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Powell A. Moore Papers

Powell A. Moore Papers

Descriptive Summary

Title: Powell A. Moore Papers
Creator: Moore, Powell A., 1938-
Inclusive Dates: 1885-2011
Bulk Dates: 1966-2009
Language(s): English
Extent: 34 box(es) (26.50 linear feet)
Collection Number: RBRL/166/PAM
Repository: Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies
Abstract: Powell A. Moore served Presidents Nixon, Ford, Reagan, and George W. Bush and Senators Richard B. Russell and Fred Thompson during his government service. While in the private sector, Moore started his own company, worked for the Lockheed Corporation, and was part of a number of firms in the capacity of a lobbyist and consultant. His papers consist of correspondence, news clippings, invitations, programs, speeches, photographs, and artifacts. The collection material documents his government service, private sector work, his political interests, his family history, and personal interests.

Collection Description

Historical Note

Powell Allen Moore was born in Milledgeville, GA on January 5, 1938. He attended preparatory school at Georgia Military College in Milledgeville and was awarded a Bachelor's degree in journalism from the University of Georgia in 1959. For nearly four years, he served in the United States Army as an infantry officer. He was on tour in Germany when the Berlin Wall was built. After returning from abroad, he worked for his hometown newspaper, the Union Recorder, following in the footsteps of his father and grandfather. He later worked for Southern National Gas Company. In 1966, Senator Richard B. Russell named Moore his press secretary. After Senator Russell's death in 1971, Moore worked for the Nixon administration, as the Justice Department as Deputy Director of Public Information. Moore was on the Committee to Reelect the President and was the Director of Press Relations for the Inaugural Committee for President Nixon for part of 1972 and 1973. Following that he was White House legislative staff during the Nixon and Ford administrations. After working in the public sector, he accepted the position of Managing Director of Marketing Corporation of America. When he left the Ford administration in 1975. he went on to establish his own consulting firm and until 1981 he advised and represented domestic and international clients in Washington, DC.

In 1981, President Reagan appointed Moore Deputy Assistant to the President for Legislative Affairs. During his tenure in this position in the Reagan administration, he oversaw the Senate confirmation of Sandra Day O'Connor. He was appointed Assistant Secretary of State for Intergovernmental and Legislative Affairs the following year. Toward the end of 1983, Moore left the federal government and became Vice President for Legislative Affairs for the Lockheed Corporation. From 1985 to 1992, he partnered to form the Ginn, Edington, Moore and Wade consulting firm. This was followed in 1992 by the formation of the Capitoline International Group that had the Republic of Turkey and the Government of Azerbaijan among its clients. In 1998, Moore briefly joined the firm Global USA before accepting the position of Chief of Staff for Senator Fred Thompson of Tennessee. He held the position until 2001 when President George W. Bush appointed him Assistant Secretary of Defense for Legislative Affairs, a position he held for the duration of the first term of Bush's administration. From early 2005 through early 2006, he worked for McKenna, Long & Aldridge as Managing Director for Federal Government Relations. From early 2006 to early 2009, he became the Representative of the U.S. Secretary of Defense to the Organization for the Security and Cooperation in Europe in Vienna, Austria. In 2010, he joined Venable LLP as a consultant. Moore and his wife Pamla had two sons and two daughters. Powell Moore died in Washington, DC on August 13, 2018.

Scope and Content

The Powell A. Moore Papers include material related to his federal government service in the Nixon, Ford, Reagan, and George W. Bush administrations, his private sector career, his political activities and interests, and his personal activities and family history. The bulk of the materials cover his service as press secretary for Senator Richard B. Russell in 1966 though his tenure as Assistant Secretary of Defense for Legal Affairs in 2009. Materials from his federal government service and work in the private sector primarily consist of correspondence, invitations, event programs, and newspaper clippings. Yearly political files contain news clippings and other materials relative to the contemporary political scene. Political materials from campaigns, conventions, and inaugurations for Republican candidates from Nixon's re-election in 1972 to George W. Bush's re-election in 2004 are part of the collection. Personal material relates to his association with Georgia Military College, The University of Georgia, and the rehabilitation of Christ Church in Alexandria, Virginia. Also included are drafts of his maternal grandmother Sarah Allen's book, Our Children's Ancestors along with contemporary research material.

Organization and Arrangement

The Powell A. Moore Papers are divided into seven series: I. Federal Government Service, II. Private Sector, III. Political, IV. Personal, V. Photographs, VI. Artifacts, and VII. Audiovisual Materials.

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This collection is open for research use.

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Powell A. Moore Papers, Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies, University of Georgia Libraries, Athens, Georgia, 30602-1641.

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Finding Aid prepared by Mark Walters (summer intern), 2014.

