior (Cumberland)
III.49 10Legislation-Interior (Okefenokee)
III.49 11Interior and Insular Affairs
III.49 12Internal Security
III.49 13-14 Interstate and Foreign Commerce
III.50 1-4 Interstate and Foreign Commerce
III.50 5-6 Judiciary
III.50 7Keep America Beautiful
III.50 8Merchant Marine and Fisheries
III.50 9Miscellaneous
III.50 10Mobile Home Regulations
III.51 1Legislative Analysis February-March (Consent Calendar)
III.51 2Legislative Analysis March-April (Consent Calendar)
III.51 3Legislative Analysis Calendar Week of May 15
III.51 4Legislative Analysis Week of 5/15/1972
III.51 5Summary of the Fair Labor Standards Amendm
III.51 6Legislative Analysis May-early June
III.51 7Legislative Analysis
III.51 8Legislative Analysis 24/Jun
III.51 9Office of Economic Opportunity
III.51 10Post Office and Civil Service
III.51 11Public Works
III.51 12Rules
III.51 13Science and Aeronautics Passed
III.51 14Stuckey Bills
III.51 15Veterans
III.51 16Water Pollution Information
III.51 17-19 Ways and Means
2. Bill files
These are bills that were brought up for discussion and votes in the US House of Representatives. Occasionally background material, brief synopsis of the bill, and correspondences are included in the files, but more often they contain only a copy of the bill. These bills are organized by number. There is much material related to the Alexandria, Virginia Waterfront bill.
III.52 1Bill seeking hearings
III.52 2District of Columbia Development Bank
III.52 3House Resolution 2293 (RFK Stadium Transfer)
III.52 4House Resolution 2597 (Hospital Minimum Wage)
III.52 5House Resolution 2599 (Statute of Limitations)
III.52 6-7 House Resolution 2895 (Firefighting)
III.52 8House Resolution 5464 (Columbia Hospital)
III.52 9-11 House Resolution 7267 and 615 (Alexandria Waterfront)
III.52 12House Resolution 9580 (Trucking Fees)
III.52 13House Resolution 9604 (Regulation of insurance in DC)
III.53 1House Resolution 10236 (Workmen's Compensation)
III.53 2House Resolution 10525 (Optometry)
III.53 3-4 House Resolution 11170 (Sickle Cell Anemia)
III.53 5House Resolution 11331 (Crime Victim's Compensation)
III.53 6House Resolution 12162 (DAR/Colonial Dames)
III.53 7-8 House Resolution 13713 (Medical-Dental)
III.53 9House Resolution 14689 (Alexandria, VA Waterfront)
III.53 10House Resolution 14749 (Retired Railworker's Pensions)
III.53 11House Resolution 15295 (Zoning Commission)
III.53 12House Resolution 15550 (Alexandria Waterfront)
III.54 1-2 House Resolution 15550 (Alexandria Waterfront)
III.54 3Requiring No Reply

G. 1973

( 12 box(es) ) ( (6 linear feet) )
1. Subject
Correspondence, newspaper clippings, reports and printed materials embody this subseries. There are materials related to public health, energy, education and a few files on the equal rights amendment.
III.55 1Agriculture
III.55 2Agriculture-Environment and Consumer
III.55 3Alaska Pipeline legislation
III.55 4Armed Services
III.55 5Bank Supervision and Insurance
III.55 6Banking and Currency
III.55 7President's Budget
III.55 8Bust the Trust
III.55 9-10 Commerce and Finance
III.55 11Communications and Power
III.55 12Conservation and Credit
III.55 13Consumer Affairs
III.55 14Cotton
III.55 15Dairy and Poultry
III.55 16Defense
III.55 17District of Columbia-Pending
III.55 18Domestic Finance
III.55 19Domestic Marketing and Consumer
III.55 20Economic Development
III.55 21Cost of Living/Prime Control
III.55 22Select Education
III.55 23Special Education
III.55 24Education and Labor-Libraries
III.56 1-2 Education and Labor-Minimum Wage
III.56 3Education and Labor-Nursing
III.56 4Education and Labor-Office of Economic Opportunity
III.56 5Education and Labor-OSHA [Occupational Safety and Health Administration]
III.56 6Education and Labor-Other
III.56 7-8 Education and Labor-Rehabilitation Act
III.56 9Education and Labor-Right to Work
III.56 10Education and Labor-School Prayer
III.56 11Energy
III.56 12-13 Energy-General Aviation
III.57 1Energy Industry Competition Act (S2266)
III.57 2Energy-Tax Rationing
III.57 3Equal Rights Amendment Memo
III.57 4Ervin vs. YLJ [Senator Sam Ervin vs. Yale Law Journal re: Equal Rights Amendment]
III.57 5Family Farms and Rural Development
III.57 6Federal Aid to Highways 1974
III.57 7Federal Aid to Highways
III.57 8Foreign Affairs-Miscellaneous
III.57 9Foreign Affairs-Vietnam
III.57 10Foreign Trade
III.57 11Forests
III.57 12Health Care-Veterans (S.49, S.59)
III.57 13House Administration
III.57 14House Administration
III.57 15Housing
III.57 16Housing and Urban Development-Space, Science, Veterans
III.57 17International Finance
III.57 18Interior and Insular Affairs-Pending
III.57 19Interior and Insular Affairs-Miscellaneous
III.57 20Interior and Insular Affairs-No-fault
III.57 21Legislative Interior (Okefenokee)
III.57 22Interior and Insular Affairs-Public Health (Regional Medical Program)
III.58 1Interior and Insular Affairs-Securities
III.58 2-3 Interior and Insular Affairs-Railroad Retirement
III.58 4Internal Security
III.58 5Judiciary-Miscellaneous
III.58 6Judiciary-Amnesty
III.58 7Judiciary bills
III.58 8Judiciary-Crime in the Street
III.58 9Judiciary-Gun Control
III.58 10Labor-General
III.58 11Labor-HEW [Housing, Education and Welfare]
III.58 12Letters responding to constituents
III.58 13late 1973/early 1974 letters to constituents
III.58 14Livestock and Grains
III.58 15Merchant Marines and Fisheries
III.58 16Municipal Securities
III.58 17No-Aid North Vietnam
III.58 18No Fault
III.58 19Oilseed and Rice
III.59 1Pension Reform
III.59 2Petroleum Industry Company Act of 1973 (HR 9266)
III.59 3Post Office and Civil Service
III.59 4-5 Public Health and Environment
III.59 6-8 Public Health (HR 643)
III.59 9Public Works
III.59 10Reform of Federal Criminal Laws
III.59 11Revision of Laws
III.59 12Rights of Way for Pipelines under Mineral Leasing Act (S2260)
III.59 13Robo
III.59 14Rules--Impoundment
III.59 15REA [Rural Electrification Admi
III.60 1Science and Aeronautics
III.60 2Select Labor
III.60 3Social Security
III.60 4Tax Reform
III.60 5Title 23 (HR3448)
III.60 6Tobacco
III.60 7-8 Transportation and Aeronautics
III.60 9Treasury, Postal Service, General
III.60 10Veterans
III.60 11Veterans Benefits
III.60 12Ways and Means legislation
III.60 13Ways and Means-Revenue Sharing
2. Bill files
These are bills that were brought up for discussion and votes in the US House of Representatives. Occasionally background material, brief synopsis of the bill, and correspondence are included in the files, but more often they contain only a copy of the bill. These bills are organized by number and divided by law and dead. There is much material related to appropriations and the environment.
