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Thomas J. Schoenbaum Collection of Dean Rusk Files

Thomas J. Schoenbaum Collection of Dean Rusk Files

Descriptive Summary

Title: Thomas J. Schoenbaum Collection of Dean Rusk Files
Creator: Schoenbaum, Thomas J.
Inclusive Dates: 1961-1988
Bulk Dates: 1961-1969
Language(s): English
Extent: 86 box(es) (43.5 linear feet)
Collection Number: RBRL196DRTS
Repository: Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies
Abstract: The Thomas J. Schoenbaum Files consists of research materials collected for use by Dr. Schoenbaum in writing a book on Dean Rusk. They deal mainly with Mr. Rusk's service as a Secretary of State in the administrations of Presidents Kennedy and Johnson, 1961-1969.

Collection Description

Biographical Note

Dean Rusk was born on February 9, 1909 in Cherokee County, Georgia. He attended Lee Street Elementary and Boys' High School in Atlanta, Georgia. Rusk obtained an A.B. degree from Davidson College, North Carolina in 1931, and a B.S. (Rhodes Scholar) and M.A. in 1933 and 1934 from St. John's, Oxford, England. He returned to the United States to become Associate Professor of Government and Dean of Faculty at Mills College, Oakland, California, from 1934 to 1940 and studied law at the University of California, Berkeley, class of 1940.

Rusk served in the United States Army from 1940 to 1946 in the China-Burma-India theater. At first he served with the Third Infantry Division, then later with the Military Intelligence Service. Rusk was released from duty with the rank of colonel.

After his military career ended, Rusk joined the Department of State from 1947 to 1952, as Assistant Secretary of State for United Nations Affairs and for Far Eastern Affairs. From 1952 to 1960 he was president of the Rockefeller Foundation. In 1961, President John F. Kennedy appointed Rusk to the office of Secretary of State. He remained in this position until 1969, through the administrations of Kennedy and Lyndon B. Johnson.

Rusk was in office during the ill-fated Bay of Pigs invasion, when East Germany began constructing the Berlin Wall, and as the world teetered on the brink of nuclear war during the Cuban Missile Crisis. He was also Secretary of State during the height of the Vietnam Conflict.

In 1970, Rusk came to the University of Georgia's School of Law as the Samuel H. Sibley Professor of International Law, and he later established the Dean Rusk Center for International and Comparative Law. Rusk served the University of Georgia until his death on December 20, 1994.

Rusk married Virginia Foisle in June, 1937. They had three children together, David Patrick, Richard Geary and Margaret Elizabeth. In 1990, As I Saw It, the book he co-authored with his son, Richard, was published.

Thomas J. Schoenbaum currently serves a Professor of International Studies at the International Christian University in Japan. He has taught at the law schools of the University of North Carolina, Tulane University, and the University of Georgia. At Tulane he served as associate dean and at Georgia he was executive director of the Dean Rusk Center of International and Comparative Law. He has practiced law extensively as special counsel for several law firms and has litigated corporate, environmental, and admiralty cases in the federal courts. Professor Schoenbaum has received six Fulbright awards and has held teaching posts in many countries, including Germany, Belgium, the UK, South Africa, Austria, Russia, and Japan. He has served as visiting fellow at St. John's College, Oxford and as principal fellow of the Lauterpacht Research Centre of International Law at Cambridge. Professor Schoenbaum specializes in international commercial and environmental law. He is the author of many articles and books, including The World Trade Organization: Law, Policy and Practice (2003), Admiralty and Maritime Law (3d ed. 2001), and Environmental Policy Law (2002). He is currently working on new books in the areas of international environmental law and international business transactions. (Courtesy of the George Washington University Law School website, 2007)

Scope and Content

The Thomas J. Schoenbaum Files consists of research materials collected for use by Dr. Schoenbaum in writing a book on Dean Rusk. They deal mainly with Mr. Rusk's service as a Secretary of State in the administrations of Presidents Kennedy and Johnson, 1961-1969. Documents originating in the office of the secretary of state during those years are located in the Kennedy and Johnson presidential libraries, the National Archives, and the Department of State files. Copies of selected documents were made and brought together by Dr. Schoenbaum's research assistant, Ms. Savanna Jackson. The papers were arranged according to their intended usage, and that arrangement has been retained. Headings from government files as used in the presidential libraries have been kept. Guides to the Kennedy and Johnson libraries are included.

Documents from the presidential libraries and National Archives, speeches of Dean Rusk, State Department bulletins and correspondence, although copies of the originals, are treated as primary sources. Selected secondary sources, made up of printed materials not easily available elsewhere, provide additional information on Mr. Rusk's career and the times.

Organization and Arrangement

The papers are divided into seven series. Series I, Personal/Family, pertains to childhood and school days, including some family letters and references to military service. Mr. Rusk's 75th birthday celebration, held at the Department of State, is documented here. The other six series deal with Mr. Rusk's years of public service. Some original photographs are located in Box 3. Portions of Dr. Schoenbaum's manuscript are included in the last three boxes. There is a transcript of an interview with Mr. Rusk by Richard Holbrooke and Brian van DeMark on Israel, Robert Lovett, and Vietnam.

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Thomas J. Schoenbaum Collection of Dean Rusk Files, Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies, University of Georgia Libraries, Athens, Georgia, 30602-1641.

Processing Notes

Documents copied from the National Archives and some presidential libraries are included in Series IV.

User Restrictions

Library acts as "fair use" reproduction agent.

Copyright Information

Before material from collections at the Richard B. Russell Library may be quoted in print, or otherwise reproduced, in whole or in part, in any publication, permission must be obtained from (1) the owner of the physical property, and (2) the holder of the copyright. It is the particular responsibility of the researcher to obtain both sets of permission. Persons wishing to quote from materials in the Russell Library collection should consult the Director. Reproduction of any item must contain a complete citation to the original.

Finding Aid Publication

Finding aid prepared on: 2008.

Related Materials and Subjects

Subject Terms

Cuban Missile Crisis, 1962.
Johnson, Lyndon B. (Lyndon Baines), 1908-1973
Kennedy, John F. (John Fitzgerald), 1917-1963
Korean War, 1950-1953.
Rusk, Dean, 1909-1994
Truman, Harry S., 1884-1972
United States -- Foreign relations -- Cuba.
United States -- Foreign relations -- Vietnam.
United States. President (1945-1953 : Truman)
United States. President (1961-1963 : Kennedy)
United States. President (1963-1969 : Johnson)
Vietnam War, 1961-1975.

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Series Descriptions and Folder Listing


I. Personal/Family

3 box(es)
(1.5 linear feet)
This series contains biographical information obtained from family letters, interviews with friends and associates, and the press. There is overlap between the first two boxes. Letters written by Dean Rusk to his family are mixed with news clippings. There are letters from Davidson College, Oxford University, and World War II military service. Box 3 represents the celebration of Dean Rusk's 75th birthday (1984) at the Department of State, given by Secretary Schultz and co-sponsored by Georgetown University and the Southern Center for International Studies.