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Subject Terms

Bush, George W. (George Walker), 1946-
Ford, Gerald R., 1913-2006
Nixon, Richard M. (Richard Milhous), 1913-1994
Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe
Presidents -- United States -- Election -- 1972.
Reagan, Ronald

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Series Descriptions and Folder Listing


Series I. Federal Government Service

12 box(es) (10.75 linear feet)
The material in this series documents Moore's federal government service which spans the Nixon, Ford, Reagan, and George W. Bush administrations. He started out as Press Secretary for Senator Richard B. Russell and also served as Chief of Staff for Senator Fred Thompson

Subseries A. Press Secretary for Senator Richard B. Russell

( 1 box(es) (1 linear foot) )
This subseries includes copies of prepared remarks or speeches given by Senator Richard B. Russell, correspondence from the Senate Press Secretaries' Association (including Moore's time as President of the Association), and personal correspondence while Moore was his press secretary. Documents related to the closeout of Senator Russell's office and his passing are also included. General biographical information about Senator Russell, invitations to events and dedications honoring his life, and press clippings written both before and well after his death are present. A scrapbook kept by Moore focuses on his time working for Senator Russell. Photographs of Senator Russell or of events in honor of him are included.
11[Publications Prior to Powell Moore Working for Senator Russell], 1957, 1961-1962, 1965
12[Notebook], 1969
13SPSA [Senate Press Secretaries Association] Correspondence, 1969
14-5Senate Press Secretaries Association, 1969-1970
16SCLC [Staff Conservative Luncheon Club], 1970-1971
17[Congressional Staff Conservative Luncheon Club], 1970
18SPSA [Senate Press Secretaries Association] Membership, 1965-1970
19Personal Correspondence, Russell's Office, 1960-1971
110[Senator Russell Notes], undated
111[Remarks by Senator Russell], 1943-1968
112[Invitations and Clippings], 1968-1971
113[Washington Daze Scrapbook], 1967-1970
114Russell Office Close-Out, 1951, 1971
115Russell Eulogy Book, 1968-1971
116Editor Merci, 1963-1970
117[Russell Funeral 1971], 1967-1971
118[Russell] Biographical, 1965-1968
119Russell Clippings, 1963-1996
120Bill Jordan, 1985-2004
121[Russell Photograph], undated
122[Russell Photographs], 1963
123[U.S.S. Richard B. Russell Memorabilia], 1971-1975
124[U.S.S. Richard B. Russell Photographs], 1971
125[Russell Foundation and Library], 1974
126[Richard B. Russell Bldg. Georgia War Veterans Home Photographs], undated
127[Russell/ Draft 1/ Taylor], undated

Subseries B. Nixon and Ford Administrations

( 1.5 box(es) (1.5 linear feet) )
This subseries includes material related to Moore's activities during his tenures with the Nixon and Ford administrations. Office files include documents related to Nixon's re-election campaign and inauguration including personnel directories for the Attorney General's Office, the White House, and Congressional Staff. Materials also document President Nixon's trip to Georgia honoring Carl Vinson on his 90th birthday. Correspondence, transcripts, and news clippings related to Watergate and notes from Moore's Watergate testimony are present as well. Invitations for events during Moore's tenure are also included.
21[Scrapbook: Attorney General Aides Picked], 1971
22[Republican National Committee] (1 of 2), 1972-1974
23[Attorney General] (2 of 2), 1961-1975
24[White House] (1 of 2), 1973-1975
25[White House/ Domestic Council] (2 of 2), 1972
26Georgia Trip via President Nixon Honoring Carl Vinson (P. Moore's File), 1973 November 18
27Anderson's Column, 1973-1974
28Watergate, 1972-1973
29[Correspondence], 1973-1974
210Correspondence D.O.J., CRP, Inaugural, 1971-1973
211[Correspondence], 1973
212-13White House Correspondence, Personal, 1973-1975
214-15[Memos and Correspondence], 1973-1974
216-17[Correspondence], 1973-1975
31-3Notes, 1973-1974
34-5News Clippings, 1964-1998
36Ford/Nixon Cards, Programs, and Invitations, 1973-1976

