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Herman E. Talmadge Collection, Subgroup C, Series II: Press Office

Herman E. Talmadge Collection, Subgroup C, Series II: Press Office

Descriptive Summary

Title: Herman E. Talmadge Collection, Subgroup C, Series II: Press Office
Creator: Talmadge, Herman E. (Herman Eugene), 1913-2002
Inclusive Dates: 1957-1987
Language(s): English
Extent: 352 box(es) (159.25 linear feet)
Collection Number: RBRL102HET_C_II
Repository: Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies
Abstract: Herman E. Talmadge Collection, Subgroup C, Series II: Press Office files include constituent correspondence, grant information, speeches, working files, legislative files, radio and television scripts, news releases, newsletters mailed to Georgia constituents, columns written by Talmadge, and clippings. The majority of the materials date from the late 1960s to the late 1970s. Topics include the Vietnam Conflict, the Watergate investigation, ratification of the Panama Canal Treaty, civil rights, rural development, Lockheed C-5A, development of Lake Lanier Islands, forced school busing, the textile trade, the poultry industry, and works incentive program.

Collection Description

Biographical Note

It was once said if you were not a Talmadge man you were a communist. The Talmadge dynasty began in 1926 when Eugene Talmadge, Herman's father, was first elected Commissioner of Agriculture. Gene would later be elected governor of Georgia to an unprecedented four terms. For over fifty years the Talmadges dominated Georgia politics until Herman was defeated in 1980.

Born on August 9, 1913, on a farm near McRae, Georgia, to Eugene and Mattie Talmadge, Herman attended public schools until his senior year when his family moved to Atlanta. In the fall of 1931, he entered the University of Georgia. By 1936, he had received his law degree and joined his father's law practice.

After serving in the United States Navy during World War II, Talmadge returned to his home in Lovejoy. While continuing to practice law and to farm, Talmadge took over publishing his father's weekly newspaper, The Statesman, and started a ham-curing business.

Talmadge's first involvement in politics was as his father's campaign manager in 1946. Running for an unprecedented fourth term as governor of Georgia, Eugene Talmadge was elected in November 1946, but was in failing health. As a precaution, a small group of Talmadge supporters started a write-in campaign for Herman Talmadge during the general election. When the elder Talmadge died in December 1946, before being sworn in as governor, the Georgia General Assembly elected his son governor by a vote of 161 to 87. But outgoing Governor Ellis Arnall refused to surrender his office unless it was to elected-Lieutenant Governor Melvin E. Thompson. After a period of uncertainty, the Georgia Supreme Court ruled that the constitutional portion under which the General Assembly had elected Herman Talmadge did not apply. The court declared M. E. Thompson acting governor until a special election could be held. In September 1948, Talmadge was elected governor and re-elected in 1950, serving until January 1955.

As governor, Herman Talmadge concentrated on improving educational opportunities for children of all races by establishing youth centers, increasing construction of rural roads, and building additional hospitals and health care centers.

When Senator Walter George officially announced his decision not to run for United States Senate, Talmadge started campaigning to take his place. Once again he was opposed by M. E. Thompson, but defeated him in the Democratic primary. With no Republican opposition in the general election in November 1956, Talmadge was elected United States senator.

The civil rights movement of the 1950s ultimately effected equal rights legislation for African-Americans and eliminated segregated public facilities in the South. Although progress toward integrating public schools was achieved, a majority of whites in the South remained adamant in their resistance to desegregation.

As part of that majority, Talmadge had voiced his opposition as early as the 1948 Democratic Convention when President Harry Truman tried to add civil rights to the platform. And in response to the Supreme Court ruling in Brown vs. Board of Education, Talmadge authored a book in 1955 about the wisdom of segregated education entitled You and Segregation.

When Talmadge officially began his term as the junior senator from Georgia in January 1957, he immediately joined the other Southern Democrats in their fight against civil rights legislation. "I never read a civil rights bill that didn't destroy more constitutional rights that it purported to give any group."

In response to the crisis of integrating Little Rock Central High School in Arkansas, Talmadge proposed a constitutional amendment in 1959 that would have permitted the state and local governments to decide whether or not to keep their schools segregated. This proposal was the first acknowledgment from a southern senator that Brown vs. Board of Education was an established fact.

Having won a seat on the Agriculture Committee in 1957, Talmadge wielded his greatest influence on bills that affected American farmers and agriculture. By 1971, he had become chairman of the Senate Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition and Forestry. Some of his major accomplishments in this area included guiding passage of a series of acts, which established price support programs for peanuts, cotton, wheat, and other commodities.

Talmadge probably achieved his greatest national prominence through his role on the Senate Select Committee on Presidential Campaign Activities, which investigated the Watergate scandal and ultimately led to the resignation of the president and vice president of the United States, as well as the conviction of three cabinet members on felony charges. Talmadge thought that the Watergate investigation was one of the most important events in the history of the United States and demonstrated that a republican form of government has a way of correcting the conduct of public officials and alerting others not to make the same mistake.

At the same time he was gaining national recognition, Talmadge was besieged by a series of personal and political tragedies. In 1975, his son Robert drowned in a swimming accident at Lake Lanier; by the fall of 1977, Betty and Herman Talmadge had finalized their divorce; then, in 1978, Talmadge came to grips with a serious drinking problem. Following an alcohol treatment program at the naval hospital in Long Beach, California, he returned to Washington, ready to work, but met with scandal instead. Shortly after returning to the Capitol, Talmadge was accused of misappropriating office funds and campaign donations for his own personal use. The Senate Ethics Committee investigated the allegations and recommended that Talmadge be "denounced" for his reprehensible behavior and sentenced to reimburse the Senate for these controversial funds with interest.

Despite these problems, Talmadge sought his fifth term as senator in 1980, but was rejected by Georgia voters who chose to elect Mack Mattingly to replace him, the first Republican to hold the office since Reconstruction.

Serving twenty-four years in the United States Senate, Talmadge ranked fifth in seniority among Senate Democrats and seventh overall by the time he left office. Herman Talmadge passed away on March 21, 2002.

Scope and Content

The Press Office files include constituent correspondence, grant information, speeches, working files, legislative files, radio and television scripts, news releases, newsletters mailed to Georgia constituents, columns written by Talmadge, and newspaper clippings. The majority of the materials date from the late 1960s to the late 1970s.

Constituent correspondence contains information on pending legislation and other issues of local or national concern. Topics include the Vietnam Conflict, the Watergate investigation, and the ratification of the Panama Canal Treaty. Grant files relate to federal aid for projects in Georgia including housing, dam construction, and water systems. Speech files consist of information on speeches Talmadge delivered to various civic, farm, church, and school organizations; local governments; and those to the United States Senate. Topics of the senate speeches include civil rights, rural development, and the Lockheed C-5A.

Working files provide background information on numerous topics including the development of Lake Lanier Islands, forced school busing, the textile trade, the poultry industry, and works incentive program. Also there is information on Talmadge's role in the Watergate investigation, the 1979 Talmadge ethics controversy, the county unit system, segregation and campaign material.

The legislative files consist of correspondence, speeches, new releases, copies of the Congressional Record, and voting records pertaining to legislation of interest to Talmadge, either through authorship or sponsorship.

Organization and Arrangement

The Press Office files are organized in reverse chronological order and arranged by file type within each year.

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Herman E. Talmadge Collection, Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies, The University of Georgia Libraries, Athens, Georgia.

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Finding aid prepared on: 2008.

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Subject Terms

African Americans -- Civil rights
African Americans -- Civil rights -- Georgia
Agricultural laws and legislation
Busing for school integration -- Georgia.
Busing for school integration -- Law and legislation -- United States.
Civil rights demonstrations -- Georgia.
Civil rights demonstrations -- United States.
Civil rights movements -- United States.
Congressional records.
Finance -- Law and legislation -- United States.
Governmental investigations -- United States.
Grants-in-aid -- Georgia.
Kennedy, Robert F., 1925-1968 -- Assassination.
Legislative hearings -- United States.
Legislative records.
Legislators -- United States.
Money -- Law and legislation -- United States.
Nixon, Richard M. (Richard Milhous), 1913-1994.
Panama Canal Treaties (1977)
Political corruption -- United States.
Proceedings (reports)
Radio scripts.
Television scripts.
Textile industry -- Georgia.
United States -- Politics and government -- 1951-
United States -- Politics and government -- 1969-1974.
United States -- Race relations
United States. Civil Rights Act of 1957.
United States. Civil Rights Act of 1964.
United States. Civil Rights Act of 1966.
United States. Voting Rights Act of 1965.
Vietnam War, 1961-1975.
Watergate Affair, 1972-1974.

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Series Descriptions and Folder Listing


Subgroup C: United States Senatorial Papers

II. Press Office files

( 352 box(es) ) ( (159.25 linear feet) )
The Press Office files include constituent correspondence, grant information, speeches, working files, legislative files, radio and television scripts, news releases, newsletters mailed to Georgia constituents, columns written by Talmadge, and newspaper clippings. The majority of the materials date from the late 1960s to the late 1970s.
Constituent correspondence contains information on pending legislation and other issues of local or national concern. Topics include the Vietnam Conflict, the Watergate investigation, and the ratification of the Panama Canal Treaty. Grant files relate to federal aid for projects in Georgia including housing, dam construction, and water systems. Speech files consist of information on speeches Talmadge delivered to various civic, farm, church, and school organizations; local governments; and those to the United States Senate. Topics of the senate speeches include civil rights, rural development, and the Lockheed C-5A.Working files provide background information on numerous topics including the development of Lake Lanier Islands, forced school busing, the textile trade, the poultry industry, and works incentive program. Also there is information on Talmadge's role in the Watergate investigation, the 1979 Talmadge ethics controversy, the county unit system, segregation and campaign material.The legislative files consist of correspondence, speeches, new releases, copies of the Congressional Record, and voting records pertaining to legislation of interest to Talmadge, either through authorship or sponsorship.

A. 1980
1. Constituent Correspondence
11Abortion, 1980
12Agriculture, 1980
13-5Agriculture Yearbook (3 folders), 1980
16Campaign, 1980 November
17Campaign, 1980 October 25-31
18Campaign, 1980 October 17-24
19Campaign, 1980 October 9-16
110Campaign, 1980 October 2-8
111Campaign, 1980 October 1
112Campaign, 1980 September 25-30
113Campaign, 1980 September 23-24
114Campaign, 1980 September 19-22
21Campaign, 1980 September 17-18
22Campaign, 1980 September 16
23Campaign, 1980 September 12-15
24Campaign, 1980 September 10-11
25Campaign, 1980 September 9
26Campaign, 1980 September 1-8
27Campaign, 1980 March-April, August
28Campaign Acknowledgements, 1980 November 20-24
29Campaign Acknowledgements, 1980 November 19
210Campaign Acknowledgements, 1980 November 17-18
211Capital Punishment, 1980
212Close Up [Involvement of Youth in Government], 1980
213Constituent Responses, 1980
214Congratulations, 1980 January
215Congratulations, 1980 February
216Congratulations, 1980 March
31Congratulations, 1980 April
32Congratulations, 1980 May
33Congratulations, 1980 June
34Congratulations, 1980 July
35Congratulations, 1980 August
36Congratulations, 1980 September
37Congratulations, 1980 October
38Congratulations, 1980 November
41Crime, 1980 May-October
42Crime, 1980 January-April
43Defense, 1980 June-October
44Defense, 1980 March-May
45Defense, 1980 January-February
46Drug Abuse, 1980
47Economy, 1980 November
48Economy, 1980 October 21-31
49Economy, 1980 October 8-20
410Economy, 1980 October 1-7
411Economy, 1980 September 16-30
412Economy, 1980 September 1-15
413Economy, 1980 August
414Economy, 1980 July 25-31
415Economy, 1980 July 19-24
416Economy, 1980 July 4-18
417Economy, 1980 July 1-3
418Economy, 1980 June 18-30
419Economy, 1980 June 6-17
420Economy, 1980 June 1-5
421Economy, 1980 May 20-31
51Economy, 1980 May 15-19
52Economy, 1980 May 9-14
53Economy, 1980 May 6-8
54Economy, 1980 May 3-5
55Economy, 1980 May 2
56Economy, 1980 May 1
57Economy, 1980 April 25-30
58Economy, 1980 April 24
59Economy, 1980 April 19-23
510Economy, 1980 April 17-18
511Economy, 1980 April 15-16
512Economy, 1980 April 11-14
513Economy, 1980 April 9-10
514Economy, 1980 April 8
515Economy, 1980 April 5-7
516Economy, 1980 April 3-4
517Economy, 1980 April 1-2
61Economy, 1980 March 28-31
62Economy, 1980 March 27
63Economy, 1980 March 21-26
64Economy, 1980 March 11-20
65Economy, 1980 March 1-10
66Economy, 1980 February 23-29
67Economy, 1980 February 13-22
68Economy, 1980 February 1-12
69Economy, 1980 January 19-31
610Economy, 1980 January 1-18
611Education, 1980
612Energy, 1980 April-October
613Energy, 1980 January-March
614E.R.A. (Equal Rights Amendment), 1980
615Ethics, 1980
616Flag Requests, 1980 January-March
617Flag Requests, 1980 April-June
71Flag Requests, 1980 July-September
72Flag Requests, 1980 October-December
73Pending, 1980
74Foreign Policy, 1980 October 11-30
75Foreign Policy, 1980 October 1-10
76Foreign Policy, 1980 June-September
77Foreign Policy, 1980 May
78Foreign Policy, 1980 April
79Foreign Policy, 1980 March
710Foreign Policy, 1980 February 8-29
711Foreign Policy, 1980 February 1-7
712Foreign Policy, 1980 January
713Health, 1980
714Hospital, 1980
715Illegal Aliens, 1980
716Invitations Regretted/Canceled, 1980
717Memoranda, 1980
81Miscellaneous, 1980 November, October 15-30
82Miscellaneous, 1980 October 9-14
83Miscellaneous, 1980 October 1-8
84Miscellaneous, 1980 September 25-30
85Miscellaneous, 1980 September 11-24
86Miscellaneous, 1980 September 1-10
87Miscellaneous, 1980 August 14-31
88Miscellaneous, 1980 August 1-13
89Miscellaneous, 1980 July 25-31
810Miscellaneous, 1980 July 19-24
811Miscellaneous, 1980 July 1-18
812Miscellaneous, 1980 June 21-30
813Miscellaneous, 1980 June 10-20
814Miscellaneous, 1980 June 3-9
815Miscellaneous, 1980 June 1-2
91Miscellaneous, 1980 May 21-31
92Miscellaneous, 1980 May 9-20
93Miscellaneous, 1980 May 3-8
94Miscellaneous, 1980 May 1-2
95Miscellaneous, 1980 April 26-30
96Miscellaneous, 1980 April 18-25
97Miscellaneous, 1980 April 11-17
98Miscellaneous, 1980 April 5-10
99Miscellaneous, 1980 April 1-4
910Miscellaneous, 1980 March 25-31
911Miscellaneous, 1980 March 13-24
912Miscellaneous, 1980 March 8-12
913Miscellaneous, 1980 March 1-7
914Miscellaneous, 1980 February 23-29
915Miscellaneous, 1980 February 9-22
916Miscellaneous, 1980 February 6-8
917Miscellaneous, 1980 February 1-5
101Miscellaneous, 1980 January 26-31
102Miscellaneous, 1980 January 17-25
103Miscellaneous, 1980 January 9-16
104Miscellaneous, 1980 January 5-8
105Miscellaneous, 1980 January 1-4
106Newsletter, 1980 July-August
107Newsletter, 1980 June
108Newsletter, 1980 May 17-31
109Newsletter, 1980 May 1-16
1010Newsletter, 1980 April 10-30
1011Newsletter, 1980 April 1-9
1012Newsletter, 1980 March 27-31
1013Newsletter, 1980 March 1-26
1014Newsletter, 1980 January-February
1015News Media, 1980
1016Political Pending, 1980
1017Press, 1980 July-October
111Press, 1980 January-June
112Religion, 1980 May-October
113Religion, 1980 January-April
114Requests, 1980 January
115Requests, 1980 February
116Requests, 1980 March
117Requests, 1980 April
121Requests, 1980 May
122Requests, 1980 June
123Requests, 1980 July
124Requests, 1980 August
125Requests, 1980 September
131-2Requests, 1980 October
133Requests, 1980 November
134-6Requests: Publications, 1980
141Social Security, 1980
142Sympathy, 1980
143-4Telegrams, 1980
145-6Thank Yous, 1980
151Veterans, 1980
152Welfare, 1980
153Unanswered Correspondence, 1980
154-5Correspondence: Congratulations and Requests, 1980
2. News Releases
161News releases, 1980 January
162News releases, 1980 February
163News releases, 1980 March
164News releases, 1980 April
165News releases, 1980 May
166News releases, 1980 June
167News releases, 1980 July
168News releases, 1980 August
169News releases, 1980 September
1610News releases, 1980 October
3. Speeches
171First Rural Water and Sewer Conference- Tallahassee, FL, 1980 January16
172Dedication of Veterans Administration Medical Center- Augusta, GA, 1980 January 24
173Georgia Farm Bureau- Macon, GA, 1980 February 15
174Sons of the American Revolution- Savannah, GA, 1980 February 22
175Georgia Peanut Farm Show- Tifton, GA, 1980 February 22
176Southern Council of Optometrists- GA, 1980 February 23
177Capital Cost Recovery Proposal (U.S. Senate)- Washington, D. C., 1980 March 12
178Urgent Need for Additional Food Stamp Funding (U.S. Senate)- Washington, D. C., 1980 April 22
179Salem Baptist Church- Atlanta, GA, 1980 April 27
1710Berry College- Mt. Berry, GA, 1980 May 2
1711St. Mark A.M.E. Church- Atlanta, GA, 1980 May 17
1712Georgia Democratic Primary Election- Atlanta, GA, 1980 May 28
1713Cobb County Vocational-Technical School- Marietta, GA, 1980 May 30
1714Cobb County Rally- Cobb County, GA, 1980 May 30
1715Clayton County Breakfast- Forest Park, GA, 1980 May 30
1716North Gwinnett High School- Buford, GA, 1980 June 3
1717Men's Fellowship Living Word Assembly of God- Lilburn, GA, 1980 June 8
1718Mt. Calvary Baptist Church- Atlanta, GA, 1980 June 15
1719Georgia Forestry Association- Jekyll Island, GA, 1980 June 16
1720Pentecostal Association of the World- Rome, GA, 1980 June 19
1721Mt. Calvary Baptist Church- Rome, GA, 1980 June 22
1722Georgia State University- Atlanta, GA, 1980 June 27
1723International Association of Bio-Energy Producers- Boston, MA, 1980 July 1
1724Georgia Press Conference- Albany, GA, 1980 July 7
1725Huo Shilian Dinner- Atlanta, GA, 1980 July 9
1726Middle Oconee-Walnut Creek Association- Pendergrass, GA, 1980 July 15
1727Conservation Tillage Field Day- Watkinsville, GA, 1980 July 15
1728Medicare and Medicaid Fraud Hearing- Washington, D. C., 1980 July 22
1729Georgia Missionary Baptist Association- Savannah, GA, 1980 July 24
1730Possible Sale to Saudi Arabia (U. S. Senate)- Washington, D. C., 1980 July 30
1731Wheat Street Baptist Church- Atlanta, GA, 1980 August 3
1732Qualifying for Renomination in Democratic Primary- Atlanta, GA, 1980 August 5
1733National Meat Canners Association- Washington, D. C., 1980 September 3
1734News Conference (General Election)- Atlanta, GA, 1980 October 6
1735Second District Rally- Albany, GA, 1980 October 23
1736Thomaston Appreciation Rally, 1980 October 27
1737Talmadge Rally, 1980 October 27
1738Douglas Fuel Alcohol Production Plant- Macon, GA, 1980 October 31
1739Georgia Democratic Party Introduction of Vice-President Walter Mondale, 1980
1740Speaking Engagements, 1980