III.61 1HR 37-Endangered and Threatened Species (law)
III.61 2HR 71-Older American Act Amendment (law)
III.61 3HR 77-Legal Service Trust (law)
III.61 4HR 689-Amendment Section 712, Title 18 US Code (law)
III.61 5HR 825-Retirement Equity for Reserves, National Guard (law)
III.61 6HR 974-Wright Patman Dam and Lake (law)
III.61 7HR 1975-Emergency Farm and Loan Program (law)
III.61 8HR 2246-EDA [Economic Development Act] Extension (law)
III.61 9HR 2828-National Cemetery System (law)
III.61 10HR 3180-Franking Privilege (law)
III.61 11HR 3577-Interest Equalization Tax Extension Act of 1973 (law)
III.61 12HR 3694-American Revolution Bicentennial Commission (law)
III.61 13HR 3867-Klamath Indian Tribe (law)
III.61 14HR 3926-National Federation on Arts and Humanities (law)
III.61 15HR 4083-DC Insurance Act (law)
III.61 16HR 4278-School Lunch Amendment (law)
III.61 17HR 4771-DC Rent Control (law)
III.61 18HR 4967-Appropriations for Indian Claims Commission (law)
III.61 19HR 5157-Amend Service Contract Act of 1965 (law)
III.61 20HR 5293-Peace Corps Extension (law)
III.61 21HR 5384-International Voyage Load Line Act 1973 (law)
III.61 22HR 5445-Clean Air Act Extension (law)
III.61 23HR 5446-Solid Waste (law)
III.61 24HR 5464-Saline Water Authorization (law)
III.61 25HR 5610-Foreign Service Building Act (law)
III.61 26HR 5649-Delta Queen (law)
III.61 27HR 5683-Rural Electrification Administration (law)
III.61 28HR 5777-Hobby Protection Act (law)
III.61 29HR 5857-National Visitors Centers Facilities Act (law)
III.61 30HR 5858-JFK Center for Performing Arts (law)
III.61 31HR 5874-Federal Financing Bank Act (law)
III.61 32HR 5932-Environmental Quality Coast Guard Oil Pollution (law)
III.61 33HR 5943-OAS[Organization of American States] (law)
III.61 34HR 6077-Volunteer Retirement of Federal Employees (law)
III.61 35HR 6129-Trust Territory Pacific Islands (law)
III.62 1HR 6168-Patman's Phase IV (law)
III.62 2HR 6187-Merchant Marine (law)
III.62 3HR 6338-Amend Water Resources Planning Act (law)
III.62 4HR 6370-Extension of Interest Rate Authority (law)
III.62 5HR 6388-Airport Development (law)
III.62 6HR 6458-Emergency Medical Services Act (law)
III.62 7HR 6576-Water Project Investment (law)
III.62 8HR 6628-Micronesian Claims Act (law)
III.62 9HR 6691-Legislative Branch Appropriations 1974 (law)
III.62 10HR 6713-DC Election Law Amendment (law)
III.62 11HR 6717-User Fees in Recreation Facilities (law)
III.62 12HR 6768-United Nations Environment Program 1973 (law)
III.62 13HR 6830-International Center for Foreign Chanceries (law)
III.62 14HR 6912-Par Value Modification Act (law)
III.62 15HR 7127-Historical Preservation Amendment (law)
III.62 16HR 7200-Railroad Retirement Act (law)
III.62 17HR 7265-Domestic Volunteer Services Act (law)
III.62 18HR 7352-Federal Prisoners Furlough (law)
III.62 19HR 7357-Amendments to Railroad Retirement Act (law)
III.62 20HR 7375-Noncontiguous Trade (law)
III.62 21HR 7423-Wagner-O'Day Act Authorization (law)
III.62 22HR 7445-Renegotiation Act Extension (law)
III.62 23HR 7446-Bi-centennial (law)
III.62 24HR 7482-Little Cigar Act (law)
III.62 25HR 7528-NASA Authorization Act of 1974 (law)
III.62 26HR 7645-State Department of Appropriations Authorization Act of 1973 (law)
III.62 27HR 7670-Maritime Authorization (law)
III.62 28HR 7806-Health Programs Extension (law)
III.62 29HR 7974-HMO (law)
III.62 30HR 7976-Historic Renovations in Kansas (law)
III.62 31HR 8029-Distribution of Indian Claims (law)
III.62 32HR 8070-Vocational Rehabilitation (law)
III.62 33HR 8219-Diplomatic Privileges to Organization of African Unity (law)
III.62 34HR 8250-DC Government Programs (law)
III.62 35HR 8351-Financial Assistance, National Railroad Passenger Corp (law)
III.62 36HR 8410-Public Department (law)
III.62 37HR 8449-Flood Insurance (law)
III.63 1HR 8510-Authorization Appropriation for National Science Foundation (law)
III.63 2HR 8529-Offshore Shrimp Fisheries (law)
III.63 3HR 8537-Dependents Assistance (law)
III.63 4HR 8538-Public Broadcasting (law)
III.63 5HR 8548-Amending International Economic Policy of 1972 (law)
III.63 6HR 8619-Agriculture, EPA Appropriations (law)
III.63 7HR 8658-DC Appropriations Fiscal 1974 (law)
III.63 8HR 8662-Atomic Energy Commission Appropriations (law)
III.63 9HR 8760-Transportation Appropriation FY1974 (law)
III.63 10HR 8789-Bicentennial coinage (law)
III.63 11HR 8813-Railroad safety and hazardous materials control (law)
III.63 12HR 8825-HUD, space, science, veterans (law)
III.63 13HR 8860/S1888-Farm bill (law)
III.63 14HR 8877-Appropriations HEW (law)
III.63 15HR 8916-State/Justice/Commerce Appropriations (law)
III.63 16HR 8917-Interior Appropriations (law)
III.63 17HR 8920-Lead base poisoning prevention act (law)
III.63 18HR 8947-Public Works/AEC Appropriations (law)
III.63 19HR 8949-VA loans (law)
III.63 20HR 9048-Veteran Health Care Expansion Act of 1973 (law)
III.64 1HR 9055-Second Supplemental Appropriations (law)
III.64 2HR 9069-NE Railroad (law)
III.64 3-4 HR 9130-Amend Mine Leasing Act of 1920 (law)
III.64 5HR 9142-Rail reorganization (law)
III.64 6HR 9172-Tobacco allotments (law)
III.64 7HR 9256-Federal Health Benefits (law)