Subseries C. Reagan Administration

( 4.75 box(es) (3.5 linear feet) )
This subseries has materials related to Moore's activities during his tenure with the Reagan administration. Files include documents related to his positions as Deputy Assistant to the President for Legislative Affairs and Assistant Secretary of State for Intergovernmental and Legislative Affairs. Correspondence was found arranged primarily in chronological order. Routine correspondence relates to gifts, invitations, speaking engagements, and job placement inquiries, and congratulatory remarks. Specific topics of other correspondence include the Voting Rights Act extension, passage of the bipartisan Program for Economic Recovery, the sale of AWACS (Airborne Warning and Control System), and CODELs (Congressional Delegations). Invitations, cards, and notes from the period make up part of the subseries. Itineraries and paperwork for several CODEL (Congressional Delegation) missions during this period can be found here. A partial collection of issues of "Friday Follies," which feature political cartoons, is included.
37[Inauguration Day Photos], 1981-1982
38[Assistant Secretary of State Appointment], 1981-1982
39[Swearing in of Powell Moore at State Department] (1 of 2), 1982
310[Swearing in of Powell Moore at State Department] (2 of 2), 1982
311[Notebook], 1982
312-14PAM [Powell A. Moore] Correspondence, 1981 January-June
41-2PAM [Powell A. Moore] Correspondence, 1981 July-October
43[Ronald Reagan Pen and Letter], 1981
44PAM [Powell A. Moore] Correspondence, 1981 November-December
45-6Personal, 1982 January-April
47Georgia/Alabama Trip, 1982
48-12Personal: May-June, 1982 May- 1983 February
413Personal Correspondence- Powell A. Moore, 1983 February-March
414Personal Correspondence, 1983 April-May
415Speech Dynamics Course, 1982 March 18-20
51Personal Correspondence Powell A. Moore, 1983 June
52Powell A. Moore Personal Correspondence, 1983 July-August
53Personal Correspondence with Senators, 1981-1982
54[Arms Control Speech], 1983
55[Notes and Correspondence], 1981-1982
56[Cards and Correspondence], 1981-1984
57[Assistant Secretary of State Correspondence], 1983
58Powell's Speeches, 1982-1983
59Magazines, 1981
510News Clippings, 1980-1983
511[Correspondence], 1981-1982
512[Assistant Secretary of State for Congressional Relations Nomination Transcript], undated
513-16Invitations, Cards, Programs, and Correspondence, 1981-1984
517Friday Follies (1 of 3), 1981
61-2Friday Follies, 1981-1983
101[CODEL Long to Central America], 1982
102-3[Notebook], 1982 November 11-12
104[House Committee on Armed Services Visit to Middle East and Africa], 1982
105[Study Mission to South America, Africa, and Europe], 1983
106CODEL Laxalt, 1982 July 1-13
107-8CODEL Hamilton, 1982
109CODEL White, 1982 March 6-19
1010CODEL Tower, 1982 September 2-8
1011CODEL Long, 1982 February 12-18
1012The Visit of Pope John Paul II to Anchorage, Alaska, 1981 February 26
1013Venice Trip [CODEL Mathias], 1981 May 22-26
1014[CODEL Whitten], 1988
241-2[CODEL O'Neil], 1980-1983
243[CODEL Zablocki], 1982-1983

Subseries D. Chief of Staff for Senator Fred Thompson

( 0.25 box(es) (0.25 linear feet) )
This subseries includes material related to Moore's time as Chief of Staff for Tennessee Republican Senator Fred Thompson, during which there was speculation that Senator Thompson might make a bid for the White House. Invitations and programs for events, attended by either Senator Thompson or Moore, make up the majority of materials.
63-5[News Clippings, Programs, Invitations, Correspondence], 1998-2001

Subseries E. George W. Bush Administration, Assistant Secretary of Defense for Legislative Affairs

( 4 box(es) (4 linear feet) )
This subseries contains materials related to Moore's time as Assistant Secretary of Defense for Legislative Affairs during the first term of the George W. Bush administration. Included are documents related to Moore's nomination to this position and his Senate Confirmation hearings. Itineraries and paperwork for over two dozen CODEL (Congressional Delegation) missions during this period can be found here, as well as paperwork related to TDY (Temporary Duty) travel. A section of material relates to the Asia Security Conference held in Singapore during 2002 and three of the annual Munich Conferences on security. Global regions which are discussed in the materials include the Baltic countries, Belarus, Iraq, and Afghanistan. Moore's routine correspondence and copies of speeches from this period are accompanied by event programs and invitations throughout.
66Senate Confirmation of Powell Moore, 1995-2001
67[Guestbook], 2001
68[Correspondence], 2001-2002
71[Events and Invitations], 2001-2002
72War Powers, 1977, 1984, 2002
73Moore Personal, 2002
74Moore ASD/LA Nom./Confirm. [Nomination/Confirmation] Material, 2001
75Honorable Powell Moore USMC [United States Marine Corp] Parade, 2001 June 26
76-9Moore- Personal Correspondence, 2001-2005
710Moore Speeches, 2002-2004
711Timmons File, 2002
712Correspondence, 2006-2008
713[Correspondence], 2001-2004
81-4Programs, Invitations, Correspondence, and News Clippings, 2001-2005
85[Newspaper Clippings], 2002
86-7[Codel Smith], 2003
88[USSOCOM (United States Special Operations Command) Orientation], 2003
89[Munich Conference on Security Policy], 2003
810[CODEL Young], 2002
811[Millennium Challenge], 2002
812Asia Security Conference: Conference Book, 2002
91[Asia Security Conference], 2002
92[Briefing Materials for CODEL to IISS-Asia Security Conference, 2002
93[Asia Trip Support Book], 2002
94[CODEL Hastert], 2002
95[CODEL Hobson], 2002
96[DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency) Trip Book], 2002
97[CODEL Murtha], 2003
98[North Atlantic Assembly Venice], 1981
99[Belarusia], 2003-2004
910["The Future of Democracy Beyond the Baltics"], 2004
911[CODEL Murtha], 2004
912[Afghanistan and Iraq PowerPoint Presentations], 2003
913[CODEL Murtha and CODEL McCain], 2003
914[CODEL Frist/Daschle, 2004
915[41st Munich Conference on Security Policy], 2005
916[40th Munich Conference on Security Policy], 2004
917-18[CODEL Hobson], 2004
919-20[CODEL McCain], 2004
921[CODEL Frist], 2004
922[CODEL Sessions], 2004
923[Space and Missile Defense Conference], 2004
924[Country Reports ], 2003
925-26[August Recess CODEL Country Book], 2003
111[Travel History], 2001-2004
112[Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld Travel to SC (South Carolina)], 2001
113[Congressman Murtha Travel to Johnstown, PA (Pennsylvania)], 2001
114[TDY to Whiteman, AFB (Air Force Base), MO (Missouri)], 2001
115[Itinerary], 2002
116[TDY to Millennium Challenge '02], 2002
117[CODEL Young], 2002
118[CODEL Reed-Hagel], 2002
119[CODEL Hastert], 2002
1110[TDY to France and Germany], 2001 June 14-18
1111[CODEL Hobson], 2002
1112[TDY to SOCOM (Special Operations Command), Tampa, Florida], 2001-2002
1113[TDY to MacDill AFB (Air Force Base), FL (Florida)/ CODEL C.W. Bill Young], 2003
1114[CODEL Murtha], 2003
1115[CODEL Smith], 2003
1116[Visit to Athens, Georgia], 2003
1117[CODEL Hobson], 2004
1118[CODEL Frist/Daschle], 2004
1119[Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld Trip], 2004
1120[CODEL Sessions], 2004
1121[CODEL Hobson], 2004
1122[CODEL McCain], 2004
1123[CODEL Murtha], 2003
1124[CODEL Stevens], 2003
1125[CODEL McCain/Lieberman], 2003
1126[Assistant Secretary of Defense for Legislative Affairs Files], 2003-2005