A. Biographical Information

I.11Dean Rusk-Early Years, 1909-1931
I.12Dean Rusk-Oxford and Mills [letters, oral history], 1931-1939
I.13Dean Rusk-Military Service 1939-1946 [newspaper articles], 1985
I.14Dean Rusk-State Department, 1946-1951
I.15Dean Rusk-Rockefeller Foundation, 1951-1960
I.16Dean Rusk-General [plan for T. Schoenbaum's biography]
I.17Dean Rusk-Secretary of State and the press [empty]
I.18Dean Rusk-Secretary of State, Vietnam, Southeast Asia
I.19Dean Rusk-Secretary of State, The Russians [empty]
I.110Dean Rusk-Secretary of State, Latin America- Dominican Republic [empty]
I.111Dean Rusk-Africa [empty]
I.112Dean Rusk-Economic Affairs [empty]
I.113Dean Rusk-Middle East [empty]
I.114Dean Rusk-Civil Rights [empty]
I.115Dean Rusk-Secretary of State, Congress and State Department [empty]
I.116Dean Rusk-Secretary of State, Cuba [empty]
I.117Dean Rusk-Secretary of State, Berlin
I.21Recent Articles on Dean Rusk, [1984]
I.22Letters, 1935-1985 (with gaps)
I.23Rusk: Georgia boyhood and Davidson
I.24Clippings: Dean Rusk and family, undated
I.25Photos, quips, stories of Dean Rusk, undated
I.26Rusks entertaining, undated
I.27Biographical information, includes clippings, 1961-1963, 1986.

B. 75th Birthday

I.31Birthday: Dean Rusk, Department of State
I.32Birthday: A Commemorative Record, 1984.
I.33Birthday: New York Times
I.34Birthday: Press List
I.35Birthday: Department of State Scenario
I.36Birthday: Washington Post
I.37Birthday: The News and Observer
I.38Birthday: The Columbus Dispatch
I.39Birthday: Women's Wear Daily
I.310Birthday: Press and Promotion-biography, research
I.311Birthday: Press and Promotion-photos

II. Speeches and Writings

1 box(es)
(.5 linear feet)
Copied from various sources. Arranged in chronological order (approximate) earliest date first. Each speech or writing is in a separate folder, labeled with title and date. Some interviews published in news magazines are included as well as Congressional Committee hearings, letters sent, and addresses delivered orally.
II.41Address before Kiwanis Club of Atlanta, 6/10/1947
II.42"Tax-Exempt Foundations" Committee Hearing, November/December 1952
II.43"Case Study of the Japanese Peace Treaty", March 1955
II.44"The President", April 1960
II.45Rusk letter to JFK, 22 November 1960
II.46"Clarity-at a moment of Crisis", 1961
II.47Nomination of Dean Rusk, Secretary of State designate hearing, 1/12/1961
II.48"Views of Dean Rusk-next Secretary of State": U.S. News and World Report, 12/26/1960
II.49"Charting a New Course in Foreign Aid", May 1961
II.410"Building the Frontiers of Freedom", 5/31/1961
II.411Interview on Meet the Press, 8/20/1961
II.412"Where the U.S. is Headed in Today's World", 1/29/1962
II.413"The Tragedy of Cuba", 2/15/1962
II.414"Trade and the Atlantic Partnership", 5/17/1962
II.415"America's Destiny in the Building of a World Community", May 1962
II.416Fourth of July Speech, 1962
II.417"Winning a Worldwide Victory", 8/13/1962
II.418CBS-David Schoenbrun, 11/28/1962
II.419Review of Winds of Freedom, undated
II.420"The Making of Foreign Policy", 1/11/1964
II.421Dean Rusk interviewed by Prof. Eric Goldman, February 1964
II.422"The Toilsome Path to Peace", 3/19/1964
II.423"Policy, Persistence, and Patience", 1/3/1965
II.424FACE THE NATION interview on Vietnam, 3/8/1965
II.425"Guidelines of U.S. Foreign Policy", 6/8/1965
II.426"Vietnam: 4 Steps to Peace", 6/23/1965
II.427"The Anatomy of Foreign Policy Decisions", 9/7/1965
II.428"The Unseen Search for Peace", October 1965
II.429"The Heart of the Problem-Vietnam", 3/17/1966
II.430"Organizing the Peace for Man's Survival", 5/24/1966
II.431"U.S. Policy Toward Communist China", 5/2/1966
II.432"International Defense Commitments of the U.S.", 8/25/1966
II.433"The Outlook for Freedom", 9/21/1966
II.434Reports by Rusk, McNamara, McCloy, 11/23/1966
II.435Dean Rusk Remarks at White House Luncheon for General Westmoreland, May 1967
II.436CBS: FACE THE NATION, 7/30/1967
II.437Indiana University interview, 10/31/1967
II.438"Our Purpose is Peace"-Reader's Digest interview, December 1967
II.439Rusk vs. Senators: The war explained U.S. News and World Report, 3/25/1967
II.440"The non-proliferation of nuclear weapons", 5/2/1968
II.441"Some Myths About Foreign Policy", 9/12/1968
II.442"U.S. War Policy-the Official Word", October 1968
II.443"The Rights of Men and Nations", October 1968
II.444Rusk's Analysis: Hanoi Pushes Build-Up, August 1968
II.445Rusk letter to Nobel Committee nominating John D. Rockefeller III, 1968
II.446Medal of Freedom to Rusk-his response, 1/16/1969
II.447Rusk Looks back over Eight Years (US News), 1969
II.448Rusk Looks Back on Vietnam (Evening Sunday Star), 7/11/1971
II.449Pentagon study: the other side, July 1971
II.450"China's Open Wall", 1972
II.451on Treaties, 1979
II.452Interview with David Dimbleby, BBC (World War II recollections), July 1986

III. Appointment Books, Secretary of State

8 box(es)
(3.5 linear feet)
The daily schedule sheets during Mr. Rusk's tenure as secretary of state. Arranged chronologically, each month in a folder. Copied from the Johnson Presidential Library. In contrast to the arrangement of the daily appointment sheets, the schedules for overseas trips were filed latest date first. Each folder contains a year's schedules. Recreated calendar: A page for each month gives information from the daily appointment book and overseas schedules. Compiled for quick perusal, a loose-leaf binder was used. In the front pocket are copies of New York Times front page (reduced size) announcing significant events of the period, ten dates, 1961-1969.
III.51-14Appointment books, January 1961-March 1962
III.61-12Appointment books, April 1962-March 1963
III.71-9Appointment books, April 1963-December 1963
III.81-18Appointment books, January 1964-June 1965
III.91-24Appointment books, July 1965-June 1967
III.101-19Appointment books, July 1967-January 1969
III.111-8Appointment books, 1961-1968
III.12Appointment books (one page per month) In folder pocket: 10 NY Times front page reproductions , January 1961-January 1969

IV. Documents Copied from National Archives and Other Libraries

39 box(es)
(18.75 linear feet)
Subseries A deals with Dean Rusk's participation in affairs of state as undersecretary, 1948-1951; Subseries B, research information on both Kennedy and Johnson Presidential Libraries; Subseries C, materials from the Kennedy Library pertaining to the Department of State and Secretary Rusk; Subseries D, the Johnson Library. Some distinctive items: a note from Dean Rusk to archivists, historians, and scholars concerning practices of communication between the secretary of state and the president, Box 15A, Folder 21; a printed summary guide to the Kennedy Library, 15B; a description of holdings of the Johnson Library by finding aids, Box 15A, #14; a finding aid to the appointment file; a card file of public statements by Dean Rusk as recorded by the Johnson Library, 15B. Sub-series titles and folder headings were taken from headings in the summary guide, Kennedy Library, and from the Johnson Library description of holdings. Oral history interviews are with presidential aides and other persons influential in the Kennedy administration, named alphabetically on the box lists. They are open to research unless otherwise noted. Restrictive notations are on individual transcripts.

