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Herman E. Talmadge Collection, Subgroup C, Series XII: Related Materials, 1. Photographs

Herman E. Talmadge Collection, Subgroup C, Series XII: Related Materials, 1. Photographs

Descriptive Summary

Title: Herman E. Talmadge Collection, Subgroup C, Series XII: Related Materials, 1. Photographs
Creator: Talmadge, Herman E. (Herman Eugene), 1913-2002
Inclusive Dates: 1957-1987
Language(s): English
Extent: 8 box(es) (5 linear feet), 2,665 photographs
Collection Number: RBRL102HET_C_XII_1
Repository: Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies
Abstract: The Herman E. Talmadge Collection, Subgroup C, Series XII: Related Materials, 1. Photographs consists of over 2,600 unique photographs illustrates the life and career of Senator Talmadge and includes personal photographs as well as those released in public service. Early photographs include images of Talmadge's father, Eugene Talmadge, as a young man in 1910 and span his father's and Herman's political careers.

Collection Description

Biographical Note

It was once said if you were not a Talmadge man you were a communist. The Talmadge dynasty began in 1926 when Eugene Talmadge, Herman's father, was first elected Commissioner of Agriculture. Gene would later be elected governor of Georgia to an unprecedented four terms. For over fifty years the Talmadges dominated Georgia politics until Herman was defeated in 1980.

Born on August 9, 1913, on a farm near McRae, Georgia, to Eugene and Mattie Talmadge, Herman attended public schools until his senior year when his family moved to Atlanta. In the fall of 1931, he entered the University of Georgia. By 1936, he had received his law degree and joined his father's law practice.

After serving in the United States Navy during World War II, Talmadge returned to his home in Lovejoy. While continuing to practice law and to farm, Talmadge took over publishing his father's weekly newspaper, The Statesman, and started a ham-curing business.

Talmadge's first involvement in politics was as his father's campaign manager in 1946. Running for an unprecedented fourth term as governor of Georgia, Eugene Talmadge was elected in November 1946, but was in failing health. As a precaution, a small group of Talmadge supporters started a write-in campaign for Herman Talmadge during the general election. When the elder Talmadge died in December 1946, before being sworn in as governor, the Georgia General Assembly elected his son governor by a vote of 161 to 87. But outgoing Governor Ellis Arnall refused to surrender his office unless it was to elected-Lieutenant Governor Melvin E. Thompson. After a period of uncertainty, the Georgia Supreme Court ruled that the constitutional portion under which the General Assembly had elected Herman Talmadge did not apply. The court declared M. E. Thompson acting governor until a special election could be held. In September 1948, Talmadge was elected governor and re-elected in 1950, serving until January 1955.

As governor, Herman Talmadge concentrated on improving educational opportunities for children of all races by establishing youth centers, increasing construction of rural roads, and building additional hospitals and health care centers.

When Senator Walter George officially announced his decision not to run for United States Senate, Talmadge started campaigning to take his place. Once again he was opposed by M. E. Thompson, but defeated him in the Democratic primary. With no Republican opposition in the general election in November 1956, Talmadge was elected United States senator.

The civil rights movement of the 1950s ultimately effected equal rights legislation for African-Americans and eliminated segregated public facilities in the South. Although progress toward integrating public schools was achieved, a majority of whites in the South remained adamant in their resistance to desegregation.

As part of that majority, Talmadge had voiced his opposition as early as the 1948 Democratic Convention when President Harry Truman tried to add civil rights to the platform. And in response to the Supreme Court ruling in Brown vs. Board of Education, Talmadge authored a book in 1955 about the wisdom of segregated education entitled You and Segregation.

When Talmadge officially began his term as the junior senator from Georgia in January 1957, he immediately joined the other Southern Democrats in their fight against civil rights legislation. "I never read a civil rights bill that didn't destroy more constitutional rights that it purported to give any group."

In response to the crisis of integrating Little Rock Central High School in Arkansas, Talmadge proposed a constitutional amendment in 1959 that would have permitted the state and local governments to decide whether or not to keep their schools segregated. This proposal was the first acknowledgment from a southern senator that Brown vs. Board of Education was an established fact.

Having won a seat on the Agriculture Committee in 1957, Talmadge wielded his greatest influence on bills that affected American farmers and agriculture. By 1971, he had become chairman of the Senate Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition and Forestry. Some of his major accomplishments in this area included guiding passage of a series of acts, which established price support programs for peanuts, cotton, wheat, and other commodities.

Talmadge probably achieved his greatest national prominence through his role on the Senate Select Committee on Presidential Campaign Activities, which investigated the Watergate scandal and ultimately led to the resignation of the president and vice president of the United States, as well as the conviction of three cabinet members on felony charges. Talmadge thought that the Watergate investigation was one of the most important events in the history of the United States and demonstrated that a republican form of government has a way of correcting the conduct of public officials and alerting others not to make the same mistake.

At the same time he was gaining national recognition, Talmadge was besieged by a series of personal and political tragedies. In 1975, his son Robert drowned in a swimming accident at Lake Lanier; by the fall of 1977, Betty and Herman Talmadge had finalized their divorce; then, in 1978, Talmadge came to grips with a serious drinking problem. Following an alcohol treatment program at the naval hospital in Long Beach, California, he returned to Washington, ready to work, but met with scandal instead. Shortly after returning to the Capitol, Talmadge was accused of misappropriating office funds and campaign donations for his own personal use. The Senate Ethics Committee investigated the allegations and recommended that Talmadge be "denounced" for his reprehensible behavior and sentenced to reimburse the Senate for these controversial funds with interest.

Despite these problems, Talmadge sought his fifth term as senator in 1980, but was rejected by Georgia voters who chose to elect Mack Mattingly to replace him, the first Republican to hold the office since Reconstruction.

Serving twenty-four years in the United States Senate, Talmadge ranked fifth in seniority among Senate Democrats and seventh overall by the time he left office. Herman Talmadge passed away on March 21, 2002.

Scope and Content

The Herman E. Talmadge Collection, Subgroup C, Series XII: Related Materials, 1. Photographs consists of over 2,600 unique photographs illustrates the life and career of Senator Talmadge and includes personal photographs as well as those released in public service. Early photographs include images of Talmadge's father, Eugene Talmadge, as a young man in 1910 and span his father's and Herman's political careers.

Organization and Arrangement

The photographs have been arranged in chronological order.

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Herman E. Talmadge Collection, Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies, The University of Georgia Libraries, Athens, Georgia.

Processing Notes

Oversize photographs have been separated for preservation purposes.

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Library acts as "fair use" reproduction agent.

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Finding Aid Publication

Finding aid prepared on: 2008.

General Notes

The Georgia Department of Archives and History in Atlanta maintains the official papers of Governor Herman Talmadge.

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Subject Terms

4-H clubs
Lockheed Corporation.
Maddox, Lester G., 1915-2003.
Nixon, Richard M. (Richard Milhous), 1913-1994.
Political campaigns.
Russell, Richard B. (Richard Brevard), 1897-1971
Thompson, M. E. (Melvin Ernest), 1903-1980.

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Series Descriptions and Folder Listing


Subgroup C: United States Senatorial Papers

XII. Related Materials

Related materials are items that by physical form are not part of the papers in the collection, but by content are related to the intellectual content of the papers. Any nontextual materials originally filed with papers were removed for preservation purposes and improved access. These materials include photographs, audiovisual materials, artifacts and books; physical form determines arrangement and storage.