Subseries F. George W. Bush Administration, Representative of the United States Secretary of Defense to OSCE

( 0.5 box(es) (0.5 linear feet) )
This subseries documents Moore's tenure with the OSCE (Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe) and includes business cards of important contacts, organizational charts, a description of his position and duties, OSCE handbooks and directories, invitations and programs for events and conferences and related photographs. Of interest are talking points for a meeting with Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld to seek support for a plan to involve OSCE to bring stability to Afghanistan.
1127[Conference and Event Badges], 2006-2008
1128[Business Cards and Organizational Charts], circa 2006-2009
1129[Business Cards], circa 2006-2009
1130[Organizational Charts], 2006-2008
1131OSCE, 2007-2008
1132[Position Description for OSCE and Work Documents], circa 2006-2009
1133[Magazines], 2008
1134-35[Invitations and Programs], 2005-2009
121[Photograph Print-Outs], 2008
122[Contact Information for White House Planning Staff], 2006-2009
123[Photograph: Eurasia Ambassadors Conference], 2006
124[EUCOM 2020 Photograph], 2008
125[Photographs and Certificates for OSCE], 2007-2008

Series II. Private Sector

7 box(es) (6.5 linear feet)
The material in this series relates to Moore's work outside of federal government service. When he first left the federal government, Moore started his own company, Powell Moore & Company, Inc. Other than his position as Vice President of Legislative Affairs for the Lockheed Corporation, Moore spent much of his time away from the government as a consultant and as a lobbyist in the Washington, D.C. region.

Subseries A. Powell Moore and Company

( 0.25 box(es) (0.25 linear feet) )
This subseries contains the Minute book, Certificate book, and Stock ledger of Powell Moore and Company, Inc., as well as correspondence, speeches, cards, invitations, and event programs. Correspondence pertains to Moore's consulting clients, including Southern Natural Gas, as well as his alliance with New York public relations firm T.J. Ross and Associates. Speeches and drafts of speeches include those he gave at the Prestressed Concrete Institute Convention and the National Environmental Policy Conference.
126[Cards, Invitations, and Programs], 1975-1980
127[Business Report], 1978
128[Stock Certificates], 1975-1978
129Powell Moore and Company, Inc., 1979
1210[Correspondence], 1975-1980
1211[Speeches], 1977-1978

Subseries B. Lockheed Corporation

( 0.25 box(es) (0.25 linear feet) )
This subseries consists of correspondence, invitations and programs from the period immediately before, during and after his tenure as Vice President of Legislative Affairs for the Lockheed Corporation and material related to Moore's departure from the Reagan administration. Of note is a file on Duross Fitzpatrick's interest in the Federal Judgeship for the Middle District of Georgia and a court case over which Fitzpatrick would preside as District Judge.
1212Lockheed Corporation Correspondence, 1983
1213Lockheed, 1985-1987
1214[Photograph, Lockheed Senior Management], 1983
1215Fitzpatrick Judgeship, 1984-1992
1216[Programs, Pamphlets, Invitations, Cards, and Correspondence], 1981-1985