A. National Archives

IV.131Summary of Daily Meeting with the Secretary, March 7, 1950-July 24, 1951
IV.132Summary of Daily Meeting with the Secretary, October 3, 1949-March 6, 1950
IV.133Summary of Daily Meeting with the Secretary, March 7, 1949-Sept. 30, 1949
IV.134Minutes of Under-Secretary's Meetings, 1949-1950
IV.135Policy Information committee Daily staff summaries, 1948
IV.136Office of Special Political Affairs membership team, 1947, 1948
IV.141Supplemental documents cross referenced with FRUS documents, 1947
IV.142Supplemental documents cross referenced with FRUS documents, 1948
IV.143Supplemental documents cross referenced with FRUS documents, February-April 1949
IV.144Supplemental documents cross referenced with FRUS documents, May-June 1949
IV.145Supplemental documents cross referenced with FRUS documents, August-December 1949
IV.146Supplemental documents cross referenced with FRUS documents, February-May 1950
IV.147Supplemental documents cross referenced with FRUS documents 1951, June-December 1950
IV.148Supplemental documents cross referenced with FRUS documents, 1951
IV.149Supplemental documents cross referenced with FRUS documents, Korea
IV.14.2Documents copied from National Archives, Record Group 59, Main file, Decimal file, III.12, III.16, III.73, 1947-1949

B. Research Information

IV.15A1Summary Guide
IV.15A2Savanna's order forms
IV.15A3Oral Histories
IV.15A4National Security Files
IV.15A5NSF: Countries
IV.15A6NSF: Departments and Agencies
IV.15A7NSF: Meetings and Memoranda
IV.15A8NSF: Trips and Conferences
IV.15A9Personal Papers Collection
IV.15A10Photocopy order forms
IV.15A11General Information
IV.15A12Mandatory Review Requests
IV.15A13Presidential Office File (all)
IV.15A14Presidential Recordings
IV.15A15Research Grants
IV.15A16White House Central Subject Files
IV.15A17Register for National Security Files-Bundy
IV.15A18Order forms
IV.15A20Finding Aids
IV.15A21Finding Aids
IV.15A22General Information
IV.15A23Mandatory Classification Review
IV.15A24Oral Histories
IV.15A26Research Summary and Research Received
IV.15A27Research Record (Savannah)
IV.15B1Daily Diaries
IV.15B2Public Statements by Secretary Rusk, recorded by LBJ Library

C. John F. Kennedy Library

IV.161Finding Aid
IV.16 2-4 Staff Memoranda- Arthur Schlesinger, Robert Komer
IV.16 5-6 Cuba Security (Countries)
IV.167-8Cuban Missile Crisis
IV.169-10Cuba General (Countries)
IV.1615S. E. Asia
IV.1618USSR-Vienna meeting
IV.16 21-32Laos
IV.1633-49 Dept. of State
IV.1650JFK memos to Departments and Agencies
IV.17 1-12 Congo-general
IV.17 13-14 Congo-security
IV.17 15-20 Cuba
IV.17 21-24 Dominican Republic-general
IV.17 25-35 France-general
IV.18 1-9 Germany, Berlin-general
IV.1810Germany, Berlin-subjects
IV.18 11-16 Laos-general
IV.18 18-19 U. K.-general
IV.18 20-26 U. S. S. R.-general
IV.18 27-32 U. S. S. R.-subjects
IV.18 33-45 Vietnam
IV.19 1-5 Trips and Conferences-Secretary of State
IV.19 6-34 Departments and Agencies-Department of State
IV.19 35-50 Meetings and Memoranda-NSC meetings
IV.19 51-55 Meetings and Memoranda-Executive Committee
IV.19 56-59 Meetings and Memoranda-Vietnam
IV.1960Meetings and Memoranda-Index on Weekend Papers
IV.1961Meetings and Memoranda-Meetings with the President
IV.19 62-63 Meetings and Memoranda-Staff Memoranda
IV.1964Meetings and Memoranda-National Security Action Memoranda
IV.201Name file: Dean Rusk
IV.20 2-5 McGeorge Bundy: SOS memoranda
IV.20 6-7 J. K. Galbraith
IV.20 8-11 Roger Hilsman
IV.20 12-16 Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr.
IV.20 17-20 Theodore Sorensen
IV.211Elie Abel
IV.212Dean Acheson
IV.213Charlie Baldwin
IV.214Charles Bohlen
IV.215Chester Bowles
IV.216Charles Cole
IV.21 7-8 Frederick Dutton
IV.219Adrian S. Fisher
IV.2110Roswell L. Gilpatric
IV.2111Martin J. Hillenbrand
IV.22A 1-3 Roger Hilsman
IV.22A4U. Alexis Johnson
IV.22A5Roger Jones
IV.22A6George Kennan
IV.22A7J. Graham Parsons
IV.22A8Benjamin Read
IV.22A9Theodore Sorensen
IV.22A10William Stevenson
IV.22BAbram Chayes by Eugene Gordon
IV.22BTheodore Sorensen by Carl Kaysen