III.64 8HR 9286-FY74 Appropriations-Aircraft, missiles, naval vessels, etc. (law)
III.64 9HR 9360-Foreign Assembly (law)
III.64 10HR 9420-Blackouts of TV sports events (law)
III.64 11HR 9437-International Travel Act (law)
III.64 12HR 9456-Drug Abuse (law)
III.64 13HR 9474-Veterans Pension Amendments (law)
III.64 14HR 9553-Professional sports TV blackouts (law)
III.64 15HR 9575-Women in coast guard reserve (law)
III.64 16HR 9590-Appropriations-Treasury Department, Postal Service, Executive Office (law)
III.64 17HR 9611-B. Everett Jordan Dam and Lake (law)
III.64 18HR 9639-School Lunch Program (law)
III.64 19HR 9681-Emergency petroleum (law)
III.64 20HR 9682-DC self government (law)
III.65 1HR 10614-Military construction authorization 1974 (law)
III.65 2HR 10717-Restoration of Federal Services to Menominee Tribe (law)
III.65 3HR 10937-Extension of Watergate jury (law)
III.65 4HR 10956-Emergency medical service 1973 (law)
III.65 5HR 11088-Emergency Security Assistance Act (law)
III.65 6HR 11104-Increase of Public Debt (law)
III.65 7HR 11216-AEC [Atomic Energy Commission] (law)
III.65 8HR 11324-Daylight savings (law)
III.65 9HR 11333-Social Security Increases (law)
III.65 10HR 11372-Emergency Maximum Highway Speed Act (law)
III.65 11HR 11441-Headstart fee schedule (law)
III.65 12HR 11450-Energy Emergency Act (law)
III.65 13HR 11459-Military Construction Appropriations (law)
III.65 14HR 11575-Defense Appropriations (law)
III.65 15HR 11576-Supplemental Appropriations Act (law)
III.65 16HR 11710-Compensation for Attorney General and Franking privileges (law)
III.65 17HR 11771-Foreign Assistance Appropriations 1974 (law)
III.65 18H. Con. Res. 173-United States Fishing Industry
III.65 19HJ Res. 123-Highway Beautification (law)
III.65 20HJ Res. 393-National Commission on Higher Education (law)
III.65 21HJ Res. 496-Supplemental Appropriations (law)
III.65 22HJ Res. 499-Extension term for commission on bankruptcy (law)
III.65 23HJ Res. 542-Wars powers (law)
III.65 24HJ Res. 636-Continuing resolution FY 1974 (law)
III.65 25HJ Res. 719-HUD (law)
III.65 26HJ Res. 727-Continuing Resolution Appropriations (law)
III.65 27HJ Res. 736-Study and gift from US Capitol Historical Society (law)
III.65 28HJ Res. 748-Par Value Modification Appropriations (law)
III.65 29HR 549-International Broadcasting Act (law)
III.65 30S 398-Conference Report, Economic Stabilization (law)
III.65 31S 502-Federal Aid Highway Act of 1973 (law)
III.65 32S 513-Nursing Homes Fire Safety (law)
III.65 33S 583-Federal Rules of Evidence (law)
III.65 34S 907-Funding for Winter Games, Alaska (law)
III.65 35S 1038-Leave authorization for military personnel (law)
III.65 36S 1191-Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act (law)
III.65 37S 1423-Trust Funds for Legal Services (law)
III.65 38S 1529-Dam replacements (law)
III.65 39S 1570-Costs increase (law)
III.65 40S 1631-International Economic Policy Act, 1972 (law)
III.65 41S 1776-Federal Water Pollution Control Act (law)
III.65 42S 1808-Emergency Highway Money (law)
III.65 43S 1888-Agriculture and Consumer Protection Act (law)
III.65 44S 1914-Radio Free Europe (law)
III.65 45S 1945-Grapefruit (law)
III.65 46S 2120-Railroad Safety and Hazardous Materials Control Amendments (law)
III.65 47S 2166-Disposal of opium (law)
III.65 48S 2316-Disposal of copper (law)
III.65 49S 2413-Disposal of aluminum (law)
III.65 50S 2419-Agriculture Act-Technical Corrections (law)
III.65 51S 2493-Disposal of silicon carbide (law)
III.65 52S 2498-Disposal of zinc (law)
III.65 53S 2551-Disposal of molybdenum (law)
III.65 54S 2641-District court jurisdiction (law)
III.65 55S 2714-CIA cost of living adjustment (law)
III.65 56SJ 144-Extend authorization of FHA loans (law)
III.65 57HR 17-Vocational Rehabilitation amendments (dead)
III.65 58HR 3278-Rural water and sewer grants (dead)
III.65 59HR 3932-OMB director confirmation (dead)
III.66 1HR 7447-Supplemental appropriations (dead)
III.66 2HR 8606-Amends small business act (dead)
III.66 3HR 9620-Amend communications act of 1934 (broadcasting pro-games) (dead)
III.66 4HR 9715-US Information Agency Appropriations 1973 (dead)
III.66 5HR 11137-Senate confirmation OMB (dead)
III.66 6HR 149-Funding (dead)
III.66 7HR 162-District of Columbia (dead)
III.66 8HR 181-Expenses (dead)
III.66 9HR 190-Expenses (dead)
III.66 10HR 202-Expenses (dead)
III.66 11HR 219-Expenses (dead)
III.66 12HR 225-Additional funding (dead)
III.66 13HR 228-Public works survey (dead)
III.66 14HR 249-Additional funding (dead)
III.66 15HR 253-Science and Astronautics (dead)
III.66 16HR 261-Additional funding (dead)
III.66 17HR 263-Expenses (dead)
III.66 18HR 264-Expenses of investigation (dead)
III.66 19HR 265-Additional funding (dead)
III.66 20HR 270-Funds for investigation (dead)
III.66 21HR 271-Funds (dead)
III.66 22HR 277-Funds for investigation (dead)
III.66 23HR 278-Expenses (dead)
III.66 24HR 285-Funds for expenses (dead)
III.66 25HR 301-Appropriations (dead)
III.66 26HR 302-Funds for expenses (dead)
III.66 27HR 303-Funds for expenses (dead)
III.66 28HR 330-Law of the Sea Conference (dead)
