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Robert Lindsay Thomas Papers, Series VIII: Photographs

Robert Lindsay Thomas Papers, Series VIII: Photographs

Descriptive Summary

Title: Robert Lindsay Thomas Papers, Series VIII: Photographs
Creator: Thomas, Robert Lindsay, 1943-
Inclusive Dates: 1982-1992
Language(s): English
Extent: 4 box(es) (3.5 linear feet)
Collection Number: RBRL179RLT_VIII
Repository: Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies
Abstract: Robert Lindsay Thomas represented the First Congressional District of Georgia in the U.S. House of Representatives from 1983 to 1992. Series VIII: Photographs series is composed of images of Thomas at events, with constituents and Congressmen in Washington D.C. and in Georgia, delivering speeches, and campaigning.

Collection Description

Biographical Note

Lindsay Thomas, a Democrat, was elected in 1983 to represent the First Congressional District of Georgia in the U.S. House of Representatives. During his terms, he served in different capacities on the Agriculture Committee (1983/1984; 1985/1986), Merchant Marine and Fisheries Committee (1983/1984; 1985/1986), and Appropriations Committee (1989/1990; 1991/1992), and served as co-chair for the Wetlands Task Force and the Forestry 2000 Taskforce. Thomas gained a reputation for his middle-of-the-road views and for supporting environmental causes. He chose not to run for another term in 1992.

After leaving the House, Thomas first worked as director of governmental affairs for the Atlanta Committee for the Olympic Games. He became president and CEO of the Georgia Chamber of Commerce in 1996, building the organization into a powerful lobbying force for Georgia businesses. From 1998 to 2002, he served as the federal commissioner of the Georgia, Florida and Alabama Tri-State Water Compacts, and in 2002 he became senior vice president of governmental affairs for AGL Resources.

Robert Lindsay Thomas was born on November 20, 1943 in Patterson, Georgia and earned a B.A. degree in English from the University of Georgia in 1965. Prior to his political career, Thomas worked as an investment banker and stockbroker until 1973, when he took over management of a farm he inherited. He also served in the Georgia Air National Guard from 1966 to 1972.

Scope and Content

Robert Lindsay Thomas Papers, Series VIII: Photographs series is composed of images of Thomas at events, with constituents and Congressmen in Washington D.C. and in Georgia, delivering speeches, and campaigning. The events include meeting groups at his D.C. office, visiting military personnel, meeting with students, and participating in parades, awards ceremonies, and fundraisers. The series also includes photographs of Thomas with his family and hunting. The photographs can be either in color or black and white, in a variety of sizes, and the series also includes contact sheets, slides, and negatives.

Organization and Arrangement

This series is arranged chronologically by year. The rest of Thomas's Papers are described in separate finding aids: Series I: District Office, Series II: Political, Series III: Personal, Series IV: Legislative, Series V: Constituent Services, Series VI: Press Relations and Media Activities, Series VII: Office Administration, Series IX: Artifacts, and Audiovisual Materials.

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Robert Lindsay Thomas Papers, Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies, University of Georgia Libraries, Athens, Georgia, 30602-1641.

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Finding Aid prepared by Adriane Hanson, 2013.

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Thomas, Robert Lindsay, 1943-
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Series Descriptions and Folder Listing


