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Harry D. Dixon, Sr. Papers

Harry D. Dixon, Sr. Papers

Descriptive Summary

Title: Harry D. Dixon, Sr. Papers
Creator: Dixon, Harry D., Sr.
Inclusive Dates: 1942-2005
Language(s): English
Extent: 22 box(es) 1 audiovisual item, 1 megabyte
Collection Number: RBRL097HDD
Repository: Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies
Abstract: Harry D. Dixon, Sr. served in the Georgia House of Representatives from 1962-2000, after which he served as Board member of the Georgia Department of Transportation, until 2005. This collection documents Dixon's legislative work and political activities, election campaigns, and his work on transportation policy.

Collection Description


Harry D. Dixon, Sr. was born March 24th, 1925. He was the oldest of ten children to Rev. Huey Dixon and Mattie Woodard Dixon. Harry graduated from Wacona High School and volunteered and served as a seaman in the United States Merchant Marines during World War II. He served as part of the support flotilla during the Normandy Invasion on June 6th, 1944. Upon leaving the Merchant Marines at the conclusion of World War II, he returned home and became a fireman and ultimately an engineer with the then Atlantic Coast Railroad. He married Ruth Starling in 1946, and they had one son, Harry D. Dixon Jr. (Donnie).

In 1962, Dixon ran for an open seat in the Georgia General Assembly and was elected as a Representative. At various times he also represented Clinch County, Charlton County and Camden County. During those terms he was appointed to various committees including the Appropriations Committee, Vice Chairman of the Insurance Committee, and was Chairman of what evolved into the Regulated Beverages Committee. He served in the General Assembly from 1962 until 2000. In 2000, he was selected by his fellow legislators to serve as Board member of the Georgia Department of Transportation, and did so until 2005. Among his many accomplishments was spearheading the creation of the Lakes Golf Course at Laura S. Walker Park and the expansion of Ware Correctional Institution , He assisted with the promotion of the Okefenokee Heritage Center, Waycross Area Community Theater and Southern Forest World.

Scope and Content

This collection contains legislative papers from Harry Dixon's time in the Georgia House of Representatives; personal and political papers from Dixon's office; papers concerning Dixon's various campaigns; a collection of papers from Dixon's time in the Department of Transportation; photographs and newspaper clippings from various points in Dixon's life; and artifacts from Dixon's office.

Organization and Arrangement

This collection is arranged in six series: I. Legislative Papers, II. Personal and Political Papers, III. Campaign and Election Papers, IV. Department of Transportation, V. Photographs and Newspaper Clippings, and VI. Artifacts.

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Harry D. Dixon, Sr. Papers, Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies, University of Georgia Libraries, Athens, Georgia, 30602-1641.

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Campaign paraphernalia -- Georgia.
Georgia -- General Assembly.
Legislators -- Georgia.
Railroads -- Georgia.

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Audiovisual Materials

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Harry D. Dixon, Sr. Papers, Series II. Audiovisual Materials includes one quarter-inch open reel audio tape.
RR 0070HDD RR 0001HDD RR 0001, undated
Sound recording.
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Legislative Papers

Bills and Resolutions

11H.B. 313, 1962
12H.R. 782, H.R. 730, March 5, 1968
13[H.B. 78], February 19, 1974
14[H.R. 430], March 24, 1975
15[H.R. 916], March 16, 1976
16[H.R. 745, H.R. 747], March 23, 1982
17[H.B. 949], March 5, 1991
18[H.B. 24], August 23, 1991
19[S.B. 394, 464, 441, 640], 1994
110[H.B. 6, 1101, 570], 1996
111H.B. 313, 1036, 1085, 1387, H.R. 1387, S.B. 384, February 2000

Committee Work

112Peace Officers' Annuity and Benefit Fund , 1963-1967
113Publicity on Motor Vehicle [Committee], 1968
114Motor Vehicle Study Committee, 1968
115Motor Vehicle Study Comittee (folder two), 1968
116State Forestry Committee , December 1968
117Motor Vehicle Committee; Reflector Tag Program (folder 1/3), 1964
118Motor Vehicle Committee, Reflector Tag Program (folder 2/3), 1964
119Motor Vehicle Committee, Reflector Tag Program (folder 3/3), 1964
1201977 Legislation, 1977
121Regulated Beverage Commitee , 1997-1998

