Athens League of Women Voters Records

Athens League of Women Voters Records

Descriptive Summary

Title: Athens League of Women Voters Records
Creator: Athens League of Women Voters
Inclusive Dates: 1940-2006
Language(s): English
Extent: 36 box(es) (32.5 linear feet) including 70 photographs, 134 negatives, and 6 slides
Collection Number: RBRL028ALWV
Repository: Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies
Abstract: The Athens League of Women Voters (ALWV) Records consist of meeting minutes, agendas, correspondence, clippings, photographs, scrapbooks, and membership information documenting league activities from 1940 to 2006. Other files in this collection include publications such as annual political directories listing public officials and municipal services in the Athens-Clarke County area. The collection also has materials studied by the league regarding local, state, and national issues, including action studies, political studies, documents related to pending legislation, as well ass voter education information and candidate questionnaires. Also included are files from the League of Women Voters of Georgia, the National League, and other regional leagues.

Collection Description

Historical Note

The League of Women Voters of the United States was founded in 1920 by Carrie Chapman Catt during the annual convention of the National American Woman Suffrage Association. As a non-partisan political organization, the National League has been devoted to promoting voter education, increasing awareness on public policy issues through education and advocacy, and empowering citizens to play active roles in government. The League of Women Voters has focused on issues related to federal legislation such as: international relations with foreign trade and foreign economic policy; the Motor Voter Act; the Bricker Amendment, proposed in the early 1950s to limit the Federal government's treaty–making powers; and the Equal Rights Amendment. In 1974, the National League opened their membership to all U.S. citizens of voting age.

The Athens League of Women Voters (ALWV) was established as an official organization in 1948 as a chapter of the League of Women Voters of Georgia. In addition to supporting National League issues, the ALWV continuously studied and distributed information on local issues such as city-county consolidation for Athens-Clarke County, housing studies, juvenile justice, desegregation, and water quality. Many of the issues studied by ALWV also intersect with the broader goals of the state and national league.

The ALWV has been influential as a non-partisan organization in studying and supporting local politics around Athens-Clarke County. In particular, they were involved with studying the Athens-Clarke County Charter Commission; issues on education, such as desegregation and school finance; healthcare services; housing studies with relation to city planning; and juvenile justice. Former league presidents have brought their own influence to local politics through proposing studies on local issues. Sophia Deutschberger, president of the league from 1968 to 1970, strongly supported a study on the Athens-Clarke County Charter Commission. The Charter Commission pushed for consolidating city and county services and functions such as the police department, fire department, health care, welfare, and water and power services. In 1981, under the presidency of Marguerite Holmes, the league was the recipient of a grant provided by the League of Women Voters Education Fund to study voting procedures and implementation of the Voting Rights Act in Clarke County. The ALWV also studied the administration of juvenile justice for several years with the aim of improving the juvenile court system in Georgia. During this study it created a committee to analyze the annual reports of the Clarke County Juvenile Court, interviewed agency personnel, developed a needs questionnaire, and presented two programs on juvenile justice.

Prominent public figures of the ALWV have included: Phyllis Jenkins Barrow, wife of Judge James Barrow and the first secretary for the ALWV Board; Heidi Davison, former mayor of Athens; and Janice Mathis, former president of the ALWV, board member for the Georgia League, and former director for the National League. The final meeting of ALWV was held on March 23, 2006.

Scope and Content

The Athens League of Women Voters (ALWV) Records document the governance and activities of the league from 1940 to 2006. The records include annual reports; correspondence; financial records; meeting minutes and agendas; publications, including handbooks, newsletters, directories, and programs; and scrapbooks containing clippings and photographs. Meeting minutes document monthly meetings, board meetings, and also committee meetings for the ALWV. Correspondence files include incoming letters and materials from the League of Women Voters of Georgia (LWVGA), the League of Women Voters of the United States, representatives of Georgia's 10th District, and Georgia senators as well as typed carbons of the ALWV outgoing correspondence. The materials document the league's various activities and contain information on county consolidations, the county unit system, Georgia's educational system, pending legislation in both Georgia's General Assembly and the U.S. Congress, redistricting, and other political matters. The publication series includes material from the ALWV, LWVGA, National League, and the League of Women Voters Education Fund. The types of publications in this collection include the Athens Voter, the Georgia Voter, and the National Voter newsletters as well as guides and pamphlets on issues supported by the League of Women Voters such as voter services and education, and membership recruitment.

