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Herman E. Talmadge Collection, Subgroup C, Series VI: Political

Herman E. Talmadge Collection, Subgroup C, Series VI: Political

Descriptive Summary

Title: Herman E. Talmadge Collection, Subgroup C, Series VI: Political
Creator: Talmadge, Herman E. (Herman Eugene), 1913-2002
Inclusive Dates: 1950-1980
Language(s): English
Extent: 159 box(es) (80.25 linear feet)
Collection Number: RBRL102HET_C_VI
Repository: Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies
Abstract: Herman E. Talmadge Collection, Subgroup C, Series VI: Political files document Talmadge's campaigns for the United States Senate seat in 1956 and his re-election campaigns of 1966, 1974 and 1980. Included in this series are correspondence, mailing lists, newspaper clippings, speeches, guest registers, scrapbook, receipts, expenditure reports, printed materials, newsletters, tax returns, and political opinion polls. The purpose of the opinion polls was to reflect support that Talmadge might expect during an election year. There are also materials pertaining to an attempt by some Georgians to persuade Talmadge to run for governor of Georgia in 1966.

Collection Description

Biographical Note

It was once said if you were not a Talmadge man you were a communist. The Talmadge dynasty began in 1926 when Eugene Talmadge, Herman's father, was first elected Commissioner of Agriculture. Gene would later be elected governor of Georgia to an unprecedented four terms. For over fifty years the Talmadges dominated Georgia politics until Herman was defeated in 1980.

Born on August 9, 1913, on a farm near McRae, Georgia, to Eugene and Mattie Talmadge, Herman attended public schools until his senior year when his family moved to Atlanta. In the fall of 1931, he entered the University of Georgia. By 1936, he had received his law degree and joined his father's law practice.

After serving in the United States Navy during World War II, Talmadge returned to his home in Lovejoy. While continuing to practice law and to farm, Talmadge took over publishing his father's weekly newspaper, The Statesman, and started a ham-curing business.

Talmadge's first involvement in politics was as his father's campaign manager in 1946. Running for an unprecedented fourth term as governor of Georgia, Eugene Talmadge was elected in November 1946, but was in failing health. As a precaution, a small group of Talmadge supporters started a write-in campaign for Herman Talmadge during the general election. When the elder Talmadge died in December 1946, before being sworn in as governor, the Georgia General Assembly elected his son governor by a vote of 161 to 87. But outgoing Governor Ellis Arnall refused to surrender his office unless it was to elected-Lieutenant Governor Melvin E. Thompson. After a period of uncertainty, the Georgia Supreme Court ruled that the constitutional portion under which the General Assembly had elected Herman Talmadge did not apply. The court declared M. E. Thompson acting governor until a special election could be held. In September 1948, Talmadge was elected governor and re-elected in 1950, serving until January 1955.

As governor, Herman Talmadge concentrated on improving educational opportunities for children of all races by establishing youth centers, increasing construction of rural roads, and building additional hospitals and health care centers.

When Senator Walter George officially announced his decision not to run for United States Senate, Talmadge started campaigning to take his place. Once again he was opposed by M. E. Thompson, but defeated him in the Democratic primary. With no Republican opposition in the general election in November 1956, Talmadge was elected United States senator.

The civil rights movement of the 1950s ultimately effected equal rights legislation for African-Americans and eliminated segregated public facilities in the South. Although progress toward integrating public schools was achieved, a majority of whites in the South remained adamant in their resistance to desegregation.

As part of that majority, Talmadge had voiced his opposition as early as the 1948 Democratic Convention when President Harry Truman tried to add civil rights to the platform. And in response to the Supreme Court ruling in Brown vs. Board of Education, Talmadge authored a book in 1955 about the wisdom of segregated education entitled You and Segregation.

When Talmadge officially began his term as the junior senator from Georgia in January 1957, he immediately joined the other Southern Democrats in their fight against civil rights legislation. "I never read a civil rights bill that didn't destroy more constitutional rights that it purported to give any group."

In response to the crisis of integrating Little Rock Central High School in Arkansas, Talmadge proposed a constitutional amendment in 1959 that would have permitted the state and local governments to decide whether or not to keep their schools segregated. This proposal was the first acknowledgment from a southern senator that Brown vs. Board of Education was an established fact.

Having won a seat on the Agriculture Committee in 1957, Talmadge wielded his greatest influence on bills that affected American farmers and agriculture. By 1971, he had become chairman of the Senate Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition and Forestry. Some of his major accomplishments in this area included guiding passage of a series of acts, which established price support programs for peanuts, cotton, wheat, and other commodities.

Talmadge probably achieved his greatest national prominence through his role on the Senate Select Committee on Presidential Campaign Activities, which investigated the Watergate scandal and ultimately led to the resignation of the president and vice president of the United States, as well as the conviction of three cabinet members on felony charges. Talmadge thought that the Watergate investigation was one of the most important events in the history of the United States and demonstrated that a republican form of government has a way of correcting the conduct of public officials and alerting others not to make the same mistake.

At the same time he was gaining national recognition, Talmadge was besieged by a series of personal and political tragedies. In 1975, his son Robert drowned in a swimming accident at Lake Lanier; by the fall of 1977, Betty and Herman Talmadge had finalized their divorce; then, in 1978, Talmadge came to grips with a serious drinking problem. Following an alcohol treatment program at the naval hospital in Long Beach, California, he returned to Washington, ready to work, but met with scandal instead. Shortly after returning to the Capitol, Talmadge was accused of misappropriating office funds and campaign donations for his own personal use. The Senate Ethics Committee investigated the allegations and recommended that Talmadge be "denounced" for his reprehensible behavior and sentenced to reimburse the Senate for these controversial funds with interest.

Despite these problems, Talmadge sought his fifth term as senator in 1980, but was rejected by Georgia voters who chose to elect Mack Mattingly to replace him, the first Republican to hold the office since Reconstruction.

Serving twenty-four years in the United States Senate, Talmadge ranked fifth in seniority among Senate Democrats and seventh overall by the time he left office. Herman Talmadge passed away on March 21, 2002.

Scope and Content

Herman E. Talmadge Collection, Subgroup C, Series VI: Political files document Talmadge's campaigns for the United States Senate seat in 1956 and his re-election campaigns of 1966, 1974 and 1980. Included in this series are correspondence, mailing lists, newspaper clippings, speeches, guest registers, scrapbook, receipts, expenditure reports, printed materials, newsletters, tax returns, and political opinion polls. The purpose of the opinion polls was to reflect support that Talmadge might expect during an election year. There are also materials pertaining to an attempt by some Georgians to persuade Talmadge to run for governor of Georgia in 1966.

Organization and Arrangement

This series is organized into two subseries: A. Campaign and B. Political Opinion Polls.

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Herman E. Talmadge Collection, Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies, The University of Georgia Libraries, Athens, Georgia.

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Political campaigns.
United States -- Politics and government -- 1951-
United States -- Politics and government -- 1969-1974.

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Series Descriptions and Folder Listing


Subgroup C: United States Senatorial Papers

VI. Political

( 159 box(es) ) ( (80.25 linear feet) )
This series documents Talmadge's campaigns for the United States Senate seat in 1956 and his re-election campaigns of 1966, 1974 and 1980. Included in this series are correspondence, mailing lists, newspaper clippings, speeches, guest registers, scrapbook, receipts, expenditure reports, printed materials, newsletters, tax returns, and political opinion polls. The purpose of the opinion polls was to reflect support that Talmadge might expect during an election year. There are also materials pertaining to an attempt by some Georgians to persuade Talmadge to run for governor of Georgia in 1966. Arrangement is chronological by campaign.