III.66 29HR 382-Disapproval of presidential reorganization plan number 2 (dead)
III.66 30HR 398-Supervisory positions/capitol police (dead)
III.66 31HR 420-Congressional Intern program (dead)
III.66 32HR 605-Markers (dead)
III.66 33S 7-Veto (dead)
III.66 34S 504-Emergency Medical Services Act of 1973 (dead)
III.66 35S 1672-Small Business Act (dead)

H. 1974

( 12 box(es) ) ( (6 linear feet) )
1. Subject
Reports, printed materials, correspondence, newspaper clippings and legal briefs make up this subseries. The majority of the files related to Stuckey's work on the Judiciary and Ways andamp; Means committees. There are materials related to the equal rights amendment, which Stuckey supported, and amnesty for Vietnam draft dodgers and deserters, which he did not support.
III.67 1Judiciary-ERA [Equal Rights Amendment]
III.67 2Judiciary-Crime in the streets
III.67 3Judiciary-Amnesty
III.67 4Judiciary-Reform on Federal Criminal laws
III.67 5Judiciary bills
III.67 6Judiciary-Patents, Trademarks and copyrights
III.67 7Judiciary-Abortion
III.67 8Judiciary-Privacy and civil rights
III.67 9Judiciary-Busing
III.67 10Judiciary-Equal Rights Amendment
III.67 11Merchant Marines and Fisheries
III.67 12Post Office and Civil Service
III.67 13Civil Service
III.67 14Transportation
III.67 15Public Works
III.67 16Public Works: Federal Aid to Highways
III.67 17Rules committee
III.67 18Science and aeronautics
III.67 19Veteran's benefits
III.67 20Veterans
III.68 1Ways and Means-Social Services
III.68 2-3 Ways and Means-Tax Reform
III.68 4Ways and Means-Pension Reform
III.68 5Ways and Means-Depletion tax (Energy and minerals)
III.68 6Ways and Means-Social Security
III.68 7Ways and Means-Gasoline tax
III.68 8Foreign Affairs-Foreign trade
III.68 9Select Committee on Committees
III.69 1S. Con. Res. 72-Winter Olympics
III.69 2S. Con. Res. 81-Missing In Action, Southeast Asia
III.69 3S. Con. Res. 93-Inflation Policy Study
III.69 4H. Con. Res. 507-Turkish Opium Ban
III.69 5H. Con. Res. 566-Additional copies impeachment inquries
III.69 6H. Con. Res. 559-Impeachment inquiry
III.69 7H. Con. Res. 667-Budget outlay target
III.69 8S. J. Res. 40-White House Conference on Library and Information Services
III.69 9S. J. Res. 123-Former Chief Justice Earl Warren
III.69 10S. J. Res. 202-Vice President's residence
III.69 11S. J. Res. 218-Export-Import bank
III.69 12S. J. Res. 224-March of Dimes
III.69 13S. J. Res. 229-Export-Import bank
III.69 14S. J. Res. 236-Art object indemnification
III.69 15S. J. Res. 250-Regional rail reorganization
III.69 16S. J. Res. 251-Export-Import
III.69 17S. 386-Mass transportation
III.69 18S. 411-Postal rate adjustments
III.69 19S. 628-Civil service annuitants
III.69 20S. 663-ICC Decisions
III.69 21S. 782-Antitrust procedures and penalties
III.69 22S. 969-Publication of constitution rights of Indians
III.69 23S. 1064-Judicial disqualification
III.69 24S. 1083-Explosives
III.69 25S. 1125-Alcohol abuse program
III.69 26S. 1206-Immigration and nationality
III.69 27S. 1227-Communications Common Carriers
III.69 28S. 1296-Grand Canyon National Park
III.69 29S. 1353-Vessel spaces
III.69 30S. 1479-Common carrier service applications
III.69 31S 1585-Woodsy owl
III.69 32S. 1728-War claims act
III.69 33S. 1752-National Commission on Productivity
III.69 34S. 1836-American Hospital of Paris
III.69 35S. 1866-Federal retirement annuities
III.69 36S. 1901-Mint buildings
III.69 37S. 2137-Smithsonian Institution
III.69 38S. 2174-Civil service retirement
III.69 39S. 2348-Canal zone
III.69 40S. 2363-Disabled veteran's equipment
III.69 41S. 2441-American War Mothers
III.69 42S. 2467-Alien radio operators license
III.69 43S. 2770-Military medical officers bonus
III.69 44S. 2771-Special pay bonus-military
III.69 45S. 2844-Recreation fees
III.69 46S. 3052-Appellate courts
III.69 47S. 3062-Disaster relief
III.69 48S. 3202-Farm Labor contractors
III.69 49S. 3228-Funeral transportation, families of prisoners of war
III.69 50S. 3304-US/China agreement
III.69 51S. 3362-Federal Columbia River transportation
III.69 52S. 3373-Congressional record
III.69 53S. 3703-Public defenders
III.69 54S. 3906-Non-pilots commanding flying units
III.69 55S. 3934-Federal highway authorization
III.69 56S. 3979-Home mortgages
III.69 57S. 4013-American Legion
III.69 58S. 4016-[Richard] Nixon's tapes
III.69 59S. 4040-Veteran's pensions
III.69 60S. 4073-Water pollution control
III.69 61H. Res. 737-Subpoena power for House administration
III.69 62H. Res. 768 and H. Res. 1027-Funding judiciary committee
III.69 63H. Res. 803-Subpoena authority
III.69 64H. Res. 835-Trucker's full cost
III.69 65H. Res. 916-Funding resolutions for committees
III.69 66H. Res. 947-Reorganization plan number 2 (1973)
III.69 67H. Res. 988-Committee reform
III.69 68H. Res. 1107-Broadcasting of meetings
III.69 69H. Res. 1210-Judiciary committee
III.69 70H. Res. 1258-Chemical warfare policy review
III.69 71H. Res. 1387-Amendments in congressional record
2. Bill files
Materials in these files include correspondence, copies of bills, telegrams, Whip advisories and bill summaries. Many of the bills relate to environmental issues, appropriations and international issues.