Organization and Arrangement

The Athens League of Women Voters Records collection is arranged into seven series: I. Administrative Files; II. Actions, Studies, and Legislation; III. Publications; IV. Scrapbooks; V. Artifacts; VI. Photographs; and VII. Audiovisual (AV is inventoried separately, here).

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Athens League of Women Voters Records, Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies, The University of Georgia Libraries, Athens, Georgia.

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Series Descriptions and Folder Listing


I. Administrative Files, 1947-2005

15 box(es) (13.75 linear feet)
This series documents the administrative history of the organization from 1947 to 2005. Due to the fact that official records have been collected and maintained by individual members, there is some overlap between subseries. This series is organized into seven subseries: A. League of Women Voters Board Files; B. Membership; C. Committee and Program Files; D. Correspondence and Memoranda; E. Financial Files; F. Meetings, Conventions, and Workshops; and G. Publicity and Public Relations.

A. League of Women Voters Board Files

( 256 folder(s) )
This subseries is organized into four sections: General; President and Board Member Personal Files; Meeting Minutes and Agenda; and Handbook and Training Documents. Files mainly document activities by the ALWV board but also include board activities at the state and national level. Records document general board activities and duties, personal files kept by different board members, meeting minutes and agendas, and training documents given to board members by the National League including leadership handbooks and president packets.
1. General , 1954-2004
I.11[50th Anniversary Celebration], 1968-1969
I.12ALWV Stationery, undated
I.13[Administrative Files Instructions], [circa 1968]
I.14Athens Board Lists, 1991-1994
I.15[Board Training Institute], 1954-1967
I.16Board Packet Suggestions [Annual Reports] (folder 1 of 3), 1983-1988
I.17Board Packet Suggestions [Annual Reports] (folder 2 of 3), 1983-1988
I.18Board Packet Suggestions [Annual Reports] (folder 3 of 3), 1983-1988
I.19In League-Job Descriptions, 1973, 1978-1979
I.110[For Your Information], 1969
I.111[Guidelines and Primers for Board Responsibility], [1962-1977]
I.112LWVUS 75th Anniversary, 1995
I.113[LWV, LWVGA, LWVA Addresses], [2004]
I.114List of Local Georgia Leagues and Presidents, 1991-1995
I.115[LWV Board Files], [2002-2003]
I.116League Goals from Board Training, 1987
I.117LWVA General Binder, 1989-1990, 1997
I.118LWV-US [General Information on the League], 1989-1990
I.119LWV Mission Statement, undated
I.120LWV, 1994-1995
I.121[LWV Organizational Resources], undated, 1964
I.122[LWVGA Administrative Files], [2004]
I.123[LWVGA Board Files], [2002]
I.124[LWVUS Officers and Directors], [1966]
I.125Board Members and Officers, 1992-1993
I.126LWV Officers and ALWV Membership Directory, 1994
I.127ALWV Board of Directors, 1994-1995
I.128Board Members, 1995-1997
I.129[LWVGA Local League Officers and Directors], [1966-1968, 1971-1972]
I.130[League of Women Voters of Georgia Officers and Directors], [1999-2001]
I.131Non-Partisan Statement LWVGA, 1993
I.132["The Seven Principles"], undated
I.133[Wednesday at the University of Georgia; Georgian Hotel Advertisement], [1962 October 17]
I.134[About This Mailing, Number 1], [2002]
I.135[About This Mailing, Number 2], [2002]
I.136[About This Mailing, Number 3], [2002]
I.137[LWV New Jersey], [1967]
2. President and Board Member Personal Files , 1949-2005
I.138Pres. [President] Report - 1st Annual Meeting, 1949
I.139League of Women Voters [Athens Regional Library] (folder 1 of 2), 1947-1953
I.140League of Women Voters [Athens Regional Library] (folder 2 of 2), 1947-1953
