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Max Cleland Papers, Series II. Legislative Files

Max Cleland Papers, Series II. Legislative Files

Descriptive Summary

Title: Max Cleland Papers, Series II. Legislative Files
Creator: Cleland, Max, 1942-2021
Inclusive Dates: 1990-2003
Bulk Dates: 1997-2002
Language(s): English
Extent: 110 box(es) (109.5 linear feet and 38 megabytes)
Collection Number: RBRL157MC_II
Repository: Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies
Abstract: Cleland represented Georgia in the U.S. Senate (1997-2002), with previous service as a Georgia state senator, head of the Veterans Administration, and Georgia Secretary of State. Series II. Legislative Files documents Cleland's committee service, staff research on legislation, and voting record.

Collection Description

Biographical Note

Max Cleland was born in 1942 in Atlanta, Georgia. He earned a B.A. from Stetson University and a M.A. in history from Emory University in 1968. After one year at Emory, he joined the Army to fight in the Vietnam War, reaching the rank of captain. He served from 1965 to 1968, when he was injured by a grenade and lost both legs and his right arm.

Cleland began a life-long career in politics when he was elected to the Georgia state senate in 1970, the youngest member ever elected. He served as a consultant to Senate Committee on Veterans Affairs (1975-1977) and was appointed head of the Veterans Administration in 1977 by President Carter. He was the first Vietnam veteran to hold that post.

Following the end of Carter's presidential term, Cleland returned to Georgia and was elected as Georgia Secretary of State in 1982. In this position, he was responsible for enforcing regulations related to commerce, industry and licensing in the state, maintaining the state's records, and overseeing elections. He was re-elected for three more terms. He resigned during the fourth term to run for U.S. Senate to replace retiring senator Sam Nunn. Cleland, a Democrat, was elected to the Senate in 1996. Among his contributions were working on campaign finance reform, military policy (including advocating caution with U.S. peacekeeping efforts in the Balkans), taxes, commerce, improved conditions for armed services personnel, maintaining a competitive air travel industry, and voting reform. He was also part of a bipartisan panel that investigated the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on the U.S. Cleland represented Georgia in the Senate until 2002, when he lost a close race to Saxby Chambliss.

After leaving the Senate, Cleland has remained active in politics, campaigning for Democrats and giving motivational speeches around the country. Since 2009, he has served as Secretary of the American Battle Monuments Commission.

Source: Grant, Chris. "Max Cleland (b. 1942)." New Georgia Encyclopedia. 26 August 2013. Web. 17 April 2014.

Scope and Content

Series II. Legislative Files documents Cleland's committee service, staff research on legislation, and voting record. Common subjects include agriculture, appropriations, campaign reform, commerce and the economy, environment, governmental affairs, the judiciary, the military, small business, and veterans. The series includes research files, correspondence, draft legislation, hearings transcripts, and committee reports.

Organization and Arrangement

This series is organized into 3 subseries: A. Committee Files, B. Bill and Subject Files, C. Voting Record.

Because of the size of this collection, the remainder of the series are described in separate finding aids. A collection summary, including links to each of these series finding aids, is available online: Max Cleland Papers: Collection Summary.

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Finding Aid prepared by Adriane Hanson, 2014 May.

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Subject Terms

Agricultural laws and legislation
Environmental policy -- United States.
Impeachments -- United States.
Military bases -- Georgia.
National Security -- United States.
Political campaigns -- Law and legislation.
Politicians -- Georgia.
Small business -- Law and legislation -- United States.
Transportation -- United States -- Planning.
United States -- Armed Forces
United States. Congress--Appropriations and expenditures
United States. Congress. Senate
United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on Armed Services
United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation
United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on Governmental Affairs
United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on Small Business
United States. Department of Homeland Security
Veterans -- United States.

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Series Descriptions and Folder Listing


Series II: Legislative Files, 1990-2003 (1997-2002)

110 box(es) (109.5 linear feet and 38 megabytes)
Series II. Legislative Files documents Cleland's committee service, staff research on legislation, and voting record. Common subjects include agriculture, appropriations, campaign reform, commerce and the economy, environment, governmental affairs, the judiciary, the military, small business, and veterans. The series includes research files, correspondence, draft legislation, hearings transcripts, and committee reports.
This series is organized into 3 subseries: A. Committee Files, B. Bill and Subject Files, C. Voting Record
Subseries A. Committee Files and Subseries B. Bill and Subject Files contain digital files. To access these files, please request the folders you would like through the finding aid using your research account. An archivist will be in contact with you to explain how to access the files. Please note that not all file formats are currently supported by the library for research use.