1. Photographs , 1910-1989
A collection of over 2,600 unique photographs illustrates the life and career of Senator Talmadge and includes personal photographs as well as those released in public service. Early photographs include images of Talmadge's father, Eugene Talmadge, as a young man in 1910 and span his father's and Herman's political careers.Contents of this collection range from functions within the Senate, such as Democratic Policy Committee meetings, Senate leadership; White House functions to events such as numerous picnics, dinners, and political rallies; and congressional interns. There are a large number of images of Talmadge with well-known individuals, and some images have been autographed. These photographs have been arranged in chronological order. Each has been identified by brief description of the photograph, date and size.
1HET-PF-01Eugene Talmadge - Formal Portrait, circa 1945.
1HET-PF-02Eugene Talmadge seated with two men, circa 1935.
1HET-PF-03Eugene Talmadge profile shot, circa 1940.
1HET-PF-04Eugene Talmadge - Graduate Exercise at Rockingham High School, circa 1930.
1HET-PF-05Eugene and Herman Talmadge, circa 1935.
OS 1HET-PF-05Eugene and Herman Talmadge, circa 1935.
1HET-PF-06Eugene Talmadge standing on a platform speaking to a crowd, circa 1936.
1HET-PF-07Eugene Talmadge speaking on a platform decorated with stars and stripes, circa 1936.
1HET-PF-08American Legion Convention Parade - "Mountain Man" Dean, Richard B. Russell, Jr., Eugene Talmadge and A. W. Davis, 1940.
1HET-PF-09Eugene Talmadge working a crowd, circa 1928.
1HET-PF-10Eugene Talmadge speaking in Dublin, GA - candidate for governor, circa 1946.
1HET-PF-11Prompted by a crowd, Eugene Talmadge displays his famous red suspenders, circa 1940.
1HET-PF-12Eugene Talmadge delivering a speech, circa 1946.
1HET-PF-13Eugene Talmadge Campaigning, circa 1938.
1HET-PF-14Eugene Talmadge with Thomas Dewey and others, circa 1940.
1HET-PF-15Eugene Talmadge campaigning in Washington County, circa 1936.
1HET-PF-16Eugene Talmadge seated with ?, circa 1940.
1HET-PF-17Eugene Talmadge on the air answering questions from station WATL in Atlanta [includes note from AP], 1946 August 2.
1HET-PF-18Privates L. Hartin, Ches Hicks and George Fry eating catfish at Sumer Field in Moultrie, GA, circa 1942.
1HET-PF-19Eugene Talmadge delivering a rousing speech, circa 1946.
1HET-PF-20Eugene Talmadge with a World's Fair Wagon representing Georgia, 1934.
1HET-PF-21Eugene Talmadge swinging at a baseball in Stegman field, Athens, GA, circa 1926.
1HET-PF-22J. J. Brown presenting Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Talmadge with a watermelon [includes letter], circa 1926.
1HET-PF-23Eugene Talmadge shaking hands with his constituents, circa 1936.
1HET-PF-24Colquitt County City of Moultrie Chamber of Commerce Speeches, 1934.
1HET-PF-25Barbecue and Politics in Georgia, circa 1940.
1HET-PF-26Crowd gathered to hear Eugene Talmadge speak at the American Legion Park in Albany, GA, 1940 July 4.
1HET-PF-27Eugene Talmadge carrying a dead turkey, circa 1928.
1HET-PF-28Georgia Democratic Convention Poster (see also HET-PF-49 and HET-PF-63), 1946.
OS 1HET-PF-28Georgia Democratic Convention Poster (see also HET-PF-49 and HET-PF-63) [oversize], 1946.
1HET-PF-29United Daughters of the Confederacy Dinner, circa 1935.
1HET-PF-30Talmadge with three young ladies walking across Stegman field, University of Georgia, circa 1936.
1HET-PF-31Oddly dressed "couple" with two African-American children walking across Stegman field, University of Georgia, circa 1936.
1HET-PF-32Eugene Talmadge in his mid-twenties, circa 1926.
1HET-PF-33Formal Portrait of Eugene Talmadge, circa 1926.
1HET-PF-34Charles Smyly, circa 1930.
1HET-PF-35Mrs. Charles Smyly of Eastman, GA - Daughter of Governor and Mrs. Eugene Talmadge, circa 1930.
1HET-PF-36Herman and Betty Talmadge at the funeral of Eugene Talmadge, 1946 December.
1HET-PF-37Talmadge campaign van with loud speakers in Dublin, GA (see also HET-PF-10), circa 1946.
1HET-PF-38Eugene Talmadge campaigning in South Georgia, circa 1940s.
1HET-PF-39Eugene Talmadge shaking hands with students in front of a school bus full of University of Georgia students, circa 1934.
1HET-PF-40"Toombs County Welcomes Talmadge" banners, 1946.
1HET-PF-41Eugene and Mattie Talmadge, 1946.
1HET-PF-42Eugene Talmadge in a harness buggy being pulled by a horse, circa 1932.
1HET-PF-43Eugene Talmadge shaking hands with a sailor, circa 1942.
1HET-PF-44Man playing his fidel in a local diner, circa 1936.
1HET-PF-45Eugene Talmadge receiving the Selective Service medal from Col. J. N. Keelin, Jr, circa 1942.
1HET-PF-46Eugene Talmadge Statue on the state capitol grounds. See Also HET-PF-649, circa 1956.
1HET-PF-47Eugene Talmadge meeting his constituents, circa 1934.
1HET-PF-48Eugene and Mattie Talmadge in front of a basket of flowers, circa 1932.
1HET-PF-49Georgia Democratic Convention delegates - Macon, GA (see also HET-PF-28 and HET-PF-63), 1946.
1HET-PF-50Eugene Talmadge with two couples, circa 1940.
1HET-PF-51Mattie and Eugene Talmadge in formal attire, circa 1936.
1HET-PF-52Eugene Talmadge receiving gifts from a Pennsylvania delegation, circa 1942.
1HET-PF-53Various poses of a young Eugene Talmadge, circa 1910.
1HET-PF-54Mattie and Eugene Talmadge at a University of Georgia game with ?, circa 1941.
1HET-PF-55Group of older gentlemen discussing politics outside a Western Union office, circa 1945.
1HET-PF-56Two men seated with Eugene Talmadge and General Si Hawkins, circa 1936.
1HET-PF-57Mattie Talmadge christening a vessel, circa 1936.
1HET-PF-58Eugene Talmadge swearing in four men, circa 1936.
1HET-PF-59Eugene Talmadge with two men, circa 1932.
1HET-PF-60Herman Talmadge with 4 men and 1 woman, circa 1940.
1HET-PF-61Two men and Eugene Talmadge dressed in tuxedos, circa 1942.
1HET-PF-62Eugene Talmadge with a unidentified man, circa 1936.
1HET-PF-63Former Governor E. D. Rivers speaking at the Georgia Democratic Convention (See also HET-PF-28 and HET-PF-49), 1946.
1HET-PF-64Governor Eugene Talmadge signing a bill, circa 1932.
1HET-PF-65Two men eating with Eugene Talmadge, circa 1938.
1HET-PF-66Eugene Talmadge with group of men on a boat on the Savannah River, circa 1942.
1HET-PF-67Eugene Talmadge with ? in front of basket of flowers, circa 1932.
1HET-PF-68Unidentified man and Eugene Talmadge attending a banquet in the Henry Grady Hotel in Atlanta, circa 1941.
1HET-PF-69Eugene Talmadge shaking hands with a young man, circa 1942.
1HET-PF-70General Si Hawkins, Eugene Talmadge and Mattie Talmadge with others presenting a silver set, circa 1932.
1HET-PF-71Two men with Eugene Talmadge, circa 1932.
1HET-PF-72Two men eating barbecue with Eugene Talmadge, circa 1926.
1HET-PF-73Eugene Talmadge seated next to unidentified man, circa 1936.
1HET-PF-74Eugene Talmadge speaking with two men, circa 1930.
1HET-PF-75Eugene Talmadge conversing with ?, circa 1937.
1HET-PF-76Eugene Talmadge in a military group picture, circa 1942.
1HET-PF-77Eugene Talmadge - Candidate for Commissioner of Agriculture Poster, 1926.
1HET-PF-78Eugene and Mattie Talmadge with their dog, circa 1942.
1HET-PF-79Eugene Talmadge shaking hands with a group of ladies, circa 1935.
1HET-PF-80Eugene Talmadge with six men, circa 1940.
1HET-PF-81Eugene Talmadge with six men at a law office, circa 1942.
1HET-PF-82Eugene Talmadge with his daughter, Margaret, circa 1940.
1HET-PF-83Eugene Talmadge - American Legion Convention, Boston, MA, 1940 September.
1HET-PF-84Herman Talmadge first marriage to Kathryn Williamson, 1937.
1HET-PF-85HET while a student at University of Georgia , circa 1933.
1HET-PF-86Union of Georgia delegates, circa 1946.
1HET-PF-87Herman Talmadge being voted in and sworn in as governor, 1947 January.
OS 3HET-PF-87Herman Talmadge being voted in and sworn in as governor [oversize], 1947 January.
1HET-PF-88Betty and Herman Talmadge holding a ham in the smoke house, circa 1947.