III.69 72H. Res. 1399-World food situation, 1974
III.69 73H. J. Res. 876-Laotian military student, 1974
III.69 74H. J. Res. 898-National legal secretaries week, 1974
III.69 75H. J. Res. 910-National hunting and fishing day, 1974
III.70 1H. J. Res. 942-Veterans appropriations, 1974
III.70 2H. J. Res. 1056-Defense production act extension, 1974
III.70 3H. J. Res. 1057-Export administration act extension, 1974
III.70 4H. J. Res. 1061-Veterans administration, 1974
III.70 5H. J. Res. 1062-Continuing resolution, 1974
III.70 6H. J. Res. 1070-"Johnny Horizon", 1974
III.70 7H. J. Res. 1105-Women's equality day, 1974
III.70 8H. J. Res. 1117-American Indian Policy review committee, 1974
III.70 9H. J. Res. 1131-Continuing appropriations, 1974
III.70 10H. J. Res. 1161-US nuclear warships, 1974
III.70 11H. J. Res. 1167-Continuing appropriations, 1974
III.70 12H. J. Res. 1180-Supplemental appropriations, 1974
III.70 13HR 2-Employee benefit security act, 1974
III.70 14HR 69-Elementary and secondary education, 1974
III.70 15HR 75/HR 7-Game management on public lands, 1974
III.70 16HR 296-Historical and archaeological data preservation, 1974
III.70 17HR 421-Upholstery items duty free import, 1974
III.70 18HR 2283/HR 11809-Straight baselines for measuring fisheries zone, 1974
III.70 19HR 2286/HR 11541-Wildlife refugees right of way, 1974
III.70 20HR 2933-Fisheries, 1974
III.70 21HR 3152-Tech and conference changes in social security, 1974
III.70 22HR 3418-Uniform enlistment qualifications, 1974
III.70 23HR 3855-Anti-hijacking act, 1974
III.70 24HR 4832-Debt ceiling increase, 1974
III.70 25HR 4861-Piscataway, Maryland National Park, 1974
III.70 26HR 5385-Surface transportation, 1974
III.70 27HR 5450-Prevention of marine pollution, 1974
III.70 28HR 5463-Federal rules of evidence, 1974
III.70 29HR 5529-Motor vehicle and schoolbus safety, 1974
III.70 30HR 5686-Motor vehicle, 1974
III.70 31HR 5975-Convention on high seas intervention, 1974
III.70 32HR 6120-Manatra II training ship, 1974
III.70 33HR 6175-National Institute on Aging, 1974
III.70 34HR 6191-Duty free import of zinc, 1974
III.70 35HR 6371-Indians financing and economic development, 1974
III.70 36HR 6574-Servicemen's group life insurance, 1974
III.70 37HR 6668-State conducted lotteries, 1974
III.70 38HR 7077-Cuyahoga National Park, 1974
III.71 1HR 7130-Budget reform, 1974
III.71 2HR 7486-Boston National Historic Park, 1974
III.71 3HR 7824-Legal services, 1974
III.71 4HR 7917-Consumer warranties, 1974
III.71 5HR 8053-Voter registration act, 1974
III.71 6HR 8101-Fish and wildlife service, 1974
III.71 7HR 8193-Energy Transportation Security, 1974
III.71 8HR 8217-Duty-free ship repairs, 1974
III.71 9HR 8352-Cascade Head scenic area, 1974
III.71 10HR 8586-SS Independence, 1974
III.71 11HR 8747-DC smallpox vaccination, 1974
III.71 12HR 8864-Girls in little league baseball, 1974
III.71 13HR 8958-Excess federal property located within Indian reservations, 1974
III.71 14HR 8977-Egmont Key Florida-National Wildlife refuge, 1974
III.71 15HR 9256-Government employee health benefits, 1974
III.71 16HR 9293-Coast Guard, 1974
III.71 17HR 9440-Federal health benefits, 1974
III.71 18HR 9492-Chattooga River as a component of National Wild and Scenic River system, 1974
III.71 19HR 9989-Real estate settlement procedures, 1974
III.71 20HR 10294-Land use, 1974
III.71 21HR 10309-Boiler and pressure standards, 1974
III.71 22HR 10337-Navajo-Hopi partition, 1974
III.71 23HR 10510-Congressional approval of economic census question, 1974
III.71 24HR 10701-Deepwater ports, 1974
III.71 25HR 10834-Golden Gate National Recreation, 1974
III.71 26HR 10942-Migratory bird convention, 1974
III.72 1HR 10957-Public Health Service Act amendments, 1974
III.72 2HR 10972-Wildlife restoration projects, 1974
III.72 3HR 10203-Water resources development conference report, 1974
III.72 4HR 10265-Audits of federal reserve system, 1974
III.72 5HR 11010-Manpower training, 1974
III.72 6HR 11013-Farallon National Wildlife Refuge, 1974
III.72 7HR 11035-Metric system conversion, 1974
III.72 8HR 11105-Nutrition for elderly, 1974
III.72 9HR 11143-Blind-handicapped purchases, 1974
III.72 10HR 11221-Deposit insurance coverage, 1974
III.72 11HR 11223-C-4's in Guam trade, 1974
III.72 12HR 11295-Anadromous fish conservation, 1974
III.72 13HR 11321-Public safety officers' benefits, 1974
III.72 14HR 11354-International development association, 1974
III.72 15HR 11385-Health services research, health statistics and medical libraries act, 1974
III.72 16HR 11386-Sudden infant death syndrome act, 1974
III.72 17HR 11387-Comprehensive alcohol abuse and alcoholism treatment and rehabilitation act amendments, 1974
III.72 18HR 11452-Ways and means duty suspensions, 1974
III.72 19HR 11510-Energy reorganization act of 1973, 1973
III.72 20HR 11537-Public lands conservation, 1974
III.72 21HR 11541-Wildlife refuge, 1974
III.72 22HR 11666-Asian development bank, 1974