Subseries A. Committee Files , 1990-2003

( 58 box(es) (58 linear feet and 36 megabytes) )
Subseries A. Committee Files includes papers about four committees: Committee on Armed Services; Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation; Government Affairs Committee; and Small Business Committee. The subseries includes research files, correspondence, memos, draft legislation, hearings transcripts. Common topics include military personnel, foreign trade, commerce through the internet, homeland security, and securities fraud.
Section 1. Committee on Armed Services and Section 2. Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation contain digital files. To access these files, please request the folders you would like through the finding aid using your research account. An archivist will be in contact with you to explain how to access the files. Please note that not all file formats are currently supported by the library for research use.
Section 1. Committee on Armed Services
II.11Defense Issues and Budgeting: Passive Millimeter Wave Camera, 1998
II.12Defense Issues and Budgeting: PDD [Presidential Decision Directive]-25, 1997
II.13Defense Issues and Budgeting: DoD [Department of Defense] Psychopharmacology Training Program, 1997
II.14Defense Issues and Budgeting: Reserves [Reserve Unit Inactivations], 1997
II.15Defense Issues and Budgeting: Space Committee, 1997
II.16Defense Issues and Budgeting: Special Operations Command, 1997
II.17Defense Issues and Budgeting: Swan Drop Zone, 1997
II.18Defense Issues and Budgeting: Terrorism/Drug Trade, 1996
II.19Defense Issues and Budgeting: Stansfield Turner, 1998
II.110Defense Issues and Budgeting: U.S.S. New Jersey, 1998
II.111Defense Issues and Budgeting: WWII [World War II] Memorial, 1997
II.112Defense Issues and Budgeting: Vietnam Commandos, 1997
II.113Defense Issues and Budgeting: Youth Challenge Program, 1998
II.114Defense Issues and Budgeting: FY [Fiscal Year] 1999 DoD [Department of Defense] Budget, 1999
II.115Defense Issues and Budgeting: TVA [Tennessee Valley Authority] FY [Fiscal Year] 1999 Authorization, 1999
II.116Defense Issues and Budgeting: FY [Fiscal Year]1999 Conference, 1999
II.117Defense Issues and Budgeting: Member Requests FY [Fiscal Year] 1999, 1999
II.118Defense Issues and Budgeting: FY [Fiscal Year] 1999 DoD [Department of Defense] Authorization, 1998
II.119Depot Defense Maintenance: Privatization/Outsourcing, 1997
II.120Depot Defense Maintenance: Privatization-Navy, 1997
II.121Depot Defense Maintenance: Depots, 1997-1998
II.122Depot Defense Maintenance: Depots, 1997
II.123Depot Defense Maintenance: Depot Maintenance-Defense, 1997
II.21Depot Defense Maintenance: Depot Maintenance-Army, 1997
II.22Depot Defense Maintenance: Depot Maintenance-Navy/Marines, 1997
II.23Depot Defense Maintenance: Depot Maintenance-Air Force, 1997
II.24Depot Defense Maintenance: [DoD (Department of Defense) Depot], 1997-1998
II.25Depot Defense Maintenance: Creigton, 1997
II.26Depot Defense Maintenance: Warner Robbins Issue, 1997
II.27Depot Defense Maintenance: Depot Maintenance, 1997
II.28Depot Defense Maintenance: [DoD (Department of Defense) Depot (1 of 2)], 1997-1998
II.29Depot Defense Maintenance: [DoD (Department of Defense) Depot (2 of 2)], 1997-1998
II.210Environment and Defense: Canada Clean-Up, 1998
II.211Environment and Defense: FY'99 Budget-Defense Contracts, 1998
II.212Environment and Defense: Youth Challenge, 1997
II.213Environment and Defense: National Guard Youth Challenge, 1998
II.214Environment and Defense: PLAID [Precision, Location and Identification Device], 1999
II.215Environment and Defense: [Storm Thurmond National Defense Authorization Act], 1999
II.216Environment and Defense: SWORD [Shorad with Optimized Radar Distribution]-Georgia Tech, 1999
II.217Environment and Defense: FY'00 Member Request, 1999
II.218Environment and Defense: DoD [Department of Defense] Authorization Bill, 1999
II.219Environment and Defense: Background Information on Senator Cleland's FY'00 Request, 1999
II.220Environment and Defense: FY'99 DoD [Department of Defense] Authorization Press Release, 1997
II.221Environment and Defense: FY'99 Request, 1998
II.222Environment and Defense: PLAID [Precision, Location and Identification Device], 1999
II.223Environment and Defense: Ukrainian Milk Issue, 1998
II.224Environment and Defense: NAF Insurance, 1997
II.225Environment and Defense: [Defense Authorization Bill], 1998
II.226Environment and Defense: AIT [Atmospheric Interceptor Technology], 1997
II.227Environment and Defense: Airborne Laser, 1996
II.228Environment and Defense: DoD [Department of Defense] Breast Cancer, 1996
II.229Environment and Defense: Amoco, 1997
II.230Environment and Defense: B-1/C-17 Flares, 1997
II.231Environment and Defense: Armed Services Institute of Pathology, 1997
II.232Environment and Defense: ASET [Aircraft Survivability Equipment Trainer] IV Modernization Program, 1997
II.233Environment and Defense: ASPJ [Aircraft Self-Protection Jammer], 1997
II.234Environment and Defense: B-52, 1997
II.235Environment and Defense: CREWS [Caribbean Radiation Early Warning System], 1997
II.236Environment and Defense: [C-5 SLEP (Service Life Extension Program)], 1997
II.237Environment and Defense: F-22, 1997
II.238Environment and Defense: Ford-C-130's, 1997
II.239Environment and Defense: 98 Defense Appropriations, 1997
II.240Environment and Defense: [Lockheed Martin], 1997
II.241Environment and Defense: SLEP [Service Life Extension Program]/C-5, 1997
II.242Environment and Defense: F-22, 1997
II.243Environment and Defense: [Lockheed Martin], 1997
II.244Environment and Defense: Environmental, 1997
II.245Environment and Defense: Hughes, 1997
II.31Environment and Defense: [Defense Authorization Bill], 1998
II.32Environment and Defense: FATS [Firearms Training Systems], 1997
II.33Environment and Defense: 3-M Downing, 1997
II.34Environment and Defense: NSC [National Science Center], 1997
II.35Environment and Defense: Military Construction, 1997
II.36Environment and Defense: Benefits For Active Duty Service, 1997
II.37Georgia Military Installations and Commands: Georgia Base Command Briefing, 2000
II.38Georgia Military Installations and Commands: Albany MCLB [Marine Corps Logistics Base], 1997
II.39Georgia Military Installations and Commands: Blount Island, 1998
II.310Georgia Military Installations and Commands: Catoosa Rifle Range, 1998
II.311Georgia Military Installations and Commands: Fort Benning, 1997
II.312Georgia Military Installations and Commands: Dobbins [Air Reserve Base], 1998
II.313Georgia Military Installations and Commands: FORSCOM [US Army Forces Command], 1997
II.314Georgia Military Installations and Commands: Fort Gordon, 1997
II.315Georgia Military Installations and Commands: Jacksonville Homeport, 1997
II.316-17Georgia Military Installations and Commands: [Navy Dry Dock Operations], 1995-1997
II.318Georgia Military Installations and Commands: Jacksonville Homeport Ship Depot Maintenance, 1998
II.319Georgia Military Installations and Commands: Moody AFB [Air Force Base], 1998
II.320Georgia Military Installations and Commands: Kings Bay, 1998
II.41Georgia Military Installations and Commands: Fort McPherson Commissary, 1997
II.42Georgia Military Installations and Commands: Navy Supply Corps School, 1998
II.43Georgia Military Installations and Commands: NAS [Naval Air Station] Atlanta, 1997
II.44Georgia Military Installations and Commands: Robins AFB [Air Force Base], 1997
II.45Georgia Military Installations and Commands: [Savannah River Site], 1998
II.46Georgia Military Installations and Commands: [Accelerator Production of Tritium], 1997
II.47Georgia Military Installations and Commands: Tritium (Defense Authorization Bill), 1998
II.48Georgia Military Installations and Commands: Tritium Production, 1997
II.49Georgia Military Installations and Commands: SRS [Savannah River Site], 1997
II.410Georgia Military Installations and Commands: Savannah River Site/Nuclear Power, 1998
II.411Georgia Military Installations and Commands: Fort Stewart, 1998
II.412Georgia Military Installations and Commands: Townsen Bombing Rang, 1998
II.413Personnel: Arlington National Cemetery, 1997
II.414Personnel: Military Adultery Standards, 1998
II.415Personnel: DoD [Department of Defense] Dependants Schools, 1997
II.416Personnel: Drug Policy, 1997
II.417Personnel: Disability Issues, 1997
II.418Personnel: Exchanges and Commissaries, 1998
II.419Personnel: Firefighters' Equity, 1997
II.420Personnel: Gays in the Military, 1997
II.421-22Personnel: Gender Issues, 1998
II.423Personnel: Gender Issues /Sexual Harassment, 1997
II.424Personnel: POW [Prisoners of War]/MIA [Missing in Action], 1999
II.425Personnel: Gender Integration Hearings, 1997
II.426Personnel: Sexual Harassment, 1997
II.51-2Personnel: Sexual Harassment Report, 1997
II.53Personnel: Gulf War Illness, 1996-1998
II.54Personnel: Health Issue, 1997
II.55Personnel: Hepatitis C in the Military, 1998
II.56Military Appointments, Personnel, Foreign Affairs: [Nomination of Daryl L. Jones to be Secretary of the Air Force], 1998
II.57Military Appointments, Personnel, Foreign Affairs: Charlie Krohn, 1997
II.58Military Appointments, Personnel, Foreign Affairs: Alice Lamont, 1996-1997
II.59Military Appointments, Personnel, Foreign Affairs: Persian Gulf Bills, 1997
II.510Military Appointments, Personnel, Foreign Affairs: P/X Sales, 1996-1997
II.511Military Appointments, Personnel, Foreign Affairs: Reservist Issues, 1997
II.512Military Appointments, Personnel, Foreign Affairs: Kathleen St. john, 1997
II.513Military Appointments, Personnel, Foreign Affairs: Texas Voting Case, 1997
II.514Military Appointments, Personnel, Foreign Affairs: Trauma Units (Medical), 1998
II.515Military Appointments, Personnel, Foreign Affairs: Tri Care/Dental, 1997-1998
II.516Military Appointments, Personnel, Foreign Affairs: Welfare & Military, 1992-1994
II.517Military Appointments, Personnel, Foreign Affairs: Vietnam Challenge, 1997
II.518Military Appointments, Personnel, Foreign Affairs: [CODEL (Congressional Delegation) Cleland], 1997-1998
II.61Military Appointments, Personnel, Foreign Affairs: [CODEL (Congressional Delegation) Cleland], 1997
II.62Milcon: FY 98 Budget: MCLB [Marine Corps Logistics Bases]-Albany, 1997
II.63Milcon: FY 98 Budget: Benning, 1997
II.64Milcon: FY 98 Budget: Dobbins, 1997
II.65Milcon: FY 98 Budget: Kings Bay, 1997
II.66Milcon: FY 98 Budget: NAS [Naval Air Station]-Atlanta, 1997
II.67Milcon: FY 98 Budget: Gordon, 1997
II.68Milcon: FY 98 Budget: Ft. McPherson, 1997
II.69Milcon: FY 98 Budget: Robins, 1997
II.610Milcon: FY 98 Budget: Stewart, 1997
II.611Milcon: FY 98 Budget: Miscellaneous MILCON [Military Construction], 1997
II.612Milcon: FY 98 Budget: [MILCON (Military Construction)], 1997
II.613Milcon: FY 99 MILCON [Military Construction], 1997
II.614Military Contractors and General Readiness: [Airland], 1997
II.615Military Contractors and General Readiness: [Gulf State Counter-Drug Initiative], 1997
II.616Military Contractors and General Readiness: Canada, 1998
II.617Military Contractors and General Readiness: [FY 99 Amendments List], 1998
II.618Military Contractors and General Readiness: SINCGARS [Single Channel Ground and Airborn Radio System], 1998
II.619Military Contractors and General Readiness: ROTC [Reserved Officers Training Corps] for U.S. Nationals, 1998
II.620Military Contractors and General Readiness: POW [Prisoner of War]/Disabled Commissary/Exchange, 1998
II.621Military Contractors and General Readiness: NEA [National Education Association]- P.T., 1998
II.622Military Contractors and General Readiness: [Lockheed Martin FY 99], 1998
II.623Military Contractors and General Readiness: Gulf States Counter-Drug, 1999
II.624Military Contractors and General Readiness: [Boeing Commercial information], 1998
II.625Military Contractors and General Readiness: Scientific Atlanta, 1998
II.626Military Contractors and General Readiness: C-5 M, 1998
II.627Military Contractors and General Readiness: [Military Construction Appropriations Bill], 1998
II.628Military Contractors and General Readiness: C-130, 1998
II.629Military Contractors and General Readiness: ELCAS [Elevated Causeway System], 1997
II.630Military Contractors and General Readiness: Randy Nuckolls, 1998
II.631Military Contractors and General Readiness: ASET [Aircraft Survivability Equipment Trainer], 1997
II.632Military Contractors and General Readiness: Kiowa Trainer, 1998
II.633Military Contractors and General Readiness: Blackhawks, 1998
II.634Military Contractors and General Readiness: Buddy Darden, 1998
II.635Military Contractors and General Readiness: JSTARS [Joint Surveillance and Target Attack Radar System], 1997
II.636Military Contractors and General Readiness: SRS [Savannah River Site], 1997
II.637Military Contractors and General Readiness: Akzo Nobel, 1998
II.638Military Contractors and General Readiness: Hurt & Norton, 1998
II.639Military Contractors and General Readiness: Hellfire II, 1999
II.640Military Contractors and General Readiness: Youth Challenge, 1998
II.641Military Contractors and General Readiness: Clayton State University, 1998
II.642Military Contractors and General Readiness: FY 1999 Readiness, 1999
II.643Military Contractors and General Readiness: [National Defense Panel], 1997
II.71Military Contractors and General Readiness: [Defense Base Closures], 1998
II.72Military Contractors and General Readiness: [Defense Base Closures], 1993-1995
II.73Military Contractors and Georgia Projects: ALR Radar [ALR-69], 1997
II.74Military Contractors and Georgia Projects: Akzo Nobel [Para-aramid Fibers], 1999
II.75Military Contractors and Georgia Projects: Augusta Chamber of Commerce, 1998
II.76Military Contractors and Georgia Projects: Center for World Democracy, 1997
II.77Military Contractors and Georgia Projects: Clark Atlanta University, 1997
II.78Military Contractors and Georgia Projects: Clayton State [DoD (Department of Defense) Distance Learning], 1998
II.79Military Contractors and Georgia Projects: Douglas County Armory, 1997
II.710Military Contractors and Georgia Projects: Engineered Fabrics, 1997
II.711Military Contractors and Georgia Projects: General Dynamics, 1997
II.712Military Contractors and Georgia Projects: Georgia Power, 1997
II.713Military Contractors and Georgia Projects: Georgia Tech, 1997
II.714Military Contractors and Georgia Projects: Gulf Stream, 1998
II.715Military Contractors and Georgia Projects: Hurt, Norton, 1997
II.716Military Contractors and Georgia Projects: Hurt, Norton, 1998
II.717Military Contractors and Georgia Projects: Intel World, 1998
II.718Military Contractors and Georgia Projects: Jered Brown, 1998
II.719Military Contractors and Georgia Projects: Lockheed, 1997
II.720Military Contractors and Georgia Projects: Lockheed Missiles, 1998
II.721Military Contractors and Georgia Projects: MERC [Mercer Engineering Research Center], 1997
II.722Military Contractors and Georgia Projects: Morris Brown College, 1998
II.723Military Contractors and Georgia Projects: MAAC [Military Affairs Coordinating Committee], 1997
II.724Military Contractors and Georgia Projects: Museum of Aviation, 1997
II.81Military Contractors and Georgia Projects: NAC International [Nuclear Transport], 1998
II.82Military Contractors and Georgia Projects: Phoenix Air, 1998
II.83Military Contractors and Georgia Projects: Phoenix Air, 1998
II.84Military Contractors and Georgia Projects: Pratt & Whitney, 1998
II.85Military Contractors and Georgia Projects: Richard Ray, 1998
II.86Military Contractors and Georgia Projects: Raytheon, 1998
II.87Military Contractors and Georgia Projects: Russell Construction, 1997
II.88Military Contractors and Georgia Projects: Southern Technology Center, 1997
II.89Overseas Visits: [NATO Enlargement], 1998
II.810Overseas Visits: [Codel (Congressional Delegation) Cleland European Itinerary], 1998
II.811Overseas Visits: [1998 Air Mobility Master Plan], 1998
II.812Overseas Visits: [Visit to Headquarters of Air Mobility Command], 1997
II.813Overseas Visits: [Global Air Traffic Management], 1998
II.814Overseas Visits: TRANSCOM [Transportation Command], 1997
II.815F-22, 1998
II.816Missile Defense Systems Press Clips, 1998
II.817Affirmative Action- USMC [United States Marine Corps], 1998
II.818Air Expeditionary Force- USAF [United States Air Force], 1998
II.819Air Force Reserve, 1998
II.820B-2, 1997
II.821Blackhawk Helicopter Case, 1997
II.822C-130, 1998
II.823C-5 Airlift Fleet, 1997
II.824Canadian Environmental Agreement, 1998
II.825Civil Air Patrol, 1998
II.826Chemical Weapons Ban, 1997
II.827Chemical Weapons Incinerator- Anniston, Alabama, 1997
II.828Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty, 1997
II.829Corps of Engineers, 1997
II.830Cooperative Threat Reduction Program, 1997
II.831Council for a Liveable World, 1998
II.832F/A 18 ElF Super Hornet, 1997
II.833F-16 Sale to UAE [United Arab Emirates], 1998
II.91-2F-22, 1997
II.93George Hsu, 1997
II.94Joint STARS [Surveillance Target Attack Radar System] [NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization)], 1997
II.95Khobar Towers Incident, 1997
II.96Land Mines, 1997
II.97Medal of Honor, 1998
II.98Merchant Marine Academy, 1998
II.99Shad Meshad, 1998
II.910Missile Defense Systems, 1998
II.911MTMC [Military Traffic Management Command], 1997
II.912Multi Purpose Canister [Nuclear Waste], 1997
II.913NAF [Non-Appropriated Fund] Employees, 1998
II.914National Guard, 1997
II.915National Security Caucus, 1997
II.916SASC [Senate Armed Services Committee] Hearings '99, 1999
II.917SASC [Senate Armed Services Committee] Hearings '98: [Readiness Subcommittee], 1998
II.918SASC [Senate Armed Services Committee] Hearings '98: Bosnia, 1998
II.919SASC [Senate Armed Services Committee] Hearings '98: [Nomination Hearing for Commanders in Chief of Space Command], 1998
II.920SASC [Senate Armed Services Committee] Hearings '98 :QFR/DoE [Department of Energy], 1998
II.921SASC [Senate Armed Services Committee] Hearings '98 - Daryl Jones - SECAF [Secretary of the Air Force], 1998
II.922SASC [Senate Armed Services Committee] Hearings '98: [CINC (Commander in Chief)], 1998
II.923China Missile Technology Transfer, 1998
II.924[Senate Armed Services Committee], 1997
II.925Cohen Confirmation, 1997
II.926Nominations for Armed Services, 1997
II.927Readiness, 1997
II.101TACAIR [Tactical Air Modernization] Testimony, 1997
II.102Kosovo, 1998
II.103Bosnia, 1998
II.104Iraq, 1998
II.105DoD [Department of Defense] Telepsychiatry Demonstration, 1998
II.106US Army Museum Plan, 1998
II.107Army Museum- Ft. Belvois, Virginia, 1998
II.108WWII [World War II] Memorial, 1998
II.109GA State University, 1998
II.1010Richard Ray-AEPI [Army Environmental Policy Institute], 1998-1999
II.1011Inter-World Corporation-Dan Worth, 1998
II.1012Phil Halloway, 1998
II.1013CTBT [Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty], 1998
II.1014S. 61 Merchant Mariner Fairness, 1997
II.1015S. 492 Firefighters Pay Fairness, 1997
II.1016USS Carl Vinson, 1998
II.1017Gender Integrated Training, 1998
II.1018Avondale Shipyard, 1998
II.1019Medal of Honor, 1998
II.1020EAMC [Eisenhower Army Medical Center], 1998
II.1021NATO Expansion to Include Czech Republic, Poland, and Hungary, 1998
II.1022C-130J Modernization Program, 1998
II.1023C-17 Depot Level Support Strategy, 1997-1998
II.1024Civilian Technicians, 1997-1998
II.1025Nunn-Lugar Counter Threat Reduction, 1997
II.1026Ukranian Milk Project, 1998
II.1027Air Force Modernization Issues, 1998
II.1028Fort Hood, 1997
II.1029Georgia Black Caucus, 1998
II.1030Junior ROTC, 1998
II.1031F-22 Program, undated
II.1032Lockheed-Martin, 1997-1998
II.1033Marines, 1991-1997
II.111Northrop-Gruman, 1996
II.112[School of the Americas], 1998
II.113-4Senate Armed Services Committee Testimony, 1999
II.115-6FY 2000 Budget, 2000
II.117-8Defense Authorization Bill, 2000
II.119Government Manuals: Military Health Care Reform Working Group, Final Report 105th Congress, 2nd Session, 1998 March 3
II.1110Government Manuals: Population Representation in the Military Services Fiscal Year 1999, DoD [Department of Defense], 2000
II.1111Rand [Institute] - Military Compensation Trends and Policy Options, 1999 February
II.1112GAO Reports: Depot Maintenance, 1999 July
II.1113GAO Reports: Defense Health Care, 1999 July
II.1114GAO Reports: Air Force Depot Maintenance, 1999 June
II.1115[C-130 J Aircraft], 1999
II.1116-17C-130 J, 1999
II.1118-19[C-130 Modernization Caucus], 1999-2000
II.1120[C-130 J Program], 2000
II.1121C-5 Biden Letter, 2000
II.1122[C-5 Modernization], 2000
II.121DoD [Department of Defense] Authorization - Subcommittee Notes, 2000
II.122MC [Max Cleland] Memos/Statements-Markup, undated
II.123Amendments [Department of Defense Authorization Bill], 2000
II.124Conference Request Items-FY '01 Authorization, 2000
II.125Marshall Center, 2000
II.126Army Transformation Information, 2000
II.127F-22, 1999
II.128LHM [Lockheed-Martin] P-3, 2000
II.129Lockheed Issues-Not C-130 and F-22, 1999
II.1210D-5 Trident II Missile-Savannah, Lockheed, 2001
II.1211[Senate Armed Services Committee Meeting], 2000
II.1212F-22, 2000
II.1213-14[Air Force Tactical Aviation Modernization], 2000
II.1215F-22 Material, 2000
II.1216[C-130J], 1998-1999
II.1217[F-22 and C-130 J], 1999
II.1218Kuwait, 1998
II.1219-20[Letters and Interest Codes], 1997-1998
II.1221Readiness Subcommittee Hearing, 2001 March 21
II.1222[Subcommittee on Readiness and Management Support], 2001
II.1223Handy Meeting File, 2001
II.1224Nominations-Service Secretaries, 2001
II.1225Dr. Fiori Nomination, 1999
II.1226NAGE, 2001
II.1227Sam Nunn-Letter on War Powers, 1999
II.1228F-22, 2001
II.131V-22, 2001
II.132[Undersecretary of the Navy Nomination], 2001
II.133Hurt Norton and Associates, 2000
II.134Hurt Norton-Singapore Technologies, 2000
II.135[Joint Use and Lease Agreement], 2000
II.136[Defense Issues-Letters], 2000
II.137-12NMD [National Missile Defense Program], 2001
II.1313Bush DoD [Department of Defense] Budget, 2001
II.1314Bush Defense Budget File, 2001
II.1315Savannah Airport, 1999
II.1316-20FAST [Flexible Acquisition Sustainment Tool], 1999-2001
II.1321CTBT [Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty], 2001
II.1322-24NMD [National Missile Defense], 2000
II.1325Georgia Globe-Army Distance Learning, 2000
II.1326Sean Edwards/Cassidy, 2001
II.1327SASC [Senate Armed Services Committee] Hearing Nominees, 2000
II.1328NMD [National Missile Defense], 2000
II.1329[U.S. Role in Global Events-Jugurthine War, Kosovo, Post Cold War World], 1990
II.1330Global Roles, 2000
II.1331[Floor Discussions on the Global Role of the U.S.], 2000
II.141-2CTBT [Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty], 1999
II.143[Military Health Care], 2000
II.144[Long Term Care Insurance], 2000
II.145[Military Health Care], 2000
II.146[Kosovo], 1999
II.147[Iraq Hearing], 2000-2001
II.148Iraq Hearing Notes-9/19, 2000
II.149-10[Iraq Hearing], 2000
II.1411[USS Cole], 2000
II.1412USS Cole Hearing #3 (Open), 2000
II.1413USS Cole Hearing #1, 2000
II.1414[Kosovo-Operation Allied Force], 1999
II.1415-18[Kosovo], 1999
II.1419[Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments Reports], 2000
II.1420[Gulf War-Health Consequences], 1996, 2000
II.1421[Program Evaluation of the Montgomery GI Bill], 2000
II.1422Jered Industries, 2000
II.1423National Guard Youth Challenge - Max Cleland Co-Chair w/ Bush, Sr,, 2000
II.1424Impact Aid, 2000
II.1425Savannah Airport/National Guard/HNA [Hurt, Norton, and Associates], 2000
II.1426N2H2, 2000
II.1427Rumsfeld Rules, 2001
II.151Rockwell, undated
II.152DOD [Department of Defense] Financial Reform, 2001
II.153Cairo H.S. [High School] Anchor Case, 2000
II.154Dawson Mathis, 2000
II.155Jef Crater - DOD [Department of Defense] Locks, 2000
II.156Coke Issue, 2000
II.157[Army University Access Online], 2000
II.158-9[JSTARS (Joint Surveillance and Target Attack Radar System)], 2000
II.1510[F-15], 2000
II.1511JSTARS [Joint Surveillance and Target Attack Radar System], 2000
II.1512Boeing-Macon Overview, 2000
II.1513[Jered Industries], 1999
II.1514Will Edington, 2000
II.1515[Orion21 Maritime Patrol and Reconnaissance Aircraft], 2000
II.1516[Grenbrier Company-European Affairs], 2000
II.1517[Asia-Pacific Center for Security Studies], 2000
II.1518-19Gulfstream, 2000
II.1520Black Hawk Helicopters-Columbia, 2000
II.1521Georgia Tech-ECRC [Electronic Commerce Resource Center], 2000
II.1522[Georgia Institute of Technology], 2000
II.1523[Chemical Agent Warning Network Funding], 2000
II.1524[SWORD (Short Range Missile Defense with Optimized Radar Distribution) Program], 2000
II.1525[ECRC (Electronic Commerce Resource Center)], 2000
II.1526Dear Colleague and Important Letters, 1999-2000
II.1527[INGATS (Intermediate New Generation Targetry System) Award], 2001
II.1528Meeting Notes '01, 2001
II.1529Wage Grade-House Hearing '01, 2001
II.1530Recruiting and Retention '01, 2001
II.1531Miller '01, 2001
II.1532[Proposed Payments to Veterans for Slave Labor During World War II], 2000
II.1533-34[Funding Requests], 2000
II.1535VA [Veterans]-HUD, 2000
II.1536[VA (Veterans)-HUD], 2000
II.1537Spelman College, 1999
II.1538Greenbriar, 2000
II.1539S 311 [Disabled Veterans LIFE Memorial Foundation], 1999-2000
II.1540Veterans Oral History Project, 2000
II.1541[Vieques], 1999
II.1542Vieques, Puerto Rico, 1999-2000
II.1543[Readiness Subcommittee Material], 1998-2000
II.1544[SASC (Senate Armed Services Committee Hearing) on Readiness], 1999-2000
II.1545[1999 Reserve Employer Survey], 2000
II.1546-48[Military Readiness], 1999-2000
II.1549Housing Privatization Brief, undated
II.1550DOE [Department of Energy] Hearing, 2000
II.1551JINSA [Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs], 2000
II.161TSP [Thrift Savings Plan]-Guard/Reserve, 1999
II.162FLETC [Federal Law Enforcement Training Center], 1999
II.163[TSP (Thrift Savings Plan)], 2000
II.164Don't Ask, Don't Tell, Don't Pursue, 2000
II.165Women in Subs, 2000
II.166Anthrax-July 11, 2000
II.167April 2000-Anthrax Hearing, 2000
II.168Anthrax, 2000
II.169[Anthrax], 1999
II.1610[Export Financing, Drug Elimination in the Western Hemisphere], 1998
II.1611[Access to Secondary Schools for Recruiting Purposes-S 553], 2000
II.1612[Hutchinson Recruitment Legislation], 2000
II.1613[S 2003-Keep Our Promise to America's Military Retirees Act], 1999-2000
II.1614Health, 1999
II.1615[Military Health Care], 2000
II.1616Hearing Materials-Personnel Subcommittee, 2000
II.1617Military-Articles from MC, 2000
II.1618Veterans/DOD [Department of Defense] Cases, 2001
II.1619[HR 4328 (Bill to Amend to Internal Revenue Code)], 2000
II.1620Guard Technicians, 2000
II.1621[BCMR-Sarah E. King [Board for Correction of Military Records]], 2000
II.1622Carlton Rogers Case, 2000
II.1623Max Schaeffer, 1999
II.1624Wolfowitz Hearing, 2001
II.1625[Larry Criss Sr. Case], 2000
II.1626SHAD [Shipboard Hazard and Defense], 2002
II.1627Iraq: Background Information, 2002
II.1628Iraq: Magazine Articles from Newsweek, Time, 2002
II.1629Iraq: Statements- Official/Public, 2002
II.1630Iraq: Articles, 2002