D. Lyndon B. Johnson Library

IV.231-9Middle East Crisis, Selections from Vol. 1-4, May 12-June 19, 1967
IV.241-12Middle East Crisis, Selections from Vol. 4-9, 12, May 12-June 19, 1967
IV.251-5Dominican Crisis, Background Documents, 1965
IV.256-11Dominican Crisis, Chronology, April-Sept 1965
IV.261-6Dominican Crisis, Chronology, 1965
IV.267-9Dominican Crisis, CIA Reports, 1965
IV.271-9O.A.S. Summit Meeting Gauntanamo Water Crisis - Feb. 1964, 1966-1967
IV.2710-12Chronology, undated
IV.2713-14Background Documents, undated
IV.2715-18Panama Crisis, 1967
IV.2719Panama Crisis, 1964-1967
IV.2720-21Panama Crisis, 1964
IV.281-6Honolulu Conference, Feb 6-8, 1966
IV.287-13Manila Conference and President's Asian Trip, Oct 17-Nov 2, 1966
IV.291-3Gulf of Tonkin Attacks, 23590
IV.294-17March 31st Speech, 1968
IV.301-18Deployment of Major U.S. Forces to Vietnam, July, 1965
IV.31Microfilm (8 reels)The War in Vietnam, Reel Index - 1 print copy (booklet), undated
IV.31Microfilm (8 reels)The War in Vietnam, 1 partial copy (loose sheet), undated
IV.321-9Indian Famine, Aug 1966-Feb 1967
IV.3210-15South Asia [Indio-Pakistan War], 1962-1966
IV.3216-18President's Speech - OAU 3rd Anniversary, 1966 5 May
IV.331-2Congo C-130 Crisis, Jul-67
IV.333-9Cyprus Crisis, Dec '63-Dec '67
IV.341-10Trilateral Negotiations and NATO, 1966-1967
IV.3411-12The Kennedy Round Crisis, April-June 1967
IV.351-7Meetings, Vietnam, 1964, 1965
IV.358Meetings, Laos, 1964, 1965
IV.359Meetings, Soviet Military Capabilities, 1964, 1965
IV.3510Meetings, Assistance to Indonesia, 1964, 1965
IV.3511Meetings, Brazil, 1964, 1965
IV.3512Meetings, Panama, 1964, 1965
IV.3513Meetings, East-West Trade, 1964, 1965
IV.3514-18Meetings, Vietnam, 1964.
IV.3519-20Meetings, Overflights of Cuba, Laos, 1964, 1965
IV.3521-22Meetings, Laos, 1964.
IV.3523Meetings, Underground Nuclear Test Program, 1964, 1965
IV.3524-25Meetings, Cyprus, 1964, 1965
IV.3526Meetings, Gulf of Tonkin, other S. E. Asia, 1964, 1965
IV.351-29Meetings, Congo, 1964, 1965
IV.3528Meetings, Cyprus, 1964.
IV.3529Meetings, Communist China, 1964, 1965
IV.361Manila Conference, 1966 October 15.
IV.362NSC Meetings on: NATO, 1966, 1967, 1968
IV.363NSC Meetings on: So. Rhodesia, 1966, 1967, 1968
IV.364NSC Meetings on: No. Africa, 1966, 1967, 1968
IV.365NSC Meetings on: Problems ahead in Europe, 1967 May 3.
IV.366NSC Meetings on: Mideast, 1966, 1967, 1968
IV.367-11NSC Meetings on: Vietnam, 1966, 1967, 1968
IV.3612NSC Meetings on: major political targets, 1966 June 22.
IV.3613NSC Meetings on: World Food Problems and USAID, 1966, 1967, 1968
IV.3614NSC Meetings on: Indonesia, 1966, 1967, 1968
IV.3615NSC Meetings on: General, 1966 September 15.
IV.3616NSC Meetings on: African Problems, 1967 July 13.
IV.3617NSC Meetings on: Indonesia, 1967 August 9.
IV.3618NSC Meetings on: U.S. relations with Japan, 1967 August 30.
IV.3619NSC Meetings on: General Assembly issues, 1967 October 11.
IV.3620NSC Meetings on: U.S. Food Aid, 1967 October 11.
IV.3621NSC Meetings on: Economic Aspects of Middle East Settlements, 1967 October 26.
IV.3622NSC Meetings on: Vice President reports on his Vietnam trip, 1967.
IV.3623-24NSC Meetings on: Cyprus, 1966, 1967, 1968.
IV.3625NSC Meetings on: Foreign Assistance Act (2/7/68), 1966, 1967, 1968.
IV.3626NSC Meetings on: Near-East region, 1968 February 21.
IV.3627NSC Meetings on: Inter-American Objectives and Problems, 1968 March 6.
IV.3628NSC Meetings on: Draft Treaty on Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons, 1966, 1967, 1968.
IV.3629NSC Meetings on: Eastern Europe, 1968.
IV.3630NSC Meetings on: Vietnam, France, Germany , 1968 May 22.
IV.3631NSC Meetings on: US/UK Relations, 1966, 1967, 1968
IV.3632NSC Meetings on: Current NATO issues, 1968 June 19.
IV.3633NSC Meetings on: General, 1968.
IV.3634NSC Meetings on: Czech Crisis, 1966, 1967, 1968
IV.3635NSC Meetings on: 23rd U.N. General Assembly, 1968 September 25.
IV.3636NSC Meetings on: Stockpile Criteria, 1968 October 31.
IV.3637-38NSC Meetings on: Vietnam, 1966, 1967, 1968.
IV.371President and Honolulu Conference, Feb 7-8, 1966
IV.372-4President Trip to Guam, March 1967
IV.375-6NATO Ministerial Meeting, Paris, December 1966.
IV.377-8NATO Ministerial Meeting, Luxembourg, June '67
IV.379SEATO Meeting, Manila, Apr. 1964
IV.3710SEATO Ministerial Council, London, May 1965
IV.379-10President's trip to Guam, 1967.
IV.3711Conf., Non-Aligned Nations, Cairo, October 1964
IV.3712NATO Defense Policy Conf., December 12, 1963
IV.3713NATO Ministerial Meeting, Dec. 1964
IV.3714NATO Ministerial Meeting, The Hague, May 1964
IV.381Teach-In, May-June 1965
IV.382President's Consultants on Foreign Affairs, undated
IV.383-4Luncheon with the President, undated
IV.385Miscellaneous Meetings, undated
IV.386Meetings on S.E. Asia, undated
IV.387Memos for the Record 1966, 1966
IV.388Vice-Pres. Johnson's memo on S.E. Asia, 1961
IV.389Management, Nov. 1964
IV.391-20Memos for the President- McGeorge Bundy, November 1964-February 1966.
IV.3921Memos to the President - Robert Romer, undated.
IV.3922-24Memos to the President - Walt Rostow, undated.
IV.401-2Organization of American States
IV.403Memo of Conversations
IV.404-6Multilateral Force
IV.407-8Dept of State - Secy Rusk's Speeches
IV.409Access to Records
IV.4010-15China Memos
IV.411Chapter 1 - Introduction
IV.412-3Chapter 2 - Structure of DOS
IV.414-14Chapter 3 - Europe
IV.421-4Chapter 4 - Near East & S.E. Asia
IV.425-6Chapter 5 - Africa
IV.427-10Chapter 6 - Inter-American Relations
IV.431-4Chapter 7
IV.435-10Chapter 8 Vietnam
IV.4311-12Chapter 10 - The United Nations
IV.4313Chapter 11 - Science & Technology
IV.4314Chapter 12 - Educ. & Cultural Affairs
IV.441Finding Aid
IV.442-10Department of State
IV.4417-19(on Rusk)
IV.4420-22Name File: Dean Rusk
IV.4413-16Committee on Overseas Voluntary Activities (Rusk Comm)
IV.4423-30Diary Backup
IV.4431John Steinbeck
IV.4432-36Security File, 1961-1963
IV.451Finding Aid for 3 Boxes of Meeting Notes, undated
IV.452-8Meetings in 1965, 1965
IV.459Jack Valenti's Notes, 1965, 1966
IV.4510Tom Johnson's Notes (an explanation), undated
IV.4511-12Jack Valenti's Notes, 1965.
IV.461-9Meeting Notes, 1967, 1968
IV.471-9Meeting Notes, 1967, 1968
IV.481-4Meeting Notes, 1966, 1967
IV.485-8Jack Valenti's Notes, undated
IV.489Tom Johnson's Notes, 1968
IV.4810-11Tom Johnson's Subpoena Releases (CBS/Westmoreland Case), undated
IV.4812-32Cabinet Meetings

E. Princeton University Library

IV.4833John Foster Dulles Papers
IV.4833Louis Fischer Papers
IV.4833James V. Forrestal Diaries
IV.4833Arthur Krock Papers
IV.4833David A. Morse Papers
IV.4833Karl Lott Rankin Papers
IV.4833Adlai E. Stevenson Papers

V. Printed Sources

29 box(es)
(16.75 linear feet)
This series consists of selected secondary source materials which are not readily available elsewhere: example, excerpts from Foreign Relations of the United States, also the Department of State Newsletter. Of the 69 boxes in the series, 45 are loose-leaf binders filled with copies of newspaper and magazine articles, the majority from New York Times. The congressional testimonies of Dean Rusk extend over the years, 1951-1969. Bibliographies and indexes for locating research are located in this series.