B. 1979
1. Constituent Correspondence
181Abortion, 1979 July-December
182Abortion, 1979 January-June
183Agriculture, 1979 April-December
184Agriculture, 1979 January-March
185Ag Yearbooks, 1979 January-December
186Ag Yearbooks-Pending, 1979
187Campaign, 1979
188Capital Punishment, 1979
189China/Taiwan, 1979 April-December
1810China/Taiwan, 1979 March
1811China/Taiwan, 1979 February
1812China/Taiwan, 1979 February
1813China/Taiwan, 1979 January
1814Close Up [Involvement of Youth in Government], 1979
1815Coca-Cola, 1979
1816Congratulations, 1979 December
1817Congratulations, 1979 November
1818Congratulations, 1979 October
191Congratulations, 1979 September
192Congratulations, 1979 August
193Congratulations, 1979 July
194Congratulations, 1979 June
195Congratulations, 1979 May
196Congratulations, 1979 April
197Congratulations, 1979 March
198Congratulations, 1979 February
199Congratulations, 1979 January
1910Crime, 1979 January-October
1911Crime, 1979 November-December
1912Defense, 1979 May-December
1913Defense, 1979 January-April
201Drug Abuse, 1979 July-December
202Drug Abuse, 1979 January-June
203Economy, 1979 December 13-31
204Economy, 1979 December 10-12
205Economy, 1979 December 1-9
206Economy, 1979 November 22-30
207Economy, 1979 November 16-21
208Economy, 1979 November 1-15
209Economy, 1979 October 25-31
2010Economy, 1979 October 5-24
2011Economy, 1979 October 1-4
2012Economy, 1979 September 15-30
2013Economy, 1979 September 1-14
211Economy, 1979 August 21-31
212Economy, 1979 August 10-20
213Economy, 1979 August 1-9
214Economy, 1979 July
215Economy, 1979 June
216Economy, 1979 May 16-31
217Economy, 1979 May 1-15
218Economy, 1979 April 19-30
219Economy, 1979 April 13-18
2110Economy, 1979 April 1-12
2111Economy, 1979 March 15-30
2112Economy, 1979 March 1-14
221Economy, 1979 February 10-28
222Economy, 1979 February 1-9
223Economy, 1979 January 18-30
224Economy, 1979 January 1-17
225Education, 1979
226Energy, 1979 October-December
227Energy, 1979 September
228Energy, 1979 August 15-30
229Energy, 1979 July-August 14
2210Energy, 1979 May-June
2211Energy, 1979 January-April
2212E.R.A. (Equal Rights Amendments), 1979
231Ethics, 1979 May-July, November
232Ethics, 1979 April
233Ethics, 1979 March
234Ethics, 1979 February 8-28
235Ethics, 1979 February 1-7
236Ethics, 1979 January 20-30
237Ethics, 1979 January 14-19
238Ethics, 1979 January 1-13
239Flag Requests, 1979 October-December
2310Flag Requests, 1979 July-September
2311Flag Requests, 1979 April-June
2312Flag Requests, 1979 January-March
2313Food Stamp Program, 1979
241Foreign Policy, 1979 December
242Foreign Policy, 1979 October-November
243Foreign Policy, 1979 August-September
244Foreign Policy, 1979 July
245Foreign Policy, 1979 June
246Foreign Policy, 1979 May
247Foreign Policy, 1979 April
248Foreign Policy, 1979 March
249Foreign Policy, 1979 January-February
2410Health, 1979
2411Hospital, 1979 April-May; October
2412Hospital, 1979 March 22-30
2413Hospital, 1979 March 19-21
251Hospital, 1979 March 14-18
252Hospital, 1979 March 13
253Hospital, 1979 March 12
254Hospital, 1979 March 9-11
255Hospital, 1979 March 7-8
256Hospital, 1979 February-March 6
257Illegal Aliens, 1979
258Invitations Regretted/Canceled, 1979
259Memoranda, 1979 July-December
2510Memoranda, 1979 April-June
2511Memoranda, 1979 January-March
2512Middle East, 1979 July-December
2513Middle East, 1979 January-June
2514Miscellaneous, 1979 December 15-31
2515Miscellaneous, 1979 December 11-14
261Miscellaneous, 1979 December 6-10
262Miscellaneous, 1979 December 1-5
263Miscellaneous, 1979 November 29-30
264Miscellaneous, 1979 November 16-28
265Miscellaneous, 1979 November 1-15
266Miscellaneous, 1979 October 30-31
267Miscellaneous, 1979 October 26-29
268Miscellaneous, 1979 October 20-25
269Miscellaneous, 1979 October 10-19
2610Miscellaneous, 1979 October 3-9
2611Miscellaneous, 1979 October 1-2
271Miscellaneous, 1979 September 22-30
272Miscellaneous, 1979 September 18-21
273Miscellaneous, 1979 September 10-17
274Miscellaneous, 1979 September 1-9
275Miscellaneous, 1979 August 25-31
276Miscellaneous, 1979 August 21-24
277Miscellaneous, 1979 August 10-20
278Miscellaneous, 1979 August 7-9
279Miscellaneous, 1979 August 1-6
2710Miscellaneous, 1979 July 27-31
2711Miscellaneous, 1979 July 21-26
2712Miscellaneous, 1979 July 17-20
2713Miscellaneous, 1979 July 1-16
281Miscellaneous, 1979 June 20-30
282Miscellaneous, 1979 June 15-19
283Miscellaneous, 1979 June 1-14
284Miscellaneous, 1979 May 25-31
285Miscellaneous, 1979 May 16-24
286Miscellaneous, 1979 May 8-15
287Miscellaneous, 1979 May 1-7
288Miscellaneous, 1979 April 30
289Miscellaneous, 1979 April 17-29
2810Miscellaneous, 1979 April 6-16
291Miscellaneous, 1979 April 1-5
292Miscellaneous, 1979 March 22-30
293Miscellaneous, 1979 March 9-21
294Miscellaneous, 1979 March 1-8
295Miscellaneous, 1979 February 11-28
296Miscellaneous, 1979 February 1-10
297Miscellaneous, 1979 January 25-31
298Miscellaneous, 1979 January 19-24
299Miscellaneous, 1979 January 17-18
2910Miscellaneous, 1979 January 10-16
2911Miscellaneous, 1979 January 1-9
301Newsletter, 1979 September-December
302Newsletter, 1979 July-August
303Newsletter, 1979 June
304Newsletter, 1979 January-May
305News Media, 1979
306Political-Pending, 1979
307Press, 1979
308Religion, 1979 July-December
309Religion, 1979 January-June
3010Requests, 1979 December 16-31
3011Requests, 1979 December 1-15
3012Requests, 1979 November 20-30
3013Requests, 1979 November 8-19
3014Requests, 1979 November 1-7
3015Requests, 1979 October 24-31
3016Requests, 1979 October 23
311Requests, 1979 October 11-22
312Requests, 1979 October 5-10
313Requests, 1979 October 1-4
314Requests, 1979 September 19-31
315Requests, 1979 September 1-18
316Requests, 1979 August
317Requests, 1979 July
318Requests, 1979 June
319Requests, 1979 May
3110Requests, 1979 April 15-30
3111Requests, 1979 April 1-14
3112Requests, 1979 March 20-31
3113Requests, 1979 March 10-19
3114Requests, 1979 March 1-9
321Requests, 1979 February 13-28
322Requests, 1979 February 3-12
323Requests, 1979 February 1-2
324Requests, 1979 January 20-31
325Requests, 1979 January 11-19
326Requests, 1979 January 1-10
327Roberts, Gordon, 1979
328SALT Talks, 1979 August-December
329SALT Talks, 1979 July
3210SALT Talks, 1979 May-June
3211SALT Talks, 1979 January-April
3212Social Security, 1979
3213Supreme Court, 1979
331Sympathy, 1979
332Telegrams, 1979 October-December
333Telegrams, 1979 January-September
334Thank You's, 1979 October-December
335Thank You's, 1979 September
336Thank You's, 1979 April-August
337Thank You's, 1979 January-March
338Unions, 1979
339United Nations, 1979
3310Veterans, 1979
3311Welfare, 1979
2. Grant Files
341Grant Files, 1979 January 2-5
342Grant Files, 1979 January 8-12
343Grant Files, 1979 January 15-19
344Grant Files, 1979 January 22-26
345Grant Files, 1979 January 29-February 2
346Grant Files, 1979 February 5-9
347Grant Files, 1979 February 12-16
348Grant Files, 1979 February 19-23
349Grant Files, 1979 February 26-March 2
3410Grant Files, 1979 March 5-9
3411Grant Files, 1979 March 12-16
3412Grant Files, 1979 March 19-23
3413Grant Files, 1979 March 26-30
3414Grant Files, 1979 April 2-6
3415Grant Files, 1979 April 9-13
3416Grant Files, 1979 April 16-20
3417Grant Files, 1979 April 23-27
3418Grant Files, 1979 April 30-May 4
351Grant Files, 1979 May 7-11
352Grant Files, 1979 May 14-18
353Grant Files, 1979 May 21-25
354Grant Files, 1979 May 29-June 1
355Grant Files, 1979 June 4-8
356Grant Files, 1979 June 11-15
357Grant Files, 1979 June 18-22
358Grant Files, 1979 June 25-29
359Grant Files, 1979 July 2-6
3510Grant Files, 1979 July 9-13
361Grant Files, 1979 July 16-20
362Grant Files, 1979 July 23-27
363Grant Files, 1979 July 30-August 3
364Grant Files, 1979 August 6-10
365Grant Files, 1979 August 13-17
366Grant Files, 1979 August 20-25
367Grant Files, 1979 August 27-31
368Grant Files, 1979 August 31-September 6
369Grant Files, 1979 September 10-14
3610Grant Files, 1979 September 17-21
3611Grant Files, 1979 September 24-28
3612Grant Files, 1979 October 1-5
3613Grant Files, 1979 October 8-12
3614Grant Files, 1979 October 15-19
371Grant Files, 1979 October 22-26
372Grant Files, 1979 October 29-November 2
373Grant Files, 1979 November 5-9
374Grant Files, 1979 November 12-16
375Grant Files, 1979 November 19-23
376Grant Files, 1979 November 26-30
377Grant Files, 1979 December 10-14
378Grant Files, 1979 December 17-21
379Grant Files, 1979 December 24-28
3710Grant Files, 1979 December 31-1980 January 4
3. Columns
38179-1; Constitutional Budget Convention, 1979 March 7
38279-2; Talmadge Rule-Regulatory Impact, 1979 March 14
38379-3; Energy, 1979 March 21
38479-4; Electoral College Reform, 1979 March 28
38579-5; President's Energy Message, 1979 April 9
4. News Releases
386News releases, 1979 November-December
387News releases, 1979 September-October
388News releases, 1979 July-August
389News releases, 1979 April-June
3810News releases, 1979 January-March
5. Radio and Television Interview Transcripts
3811Radio and Television Interview Transcripts, 1979
6. Direct Radio Announcements
3812Direct Radio Announcements, 1979
7. Congressional Record Inserts
3813Congressional Record Inserts, 1979
8. Speeches
391Speaking Schedule, 1979
392Hart County Chamber of Commerce - Hartwell, GA, 1979 January 5
393Cairo-Grady County Chamber of Commerce - Cairo, GA, 1979 January 11
394Georgia Milk Producers - Atlanta, GA, 1979 January 16
395Jefferson-Jackson Day Dinner - Atlanta, GA, 1979 March 2
396Georgia School Food Service Association - Atlanta, GA, 1979 March 9
397Key Club International District Convention - Atlanta, GA, 23-Mar
398Eighth International Commodities Conference- Chicago, IL, 26-Mar
399American Agricultural Editors' Association - Washington, DC, 27-Mar
3910Jackson Kiwanis Club - Jackson, GA, 30-Mar
3911Georgia Invitational Wheelchair Games - Atlanta, GA, 31-Mar
3912Georgia District of Key Club International - Atlanta, GA, 6-Apr
3913First Annual Cobb County Jefferson-Jackson Dinner - Marietta, GA, 14-Apr
3914Lawrenceville Jaycees Businessmen's Appreciation Breakfast - Suwanee, GA, 16-Apr
3915DeKalb Chamber of Commerce - Atlanta, GA, 17-Apr
3916Atlanta Business League - Atlanta, GA, 17-Apr
3917Sixth Annual Young Democrats Convention - Rome, GA, 20-Apr
3918Top Farmer and Top Futures Magazine Groups - Washington, DC, 26-Apr
3919Proposed Gasoline Rationing Plan [U. S. Senate] - Washington, D. C., 8-May
3920American Agriculture of Georgia, Inc. - Perry, GA, 12-May
3921Newton County Salute to Agriculture - Covington, GA, 19-May
3922Eighth Annual Austell Day - Austell, GA, 19-May
3923SMCI Jaycees - Stone Mountain, GA, 20-May
3924Fourth District Veterans of Foreign Wars - Forest Park, GA, 20-May
3925Fullington Academy - Pinehurst, GA, 25-May
3926Toccoa/Stephens County Appreciation/Dedication Ceremony - Toccoa, GA, 26-May
3927Walton County Chamber of Commerce - Monroe, GA, 29-May
3928Annual Service Officers' School- Atlanta, GA, 30-May
3929Putnam County Twentieth Annual Dairy Festival - Eatonton, GA, 2-Jun
3930Hart County High School Graduation - Hartwell, GA, 8-Jun
3931Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society Initiation - Carrollton, GA, 10-Jun
3932VFW [Veterans of Foreign Wars] Convention - Albany, GA, 23-Jun
3933United Methodist Church Peach Festival - Girard, GA, 30-Jun
3934Henry County General Hospital Dedication - Stockbridge, GA, 1-Jul
3935High View Baptist Church - Stockbridge, GA, 1-Jul
3936Clayton Dialysis Center Dedication - Jonesboro, GA, 2-Jul
3937Fayette County Democratic Committee - Inman, GA, 2-Jul
3938WSB "Salute to America" Parade, Atlanta, GA, 4-Jul
3939Fourth of July Celebration - Riverdale, GA, 4-Jul
3940Thirtieth Annual Watermelon Festival - Cordele, GA, 7-Jul
3941Georgia Probation/Parole Association - Cordele, GA, 13-Jul
3942Chatsworth Wagon Train Parade - Chatsworth, GA, 20-Jul
3943Alpharetta American Legion Post 201 - Alpharetta, GA, 4-Aug
3944Southwest Georgia Production Credit Association - Americus, GA, 6-Aug
3945Atlanta Broadcast Advertising Club - Atlanta, GA, 7-Aug
3946Elijay Rally - Elijay, GA, 8-Aug
3947Atlanta Jaycees - Atlanta, GA, 9-Aug
3948Birthday Party - Atlanta, GA, 11-Aug
3949Georgia Poultry Improvement Association - Oakwood, GA, 15-Aug
3950Sam Hilton's Bar-B-Q - Morgan, GA, 18-Aug
3951Founder's Day - Tyrone, GA, 18-Aug
3952Sertoma Club- Macon, GA, 22-Aug
3953Genesco Clubhouse Bar-B-Q - Gray, GA, 22-Aug
3954State 4-H Congress - Atlanta, GA, 23-Aug
3955Chestatee-Chattahoochee Resource Conservation and Development Council - Hiawasee, GA, 24-Aug
401Agriculture Appreciation Day - Jefferson, GA, 25-Aug
402Atlanta Jewish Community Center- Atlanta, GA, 26-Aug
403Sandy Springs Chamber of Commerce - Roswell, GA, 27-Aug
404Georgia Chamber of Commerce Speakers Bureau - Atlanta, GA, 28-Aug
405USDA Projects Tour, 29-Aug
406Clayton County Chamber of Commerce - Forest Park, GA, 31-Aug
407Jesup Civic Clubs - Jesup, GA, 31-Aug
408Area Poultry Producers - Alma, GA, 31-Aug
409American Federation of Government Employees - Savannah, GA, 7-Sep
4010Altamaha Georgia Area Planning Commission- Jekyll Island, GA, 8-Sep
4011Oglethorpe County Fall Festival- Crawford, GA, 8-Sep
4012Second Congressional District Legislative Association - Tifton, GA, 12-Sep
4013Columbus Iron Works Convention and Trade Center - Columbus, GA, 15-Sep
4014Georgia Federation of Democratic Women - Atlanta, GA, 15-Sep
4015Elbert County Farm Bureau Special Agriculture'79 - Elberton, GA, 15-Sep
4016Sigma Nu Fundraising Banquet - Atlanta, GA, 22-Sep
4017Possum Hollow V - Dexter, GA, 29-Sep
4018Green County Chamber of Commerce Sixth Annual Parade - Greensboro, GA, 6-Oct
4019Georgia Second Mortgage Bankers Association - Wilmington Island, GA, 6-Oct
4020Atioch Baptist Church North - Atlanta, GA, 12-Oct
4021Farmers Appreciation Rally - Hawkinsville, GA, 13-Oct
4022Wilkes County Farm Bureau - Washington, GA, 13-Oct
4023Farmers Home Administration - Atlanta, GA, 19-Oct
4024Rockdale County Chamber of Commerce Bar-B-Q - Atlanta, GA, 19-Oct
4025Sumter County Bar-B-Q - Americus, GA, 20-Oct
4026U.S. Army Reserve Training Center - Augusta, GA, 20-Oct
4027Manchester Chamber of Commerce & Civic Clubs - Manchester, GA, 27-Oct
4028Brawner Psychiatric Institute Substance Abuse Treatment Center - Smyrna, GA, 28-Oct
4029Southern Agricultural Chemicals Association - Callaway Gardens, GA, 29-Oct
4030Accelerated Christian Education Rally - Marietta, GA, 2-Nov
4031National Council of Farmer Cooperatives Energy Action Committee - Washington, DC, 8-Nov
4032Savannah Board of Realtors- Savannah, GA, 9-Nov
4033Veterans Day Parade - Atlanta, GA, 10-Nov
4034National Association of Postmasters - Buford, GA, 10-Nov
4035Veterans Day Address - Gainesville, GA, 10-Nov
4036College Park Methodist Church - College Park, GA, 11-Nov
4037Veterans Day Observance Luncheon - Bainbridge, GA, 12-Nov
4038General Missionary Baptist Convention - Columbus, GA, 15-Nov
4039Independent Insurance Agent Young Agents Organization - Atlanta, GA, 16-Nov
4040Temple Brotherhood - Atlanta, GA, 18-Nov
4041Concerned Citizens of Atlanta Senior Citizens Banquet - Atlanta, GA, 20-Nov
4042Northeast Georgia Bank Administration Institute - Athens, GA, 20-Nov
4043Georgia Farm Bureau Federation - Jekyll Island, GA, 26-Nov
4044Georgia Retail Lumber Dealers Association - Atlanta, GA, 1-Dec
4045Georgia Hospital Association - Atlanta, GA, 4-Dec
4046County and State Officials Annual Meeting - Douglas, GA, 4-Dec
4047Georgia Small Cities And Local Government Conference - Athens, GA, 5-Dec
4048Athens Rotary Club - Athens, GA, 5-Dec
4049Houston County Office Complex Dedication - Warner Robins, GA, 7-Dec
4050Fourth Southeastern Conference on Alcohol And Drug Abuse - Atlanta, GA, 8-Dec
4051Christmas Parade - McRae, GA, 8-Dec
4052Corn Refiners Association, Inc. - Washington, DC, 11-Dec
4053Commodity Club - Washington, DC, 11-Dec
4054Whitfield-Murray Law Enforcement Society - Dalton, GA, 13-Dec
4055Life Chiropractic College - Marietta, GA, 14-Dec
4056Sixth Annual Jaycees Christmas Parade - Lawrenceville, GA, 15-Dec
4057Carroll County Young Farmers Association - Carrollton, GA, 15-Dec
4058R. J. Reynolds Company - Winston-Salem, NC, 18-Dec