VIII. Photographs, 1982-1992

VIII.11U.S. Rep. Ronald "Bo" Ginn and U.S. Sen. Sam Nunn Endorse the Congressional Candidacy of Thomas in Jesup, Ca., 1982 October 21 (2 5"X7" B/W)
VIII.12Thomas Portrait, circa 1983 (3 8"X10" B/W, 1 signed)
VIII.13Thomas Portrait, circa 1983 (5"X7" B/W)
VIII.14Thomas Publicity Stills, 1983 March 16 (2 Contact Sheets B/W)
VIII.15Thomas and Sons, Lin and Rans, visit Fort Stewart and the 24th Inf. Div [Infantry Division] (M), 1983 March 30 (5"X7" Color)
VIII.16Thomas Family Christmas Portrait, circa 1983 (2 5"X7" B/W)
VIII.17Thomas with Family and Unknown Individuals, circa 1983 (8"X10" B/W)
VIII.18Portrait of Thomas, circa 1983 (8"X10" B/W)
VIII.19Thomas with Unknown Man, circa 1983 (8"X10" Color)
VIII.110Thomas with Johnny Kichlinghton, 1983 (8"X10" Color)
VIII.111Thomas with Kirk Wayne and Robert Cox, 1983 (7"X9" B/W)
VIII.112Thomas Signs a March of Dimes Walk America Poster, circa 1983 April 23-24 (7"X9" B/W)
VIII.113Thomas at Trident Submarine Base in Bangor, Washington next to UH-1 "Huey" Helicopter. Also pictured: F.E. Warren AFB [Air Force Base], WY, 1983 September 1 (5"X7" B/W)
VIII.114Thomas at Trident Submarine Base in Bangor, Washington; F.E. Warren AFB [Air Force Base], W4; Col. Pat Henry, Wing Commander; Col. Warren Hilkman, Site Alteration Task Force Commander (Peacekeeper), 1983 September 1 (5"X7" B/W)
VIII.115US Air Force C-20A Gulfstream Aircraft Delivery and Acceptance Ceremony, 1983 September 16 (16 8"X10" Color)
VIII.116Photographs, 1983
VIII.117Photographs, 1983
VIII.118Thomas at Office, Alone or with Staff, 1983-1984
VIII.119Dossier from US Navy at King's Bay, Georgia, 1984
VIII.120Thomas with Hugh Tiller, Clinton Oliver, Joe Kennedy, De Wayne, Al Scott, Robert Lane, Roger B, 1984 (8"X10" Color)
VIII.121John Glenn for President/George Hamilton Meeting, circa 1984 (2 Negatives; 2 3.5"X5" B/W; 46 3.5"X5" Color; 35 mm film; 8"X10" Color)
VIII.122Patterson 50th Anniversary Family Portrait, circa 1984 (8"X10" Color; 1 Negative)
VIII.123Thomas Family Portraits, circa 1984 (5"X8" B/W)
VIII.124Lindsay and Melinda Thomas with 5 Unknown Individuals Before a Formal Event (Possibly Prom)/ Thomas Children, circa 1984 (5 3.5"X5" Color; 35 mm film)
VIII.125Ray Persons, circa 1984 (2.25"3.5" Color)
VIII.126Thomas with 10 Unknown Men, 1984 (8"X10" Color)
VIII.127Ag [Agriculture] Hearing, 1984 (13 3.5"X5" B/W; 8"X10" B/W)
VIII.128Campaign Brunch in Burke County, Glennville BBQ, Brunswick Ports, 1984 (73 3.5"X5" B/W; 35 mm film)
VIII.129Thomas Fields Questions from Pupils at White Buff Elementary School of Savannah, 1984 (8"X10" B/W)
VIII.130Thomas with Gerald and Pam Dasher, 1984 (7"X9" B/W)
VIII.131Forum for the First Staff Dinner, including Pictures of Sam Nunn, 1984 (21 3.5"X5" Color; 35 mm film; 3 3.5"X5" B/W; 4 8"X10" Color)
VIII.132Photographs, 1984
VIII.133Wayne County FPR, 1984 (21 3.5"X5" B/W)
VIII.134Thomas and Family in St. Patrick's Day Parade, 1984 (3.5"X5" Color; 5"X7" Color)
VIII.135Thomas with Savannah Girl Scouts on Capitol Steps, circa 1984 July (3 7"X9" B/W)
VIII.136Thomas for Congress Campaigning, Press Conference, includes Tony Bonnoms, circa 1984 October (17 3.5"X5" Color; 35 mm film)
VIII.137Election Night, 1984 November (76 3.5"X5" Color; 35 mm film)
VIII.138Thomas for Congress Campaign Event, 1984 November (70 3.5"X5" Color; 35 mm film)
VIII.139Rock Eagle 30th Birthday, circa 1985 (4 5"X7" Color; 2 Negatives)
VIII.140Thomas Campaign Memorabilia, circa 1985 (6 3.5"X5" B/W; 35 mm film)
VIII.141Bryan County FFA Banquet, 1985 (6 3.5"X5" B/W; 2.5"X5" B/W)
VIII.142Thomas meets with Forum for the First Members at Burke County Club Breakfast, circa 1985 (23 3.5"X5" B/W; 35 mm film)
VIII.143Democrats from Across the First District and the State Met In Statesboro For a Democratic Meeting Co-Hosted By Thomas; Includes Photos of Sen. Sam Nunn and Gov. Joe Frank Harris, 1985 (16 3.5"X5" B/W; 35 mm film)
VIII.144Forum for the First Dinner, 1985 June (88 3.5"X5" Color; 35 mm film)
VIII.145Redirection of American Legion Freedom Flame L-R Chairman Morris H. Lamhut, Vet. [Veteran] of Year Eugene Kelly, Rep. Thomas, and Vet [Veteran] Council Chairman Thomas M. Daniels III, 1985 November 11 (8"X10" Color)
VIII.146Photographs, 1985
VIII.147Photographs, 1986
VIII.148Photographs, 1986
VIII.149Donald Gruver of Savannah and His Grandmother visit Thomas in Washington DC, circa 1986 (7"X9" B/W)
VIII.150Forum Members and Thomas at Annual Outing at Oak Park Clubhouse of Shot Strange, circa 1986 (66 3.5"X5" Color; 13 35 mm film strips)
VIII.151Thomas Makes a Day Long Tour of the Savannah River Plant Which Produced Nuclear Components For the Nation's Nuclear Defense System. Thomas Was Primarily Concerned with the Effect of the Plant on Surface Water and Aquifers Supplying Savannah and Southeast Georgia, circa 1986 (7 3.5"X5" B/W; 35 mm film)