A. Foreign Relations of the U.S.

V.491Log of Pres. Truman's Trip to Wake Island, Oct. 1950
V.492-8Korean War, 1951
V.499-13Korean War, 1950
V.501People's Republic of China
V.503Pacific Pact
V.506Misc. 1950's
V.507NSC 68
V.511S.E. Asia
V.521-3Japanese Peace Treaty
V.524Japan - 1951
V.532Atomic Energy Commission
V.533UN Affairs
V.535Berlin Crisis
V.536East Europe
V.538Greece & Turkey
V.539Marshall Plan
V.542Council of Foreign Ministers
V.545Western Europe Unity & Defense
V.5410S.E. Asia
V.5411Japanese Peace Treaty
V.5412Far East, 1950.
V.5416Latin America

B. Congressional Testimonies

V.551Index for 1959-1964/Folders 1-35 (Boxes 55 and 56), undated
V.552Communication Satellite Act of 1962
V.553Situation in Cuba, Sept 1962
V.554Administration of National Security, 11 Dec. 1963
V.555East West Trade, undated
V.556Export Control Act of 1949, [1961, 1962]
V.557Foreign Operations Appropriations for 1962
V.558Int'l Development and Security Act, undated
V.559Foreign Appropriations for 1963
V.5510Foreign Assistance Act of 1962
V.5511Foreign Appropriations for 1964
V.5512Foreign Assistance Act of 1963
V.5513Foreign Appropriations, 1965
V.5514Foreign Assistance Act of 1964
V.5515Immigration, July-Aug 1964
V.5516Int'l Development and Security, May-June 1961
V.5517Int'l Development Assoc. Act Amendment, March 1964
V.561-2Organizing for National Security, 1961
V.563Nomination of Dean Rusk, Secy of State, undated
V.564Arms Control Disarmament, Sept. 1962
V.565Test Ban Negotiations & Disarmament, March 1963
V.566Nuclear Test Ban Treaty, August 1963
V.567Civil Rights - Public Accommodations, July 1963
V.568-9Dept. State, Justice Appropriations, 1962
V.5610-11Dept. State, Justice Appropriations, 1965
V.5612-13Dept. State, Justice Appropriations, 1964
V.5614Dept. State, Justice Appropriations, 1963
V.5615U.S. Purchase Authorization UN Bonds, February 1962
V.5616U.S. Policy in the Far East, 1951-1956
V.5617Technical Assistance Programs, February 1955
V.571Index, undated
V.572U.S. Armament/Disarmament Problems, 1967
V.573Behavioral Science/National Security, 1965
V.574U.S. Policy toward Asia, 1966
V.575Consular Convention with USSR, 1967
V.576U.S. Troops in Europe, 1967
V.577Food for Freedom/Commodity Reserves, 1966
V.578Foreign Assistance Appropriations for 1969
V.579Foreign Assistance Appropriations for 1966
V.5710Foreign Assistance Appropriations for 1965
V.5711Suppl. Foreign Assistance Appropriations for 1966
V.5712Suppl. Foreign Assistance Appropriations for Vietnam, 1966
V.5713Foreign Assistance Appropriations for 1967
V.5714Foreign Assistance Act of 1966
V.5715Foreign Assistance, 1966
V.5716Foreign Assistance Appropriations for 1968
V.5717Foreign Assistance Act of 1967
V.5718Foreign Assistance Appropriations for 1969
V.5719Foreign Assistance Act of 1968
V.581Index, undated
V.582Foreign Aid to Vietnam, 1968
V.583Crisis in NATO, 1966
V.584Atlantic Alliance, 1966
V.585Foreign Trade and Tariff Proposals, 1968
V.586Panel on Science/Technology, 1967
V.587Immigration, 1965
V.588Import Quotas Legislation, 1967
V.589Emergency Food Relief for India, 1966
V.5810Alliance for Progress (new phase), 1967
V.5811Latin American Summit Conf., March 1967
V.5812Worldwide Military Commitments, 1966
V.5813Non-Proliferation Treaty, July 1968
V.5814Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons, 1966
V.5815Refugees, 1966
V.5816Sino-Soviet Conflict, 1965
V.5817Consular Convention with the Soviet U., 1965
V.5818Dept. of State, Other Appropriations for 1966
V.5819Dept. of State, Other Appropriations for 1967
V.5820Dept. of State, Other Appropriations for 1968
V.5821Dept. of State, Other Appropriations for 1969
V.5822-23State Dept Security, 1963-1965
V.5824Dept. of State, Other Appropriations for 1967, 1967.
V.5825Dept. of State, Other Appropriations for 1968, 1968.
V.5826Dept. of State, Other Appropriations for 1969, 1969.
V.5827Dept. of State, Other Appropriations for 1966, 1966.
V.5828Treaty on Outer Space, 1967
V.5829UN Charter Amendments, 1965
V.5830World War on Hunger, 1966
V.5831Assassination Hearings JFK, 10 June 1964

C. Department of State Newsletter (Monthly)

V.59nos. 54-93 (40 issues), October 1965-January 1969
V.60nos. 27-53 (27 issues), July 1963-Sept 1965
V.61Foreign Service Newsletter - no. 169 -DOS newsletter no.26 (28 issues), Mar 15, 1961-June 1963