1HET-PF-89Herman Talmadge Formal Pose - Autographed, circa 1948.
1HET-PF-90HET in naval uniform, 1941.
1HET-PF-91Herman Talmadge accepting a plaque from Disabled American Veterans, circa 1948.
1HET-PF-92Toccoa Experiment Forest and Blood Mountain - Georgia, 1948 May 21.
1HET-PF-93Herman Talmadge sworn in as governor, 1947 November.
1HET-PF-94M. E. Thompson congratulates Herman Talmadge as aide George Wilson looks on, 1947.
1HET-PF-95M. E. Thompson, Herman Talmadge and Marvin Griffin, 1947.
1HET-PF-95AHET's first campaign in Douglas County, GA, 1948 July.
1HET-PF-96Herman Talmadge, Herschel Lovett (autograph), and Georgia State Senator Benjamin Garland, circa 1949.
1HET-PF-97First Southwide Conference on Discrimination in Higher Education, circa 1949.
1HET-PF-98Unidentified man and Herman Talmadge, circa 1949.
1HET-PF-99Picnic Dinner in Columbus, Georgia, circa 1950.
1HET-PF-100Herman Talmadge addressing the Georgia State General Assembly, circa 1950.
1HET-PF-101Cloudland Canyon, 1950.
1HET-PF-102Herman Talmadge displaying his oratorical skills, circa 1947.
1HET-PF-103Herman Talmadge campaigning, circa 1950.
1HET103AHET campaigning in Albany, GA, 1950 September.
1HET-PF-104HET with two constituents, circa 1952.
1HET-PF-105Formal Pose of HET, circa 1954.
1HET-PF-106Formal Shots of HET, circa 1956.
1HET-PF-107HET shaking hands with President Harry Truman at Ft. Benning, 1950.
1HET-PF-108Margaret Shepherd, Mattie Talmadge, Vera Smyly and HET, 1950.
1HET-PF-109Battey General Hospital, 1950.
1HET-PF-110Hospitals, County Health Centers, circa 1950.
1HET-PF-111Ernest Vandiver, Jr. presents Governor HET with first edition of the "Georgia Guardsman", 1950.
1HET-PF-112Hospitals, Health Care Centers, circa 1950.
1HET-PF-113Milledgeville Hospital, circa 1950.
1HET-PF-114New Jekyll Island Bridge, Brunswick, GA, circa 1950.
1HET-PF-115Betty Talmadge sitting on a tractor, circa 1951.
1HET-PF-116Son Gene on the tractor with Dad, HET, in Lovejoy, GA, circa 1951.
1HET-PF-117HET delivering speeches, undated.
1HET-PF-118Hitchiti Experiment Forest, GA, 1951.
1HET-PF-119Electors Bill - Georgia General Assembly, 1951.
1HET-PF-120Farmers Market, Diagnostic Lab, circa 1952.
1HET-PF-121Buildings - Libraries, Dormitories, circa 1952.
1HET-PF-122HET with two young majorettes, Valdosta, GA, circa 1952.
1HET-PF-123HET denounces "Loyalty" Resolution Democratic National Convention, 1952 July 22.
1HET-PF-124HET and friend in car with fishing poles, Statesboro, GA, circa 1954.
1HET-PF-125HET addressing a crowd, circa 1952.
1HET-PF-126Georgia's First Family: Bobby, Betty, Herman and Gene, circa 1954.
1HET-PF-127J. C. Penney, Robert W. Woodruff, John A. Sibly and HET, circa 1953.
1HET-PF-128HET and Rev. Earl Thames, Jr., Collidge, GA [includes House of Representatives memorandum], circa 1955.
1HET-PF-129Singer Kate Smith with Herman and Betty Talmadge, circa 1955.
1HET-PF-130Cave Springs School of the Deaf, 1953.
1HET-PF-131Georgia Academy for Negro Blind, Macon, GA, 1953.
1HET-PF-132Georgia Mountain Experiment Station, 1953.
1HET-PF-133Visit and Speech by Adlai Stevens, 1953.
1HET-PF-134Herty Foundation Laboratory, Savannah, GA, 1953.
1HET-PF-135Savannah Port Facilities, circa 1953.
1HET-PF-136Talmadge - various poses, circa 1954.
1HET-PF-137Bridges - Highway, circa 1954.
1HET-PF-138Department of Corrections Facilities and Inmates, Georgia, circa 1953.
1HET-PF-139Georgia Forestry Commission - Fire Control, Towers, Equipment, circa 1955.
1HET-PF-140Georgia Teachers College - Laboratory School Building, circa 1955.
1HET-PF-141Jerry Cox, HET, Dr. Aderhold and Marianne Gillis - 4-H Representatives, circa 1954.
1HET-PF-142University of Georgia - Buildings and Construction, circa 1954.
1HET-PF-143HET receiving congratulations from Senator Walter George, 1956.
1HET-PF-144HET with President Dwight D. Eisenhower, Augusta, 1957.
1HET-PF-145Formal Pose - HET, 1956.
1HET-PF-146Parade - Miss Boston Rosemary Rittes, Boston, GA, 1956.
1HET-PF-147Bob (R. M.) Smith, A & P Tea Company, Jacksonville, Fl, 1956 June.
1HET-PF-148Group Photograph with HET and Betty Talmadge, 1956.
1HET-PF-149HET appearing on "Press Gallery" with Jack Spalding, Luke Greene, and William Parr, 1956.
1HET-PF-150Head Shot of HET, 1956.
1HET-PF-151Campaign dinner for HET, 1956.
1HET-PF-152HET with Richard B. Russell, circa 1956.
1HET-PF-153HET campaigning - Walton County, GA, circa 1956.
1HET-PF-154HET Campaign Headquarters, Columbus, GA, 1956.
1HET-PF-155Inspecting Army Helicopter: HET, Eastbrook, circa 1956.
OS 1HET-PF-156Rep. James MacKay,"Committee to End Segregation" addressing group in Atlanta [oversize], circa 1956.
1HET-PF-157HET on a donkey, circa 1956.
1HET-PF-158HET shaking hands with constituents, circa 1956.
1HET-PF-159HET, Richard B. Russell, Henry Cabot Lodge, Lyndon Johnson, William F. Knowland, 1957 August 5.
1HET-PF-160HET sitting at a desk, circa 1956.
1HET-PF-161HET sitting on a tractor, circa 1957.
2HET-PF-162Red Cross Nurses at a luncheon, 1957 May 9.
2HET-PF-163Chattahoochee National Forest, 1957.
2HET-PF-164Speakers Dining Room, Washington, DC [notes and signatures on photos], 1957.
2HET-PF-165Man in fishing boat, circa 1957.
2HET-PF-166Richard B. Russell, Betty and Herman Talmadge, drinking cokes in Talmadge's Senate office, circa 1957.
2HET-PF-167Atlanta School Representatives greeted at the National Capitol, Washington, DC, 1957 May 6.
2HET-PF-168Dedication of the Jim Woodruff Lock and Dam, Chattahoochee, FL, 1957 May 18.
2HET-PF-169Nationwide Food Service - Senate Restaurant, 1957.
2HET-PF-170Budford Dam Dedication (see also speech from David Caughlin small collections) [includes copy of typed letter], 1957 October 9.
2HET-PF-171Richard B. Russell Appreciation Day, Winder, GA, 1957 October 26.
2HET-PF-172Talmadge receiving plaque for flying in "Voodoo" plane, 1958 May 24.
2HET-PF-173Orientation flight in a McDonnell F-101 "Voodoo", Andrews Air Force Base, Maryland, 1958 May 24.
2HET-PF-174Wall of Southern Political Leaders, 1958.
2HET-PF-175HET, Strom Thurmond and ?, Augusta, GA [note writtin on and signed on photo], 1958 October.
2HET-PF-176DeKalb County Democratic Party, Ft. Payne, AL, 1958 October 8.
2HET-PF-177Herman, Gene and Betty Talmadge with Director at Georgia Military Academy, 1958.
2HET-PF-178Fishing Trip - Senators Robertson and Talmadge, circa 1958.
2HET-PF-179HET at desk talking on phone, circa 1958.
2HET-PF-180Patton, Irby Harris, HET, Robert Harris, Ft. Payne, AL, 1958 November 19.
2HET-PF-181S. Ernest Vandiver - Autographed, 1958.
2HET-PF-182HET Appearing on WETV Educational TV with Ethel Kerlin, 1958 December 15.
2HET-PF-183College News Conference - ABC-TV with Ruth Hagy, 1959 February 22.
2HET-PF-184Conference of Grand Masters of Masons in North America, Washington, DC, 1959 February 25.
2HET-PF-185Discuss Constitutional Amendment HET and Sen. John Sparkman (AL), 1959 February 19.
2HET-PF-186Sen. HET testifying before the Aeronautics Board with Bob Ramspeck, 1959 July 17.
2HET-PF-187Richland Seniors with HET, 1959.
2HET-PF-188Naval Reserve Association Dinner - Biltmore Hotel, Atlanta, GA, 1959 November.
2HET-PF-189George L. Smith, HET, Garland Byrd, S. Ernest Vandiver, Richard B. Russell, Atlanta, GA, circa 1959.
2HET-PF-190HET delivering speech at Corps of Engineers, Essayons, circa 1959.
2HET-PF-191HET with two men and Iris Blitch, circa 1959.
2HET-PF-192Whitfield Shepard, Sam Wood, Wilson Kemp, 1959.
2HET-PF-193W. K. Whiteford, S. A. Sevensrvd. G. E. Millican, R. K. Mellon, HET, R. W. Woodruff, circa 1959.
2HET-PF-194HET, Garland Byrd, Richard Russell. Columbus, GA, 1962.
2HET-PF-195HET putting on a mismatched jacket, circa 1959.
2HET-PF-196HET seated on a platform with several others, 1959 March 28.
2HET-PF-197HET speaking to a crowd, circa 1959.
2HET-PF-198HET with 3 unidentified men, 1959 March 28.
2HET-PF-200Two men standing in a restaurant, circa 1930.
2HET-PF-201Man giving a speech, circa 1959.
2HET-PF-202Three men standing under a tree, circa 1959.