C. 1978
1. Constituent Correspondence
411Abortion, 1978
412Agriculture, 1978 January-June
413Agriculture, 1978 July-December
414Ag Yearbook, 1978 July-December
415Ag Yearbook, 1978 June
416Ag Yearbook, 1978 May
417Ag Yearbook, 1978 April
418Ag Yearbook, 1978 March 16-31
419Ag Yearbook, 1978 March 7-15
4110Ag Yearbook, 1978 March 1-6
4111Ag Yearbook, February 22-28
4112Ag Yearbook, February 18-21
4113Ag Yearbook, February 11-17
4114Ag Yearbook, February 1-10
4115Ag Yearbook, January 14-31
4116Ag Yearbook, January 1-13
4117Campaigns, undated
4118Capital Punishment, undated
4119Close Up [Involvement of Youth in Government], undated
4120Coca-Cola, undated
421Congratulations, December
422Congratulations, November
423Congratulations, October 24-31
424Congratulations, October 1-23
425Congratulations, September 9-30
426Congratulations, September 1-8
427Congratulations, August
428Congratulations, July 13-31
429Congratulations, July 1-12
4210Congratulations, June 16-30
4211Congratulations, June 1-15
4212Congratulations, May 21-31
4213Congratulations, May 10-20
4214Congratulations, May 1-9
4215Congratulations, April 18-30
4216Congratulations, April 1-17
4217Congratulations, March 13-31
4218Congratulations, March 1-12
4219Congratulations, February 15-28
431Congratulations, February 1-14
432Congratulations, January 14-31
433Congratulations, January 1-13
434Crime, July-December
435Crime, May-June
436Crime, January-April
437Defense, August-December
438Defense, June-July
439Defense, May 10-31
4310Defense, May 1-9
4311Defense, March-April
4312Defense, January-February
4313Drug Abuse, October-December
4314Drug Abuse, June-September
4315Drug Abuse, May 20-31
4316Drug Abuse, May 1-19
4317Drug Abuse, April
4318Drug Abuse, January-March
441Economy, December 14-31
442Economy, December 1-13
443Economy, November 18-30
444Economy, November 16-17
445Economy, November 4-15
446Economy, November 1-3
447Economy, October 20-31
448Economy, October 1-19
449Economy, September 20-30
4410Economy, September 1-19
4411Economy, August 25-31
4412Economy, August 11-24
4413Economy, August 1-10
4414Economy, July 25-31
4415Economy, July 1-24
4416Economy, June 22-30
4417Economy, June 15-21
451Economy, June 1-14
452Economy, May 11-31
453Economy, May 1-10
454Economy, April 19-30
455Economy, April 7-18
456Economy, April 1-6
457Economy, March 21-31
458Economy, March 1-20
459Economy, February 18-28
4510Economy, February 1-17
4511Economy, January
4512Education, undated
4513Energy, April-December
4514Energy, January-March
4515Environment, undated
4516E.R.A. (Equal Rights Amendment), June-December
4517E.R.A. (Equal Rights Amendment), May
4518E.R.A. (Equal Rights Amendment)January-April, undated
461Ethics, December 20-31
462Ethics, December 12-19
463Ethics, December 1-11
464Ethics, November 17-30
465Ethics, November 11-16
466Ethics, November 1-10
467Ethics, October
468Ethics, September 19-30
469Ethics, September 7-18
4610Ethics, September 1-6
471Ethics, August 30-31
472Ethics, August 25-29
473Ethics, August 15-24
474Ethics, August 5-14
475Ethics, August 3-4
476Ethics, August 1-2
477Ethics, July 20-31
478Ethics, July 11-19
479Ethics, July 1-10
4710Ethics, June 16-30
4711Ethics, June 1-15
4712Ethics, May
481Farm Situation, April-May
482Farm Situation, March 16-31
483Farm Situation, March 1-15
484Farm Situation, February 18-28
485Farm Situation, February 10-17
486Farm Situation, February 1-9
487Farm Situation, January 20-31
488Farm Situation, January 13-19
489Farm Situation, January 12
4810-11Farm Situation, January 11
4812Farm Situation, January 1-10
4813Flag Requests, August-December
4814Flag Requests, April-July
4815Flag Requests, January-March
491-14Flexys (14 folders), undated
501-4Flexys (4 folders), undated
511-3Flexys (3 folders), undated
514Foreign Policy, November-December
515Foreign Policy, September-October
516Foreign Policy, July-August
517Foreign Policy, June
518Foreign Policy, May 20-31
519Foreign Policy, May 1-19
521Foreign Policy, April
522Foreign Policy, February-March
523Foreign Policy, January
524Government, October-December
525Government, July-September
526Government, May-June
527Government, March-April
528Government, February
529Government, January
5210Health, April-December
5211Health, January-March
5212Illegal Aliens, undated
5213Invitations Regretted/Canceled, undated
5214Memoranda, July-December
5215Memoranda, March-June
5216Memoranda, January-February
5217Middle East, June-December
531Middle East, May
532Middle East, April
533Middle East, January-March
534Miscellaneous, December 10-31
535Miscellaneous, December 1-9
536Miscellaneous, November 16-30
537Miscellaneous, November 1-15
538Miscellaneous, October 25-31
539Miscellaneous, October 1-24
5310Miscellaneous, September 20-30
5311Miscellaneous, September 1-19
5312Miscellaneous, August 15-31
5313Miscellaneous, August 1-14
541Miscellaneous, July 11-31
542Miscellaneous, July 1-10
543Miscellaneous, June 20-30
544Miscellaneous, June 10-19
545Miscellaneous, June 1-9
546Miscellaneous, May 25-31
547Miscellaneous, May 15-24
548Miscellaneous, May 10-12
549Miscellaneous, May 3-9
5410Miscellaneous, May 1-2
5411Miscellaneous, April 25-30
5412Miscellaneous, April 18-24
5413Miscellaneous, April 11-17
551Miscellaneous, April 5-10
552Miscellaneous, April 1-4
553Miscellaneous, March 30-31
554Miscellaneous, March 22-29
555Miscellaneous, March 10-21
556Miscellaneous, March 1-9
557Miscellaneous, February 23-28
558Miscellaneous, February 10-22
559Miscellaneous, February 1-9
5510Miscellaneous, January 20-31
5511Miscellaneous, January 11-19
5512Miscellaneous, January 1-10
561Newsletter, March-December
562Newsletter, January-February
563News Media, undated
564Panama Canal, July-December
565Panama Canal, June
566Panama Canal, May 4-31
567Panama Canal, May 3
568Panama Canal, May 1-2
569Panama Canal, April 27-30
5610Panama Canal, April 25-26
5611Panama Canal, April 21-24
5612Panama Canal, April 18-20
5613Panama Canal, April 17
571Panama Canal, April 17
572Panama Canal, April 14-16
573Panama Canal, April 14
574Panama Canal, April 13
575Panama Canal, April 12
576Panama Canal, April 8-11
577Panama Canal, April 7
578Panama Canal, April 5-6
579Panama Canal, April 4
5710Panama Canal, April 1-3
581Panama Canal, March 24-31
582Panama Canal, March 9-23
583Panama Canal, March 1-8
584Panama Canal, February 18-28
585Panama Canal, February 1-17
586Panama Canal, January
587Postal Service, undated
588Press, undated
589Religion, April-December
5810Religion, January-March
5811-14Requests (4 folders), January
591-2Requests (2 folders), February
593Requests, March
594Requests, April
595Requests, May
596Requests, June
601Requests, July
602Requests, August
603Requests, September
604Requests, October
605Requests, November
606Requests, December
607Roberts, Gordon, April-December
608Roberts, Gordon, January-March
609SALT Talks, undated
611Social Security, undated
612Supreme Court, undated
613Sympathy, undated
614Tax Reform, undated
615TV/Radio Appearances, undated
616Thank You's, undated
617Unions, undated
618United Nations, June-December
619United Nations, May
6110United Nations, January-April
6111Veterans, undated
6112Welfare, undated
2. Grant Files
621Grant Files, 1978 January 3-6
622Grant Files, 1978 January 9-13
623Grant Files, 1978 January 16-20
624Grant Files, 1978 January 23-27
625Grant Files, 1978 January 30-February 3
626Grant Files, 1978 February 6-10
627Grant Files, February 13-17
628Grant Files, February 20-24
629Grant Files, February 27-March 3
6210Grant Files, March 6-10
6211Grant Files, March 13-17
6212Grant Files, March 20-24
6213Grant Files, March 27-31
6214Grant Files, April 3-7
6215Grant Files, April 10-14
631Grant Files, April 17-21
632Grant Files, April 24-28
633Grant Files, May 1-5
634Grant Files, May 8-12
635Grant Files, May 15-19
636Grant Files, May 22-26
637Grant Files, May 29-June 2
638Grant Files, June 5-9
639Grant Files, June 12-16
3. Columns
64178-1; Farm Program, 1978 February 8
64278-2; Panama Canal, 1978 February 14
64378-3; Foreign Farm Investments, 22-Feb
64478-4; Capital Investments, 2-Mar
64578-5; Shale Oil, 7-Mar
64678-6; Civil Service Reform, 16-Mar
64778-7; Economy, 22-Mar
64878-8; Gun Control, 30-Mar
64978-9; Electoral College Reform, 5-Apr
641078-10; Farm Bill, 13-Apr
641178-11; Department of Education, 19-Apr
641278-12; Gun Control, 26-Apr
641378-13; FBI & Terrorism, 4-May
641478-14; Defense and Draft, 10-May
641578-15; Trade Deficit, 18-May
641678-16; Postal Service, 25-May
641778-17; Budget and Proposition 13, 8-Jun
641878-18; Health Care and Catastrophic Illness, 14-Jun
641978-19; Tellico Dam, 21-Jun
642078-20; Runaway Fathers, 28-Jun
642178-21; Farm Disaster Aid, July 12
642278-22; Farm Credit Bill, July 25
642378-23; School Lunch Transfer, August 3[?]
642478-24; Veteran's Benefits, 10-Aug
642578-25; Foreign Farm Investments (II), August 17
642678-26; Hart Building, 24-Aug
642778-27; Social Security Reform, 14-Sep
4. News Releases
6428News releases, 1978 October-December
6429News releases, 1978 August-Septeber
6430News releases, 1978 June-July
6431News releases, 1978 March-May
6432News releases, 1978 January-February
5. Transcripts
6433Radio Interview Transcripts
6434Direct Radio Announcements
6435Television Interview Transcripts
6. Congressional Record Inserts
6436Congressional Record Inserts
7. Speeches
651Speaking Schedule, 1978
652Abbott-Northwestern Medical and Dental Staff - Minneapolis, MN, 1978 January 9
653Georgia Dairy Farmers 27th Annual Convention - Atlanta, GA, 1978 January 10
654Pfeiser Company Plant Managers Seminar - Washington, DC, 1978 January 19
655Carroll County Chamber of Commerce - Carrollton, GA, 1978 January 20
656American Hospital Association - Washington, DC, 1978 January 30
657National Association of Realtors - Atlanta, GA, 3-Feb
658Johnson Associates Conference - Washington, DC, 9-Feb
659ASC State Convention - Atlanta, GA, 10-Feb
6510St. Joseph's Hospital Dedication - Atlanta, GA, 12-Feb
6511Emory University School of Medicine - Atlanta, GA, 15-Feb
6512Georgia Tech Student Body - Atlanta, GA, 15-Feb
6513Jefferson-Jackson Day Dinner - Atlanta, GA, 3-Mar
6514FIA National Futures Industry Conference - Tarpon Springs, FL, 3-Mar
6515International Association of Financial Planners - Atlanta, GA, 4-Mar
6516Rattlesnake Roundup - Claxton, GA, 11-Mar
6516aFloor Statement on Emergency Farm Legislation- Washington, DC., 21-Mar
6517Fort Valley State College Conference on Rural Poverty - Fort Valley, GA, 23-Mar
6518Minority Biomedical Support Symposium - Atlanta, GA, 27-Mar
6519Progressive Political Club - Augusta, GA, 28-Mar
6520Griffin and Barnesville Rotary Clubs - Experiment, GA, 30-Mar
6521Leadership Georgia Conference - Georgia, 1-Apr
6522American Frozen Food Institute - Washington, DC, 5-Apr
6523Farm Magazine Editors, 11-Apr
6524Federation of American Hospitals - Washington, DC, 13-Apr
6525Ag Hill Awards Banquet - Athens, GA, 15-Apr
6528Association County Commissioners of Georgia - Jekyll Island, GA, 16-Apr
6527Stone Mountain Memorial Area Dedication - Stone Mountain, GA, 23-Apr
6528Health Insurance Association of America - Chicago, IL, 1-May
6529Annual Blessing of the Shrimp Fleet - Darien, GA, 6-May
6530Rural Electric Rally - Washington, DC, 9-May
6531American Apparel Manufacturers Association - Hot Springs, VA, 13-May
6532American Association of Clinical Urologists - Washington, DC, 19-May
6533Atlanta Clinical Society - Atlanta, GA, 19-May
661State Bar of Georgia - Atlanta, GA, 31-May
662Georgia Poultry Night of Knights - Atlanta, GA(Canceled), 9-Jun
663Stockbridge Presbyterian Church - Stockbridge, GA (Canceled), 11-Jun
664U.S. Army Reserve Training Center Dedication - Dobbins A.F.B, 9-Jul
665National Association of Farmer Elected Committee- men - Washington, DC, 11-Jul
666Kentucky Democratic Agriculture Appreciation Night - Louisville, KY, 28-Jul
667Grady Cochran Day - Fort Valley, GA, 5-Aug
668Birthday Party - Atlanta, GA, 19-Aug
669Tobacco Belt Trip - Moultrie, Waycross, and Vidalia, GA, 5-Sep
6610Democratic Party State Convention - Atlanta, GA, 9-Sep
6611Morehouse College School of Medicine - Atlanta, GA, 10-Sep
6612Smooth Ashlar Grand Lodge - McDonough, GA, 24-Sep
6613Corinth Baptist Church - Stone Mountain, GA, 8-Oct
6614Free For All Baptist Church - Atlanta, GA, 8-Oct
6615Lilburn Day- Lilburn, GA, 14-Oct
6616Spalding County Democratic Committee Annual Banquet - Griffin, GA, 16-Oct
6617SBA [Small Business Administration] Development Center - Statesboro, GA, 20-Oct
6618Minority Business Opportunity Committee Annual Awards Breakfast - Atlanta, GA, 20-Oct
6619Bulloch County Democratic Party Biennial Banquet - Statesboro, GA, 20-Oct
6620Savannah Bar Association Young Lawyers Section - Savannah, GA, 23-Oct
6621Georgia State Council of Machinists and Aerospace Workers - Savannah, GA, 23-Oct
6622Farm Credit Directors - Atlanta, GA, 25-Oct
6623Middle Georgia APDC - Macon, GA, 26-Oct
6624American College of Physicians - Savannah, GA, 27-Oct
6625American Nuclear Society - Atlanta, GA, 28-Oct
6626Kiwanis Club - Rome, GA, 30-Oct
6627Georgia Textile Manufacturers Association - Atlanta, GA, 31-Oct
6628Civitan Club - Atlanta, GA, 31-Oct
6629Altamaha Electric Membership Corporation - Lyons, GA, 1-Nov
6630American Society of Consultant Pharmacists - Atlanta, GA, 2-Nov
6631National Convention of 4-H Club Agents - Atlanta, 5-Nov
6632Georgia Poultry Industry - Gainesville, GA, 9-Nov
671Accelerated Christian Education Rally - Atlanta, GA, 10-Nov
672Georgia Motor Trucking Association - Atlanta, GA, 10-Nov
67330th Anniversary-Veterans Day - Dublin, GA, 11-Nov
674Mid-South Soil and Water Conservation District - Moultrie, GA, 14-Nov
675Dooly County Farm City Week - Vienna, GA, 18-Nov
676Sweet Potato Festival - Ocilla, GA, 18-Nov
677University of Georgia - Athens, GA, 20-Nov
678Southern Tech 30th Anniversary - Atlanta, GA, 2-Dec
679Governor Busbee Roast - Albany, GA, 7-Dec
6710D.W. Brooks Dinner - Atlanta, GA, 12-Dec
6711Day Care Center Groundbreaking Ceremonies- LaGrange, GA, 20-Dec

D. 1977
1. Constituent Correspondence
681Administration, 1977 October-December
682Administration, 1977 September
683Administration, 1977 January-August
684Agriculture, 1977 December
685Agriculture, 1977 November
686Agriculture, 1977 January-October
687Agriculture Yearbook, 1977 December 10-31
688Agriculture Yearbook, 1977 December 1-9
689Agriculture Yearbook, 1977 November 20-30
6810Agriculture Yearbook, 1977 November 1-19
6811Agriculture Yearbook, 1977 October
6812Agriculture Yearbook, 1977 April-September
6813Agriculture Yearbook, 1977 January-March
691Amnesty, 1977
692Busing, 1977
693Campaigns (General), 1977
694Capital Punishment, 1977
695Close Up [Involvement of Youth in Government], 1977
696Coca-Cola, 1977
697Committee System, 1977
698Communism, 1977
699Congratulations, 1977 December 10-31
6910Congratulations, December 1-9
6911Congratulations, November
6912Congratulations, October
6913Congratulations, September
6914Congratulations, August 20-31
6915Congratulations, August 1-19
6916Congratulations, July 10-31
6917Congratulations, July 1-9
6918Congratulations, June 20-30
6919Congratulations, June 1-19
701Congratulations, May
702Congratulations, April
703Congratulations, March
704Congratulations, February 15-28
705Congratulations, February 1-14
706Congratulations, January
707Crime, October-December
708Crime, August-September
709Crime, June-July
7010Crime, January-April
7011Defense, October-December
7012Defense, June-September
711Defense, March-May
712Defense, January-February
713Drug Abuse, undated
714Ecology, undated
715Economy, December
716Economy, November
717Economy, October
718Economy, September
719Economy, August
7110Economy, July
7111Economy, June
7112Economy, May
7113Economy, April
7114Economy, March
7115Economy, February
7116Economy, January
7117Energy Crisis, December
7118Energy Crisis, November
7119Energy Crisis, January-October
721Extensions of Remarks, undated
722Flag Requests, November-December
723Flag Requests, May-October
724Flag Requests, January-April
725Foreign Policy, December 21-31
726Foreign Policy, December 1-20
727Foreign Policy, November 16-30
728Foreign Policy, November 11-15
729Foreign Policy, November 8-10
7210Foreign Policy, November 1-7
7211Foreign Policy, October 15-31
7212Foreign Policy, October 1-14
7213Foreign Policy, September 23-30
7214Foreign Policy, September 20-22
7215Foreign Policy, September 1-19
731Foreign Policy, August 24-31
732Foreign Policy, August 1-23
733Foreign Policy, July 15-31
734Foreign Policy, July 1-14
735Foreign Policy, June 16-30
736Foreign Policy, June 1-15
737Foreign Policy, May
738Foreign Policy, April
739Foreign Policy, March
7310Foreign Policy, January-February
7311Government (Complaints), October-December
7312Government (Complaints), August-September
7313Government (Complaints), June-July
7314Government (Complaints), April-May
7315Government (Complaints), January-March
741Grant Acknowledgements, undated
742Health, November-December
743Health, January-October
744Invitations Regretted/Canceled, undated
745Judiciary, undated
746Memoranda, October-December
747Memoranda, July-September
748Memoranda, March-June
749Memoranda, January-February
7410Middle East, undated
7411Miscellaneous, December 22-31
7412Miscellaneous, December 20-21
7413Miscellaneous, December 9-19
7414Miscellaneous, December 6-8
7415Miscellaneous, December 1-5
751Miscellaneous, November 29-30
752Miscellaneous, November 19-28
753Miscellaneous, November 12-18
754Miscellaneous, November 10-11
755[RESTRICTED], undated
756Miscellaneous, November 1-9
757Miscellaneous, October 20-31
758Miscellaneous, October 14-20
759Miscellaneous, October 12-13
7510Miscellaneous, October 1-11
7511Miscellaneous, September 29-30
7512Miscellaneous, September 24-28
7513Miscellaneous, September 21-23
7514Miscellaneous, September 15-20
761Miscellaneous, September 8-14
762Miscellaneous, September 1-7
763Miscellaneous, August 25-31
764Miscellaneous, August 20-24
765Miscellaneous, August 17-19
766Miscellaneous, August 11-16
767Miscellaneous, August 5-10
768Miscellaneous, August 3-4
769Miscellaneous, August 1-2
7610Miscellaneous, July 23-31
7611Miscellaneous, July 14-22
7612Miscellaneous, July 9-13
7613Miscellaneous, July 1-8
7614Miscellaneous, June 25-30
7615Miscellaneous, June 22-24
771Miscellaneous, June 18-21
772Miscellaneous, June 16-17
773Miscellaneous, June 11-15
774Miscellaneous, June 8-10
775Miscellaneous, June 4-7
776Miscellaneous, June 1-3
777Miscellaneous, May 20-31
778Miscellaneous, May 14-19
779Miscellaneous, May 1-13
7710Miscellaneous, April 15-30
7711Miscellaneous, April 12-14
7712Miscellaneous, April 6-11
7713Miscellaneous, April 1-5
781Miscellaneous, March 23-31
782Miscellaneous, March 16-22
783Miscellaneous, March 1-15
784Miscellaneous, February 17-28
785Miscellaneous, February 11-16
786Miscellaneous, February 1-10
787Miscellaneous, January 20-31
788Miscellaneous, January 15-19
789Miscellaneous, January 1-14
7810Newsletter, December 10-31
7811Newsletter, December 8-9
7812Newsletter, December 6-7
7813Newsletter, December 1-5
791Newsletter, November 22-30
792Newsletter, November 1-21
793Newsletter, October
794Newsletter, September 24-30
795Newsletter, September 21-23
796Newsletter, September 20
797Newsletter, September 8-19
798Newsletter, September 3-7
799[RESTRICTED], undated
7910Newsletter, September 2
7911Newsletter, September 1
7912Newsletter, August 30-31
7913Newsletter, August 26-29
7914Newsletter, August 20-25
7915Newsletter, August 1-19
801Newsletter, July 15-31
802Newsletter, July 1-14
803Newsletter, June
804Newsletter, May
805Newsletter, April
806Newsletter, March
807Newsletter, February
808Newsletter, January
809News Media, undated
8010Panama Canal, undated
8011Postal Service, undated
8012Prayer and Bible Reading, December
8013Prayer and Bible Reading, November
8014Prayer and Bible Reading, January-October
8015Press, undated
8016Puerto Rico Statehood, undated
811Requests, December 20-31
812Requests, December 8-19
813Requests, December 1-7
814Requests, November 23-30
815Requests, November 19-22
816Requests, November 16-18
817Requests, November 11-15
818Requests, November 1-10
819Requests, October 19-31
8110Requests, October 18
8111Requests, October 8-17
8112Requests, October 1-7
821Requests, September 24-30
822Requests, September 16-23
823Requests, September 1-15
824Requests, August 16-31
825Requests, August 1-15
826Requests, July 13-31
827Requests, July 1-12
828Requests, June 15-30
829Requests, June 1-14
8210Requests, May 18-31
8211Requests, May 10-17
8212Requests, May 1-9
8213Requests, April 21-30
8214Requests, April 14-20
831Requests, April 9-13
832Requests, April 1-8
833Requests, March 18-31
834Requests, March 10-17
835Requests, March 1-9
836Requests, February 16-28
837Requests, February 8-15
838Requests, February 1-7
839Requests, January 20-31
8310Requests, January 7-19
8311Requests, January 1-6
8312Roberts, Gordon, August-December
8313Roberts, Gordon, May-July
8314Roberts, Gordon, January-April
8315Scouting Requests, undated
8316Speeches: Comments Re, undated
8317Student Requests, February-March
8318Student Requests, January
841Supreme Court, undated
842Sympathy, October-December
843Sympathy, July-September
844Sympathy, January-June
845Telegrams, undated
846Two Governor Controversy, undated
847Thank You's, July-December
848Thank You's, April-June
849Thank You's, January-March
8410TV/Radio Appearances, undated
8411Unanswered Mail, undated
8412Unions, undated
8413United Nations, August-November
8414United Nations, May-July
8415Veterans, undated
8416Vietnam, undated
8417Watergate, undated
8418Welfare, November-December
8419Welfare, September-October
8420Welfare, July-August
8421Welfare, May-June
8422Welfare, January-April
2. Columns
85177-1; New Congress, 12-Jan
85277-2; Electoral College, 19-Jan
85377-3; Senate Reform, 25-Jan
85477-4; Regulatory Restraints, 2-Feb
85577-5; Pay Raise, 9-Feb
85677-6; Energy, 16-Feb
85777-7; Farm Bill, 23-Feb
85877-8; Illegal Aliens, 2-Mar
85977-9; Department of Energy, 9-Mar
851077-10; Agricultural Research, 16-Mar
851177-11; WIN Program, 23-Mar
851277-12; Campaign Financing, 30-Mar
851377-13; Saccharin, 6-Apr
851477-14; Tax Rebate, 13-Apr
851577-15; Universal Voter Registration, 20-Apr
851677-16; Gas Tax, 27-Apr
851777-17; Medicare-Medicaid, 5-May
851877-18; Tax Credit Campaign Financing, 11-May
851977-19; Rural Development, 19-May
852077-20; Occupational Safety & Health Administration, 26-May
852177-21; Cuba & Vietnam, 31-May
852277-22; Balanced Budget, 8-Jun
852377-23; Defense Spending, 15-Jun
852477-24; Welfare/Food Stamps, 22-Jun
852577-25; Fourth of July, 29-Jun
852677-26; Crime, 5-Jul
852777-27; Panama Canal, 13-Jul
852877-28; Consumer Protection Agency, 20-Jul
852977-29; WIN Program, 27-Jul
853077-30; Korea, 3-Aug
853177-31; Welfare, 11-Aug
853277-32; Energy Plan, 7-Sep
853377-33; Canal Treaty, 14-Sep
853477-34; Balanced Budget (II), 22-Sep
853577-35; General Defense & Military Unionization, 28-Sep
853677-36; Medicare-Medicaid Fraud & Abuse, 5-Oct
853777-37; Trade Deficit, 12-Oct
853877-38; Energy Tax, 20-Oct
853977-39; Farm Bill, 26-Oct
854077-40; Shale Oil, 1-Nov
854177-41; South Africa, 8-Nov
854277-42; Textile Imports, 15-Nov
854377-43; Farmers' Problems, 7-Dec
3. Newsletter
8544Energy; Government Regulation, 1977 February
4. News Releases
8545News releases, 1977 September-December
8546News releases, 1977 June-August
8547News releases, 1977 March-May
8548News releases, 1977 February
8549News releases, 1977 January
5. Transcripts
8550Radio Interview Transcripts
8551Television Interview Transcripts
8552Direct Radio Announcements
6. Congressional Record Inserts
8553Congressional Record Inserts
7. Speeches
861Speaking Schedule, 1977
862Association of Hospital Assistant Administrators- Birmingham, AL, 7-Jan
863Lockheed C-141 Ceremony - Marietta, GA, 8-Jan
864Twenty-Seventh Annual Convention of Georgia Dairy Farmers - Atlanta, GA, 10-Jan
865Associated Merchandising Corporation - New York, NY, 13-Jan
866Morehouse College Medical School - Atlanta, GA, 14-Jan
867American Medical Society - Chicago, IL, 22-Jan
868Confirmation Hearing on Andrew Young - Washington, D. C., 25-Jan
869Servicemaster Industries, Inc. - Atlanta, GA, 28-Jan
8610Southeastern Poultry & Egg Association - Atlanta, GA, 29-Jan
8611First Baptist Church - Lawrenceville, GA, 30-Jan
8612National Association of Conservation Districts - Atlanta. GA, 7-Feb
8613Health Care Industry Seminar - Philadelphia, PA, 8-Feb
8614National Association of Chain Drug Stores, Inc. - Washington, DC, 9-Feb
8615American College of Nuclear Physicians - New Orleans, LA, 11-Feb
8616National Health Lawyers Association - New Orleans, LA, 11-Feb
8617Masonic Fathers and DeMolay Boys - Atlanta, GA, 12-Feb
8618Cardio Pulmonary Contractors Association - Washington, DC, 17-Feb
8619Georgia Cable Television Association - Atlanta, GA, 18-Feb
8620Georgia Council for the Social Sciences, Inc. - Savannah, GA, 4-Feb
8621Georgia Independent Meat Packers Association - Atlanta, GA, 5-Mar
8622College of American Pathologists - Miami, FL, 6-Mar
8623Health Industry Manufacturers Association - Tarpon Springs, FL, 7-Mar
8624College of American Pathologists - Miami, FL, 7-Mar
8625Federal Land Bank of St. Louis - St. Louis, MO, 7-Mar
8626R.D. "Bulldog" Smith Introduction - Washington, DC, 8-Mar
8627VFW [Veterans of Foreign Wars] Congressional Awards Dinner - Washington, DC, 8-Mar
8628Walter F. Mondale Introduction - Atlanta, GA, 11-Mar
8629Food Marketing Institute - Washington, DC, 16-Mar
8630Fundraiser for Billy Evans - Macon, GA, 26-Mar
8631American Bakers Association - Palm Beach, FL, 28-Mar
871Freedom Foundation Awards Banquet - Atlanta, GA, 8-Apr
872Bobby Smith Dinner - Winder, GA, 9-Apr
873American Textile Manufacturers Institute - Boca Raton, FL, 16-Apr
874American Agricultural Editors Association - Washington, DC, 19-Apr
875Association County Commissioners of Georgia - Atlanta, GA, 24-Apr
876Moreland Avenue Baptist Church - Atlanta, GA, 24-Apr
877Millers' National Federation Diamond Jubilee - Washington, DC, 26-Apr
878John Sibley Portrait Presentation - Athens, GA, 30-Apr
879National Forest Products Association - Washington, DC, 9-May
8710Tobacco State Leaders - Washington, DC, 13-May
8711Peachtree Federal Savings Solar Office Ceremonies - Atlanta, GA, 14-May
8712Farm and Industrial Equipment Institute - Washington, DC, 17-May
8713Southeast Georgia Area Planning & Development Commission - Waycross, GA, 21-May
8714American Association of Orthodontists - Atlanta, GA, 22-May
8715Georgia Poultry Federation - Atlanta, GA, 10-Jun
8716Georgia Pharmaceutical Association - Columbus, GA, 12-Jun
8717Georgia Forestry Association - Jekyll Island, GA, 13-Jun
8718National Jewish Hospital & Research Center Honors Bert Lance - Atlanta, GA, 18-Jun
8719American Society for Medical Technology - Atlanta, GA, 20-Jun
8720Introduction to William W. Allison [U. S. Senate] Washington, D. C., 24-Jun
8721Miller County Courthouse Dedication - Colquitt, GA, 2-Jul
8722Southern Economy - Andersonville, GA, 4-Jul
8723Southern Police Institute Association - Atlanta, GA, 30-Jul
881Georgia Aviation Day - Atlanta, GA, 13-Aug
882Bulloch County Rural Telephone Co-op Dedication - Statesboro, GA, 19-Aug
883Georgia Jaycees Summer Board - Albany, GA, 20-Aug
884Sandy Springs Chamber of Commerce - Roswell, GA, 22-Aug
885American Association for Hospital Planning - Atlanta, GA, 27-Aug
886Romeo Hudgins Memorial Hall Dedication - Marietta, GA, 28-Aug
887Virginia Dental Association - Arlington, VA, 9-Sep
888Macon Area Vocational Technical School - Macon, GA, 24-Sep
889Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College - Tifton, GA, 24-Sep
8810Buford Church of God - Buford, GA, 25-Sep
8811Health Care Symposium - New York, NY, 28-Sep
8812Agricultural Trade Leaders' Conference - Rosslyn, VA, 29-Sep
8813Hubert Humphrey Introduction [U. S. Senate] - Washington, D. C., 25-Oct
8814Hamilton Jordan Roast - Albany, GA (Regretted), 3-Nov
8815American Osteopathic Association - Atlanta, GA, 6-Nov
8816University of Georgia Student Body - Athens, GA, 10-Nov
8817Veterans Day Celebration - Toccoa, GA, 11-Nov
8818Georgia Academy of Family Physicians - Atlanta, GA, 12-Nov
8819Antioch Baptist Church - Atlanta, GA, 13-Nov
8820Conyers Depot Dedication - Conyers, GA, 13-Nov
8821Peanut Butter Manufacturers & Nut Salters Association - Palm Beach, FL, 14-Nov
8822Dawson Mathis Roast - Albany, GA, 18-Nov
8823Bo Ginn Roast - Savannah, GA, 19-Nov
8824Swine Time Festival - Climax, GA, 26-Nov
8825Atlanta Variety Club Telethon - Atlanta, GA, 27-Nov
8826Tunnel Hill City Hall - Tunnel Hill, GA, 3-Dec
8827Life Chiropractic College - Atlanta, GA, 4-Dec
8828Hinesville-Liberty County Chamber of Commerce - Hinesville, GA, 6-Dec
8829New York University Commodities Conference - Chicago, IL, 12-Dec
8830Voter Education Project Reception - Atlanta, GA, 14-Dec
8831Hungry Club Forum - Atlanta, GA, 14-Dec
8832Atlanta U.S.D.A. Club - Atlanta, GA, 15-Dec
8833Atlanta Chamber of Commerce - Atlanta, GA, 15-Dec
8833aFarm Strike, Mutual Broadcasting Network - Washington, DC, 18-Dec
8834Interstate-75 Ribbon Cutting Ceremonies - Marietta, GA, 21-Dec