A. Campaign
1. 1956 Senatorial Campaign
Herman Talmadge officially declared his candidacy for U. S. Senator on May 9, 1956. He did so after awaiting word from Senator Walter George that he would not seek re-election. D. Talmadge Bowers and former Governor M. E. Thompson opposed former Governor Talmadge in the Democratic primary. There was no republican opposition during the general election. This subseries consists of correspondence, newspaper clippings, mailing lists and a scrapbook. The researcher should consult other portions of the Talmadge collection, such as the Press Office Series Burson Reference files, to gain a more complete understanding of this campaign.
11-5Commendatory Correspondence, Unfavorable and Non-Committal
21-2Commendatory Correspondence, Appling
23Commendatory Correspondence, Atkinson
24-5Commendatory Correspondence, Bacon
26Commendatory Correspondence, Baker
27Commendatory Correspondence, Baldwin
31Commendatory Correspondence, Baldwin
32Commendatory Correspondence, Banks
33-4Commendatory Correspondence, Barrow
35-6Commendatory Correspondence, Bartow
37Commendatory Correspondence, Ben Hill
41Commendatory Correspondence, Ben Hill
42Commendatory Correspondence, Berrien
43-6Commendatory Correspondence, Bibb
51-3Commendatory Correspondence, Bibb
54Commendatory Correspondence, Bleckley
55Commendatory Correspondence, Brantley
56Commendatory Correspondence, Brooks
61Commendatory Correspondence, Brooks
62Commendatory Correspondence, Bryan
63Commendatory Correspondence, Bulloch
64-5Commendatory Correspondence, Burke
66Commendatory Correspondence, Butts
67-8Commendatory Correspondence, Calhoune
71Commendatory Correspondence, Camden
72Commendatory Correspondence, Candler
73-5Commendatory Correspondence, Carroll
76-7Commendatory Correspondence, Catoosa
78Commendatory Correspondence, Charlton
79Commendatory Correspondence, Cattahoochee
710Commendatory Correspondence, Chattooga
81-6Commendatory Correspondence, Chatham
91-5Commendatory Correspondence, Chatham
96Commendatory Correspondence, Cherokee
101-6Commendatory Correspondence, Clarke
111Commendatory Correspondence, Clay
112-3Commendatory Correspondence, Clayton
114Commendatory Correspondence, Clinch
115-7Commendatory Correspondence, Cobb
121-2Commendatory Correspondence, Cobb
123-5Commendatory Correspondence, Coffee
126Commendatory Correspondence, Colquitt
131-2Commendatory Correspondence, Colquitt
133Commendatory Correspondence, Columbia
134Commendatory Correspondence, Cook
135-7Commendatory Correspondence, Coweta
141Commendatory Correspondence, Crawford
142-3Commendatory Correspondence, Crisp
144Commendatory Correspondence, Dade
145Commendatory Correspondence, Dawson
146-7Commendatory Correspondence, Decatur
151-6Commendatory Correspondence, DeKalb
161-2Commendatory Correspondence, Dodge
163Commendatory Correspondence, Dooly
164-6Commendatory Correspondence, Dougherty
167Commendatory Correspondence, Douglas
171Commendatory Correspondence, Early
172Commendatory Correspondence, Echols
173Commendatory Correspondence, Effingham
174-5Commendatory Correspondence, Elbert
176-7Commendatory Correspondence, Emanuel
181Commendatory Correspondence, Emanuel
182Commendatory Correspondence, Evans
183Commendatory Correspondence, Fannin
184Commendatory Correspondence, Fayette
185-7Commendatory Correspondence, Floyd
191-2Commendatory Correspondence, Floyd
193Commendatory Correspondence, Forsyth
194-5Commendatory Correspondence, Franklin
196-7Commendatory Correspondence, Fulton
201-6Commendatory Correspondence, Fulton
211-6Commendatory Correspondence, Fulton
221-6Commendatory Correspondence, Fulton
231-6Commendatory Correspondence, Fulton
241-6Commendatory Correspondence, Fulton
251-6Commendatory Correspondence, Fulton
261-5Commendatory Correspondence, Fulton
266Commendatory Correspondence, Gilmer
271Commendatory Correspondence, Glascock
272-4Commendatory Correspondence, Glynn
275Commendatory Correspondence, Gordon
276-7Commendatory Correspondence, Grady
278Commendatory Correspondence, Greene
281Commendatory Correspondence, Greene
282-3Commendatory Correspondence, Gwinnett
284-5Commendatory Correspondence, Habersham
286Commendatory Correspondence, Hall
291Commendatory Correspondence, Hall
292Commendatory Correspondence, Hancock
293-5Commendatory Correspondence, Haralson
296-7Commendatory Correspondence, Harris
301Commendatory Correspondence, Hart
302Commendatory Correspondence, Heard
303-4Commendatory Correspondence, Henry
305-7Commendatory Correspondence, Houston
308Commendatory Correspondence, Irwin
311-3Commendatory Correspondence, Jackson
314Commendatory Correspondence, Jasper
315-6Commendatory Correspondence, Jeff Davis
317-8Commendatory Correspondence, Jefferson
321-2Commendatory Correspondence, Jenkins
323-4Commendatory Correspondence, Johnson
325Commendatory Correspondence, Jones
326-7Commendatory Correspondence, Lamar
328Commendatory Correspondence, Lanier
329Commendatory Correspondence, Laurens
331-3Commendatory Correspondence, Laurens
334Commendatory Correspondence, Lee
335-6Commendatory Correspondence, Liberty
337Commendatory Correspondence, Lincoln
338Commendatory Correspondence, Long
339-10Commendatory Correspondence, Lowndes
341-4Commendatory Correspondence, Lowndes
345Commendatory Correspondence, Lumpkin
346-7Commendatory Correspondence, McDuffie
348-9Commendatory Correspondence, McIntosh
351-2Commendatory Correspondence, Macon
353-4Commendatory Correspondence, Madison
355-6Commendatory Correspondence, Marion
357-9Commendatory Correspondence, Meriwether
3510Commendatory Correspondence, Miller
361-2Commendatory Correspondence, Mitchell
363-4Commendatory Correspondence, Monroe
365Commendatory Correspondence, Montgomery
366Commendatory Correspondence, Morgan
367Commendatory Correspondence, Murray
371-6Commendatory Correspondence, Muscoqee
381-3Commendatory Correspondence, Muscoqee
384-5Commendatory Correspondence, Newton
386Commendatory Correspondence, Oconee
387Commendatory Correspondence, Oglethorpe
391Commendatory Correspondence, Paulding
392-4Commendatory Correspondence, Peach
395Commendatory Correspondence, Pickens
396-7Commendatory Correspondence, Pierce
398Commendatory Correspondence, Pike
401-4Commendatory Correspondence, Polk
405-6Commendatory Correspondence, Pulaski
407Commendatory Correspondence, Putnam
411Commendatory Correspondence, Putnam
412Commendatory Correspondence, Quitman
413Commendatory Correspondence, Rabun
414-5Commendatory Correspondence, Randolph
416-7Commendatory Correspondence, Richmond
421-7Commendatory Correspondence, Richmond
431-3Commendatory Correspondence, Richmond
434Commendatory Correspondence, Rockdale
435Commendatory Correspondence, Schley
436-7Commendatory Correspondence, Screven
441Commendatory Correspondence, Seminole
442-5Commendatory Correspondence, Spalding
446-7Commendatory Correspondence, Stephens
451Commendatory Correspondence, Stewart
452-3Commendatory Correspondence, Sumter
454Commendatory Correspondence, Talbot
455Commendatory Correspondence, Taliaferro
456-7Commendatory Correspondence, Tattnall
461Commendatory Correspondence, Tattnall
462Commendatory Correspondence, Taylor
463-4Commendatory Correspondence, Telfair
465-6Commendatory Correspondence, Terrell
471-5Commendatory Correspondence, Thomas
481-3Commendatory Correspondence, Tift
484-6Commendatory Correspondence, Toombs
487Commendatory Correspondence, Towns
488Commendatory Correspondence, Treutlen
491-3Commendatory Correspondence, Troup
494-5Commendatory Correspondence, Turner
496-7Commendatory Correspondence, Twiggs
501-2Commendatory Correspondence, Union
503-5Commendatory Correspondence, Upson
506Commendatory Correspondence, Walker
511-2Commendatory Correspondence, Walker
513-4Commendatory Correspondence, Walton
515-6Commendatory Correspondence, Ware
521-2Commendatory Correspondence, Ware
523Commendatory Correspondence, Warren
524-5Commendatory Correspondence, Washington
526Commendatory Correspondence, Wayne
531Commendatory Correspondence, Wayne
532Commendatory Correspondence, Webster
533Commendatory Correspondence, Wheeler
534Commendatory Correspondence, White
535-7Commendatory Correspondence, Whitfield
538Commendatory Correspondence, Wilcox
541-2Commendatory Correspondence, Wilcox
543-4Commendatory Correspondence, Wilkes
545-6Commendatory Correspondence, Wilkinson
547Commendatory Correspondence, Worth
551General Correspondence, Press Letters
552General Correspondence, Baldwin
553General Correspondence, Banks
554General Correspondence, Barrow
555General Correspondence, Ben Hill
556General Correspondence, Bibb
557General Correspondence, Brooks
558General Correspondence, Camden
559General Correspondence, Candler
5510General Correspondence, Carroll
5511General Correspondence, Catoosa
5512General Correspondence, Chatham
5513General Correspondence, Chattooga
5514General Correspondence, Clarke
5515General Correspondence, Clayton
5516General Correspondence, Cobb
5517General Correspondence, Coffee
5518General Correspondence, Colquitt
5519General Correspondence, Cook
5520General Correspondence, Coweta
5521General Correspondence, Decatur
5522General Correspondence, DeKalb
5523General Correspondence, Dodge
5524General Correspondence, Dooley
5525General Correspondence, Dougherty
5526General Correspondence, Douglas
5527General Correspondence, Elbert
5528General Correspondence, Emanual
5529General Correspondence, Fannin
5530General Correspondence, Floyd
561-3General Correspondence, Fulton
564General Correspondence, Glascock
565General Correspondence, Glynn
566General Correspondence, Grady
567General Correspondence, Greene
568General Correspondence, Gwinnett
569General Correspondence, Hall
5610General Correspondence, Hancock
5611General Correspondence, Haralson
5612General Correspondence, Harris
5613General Correspondence, Hart
5614General Correspondence, Heard
5615General Correspondence, Henry
5616General Correspondence, Houston
5617General Correspondence, Jackson
5618General Correspondence, Jasper
5619General Correspondence, Jeff Davis
5620General Correspondence, Jefferson
5621General Correspondence, Jenkins
5622General Correspondence, Lamar
5623General Correspondence, Laurens
5624General Correspondence, Liberty
5625General Correspondence, Long
571General Correspondence, Lowndes
572General Correspondence, Lumpkin
573General Correspondence, McDuffie
574General Correspondence, McIntosh
575General Correspondence, Meriwether
576General Correspondence, Mitchell
577General Correspondence, Monroe