2HET-PF-203Several Congressmen standing in front of a building - HET standing in group, circa 1958.
2HET-PF-204HET and Betty Talmadge with two other couples, circa 1959.
2HET-PF-205Savannah High School Teletalk, 1960 January 25.
2HET-PF-206Group of Congressional Senators seated and standing in a dining room, circa 1959.
OS 1HET-PF-208HET with two shriners boarding a train [oversize], circa 1957.
2HET-PF-209Betty and Herman Talmadge in buffet line, circa 1960.
2HET-PF-210Head shot - HET, circa 1962.
2HET-PF-211C. J. Guzyl, Jack Warner, James C. Davis, G. Everett Millican, W. B. Hartsfield, and HET, circa 1960.
2HET-PF-212HET receiving a cake from 4-H representatives, circa 1960.
2HET-PF-213Forestry in Georgia, Calhoune County, circa 1960.
2HET-PF-214Georgia Float in Inaugural Parade, Washington, D.C., circa 1961.
2HET-PF-215Lee Parsons of America Cotton Manufacturing Institute, circa 1960.
2HET-PF-216Congressional Secretaries Club, Washington, D.C, circa 1960.
2HET-PF-217Betty Talmadge's Birthday Party, 1960.
2HET-PF-218Sen. John Stennis, HET and Sen. Russell Long, Washington, D.C., 1960 March 5.
2HET-PF-219Sen. Lister Hill and HET. Washington, D.C., circa March 1960.
2HET-PF-220Richard B. Russell, Iris Blitch, ?, HET, E. L. Forrester, J. L. Pilcher, circa 1960.
2HET-PF-221HET Appearing of the "American Forum on the Air", Washington, D.C., 1960 March 27.
2HET-PF-222John Stennis in wading boots, 1960 June.
2HET-PF-223HET receiving Snuff Tobacco Industry Award from Gerry Gilmartin, Washington, D.C., 1960 June 21.
2HET-PF-224HET at speech/dinner, 1960 July.
2HET-PF-225Georgia State Fireman's Association, Inc., Savannah, GA, 1960 August 3.
2HET-PF-226HET delivering speech, 1960 September 4.
2HET-PF-227Coweta-Fayette County Electric Membership Corporation, Newman, GA, 1960 September 7.
2HET-PF-228Scenery - Waterscenes, Jekyll Island, GA, 1960 October.
2HET-PF-229Peace Officers Association of America, Savannah, GA, 1960 October 20.
2HET-PF-230Southern Land, Timber and Pulp Corporation Groundbreaking Dinner, Cedar Springs, GA [includes two letters describing photos], 1960 October 19.
2HET-PF-231HET at groundbreaking of Southern Land, Timber and Pulp Corp., Cedar Springs, GA [includes to brochures], 1960 October 20.
2HET-PF-23241st Piggly Wiggly Sims Stores Convention, Vidalia, GA, 1960 November 2.
2HET-PF-233HET visiting clothing factory, 1960 November 3.
2HET-PF-234HET standing by a portrait of himself, Augusta, GA [includes invitation], 1960 November 12.
2HET-PF-235Dinner honoring Clifford B. McManus, 1960 November 29.
2HET-PF-236Luncheon to honor VFW Commander Gene Brown - Iris Blitch, HET, 1961 February 7.
2HET-PF-237HET, Betty Talmadge with several others at a lunch, circa 1961.
2HET-PF-238Dinner for Donald McGegor of Brunswick, GA, 1961 March 21.
2HET-PF-239HET with March of Dimes Poster Child, 1961.
2HET-PF-240HET in conference with several men, 1961 May.
2HET-PF-241Robertson, HET, Beermann, Glennis, 1961 May.
2HET-PF-242HET Birthday parties, 1961-1962.
2HET-PF-243HET aboard the USS Abraham Lincoln (See Also HET-PF-685), 1961 May 21.
2HET-PF-244Coffee Countains visits HET, 1961 May 25.
2HET-PF-245Trust Company of Georgia Luncheon for Dr. Jas S. Peters, 1961 July 3.
2HET-PF-246Watermelon Queen Luncheon - Sen. Russell, HET, John Duncan, Tic Forrester, 1961 August 2.
2HET-PF-247HET talks to a crowd at a football field, Claxton, GA, 1961 September 10.
2HET-PF-248Secretary of Agriculture Orville Freeman and John Lanier, Evans County - O. J. Cliett, Roscoe Sapp, Congressman Hagan, HET, and John Duncan, 1961 September 30.
2HET-PF-249Visit of HET to Robins AFB Better Management Association, 1961 October 23.
2HET-PF-250Mortgage Bankers Association of America, Miami Beach, Florida, 1961 October 30.
2HET-PF-251Vinson-Russell Dinner, Atlanta, Georgia, 1961 November 11.
2HET-PF-252HET greeted by sailors on USS Des Moines, Mediterranean, 1961 November.
2HET-PF-253Smathers Testimonial Dinner, Jacksonville, FL, 1962 January 11.
2HET-PF-254J. L. Pilcher and HET receiving Distinguished Services Award from the American Legion, Washington, DC, 1962 February 22.
2HET-PF-255HET and Rupert L. Murphy by locomotive "General", Savannah, GA, 1962 April 28.
2HET-PF-256HET with group of 4-H Representatives, 1962 May 2.
2HET-PF-257Betty and Herman Talmadge at a party, circa 1962.
2HET-PF-258HET with two shriners at the national capitol, 1962 August.
2HET-PF-259Rome Rally, Rome, GA, circa 1962 October.
2HET-PF-260Trout fishing in Georgia, circa 1962.
2HET-PF-261Farming in Georgia, Lovejoy, circa 1962.
2HET-PF-26251st Conference of the Interparliamentary Union, Brazil, 1962 November 1.
2HET-PF-263Viewing Army Medal of Honor Exhibit HET and Mayor Allen Marshall, Washington, D.C., 1962.
2HET-PF-264HET and Richard B. Russell with John F. Kennedy, 1963 August 22.
OS 1HET-PF-264HET and Richard B. Russell with John F. Kennedy [oversize], 1963 August 22.
2HET-PF-265Church at Darian, GA, circa 1962.
2HET-PF-266Formal Pose of HET, circa 1960s.
2HET-PF-267Presley Walton, 1964 January.
2HET-PF-26853rd Conference of the Interparliamentary Union, Berlin, Germany, 1964 August 28.
2HET-PF-269Trip to view damage of Hurricane Dora, Brunswick, GA, 1964 September 11.
2HET-PF-270First Annual Blue Key Banquet - HET, Tucker Dorsey, Charles B. Haygood, 1964 October 23.
2HET-PF-271Jim Thomas, Iris F. Blitch, HET and Richard B. Russell, circa 1964.
2HET-PF-272Talmadge hunting with a friend, circa 1964.
2HET-PF-273HET and unidentified man holding book by Raynor Hubbell, circa 1965.
2HET-PF-274HET Addressing the Georgia General Assembly, Atlanta, GA, circa 1965.
2HET-PF-275Georgia Congressional Delegation, circa 1965.
2HET-PF-276?, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Hayden, ?, HET, circa 1965.
2HET-PF-277HET holding a rifle, circa 1965.
2HET-PF-278?, Carl Hayden,?, HET, Rev. Frederick Brown Harris, ?, circa 1965.
2HET-PF-279New Friends - a deer and young boy, circa 1965.
2HET-PF-280HET presenting plaque to Richard B. Russell, 1965 Janaury 20.
2HET-PF-281Phil M. Landrum, HET, W. J. Bryan Dorn, 1965 March 24.
2HET-PF-282HET, Susan Askew, Maston O'Neal, circa 1965.
2HET-PF-283Herman and Betty Talmadge with Lady Bird and Lyndon Johnson at the White House, circa 1965.
OS 1HET-PF-283Herman and Betty Talmadge with Lady Bird and Lyndon Johnson at the White House, circa 1965.
2HET-PF-284Lyndon B. Johnson and HET hunting- autographed, circa 1966.
2HET-PF-285HET and Blitch Ann Bird - Peanut Princess, 1966 March 2.
2HET-PF-286Richard B. Russell, HET, John Davis with President Johnson and small child, 1966 May 10.
OS 1HET-PF-286Richard B. Russell, HET, John Davis with President Johnson and small child, 1966 May 10.
2HET-PF-287Groundbreaking ceremonies at Oglethorpe College, Atlanta, GA, 1966 May 14.
2HET-PF-288HET with Rise Stevens- autographed, 1966 July.
2HET-PF-2894-H Report to the Nation - Mary Jo Smith and HET, 1966 October 7.
2HET-PF-290Rotary-Kiwanis Club, DeKalb County, 1966.
2HET-PF-291Rome Delegation to U. S. Chamber of Congress Meeting, 1966.
2HET-PF-292"Youth Wants to Know", 1966 September 11.
2HET-PF-293Peace Officers Association of Georgia, Augusta, GA, 1966 November 16.
2HET-PF-294W. S. Morris, III, Charles Morris, James Bentley, HET and W. S. Morris IV, 1967 February 4.
2HET-PF-295Visit of HET to Robins AFB Better Management Association Meeting, 1967 February 15.
2HET-PF-296Jefferson-Jackson Day Dinner, Atlanta, GA, 1967 February 20.
2HET-PF-297HET, Maid-of-Cotton, Sen. George Aiken, circa 1967.
OS 1HET-PF-298George T. Smith - Lieutenant Governor- autographed [oversize], circa 1967.
2HET-PF-299HET - Proof Sheets, 1967.
2HET-PF-300Semi-Annual AUSA Meeting, Ft. Benning, GA, 1967 March 27.
OS 3HET-PF-301Truetlen High School, Soperton, GA, Class of 1962, Washington, D.C. [oversize], 1962 March.
1HET-PF-302Man with cow [oversize], circa 1967.
2HET-PF-303HET, Ohyas, Chas Steadman, 1967 April 24.
2HET-PF-304Party at Hollywood, Florida, 1967 April.