VIII.152Thomas Met Actor Charlton Heston, Who Was In Town As a Special Guest of the Congressional Arts Competition, circa 1986 (7"X9" B/W)
VIII.153Thomas Portrait, circa 1986 (7"X9" B/W)
VIII.154Thomas Takes Time During a Merchant Marine and Fisheries Committee Hearing to Meet with a Group of First District Educators, circa 1986 (7"X9" B/W)
VIII.155Thomas Meets with Constituents, circa 1986 January (24 3.5"X5" Color; 35 mm film)
VIII.156Annual Forum Dinner, Oak Park, Ga., 1986 October (3 3.5"X5" Color)
VIII.157Thomas Christmas Event, circa 1986 December (27 3.5"X5" Color; 6 35 mm film strips)
VIII.158Thomas Campaign Pictures, circa 1986-1987 (7"X9.5" B/W; 3 7"X9" B/W; 2 8"X10" Color)
VIII.159Publicity Stills of Congressman Thomas, 1987 November
VIII.160Thomas Publicity Still, circa 1987 (8"X10" B/W)
VIII.161Re-Elect Thomas Campaigning, circa 1987 (24 3.5"X5" Color; 7 35 mm film strips)
VIII.162Honey Ridge Stable, owned by Sam Murray, hosts over 600 at Forum Rally in Effingham County, 1987 (15 3.5"X5" Color; 35 mm film)
VIII.163Thomas for Congress Campaigning in Jesup, 1987 (66 3.5"X5" Color)
VIII.164Union Camp Lawyers and Guests with Thomas and US Rep Don Young (R-Alaska), 1987 (8"X10" Color)
VIII.165Leatherbacks Onboard Shrimper Bubba B, Darien, Ga. [includes letter], 1987 November (8"X10" B/W)
VIII.166Bob Kerr, Executive Director of the Georgia Conservancy, US Sen. Sam Nunn, John Mixon, Georgia Forestry Commissioner, and Thomas Meet to Discuss Georgia's Disappearing Wetlands, circa 1988 (40 3.5"X5" Color; 6 35 mm film strips)
VIII.167Thomas Publicity Stills, 1988 (6 4"X5" B/W; 2"X2" B/W)
VIII.168Publicity Stills of Thomas, 1988 (8 5"X5" Color)
VIII.169Thomas Poses Informally in His Congressional Office in Washington DC, circa 1988 (2 B/W Contact sheets; B/W Negatives)
VIII.170Thomas Portraits, circa 1988 (Color)
VIII.171Thomas Family Photos and Lighthearted Solos, circa 1988 (10 3.5"X5" B/W; 2 35 mm film strips)
VIII.172Official White House photograph, Thomas with 9 Unknown People in the picture and Ronald Reagan, 1988 January 27 (8"X10" Color)
VIII.173Photos of New Talmadge Bridge presented to Thomas by the Effingham Chamber of Commerce, Effingham County, Ga., 1988 December
VIII.174Campaign Office Election Night, 1988 November
VIII.175Photographs, 1988
VIII.176Photographs [groups], 1988-1989
VIII.177Grave Marker of Rep. William McDonald Wheeler, 1989
VIII.178Pre-Legislative Forum, 1989
VIII.179Thomas at Ceremony for Striking a Coin for the Bicentennial of Congress, 1989
VIII.180Thomas Awarded by US Chamber of Commerce, 1989
VIII.181First District Members of the American Institute of Architects (AIA) Stop By to Discuss with Thomas Several Issues Including Job Site Safety, Energy Conservation, and Housing and Community Development. Left to Right: Robert Ussery of St. Simons Island, Lamar Webb of St. Simons, Thomas, Forrest Lott of Savannah, John Mendrala of Savannah, 1989 January (7"X9" B/W)
VIII.182Thomas with Dr. Richard Lesher when Section 89 of the Tax Code is Repealed, 1989 March 1
VIII.183Camden County Event, 1989 April (21 4"X6" Color)
VIII.184Thomas Fields Questions at Press Conference Held By the Forestry 2000 Task Force, 1989 April (8"10" B/W)
VIII.185Brunswick-Golden Isles Chamber of Commerce Traveled to Washington to Meet with the Georgia Congressional Delegation and Discuss Local Projects and Issues. Left to Right: Charlie Harman of US Sen. Sam Nunn's Staff, Thomas, and Chamber Members Bill Parker, Vel Knight, Shaw McVeigh, 1989 April 11 (8"X10" B/W)
VIII.186Dr. Paul Erlick, Professor of Biological Sciences at Stanford University Discusses Several Issues Related to the Forest Industry with Thomas After a Luncheon Meeting at the Capitol, circa 1989 May (8"X10" B/W)
VIII.187Thomas Accepting LIFE Inc. Certificate of Appreciation from 2 Women in Wheelchairs, 1989 May 11 (7"X9" B/W)
VIII.188Thomas Delivering a Box of Vidalia Onions to US Rep Robin Tallon (D-Sc), 1989 June 21
VIII.189A German Forest Manager Shows Thomas Hardwood Seedlings During a Tour of the Black Forest Timber-Growing Region of Germany. Thomas was in Germany and Belgium July 2-10 Visiting NATO and US Defense Installations, circa July 1989 (8"X10" B/W)
VIII.190Thomas Travels to the National Training Center at Fort Irwin, Ca. to Observe Troops from Fort Stewart's 24th Infantry Div [Division] (Mech.) Battle Against Aggressor Forces Permanently Stationed There. Left to Right: Col. Walter Mather, Brigade Commander; Maj. Robert Fulcher, Jr. Brigade Exec. Officer; Thomas; Maj. Gen. Hg "Pete" Taylor, Commanding Gen. at Fort Stewart; and Mayor Deloach of Hinesville, Ca., 1989 August 7-9 (8"X10" B/W)
VIII.191Thomas Speaks to Students at Armstrong State University, 1989 October