E. 1976
1. Constituent Correspondence
891Abortions, 1976
892Administration, July-December
893Administration, June
894Administration, March-May
895Administration, February
896Administration, January
897Agriculture, undated
898Agriculture Yearbook Requests, September-December
899Agriculture Yearbook Requests, August
8910Agriculture Yearbook Requests, June-July
8911Agriculture Yearbook Requests, April-May
8912Agriculture Yearbook Requests, February-March
8913Agriculture Yearbook Requests, January
8914Bicentennial, August-October
8915Bicentennial, June-July
8916Bicentennial, January-May
901Busing, July-December
902Busing, January-June
903Campaign Financing, undated
904Campaigns (General), October-November
905Campaigns (General), January-September
906Campaigns (Presidential), August-November
907Campaigns (Presidential), April-July
908Campaigns (Presidential), January-March
909Capital Punishment, June-December
9010Capital Punishment, January-May
9011Carter Campaign, October-December
9012Carter Campaign, September
9013Carter Campaign, August
9014Carter Campaign, July
9015Carter Campaign, May-June
9016Carter Campaign, January-April
9017Communism, undated
9018Complaints, July-September
9019Complaints, January-June
911Congratulations, December 9-31
912Congratulations, December 1-8
913Congratulations, November 11-30
914Congratulations, November 1-10
915Congratulations, October 16-31
916Congratulations, October 1-15
917Congratulations, September 23-30
918Congratulations, September 1-22
919Congratulations, August 13-31
9110Congratulations, August 1-12
9111Congratulations, July 14-31
9112Congratulations, July 1-13
9113Congratulations, June 11-30
9114Congratulations, June 1-10
9115Congratulations, May 15-31
9116Congratulations, May 1-14
921Congratulations, April 6-30
922Congratulations, April 1-5
923Congratulations, March 15-31
924Congratulations, March 4-14
925Congratulations, March 1-3
926Congratulations, February 14-28
927Congratulations, February 1-13
928Congratulations, January 22-31
929Congratulations, January 9-21
9210Congratulations, January 1-8
9211Crime, July-December
9212Crime, March-June
9213Crime, February
9214Crime, January
9215Defense, May-December
9216Defense, April
9217Defense, January-March
931Democratic Party, undated
932Drug Abuse, March-July
933Drug Abuse, January-February
934Ecology, undated
935Economy, December
936Economy, November
937Economy, October
938Economy, September
939Economy, August
9310Economy, July
9311Economy, June
9312Economy, May
9313Economy, April
9314Economy, March 12-31
9315Economy, March 1-11
9316Economy, February 21-28
9317Economy, February 18-20
9318Economy, February 12-17
9319Economy, February 1-11
941Economy, January 22-30
942Economy, January 1-21
943Energy Crisis, undated
944Extensions of Remarks, April-August
945Extensions of Remarks, January-March
946Flag Requests, September-December
947Flag Requests, August 20-31
948Flag Requests, August 1-19
949Flag Requests, July
9410Flag Requests, June 9-30
9411Flag Requests, June 1-8
9412Flag Requests, May
9413Flag Requests, April
9414Flag Requests, January-March
9415Foreign Aid, September-December
9416Foreign Aid, January-August
951Foreign Policy, December
952Foreign Policy, November
953Foreign Policy, October
954Foreign Policy, September
955Foreign Policy, August
956Foreign Policy, July
957Foreign Policy, June
958Foreign Policy, May 15-31
959Foreign Policy, May 1-14
9510Foreign Policy, April 10-30
9511Foreign Policy, April 1-9
9512Foreign Policy, March
9513Foreign Policy, February
9514Foreign Policy, January
9515Government (Complaints Re), October-December
9516Government (Complaints Re), August-September
9517Government (Complaints Re), May-July
9518Government (Complaints Re), February-April
9519Government (Complaints Re), January
961Grant Acknowledgements, undated
962Health, undated
963Invitations Regretted/Canceled, undated
964Judiciary, undated
965Memoranda, undated
966Middle East, undated
967Military, undated
968Miscellaneous, December 9-31
969Miscellaneous, December 8
9610Miscellaneous, December 1-7
9611Miscellaneous, November 20-30
9612Miscellaneous, November 9-19
9613Miscellaneous, November 1-8
9614Miscellaneous, October 23-31
9615Miscellaneous, October 8-22
9616Miscellaneous, October 5-7
9617Miscellaneous, October 1-4
9618Miscellaneous, September 25-30
9619Miscellaneous, September 17-24
9620Miscellaneous, September 16
971Miscellaneous, September 11-15
972Miscellaneous, September 1-10
973Miscellaneous, August 14-31
974Miscellaneous, August 7-13
975Miscellaneous, August 1-6
976Miscellaneous, July 29-30
977Miscellaneous, July 23-28
978Miscellaneous, July 16-22
979Miscellaneous, July 7-15
9710Miscellaneous, July 5-6
9711Miscellaneous, July 1-4
9712Miscellaneous, June 22-30
9713Miscellaneous, June 15-21
9714Miscellaneous, June 5-14
9715Miscellaneous, June 1-4
981Miscellaneous, May 20-31
982Miscellaneous, May 14-19
983Miscellaneous, May 1-13
984Miscellaneous, April 24-30
985Miscellaneous, April 21-23
986Miscellaneous, April 15-20
987Miscellaneous, April 7-14
988Miscellaneous, April 1-6
989Miscellaneous, March 20-31
9810Miscellaneous, March 17-19
9811Miscellaneous, March 16
9812Miscellaneous, March 12-15
9813Miscellaneous, March 11
9814Miscellaneous, March 4-10
9815Miscellaneous, March 1-3
9816Miscellaneous, February 21-28
991Miscellaneous, February 18-20
992Miscellaneous, February 1-17
993Miscellaneous, January 24-30
994Miscellaneous, January 23
995Miscellaneous, January 16-22
996Miscellaneous, January 10-15
997Miscellaneous, January 1-9
998Miscellaneous: Chronic, August
999Miscellaneous: Chronic, July
9910Miscellaneous: Chronic, June
9911Miscellaneous: Chronic, May 15-31
9912Miscellaneous: Chronic, May 1-14
9913Miscellaneous: Chronic, April
9914Miscellaneous: Chronic, March 17-31
9915Miscellaneous: Chronic, March 1-16
9916Miscellaneous: Chronic, February 24-28
1001Miscellaneous: Chronic, February 18-23
1002Miscellaneous: Chronic, February 1-17
1003Miscellaneous: Chronic, January 23-30
1004Miscellaneous: Chronic, January 15-22
1005Miscellaneous: Chronic, January 1-14
1006News Column, undated
1007Newsletter, December
1008Newsletter, November 9-30
1009Newsletter, November 1-8
10010Newsletter, October 23-31
10011Newsletter, October 1-22
10012Newsletter, September
10013Newsletter, August
10014Newsletter, July 16-31
10015Newsletter, July1-15
10016Newsletter, June11-30
10017Newsletter, June1-10
10018Newsletter, May
1011Newsletter, April 21-30
1012Newsletter, April 1-20
1013Newsletter, March 12-31
1014Newsletter, March 1-11
1015Newsletter, February 5-28
1016Newsletter, February 1-4
1017Newsletter, January
1018News Media, August-December
1019News Media, January-July
10110Pornography, undated
10111Postal Service, undated
10112Prayer and Bible Reading, undated
10113Prayer Breakfast Group, undated
10114Presidential Classroom, undated
10115Press, October-December
10116Press, September
10117Press, July-August
10118Press, April-June
10119Press, January-March
1021Radio Program, undated
1022Red China, undated
1023Requests, December 16-31
1024Requests, December 1-15
1025Requests, November 11-30
1026Requests, November 1-10
1027Requests, October 21-31
1028Requests, October 13-20
1029Requests, October 1-12
10210Requests, September 16-30
10211Requests, September 1-15
10212Requests, August 21-31
10213Requests, August 14-20
10214Requests, August 1-13
10215Requests, July 16-31
10216Requests, July 1-15
10217Requests, June 10-30
1031Requests, June 1-9
1032Requests, May 15-31
1033Requests, May 7-14
1034Requests, May 1-6
1035Requests, April 20-30
1036Requests, April 10-19
1037Requests, April 1-9
1038Requests, March 23-31
1039Requests, March 11-22
10310Requests, March 1-10
10311Requests, February
10312Requests, January 22-30
10313Requests, January 1-21
10314Scouting Requests, undated
10315Soviet Union, undated
1041Speeches: Comments Re, July-December
1042Speeches: Comments Re, May-June
1043Speeches: Comments Re, January-April
1044Student Requests, October-December
1045Student Requests, July-September
1046Student Requests, June
1047Student Requests, May
1048Student Requests, April 20-30
1049Student Requests, April 8-19
10410Student Requests, April 1-7
10411Student Requests, March 27-31
10412Student Requests, March 16-26
10413Student Requests, March 6-15
10414Student Requests, March 1-5
10415Student Requests, February 14-28
10416Student Requests, February 1-13
10417Student Requests, January
1051Supreme Court, undated
1052Sympathy, July-December
1053Sympathy, January-June
1054Thank You's, undated
1055TV Appearances, undated
1056Two Governor Controversy, undated
1057Unanswered Mail, undated
1058United Nations, undated
1059Vietnam, undated
10510Watergate, undated
10511Welfare, undated
2. Grant Files
1061Grant files, 1976 January 5-9
1062Grant files, 1976 January 12-16
1063Grant files, 1976 January 19-23
1064Grant files, 1976 January 26-30
1065Grant files, 1976 February 2-6
1066Grant files, 1976 February 9-13
1067Grant files, 1976 February 16-20
1068Grant files, 1976 February 23-27
1069Grant files, 1976 March 1-5
10610Grant files, 1976 March 8-12
10611Grant files, 1976 March 15-19
10612Grant files, 1976 March 22-26
10613Grant files, 1976 March 29-April 2
10614Grant files, 1976 April 5-9
10615Grant files, 1976 April 12-16
10616Grant files, 1976 April 19-23
10617Grant files, 1976 April 26-30
10618Grant files, 1976 May 3-7
10619Grant files, 1976 May 10-14
10620Grant files, 1976 May 17-21
10621Grant files, 1976 May 24-28
1071Grant files, 1976 May 31-June 4
1072Grant files, 1976 June 7-11
1073Grant files, 1976 June 14-18
1074-5Grant files, June 21-25
1076Grant files, June 28-July 2
1077Grant files, July 5-9
1078Grant files, July 12-16
1079Grant files, July 19-23
10710Grant files, July 26-30
10711Grant files, August 2-6
10712Grant files, August 9-13
1081Grant files, August 16-20
1082Grant files, August 23-27
1083Grant files, August 30-September 3
1084Grant files, September 7-10
1085Grant files, September 13-17
1086Grant files, September 20-24
1087Grant files, September 27-October 1
1088Grant files, October 4-8
1089Grant files, October 11-15
10810Grant files, October 18-22
10811Grant files, October 25-29
10812Grant files, November 1-5
10813Grant files, November 8-12
10814Grant files, November 15-19
10815Grant files, November 22-26
10816Grant files, November 29-December 3
10817Grant files, December 6-10
10818Grant files, December 13-17
10819Grant files, December 20-24
10820Grant files, December 27-31
3. Columns
1091State of the Union, 1976 January 28
1092Tax Cut, 1976 February 4
1093Tax Incentive, 1976 February 11
1094Angola, 18-Feb
1095Central Intelligence Agency, 25-Feb
1096Daylight Savings, 3-Mar
1097Food Stamps, 10-Mar
1098Detente, 17-Mar
1099Daniel Schorr, 24-Mar
10910Busing, 31-Mar
10911Medicare/Medicaid, 7-Apr
10912Foreign Policy, 12-Apr
10913Responsible Government, 14-Apr
10914Food Stamps, 21-Apr
10915Oil Industry, 28-Apr
10916Panama Canal, 5-May
10917Humphrey-Hawkins Fill Employment Act, 19-May
10918"Sunset Law", 26-May
10919Agriculture, 2-Jun
10920WIN[Work Incentive Program]/Welfare, 9-Jun
10921New York City Fiscal Policies, 16-Jun
10922Supersonic Transport, 23-Jun
10923Congressional Ethics, 30-Jun
10924Bicentennial, 7-Jul
10925Electoral College, 14-Jul
10926Voting, 21-Jul
10927Terrorism, 28-Jul
10928B-1 Bomber, 4-Aug
10929Postcard Voting Registration, 11-Aug
10930National Health Insurance, 18-Aug
10931Economy, 1-Sep
10932Runaway Fathers/Welfare, 8-Sep
10933Medicare/Medicaid Fraud, 22-Sep
10934Two-Term Governor, 29-Sep
10935Voting, 13-Oct
4. Newsletters
10936State of Union, Angola, 1976 February
10937Foreign Policy, Detente, Defense, 1976 April
10938Bicentennial, 1976 July
10939Medicare/Medicaid and Welfare, 1976 October
5. News Releases
10940News Releases, 1976 November-December
10941News Releases, 1976 September-October
10942News Releases, 1976 June-August
10943News Releases, May
10944News Releases, April
1101News Releases, January-March
6. Transcripts
1102Radio Interview Transcripts
1103Television Interview Transcripts
1104Direct Radio Announcements
7. Congressional Record Inserts
1105Congressional Record Inserts
8. Speeches
1111Speaking Schedule, 1976
1112Alabama Rural Electric Association of Cooperatives - Montgomery, AL, 9-Jan
1113Wheat Center - U.S.A. - Hutchinson, KS, 12-Jan
1114Brunswick-Golden Isles Chamber of Commerce - Jekyll Island, GA, 17-Jan
1115Reverend William Studer 44th Anniversary - College Park, GA, 18-Jan
1116National Press Club - Washington, D. C., 4-Feb
1117Senate Prayer Breakfast - Washington, D. C., 19-Feb
1118Jaycees' Bicentennial Youth Congress - Savannah, GA, 20-Feb
1119National Association of Retail Druggists - Washington, DC, 25-Feb
11110Jefferson-Jackson Day Dinner - Atlanta, GA, 27-Feb
11111National Livestock Dealers Association – Lake Buena Vista, FL, 28-Feb
11112Salute to Agriculture Day - Waynesboro, GA, 6-Mar
11113American Psychiatric Association - Washington, DC, 8-Mar
11114Tax Council Luncheon - Washington, DC, 16-Mar
11115BreadPAC Dinner - Pinehurst, NC, 25-Mar
11116American Agricultural Editors' Association - Washington, DC, 30-Mar
11117American College of Radiology - Washington, DC, 31-Mar
11118Association County Commissioners of Georgia - Atlanta, GA, 4-Apr
11119Macon Jaycees "God Bless America Day" - Macon, GA, 4-Apr
11120Peace Sculpture Presentation - Washington, DC, 5-Apr
11121Southeastern Hospital Conference - Atlanta, GA, 9-Apr
11122Cumberland School of Law, Stamford University - Birmingham, AL, 10-Apr
11123Masonic Temple Dedication - Newman, GA, 11-Apr
11124National Milk Producers Federation - Washington, DC, 14-Apr
11125Grocery Manufacturers Association - Washington, DC, 14-Apr
11126Atlanta Rotary Club - Atlanta, GA, 19-Apr
1121Gwinnett County Chamber of Commerce - Atlanta, GA, 20-Apr
1122Richard B. Russell Agricultural Research Center - Athens, GA, 20-Apr
1123University of Georgia Student Activities - Athens, GA, 20-Apr
1124Bishop F. Grant Memorial Forest Dedication - Eatonton, GA, 23-Apr
1125Georgia Chamber of Commerce - Washington, DC, 26-Apr
1126National Leadership Conference on America's Health Policy – Washington, D.C., 30-Apr
1127Talbot County Bicentennial Celebration - Talbotton, GA, 1-May
1128Mercer University Alumni Day - Macon, GA, 1-May
1129First Baptist Church - Griffin, GA, 2-May
11210Atlanta Rib Roast - Atlanta, GA, 7-May
11211Manufacturing Chemists Association - Washington, DC, 10-May
11212American Horse Council - Washington, DC, 11-May
11213Cochran-Bleckley County Bicentennial Parade - Cochran, GA, 15-May
11214Church of God - Tifton, GA, 15-May
11215Lowndes County Bicentennial Celebration - Valdosta, GA, 16-May
11216Maryland Hospital Association - Baltimore, MD, 19-May
11217Forest Farmers Association - Asheville, NC, 21-May
11218Butler Bicentennial Celebration - Butler, GA, 22-May
11219Snellville United Methodist Church - Snellville, GA, 23-May
11220All-American City Award - Toccoa, GA, 29-May
11221Henry County Water Treatment Plant Dedication - McDonough, GA, 1-Jun
11222Atlanta Kiwanis Club - Atlanta, GA, 1-Jun
11223Druid Hills High School Commencement - Atlanta, GA, 10-Jun
11224Continental Can Company - Augusta, GA, 19-Jun
11225Mabel White Memorial Baptist Church - Macon, GA, 20-Jun
1131American Society for Medical Technology - Chicago, IL, 21-Jun
1132Southeastern Lumber Manufacturers Association - Asheville, NC, 25-Jun
1133Jimmy Carter Reception - Atlanta, GA, 26-Jun
1134George W. Camp Dinner - Atlanta, GA, 26-Jun
1135First United Methodist Church - Bremen, GA, 27-Jun
1136First Baptist Church - College Park, GA, 27-Jun
1137Dunwoody Woman's Club - Atlanta, GA, 3-Jul
1138Colbert Bicentennial Celebration - Colbert, GA, 3-Jul
1139Franklin County Bicentennial - Carnesville, GA, 3-Jul
11310First Baptist Church - Roswell, GA, 4-Jul
11311Roswell Town Square Dedication - Roswell, GA, 4-Jul
11312Henry County Fire Department - Hampton, GA, 11-Jul
11313City Hall Dedication - Cordele, GA, 16-Jul
11314Harmony Baptist Church - Monroe, GA, 18-Jul
11315Aeronautical Machinists Union - Marietta, GA, 7-Aug
11316Atlanta Masonic Lodge - Atlanta, Ga, 12-Aug
11317Timberidge Baptist Church - Riverdale, GA, 15-Aug
11318Church of God - Baxley, GA, 22-Aug
11319Businessman's Congressional Forum - Atlanta, GA, 3-Sep
11320Tom Watson Birthplace Dedication - Thomson, GA, 5-Sep
11321Edison Electric Institute - New York, NY, 9-Sep
11322Blue Ridge Mountain Electric Membership Corporation - Young Harris, GA, 11-Sep
11323R.D. "Bulldog" Smith Homecoming - Lake Lanier, GA, 11-Sep
11324Marietta Street United Methodist Church - Cedartown, GA, 12-Sep
11325First Baptist Church - Hampton, GA, 26-Sep
11326Louisiana Health Care Association - New Orleans, LA, 28-Sep
11327Medicare Reform, September
11328International Association of Financial Planners - Atlanta, GA, 1-Oct
11329Sumter County Bicentennial Celebration - Andersonville, GA, 3-Oct
1141Lockheed Appreciation Dinner - Marietta, GA (Cancelled), 4-Oct
1142Farmers Home Administration - Atlanta, GA (Cancelled), 8-Oct
1143First United Methodist Church - Madison, GA, 10-Oct
1144Georgia State Council of Machinists and Aerospace Workers - Savannah, GA, 11-Oct
1145Blue Cross Chief Plan Executives - Atlanta, GA, 11-Oct
1146AGHON Society/4-H Day - Athens, GA, 16-Oct
1147North Carolina Agri-Business Council - Raleigh, NC, 20-Oct
1148Hospital Association Of Pennsylvania - Pittsburgh, PA, 21-Oct
1149W. R. Poage Appreciation Dinner - Killeen, TX, 27-Oct
11410First Baptist Church - Smyrna, GA, 31-Oct
11411Rural Development Seminar - Tifton, GA, 4-Nov
11412Georgia Medical Society - Savannah, GA, 9-Nov
11413Centinela Hospital Association - Los Angeles, CA, 10-Nov
11414American Medical International - Los Angeles, CA, 11-Nov
11415American Association of Bankers National Agriculture & Rural Affairs Conference – New Orleans, LA, 15-Nov
11416Forest Products Research Society - Atlanta, GA, 15-Nov
11417Northeast Georgia Area Planning & Development Commission - Athens, GA, 18-Nov
11418Georgia State University Alumni Association - Atlanta, GA, 20-Nov
11419Summerour & Associates Hospital Seminar - Clemson, SC, 22-Nov
11420Butler Street Y.M.C.A. - Atlanta, GA, 24-Nov
11421Southern Seedmen's Association - New Orleans, LA, 29-Nov
1151American Health Care Institute - Washington, DC, 2-Dec
1152Sixth International Commodities Conference - Chicago, IL, 6-Dec
1153North Carolina Farm Bureau Federation - Greensboro, NC, 7-Dec
1154Dairymen, Inc. - Atlanta, GA, 8-Dec
1155Randolph County Farm Bureau - Cuthbert, GA, 9-Dec