2HET-PF-305HET with various school groups, 1967.
2HET-PF-306HET and Roy Darden, 1967 May 9.
2HET-PF-307HET Addressing Graduating Class of Truett McConnell College, Cleveland, GA, 1967 June 4.
2HET-PF-308HET with Jay Fahn, Atlanta Senator Youth Program, Washington, D.C., 1967.
2HET-PF-309"Salute to America" Award Presented to Bob Hope by HET, Atlanta, GA, 1967 July 4.
2HET-PF-310HET deboarding U.S. Air Force plane, circa 1967.
2HET-PF-311Lockheed-Georgia Company visit, 1967 July.
2HET-PF-312American Legion Boy's National Lunch, 1967 July 24.
2HET-PF-313HET and Craig R. Goodman, 1967 August 1.
2HET-PF-314HET and Tom E. Greene, III, 1967 August 1.
2HET-PF-315HET and Jim Hill, 1967 August 1.
2HET-PF-316HET and Chris Boarders, 1967 August 1.
2HET-PF-317HET and Mickey Bradford, 1967 August 1.
2HET-PF-318HET and L. Mitchell Coffee, 1967 August 1.
2HET-PF-319HET and Tom Brisendine, 1967 August 1.
2HET-PF-320HET and David J. Bailey, 1967 August 1.
2HET-PF-321Individuals dressed in 19th century clothing (antebellum period), undated.
2HET-PF-322HET at dining table with Russell Long, circa 1967.
2HET-PF-323Gordon Lee and HET, 1967.
2HET-PF-324Betty and Herman Talmadge, circa 1967.
2HET-PF-325HET speaking at Russell Luncheon, 1967 September 16.
2HET-PF-326Tom Callaway and HET, 1967 September 29.
2HET-PF-327Dedication of Richard B. Russell Scenic Highway - HET and Phil Landrum, 1967.
2HET-PF-328University of Georgia Homecoming - HET and Fred C. Davison [includes thank you note], 1967.
2HET-PF-329Lyndon B. Johnson giving a speech, circa 1967.
OS 1HET-PF-330Lyndon B. Johnson addressing Congress - autographed [oversize], circa 1967.
2HET-PF-331Reed Bennon, John Birch Society with HET, 1967 October 19.
2HET-PF-332HET and Donna Dill, March of Dimes National Poster Child, 1967.
2HET-PF-333USMC 192nd Anniversary Celebration, Atlanta, GA, 1967 November 11.
2HET-PF-334HET presented medal from Twelve Federal Land Banks, 1967.
2HET-PF-335Upson County Chamber of Commerce, 1967 December 15.
2HET-PF-336South Fulton Chamber of Commerce Dinner, College Park, GA, 1968 January 28.
2HET-PF-33718th Biennial National Banquet, Washington, D.C., 1968 March 18.
2HET-PF-338Southeastern Poultry and Egg Association, 1968 March 19.
2HET-PF-339Southern Automotive Show Industry Luncheon, Atlanta, GA, 1968 March 26.
2HET-PF-340Professional Women's Club of Georgia, 1968 April.
2HET-PF-341Question and Answers with HET and Peter Libassi, 1968 April 12.
2HET-PF-342HET with Joe Sports, Jack Gunter, 1968 May 19.
2HET-PF-343Armed Forces Management Association, Forest Park, GA, 1968 August 27.
2HET-PF-344Sanford Stadium - Tony Salms, Herman and Betty Talmadge, Athens, GA, Fall 1968.
2HET-PF-345HET, ?, Lester Maddox, circa 1968.
2HET-PF-346HET and Lester Maddox, circa 1968.
2HET-PF-347HET seated with military officers Smith and McDermott, 1968.
2HET-PF-348HET visiting scrapmetal plant, 1968.
2HET-PF-349Sen. Vance Hartke, HET, Sen. Russell Long, 1969 February 25.
2HET-PF-350American Federation of Government, Augusta, GA, 1969 March 8.
2HET-PF-351HET being presented "The Statesman" record by a young girl, Washington, D.C., 1969 March 26.
2HET-PF-352Swearing in of S. Elliot Hagan - autographed, 1969.
2HET-PF-353Mr. and Mrs. Paul Moore and HET, Washington, DC, 1969 July 22.
2HET-PF-354Florida Home Testing Lunch, 1969 July 23.
2HET-PF-355A. L. Stepp, HET, Howard Simmons, 1969 July 23.
2HET-PF-356Georgia Extension Home Economic Club Dinner, 1969.
2HET-PF-357Water Treatment Plant Dedication, Eatonton, GA, 1969.
2HET-PF-358HET Formal Shots, 1960s.
OS 1HET-PF-359Cartersville Air Force Base [oversize], circa 1969.
2HET-PF-360HET with constituents, 1969.
2HET-PF-361Army Transport Plane, circa 1969.
2HET-PF-362HET with Georgia Pageant Winners, 1960s.
2HET-PF-363HET with senate interns, 1960s.
2HET-PF-364HET speaking to N.A.B.A.C., circa 1964.
2HET-PF-365Wayneton High School Student Council President presenting a check to the Peace Corps with HET watching, 1969 April 17.
2HET-PF-366HET presenting various speeches, undated.
2HET-PF-367HET attending an outdoor event with several others, circa 1960.
2HET-PF-368HET with two boys who served as pages for the House of Representatives, circa 1960.
2HET-PF-369HET sitting around a table with Air Force Staff, circa 1962.
2HET-PF-370Unidentified man shaking hands with HET, circa 1965.
2HET-PF-371Group of women serving lunch, circa 1963.
2HET-PF-372 HET with little boy in wheel chair, circa 1967.
2HET-PF-373HET walking through a underground tunnel, circa 1965.
2HET-PF-374Group watching boats driving in a circle, circa 1960.
2HET-PF-376HET sitting at a table with four other men - Senate Committee hearing, circa 1962.
2HET-PF-379HET with group of VFW men in a formal dining room, circa 1962.
2HET-PF-380HET in front of Courthouse Square, Fayette County [includes event brochure], 1972 July 2.
2HET-PF-381HET shaking hands with several individuals, undated.
2HET-PF-382HET, Phil Landrum and other congressional delegates, circa 1967.
2HET-PF-383HET with various groups, undated.
2HET-PF-384HET, ?, Mr. Ohya, Charles Steadman, 1967.
2HET-PF-385HET presenting a check for $1,000.00 to a favorite charity, 1965.
2HET-PF-386Man standing in jet engine, circa 1969.
2HET-PF-388Two men standing in front of a small plane, circa 1963.
3HET-PF-389Lawn and garden party, circa 1970.
3HET-PF-390Senator Jack Miller (Iowa) and HET, circa 1970.
3HET-PF-391HET being interviewed, circa 1970.
3HET-PF-392HET addressing the Georgia Assembly, Atlanta, GA, 1970 January 14.
OS 1HET-PF-393Phil Landrum, HET, Richard M. Nixon, Fletcher Thompson,Richard B. Russell, Washington, D.C. [oversize], 1970 February 3.
OS 3HET-PF-393Phil Landrum, HET, Richard M. Nixon, Fletcher Thompson,Richard B. Russell, Washington, D.C. [oversize], 1970 February 3.
3HET-PF-394HET smoking his cigar, circa 1970.
3HET-PF-395AMVETS Congressional Reception - Commander, Herman and Betty Talmadge, 1970 February 4.
3HET-PF-396HET wearing a hat, Washington, D.C., 1970 February 17.
3HET-PF-397Toni Beaux, HET, Thelma Maddox, 1970 February 26.
3HET-PF-398Air Force/Lockheed C-5 Galaxy Transport, Alaska, 1970 April 9.
3HET-PF-399Stone Mountain Memorial Carving. Stone Mountain, GA, 1970 May 9.
3HET-PF-400Richard B. Russell and Robert Clements with sculpture, circa 1970.
3HET-PF-401Michael Collins, Mary Williams, ?, Nancy Tucker, HET, ?, circa 1970.
3HET-PF-402HET - various formal poses, circa 1970.
3HET-PF-403Presidential Scholars - Claudia M. Townsend and James P. Peary with HET, 1970 June 3.
3HET-PF-404HET with Russell Long, circa 1970.
OS 1HET-PF-404HET with Russell Long, circa 1970.
3HET-PF-405Milan McMillan, HET, Tony Puckett, Washington, D.C., 1970 June 15.
3HET-PF-406HET and Rev. Lawrence V. Bradley, Washington, D.C., 1970 June 16.
3HET-PF-407HET signing cast on leg of a young man, 1970 June 22.
3HET-PF-408C-5A and scissors bridge launcher, Marietta, GA, 1970 August 12.
3HET-PF-409HET, Mrs. Jimmy Brown, Cathy Brown- autographed, 1970 September 21.
3HET-PF-410Herman and Betty Talmadge, circa 1970.
3HET-PF-411Herman and Betty Talmadge, Mr. & Mrs. Edward Elson, Mr. & Mrs. Maurice Steinberg, Atlanta Jewish Welfare Federation, Inc., 1971 January.
3HET-PF-412Swearing in of David H. Grambell with Governor Jimmy Carter and HET, Washington, D.C., 1971 February 1.
3HET-PF-413HET holding a gavel, 1971 February 3.
3HET-PF-414Policy Committee Meeting - Robert Redford, Edmund Muskie, HET, 1971 February 4.
3HET-PF-415Dedication of the Richard B. Russell Building, Atlanta, GA, 1971 February 18.
3HET-PF-416HET with group of men - HET is holding several petitions concerning Lt. Calley, 1971 March 30.
3HET-PF-417HET leaving legislative room, circa 1971.
3HET-PF-418Clifford Nash and HET, 1971 April 5.
3HET-PF-419HET being presented an award from Sigma Nu Fraternity, Athens, GA, 1971 May 1.
3HET-PF-420Policy Committee Meeting - Robert Redford, HET, 1971 May 12.
3HET-PF-421Portrait of HET, Putnam County, GA, 1971 May 13.