VIII.192Dr. Gunter Kramer, Chairman of BMW of North America Shows Thomas the New M-5 BMW Being Imported Through the Port of Brunswick, circa 1989 October (8"X10" B/W)
VIII.193Thomas Chats with David Myers, Left, and Kenny Buchan, Right, circa 1989 November (3 5"X7" B/W)
VIII.194TV Personality Willard Scott Clowns For the Camera As He Prepares to Join Thomas For a Special Anti-Drug Abuse Message For Georgia School Students, circa 1989 November (3.5"X5" B/W)
VIII.21Photographs, 1989
VIII.22Photographs (folder 1 of 2), 1989-1991
VIII.23Photographs (folder 2 of 2), 1989-1991
VIII.24Photographs, 1990
VIII.25Photographs, 1990
VIII.26Tattnall Elementary School, circa 1990 (12 5"X7" B/W)
VIII.27Thomas being interviewed in Madison Square, Savannah, Ga., circa 1990 (19 3.5"X5" B/W)
VIII.28Portrait of Thomas, circa 1990 (5.75"X10" Negative; 3 5"X7" B/W)
VIII.29Election Night- Wayne County, 1990 (22 35 mm film strips)
VIII.210Thomas Testifies Before the House Ways and Means Committee in Support of the Restoration of a Capital Gains Tax Differential for Timber; Pictured with Other 3 Co-Chairmen of Forestry 2000 Task Force: Sonny Callahan (R-Al), Ron Wyden (D-Or), Sid Morrison (R-Wa), circa 1990 February (2 8"X10" B/W)
VIII.211Gen. John Galvin, Supreme Allied Commander of NATO (Center) and US Rep. Bill Hefner of Nc, Chairman of Military Construction Appropriations Subcommittee (Left) Joins Thomas for Lunch at the Capitol to Discuss Changes in the European Military Situation, circa 1990 March (8"X10" Color)
VIII.212Thomas and Candler Hospital Representative Chuck Clark Host Health and Human Services Secretary Louis Sullivan to Talk About Key Health Issues and Other Issues Facing his Federal Department for a TV Taping Aired in Savannah, Ga., circa 1990 March (8"X10" Color)
VIII.213John Harris' Sixth Grade Class from Frederica Academy on St. Simons Island, on Steps of the Capitol, Washington DC, 1990 March 14 (7"X9" B/W)
VIII.214Thomas at Planting of 400 Millionth Seedling By Rayonier Forest Products. Pictured: Ron Gross-Rayonier CEO, 3 Y/O Christine Henning, John Miller-Retired Rayonier Forester, Jan Henning, Jim Bland-Vp of Rayonier's Jesup Pulp Mill, John Mixon-Dir. of Forestry Commission for Ga., 1990 March 16 (4 5"X7" B/W)
VIII.215Thomas Greets an Atlanta Area Citizen After Conducting a Wetland Hearing in the Atlanta Area at the Request of US Rep. Ben Joes (Center), 1990 April 20 (5"X7" B/W)
VIII.216Thomas for Congress Campaign Dinner at a Park, circa 1990 June (3.5"X5" Color)
VIII.217Three of the 1st District's Students at West Point During a Visit By Congressional Staff. Left to Right: Tray Tankersley of Statesboro, Keith Brown of Savannah, Danny Bath of Savannah, circa 1990 August (5"X7" B/W)
VIII.218Thomas Giving a Check to Unknown Man, 1990 August (4"X6" B/W)
VIII.219Hundreds of Thomas Supporters Gather on River St., Savannah, Ga. for a Low-Country Shrimp Boil Organized By Billy Summerlin and Dan Fogarty. Strip 21: Thomas with Harry and Pete Lakakis, 1990 September 15 (35 mm film)
VIII.220[Thomas Visits Ga. Air National Guard's Facility at Travis Field at the Savannah Airport], 1990 August 13 (Slides Color)
VIII.221Thomas Poses at the Door of his Congressional Office with a Ribbon Celebrating the 14th Infantry Division's Entry to the Gulf War First, 1990 September 21
VIII.222Thomas Interviewed By Bob Morgan of WLOP/WIFO Radio in Jesup After 1990 Election Night Victory, 1990
VIII.223Thomas Testifies in Congress, 1990
VIII.224Thomas Visits with Boy from Woodbine, Ga. for the "Dream Come True" Program, 1990
VIII.225Thomas Rides in Parade, and Thomas Supporters in Parade Eastman, Ga., 1990
VIII.226Office Staff, 1990 July
VIII.227Thomas with Lee Family Reunion on the Capitol Steps, 1990 July 19
VIII.228Thomas with intern Sonya George, 1990 April 30
VIII.229Ben Jones Wetlands Hearing, Atlanta Ga., 1990 April
VIII.230Thomas gives a Flag to Bulloch County Schools, 1990 April
VIII.231Thomas at desk, possibly in Congress, circa 1990
VIII.232Library Legislature Day, 1990 April
VIII.233Ga. Residential Finance Authority Honors Thomas, 1990 March 21
VIII.234Thomas with Delegation from GA, 1990 March 5
VIII.235Congressional Arts Caucus Luncheon, 1990
VIII.236Thomas at desk reading "Defense News", 1990 June
VIII.237Skidaway "Meet the Candidate", 1990 May
VIII.238Thomas in St. Patrick's Day Parade, 1990 March
VIII.239Candler Health Forum, 1990
VIII.240Brunswick/Golden Isles Chamber of Commerce; Leadership in Ga. Art Panel Discussion, 1990 April
VIII.241Thomason Stairs with AOC Lunch on Capitol Hill Attendees, 1990 October 3
VIII.242Thomas with Two Men and Sign "Homecoming 1990 PS 1004", 1990 November
VIII.243Energy and Water Subcommittee House Appropriations, 1990
VIII.244YWCA of Brunswick Fundraising Event, 1990 August