Personal and Political Papers

122Dixon, Harry D. , 1953
123Atlantic Coastline Railroad Company, 1957, 1957
124Atlantic Coastline Railroad Company, 1959, 1959
125Reapportionment of the Senate, 1962
126[Correspondence, 1963-64], 1963-64
127[Harry Dixon Publicity, 1964], 1964
128Certificates, 1964-82, 1864-82
129[insurance plan: employees of Georgia Forestry Commission], 1966
130[Georgia House of Representatives], 1967-1968
131State Self-Insurance Program, 1967-80
132[H.T. Scott; Patent on inserted tooth saw bit], 1968
1331968 Senate File (Publicity), 1968
134Press 1970-74, 1970-74
135Dick Russell- Herman Talmadge, 1971
136[Publicity, 1972-73], 1972-73
137Amtrak, 1973, 1973
138[Correspondence, 1973], 1973
139[Waycross Centennial], 1974
140No Fault Coil , 1974
141Publicity, 1976, 1976
142[Private Avery], 1976
143[Correspondence, 1976-79], 1976-79
144Dept. of Human Resources, 1977
145Amtrak, 1977, 1977
146[Harry Dixon's personal notebook, year 1978], 1978
147[Key Features of SIP Revision Process], 1978
1481979 Publicity , 1979
21Commendations, 1980, 1980
22Senate Papers, 1980, 1980
23Senate Papers, 1980-1985, 1980-85
24Camden County, 1981
25Charlton, 1980-81
26District Attorney, 1981
27City of Waycross, 1981
28Charlton County, 1981-82
29ERA, 1982
210Letter File, 1982-84, 1982-84
211[Harry Dixon's personal notebook, year 1983], 1983
212Harry S. Truman Centennial, 1984
213[Harry Dixon's personal notebook, year 1985] , 1985
214[Camden County Board of Educaton], 1985
215Appointments or Recommendations, 1983
216St. Mary's Camden Co. School Board, 1985
217[Correspondence, 1985-87], 1985-87
218[Correspondence, 1985-87 (folder two)]
219Camden County, 1986, 1986
220City of Waycross, 1986, 1986
221[Harry Dixon's personal notebook, year 1986], 1986
222[Senate Papers, 1986-89], 1986-89
223Invitations Exp. , 1987
224[Harry Dixon's personal notebook, year 1988], 1988
225[Harry Dixon's personal notebook, year 1989], 1989
311990 Publicity , 1990
32[Harry Dixon's personal notebook, year 1990], 1990
33[Dixon's Office Papers, 1990-95], 1990-95
34[Harry Dixon's personal notebook, year 1991], 1991
351992 Commendations, 1992
36Toastmasters Forum, 1994
37Laura S. Walker State Park , 1994-95
38[Golf Course Resources], 1994
39Golf Course , 1995
310Laura Walker , 1994-95
311Golf Course Laura S. Walker State Park (Folder 1), 1994
312Golf Course Laura S. Walker State Park (Folder 2), 1994
313Golf Course Laura S. Walker State Park (Folder 3), 1994
314Golf Course Laura S. Walker State Park (Folder 4), 1994
3151996 Ads, 1996
316[Senate Office Papers, 1996-99], 1996-99
317[State of Florida Superpave Implementation], 1996
318[Glean vs. State], 1997
319The Religious Right and Its Influence on Georgia's Politics, 1998
320[Senate Papers, 1988], 1988
321[Georgia's House of Represenatives], 1999
322[Georgia Railroad Association Directory and Research Guide], 1999-2000
41[Correspondence, 2000s], 2000s
42[Subscribed Newsletters], 2000
43[Morris C. Gunter file], July 18 2001
44[60th Anniversary of Pearl Harbor], 2001
45[Governor's Budget Report, FY 2001], 2001
46[Terry Diggers Case], 2002
47[2002 WSWG Convention], 2002
48[Sidney Lanier Bridge], April 7 2003
49[VIVUS Inc. Stockholder Meeting], June 4, 2003
410[Ethical Principles for Public Services], November 9 2004
411[Poem for Harry Dixon's Funeral], 2012
412Alcoa SS Company
413Harry D. Dixon Family History
414[History of Atlantic Coast Transportation]
415[Group Home in Waycross]
416[Notes on Insurance Premiums]
417[Personal Notes]
418[Harry Dixon's personal notebook, undated 1/3]
419[Harry Dixon's personal notebook, undated 2/3]
420[Harry Dixon's personal notebook, undated 3/3]
421Obediah's Okefenok
422Political Specials
423Securities and Exchange Commission
424United Finance and Investment Company
425Waycross Jr. College