II.1631Iraq: Notables, 2002
II.1632[Iraq-Daily Update], 2002
II.1633Iraq, 2002
II.1634[Iraq-Statements and Speeches], 2002
II.1635National Cemetery in Georgia, 1998-2001
II.1636[Proposed National Cemetery Site], 1999
II.1637[National Cemetery in Georgia], 1999-2001
II.171-5[GI Bill Initiative], 1999-2000
II.176-19Defense Authorization and Appropriations Bill, 1999-2002
II.181-2Defense Authorization and Appropriations Bill, 2001-2002
II.183[Veterans History Project], 2002
II.184C-130J, 2001
II.185-6F-22 - January 2001, 2000-2001
II.187GAO [General Accounting Office] - F-22, 2002
II.188Defense Appropriations FY02, 2001
II.189B-1 Files, 2001
II.1810[B-1 Files], 2001-2002
II.1811Letters to and From Senator Cleland-Dod [Department of Defense] Services, 1999-2001
II.1812End Strength-Bill and Talking Points, undated
II.1813Roche Meeting/Testimony From HRG, 2001-2002
II.1814Savannah Bomb Issue, 2000-2001
II.1815Fort Gordon-Disaster Mitigation Training, 2001
II.1816Rockdale-Georgia Veterans Memorial Park, 2000
II.191St. Mary's Airport, 2001
II.192-9Defense Authorization Bill FY 2003, 2002
II.1910-20[Amendments-Defense Authorization Bill FY 2003], 2002
II.1920-24Core Provision, 2002
II.1925-29MILCON [Military Construction], 2001-2002
II.1930WR [Warner Robins], 2001
II.1931Wage Grade Issue, 2001-2002
II.1932AFGE [American Federation of Government Employees] File, 2002
II.1933WR [Warner Robbins] Personnel System, 1999-2002
II.1934AFGE [American Federation of Government Employees] - Davis-WR [Warner Robbins], 1999
II.1935GAO Reports, 1998-2000
II.201Depot Strategy- Sep. 2002, 2002
II.202Draft Depot Strategy, 2002
II.203[Warner Robbins ALC (Air Logistics Centers) Working Group Meeting], 2002
II.204WR [Warner Robbins Depot 2001], 2001
II.205Warner Robbins, 2001-2002
II.206WR [Warner Robbins]-Discrimination Case Article- Jeff's Case, 2002
II.207[Air Force Depot Maintenance Strategy], 2001
II.208Guard/Active Wing at WR [Warner Robbins], 2002
II.209WR [Warner Robbins] Depot Personnel Changes, 2002
II.2010WR [Warner Robbins] Personnel-Alternate Personnel Systems, 2002
II.2011US Army South-Move from Puerto Rico, 2002
II.2012USARSO [US Army South], 2002
II.2013Benning Trip, 2001
II.2014Veterans Education Center w/Hagel, 2002
II.2015Veterans Education Center/Jan Scruggs, 2002
II.2016Fort Bragg, 2002
II.2017VMA Wing at NAS [Naval Air Station, Atlanta], 2002
II.2018Burke County and Navy, 2002
II.2019Cleland Initiated Letters, 2002
II.2020Letters We've Signed, 2002
II.2021VA Cemetery File, 2002
II.2022HR 2595 - Chatham County Transfer, 2002
II.2023[Letters and Remarks (U.S. Army South Headquarters, Expansion of NATO and Future of Europe)], 1998
II.2024Max Letters, 1998-1999
II.2025Standard - Defense, 1997-1998
II.2026Guy McMichael File, 1998
II.2027[Congressional Research Report on Social Security], 1998
II.2028[Veterans Affairs], 1997-1998
II.2029-30Persian Gulf Veterans Bill, 1998
II.2031[Presidential Advisory Committee on Gulf War Veterans' Illnesses], 1996
II.2032[Gulf War Veterans' Illnesses], 1997
II.2033[Veterans' Preference/Veterans Employment Opportunity Act (1 of 2)], 1996-1998
II.211[Veterans' Preference/Veterans Employment Opportunity Act (2 of 2)], 1996-1998
II.212[Homeless Veterans], 1998
II.213Briefings: [Various Proposals for Military Healthcare], 1995-1998
II.214Briefings: Military Health Care Reform Working Group, 1997
II.215Briefings: Military Health Care Legislative/Regulatory/Policy, 1997-1998
II.216Briefings: Military Health Care Articles, Proposals, Misc. Letters, 1998
II.211Briefings: Health Care Reports, 1998
II.212-3Briefings: Military Health Care Reform Working Group, 1997-1998
II.214Briefings: Health Care for Military Retirees, 1995-1997
ER 1The Report of the Department of Defense on Base Realignment and Closure, Version 1.0 [digital files], 1998 April 2
Section 2. Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation
II.225Aviation: AirTran, 1999-2001
II.226Aviation: Air Travelers Bill of Rights, 1999-2001
II.227Aviation: Athens Ben Epps Airport, 2002
II.228Aviation: Augusta Airport, 2002
II.231Aviation: Aviation Competition, 1999-2001
II.232Aviation: Bills, Aviation, 2002
II.233Aviation: Calhoun Gordon County Airport, 2002
II.234Aviation: Charter, Cargo Flights, 2002
II.235Aviation: Cherokee County Airport, 2001
II.236Aviation: Dalton Airport, 2000
II.237Aviation: DeKalb Peachtree Airport, 1998-2001
II.238Aviation: Delta, Part I, 2001-2002
II.239Aviation: Delta, Part II, 1998-2002
II.2310Aviation: DOT [Department of Transportation] Grants, 1999-2002
II.2311Aviation: Eastman Airport, 2001-2002
II.2312Aviation: Evergreen International Airlines, 2002
II.2313Aviation: FAA [Federal Aviation Administration], 2001-2002
II.2314Aviation: FAA [Federal Aviation Administration] Reauthorization Bill, 2002
II.2315Aviation: FAA [Federal Aviation Administration] Reauthorization Hearing, 1999-2002
II.2316Aviation: Flight Attendants, 2002
II.2317Aviation: Georgia Department of Transportation, 1999-2000
II.2318Aviation: Glynco Jetport, 2001
II.2319Aviation: Gulfstream, 2001-2002
II.2320Aviation: Gwinnett County Airport, 1998-2000
II.241Aviation: Hartsfield Airport, 1999-2002
II.242Aviation: Labor (Commerce), 1999-2002
II.243Aviation: Liberty County/Fort Stewart Airports, 2002
II.244Aviation: National Civil Aviation Review Commission, 1997-1999
II.245Aviation: Northwest Airlines, 1999-2002
II.246Aviation: Paulding Airport, 2002
II.247Aviation: Safety (Airline Safety), 1999-2000
II.248Aviation: Savannah Airport, 1999-2002
II.249Aviation: Southwest Georgia Regional Airport, 1999-2002
II.2410Aviation: Statesboro-Bullock County Airport, 2000
II.2411Aviation: St. Mary's Airport, 2001
II.2412Aviation: St. Simon's Airport, 2000-2001
II.2413Aviation: Telfair Airport, 2002
II.2414Aviation: Thomasville Airport, 2001
II.2415Aviation: Tifton Airport, 2000-2001
II.2416Aviation: United Airlines, 1999
II.2417Airlines, 2001-2002
II.2418-21Rail Field Hearing, 2000 December 6
II.2422Hearing on the Digital Divide and Minority Serving Institutions, S. 414, 2001
II.251Cosponsorships - 106th Congress, 1999-2000
II.252Cosponsorships - 107th Congress, 2001
II.253Miscellaneous Memos, 1999-2002
II.254Hearings: Oversight Hearing on Amtrak, 2000 February 23
II.255Hearings: Aviation Security, 2000 April 6
II.256Hearings: Committee Mark-Up, 2000 June 15
II.257Hearings: Proposed United-U.S. Airways Merger, 2000 June 21-22
II.258Hearings: Aviation and the Internet, 2000 July 20
II.259Hearings: Anti-Trust Issues in the Airline Industry, 2000 July 27
II.2510Hearings: Marketing Violence to Children, 2000 September 13
II.2511Hearings: Air Traffic Control Delays, 2000 September 14
II.2512Hearings: Marketing Violent Motion Picture Products to Children, 2000 September 27
II.2513Hearings: Committee Mark-Up, 2000 September 20
II.2514Hearings: Amtrak Oversight Hearing, 2000 September 26
II.2515Hearings: Confirmation Hearing for Commerce Secretary Nominee Donald Evans, 2001 January 4
II.2516Hearings: Confirmation Hearing for Transportation Secretary Nominee Norman Mineta, 2001 January 24
II.2517Hearings: Election Reform, 2001 March 7
II.2518Hearings: Hearing Mark-Up, 2001 March 15
II.2519Hearings: S. 633, The Aviation Delay Prevention Act, 2001 March 29
II.2520Hearings: Amtrak Hearing, 2001 May 22
II.2521Hearings: Hearing on Aviation Security, 2001 September 20
II.2522Hearings: S. 1447, Aviation and Transportation Security Act, 2002
II.2523Hearings: Financial State of the Transportation Industry, 2001 September 20
II.2524Hearings: Rail and Maritime Security, 2001 October 2
II.2525Hearings: Needs of Firefighting Services, 2001 October 10
II.2526Hearings: Mark-Up of S. 1550, the Rail Security Act of 2001, 2001 October 17
II.2527Hearings: S. 1530, the Railroad Advancement and Infrastructure Law of the 21st Century (Rail-21), 2001 November 1
II.2528Hearings: Implementation of the Aviation and Transportation Security Act, 2002 February 5
II.2529Hearings: S. 1991, the National Defense Rail Act, 2002 March 14
II.2530Hearings: Committee Mark-Up (Including Cleland Bus Security Bill), 2002 April 18
II.2531Hearings: Tribal Telecommunications Issues, 2002 May 14
II.2532Hearings: Committee Mark-Up (including Cleland's S. 414), 2002 May 16
II.2533Hearings: Third Hearing on the Implementation of the Aviation and Transportation Security Act, 2002 May 21
II.2534Hearings: Hearing on the Federal Research and Development Budget and National Science Foundation, 2002 May 22
II.2535Hearings: Railroad Safety, 2002 July 10
II.2536Hearings: Aviation Security and Transition, 2002 July 25
II.2537Hearings: Nomination Hearing on Marion Blakey to be FAA [Federal Aviation Administration] Administrator, 2002 August 2
II.2538Hearings: Status of Aviation Security One Year after September 11th, 2002 September 10
II.2539Hearings: Committee Mark-Up, Including Cleland's Boxing Amendment and ACE Bill (Part of S. 2949, the Aviation Security Improvement Act), 2002 September 19
II.2540Hearings: Airlines' Viability in the Current Economic Climate, 2002 October 2
II.2541Intermodal Transportation: Buckhead CID [Community Improvement District], 2002
II.2542Intermodal Transportation: President Carter/Trains, 2000-2002
II.2543Intermodal Transportation: CSX, 1999-2000
II.2544Intermodal Transportation: Georgia Department of Transportation, 2000-2002
II.2545Intermodal Transportation: Georgia Rail Passenger Authority, 1999-2001
II.261Intermodal Transportation: Georgia Regional Transportation Authority, 2000-2002
II.262Intermodal Transportation: Labor/Mergers, 1999-2001
II.263Intermodal Transportation: Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA), 1999-2002
II.264Intermodal Transportation: Norfolk Southern, 1999-2000
II.265-6Intermodal Transportation: Powder Springs, 1999
II.267Intermodal Transportation: Rome Chamber, 2000-2002
II.268Intermodal Transportation: Surface Transportation Board, 1999-2001
II.269Intermodal Transportation: TEA-21 [Transportation Efficiency Act, Transportation Equity Act for the 21st Century], 1998
II.2610Surface Transportation: Hollings Amtrak Bill, S. 1991, 2002
II.2611Surface Transportation: Amtrak, Part I, 2002
II.2612Surface Transportation: Amtrak, Part II, 2001-2002
II.2613Surface Transportation: Atlanta Regional Commission, 2000-2002
II.2614Surface Transportation: Atlanta Chamber, 2002
II.2615Surface Transportation: Budget (U.S. DOT [Department of Transportation]), 1999-2001
II.271Surface Transportation: Clean Air, Part I, 2000-2002
II.272Surface Transportation: Clean Air, Part II, 1999-2000
II.273Surface Transportation: Commerce Accomplishments, 1998-2002
II.274Surface Transportation: Georgia Department of Transportation, 2000
II.275Surface Transportation: Georgia Regional Transportation Authority, 2000
II.276Surface Transportation: Georgia Research Alliance, 2000-2001
II.277Surface Transportation: Georgia Tech, 1998-2001
II.278Surface Transportation: Grade Crossing Safety, 1998-1999
II.279Surface Transportation: High Speed Rail, Part I, 2002
II.2710Surface Transportation: High Speed Rail, Part II, 1999-2000
II.2711Surface Transportation: Jesup Depot, 2001
II.2712Surface Transportation: Lautenberg/Cleland Conformity Bill, 1999-2000
II.2713Surface Transportation: Linda Morgan, Head of Surface Transportation Board, 1999-2000
II.281Surface Transportation Issues: Olympics Investigation, Part I, 1999-2001
II.282Surface Transportation Issues: Olympics Investigation, Part 1 - Commerce Committee Hearing - Drugs in Olympic Competition, 1999 October 20
II.283Surface Transportation Issues: Olympics Investigation, Part II, 1999
II.284Surface Transportation Issues: School Violence, Part I, 1999-2000
II.285Surface Transportation Issues: School Violence Part I - National Commission on Youth Violence, 1999
II.286Surface Transportation Issues: School Violence Part I - Hollings' Safe Harbor Bill, 1999
II.287Surface Transportation Issues: School Violence, Part II, 1999
II.288Surface Transportation Issues: Short Line Railroads, 2001
II.289Surface Transportation Issues: Titanic, 2000
II.2810Surface Transportation Issues: UPS, 2000
II.2811FY 2000 Department of Transportation Appropriations Requests, 1999
II.2812FY 2001 Department of Transportation Appropriations Requests, 2000
II.2813FY 2002 Department of Transportation Appropriations Requests, 2001
II.2814FY 2003 Department of Transportation Appropriations Requests, 2002
II.2815[Committee Prints of Transportation Appropriations Bills], 2000-2003
II.291NTC-National Textile Center, 1999-2001
II.292MEP [Manufacturing Extension Partnership] Program-Georgia Tech, 2000
II.293Savrumah State University Baseball, 2000
II.294NASA/Southwest Georgia School, 2000
II.295"Echelon"-NSA [National Security Agency], 2000
II.296Lockheed/COMSAT [Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation], 1999
II.297Travel Industry Letter to Daschle-Post 9/11/01, 2001
II.298FATE [Foreign Aid Through Education]-Ft. Valley State, 2000-2001
II.299HIAPER [High-Performance Instrumented Airborne Platform for Environmental Research] (Gulfstream), 1999-2001
II.2910Mary Sheila Gall Nomination, 2001
II.2911Georgia Southern-S. Res. 14, 2001
II.2912Norm Mineta Nomination, 2000 July 19
II.2913S.469-Commercial Space Launch Reduction Act, 1999-2000
II.2914Federal Research Investment Act, 1998-1999
II.2915National Weather Service, 1999
II.2916College Sports Gaming, 2001
II.2917Boxing-S. 305, 2001
II.2918Ben Hardy-Congressional Record, 1998-1999
II.2919Tony Blair/Joint Session Request, 1998
II.2920Foreign Ops FY 02-Ukrainian Issue, 2001
II.2921DOE [Department of Energy] Appropriations for Georgia, 1999
II.2922China/WTO [World Trade Organization] Hearing, 2000 April
II.2923Foreign Affairs/Foreign Trade: Savannah FTZ [Free Trade Zone], 2000
II.2924Foreign Affairs/Foreign Trade: Havana Club Letter (Bacardi), 1999-2000
II.2925Foreign Affairs/Foreign Trade: CTBT [Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty], 1999
II.2926Foreign Affairs/Foreign Trade: Dollarization, 1999-2000
II.2927Foreign Affairs/Foreign Trade: India/Pakistan Sanctions, 2001
II.2928Foreign Affairs/Foreign Trade: Wrigley/Chewing Gum in Singapore, 2001
II.2929Foreign Affairs/Foreign Trade: IMF [International Monetary Fund], 1998
II.2930Foreign Affairs/Foreign Trade: Export Administration Act, 1999-2000
II.2931Foreign Affairs/Foreign Trade: Foreign Trade Zones, 1999
II.301Foreign Affairs/Foreign Trade: Section 201, 1999-2000
II.302Foreign Affairs/Foreign Trade: Fertilizer (WTO [World Trade Organization]/China), 2000
II.303Foreign Affairs/Foreign Trade: Steel Wire Rod, 1999
II.304Foreign Affairs/Foreign Trade: Dried Flowers-USTR [U.S. Trade Representatives] Issue, 1999
II.305Foreign Affairs/Foreign Trade: ITC [International Trade Commission]-Ball Bearings (Thurmond), 2000 March 20
II.306Foreign Affairs/Foreign Trade: Africa Trade/CBI [Caribbean Basin Initiative], 1999
II.307Foreign Affairs/Foreign Trade: African Trade, 1997-1998
II.308Foreign Affairs/Foreign Trade: African Trade/CBI [Caribbean Basin Initiative], 2000
II.309Foreign Affairs/Foreign Trade: Ottawa Trip, 1998
II.3010Foreign Affairs/Foreign Trade: Japan/Korea Trip, 2000
II.3011Foreign Affairs/Foreign Trade: Taiwan, 1999
II.3012Foreign Affairs/Foreign Trade: China Non-Proliferation Act, 2000
II.3013Foreign Affairs/Foreign Trade: Vietnam Religious Persecution, 2001
II.3014Foreign Affairs/Foreign Trade: Wye River Funding, 1999
II.3015Foreign Affairs/Foreign Trade: Israel, 1999
II.3016Foreign Affairs/Foreign Trade: Israel, 1998
II.3017Foreign Affairs/Foreign Trade: Israel Embassy, 1999
II.3018Foreign Affairs/Foreign Trade: Iran Issues, 1999
II.3019Foreign Affairs/Foreign Trade: Panama Canal, 1999
II.3020Foreign Affairs/Foreign Trade: Max Spray, 1999
II.3021Foreign Affairs/Foreign Trade: S. Res. 87 (International Visitors Program), 2000
II.3022Foreign Affairs/Foreign Trade: Kosovo Resolution, 1997-1998
II.3023Foreign Affairs/Foreign Trade: Columbia-Letter to the Editor, 1999 September 16
II.3024Foreign Affairs/Foreign Trade: Zach Fisher Resolution, 1999
II.3025Foreign Affairs/Foreign Trade: Lithuania, 1999
II.3026Foreign Affairs/Foreign Trade: Zell Miller OPIC [Overseas Private Investment Corporation] Nomination, 1999
II.3027Foreign Affairs/Foreign Trade: Sudan (Sudan Peace Act), 1999
II.3028Foreign Affairs/Foreign Trade: Vietnam Trade, 1999-2001
II.3029Foreign Affairs/Foreign Trade: Don Johnson, 1998
II.3030Foreign Affairs/Foreign Trade: NATO Expansion, 1998
II.3031Foreign Affairs/Foreign Trade: World's Fair, 2001
II.3032Internet Privacy: Barr-Cleland Privacy Legislation, 2002
II.3033Internet Privacy: Field Hearing-Privacy of Information, 2000
II.3034[Online Privacy Regulations, Children], 1999
II.3035Internet Privacy: [Electronic Privacy Rights], 1998-1999
II.3036[Online Privacy Protection Act], 1999
II.3037[Hearing on Online Profiling and Privacy], 2000
II.3038[Online Profiling and Privacy], 2000
II.3039[Hearing on Online Personal Privacy Act], 2002
II.3040[Online Privacy], 2000
II.311-2Internet Privacy: [Children's Electronic Access Safety Enhancement Act], 2001
II.313Internet Privacy: Net Privacy, 2000
II.314[Hearing on Internet Privacy Concerns]
II.315[Internet Privacy], 2001
II.316Internet Privacy: [Children's Electronic Access Safety Enhancement Act], 2001
II.317[Online Personal Privacy Act], 2002
II.318Port Security: [Coast Guard Authorization, Maritime Issues], 2002
II.319Port Security: [Crime and Security in U.S. Seaports], 2000-2002
II.3110[Port Security Conference (1 of 2)], 2002
II.3111[Port Security Conference (2 of 2)], 2002
II.321Port Security, 2001-2002
II.322Port Security: [U.S. Coast Guard, Maritime Issues], 1999-2002
II.323Port Security: Sandpiper-Jones Act, 2000
II.324Port Security: [Maritime Issues-Port of Savannah, Cargo and Outgoing Mail], 2002
II.325Sales Tax on Internet Sales: Net Taxes, Part II, 2000
II.326[Sales Tax on Internet Sales], 2001
II.327Sales Tax on Internet Sales: [Advisory Commission on Electronic Commerce-Report to Congress], 2000
II.328[Sales Tax on Internet Sales], 2001
II.331-2Sales Tax on Internet Sales: Net Taxes, 1998-2001
II.333Miscellaneous Memos to Senator Cleland, 2000-2002
II.334Commerce Committee Hearing on Broadband, 1999 April 13
II.335Commerce Committee Markup on Federal Trade Commission Reauthorization, 2002 September 19
II.336[Telecommunications - Miscellaneous], 1999-2000
II.337Lucent, 1998
II.338NetSat 28, 2000
II.339Fraud and Abuse in the Telecommunications Industry - Accounting Scandals, 2002
II.3310LaGrange, GA [Internet TV Initiative], 2000
II.3311Fiber Optic Highways, 2001
II.3312TOP [Technology Opportunity Program], 2002
II.3313Georgia Southern - High Tech [Roundtable/Economic Development Seminar], 1999-2000
II.341LPTV [Low Power Television], 2001
II.342Thank You's General, 1997-2001
II.343Time Warner/AOL, 1999-2000
II.344BellSouth §271 Application, 2000
II.345USF [Universal Service Fund], 2000-2001
II.346Commerce Committee Hearing Material on Media Violence, 1999-2000
II.347[Commerce Committee Markup of S. 876 [The Children's Protection from Violent Programming Act] and Cleland Amendment], 2000 September 20
II.348Hearing on the Impact of Interactive Violence on Children, 2000 March 21
II.349[Children and the Internet], 1999-2001
II.3410Media Violence, 1999
II.3411Media Violence: FTC [Federal Trade Commission] Letter, 2001
II.3412International Satellite Reform, COMSAT [Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation]- Lockheed, 1998-2000
II.351LPTV [Low Power Television], 1998-1999
II.352Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations: "Cramming": An Emerging Telephone Billing Fraud, 1998
II.353E. Signatures, 1999-2000
II.354S.96 Y2K, 1999
II.355[Senate Committee on Finance: Comparison of Provisions of H.R. 2676 Relating to IRS Restructuring and Reform as Passed by the House and the Senate], 1998
II.356Surface Transportation, 2001-2002
II.357[Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee Meeting Materials], 2002 April 18
II.361Air Traffic Control: NATCA [National Air Traffic Controllers Association], 1999
II.362Air Traffic Control: ATC Modernization, 1999
II.363Air Traffic Control: ATC Study, 1999
II.364Air Traffic Control: [ATC Staffing and Delays], 2001
II.365NATCA [National Air Traffic Controllers Association] 2% Bill, 2001
II.366-7RR [Railroad] Retirement, 2000-2002
II.368[Wheel-chair Lifts for Over-the-Road Buses], 2000-2001
II.369[Railroad Retirement], 2000-2001
II.3610MAGLEV [Magnetic Levitation], 1998-2000
II.3611[Savannah Water Ferry], 2000
II.3612Transportation Appropriations FY 2000, 1999
II.3613-14FY 2001 Transportation Appropriations, 2000
II.3615-16DOT [Department of Transportation] Appropriations FY 2002, 2000-2001
II.3617Index, 2002
II.371DOT [Department of Transportation] FY 2003, 2002
II.372Breaux [Georgia Transportation Issues], 1998-2000
II.373[Aviation Security Bill], 2001
II.374Office of Motor Carrier, 1999
II.375Hollings, 2001
II.376RMS Titantic, 2000
II.377Sidney Lanier Bridge, 2002
II.3783-Year Rule, 2000
II.379Customs-ACE [Automated Commercial Environment], 1999
II.3710Fishery Issues, 1998-2000
II.3711Shark Gillnet Fishery, 1999-2000
II.3712Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act, 1999
II.3713NMFS [National Marine Fisheries Service]-Billfish, 2000-2001
II.3714DOHSA [Death on the High Seas Act], 1999-2001
II.3715[U.S. Ship Tourism Development Act], 2000
ER 2US Coast Guard Integrated Deepwater System Project Draft Programmatic EIS [digital files], 2001 October
Section 3. Governmental Affairs Committee
II.3716Securities Fraud Hearings: [The SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) and the States: Toward a More Perfect Union], 1995 October 23
II.3717"Securities Fraud Hearings: [SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) Brief Regarding Silicon Graphics, Inc. Litigation]", 1997 March 21
II.3718Securities Fraud Hearings: [Report to the President and Congress on The First Year of Practice Under the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act], 1997 April
II.3719Securities Fraud Hearings: [Oral Statement of Arthur Levitt-The Impact of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995], 1997 July 24
II.3720"Securities Fraud Hearings: [Testimony of Barry R. Goldsmith, Presented before the New York State Attorney General's Public Hearings on Micro-Cap Stock Fraud]", 1997 August 12
II.3721Securities Fraud Hearings: [Briefing Book -Securities Fraud Hearings], 1997 September 22
II.3722"Securities Fraud Hearings: [Emerging Securities Fraud: Fraud in the Micro-Capital Markets-NASAA (North American Securities Administrators Association, Inc.) Information]", 1997 September 22
II.3723"Securities Fraud Hearings: [Testimony of Arthur Levitt-Fraud in the "Micro Cap" Market]", 1997 September 22
II.3724"Securities Fraud Hearings: [Testimony of Barry R. Goldsmith, Presented before the Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations on Micro-Cap Stock Fraud]", 1997 September 22
II.3725Securities Fraud Hearings: [Witness List - Hearing on Emerging Securities Fraud: Fraud in the Micro-Capital Markets], 1997 September 22
II.3726Securities Fraud Hearings: [Micro-Cap Fraud Panel], 1997 November 17
II.381-2"Securities Fraud Hearings: [NASSA's (North American Securities Administrators Association, Inc.) Response to Congressman John D. Dingell's Correspondence on Fraud in the Micro-Cap Market]", 1998 February 19
II.383-4Securities Fraud Hearings: [Articles and Materials to Use in Preparation for the Hearing], 1997
II.385[Day Trading Hearing], 2000
II.386Information on Campaign Finance Reform, 1997-1998
II.387Miscellaneous Federal Agency Reports - Information on DC Government, 1998
II.391GAC [Governmental Affairs Committee] Hearing: Reforming the IRS [Internal Revenue Service], 1998
II.392GAC [Governmental Affairs Committee] Hearing: Merit Protection Act-S.1495, 1998
II.393GAC [Governmental Affairs Committee] Hearing: Federal Reports Elimination Act, 1998
II.394GAC [Governmental Affairs Committee] Hearing: Retirement Coverage Error Correction Act-S.1710, 1998
II.395Nominations/Markup, 1998
II.396Governmental Affairs Committee Mark-up, 1998 July 15
II.397Governmental Affairs Committee Mark-up, 1998
II.398Sample Hearing Questions, 1997
II.399Amendments to Senate Ethics Process, 1997
II.3910Campaign Finance Reform, 1998
II.3911Governmental Affairs Committee Meeting, 1998 March 5
II.3912International Postal Services-S.2082, 1998
II.3913Census 2000, 1998
II.401Nominations - DC Superior Court, 1998
II.402Supercomputer Export Control, 1995-1998
II.403Constituent Visits, 1998
II.404Consolidation/Closing of Post Offices-H.R. 1231 and H.R. 22, 1998
II.405Fair Competition Act, 1998
II.406Census 2000, 1997-1998
II.407Regulatory Staff, 1998-1999
II.408Federal Employees Staff, 1999
II.409Federalism- Executive Orders, 1999
II.4010S.1214-Federalism Accountability Act, 1999
II.411[U.S. Postal Service], 1999-2000
II.412[Greater Rome Chamber of Commerce], 1999
II.413-4[U.S. Postal Service], 1999
II.415"[U.S. Postal Service, Federal Employees Benefits, Congressional Term Limits]", 1998
II.416Safe Food Act, 1997-1999
II.417USPS [United States Postal Service] Hearing-S.556, 1999
II.418[Campaign Finance Reform], 1999
II.419GSA [General Services Administration], 1999
II.4110[HR 3257-State Flexibility Clarification Act], 1999
II.4111[S.59-Regulatory Right to Know Act], 1999
II.4112Campaign Finance Reform, 1999
II.4113S.1232 - Federal Employment Retirement System (FERS), 1999
II.4114General Committee Stuff, 1999
II.4115Home Health Care, 1999
II.4116[S.1214-Federalism Accountability Act], 1999
II.4117Satellite Joint Venture Quote, 1999
II.4118-19[S.1214-Federalism Accountability Act], 1999
II.4120[Microcap Fraud Bill], 1999
II.4121Senator's Letters, 1999
II.4122S.1260 [Securities Litigation Uniform Standards Act], 1998
II.4123Microcap Fraud Bill, 1999
II.4124Informational Materials, 1999
II.4125[Nominations- Daniels and Walsh-10/21/99], 1999 October 21
II.4126[Nomination Hearing - Joshua Gotbaum 10/28/99], 1999 October 28
II.4127[Charlie Trie Search Documents Hearing- 9/22/99], 1999 September 22
II.4128[Nominations-Sally Katzen and Joshua Gotbaum], 1999
II.4129Day Trading Hearing: An Overview, 1999
II.4130[Securities Issues], 1999
II.4131Securities Issues, 1998
II.4132IRS Computer Information, 1997
II.4133Postal Oversight Hearing, 1998
II.4134[Balanced Budget Act-Retirement and Health Insurance Provisions for Postal and Federal Personnel], 1997
II.4135Brunswick MOA [Military Operations Area], 1998
II.4136[Commemorative Stamp for 2nd Lieutenant Henry Flipper], 1998
II.4137Awaiting Replies, 1998
II.4138[Postal Oversight Hearing], 1997-1998
II.421[Postal Oversight Hearing], 1997-1998
II.422-3[Pardon for 2nd Lieutenant Henry Flipper], 1997-1998
II.424[Commemorative Postage Stamp for 2nd Lieutenant Henry Flipper], 1998
II.425[Commemorative Postage Stamp for Martha Berry], 1997
II.426"[U.S. Postal Service, Healthcare, Retirement]", 1997-1998
II.427Government Affairs Hearing, 1997
II.428[Roy Rogers and Dale Evans Congressional Gold Medal], 1998