Subseries C. Ginn, Edington, Moore, Wade

( 2.5 box(es) (2.5 linear feet) )
This subseries contains letters congratulating Moore on the formation of his new consulting firm with Bo Ginn, Rogers Wade, and Will Edington. Some of his clients included the Lockheed Corporation, The Agusta Group of Italy, Ringling Brothers-Barnum & Bailey Circus, American League for Exports and Security Assistance, and Outdoor Advertising Association of America. Correspondence is primarily routine in nature, often congratulating addressees about their new employment or requests to forward one's credentials and resume to obtain employment. Programs and invitations for events feature many Republican-affiliated groups. Invitations and programs for events at the Presidential Libraries for President Nixon and President Ford are found in this series. A file of news clippings, memoranda, correspondence and talking points document the attempt to confirm John Tower as Defense Secretary. Another file pertains to Moore's participation in The U.S. Committee for the Battle of Normandy Museum. Moore's involvement with Turkey is reflected in the records from his trip in 1990 and his speech to the American Friends of Turkey.
1217-21Correspondence, 1985-1989
131-5Correspondence, 1989-1992
136-8Invitations, 1987-1988
141-10Invitations, 1986-1988
1411-12[Programs, Invitations, and News Clippings, 1985-1997
1413[Guest Lists, Correspondence, News Clippings], 1987-1988
1414[Army-Navy Game], 1988
1415Dr. Wheeless, 1988-1989
1416Tower Confirmation, 1989
1417[38th Paris Air Show], 1989
1418[The Battle of Normandy Museum], 1989
1419[American Friends of Turkey Speech], 1990
1420Trip to Izmir, Ankara, and Istanbul, Turkey, 1990 June 8-17
151Farnsborough Air Show, 1981-1990
152Bryce Harlow Eulogy Book, 1987
153Trip to Los Angeles, California Reagan Library, 1991 October 31-November 5
154The Gridiron Club Dinner, 1992 March 28
155[Programs, Invitations, Correspondence, News Clippings], 1990-1992

Subseries D. Capitoline International Group and Global USA

( 3.75 box(es) (3.25 linear feet) )
This subseries documents Moore's move to Capitoline International Group. Moore maintained relationships with some of his clients and both old and new clients during this time included the Lockheed Corporation, The Agusta Group, Equifax, Republic of Turkey, Better Hong Kong Foundation, U.S. Cane Sugar Refiners Association, and the National Association of Broadcasters. His relationship with his clients is documented by invitations, programs, and some correspondence. His involvement with the Stennis Center for Public Service and the Jesse Helms Foundation's "Salute to the Chairman" event are documented in this subseries as well. Most of the correspondence during this period is routine in nature. During this period Moore also was involved with the International Republican Institute (IRI). Documentation in this subseries relates to his trip to Bulgaria and his involvement with an election in the Ukraine during this period. This subseries contains congratulatory notes related to Moore's brief move to Global USA.
156[Correspondence], 1993
157-9PAM Correspondence, 1993-1996
1510[Correspondence], 1997
161[Correspondence], 1998
16294 Invitations, 1994-1995
163-4Invitations, 1995-1996
165[News Clippings], 1993-1997
166[Programs, Invitations, Correspondence, News Clippings], 1991-1997
171-3[Programs, Invitations, Correspondence, News Clippings], 1993-1997
174Helms Event, 1998
175[Correspondence, Reports, and Speeches], 1994-1998
176International Republican Institute, 1996-2005
177Miller, Clifford A., 1990-1995
251[IRI Ukraine Election], 1998
252-3[IRI Ukraine], 1998
254[International Republican Institute Trip to Bulgaria], 1996

Subseries E. McKenna, Long, & Aldridge

( 0.25 box(es) (0.25 linear feet) )
This subseries consists of invitations, news clippings, and promotional materials related to Moore's time as Managing Director of Federal Government Relations for McKenna, Long, & Aldridge LLP. He held this position after leaving his post from the first term of the George W. Bush administration.
178[Invitations, News Clippings], 2005-2006

Series III. Political

2.5 box(es) (2.5 linear feet)
Moore's interest in the Republican party and national political trends are reflected in this series. Much of the material relates to campaigns and inaugurations from 1972 through 2008.

Subseries A. Annual Files

( 0.75 box(es) (0.75 linear feet) )
This subseries consists of files Moore maintained documenting political news and trends, such as presidential and senatorial elections during the 1970s and early 1980s, and includes reports, poll results, and electoral college results. News clippings, primarily from major national newspapers, newsletters, and promotional materials for candidates running for office make up a significant part of this subseries. Also found are a number of organizational personnel directories and a folder dedicated specifically to Georgia politics.
179[Barry Goldwater Litter Bag], 1964
1710[Politics], 1968
181-4Politics (General), 1970-1977
185Ford to Carter White House Transition, 1976-1977
186[Rosters and Directories], 1975-1980
187-8Politics (General), 1978-1979
189[C.S.F.C. (The Committee for the Survival of a Free Congress) Conservative Register], 1979-1980
1810Politics General, 1980
1811-12Political, 1967-2000
1813Politics- Georgia, 1986-1994