Campaign and Election Papers

426Campaign Files, 1960s, 1960s
427Election 1970, 1974, 1970
4281974 Election Material , 1974
4291976 Election, 1976
430Campaign Findings , 1982
4311982 Election, 1982
432[1982 Election Information], 1982
433[Campaign Financial Disclosure Complaint], 1983
434[Report of Campaign and Finance Disclosure], 1984
435[Campaign, 1988], 1988
4361990 Campaign , 1990
437[Constituent Demographic Information], 1990
438[Ware County Election Results, 1994], 1994
439[Campaign Materials, 1996], 1996
440Ethics in Government Act 1996, 1996
441[Campaign Contribution Disclosures], 1998
442[1998 Campaign Correspondence], 1998
443[Campaign Correspondence], 1999
444[Harry Dixon campaign mail]
445[Vote Harry Dixon]
446[Beating MacCall]
447[Against Mark Taylor]
448[Digital voter file information]
ER 1hd168_zip State House District 168 [digital files], 1998-09-25

Department of Transportation

Administrative Files

51[DoT Administrative Files, May-July 2000], May-July 2000
52[DoT Interdepartment Correspondence: July 2000 projects], July 2000
53[DoT Administrative Files, August-October 2000], August-October 2000
54[Sierria Club vs. Atlanta Regional Commission], February 2001
55[DoT Administrative Files, 2001], 2001
56[DoT Administrative Files, 2002], 2002
57[DoT Administrative Files, 2003], 2003
58[DoT Administrative Files, 2004], 2004
59[DoT FY 2004 Programmatic Budget], 2004


510[DoT Correspondence: Camden Co.], 1997
511[Congratulatory Letters], 2000
512[DoT Correspondence, 2000], 2000
513[DoT Correspondence, 2001], 2001
514[Correspondence on local assistance program], July 2002
515[DoT Correspondence, 2002], 2002
516[DoT Correspondence, 2003], 2003
517[DoT Correspondence, 2004], 2004

Dixon's and DoT Presentations

61[DoT Designation Handbook], 1998
62[DoT Report for the Southeast Georgia RDC], October 30 1999
63[DoT Lettering and Audit Report], 2000
64[DoT Information Binder], 2000
65[DoT Lettering Reports, 2001], 2001
66[Macon/Bibb Counties Quarterly Progress Reports, April/August 2001], April/August 2001
67[DoT's Georgia Statewide Transportation Plan Press Kit], May 2001
68[Macon/Bibb Counties Quarterly Progess Reports, April/September 2001], April September 2001
69[Georgia Highway Contractors Association Membership Directory], 2001-2002
610[DoT Construction Board and Lettering], 2002
611[Macon/Bibb Counties Quarterly Progress Reports], July 2002
612[GDoT Specification- Future Direction], February 2003
613[HR Intiatives Implementaion Plan Update], April 2003
614[GDoT District Four Roster], October 2003
615[DoT Lettering Reports, 2003], 2003
616[DoT Georgia Quality Intiative Workshop], December 2004
617[DoT Lettering Reports, 2004], 2004
618[GDoT State Improvement Plan Draft], 2001-2003
619[GDoT State Improvement Plan folder two], 2001-2003
620[GDoT State Improvement Plan 2002-2004], 2002-2004
621[GDoT State Improvement Program], 2003-2005
71[GDoT Disparity Study Final Report], March 2005