F. 1975
1. Constituent Correspondence
1161Abortion, 1975
1162Administration, July-December
1163Administration, March-June
1164Administration, February
1165Administration, January
1166Agriculture, November-December
1167Agriculture, August-October
1168Agriculture, June-July
1169Agriculture, March-May
11610Agriculture, February 13-28
11611Agriculture, February 1-12
11612Agriculture, January
11613Amnesty, undated
11614Bicentennial, undated
11615Busing, September-December
11616Busing, January-August
11617Campaigns-General, July-December
11618Campaigns-General, January-June
11619Campaign Financing, undated
11620Capital Punishment, undated
11621Close Up [Involvement of Youth in Government], undated
11622Communism, undated
11623Complaints, undated
1171Congratulations, December 12-31
1172Congratulations, December 1-11
1173Congratulations, November 15-30
1174Congratulations, November 1-14
1175Congratulations, October 19-31
1176Congratulations, October 10-18
1177Congratulations, October 1-9
1178Congratulations, September 18-30
1179Congratulations, September 1-17
11710Congratulations, August 21-31
11711Congratulations, August 1-20
11712Congratulations, July 17-31
11713Congratulations, July 11-16
11714Congratulations, July 4-10
11715Congratulations, July 1-3
1181Congratulations, June 21-30
1182Congratulations, June 11-20
1183Congratulations, June 1-10
1184Congratulations, May 3-31
1185Congratulations, May 1-2
1186Congratulations, April 25-30
1187Congratulations, April 16-24
1188Congratulations, April 9-15
1189Congratulations, April 1-8
11810Congratulations, March 18-31
11811Congratulations, March 13-17
11812Congratulations, March 1-12
11813Congratulations, February 20-28
11814Congratulations, February 12-19
11815Congratulations, February 1-11
11816Congratulations, January 28-31
11817Congratulations, January 11-27
11818Congratulations, January 1-10
1191Congressional Pay Raises, undated
1192Crime, November-December
1193Crime, June-October
1194Crime, February-May
1195Crime, January
1196Defense, December
1197Defense, January-November
1198Democratic Party, undated
1199Drug Abuse, undated
11910Ecology, undated
11911Economy, December 10-31
11912Economy, December 1-9
11913Economy, November 15-30
11914Economy, November 13-14
11915Economy, November 8-12
11916Economy, November 1-7
11917Economy, October 18-31
11918Economy, October 16-17
11919Economy, October 1-15
1201Economy, September 20-30
1202Economy, September 1-19
1203Economy, August 27-31
1204Economy, August 23-26
1205Economy, August 16-22
1206Economy, August 1-15
1207Economy, July 15-31
1208Economy, July 1-14
1209Economy, June 5-30
12010Economy, June 1-4
12011Economy, May 11-31
12012Economy, May 9-10
12013Economy, May 1-8
12014Economy, April 15-30
12015Economy, April 1-14
1211Economy, March 21-31
1212Economy, March 18-20
1213Economy, March 15-17
1214Economy, March 1-14
1215Economy, February 27-28
1216Economy, February 22-26
1217Economy, February 20-21
1218Economy, February 18-19
1219Economy, February 17
12110Economy, February 15-17
12111Economy, February 14
12112-13Economy, February 13
12114Economy, February 12
12115Economy, February 1-11
1221Economy, January 30-31
1222Economy, January 26-29
1223Economy, January 22-25
1224Economy, January 21
1225Economy, January 15-20
1226Economy, January 10-14
1227Economy, January 8-9
1228Economy, January 4-7
1229Economy, January 1-3
12210Energy Crisis, September-December
12211Energy Crisis, April-August
12212Energy Crisis, March
12213Energy Crisis, February 15-28
12214Energy Crisis, February 1-14
12215Energy Crisis, January
1231Extensions of Remarks, October-December
1232Extensions of Remarks, March-September
1233Extensions of Remarks, January-February
1234Flexes, undated
1235Foreign Aid, May-December
1236Foreign Aid, March-April
1237Foreign Aid, February
1238Foreign Aid, January
1239Foreign Policy, October-December
12310Foreign Policy, August-September
12311Foreign Policy, January-July
12312Grant Acknowledgements, undated
12313Health, undated
12314Hearst Foundation, undated
12315Inquiries, undated
12316Invitations Regretted/Canceled, undated
12317Judiciary, undated
12318Long Distance Telephone Program, undated
12319Memoranda, July-December
12320Memoranda, February-June
12321Memoranda, January
1241Middle East, March-December
1242Middle East, January-February
1243Military, undated
1244Miscellaneous, December 16-31
1245-6Miscellaneous, December 15
1247Miscellaneous, December 10-14
1248Miscellaneous, December 9
1249Miscellaneous, December 6-8
12410Miscellaneous, December 1-5
12411Miscellaneous, November 21-30
12412Miscellaneous, November 14-20
12413Miscellaneous, November 12-13
12414Miscellaneous, November 11
12415Miscellaneous, November 6-10
12416Miscellaneous, November 1-5
1251Miscellaneous, October 25-31
1252Miscellaneous, October 17-24
1253-4Miscellaneous, October 16
1255Miscellaneous, October 7-15
1256Miscellaneous, October 1-6
1257Miscellaneous, September 26-30
1258Miscellaneous, September 19-25
1259Miscellaneous, September 10-18
12510Miscellaneous, September 1-9
12511Miscellaneous, August 28-31
12512Miscellaneous, August 27-28
12513Miscellaneous, August 26
12514Miscellaneous, August 25
12515Miscellaneous, August 23-25
12516Miscellaneous, August 22
1261Miscellaneous, August 20-21
1262Miscellaneous, August 16-19
1263Miscellaneous, August 13-15
1264Miscellaneous, August 1-12
1265Miscellaneous, July 18-31
1266Miscellaneous, July 16-17
1267Miscellaneous, July 15
1268Miscellaneous, July 9-14
1269Miscellaneous, July 1-8
12610Miscellaneous, June 27-30
12611Miscellaneous, June 24-26
12612Miscellaneous, June 19-23
12613Miscellaneous, June 18
12614Miscellaneous, June 14-17
12615Miscellaneous, June 11-13
1271Miscellaneous, June 10
1272Miscellaneous, June 6-9
1273Miscellaneous, June 4-5
1274Miscellaneous, June 3
1275-7Miscellaneous, June 2
1278Miscellaneous, June 1-2
1279Miscellaneous, May 21-31
12710Miscellaneous, May 15-20
12711Miscellaneous, May 13-14
12712Miscellaneous, May 10-12
12713Miscellaneous, May 9
12714Miscellaneous, May 8
12715Miscellaneous, May 7
12716Miscellaneous, May 1-6
1281Miscellaneous, April 25-30
1282Miscellaneous, April 12-24
1283Miscellaneous, April 8-11
1284Miscellaneous, April 1-7
1285Miscellaneous, March 25-31
1286Miscellaneous, March 20-24
1287Miscellaneous, March 18-19
1288Miscellaneous, March 15-17
1289Miscellaneous, March 7-14
12810Miscellaneous, March 6
12811Miscellaneous, March 1-5
12812Miscellaneous, February 22-28
12813Miscellaneous, February 19-21
12814Miscellaneous, February 15-18
12815Miscellaneous, February 12-14
12816Miscellaneous, February 11
12817Miscellaneous, February 1-10
1291Miscellaneous, January 30-31
1292Miscellaneous, January 29
1293Miscellaneous, January 23-28
1294Miscellaneous, January 22
1295Miscellaneous, January 18-21
1296Miscellaneous, January 11-17
1297Miscellaneous, January 10
1298Miscellaneous, January 7-9
1299Miscellaneous, January 4-6
12910Miscellaneous, January 1-3
12911News Column, undated
12912News Media, undated
12913Newsletter, December 10-31
12914Newsletter, December 9
12915Newsletter, December 1-8
12916Newsletter, November
1301Newsletter, October
1302Newsletter, September
1303Newsletter, August 27-31
1304Newsletter, August 23-26
1305Newsletter, August 19-22
1306Newsletter, August 1-18
1307Newsletter, July
1308Newsletter, June 25-30
1309Newsletter, June 18-24
13010Newsletter, June 1-17
13011Newsletter, May 6-31
13012Newsletter, May 1-5
13013Newsletter, April 17-30
13014Newsletter, April 10-16
13015Newsletter, April 1-9
13016Newsletter, March 25-31
13017Newsletter, March 22-24
13018Newsletter, March 20-21
13019Newsletter, March 15-19
13020Newsletter, March 1-14
1311Newsletter, February
1312Newsletter, January 24-31
1313Newsletter, January 22-23
1314Newsletter, January 17-21
1315Newsletter, January 1-16
1316Newsletter-Miscellaneous Additions, undated
1317Newsletter-Pending Reply, undated
1318Pornography, undated
1319Postal Service, undated
13110Prayer and Bible Reading, July-December
13111Prayer and Bible Reading, January-June
13112Prayer Breakfast Group, undated
13113Presidential Classroom, undated
13114Press, October-December
13115Press, July-September
13116Press, May-June
13117Press, March-April
13118Press, February
13119Press, January
13120Radio Program, undated
13121Radio/TV Appearances, undated
1321Requests, December 11-31
1322Requests, December 1-10
1323Requests, November 15-30
1324Requests, November 1-14
1325Requests, October 16-31
1326Requests, October 1-15
1327Requests, September 20-30
1328Requests, September 12-19
1329Requests, September 1-11
13210Requests, August 14-31
13211Requests, August 1-13
13212Requests, July
13213Requests, June
13214Requests, April-May
13215Requests, March
13216Requests, January-February
1331Roberts, Gordon, July-December
1332Roberts, Gordon, January-June
1333Russell Foundation, undated
1334Soviet Union, September-December
1335Soviet Union, January-August
1336Speeches: Comments Re, December
1337Speeches: Comments Re, November
1338Speeches: Comments Re, October
1339Speeches: Comments Re, September
13310Speeches: Comments Re, August
13311Speeches: Comments Re, July
13312Speeches: Comments Re, June
13313Speeches: Comments Re, May
13314Speeches: Comments Re, April
13315Speeches: Comments Re, March
13316Speeches: Comments Re, February
13317Speeches: Comments Re, January
13318Student Requests, December 5-31
13319Student Requests, December 1-4
13320Student Requests, November 18-30
13321Student Requests, November 11-17
13322Student Requests, November 4-10
13323Student Requests, November 1-3
1341Student Requests, October 29-31
1342Student Requests, October 16-28
1343Student Requests, October 10-15
1344Student Requests, October 1-9
1345Student Requests, August-September
1346Student Requests, June-July
1347Student Requests, May 10-31
1348Student Requests, May 1-9
1349Student Requests, April
13410Student Requests, March
13411Student Requests, February 19-28
13412Student Requests, February 14-18
13413Student Requests, February 7-13
13414Student Requests, February 5-6
13415Student Requests, February 1-4
13416-17Student Requests, 30-Jan
13418Student Requests, January 18-29
13419Student Requests, January 1-17
1351Supreme Court, undated
1352Sympathy, November-December
1353Sympathy, September-October
1354Sympathy, August
1355Sympathy, June-July
1356Sympathy, January-May
1357Thank You's, undated
1358Unanswered Mail, June-December
1359Unanswered Mail, January-May
13510United Nations, undated
13511Vietnam, June-December
13512Vietnam, April-May
13513Vietnam, January-March
13514Watergate, undated
13515Welfare, December
13516Welfare, October-November
13517Welfare, August-September
13518Welfare, March-July
13519Welfare, January-February
2. Grant Files
1361Grant Files, December 30, 1974-January 5, 1975
1362Grant Files, January 6-10
1363Grant Files, January 13-17
1364Grant Files, January 20-24
1365Grant Files, January 27-31
1366Grant Files, February 3-7
1367Grant Files, February 10-14
1368Grant Files, February 17-21
1369Grant Files, February 24-28
13610Grant Files, March 3-7
13611Grant Files, March 10-14
13612Grant Files, March 17-21
13613Grant Files, March 24-28
13614Grant Files, March 28-April 4
13615-16Grant Files, April 7-11
13617Grant Files, April 14-18
13618Grant Files, April 21-25
13619Grant Files, April 28-May 2
1371Grant Files, May 5-9
1372Grant Files, May 12-16
1373Grant Files, May 19-23
1374Grant Files, May 26-30
1375Grant Files, June 2-6
1376Grant Files, June 9-13
1377-11Grant Files, June 16-20 (5 folders)
13712-15Grant Files, June 23-27 (4 folders)
1381-4Grant Files, June 30-July 4 (4 folders)
1385Grant Files, July 5-11
1386-10Grant Files, July 14-18 (5 folders)
13811Grant Files, July 21-25
13812Grant Files, July 28- August 1
13813Grant Files, August 4-8
13814Grant Files, August 11-15
13815Grant Files, August 18-23
13816Grant Files, August 25-29
1391Grant Files, September 2-5
1392Grant Files, September 8-12
1393Grant Files, September 15-19
1394Grant Files, September 22-26
1395Grant Files, September 29-October 3
1396Grant Files, October 6-10
1397Grant Files, October 13-17
1398Grant Files, October 20-24
1399Grant Files, October 27-31
13910Grant Files, November 3-7
13911Grant Files, November 10-14
13912Grant Files, November 17-21
13913Grant Files, November 24-25
13914Grant Files, December 1-5
13915Grant Files, December 8-12
13916Grant Files, December 15-19
13917Grant Files, December 22-26
13918Grant Files, December 29-January 2, 1976
3. Columns
1401Gasoline Tax, 22-Jan
1402Deficit-Inflation, 29-Jan
1403Farm Law, 5-Feb
1404FBI/CIA, 12-Feb
1405Food Stamps, 19-Feb
1406Social Security, 26-Feb
1407Defense Spending, 5-Mar
1408Energy Crisis, 12-Mar
1409Crime, 19-Mar
14010Senate Staff, 26-Mar
14011Tax Bill Amendment, 2-Apr
14012Foreign Aid, 9-Apr
14013Vietnam Aid, 23-Apr
14014Gun Control, 30-Apr
14015Farm Bill Veto, 7-May
14016Vietnamese Refugees, 14-May
14017Cambodia/Vessel Seizure, 21-May
14018Farm Veto, 28-May
14019Balanced Budget Amendment, 11-Jun
14020Food Stamps, 18-Jun
14021Busing, 25-Jun
14022Fourth of July, 2-Jul
14023Government Growth, 9-Jul
14024Medicare-Medicaid, 16-Jul
14025Russian Grain Sales, 23-Jul
14026Apollo-Soyuz, 30-Jul
14027Voting Rights Act, 6-Sep
14028Consumer Protection, 10-Sep
14029Russian Grain Sales, 17-Sep
14030Budget Deficit, 24-Sep
14031Busing, 1-Oct
14032Presidential Assassination, 8-Oct
14033Agricultural Exports, 15-Oct
14034Tax Cut, 22-Oct
14035Food Stamps, 29-Oct
14036Energy Crisis, 5-Nov
14037Electoral College Reform, 12-Nov
14038Defense, 19-Nov
14039Thanksgiving, 26-Nov
14040Government, 3-Dec
14041New York City, 10-Dec
14042Crime, 17-Dec
4. Newsletters
14043Economy/FBI-CIA Committee, February
14044Defense/Food Stamps, March
14045Mayaguey, Vietnam Refugees, Senate Resolution 110, May
14046Debt Ceiling, Medicare/Medicaid, July
14047Congressional Pay Raise/ Apollo/Soyuz, August
14048Food Stamps, Energy, October
14049New York Crime, December
5. News Releases
14050News Releases, November-December
14051News Releases, August-October
14052News Releases, May-July
1411News Releases, March-April
1412News Releases, January-February
1413News Releases, undated
6. Transcripts
1414Radio Interview Transcripts
1415Television Interview Transcripts
1416Direct Radio Announcements
7. Congressional Record Inserts
1417Congressional Record Inserts
8. Speeches
1421Speaking Schedule, 1975
1422Wallcovering Wholesalers' Association - Miami, FL, 13-Jan
1423Grocery Manufacturers of America – Washington, DC, 15-Jan
1424Virginia Agribusiness Council - Richmond, VA, 15-Jan
1425Ad Hoc Committee for an Effective Investment Tax Credit - Washington, DC, 22-Jan
1426Fort Oglethorpe Chamber of Commerce - Fort Oglethorpe, GA, 25-Jan
1427Florida Agricultural Council - Tampa, FL, 25-Jan
1428First Baptist Church - Conyers, GA, 26-Jan
1429Southeastern International Poultry Convention - Atlanta, GA, 30-Jan
14210Sam Nunn Dinner - Dublin, GA, 1-Feb
14211American Hospital Association - Washington, DC, 5-Feb
14212Georgia Athletic Hall of Fame - Atlanta, GA, 8-Feb
14213Moose Clubs - East Point, GA, 13-Feb
14214Richard B. Russell Statue Dedication - Atlanta, GA, 14-Feb
14215American Family Insurance Building Dedication - Columbus, GA, 14-Feb
14216Georgia State University - Atlanta, GA, 15-Feb
14217National Association of State Departments of Agriculture - Washington, DC, 24-Feb
14218Jim Wesberry Retirement Dinner - Atlanta, GA, 28-Feb
14219Association for Advanced Life Underwriting - Washington, DC, 4-Mar
14220Jefferson-Jackson Day Dinner - Atlanta, GA, 4-Mar
14221American Quarter Horse Association - Atlanta, GA, 11-Mar
14222Southern Wholesalers Association - Miami Beach, FL, 17-Mar
14223Interracial Council for Business Opportunity - Atlanta, GA, 22-Mar
14224Griffin-Spalding Association of Educators - Griffin, GA, 1-Apr
14225Alpha Zeta Fraternity - Athens, GA, 3-Apr
14226Lyons-Toombs County Chamber of Commerce - Lyons, GA, 5-Apr
14227Macon Jaycees "God Bless America Day" - Macon, GA, 6-Apr
14228American Agricultural Editors' Association - Washington, DC, 8-Apr
1431Association County Commissioners - Jekyll Island, GA, 13-Apr
1432American Medical Association - Atlanta, GA, 26-Apr
1433American Jewish Committee - Atlanta, GA, 27-Apr
1434American Feed Manufacturers - Minneapolis, MN, 13-May
1435Glynco Federal Law Enforcement Training Center - Brunswick, GA, 17-May
1436Military Order of World Wars - Atlanta, GA, 18-May
1437Warehouse Distributors, Inc. - Atlanta, GA, 19-May
1438District Export Council - Atlanta, GA, 19-May
1439American Meat Institute - Washington, DC, 20-May
14310Telfair Center for Community Development - McRae, GA, 26-May
14311North Side YMCA - Atlanta, GA, 28-May
14312June Dairy Month Press Seminar - Atlanta, GA, 29-May
14313Medical College of Georgia - Augusta, GA, 7-Jun
14314Augusta Law School Commencement - Augusta, GA, 7-Jun
14315Georgia Pharmaceutical Association - Atlanta, GA, 8-Jun
14316Young Harris College Commencement - Young Harris, GA, 8-Jun
14317Georgian of the Year Award - Callaway Gardens, GA, 8-Jun
14318Grocery Manufacturers of America - Greenbrier, WV, 23-Jun
14319Henry County Agriculture Promotion Day - McDonough, GA, 2-Jul
14320Fourth of July Celebration - Carrollton, GA, 4-Jul
14321McDonough United Methodist Church - McDonough, GA, 6-Jul
14322S. 110 Staff Allowance [U. S. Senate] - Washington, D. C., 8-Jul
1441Jasper-Pickens Airport Dedication - Jasper, GA, 2-Aug
1442Atlanta Press Club "Rib Roast" - Atlanta, GA, 7-Aug
1443St. Joseph's Infirmary Groundbreaking Ceremonies - Atlanta, GA, 7-Aug
1444Cobb Chamber August Earlybird Breakfast - Marietta, GA, 7-Aug
1445Home Builders Association of Georgia - Atlanta, GA, 8-Aug
1446National Society of Accountants for Cooperatives - Atlanta, GA, 13-Aug
1447Lakeside High School Bicentennial Pageant - Atlanta, GA, 14-Aug
1448Farm Bureau Leadership Group - Birmingham, AL, 15-Aug
1449National Association of ASCS County Office Employees - Atlanta, GA, 16-Aug
14410Lodge No. 59 128th Annual Communication - Atlanta, GA, 28-Aug
14411Kennestone Hospital Dedication - Marietta, GA, 30-Aug
14412Floyd Hospital Dedication - Rome, GA, 31-Aug
14413Lawrenceville Road United Methodist Church - Tucker, GA, 1-Sep
14414Clayton Yates Testimonial Dinner - Atlanta, GA, 5-Sep
14415Murray County Memorial Hospital Dedication - Chatsworth, GA, 7-Sep
14416Judiciary Committee's Subcommittee [U. S. Senate] Washington, D. C., 23-Sep
14417Possum Hollow Bicentennial Fair - Dexter, GA, 27-Sep
14418U.S. Steel Tire Cord Plant Dedication – Lumber City, GA, 6-Oct
14419Morris Brown College "Man of the Year" - Atlanta, GA, 10-Oct
14420National Conference of Farm Credit Directors - New Orleans, LA, 20-Oct
14421Madison College Economic Conference - Harrisonburg, VA, 20-Oct
14422Wheat Street Baptist Church - Atlanta, GA, 26-Oct
14423Georgia State University Business Education Seminar - Atlanta, GA, 1-Nov
14424Cliftondale School - Cliftondale, GA, 3-Nov
14425Hutchison Memorial Tri-County Hospital Dedication - Fort Oglethorpe, GA, 8-Nov
14426Georgia Optometric Association - Atlanta, GA, 8-Nov
14427Georgia Baptist Convention - Columbus, GA, 12-Nov
14428Sweet Potato Festival - Ocilla, GA, 15-Nov
14429Maloof-Seedlock Dinner - Atlanta, GA, 21-Nov
14430Georgia Farm Bureau Federation - Macon, GA, 1-Dec
14431Fifth International Commodities Conference - Chicago, IL, 8-Dec
14432National Young Farmer Education Institute - Atlanta, GA, 15-Dec