D. Magazines and Newspaper Articles

V.621JFK Administration and Policies, Index, undated
V.622JFK Administration and Policies, New York Times, Jan 17, 1961-Nov 24, 1963
V.623JFK Administration and Policies, Esquire, undated
V.624JFK Administration and Policies, Atlantic, undated
V.624JFK Administration and Policies, Saturday Evening Post, undated
V.624JFK Administration and Policies, Harper's, undated
V.624JFK Administration and Policies, New Republic, undated
V.624JFK Administration and Policies, Look, undated
V.625JFK Administration and Policies, U.S. News and World Report, undated
V.626Johnson Administration and Foreign Policy, NYT, Nov 24, 1963- Aug 30, 1964
V.627Johnson Administration and Foreign Policy, NYT, Sep 10, 1964-July 25, 1965
V.628Johnson Administration and Foreign Policy, NYT, Aug 1, 1965-Apr 30, 1967
V.629Johnson Administration and Foreign Policy, NYT, May 23, 1967-Jan 19, 1969
V.6210Johnson Administration and Foreign Policy, New York Times Magazine, 17-Sep-67
V.6211Johnson Administration and Foreign Policy, U.S. News and World Report, 20-Jan-69
V.6212Aid to Developing Countries (JFK and LBJ Years) Articles: New York Times, Jan 13, 1961-July 14, 1967
V.6213Allies, Relations with (JFK), Summary of Events, Feb 1, 1961-May 9, 1961
V.62 14-15Allies, Relations with (JFK), New York Times, Feb 27, 1961-Nov 5, 1963
V.6216Allies, Relations with (JFK), Fortune, July 1963, March 1962, Dec 1962
V.6217Allies, Relations with (JFK), Atlantic, Apr-63
V.6218Allies, Relations with (JFK), Harper's, Sept 1961, Jan 1962, May 1963
V.6219Allies, Relations with (JFK), New Republic, 29-Dec-62
V.6220Allies, Relations with (JFK), Saturday Evening Post, Aug 9, 1961, Jan 27, 1962, April 6, 1963
V.6221Allies, Relations with (JFK), U.S. News and World Report, 11-Nov-63
V.6222-24Allies, Relations with (LBJ), NYT, Dec 10, 1963-Apr 15, 1967
V.6225Allies, Relations with (LBJ), NYT, Apr 9, 1967-Nov 22, 1968
V.6226Allies, Relations with (LBJ), Washington Post, 15-Feb-68
V.62 27-28Armament and the Test Ban, 1961, Notes on Congressional Testimonies by Rusk Key Players in Armament and the Test Ban Outline of Major Events 1961, Chronology of Nuclear Explosions 1945- 1963, Summaries of Meetings: JFK and Advisors, NYT, Feb-Dec 1961
V.6229Armament and the Test Ban, 1961, Notes on Congressional Testimonies by Rusk Key Players in Armament, Chronology of Nuclear Explosions 1945- 1963, Summaries of Meetings: JFK and Advisors, Washington Post, Mar-Dec 1961
V.6230Armament and the Test Ban, 1961, Notes on Congressional Testimonies by Rusk Key Players in Armament, Chronology of Nuclear Explosions 1945- 1963, Summaries of Meetings: JFK and Advisors, 1961, New Republic, 2-Jan-61
V.6231Armament and the Test Ban, 1961, Notes on Congressional Testimonies by Rusk Key Players in Armament, Chronology of Nuclear Explosions 1945- 1963, Summaries of Meetings: JFK and Advisors, Harper's, May-61
V.6232Armament and the Test Ban, 1961, Notes on Congressional Testimonies by Rusk Key Players in Armament, Chronology of Nuclear Explosions 1945- 1963, Summaries of Meetings: JFK and Advisors, Atlantic, Aug-60
V.6233Armament and the Test Ban, 1961, Notes on Congressional Testimonies by Rusk Key Players in Armament, Chronology of Nuclear Explosions 1945- 1963, Summaries of Meetings: JFK and Advisors, Look, 5-Dec-61
V.6234Armament and the Test Ban, 1961, Notes on Congressional Testimonies by Rusk Key Players in Armament, Chronology of Nuclear Explosions 1945- 1963, Summaries of Meetings: JFK and Advisors, Fortune, Mar-61
V.62 35-36Armament and the Test Ban, 1962, Tom Wicker article re. Test Ban Treaty 11/11/1985, NYT, Jan 3, 1962-Dec 29, 1962
V.631Armament and the Test Ban, 1962, Tom Wicker article re. Test Ban Treaty, Newsweek, 11/11/1985
V.632Armament and the Test Ban, 1962, Tom Wicker article re. Test Ban Treaty, Time, 11/11/1985
V.633Armament and the Test Ban, 1962, Tom Wicker article re. Test Ban Treaty 11/11/1985, New Republic, Feb 12, 1962, Sept 10, 1962, Nov 3, 1962
V.634Armament and the Test Ban, 1962, Tom Wicker article re. Test Ban Treaty 11/11/1985, Atlantic, May 1962, June 1962, Aug 1962, Sept 1962, Nov 1962
V.63 5-6Armament and the Test Ban, 1963, Outline of Major Events, NYT, Jan 8, 1963-Oct 22, 1963
V.637Armament and the Test Ban, 1963, Charlotte News, 9-Aug-63.
V.638Armament and the Test Ban, 1963, Newsweek, 1963
V.639Armament and the Test Ban, 1963, Esquire, 1963 May.
V.6310Armament and the Test Ban, 1963, Saturday Evening Post, 1963 June 1.
V.6311Armament and the Test Ban, 1963, Harpers', Jan 1963, Oct 1963.
V.6312Armament and the Test Ban, 1963, Atlantic, 1963 August.
V.6313Berlin Crisis, 1961, "Rusk's Role in the Berlin Crisis", 1961.
V.6313Berlin Crisis, 1961, Picture of Berlin Wall, 1961.
V.6313Berlin Crisis, 1961, Summary of NYT, 8-Feb-61.
V.6313Berlin Crisis, 1961, NYT, March 10, 1961-Sept 30, 1961
V.6313Berlin Crisis, 1961, Rusk Speech to National Press Club, New York Times, 11-Jul-61
V.6313Berlin Crisis, 1961, Rusk's News Conference of June 22, Dept of State Bulletin, 10-Jul-61
V.6313Berlin Crisis, 1961, D.O.S. Bulletin, 31-Jul-61.
V.6313Berlin Crisis, 1961, Rusk statement on proposed Disarmament, 1961
V.6313Berlin Crisis, 1961, Agency, New York Times, 15-Aug-61
V.6314Berlin Crisis, 1961, Rusk on Meet the Press D.O.S. Bulletin, 11-Sep-61
V.6315Berlin Crisis, 1961, Rusk News Conference of Nov. 11, 1961, 1961.
V.6315Berlin Crisis, 1961, D.O.S. Bulletin, Dec. 4, 1961.
V.63 16-17Berlin Crisis, Oct 1961-Dec 1963, "Philip C. Jessup Dies; helped end Berlin blockade": NYT, Feb 1,1986.
V.6317-18Berlin Crisis, Oct 1961-Dec 1963, NYT, (Rusk-Gromyko; Clay-Rusk; Rusk-Dabrynin), Oct 1, 1961-Nov 7, 1963
V.6319Berlin Crisis, Oct 1961-Dec 1963, "Kennedy in Berlin," NYT, June 27, 1963.
V.6320Berlin Crisis, Oct 1961-Dec 1963,Time, Oct 6, 1961, Oct 13, 1961, Oct 20, 1961.
V.6321Berlin Crisis, Oct 1961-Dec 1963, Fortune, Aug-61
V.6322Berlin Crisis, Oct 1961-Dec 1963, Saturday Evening Post, Sept 9, 1961, Oct 21, 1961; Dec 9, 1961; Dec 16, 1961; Dec 23-30, 1961
V.6323Berlin Crisis, Oct 1961-Dec 1963, New Republic, Oct 2, 1961, Sept 10, 1962, April 30, 1962.
V.6324Berlin Crisis, Oct 1961-Dec 1963, Atlantic, Nov 1961, Dec 1963
V.6325Berlin Crisis, Oct 1961-Dec 1963, Harper's, Jun-62.
V.6326China, Peoples' Republic (Sino-Soviet Split, PRC and USA, Soviet Ideological changes) Summary of "World Trouble Spots" including China, Feb 2, 1961, Feb 12-13, 1961, NYT, March 10, 1961-Oct 22, 1964.
V.6327The Congo (JFK and LBJ Years: 1961-1965, 1967), The CIA and Lumumba, New York Times Magazine, 2-Aug-81.
V.6327The Congo (JFK and LBJ Years: 1961-1965, 1967), NY Times articles, 2/7/61-1/18/65, 7/9/67, 7/12/67
V.6328The Congo (JFK and LBJ Years: 1961-1965, 1967), Summary of Events in Foreign Countries based on the NYT from Jan-Apr 1961-1962, undated
V.6329The Congo (JFK and LBJ Years: 1961-1965, 1967), Atlanta Journal 1961, The U.N., the U.S. and Katanga, undated
V.6329The Congo (JFK and LBJ Years: 1961-1965, 1967), Washington Post, Jan 1, 1961, March 9, 1961, July 12, 1967
V.6329The Congo (JFK and LBJ Years: 1961-1965, 1967), Time, 22-Jan-65
V.6329The Congo (JFK and LBJ Years: 1961-1965, 1967), U.S.World and News Report, 24-Jul-67
V.6329The Congo (JFK and LBJ Years: 1961-1965, 1967), Saturday Evening Post, May 11,1963
V.6329The Congo (JFK and LBJ Years: 1961-1965, 1967), Look, 28-Mar-61
V.6329The Congo (JFK and LBJ Years: 1961-1965, 1967), New Republic, March 5, 1962, Dec 15, 1962, Jan 26, 1963, March 9, 1963
V.6330Cuba, "Bay of Pigs" - a handwritten summary "Reflections on the Bay of Pigs" by Dean Rusk, "What Made the Bay of Pigs a Fiasco?" Atlanta Journal, Apr-86
V.6331Cuba, Summary of World Events based on article from NYT, Jan-May 1961
V.6332Cuba, "How the Cuban Invasion Failed, Time, 1-Sep-61
V.6332Cuba, "The Cuban Invasion," NYT, July 31, 1961-August 1, 1961
V.6332Cuba, NYT, April 1961-Oct 1962
V.6333Cuba, Atlanta Journal, 13-Apr-61
V.6334Cuba, Life, 23-Jul-65
V.6335Cuba, Foreign Service Journal, Mar-85
V.6336Cuba, Fortune, Sep-61
V.6337Cuba, Harper's, Apr-63
V.6338Cuba, Look, July 18, 1961, Aug 10, 1965
V.6339Cuba, The Nation, Aug 6, 1977, April 13, 1964; June 20, 1966.
V.6340Cuba, The National Review, 18-Jan-74.