578General Correspondence, Montgomery
579General Correspondence, Muscogee
5710General Correspondence, Newton
5711General Correspondence, Oconee
5712General Correspondence, Peach
5713General Correspondence, Pickens
5714General Correspondence, Pierce
5715General Correspondence, Polk
5716General Correspondence, Randolph
5717General Correspondence, Richmond
5718General Correspondence, Rockdale
5719General Correspondence, Screven
5720General Correspondence, Seminole
5721General Correspondence, Spalding
5722General Correspondence, Stephens
5723General Correspondence, Stewart
5724General Correspondence, Sumter
5725General Correspondence, Talbot
5726General Correspondence, Tattnall
5727General Correspondence, Telfair
5728General Correspondence, Thomas
581General Correspondence, Tift
582General Correspondence, Toombs
583General Correspondence, Troup
584General Correspondence, Turner
585General Correspondence, Upson
586General Correspondence, Walker
587General Correspondence, Walton
588General Correspondence, Ware
589General Correspondence, Washington
5810General Correspondence, Wayne
5811General Correspondence, Wheeler
5812General Correspondence, Whitfield
5813General Correspondence, Wilcox
5814General Correspondence, Wilkes
5815General Correspondence, Wilkinson
5816General Correspondence, Subscription Changes
5817General Correspondence, B-P
5818General Correspondence, R-Z
591Mailing Lists, County Democratic Executive Committee Members
592Mailing Lists, Students
593Mailing Lists, Labor
594-5Mailing Lists, Miscellaneous Lists
596-7Mailing Lists, New County Mailing Lists
601Mailing List of Georgia School Bus Drivers
602Mailing Lists, Brazzleton, Miss Leta
603Mailing Lists, Appling
604Mailing Lists, Atkinson
605Mailing Lists, Bacon
606Mailing Lists, Baker
607Mailing Lists, Baldwin
608Mailing Lists, Banks
609Mailing Lists, Barrow
6010Mailing Lists, Bartow
6011Mailing Lists, Ben Hill
6012Mailing Lists, Berrien
6013Mailing Lists, Bibb
6014Mailing Lists, Bleckley
6015Mailing Lists, Brantley
6016Mailing Lists, Brooks
6017Mailing Lists, Bryan
6018Mailing Lists, Bulloch
6019Mailing Lists, Burke
6020Mailing Lists, Butts
6021Mailing Lists, Calhoun
6022Mailing Lists, Camden
6023Mailing Lists, Candler
6024Mailing Lists, Carroll
6025Mailing Lists, Catoosa
6026Mailing Lists, Charlton
6027Mailing Lists, Chatham
6028Mailing Lists, Chattahoochee
6029Mailing Lists, Chattooga
6030Mailing Lists, Cherokee
6031Mailing Lists, Clarke
611Mailing Lists, Clay
612Mailing Lists, Clayton
613Mailing Lists, Clinch
614Mailing Lists, Cobb
615Mailing Lists, Coffee
616Mailing Lists, Colquitt
617Mailing Lists, Columbia
618Mailing Lists, Cook
619Mailing Lists, Coweta
6110Mailing Lists, Crawford
6111Mailing Lists, Crisp
6112Mailing Lists, Dade
6113Mailing Lists, Dawson
6114Mailing Lists, Decatur
6115Mailing Lists, DeKalb
6116Mailing Lists, Dodge
6117Mailing Lists, Dooly
6118Mailing Lists, Dougherty
6119Mailing Lists, Douglas
6120Mailing Lists, Early
6121Mailing Lists, Echols
6122Mailing Lists, Effingham
6123Mailing Lists, Elbert
6124Mailing Lists, Emanuel
6125Mailing Lists, Evans
6126Mailing Lists, Fannin
6127Mailing Lists, Fayette
6128Mailing Lists, Floyd
6129Mailing Lists, Forsyth
6130Mailing Lists, Franklin
621Mailing Lists, Fulton
622Mailing Lists, Gilmer
623Mailing Lists, Glascock
624Mailing Lists, Glynn
625Mailing Lists, Gordon
626Mailing Lists, Grady
627Mailing Lists, Greene
628Mailing Lists, Gwinnett
629Mailing Lists, Habersham
6210Mailing Lists, Hall
6211Mailing Lists, Hancock
6212Mailing Lists, Haralson
6213Mailing Lists, Harris
6214Mailing Lists, Hart
6215Mailing Lists, Heard
6216Mailing Lists, Henry
6217Mailing Lists, Houston
6218Mailing Lists, Irwin
6219Mailing Lists, Jackson
6220Mailing Lists, Jasper
6221Mailing Lists, Jeff Davis
6222Mailing Lists, Jefferson
6223Mailing Lists, Jenkins
6224Mailing Lists, Johnson
6225Mailing Lists, Jones
6226Mailing Lists, Lamar
6227Mailing Lists, Lanier
6228Mailing Lists, Laurens
6229Mailing Lists, Lee
6230Mailing Lists, Liberty
6231Mailing Lists, Lincoln
6232Mailing Lists, Long
6233Mailing Lists, Lowndes
6234Mailing Lists, Lumpkin
6235Mailing Lists, Macon
6236Mailing Lists, Madison
631Mailing Lists, Marion
632Mailing Lists, McDuffie
633Mailing Lists, McIntosh
634Mailing Lists, Meriwether
635Mailing Lists, Mitchell
636Mailing Lists, Monroe
637Mailing Lists, Montgomery
638Mailing Lists, Morgan
639Mailing Lists, Murray
6310Mailing Lists, Muscogee
6311Mailing Lists, Newton
6312Mailing Lists, Oconee
6313Mailing Lists, Oglethorpe
6314Mailing Lists, Paulding
6315Mailing Lists, Peach
6316Mailing Lists, Pickens
6317Mailing Lists, Pierce
6318Mailing Lists, Pike
6319Mailing Lists, Polk
6320Mailing Lists, Pulaski
6321Mailing Lists, Putnam
6322Mailing Lists, Quitman
6323Mailing Lists, Ruban
6324Mailing Lists, Randolph
6325Mailing Lists, Richmond
6326Mailing Lists, Rockdale
6327Mailing Lists, Schley
6328Mailing Lists, Screven
6329Mailing Lists, Seminole
6330Mailing Lists, Spalding
641Mailing Lists, Stephens
642Mailing Lists, Stewart
643Mailing Lists, Sumter
644Mailing Lists, Talbot
645Mailing Lists, Taliaferro
646Mailing Lists, Tattnall
647Mailing Lists, Taylor
648Mailing Lists, Talfair
649Mailing Lists, Terrell
6410Mailing Lists, Thomas
6411Mailing Lists, Tift
6412Mailing Lists, Toombs
6413Mailing Lists, Towns
6414Mailing Lists, Treulen
6415Mailing Lists, Troup
6416Mailing Lists, Turner
6417Mailing Lists, Twiggs
6418Mailing Lists, Union
6419Mailing Lists, Upson
6420Mailing Lists, Walker
6421Mailing Lists, Walton
6422Mailing Lists, Ware
6423Mailing Lists, Warren
6424Mailing Lists, Washington
6425Mailing Lists, Wayne
6426Mailing Lists, Wheeler
6427Mailing Lists, White
6428Mailing Lists, Whitfield
6429Mailing Lists, Wilcox
6430Mailing Lists, Wilkes
6431Mailing Lists, Wilkinson
6432Mailing Lists, Worth
6433Mailing Lists, Appling-Lanier
6434Mailing Lists, Laurens-Worth
6435Mailing Lists
651Campaign Materials, News clippings 1946-1955
652Campaign Materials, Candidacy Announcement, 1956
653Campaign Material, DeKalb County - Talmadge for U. S. Senate Club
654-5Campaign Material, Guest Registers for campaign headquarters
661Campaign Material, Herman Talmadge Senatorial Campaign Scrapbook
2. 1966 Gubernatorial Campaign
Materials from this subseries include telegrams, computer tapes and correspondence. In 1966, there was a movement to have Talmadge vacate his senatorial seat and to run for governor. Senator Talmadge chose to stay in Washington. Arrangement is chronological.
671-4Telegrams , May 18, 1966
675-6Telegrams , May 19, 1966
677Telegrams , May 20, 1966
678Telegrams , May 18-20, 1966
681-5Computer Tapes
691Governor or Senate
692Out of State
693Reaction (Georgia)
69 4-5Correspondence, 23-May-66
696Correspondence, 2-Jun-66
697Form Letters
699Mean Mail
6910-11Names and Addresses
3. 1974 Senatorial Campaign
701-6Political Contributions to Candidates in 1972, Republican National Committee
707Political Contributions to Candidates in 1972, National Republican Senatorial Committee
711Political Contributions to Candidates in 1972, Republican Congressional Boosters Club
712Political Contributions to Candidates in 1972, Host for the President Committee
713Political Contributions to Candidates in 1972, Young Voters for the President
714Political Contributions to Candidates in 1972, National Hispanic Finance Committee for the Re-election of the President
715-7Political Contributions to Candidates in 1972, Republican Candidates Conference
721Political Contributions to Candidates in 1972, McGovern for President Committee
722Political Contributions to Candidates in 1972, Georgia McGovern Shriver Committee
723-8Political Contributions to Candidates in 1972, Committee for the Nomination of Hubert H. Humphrey
731-3Political Contributions to Candidates in 1972, Committee for the Nomination of Hubert H. Humphrey
734-6Political Contributions to Candidates in 1972, Democratic National Committee
741-3Political Contributions to Candidates in 1972, Democrats for Nixon
744-6Political Contributions to Candidates in 1972, Congressional Victory Committee
751Political Contributions to Candidates in 1972, Television Committee to Re-elect the President
752Political Contributions to Candidates in 1972, Committee for the Re-election of the President
753Political Contributions to Candidates in 1972, Media Committee to Re-elect the President
754-7Political Contributions to Candidates in 1972, Radio Committee to Re-elect the President
761-6Political Contributions to Candidates in 1972, Committee for the Re-election of the President
771-6Political Contributions to Candidates in 1972, Republican - U. S. President Richard M. Nixon
781-4Political Contributions to Candidates in 1972, Republican - U. S. President Richard M. Nixon
785Political Contributions to Candidates in 1972, Republican - U. S. House 7th Charles B. Sherrill
786Political Contributions to Candidates in 1972, Democrat - U. S. Senate Bill Burson
787Political Contributions to Candidates in 1972, Democrat - U. S. Senate Jack Dorsey
788Political Contributions to Candidates in 1972, Democrat - U. S. Senate Thomas J. Irwin
789Political Contributions to Candidates in 1972, Democrat - U. S. Senate Lloyd Russell
7810Political Contributions to Candidates in 1972, Democrat - U. S. Senate J. B. Stoner
7811Political Contributions to Candidates in 1972, U. S. Senate William (Don) Wheeler
7812Political Contributions to Candidates in 1972, Democrat - U. S. Senate Hosea Williams
7813Political Contributions to Candidates in 1972, Democrat - U. S. House 5th H. D. Dodson
7814Political Contributions to Candidates in 1972, Democrat - U. S. House 5th Howell Elijah Smith, Jr.
7815Political Contributions to Candidates in 1972, Democrat - U. S. House 6th Ray Gurley
7816Political Contributions to Candidates in 1972, Republican - U. S. House 7th V. Eugene McMichew
791-2Political Contributions to Candidates in 1972, Democrat - U. S. Senate Same A. Nunn, Jr.
793Political Contributions to Candidates in 1972, Democrat - U. S. Senate S. Ernest Vandiver
794Political Contributions to Candidates in 1972, Democrat - U. S. Senate David N. Gambrell
795Political Contributions to Candidates in 1972, Republican - U. S. Senate S. Fletcher Thompson
796Political Contributions to Candidates in 1972, Democrat - U. S. House 1st Ronald Bo Ginn
801Political Contributions to Candidates in 1972, Democrat - U. S. House 1st William L. Gowan