I.141Secretary [Board Responsibility], 1962
I.142President's Literature - Memos from Nat'l [National] & State, 1962-1964
I.143[LWVA: Board of Directors List], 1965-1975
I.144[John, Jewel and Peifer, Mim] (folder 1 of 2), [1970-1972]
I.145[John, Jewel and Peifer, Mim] (folder 2 of 2), [1970-1972]
I.146[LWV President's File - Publications, List of League Presidents], [1970-1973]
I.147LWVUS 1995 President's Packet, 1995
I.148League of Women Voters [Deutschberger, Sophia], 1975
I.149Presidents Por[t]folio, 1976-1978
I.150President [Boyce, Louise], 1978
I.151LWV Athens [Holmes, Marguerite] (folder 1 of 2), 1980-1981
I.21LWV Athens [Holmes, Marguerite] (folder 2 of 2), 1980-1981
I.22LWV Reports [Holmes, Marguerite], 1980-1982
I.23[Holmes, Marguerite], 1980-1982
I.24[Holmes, Marguerite] (folder 1 of 2), 1980-1981
I.25[Holmes, Marguerite] (folder 2 of 2), 1980-1981
I.26Holmes, Marguerite [ERA] (folder 1 of 5), 1981
I.27Holmes, Marguerite [ERA] (folder 2 of 5) [Forming ABC June 17-August 12], 1981
I.28Holmes, Marguerite [ERA] (folder 3 of 5) [Correspondence], 1981
I.29Holmes, Marguerite [ERA] (folder 4 of 5) [Preparing for 1981 October 18], 1981
I.210Holmes, Marguerite [ERA] (folder 5 of 5) [ABC after October 18], 1981
I.211[Holmes, Marguerite], [Correspondence] (folder 1 of 2), 1981-1982
I.212[Holmes, Marguerite], [Correspondence] (folder 2 of 2), 1981-1982
I.213LWV Reports [Holmes, Marguerite], 1980-1982
I.214[Brannen, Anita], 1980-1982
I.215[Brannen, Anita] (folder 1 of 3), 1982-1984
I.216[Brannen, Anita] (folder 2 of 3), 1982-1984
I.217[Brannen, Anita] (folder 3 of 3), 1982-1984
I.218Holmes, Nancy, 1982-1983
I.219[Holmes, Nancy] (folder 1 of 3), 1982-1983
I.220[Holmes, Nancy] (folder 2 of 3), 1982-1983
I.221[Holmes, Nancy] (folder 3 of 3), 1982-1983
I.222[Holmes, Nancy], 1982-1984
I.223[LWVA Administrative Files] [Annual Reports] (folder 1 of 5), 1983-1985
I.224[LWVA Administrative Files] [Board Lists] (folder 2 of 5), 1983-1985
I.225[LWVA Administrative Files] [Correspondence] (folder 3 of 5), 1983-1985
I.226[LWVA Administrative Files] [Membership] (folder 4 of 5), 1983-1985
I.31[LWVA Administrative Files] [Minutes] (folder 5 of 5), 1983-1985
I.32[League of Women Voters of Athens General Board Files] (folder 1 of 2), 1981-1983,1987
I.33[League of Women Voters of Athens General Board Files] (folder 2 of 2), 1982-1985
I.34[Thurmond, Janice] (folder 1 of 3), 1984-1985
I.35[Thurmond, Janice] (folder 2 of 3), 1984-1985
I.36[Thurmond, Janice] (folder 3 of 3), 1984-1985
I.37[Thurmond, Janice] (folder 1 of 2), 1984-1985
I.38[Thurmond, Janice] (folder 2 of 2), 1985-1986
I.39[Bogner, Phyllis], 1986
I.310[Bogner, Phyllis] (folder 1 of 2), 1986-1988
I.311[Bogner, Phyllis] (folder 2 of 2), 1986-1988
I.312[Baker, Sharon-Membership Chair], [1985-1987]
I.313Minutes [Bogner, Phyllis], 1987
I.314[Thurmond, Janice - Clippings] (folder 1 of 3), 1987-1989
I.315[Thurmond, Janice - Expense Forms] (folder 2 of 3), 1987-1989
I.316[Thurmond, Janice - Quality Basic Education] (folder 3 of 3), 1987-1989
I.317[Baker, Sharon], 1986-1987
I.318[LWVA Administrative Files], [Officers and Directors] (folder 1 of 4), 1985-1987
I.319[LWVA Administrative Files], [Correspondence] (folder 2 of 4), 1985-1986
I.320[LWVA Administrative Files] [Membership] (folder 3 of 4), 1985-1987
I.321[LWVA Administrative Files] [Minutes] (folder 4 of 4), 1985-1987
I.322[LWVA Administrative Files] [Minutes] (folder 1 of 7), 1987-1989
I.323[LWVA Administrative Files] [Membership] (folder 2 of 7), 1987-1989
I.324[LWVA Administrative Files] [Annual Reports] (folder 3 of 7), 1987-1989
I.325[LWVA Administrative Files] [Board Lists] (folder 4 of 7), 1987-1989
I.326[LWVA Administrative Files] [Correspondence] (folder 5 of 7), 1987-1989
I.327[LWVA Administrative Files] [Direct Mail Members] (folder 6 of 7), 1987-1989
