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Guthrie vs. Evans: Georgia State Prison Research Files

Guthrie vs. Evans: Georgia State Prison Research Files

Descriptive Summary

Title: Guthrie vs. Evans: Georgia State Prison Research Files
Creator: Chilton, Dr. Bradley S.
Inclusive Dates: 1972-1983
Language(s): English
Extent: 47 box(es) (22.75 linear feet)
Collection Number: RBRL090GVE
Repository: Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies
Abstract: This collection consists of material collected by Bradley Chilton pertaining to the Guthrie vs. Evans trial from 1972-1983, a law suit that led to sweeping reforms in the Georgia prison system. It includes transcripts of court proceedings, court records, minutes, printed material, correspondence, news clippings, blueprints, and photographs regarding conditions in the Georgia State Prison at Reidsville and trial proceedings. Materials were used by Chilton for his dissertation and book, Prisons Under the Gavel.

Collection Description

Historical Note

On September 29, 1972 , Arthur S. Guthrie, Joseph Coggins II, and fifty other African American inmates of the Georgia State Prison in Reidsville, Georgia, signed a four page in forma pauperis complaint to federal courts that led to the most detailed and comprehensive set of remedial decrees ever imposed on a single prison facility. Judge Anthony A. Alaimo of the U. S. District Court for the Southern District of Georgia officially sanctioned the lawsuit, which has been variously titled Guthrie vs. MacDougall, Guthrie v. Caldwell, Guthrie v. Ault, and Guthrie vs. Evans. Judge Alaimo's decision was the catalyst for changes in prison sanitation, food preparation, temperature control, fire control, industries, and ventilation in the prison system. He also mandated inmate classification, racial desegregation, overcrowding restrictions, security segregation, disciplinary procedures, grievance procedures, religious freedoms, security, safety, visitation privileges, law library access, exercise privileges, rehabilitation, educational programs, and medical, dental, and mental health programs (Department of Offender Rehabilitation, 1982). Judge Alaimo concluded nearly thirteen years' involvement in Guthrie with a final injunctive order on June 26, 1985.

Scope and Content

This collection contains files from the Georgia State Attorney's Office regarding the Guthrie vs. Evans trial. It includes transcripts of court proceedings, court records, minutes, printed material, correspondence, news clippings, blueprints, and photographs regarding conditions in the Georgia State Prison at Reidsville and trial proceedings. Dr. Bradley Chilton used these files to write his award winning dissertation (1988 Best Dissertation in Public Administration by NASPPA). From his dissertation, he also published a book, Prisons under the Gavel: the Federal Court takeover of Georgia Prisons, in 1991, by Ohio State University Press.

Organization and Arrangement

The collection is divided into three series, I. Transcripts, II. Hearings and Interrogatories, and III. Addendum. Each series is arranged chronologically.

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Guthrie vs. Evans: Georgia State Prison Research Files, Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies, University of Georgia Libraries, Athens, Georgia, 30602-1641.

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Alaimo, Anthony, 1920-2009
Bishop, Sanford D., Jr., 1947-
Georgia -- Politics and government -- 1951-
Guthrie, Arthur S.
Minutes (administrative records)
Prison administration -- Georgia.
Prison administration -- United States.
Prisoners -- Georgia.
Prisons -- Law and legislation -- Georgia.
Prisons -- Law and legislation -- United States.
Prisons and race relations -- Georgia.
Proceedings (reports)
Reidsville (Ga.)

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Series Descriptions and Folder Listing


I. Transcripts

17 box(es)
(8.25 linear feet)
This series contains court transcripts from the hearings involving the Guthrie vs. Evans case. It has been organized into four series: A. 1973-1975, B. 1976, C. 1977, D. 1979, and E. Photographs. Photographs were removed from A. 1973-1975 and are now in E. Photographs, which contains mugshots of the plaintiffs and pictures documenting the prison facilities and treatment of inmates.