G. 1974
1. Constituent Correspondence
1451Abortion, undated
1452Administration Changes, undated
1453Agriculture, September-December
1454Agriculture, April-August
1455Agriculture, January-March
1456Agri Views Film, undated
1457Amnesty, undated
1458Bicentennial, undated
1459Busing, October-December
14510Busing, June-September
14511Busing, April-May
14512Busing, January-March
14513Campaign Financing, undated
14514Campaigns - HET (General), December 6-31
14515Campaigns - HET (General), December 1-5
14516Campaigns - HET (General), November 19-30
14517Campaigns - HET (General), 18-Nov
14518Campaigns - HET (General), November 16-18
14519Campaigns - HET (General), November 1-15
1461Campaigns - HET (General), October
1462Campaigns - HET (General), August-September
1463Campaigns - HET (General), January-July
1464Campaigns - Miscellaneous, undated
1465Capital Punishment, May-December
1466Capital Punishment, January-April
1467Close Up [Involvement of Youth in Government], undated
1468Communism, undated
1469Complaints, undated
14610Congratulations, December 15-31
14611Congratulations, December 10-14
14612Congratulations, December 1-9
14613Congratulations, November 19-30
14614Congratulations, November 12-18
14615Congratulations, November 1-11
14616Congratulations, October 12-31
14617Congratulations, October 1-11
1471Congratulations, September 20-30
1472Congratulations, September 10-19
1473Congratulations, September 1-9
1474Congratulations, August
1475Congratulations, July 17-31
1476Congratulations, July 1-16
1477Congratulations, June 15-30
1478Congratulations, June 1-14
1479Congratulations, May 16-31
14710Congratulations, May 1-15
14711Congratulations, April 24-30
14712Congratulations, April 1-23
14713Congratulations, March 20-31
14714Congratulations, March 1-19
1481Congratulations, February 9-28
1482Congratulations, February 1-8
1483Congratulations, January 19-31
1484Congratulations, January 16-18
1485Congratulations, January 1-15
1486Crime, November-December
1487Crime, June-October
1488Crime, April-May
1489Crime, March
14810Crime, January-February
14811Daylight Savings Time, undated
14812Defense, May-December
14813Defense, January-April
14814Democratic Party, undated
14815Drug Abuse, October-December
14816Drug Abuse, January-September
1491Ecology, undated
1492-3Economy (2 folders), December 31
1494Economy, December 25-30
1495Economy, December 18-24
1496Economy, December 11-17
1497Economy, December 6-10
1498Economy, December 1-5
1499Economy, November 20-30
14910Economy, November 14-19
14911Economy, November 13
14912Economy, November 9-12
14913Economy, November 1-8
1501Economy, October 25-31
1502Economy, October 22-24
1503Economy, October 18-21
1504Economy, October 16-17
1505Economy, October 1-15
1506Economy, September 26-30
1507Economy, September 18-25
1508Economy, September 13-17
1509Economy, September 11-12
15010Economy, September 1-10
15011Economy, August 29-31
15012Economy, August 20-28
15013Economy, August 14-19
15014Economy, August 1-13
15015Economy, July 25-31
15016Economy, July 23-24
15017Economy, July 11-22
1511Economy, July 1-10
1512Economy, June 15-30
1513Economy, June 1-14
1514Economy, May 21-31
1515Economy, May 16-20
1516Economy, May 1-15
1517Economy, April
1518Economy, March 26-31
1519Economy, March 16-25
15110Economy, March 9-15
15111Economy, March 1-8
15112Economy, February 14-28
15113Economy, February 6-13
15114Economy, February 1-5
15115Economy, January 19-31
15116Economy, January 15-18
15117Economy, January 1-14
1521Energy, April-December
1522Energy, March 12-31
1523Energy, March 1-11
1524Energy, February 13-28
1525Energy, February 1-12
1526Energy, January 22-31
1527Energy, January 15-21
1528-9Energy, 14-Jan
15210Energy, January 1-13
15211Extensions of Remarks, October-December
15212Extensions of Remarks, August-September
15213Extensions of Remarks, April-July
15214Extensions of Remarks, January-March
15215Flexy, undated
15216Foreign Aid, December 11-31
15217Foreign Aid, December 1-10
15218Foreign Aid, November
15219Foreign Aid, October
1531Foreign Aid, July-September
1532Foreign Aid, June
1533Foreign Aid, April-May
1534Foreign Aid, January-March
1535Foreign Policy, September-December
1536Foreign Policy, July-August
1537Foreign Policy, June
1538Foreign Policy, April-May
1539Foreign Policy, March
15310Foreign Policy, February
15311Foreign Policy, January
15312Grant Acknowledgements, July-December
15313Grant Acknowledgements, January-June
15314Health, undated
15315Hearst Foundation, undated
15316Invitations Regretted/Canceled, undated
15317Judiciary, undated
15318Long Distance Telephone Program, undated
1541Memoranda, September-December
1542Memoranda, July-August
1543Memoranda, May-June
1544Memoranda, April
1545Memoranda, March
1546Memoranda, January-February
1547Middle East, September-December
1548Middle East, July-August
1549Middle East, February-June
15410Middle East, January
15411Military, undated
15412Miscellaneous, December 31
15413Miscellaneous, December 21-30
15414Miscellaneous, December 15-20
15415Miscellaneous, December 12-14
15416Miscellaneous, December 10-11
1551Miscellaneous, December 6-9
1552Miscellaneous, December 1-5
1553Miscellaneous, November 22-30
1554Miscellaneous, November 19-21
1555Miscellaneous, November 15-18
1556Miscellaneous, November 12-14
1557Miscellaneous, November 1-11
1558Miscellaneous, October 26-31
1559Miscellaneous, October 22-25
15510Miscellaneous, October 9-21
15511Miscellaneous, October 1-8
15512Miscellaneous, September 17-30
15513Miscellaneous, September 11-16
15514Miscellaneous, September 1-10
1561Miscellaneous, August 28-31
1562Miscellaneous, August 15-27
1563Miscellaneous, August 1-14
1564Miscellaneous, July 27-31
1565Miscellaneous, July 18-26
1566Miscellaneous, July 13-17
1567Miscellaneous, July 1-12
1568Miscellaneous, June 21-30
1569Miscellaneous, June 16-20
15610Miscellaneous, June 11-15
15611Miscellaneous, June 1-10
15612Miscellaneous, May 29-31
15613Miscellaneous, May 22-28
15614Miscellaneous, May 17-21
15615Miscellaneous, May 14-16
15616Miscellaneous, May 8-13
15617Miscellaneous, May 1-7
1571Miscellaneous, April 30
1572Miscellaneous, April 29
1573Miscellaneous, April 24-28
1574Miscellaneous, April 12-23
1575Miscellaneous, April 11
1576Miscellaneous, April 6-10
1577Miscellaneous, April 5
1578Miscellaneous, April 1-4
1579Miscellaneous, March 29-31
15710Miscellaneous, March 29
15711Miscellaneous, March 28
15712Miscellaneous, March 27
15713Miscellaneous, March 23-26
15714Miscellaneous, March 16-22
15715Miscellaneous, March 13-15
15716Miscellaneous, March 8-12
1581Miscellaneous, March 6-7
1582Miscellaneous, March 1-5
1583Miscellaneous, February 14-28
1584Miscellaneous, February 12-13
1585Miscellaneous, February 7-11
1586Miscellaneous, February 6
1587Miscellaneous, February 1-5
1588Miscellaneous, January 29-31
1589Miscellaneous, January 25-28
15810Miscellaneous, January 19-24
15811Miscellaneous, January 15-18
15812-13Miscellaneous, January 14
15814Miscellaneous, January 1-13
15815Nativity Scene, undated
15816News Column, undated
15817Newsletter, December 17-31
15818Newsletter, December 12-16
1591Newsletter, December 8-11
1592Newsletter, December 5-7
1593Newsletter, December 1-4
1594Newsletter, July-November
1595Newsletter, June 5-30
1596Newsletter, June 1-4
1597Newsletter, May 30-31
1598Newsletter, May 1-29
1599Newsletter, April 26-30
15910Newsletter, April 1-25
15911Newsletter, March 23-31
15912Newsletter, March 9-22
15913Newsletter, March 5-8
15914Newsletter, March 4
15915Newsletter, March 1-4
15916Newsletter, February
1601Newsletter, January 17-31
1602Newsletter, January 14-16
1603Newsletter, January 14
1604Newsletter, January 1-13
1605News Media, June-December
1606News Media, March-May
1607News Media, January-February
1608Pornography, undated
1609Postal Service, undated
16010[RESTRICTED], undated
16011Prayer Breakfast Group, undated
16012President's Taxes, undated
16013Press, November-December
16014Press, October
16015Press, September
16016Press, June-August
16017Press, May
16018Press, April
16019Press, March
1611Press, February
1612Press, January
1613Radio Program, undated
1614Radio - TV (General Complaints), undated
1615Red China, undated
1616Requests, July-December
1617Requests, April-June
1618Requests, January-March
1619Requests - Pending, undated
16110Roberts, Gordon, September-December
16111Roberts, Gordon, May-August
16112Roberts, Gordon, March-April
16113Roberts, Gordon, January-February
16114School Desegregation, undated
16115School Prayer and Bible Reading, undated
16116Senate Youth Program, undated
16117Soviet Jews, undated
16118Soviet Union, undated
16119Space Program, undated
1621Speeches (Comments Re:), December
1622Speeches (Comments Re:), November
1623Speeches (Comments Re:), October
1624Speeches (Comments Re:), September
1625Speeches (Comments Re:), August
1626Speeches (Comments Re:), July
1627Speeches (Comments Re:), June
1628Speeches (Comments Re:), May
1629Speeches (Comments Re:), April
16210Speeches (Comments Re:), March 19-31
16211Speeches (Comments Re:), March 1-18
16212Speeches (Comments Re:), February
16213Speeches (Comments Re:), January
16214Student Requests, December
16215Student Requests, November
16216Student Requests, October 22-31
16217Student Requests, October 1-21
1631Student Requests, June-September
1632Student Requests, May
1633Student Requests, April
1634Student Requests, March
1635Student Requests, February 16-28
1636Student Requests, February 1-15
1637Student Requests, January
1638Supreme Court, undated
1639Sympathy, undated
16310Thank You, undated
16311TV Appearances, undated
16312Two Governor Controversy, undated
16313-14Unanswered Mail, undated
16315United Nations, undated
16316U.S. Public Relations Service, undated
16317Vietnam, undated
16318Watergate, November-December
1641Watergate, October 17-31
1642Watergate, October 4-16
1643Watergate, October 1-3
1644Watergate, September 26-30
1645Watergate, September 21-25
1646Watergate, September 20
1647Watergate, September 19
1648Watergate, September 18
1649-10Watergate, September 17
16411Watergate, September 13-16
16412Watergate, September 1-12
16413Watergate, August 28-31
16414Watergate, August 20-27
16415Watergate, August 16-19
16416Watergate, August 15
16417Watergate, August 1-14
1651Watergate, July 1-19
1652Watergate, July 20-30
1653Watergate, June 12-19
1654Watergate, June 1-11
1655Watergate, June 24-31
1656Watergate, May 16-23
1657Watergate, May 8-15
1658Watergate, May 1-7
1659Watergate, May 20-30
16510Watergate, April 19-30
16511Watergate, April 6-18
16512Watergate, April 1-5
16513Watergate, March 28-31
16514Watergate, March 26-27
16515Watergate, March 14-25
16516Watergate, March 7-13
16517Watergate, March 1-6
1661Watergate, February 23-28
1662Watergate, February 14-22
1663Watergate, February 13
1664Watergate, February 12
1665Watergate, February 7-11
1666Watergate, February 1-6
1667Watergate, January 26-31
1668Watergate, January 23-25
1669Watergate, January 18-22
16610Watergate, January 15-17
16611Watergate, January 12-14
16612Watergate, January 11
16613Watergate, January 9-10
16614Watergate, January 1-8
16615Watergate - Out-of-State Form Letter, undated
16616Welfare, September-December
16617Welfare, April-August
16618Welfare, January-March
2. Columns
1671Day of Prayer, 30-Jan
1672Watergate, 6-Feb
1673Pay Increase, 13-Feb
1674Food Transportation System, 20-Feb
1675Welfare Reform, 27-Feb
1676Crime, 6-Mar
1677Work Incentive Program, 13-Mar
1678Public Opinion of Congress, 20-Mar
1679Veterans, 27-Mar
16710Capital Punishment, 3-Apr
16711Busing, 10-Apr
16712President's Taxes, 17-Apr
16713Public Financing of Campaigns, 24-Apr
16714"Dirty Tricks" Amendment, 1-May
16715Tax Cut, 8-May
16716Good Government, 15-May
16717Inflation, 27-Nov
16718Price Gouging, 4-Dec
16719Farm Legislation, 11-Dec
16720Energy, 18-Dec
3. Newsletters
16721Newsletters- State of the Union, January
16722Newsletters- Crime, March
16723Newsletters, April - Watergate Committee
16724Newsletters, May - Balanced Budget
16725Newsletters, November - Economy
16726Newsletters, December - Economy
4. News Releases
16727News Releases, September-December
16728News Releases, July-August
16729News Releases, May-June
16730News Releases, March-April
16731News Releases, January-February
16732News Releases, Undated
5. Transcripts
1681Radio Interview Transcripts
1682Television Interview Transcripts
6. Statistics
1683Primary Election Statistics
1684General Election Statistics
1685Direct Radio Announcements
7. Congressional Record Inserts
1686Congressional Record Inserts, June-December
1687Congressional Record Inserts, January-May
8. Speeches
1691Speaking Schedule, 1974
1692Grand Jurors Association - Atlanta, GA, 11-Jan
1693Gordon County Chamber of Commerce - Calhoun, GA, 12-Jan
1694Richard B. Russell Submarine - Newport News, VA, 12-Jan
1695Douglas County Chamber of Commerce - Douglasville, GA, 14-Jan
1696Grocery Manufacturers of America-Washington, D. C., 15-Jan
1697Georgia Dairy Farmers - Atlanta, GA, 15-Jan
1698Winder-Barrow Chamber of Commerce - Winder, GA, 18-Jan
1699Gainesville Jaycees - Gainesville, GA, 19-Jan
16910Georgia Association of Broadcasters - Athens, GA, 24-Jan
16911South Fulton Chamber of Commerce - Atlanta, GA, 24-Jan
16912Albany Chamber of Commerce - Albany, GA, 31-Jan
16913Economic Council of the Forest Industries – Marco Island, GA, 6-Feb
16914Georgia DeMolay State Tournament - Cartersville, GA, 9-Feb
16915Southern Cotton Growers and Southeastern Ginners Association - Atlanta, GA, 11-Feb
16916Kiwanis Club of Jackson - Jackson, GA, 12-Feb
16917University of Georgia Founders' Day Dinner - Atlanta, GA, 13-Feb
16918Pineland Telephone Cooperatives - Swainsboro, GA, 15-Feb
16919Cloud Springs Baptist Church - Rossville, GA, 17-Feb
16920Floyd County Democratic Association - Rome, GA, 22-Feb
16921Federation of American Hospitals - Miami, FL, 28-Feb
16922Senator Ernest Hollings Dinner - Columbia, SC, 28-Feb
16923Student Action for Georgia Education - Eatonton, GA, 1-Mar
16924Peachtree Christian Church - Atlanta, GA, 3-Mar
16925Association for Advanced Life Underwriting - Washington, DC, 5-Mar
16926Tattnal Memorial Hospital Dedication - Reidsville, GA, 9-Mar
16927Rattlesnake Round-Up - Claxton, GA, 9-Mar
16928Metro Atlanta Christian Council - Atlanta, GA, 10-Mar
16929American Council on Capital Gains and Estate Taxation - Washington, DC, 11-Mar
1701American Association of Dental Schools – Atlanta, GA, 17-Mar
1702Chattahoochee Business & Professional Women's Clubs - Columbus, GA, 18-Mar
1703Technology Park/Atlanta-Georgia Tech Dinner - Atlanta, GA, 22-Mar
1704Missouri Democratic Party - Springfield, MO, 23-Mar
1705American Agricultural Editors' Association - Washington, DC, 26-Mar
1706U.S. Independent Telephone Association - Washington, DC, 28-Mar
1707National Association of Retail Druggists - Washington, DC, 28-Mar
1708National Society of Colonial Dames XVII Century Conference - Washington, DC, 11-Apr
1709Yellow Jacket Watershed Association - Hogansville, GA, 13-Apr
17010Georgia Association of Business Communicators - Atlanta, GA, 16-Apr
17011Georgia Textile Manufacturers Association – Palm Beach, FL, 19-Apr
17012Little League/William "Bill" Hindrick - Smyrna, GA, 20-Apr
17013West Georgia College - Carrollton, GA, 21-Apr
17014David Ben Gurion Award Dinner - Atlanta, GA, 21-Apr
17015Atlanta Bar Association - Atlanta, GA, 26-Apr
17016Seventh Region Jaycees - Augusta, GA, 27-Apr
17017Robert Parks Testimonial Dinner - Cedartown, GA, 28-Apr
17018First Baptist Church - Calhoun, GA, 28-Apr
17019Chamber of Commerce Congressional Dinner - Atlanta, GA, 29-Apr
17020Little League Baseball, Smynra, GA, 29-Apr
17021Association County Commissioners of Georgia - Atlanta, GA, 30-Apr
17022Harmonie Club Banquet - Savannah, GA, 4-May
17023Stand Up For America Day - Port Wentworth, GA, 4-May
17024Georgia Oilman's Association - Jekyll Island, GA, 5-May
17025Phi Beta Lambda Conference - Atlanta, GA, 10-May
17026American Association of University Women - Augusta, GA, 11-May
17027Burke County "Salute to Agriculture" - Waynesboro, GA, 11-May
17028Prater's Mill Country Fair - Dalton, GA, 12-May
17029Busing Speech [U. S. Senate] - Washington, D. C., 15-May
17030Sigma Nu Fraternity - Carrollton, GA, 17-May
17031Cedartown, Rockmart & Aragon Chambers of Commerce - Rockmart, GA, 18-May
17032Thomas B. Murphy Day - Buchanan, GA, 19-May
1711Georgia Public Health Association - Macon, GA, 20-May
1712National Ethical Pharmaceutical Association - Washington, DC, 20-May
1713City Hall Dedication - Georgetown, GA, 24-May
1714Civic Clubs - Pelham, GA, 24-May
1715Maritime Day - Savannah, GA, 25-May
1716John Henry Dorminy Hospital Dedication - Fitzgerald, GA, 26-May
1717Shamrock High School Commencement - Decatur, GA, 31-May
1718Brewton-Parker College - Mount Vernon, GA, 1-Jun
1719Southern Forest Fire Laboratory Annex Dedication - Macon, GA, 2-Jun
17110South Georgia College - Douglas, GA, 7-Jun
17111B'nai B'rith District Grand Lodge No. 5 - Atlanta, GA, 8-Jun
17112Northside Air Terminal Dedication - Atlanta, GA, 8-Jun
17113Southern Tech Commencement - Marietta, GA, 8-Jun
17114Augusta Caucus/Paine College - Augusta, GA, 9-Jun
17115Augusta College Commencement - Augusta, GA, 9-Jun
17116American Polled Hereford Association - Alma, GA, 15-Jun
17117CPC International, Inc. - Englewood Cliffs, NJ, 17-Jun
17118Coastal Area Planning and Development Commission - Jekyll Island, GA, 22-Jun
17119Richard B. Russell Memorial Library Dedication - Athens, GA, 22-Jun
17120Cobb County Board of Commissioners/Columns Park - Atlanta, GA, 23-Jun
17121LaFayette Area Chamber of Commerce - LaFayette, GA, 28-Jun
17122American Federation of Government Employees - Columbus, GA, 29-Jun
17123First Baptist Church - Roswell, GA, 30-Jun
17124First Christian Church - Newnan, GA, 30-Jun
17125Lawrenceville City Parks - Lawrenceville, GA, 4-Jul
17126Pine Forest United Methodist Church - Dublin, GA, 7-Jul
17127Middle Oconee Watershed Association - Talmo, GA, 20-Jul
17128Georgia Association of School Superintendents - Jekyll Island, GA, 21-Jul
17129American Legion State Convention - Augusta, GA, 21-Jul
17130Columbia Nitrogen Corporation - Augusta, GA, 21-Jul
1721Chicamauga Telephone Company - Chicamauga, GA, 27-Jul
1722Ousley Methodist Church - Decatur, GA, 28-Jul
1723Davisboro Baptist Church - Davisboro, GA, 28-Jul
1724American Podiatry Association - Atlanta, GA, 10-Aug
1725Georgia Jaycees - Atlanta, GA, 10-Aug
1726Sigma Delta Kappa National Convention - Atlanta, GA, 17-Aug
1727National Press Club - Washington, DC, 20-Aug
1728Indiana Democratic Editors Association - French Lick, IN, 24-Aug
1729Robert Morgan For U.S. Senate - Greenville, NC, 29-Aug
17210Powers' Crossroads Country Fair - Newnan, GA, 30-Aug
17211Greene County Industry Appreciation Day - Greensboro, GA, 7-Sep
17212National Health Council - Atlanta, GA, 8-Sep
17213Housing and Construction Conference on Inflation - Atlanta, GA, 12-Sep
17214United Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Association - Washington, DC, 23-Sep
17215Estech Management Conference - Washington, DC, 24-Sep
17216Steel Service Center Institute - Sea Island, GA, 27-Sep
17217Quality Bakers of America Cooperative - New York, NY, 30-Sep
17218National Broiler Council - Atlanta, GA, 4-Oct
17219American Pathologists - Washington, DC, 8-Oct
17220Fertilizer Institute - Atlanta, GA, 10-Oct
17221Peach County 50th Anniversary - Fort Valley, GA, 12-Oct
17222Rehoboth Baptist Church - Tucker, GA, 13-Oct
17223Moon Rock Presentation - Stone Mountain, GA, 18-Oct
17224Wilcox County Farmers' Day - Rochelle, GA, 26-Oct
1731State Democratic Convention - Macon, GA, 26-Oct
1732Grocery Manufacturers of America - Atlanta, GA, 31-Oct
1733Veteran's Day Parade - Atlanta, GA, 9-Nov
1734Fourdrinier Kraft Board Institute - Atlanta, GA, 12-Nov
1735Health Insurance Association - Washington, DC, 14-Nov
1736Ad Hoc Committee for an Effective Tax Credit - Washington, DC, 14-Nov
1737Georgia Acre of the Medal of Honor Grove – Valley Forge, PA, 14-Nov
1738Sigma Nu Award - Atlanta, GA, 15-Nov
1739Standard Telephone Company - Helen, GA, 22-Nov
17310Fortson Public Library Dedication - Hampton, GA, 24-Nov
17311Hampton Methodist Church - Hampton, GA, 24-Nov
17312Walter Harrison Retirement Dinner - Atlanta, GA, 2-Dec
17313Georgia Farm Bureau Federation - Jekyll Island, GA, 2-Dec
17314Fourth International Commodities Conference - Chicago, IL, 9-Dec
17315Lloyd Bentsen Introduction - Atlanta, GA, 10-Dec