I.328[LWVA Administrative Files] [Public Relations] (folder 2 of 7), 1987-1989
I.329[Campbell, Carolyn] League of Women Voters, 1988-1989
I.330[Lee, Anne - Correspondence], 1988-1990
I.331[Lee, Anne] LWV Correspondence, 1988-1990
I.332[Lee, Anne - Post Board Reports] (folder 1 of 5), 1988-1990
I.333[Lee, Anne - Post Board Reports] (folder 2 of 5), 1988-1990
I.334[Lee, Anne - Committees and Programs] (folder 3 of 5), 1988-1990
I.335[Lee, Anne - Georgia Voter] (folder 4 of 5), 1988-1990
I.336[Lee, Anne - Action, Studies, Legislation] (folder 5 of 5), 1988-1990
I.337[Peifer, Miriam - Membership Reports, Activity Records], 1988-1989
I.41[Lee, Anne - President's Packet] (folder 1 of 6), 1988-1990
I.42[Lee, Anne - President's Packet] (folder 2 of 6), 1988-1990
I.43[Lee, Anne - President's Packet] (folder 3 of 6), 1988-1990
I.44[Lee, Anne - President's Packet] (folder 4 of 6), 1988-1990
I.45[Lee, Anne - President's Packet] (folder 5 of 6), 1988-1990
I.46[Lee, Anne - President's Packet] (folder 6 of 6), 1988-1990
I.47[Lee, Anne - Post Board Reports], 1988-1990
I.48[Martin, Beth] (folder 1 of 3), 1990-1991
I.49[Martin, Beth] (folder 2 of 3), 1990-1991
I.410[Martin, Beth] (folder 3 of 3), 1990-1991
I.411[Herman, Peggy] (folder 1 of 2), [1993-1994]
I.412[Herman, Peggy] (folder 2 of 2), [1993-1994]
I.413ALWV Board of Directors binder, 1994
I.414ALWV President's Notebook, 1996-1999
I.415[Bogner, Phyllis - Political Directories], 1997
I.416LWVA [Treasurer Files], [1999]
I.417Binder of Joan Dyson, Secretary of ALWV. Includes meeting minutes, financial reports, Athens voter files, By-Laws Directories, committee drafts, and miscellaneous, 1998-2000
I.418Secretary's Notebook [Minutes-Advisory Committee] (folder 1 of 9), [2000-2004]
I.419Secretary's Notebook [Annual Meeting] (folder 2 of 9), [2000-2004]
I.420Secretary's Notebook [Finances] (folder 3 of 9), [2000-2004]
I.421Secretary's Notebook [LWV Minimum Requirements] (folder 4 of 9), [2001-2002]
I.422Secretary's Notebook [Policy - Non-Partisanship] (folder 5 of 9), [1993,1999]
I.423Secretary's Notebook [Membership] (folder 6 of 9), [2004-2005]
I.424Secretary's Notebook [Incorporation, Post Office Rules] (folder 7 of 9), [2002]
I.425Secretary's Notebook [Letters - Memorandum] (folder 8 of 9), [2001-2005]
I.426Secretary's Notebook [By-Laws, Clippings] (folder 9 of 9), [1999,2004]
I.427Coyne, Jan [President's Packet], 2005
I.428Amicus Brief [LWVA], 1986
3. Meeting Minutes and Agendas , 1950-1996
I.429Board Meetings [minutes], 1950
I.430Board Meetings [minutes], 1951
I.431Board Minutes, 1952
I.432Board Minutes, 1953
I.433Board Minutes, 1954
I.434Board Minutes, 1955
I.435Secretary - Minutes of Local League [Athens], 1950-1954
I.436Athens League Minutes, 1956-1958
I.437Minutes, 1958
I.51[Board] Minutes, 1959
I.52Board Minutes, 1960
I.53Board Minutes, 1961
I.54Minutes, 1962 April 5-1963 March 26
I.55Minutes, 1963 March 28-1965 March 16
I.56Minutes, 1965 March 25-1966 March 15
I.57Minutes, 1966 March 24-1967 March 31
I.58Minutes, 1967 April 27-1969 March 25
I.59Minutes, 1969 April 11-1970 March 26
I.510Minutes, 1970 April 2-1971 March 24
I.511Minutes, 1971 April 8-1972 March 15
I.512Minutes, 1972-1974
I.513ALWV Agendas and Minutes used as samples, 1988-1992
I.514ALWV Minutes, 1991-1992
I.515ALWV Meeting Minutes and Mailing Lists, 1991-1994
I.516[Annual Reports from National] (folder 1 of 2), 1954-1968
I.517[Annual Reports from National] (folder 2 of 2), 1954-1968
I.518Annual Reports, 1990
I.519Report Forms: 1. Annual, 2. Monthly, 1991
I.520State Board Reports, 1950-1955
I.521State Board Reports, 1956-1962
I.522State Board Reports, 1961-1963
I.523State Board Reports (folder 2 of 2), 1963-1968
I.524State Board Reports (folder 1 of 2), 1963-1968
I.525[Board Meeting], 1974,1975
I.526Post Board: Minutes - Notices, 1981-1983
I.527League of Women Voters - Board, 1984-1986