VIII.245Thomas poses with Coaches and Kids participating in the Savannah State College National Youth Sports Program, 1991
VIII.246Thomas Sits Down with a Grade School Class in Toombs County, 1991 March 28
VIII.247Thomas posed with F.L.E.T.C. member and Coast Guard Official, 1991 summer
VIII.248Thomas at Various Events "In-District", 1991 (Color)
VIII.249Candler Health Forum, 1991
VIII.250Thomas Poses with his Wife and Members of the Georgia General Assembly, 1991
VIII.251Thomas and Al Scott Campaign for Their Respective Election to Office, 1991
VIII.252Thomas with Visitors to Washington from the Republic of Georgia, 1991 January (8"X10" B/W)
VIII.253President George Bush Visits Fort Stewart Base to Meet Spouses of Troops Deployed to Operation Desert Storm, 1991 February 1 (3 8"X10" Color)
VIII.254President George H.W. Bush's visit to Fort Stewart, Ga., 1991 February 1 (5"X11" Color)
VIII.255Thomas visits Memorial Medical Center in Savannah, 1990 February 14
VIII.256Thomas Visits with State of Georgia Senators, Pierre Howard and J. Tom Coleman Jr. at the State Capitol, Atlanta, Ga., 1991 February 25 (8"X10" Color)
VIII.257Thomas Visits Toombs County Central School; Attends Turner-Johnson Round Table; and Addresses Brewton Parker College Students, 1991 February
VIII.2589th Graders from Calvary Baptist Day School in Savannah Present Thomas with a Sweatshirt After a Question and Answer Session on the Workings of the Government, 1991 February (7"X9" B/W)
VIII.259Thomas Visits Members of a 155mm Artillery Unit with the 48th Infantry Bridge During Training at the Army's National Training Center at Fort Irwin, 1991 February (8"X10" B/W)
VIII.260Thomas and CEO of Rayonier Forest Products Celebrate Planting of the 400 Millionth Seedling, 1990 March 16
VIII.261Thomas poses with Ann Purcell (right to left), a Georgia Representative from 129th District, 1991 March
VIII.262Thomas and LucioUS Abrams Jr. of Keysville Offer Testimony to a House Ag [Agriculture] Subcommittee on Credit Problems Plaguing Ga. Farmers, 1991 March (8"X10" B/W)
VIII.263Thomas Greets First Group of 24th Infantry Division (Mechanized) Soldiers to Return to Georgia from the Gulf at Hunter Army Air Field in Savannah, 1991 March (8"X10" B/W)
VIII.264Thomas Meets with Statesboro Chamber of Commerce Representatives, 1991 April 1
VIII.265National Youth Sports Program Representatives Visit Thomas in Washington, 1991 April (8"X10" B/W)
VIII.266Members of Brunswick-Golden Isles Chamber of Commerce Meet with Thomas During Annual "Washington Fly-In", 1991 April 9-10 (8"X10" B/W)
VIII.267During the Harborfest Parade in Brunswick, Thomas Offers Words of Praise and Thanks to the Military Personnel Who Were Part of Operation Desert Storm and Who Marched in the Parade, 1991 May (3.5"X5" Color)
VIII.268Thomas Poses with Members of the US Congress and Senate with US Capitol Building Looming Behind, 1991 May 22
VIII.269Hinesville Parade Honoring 24th Infantry Division (Mechanized), 1991 May (8"X10" Color; 8"X10" B/W)
VIII.270Thomas Answers Questions from Leadership Savannah Participants, 1991 June (5"X7" B/W)
VIII.271Thomas Moderates Discussion Between Members of Disabled American Veterans (DAV) and Georgia Congressional in Washington Over Legislative Agenda and Cutbacks in VA Programs, 1991 July (3.5"X5" B/W)
VIII.272Thomas Hosts Breakfast for Clarence Thomas and Supporters of His Nomination to the Supreme Court, 1991 August (2 5"X7" Color)
VIII.273Thomas with Tanya Ward (Young Leaders Conference), 1991 August 13
VIII.274Portrait of Gen. H. Norman Schwarzkopf Jr., 1991 September (5"X7" Color)
VIII.275TV Personality Willard Scott Congratulates Thomas for Competing in a 3-Mile Celebrity Race in Washington to Benefit the Special Olympics, 1991 September 12 (5"X7" Color)
VIII.276Savannah State College Football Team and Acting SSC President Dr. Annette Brock Visit Washington, 1991 September-October (8"X10" B/W; 7"X9" B/W)
VIII.277Thomason Capitol Steps DC, 1991 November
VIII.278Thomas and Friends Pose Next to a Cake at a Re-Elect Thomas Reception on Skidaway Island, circa 1989-1990
VIII.279Thomas, VarioUS Views: at a Festival with Friends (Sam Nunn) in the County, Thomas and His Family on the Steps of Their Home [George Bush Giving a Speech], 1989-1991
VIII.280Thomas at a Reception Honoring New President of American Soybean Association, Dave Haggard, 1989-1991
VIII.281Military Parade Possibly Celebrating Troop Return from Desert Storm Conflict, 1991
VIII.282Thomas Poses with Constituents in His Washington DC Office, 1991
VIII.283Georgia Delegation on Capitol Hill, 1991
VIII.284Thomas Visits with Constituents in DC Office (Possibly Savannah Firemen), 1991
VIII.285Thomas Visits with Troops of Fort Irwin Co., 1991
VIII.286Thomas Poses with Riley Reddish in his Washington DC Capitol Hill Office, 1991