Subseries B. Campaigns and Inaugurations

( 1.75 box(es) (1.75 linear feet) )
This subseries contains convention books, programs, speeches, and invitations for the campaigns and presidential inaugurations during the period from 1972 through 2008. Moore was on the Committee to Reelect the President and was the Director of Press Relations for the Inaugural Committee for President Nixon for part of 1972 and 1973. Campaign materials for John McCain are from the 2000 election cycle.
1814[Inaugural], 1969-1973
1815Republican Platform Committee, 1972-1976
191Presidential Activities, 1976
192Republican National Convention (Detroit, Michigan), 1980
193Reagan Committee, 1980
1941980 Presidential Campaign, 1980
195Political, 1980
196Georgia Politics, 1980
197Campaign, 2000
198Inaugural, 1973-1989
199[Reagan Inauguration], 1985
1910-111988 Presidential Campaign, 1988
19121988 Convention, 1988
19131988 and 1996 Conventions, 1988, 1996
19141992 Convention (General), 1992
2011992 Convention Script, 1992
202McCain, 2000
203-4[2000 Presidential Campaign], 2000
205[Inaugural], 2001,2005

Series IV. Personal

3.5 box(es) (3.5 linear feet)
This series consists of documents related to Moore's family and other activities in which he participated. These include materials related to the passing of family members and friends. Moore's grandmother, Sarah Allen, wrote Our Children's Ancestory which is the product of extensive genealogical research. Drafts of the manuscript and letters related to Ms. Allen's research are part of this series. A collection of postcards from the United States and abroad are found in this series. The majority are blank whereas others are addressed to members of Moore's family, notably his grandmother, Sarah Allen. It is clear from correspondence that Moore was an avid supporter of the schools he attended, Georgia Military College and The University of Georgia. In this series is material pertinent to the numerous honors he received from the schools and copies of speeches, including commencement addresses. Documents pertaining to the Moore Family Fund at Georgia Military College that he established make up part of the series. Materials document the efforts to raise funds to enable Christ Church in Alexandria, Virginia, to be restored. Programs and booklets reflect his participation in the Reagan Foundation Delegation which traveled parts of Europe on the centenary of President Reagan's birth to honor the achievements Reagan had made during his lifetime in that region of the world.
206-8[Planners], 1973-2004
211[Personal ID Cards, Badges, Name Tags, Business Cards, Passports and International Driver's License], 1971-1994
212Georgia Press Association, 1970, 1990
213[Jere Moore], 1985-
214[Moore Family Funeral Programs and History], 1973-1999
215[Notebook on Trip to Spain and Portugal], 1979
216Important Letters, 1976-1983
217[1996 Atlanta Summer Olympics], 1996
218[Passing of Barbara Methvin, 2000
219[A Partisan Life: Robert M. Smalley], undated
2110[News clippings Reprinted from 1932], 2007
2111[Powell Moore's 70th Birthday], 2008
2112-13Our Children's Ancestry (Original Manuscript), undated
2114-15Our Children's Ancestry (Second Proof), undated
2116-17Our Children's Ancestry (Background Information), 1938-1939
221-2Our Children's Ancestry (Background Information #2), 1902-1939
223Letters to Sarah Allen Re: 'Our Children's Ancestry', 1930-1936
224-5Newspaper Clippings and Background Information for 'Our Children's Ancestry', 1885-1948
226[Jere Moore News clippings and Family Notes], 1934-1981
227-9Carbon Copies of Manuscript "Our Children's Ancestry", undated
231[Family Crests], undated
232[Postcard Collection], undated
233[Family Postcards Primarily Addressed to Sarah Allen], 1933-1940
234[Milledgeville and Georgia-Related Booklets, Correspondence, and News Clippings], 1961, 1976, 1986, 2005
235[Georgia Military College Recognition], 1971, 1986
236GMC [Georgia Military College Correspondence, News Clippings, Reports], 1991-1995
237Moore Family Fund, 1999-2003
238GMC [Georgia Military College Correspondence], 1996-2005
239Commencement File [For Georgia Military College], 1996-1998
2310[Georgia Military College Commencement Speech], 1998
2311GMC [Georgia Military College] 50th Reunion Speeches, 2005-2006
2312[Georgia Military College Reunion Photograph], undated
2313[Georgia Military College Programs and Invitations], 2004-2005, 2007, 2009
2314[Introductory Remarks and Keynote Address Alumni Dinner University of Georgia], 1985
2315[University of Georgia Correspondence and News Clippings], 1990-2000
2316[University of Georgia Correspondence, News Clippings, Awards], 1966-1984
2317[Poster], 1985
2318The Christ Church Fund, 1985-1988
2319[The Christ Church Fund], 1985-1988
2320-22[Reagan Foundation Delegation to Krakow, Budapest, Prague, and London], 2011