I.61[Board Reports and Minutes], 1986-1987
I.62League of Women Voters [Athens Board Meetings], 1988-1989
I.63LWV Board Athens - minutes, 1989-1990
I.64[Board Meeting], 1990
I.65State Post-Board Reports (folder 1 of 2), 1989-1991
I.66State Board Report (folder 2 of 2), 1989-1991
I.67Post-Board Report-US, 1990-1991
I.68[LWVA Administrative Files] [Board Lists] (folder 1 of 8), 1989-1992
I.69[LWVA Administrative Files] [Correspondence] (folder 2 of 8), 1990
I.610[LWVA Administrative Files] [Membership] (folder 3 of 8), 1989-1991
I.611[LWVA Administrative Files] [Minutes] (folder 4 of 8), 1989-1991
I.612[LWVA Administrative Files] [Publications] (folder 5 of 8), 1989-1991
I.613[LWVA Administrative Files] [Public Relations] (folder 6 of 8), 1989-1991
I.614[LWVA Administrative Files] [Treasurer's Report] (folder 7 of 8), 1989-1991
I.615[LWVA Administrative Files] [Program] (folder 8 of 8), 1990-1991
I.616Athens Minutes, 1991-1993
I.617Minutes, 1993-1994
I.618Post Board Report [LWVGA] (folder 1 of 3), [1991-1992]
I.619Post Board Report [LWVGA] (folder 2 of 3), [1993]
I.620Post Board Report [LWVGA] (folder 3 of 3), [1994-1995]
I.621ALWV Board Meetings, 1993
I.622League Board, 1993-1994
I.623LWVUS [Post-Board Summary], [1993-1996]
I.624ALWV Executive Board Meeting Minutes and Membership Reports, 1994-1996
I.625ALWV Executive Board Meeting Minutes, 1995-1996
I.626ALWV Executive Board Meeting Minutes and Financial Reports, 1998-1999
I.627[ALWV Board Files, Minutes] (folder 1 of 2), 1994-1999
I.628[Board Files] (folder 2 of 2), 1994-1999
I.629[LWVA: Board Meeting Reports], 1995-1997
I.630[LWV Post-Board Summary], [1994-1995]
I.631[LWVA Board Meeting], [1994-1996]
I.632[Board Meeting Minutes], [1995-1996]
I.633Monthly Reports to Board & Voter, 1995-1997
I.634Board Meeting Minutes, 1997-1998 July 1
I.635LWV-Athens, Treasurer [Executive Committee], [1997-1999]
I.71[LWVGA Board Files], [2003]
I.72LWVA [Board Meetings], [2003-2004]
I.73[LWVGA Board Files], [2004]
I.74[LWVGA Board Files], [2005]
I.75[LWV By-laws], 1946-1950
I.76[LWVA By-laws], 1949-1981
I.77[By-laws], 1951
I.78[National Standard By-laws], 1966
I.79[LWVGA By-laws], 1947-1987
I.710Athens Minutes (by-laws), 1973-1975
I.711Athens Minutes (by-laws), 1975-1977
I.712ALWV By-Laws, 1985-1990
I.713[By-laws], 1990
I.714LWVUS and ALWV Incorporation, [1988-1991]
I.715ALWV By-Laws, 1992
I.716By-Laws, [1987-1993]
I.717LWVUS By-laws and Certificate of Incorporation, 1994 July
I.718By-Laws for ALWV as revised 1996 December 9, 1996 December 9
4. Handbook and Training Documents , 1973-1991
I.719[The Art of Budget Building], 1973
I.720[The Art of Raising Money for The League of Women Voters], 1964
I.721Board Orientation, 1988
I.722Board Training, 1988
I.723[Dollars and Sense: The Art of Raising Money], undated [circa 1974]
I.724[Face to Face: A Guide to League-Sponsored Debates], 1987
I.725[How to Raise Money], 1949, 1954
I.726[Impact on Issues], [1992-1994]
I.727[Impact on Issues], [1996-1998], 1997
I.728[In League I: A Handbook for Presidents], undated
I.729[In League II: For All Board Members], undated
I.730[In League III: For Portfolio Chairs], 1984
I.731LWV of the U.S. "In League", [1989]
I.732[Leadership Guides], 1983-1988
I.733[LWVGA: Local League Calendar, Forms], 1985,1987
I.734LWV Local League President Information, 1988
I.735[President's Packet], 1988
I.736LWVUS President's Packet, 1996
I.737[Local League Handbook], 1958, 1969
I.738[Local Leader's Handbook], 1948
I.739[LWV Prospectus: A Planning guide for Local and State Leagues], 1986
I.740[National Board Report Guide for Local and State Board Planning], 1968
I.741National Board Reports (folder 1 of 2), 1963 May-1965 September
I.742National Board Reports (folder 2 of 2), 1963 May-1965 September
I.743Social Welfare Project Community Action Kit - Leader's Guide, 1991 May