V.6341Cuba, New Republic, 5-Jun-61
V.6342Cuba, Saturday Evening Post, 24-Jun-61.
V.6343Cuba, Time, 30-Jul-65.
V.6344Cuba, U.S. News and World Report, Jan 7, 1963, Aug 2, 1965, Aug 13, 1979.
V.6344Cuba, Washington Post, April 12, 1961, Jan 21, 1962
V.6345Cuba (October 1962 Missile Crisis - 1963), Clippings from NY Times, (in brown envelopes, one per day), Oct 23, 1962-Oct 27, 1962
V.641Cuba (October 1962 Missile Crisis - 1963), Clippings from NY Times, (in brown envelopes, one per day), Oct 23, 1962-Oct 27, 1962
V.641-2Cuba (October 1962 Missile Crisis - 1963), Articles from NY Times, Oct 30, 1962- Nov 19, 1963.
V.643Cuba (October 1962 Missile Crisis - 1963), Esquire, 1969 February.
V.644Cuba (October 1962 Missile Crisis - 1963), Look, Aug 25, 1964, Dec 18, 1962, Sept 21, 1965.
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V.6414Cuba (LBJ years), NY Times, articles, Dec 11, 1963-Sept 22, 1968.
V.6415Cuba (LBJ years), U.S. News, Jan 27, 1964, March 2, 1964.
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V.6419Cuba (LBJ years), Miami Herald, May 10, 1964, May 17, 1964, Jan 8, 1967.
V.6420Cuba (LBJ years), Washington Post, May 11, 1964, Sept 24, 1967.
V.6421Cuba (LBJ years), Miami News, 1964 May 12.
V.6422-24Czechoslovakia, NY Times, June 13, 1963-Dec 9, 1968.
V.6425Czechoslovakia, U.S. News, 1968 September 23.
V.6426Czechoslovakia, Atlantic, Nov 1968, Dec 1968.
V.6427Czechoslovakia, Harpers, 1969 January.
V.6428Czechoslovakia, New Republic, 1968 August 31.
V.6429Czechoslovakia, Fortune, 1968 November.
V.6430-32Dominican Republic Crises, NY Times, May 15, 1961-Dec 2, 1966.
V.6433Dominican Republic Crises, Miami News, 1961 November 20.
V.6434Dominican Republic Crises, Washington Post, 1961 June 1.
V.6435Dominican Republic Crises, The Economist, 1961 June 1.
V.6436Dominican Republic Crises, U.S. News, 1961 June 1.
V.6437India and PRC Border Dispute NY Times, Oct 18, 1961-Oct 1, 1965.
V.6438Indonesia, Washington Post, Oct 9, 1964, Sept 11, 1965.
V.6439Indonesia, Life, 1-Jul-66
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V.6441Indonesia, New Republic, 1966 April 30.
V.6442Indonesia, The Reporter, 1966 February 24, 1966 July 14, 1967 June 15.
V.6443Indonesia, Foreign Affairs, Jan-68
V.6444-47Laos (JFK), Summary of world events based on NY Times Jan 20, 1961-May 12, 1961, Articles NY Times, Feb 20, 1961-July 3, 1961.
V.6448Laos (JFK), Memo of conference between President Eisenhower and President-Elect Kennedy, 1961 January 19.
V.6449Laos (JFK), Atlantic, 1961 May, 1963 May
V.6450Laos (JFK), Harper's, 1962 September 1.
V.6451Laos (JFK), New Republic, April 3, 1961; Sept 25, 1961; Nov 13, 1961; March 12, 1962; April 9, 1962; May 21, 1962; June 25, 1962; March 16, 1963; April 20, 1963
V.6452Laos (JFK), Saturday Evening Post, April 22, 1961; May 20, 1961; Jan 6, 1962; April 7, 1962; Aug 11, 1962; Nov 24, 1962; May 6, 1961; Sept 28, 1963; Dec 7, 1963
V.64 53-55Middle East (LBJ Years), NY Times, 1964 January 21-1969 January 4.
V.6456Middle East (LBJ Years), The Nation, 1968 Sept 16-1967 June 12.
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V.6463Pueblo, Nation, 1969 January 6.
V.6464Pueblo, U.S. News, 1969 January 6.
V.6465USSR (Khruhschev vs. Kennedy and the Cold War 1961-1963), Outline of major events in U.S. and world based on public record, 1961-1963.
V.6466USSR (Khruhschev vs. Kennedy and the Cold War 1961-1963), World events (NY Times), 1961 January 21- 1961 March 21.
V.6466-68USSR (Khruhschev vs. Kennedy and the Cold War 1961-1963), NY Times articles, 1961 January 28-1963 Nov 10.
V.6469USSR (Khruhschev vs. Kennedy and the Cold War 1961-1963), Look, 1963 February 12.
V.6470USSR (Khruhschev vs. Kennedy and the Cold War 1961-1963), U.S. News, July 2, 1962; Nov 12, 1961; Nov 5, 1961; Oct 8, 1962.
V.6471USSR (Khruhschev vs. Kennedy and the Cold War 1961-1963), Chicago Sun Times, 1963 May 24.
V.65 1-3USSR (LBJ Years), Articles from NY Times, 1963 November 27-1968 December 16.
V.654USSR (LBJ Years), Washington Post, Dec 19, 1963; July 6, 1967; Dec 3, 1964; Dec 9, 1964; Oct 19, 1964; June 15, 1964; March 23, 1964; Dec 2, 1968
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V.657USSR (LBJ Years), Miami Herald, 1964 January 3.
V.658USSR (LBJ Years), The Nation, 1963 December 16.
V.659USSR (LBJ Years), Foreign Affairs, 1963 October.
V.6510USSR (LBJ Years), U.S. News, Oct 7, 1963; March 22, 1965; March 27, 1967.
V.6511USSR (LBJ Years), The Commonweal, 1963 October 25.
V.6512USSR (LBJ Years), New Republic, 1965 May 1.
V.6513Vietnam (JFK) 1961-1963, NY Times based outline of world events, 1961 January 21-1961 February 1.
V.6513-16Vietnam (JFK) 1961-1963, Articles from NY Times, 1961 March 8 - 1962 December 15.
V.6517-19Vietnam (JFK) 1961-1963, NY Times: The Coup in Saigon Articles, 1963 January 3- 1963 November 21.
V.6520-23Vietnam (LBJ Years) Articles from NY Times, 1963 November-1964 May.
V.6524-27Vietnam (LBJ Years) II Articles from NY Times, 1964 June-1964 August.
V.6528-31Vietnam (LBJ Years) III Articles from NY Times, 1964 September-1964 December.
V.65 32-34Vietnam (LBJ Years) IVArticles from NY Times, 1965 January-1965 February.
V.6535-37Vietnam (LBJ Years) VArticles from NY Times, March 1965-May 1965
V.6538-39Vietnam (LBJ Years) VIArticles from NY Times, 1965 June- July.
V.66 1-3Vietnam (LBJ Years) VII Articles from NY Times, Aug 1965-Oct 1965
V.664-5Vietnam (LBJ Years) VIII Articles from NY Times, Nov 1965-Dec 1965
V.666-12Vietnam (LBJ Years) IX Articles from NY Times, Jan 1966-Feb 1966
V.66 13-16Vietnam (LBJ Years) XArticles from NY Times, March 1966-June 1966
V.66 17-25Vietnam (LBJ Years) XI Articles from NY Times, July 1966-Nov 1966.
V.6626-29Vietnam (LBJ Years) XII Articles from NY Times, Dec 1966-June 1967
V.6630-33Vietnam (LBJ Years) XIII Articles from NY Times, July 1967-Jan 1968.
V.6634-37Vietnam (LBJ Years) XIV Articles from NY Times, Feb 1968-March 1968
V.6638-39Vietnam (LBJ Years) XV Articles from NY Times, April 1968-July 1968.
V.6640-41Vietnam (LBJ Years) XVIArticles from NY Times, Aug 1968-Jan 1969.
V.6642Trade, NY Times, Dec 13, 1961-May 11, 1967.
V.6643United Nations, NY Times, Sept 25, 1961-Sept 23, 1963.
V.6644United Nations, Washington Post, 1961 March 26, July 15, September 23.
V.6645Far East, NY Times, 1961 May 17 - November 5.
V.6646Miscellaneous (LBJ Years), NY Times, 1965 November 21 - 1968 September 30.
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V.6652Miscellaneous (LBJ Years), The Atlantic, 1968 September 22.
V.6653Miscellaneous (LBJ Years), Saturday Evening Post, 1968 September 22.
V.671Alsop, 1962, 1966 June 18.
V.673Ascoli, 1966.
V.674Campbell, 1964 April 11.
V.675Frankel, 1965.
V.676Greenfield, 1965.
V.677Griffith, 1985 May 27.
V.678Karnow, 1961.
V.679Kenworthy, 1962.
V.67 10-11Kraft, 1961, 1965.
V.6712Lippman, 1967.
V.6713McRee, 1984 - May
V.6714Masters, 1966.
V.6715Moskin, 1966 September 6.
V.6716Norden, 1982.
V.6717Rovere, 1965.
V.6718Schlesinger, 1965.
V.6719Shannon, 1963.
V.67 20-21Sidey, undated.
V.6722Simpson, 1967 March 6.
V.6723Smith, B., 1961.
V.6724Smith, L., 1978.
V.6725Stillman, 1968.
V.6726Viorst, 1968 April.
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V.6729Willis, 1969 January 17.
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V.6741New Yorker, 1967 November 25.
V.6742Newsweek, 1962.
V.67 43-50Time, 1961, 1963-1965.
V.67 51-55U.S. News, 1961, 1963, 1965, 1967.
V.6756Rusk: General Articles
V.6757"Goodbye Mr. Rusk", 1969 January 18.
V.6758"Professor Rusk", undated.
V.68Sections titled "The Nation" and "The World" from issues of TIME, 1964-1966.
V.69Sections titled "The Nation" and "The World" from issues of TIME, 1966-1968.
V.701G.O.P. 1961-1964 (collected articles)
V.702Pop Songs and Dances
V.704Affirmation: Vietnam
V.705-6Domestic and Foreign Criticism of Rusk Domestic Criticism of LBJ
V.707Death of Robert F. Kennedy
V.708Death of John F. Kennedy
V.7010Social Mores
V.7011Movies and Stage
V.7013Foreign Protests
V.7014Domestic Reaction to Foreign Policies
V.7016Jackie Kennedy (glamour)
V.7021The "New Left"
V.7022Presidential Campaigns, 1964, 1968.
V.711-2Peace Movement Protests
V.713-4Civil Rights
V.821-2Vietnam, 1984-1985
V.823Vietnam (and miscellaneous articles), 1960s-1980s