Enhancement Applications and Proposals

72[Georgia Airport Protection Act Proposal], 2001
73[Macon/Bibb County Intermodal PassengerTerminal Facilities Plan], June 2001
74[Savannah Modification Application], 2001
75[Proposal to widen U.S. 1], March 2001
76[Feasibility of Poultry Litter Peletizing Facility in Southeast Georgia], August 2002
77[DoT Proposals, 2002-05], 2002-05
78[State Map Photography Proposal], 2003-04
79[Jefferson Davis Heritage Trail Proposal], 2004-05
710[Transportation Enhancement Applications, folder 1/5], 2004-2005
711[Transportation Enhancement Applications, folder 2/5], 2004-2005
712[Transportation Enhancement Applications, folder 3/5], 2004-05
713[Transportation Enhancement Applications, folder 4/5], 2004-05
714[Transportation Enhancement Applications, folder 5/5], 2004-05

Photographs and Newspaper Clippings

81[photo with Miss Georgia Universe; photo with Billy Adams]
82[photo with Roy Barnes, HDD, Donnie Dixon, and Marie Harris]
83[photo with Peg Blitch and others]
84[photo of Beverly Brown, Susan Kidd, HDD]
85[photo with Harry Callahan, Drury, Howard Peoples, J.F. Harries, Kenneth Gag, HDD, Grover Henderson]
86[photo of swearing in; Bobby Carrol, Elinar Richardson, Albert Thompson]
87[photo with HDD and Hanson Carter]
88[photo of HDD, Hanson Carter, Zell Miller, Newt Hudson, Jay Shaw]
89[photo with Tom Crosby ; photo with George Busby]
810[photo with George Darden, Buddy Darden, Christy Darden, Lillian Darden]
811[photo of HDD with Ovid Davis]
812[photo with Kim Deal and Ed Perry]
813[photo with Dr. James Dewberry, Neal Hammock, Alice Kicklighter, Dr. Jim Alley, Clint Oliver, HDD]
814[photo of Harry Dixon in a photo booth]
815[photo of Harry and Ruth Dixon]
816[portrait of Harry Dixon]
817[photo with Dixon and Blitch Campaign signs]
818[photo of Harry Dixon fishing]
819[photo in Jacksonville, fishing]
820[various portraits of Harry Dixon]
821[photo of Harry Dixon recieving the Poultry Prize]
822[copy of Harry Dixon identity paper]
823[photo of HDD and brothers]
824[DoT photos of Tomberlin Rd, ca. 1975], 1975
825[photo with Mr. Earls, Lester Maddox, and HDD]
826[photo with Frank Eldridge, Ms. Parks, HDD]
827[photo with Olivia Gills]
828[photo with HDD, the Eldridges, and the Barnes]
829[photo of Frank Eldridge, Reverend Henry Fields, Tom Crosby, HDD]
830[photo with the Eldridges, Dixons, Jimmy Carter, and Mrs. Pennington]
831[photo of HDD, Jack Ellard, Nookie Meadows]
832[photo with the Dixons, Mr. and Mrs. George Fesperman]
833[photo with Carson Hard, HDD]
834[photo with Mr. and Mrs. Harris, HDD, Ruth Dixon, Paul Foster, Carolyn, Mr. and Mrs. Etheridge]
835[photo with HDD, Charlie Hatcher, Ted Hudson, Sonny Harriss, Howard Rainey, Baine Stove, Jack Greene]
836[photo of Keith Heard, Root Ray]
837[photo with HDD, Ward Hernandez, JF Harris, Jim Robertson]
838[photo with HDD, Ed Hitt, Sloppy Floyd]
839[photo of Francis Houston, Ima Jean Hatfield, Carl Sanders, the Dixons]
840[photo of HDD, Mrs. Hudgens]
841[photo of Kenneth Jay, HDD, Billy Langdale, Jimmy Connor]
842[photo with Mr. Jenkins]
843[photo of Rep. Johnson, HDD, Rev. from Waycross, Tom Crosby]
844[photo with HDD, Lawnelle Jones, Larry Walker]
845[photos with Lawnelle Jones]
846[photo with Mr. and Mrs. Fred Kitchens, HDD, Marie Harris]
847[photo of Bobby Long, Mrs. Long, lobbyist, HDD]
848[photos with Lester Maddox]
849[photo with Lester Maddox, Dr. Mickey, O'Connel; photo wih HDD, Dr. O'Connel, Jimmy Carter]
850[photo with Carl Martin, HDD, Temy Coleman]