VIII.287Thomas Visits with Key Personnel from Okefenoke EMC in DC for Rural Electrification Conference, 1991
VIII.288Thomas Meets with Reps of Camden-Kings Bay Chamber of Commerce to Discuss Wetlands Regs. [Regulations] and Dept. of Defense Spending on Trident Submarines, 1991
VIII.289Thomas Meets with Representatives from Burke County Chamber of Commerce, 1991
VIII.290Thomas with a Woman, Possibly US Rep Cynthia Mckinney, 1991
VIII.291Thomas with Statesboro, Ga. Chamber of Commerce Representatives in His DC Office, 1991
VIII.292Thomas with Friends Hunting in Coastal Georgia, 1991
VIII.293Thomas Poses with Army Officials at An Event Following Desert Storm, the War in the Persian Gulf, 1991
VIII.294Thomas Catches a Fish, 1991
VIII.295Honorific Banquet with Many Government Officials as Speakers, 1991
VIII.296Thomas Makes Speech at "SLS" Conference, Thomas Fishing, 1991
VIII.297Thomas and Gentleman Hold Up a Framed Picture of Coastal Georgia, 1991
VIII.298Thomas Family, 1991
VIII.299Thomas at a Banquet Event, 1991
VIII.2100Constituents Visit Thomas at His DC Office, 1991
VIII.2101Thomas with a Family of Constituents, 1991
VIII.2102Thomas at a Georgia Tourism Event with a Man in a "Peach" Suit; Thomas Posed with Young People in His Office, 1991
VIII.2103Thomas with Staff at An Informal Office Gathering at His DC Office, 1991
VIII.2104Thomas and His Constituents in Various Locales in Washington DC, 1991
VIII.2105Thomas with Young People from His District Posed in His Offices in Washington DC, 1991
VIII.2106Candler Health Forum and Thomas Visit with His Constituents in DC, 1991
VIII.2107Sunbelt Caucus Outing to Antietam Battlefield, MD, 1991
VIII.2108Thomas Plays Guitar with Staff; Thomas Poses on Capitol Steps with Pillow Sham with Birthday Greetings for President Bush, 1991
VIII.2109Thomas "On The Stump" Campaign for Re-Election to Congress, 1991
VIII.2110Thomason the Stump for Re-Election (Various Promotional Appearances Including TV Spots), 1991
VIII.2111Thomas Addresses Crowd at a Municipal Building in Candler County, Ga., 1991
VIII.2112Thomas Visits Seniors' Center in His Home District in Ga., 1991
VIII.2113Thomas Talks with Farmers of His District Out in a Field. He Also Talks "on Camera" to Channel 26, An NBC Affiliate, 1991
VIII.2114Thomas Meets a Gathering of Constituents, 1991
VIII.2115Thomas with Willard Scott, NBC Weatherman, 1991
VIII.2116Thomas Addresses a Group; Possibly Congressional Staff and of Members of the Press Corps, 1991
VIII.31Thomas Receives Plaque of Honor from Georgia Wildlife Federation, 1991
VIII.32Thomas with Army Official; Mccaffrey at Thomas's DC Office, 1991
VIII.33Thomas Poses with "Desert Storm" Troops Deployed in the Persian Gulf and During the US-Iraq War, 1991
VIII.34Thomas Poses with Gorden Military Academy Representatives, 1991
VIII.35Thomas and Delegation Travel to US Base in Persian Gulf Area, Possibly Saudi Arabia, 1991
VIII.36Trip to Middle East, 1991
VIII.37Thomas Trip to Persian Gulf to Visit Troops, 1991
VIII.38Thomas Poses with Constituents in Front of Capitol in Washington DC, 1991
VIII.39Thomas Routine Activities: Giving Speech, Posing with Constituents/Interns, Meeting with Staff, circa 1991
VIII.310Thomas Stands Outside Public Hearing in Mccormack Room on Small Business, circa 1991
VIII.311Thomas, Ben Jones, and Others Testify on An Unknown Issue, circa 1991
VIII.312Thomas Escorts Visitors, Possibly Foreign, on Tour of Capitol, circa 1991
VIII.313Thomas Poses on the Capitol Steps with 4 Star General from Base at His Home District, circa 1991
VIII.314Thomas Poses with Class and Teacher from His Home District in Ga. in Front of US Capitol, circa 1991
VIII.315Thomas Poses with Students and Teachers from His Congressional District in Se Ga. at the Capitol, circa 1991
VIII.316Thomas Visits with "NYSP" Reps in His Office, circa 1991
VIII.317Thomas and Other Congressmen Testify on Some Issue, circa 1991
VIII.3184th and 5th Graders, Walker Elementary Ludowici, Ga. Visit Thomas's Office in DC. Thomas was Visiting His District in Ga., 1991 April
VIII.319Jesup, Odum, Screven, Wayne County Welcomes the 24th Division Home from Desert Storm, 1991
VIII.320Thomas Participates in Festivities Surrounding Parade in His District, Probably Brunswick, 1991
VIII.321Informal Gathering; in County with Thomas , Family and Friends, circa 1991
VIII.322Miscellaneous Views; Thomas Speaks to a Crowd at a Banquet, 1991
VIII.323Thomas Poses with Guests in the Capitol, Washington DC, 1991
VIII.324Thomas at a Conference and with Constituents in His DC Office, 1991
VIII.325Thomas with Young Students Visiting His Washington DC Office, 1991
VIII.326Thomas Meets with Staff and Guests in His Office in Washington DC (Includes Military Reps), 1991