E. Dissertations and Academic Papers regarding Rusk

V.721The U.S. Government and the Vietnam War, pt. 3, C.I.S., 1965-1966.
V.722Dean Rusk, East Asia and the Kennedy Years by Frederic G. Stueber. Williams College, 1975
V.723March 1968: Continuity or Change? by John Bronaugh Henry II. Harvard College, 1971.
V.724Dean Rusk and S.E. Asia: an operational code analysis by G.G. Gutierry. U. California, 1973

F. Russell Materials for T. Schoenbaum biography

V.731Archives materials used to collect
V.732Early research, 1961.
V.733Special Political Files, 1947-1951.
V.734NY Times-copies of order forms for articles in black binders
V.735Washington Post orders
V.736Themes, Chronologies for TS book
V.737Memos on Rusk Collection
V.738Memos on Rusk Collection
V.741-2Bibliography: Rusk
V.743Index: Dean Rusk papers DOS
V.744Indexes used for Congressional Testimonies
V.745Research by others on DR
V.746American Foreign Policy bibliography
V.747Index for FRUS research
V.748National archives correspondence re: Rusk papers
V.749DOS correspondence
V.7410Public Affairs Information Service Indexes
V.7411-12Index, DR speeches on tape
V.751Originals of Research items
V.75Misc., Feb., March 1968.
V.76Selected Sources used in writing
V.771Selected sources used in writing
V.772TJS Interview Notes
V.773-4Memos from TJS to Rich Rusk, Dean Rusk
V.775-6Misc. Clippings

VI. Manuscript, Waging Peace and War

2 box(es)
(1 linear foot)
This box contains portions of the Schoenbaum manuscript.
VI.78Handwritten portions
VI.78Typed chapters, with revisions
VI.79Handwritten portions
VI.79Typed chapters, with revisions
VI.79Transcript of interview with Mr. Rusk by Richard Holbrooke and Brian van De Mark, 39 pages. Topics: Israel, Robert Lovett, Vietnam, 11/14/1988

VII. Department of State

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Certain documents from Department of State files, requested by Dr. Schoenbaum under the Freedom of Information Act, were declassified and released in 1988, and received by Russell Library via the Rusk Center after the Schoenbaum Files were processed and shelved. The documents consist of speeches, interviews, meetings, and handwritten notes by Dean Rusk while he was Secretary of State, 1961-1969. They have been placed in folders and labeled according to the box numbers where they were housed at the Records Service Center.
VII.80Request for Documents-72 D 192 RSC Box 909
VII.8172 D. 192 RSC Box 910-928