Series V. Photographs

3.5 box(es) (1 linear foot)
The photographs are primarily images of important figures in American politics from the mid-20th century to the early 21st century. Also included are family photographs, notably of older relatives. A number of photographs of Moore throughout his work career are included, in addition to a book of promotional photos of Moore himself. Different eras that depict "life at the White House" have been captured at gatherings and within the walls of the Oval Office (notably Moore with Presidents Nixon and Ford). These include images of Presidents Kennedy, Nixon, Ford, and Reagan, future President George H. W. Bush, and future Vice-President Quayle. Signed portraits of national and Georgia political figures are also included. Prominent foreign leaders such as Shimon Peres of Israel, Hosni Mubarak of Egypt, and King Hussein of Jordan are also featured.
261[Family Photographs], undated
262[Signed Photographs of Political Figure], undated
263[Richard B. Russell, John F. Kennedy Luncheon, and Group Photographs], circa 1963
264[Drawing of Attorney General's Entrance to U.S. Department of Justice], undated
265[Group Photographs from Nixon and Ford Administration], circa 1968-1975
266[Group Photographs Including Ronald Reagan Administration], circa 1979-1983
267[George H.W. Bush and Powell A. Moore Photographs], circa 1981
268[Group Photographs with Powell Moore and Photograph of Catherine Moore], circa 1990-1992
269[Photograph of the Powell Moore Room Plaque from Mack Mattingly's Brussels House], circa 2005
2610[Digital Photograph Reunification of Hong Kong with The People's Republic of China], 1997
2611[Photograph of Group Dressed in Uniform], 2008
2612[Photograph of Powell A. Moore's Georgia Military College Class 40th Reunion], 1995
2613[Powell Moore at Dinner], undated
2614Moore Photos, 1973-2001
2615[Powell Moore Photobook], circa 1990
27Portraits of Political Figures including Carl Vinson, Herman Tallmadge, W. J. Usery, Barry Goldwater, Spiro T. Agnew, Dick Kleindienst, Henry Kissinger, Bill Timmons, Bill Baroody, Alexander Haig, Sam Nunn, Gerald Ford [2], Powell Moore, George P. Schultz, undated
28Portraits and Group Pictures of Political Figures including Powell Moore, Howard Baker, Bill and Ellen Armstrong, Richard M. Nixon, Pat Nixon, Gerald Ford, undated
281957 Sigma Alpha Epsilon University of Georgia, 1957
28Nixon, Ford, and Reagan Administration Figures, undated
29Group Photographs of Political Figures including Dan Quayle, Marilyn Quayle, Pete Wilson, Gayle Wilson, Powell Moore, undated
29Signed Photograph of Iwo Jima Monument, 2000
29Foreign Leaders including King Hussein of Jordan, Shimon Peres, Hosni Mubarak, undated
29Mathew Brady Civil War Copy Print, undated

Series VI. Artifacts

5.5 box(es) (2.25 linear feet)
The artifacts have a bearing on Moore's accomplishments in both the private and public sector. He was involved with multiple Republican conventions and the inaugurations of Republican presidents (notably Nixon and Reagan's re-elections); political buttons, bumper stickers, ribbons, license plates, T-shirts and other campaign memorabilia represent his involvement. Plaques and coins were given to him by foreign officials relate to his service during George W. Bush's administration first as the assistant secretary of defense for legislative affairs and then as representative of the United States secretary of defense to the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe. Mr. Moore has cited the construction of the Berlin Wall while serving abroad as a reason why he joined the Republican party. His first significant position in politics was serving as press secretary for Senator Richard B. Russell; artifacts are associated with the dedication of ships and landmarks in Senator Russell's name, as well as those related to other prominent Southern political figures with whom he interacted.
2616[Bill Jordan Quote Unframed Print], undated
2617[Nixon Political Cartoon Print Given to Bill Timmons], 1974
2618[Autographed James Watt Newsweek Magazine Cover], 1981
2619[Playing Cards], undated
2620[The Powell Moore Room Door Marker], undated
2621[McGovern Give-Away Kit Game], 1972
2622[District of Columbia Inauguration 1973 License Plate], circa 1973
2623[Republican National Convention Miami Beach Car Plate], 1972
2624[Election Campaign Bumper Stickers], circa 1972-2008
2625-26[Campaign Buttons], circa 1973-1988
2627[Campaign Buttons], circa 2008
30Certificates, 1971-2005
31"Viva Papa" Flags [2], undated
31Bumper Stickers, undated
31The President's Dinner 1993 Poster, 1993
31Open Skies Posters [2], 2008
31Mike Luckovich 9/11 Statue of Liberty Poster, 2001
31U.S.S. Carl Vinson Poster, circa 1980
31Senator Russell [From Miller's Collection of Former Senators Who Had His Chair], undated
31United States Postage National WWII Memorial, 2004
311972 Republican National Convention, 1972
31Russell Stamps, undated
32Capital Building Plaque from Fred Thompson, 2002
32Nixon Now Measuring Tape and Pocket Knife/Keychain, undated
32Nixon Inaugural Committee Ribbon, undated
32Hong Kong 97 Spectacular Paperweight, 1997
32U.S.S. Carl Vinson (CVN 70) Nuclear-Powered Aircraft Carrier Model, undated
32Drucker Political Cartoon Plaque, undated
32OSCE High-Level Planning Group Plaque, undated
32Ride2Remember Metropolitan Police in U.K. in Commemoration of 9/11, undated
32Pressure Hull Plating from USS Richard B. Russell SSN 687, 1994
32Piece of Berlin Wall, 1989
32Kathy and Powell Moore in Appreciation Nancy and Strom Thurmond, EP Brass [Electroplate Brass] Plate, 1990
32Commemorative Coin Given by Russian Diplomat from Russian Department of Defense, undated
32USS Richard B. Russell SSN 687 Keel Laid Newport News Shipbuilding and Dry Dock Company, WM A. Rogers Pewter Plate, 1971 October 19
32New Majority Dinner Gavel, 1995
32"Politics Make Strange Bedfellows" Ceramic Box with Elephant and Donkey in Bed, undated
321985 Presidents Dinner Pin, 1985
32Romania Ministry of National Defence Medal, undated
33Letter Signed by Nixon Changing the Name of Trotters Shoal Dam to Richard B. Russell Lake and Dam [Includes Pen], 1974
33Signing of the National Energy Bill [Includes Pen], 1978
34Nixon Now T-Shirt, 1972
34Nixon 72 T-Shirt, 1972
34Askew for President T-Shirt, undated
34ReAgain 84 T-Shirt, 1984