A. 1973-1975

I.1 1Guthrie vs. Ellis MacDougall, 1973
I.1 2Guthrie vs. Caldwell, 1973
I.1 3Status Report (Greenwall to Ault), 1974 May 22
I.1 4-5 Inmates, Georgia State Prison
I.1 6Agreement Reached During Mediation, 1974 February 27-28
I.1 7 Guthrie vs. Caldwell , 1973
I.1 8 Guthrie vs. Caldwell , 1974 November 13
I.1 9-10 Medical Survey of Florida Division of Corrections
I.2 1-2 Simmons vs. Ault , 1974
I.2 3 Guthrie vs. Ault
I.2 4Detention Facility: Health, Sanitation and Safety, Operation Program Guidelines
I.2 5-9 Guthrie vs. Ault , 1975
I.2 10Correspondence, 1975
I.2 11Blank forms

B. 1976

I.3 1Vol. I, Guthrie vs. Ault, 1976 June 14
I.3 2Vol. II, Guthrie vs. Ault, 1976 June 15
I.3 3Vol. III, Guthrie vs. Ault, 1976 June 16
I.3 4Vol. IV, Guthrie vs. Ault, 1976 June 21
I.3 5Vol. V, Guthrie vs. Ault, 1976 June 22
I.3 6Vol. VI, Guthrie vs. Ault, 1976 June 23
I.3 71976 June 14-15, 21
I.4 1Vol. VII, Guthrie vs. Ault, 1976 July 19
I.4 2Vol. VIII, Guthrie vs. Ault, 1976 July 20
I.4 3Vol. IX, Guthrie vs. Ault, 1976 July 22
I.4 4Vol. X, Exhibits, Guthrie vs. Ault, 1976
I.4 5Phase I - Experts, Guthrie vs. Ault, 1976
I.5 1Dr. Kenneth B. Babcock, Survey of Prison hospitals, 1976 November 9
I.5 2Dr. Kenneth B. Babcock, 1976 November 10
I.5 3Dr. Edwin Delayne Robinson, Psychiatric Treatment - State Prison, 1976 November 11
I.5 4Dr. Edwin Robinson, 1976 November 12
I.5 5Dr. Jonas Robitscher, Medical Advisory Committee, 1976 November 15
I.5 6Dr. James B. Craig, 1976 November 17
I.5 7Dr. Bayliss Walker, Jr., 1976 November 19
I.6 1Dr. John Smith Kirkland, Jr., 1976 November 22
I.6 2-4 Theodore James Gordon, 1976 November 23
I.6 5Dr. Duel, 1976 November 24

C. 1977

I.7 1-2 Vol. II, 1977 March 29
I.7 3-4 Vol. III, 1977 March 30
I.7 5-6 Vol. IV, 1977 March 31
I.8 1-2 Vol. V, 1977 April 1 and 4
I.8 3-4 Vol. VI, 1977 April 5
I.8 5-6 Vol. VII, 1977 April 6
I.8 7-8 Vol. VIII, 1977 April 7
I.9 1Vol. IX, 1977 April 8
I.9 2-3 Vol. X, 1977 April 11
I.9 4Vol. XI, 1977 April 12
I.9 5Vol. XII, 1977 April 13
I.9 6Vol. XIII, 1977 April 14
I.10 1Vol. XIV, 1977 May 2
I.10 2Vol. XV, 1977 May 3
I.10 3Vol. XVI, 1977 May 4
I.10 4Vol. XVII, 1977 May 5
I.10 5Vol. XVIII, 1977 May 6
I.10 6Vol. XIX, 1977 May 9
I.10 7Vol. XX, 1977 May 10
I.10 8Vol. XXI, 1977 May 11
I.11 1Vol. XXII, 1977 May 12-13
I.11 2Vol. XXIII, 1977 May 16
I.11 3Vol. XXIV, May 17, 1977
I.11 4Vol. XXV, 1977 May 18
I.11 5Vol. XXVI, 1977 May 19
I.11 6Vol. XXVII, 1977 May 20
I.11 7Vol. XXVIII, 1977 May 23
I.12 1Vol. XXIX, 1977 May 24
I.12 2Vol. XXX, 1977 May 25
I.12 3Vol. XXXI, 1977 May 26
I.12 4Vol. XXXII, 1977 May 27
I.12 5Vol. XXXIII, 1977 May 30
I.12 6Vol. XXXIV, 1977 May 31
I.12 7Vol. XXXV, 1977 June 1
I.13 1Vol. XXXVI, 1977 June 6
I.13 2Vol. XXXVII, 1977 June 8
I.13 3Vol. XXXVIII, 1977 June 9
I.13 4Vol. XXXIX, 1977 June 10
I.13 5(Phase II), 1977 July 7-8
I.14 11977 April 4
I.14 2-3 Vol. I, 1977 April 19
I.14 4-5 Vol. II, 1977 April 19
I.14 61977 April 19-20
I.15 1(Harassment of Witnesses), 1977 May 12-16
I.15 21977 June 2-3