III.72 23HR 11793-Federal Energy Administration, 1974
III.72 24HR 11796-Canada-France-Hawaii telescope project, 1974
III.72 25HR 11830-Synthetic rutile duty-free import, 1974
III.72 26HR 11864-Solar heating and cooling, 1974
III.73 1HR 11873-Animal health research, 1974
III.73 2HR 11929-Tennessee Valley Authority pollution control facility, 1974
III.73 3HR 11989-Fire prevention, 1974
III.73 4HR 12000-Egg research and consumer information act, 1974
III.73 5HR 12071-Forest service fire protection, 1974
III.73 6HR 12109-DC neighborhood councils, 1974
III.73 7HR 12113-General accounting office, 1974
III.73 8HR 12165-Colorado river basin, 1974
III.73 9HR 12208-Container barge service, 1974
III.73 10HR 12253-Federal education funds, 1974
III.73 11HR 12281-Copper, 1974
III.73 12HR 12341-Wake Forest University, 1974
III.73 13HR 12356-Indian claims committee, 1974
III.73 14HR 12412-Foreign disaster assistance, 1974
III.73 15HR 12417-Diabetes mellitus, 1974
III.73 16HR 12427-National defense reserve floor, 1974
III.73 17HR 12435-Minimum Wage, 1974
III.73 18HR 12465-Foreign service buildings, 1974
III.73 19HR 12466-State Department supplemental authorization, 1974
III.73 20HR 12471-Freedom of Information, 1974
III.73 21HR 12473-Eisenhower Center funds, 1974
III.73 22HR 12503-Narcotic treatment programs, 1974
III.73 23HR 12526-Rural electrification, 1974
III.73 24HR 12565-DOD supplemental authorization, 1974
III.73 25HR 12628-Veterans education rehabilitation, 1974
III.73 26HR 12670-Aviation Center incentive pay, 1974
III.73 27HR 12799-Arms control and disarmament authorization, 1974
III.73 28HR 12832-DC law revision commission, 1974
III.73 29HR12859-Federal mass transportation, 1974
III.73 30HR12920-Peace Corps authorization, 1974
III.73 31HR 12925-Supplemental maritime authorization, 1974
III.73 32HR 12972-Harper's Ferry monument, 1974
III.73 33HR 12993-Broadcast license renewals, 1974
III.73 34HR 13002-Safe drinking water, 1974
III.73 35HR 13044-Defense production act, 1974
III.73 36HR 13053-National Cancer program authorization, 1974
III.73 37HR 13054-Girls in naval sea cadet corps, 1974
III.74 1HR 13113-Commodity futures trading act, 1974
III.74 2HR 13157-National historic sites, 1974
III.74 3HR 13163-Consumer protection act, 1974
III.74 4HR 13221-Saline water program, 1974
III.74 5HR 13261-US-Hungarian claims agreement, 1974
III.74 6HR 13267-Guam, 1974
III.74 7HR 13296-Maritime authorization, 1974
III.74 8HR 13340-Transmittal of census tabulations, 1974
III.74 9HR 13342-Farm labor registration, 1974
III.74 10HR 13364-Piracy of sound, 1974
III.74 11HR 13370-Duty suspension, 1974
III.74 12HR 13377-Medical college for US allies, 1974
III.74 13HR 13515-Librarian of Congress retirement, 1974
III.74 14HR 13542-Commissioner of Fish and Wildlife, 1974
III.74 15HR 13561-Intercoastal shipping, 1974
III.74 16HR 13565-Nonnuclear energy sources, 1974
III.74 17HR 13595-Coast Guard authorization, 1974
III.74 18HR 13608-School fare subsidy, 1974
III.74 19HR 13631-Horses duty-free imports, 1974
III.74 20HR 13678-Labor relations act, 1974
III.74 21HR 13791-Icebreaking operations, 1974
III.74 22HR 13834-Standby emergency authorization act, 1974
III.74 23HR 13839-International economic policy, 1974
III.74 24HR 13871-Federal employee compensation, 1974
III.74 25HR 13919-AEC [Atomic Energy Commission] authorization, 1974
III.74 26HR 13973-Overseas investment corporation, 1974
III.74 27HR 13998-NASA authorization, 1974
III.74 28HR 13999-National Science Foundation authorization, 1974
III.74 29HR 14012-Legislative appropriations, 1974
III.74 30HR 14013-Supplemental appropriations, 1974
III.74 31HR 14117-Disabled veterans, 1974
III.74 32HR 14167-Pennsylvania Avenue Development Corporation, 1974
III.74 33HR 14213-Drug enforcement, 1974
III.74 34HR 14214-Health revenue sharing, 1974
III.75 1HR 14215-Developmental disabilities, 1974
III.75 2HR 14217-National Park system, 1974
III.75 3HR 14225-Rehabilitation, 1974
III.75 4HR 14266-International air transportation, 1974
III.75 5HR 14291-Northwest Atlantic fisheries, 1974
III.75 6HR 14354-National School Lunch, 1974
III.75 7HR 14368-Energy supply and coordination, 1974
III.75 8HR 14402-Air Force officers, 1974
III.75 9HR 14334-Energy research appropriations, 1974
III.75 10HR 14449-Community services act, 1974
III.75 11HR 14494-Simplified purchase procedures, 1974
III.75 12HR14592-Military procurement authorization, 1974
III.75 13HR 14597-International criminal police organization, 1974
III.75 14HR 14600-Panama Canal Company, 1974
III.75 15HR 14689-Lowell Historic Canal District, Lowell, MA, 1974
III.75 16HR 14715-White House authorization, 1974
III.75 17HR 14747-Sugar, 1974
III.75 18HR 14780-International broadcasting act, 1974
III.75 19HR 14791-Wild and scenic rivers study, 1974
III.75 20HR 14833-Renegotiation act extension, 1974
III.75 21HR 14882-Public works, 1974
III.75 22HR 14897-Youth Conservation Corps, 1974