802Political Contributions to Candidates in 1972, Democrat - U. S. House 1st Thomas R. Taggart
803Political Contributions to Candidates in 1972, Democrat - U. S. House 1st G. Elliot Hagan
804Political Contributions to Candidates in 1972, Democrat - U. S. House 2nd Dawson Mathis
805Political Contributions to Candidates in 1972, Democrat - U. S. House 3rd Jack Thomas Briwkley
806Political Contributions to Candidates in 1972, Republican - U. S. House 4th Ben B. Blackburn
807Political Contributions to Candidates in 1972, Democrat - U. S. House 4th F. Odell Welborn
808Political Contributions to Candidates in 1972, Democrat - U. S. House 5th William W. Fowler, Jr.
809Political Contributions to Candidates in 1972, Democrat - U. S. House 5th Andrew Young
8010Political Contributions to Candidates in 1972, Republican - U. S. House 5th Rodney M. Cook
8011Political Contributions to Candidates in 1972, Democrat - U. S. House 6th John James Flynt, Jr.
8012Political Contributions to Candidates in 1972, Democrat - U. S. House 7th Larry P. McDonald
811Political Contributions to Candidates in 1972, Democrat - U. S. House 7th John William Davis
812Political Contributions to Candidates in 1972, Democrat - U. S. House 8th W. S. Stuckey, Jr.
813Political Contributions to Candidates in 1972, Republican - U. S. House 8th John R. "Ronnie" Thompson
814Political Contributions to Candidates in 1972, Democrat - U. S. House 9th Phil M. Landrum
815Political Contributions to Candidates in 1972, Democrat - U. S. House 10th Robert Grier Stephens, Jr.
816Political Contributions to Candidates in 1972, Good Government Fund
817Political Contributions to Candidates in 1972, Georgia Committee to Re-Elect the President
818Political Contributions to Candidates in 1972, Active Ballot Club - Department of Retail Clerks International Association
819Political Contributions to Candidates in 1972, AFL-CIO Political Contributions Committee
821Political Contributions to Candidates in 1972, Agriculture and Diary Educational Political Trust
822Political Contributions to Candidates in 1972, American Hotel Motel Political Action Committee
823Political Contributions to Candidates in 1972, Amalgamated Political Education Committee
824Political Contributions to Candidates in 1972, AMCOPE
831Georgians for Talmadge, Campaign Trip
832Georgians for Talmadge, Campaign Information
83 3-4Georgians for Talmadge Audit
835Georgians for Talmadge, Georgia Financing Disclosure Act
836Georgians for Talmadge, Campaign Reports - Opponent
837Georgians for Talmadge, Senator Hubert Humphrey and Congressman Wilbur Mills
838Georgians for Talmadge, Federal Election Campaign Act
83 9-10Georgians for Talmadge, Federal Election Commission Supplements
8311Georgians for Talmadge, Political
841-16Georgians for Talmadge, Federal Campaign Information Publications
85 1-6General, Administration - Campaign 1974
857General, Administration - Computer
861General, Administration - Correspondence
862General, Administration - Hayes Correspondence
863General, Administration - Vinson, Carl Birthday
86 4-6General, Campaign - 1974
867General, Georgia - Governor Carter
87 1-4General, Georgia - Governor Carter
87 5-6General, Georgia - U. S. Senate
877General, Georgia State - Senate Reapportionment
4. 1980 Senatorial Campaign
881Georgians for Talmadge, September 5, 1979-September 30, 1979
882-3Georgians for Talmadge, October 1, 1979-December 31, 1979
884-5Georgians for Talmadge, January 1, 1980-March 31, 1980
891-4Georgians for Talmadge, January 1, 1980-March 31, 1980
895Georgians for Talmadge, April 1, 1980-June 30, 1980
901-5Georgians for Talmadge, April 1, 1980-June 30, 1980
911-2Georgians for Talmadge, April 1, 1980-June 30, 1980
913-4Georgians for Talmadge, July 1, 1980-July 16. 1980
915-7Georgians for Talmadge, July 17, 1980-August 6, 1980
921Georgians for Talmadge, July 17, 1980-August 6, 1980
922-5Georgians for Talmadge, August 7, 1980-September 30, 1980
926-7Georgians for Talmadge, October 1, 1980-October 15, 1980
928-9Georgians for Talmadge, October 16, 1980-November 24, 1980
931-2Georgians for Talmadge, October 16, 1980-November 24, 1980
933-4Georgians for Talmadge, November 25, 1980-December 31, 1980
941Office management, Deposits 338-326
942Office management, Deposits 325-323
943Office management, Deposits 322-319
944Office management, Deposits 318-315
945Office management, Deposits 314-312
951Office management, Deposits 311-307
952Office management, Deposits 306-305
953Office management, Deposits 304-303
954Office management, Deposits 302-299
955Office management, Deposits 298-295
961Office management, Deposits 294-293
962Office management, Deposits 292-290
963Office management, Deposits 289-287
964Office management, Deposits 286-284
965Office management, Deposits 283-280
971Office management, Deposits 279-276
972Office management, Deposits 275-272
973Office management, Deposits 272-269
974Office management, Deposits 268-267
975Office management, Deposits 266-262
981Office management, Deposits 261-254
982Office management, Deposits 253-250
983Office management, Deposits 249-247
984Office management, Deposits 246-244
985Office management, Deposits 243-241
991Office management, Deposits 240-238
992Office management, Deposits 237-236
993Office management, Deposits 235-233
994Office management, Deposits 232-230
995Office management, Deposits 229-226
1001Office management, Deposits 225-222
1002Office management, Deposits 221-217
1003Office management, Deposits 216-213
1004Office management, Deposits 212-209
1005Office management, Deposits 208-207
1011Office management, Deposits 206-205
1012Office management, Deposits 204-203
1013Office management, Deposits 202-199
1014Office management, Deposits Deposits 198
1015Office management, Deposits 197-195
1016Office management, Deposits 194
1021Office management, Deposits 193-189
1022Office management, Deposits 188-185
1023Office management, Deposits 184-180
1024Office management, Deposits 179-176
1025Office management, Deposits 175-171
1031Office management, Deposits 170-166
1032Office management, Deposits 165-164
1033Office management, Deposits 163-161
1034Office management, Deposits 160-157
1035Office management, Deposits 156-155
1041Office management, Deposits 154-150
1042Office management, Deposits 149-148
1043Office management, Deposits 147-146
1044Office management, Deposits 145-142
1045Office management, Deposits 141-140
1051Office management, Deposits 139-137
1052Office management, Deposits 136-134
1053Office management, Deposits 133-130
1054Office management, Deposits 129-127
1055Office management, Deposits 126
1056Office management, Deposits 125-124
1061Office management, Deposits 123-121
1062Office management, Deposits 120-119
1063Office management, Deposits 118
1064Office management, Deposits 117-113
1065Office management, Deposits 112-111
1066Office management, Deposits 109-108
1071Office management, Deposits 107-105
1072Office management, Deposits 104-100
1073Office management, Deposits 99-97
1074Office management, Deposits 96-92
1075Office management, Deposits 91-90
1076Office management, Deposits 89-86
1081Office management, Deposits 85-83
1082Office management, Deposits 80-76
1083Office management, Deposits 75-70
1084Office management, Deposits 69-60
1085Office management, Deposits 59-50
1091Office management, Deposits 49-40
1092Office management, Deposits 39-34
1093Office management, Deposits 33-14
1094Office management, Deposits 13-1
1101Office management, AAA Business Machine Company
1102Office management, A-1 Printers, Inc.
1103Office management, Aaron Rents, Inc. and Office Supplies
1104Office management, AA Vending Co., Inc.
1105Office management, ABC Printing Company
1106Office management, ACC Distributers, Inc.
1107Office management, Adams, Rufus
1108Office management, Advocate Press
1109Office management, Air Taxi South, Inc.
11010Office management, Akins, Peggy S.
11011Office management, Alabama Sheriff's Boy Ranch
11012Office management, Albatross Corporation
11013Office management, Albany Times
11014Office management, Albrights Inc.
11015Office management, Alexandra Janitorial Service
11016Office management, Allen's Flowers and Gifts
11017Office management, Allen Temple AME Church
11018Office management, Alma Times
11019Office management, Almand, Vivien
11020Office management, American Family Life Assurance Company
11021Office management, American Federation of Musicians
11022Office management, American Institute of Architects
11023Office management, American Legion
11024Office management, Anderson Office Supply Company
11025Office management, Antioch Baptist Church
11026Office management, APA Business Services, Inc.
11027Office management, Araguel, Sanders and Carter, PC
11028Office management, Athens Banner Herald
11029Office management, Atkinson, Curtis L.
11030Office management, Atlanta American Motor Hotel
11031Office management, Atlanta Business Communications, Inc.
11032Office management, Atlanta, City of
11033Office management, Atlanta City Water Bureau
11034Office management, Atlanta Constitution
11035Office management, Atlanta Costume Company
11036Office management, Atlanta Gas Light Company
11037Office management, Atlanta Hilton Hotel
11038Office management, Atlanta Journal-Constitution
11039Office management, Atlanta Office Furniture Company
11040Office management, Atlanta State Farmers Market
11041Office management, Atlanta Veterans News
11042Office management, Atlanta World
11043Office management, Atlantis, Inc.
11044Office management, Ayers, Jack
1111Office management, Baker, Maud - Flowers
1112Office management, Baconfield Pharmacy
1113Office management, Ball, William III
1114Office management, Balloons Away
1115Office management, Bargen, Clayton L.
1116Office management, Barkley's Florist
1117Office management, Barlow, David
1118Office management, Barnard, Sheila
1119Office management, Barnes Printing Company
11110Office management, Barnesville Herald-News Gazette
11111Office management, Barrett's Flower Shop
11112Office management, Barton, Kristi A. Ried - Banquet Coordinator
11113Office management, Bates, William M.
11114Office management, Baxter, William - Progressive Political Club
11115Office management, Beal, Alveda King
11116Office management, Bear Creek Airport
11117Office management, Beckles, Ishmeal T.
11118Office management, Bell, David B.
11119Office management, Bennie's Super Market
11120Office management, Best Aviation, Inc.