II.429[National Treasury Employees Union], undated
II.4210[U.S. High-Performance Computer Export Policy], 1999
II.4211[Day Trading], 1999
II.4212[Payday Lending Hearing], 1999
II.4213[Update-Kaolin Clay Issue], 1999
II.4214[Day Trading], 1999
II.4215[Executive Orders 12612 and 13132-Redline/Strikeout Comparison], 1999
II.4216[FAR (Federal Acquisition Regulation) Hearing], 1999
II.4217[Senator's Remarks on Campaign Finance Reform], 1999
II.4218[Government Affairs Issues], 1998-1999
II.4219Competition for Commercial Activities, 1998
II.4220Federal Surplus Property Improvement Act of 1998, 1998
II.4221"Sweepstakes Act, S.2141", 1998
II.4222PSI [Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations] Hearing-Radiation Research, 1998
II.4223IG [inspector General] Act, 1998
II.4224[Governmental Affairs Committee Mark-up], 1998
II.4225Regulatory Reform, 1998
II.431[Flat Tax], 1995-1996
II.432School of Americas, 1998-1999
II.433Guard/Reserve, 1997-1998
II.434Defense Form Letters, 1997-1998
II.435Personnel, 1997-1998
II.436DoD [Department of Defense] General, 1998
II.437Foreign Relations- Defense, 1997-1998
II.438Installations/ Weapons, Etc.", 1998
II.439Defense Budget, 1997-1998
II.4310Memorials/ Nominations, 1997-1998
II.4311[National Missile Defense], 1998
II.4312[Defense Authorization Bill], 1999
II.4313Contract Award Press Release, 1999
II.4314Kosovo, 1999
II.4315SOA [School of the Americas], 1998-1999
II.4316[Military Retirement and Healthcare], 1999
II.4317Lockheed C-130 Letters, 1999
II.4318Michael New, 1999
II.4319[Defense Authorization Bill], 1999
II.4320GIB [GI Bill], 1999
II.4321[Defense Authorization], 1999
II.4322World Wide Water, 1998
II.4323"[Soldiers', Sailors', Airmen's, and Marines' Bill of Rights Act]", 1999
II.4324Amendments, 1999
II.441S.4- S.169, 1999
II.442"[Soldiers', Sailors', Airmen's, and Marines' Bill of Rights Act]", 1999
II.443[Defense Spending], 1999
II.444[SBP (Survivor Benefit Plan)-Guard and Reserve], 1999
II.445F-22, 1999
II.446The Mighty Eighty Museum, 1998
II.447[DoD (Department of Defense) Authorization Act- Joint Hearing], 1999 October 19
II.448[Markup], 1999 November 3
II.449[Department of Energy Reorganization Hearing], 1991
II.4410Post Office Relocations, 1997-1998
II.4411GAC [Governmental Affairs Committee] Markup, 1999
II.4412GAC [Governmental Affairs Committee] Food Safety Hearing, 1998
II.4413Nominations-David Walker - GAC [Governmental Affairs Committee], 1998
II.4414"Barbree, Carolyn Brinson", 1997
II.4415Computer Security, 1998
II.4416"Downen, Karen Denham", 1996
II.4417[Savannah International Airport], 1997
II.451Vacancies Act, 1998
II.452[Regulatory Reform], 1998
II.453[Hearing on Telephone Cramming], 1998
II.454[Regulatory Reform], 1997
II.455[Regulatory Reform], 1997
II.456[Telephone Cramming], 1998
II.457[Securities-Fraud in the Microcap Markets], 1997
II.458[Mandates Information Act], 1998
II.459Treasury IG [Inspector General], 1997
II.4510-12[Regulatory Reform], 1997-1998
II.4513[OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Act) and Worker Safety and Improvement], 1998
II.4514Mandates Information Act - S.389/HR 1010, 1997
II.4515[Regulatory Reform], 1998
II.4516[U.S. Postal Service Issues], 1998
II.461Centralized Uniform Procurement, 1997
II.462[U.S. Postal Service Issues], 1997
II.463[Social Security GPO (Government Pension Offset)], 1997
II.464[Briefing Material -Atlanta Braves Tickets], 1997
II.465Nominations: DeSeve/Lee Nominations, 1998
II.466Nominations: Kaplan/Goldwat Nominations, 1998
II.467Nominations: Jacob Lew, 1998
II.468[Union Dues], 1996-1997
II.469[GAC [Governmental Affairs Committee] Markup on Commerce Department], 1997
II.4610"GAC [Governmental Affairs Committee] Markup [S.261, the Biennial Budgeting and Appropriations Act]", 1997 May 20
II.4611GAC [Governmental Affairs Committee] Markup [Budget Reconciliation], 1997 June 17
II.4612[Committee on Governmental Affairs - Year 2000 Problem], 1998
II.4613[Governmental Affairs Committee Hearing on OMB [Office of Management and Budget]- Government Performance], 1997
II.4614[Independent Counsel Law], 1998
II.4615[Martin Luther King Annex], 1997
II.4616[GAC [Governmental Affairs Committee] Hearing on Government Secrecy], 1997
II.4617[GAC Hearings on Government Contracting and Crime in Washington D.C.], 1997
II.4618Information on Medical Malpractice Liability, 1997-1998
II.4619[Corporate Welfare], 1997-1998
II.4620-21Satellite [Export Controls], 1998
II.471-2Satellite [Export Controls], 1998
II.473[Government Affairs Committee Markup: HR 1953 and HR 2366 - Agriculture], 1997 November 4
II.474[Government Affairs Committee Markup]: Markup [HR 930], 1997
II.475[Government Affairs Committee Markup]: S.294 [Death Penalty], 1997
II.476[Government Affairs Committee Markup]: Tony Center/ Boozer, 1998
II.477[Government Affairs Committee Markup]: HR 1316 [Life Insurance], 1997
II.478[Government Affairs Committee Markup]: S.758 [Lobbying Disclosure], 1997
II.479[Government Affairs Committee Markup: Pending Legislation and Nominations], 1997
II.4710[Government Affairs Committee Markup]: S.336 [U.S. Fire Administration], 1997
II.4711"[Government Affairs Committee Markup]: H.R 2366, S.845 [Agriculture]", 1997
II.4712[Government Affairs Committee Markup]: S.222 [National Drought Policy], 1997
II.4713[Government Affairs Committee Markup]: HR 497 [Charter for Blue Cross Blue Shield, 1997
II.4714-16[Government Affairs Committee Markup]: HR 1953 [Portsmouth Naval Shipyard], 1997
II.4717PSI [Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations] Hearing on Treasury Governmental Affairs - IG's Office [Inspector General], 1997 October 31
II.4718[One Dollar Coin], 1996
II.4719[Newport Center for Accessible Travel], 1997
II.4720[Congressional Fire Services Institute], 1997
II.4721Fisher House Foundation, undated
II.4722Ethics: DSCC [Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee] Event - Kevin's Notes, undated
II.4723Ethics: PSI [Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations] Information, 1997
II.4724Ethics: Tad Ransopher, 1997
II.4725Ethics: Recommendations, 1995-1997
II.4726Ethics: Roy Rogers Museum, 1997
II.4727Ethics: Caring Institute, 1997
II.4728Ethics: Very Special Arts, 1997
II.4729Ethics: World TEAM [The Exceptional Athlete Matters] Vietnam Challenge, 1997
II.4730Ethics: Financial Disclosure, 1997
II.4731Ethics: Vietnam Veterans Memorial Quarter Century Council, 1997
II.4732Ethics: Damon Pike Letter, 1997
II.4733"Ethics: Ed Dawson, Jr.", 1997
II.4734Ethics: [Employee Travel Expenses], 1997
II.4735Ethics: Lobbying and Disclosure Act of 1995, 1995
II.4736Ethics: [Misc. - Military; Campaign Contributions], 1997
II.4737Ethics: Ethics, 1997
II.4738Ethics: Postal, 1997
II.4739Ethics: General Office Procedures, 1997
II.4740Ethics: Political Party Involvement Question, 1996-1997
II.4741Ethics: Senator Publishing a New Book, 1997
II.4742Ethics: Travel, 1997
II.4743Ethics: Mail Matters, 1997
II.4744Ethics: Wheelchair Procurement, 1997
II.4745Ethics: [Veterans Documentary], 1997
II.4746[D.C. Whistleblowers], 1999
II.4747Business Meeting, 1999 May 20
II.4748S.59 and Congressional Accountability for Regulatory Information, 1999 April 22
II.4749S.746 Regulatory Improvement Act, 1999 April 21
II.4750[S.981-Regulatory Improvement Act and HR 391-Small Business Paperwork Reduction Act], 1998-1999
II.4751S.59 Regulatory Right to Know, 1999
II.481Memos RE: S.746, 1999
II.482Public Citizen/Citizens for Sensible Safeguard, 1999
II.483CORA [Congressional Office of Regulatory Analysis], 1999
II.484Opponents of S.746, 1999
II.485Proponents of S.746, 1999
II.486GAC [Governmental Affairs Committee] Testimony Regarding S.746, 1999
II.487S.746, 1999
II.488Memorandum to Jane Greaves from Carl Gold Regarding S.746, 1999
II.489Business Meeting, 1999 January 20
II.4810Governmental Affairs Committee Mark-up of the Biennial Budget Act and Budget Process, 1999 March 4
II.4811Senator Cleland Independent Counsel Act - Hearing #1, 1999 February 24
II.4812[Hearing - the Future of the Independent Counsel Act], 1999 March 3
II.4813"[Trial of William Jefferson Clinton, President of the United States Senate]", 1999
II.4814[Hearing - The Future of the Independent Counsel Act], 1999 March 24
II.4815[Hearing - The Future of the Independent Counsel Act], 1999 March 17
II.491[Hearing - The Future of the Independent Counsel Act], 1999 April 14
II.492Independent Counsel, 1999
II.493"S.335, Deceptive Mailings", 1999
II.494The State of Federalism, 1999 May 5
II.495-6Federalism and Crime Control, 1999 May 6
II.497GAC [Government Affairs Committee] Nominations: [Nominations for the District of Colombia Courts], 1999
II.498GAC [Government Affairs Committee] Nominations: [Nomination Hearing - John Spotila], 1999
II.499"GAC [Government Affairs Committee] Nominations: [Nomination Hearing - Glickman, Washington, Puig-Lugo]", 1999
II.4910FEC Reform (S.504), 1999
II.4911Census, 1999
II.501[The Presidential Appointee's Handbook], 1999
II.502Security Clearance, 1997
II.503H.R. 807 Fed Reserve Board Retirement, 1999
II.504IG [Inspector General] Act Amendments Act, 1999
II.505H.R. 416 Fed Retirement Coverage Correction Act, 1999
II.506[Governmental Affairs Committee Mark-up of the Biennial Budget Act and Budget Process Reform Proposals], 1999 March 4
II.507Levin-Thompson Subcommittee S.981, 1998
II.508Copy of Savings Clause Amendment, 1998
II.509Regulatory Reform, 1998
II.5010Peer Review Amendment, 1998
II.5011S.981 After Mark-up, 1998
II.5012Increase Pay Rate for Executive Officers, 2002
II.5013Federal Law Enforcement Locality Pay-Dodd Legislation, 2002
II.511American Federation of Government Employees, 2002
II.512Nurse Stamp, 2002
II.513S.1828-Federal Prosecutors Retirement Benefit Equity Act, 2002
II.514AFGE [American Federation of Government Employees], 2000-2002
II.515Defense-Wage Grade, 2000
II.516Commendation for Congressional Employees, 2001
II.517Whistleblower Protection, 2001-2002
II.518Mitch Daniels Nominees- OMB [Office of Management and Budget], 2000-2001
II.519"Railroad Retirement -S.697, HR 1140", 2001-2002
II.5110Pension Reform, 2002
II.5111Enron Legislation-Leahy: Securities Fraud, 2002
II.5112Enron, 2002
II.5113Lockheed/Russia Quota, 1999
II.5114"[Government Affairs Business Meeting - Representation for Citizens of D.C., Consensus Building, National Security, Taxes, Etc.]", 2002
II.5115GAC [Governmental Affairs Committee] Business Meeting, 2002 October 9
II.5116S.3070 MSPB-OSC [Merit Based Protection Board-Office of Special Counsel]-Whistleblower Protection, 2002
II.5117S.1651- U.S. Consensus Council, 2002
II.5118"D.C. Voting Rights Act S.3054, No Taxation Without Representation Act of 2002", 2002
II.5119Business Meeting, 2001 August 2
Includes: S.1008-Climate Change; S.1202-Ethics in Government; S.1198-Franchise Fund; S.1144 Emergency Food and Shelter; S.271/HR 93-Firefighters Retirement; HR 1042-Prevent Elimination of Reports; Postal Office Naming Bills; Leibovitv Nomination; Levinson Nomination
II.5120Business Meeting, 2001 November 11
Includes: Agenda; Armendariz; Armendariz-Responses to Prehearing Questions; James-Biographical Information; James-Responses to Prehearing Questions; James-Responses to Posthearing Questions
II.5121Business Meeting, 2001 November 14
Includes: S.1498-Personal Use of Promotional Items; S.1382-D.C. Family Court Act; HR 2456-Personal Use of Promotional Items; HR 1499-D.C. College Access Act; HR 2199 D.C. Police Coordination Amendment; HR 2061 Amend Southeastern University Charter; S.1271-Small Business Paperwork Relief Act; HR 2336-Judicial Disclosure Act; HR 2559-Long Term Care Insurance; Post Office Naming Bills; Odessa F. Vincent Nominations
II.5122Business Meeting File #1, 2002 March 21
Includes: HR 169-Federal Employee Antidiscrimination Act; S.803 E-Government Act of 2001; S.1867-National Commission on Terrorist Attacks on the US
II.5123Business Meeting File #2, 2002 March 21
S.1811-Presidential Appointments Improvement Act; S.1822-Catch-up Contribution for Thrift Savings Plan; HR 577-Presidential Library Contributions Disclosure; HR 2305-Criminal Justice Coordinating Council; S.ReS.187-Commencing Anthrax Response; H. Con. ReS.339-Census Bureau's 100th Anniversary; Postal Office Naming Bills
II.5124Business Meeting File #1, 2002 May 22
Includes: S.2452-National Homeland Security Act; S.2530-Amendment to the Inspector General Act
II.5125Business Meeting File #2, 2002 May 22
"Subjects include Alaska Bypass Mail Act, Postal Office Naming Bills, Nominations."
II.5126Nomination: Jeb Boasberg - D.C. Superior Court, 2002 June 26
II.5127Nomination: Michael Brown-FEMA [Federal Emergency Management Agency], 2002 June 19
II.5128Whistleblower Hearing, 2001 July 25
II.5129Riding the Rails: Rail Security, 2001 December 13
II.521Under the Influence: Binge Drinking, 2002 May 15
II.522Voting Rights for D.C. Citizens, 2002 May 23
II.523S.1867-National Commission on Terrorist Attacks, 2002 February 7
II.524Protecting Our Kids: Childhood Vaccines, 2002 June 12
II.525Private/Public Information Sharing, 2002 May 8
II.526Federal Election Practices and Procedures, 2001 May 9
II.527How Secure Is Our Critical Infrastructure?, 2001 September 21
II.528Multilateral Non-proliferation Regimes, 2002 February 12
II.529S.803-The E-Government Act File #1, 2001 July 11
II.5210S.803-The E-Government Act File #2, 2001 July 11
II.5211The Watchdogs Didn't Bark-Enron, 2002 February 27
II.5212Weak Links: Airport Security, 2001 September 25
II.5213Has Airport Security Improved?, 2001 November 14
II.5214Rating Entertainment Ratings, 2002 June 19
II.5215GAC [Governmental Affairs Committee] Critical Infrastructure Hearing, 2001
II.5216Tissue Bank-GAC [Governmental Affairs Committee] Hearing, 2001
II.5217Lt. Flipper-Stamp and Post Office, 2001
II.5218"Governmental Affairs Miscellaneous: Streamlining Financial Disclosure Reports, Presidential Appointments Improvement Act", 2001
II.5219Governmental Affairs Miscellaneous: [Critical Infrastructure], 2001
II.5220Governmental Affairs Miscellaneous: [CDC (Centers for Disease Control)], 2001
II.5221Governmental Affairs Miscellaneous: [Polling Letter], 2001
II.5222"Governmental Affairs Miscellaneous: [Regeneration Technologies, Inc.]", 2001
II.5223Governmental Affairs Miscellaneous: United States Postal Service, 2002
II.5224Governmental Affairs Miscellaneous: PSI [Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations], 2002
II.5225Governmental Affairs Miscellaneous: [Hearing-The Local Role of Homeland Security], 2002
II.5226Governmental Affairs Miscellaneous: GAC Hearing on HHS [Health and Human Services] Consolidation, 2002
II.5227Governmental Affairs Miscellaneous: [Polling Letter], 2002
II.5228Governmental Affairs Miscellaneous: GAC Hearing on 401k Plans, 2002
II.5229Governmental Affairs Miscellaneous: [PSI (Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations) Report - Phony Identification and Credentials via the Internet], 2001
II.5230Governmental Affairs Miscellaneous: [Interagency Task Force of the National Capital Planning Commission Report - Designing for Security in the Nation's Capital], 2001
II.5231"Governmental Affairs Miscellaneous: ISPFS [International Security, Proliferation, and Federal Services]", 2002
II.531Governmental Affairs Miscellaneous: [Report on Investigations Following the Attack on Pearl Harbor], 2002
II.532Governmental Affairs Miscellaneous: K-MART Closings, 2002
II.533Governmental Affairs Miscellaneous: K-MART, 2002
II.534Governmental Affairs Miscellaneous: [Why Did Our Spies Fail?], 2002
II.535Governmental Affairs Miscellaneous: [Enron], 2002
II.536"Governmental Affairs Miscellaneous: [Polling Letter - ISPFS (International Security, Proliferation, and Federal Services)]", 2002
II.537Governmental Affairs Miscellaneous: Major Lyn McIntosh Post Office, 2002
II.538Governmental Affairs Miscellaneous: [Notification and Federal Employee Antidiscrimination and Retaliation Act], 2002
II.539Governmental Affairs Miscellaneous: [S.1651 - United States Consensus Council], 2002
II.5310Governmental Affairs Miscellaneous: USPS [United States Postal Service] Transformation Plan, 2002
II.5311Governmental Affairs Miscellaneous: [National Association of Postal Supervisors - 2001 Legislative Agenda and Fact Sheets], 2001
II.5312Governmental Affairs Miscellaneous: [Nomination Hearing - Mark W. Everson], 2002
II.5313Governmental Affairs Miscellaneous: [The Presidential Appointee Initiative], 2001
II.5314Governmental Affairs Miscellaneous: Report on the Economy, 2001
II.5315Enron, 2002
II.5316E-Government, 2002
II.5317Governmental Affairs, 2000
II.5318Homeland Security-Georgia Business Interest, 2001
II.5319Office of Homeland Security: [Cleland Amendments], 2002
II.5320Office of Homeland Security: HHS [Health and Human Services] -Bioterrorism Amendment, 2001
II.5321Office of Homeland Security: Miscellaneous Issues - Coast Guard/National Guard, 2002
II.5322Office of Homeland Security: FLETC [Federal Law Enforcement Training Center] Amendment, 2002
II.5323Office of Homeland Security: Homeland Security Notes, 2002
II.5324Office of Homeland Security: Cleland Amendment-International Cooperation, 2002
II.5325Office of Homeland Security: [Establishment of the Office of Homeland Security], 2002
II.5326Office of Homeland Security: Questions for June Witnesses, 2002
II.5327Office of Homeland Security: [Establishment of the Office of Homeland Security], 2002
II.5328Office of Homeland Security: Correspondence from Organizations], 2002
II.5329Office of Homeland Security: News Articles, 2002
II.5330Office of Homeland Security: [Department of Homeland Security], 2002
II.5331Homeland Security, 2002
II.5332Homeland Security: Legislation to Establish Department of Homeland Security, 2001
II.5333Homeland Security: Georgia Anti-terrorism Intelligence Center, 2001
II.5334Homeland Security: Improvements in Visa Program, 2001
II.5335Homeland Security: DOT [Department of Transportation]/FAA [Federal Aviation Administration] - Anti-terrorism Airline Safety, 2001-2002
II.5336Homeland Security: [Anti-terrorism Measures], 2001
II.5337Homeland Security: Military Tribunals, 2001
II.5338Homeland Security: Fire Services, 2001-2002
II.5339Homeland Security: Bioterrorism, 2002
II.5340Homeland Security: [Homeland Security Block Grants], 2002
II.541"Homeland Security: Amendments, [Nelson, Chafee, Breaux Compromise]", undated
II.542"Homeland Security: Amendments, Whistleblower Protections", 2002
II.543"Homeland Security: Amendments, Possible Amendments", 2002
II.544"Homeland Security: Amendments, National Office and National Strategy", 2002
II.545"Homeland Security: Amendments, Unaccompanied Alien Children - Title XII", 2002
II.546"Homeland Security: Amendments, Davis-Bacon", 2002
II.547"Homeland Security: Amendments, FOIA [Freedom of Information Act] Exemption", 2002
II.548Homeland Security: [Possible Amendments], 2002
II.549Homeland Security, 2002
II.5410Homeland Security: [Hearing-A Review of the Relationship Between a Department of Homeland Security and the Intelligence Community], 2002 June 26
II.5411Homeland Security: [Hearing-Legislation to Establish a Department of National Homeland Security and a White House Office to Combat Terrorism], 2002 April 11
II.5412Homeland Security, 2002
II.5413"Homeland Security: Amendments, Collective Bargaining - Civil Service Protections", 2002
II.5414"Homeland Security: Amendments, [Homeland Security]", 2002
II.5415"Homeland Security: Amendments, Intelligence Directorate", 2002
II.5416"Homeland Security: Amendments, FEMA [Federal Emergency Management Agency]", 2002
II.5417"Homeland Security: Amendments, Immigration Directorate", 2002
II.5418"Homeland Security: Amendments, Civil Rights - Letters/Press Statements", 2002
II.5419"Homeland Security: Amendments, FLETC [Federal Law Enforcement Training Center]", 2002
II.5420"Homeland Security: Amendments, Miscellaneous", 2002
II.551Homeland Security: [Office of the Governor Criminal Justice Coordinating Council 2001 Annual Report and Agency Review], 2001-2002
II.552Homeland Security: [Hearing-President Bush's Proposal to Create a Department of Homeland Security], 2002 June 20
II.553Homeland Security: [Hearing-Preparing for Reality: Protecting Against Weapons of Mass Destruction], 2002 June 28
II.554Homeland Security: [Rules Committee Hearing-Election Reform], 2001
II.555Homeland Security: [Atlanta Field Hearing], 2001
II.556Homeland Security: [Business Meeting (1 of 2)], 2002 July 24
II.557Homeland Security: [Business Meeting (2 of 2)], 2002 July 24
II.558Homeland Security: [White House-Office of Homeland Security], 2002
II.559Homeland Security, 2002
II.5510Homeland Security: FLETC [Federal Law Enforcement Training Center] Amendment, undated
II.5511[Homeland Security], 2002
II.5512Homeland Security: S.2645 Fienstein Bill, 2002
II.5513Homeland Security: GA [Government Affairs] Hearing Questions, 2002
II.5514[Homeland Security], 2002
Section 4. Small Business Committee
II.5617(a) Loans Cuts FY 2003, 2002
II.562Small Business Miscellaneous, 1999
II.563Atlanta/Southeast Region Y2K Solution Center, 1999
II.564S.791 - Women's Business Centers, 2002
II.565Oversight of SBA's [Small Business Administration] Non-Credit Programs, 1997
II.566Small Business Democratic Planning Meeting, 1997 April 16
II.567Senator Bumper's Capital Gains Tax Cut for Small Businesses, 1997
II.568Oversight of SBA's [Small Business Administration] Finance Programs, 1997
II.569Organizational Meeting, 1997 January 28
II.5610Women-Owned Business/Home Based Business, 1997
II.5611Aida Alvarez's Nomination as SBAA [Small Business Administration Administrator], 1997
II.5612FY 98 SBA [Small Business Administration] Budget Request, 1997
II.5613HUB Zone Act, 1997
II.5614Small Business Letters, 1999
II.5615Small Business Committee, 1999
II.5616Small Business Committee Miscellaneous, 1998-1999
II.5617HR 1568 - Veterans' Entrepreneurship and Small Business Development Act, 1999
II.5618S.918 - Military Reservists Bill, 1999
II.5619S.1594 - Community Development and Venture Capital Bill, 1999
II.5620Small Business Sample Letters, 1997-1998
II.5621IRS Reform-Small Business, 1998
II.5622Women's Business Centers (WBC), 1999
II.5623Slotting Fees - Panoz Family, 1999-2000
II.5624State/Local Government, 1999
II.5625Columbus - One Stop Shop, 1999
II.5626Georgia Numbers, 1996-1998
II.5627SBREFA [Small Business Regulatory Enforcement Fairness Act], 1999
II.5628Small Business Administration, 1999
II.5629SBA [Small Business Administration] Miscellaneous, 1999
II.5630SBIC [Small Business Investment Company], 1997
II.5631SBA [Small Business Administration] Programs, 1998
II.5632SBIR [Small Business Innovation Research], 1999
II.5633Small Business Technology Transfer (SBTT), 1997
II.5634Miscellaneous Bills, 1999-2000
II.5635National Conference on Small Business Act, 1999
II.5636Regulatory Reform, 1998
II.5637Minimum Wage, 1999
II.5638HUB Zones, 1998
II.5639Minority Business Roundtable, 1999
II.5640Slotting, 1999
II.56411999 Small Business Budget, 1998
II.5642Fred Hochberg, 1998
II.5643Small Business Lending in Georgia, 1997
II.5644Microloan, 1998
II.56458(A), 1997
II.5646GAO [General Accounting Office], 2002
II.5647UGA - Small Business Development Center, 1999
II.5648Warner Robins FAST [Flexible Acquisition and Sustainment Tool], 2000
II.571Warner Robins FAST [Flexible Acquisition and Sustainment Tool], 2000
II.572Encouraging Investment in SB [Small Business] Act, 2001
II.573Home Health Care - John Johnson/Mr. Cleland, 1998
II.574Markup of S.1594 and Other Matters - Simon Sargent/Mr. Cleland, 1999-2000
II.575What is Contract Bundling? - Simon Sargent/Mr. Cleland, 2000
II.576Slotting Fees - Simon Sargent/Mr. Cleland, 2000
II.577U.S. Forest Service - Simon Sargent/Mr. Cleland, 2000
II.578Simon Sargent/Mr. Cleland, 2001
II.579SBA's [Small Business Administration] Funding Priorities for FY 2002 - Simon Sargent/Mr. Cleland, 2001
II.5710Confirmation Hearing and Markup - Simon Sargent/Mr. Cleland, 2001
II.5711SBA [Small Business Administration] and SBIR [Small Business Innovation Research] Reauthorization Markup - Simon Sargent/Mr. Cleland, 2000
II.5712Is the SBA [Small Business Administration] on Par? - Simon Sargent/Mr. Cleland, 2000
II.5713Letters to Baucus Regarding Economic Stimulus, 2001
II.5714Structured Settlements, 2001
II.5715Stimulus Letters, 2001-2002
II.5716Joint Tax Requests, 2001
II.5717Marriage Tax Bill, 2000
II.5718National Sales Tax Holiday, 2001-2002
II.5719Municipal Gas, 2001-2002
II.5720Motion Picture, 2002
II.5721Pension Reform Taxes, 2001
II.5722Military Tax Issues, 2001-2002
II.5723Estate Tax, 2000
II.5724Health Tax, 2000-2001
II.5725Installment Sales Tax, 2000
II.5726Education Taxes, 2001
II.5727Disability Tax, 2001
II.5728Tax Co-Sponsorships, 2001-2002
II.5729Coca-Cola Tax, 2001
II.5730Capital Gains Tax, 2001
II.5731Archery Tax, 2001
II.5732AMT [Alternative Minimum Tax], 2001
II.5733Net Operating Loss (NOL), 2001-2002
II.5734Bush Tax Bill, 2001-2002
II.5735Post-9-11 Insurance, 2002
II.5736Predatory Lending-Fannie Mae, 2002
II.5737SEC [Securities and Exchange Commission], 2001
II.5738Payday Lending, 2001
II.5739FDIC [Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation], 2001-2002
II.5740Banks and Real Estate, 2002
II.5741Bankruptcy - Chapter 12, 2001
II.5742Bankruptcy, 2001-2002
II.581Accounting Reform, 2002
II.582Small Business Regulatory Assistance Act, 2002
II.583General Information, 2000-2002
II.584Food Stamp Program/Welfare, 2002
II.585Wesleyan-S.2581, 2000
II.586[Tri-State Crematory], 2002
II.587Tri-State Appropriations, 2002
II.588[Tri-State Crematory], 2002
II.589Tri-State Crematory, 2002
II.5810[Consumer Rental Purchase Agreement Act], 2002
II.5811Tucker Federal, 2001
II.5812Weekly Economic Digest, 2001-2002
II.5813Radium Springs, 2002
II.5814SB Veterans Corporation Amendment, 2002
II.5815Sent to Agencies, 2001-2002
II.5816Sun Trust-FDIC [Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation], 2001
II.5817Appropriations, 2001
II.5818Home Depot, 2002
II.5819Co-Sponsorships, 2000-2001
II.5820COLI [Corporate Owned Life Insurance], 2002
II.5821Rome Chamber, 2002
II.5822Savannah, 2001
II.5823Smyrna, 2001-2002
II.5824Valdosta, 2001
II.5825Thomasville, 2000
II.5826Gwinnett, 2002
II.5827Hall County Chamber, 2000
II.5828LaGrange Chamber, 2001
II.5829Lincoln County, undated
II.5830Moultrie-U.S. Senator Max Cleland, 2002
II.5831Paulding County, 2002
II.5832Polk County, 2002
II.5833Port Wentworth, 1999
II.5834[Greater Rome Chamber of Commerce], 2001
II.5835Dalton/Whitfield, 2001
II.5836Third District (Collins) Fly-In, 2001
II.5837Catoosa, 2002
II.5838Cumming/Forsyth, 2001
II.5839Albany, 2002
II.5840Athens, 2002
II.5841Augusta, 2002
II.5842Augusta-CSRA [Central Savannah River Area], 2000-2001
II.5843Macon/Bibb, 2001
II.5844Brunswich Chamber, 2000-2001
II.5845Camden-Kings Bay, 2002
II.5846Cobb County Chamber, 2000-2002
II.5847DeKalb County, 2001
II.5848[D.C. Networks One Stop Career System], 2003
II.5849Unleashing the Power of Entrepreneurship, 2002