III.75 23HR 14920-Geothermal energy, 1974
III.75 24HR 14992-Domestic food assistance program, 1974
III.75 25HR 15008-Weather modification program, 1974
III.75 26HR 15046-US Information Agency, 1974
III.75 27HR 15074-District of Columbia campaign finances, 1974
III.75 28HR 15124-Food stamps, 1974
III.75 29HR 15155-AEC appropriations, 1974
III.75 30HR 15172-Passport application fee, 1974
III.75 31HR 15173-Wiretapping, 1974
III.75 32HR 15205-Pipeline safety, 1974
III.75 33HR 15223-Railroad safety, 1974
III.75 34HR 15229-Canal Zone [Panama], 1974
III.75 35HR 15223-Federal procurement policy, 1974
III.75 36HR 15264-Exports administration act, 1974
III.76 1HR 15276-Juvenile delinquency, 1974
III.76 2HR 15296-Education fellowship program, 1974
III.76 3HR 15301-Railroad retirement system, 1974
III.76 4HR 15323-Atomic energy, 1974
III.76 5HR 15361-Housing and Urban Development, 1974
III.76 6HR 15404-State, Commerce and Judiciary appropriations, 1974
III.76 7HR 15405-Transportation appropriations, 1974
III.76 8HR 15406-Military compensation, 1974
III.76 9HR 15416-Atomic energy, 1974
III.76 10HR 15427-Rail passenger service act, 1974
III.76 11HR 15461-Federal rules of criminal procedure, 1974
III.76 12HR15465-International Development Association, 1974
III.76 13HR 15472-Agriculture environment consumer protection, 1974
III.76 14HR 15487-Foreign investment study, 1974
III.76 15HR 15540-Sanctuaries, 1974
III.76 16HR 15544-Treasury postal appropriations, 1974
III.76 17HR 15560-Emergency livestock loan, 1974
III.76 18HR 15572-Housing and Urban Development, 1974
III.76 19HR 15578-Small Business Administration Act, 1974
III.76 20HR 15580-Labor-HEW appropriations, 1974
III.76 21HR 15581-District of Columbia appropriations, 1974
III.76 22HR 15582-International nuclear agreement, 1974
III.76 23HR 15736-Federal reclamation projects, 1974
III.76 24HR 15818-National Historical publications, 1974
III.76 25HR 15903-Federal employee per diem, 1974
III.76 26HR 15912-Veterans housing, 1974
III.76 27HR 15928-Regulation of debt obligations, 1974
III.76 28HR 15936-Military physicians, 1974
III.77 1District of Columbia legislation, 1974
III.77 2HR 15972-Coast Guard officer program, 1974
III.77 3HR 15977-Ex-Im bann act amendments, 1974
III.77 4HR 16027-Department of Interior appropriations, 1974
III.77 5HR 16032-Composition of Penny-Eisenhower College, 1974
III.77 6HR 16045-Solid Waste disposal, 1974
III.77 7HR 16074-Nuclear information for Congress, 1974
III.77 8HR 16077-National Health Service Corporations Scholarships, 1974
III.77 9HR 16090-Federal Election Campaign Act, 1974
III.77 10HR 16102-Daylight Savings, 1974
III.77 11HR 16136-Military construction authority, 1974
III.77 12HR 16168-State Department authority, 1974
III.77 13HR 16204-National health policy, planning and resources development, 1974
III.77 14HR 16225-Joint funding simplification, 1974
III.77 15HR 16243-Defense appropriations, 1974
III.77 16HR 16371-Solar energy research, 1974
III.77 17HR 16373-Privacy, 1974
III.77 18HR 16424-Commission on federal paperwork, 1974
III.77 19HR 16425-Cost of living task force, 1974
III.78 1HR 16596-Emergency jobs act, 1974
III.78 2HR 16609-Atomic Energy Commission Authorization, 1974
III.78 3HR 16757-Emergency Petro Association, 1974
III.78 4HR 16900-Supplemental appropriations, 1974
III.78 5HR 16901-Agriculture, environment and consumer protection appropriations, 1974
III.78 6HR 16982-United Nations peace-keeping force, 1974
III.78 7HR 17026-Speakers of the House, 1974
III.78 8HR 17077-National Visitors Center, 1974
III.78 9HR 17045-Social Services, 1974
III.78 10HR 17084-Health manpower, 1974
III.78 11HR 17085-Nurse training, 1974
III.78 12HR 17234-Foreign assistance, 1974
III.78 13HR 17311-Procedures for protective services, 1974
III.78 14HR 17409-Speedy trial act of 1974, 1974
III.78 15HR 17434-National Wildlife refuge system, 1974
III.78 16HR 17468-Military construction appropriations, 1974
III.78 17HR 17481-Harry S Truman Memorial, 1974
III.78 18HR 17505-Budget recessions, 1974
III.78 19HR 17558-St. Lawrence seaway, 1974
III.78 20HR 17597-Emergency unemployment compensation, 1974
III.78 21Newspaper clippings related to the land use, foreign aid, school aid, busing, minimum wage and Vietnam veteran education bills, 1974

I. 1975

( 8 box(es) ) ( (3.75 linear feet) )
This subseries consists of files from the District of Columbia and the Interstate and Foreign Commerce committees, on which Stuckey served. Materials consist of correspondence, reports, testimony, printed materials, newspaper clippings and brochures. Highlights from the District of Columbia committee files include materials related to public education, the 1976 American Bicentennial celebration and law enforcement for the district. The Interstate and Foreign Commerce committee files contain items on the Arab boycott, consumer product safety act, energy and railroad industry reform.