11121Office management, Beta Chi of Sigma Chi - Atlanta
11122Office management, Bethlehem AME Church - Cairo
11123Office management, Bickerstaff, H. Jeff - American Family Life
11124Office management, Biggers, Catherine
11125Office management, Bishop, L. O.
11126Office management, Blackshear Times
11127Office management, Blackistone, Inc.
11128Office management, Blakely Freezer Locker Company
11129Office management, Blakely Tire Company
11130Office management, Blue Ridge Summit Post
11131Office management, Boney, F. N. Attorney
11132Office management, Bowen, Hon. Dudley H., Jr. - U.S. Judge South District of Georgia
11133Office management, Bowen, Vernon
11134Office management, Bragg, Ray F., Jr.
11135Office management, The Brakeman (band)
11136Office management, Brantley Enterprise
11137Office management, Broaders, Evelyn
11138Office management, Brookfield West Gold and Country Club
11139Office management, Brown Reporting, Inc.
11140Office management, Brunswick Chamber of Commerce
11141Office management, Brunswick, City of
11142Office management, Brunswick News Publishing Company
11143Office management, Bryan, Joe
11144Office management, Buena Vista Loan and Savings Bank
11145Office management, Buford, Mrs. Louise
11146Office management, Bull Brosteg Company
11147Office management, Bullards Lock Master and Safe Company
11148Office management, Bulletin Enterprises
11149Office management, Bunch, Bunnie
11150Office management, Burns Brick Company
11151Office management, Bussey's Villa Florist
11152Office management, C & P Telephone Company
11153Office management, Cambridge Survey Research
11154Office management, Camilla Enterprise
11155Office management, Camp, Dr. Ray
11156Office management, Camp Harmony, Inc.
11157Office management, Campbell, Charles E.
11158Office management, Capital City Club
11159Office management, Carolyn's Kitchen
11160Office management, Carousel of Flowers
11161Office management, Carterfone Communications Corporation
11162Office management, Cartersville Civic Center
11163Office management, Cartersville Newspapers Inc.
11164Office management, Cartersville Coca-Cola Bottling Company
11165Office management, Center Office Supplies and Printing
11166Office management, Centerville Store - Lithonia, GA
11167Office management, Chapman Office Supply
11168Office management, Chappell, James C. - Postmaster
11169Office management, Cheek, Paul
11170Office management, Cherokee Tribune
11171Office management, Cherry, J. Randolph Inc.
11172Office management, Childre Chevrolet, Inc.
11173Office management, Citizen Advance
11174Office management, Citizens Central Advisory Council (EOA - Economic Opportunity Atlanta Inc.)
11175Office management, Citizens Neighborhood Advisory Council
1121Office management, City Market, Inc.
1122Office management, City News Publishing Company
1123Office management, Civic Center, Lowndes County
1124Office management, Clark College
1125Office management, Clark, Ted (Rev.)
1126Office management, Clarke, Rudolph
1127Office management, Clayton Tribune
1128Office management, Clem, Alan
1129Office management, Coastal Business Services, Inc.
11210Office management, Coastal Produce Company
11211Office management, Coca-Cola Bottling Company
11212Office management, Cofer Brothers, Inc.
11213Office management, Cofer, Herman
11214Office management, Coggins, Nancy
11215Office management, Cohen, Max J.
11216Office management, Colby, Terry
11217Office management, Colonial Baking Company
11218Office management, Colquitt Shopper
11219Office management, Columbus (Iron Works) Convention and Trade Center
11220Office management, Columbus Times
11221Office management, Columbus Water Works
11222Office management, Commerce Clearing House, Inc.
11223Office management, Commerce Club
11224Office management, Commerce News
11225Office management, Communication Workers of America
11226Office management, Congressional Photo Service
11227Office management, Conner, Jimmy
11228-29Office management, Cook, Ruef, Spann & Weiser , (July-September 1980)
11230Office management, Cook, Ruef, Spann & Weiser , (April-June 1980)
11231Office management, Cook, Ruef, Spann & Weiser , (January-March 1980)
1131Office management, Cook, Ruef, Spann and Weiser , (1979)
1132Office management, Cornelison Printing Company
1133Office management, Cory, William E.
1134Office management, Cotton States Mutual Insurance
1135Office management, Crites, Tom
1136Office management, Cronk, Robert R. Company
1137Office management, Curtis 1,000 - Speedi Print
1138Office management, The Daily Citizen News
1139Office management, Daily Sun
11310Office management, Dalton High School
11311Office management, Dalton Printing and Supply Company
11312Office management, Dan Martin Flowers
11313Office management, Darien News
11314Office management, DECA
11315Office management, DeKalb County Director of Finance
11316Office management, DeKalb County Jaycees
11317Office management, DeKalb Office Equipment
11318Office management, Democratic Party of DeKalb County
11319Office management, Delk, R. Mitchell
11320Office management, Delta Airlines
11321Office management, Democratic House and Senate Council
11322Office management, Democratic Party of Georgia
11323Office management, Democratic Presidential Campaign Committee
11324Office management, Dempsey, James
11325Office management, Dempsey Motor Hotel
11326Office management, Desoto Hilton Hotel
11327Office management, Diamond, Paul
11328Office management, Dick, A. B. Company
11329Office management, Diversified Printing
11330Office management, Dixie T's
11331Office management, Dollar Farm Products
11332Office management, Douglas County Sentinel
11333Office management, Doppler Studios
11334Office management, Dougherty County
11335Office management, Downtowner Motor Inn
11336Office management, Dunfey Atlanta Hotel
11337Office management, Dye, William
11338Office management, Dykes, Steve
11339Office management, Early County News
11340Office management, Eastern Airlines
11341Office management, Eatonton First Methodist Church
11342Office management, Ebenezer Baptist Church
11343Office management, Edenfield Food Catering Service
11344Office management, Edwards, G. T.
11345Office management, Edwards, John Kent
11346Office management, Eisil, Mary Jane
11347Office management, Elberton Star
11348Office management, Electric Membership
11349Office management, Emanuel Baptist Church
11350Office management, Embassy Towers Hotel
11351Office management, Eubanks Tire and Battery
11352Office management, Fergel Evans
11353Office management, Exchange Club, Tifton
11354Office management, Falcon Conference Center
11355Office management, Farmer's Market
11356Office management, Farrar, Curtis
11357Office management, Farrow Enterprises
11358Office management, Fayette County News
11359Office management, Federal Election Commission
11360Office management, Federal Express
11361Office management, Federated Labor News
11362Office management, Fendig Outdoor Advertising
11363Office management, Fieldale Farms
11364Office management, Finchers Barbeque
11365Office management, Fincher, Bill
11366Office management, First National Bank
11367Office management, First Pilgrim Baptist Church
11368Office management, Five K's Caterers
11369Office management, Flowers Baking Company
11370Office management, Flynt, John J. Jr.
11371Office management, Forrester's Flowers
11372Office management, Fortson-Bentley & Griffin
11373Office management, Foster, Danny
11374Office management, Franklin County Citizen
11375Office management, Friendship Baptist Church
11376Office management, Fostoria Glass
11377Office management, Fulton County Democratic Party
11378Office management, Fulton County Voter Registration
1141Office management, G & S Company
1142Office management, Gainesville Elks Club
1143Office management, Gainesville Parks and Recreation Dept.
1144Office management, Garland Graphics
1145Office management, Gates, C. E. - Estate
1146Office management, General Service Administration
1147Office management, Georgia Association of Black Elected Officials
1148Office management, Georgia Bankers Association
1149Office management, Georgia Building Authority
11410Office management, Georgia Building Services
11411Office management, Georgia Business Service
11412Office management, Georgia Federation of Democratic Women
11413Office management, Georgia Jaycees
11414Office management, Georgia Motor Trucking
11415Office management, Georgia Peanut Commission
11416Office management, Georgia Pharmaceutical Association
11417Office management, Georgia Power Company
11418Office management, Georgia Press Association
11419Office management, Georgia Printing Service, Inc.
11420Office management, Georgia Southern College
11421Office management, Georgia State Beauty Culturist League
11422Office management, Garland, Virgil
11423Office management, Giffin, Gordon
11424Office management, Glennville Sentinel
11425Office management, Glynn Distributors
11426Office management, Goetchius House
11427Office management, Gordon Enterprises
11428Office management, Grady, Bonnie
11429Office management, Grady County Young Farmers
11430Office management, Granco Corporation
11431Office management, Graphics Factory
11432Office management, Greater New Light Baptist Church
11433Office management, Greater Second Corinth Baptist Church
11434Office management, Green's Package Store
11435Office management, Greene, Dr. R. W.
11436Office management, Greyhound Food Management
11437Office management, Griffin Daily News
11438Office management, Griffin Sales and Service
11439Office management, Grizzard Advertising
11440Office management, Growers Tobacco Warehouse
11441Office management, Guillory Company
11442Office management, Gwinnett Daily News
11443Office management, Democratic House and Senate Council
11444Office management, Hackler, Craig
11445Office management, Hall, Joey
11446Office management, Ham, Benson
11447Office management, Hall Printing Company
11448Office management, Hangar One Leasing
11449Office management, Hansell, Post, Brandon and Dorsey
11450Office management, Harden, Harry
11451Office management, Harris, Herbert
11452Office management, Harris, Jed
11453Office management, Hays, Ray
11454Office management, Hazel and Jeanette Florist
11455Office management, HDQ Products
11456Office management, Heard, Connie
11457Office management, Hearn, Eric
11458Office management, Henderson, Cornelius
11459Office management, Henkel and Lamon
11460Office management, Henri Caterers