Subseries B. Bill and Subject Files , 1991-2003

( 51 box(es) (51 linear feet and 2 megabytes) )
Subseries B. Bills and Subject Files is composed of member correspondence, draft legislation, and staff research files organized by subject. Some files are focused on a particular piece of legislation, while others are about the subject generally. Common subjects include agriculture, appropriations, campaign reform, environment, the judiciary, and veterans.
This series contains digital files. To access these files, please request the folders you would like through the finding aid using your research account. An archivist will be in contact with you to explain how to access the files. Please note that not all file formats are currently supported by the library for research use.
II.591"Agriculture: [Issues, Initiatives, Remarks, Background]", 2000
II.592Agriculture: S.566 - Agricultural Trade Freedom Act, 1999
II.593Agriculture: Peach, 1998-2000
II.594Agriculture: Cotton, 1999-2000
II.595Agriculture: Blueberry Industry, 1991-2000
II.596Agriculture: Conservation - Farm Bill, 2001
II.597Agriculture: Catfish, 2002
II.598Agriculture: Food Safety, 2001
II.599Agriculture: Food Protection/ Homeland Defense, 2001
II.5910Agriculture: Farmer Tax Issues, 1999-2001
II.5911Agriculture: Blueberry, 2001
II.5912Agriculture: Normal Renderers Association, 2002
II.5913Agriculture: Beef/Meat Industry, 2001
II.5914Agriculture: [Ban on Packer Ownership of Livestock], 2002
II.5915Agriculture: Mad Cow, 2001
II.5916Agriculture: American Proteins, 2001
II.5917Agriculture: Meat Packer Ownership, 2002
II.5918Agriculture: Trade, 2002
II.5919Agriculture: Bio-Fuels, 2001-2002
II.5920Agriculture: Trade-Sugar and Molasses, undated
II.5921Agriculture: Cuba Policy Foundation, 2001-2002
II.5922Agriculture: Peanut Trade, 2002
II.5923Agriculture: Georgia Farm Bureau, 2002
II.5924"Agriculture: S.1464, FQPA [Food Quality Protection Act], Regulatory Fairness and Openness Act of 1999", 1999-2000
II.5925"Agriculture: Methyl Bromide Pesticides, HR 2609", 1997-1998
II.5926Agriculture: Miscellaneous, 2000-2001
II.5927Agriculture: Crop Dusters, 2001
II.5928Agriculture: Malathion Pesticide, 2000
II.5929Agriculture: Valent-Valor, 1998-2001
II.5930Agriculture: Food Quality Protection Act - EPA [Environmental Protection Agency] (Plant Pesticides), 1997-1999
II.5931Agriculture: Pesticide Data Program (PDP), 1998
II.5932Agriculture: Poultry, 1999-2001
II.5933Agriculture: Poultry and Propane, 2001
II.5934"Agriculture: S.1133 Poultry Inspection Act - Ostriches, Emus", 1999
II.5935Agriculture: 1996 Farm Bill, 1996-2000
II.5936"Agriculture: "Tobacco Communities at a Crossroad"", 2001 January 26
II.5937Agriculture: Tobacco Settlement, 1997-1999
II.5938Agriculture: Tobacco Advertising Rule, 1998
II.5939Agriculture: DOJ [Department of Justice] Tobacco Lawsuit, 1998-2000
II.5940Agriculture: Tobacco, 2001
II.5941Agriculture: Presidential Tobacco Commission, 2001
II.601Agriculture: [The Stronger Tobacco Warning Label to Save Lives Act], 2000
II.602Agriculture: Georgia Tobacco Community Development Board, 1999-2000
II.603Agriculture: Tobacco - Program Materials, 1997-1998
II.604Agriculture: Growers Support [Tobacco], 2000
II.605Agriculture: Tobacco - Warehouse, 1997
II.606Agriculture: Tobacco Farmer Issues, 1997-2000
II.607Agriculture: Tobacco - Asbestos, 1997
II.608Agriculture: Vending Machines - Tobacco, 1997-1998
II.609Agriculture: Tobacco Barn Retrofits, 1999-2001
II.6010"Agriculture: [Tobacco - S.1415, McCain Bill]", 1998
II.6011Agriculture: Tobacco Tax, 2000
II.6012Agriculture: [Tobacco - Correspondence], 1998
II.6013"Agriculture: HR 2034, Tobacco Use by Minors Deference Act", 1997
II.6014Agriculture: FDA [Food and Drug Administration] Regulation [Tobacco], 1999
II.6015Agriculture: Use of Tobacco Settlement Funds, 1999
II.6016Agriculture: American Lung Association, 1997
II.6017Agriculture: [Tobacco - Balanced Budget Act], 1997
II.6018Agriculture: Tobacco - Health, 2002
II.6019Agriculture: [Tobacco Quota Buyout Proposal], 2002
II.6020Agriculture: Hollings-Cleland [Tobacco Dependent Communities Assistance Act], 2002
II.6021Agriculture: Letters to Cleland [About Tobacco Buyout Proposal], 2002
II.6022Agriculture: [Correspondence -Tobacco Buyout], 2002
II.6023Agriculture: Leaf Act, 1997
II.6024"Agriculture: "Tobacco at a Crossroad - A Call for Action"", 2001
II.6025Agriculture: Comments on Draft Bill [Tobacco Regulation], 2001
II.6026Agriculture: Press Releases/News, 2002
II.6027Agriculture: Georgia Tobacco Warehouse Losses Due to Quota Cuts 1998-2000 and Buyout, 2001
II.6028"Agriculture: AHEAD - Alliance for Health, Economic, and Agricultural Development", 2002
II.6029Agriculture: Rural Development/ Minority Progress, 2002
II.6030"Agriculture: Ralph Paige, Southern Cooperatives", 2002
II.6031Agriculture: Southeastern Study on Persistent Poverty/ Georgia Rural Development Council, 2002
II.6032Agriculture: Farmers - Civil Rights, 1999-2001
II.6033Agriculture: USDA [United States Department of Agriculture] - Black Farmers Settlement, 1999-2000
II.6034Agriculture: EZ/EC [Empowerment Zones/ Enterprise Communities] Communities, 1998-2000
II.6035Agriculture: Rural Community Assistance Programs, 2000
II.6036Agriculture: One Georgia Authority, 2001
II.6037Agriculture: SEGA [South East Georgia] Regional Development, 2000
II.6038Agriculture: Rice, 2001
II.6039Agriculture: Soybean, 2001
II.6040Agriculture: Sugar - Farm Bill, 2002
II.6041Agriculture: Timber, 2001
II.6042Agriculture: Turfgrass, undated
II.6043Agriculture: [American Tree Farm System], 2001
II.6044"Agriculture: School Lunch / WIC [Women, Infants, Children Food Assistance]", 2002
II.6045Agriculture: School Lunch, 2002
II.6046"Agriculture: WIC [Women, Infants, and Children Food Assistance]", 2001-2002
II.6047Agriculture: Onion (Vidalia), 2002
II.6048Agriculture: Vidalia Onions, 2000
II.6049Agriculture: Wheat, 1997
II.6050Agriculture: Watermelon, 2001
II.6051Agriculture: Watermelon - Folicur, 2002
II.6052Agriculture: S 884 ARC [Appalachian Regional Commission], 1998
II.6053"Agriculture: NRCS RC&D [Natural Resources Conservation Service, Resource Conservation and Development Program]/ Soil and Water", 2002
II.6054Agriculture: Economic Development Groups and Programs, 1998-2000
II.6055Agriculture: Rural Development -Miscellaneous, 2000-2001
II.6056Agriculture: Southwest Georgia United EZ [Empowerment Zone], undated
II.6057Agriculture: Crisp/Dooly County EC [Enterprise Community], 1999
II.6058Agriculture: Central Savannah River Area EC [Enterprise Community], 1999
II.6059Agriculture: DOL [Department of Labor] Spot Checks, 1998-2001
II.6060"Agriculture: S1983, Murray Agriculture Export Program", 1999-2000
II.6061"Agriculture: Memos, Correspondence", 1997-2000
II.6062"Agriculture: S.2039, Poultry Natural Disaster Assistance", 2000
II.6063Agriculture: China Poultry Quarantine, 2000
II.611Agriculture: South African Dumping, 2000-2001
II.612Agriculture: Goldkist Tainted Nuggets, 2000
II.613Agriculture: [Georgia Poultry Federation Correspondence], 2000 March 21
II.614Agriculture: Russia-Poultry, 2002
II.615Agriculture: Japan-Poultry, 2002
II.616Agriculture: Russian Chickens, 1998-1999
II.617Agriculture: Poultry General Issues, 2002
II.618Agriculture: Competition Title (Poultry Justice), 2001
II.619Agriculture: Pork, 2002
II.6110Agriculture: Peaches, 2001-2002
II.6111Agriculture: Pork, 2001
II.6112Agriculture: Pecan, 2002
II.6113Agriculture: Pesticide, 2002
II.6114Agriculture: Invasive Plant Species Management, 1998
II.6115"Agriculture: Fire Ants, S.932", 1997-1998
II.6116Agriculture: Final Farm Bill, 2001-2002
II.6117Agriculture: Cleland Fights Leadership, 2002
II.6118Agriculture: Farm Bill-Pass by 2001, 2001-2002
II.6119Agriculture: Payment Limitations, 2002
II.6120Agriculture: White House - Farm Bill, 2001
II.6121Agriculture: Credit/Trade, 2001
II.6122Agriculture: Cleland Agriculture Record, 2001-2002
II.6123Agriculture: State of Farming, 2002
II.6124Agriculture: Miscellaneous, 1999
II.6125"Agriculture: Farmer, Miscellaneous", 1999-2001
II.6126Agriculture: H-2A - Miller, 2001
II.6127Agriculture: H-2A - [Ag Jobs], 2001
II.6128Agriculture: H-2A - Industry Views, 2001
II.6129Agriculture: H-2A - Correspondence/Memos, 2001
II.6130Agriculture: H-2A - Background Information, 2001
II.6131Agriculture: Hay Crop Fields, 2001
II.6132Agriculture: Honey, 2002
II.6133Agriculture: Organics, 2002
II.6134Agriculture: Bankrupt Egg Producers, 2002
II.6135Agriculture: Eggs, 1998-2001
II.6136Agriculture: Fruit and Vegetables, 1997-2002
II.6137Agriculture: Dairy - S.1265 -Option 1A Bill, 1999
II.6138Agriculture: Dairy -Milk Pricing System Dairy Compact/ Milk Marketing Orders, 1998-2000
II.6139Agriculture: Dairy - Floor Price, 1997-1998
II.6140Agriculture: Dairy - Minnesota Court Case, 1997-1998
II.6141Agriculture: Dairy - Base Plan Excess, 1996-1997
II.6142Agriculture: S.E. Dairy Compact, 2001
II.6143Agriculture: Milk/Dairy, 2001-2002
II.6144Agriculture: H2-A, 2001
II.6145Agriculture: Farm Credit, 1998-2001
II.6146Agriculture: Agriculture Disaster, 2002
II.6147Agriculture: Canola, 1999-2002
II.6148Agriculture: Corn, 1997
II.6149Agriculture: Cotton, 2002
II.6150Agriculture: Cotton-Farm Bill, 2001-2002
II.6151Agriculture: Cottonseed Assistance, 1999-2000
II.6152Agriculture: Cotton's Week, 2001
II.6153-54Agriculture: National Cotton Council of America, 2001
II.6155Agriculture: [Correspondence], 2001
II.621Agriculture: S.19 Ag Safety Net Market Competitiveness Act, 1999
II.622Agriculture: S.1523 - HOPE [Help Our Producers Equity] Act, 1999
II.623Agriculture: Farmer Crop Seasons Yield Summaries, 1998-1999
II.624Agriculture: Farmer Education, 1998-2000
II.625Agriculture: [Agriculture Trade - Exporting Poultry to Cuba], 2000
II.626"Agriculture: Food and Medicine of the World Act, Cuba", 1999-2000
II.627Agriculture: Subsidies Enforcement Annual Report to the Congress, 2001
II.628Agriculture: Market Access Program, 1998
II.629Agriculture: Farmer-Trade Issues, 1999
II.6210"Agriculture: Peanut - Country of Origin Labeling, S.1669", 1999-2000
II.6211Agriculture: Country Origin/ Labeling, 2002
II.6212Agriculture: Peanut Letters, 1998-2000
II.6213Agriculture: Speech/Press [Peanut Program], 1997-1998
II.6214Agriculture: Peanut Quota Tax, 2002
II.6215"Agriculture: Memos, Letters", 2000-2001
II.6216Agriculture: Background [Peanuts], 1999-2000
II.6217Agriculture: Loan Repayment, 2002
II.6218Agriculture: Peanut Compromise, 2002
II.6219Agriculture: Peanut Quota Holders, 2001-2002
II.6220Agriculture: Farm Bill - Peanuts, 2001
II.6221Agriculture: Peanut, 2001
II.6222Agriculture: Industry Views, 1997-1999
II.6223Agriculture: Peanut Sorbet, 1999-2000
II.6224Agriculture: Anti Peanut Program, undated
II.6225Agriculture: Peanut Program - Floor Fight, 1997-2001
II.6226Agriculture: Strongarm, 1998
II.6227Agriculture: FEMA [Federal Emergency Management Agency], 2002
II.6228Agriculture: Food Safety, 1997-2000
II.6229Agriculture: Food Safety- HACCP [Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point], 1997-1999
II.6230Agriculture: Bio Label; Boxer Bill, 1996-2000
II.6231Agriculture: Food Safety Improvement Act S.1264, 1997
II.6232Agriculture: Safer Meat and Poultry Act- S.18, undated
II.6233Agriculture: State Inspections S.1988, 2000
II.6234"Agriculture: "Food Safety at the Crossroads"", undated
II.6235Agriculture: National Uniformity for Food Act - S.1155, 1999-2000
II.6236Agriculture: Agriculture Research Bill-S.1150, 1998
II.6237Agriculture: Agriculture Research Service (ARS), 1997
II.6238Agriculture: ARS [Agriculture Research Service] PGRCU [Plant Genetic Resources Conversion Unit] - Plant Move Griffin to Athens, 1997
II.6239Agriculture: Research and Development, 1999
II.6240Agriculture: Tornado Relief- FY 2000, 2000
II.6241Agriculture: Emergency Farm Assistance FY 2000, 2000
II.6242Agriculture: Farmer Loan Programs-Economic Relief, 1998-2001
II.631Agriculture: Coastal Mega Park Project - Liberty County, 2000
II.632Agriculture: Center for Rehabilitation Tech Literacy Program, 1997-1998
II.633Agriculture: Dairy - Miscellaneous, 1999-2000
II.634Agriculture: Ag Event - Macon, 2000
II.635Agriculture: Crop Insurance - Industry Views, 1997-2000
II.636"Agriculture: Crop Insurance - Memos, Correspondence", 1997-2001
II.637Agriculture: Crop Insurance - Legislation, 1997-2001
II.638Agriculture: Crop Insurance - Background, 1997-2001
II.639Agriculture: FDA [Food and Drug Administration] Reform, 1997
II.6310Agriculture: Farm Commodity Programs, 1996-1997
II.6311Agriculture: Farmland Protection Programs, 2000
II.6312Agriculture: USDA Animal Feeding Operations (AFO), 1999
II.6313Agriculture: Conservation Reserve Program, 1999
II.6314Agriculture: EQIP - Environmental Quality Incentive Program, 1998
II.6315"Agriculture: "User Fees" - Meat and Poultry", 1998-2000
II.6316Agriculture: FDA [Food and Drug Administration] Fresh Juice Regulation and HACCP [Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point]/Pasteurization, 1999-2000
II.6317Agriculture: Risk Management Agency (RMA), 1998
II.6318Agriculture: Livestock Assistance Program (LAP), 1999
II.6319Agriculture: Farm Service Agency, 1997-1999
II.6320Agriculture: Natural Resources Conservation Service - Georgia Programs, 1998-1999
II.6321Agriculture: Constituent Program Assistance -USDA - Work, 1999
II.6322Agriculture: USDA- Miscellaneous, 1999-2000
II.6323Agriculture: Economic Crisis in Agriculture, 1998
II.6324Agriculture: Crop Disaster Relief, 1998-1999
II.6325Agriculture: Natural Disaster Relief, 1998-1999
II.6326Agriculture: Emergency Disaster Loans, 1999
II.6327Agriculture: 1997 Pork issues, 1997
II.6328Agriculture: Pecans, 1999-2001
II.6329Agriculture: Sugar, 1997-2000
II.6330Appropriations: School Lunch Act - Materials, 1992-1999
II.6331Appropriations: Richard Russell Project S.575, 1999
II.6332-33Appropriations: Cumberland Island Project, 1997-1999
II.6334Appropriations: [School Lunch], 1999
II.6335Appropriations: Richard Russell - Biographical Materials - Family - Historic Sites, 1996
II.6336Appropriations: FY99 VA-HUD [Veterans Affairs - Housing and Urban Development] Appropriations, 1998
II.6337Appropriations: FY99 Commerce State Justice Appropriations, 1998
II.6338Appropriations: FY99 Omnibus Appropriations Materials, 1998
II.6339Appropriations: FY99 Energy/Water Appropriations, 1998
II.6340Appropriations: FY99 Agriculture Appropriations, 1998
II.6341Appropriations: FY99 Interior Appropriations, 1998
II.6342Appropriations: FY99 Supplemental Appropriations Bill, 1999
II.641Appropriations: FY98 Interior Appropriations, 1997
II.642"Appropriations: Supplemental Appropriations - 1997 Endangered Species Act, etc.", 1997
II.643Appropriations: FY98 Energy and Water, 1997
II.644Appropriations: FY99 Budget Resolution, 1998
II.645Appropriations: FY98 Supplemental Appropriations, 1998
II.646Appropriations: FY98 Agriculture Appropriations Bill S.1033, 1997
II.647"Appropriations: FY98 VA HUD [Veterans Affairs, Housing and Urban Development] Appropriations", 1998
II.648Appropriations: Morris Brown College Appropriations, 2001
II.649"Appropriations Bills: FY 2003 Labor/Health and Human Services - [Committee Report: Labor, Health and Human Services, and Education Appropriations]", 2003
II.6410Appropriations Bills: FY 2003 Labor/Health and Human Services - Job Training - WIA [Workforce Investment Act], 2003
II.6411Appropriations Bills: FY 2003 Labor/Health and Human Services - Clayton College and State University Employee Training, 2003
II.6412Appropriations Bills: FY 2003 Labor/Health and Human Services - African American Museum Press Conference, 2003
II.6413Appropriations Bills: FY 2003 Labor/Health and Human Services - Miscellaneous, 2003
II.6414Appropriations Bills: FY 2003 Labor/Health and Human Services - Job Corps, 2003
II.6415"Appropriations Bills: FY 2003 Labor/Health and Human Services - [Miscellaneous- Job Corps, Pell Grant, KidsPeace]", 2003
II.6416Appropriations Bills: FY 2003 Labor/Health and Human Services - School Safety National Center, 2003
II.6417Appropriations Bills: FY 2003 Labor/Health and Human Services - Thurgood Marshall Scholarship Fund, 2003
II.6418Appropriations Bills: FY 2002 Veterans Affairs/Housing and Urban Development, 2002
II.6419"Appropriations Bills: FY 2003 Treasury/Postal - [Treasury Appropriations Bill, Section 640]", 2003
II.6420Appropriations Bills: FY 2003 Treasury/Postal - FLETC [Federal Law Enforcement Training Center] News Articles, 2003
II.6421Appropriations Bills: FY 2003 Treasury/Postal -FLETC [Federal Law Enforcement Training Center] FY2003, 2003
II.6422Appropriations Bills: FY 2003 Treasury/Postal, 2003
II.6423Appropriations Bills: FY 2003 Treasury/Postal - Savannah Courthouse Project, 2003
II.6424Appropriations Bills: FY 2003 Treasury/Postal - US Court of Appeals Feasibility Study - Annex, 2003
II.6425Appropriations Bills: FY 2003 Treasury/Postal - Morehouse School of Medicine, 2003
II.6426Appropriations Bills: FY 2003 Veterans Affairs/Housing and Urban Development - FIRE [Firefighter Investment and Response Enhancement] Act, 2003
II.6427Appropriations Bills: FY 2003 Veterans Affairs/Housing and Urban Development - Tubman Museum, 2003
II.6428"Appropriations Bills: FY 2003 Veterans Affairs/Housing and Urban Development - Martin Luther King Center, Atlanta GA", 2003
II.6429"Appropriations Bills: FY 2003 Veterans Affairs/Housing and Urban Development - College Partners, Inc.", 2003
II.6430Appropriations Bills: FY 2003 Veterans Affairs/Housing and Urban Development - Spelman College Packard Hall, 2003
II.6431Appropriations Bills: FY 2003 Veterans Affairs/Housing and Urban Development - Morehouse School of Medicine, 2003
II.6432Appropriations Bills: FY 2003 Veterans Affairs/Housing and Urban Development - Morehouse College, 2003
II.6433Appropriations Bills: Class Action Fairness Act, 2002
II.6434Appropriations Bills: To Do/ Misc. Case, 2002
II.6435Appropriations Bills: ACE Bill [Airport Checkpoint Enhancement Act]- Commerce Committee Action - Markup 9/19, 2002
II.6436Appropriations Bills: ACE Bill [Airport Checkpoint Enhancement Act] - [Airport Security], 2002
II.6437Appropriations Bills: ACE Bill [Airport Checkpoint Enhancement Act] - Federal Criminal Penalties for Breaching Airport Security, 2002
II.6438Appropriations Bills: Hate Crimes Bill, 2001-2002
II.6439Appropriations Bills: Privacy Impact, 2002
II.651Appropriations Bills: Firefighters/Police Officers, 2001
II.652Appropriations Bills: TRIAD Information [Elderly Victims of Crime], 2000
II.653Appropriations Bills: Railroad/Workers, 2001
II.654Appropriations Bills: Congressional Record (Aviation Security Legislation), 2001
II.655"Appropriations Bills: FY 2002 Commerce, Justice, State,", 2002
II.656"Appropriations Bills: Treasury, Postal Services and General Government", 2000
II.657Appropriations Bills: FY 2002 District of Columbia, 2002
II.658-9Appropriations Bills: FY 2002 Treasury/Postal, 2002
II.6510Appropriations Bills: FY 2002 Labor/Health and Human Services, 2002
II.6511"Appropriations Bills: FY 2000 Commerce, Justice, State", 2000
II.6512-13Appropriations Bills: FY 2003 District of Columbia, 2003
II.6514Appropriations Bills: Miscellaneous FY 2003 Appropriations - [Congressional Record: Senate], 2002
II.6515Appropriations Bills: Miscellaneous FY 2003 Appropriations - Youth Build, 2002
II.6516Appropriations Bills: Miscellaneous FY 2003 Appropriations -Appropriations Requests Spreadsheet, 2002
II.6517Appropriations Bills: Miscellaneous FY 2003 Appropriations - Manufacturing Extension Partnership - GA Tech, 2002
II.6518Appropriations Bills: Miscellaneous FY 2003 Appropriations - SBA [Small Business Association] Women's Business Center, 2002
II.6519Appropriations Bills: Miscellaneous FY 2003 Appropriations - RISS Group Letter [Regional Information Sharing Systems], 2002
II.6520Appropriations Bills: Miscellaneous FY 2003 Appropriations - FY2003 Appropriations, 2002
II.6521Appropriations Bills: Miscellaneous FY 2003 Appropriations - Title XI Ship Loan Guarantee Program, 2002
II.6522Appropriations Bills: Miscellaneous FY 2003 Appropriations - Gulf States Initiative, 2002
II.6523Appropriations Bills: Miscellaneous FY 2003 Appropriations - 2003 Budget, 2002
II.6524Appropriations Bills: Miscellaneous FY 2003 Appropriations - Trade Adjustment Assistance, 2002
II.6525Appropriations Bills: Miscellaneous FY 2003 Appropriations - Possible FY2003 Appropriations Requests, 2002
II.6526Appropriations Bills: Miscellaneous FY 2003 Appropriations - Defense Bill HR 5010, 2002
II.6527Appropriations Bills: Miscellaneous FY 2003 Appropriations - Additional Fish and Wildlife Inspectors at Hartsfield, 2002
II.6528"Appropriations Bills: FY 2003 Commerce, Justice, State - [S.487, Technology Education and Copyright Harmonization Act]", 2003
II.6529"Appropriations Bills: FY 2003 Commerce, Justice, State - [Rural Law Enforcement]", 2003
II.6530"Appropriations Bills: FY 2003 Commerce, Justice, State - [Cobb County Sheriff's Office]", 2003
II.6531"Appropriations Bills: FY 2003 Commerce, Justice, State - Coverdell Forensic Sciences", 2003
II.6532"Appropriations Bills: FY 2003 Commerce, Justice, State - [Appropriations Requests FY2003]", 2003
II.6533"Appropriations Bills: FY 2003 Commerce, Justice, State - Cobb County Sheriff - Orasee", 2003
II.6534"Appropriations Bills: FY 2003 Commerce, Justice, State - National Center for Economic Development, Business and Technology", 2003
II.6535"Appropriations Bills: FY 2003 Commerce, Justice, State - Morehouse College Center of Excellence in Telecommunications", 2003
II.6536"Appropriations Bills: FY 2003 Commerce, Justice, State - Savannah Impact Program", 2003
II.6537"Appropriations Bills: FY 2003 Commerce, Justice, State - [Appropriations Request Spreadsheet]", 2003
II.6538"Appropriations Bills: FY 2003 Commerce, Justice, State - Committee for Dave Thelen Missing Children", 2003
II.6539"Appropriations Bills: FY 2003 Commerce, Justice, State - Children's Advocacy Center", 2003
II.6540"Appropriations Bills: FY 2003 Commerce, Justice, State - City of Macon Georgia COPS Safe School Initiative, Juvenile Justice Delinquency Program", 2003
II.6541"Appropriations Bills: FY 2003 Commerce, Justice, State - Great Cities, Universities, GA State", 2003
II.6542"Appropriations Bills: FY 2003 Commerce, Justice, State - Albany State University Electronic Commerce Incubator", 2003
II.6543"Appropriations Bills: FY 2003 Commerce, Justice, State - [CJS Project Request Forms FY03]", 2003
II.6544"Appropriations Bills: FY 2003 Commerce, Justice, State - DNA Backlog", 2003
II.6545"Appropriations Bills: FY 2003 Commerce, Justice, State - Satilla River", 2003
II.6546"Appropriations Bills: FY 2003 Commerce, Justice, State - DeKalb County - Homeland Security", 2003
II.6547"Appropriations Bills: FY 2003 Commerce, Justice, State - Marine Education and Research Center at Sapelo Island", 2003
II.6548"Appropriations Bills: FY 2003 Commerce, Justice, State - Cox Family Enterprise Center Kennesaw State University", 2003
II.6549"Appropriations Bills: FY 2003 Commerce, Justice, State - National Sea Grant College Program", 2003
II.6550"Appropriations Bills: FY 2003 Commerce, Justice, State - Consortium for Plant Biotechnology Research", 2003
II.6551"Appropriations Bills: FY 2003 Commerce, Justice, State - Counseling and Supportive Sues Bethesda Home for Boys", 2003
II.6552"Appropriations Bills: FY 2003 Commerce, Justice, State - Rockdale County Sheriff Technology", 2003
II.6553"Appropriations Bills: FY 2003 Commerce, Justice, State - National Textile Center, GA Tech", 2003
II.6554"Appropriations Bills: FY 2003 Commerce, Justice, State - RISS [Regional Information Sharing System]", 2003
II.6555"Appropriations Bills: FY 2003 Commerce, Justice, State - Atlanta Comprehensive Homicide Reduction Program", 2003
II.6556"Appropriations Bills: FY 2003 Commerce, Justice, State - Additional Deputy US Marshalls", 2003
II.661Appropriations Bills: FY 2002 Supplemental Appropriations [Includes Federal Law Enforcement Training Center Amendment], 2002
II.662"Appropriations, Agriculture: [Conference Report: HR4101, Appropriations for Agriculture, Rural Development , FDA [Food and Drug Administration]", 1997-1999