851[photo with C.C. McRae, Bryant Clarke, Sherry Scott, Governor, HDD, Donnie James, Al Crace]
852[photo with Baker McGee, Ray Willingham, Hewy Clark, HDD, and Ras Bowen]
853[photo with Zell Miller, HDD, and Cap Hicks]
854[photo of HDD with Mr. and Mrs. Zell Miller]
855[photo with students and Bill Miller]
856[photo of Sydney Marus and Harry Dixon with a constituent]
857[photo with John Milne, Ms. Milne (daughter) and HDD]
858[photo with Henson Mosely, Mrs. IW Strickland, Judge Francis Houston, HDD]
859[photo of HDD, Danny, Tom Murphy]
860[photo of legislative pages]
862[photo with Ed Pass, Brad Dorminy, HDD, and Mike Egan]
863[photo with Bobby Peeler, Agnes Peeler, and Otis Sweat]
864[photo of Mrs. Brooks Pennington with HDD]
865[photo with Peterson, HDD, Joe Strickland, Mara Peterson]
866[photo of Pope]
867[photo of HDD and Mayor Shirley Purkin]
868[photo of Railroad lodges legislative reps]
869[photo of state legislature; railroad with Carl Sanders]
870[photo of railroads; train crash]
871[photo of the railroad couples]
872[photo with Frank Redding and others]
873[photo with HDD, Hal Reeves]
874[photo with Gerald Roberts, Ward Hernandez, HDD]
875[photo of Chip Sasser and HDD]
876[photo of HDD with Linda Sanchez]
877[photo with Mrs. Rachel Settles]
878[certificate of Sine Dre, 1996], 1996
879[photo with Benelle Sistar, Jimmy Sistar, HDD, Jack Sistar, and Carl Sanders]
880[photo of HDD and Jimmy Skipper]
881[photo of Tommy Smith, Downing Musgrove, Gerald Roberts, HDD]
882[HDD with students]
883[photo with Otis Sweat]
884[photo with Otis Sweat, Bryce Holcomb, Tom Nolan, George Busbee, and HDD]
885[photo of Elnore Thrash, HDD, Mo Thrash]
886[photo with Bob Walker]
887[photo with HDD and Jean Ward]
888[photo with the Waycross High School graduates]
889[photo with HDD and the Van Streets]
890[photo, 1/64]
891[photo, 2/64]
892[photo, 3/64]
893[photo, 4/64]
894[photo, 5/64]
895[photo, 6/64]
896[photo, 7/64]
897[photo, 8/64]
898[photo, 9/64]
899[photo, 10/64]
8100[photo, 11/64]
8101[photo, 12/64]
8102[photo, 13/64]
8103[photo, 14/64]
8104[photo, 15/64]
8105[photo, 16/64]
8106[photo, 17/64]
8107[photo, 18/64]
8108[photo, 19/64]
8109[photo, 20/64]
8110[photo, 21/64]
8111[photo, 22/64]
8112[photo, 23/64]
8113[photo, 24/64]
8114[photo, 25/64]
8115[photo, 26/64]
8116[photo, 27/64]
8117[photo, 28/64]
8118[photo, 29/64]
8119[photo, 30/64]
8120[photo, 31/64]
8121[photo, 32/64]
8122[photo with glass plate, 33/64]
8123[photo, 34/64]
8124[photo, 35/64]
8125[photo, 36/64]
8126[photo, 37/64]
8127[photo, 38/64]
8128[photo, 39/64]
8129[photo, 40/64]
8130[photo, 41/64]
8131[photo, 42/64]
8132[photo, 43/64]
8133[photo, 44/64]
8134[photo, 45/64]
8135[photo, 46/64]
8136[photo, 47/64]
8137[photo, 48/64]
8138[photo, 49/64]
8139[photo, 50/64]
8140[photo, 51/64]
8141[photo, 52/64]
8142[photo, 53/64]
8143[photo, 54/64]
8144[photo, 55/64]
8145[photo, 56/64]
8146[photo, 57/64]
8147[photo, 58/64]
8148[photo, 59/64]
8149[photo, 60/64]
8150[photo, 61/64]
8151[photo, 62/64]
8152[photo, 63/64]
8153[photo, 64/64]
91[newspaper clippings 1/17]
92[newspaper clippings 2/17]
93[newspaper clippings 3/17]
94[newspaper clippings 4/17]
95[newspaper clippings 5/17]
96[newspaper clippings 6/17]
97[newspaper clippings 7/17]
98[newspaper clippings 8/17]
99[newspaper clippings 9/17]
910[newspaper clippings 10/17]
911[newspaper clippings 11/17]
912[newspaper clippings 12/17]
913[newspaper clippings 13/17]
914[newspaper clippings 14/17]
915[newspaper clippings 15/17]
916[newspaper clippings 16/17]
917[newspaper clippings 17/17]