D. 1979

I.16 1Report of the Special Monitor of the Defendant's State of Compliance Vol. I, 1979
I.16 2Report of the Special Monitor of the Defendant's, State of Compliance Vol. I, 1979

E. Photographs

I.17 1Exhibit 86-Photographs of victims-Allen
I.17 2Exhibit 86-Photographs of victims-Baldwin
I.17 3Exhibit 86-Photographs of victims-Bell
I.17 4Exhibit 86-Photographs of victims-Brown
I.17 5Exhibit 86-Photographs of victims-Campbell
I.17 6Exhibit 86-Photographs of victims-Cogman
I.17 7Exhibit 86-Photographs of victims-Cox
I.17 8Exhibit 86-Photographs of victims-Crawford
I.17 9Exhibit 86-Photographs of victims-Curry
I.17 10Exhibit 86-Photographs of victims-Dumas
I.17 11Exhibit 86-Photographs of victims-Few
I.17 12Exhibit 86-Photographs of victims-Hunter
I.17 13Exhibit 86-Photographs of victims-Isom
I.17 14Exhibit 86-Photographs of victims-Knox
I.17 15Exhibit 86-Photographs of victims-Rogers
I.17 16Exhibit 86-Photographs of victims-Simmons
I.17 17Exhibit 86-Photographs of victims-Tanner
I.17 18Exhibit 86-Photographs of victims-West
I.17 19Exhibit 86-Photographs of victims-Williams
I.17 20Exhibit 86-Photographs of victims-59806
I.17 21Exhibit 86-Photographs of victims-59807
I.17 22Exhibit 86-Photographs of victims-59998
I.17 23Exhibit 72, Georgia Bureau of Investigation

II. Hearings and Interrogatories

25 box(es)
(11.5 linear feet)
This series consists of correspondence, news clippings, printed material, court records, transcripts, agendas, meeting minutes, reports, agency survey data, blueprints and photographs.

A. 1972-1974

II.11Guthrie vs. Caldwell - Outline and Summary
II.1 2-3 Guthrie vs. Caldwell - Pleadings (Vol. I)
II.14Guthrie vs. Caldwell - Pleadings (Vol. II)
II.15Special files
II.16Hearings on motion for preliminary injunction, 1974 November 13
II.17Muslim Chaplin (Aliamo's November 9 1973 order), 1973 November
II.1 8-9 Guthrie Litigation - amended complaint
II.2 1-2 Guthrie vs Caldwell - Dispositions and Transcripts
II.23Guthrie vs. Caldwell costs
II.24Consolidate Guthrie and Watson cases
II.25Guthrie vs. Caldwell three judge court aspect
II.26Guthrie vs. Caldwell procedural issues
II.2 7-9 U. S. Civil Rights Commission on Georgia State Prison, 1973
II.31U. S. Civil Rights Commission on Georgia State Prison, 1973
II.3 2-3 Georgia State Prison Inspection Report (In-house public health inspection only)
II.3 4-5 Guthrie vs. Caldwell: Class Action Aspect, pleadings
II.36No. 3018 USDC/SDGA/Sav. Div. 10/72 Watson, James and Brewster, Sherman et. al. vs. Caldwell
II.37Watson and Brewster vs. Hopper (formerly Caldwell) amended complaint
II.38Watson and Brewster vs. Caldwell no. 3018 evidence
II.41Guthrie -memoranda, 1973
II.4 2-3 Background material
II.44Guthrie -memoranda, 1974
II.45Correspondence, 1973 September-1974 May
II.46Correspondence, 1974 June-December