11461Office management, Hernandez Printing
11462Office management, Hicks, Maloof and Campbell
11463Office management, Hicks Music Store
11464Office management, Hill, Roy
11465Office management, Hilton Hotel
11466Office management, Hinesville Liberty Shopper
11467Office management, Holiday Inn (Columbus)
11468Office management, Holiday Inn (Madison)
11469Office management, Honea, Steve
11470Office management, Houser, Rembert
11471Office management, Howard Johnson's Motor Lodges
11472Office management, Howard, Prof. Matthew
11473Office management, Hubler, Rita
11474Office management, Hunt-Bond-Troup Banquet
11475Office management, Hyatt Regency (Memphis)
11476Office management, IBM Corporation
11477Office management, Ideal Music
11478Office management, IM Print
11479Office management, Industrial Printing
11480Office management, Instrument Flight Training
11481Office management, The Islander
11482Office management, Ivan Allen Company
11483Office management, Jackson Beverages
11484Office management, Jackson Herald
11485Office management, Jeffcoat, Allen
11486Office management, Jessup Broadcasting
11487Office management, Jessup Jaycees
11488Office management, Jewish Book Store
11489Office management, Jiffy Manufacturing
11490Office management, Johnson Printing Company
11491Office management, Jones, Lenora
11492Office management, Jones, Mark A.
11493Office management, Journal (Albany)
1151Office management, Katherine's Kitchen
1152Office management, Keeper of Stationery
1153Office management, Kenan's
1154Office management, Kentucky Fried Chicken
1155Office management, Kight, Gail
1156Office management, King, Frances
1157Office management, King, Martin Luther Middle School
1158Office management, King, W. Russell
1159Office management, Kirkland, James
11510Office management, Knox, Jeannette
11511Office management, Klein-Sieb
11512Office management, Kwik-Kopy
11513Office management, Ladha Island Inn
11514Office management, LaGrange Peoples Voice
11515Office management, Lang Printing
11516Office management, Langdale, Wm. P.
11517Office management, Lanier Business Products
11518Office management, Lansdownes Catering
11519Office management, Laws, Bill
11520Office management, Lazar, Gail and Jerry
11521Office management, Leader Tribune
11522Office management, League of Women Voters
11523Office management, Ledger-Enquirer
11524Office management, Lenox Leader
11525Office management, Levengood, John Michael
11526Office management, Liakakis, Pete
11527Office management, Liberty Press
11528Office management, Lions Club
11529Office management, Lively, "Wash" W. W.
11530Office management, Little General Cloggers
11531Office management, Lumber City Log
11532Office management, Lyde, Mrs. Geneva
11533Office management, McBee Systems
11534Office management, McDevitt, Joseph
11535Office management, McDougald, Charles and Jewel
11536Office management, McKenna, William
11537Office management, McKinney, "Billy" J. E.
11538Office management, McLeod, Michael R.
11539Office management, Macey and Zusmann
11540Office management, Macon Coliseum
11541Office management, Macon Courier
11542Office management, Macon Flag and Banner
11543Office management, Macon Hilton
11544Office management, Macon Telegraph
11545Office management, Macon Times
11546Office management, Madden, Britt
11547Office management, Maddox, Dr. Frank
11548Office management, Madisonian
11549Office management, Maner, Oliver
11550Office management, Manuel, June
11551Office management, Marietta Street United Methodist Church
11552Office management, Market Grocery Company
11553Office management, Market Provision Company
11554Office management, Marks, Gene
11555Office management, Martin, Clarence
11556Office management, Martin, Dr. R. J.
11557Office management, Meadows Motors
11558Office management, Melear's
11559Office management, Medical Association of Georgia
11560Office management, Menendez, Jack
11561Office management, Messenger Publishing Company
11562Office management, Metro Music Company
11563Office management, Meyers, Ira
11564Office management, Miles, R. R.
11565Office management, Miles, Wynn
11566Office management, Miller County Liberal
11567Office management, Minuteman Press
11568Office management, Mixon, Michael
11569Office management, Mock Brothers
11570Office management, Motel Enterprises
11571Office management, Moultrie Observer
11572Office management, Mount Moriah Baptist Church
11573Office management, Mowell, Melanie
11574Office management, Murphey, Arthur (florist)
11575Office management, Muscogee Civitan Club
11576Office management, Muscogee County Democratic Committee
1161Office management, NAACP (Atlanta)
1162Office management, NAACP (DeKalb)
1163Office management, National Car Rental
1164Office management, National Printing Company
1165Office management, National Rehabilitation Association
1166Office management, Neighbor Newspapers
1167Office management, News Herald
1168Office management, News/Shopper
1169Office management, News/Sun Publication
11610Office management, Nicholls Observer
11611Office management, Nicolson, George W.
11612Office management, Ninth District Community and Business Festival
11613Office management, Ninth District Youth Council
11614Office management, Norred, Jimmy
11615Office management, North Georgia Fairgrounds
11616Office management, North Georgia News
11617Office management, Northside News
11618Office management, Northside Tool Rental
11619Office management, Nosegay Florist
11620Office management, Nu-Art Printers
11621Office management, Nuckolls, Randy
11622Office management, Nunn, Sam
11623Office management, News/Shopper
11624Office management, Ocmulgee Fields
11625Office management, Ocmulgee Little League
11626Office management, Office Furniture Outlet
11627Office management, Oglethorpe Echo
11628Office management, Older Atlantans Task Force
11629Office management, One Hundred Percent Wrong Club
11630Office management, Orion
11631Office management, Orlando, John
11632Office management, Owens and Son Iron Works
11633Office management, Oxley, Priscilla
11634Office management, Pacific Mutual Insurance
11635Office management, Pannell, James
11636Office management, Papageorge, John
11637Office management, Paper Service and Hardware Company
11638Office management, Parking Company of America
11639Office management, Parks, Robert L.
11640Office management, Parkway Regional Hospital
11641Office management, Partytime Ice Company
11642Office management, Payne, Donald
11643Office management, Payne, Julia
11644Office management, Peak, J. David
11645Office management, Peat, Marwick, Mitchell and Company
11646Office management, Pelham Journal
11647Office management, Pennington, Brooks
11648Office management, Pennington Seed
11649Office management, Perry, Harmon
11650Office management, Petty Cash , July-September 1980
11651-52Office management, Petty Cash reimbursements (2 folders)
11653Office management, Photomatic Corporation
11654Office management, Pierce County Press
11655Office management, Pilot Club of Perry, GA
11656Office management, The Olde Pink House
11657Office management, Pitney Bowes
11658Office management, Ply Mart
11659Office management, Poggenpohl, Eric
11660Office management, Poole, Tom
11661Office management, Porter, Howard
11662Office management, Posey, Emily
11663Office management, Poss
11664Office management, Press - Ready News Release Service
11665Office management, Printing Inc. of Marietta
11666Office management, Printing Sun
11667Office management, Projection Inc.
11668Office management, P. S. Association
11669Office management, Public Relations Council
1171Office management, Quality Litho
1172Office management, Ramada Inn
1173Office management, Ramage, David
1174Office management, Randolph, A. Phillip
1175Office management, Rawson, Charles
1176Office management, Ray, Robert
1177Office management, Regency, Savannah
1178Office management, Remote Meter Resetting System
1179Office management, Reynolds, Emmett
11710Office management, Reynolds, Evelyn
11711Office management, Richardson's Barbeque
11712Office management, Rider, Gene
11713Office management, Ridgewells Caterer
11714Office management, Rincon Jaycees
11715Office management, Roberts, Gordon
11716Office management, Roby, Marcellus
11717Office management, Rock Eagle 4-H
11718Office management, Roman Inn
11719Office management, RSVP Inc.
11720-21Office management, Russell, Samuel, Jr.
11722Office management, Russell, Dr. W. L.
11723Office management, Ryder, Emmett
11724Office management, Savannah Building Trades
11725Office management, Savannah Lumber and Supply
11726Office management, Savannah Tribune
11727Office management, Savin Corporation
11728Office management, Sconiers Photo Service
11729Office management, Scottish Rite Hospital
11730Office management, Seabolt, M. Wayne
11731Office management, Sears Roebuck
11732Office management, Select Publishing
11733Office management, Senate Photography Fund
11734Office management, Senate Restaurant
11735Office management, Sergeant at Arms
11736Office management, Shannon Press
11737Office management, Sheperd, Lillian
11738Office management, Sheraton History Village
1181Office management, Shiloh Baptist Church
1182Office management, Shoaff, Nancy B.
1183Office management, Shockley, Norine
1184Office management, Shoemaker, Anne
1185Office management, Signal
1186Office management, Sills, Russell
1187Office management, Simmons, Charles
1188Office management, Sims Supplies
1189Office management, Sister Clara Muhammed School
11810Office management, Sliauter Association
11811Office management, Sloan Paper
11812Office management, Smith, Charles
11813Office management, Smith, Gladys
11814Office management, Smith, Jimmy
11815Office management, Smith, P. R.
11816Office management, Snelling, Walter C.
11817Office management, Snellville Office Services
11818Office management, Software Services
11819Office management, Sonny East Produce
11820Office management, Southeast Georgian
11821Office management, Southern Bell
11822Office management, Southern Bell Statements, 1979
11823Office management, Southern Isrealite
11824Office management, Southern Printers
11825Office management, Southern Tailors
11826Office management, Southern Political Report
11827Office management, South Metro Newspapers
11828Office management, Southland Printers
11829Office management, Southwire Company
11830Office management, Spelman Company
11831Office management, Stafford Industrial Constructors