3HET-PF-422HET with students from Athens Christian School, Washington, D.C., 1971 June 7.
3HET-PF-423Hubert Humphrey, Carl Curtis, James B. Allen, HET. Decatur, AL, 1971 July 11.
3HET-PF-424Mrs. Jerry D. Peters and HET - Georgia Municipal Association Convention, Jekyll Island, GA, 1971 July 12.
3HET-PF-425Members of the Agriculture Committee Subcommittee on Rural Development, Alabama, 1971 July 12.
3HET-PF-426Russell Foundation Board of Trustees, circa 1971.
3HET-PF-426bFund Raising for Russell Foundation, 1971.
3HET-PF-427Grambell and HET with two representatives from Boy's Nation, 1971 July 26.
3HET-PF-428Grambell and HET with two representatives from Girl's Nation, 1971 August 3.
3HET-PF-429Lucian A. Whittle, HET, John W. McNichol, Jekyll Island, GA, 1971 August 30.
3HET-PF-430Pete Peterson and HET, Washington, D.C., 1971 October.
3HET-PF-431Clifford Nash and HET - National 4-H Week, Washington, D.C., 1971 October.
3HET-PF-432National Broiler Council - Annual Conference. Washington, D.C., 1971 October 6.
3HET-PF-433HET presenting Alan D. Bush and David B. Harshbarger scholarships, 1971.
3HET-PF-434Dedication of the Richard B. Russell Airport, Rome, GA- autographed, 1971 October 27.
3HET-PF-435HET in front of 1971 JFV AD Campaign, 1972 January.
3HET-PF-436HET at an outdoor dinner, circa 1972.
3HET-PF-437Legion Commander testifies before Senate Veterans Affairs Committee - John H. Geiger, HET, 1972 February 29.
3HET-PF-438Peachtree Federal Savings and Loan Ribbon Cutting, circa 1972.
3HET-PF-439HET receives plaque from Farm Credit Board of Columbia, 1972.
3HET-PF-440National Capitol Building, Washington, D.C., 1972 February 28.
3HET-PF-441HET greets Paula Pfeifer March of Dimes National Poster Child, 1972.
3HET-PF-442HET holding U. S. flag box with young man, 1972 March 17.
OS 1HET-PF-443Ted Hudson, County Johnson, HET hold state flag, Lake Park, GA [oversize], 1972 June 3.
OS 1HET-PF-444Jack Sullivan, HET, County Johnston at Lake Park, GA [oversize], 1972 June 3.
OS 1HET-PF-445HET, Bert Thomas, J. R. King at Lake Park, GA [oversize], 1972 June 3.
OS 1HET-PF-446HET speaking at dedication ceremony at Lake Park, GA [oversize], 1972 June 3.
OS 1HET-PF-447Rep. Tod Hudson and HET at dedication ceremonies from Francis Lake Golf Course, Lake Park, GA [oversize], 1972 June 3.
3HET-PF-448HET, L. B. Smith of A. O. Smith Corporation, Milt ?, circa 1972.
3HET-PF-449Sam Nunn and family with Herman and Betty Talmadge, 1973 January 3.
3HET-PF-450HET with the Lucy Larey Band, Washington, D.C., 1973 January 18.
3HET-PF-451HET addressing a Women's Forum on National Security, Washington, D.C., 1973 February 20.
3HET-PF-452HET at luncheon commemorating National Peanut Week, Bainbridge, GA, 1973 March 10.
3HET-PF-453HET and Sam Nunn at a luncheon - Construction Industry National Conference, 1973 June 3.
3HET-PF-454HET holding a glass of milk - celebrating June is Dairy Month, 1973 June 7.
3HET-PF-455Examining John Dean's testimony - Senate Watergate Committee, Washington, D.C., 1973 June 26.
3HET-PF-456HET presented Distinguished Citizens of Agriculture Award, 1973 July 17.
3HET-PF-457Happy Birthday, Herman! HET with Sen. Sam J. Erwin (D-NC), Washington, D.C., 1973 August 8.
3HET-PF-458HET at a barbecue for Miss Mitt, Dublin, GA, 1973 August.
3HET-PF-459HET jogging, circa 1973.
3HET-PF-460Watergate Committee, Washington, D.C., 1973.
3HET-PF-461Watergate Committee, 1973.
3HET-PF-462HET speaking to a Pre-Legislative Forum, Gainesville, GA, 1973.
3HET-PF-463HET reading a magazine, 1973.
3HET-PF-464HET Birthday Party, 1973 August 9.
3HET-PF-465Daniel D. Hull and HET, 1973.
OS 1HET-PF-466Richard M. Nixon, HET and others seated on a stage [oversize], 1973 November 18.
3HET-PF-467HET's home in Lovejoy, GA, circa 1973.
3HET-PF-468Unveiling of Wally Butts portrait at Stanford Stadium, Athens, GA, circa 1974.
3HET-PF-469HET standing by a bus in front of the Supreme Court, circa 1974.
3HET-PF-470HET, Claude Cook and E. D. Speer, circa 1974.
3HET-PF-471HET and Robert Dole, circa 1973.
3HET-PF-472"50th Assembly of Dixie Chapter", Jekyll Island, GA, circa 1973.
3HET-PF-4734-H Art Exhibit - HET, circa 1973.
3HET-PF-474HET and Jim Allen, circa 1973.
3HET-PF-475HET smoking his cigar, circa 1973.
3HET-PF-476HET visiting DeKalb County Police Department, circa 1974.
3HET-PF-477HET speaking to a group at the Sheraton Hotel, Atlanta, GA, circa 1974.
3HET-PF-478HET meeting at the Hyatt Regency, Atlanta, GA, 1974.
3HET-PF-479Housing and Construction Pre-Summit Conference - American Bankers Association, circa 1974.
3HET-PF-480Jack Brinkley, ?, HET, Thomas Irwin, circa 1974.
3HET-PF-481HET meeting his constituents, Decatur, GA., circa 1974.
3HET-PF-482HET, Jimmy Carter, Sam Nunn - Georgia State Legislature, Atlanta, GA, 1973.
OS 1HET-PF-482HET, Jimmy Carter, Sam Nunn - Georgia State Legislature, Atlanta, GA, 1973.
3HET-PF-483HET, Billy Graham, Robert Dole among group, Washington, D.C., circa 1974.
3HET-PF-484HET and Sam Nunn with Georgia Pageant winners, circa 1970s.
3HET-PF-485Ray Holtzclaw, Emmet Reynolds, HET, circa 1974.
3HET-PF-486Georgia Dairy Farmers, Atlanta, GA, 1974 January 15.
3HET-PF-487Democratic Policy Luncheon, Washington, D.C., 1974 January 30.
3HET-PF-488HET at University of Georgia Founders Day Dinner, Atlanta, GA, 1974 February 13.
3HET-PF-489Ray R. Soden presenting a VFW Certificate of Appreciation to HET, 1974 February 19.
3HET-PF-490HET, Sam Nunn with Tammy Bryant, National Easter Seal Child, Washington, D.C., 1974 March 6.
3HET-PF-491HET fishing in Columbus, GA, 1974 March 20.
3HET-PF-492HET speaking a Prater's Mill County Fair, Dalton, GA, 1974 May 12.
3HET-PF-493HET with Senator and Mrs. Sam Erwin, 1974 June 4.
3HET-PF-493bRichard B. Russell Memorial Library Dedication, 1974 June 22.
3HET-PF-494HET paying filing fee - Shirley Spence and J. R. Kirkland, 1974.
3HET-PF-495HET among a group of scouts at "Groundplanting Day", 1974 August 10.
3HET-PF-496Mitsue Aluminum Company sludge pond, Omatu, Japan, circa 1974.
3HET-PF-497HET and Pres. Henderson of Clark College, 1974.
3HET-PF-498Celebrating a birthday with Miss Mitt Talmadge, 1974.
3HET-PF-499George Smith, HET, Rosalyn Carter, Miss Mitt, Jimmy Carter, Bo Ginn, Bill Stuckey, Mack Barber, Carl Vinson, Milledgeville, GA, 1974.
3HET-PF-500Stone Mountain Moon Rock Ceremonies, Stone Mountain, GA, 1974 October 18.
3HET-PF-501HET with Scott Hafen, March of Dimes Poster Child, Washington, D.C., 1974 December.
3HET-PF-502Senate Agriculture and Forestry Committee Presentation to Sen. Aiken upon his retirement, 1974 December 18.
3HET-PF-503HET delivering various speeches, circa 1975.
3HET-PF-504HET signing guest register with Mary C. Payne, Stone Mountain, GA, circa 1974.
3HET-PF-505HET welcomed to Miami, FL by Admiral Thomas Kelly, David Murchinson, and Martin A. Johnson, 1975 Janaury 13.
3HET-PF-506HET speaking at Morehouse College, Atlanta, GA, 1975 April 4.
3HET-PF-507HET with Allison Brannon, Cystic Fibrosis Foundation National Poster Child, 1975 April 14.
3HET-PF-508Strom Thurmond, HET and Ernest Hollings (D-NC) eating peaches, circa 1975.
3HET-PF-509Jack Tippit and HET, 1975 May 8.
3HET-PF-510HET, Edmund Muskie (D-ME), William Proxmire (D-WI) (all seated), and Danny Fizzell, circa 1975.
3HET-PF-511HET, Ambassador Takeshi Yasukawa, Governor Hikaru Kamei and Sen. Cliff Hansen, 1975.
3HET-PF-512HET at Communications of Atlanta Lodge No. 59 F & AM, Atlanta, GA, 1975 August 28.
3HET-PF-513Sec. Bill Simon and HET - Dedication ceremony for Federal Law Enforcement Center. Brunswick, GA, 1975.
OS 1513Sec. Bill Simon and HET - Dedication ceremony for Federal Law Enforcement Center. Brunswick, GA, 1975.
3HET-PF-514HET and Paul Anderson, Washington, D.C.- autograph, 1975 October 21.
3HET-PF-515HET with Francine Neff, Washington, D.C., 1975 November 6.
3HET-PF-516Francine Neff, HET, John Hoerner - U. S. Savings Bond Program, Washington, D.C., 1975 November 6.