B. 1975-1977

II.5 1-2 Guthrie Motions and Orders through September, 1975
II.5 3-4 Guthrie Motions and Orders, 1975 October
II.55Inmate files
II.56Motion to compel answers
II.57Motion for sanctions
II.6 1-2 Motions filed, 1976 April-September 10
II.6 3-5 Motions, 1976 September 10
II.66Motions, 1977 September 14-December 22
II.71Motions, 1977 December 13
II.72Correspondence prior to mediation
II.7 3-6 Guthrie Litigation: Correspondence and Memo
II.7 7-8 Correspondence, 1976 April 4-September 1
II.8 1-2 Correspondence, 1976 September 1-December 14
II.8 3-4 Correspondence, 1976 December 14-1977 February 9
II.85Correspondence, 1977 February 15-March 14
II.8 6-7 Correspondence, 1977 March 14-September 14
II.9 1-2 Correspondence, 1977 September 15-1978 January 31
II.93Correspondence, 1978 February 1-August 16
II.101Memoranda to file Guthrie
II.102Transfer Issue
II.103Psychiatric issue
II.104Phase One - Miscellaneous
II.105Defendant's First Interrogatories
II.106Second Interrogatories
II.107Medical Facility and staff
II.108First Interrogatories
II.111First Interrogatories
II.11 2-3 Discovery outline
II.114Interrogatories Part I
II.115Interrogatories Part II
II.11 6-7 Interrogatories Part III
II.118Interrogatories Part IV
II.119Interrogatories Part V
II.121Interrogatories Part VIII
II.12 2-3 Materials/Correspondence on Evidentiary matters
II.124Hearings transcripts for special master, 1976 September 9 and 1976 October 27
II.125Requests for production of documents
II.126Responses to request for production of documents
II.127Guthrie -Discovery
II.128Investigation 76-S-128
II.131Interrogatories Part I
II.132Interrogatories Part II
II.133Interrogatories Part III
II.13 4-5 Interrogatories Part IV
II.136Interrogatories Part V
II.13 7-8 Interrogatories Part VI
II.13 9-10 Interrogatories Part VII
II.1311Interrogatories Part VIII
II.141No. 3164 9/73 Lee and Russell vs. Mac et al.
II.142Interrogatories Part 9
II.14 3-4 Proposed stipulations of fact
II.14 5-6 Request for admission of fact
II.147Plaintiffs second interrogatories
II.148Food and conditions for preparations
II.1410Use of strip cells
II.1411Use of force
II.1412Rights of Muslim inmates and provision of pork-free diet
II.1413Physical protection of inmates
II.1414Correspondence/inspection of mail
II.15 1-2 Audit of classification for Georgia State Prison
II.153Special management of inmates
II.154Outside Legal Assistance Program (OLAP)
II.155Personal property
II.156Compendium of Guthrie vs. Evans orders
II.157Protective custody
II.158Medical care - physical, 1983 June 6-8
II.159Inmate hobby crafts standards and limitations
II.1510Special monitors, 1982
II.161Prison functions report, 1970
II.162Meals, 1976
II.16 3-5 Cycle menu, 1975
II.166Plaintiffs discovery - miscellaneous
II.168Miscellaneous correspondence Department of Offender Rehabilitation (Gene Guerrero), 1975
II.17 1-2 Guthrie vs. Ault , 1977
II.173Guthrie Case, 1976
II.174Proposed Constitution, HR68-291 Bill drafting paper
II.17 5-6 Guthrie vs. Ault motions, pleadings, 1976 October 17-1977 January 31
II.177Morris vs. Tidwell/ Guthrie vs. Ault
II.181First set of Interrogatories answers
II.182Witness matters
II.18 3-4 Interview summary
II.185Witness interviews
II.186Inmate Athletic Recreation program
II.187Chapel service
II.189Lee Wood
II.1810Captain Waldron
II.1811Evidence of convictions
II.1812Motion to restrict evidence
II.191Correspondence with attachments (pleading)
II.192Pretrial conference, September 16-October 18, 1976
II.193Pretrial conference, October 27-28, 1976
II.19 4-5 Correspondence with attachments (nonpleading)