II.663"Appropriations, Agriculture: [Conference Report HR 4328, Emergency Supplemental Appropriations FY99]", 1998
II.664"Appropriations, Agriculture: Education Appropriations", 1999
II.665"Appropriations, Agriculture: Agriculture Appropriations", 2002
II.666"Appropriations, Agriculture: National Consortium Beef Cattle Evaluation", 2002
II.667"Appropriations, Agriculture: Committee Print: Agriculture, Rural Development, Food and Drug Administration, and Related Agencies Appropriations Bill, 2003", 2003
II.668"Appropriations, Agriculture: [Agriculture Appropriations FY2003]", 2002
II.669"Appropriations, Agriculture: FY2002 Appropriations", 2001
II.6610"Appropriations, Agriculture: Agriculture Supplemental Appropriations", 2001
II.6611"Appropriations, Agriculture: Drought Relief FY2001", 2000-2001
II.6612"Appropriations, Agriculture: [Agriculture Appropriations]: Requests", 1999-2000
II.6613"Appropriations, Agriculture: [Agriculture Appropriations]: Background", 1999-2000
II.6614"Appropriations, Agriculture: Floor Issues", 2000
II.6615"Appropriations, Agriculture: [Agriculture Appropriations FY2001]", 2000
II.6616"Appropriations, Agriculture: Agriculture Appropriations Requests - S.1233", 2000
II.6617"Appropriations, Agriculture: Safe Cigarette", 2002
II.6618"Appropriations, Agriculture: FY2003 Agriculture Appropriations", 2002
II.671"Appropriations, VA/HUD Requests: Requests [Veterans Affairs - Housing and Urban Development]", 2002
II.672"Appropriations, VA/HUD Requests: VA-HUD [Veterans Affairs - Housing and Urban Development] Letters - Mikulski Bond", 2000
II.673"Appropriations, VA/HUD Requests: [VA/HUD [Veterans Affairs/ Housing and Urban Development] Requests FY2002", 2001
II.674"Appropriations, VA/HUD Requests: [VA/HUD [Veterans Affairs/ Housing and Urban Development] Requests FY2002", 2001
II.675"Appropriations, VA/HUD Requests: [VA/HUD [Veterans Affairs/ Housing and Urban Development] Requests FY2002", 2001
II.676"Appropriations, VA/HUD Requests: Richland Creek, Paulding City [Veterans Affairs - Housing and Urban Development]", 2001
II.677"Appropriations, VA/HUD Requests: Zoo [Atlanta - Georgia Wildlife Learning Center]", 2001
II.678"Appropriations, VA/HUD Requests: Flint River/All", 2001
II.679"Appropriations, VA/HUD Requests: Port Wentworth", 2001
II.6710"Appropriations, VA/HUD Requests: Big Creek FY02", 2001
II.6711"Appropriations, VA/HUD Requests: Macon Requests", 2001
II.6712"Appropriations, VA/HUD Requests: Atlanta STAG [State and Tribal Assistance Grant Program]", 2001
II.6713"Appropriations, VA/HUD Requests: TMDL [Total Maximum Daily Load Program]", 2001
II.6714"Appropriations, VA/HUD Requests: Delegation DC on Cemetery", 2001
II.6715"Appropriations, VA/HUD Requests: Veterans Park Memorial", 2001
II.6716"Appropriations, VA/HUD Requests: Branan Towers and Jonesboro Senior Center", 2001
II.6717"Appropriations, VA/HUD Requests: Spelman Packard Hall", 2001
II.6718"Appropriations, VA/HUD Requests: Gilbert Civil Rights Museum", 2001
II.6719"Appropriations, VA/HUD Requests: [Veterans Affairs/Housing and Urban Development Appropriations Spreadsheet FY2002]", 2001
II.6720"Appropriations, VA/HUD Requests: Columbus Biosolids", 2001
II.6721"Appropriations, VA/HUD Requests: Appropriations: VA/HUD [Veterans Affairs/ Housing and Urban Development] CJS/CLEARMADD [Commerce, State, Justice/ Center for Leadership in Education and Applied Research in Mass Destruction Defense]", 2001
II.6722"Appropriations, VA/HUD Requests: VA [Veterans Affairs] Hospital Renovation", 2001
II.6723"Appropriations, VA/HUD Requests: [Special Projects Information/ Appropriations Requests]", 2001
II.6724"Appropriations, VA/HUD Requests: VA-HUD [Veterans Affairs/ Housing and Urban Development] Appropriations", 2001
II.6725"Appropriations, VA/HUD Requests: Coastal Georgia Megapark", 2001
II.6726"Appropriations, VA/HUD Requests: FY01 - VA/HUD [Veterans Affairs/ Housing and Urban Development] Appropriations", 2001
II.6727"Appropriations, VA/HUD Requests: FY02 VA/HUD [Veterans Affairs/ Housing and Urban Development]", 2001
II.6728"Appropriations, VA/HUD Requests: [Federal Earmark Requests for Fiscal Year 2003]", 2002
II.6729"Appropriations, VA/HUD Requests: Tubman Information [Tubman African American Museum]", 2001
II.6730"Appropriations, VA/HUD Requests: VA [Veterans Affairs] HUD [Housing and Urban Development] FY02 Carpet Industry", 2001
II.6731"Appropriations, VA/HUD Requests: Powder Springs Ford Center", undated
II.6732"Appropriations, VA/HUD Requests: Fire Act", 2002
II.6733"Appropriations, VA/HUD Requests: Teach For America", 2002
II.6734"Appropriations, VA/HUD Requests: [FEMA [Federal Emergency Management Agency] Flood Maps]", 2002
II.6735"Appropriations, VA/HUD Requests: Columbus Waterworks", 2002
II.6736"Appropriations, VA/HUD Requests: Lagoon Waste", 2002
II.6737"Appropriations, VA/HUD Requests: Plant Biotechnology", 2002
II.6738"Appropriations, VA/HUD Requests: [Re: Metropolitan North Georgia Water Planning District]", 2002
II.6739"Appropriations, VA/HUD Requests: [Conference Report: VA [Veterans Affairs] and HUD [Housing and Urban Development] Appropriations]", 2002
II.6740"Appropriations, VA/HUD Requests: Spelman College", 2002
II.6741"Appropriations, VA/HUD Requests: VA/HUD [Veterans Affairs/ Housing and Urban Development] Appropriations -Spreadsheet FY03", 2002
II.6742"Appropriations, VA/HUD Requests: Hosea Feed the Hungry VA-HUD [Veterans Affairs - Housing and Urban Development] FY2003", 2002
II.6743"Appropriations, VA/HUD Requests: City of Fitzgerald", 2002
II.6744"Appropriations, VA/HUD Requests: Rockdale County", 2002
II.6745"Appropriations, VA/HUD Requests: Branan Tower", 2001
II.6746"Appropriations, VA/HUD Requests: Powder Springs VA/HUD [Veterans Affairs/ Housing and Urban Development] FY03", 2002
II.6747"Appropriations, VA/HUD Requests: Old Broad Street YMCA", 2002
II.6748"Appropriations, VA/HUD Requests: Covenant House VA/HUD [Veterans Affairs/ Housing and Urban Development] FY03", 2002
II.6749"Appropriations, VA/HUD Requests: Atlanta VA [Veterans Affairs] Renovation", 2002
II.6750"Appropriations, VA/HUD Requests: Nancy Creek - Atlanta Mayor Request", 2002
II.6751"Appropriations, VA/HUD Requests: Georgia Veterans Park", 2002
II.6752"Appropriations, VA/HUD Requests: Youth Build", 2002
II.6753"Appropriations, VA/HUD Requests: [Relocation of US Army South Headquarters]", 2002
II.6754"Appropriations, VA/HUD Requests: 03 VA/HUD Spreadsheet", 2002
II.6755"Appropriations, VA/HUD Requests: Mercer", 2002
II.6756"Appropriations, VA/HUD Requests: Dalton Rug and Carpet", 2002
II.6757"Appropriations, VA/HUD Requests: MLK [Martin Luther King Jr.] Senior Center", 2002
II.6758"Appropriations, VA/HUD Requests: Altamaha Water Quality", 2002
II.6759"Appropriations, VA/HUD Requests: MLK Center - VA [Veterans Affairs] HUD [Housing and Urban Development] FY02", 2001
II.6760"Appropriations, VA/HUD Requests: College Partners", 2002
II.6761"Appropriations, VA/HUD Requests: Macon", 2002
II.681"Appropriations, VA/HUD Requests: [Funding for Aurora Theater in Duluth FY03]", 2002
II.682"Appropriations, VA/HUD Requests: [Funding for Air Pollution Research FY03]", 2002
II.683"Appropriations, VA/HUD Requests: Gulfstream", 2002
II.684"Appropriations, VA/HUD Requests: [Veterans Pension]", 2002
II.685"Appropriations, VA/HUD Requests: [Funding Air Pollution Research]", 2002
II.686"Appropriations, VA/HUD Requests: [Private Fuel Storage]", undated
II.687"Appropriations, VA/HUD Requests: Battlefield Park FY2003 VA-HUD [Veterans Affairs - Housing and Urban Development]", 2002
II.688"Appropriations, VA/HUD Requests: [VA/HUD [Veterans Affairs/ Housing and Urban Development] Appropriations FY03]", 2002
II.689"Appropriations, VA/HUD Requests: Roswell Request", 2002
II.6810"Appropriations, VA/HUD Requests: Atlanta Housing Authority", 2001
II.6811"Appropriations, VA/HUD Requests: [VA/HUD [Veterans Affairs/ Housing and Urban Development] Appropriations FY03 - Communities in Schools]", 2002
II.6812"Appropriations, VA/HUD Requests: Social Circle Request", 2002
II.6813"Appropriations, VA/HUD Requests: [VA/HUD [Veterans Affairs/ Housing and Urban Development] Appropriations Requests FY2003]", 2002
II.6814"Appropriations, VA/HUD Requests: [VA/HUD [Veterans Affairs/ Housing and Urban Development] Appropriations Spreadsheet FY03]", 2002
II.6815"Appropriations, VA/HUD Requests: [VA/HUD [Veterans Affairs/ Housing and Urban Development] Appropriations Requests FY2003]", 2002
II.6816"Appropriations, VA/HUD Requests: Paulding County", 2002
II.6817"Appropriations, VA/HUD Requests: NGA [North Georgia] Technical College", 2002
II.6818"Appropriations, VA/HUD Requests: VA-HUD [Veterans Affairs - Housing and Urban Development] File Letters FY03", 2002
II.6819"Appropriations, VA/HUD Requests: [VA/ HUD [Veterans Affairs/ Housing and Urban Development] Appropriations Requests FY03]", 2002
II.6820"Appropriations, VA/HUD Requests: Emory PIRCCCS [Preventing Injuries through Rehabilitation, Care Coordination, and Caregiver Support]", 2002
II.6821"Appropriations, VA/HUD Requests: Effingham County", 2002
II.6822"Appropriations, VA/HUD Requests: Habersham County", 2002
II.6823"Appropriations, VA/HUD Requests: [VA/HUD [Veterans Affairs/ Housing and Urban Development] Appropriations Requests FY03]", 2002
II.6824"Appropriations, VA/HUD Requests: Ralph Gilbert Museum", 2002
II.6825"Appropriations, VA/HUD Requests: Saft - NASA [National Aeronautics and Space Administration]", 2002
II.6826"Appropriations, VA/HUD Requests: [VA/HUD [Veterans Affairs/ Housing and Urban Development] Appropriations Requests FY03]", 2002
II.6827"Appropriations, VA/HUD Requests: NDMTC [National Disaster Management Training Center] Fort Gordon Augusta GA", 2002
II.6828"Appropriations, VA/HUD Requests: [VA/HUD [Veterans Affairs/ Housing and Urban Development] Appropriations Requests FY03]", 2002
II.6829"Appropriations, VA/HUD Requests: Georgia Mountain History Museum", 2002
II.6830"Appropriations, VA/HUD Requests: Berrien County", 2002
II.6831"Appropriations, VA/HUD Requests: City of Cecil", 2002
II.6832"Appropriations, VA/HUD Requests: Georgia College and State University", 2002
II.6833"Appropriations, VA/HUD Requests: Appropriations Requests FY03]", 2002
II.6834"Appropriations, VA/HUD Requests: City of Milan", 2002
II.6835"Appropriations, VA/HUD Requests: Metropolitan North Georgia Water Planning FY2003", 2002
II.6836"Appropriations, VA/HUD Requests: City of Smyrna", 2002
II.6837"Appropriations, VA/HUD Requests: Morehouse College", 2002
II.6838"Appropriations, VA/HUD Requests: DeKalb County", 2002
II.6839"Appropriations, VA/HUD Requests: SEACOOS [South East Atlantic Coastal Ocean Observing System]", 2002
II.6840Atlanta Legal Aid Society, 2001
II.6841Gulf States Initiative, 2002
II.6842"Appropriations Committee and Congressional Reports: Commerce, Justice, State (House and Senate Miscellaneous 1997-2002) (1 of 2)", 1997-2002
II.6843"Appropriations Committee and Congressional Reports: Commerce, Justice, State (House and Senate Miscellaneous 1997-2002) (2 of 2)", 1997-2002
II.6844"Appropriations Committee and Congressional Reports: Labor, Health and Human Services (House and Senate Miscellaneous 1997-2002)", 1997-2002
II.6845"Appropriations Committee and Congressional Reports: Treasury, Postal (House and Senate Miscellaneous 1997-2002)", 1997-2002
II.6846Appropriations Committee and Congressional Reports: District of Columbia (House and Senate Miscellaneous 1997-2002), 1997-2002
II.691Appropriations Committee and Congressional Reports: Omnibus bills (1 of 2), 1997-2002
II.692Appropriations Committee and Congressional Reports: Omnibus bills (2 of 2), 1997-2002
II.693Appropriations Committee and Congressional Reports: Miscellaneous, 1997-2002
II.694[Memos and Research] (1 of 2), 2001
II.695[Memos and Research] (2 of 2), 2002
II.696Campaign Finance Reform - Alternatives -Congressional, 1997
II.697Campaign Finance Reform - Alternatives - Non-Hill, 1997
II.698Campaign Finance Reform - Board/Commission Appointment, 1995-1997
II.699Campaign Finance Reform - Code of Conduct, 1998
II.6910Campaign Finance Reform - Current Law, 1995-1997
II.6911Campaign Finance Reform - FEC [Federal Election Commission], 1997
II.6912Campaign Finance Reform - Free Speech/Buckley-Valeo, 1997
II.6913Campaign Finance Reform - Hagel/Kerrey, 1999
II.6914Campaign Finance Reform - Issue Advocacy, 1997-1998
II.6915Campaign Finance Reform - Soft Money, 1997
II.6916Campaign Finance Reform - McCain-Feingold Bill, 1997-1999
II.6917Campaign Finance Reform - Cleland Amendments, 1997-1999
II.6918Campaign Finance Reform - Cleland Bills Background/Development, 1997-1998
II.701"Campaign Finance Reform - Cleland Bills: Free TV Time, etc.", 1997-1998
II.702Campaign Finance Reform - Text, 1998-1999
II.703Campaign Finance Reform - Reform Party, 1997-1998
II.704"Child Care Issues: Bills, Child Care", 1999-2001
II.705Child Care Issues: Budget and Grants, 1999
II.706Child Care Issues: Meetings, 2001-2002
II.707Child Care Issues: National Council of Women's Organizations Briefing, 1998-1999
II.708"Child Care Issues: Stats on Child Care, Part I", 1998-2002
II.709"Child Care Issues: Stats on Child Care, Part II", 1999-2000
II.7010-12Cleland Library - Initiated Letters, 1997-2000
II.711Cleland Library - Initiated Letters, 2001
II.712Cleland Library - Signed Letters, 2002
II.713-8Cleland Library - Co-Signed Letters, 1997-2002
II.719Cleland Legislative Letters: Unfiled Responses to Cleland Signed/Co-Signed Letters, 2000-2002
II.721Cleland Legislative Letters: Unfiled Cleland Signed Co-Signed Letters, 2001-2002
II.722Cleland Legislative Letters: Summary of Cleland Initiated and Co-Signed Legislative Letters (Dear Colleagues), 1997-2002
II.723Drug Policy Issues: Senator Cleland's Asset Forfeiture Legislation, 1998
II.724Drug Policy Issues: Drug Bills, 1999
II.725Drug Policy Issues: ONDCP [Office of National Drug Control Policy] National Youth Anti-Drug Media Campaign, 1997-1998
II.726Drug Policy Issues: Western Hemisphere Drug Elimination Act, 1998-1999
II.727Drug Policy Issues: Colombia, 1999
II.728Education Issues: Cleland Immigrants to New Americans Amendment to ESEA [Elementary and Secondary Education Act], 2001
II.729Education Issues: Cleland School Safety Amendment to S.1, 2001
II.7210Education Issues: Cleland Teacher Quality Amendment to ESEA [Elementary and Secondary Education Act], 2001
II.7211Education Issues: [Conference Report - No Child Left Behind], 2001
II.7212Education Issues: Character Education, 1998-2001
II.7213Education Issues: The Georgia Project, 2000-2002
II.7214Education Issues: Immigrants to New Americans Act, 2000-2001
II.7215"Education Issues: S.414, the NTIA [National Telecommunications and Information Administration] Digital Network Technology Program Act", 2001-2002
II.7216Education Issues: The National Youth Sports Program, 2000-2002
II.7217Education Issues: Education Tax Bills, 2000-2001
II.7218"Education Issues: The TEACH [Teaching Excellence in America's Classrooms and Homerooms] Act, S.262", 2001
II.7219"Education Issues: The Education Savings Account Bill, S.1134", 2000-2001
II.7220Education Issues: Cleland Education Record, 1999-2001
II.7221Education Issues: IDEA [Individuals with Disabilities Education Act], 1999-2001
II.7222Education Issues: Student Loans, 2002
II.731Education Issues: Wesleyan College, 2001-2002
II.732Education Issues: Younger Americans Act, 2001
II.733Education Issues: Georgia Education Programs, undated
II.734Education Issues: Department of Education Grants/Georgia, 2000-2002
II.735Education Issues: Georgia HBCUs [Historically Black Colleges and Universities], 2002
II.736"Education Issues: FY 2001 Labor, HHS [Health and Human Services], and Education Appropriations Requests", 2000
II.737"Education Issues: FY 2002 Labor, HHS [Health and Human Services], and Education Appropriations Requests", 2001
II.738"Education Issues: FY 2003 Labor, HHS [Health and Human Services], and Education Appropriations Requests", 2002
II.739"Education Issues: Senate Report (#107-216) accompanying the FY 2003 Labor, HHS [Health and Human Services], and Education Appropriations Bill (committee print)", 2003
II.7310"Election Reform: "Road Map for National Security: Imperative for Change"", 2001
II.7311Election Reform: [US Commission on Civil Rights], 2001
II.7312Election Reform: Voting Irregularities in Florida during the 2000 Presidential Election, 2001
II.7313Election Reform: Free/Reduced Air Time, 2001
II.7314-15"Election Reform [Includes Cathy Cox Report, Campaign Finance, Amendments, Analyses]", 2001-2002
II.741-2"Election Reform [Includes Amendments, Analyses]", 2001-2002
II.743Election and Campaign Reform: [Election Administration Reform], 2001
II.744Election and Campaign Reform: Campaign Finance Reform, 2001
II.745Election and Campaign Reform: Campaign Finance - Hurt and Norton, 2000-2001
II.746Election and Campaign Reform: Miscellaneous, 2001
II.747Election and Campaign Reform: Disability, 2001
II.748Election and Campaign Reform: Make Every Vote Count, 2001
II.749Election and Campaign Reform: Commerce May 8, 2001
II.7410Election and Campaign Reform: Commerce Hearing March 7, 2001
II.7411Election and Campaign Reform: Commerce May 24, 2001
II.7412Election and Campaign Reform: Schumer [Federal Election Modernization Act], 2001
II.7413Election and Campaign Reform: Other Bill - Vote Reform, 2001
II.7414Election and Campaign Reform: McConnell-Schumer [Bi-Partisan Federal Election Reform Act], 2001
II.7415Election and Campaign Reform: Election Reform Budget Amendment, 2001
II.7416Election and Campaign Reform: Articles, 2001
II.7417Election and Campaign Reform: Other Articles, 2001
II.751Election and Campaign Reform: Electoral Reform CBC [Congressional Black Caucus], 2001
II.752Election and Campaign Reform: Reports, 2001
II.753Election and Campaign Reform: Vote Recount Laws, 2001
II.754Election and Campaign Reform: Dodd Bill [Equal Protection of Voting Rights Act], 2001
II.755Election and Campaign Reform: Letters, 2001
II.756Election and Campaign Reform: Langevin [Make Every Vote Count Act], 2001
II.757Election and Campaign Reform: Election Reform - Electoral College, 2000
II.758Election and Campaign Reform: Cathy Cox [Election Reform], 2001
II.759Election and Campaign Reform: Electoral College, 2000
II.7510Election and Campaign Reform: Draft Bill - Memos, 2000-2001
II.7511"Energy: S.2158, Steam Generator Tariff", 2000
II.7512Energy: Energy Bill, 2002
II.7513Energy: Renewable Energy, 2002
II.7514Energy: Senate Renewable Energy Caucus, 2002
II.7515Energy: Electricity Deregulation, 1999
II.7516Energy: Electric Industry Restructuring Hearing, 2001 June 28
II.7517Energy: PUHCA (Public Utility Holding Company Act), 1996-1998
II.7518Energy: TVA [Tennessee Valley Authority], 2001-2002
II.7519Energy: Duke Energy, 2001
II.7520Energy: Southern Company, 2001-2002
II.7521"Energy: Southern Company: SEI [Southern Energy] v. Bewag, Germany", 2000
II.7522Energy: EMCs [Electric Membership Corporations], 2002
II.7523Energy: Georgia Transmission, 2002
II.7524Energy: Meag, 2002
II.7525Energy: Mirant, 2001-2002
II.7526Energy: NSR [New Source Review], 2001-2002
II.761"Energy: S.556, Clean Power Act", 2002
II.762Energy: NEET [National Electric and Environmental Technology] Clean Coal Act, 2001
II.763Energy: California Energy Crisis, 2001
II.764Energy: Clear Act, 2001
II.765Energy: MGAG [Municipal Gas Association Of Georgia] Issues, 2000
II.766Energy: Natural Gas Deregulation, 1999
II.767Energy: LIHEAP (Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program), 1998-2001
II.768Energy: Pipeline Safety - 11 May Hearing, 2000
II.769"Energy: Pipeline Safety - Background, Memos", 2000-2001
II.7610Energy: Pipeline Safety - Sundance Expansion Project, 2001
II.7611Energy: Pipeline Safety - Industry Views, 2001
II.7612Energy: Oil Prices, 2001
II.7613Energy: [Gas Prices], 2002
II.7614Energy: El Paso Pipeline, 2000
II.7615Energy: Murray Project, 2001
II.7616Energy: Savannah River Site Issues, 1997-2000
II.7617Energy: Plutonium Shipments, 2001-2002
II.7618Energy: Plutonium Disposition/ MOX [Mixed Oxide Fuel], 2001
II.7619Energy: Tritium Production - ATP [Accelerator Production of Tritium], 1998-1999
II.7620Energy: S1287 Nuclear Waste Amendment - [NRC (Nuclear Regulatory Commission) Meeting], 2001
II.7621Energy: S1287 Nuclear Waste Amendment - Industry Views, 2001
II.7622Energy: S1287 Nuclear Waste Amendment - Background, 2001
II.7623Energy: S1287 Nuclear Waste Amendment - [Memos], 2001
II.7624Energy: Yucca Mountain, 1996-2002
II.7625Energy: Nuclear Waste Security Transportation Act, 2002
II.7626Energy: [Energy and Water Appropriations - S 2784 Report], 2003
II.771Energy: [Energy and Water Appropriations - Requests], 2002
II.772Energy: [Energy and Water Appropriations] - Carpet, 2001-2002
II.773Energy: [Energy and Water Appropriations - Requests], undated
II.774Energy: [Energy and Water Appropriations] - AIWW [Atlantic Intercostal Water Way], 2001-2002
II.775Energy: [Energy and Water Appropriations] - Atlanta Water, 2002
II.776-7Energy: [Energy and Water Appropriations] - SRS [Savannah River Site], 2002
II.778Energy: [Energy and Water Appropriations - SSEB (Southern States Energy Board)], 2002
II.779Energy: [Energy and Water Appropriations] - ACF [Apalachicola-Chattahoochee-Flint River System], 2002
II.7710Energy: Energy and Water Appropriations, 2002
II.7711Energy: [Energy and Water Appropriations - Macon Levee], 2002
II.7712Energy: [Energy and Water Appropriations] - GPA [Georgia Port Authority], 2001-2002
II.7713Energy: [Energy and Water Appropriations] -Savannah NWR [National Wildlife Refuge] Estuary, 2002
II.7714Energy: [Energy and Water Appropriations] - Corps (Mobile), 2002
II.7715Energy: [Energy and Water Appropriations] - SREL [Savannah River Ecology Laboratory], 2002
II.7716Energy: [Energy and Water Appropriations] - CPBR [Consortium for Plant Biotechnology Research], 2002
II.7717Energy: [Energy and Water Appropriations - Lake Lanier Olympic Center], 2002
II.7718Energy: [Energy and Water Appropriations - REBP [Regional Biomass Energy Program]], 2002
II.7719Energy: [Energy and Water Appropriations - Requests], 2001
II.7720Energy: Appropriations Requests, 2000
II.7721Enron: Statements, 2002
II.7722Enron: [Hearing-Improving Corporate Responsibility and Consumer Protections], 2002
II.7723Enron: [Role of Financial Institutions in Enron's Collapse], 2002
II.7724Enron: [Pension Rights Center-401k Crisis at Enron], 2002
II.7725Enron, 2002
II.7726Enron: Hearings, 2002
II.7727Enron: Questions [Hearing on Enron and 401k Plans], 2002
II.7728Enron: Committee Information, 2001-2002
II.7729Enron: Memos, 2002
II.7730Enron: Other Enron Related Legislation, 2002
II.7731Enron: Cleland Investor Protection Legislation, 2002
II.7732Enron: Staff Correspondence Notes, 2002
II.7733Enron: Additional Enron Material, 2002
II.781Budget Resolution 2002, 1999-2001
II.782Social Security/Welfare, 2001-2002
II.78320th Century Resolution, 2000-2001
II.784Fort Valley State, 2002
II.785Miscellaneous Appropriations, 2002
II.786Ethics, 2002
II.787Miscellaneous Correspondence, 2001-2002
II.788Environment: NAAQS [National Ambient Air Quality Standards] - Pro, 1997
II.789Environment: NAAQS [National Ambient Air Quality Standards] - Con, 1997
II.7810Environment: NAAQS [National Ambient Air Quality Standards] - Health Studies, 1997
II.7811Environment: NAAQS [National Ambient Air Quality Standards] - Background, 1997
II.7812"Environment: NAAQS [National Ambient Air Quality Standards] - Memos, Correspondence", 1997
II.7813Environment: Kyoto Protocol, 1998-2000
II.7814Environment: World Climate, 1997-2000
II.7815Environment: Power Plant Pollution, 1998-2000
II.7816"Environment: Low Sulfur Fuel, Clean Gasoline At of 1998", 1998
II.7817Environment: Metro Atlanta Conformity, 1999-2001
II.7818Environment: Low Sulfur Diesel, 2001
II.7819"Environment: S.2088, Road Back to Clean Air Act", 1999-2000
II.7820"Environment: S.1369, Clean Energy Act", 1999-2000
II.7821"Environment: Atlanta "Grandfathered' Projects - D.C. Court Case", 1999-2000
II.7822Environment: FEMP [Federal Emergency Management Program] Dalton Carpet, 2001