3HET-PF-517HET, Reo Kirkland, Sen. James Allen (D-AL) - Alabama Rural Electrification Association, Montgomery, AL, 1976 January 9.
3HET-PF-518HET, Jack L. Ray, James Allen (D-AL) - Alabama Rural Electrification Association, Montgomery, AL, 1976 January 9.
3HET-PF-519HET with Alabama State Senator Walter Givham and Jim Allen, 29-Jan-76.
3HET-PF-520HET proofs - formal pose, circa 1976.
3HET-PF-521Carter Campaign Kick-off, Warm Springs, GA, 1976.
3HET-PF-522Dean Rusk and Henry Kissinger looking at the Peace Award, Washington, D.C., 1976 April 5.
3HET-PF-523HET delivering a speech, 1976.
3HET-PF-524National Milk Producers Federation, Washington, D.C., 1976 April 14.
3HET-PF-525Unveiling portrait of HET, 1976 May 5.
3HET-PF-526Regional Health Forum, 1976 April 30.
3HET-PF-527HET receiving an award from the National Federation of Independent Business, 1976.
3HET-PF-528HET receiving a National Bicentennial medal by John Warner (D-VA), 1976 August 13.
3HET-PF-529Dairymen, Inc. - HET with Ben Morgan, Atlanta, GA, 1976 December 8.
3HET-PF-530Lockheed YC-141B rollout ceremonies, 1977 Janaury 8.
3HET-PF-531"Peanut Special" arriving at Union Station, Washington, D.C., 1977 January 20.
3HET-PF-532R. D. "Bulldog" Smith and HET, 1977.
3HET-PF-533HET, Sen. Sam Nunn (D-GA) greet Pres. Anwar Sadat, 1977 September 19.
3HET-PF-534HET on television, 1977 March 14.
3HET-PF-535Pres. Carter with Vice-President Walter Mondale, HET and other congressional leaders, Washington, D.C., 1977 May 21.
3HET-PF-536HET receiving an award by Georgia Agri-business Council. Washington, D.C., 1977 July 22.
3HET-PF-537Sen. Ted Kennedy (D-MA), Walter Mondale, HET, Pres. Carter, and other congressional leaders, Washington, D.C., 1977 July 23.
3HET-PF-538Pres. Carter signing farm bill, Washington, D.C., 1977 September 29.
3HET-PF-539Signing of Rural Health Clinics Bill, Washington, D.C., 1977 December 13.
3HET-PF-540HET and Pres. Jimmy Carter- autographed, 1977 April.
3HET-PF-541HET sitting at a table, circa 1978.
3HET-PF-542National Postal Transport Association Representatives, circa 1978.
3HET-PF-543HET jogging at Long Beach, California Naval hospital, 1978 March.
3HET-PF-544AICPA Georgia Congressional breakfast, circa 1978 May 21.
3HET-PF-545HET, Don Cargill and ?, circa 1978.
3HET-PF-546Meeting with HET and Wyche Fowler (on the right), circa 1978.
3HET-PF-547HET addressing the Georgia Assembly, Atlanta, GA, circa 1978.
3HET-PF-548Sec. William Simon Glyner and HET, 1978.
3HET-PF-549HET with several groups of young people, 1978 August 18.
3HET-PF-550HET with a group of young people, Washington, D.C., 1978 September 14.
3HET-PF-551Sen. Allen Cranston (D-CA), Pres. Carter, HET with other congressional leaders, Washington, D.C., 1978 September 22.
3HET-PF-552Edward Jensen, HET, Frank I. Hamilton, Washington, D.C., 1978 September 25.
3HET-PF-553HET etching - University of Georgia, 1978 November 20.
3HET-PF-554Sea Scouts visit HET, 1979 March 6.
3HET-PF-555HET with Beverly Clark and students of Ringgold High School, 1979 April 9.
3HET-PF-556Pres. Carter meeting with senate leaders, Washington, D.C., 1979 May 21.
3HET-PF-557HET being presented a scroll by the National Right to Work Committee, 1979 June 2.
3HET-PF-558HET - Formal Pose, 1979 June 18.
3HET-PF-559Senate leaders meeting with Pres. Carter, 1979 July 24.
3HET-PF-560Seventy-Seven $100.00 bills presented as evidence in ethics trial, 1979.
3HET-PF-561HET with school group, Washington, D.C., 1979 September 26.
3HET-PF-562HET with group of women, Washington, D.C., 1979 October 12.
3HET-PF-563Servicemen from Ft. Stewart visit HET's office in Washington, D.C., 1979 October 15.
3HET-PF-564HET and Sen. Harrison A. Williams (D-NJ), 1979 November 29.
3HET-PF-565Thomas B. Murphy, HET, and unidentified man, circa 1979.
3HET-PF-566HET with Congressional interns, Washington, D.C., 1979 December 3.
3HET-PF-567HET and Hugh A. Carter, circa 1979.
3HET-PF-568John D. Burroughs, John T. Robinson, HET, Sarah Burnett, circa 1979.
3HET-PF-569HET visiting Lockheed plant, GA, circa 1980.
OS 1HET-PF-570Profile shot - HET [oversize], circa 1980.
3HET-PF-571?, HET, Bo Ginn, Rogers Wade, circa 1980.
3HET-PF-572Rev. Othell Hand, HET, John Amos, Sita Amos, Danny Amos, Columbus, GA, 1974 March 20.
3HET-PF-573HET, Phil Landrum, Tom Murphy, Joe Frank Harris, Charles Walker giving speeches. Elijah, GA, circa 1980.
3HET-PF-574HET with four men eating lunch, circa 1975.
3HET-PF-575HET with group of Chinese business men, circa 1979.
3HET-PF-576Unidentified man giving testimony before a senate committee, circa 1979.
3HET-PF-577HET at various lunch meetings, undated.
3HET-PF-578HET being presented a spittoon, circa 1979.
3HET-PF-579HET with various individuals, 1973.
3HET-PF-580HET with unidentified individuals, undated.
3HET-PF-581HET with various groups, undated.
3HET-PF-582Unidentified man delivering a speech, circa 1978.
3HET-PF-583HET with group of constituents- autographed, 1971 March 12.
4HET-PF-584Proof Sheets of HET at various functions, circa 1978.
4HET-PF-585Happy Birthday Herman! HET, Miss Mitt, and Mrs. Prikhard, circa 1979.
4HET-PF-586Publicity shots of HET (See proof sheets, HET-PF-584), circa 1980.
4HET-PF-587HET - various poses, various sizes and years, undated.
OS 1HET-PF-588Brasstown Bald, North Georgia Mountain [oversize], undated.
4HET-PF-589HET and his interns, Winter 1979.
OS 1HET-PF-590Atlanta Stadium, Atlanta, GA [oversize], circa 1964.
4HET-PF-591HET, Jean Hendrix and Fred Barber, 1980 August.
4HET-PF-592HET relaxing in a chair, circa 1980.
OS 1HET-PF-593HET loyalists never waiver in their support [oversize], 1980.
4HET-PF-594HET with staff, Washington, D.C., 1980 March 13.
4HET-PF-595HET touring Horcom's Inc. Headquarters, Peachtree Corners, GA, 1980 June 20.
4HET-PF-596HET shaking hands with Pres. Jimmy Carter, Washington, D.C.- Autographed, 1980 July 23.
OS 1HET-PF-597Bob Shine, HET, and Ed Faut- autographed [oversize], 1980.
4HET-PF-598Rep. Thomas Foley (D-WA), HET, Pres. Jimmy Carter, Rep. John J. Rhodes (R-AZ), 1980 July 23.
4HET-PF-599Marion Baker and Timmy O'Keefe campaigning for HET, Savannah, GA, 1980.
4HET-PF-600HET with gavel, circa 1980.
4HET-PF-601HET in the Georgia General Assembly, Atlanta, GA, 1980 October.
4HET-PF-602HET formal pose in library, 1980.
4HET-PF-603Sen. John Stennis (D-MS) and HET, 1980.
4HET-PF-604HET playing with his dogs, circa 1984.
4HET-PF-605HET and Lynda Talmadge on a cruise ship, Alaska, 1986.
4HET-PF-606Herman and Lynda Talmadge, 1986.
4HET-PF-607Talmadge, A Political Legacy, A Politician's Life book cover, 1987.
4HET-PF-608Mark Royden Mitchell, circa 1987.
4HET-PF-609HET's home in Lovejoy, GA (See Also HET-PF-691), circa 1985.
OS 1HET-PF-609HET's home in Lovejoy, GA (See Also HET-PF-691)
(8 x 10") b/w matted
4HET-PF-610Talmadge Farms 4-H camp, circa 1987.
4HET-PF-611Gene Talmadge's Wedding, circa 1987.
4HET-PF-612Herman and Lynda Talmadge with Jimmy Bentley, circa 1987.
4HET-PF-613Unveiling of a portrait of Eugene Talmadge, circa 1987.
4HET-PF-614Pamela and Angelia Remler, ages 8, campaigning with HET, 1980.
4HET-PF-615HET and Richard B. Russell in Russell's Washington office, 1966 March 10.
OS 1HET-PF-616Sen. Clifford Case (R-NJ), Sen. Karl Mundt (R-SD), Griffing Bancroft, Sen. Joseph O'Mahoney (D-WY), HET [oversize], circa 1958.
4HET-PF-617Umpire tagging baseball player out - Bill Jenner, circa 1955.
4HET-PF-618HET receiving a plaque from two men, circa 1958.
4HET-PF-619Harry Byrd and HET at a dinner- autographed, 1958 February 26.
OS 1HET-PF-620HET delivering a speech at General Time, Athens, GA, 1954 November 3.
OS 3HET-PF-621HET receiving a scroll from the Grand Army of Glorious Guardsmen, 1958 September 17.
4HET-PF-622Pres. John Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson, HET and other congressional leaders, 1962.
OS 2HET-PF-623Meet the Press - Sen. Abraham Ribicoff (D-CT), HET, Sen. Walter Mondale (D-MN) and Lawrence Spivak [oversize], circa 1960.