C. 1978-1981

II.20 1-2 Negotiations - working documents, 1978
II.203Negotiations - working documents, 1976
II.204Medical - Dr. James B. Craig
II.205Medical - Dr. Edmond D. Robinson
II.206Medical - Dr. Hugh S. Greiger
II.207Medical - Dr. Lloyd T. Baccus
II.20 8-9 Correspondence
II.211Qualification of experts
II.213Non-legal library
II.214Administrative segregation
II.215Polygram exams
II.216Department of Justice
II.21 7-8 Monitor appointment - correspondence, 1979
II.21 9-10 Settlement
II.221Inmate complaint and response, 1979
II.222Guthrie correspondence, 1978-1979
II.231Plaintiffs supplemental answers to defendants first interrogatories
II.232Georgia State Prison investigation
II.233Intervention - Michael Turley
II.234 Turley vs. Caldwell , 1974
II.235 Ellis, James v. Hopper , 1974
II.236Guthrie First Report
II.237Special masters report
II.238Reporting, 1979
II.239Guthrie vs. Evans Correspondence, 1980
II.241Guthrie vs. Evans, 1980
II.24 2-3 Extraordinary motion- close administrative segregation and isolation
II.244Georgia State Prison Integration - monitoring
II.245Prison integration - compiled, 1968-1974
II.246Modification of integration plan
II.24 7-8 Henderson motion
II.249Admission of facts
II.251Guthrie vs. Evans report, 1981
II.252Guthrie vs. Evans, Building 2, 1981

III. Addendum

4 box(es)
(3 linear feet)
This series primarily contains court reports on Guthrie vs. Evans and Guthrie vs. Caldwell . Most of the materials pertain to the later years of the court case particularly final judgments on the case. The series also holds records on policy changes and renovation plans at Georgia State Prison.
III.11Georgia State Prison, plans and policies
III.12Georgia State Prison, reform audits
III.13Georgia State Prison, Fire Marshal
III.14Georgia State Prison, policy changes
III.15Georgia State Prison, inmate records
III.16Georgia State Prison, inmate count, 1982 February 15
III.17Georgia State Prison, mental health/mental retardation plan
III.18Georgia State Prison, renovation report, 1980
III.19Georgia State Prison, state of the facility report, 1980-1982
III.110Women's State Prison, 1980 March 13
III.21Guthrie vs. Evans, historical note
III.22Guthrie vs. Evans, court orders, 1981
III.23Guthrie vs. Evans, court orders, 1983-1984
III.24Guthrie vs. Evans, court orders, 1983-1984
III.25Guthrie vs. Evans, Fifth report supplement (industrial health and safety)
III.26Guthrie vs. Caldwell, referrals for monitors
III.27Guthrie vs. Caldwell, motion for extraordinary emergency relief, 1979 December 10
III.31Guthrie vs. Evans, First Report, Volume I
III.32Guthrie vs. Evans, Second Report
III.33Guthrie vs. Evans, Third Report
III.34Guthrie vs. Evans, Fourth Report, Volume I
III.35Guthrie vs. Evans, Fourth Report, Volume I
III.36Guthrie vs. Evans, Fourth Report, Volume II
III.37Guthrie vs. Evans, Fifth Report (supplement draft to report on inmate grievance procedure)
III.38Guthrie vs. Evans, Fifth Report (introduction, comments, and narrative reports)
III.39Guthrie vs. Evans, Fifth Report (appendices), 1982
III.310Guthrie vs. Evans, Fifth Report, audit document
III.311Guthrie vs. Evans, comments and appendices to report on physical protection of inmates, 1982
III.41Guthrie vs. Evans, Sixth Report, Volume I
III.42Guthrie vs. Evans, Sixth Report, Volume II
III.43Guthrie vs. Evans, Sixth Report, Audit document
III.44Guthrie vs. Evans, Sixth Report, Appendices
III.45Guthrie vs. Evans, Compendium of orders issued
III.46Guthrie vs. Evans, court orders, 1981-1983
III.47Guthrie vs. Evans, court orders, 1981-1983
III.48Guthrie vs. Evans, audit documents for monitoring defendants' compliance with court's orders
III.49Guthrie vs. Evans, Plaintiff's Motion, 1978 August 4
III.410Guthrie vs. Evans, Requests for Admissions from Defendants, 1978