11832Office management, Standard Club
11833Office management, Star Printing
11834Office management, State Court of Fulton County
11835Office management, Stephens, Robert
11836Office management, Stewart, Rebekah
11837Office management, Stewart, Virginia
11838Office management, Strickland, Ed
11839Office management, Stuart S. Huseby
11840Office management, Stuckey, Bill
11841Office management, Stump and Sons
11842Office management, Suburban Printing
11843Office management, Summit Chase Country Club
11844Office management, Sumner, Mike
11845Office management, Super Value Disco
11846Office management, Superior Printing Company
11847Office management, Sutherland's Eggs
11848Office management, Swainsboro Floral
11849Office management, Taft, Mona
11850Office management, Talmadge, Herman
11851Office management, Talmadge, Lyniece
11852Office management, Tattnall Journal
11853Office management, Technical Industries
11854Office management, Teleprint Inc.
11855Office management, Telfair Enterprises
11856Office management, Temporaries, Inc.
11857Office management, This Week
11858Office management, Thomas, John H.
1191Office management, Thomaston Times
1192Office management, Thompson, Miss E. J.
1193Office management, Thunderbird Inn
1194Office management, Tifton Gazette
1195Office management, Times (Gainesville)
1196Office management, TLM Productions
1197Office management, Toccoa Record
1198Office management, Torrence, P.
1199Office management, Touche Ross
11910Office management, Town House Restaurant
11911Office management, Towns County Herald
11912Office management, Treadaway, B. G.
11913Office management, Tri-County Advertiser
11914Office management, Tri-State Systems
11915Office management, Turner, Henry
11916Office management, Uneeda Glass
11917Office management, Union Electric Supply
11918Office management, Union Recorder
11919Office management, United Parcel Service
11920Office management, U. S. Postmaster
11921Office management, U. S. Transport
11922Office management, Veterans Council of Chatham County
11923Office management, Video Supply
11924Office management, Vienna News Observer
11925Office management, Voice in the Wilderness
11926Office management, Wade, Marcia
11927Office management, Wade, T. R.
11928Office management, Walden, Joseph
11929Office management, Wall, R. Duffy
11930Office management, Ward, Jan
11931Office management, Warner Robbins Little League
11932Office management, Washington Post
11933Office management, Waters, Joe
11934Office management, Waycross Journal-Herald
11935Office management, Waycross Outdoor Advertising
11936Office management, WBBK-Radio, Blakely
11937Office management, WCON Radio Station
11938Office management, WCUP-Radio, Tifton
11939Office management, WDYX-WGCO Radio, Buford
11940Office management, Webb, Ervin
11941Office management, Weinstock's Flowers
11942Office management, Wells, Rev. C. E.
11943Office management, Western Union
11944Office management, WGKA-Radio, Atlanta
11945Office management, Ward-Wight
11946Office management, WLFA (Lafayette)
11947Office management, Whelchel, George
11948Office management, White and Massey
11949Office management, Wilkes Publishing
11950Office management, Williams Church Bulletins
11951Office management, Wilson, Charles E.
11952Office management, Wilson, Mrs. W. L.
11953Office management, Window of the World
11954Office management, Winn's Catering
11955Office management, WLAW (Lawrenceville)
11956Office management, WLET (Toccoa)
11957Office management, WLSB (Copperhill, TN)
11958Office management, WNEG (Toccoa)
11959Office management, Wood, Charlie Inc.
11960Office management, Woodson, Tom
11961Office management, WPPL (Blue Ridge)
11962Office management, WRCD (Dalton)
11963Office management, Wright's Florist
11964Office management, WRIP Broadcast Center
11965Office management, WTCO (Vidalia)
11966Office management, WTIF (Tifton)
11967Office management, WTVM (Columbus)
11968Office management, WVOP (Vidalia)
11969Office management, WWGS (Tifton)
11970Office management, WXIA-TV
11971Office management, Woods, PJ
11972Office management, Xerox
11973Office management, Young Democrats of Georgia
11974Office management, Young, Charles
11975Office management, Young, Dan
11976Office management, Vendor File
1201Office management, Avary, Robert P.
1202Office management, Akins, Marnie
1203Office management, Akins, Peggy B.
1204Office management, Atkinson, Curtis
1205Office management, Beckles, Ishmael T.
1206Office management, Booth, Kathleen S.
1207Office management, Broadus, Evelyn W.
1208Office management, Bryan, Joseph W.
1209Office management, Bunch, Bunnie L.
12010Office management, Cofer, James Herman
12011Office management, Engelhardt, Marilyn
12012Office management, Ferrara, Jean M.
12013Office management, Foster, Danny
12014Office management, Franks, Claudia Lynn
12015Office management, Heard, Constance P.
12016Office management, Holland, Francis E.
12017Office management, Knox, Jeannette H.
12018Office management, Mitchell, Gail
12019Office management, Mowell, Melanie
12020Office management, Patterson, Ettie V.
12021Office management, Payne, Julia M.
12022Office management, Peevy, Jerrie Lynn
12023Office management, Roberts, Gordon
12024Office management, Russell, Janet C.
12025Office management, Russell, Samuel Jr.
12026Office management, Shoaff, Nancy B.
12027Office management, Smith, Gladys G.
12028Office management, Simmons, Charles E. Jr.
12029Office management, Stewart, Rebekah C.
12030Office management, Thomas, John H.
12031Office management, Atkinson, Curtis - General Election
12032Office management, Election Clippings - Negative Responses
12033-34Office management, Sam Russell - General Election Contributions
12035-36Office management, Curtis Atkinson - General Election Contributions
1211Office management, Bank - Trust Company of Georgia
1212Office management, Refunded contributions
1213Office management, Campaign Contribution Acknowledgements A-B
1214Office management, Campaign Contribution Acknowledgements C-F
1215Office management, Campaign Contribution Acknowledgements G-K
1216Office management, Campaign Contribution Acknowledgements L-O
1217Office management, Campaign Contribution Acknowledgements P-S
1221Office management, Campaign Contribution Acknowledgement T-V
1222Office management, Campaign Contribution Acknowledgement W-Z
1231-11Office management, Georgians for Good Government Reports
12312-17Office management, Georgians for Talmadge Reports
1241Office management, Georgians for Talmadge Bank Information
1242Office management, Georgians for Talmadge Monthly Operating Expenses
1243Office management, Returned Checks
1244Office management, Investments at First Atlanta
1245Office management, Talmadge
1246Office management, Report , 1/1/81-6/30/81
1247Office management, Report , December 31, 1980
1248Office management, Georgians for Talmadge FEC (Federal Election Commission) and Report Forms
1251-3Office management, Invoices of Final Audit
1254Office management, Certified Mail
1255Office management, Disclosure Letters
1256Office management, Special 20 Days before Primary Election Report
1257Office management, Birthday
1258Office management, General Election
1259Office management, Butler, John Neely
1261Office management, Deposits, October 1-15, 1980
1262Office management, Deposits , August 7-September 30, 1980
1263Office management, Deposits , July 16-August 6, 1980
1264Office management, Deposits , July 1-16, 1980
1265Office management, Deposits , April-June, 1980
1266Office management, Deposits , January-March, 1980
1267Office management, Deposits , October-December, 1979
1268Office management, Deposits , July-September, 1979
1269Office management, Unemployment Tax Returns (Federal)
12610-11Office management, Employment Tax Returns - Federal
12612Office management, Employment Tax Returns - Georgia
12613Office management, Employment Security Agency
12614Office management, FEC Reports [Federal Election Commission]
12615Office management, FEC Report [Federal Election Commission], September 30, 1979
12616Office management, FEC Report (Amended) [Federal Election Commission], April 1-June 30, 1980
12617Office management, Georgians for Talmadge
12618Office management, Gordon Griffin
12619Office management, Instructions and Directions
1271Office management, Interest Earned
1272Office management, Investment Trust Company of Georgia
1273Office management, Macon Deposit
1274Office management, Office Equipment
1275Office management, Receipts for FEC Reports [Federal Election Commission]
1276Office management, Southern Bell Telephone Deposits
1277Office management, Staff
1278Office management, TCC Cards Sent
1279Office management, TCC - FEC Reports [Federal Election Commission]
12710-12Office management, TCC - FEC [Federal Election Commission] Reports HET Campaign Committee
12713Office management, Forms W-2 and 1099 [Restricted], 1979-1980
12714Office management, Waycross Deposit #198
12715Office management, Copies of Checks
1281Office management, Campaign Clippings
1282Office management, Forms
1291-4Office management, Mail File Master List
1301-4Office management, Mail File Master List
1311Office management, Disbursements and Payroll Journal
1312Office management, Mailgrams
1313Office management, Mail File Master Listing 12/11/80
1321Contributions, Check Copies
1341Contributions, A-H
1351Contributions, H-R
1361Contributions, R-Z
1371Contributions, PAC's A-Z
1372Individual Contributions A-B
1381Contributions, B-C
1391Contributions, C-F
1401Contributions, F-H
1411Contributions, H-K
1421Contributions, K-M
1431Contributions, MO-R
1441Contributions, R-S
1451Contributions, S-W
1461Contributions, W-Z
1471Contributions, Deposits 152-173
1481Contributions, Deposits 174-193
1491Contributions, Deposits 194-210
1501Contributions, Deposits 211-234
1511Contributions, Deposits 235-258
1521Contributions, Deposits 261-263, 280-304
1531Contributions, Deposits 305-331
1541Contributions, Addresses
1551Charles Campbell files, Campaign Rules and Regulations
1552Charles Campbell files, Mailings
1553Charles Campbell files, Polls
1554Charles Campbell files, Leases and amendments
1555Charles Campbell files, Campaign notes
1556Charles Campbell files, Fund raising
1557Charles Campbell files, Correspondence
1558Charles Campbell files, Media capability
1559Charles Campbell files, Caddell Poll - Nunn Campaign
15510Charles Campbell files, Opinion poll, June 23, 1978