H. 1973
1. Constituent Correspondence
1741Adams, Helene-Book Manuscript, undated
1742Agencies-Pending, undated
1743Agnew, Spiro, undated
1744Agriculture, October-December
1745Agriculture, June-September
1746Amnesty, undated
1747Bimini Trip, undated
1748Busing, November-December
1749Busing, September-October
17410Busing, January-August
17411Campaign-H.E.T. (General), 1974
17412Campaign Financing, undated
17413Capital Punishment, undated
17414Communism, undated
17415Complaints, undated
17416Congratulations, November-December
1751Congratulations, September-October
1752Congratulations, July-August
1753Congratulations, June
1754Congratulations, May
1755Congratulations, March-April
1756Congratulations, January-February
1761Crime & Civil Disorder, August-December
1762Crime & Civil Disorder, May-July
1763Crime & Civil Disorder, January-April
1764Defense, November-December
1765Defense, January-October
1766Demonstrations, undated
1767Democratic Party, undated
1768Draft, undated
1769Drug Abuse, August-December
17610Drug Abuse, January-July
17611Ecology, undated
17612Economy, December 14-31
17613Economy, December 6-13
17614Economy, December 1-5
17615Economy, November 21-30
17616Economy, November 13-20
17617Economy, November 7-12
17618Economy, November 1-6
17619Economy, October 23-31
17620Economy, October 17-22
1771Economy, October 1-16
1772Economy, September 20-30
1773Economy, September 15-19
1774Economy, September 12-14
1775Economy, September 1-11
1776Economy, August
1777Economy, July
1778Economy, May-June
1779Economy, April 20-30
17710Economy, April 1-19
17711Economy, March
17712Economy, January-February
17713Elections (General), undated
17714Electoral College, undated
17715Energy Crisis, December 20-31
17716Energy Crisis, December 18-19
1781Energy Crisis, December 13-17
1782Energy Crisis, December 6-12
1783Energy Crisis, December 1-5
1784Energy Crisis, November
1785Energy Crisis, October
1786Energy Crisis, January-September
1787Extensions of Remarks, undated
1788"Face the Nation", undated
1789"Face the Nation"-Flexied, undated
17810Flexies, June-October
17811Flexies, April-May
17812Flexies, January-March
17813Foreign Aid, undated
17814Foreign Policy, November-December
17815Foreign Policy, October
17816Foreign Policy, January-September
1791Grant Acknowledgements, July-December
1792Grant Acknowledgements, January-June
1793Hearst Foundation, undated
1794Impeachment, December
1795Impeachment, November 15-30
1796Impeachment, November 1-14
1797Impeachment, October
1798Imports, undated
1799Inquiries, undated
17910Invitations Regretted/Canceled, undated
17911"Issues and Answers", undated
17912Judiciary, undated
17913Kissinger, Henry, undated
17914Long-Distance Telephone Program, undated
17915"Meet the Press", May-June
17916"Meet the Press", April 7-30
17917"Meet the Press", 6-Apr
17918"Meet the Press", April 1-5
17919"Meet the Press", March
1801Memoranda, September-December
1802Memoranda, July-August
1803Memoranda, May-June
1804Memoranda, March-April
1805Memoranda, January-February
1806Middle East, December
1807Middle East, November 20-30
1808Middle East, November 14-19
1809Middle East, November 1-13
18010Middle East, May-October
18011Military, June-December
18012Military, January-May
18013Miscellaneous, December 21-31
18014Miscellaneous, December 18-20
18015Miscellaneous, December 18
18016Miscellaneous, December 7-17
18017Miscellaneous, December 6
1811Miscellaneous, December 5
1812Miscellaneous, December 1-4
1813Miscellaneous, November 22-30
1814Miscellaneous, November 20-21
1815Miscellaneous, November 13-19
1816Miscellaneous, November 10-12
1817Miscellaneous, November 1-9
1818Miscellaneous, October 31
1819Miscellaneous, October 23-30
18110Miscellaneous, October 20-22
18111Miscellaneous, October 11-19
18112Miscellaneous, October 5-10
18113Miscellaneous, October 1-4
18114Miscellaneous, September 28-30
18115Miscellaneous, September 25-27
18116Miscellaneous, September 20-24
1821Miscellaneous, September 18-19
1822Miscellaneous, September 8-17
1823Miscellaneous, September 1-7
1824Miscellaneous, August 24-31
1825Miscellaneous, August 15-23
1826Miscellaneous, August 1-14
1827Miscellaneous, July 25-31
1828Miscellaneous, July 14-24
1829Miscellaneous, July 11-13
18210Miscellaneous, July 1-10
18211Miscellaneous, June
18212Miscellaneous, May 26-31
18213Miscellaneous, May 19-25
18214Miscellaneous, May 11-18
18215Miscellaneous, May 1-10
1831Miscellaneous, April 25-30
1832Miscellaneous, April 1-24
1833Miscellaneous, March 29-31
1834Miscellaneous, March 10-28
1835Miscellaneous, March 1-9
1836Miscellaneous, February 8-28
1837Miscellaneous, February 1-7
1838Miscellaneous, January 26-31
1839Miscellaneous, January 1-25
18310Nativity Scene, undated
18311News Column, undated
18312Newsletter, December
18313Newsletter, November 10-30
18314Newsletter, November 1-9
18315Newsletter, October
18316Newsletter, September 16-30
18317Newsletter, September 7-15
18318Newsletter, September 1-6
1841Newsletter, August 24-31
1842Newsletter, August 1-23
1843Newsletter, July 14-31
1844Newsletter, July 1-13
1845Newsletter, June
1846Newsletter, May
1847Newsletter, April 21-30
1848Newsletter, April 17-20
1849Newsletter, April 7-16
18410Newsletter, April 6
18411Newsletter, April 1-5
18412Newsletter, January-March
18413News Media, December
18414News Media, November
18415News Media, June-October
18416News Media, January-May
18417Pending, undated
18418Pornography, undated
18419Postal Service, undated
18420Presidential Classroom Program, undated
1851Press, December
1852Press, November
1853Press, August-October
1854Press, July
1855Press, June
1856Press, May
1857Press, March-April
1858Press, January-February
1859Radio Program, undated
18510Radio-TV Complaints, undated
18511Realignment Fact Sheet, undated
18512Red China, undated
18513Roberts, Gordon, August-December
18514Roberts, Gordon, May-July
18515Roberts, Gordon, January-April
18516-17Requests (2 folders), undated
1861Rural Development, undated
1862School Desegregation, undated
1863School Prayer and Bible Reading, November-December
1864School Prayer and Bible Reading, January-October
1865Soviet Jews, undated
1866Soviet Union, undated
1867Space Program, undated
1868Special Prosecutor, undated
1869Speeches: Comments Re, December 7-31
18610Speeches: Comments Re, December 1-6
18611Speeches: Comments Re, November
18612Speeches: Comments Re, October
18613Speeches: Comments Re, July-September
18614Speeches: Comments Re, June
18615Speeches: Comments Re, May 4-31
18616Speeches: Comments Re, May 1-3
18617Speeches: Comments Re, April
18618Speeches: Comments Re, March
18619Speeches: Comments Re, January-February
18620Supreme Court, undated
1871Student Requests, undated
1872Sympathy, undated
1873-4Thank Yous (2 folders), undated
1875"Today Show", undated
1876TV Appearances, undated
1877Two Governor, undated
1878Unanswered Mail, undated
1879United Nations, undated
1881Vice President, November 10-December
1882Vice President, October-November 9
1883Vietnam, September-December
1884Vietnam, June-August
1885Vietnam, May 18-31
1886Vietnam, May 1-7
1887Vietnam, April
1888Vietnam, March
1889Vietnam, February
18810Vietnam, January
18811Wage & Price Controls, undated
18812Watergate, December 14-31
18813Watergate, December 13
18814Watergate, December 6-12
18815Watergate, December 5
18816Watergate, December 1-4
1891Watergate, November 24-30
1892Watergate, November 21-23
1893-4Watergate, November 20
1895Watergate, November 14-19
1896Watergate, November 13
1897-8Watergate, November 12
1899Watergate, November 1-11
18910Watergate, October 23-31
18911Watergate, October 20-22
18912Watergate, October 9-19
18913Watergate, October 5-8
18914Watergate, October 3-4
18915Watergate, October 1-2
18916Watergate, September 25-30
18917Watergate, September 21-24
1901-3Watergate (3 folders), September 20
1904Watergate, September 19
1905Watergate, September 16-18
1906Watergate, September 13-15
1907-9Watergate (3 folders), September 12
19010Watergate, September 7-11
19011Watergate, September 1-6
19012Watergate, August 24-31
19013Watergate, August 23
19014Watergate, August 16-22
19015Watergate, August 14-15
19016Watergate, August 9-13
19017Watergate, August 1-8
1911Watergate, July 21-31
1912Watergate, July 13-20
1913Watergate, July 1-12
1914Watergate, June
1915Watergate, May
1916Watergate, February, April
1917Watergate-Miscellaneous, undated
1918Welfare, October-December
1919Welfare, July-September
19110Welfare, January-June
2. Grant Files
1937Grant files, December
1938Grant files, October-November
1941Grant files, August-September
1942Grant files, July
1943Grant files, June
1944Grant files, January-May
3. Columns
1951Vietnam, 17-Jan
1952Fiscal Reform, 24-Jan
1953Supreme Court, 31-Jan
1954Budget Reform, 7-Feb
1955Trade Policy, 14-Feb
1956Crime, 21-Feb
1957Aid to Hanoi, 28-Feb
1958Economy, 7-Mar
1959Amnesty, 14-Mar
19510Energy Crisis, 21-Mar
19511Drugs, 28-Mar
19512Troops in Europe, 4-Apr
19513Welfare, 11-Apr
19514Crime, 18-Apr
19515Busing, 25-Apr
19516Spending, 2-May
19517Local Government Control, 9-May
19518Trade, 16-May
19519Vietnam, 23-May
19520Economy, 30-May
19521Energy Crisis, 6-Jun
19522U.S.-Soviet Union/China Relations, 13-Jun
19523Farm Bill, 20-Jun
19524Price Freeze, 27-Jun
19525Fourth of July, 4-Jul
19526School Prayer & Bible Reading, 11-Jul
19527Welfare Reform, 18-Jul
19528Foreign Aid, 25-Jul
19529Congressional Pay Raise, 1-Aug
19530U.S. Troops in Europe, 8-Aug
19531Campaign Financing, 15-Aug
19532Food Prices, 22-Aug
19533Inflation & Economy, 19-Sep
19534Housing, 26-Sep
19535Volunteer Army, 3-Oct
19536Economy, 10-Oct
19537Catastrophic Illness, 17-Oct
19538"America First", 24-Oct
19539Watergate, 7-Nov
19540Foreign Debt, 14-Nov
19541Energy Crisis, 21-Nov
19542Defense, 28-Nov
19543Economy, 5-Dec
19544Food & Energy, 12-Dec
19545Public Financing of Campaigns, 19-Dec
19546End-of-Year, 26-Dec
4. Newsletter
19547Vietnam; Economy, March
19548War Powers Act, May-June
19549Watergate Investigation, August
19550National Debt, October
19551Nation in Crisis, December
5. News Releases
19552News Releases, November-December
19553News Releases, August-October
19554News Releases, June-July
19555News Releases, May
19556News Releases, April
1961News Releases, March
1962News Releases, February
1963News Releases, January
1964News Releases, Undated
6. Transcripts
1965Radio Interview Transcripts, July-December
1966Radio Interview Transcripts, January-June
1967Television Interview Transcripts, undated
1968Direct Radio Announcements, August-December
1969Direct Radio Announcements, April-July
19610Direct Radio Announcements, January-March
7. Congressional Record Inserts
19611Congressional Record Inserts
8. Speeches
1971Speaking Schedule, 1973
1972Valdosta Chamber of Commerce - Valdosta, GA, 3-Jan
1973Greater Macon Chamber of Commerce - Macon, GA, 11-Jan
1974Constitutional Amendment to Prohibit Deficit Federal Spending [U. S. Senate] -Washington, D.C., 23-Jan
1975Georgia Association of Broadcasters - Athens, GA, 24-Jan
1976Henry Reaves Appreciation Day - Quitman, GA, 25-Jan
1977Georgia Southern College - Statesboro, GA, 27-Jan
1978Southeastern International Poultry Convention - Atlanta, GA, 30-Jan
1979Women's Forum on National Security - Washington, DC, 20-Feb
19710Norcross Jaycees - Norcross, GA, 22-Feb
19711Atlanta Jaycees - Atlanta, GA, 22-Feb
19712Clairmont Hills Baptist Church - Decatur, GA, 25-Feb
19713National Rural Electric Cooperative Association - Dallas, TX, 26-Feb
19714Tabernacle Baptist Church - Cartersville, GA, 4-Mar
19715National Peanut Week Festivities - Bainbridge, GA, 10-Mar
19716Carpet and Rug Institute - Tarpon Springs, FL, 12-Mar
19717Elbert County Chamber of Commerce - Elberton, GA, 23-Mar
19717aMeet the Press - Washington, DC, 25-Mar
19718Georgia Credit Union League - Atlanta, GA, 7-Apr
19719Star Student Banquet - Atlanta, GA, 13-Apr
19720Ninth District Masonic Convention - Gainesville, GA, 14-Apr
19721Abraham Baldwin College Homecoming - Tifton, GA, 14-Apr
19722Association County Commissioners of Georgia - Savannah, GA, 15-Apr
19723Scott Boulevard Baptist Church - Decatur, GA, 22-Apr
19724Association of the U.S. Army South Chapter - Atlanta, GA, 23-Apr
19725Lions Clubs - Marietta, GA, 24-Apr
19726Rotary and Kiwanis Clubs - Covington, GA, 24-Apr
19727Fayette County Jaycees - Fayetteville, GA, 5-May
19728Forsyth-Monroe County Sesquicentennial Parade - Forsyth, GA, 5-May
19729First United Methodist Church - Ashburn, GA, 6-May
19730Georgia Jaycees - Jekyll Island, GA, 11-May
19731Cobb County Association of Educators - Marietta, GA, 12-May
19732Georgia Bankers Association - Atlanta, GA, 14-May
19733The Tobacco Institute, Inc. - Hot Springs, VA, 18-May
19734DeKalb Democratic Party Fundraiser - Stone Mountain, GA, 19-May
19735Senate Prayer Breakfast - Washington, D. C., 21-May
19736Maids' Honor Day Banquet (Betty Talmadge) - Atlanta, GA, 23-May
19737Arlington Schools Commencement - Atlanta, GA, 25-May
19738June Dairy Month Kickoff Luncheon - Atlanta, GA, 25-May
19739Telephone Pioneers - Jekyll Island, GA, 26-May
19740Zebulon Baptist Church - Zebulon, GA, 27-May
19741Senate Prayer Breakfast - Washington, D. C., 28-May
19742Gwinnett County Association of Educators - Lawrenceville, GA, 28-May
19743Cartersville Civitan Club - Cartersville, GA, 29-May
19744Carrollton High School Graduation - Carrollton, GA, 30-May
1981LaGrange College Commencement - LaGrange, GA, 2-Jun
1982Brenau College Commencement - Gainesville, GA, 3-Jun
1983Southern Association of State Departments of Agriculture - Atlanta, GA, 10-Jun
1984Briarlake Baptist Church - Decatur, GA, 1-Jul
1985Druid Hills Baptist Church - Atlanta, GA, 1-Jul
1986Nobles Mystic Shrine Imperial Council - Atlanta, GA, 2-Jul
1987National Milk Producers Federation - Washington, DC, 17-Jul
1988Democratic Party of Georgia Fundraiser - Dublin, GA, 21-Jul
1989Georgia Association of School Superintendents - Jekyll Island, GA, 23-Jul
19810Downtown Kiwanis Club - Atlanta, GA, 7-Aug
19811Rehoboth Baptist Church - Tucker, GA, 12-Aug
19812Corinth Baptist Church - Stone Mountain, GA, 12-Aug
19812aRock Eagle 4-H Center, U. S. Forest Service, 13-Aug
19813Rainbow Park Baptist Church - Decatur, GA, 14-Aug
19814Concerned Businessmen's Congressional Forum - Atlanta, GA, 14-Aug
19815Cobb County Peace Officers Association - Marietta, GA, 15-Aug
19816Food Manufacturers Sales Executive Club - Atlanta, GA, 17-Aug
19817Ramah Baptist Church - Palmetto, GA, 19-Aug
19818Barwick Industries Scholarship Awards - Atlanta, GA, 22-Aug
19819Columbus Jaycees - Columbus, GA, 23-Aug
19820Georgia State Firemen's Association - Jekyll Island, GA, 24-Aug
19821Rotary Club - Atlanta, GA, 27-Aug
19822Lanier County Courthouse Dedication - Lakeland, GA, 30-Aug
19823Livestock Appreciation Day - Cairo, GA, 30-Aug
19824North Georgia State Fair - Cobb County, GA, 22-Sep
19825Georgia Highway Contractor's Association – Pine Mountain, GA, 29-Sep
19826Southern Company/Senator Henry Jackson Introduction - Atlanta, GA [?], 1-Oct
19827Georgia Homebuilders Association - Callaway Gardens, GA, 5-Oct
19828Blue Key Banquet - Athens, GA, 12-Oct
19829Harry Mehre Ceremonies - Athens, GA, 13-Oct
19830Atlanta West Hospital - Atlanta, GA, 14-Oct
19831Noonday Baptist Church - Marietta, GA, 21-Oct
19832Berry College Fall Quarter Symposium - Mount Berry, GA, 22-Oct
19833Tech-Georgia Development Fund Conference - Athens, GA, 27-Oct
19834Richard B. Russell Building-Georgia War Veterans Home - Milledgeville, GA, 28-Oct
19835Lloyd Bentsen Fundraising Dinner - Houston, TX, 2-Nov
19836Southeast Regional Classroom Teacher Conference - Atlanta, GA, 3-Nov
19837National Conference of Bankruptcy Judges - Atlanta, GA, 3-Nov
1991Dairymen, Inc. - Louisville, KY, 7-Nov
1992Airline Finance and Accounting Conference - Atlanta, GA, 8-Nov
1993Armistice Day - Monroe, GA, 10-Nov
1994Calvary Baptist Temple - Savannah, GA, 11-Nov
1995Interstate Paper Corporation Forestry Project - Riceboro, GA, 12-Nov
1996Veterans Council of Chatham County - Savannah, GA, 12-Nov
1997Savannah Rotary Club - Savannah, GA, 12-Nov
1998International Commodities Conference - Chicago, IL, 14-Nov
1999National Association of Independent Insurers - Los Angeles, CA, 14-Nov
19910Georgia Motor Trucking Association - Atlanta, GA, 17-Nov
19911Carl Vinson Appreciation Day - Macon, GA, 18-Nov
19912Women's Forum for National Security - Washington, D. C., 20-Nov
19913The American University - Washington, DC, 28-Nov
19914Metter-Chandler County Chamber of Commerce - Metter, GA, 4-Dec
19915Georgia Sherrifs Association - Macon, GA, 5-Dec
19916State Bar of Georgia - Atlanta, GA, 5-Dec
19917Sausagia '73 - Atlanta, GA, 8-Dec
19918Abe Goldstein Human Relations Award - Atlanta, GA, 8-Dec
19919Peachford Hospital Dedication - Atlanta, GA, 9-Dec
19920Wieuca Road Baptist Church - Atlanta, GA, 9-Dec
19921Augusta Civic Club - Augusta, GA, 10-Dec
19922Eugene Talmadge Memorial Hospital - Augusta, GA, 10-Dec
19923West Carrollton Baptist Church - Carrollton, GA, 16-Dec
19924A. O. Smith Harvestor Products, Inc. - Orlando, FL, 17-Dec
19925B'nai B'rith Youth Organization - St. Simons Island, GA, 28-Dec