4HET-PF-624Jockey on horse named "Senator TAL", 1964 May 5.
4HET-PF-625HET, Carl Sanders and 11 other men [includes autographed piece of cardboard], circa 1967.
OS 2HET-PF-626HET in his Washington office [oversize], 1966.
4HET-PF-627Portrait of the United States Senate, circa 1963.
4HET-PF-628HET of Face the Nation, circa 1967.
OS 2HET-PF-629HET and unidentified man [oversize], circa 1968.
SR OSHET-PF-630Sen. John Stennis, Pres. Lyndon Johnson, HET [oversize], signed by President Johnson, 1967.
OS 2HET-PF-631HET, Pres. Lyndon Johnson, Richard B. Russell in oval office [oversize], 1968.
OS 2HET-PF-632Cong. Phil Landrum, HET, Betty Talmadge, Gov. Carl Sanders, Cong. Jack Flynt, Sen. Richard Russell [oversize], circa 1964.
OS 3HET-PF-633Various poses of HET, circa 1967.
OS 3HET-PF-634Official Portrait of the United States Senate, 1971 December 10.
OS 2HET-PF-635State of the Union Message by Pres. Richard Nixon, Walter Mondale, HET, Sam Erwin [oversize], 1972 January.
OS 2HET-PF-636Portrait of HET [oversize], circa 1972.
4HET-PF-637Congressional Interns, 6 groups - autographed, 1971-1974.
OS 2HET-PF-637Congressional Interns, 6 groups - autographed, 1971-1974.
OS 3HET-PF-637Congressional Interns, 6 groups - autographed, 1971-1974.
4HET-PF-638Democratic Policy Committee: Bible, Williams, Proxmire, Long, Eagleton, Moss, Eastland, jMansfield, Byrd, Jackson, HET, McClellan, Hartke, Metcalf, McGee, 1973.
4HET-PF-639Miss Mitt Talmadge, HET, Jefferson-Jackson Day Dinner, Atlanta, GA, 1973 March 5.
OS 2HET-PF-639Miss Mitt Talmadge, HET, Jefferson-Jackson Day Dinner, Atlanta, GA, 1973 March 5.
4HET-PF-640Sigma Nu's in the United States Senate, 93rd Congress, 1974.
OS 3HET-PF-641HET delivering a speech, circa 1974.
OS 3HET-PF-642HET with group from USAF Thunderbirds, circa 1974.
OS 3HET-PF-643HET various poses, circa 1976.
4HET-PF-644Pres. Jimmy Carter signed Chattahoochee River Bill, White House Rose Garden, 1978 August 15.
4HET-PF-645HET and President Carter in Rose Garden, at Health Bill signing [signed and inscribed], 1978.
OSHET-PF-646HET and Pres. Carter on Air Force One- autographed [oversize], 1978 January.
4HET-PF-647Pres. Carter, reporter, HET, Herb Mabry (Georgia AFL-CIO President) at Dobbins Air Force Base, 1980.
4HET-PF-6481980 Campaign - Herman, Mit, HET, Libby, Bobby, and Tyler, 1980 July 4.
OS 2HET-PF-649Statue of Eugene Talmadge on capital grounds (See Also HET-PF-46) [oversize], circa 1978.
4HET-PF-650Autographed portrait of Erwin Mitchell, circa 1957.
4HET-PF-651Autographed portrait of Mr. Fletcher, circa 1958.
4HET-PF-652Autographed portrait of Phil Landrum, circa 1958.
4HET-PF-653Autographed portrait of Jack Flynt, circa 1959.
4HET-PF-654Autographed portrait of Jack Brinkley, circa 1958.
4HET-PF-655Autographed portrait of Richard B. Russell, circa 1958.
4HET-PF-656Autographed portrait of James C. Davis, circa 1954.
4HET-PF-657Autographed portrait of Allen J. Ellender, 1959.
4HET-PF-658Autographed portrait of J. Russell Tuten, circa 1959.
4HET-PF-659Autographed portrait of George L. Smith, circa 1960.
4HET-PF-660Autographed portrait of John W. Davis, circa 1960.
4HET-PF-661Autographed portrait of James A. Mackey, circa 1965.
4HET-PF-662Autographed portrait of Ben B. Blackburn, circa 1964.
4HET-PF-663Autographed portrait of Maston O'Neal, circa 1965.
4HET-PF-664Autographed portrait of Carl Vinson, 1957.
4HET-PF-665Autographed portrait of E. L. Forrester, circa 1958.
4HET-PF-666Autographed portrait of Prince H. Preston, circa 1960.
4HET-PF-667Autographed portrait of Henderson Laukau, circa 1957.
4HET-PF-668Autographed portrait of Charley Whiten, circa 1960.
4HET-PF-669Autographed portrait of Paul Brown, circa 1957.
4HET-PF-670Autographed portrait of G. Elliot Hagan, circa 1962.
4HET-PF-671Autographed portrait of Iris Blitch, circa 1956.
OS 2HET-PF-672Autographed portrait of Mike Mansfield [oversize], 1961.
OS 2HET-PF-673Autographed portrait of Robert G. Stephens, Jr. [oversize] , 1961.
4HET-PF-674Autographed portrait of Carl E. Sanders, circa 1961.
OS 3HET-PF-675Autographed portrait of Richard B. Russell, circa 1968.
OS 2HET-PF-676Portrait of Eugene Talmadge [oversize], circa 1936.
OS 3HET-PF-677Portrait of Mattie Talmadge, circa 1959.
OS 6HET-PF-678HET in his hat , circa 1955.
OS 3HET-PF-679Autographed portrait of Lester Maddox [oversize], circa 1960.
OS 3HET-PF-680Autographed portrait of Peter Zack Geer, circa 1962.
SR OSHET-PF-681Autographed portrait of Lyndon Johnson, circa 1962.
OS 3HET-PF-682Autographed portrait of Garland T. Byrd, circa 1960.
OS 3HET-PF-683Autographed portrait of Marvin Griffin, 1957.
OS 2HET-PF-684Autographed portrait of John L. Pilcher [oversize], 1957.
4HET-PF-685USS ABRAHAM LINCOLN submarine (See Also HET-PF-243)- autographed, 1961 May.
OS 3HET-PF-686Satellite view of Kings Bay, Georgia, 1977.
OS 3HET-PF-687Clark Hill Dam and Lake, Savannah River, circa 1978.
OS 3HET-PF-688Hartwell Dam and Lake, Savannah River, circa 1978.
OS 3HET-PF-689Richard B. Russell Dam under construction, circa 1978.
OS 4HET-PF-690United States Naval Academy, Anapolis, MD, circa 1957.
OS 3HET-PF-691HET's home at Lovejoy, GA (See Also HET-PF-609), 1956.
OS 2HET-PF-692Scenic Landscapes of Georgia by Edwin E. Feiler [oversize], circa 1975.
OS 4HET-PF-693Lockheed Airplane Plant, circa 1968.
OS 3HET-PF-694The Georgia building in Augusta, GA, circa 1956.
4HET-PF-695Autographed portrait of Bo Callaway, circa 1974.
4HET-PF-696Autographed portrait of Bill Stuckey, circa 1970.
OS 2HET-PF-697Richard B. Russell and HET seated together [oversize], circa 1968.
4HET-PF-698Bust of Richard B. Russell and the same bust onto a one cent postage stamp, 1974.
4HET-PF-699Congressional lunch showing Georgia table of delegates, 1973.
4HET-PF-700Conditions at Lake Nottely and Lake Blue Ridge, GA, 1972.
4HET-PF-701Two unidentified women campaigning for Talmadge, 1980.
4HET-PF-702Swinney, Talmadge, Stuckey, Sen. Hubert Humphrey, Sen. Allen and Sen. Curtis visiting Alma, GA, 1971 July 9.
OS 2HET-PF-703Talmadge being awarded a certificate. He is surrounded by four men dressed in caps and gowns, circa 1968.
4HET-PF-704Homes at Ft. Oglethorpe, Georgia to be part of preservation project. Includes map of area [oversize removed], circa 1966.
4HET-PF-705Eugene Talmadge's football team photograph, circa 1900.
4HET-PF-706Eugene Talmadge's gravesite and historical marker, 1971.
4HET-PF-707Churches of England, Bust of Mary Queen of Scots, 1971.
4HET-PF-708Dr. and Mrs Newton, Dr. Newton and HET, 1967.
4HET-PF-709Cotton Maid with Senators Ellender, McGovern and HET, 1968.
4HET-PF-710Jefferson-Jackson Day Dinner with Lester Maddox, HET and Carl Sanders, 1968.
4HET-PF-711HET with Clint Hester and others in Bath Alum, VA, 1969.
4HET-PF-712Betty Talmadge with G. C. Lasensky at Jewish Welfare Federation Meeting, 1971.
4HET-PF-713Autographed portrait of Judge John Sirica, 1973.
4HET-PF-714HET and R. D. "Bulldog" Smith, Commander-in-Chief of the Veterans of Wars in the United States, 1971.
4HET-PF-715Solar Panel, circa 1974.
4HET-PF-716Lois Garrette, HET, Audrey Stringfellow in Jacksonville, FL honoring President-elect Jimmy Carter, 1976 December.
4HET-PF-717Dedication of Thomas Watson home (Lester Maddox, Wyche Fowler, Strom Thurmond, HET, Robert Stephens), 1976 September.
4HET-PF-718HET "Tribute to Senator Russell B. Long" evening, 22-Feb-78.
4HET-PF-719Angelo Di Jacova, 1979.
4HET-PF-720HET at First Baptist Church in College Park, 1976 June 27.
4HET-PF-721HET attending dinner honoring Centinela Hospital, circa 1978.
4HET-PF-722"The Glorious 27th" (WWI), 1919.
4HET-PF-723Parrot swinging on a pair of red suspenders, 1979.
4HET-PF-724Georgia Group meets with Senator Talmadge, various GA industries, 1979.
4HET-PF-725Portrait of HET by Bob Carnes, 1979.
4HET-PF-726HET at UGA Agriculture Hall of Fame, 1989 October 27.
4HET-PF-727Unidentified photos of HET and others, 1978-1979
OS 3Unidentified photos
OS 5Portrait of Herman Talmadge, framed