B. Political Opinion Polls , 1950-1976
The purpose of the political opinion polls was to reflect support that Talmadge might expect in a campaign year. These files consist of records of the consolidated vote in the state elections, campaign proposals, and opinion polls. Arranged chronologically.
1561State of Georgia Consolidated Vote, 1950-1956
1562State of Georgia Consolidated Vote, 1958-1964
1563A Survey of the Political Climate in the State of Georgia, July, 1962
1564A Study of Attitudes of Georgia Citizens, August, 1965
1565A Survey of the Political Climate in Georgia, October, 1966
1566A Study of Voter Attitudes in Georgia's Eight Congressional District, 1966
1567A Study of Attitudes of Georgia Voters Toward Coming Elections, November, 1967
1568-9Consolidated Vote State Democratic Primary, 11-Sep-68
15610A Study of Attitudes of Georgia Voters Toward the November, 1968 Elections, 1968
15611A Survey of the Political Climate in Georgia, April, 1968
1571Advertising Campaign Proposal for Senator Herman Talmadge, 1968
1572A Study of Attitudes of Georgia Voters, August, 1970
1573A Survey of Political Opinions in Georgia, 1971
1574-5A Survey of Political Opinions in Georgia, April, 1972
1576Survey of 1972 Georgia Politics, October, 1972
1577Consolidated Vote State Republican General Primary Election, August, 1972
1578Consolidated Vote State Democratic General Primary Election, August, 1972
1579Tabular Report Georgia Survey, May, 1973
1581Opinion Polls, 1973
1582Job Rating of President Nixon and Governor Carter, April, 1973
15831974 Re-Election Campaign, undated
1584Trend Survey of Voters Opinions in Georgia, April, 1974
1585Consolidated Vote in State Republican General Election, 1974
1586Consolidated Vote in State Democratic General Election, 1974
1587Tabular Report, 1974
15881974 Election Returns, undated
1589-10Georgians for Talmadge, undated
1591Georgians for Talmadge, undated
1592Darden Poll, January 1976
1593Darden Poll, February 1976
1594Darden Poll, September 1976
1595Darden Poll, October 1976
1596Darden Poll, May 1977