I. 1972
1. Constituent Correspondence
2001Amnesty, undated
2002Busing, August-December
2003Busing, June-July
2004Busing, May 16-31
2005Busing, May 1-15
2006Busing, April 25-30
2007Busing, April 11-24
2008Busing, April 1-10
2009Busing, March 9-31
20010Busing, 8-Mar
20011Busing, March 1-7
20012Busing, January-February
20013Capital Punishment, undated
20014Communism, undated
20015Complaints, undated
20016Congratulations, October-December
2011-2Congratulations, undated
2013Crime and Civil Disorder, July-December
2014Crime and Civil Disorder, April-June
2015Crime and Civil Disorder, January-March
2016Defense, April-December
2017Defense, January-March
2018Democratic Party, undated
2019Draft, undated
20110Drug Abuse, undated
201A1Ambassadors, undated
201A2Decisions by USDA Office of Personnel, 7/12/1972
201A3Dentistry School, undated
201A4-5Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, undated
201A6Georgia Employment, undated
201A7Government Patronage - Miscellaneous, undated
201A8-10Jobs, undated
201B1-2John Hemenway, undated
201B3Interns, Summer 1972
201B4Interns, Summer 1973
201B5Leadership Georgia, undated
201B6Pages, undated
201B7Patronage - ICC, undated
201B8Patronage - NLRB, undated
201B9Patronage - Tariff Commission, undated
201B10Patronage - Treasury, undated
201B11State Commission on Aging, undated
201B12Universities, undated
201B13Veterinary Schools, undated
2021Ecology, February-December
2022Ecology, January
2023Economy and Taxes, June-December
2024Economy and Taxes, May
2025Economy and Taxes, April
2026Economy and Taxes, January-March
2027Eighteen Year Old Rights, undated
2028Flexies, November-December
2029Flexies, January-October
20210Foreign Aid, March-December
20211Foreign Aid, January-February
20212Foreign Policy, undated
20213Grants, undated
20214Hanoi, undated
20215Imports, undated
20216India-Pakistan, undated
20217Inquiries, May-November
20218Inquiries, January-April
20219Long-Distance Telephone Program, undated
20220Memoranda, August-December
20221Memoranda, January-July
2031Middle East, undated
2032Military, undated
2033Miscellaneous, December 10-31
2034Miscellaneous, December 1-9
2035Miscellaneous, November 15-30
2036Miscellaneous, November 1-14
2037Miscellaneous, October 21-31
2038Miscellaneous, October 1-20
2039Miscellaneous, September 16-30
20310Miscellaneous, September 1-15
20311Miscellaneous, August
20312Miscellaneous, July
20313Miscellaneous, June 16-30
20314Miscellaneous, June 1-15
2041Miscellaneous, May
2042Miscellaneous, April 11-30
2043Miscellaneous, April 1-10
2044Miscellaneous, March 9-31
2045Miscellaneous, March 1-8
2046Miscellaneous, February
2047Newsletter, September-December
2048Newsletter, August
2049Newsletter, June-July
20410Newsletter, April-May
20411Newsletter, March 11-31
20412Newsletter, March 1-9
20413Newsletter, February
20414Newsletter, January
20415News Media, June-December
20416News Media, February-May
20417Pornography, undated
2051Presidential Election, June-December
2052Presidential Election, January-May
2053Press, January 14-31
2054Press, January 1-13
2055Red China, April-October
2056Red China, February-March
2057Roberts, Gordon, November-December
2058Roberts, Gordon, January-October
2059Rural Development, undated
20510Rural Development-Miscellaneous, undated
20511Russell Foundation, undated
20512School Desegregation, undated
20513School Prayer, undated
20514Senatorial Race, undated
20515[RESTRICTED], undated
20516Space Program, undated
20517Supreme Court, undated
20518Telegrams, undated
2061-4Thank Yous (4 folders), undated
2065United Nations, June-December
2066United Nations, March-May
2067United Nations, January-February
2071Vietnam, November-December
2072Vietnam, September-October
2073Vietnam, August
2074Vietnam, July 12-31
2075Vietnam, July 1-11
2076Vietnam, June
2077Vietnam, May 17-31
2078Vietnam, May 11-16
2079Vietnam, May 1-10
20710Vietnam, April 21-30
20711Vietnam, April 1-20
20712Vietnam, March
20713Vietnam, February
20714Vietnam, January
20715Wage and Price Controls, undated
20716Wallace, George, undated
20717Welfare, May-December
20718Welfare, January-April
2. Columns
2081The Year Ahead, 2-Feb
2082Vietnam, 9-Feb
2083War Powers Act, 16-Feb
2084Aid to Hanoi, 23-Feb
2085Busing, 1-Mar
2086Red China, 8-Mar
2087Draft Amnesty, 15-Mar
2088National Debt, 22-Mar
2089Busing, 29-Mar
20810Rural Development Act, 5-Apr
20811Defense, 12-Apr
20812Eighteen-Year-Old Vote, 26-Apr
20813Rural Development, 3-May
20814Vietnam, 10-May
20815Welfare Reform, 17-May
20816Crime, 31-May
20817Vietnam, 24-May
20818SALT Agreement, 7-Jun
20819Gun Control, 14-Jun
20820Drug Abuse, 21-Jun
20821Wilderness Areas, 28-Jun
20822Fourth of July, 5-Jul
20823National Debt, 12-Jul
20824G.I. Bill, 19-Jul
20825Capital Punishment, 26-Jul
20826Leaving the U.S., 2-Aug
20827Georgia Progress, 9-Aug
20828School Lunch Program, 16-Aug
20829Draft, 23-Aug
20830Fiscal Responsibility, 30-Aug
20831Electoral College, 6-Sep
20832Rural Development Act, 13-Sep
20833Busing, 20-Sep
20834Agriculture, 27-Sep
20835Police & Fireman Compensation, 4-Oct
20836Economy, 11-Oct
20837Busing, 18-Oct
20838Wrap-Up, 25-Oct
3. Newsletters
20839Busing; Vietnam, February
20840Tax, April
20841Governor George Wallace; Welfare; Increased bombing, May-June
20842Defense Spending; Capital Punishment, August
20843Welfare Reform; Deficit Spending; School Busing, December
5. News Releases
20844News Releases, November-December
20845News Releases, September-October
20846News Releases, August
20847News Releases, June-July
20848News Releases, April-May
20849News Releases, March
20850News Releases, January-February
20851News Releases, Undated
6. Transcripts
2091Radio Interview Transcripts, May-December
2092Radio Interview Transcripts, January-April
2093Direct Radio Announcements
7. Congressional Record Inserts
2094Congressional Record Inserts
8. Speeches
2101Speaking Schedule, 1972
2102Anniversary of Russell Death (U.S. Senate) - Washington, DC, 21-Jan
2103Waycross-Ware County Chamber of Commerce - Waycross, GA, 21-Jan
2104Mountain Park Baptist Church - Stone Mountain, GA, 23-Jan
2105National Farmers Organization - Baxley, GA, 29-Jan
2106Georgia Leadership Conference - Sea Island, GA, 29-Jan
2107Atlanta Rotary Club - Atlanta, GA, 14-Feb
2108Moultrie-Colquitt County Chamber of Commerce - Moultrie, GA, 15-Feb
2109Georgia League of Negro Women Voters - Atlanta, GA, 17-Feb
21010Atlanta Jaycees - Atlanta, GA, 17-Feb
21011Georgia International Trade Association - Atlanta, GA, 18-Feb
21012Busing Amendment Speech (U.S. Senate) - Washington, DC, 24-Feb
21013National Guard Association of Georgia - Macon, GA, 25-Mar
21014Scottish Rite of Freemasonry - Atlanta, GA, 30-Mar
21015Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation Service - Atlanta, GA, 31-Mar
21016Clark College - Atlanta, GA, 31-Mar
21017Future Farmers of America - Nashville, GA, 8-Apr
21018Georgia State Association of B'nai B'rith - Atlanta, GA, 22-Apr
21019L.Q.C. Lamar Society - Birmingham, AL, 22-Apr
21020Band Boosters Day - Statesboro, GA, 6-May
210214-H Champion Club Reunion - Swainsboro, GA, 6-May
21022Subcommittee on Parks and Recreation (S. 2411, Cumberland Island) - Washington, DC, 11-May
21023Delta Council - Cleveland, MS, 16-May
21024Senate Prayer Breakfast - Washington, DC, 17-May
21025First Rural Residence Loan - Dalton, GA, 20-May
21026State Track and Field Tournament - Jefferson, GA, 20-May
21027Atlanta Baptist College - Atlanta, GA, 28-May
21028Calvary Baptist Temple - Canton, GA, 28-May
21029Recreation Park Ceremonies - Cumming, GA, 29-May
21030Valdosta State College - Valdosta, GA, 3-Jun
21031Piedmont College Commencement - Demorest , GA, 4-Jun
21032Marigold Festival - Winterville, GA, 17-Jun
21033Shoal Creek Baptist Church - Locust Grove, GA, 18-Jun
21034Claxton Chamber of Commerce - Claxton, GA, 11-Jul
21035Georgia Department of Industry and Trade - Atlanta, GA, 12-Jul
21036USDA Club - Atlanta, GA, 12-Jul
2111Georgia Community Action Association - Macon, GA, 14-Jul
2112North Fulton Chamber of Commerce - Sandy Springs, GA, 14-Jul
2113First Baptist Church - Riverdale, GA, 16-Jul
2114Georgia State Jaycees - Savannah, GA, 26-Aug
2115Falcon Field Airport Dedication - Peachtree City, GA, 26-Aug
2116South Fulton Hospital - East Point, GA, 26-Aug
2117Mount Vernon Baptist Church - Stockbridge, GA, 27-Aug
2118Lutheran Towers Dedication - Atlanta, GA, 8-Oct
2119National League of Masonic CLubs - Atlanta, GA, 14-Oct
21110Georgia State Society, Children of the American Revolution - Washington, DC, 14-Oct
21111West Rome Baptist Church - Rome, GA, 15-Oct
21112Farmers Home Administration - Atlanta, GA, 17-Oct
21113Rural Development Center - Tifton, GA, 18-Oct
21114Wally Butts Testimonial - Athens, GA, 21-Oct
21115Tech-Georgia Development Fund - Atlanta, GA, 28-Oct
21116Calvary Baptist Church - Forest Park, GA, 29-Oct
21117DeKalb County Masonic Association - Atlanta, GA, 3-Nov
21118Blackshear-Pierce County Chamber of Commerce - Blackshear, GA, 4-Nov
21119National Association of County Agricultural Agents - Atlanta, GA, 6-Nov
21120First Baptist Church Royal Ambassadors Banquet - Rome, GA, 10-Nov
21121Medical Association of Georgia - Atlanta, GA, 12-Nov
21122Georgia Farm Bureau Federation - Jekyll Island, GA, 13-Nov
21123Bishop William Cannon Dinner - Atlanta, GA, 13-Nov
21124Georgia Baptist Convention - Savannah, GA, 14-Nov
21125First Baptist Church - Hampton, GA, 19-Nov
21126Millarden Farms - Woodbury, GA, 21-Nov
21127Coweta County Masonic Convention - Newnan, GA, 24-Nov
21128Georgia Mountains Planning and Development Commission - Toccoa, GA, 28-Nov
21129Cobb 300 Committee - Marietta, GA, 30-Nov
2121St. Jude Catholic Church Men's Club - Sandy Springs, GA, 3-Dec
2122Methodist Men's Club/Hartwell Kiwanis Club - Hartwell, GA, 4-Dec
2123North District Medical Association of Atlanta - Atlanta, GA, 5-Dec
2124Medical Association of Atlanta North District - Atlanta, GA, 5-Dec
2125Georgia School Boards Association - Atlanta, GA, 6-Dec
2126Atlanta Regional Commission - Atlanta, GA, 6-Dec
2127Synthetic Organic Chemical Manufacturers Association - New York, NY, 7-Dec
2128Georgia Hospital Association - Savannah, GA, 8-Dec
2129Butler Street YMCA Hungry Club - Atlanta, GA, 13-Dec
21210Good Will Nursing Home - Brunswick, GA, 15-Dec
9. Legislative Files
21211Agriculture and Forestry, S. 1379 Volunteers in the National Forest Program
21212Agriculture and Forestry, S. 2895 Egg Industry Adjustment Act
21213Agriculture and Forestry, S. 2981 Watershed Protection and Flood Prevention Program
21214Agriculture and Forestry, S. 3134 Tobacco Exports
21215Agriculture and Forestry, S. 3518 Rural Telephone Bank
21216Agriculture and Forestry, S. 3656 South Atlantic Basin Environmental Conservation Program
21217Agriculture and Forestry, S. 3661 Amend School Lunch Act
21218Agriculture and Forestry, S. 3699 National Forest Wild Areas System
21219Agriculture and Forestry, S. 3840 FmHA Emergency Loan Disaster Relief
21220Agriculture and Forestry, S. 3973 National Forest Wild Areas System
21221Agriculture and Forestry, H.R. 10729 Federal Environmental Pesticide Control Act
21222Agriculture and Forestry, H.R. 12931 Rural Development Act
21223Agriculture and Forestry, H.R. 13089 Reforestation
21224Agriculture and Forestry, H.R. 13361 Tobacco Quota Transfers
21225Agriculture and Forestry, H.R. 14896 Child Nutrition Act
21226Agriculture and Forestry, Environmental Improvement Through Watershed Programs
21227Agriculture and Forestry, Urgent Appeal To Help Rural America
21228Agriculture and Forestry, Miscellaneous Statements
21229Appropriations, H.R. 12067 Foreign Assistance and Related Programs
21230Appropriations, H.R. 13955 Legislative Branch Appropriations
21231Appropriations, H.R. 14734 Foreign Relations Authorization Act
21232Appropriations, H.R. 14989 Departments of State, Justice, and Commerce Appropriations Act
21233Appropriations, H.R. 15093 Department of Housing and Urban Development Appropriations
21234Appropriations, H.R. 15097 Department of Transportation Appropriation Act
21235Appropriations, H.R. 15418 Department of the Interior Appropriations
21236Appropriations, H.R. 15585 Treasury Department-Postal Service Appropriations
21237Appropriations, H.R. 15586 Public Works Appropriation Act
21238Appropriations, H.R. 15690 Agriculture-Environmental and Consumer Protection Appropriations
21239Appropriations, H.R. 16593 Department of Defense Appropriations
21240Appropriations, H.R. 16654/15417 Department of Labor/H.E.W. Appropriation Act
21241Appropriations, H.R. 16705 Foreign Assistance Appropriation Act
21242Appropriations, H.R. 16754 Military Construction Appropriation Act
21243Appropriations, H.R. 17034 Supplemental Appropriations
21244Appropriations, Statements on Excessive Federal Spending
21245Armed Services, S. 3905 Survivor Benefit Plan
21246Armed Services, H.R. 15495 Military Procurement Authorization
21247Armed Services, H.R. 15641 Military Construction Authorization
21248Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs, S. 652 Truth in Lending Act Amendments
21249Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs, S. 1478 Toxic Substances Control Act
21250Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs, S. 1991 National Housing Goals
21251Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs, S. 3248 Housing and Urban Development Act
21252Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs, S. 3726 Equal Export Opportunity Act
21253Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs, S. 3939 Federal-Aid Highway Act
21254Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs, H.R. 15692 Small Business Administration Act Disaster Relief Amendments
2131Commerce, S. 945 National No-Fault Motor Vehicle Insurance Act
2132Commerce, S. 1478 Toxic Substances Control Act
2133Commerce, S. 1729 Rolling Stock Utilization And Financing Act
2134Commerce, S. 2871 Marine Mammal Protection Act
2135Commerce, S. 3178 Equal Time Requirements of the Communications Act
2136Commerce, S. 3507 Magnuson Coastal Zone Management Act
2137Commerce, S. 3755 Airport Development Acceleration Act
2138Commerce, S.J.Res. 225 Abandonment of Railroad Lines
2139Commerce, H.R. 5066 Flammable Fabrics Authorization
21310Commerce, H.R. 11417 Rail Passenger Service Act Amendments
21311Finance, S. 1819 Uniform Relocation Assistance
21312Finance, S. 2620 East-West Trade Relations Act Amendment
21313Finance, S. 3160 Par Value Modification Act
21314Finance, S. 3327 Health Maintenance Organization and Resources Development Act
21315Finance, S. 3678 Light-Duty Truck Tax
21316Finance, H.R. 1 Social Security Amendments
21317Finance, H.R. 12910 Public Debt Limit
21318Finance, H.R. 14370 Revenue Sharing
21319Finance, H.R. 15390 Public Debt Limitation Extension
21320Finance, Miscellaneous Statements
21321Foreign Relations, S. 2956 War Powers Act
21322Foreign Relations, S. 3142 Aid to Soviet Jewish Refugees in Israel
21323Foreign Relations, S. 3390 Foreign Assistance Act
21324Foreign Relations, S.Con.Res. 33 Russian Jews
21325Foreign Relations, S.Con.Res. 97 POW's and MIA's
21326Foreign Relations, S.J. Res. 241 SALT Interim Agreement
21327Foreign Relations, S.J. Res. 264 "National Welcome Home Our Prisoners Week"
21328Foreign Relations, H.R. 16029 Foreign Assistance Act
21329Government Operations, S. 3432 Department of Health
21330Government Operations, S. 3970 Consumer Protection Organization Act
21331Interior and Insular Affairs, S. 632 Land Use Policy and Planning Assistance Act
21332Interior and Insular Affairs, S. 2411 Cumberland Island National Seashore
21333Interior and Insular Affairs, S. 3520 Okefenokee Wilderness Act
21334Judiciary, S. 33 Public Safety Officers' Group Insurance Act
21335Judiciary, S. 2087 Public Safety Officers' Benefits Act
21336Judiciary, S. 2507 Handgun Control Act
21337Judiciary, S. 3116 Federal Trade Commission Franchising
21338Judiciary, H.R. 8389 Victims of Crime Act
21339Judiciary, H.J. Res 208 Equal Rights for Men and Women
21340Judiciary, Kleindienst Nomination
21341Judiciary, Miscellaneous Statements
21342Labor and Public Welfare, S. 555 Older American Community Service Employment Act
21343Labor and Public Welfare, S. 659 Education Amendments (Busing)
21344Labor and Public Welfare, S. 2515 Equal Employment Opportunities Act
21345Labor and Public Welfare, S. 3010 Economic Opportunity Amendments
21346Labor and Public Welfare, S. 3080 Lead-Based Paint Poisoning Amendments
21347Labor and Public Welfare, S. 3323 National Heart, Blood Vessel, Lung, and Blood Act
21348Labor and Public Welfare, S. 3419 Food, Drug, and Consumer Product Safety Act
21349Labor and Public Welfare, S. 3442 Communicable Disease Control Amendments
21350Labor and Public Welfare, S. 3617 Headstart, Child Development, and Family Services Act
21351Labor and Public Welfare, S. 3716 Health Facilities, Manpower, and Community Mental Health Centers Act
21352Labor and Public Welfare, S.J. Res. 197 Pacific Coast Dock Strike
21353Labor and Public Welfare, S.J. Res. 206 Sudden Infant Death Syndrome
21354Labor and Public Welfare, H.R. 7130 Fair Labor Standards Amendments (Minimum Wage Increase)
21355Labor and Public Welfare, H.R. 8395 Rehabilitation Act
21356Labor and Public Welfare, H.R. 9212 Black Lung Benefits Act
21357Labor and Public Welfare, H.R. 13915 Equal Educational Opportunities Act
21358Labor and Public Welfare, H.R. 15657 Comprehensive Older Americans Services Amendments
21359Labor and Public Welfare, H.R. 15927 Railroad Retirement Act Amendments
21360Labor and Public Welfare, Miscellaneous Amendments
21361Post Office and Civil Service, H.R. 9092 Pay System For Government Prevailing Rate Employees
21362Public Works, S. 2347 Rename Trotter Shoals Dam and Reservoir
21363Public Works, S. 2770 Federal Water Pollution Control Act Amendments
21364Public Works, S. 3294 Amend Tennessee Valley Authority Act Amendments
21365Public Works, S. 3342 Environmental Noise Control Act Amendments
21366Public Works, S. Res. 296 Rename Old Senate Office Building
21367Public Works, H.R. 16071 Public Works and Economic Development Act Amendments
21368Veterans Affairs, S. 2161 Vocational Rehabilitation
21369Veterans Affairs, S. 2219/2354 VA Health Manpower Training Act/Veterans Health Care Reform Act
21370Veterans Affairs, S. 3070 World War I Veterans Pensions
21371Veterans Affairs, S. 3133 Veterans Rehabilitative Treatment
21372Veterans Affairs, S. 3338 Veteran Health And Disability Pension
21373Veterans Affairs, S. 4006 Veterans Disability
21374Veterans Affairs, H.R. 12828 Vietnam Era Veterans' Readjustment Assistance Act
21375Veterans Affairs, Miscellaneous Statements

J. 1971
1. Constituent Correspondence
2141Civil Disorder, undated
2142-3Congratulations (2 folders), undated
2144Communism, November-December
2145Communism, October 27-31
2146Communism, October 1-26
2147Communism, September
2148Communism, August
2149Communism, January-July
21410Crime, October-December
21411Crime, September
21412Crime, August
21413Crime, June-July
2151Crime, January-May
2152Cuba, undated
2153Dollar Decline, undated
2154Drugs, undated
2155Ecology, undated
2156Electoral College, undated
2157Foreign Aid, December
2158Foreign Aid, November 10-30
2159Foreign Aid, November 7-9
21510Foreign Aid, November 1-6
21511Foreign Aid, September-October
21512Foreign Aid, January-August
21513Foreign Policy, November-December
21514Foreign Policy, September-October
21515Foreign Policy, June-August
21516Foreign Policy, May
21517Foreign Policy, January-April
21518Imports, undated
21519Inflation, September-December
21520Inflation, May-August
2161Inflation, March-April
2162Inflation, January-February
2163Medical, undated
2164Middle East, July-December
2165Middle East, January-June
2166Military, October-December
2167Military, September
2168Military, July-August
2169Military, June
21610Military, May 11-31
21611Military, April-May 10
21612Military, March
21613Military, January-February