101[Plaque; Outstanding Service to District 168], February 21, 2001
102[Plaque; Legislature of the Year (Mental Health Association)], 1982
103[Plaque; The Legislative Hunger Award], 2000
104[Plaque; 10th Anniversary of the Rehabilitation Workshop Inc.], January 30, 1981
105[Plaque; Appreciation from the Southeast Health District], 1999
106[Plaque; Appreciation from Georgia Alcoholic Dealers Association, Inc.]
111[survey for Brunswick Highway]
112[land surveys of Waycross]
113[members of the Georgia legislature, 1972], 1972
114[members of the Georgia legislature, 1969], 1969
115[survey map of Waycross]
116[Georgia House of Representatives, 1985], 1985
117[Georgia House of Representatives, 1971], 1971
118[Harry Dixon, Member of the House, 1992], 1992
119[Elect Donnie Dixon poster]
1110[Re-Elect Harry D. Dixon poster, 1994], 1994
1112[Re-Elect Harry D. Dixon poster, undated]
1113[HR 740: Resolution of Appreciation], 2005
1114[portrait of HDD]
1115[proclamation of appreciation from the Camden County Board of Commissioners], 2005
1116[appointments of the Southeast Georgia area Planning and Development Commission, 1988
121[property ownership map, Ware County]
122[Reapportionment Map]
123[map for proposed scenic bridge]
124[Georgia Legislature, 1963], 1963
125[Survey of Memorial Street]
126[Harry Dixon, appointment to Admiral of the Navy]
127[Harry Dixon, elected 1971-1973], 1971
128[Admiral of the Georgia Navy, 1983], 1983
129[Georgia House of Representatives, 1971], 1971
1210[Georgia Members of the Senate, 1963-64], 1963-64
1211[Harry Dixon, Member of the House 1974], 1974
1212[Harry Dixon, Member of the House, 1962], 1962
1213[Harry Dixon, Member of the House, 1976], 1976
1214[Harry Dixon, Member of the House, 1964], 1964
1215[Georgia Arts Day at the Capitol, 1985], 1985
1216Georgia House of Representatives, 1966], 1966
132[Georgia Capitol Paperweight]
133[Desk nameplate]
134[Georgia Railroad Spike]
135[Georgia Egineers paperweight], 1999
136[Business Card case]
137[Georgia Rail pin]
138[pair of cufflinks]
139[Harry Dixon bag tag]
1310[Hary Dixon nametag, Chairman Temperance]
1311[Harry Dixon nametag, Representative District 151]
1312[Harry Dixon nametag, Vistor to the House Floor], August 16, 1995
1313[Harry Dixon nametag, House member 1993], 1993
1314[Harry Dixon's State Capitol ID card], 1990
1315[Chairman of the Regulated Beverages Committee, nametag 1/6; silver]
1316[Chairman of the Regulated Beverages Committee, nametag 2/6; blue]
1317[Chairman of the Regulated Beverages Committee, nametag 3/6; red]
1318[Chairman of the Regulated Beverages Committee, nametag 3/6; red marbled]
1319[Chairman of the Regulated Beverages Committee, nametag 5/6; bright green]
1320[Chairman of the Regulated Beverages Committee, nametag 6/6; dark green]
1321[Seaboard Coast Line Railroad metal plate]
1322[Georgia license plate]
1323[CSX souvenir hat]