VIII.327Thomas Shakes Hand with General Norman Schwartof, 1991
VIII.328Thomas Visit to Persian Gulf to Visit Troops, circa 1991
VIII.329Members of the Statesboro Chamber of Commerce Met with Thomas and Georgia Congressional Delegation to Discuss Issues Affecting Bullock County. Left to Right: Peggy Chapman, Billy Hickman, Thomas, Andy Burns, Bob Coston, Tom Allen, 1991 (8"X10" B/W)
VIII.330Thomason Capitol Steps with Other Leadership Members of the Sportsmen's Caucus. Left to Right: Sen. Richard Shelby (D-Ala.), Sen. Larry Craig (R-Idaho), Sen. Conrad Burns (R-Mont.), Rep. Richard Shulze (R-Pa.), Thomas, Rep. John Tanner (D-Tenn.), and Rep. Toby Roth (R-Wis.), 1991 (5"X7" B/W)
VIII.331Thomas Addresses Maryland Taxidermist Association, circa 1992
VIII.332Thomas and Georgia Congressional Delegation on the Set of the Program, "Georgia's Watch on Washington", circa 1992
VIII.333Thomas Announces in Savannah That He Will Not Seek Re-Election, 1992 January 9
VIII.334The Jefferson Award Given to Thomas By National American Wholesale Grocers' Association, 1992
VIII.335Energy and Water Subcommittee Hearings, Secretary Watkins, circa 1992
VIII.336Thomas Receives An Award at a Banquet Type Event, 1992 April 28
VIII.337National Association of State Foresters Annual Meeting, Savannah, Ga., 1992 October 11-15
VIII.338Thomas in His Washington DC Office with General Galvin and Separately with a Local Politician, circa 1992
VIII.339Thomas Poses with Leaders of the US Chamber of Commerce. He Holds His "Spirit of Enterprise" Award, 1992 June
VIII.340Photos- Capitol Steps, 1992
VIII.341Eggs and Issues, 1991 January 7 (5 5"X7" B/W)
VIII.342Thomas Announcing His Retirement, 1991 January 9 (8"X10" Color)
VIII.343Thomas Speaking, circa 1992 (8"X10" Color)
VIII.344Thomas Deer Hunting Trip and Interior of House, undated
VIII.345Scenes from a Canine Training Center, undated
VIII.346Thomas with Constituents, undated
VIII.347Thomas at Banquets, with Ga. Sheriffs, and with Senator Sam Nunn, undated
VIII.348Thomas with Leaders on Disability Issues, undated
VIII.349Thomas at Burke County Chamber Meeting, undated
VIII.350Thomas Receives "Eagle of Freedom" Award, undated
VIII.351Thomas at Podium (Campaign Event?), undated
VIII.352Magnolia Springs Fundraiser, undated
VIII.353Landscapes (No Thomas), undated
VIII.354Thomas Hunting, undated
VIII.355Unidentified Event and Portraits, undated
VIII.356Thomas, Congressman Clay Shaw and Mike Andrews, undated
VIII.357Thomas with Soldiers, undated
VIII.358Thomas Speaking; Office, undated
VIII.359Campaign Events (Includes Parades and Fish Frys); Thomas Family Vacation, undated
VIII.360Thomas Prepares to Make a Statement to the Press, undated
VIII.361Thomas and General Galvin with Unidentified Guest, undated
VIII.362Thomas Attends a Birthday Celebration in His Honor at His Washington DC Congress, undated
VIII.363Thomas Poses with the Cherry Blossom Festival Princess, undated
VIII.364Thomas Competes in a 3-Mile Race for Charity Along with Other Members of Congress and Other Celebrities, Willard Scott was Present, undated
VIII.365Thomas Poses with Georgia Southern University's Mascot "Eagle", undated
VIII.366Thomas with Senator Bill Bradley (on his right) and Other Members of Congress Testifying, undated
VIII.367Thomas Paddles Down the Altamaha River, undated
VIII.368Thomas with Ga. Congressional Delegation; with Veterans; with Young Constituents, undated
VIII.369Thomas Sews a Button on His Jacket Just Before the Start of a House Appropriations Committee Hearing, Jim Harrison, Photographer, undated
VIII.370Thomas and Staff in the Washington DC Office; Thomas at a Banquet, undated
VIII.371Thomas with Willard Scott, undated
VIII.372Thomason a Stage with His Guitar at a Democratic Fundraiser, undated
VIII.373Thomas Poses with Other Members of the Congressional Sportsmen's Caucus Foundation, undated
VIII.374Photographs (Groups), undated
VIII.375Archie Davis , Chairman of the Savannah Olympic Support Council, Congratulates Thomas After His Remarks, undated (8"X10" Color)
VIII.376Thomas Photographs (Brunswick Harbor Group Photo, Environmental Runoff), undated
VIII.377Thomas at Luncheon, undated
VIII.378Glennville Onion Festival, undated (13 3.5"X5" B/W)
VIII.379Fort Stewart Helicopter Savannah Port Experience, undated (24 3.5"X5" B/W)
VIII.380Department of Veterans Affairs Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony, undated (5 5"X7" B/W; 4"X6" Color)
VIII.381Campaign Headquarters, undated (8 5"X7" B/W)
VIII.382Calvary Baptist School Dedication, undated (3 4"X5" Color)
VIII.383George H.W. Bush Visits and Addresses the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, undated (15 3.5"X5" Color; 5 35 mm film strips; 2 5"X7" B/W)
VIII.384Portrait of George and Barbara Bush, undated (7"X9" Color)