II.7823Environment: Underground Storage Tanks, 1998
II.7824Environment: EPA [Environmental Protection Agency] - Miscellaneous, 1999
II.7825Environment: Forest Water Quality - Best Management Practices, 1999
II.7826"Environment: TMDL [Total Maximum Daily Load] -Washington, Georgia", 2000
II.7827Environment: Augusta Mercury TMDL [Total Maximum Daily Load], 2000
II.7828"Environment: Ocmulgee Heritage Greenway, Bond Swamp/ Brown's Mount", 1997-1998
II.7829Environment: Pine Mountain State Park, 1999
II.7830"Environment: S.1558, Community Open Spaces Bonds Act", 1999
II.7831-32Environment: CARA [Conservation and Reinvestment Act] 107th, 2001
II.7833Environment: S.20 Brownfields and Environmental Cleanup, 1999
II.791Environment: Superfund/Brownfields, 1997-2001
II.792Environment: [Brunswick Wood Preserving Site/ Brownfields], 2000
II.793Environment: S.2700 Brownfields, 2000-2001
II.794Environment: Moultrie Plant, 1999
II.795Environment: S.1078/S.1079 [Brownfields], 2001
II.796Community Character, 2000
II.797Emory Smart Growth Event, 1999
II.798Smart Growth Memos, undated
II.799Rail Field Hearing, 2000
II.7910Environment: Athens Event - Smart Growth, 2000
II.7911Environment: Cleland Correspondence - Air Quality - Transportation, 1997-1999
II.7912Environment: Macon Smart Growth Event, 1999-2000
II.7913Environment: [Superfund], 1998
II.7914"Environment: S.2180, S.1528 - Superfund Recycling Equity Act", 1998-1999
II.7915Environment: [Superfund], 1999
II.7916Environment: GAO [General Accounting Office] - Atlanta Smart Growth Study, 1999-2000
II.7917Environment: Smart Growth Task Force, 1999-2001
II.7918"Environment: Hercules, Terry Creek Superfund", 1997-2001
II.7919Environment: Right of Way, 1997
II.7920Environment: Right-to-Know S.769, 1997-1998
II.7921Environment: Sautee Nacoochee Indian Mound Artifacts, 1999
II.7922Environment: Miscellaneous, 1997-1998
II.7923Environment: [Diablo Grande], 1999
II.7924"Environment: Conservation and Reinvestment Act - "Teaming with Wildlife"", 1999-2000
II.7925Environment: Land and Water Conservation Fund, 1998-2000
II.7926Environment: Lands Legacy Initiative, 1999
II.7927Environment: Georgia Casework, 1997-1999
II.7928Environment: Roadless Areas - National Forests, 1997-2000
II.7929Environment: Roadless - 107th, 2002
II.7930Environment: President's Forest Initiative, 2000
II.7931Environment: Cumberland - [General], 1997-2001
II.7932Environment: Cumberland - Kingston Proposal, 1997-2001
II.7933Environment: Cumberland - Compromise, 1997-2001
II.7934Environment: Cumberland - Max Cleland Proposal, 1997-2001
II.7935Environment: Cumberland - [Memos and Statements], 1997-2001
II.7936Environment: Chattahoochee - Oconee National Forest, 1997
II.7937Environment: Tongass National Forest, 1997-1998
II.7938"Environment: Cooperative Forestry Program - Support Stewardship Incentive Programs, etc.", 1997
II.7939Environment: AFPA [American Forest and Paper Association], 2001
II.7940Environment: US Forest Service - Forestry Issues, 1997
II.801Environment: Misc, 1997
II.802Environment: Roadless Rule, 2001
II.803Environment: Jones Act - Kaolin Industry, 1999
II.804"Environment/Natural Resources: FSA [Farm Service Agency] Appointments, Recommendations", 1997
II.805"Environment/Natural Resources: Forestry Initiative to Restore the Environment Act of 1999, S.868", 1999
II.806Environment/Natural Resources: Georgia Power Land Swap - Forest Service S.604, 1999
II.807Environment/Natural Resources: Chip Mill Industry, 1997
II.808Environment/Natural Resources: [Roadless Areas], 2000
II.809Environment/Natural Resources: Lark Hayes Project - Roadless, 2000
II.8010Environment/Natural Resources: [Chattahoochee/Oconee National Forests], 2000
II.8011Environment/Natural Resources: [Roadless Area Protection], 1999
II.8012Environment/Natural Resources: USFS [United States Forest Service] - Amendment 18, 2000
II.8013Environment/Natural Resources: Section 329 of FY2000 Interior Appropriations Bill - Background, 1999
II.8014Environment/Natural Resources: Section 329 of FY2000 Interior Appropriations Bill - Official Correspondence, 2000
II.8015Environment/Natural Resources: Section 329 of FY2000 Interior Appropriations Bill - Industry Letters, 1999
II.8016Environment/Natural Resources: Reforestation Tax Act, 2000
II.8017Environment/Natural Resources: Act to Save America's Forest, 1997
II.8018Environment/Natural Resources: State and Private Forestry - USDA [United States Department of Agriculture], 2000
II.8019Environment/Natural Resources: Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area - Industry Views, 1997-1999
II.8020Environment/Natural Resources: Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area - Official Correspondence/Memos, 1999
II.8021Environment/Natural Resources: Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area - Background, 1999
II.8022"Environment/Natural Resources: National Park Preservation Act, S.819", 1999
II.8023Environment/Natural Resources: National Park Service, 1997
II.8024Environment/Natural Resources: 1872 Mining Law - Mining Issues, 1997-1998
II.8025Native Americans: Georgia Tribe of Eastern Cherokees, 1999
II.8026"Native Americans: Lower Muscogee Creek Tribe East of MS, Inc.", 1999-2000
II.8027Native Americans: Kialegee Indians/ Hancock County, 1999-2000
II.8028Native Americans: United Keetoowah - Gambling in Bartow County, 1999
II.8029Native Americans: Miscellaneous, 1999-2000
II.8030"Historic Preservation: MLK [Martin Luther Kind, Jr.] National Historic Site", 2000
II.8031Historic Preservation: [Ocmulgee Old Fields], 1999
II.8032Historic Preservation: Saint Simon's Island Lighthouse, 1999
II.8033Historic Preservation: Augusta Canal Property Protection Issue, 1999
II.8034Historic Preservation: Ocmulgee Old Fields, 1999-2000
II.8035Historic Preservation: Requests, 2000
II.8036"[Correspondence; Includes Animal Welfare, Agriculture, Anti-Semitism]", 2002
II.8037Environment/Natural Resources: Goodale Landing, 2002
II.8038Environment/Natural Resources: Tybee Island Shore Protection, 2001
II.8039Historic Preservation: Coastal Heritage Society, 2001-2002
II.8040[Drinking Water], 2000
II.8041[Simpson - Transportation Safety Board Nomination], 2001
II.8042Chatooga, 2001
II.8043Environment/Natural Resources: Lake Lanier Association, 2001
II.8044Environment/Natural Resources: TRIP [Transit in Parks] Act 107th Cosponsor, 2001
II.8045Environment/Natural Resources: Mulberry Grove, 2001
II.8046Historic Preservation: Tybee Island Light Transfer, 2002
II.8047FY01 - Commerce Appropriations, 2000
II.8048FY02 Interior Appropriations, 2001
II.8049Agency Responses, 2001
II.8050[Requests], 2001
II.8051St. Simon's Island, 2000
II.8052Col. Sink - Support Letter, 2000
II.8053Appropriations Requests: VA/HUD/EPA [Veterans Affairs/ Housing and Urban Development/ Environmental Protection Agency], 2000
II.811Interior Appropriations Requests, 1999
II.812Lori Berenson [Humanitarian Release form Peruvian Prison], 2000
II.813FATE [Foreign Aid Through Education] - Ft. Valley State $, 2000
II.814Georgia Issues: AFLAC, 1991-1998
II.815Georgia Issues: Arabia Mountain, 2000
II.816"Georgia Issues: ARC [Appalachian Regional Commission] (Elbert County, Hart County)", 1997
II.817Georgia Issues: Atlanta Airport, 1997-1998
II.818Georgia Issues: Atlanta Water Issues, 1998
II.819Georgia Issues: Brunswick Issues, 1999
II.8110Georgia Issues: CDC [Centers for Disease Control and Prevention], 1998-2002
II.8111Georgia Issues: Civil Rights Initiative, 1997-1999
II.8112Georgia Issues: Clayton State, 1997-1999
II.8113Georgia Issues: Cumberland Island, 1998-2001
II.8114Georgia Issues: Eisenhower Army Medical Center (Augusta) / Other Augusta Medical Issues, 1998-2002
II.8115Georgia Issues: Emory University: Atlanta/Tbilisi Healthcare Partnership, 1998
II.8116Georgia Issues: Farmworkers/ H-2A, 1998
II.8117Georgia Issues: FDR Memorial, 1997-2000
II.8118Georgia Issues: FLETC [Federal Law Enforcement Training Center], 1999-2002
II.8119Georgia Issues: Fulton County Housing, 1999
II.8120Georgia Issues: Georgia Indian Issues, 1999
II.8121Georgia Issues: Georgia Water Issues, 2000-2001
II.8122Georgia Issues: King's Bay, undated
II.8123Georgia Issues: Mercer: Community Outreach Partnership, 1998
II.8124Georgia Issues: MLK Atmex (Atlanta), 1996-1997
II.8125Georgia Issues: Savannah River Site (SRS), 1997-1998
II.8126Georgia Issues: Tobacco Legislation, 2002
II.8127Georgia Issues: VA [Veterans Administration] Cemetery, 1998-2000
II.821-2Health Care Issues: CDC [Center for Disease Control] /Bioterrorism, 2002
II.823Health Care Issues: PBOR [Patients Bill of Rights], 2000
II.824Health Care Issues: Health Research, 2001
II.825Health Care Issues: Conference, 2000
II.826Health Care Issues: Nursing Shortage, 2001
II.827Health Care Issues: [Medicare Issues], 1998
II.828Health Care Issues: [Morehouse School of Medicine], 2002
II.829Health Care Issues: Home Health Care, 1999-2001
II.8210-12Health Care Issues: [Medicare Issues], 1999
II.8213Health Care Issues: U.S. Disabled Athletes, 1997
II.8214Health Care Issues: Appropriations Request, 2003
II.8215Health Care Issues: Area Wage and Base Payment Improvement Act, 2001
II.8216Health Care Issues: Long-Term Care Insurance, 1999-2002
II.8217Health Care Issues: [Miscellaneous], 2002
II.8218[Letters], 2001-2002
Includes: Farm Bill; Federal Law Enforcement Training Center; Federal Privacy; Terrorism.
II.8219Peanut Program Changes, 1999-2000
II.8220Judicial Affairs: [Includes Judicial Nominees - Andrew Ekonomou/Richard Deane/Frederica A. Massiah-Jackson], 1998
II.8221Judicial Affairs: Broderick Nomination, 1998
II.8222Judicial Affairs: Crime Fighting Legislation and Initiatives, 1998
II.8223Judicial Affairs: Bankruptcy (S.1301), 1998
II.8224Judicial Affairs: Bankruptcy Legislation (S.623), 1999
II.8225Judicial Affairs: Savannah Courthouse (Appropriations), 1998
II.831Judicial Affairs: WIPO [World Intellectual Property Organization] Copyright Legislation, 1998
II.832Judicial Affairs: John Marshall Law School [Accreditation Issues], 1999
II.833Judicial Affairs: [Miscellaneous - Racial Discrimination; Broderick Nomination; Atlanta Community Court], 1998-1999
II.834Judicial Affairs: Hate Crimes/Juvenile Courts/Local Courts, 1998-1999
II.835Judicial Affairs: McDade Legislation, 1998
II.836Judicial Affairs: Miscellaneous Immigration Issues, 1998
II.837Judicial Affairs: [Good Citizens Corp; D.C. Jobs; Gun Kingpins], 1997
II.838Judicial Affairs: Jim Williams File, 1998-1999
II.839Judicial Affairs: Flag Amendment, 1999-2000
II.8310Judiciary: [Report of the Committee on Governmental Affairs-United States Senate and it Subcommittees for the One Hundred Fifth Congress], 2000
II.8311Judiciary: [Ethics], 1997-1998
II.8312Judiciary: [Flag Protection Constitutional Amendment Resource Book - 105th Congress], 1997
II.8313Judiciary: [Flag Protection Constitutional Amendment Resource Book - 106th Congress], 1998
II.8314Judiciary: [Flag Protection Constitutional Amendment Resource Book - 105th Congress], 1997
II.8315Judiciary: [Policy Manual and Employee Handbook for the Office of Senator Max Cleland], 1999
II.841Judiciary: [Rights of Crime Victims], 1999
II.842Judiciary: [SES (Senior Executive Service) Candidate Development Program], 1999
II.843"Judiciary: [Compilation of Reports and Statements to be Filed by Senators, Officers, Employees of the United States Senate and Other Individuals]", 1999
II.844Judiciary: Gore 2000 Issues, 2000
II.845Judiciary: S.534-Firearms Safety and Consumer Protection Act, 1999
II.846Judiciary: Elian, 2000
II.847Judiciary: Workforce Investment Act, 2000
II.848Judiciary: Older Americans Reauthorization, 2000
II.849"Judiciary: Bills Pending in HELP [Health, Education, Labor and Pensions] Committee", 2000
II.8410Judiciary: Ten Commandments/School Prayer, 1999
II.8411Judiciary: School Prayer, 1998-1999
II.8412Judiciary: U.S. Attorney Funding, 1999
II.8413Judiciary: [America Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations], 1999
II.8414Judiciary: McCain Amendment Regarding Patent and Trademark Office Relocation, 1999
II.8415Judiciary: [Employment Non-Discrimination Act], 1999
II.8416Judiciary: [Citizens Access to Justice Act], 1999
II.8417Judiciary: [Possible Amendments to Bills], 1999
II.8418Judiciary: S.1276-Employment Non-Discrimination Act, 1999
II.8419"Judiciary: George "Buddy" Darden - Overseas Private Investment Corporation", 2000
II.8420Judiciary: Bankruptcy Judges, 1999
II.8421Judiciary: Richard Barnes-Director of Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service, 2000
II.8422Judiciary: HR 2031/S.577-21st Amendment Enforcement Act, 2000
II.8423Judiciary: Civil False Claims Act, 1999
II.8424Judiciary: Youth Violence, 1999
II.8425Judiciary: Judicial Appointments, 1999-2000
II.8426Judiciary: Georgia Economic Indicators, 1998-2000
II.8427Judiciary: Government Affairs, 1997-2000
II.8428Judiciary: [Organizational Business Meeting], 2001 March 8
II.8429Judiciary: [The Presidential Appointment Process], 2001 April 4-5
II.8430Judiciary: [Hearing on the Rising Cost of College Tuition and the Effectiveness of Government Financial Aid], 2000 February 9-10
II.8431Judiciary: [Business Meeting], 2000 June 14
II.8432Judiciary: [Business Meeting], 2000 March 23
II.8433Judiciary: [Business Meeting], 2000
II.8434Judiciary: [Hearing on Cyber Attacks], 2000 March 2
II.8435Judiciary: [Albany State University Upward Bound Grant Proposal], 2000
II.851"Judiciary: National Military Appreciation Month, S1785", 2002
II.852Judiciary: Crime Victims' Rights Constitutional Amendment, 2002
II.853Judiciary: ADA [Americans with Disabilities Act]/Disabilities, 2001-2002
II.854Judiciary: Motor Vehicle Franchise Contract Arbitration Fairness Act, 2002
II.855Judiciary: Century of Women Resolution, 2000
II.856Judiciary: Asbestos Legislation, 2001-2002
II.857"Judiciary: La Raza "Latino" Issues", 2001
II.858Judiciary: Bills Pending in Georgia Legislature, 2002
II.859"Judiciary: S.92, Drug Free Borders Act", 2001
II.8510Judiciary: Employment Issues (Accessibility) Individuals with Disability, 2001
II.8511Judiciary: Reparations, 2002
II.8512Judiciary: Arab-Americans issues, 2001
II.8513Judiciary: Judiciary Miscellaneous, 2001-2002
II.8514Judiciary: ATLA [Association of Trial Lawyers of America]- Trial Lawyers Issues, 2002
II.8515Judiciary: Civil Rights/Affirmative Action, 2001-2002
II.8516-17Judiciary: National White Collar Crime Center (NW3C), 2001
II.8518Judiciary: Death Penalty, 2000
II.8519Judiciary: Regional Information Sharing Systems (RISS), 2001
II.8520Judiciary: Constitutional Amendment Empowering Congress to Regulate Spending in Federal Elections, 2001
II.8521Judiciary: VESSA - Victims Economic Safety/Security Act- Senator Wellstone, 2001
II.8522Judiciary: Thurbert Baker: Judiciary Hearing on Violence Against Women, 2002
II.8523Judiciary: Law Enforcement Trust and Integrity Act, 2000
II.8524Judiciary: Georgia Judiciary, 2001
II.8525Judiciary: United States Supreme Court 2000-2001 Term, 2000-2001
II.8526Judiciary: United States Supreme Court 1999-2000 Term, 1999-2000
II.8527Judiciary: US DOJ [Department of Justice] v. Microsoft Antitrust Trial, 2001
II.8528"Judiciary: Religious Liberty Protection Act, HR1691", 2001
II.8529Judiciary: Judicial Vacancies, 2000
II.8530"Judiciary: "Women's" Issues", 2000-2002
II.8531Judiciary: Law Enforcement, 2002
II.8532Judiciary: Flag Amendment - 107th Congress, 2001
II.8533Judiciary: COPS [Community Oriented Policing Services] Grants, 2000-2001
II.8534Judiciary: 107th Congress Bankruptcy Bill S.420, 2001
II.8535Judiciary: Crime/Law Enforcement, 1999-2001
II.8536Judiciary: Law Enforcement Block Grants, 1999
II.8537Judiciary: Predatory Lending, 2002
II.861[Law Enforcement-Related Issues]: Law Enforcement Officers Act, 2002
II.862"[Law Enforcement-Related Issues]: S.490, Law Enforcement Officer Due Process Act of 2001", 2001
II.863"[Law Enforcement-Related Issues]: [S.952, Public Safety Employer-Employee Cooperation Act]", 2001
II.864[Law Enforcement-Related Issues]: [Law Enforcement - Miscellaneous], 2001
II.865[Law Enforcement-Related Issues]: S.952 Public Safety Employer - Employee Cooperation Act of 2001, 2001
II.866[Terrorism-Related Issues], 2001
II.867-10[Federal Law Enforcement Training Center], 2002
II.8611Briefing Materials for NMAAHC [National Museum of African American History and Culture] - News Articles Following Establishment of Commission, 2002
II.8612Briefing Materials for NMAAHC [National Museum of African American History and Culture] - Slavery Museum, 2002
II.8613Briefing Materials for NMAAHC [National Museum of African American History and Culture], 2002
II.8614Briefing Materials for NMAAHC [National Museum of African American History and Culture] - Miscellaneous, 2002
II.8615Briefing Materials for NMAAHC [National Museum of African American History and Culture], 2002
II.8616Briefing Materials for NMAAHC [National Museum of African American History and Culture] - Copies of Letters Sent to NAAMHC Commission Members, 2002
II.8617Briefing Materials for NMAAHC [National Museum of African American History and Culture], 2002
II.8618Briefing Materials for NMAAHC [National Museum of African American History and Culture], 2002
II.871National African American History Museum Project - Part I (1 of 2), 2001
II.872National African American History Museum Project - Part I (2 of 2), 2001
II.873National African American History Museum Project - Part II (1 of 2), 2001
II.874National African American History Museum Project - Part II (2 of 2), 2001
II.875Senior Issues: Georgia Groups on Aging, 1997
II.876Senior Issues: Medicare, 2000
II.877Senior Issues: Medicare Card, 1999
II.878Senior Issues: Tax Tips for Seniors, 1997-1998
II.879Senior Issues: Senior Groups, 1998-2000
II.8710Senior Issues: Senator Cleland's Senior Initiatives/Senior Quotes, 2000
II.8711Senior Issues: Older Americans Act, 1999-2000
II.8712Senior Issues: Fraud against Seniors, 1999
II.8713Senior Issues: Senior Forum on Crime, 1998 May 30
II.8714Senior Issues: Social Security - General, 1997-2000
II.8715Senior Issues: Social Security - Privatization, 2000
II.8716Senior Issues: Social Security - Budget, 1999
II.8717Senior Issues: Social Security- Earnings Limit, 2000
II.8718Senior Issues: Home Health - 106th Congress, 1999
II.8719Tax Letters, 1999-2000
II.8720Taxes: Banking Letters, 1999-2002
II.881Taxes: Low Income Housing Tax Credit Bill, 2001
II.882Taxes: Small Business Regulatory Reform, 2002
II.883Trade: Fast Track, 2002
II.884Trade, 2001
II.885Trade: S.1640 Tariff Suspension, 2001
II.886Trade: Pakistan Textiles, 2002
II.887Trade: CAFE [Corporate Average Fuel Economy], 1999-2002
II.888Trade: ATPA (Andean Trade Preferences), 2002
II.889Trade: Russia - UGA Project (CITS [Center for International Trade and Security]), 2000-2001
II.8810Trade: TPN [Transatlantic Policy Network] Senator Cleland Meeting, 2000 September 28
II.8811Trade: Canadian Lumber Issue, 2000-2001
II.8812-14Trade: [Arctic National Wildlife Refuge], 1993-2002
II.8815Trade: [FTAA (Free Trade Area of the Americas)], 2002
II.8816Veterans Affairs: Veterans Preference S.1021 copies, 1997
II.8817Veterans Affairs: Veterans Preference, 1997
II.8818"Veterans Affairs: VE [Veterans Employment] Speech: Floor Speech, Veterans Preference", 1997
II.8819Veterans Affairs: [Military Health Care], 1999
II.8820Veterans Affairs: Naus [National Association for Uniformed Services], 1998
II.8821"Veterans Affairs: Max's Opening Statement, Veterans Stuff", 1997
II.8822"Veterans Affairs: Dual Compensation: Double Dipping, Military Retirement, and Federal Compensation", 1994-1997
II.8823Veterans Affairs: [Military Health Care], 1997
II.8824Veterans Affairs: [Congressional Research Services Report], 1997
II.8825Veterans Affairs: Medicare Subvention, 1997
II.8826Veterans Affairs: VE [Veterans Employment] Bill: Veteran MIA/POW Language in DOJ [Department of Justice] Appropriations, 1998
II.8827Veterans Affairs: [Vietnam Veterans Memorial], 1998
II.8828Veterans Affairs: VA Laundries, 1997
II.8829Veterans Affairs: VRA [Veterans Readjustment Act], undated
II.8830Veterans Affairs: Augusta VA - Prison Inmates, 1998
II.8831Veterans Affairs: POW/MIA [Prisoners of War/ Missing in Action], 1998
II.8832Veterans Affairs: VA Budget, 1998
II.8833Veterans Affairs: Vet Visits, 1999
II.8834Veterans Affairs: Kizer- Nomination, 1998
II.8835Veterans Affairs: Out Patient Clinic - Albany, 1998
II.891Veterans Affairs: Cemetery- Point Lookout, 1998
II.892Veterans Affairs: VE [Veterans Employment] Issue: Concurrent Receipt VA Disable and Retirement Pay, 1995
II.893Veterans Affairs: Legal Aid - Disable Veterans, undated
II.894Veterans Affairs: Survivor Benefits, 1999
II.895Veterans Affairs: VE [Veterans Employment] Issue: Forgotten Widows Survivors Benefits, 1997
II.896Veterans Affairs: Funerals, 1998
II.897Veterans Affairs: Purple Heart Vets, 1998
II.898Veterans Affairs: Nage Survey- VA, 1998
II.899Veterans Affairs: VA Eligibility, 1998
II.8910Veterans Affairs: VA Mileage Reimburse, 1998
II.8911Veterans Affairs: VA Direct Deposit, 1998
II.8912Veterans Affairs: VA Home Loans, 1998
II.8913Veterans Affairs: Augusta- VA, 1997
II.8914Veterans Affairs: Vets Health Fact Sheet, 1998
II.8915Veterans Affairs: Vets QDR [Quadrennial Defense Review] Report, 1997
II.8916Veterans Affairs: [Veterans Employment Opportunity Act], 1997
II.8917Veterans Affairs: [VA Medical Care], 1996
II.8918Veterans Affairs: Anthrax, 1999
II.8919Veterans Affairs: [National Veterans Cemetery in Metro Atlanta], 1998
II.8920Veterans Affairs: MHR [Military Healthcare Reform], 1997
II.8921Veterans Affairs: Random Stuff From VA, 1998
II.8922Veterans Affairs, 1999
II.8923Veterans Affairs: Vince/ John Galbraith, 1999
II.8924Veterans Affairs: [Hammer Program], 1999
II.8925Veterans Affairs: Projects for Sargent Shaft, 1999
II.8926Veterans Affairs: Disabled Vets Memorial, 1999
II.8927Veterans Affairs: [VA Health Care Reform], 1999
II.8928Veterans Affairs: VA Homeless Vets, 1998
II.8929Veterans Affairs: [Low Income Medication Assistance], 1997
II.8930Veterans Affairs: Veterans Preference Insert, 1997
II.8931Veterans Affairs: Vet Health Insert, 1997
II.8932Veterans Affairs: [Military Healthcare], 1997-1998
II.8933Veterans Affairs: [Veterans Preference], 1997
II.901Veterans Affairs: Open Projects, 1998
II.902Veterans Affairs: [Homeless Veterans], 1999
II.903Veterans Affairs: [CRS [Congressional Research Services] and Budget Reports], 1998
II.904Veterans Affairs: [Medicare], 1998
II.905Veterans Affairs: [Medicare - IPS [Interim Payment System]], 1998
II.906Veterans Affairs: Social Security - Raising the Retirement Age and Background Issues, 1998
II.907Veterans Affairs: Changes to the Social Security Earnings Test, 1997
II.908Veterans Affairs: [Medicare], 1998
II.909Veterans Affairs: [BBA [Balanced Budget Amendment] - Venipuncture], 1997
II.9010Veterans Affairs: [Private Contracts and Medicare], undated
II.9011Veterans Affairs: [VA Healthcare Enrollment], 1998
II.9012Veterans Affairs: [HCFA (Healthcare Financing Administration) Guidelines], 1997
II.9013Veterans Affairs: [HCFA [Healthcare Financing Administration], 1998
II.9014Veterans Affairs: [OOA/BBA (Older Americans Act/ Balanced Budget Amendment)], 1998
II.9015Veterans Affairs: [Older Americans Act], undated
II.9016Veterans Affairs: [Veterans Healthcare], 1998
II.9017Water: Drought/Water Restrictions, 2000
II.9018Water: New Savannah River Lock And Dam; Augusta Lock and Dam, 1999-2000
II.9019Water: New Savannah River Lock And Dam; Augusta Lock and Dam: Industry Views, 1999-2000
II.9020"Water: S.252, Clean Water Infrastructure Financing Act", 2000-2001
II.9021"Water: Jasper County, South Carolina", 2000-2002
II.9022"[Water: Port in Jasper County, South Carolina]", 2000-2001
II.9023Water: Atlanta Water/Sewage Problems, 1998-1999
II.9024Water: Atlanta Wastewater System Improvement Program - Request for Federal Assistance, undated
II.9025Water: Water/Wastewater, 2001-2002
II.9026Water: Wastewater/Water Infrastructure, 2002
II.9027Water: Atlanta Water/Chattahoochee, 1998-2001
II.9028Water: Water Resources Development Act [WRDA], 2002
II.911Water: S.1961 [Water Infrastructure Act], 2002