Series VII. Audiovisual Materials

11 item(s)
This series contains a CD recording of an interview with Powell Powell conducted by NARA, the Richard Nixon Presidential Library and Museum. Material on cassette includes speeches and an inaugural tape. Included are phono disc music releases by U.S. Senator Robert Byrd and Georgia Governor Lester Maddox. Other phono discs have songs related to national politics during the early 1970s.
CD/DVD 0036PAM CD 0001National Archives and Records Administration, Richard Nixon Presidential Library and Museum, "Oral History Interview with Powell Moore" [1 of 2], undated
Sound recording.
Resource may be used under the guidelines described by the U.S. Copyright Office in Section 107, Title 17, United States Code (Fair use). Parties interested in production or commercial use of the resources should contact the Russell Library for a fee schedule.
CD/DVD 0036PAM CD 0002National Archives and Records Administration, Richard Nixon Presidential Library and Museum, "Oral History Interview with Powell Moore" [2 of 2], undated
Sound recording. County 769
Resource may be used under the guidelines described by the U.S. Copyright Office in Section 107, Title 17, United States Code (Fair use). Parties interested in production or commercial use of the resources should contact the Russell Library for a fee schedule.
CS 0074PAM CS 0001January 1973 - Birthday Gathering - Hail to the Skins - Dick Allen, 1973 January
Sound recording.
Resource may be used under the guidelines described by the U.S. Copyright Office in Section 107, Title 17, United States Code (Fair use). Parties interested in production or commercial use of the resources should contact the Russell Library for a fee schedule.
CS 0074PAM CS 0002LI Speech, Church Speech, undated
Sound recording.
Resource may be used under the guidelines described by the U.S. Copyright Office in Section 107, Title 17, United States Code (Fair use). Parties interested in production or commercial use of the resources should contact the Russell Library for a fee schedule.
CS 0074PAM CS 0003Inaugural Tape, undated
Sound recording.
Resource may be used under the guidelines described by the U.S. Copyright Office in Section 107, Title 17, United States Code (Fair use). Parties interested in production or commercial use of the resources should contact the Russell Library for a fee schedule.
CS 0074PAM CS 0004Second Hour, Inaugural Tape, undated
Sound recording.
Resource may be used under the guidelines described by the U.S. Copyright Office in Section 107, Title 17, United States Code (Fair use). Parties interested in production or commercial use of the resources should contact the Russell Library for a fee schedule.
PD 0006PAM PD 0001U.S. Senator Robert Byrd, Mountain Fiddler, County 769, 1978
Sound recording.
Resource may be used under the guidelines described by the U.S. Copyright Office in Section 107, Title 17, United States Code (Fair use). Parties interested in production or commercial use of the resources should contact the Russell Library for a fee schedule.
PD 0009PAM PD 0002Lester Maddox, MLFP 300. "Medley," "I Love My Country," "Be a Real Man, Son" or "Don't Hurt Daddy Anymore." [signed by Lester Maddox], undated
Sound recording.
Resource may be used under the guidelines described by the U.S. Copyright Office in Section 107, Title 17, United States Code (Fair use). Parties interested in production or commercial use of the resources should contact the Russell Library for a fee schedule.
PD 0009PAM PD 0003The Mike Curb Congregation. "Nixon Now Rally Song.", undated
Sound recording.
Resource may be used under the guidelines described by the U.S. Copyright Office in Section 107, Title 17, United States Code (Fair use). Parties interested in production or commercial use of the resources should contact the Russell Library for a fee schedule.
PD 0009PAM PD 0004Gene Poag, Jr. "Republican or Democrat?" and "Sick and Tired of Watergate.", 1974
Sound recording.
Resource may be used under the guidelines described by the U.S. Copyright Office in Section 107, Title 17, United States Code (Fair use). Parties interested in production or commercial use of the resources should contact the Russell Library for a fee schedule.