III.79 1District of Columbia-Acts of the District
III.79 2District of Columbia-Analysis of the Automotive sulfate question
III.79 3District of Columbia-Bicentennial Planning in Washington
III.79 4District of Columbia-Recommendations on the DC Bicentennial
III.79 5District of Columbia-Boxing Commission
III.79 6District of Columbia-Census Supplement 1973
III.79 7District of Columbia-Committee of the District of Columbia
III.79 8District of Columbia-Conference HR 10035
III.79 9District of Columbia-Consulting Contract
III.79 10District of Columbia-Criminal Justice
III.79 11District of Columbia-Criminal Justice
III.79 12District of Columbia-District Day-House Floor
III.79 13District of Columbia-Education survey
III.79 14District of Columbia-Federal City College
III.80 1District of Columbia-Juvenile delinquency testimony
III.80 3District of Columbia-Testimony Alexandria City public schools, May 15, 1975
III.80 4District of Columbia-Testimony on truancy
III.80 5District of Columbia-Teacher's pension fund
III.80 6District of Columbia-Enclave repeal
III.80 7District of Columbia-Environmental services
III.80 8District of Columbia-Fiscal affairs
III.80 9District of Columbia-Gross receipts tax
III.80 10District of Columbia-Improve law enforcement and criminal justice
III.80 11District of Columbia-Law clerks HR 4287
III.80 12District of Columbia-Mayor's legislative program
III.80 13District of Columbia-Metro security force hearings
III.81 1District of Columbia-HR8719 Metro Police Force
III.81 2District of Columbia-Establishing a Metro security program
III.81 3-4 District of Columbia-Mr. Chairman (Evidence and Statements, Act 1-46)
III.81 5District of Columbia-National Capitol Service Area
III.81 6District of Columbia-Professional franchise tax
III.82 1District of Columbia-Rental Accommodations Act of 1975
III.82 2District of Columbia-Revenue Act of 1975
III.82 3District of Columbia-Speculators tax
III.82 4District of Columbia-Transfer land to RLA (Redevelopment Land Agency) HR 9958
III.82 5District of Columbia-WMATA, Connecticut and L site
III.83 1Interstate and Foreign Commerce-Amtrack "Inter-American'
III.83 2-3 Interstate and Foreign Commerce-Arab Boycott Investigation
III.83 4-5 Interstate and Foreign Commerce-Consumer Product Safety Act
III.83 6Interstate and Foreign Commerce-Consumer Product Safety Commission Improvement Act of 1975
III.83 7Interstate and Foreign Commerce-Decontrol of old oil
III.83 8Interstate and Foreign Commerce-Energy Conservation and oil
III.84 1Interstate and Foreign Commerce-Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations, delays in natural gas production
III.84 2Interstate and Foreign Commerce-Delays in natural gas production
III.84 3Interstate and Foreign Commerce-Fuel adjustment clause
III.84 4Interstate and Foreign Commerce-Natural gas, Louisiana field
III.84 5Interstate and Foreign Commerce-Old oil allocation
III.84 6Interstate and Foreign Commerce-Petroleum Arctic gas energy
III.84 7Interstate and Foreign Commerce-Petroleum industry
III.84 8Interstate and Foreign Commerce-Municipal securities
III.84 9Interstate and Foreign Commerce-Subcommittee on business, commerce and taxation reference manual on HR 5448 district of columbia no-fault motor vehicle insurance act
III.84 10Interstate and Foreign Commerce-Oversight and investigations housing, education and welfare
III.84 11-13 Interstate and Foreign Commerce-Railroads
III.85 1Interstate and Foreign Commerce-Background briefing of railroad ratemaking
III.85 2Interstate and Foreign Commerce-A brief summary of railroads of selected industrial countries
III.85 3Interstate and Foreign Commerce-Railroad Reform Act of 1975
III.85 4Interstate and Foreign Commerce-Railroad Reform Act of 1975
III.85 5Interstate and Foreign Commerce-United States Railway Association Final System Plan
III.85 6Interstate and Foreign Commerce-Evaluation of US Railway Association's preliminary system plan supplemental report
III.85 7Interstate and Foreign Commerce-Operating and financial implications of government takeover of the US Railroad industry's fixed plant
III.85 8Interstate and Foreign Commerce-ICC evaluation of the US railway association's final system plan
III.85 9Interstate and Foreign Commerce-Rail improvement and employment
III.85 10Interstate and Foreign Commerce-Regional rail reorganization act of 1973
III.86 1-2 Interstate and Foreign Commerce-Securities regulations
III.86 3Interstate and Foreign Commerce-War Claims Act Amendments

J. 1976

( 3 box(es) ) ( (1.5 linear feet) )
This subseries consists of reports, correspondence, printed materials and newspaper clippings from Stuckey's last year in US House of Representatives. Of interest are materials related to health issues, occupational health and safety administration and the environment.
III.87 1Congressional liaison offices
III.87 2Correspondence with other members
III.87 3Watershed work plan for watershed protection and flood prevention, Mill Branch watershed
III.87 4Environmental impact statement, Mill Branch Watershed, Bacon County, GA
III.87 5Health, Education and Welfare
III.87 6Miscellaneous-Health
III.87 7Miscellaneous-Health
III.87 8Aged, blind and disabled supplemental secretary income
III.87 9Daily congressional notification of grants and contracts awarded (National Science Foundation), 1976 August 23-26
III.87 10Forward plan for health, FY1978-1982
III.87 11Health grants
III.87 12Health issues on capitol hill, 1976 September
III.87 13Health resources administration
III.88 1Health services areas
III.88 2Medicare and medicaid
III.88 3Nursing capitation grant program, 1976
III.88 4Private higher education annual report
III.88 5Rehabilitation services administration grants
III.88 6Rehabilitation services administration grants
III.88 7International Trade Commission
III.88 8Interstate Commerce Commission
III.88 9US Department of the Interior
III.88 10Earthquake prediction opportunity to avert disaster
III.88 11National Park Service
III.88 12Outdoor recreation
III.88 13Justice, Department of
III.88 14Law Enforcement Assistance Administration (Dept. of Interior)
III.89 1Naturalizations
III.89 2Labor, Department of
III.89 3Manpower Administration
III.89 4-5 Occupational Safety and Health Administration
III.89 6Wage and Labor Standards
III.89 7Workmen's and Federal Employee compensation