VIII.385Brunswick Open House Question and Answer Panel, Featuring Col. Locurcio and Osvald of COE, Crum of EPA, Laumeyer of FWS, Read of SLS, Thomas, undated (71 3.5"X5")
VIII.386Thomas in Front of "Land of the Free, Home of the Brave" Billboard with 2 Unknown Men, undated (3 8"X10")
VIII.387Marching Band on the Steps of the Capitol, undated (7"X9" B/W)
VIII.388Melinda and Thomas at Campaign Party, undated (3.5"X5" Color)
VIII.389Melinda Thomas with Unknown Man, undated (5"X7" B/W)
VIII.390Melinda Thomas with 3 Unknowns on Election Day, undated (3.5"X5" Color)
VIII.391Sam Nunn Giving a Speech, undated (4"X5" B/W)
VIII.392On-Water Televised Event at the Old Talmadge Bridge in Savannah, Ga., undated (Proof sheet)
VIII.393Party, undated (21 3.5"X5" Color; 7 35 mm film strips)
VIII.394Party, undated (24 3.5"X5" Color; 7 35 mm film strips)
VIII.395Portrait of Unknown Man, undated (8"X10" Color)
VIII.396Re-Election Sign Fort Under a Boiled Peanuts Sign Attached to a "Doris Pit Bar-B-Q" Sign, undated (2 8"X10" B/W)
VIII.397Lindsey Scott Hands Thomas a Signed Football, undated (5"X7" B/W)
VIII.398Talmadge Bridge Construction, undated (8"X10" B/W)
VIII.399Thomas Inspecting Planes at the Air National Guard Training Site, Travis Field, Savannah, Ga., undated (5"X7" B/W)
VIII.3100Thomas Meets Johnny Bench, Major League Baseball Hall of Famer, undated (5"X7" B/W)
VIII.3101Thomas Holding a Bird with Dr. Tom Cade Beside Him, undated (8"X10" Color)
VIII.3102Thomas Campaigning, undated (42 3.5"X5" Color; 35 mm film)
VIII.3103Thomas with Carlton Collins (Only Living WWI Vet in Candler County), undated (4"X6" Color)
VIII.3104Thomas Meets Drought Advisory Committee in a Farm Field Near Waynesboro, undated (35 mm film)
VIII.3105Thomas Family Portrait, undated (5"X7" B/W)
VIII.3106Thomas for Congress Campaign Event in Sylvania, Ga., undated (21 3.5"X5" Color; 5 35 mm film strips)
VIII.3107House; Campaigning at Honey Ridge Stables in Guyton, Ga., undated (18 3.5"X5" Color; 6 35 mm film strips)
VIII.3108Thomas for Congress Campaign Logo, undated (2 Negatives)
VIII.3109Thomas Gives a Commencement Speech, undated (2 5"X7" B/W)
VIII.3110Thomas with Georgia Peanut Princess in Front of Giant Peanut on Lawn of the Capitol Building, Washington DC, undated (8"X10" B/W)
VIII.3111Thomason a Hunting Outing in Camo, undated (6 Proof Sheets; 35 mm film; 8"X10" B/W)
VIII.3112Thomas with Joe Kennedy, Signed By Kennedy, undated (8"X10" Color)
VIII.3113Thomas Visits a Lab, undated (22 3.5"X5" Color)
VIII.3114Thomas at a Military Graduation, undated (3.5"X5" Color)
VIII.3115Thomas at Construction Site with Capt. F. O'Beirne Jr., Capt. J. Greenwald, CEC, USN, undated (3 8"X10" B/W)
VIII.3116Thomas in Parade, undated (5"X7" B/W)
VIII.3117Thomas with Brown Pinketon of Gulfstream- They Presented Him with a Picture of the Gulfstream Iii, undated (7"X9" B/W)
VIII.3118Thomason a Plane En Route to Mcdonald's Funeral, undated (2 7"X9" B/W)
VIII.3119Thomas Portrait, undated (8"X10" B/W)
VIII.3120Thomas Portrait, undated (2 8"X10" B/W)
VIII.3121Thomas Portrait, undated (8"X10" B/W)
VIII.3122Thomas Portrait, undated (5"X7" Color)
VIII.3123Thomas with Tommy Irving and 13 Unknown Men in Front of a Giant Peanut on the Lawn of the Capitol Building, Washington DC, undated (8"X10" B/W)
VIII.3124Thomas Poses with Unknown Girl and Mickey Mantle at March of Dimes Congressional Walk America, undated (8"X10" B/W)
VIII.3125Thomas Speaking, undated (3 5"X7" Color)
VIII.41Thomas Speaks to An Elementary School Class, undated (4 5"X7" B/W)
VIII.42Thomas and Students from Toombs Central School and Lyons Junior High School at the US Capitol, undated (7"X9" B/W)
VIII.43Thomas with Thomas W. Wright of Intermarine USA, undated (3.5"X5" Color)
VIII.44Thomas with "Molly Moo-Moo" and Unknown Woman, undated (3.5"X5" Color)
VIII.45Thomas with Unknown Man, undated (3 3.5"X5" B/W; 35 mm film)
VIII.46Thomas Aboard the USS James Madison Submarine, undated (5 3.5"X4" Color Polaroids)
VIII.47Thomas with Various State Representatives, Pages, and Other Members of Staff, undated (12 8"X10" Color)
VIII.48Thomas Visits Students at West Point Military Academy, undated (2 5"X7" B/W)
VIII.49Wayne County Parade with Thomas, undated (8 3.5"X5" Color; 3 5"X7" B/W)
VIII.410Thomas with Two Unknown Men and One Unknown Woman Holding a Document, undated (8"X10" B/W)
VIII.4114 Unknown Men Cracking Crab Legs, undated (3.5"X5" Color)
VIII.412Unknown Man Grabs Unknown Woman's Hand, undated (3.5"X5" B/W)
VIII.413Unidentified/Unclassified Photos (Thomas Speaking; Thomas with Groups; Landscapes), undated
VIII.414Thomas Running, with Groups, undated
IX.67Oversized Photographs [Congress, Groundbreaking, Thomas Speaking at the Willowpeg Village Apartments, Indianapolis Police Motocycle Drill Team, and Thomas with Unidentified Man], undated