B. Membership

( 86 folder(s) )
Arranged by subject and then chronologically, the files in this subseries include ALWV attendance rosters, membership directories, member handbooks, and new member interest questionnaires. This subseries also contains documents pertaining to recruitment and the league mentorship program from the National League Membership Services Department. This subseries also includes post office records which documents mailing distribution of the Athens Voter.
I.81Membership Applications, undated
I.82Member Services Database Cover Sheet, undated
I.83LWV Membership Cards, undated
I.84ALWV Form Letters [Membership], undated
I.85LWV Application for Membership, undated
I.86Advertising art work and master copies, 1995
I.87Requests for Information [Membership], [circa 1994]
I.88[Join the League of Women Voters], [circa 1990s]
I.89LWV Scholarship Application [Membership], undated
I.810[Member Information Change Form], [2001]
I.811Member Information Change Form, 1998-1999
I.812Address Changes, 1994-1995
I.813League Printing - Kinko's [Membership Renewals], undated
I.814Membership - Flyers, News[paper] clippings, Gen'l [General] Meeting Ideas, etc., 1960-1978
I.815LWV Membership PR, 1990-1991
I.81625th Anniversary lists to voter, 1995-1997
I.817LWVUS Anniversary Membership Campaign, General membership campaigns, 1993-1995
I.818LWV of the U.S. Mentoring Pamphlet: "The M&Ms of Mentoring", undated
I.819[New Member Handbook - LWV Iowa], undated
I.820[Member Handbooks], 1973-1979
I.821Athens - Bulletins, Publications [Member Handbooks, Board Meetings], 1973-1975
I.822ALWV Membership Handbook & Directory, 1989-1990, 1994, 1995
I.823LWV New Member Handbook and Citizen's Handbook, 1993-1994
I.824ALWV Member Directories, 1991-2001
I.825[LWVA: Membership Handbook], 1990-2000
I.826[Membership Services], 1987-1989
I.827Recruiting Ideas [Membership], 1988, 1990
I.828Letters to New Members, 1992-1993
I.829New Members, 1994-1997
I.830Prospective Members, 1985-1989
I.831Ideas [Membership Drive], 1989
I.832Pledges/ Participation, 1988-1989
I.833LWV Prospective Members, 1995-1997
I.834ALWV Membership Chair, 1995
I.835Form Letters [Membership], 1992-1996
I.836Officers - Georgia State and Local Leagues, 1963-1965
I.837Membership Lists, 1947-1968
I.838Athens Membership Reports, 1975-1977
I.839LWVUS Printouts - Athens Members, 1986-1987
I.840[Attendance Rosters], 1988-1990
I.841[Member Printouts], 1987-1989
I.842Members- Athens, 1989-1990
I.843ALWV Membership, 1985-1995
I.844ALWV Membership, 1991-1993
I.845ALWV Membership Lists, 1987-1994
I.846ALWV Rosters, 1995-1997
I.847Member File, [1992]
I.848National Reports and Member Rosters, 1993-1995
I.849Member Lists, 1994 October; 1997 September
I.850Rosters, 1991-1999
I.851[LWVA Member Rosters], [2001-2005]
I.91[LWVA Member Rosters], 1970-2005