II.912Water: Savannah Harbor Deepening, 1998-1999
II.913Water: Brunswick Harbor, 2000
II.914Water: AIWW [Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway], 2002
II.915Water: Energy and Water Appropriations - Requests, 2000
II.916Water: Energy and Water Appropriations - Metro North Georgia Planning District, 2000
II.917Water: Energy and Water Appropriations - [Requests], 2000-2001
II.918Water: Energy and Water Appropriations - FY02, 2001
II.919Water: Energy and Water Appropriations - [Requests], 2001
II.9110Water: Energy and Water Appropriations - CPBR [Consortium for Plant Biotechnology Research] Plant Biotech, 2001
II.9111Water: Energy and Water Appropriations - SRS [Savannah River Site], 2002
II.9112Water: Energy and Water Appropriations, 2001
II.9113Water: Energy and Water Appropriations - Columbus Water Works, 2001
II.9114Water:[ Energy and Water Appropriations], 2001
II.9115Water: Energy and Water Appropriations - FY01, 2000
II.9116Water: [Energy and Water Appropriations], 2000
II.9117Water: Georgia Ports - General, 2000
II.9118Water: WRDA [Water Resources Development Act], 2002
II.9119Water: Legislative Initiatives, 2000
II.9120Water: Wetlands Mitigation Banking, 1998
II.9121"Water: Alternative Water Source Development Act, S.968", 1998
II.9122Water: Mayo's Bar Lock and Dam, 2000
II.9123Water: Savannah River Basin Study, 1997-2000
II.9124Water: Chattooga Watershed - Nicholson Tract, 1998-1999
II.9125Water: Russell Dam, 1999
II.9126"Water: [Correspondence; Includes Animal Welfare, Agriculture, Anti-Semitism]", 2002
II.9127"Water: H.R. 4299, National Recreational Lakes Act", 2000
II.9128Water: ACF [Apalachicola Chattahoochee-Flint River Basin] - ACT [Alabama-Coosa-Tallapoosa River Basin] - Press Items, 2001
II.9129Water: Apalachicola, 2000
II.9130Water: Water Allocation Compact, 1999
II.9131Water: Lake Seminole, 1997
II.9132Water: Lake Lanier - General, 1999-2001
II.9133Water: Lake Lanier - EPD [Environmental Protection Division] Gwinnett Discharge, 2000
II.9134Water: Lake Lanier - Suit v. Counties, 2001
II.9135Water: Memos/Correspondence NSBL&D [New Savannah Bluff Lock and Dam], 2001
II.9136Water: Big Haynes Creek, 1998-2000
II.9137Water: New Harbor Light Marina, 2000
II.9138Water: Columbus Wet Weather Institute, 2000
II.9139[Farmland Protection Program/ Arabia Mountain], 2000
II.9140Arabia Mountain- McKinney, 2000
II.9141Arabia Mountain National Heritage Area - Feasibility Study, 2001
II.921-2Water: [Arabia Mountain], 2000-2002
II.923Abortion, 1997-1998
II.924Balanced Budget Amendment, 1997
II.925Bosnia, 1997-1998
II.926Budget, 1997-1998
II.927CAFE [Corporate Average Fuel Economy] Standards, 2002
II.928Campaign Finance Reform, 1997
II.929Chemical Weapons Treaty, 1997-2002
II.9210China, 1998-2000
II.9211Clean Air, 1997-1998
II.9212CTBT [Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty], 1999
II.9213Cuba, 2002
II.9214[DPC] Democratic Policy Committee, 1997
II.9215Disasters - Policy, 1998
II.9216Drug Control, 1997
II.9217Education Funding, 1997
II.9218Education: Vouchers/ Education Savings Accounts, 1997-1998
II.9219"ENDA [Employment Non-Discrimination Act]/Hate Crimes/"Don't Ask, Don't Tell"", 1997-2001
II.9220European Union/OSCE [Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe]/WEU [Western European Union], 1997-1998
II.9221FDA [Food and Drug Administration], 1997
II.9222Flex/Comp Time, 1996-1997
II.9223Forestry, 1997
II.931Health Care - Children, 1997
II.932Health Care - HMO Reform, 1998-2001
II.933Home Health Care/ Halamandaris, 1998
II.934India/Pakistan, 1998
II.935Israel, 1998
II.936Japan, 2000
II.937Korea, 1998-2001
II.938Landmines, 1997
II.939Long Term Health Care, 1999-2000
II.9310Nuclear Energy, 1997
II.9311Preservation, 1995-1997
II.9312Private Property Rights, 1997-1998
II.9313Puerto Rico, 1997-1998
II.9314Regulatory Reform, 1997-1998
II.9315Russia, 1998-1999
II.9316Sanctions/ Exports/ National Security, 1998
II.9317Small Business, 1997
II.9318Social Security/ Medicare, 1996-1998
II.9319Space, 1997-1998
II.9320Taiwan, 1999-2001
II.9321TEAM [Teamwork for Employers and Managers] Act, 1997
II.9322Terrorism/ Weapons of Mass Destruction, 1998
II.9323Tobacco, 1997-1998
II.9324Trade: Fast Track, 1997
II.9325Turkey, 1998
II.9326Veterans, 1997
II.9327Welfare, 1997-1999
II.941Higher Education Act, 1998
II.942Higher Education Act - Women/HEA Reauthorization, 1998
II.943Higher Education Act - HBCUs [Historically Black Colleges and Universities]/ HEA Reauthorization, 1998
II.944FDA [Food and Drug Administration] Reform, 1997
II.945Kinship Care, 1998
II.946Co-Sponsor -Misc, 1997
II.947Co-Sponsor - Health Issues, 1997
II.948Co-Sponsor - Education, 1997
II.949Co-Sponsor - Naming Bills, 1997
II.9410Job Training, 1997
II.9411Job Training - Senate, 1997
II.9412Job Training - House, 1997
II.9413Co-Sponsor - Misc, 1998
II.9414Co-Sponsor - Education, 1998
II.9415Co-Sponsor - Health Care, 1998
II.9416Memos, 1997-1998
II.9417Dr. Satcher's Nomination, 1997-1998
II.9418Ricky Ray Hemophilia, 1997
II.9419Inside Sales, 1998
II.9420S.12 [The Education for the 21st Century Act], 1997
II.9421We the People Center for Civic Education and the National Conference of State Legislatures, 1998
II.9422Security Background Checks, 1998
II.9423Armed Services - Army Transformation, 2001
II.9424Armed Services - Georgia Installations, 1999-2000
II.9425Armed Services - GI Bill, 2000-2001
II.9426Armed Services - Military Health Care, 1997-1999
II.951Armed Services - Kosovo, 1998-2002
II.952Armed Services - NATO [North American Treaty Organization], 1997-2002
II.953Armed Services - Personnel, 1999-2002
II.954Global Role Dialogues - Administration, 1999
II.955Global Role Dialogues - Arms Control, 1999-2000
II.956Global Role Dialogues - Background, 1999-2001
II.957Global Role Dialogues - Balance of Power/Realism, 1997-2000
II.958Global Role Dialogues - Cleland Materials, 1997-1999
II.959Global Role Dialogues - CRS [Congressional Research Service] Material, 1999-2000
II.9510Global Role Dialogues - Dear Colleagues, 2000
II.9511Global Role Dialogues - Humanitarianism, 1999-2001
II.9512Global Role Dialogues - US Military Intervention, 1999-2000
II.9513Global Role Dialogues - Multilateral Organizations, 1999-2000
II.9514Global Role Dialogues - National Interests, 1998-2000
II.9515Global Role Dialogues - Press Coverage, 1999-2001
II.9516Global Role Dialogues - The Public, 2000
II.9517Global Role Dialogues - Unilateralism, 1999-2001
II.9518Global Role Dialogues - Wilsonian Interventionism, 2000
II.9519Reporting/Approval of Military Interventions, 1999
II.9520Atlantic Council Project on Future of Atlantic Alliance, 2000-2002
II.9521Global Role Dialogues - Transcripts, 2000
II.961Impeachment, 1998-1999
II.962Election Reform - Electoral College, 2000-2001
II.963Election Reform - Voting Process, 2000-2001
II.964Election Reform - Military Voting, 2001
II.965Election Reform - Cleland Bill, 2001
II.966Governmental Affairs Investigation, 1997
II.967Legislative Meetings, 2001
II.968Centrist Coalition, 2001
II.969Enron/Commerce, 2001-2002
II.9610Atlanta Regional Commission [ARC]/Planning/CMAQ [Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality] Improvement Organization/Georgia 400 Corridor, 1998-1999
II.9611Cleland Metro Transportation Initiatives, 1998-2000
II.9612Georgia Rail Passenger Authority/Commuter Rail, 1998-2000
II.9613Georgia Regional Transportation Authority, 1998-2000
II.9614MARTA [Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority]/Mass Transit, 1996-1999
II.9615Smart Growth, 1999-2001
II.9616"Okefenokee - Strip Mining, DuPont", 1997
II.9617106th, 1999-2000
II.9618Animal Rights: Ban Cockfighting, 1998-2000
II.9619"Animal Rights: S. Con. Res. 45, Humane Slaughter Act", 2001
II.9620Animal Rights: BLM [Bureau Of Land Management]- Wild Horse and Burro Program, 1997
II.9621Animal Rights: Horse Protection Strategic Plan, 1998
II.971Animal Rights: TWW- Teaming with Wildlife - Fish And Wildlife Conservation Enhancement Act, 1997
II.972Animal Rights: Campfire Program, 1997
II.973"Animal Rights: S.850, Downed Animal Protection Act", 1997
II.974"Animal Rights: S.361, Rhino and Tiger Product Labeling Act ", 1998
II.975"Animal Rights: "Sensitive Species" Forest Service", 1998
II.976Animal Rights: Turtle Excluding Devices (TEDs), 1998
II.977Animal Rights: Captive Exotic Animals Act, 1997
II.978"Animal Rights: S.1197, Dog and Cat Protection Act", 1999
II.979Animal Rights: Endocrine Disruptors [Animal Testing], 1998
II.9710Animal Rights: Steel Leghold Traps, 1999
II.9711FEMA/Disaster Programs: General Information, 1998-2000
II.9712FEMA/Disaster Programs: Savannah Project, 1997-2000
II.9713FEMA/Disaster Programs: Natural Disaster Initiative, 1998
II.9714FEMA/Disaster Programs: Disaster Assistance - 105th, 1998
II.9715FEMA/Disaster Programs: SBA [Small Business Administration] Disaster Assistance, 2000
II.9716FEMA/Disaster Programs: Natural Disaster Reduction Initiative (NDRI), 1998-1999
II.9717FEMA/Disaster Programs: Hurricane Floyd, 1999
II.9718FEMA/Disaster Programs: Disaster Caucus, 2000-2001
II.9719FEMA/Disaster Programs: Small Business Disaster Mitigation Bill, 1999
II.9720FEMA/Disaster Programs: Disaster Mitigation and Cost Reduction Act of 1999, 1999
II.9721FEMA/Disaster Programs: Tornado, 1998-1999
II.9722FEMA/Disaster Programs: Disaster Bills S.1361, 2000
II.9723FEMA/Disaster Programs: Natural Disaster Act, 1997
II.9724FEMA/Disaster Programs: FIRE [Firefighter Investment and Response Enhancement] Act HR1168, 1999
II.9725[MSG in Food], 1996
II.9726Animal Rights: [Animal Testing], 2000
II.9727Olympics: SITC [Savannah International Training Center], 1999
II.9728Olympics, 1998-1999
II.9729Olympics: NMD [investigation of Olympic Scandals], 1999
II.9730FY 2002 Appropriations, 2002
II.9731107th Congress Correspondence, 2001-2002
II.981106th Congress Correspondence, 2000
II.982Tom Sikes (Request for a Private Bill), 2002
II.983"FYI Memos, Letters", 2002
II.984Cleland Requests, 2002
II.985Cleland Requests: National Commission on Terrorist Attacks in the US, 2002
II.986Cleland Requests: Law Enforcement Tax Exemption Proposal, 2002
II.987Cleland Requests: Bill J. Requests, 2002
II.988"Cleland Requests: Letter to Sarbanes, Re: Carter Gold Medal", 2002
II.989Cleland Requests: Friends of JonBenet, 2002
II.9810Atlanta University Center: Morris Brown College, 2001-2002
II.9811Atlanta University Center: Spelman College, 2001-2002
II.9812Atlanta University Center: Armstrong Atlantic State University, 2001-2002
II.9813Atlanta University Center: Morehouse School of Medicine, 2001-2002
II.9814Martin Luther King Monument Honorary Congressional Committee, 2002
II.9815King Gold Medal [S.1476], 2001-2002
II.9816Indigent Defense, 2002
II.98172000 Census, 2000-2002
II.9818"Appropriations FY 2001 Commerce, Justice, State, the Judiciary", 2001
II.9819Benjamin Mays Presidential Medal of Freedom, 2001-2002
II.9820Lee Woodcock Postal Naming Bill, 2002
II.9821Earl Shinhoster Post Office Bill, 2001
II.9822Earl Shinhoster Postal Naming Legislation, 2001-2002
II.9823ACLU 107th Congress Issues, 2002
II.9824"Appropriations FY 2001 Labor, HHS [Health and Human Services]", 2001
II.9825CCSU [Clayton College and State University] Request 2002, 2002
II.9826Clayton College and State University, 2001
II.9827Campaign Finance Reform: [Campaign Finance Reform], 2000-2002
II.9828Campaign Finance Reform: Torricelli Amendment, 2000-2002
II.9829Campaign Finance Reform: [Campaign Finance Reform], 2000-2002
II.9830Campaign Finance Reform: Campaign Finance FEC [Federal Election Commission] Reform, 2000-2002
II.9831Campaign Finance Reform: Miscellaneous, 2000-2002
II.9832Commerce Committee CPSC [Consumer Product Safety Commission]- Gun Locks -107th Congress, 2001
II.9833"Faith Based and Community Initiatives (CARE Act [Charity Aid, Recovery, and Empowerment Act])", 2001-2002
II.9834S.2078 Political Organization Disclosure Bill, 2002
II.991Digital Divide Bill (Cleland legislation), 2002
II.992Carter Gold Medal, 2002
II.993"Proposed MC-Lewis Legislation , Re: Teen Alcohol Use", 2002
II.994"Miller's Plan to Establish "Black Belt Commission"", 2001-2002
II.995FEC [Federal Election Commission] Reform, 2002
II.996Cleland Press/Statements/Local Initiatives, 2000-2001
II.997107th Congress - Dear Colleagues, 2002
II.998107th Congress Committees, 2001
II.999Democratic Policy Committee Leadership Bills (DPC), 2001
II.9910Labor - ERISA [Employee Retirement Income Security Act], 2000
II.9911SRT (Letters to Constituent Groups), 2000
II.9912Senator's Letters, 1998-2000
II.9913Bills Cleland Is Not Co-sponsoring, 1999-2000
II.9914"S.821, Traffic Stops Statistics Act", 1999-2002
II.9915Flag Amendment - 106th Congress, 2000
II.9916Confederate Flag, 2001
II.9917City of Atlanta: Justice USMS [US Marshall's Service & Homicide Prevention], 2001
II.9918Joint Letter to U.S. Marshall's Service Re: City of Atlanta Housing Federal Prisoners, 2000-2001
II.9919Juvenile Justice Bill, 1999-2001
II.9920Tobacco, 2000
II.9921Big Brothers/Big Sisters, 2001
II.9922Guns, 2000
II.9923HUD [Housing and Urban Development]/Federal Government Lawsuits Against Gun Industry, 2000
II.99241999-2001 Constituent Visits, 1999-2001
II.9925Constituent Meetings, 1999-2001
II.9926Law Enforcement Issues, 1999-2001
II.9927"FACE 5 Initiative [Firearms in Atlanta Can Equal 5 Years in Prison] - Atlanta, Georgia", 1999-2000
II.9928Fatherhood Initiative, 1999-2000
II.9929Food Stamps, 1999-2000
II.9930Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP), 2000
II.9931Homeless, 2000
II.9932Foster Care/Adoption, 1999-2001
II.9933Human Services - Childcare/Child Support, 1999-2001
II.9934Human Services - Child Abuse, 1999-2001
II.9935Human Services - General/Letters, 1997-1998
II.9936Human Services - Welfare Reform, 1999
II.9937Drug Enforcement, 1999
II.1001Miscellaneous Judiciary, 1999
II.1002"Taxpayer Refund Act, S.1429, Amendments", 1999
II.1003Cleland Information to Constituent, 1999
II.1004Labor - Unions, 2000
II.1005Bills Cleland is Cosponsoring, 2002
II.1006HR 1 Education Bill [Includes School Safety Amendment], 2002
II.1007HR 1 Education Bill 107th Congress, 2002
II.1008HR 1 Education Bill 107th Congress: Helms' Boy Scout Amendment, 2002
II.1009King Memorial, 2002
II.10010Lockheed/IAM [International Association of Machinists] Contract Dispute, 2002
II.10011COPS [Community Oriented Policing Services] Program, 2002
II.10012FY 2002 Appropriations Requests, 2002
II.10013"HR 3950, ADA [Americans with Disabilities] Notification Act", 2000
II.10014Job Corp/Goodwill, 2001
II.10015City of Savannah Police Department Construction Project, 2000
II.10016Child Pornography Act, 2002
II.10017Spelman College, 2000
II.1011"S.2061, Kids 2000 Act", 2000
II.1012Votes on Gun Control Measures - 106th Congress, 2000
II.1013"106th "Dear Colleagues"", 2000
II.1014NICS [National Instant Criminal Background Check System] Improvement Act of 2000, 2000
II.1015""Made in USA" Label Defense Act S922/HR1621", 2000
II.1016"Trafficking Victims Protection Act, S.2449, S.2414", 2000
II.1017NRA [National Rifle Association]- Gun Control, 2000-2001
II.1018"Appropriations Amendments, etc.", 2000
II.1019107th Congress Joint Letters, 2001
II.10110Dr. Robert Schuller, 2000
II.10111Clayton College and State University, 1999
II.10112Grant Awards/Announcements, 2001
II.10113National Forensic Sciences, 2000
II.10114GAC [Governmental Affairs Council] - Oil Prices, 2000
II.10115Governmental Affairs Committee, 1998
II.10116"Southwest Hospital - Atlanta, Georgia", 2000
II.10117-21Labor Issues Miscellaneous, 2000
II.10122-23Senate Ethics Issues, 2001-2002
II.10124Judiciary Legislation/ Labor Legislation, 2002
II.10125United States Census, 2000-2001
II.10126A Guide to the Federal Judiciary, 1997
II.10127"Congressional Record ["Gun Show Loophole"]", 2001
II.1021-2Georgia Economic Indicators, 2001
II.1023U.S. Postal issues, 2000-2001
II.1024Sam Nunn Federal Building, 1998
II.1025Responsible Fatherhood Act, 1999-2000
II.1026F.A.L.N. [Puerto Rican Nationalist Group] Clemency, 2000
II.1027Campaign Finance Reform, 2000
II.1028FY 2001 Budget, 2000
II.1029Cash Balance Pension Plans, 1999
II.10210Sec. 408/S.741 and Sec. 620/HR.1102 ERISA [Employee Retirement Income Security Act] Amendments Affects DOL [Department of Labor] Right to Sue, 2001
II.10211Pension Reform, 1999
II.10212Unions - Award of Federal Contracts, 1999-2001
II.10213Employee Stock Options, 2000
II.10214FPI [Federal Prison Industries] - Prison Labor, 2001
II.10215Information for Annual Report Boards, Recommendation Letters, Etc.", 2001
II.10216Miscellaneous Senate Ethics Rules, 2000-2002
II.1031Staff Travel Reimbursement Forms, 2001-2002
II.1032Ethics - Pending, 2002
II.1033S.254/Gun Control, 1999
II.1034[Miscellaneous Judiciary Issues]: Waco Investigation, 1999
II.1035[Miscellaneous Judiciary Issues]: Preston King Re: Clemency, 2000
II.1036[Miscellaneous Judiciary Issues]: Miscellaneous Investigations, 1999
II.1037[Miscellaneous Judiciary Issues], 1999-2000
II.1038[Miscellaneous Judiciary Issues]: Coverdell National Forensic Sciences Improvement Act, 2001
II.1039[Miscellaneous Judiciary Issues], 1999
II.10310RISS [Regional Information Sharing System] Program, 2001
II.10311National Instant Criminal Background Check System [NICS], 2000
II.10312ROCIC [Regional Organized Crime Information Center], 1999
II.10313Miscellaneous Labor Issues, 1999-2001
II.10314S.511 Voting Accessibility for the Elderly and Handicapped, 1999
II.10315Violence Against Women Act, 1999-2002
II.10316Governmental Affairs Miscellaneous, 2001
II.10317Constituent Requests, 2001
II.10318S.1428 Intelligence Authorization Bill FY2002, 2001
II.10319Economic Stimulus Package, 2001-2002
II.10320Lee Hardeman [Atlanta Airport Issues], 2002
II.10321Unemployment Insurance, 2000
II.10322"Unemployment Insurance: Temporary Emergency Unemployment Compensation, S.1541", 2002
II.10323Latino Groups, 2000-2001
II.10324Latino Groups: Immigration, 2000-2002
II.1041"[Immigration Issues]: Driver's Licenses, National ID Cards", 2002
II.1042[Immigration Issues]: Durbin Legislation Re: Driver's Licenses, 2001
II.1043[Immigration Issues], undated
II.1044[Immigration Issues]: H-1B Visas, 2000
II.1045[Immigration Issues]: INS [Immigration and Naturalization Service] - Hartsfield, 2001
II.1046[Immigration Issues]: American Immigration Lawyers Association - Immigration Agenda, 2001
II.1047[Immigration Issues: Gehad Tawfik], 2001
II.1048[Immigration Issues: Border Security - ACLU [American Civil Liberties Union]], 2001
II.1049[Immigration Issues]: Travel and Tourism Visa Waiver Program, 1999-2000
II.10410[Immigration Issues]: AILA [American Immigration Lawyers Association] Issues, 2001
II.10411[Immigration Issues]: HR 3525 Enhanced Border Security and Visa Entry Reform Act of 2001, 2001-2002
II.10412[Immigration Issues]: Immigration and Refugee Services of America - Resettling Refugees in America, 2002
II.10413[Immigration Issues: Restoration of Fairness in Immigration Law of 2002], 2002
II.10414[Immigration Issues]: Extension of 245(i) [Section of the Immigration and Nationality Act], 2002
II.10415Department of Justice Anti-Terrorism Proposals, 2001
II.10416Worker Assistance and Economic Stimulus, 2001
II.10417Judiciary Miscellaneous, 1999-2000
II.10418Constituent Visits, 2001
II.10419[Labor - Miscellaneous], 2001-2002
II.10420Gay/Lesbian/Transgender Issues, 2001-2002
II.10421DNA Crime Labs, 2001
II.10422-25Ergonomics, 2001-2002
II.10426S.420 Bankruptcy Bill, 2001
II.10427Gun Show Loophole - Reed Bill, 2001
II.10428Gun Show Loophole - McCain- Lieberman Bill, 2002
II.1051CRS Information Pack on Applying for Grants, undated
II.1052Federal Election Practices and Procedure Hearing, 2001 May 9
II.1053Constituent Inquiries and Visits, 2001-2002
II.1054"Constituent Inquiries, Meetings, Briefings, Info/Memos", 2002
II.1055Minimum Wage Data, 2001
II.1056Minimum Wage, 2001
II.1057Public Law Review, 1999
II.1058Constituent Visits, 1999-2001
II.1059United States of America v. Microsoft Corporation, 2000
II.10510United States Parole Commission, 2001
II.10511Senate Records Management Handbook, 1999
II.10512Report on Airline Customer Service Commitment, 2000
II.10513Miscellaneous Reports received by Senator Cleland, 2001
II.10514Congressional Record, 2002
II.10515United States Commission on Civil Rights Report, 2001
II.10516George Washington University Election Reform Report, 2001
II.10517Guide to the Family and Medical Leave Act, 1998
II.10518Guide on Pension Rights, 1995
II.10519Summary of General Statutes Enacted in Georgia Legislature (2001 and 2002 sessions), 2001-2002
II.10520"Wage Grade - Pay Parity, Outsourcing Jobs", 2000-2001
II.10521Workforce Investment Act, 2001
II.10522Truth in Employment Act, 1998
II.1061-2"Women's Issues/Equal Pay Act, Pay Fairness Act", 1998-2000
II.1063Class Action Fairness Act: S.353, undated
II.1064Class Action Fairness Act: S.1712, 2002
II.1065Crime Victims Constitutional Amendment, 1999-2000
II.1066-11Asbestos Compensation Act, 1999
II.10612Civil Asset Forfeiture Reform Act, 1999-2000
II.10613OSHA's [Occupational Safety and Health Administration] Ergonomics Standard, 1999-2001
II.10614National Forensic Sciences Improvement Act, 2000
II.10615Minimum Wage, 1999-2000
II.1071Clinton Impeachment Trial: House Record as Referred to the Senate for Trial (1 of 2), 1998
II.1072Clinton Impeachment Trial: House Record as Referred to the Senate for Trial (2 of 2), 1998
II.1073Clinton Impeachment Trial: House Record as Referred to the Senate for Trial (1 of 4), 1998
II.1074Clinton Impeachment Trial: House Record as Referred to the Senate for Trial (2 of 4), 1998
II.1075Clinton Impeachment Trial: House Record as Referred to the Senate for Trial (3 of 4), 1998
II.1076Clinton Impeachment Trial: House Record as Referred to the Senate for Trial (4 of 4), 1998
II.1077Clinton Impeachment Trial: House Record as Referred to the Senate for Trial, 1998
II.1078Clinton Impeachment Trial: House Record as Referred to the Senate for Trial (1 of 2), 1998
II.1079Clinton Impeachment Trial: House Record as Referred to the Senate for Trial (2 of 2), 1998
II.108President Clinton Impeachment Trial (15 volumes), 1998
II.1081Clinton Impeachment Trail: Senator Max Cleland - Briefing Book, 1999
II.1082Clinton Impeachment Trail: Trial Brief, 1999
II.1091-2Clinton Impeachment Trail: Appendix to Trial Memorandum of President, 1999
II.1093Clinton Impeachment Trail: Minority Staff - House Judiciary Committee Materials, 1999
II.1094Clinton Impeachment Trail: White Trial Memorandum, 1999
II.1095Clinton Impeachment Trail: House of Representatives Replication, 1999
II.1096Clinton Impeachment Trail: Materials Prepared by Democratic Caucus for Democratic Senators, 1998
II.1097Clinton Impeachment Trail: Reference Material, 1998-1999
II.1098Clinton Impeachment Trail: Miscellaneous, 1999
II.1099Clinton Impeachment Trail: Senator's Materials from the Floor, 1999
II.10910Clinton Impeachment Trail: Opening Prayers: Impeachment Trial of the President of the U.S., 1999
ER 3Cleland and Miller VA_HUD 2003 Disk with Correct Spreadsheet [digital files], 2002
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ER 4Cleland and Miller VA_HUD FY 2003 [digital files], 2002
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ER 5Cleland and Miller VA_HUD Spreadsheet [digital files], 2002
ER 6College Partners, Inc FY03 VA_HUD Appropriations, Dale P Dirks [digital files], 2002
ER 7VA_HUD Spreadsheet and EDIs Cleland and Miller [digital files], 2002

Subseries C. Voting Record , 1997-2002

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Subseries C. Voting Record is composed of reports prepared by the Senate and by Cleland's office about his legislative voting record, organized either by date or by subject.
II.10911Senator Cleland's Votes, 1997-1999
II.10912Senator Cleland's Votes, 2000-2001
II.1101Senator Cleland's Votes, 1997
II.1102Summary of Cleland Legislative Record (Bills and Amendments), 1997-2002
II.1103Summary of Cleland Legislative Accomplishments, 1997-2002
II.1104Cleland Appropriation Activities, 2001-2002
II.1105-6Legislative Activities for Senator Cleland, 1997-2000
II.1107Cleland Accomplishments 105th Congress, 1997-1998