I.92League of Women Voters - Oconee County Unit, 1989-1992
I.93National Membership Reports (folder 1 of 2), 1994-1998
I.94National Membership Reports (folder 2 of 2), 1994-1998
I.95LWVUS and LWVGA Reports, 1997-1998
I.96Membership Reports, 1985-1986
I.97Survey of Athens Members, 1987
I.98Membership [Interest and Experience Questionnaire], 1989
I.99LWV - Survey Responses [Athens], 1989
I.910Membership Questionnaire Tallies, 1987-1990
I.911Interest and Experience Questionnaire for New Members, undated
I.912LWV Membership Interest Questionnaire`, 1992-1995
I.913Membership Interest [Questionnaire], 1995-1996
I.914Membership Surveys, 1996-1998
I.915Interest Questionnaires for New Members, 1997-1999
I.916LWVA Survey, [2001]
I.917[Membership Dues], [1995-1999]
I.918Athens LWV Attendance Summaries, 1988-1989
I.919LWV 1990 Attendance Sheets, 1990
I.920[Membership Meeting LWVGA], 1989
I.921[Membership Materials], 1988
I.922Membership Meeting [LWVGA], 1989-1990
I.923[LWV Membership - President's Packet], 1990
I.924Member News and Views, 2003
I.925LWV Voter Post Office Records, [1991-1992]
I.926Postal Forms Record [#3541?], 1974-1980
I.927ALWV Voter P.O. records, 1993 January-March
I.928ALWV Voter P.O. records, 1993 April-June, September-December
I.929ALWV Voter P.O. records, 1994 January-June, September-December
I.930[Post Office Records], 1995
I.931[Post Office Records], 1996
I.932[Post Office Records], 1997
I.933[Post Office Records], 1998-1999
I.934Post Office Records (folder 1 of 2), 1999-2005
I.935Post Office Records (folder 2 of 2), 1999-2005

C. Committee and Program Files

( 76 folder(s) )
Arranged alphabetically and then chronologically, this subseries includes files related to the League of Women Voters Programs Committees at the local, state, and national level. Committee files include guidelines for developing programs, meeting minutes, and correspondence from individual program committees.
I.101[LWVA Proposed Program], [1952-1953]
I.102ALWV Vice President for Programs, 1993-1994
I.1032nd Vice President - Long Range Plans, 1990-1992
I.104ALWV VP for Programs, 1989-1995
I.105ALWV Know Your Local Government Tour, 1989-1991
I.106ALWV Planning Materials, 1992-1995
I.107LWVA Voter [Newsletter Board], 2001-2004
I.108Athens Program (Calendars), 1975-1977
I.109[Advisory Committee], [2004]
I.1010Annual Reports [Membership Committee], 1991-1997
I.1011Annual Reports of Committees, 1997-1998
I.1012[Board Committee Responsibilities], undated
I.1013[Bulletin Assignments for Local and Provisional Leagues], [1972]
I.1014[Campaign Financing Questions], [1973]
I.1015[Candidate Forum], 1990-1991
I.1016Committees, 1999
I.1017[Committee Guide], 1971
I.1018[Committee Interest List for Members], 1953
I.1019[Committee Reports], 1950, 1964, undated
I.1020Miscellaneous [Committees], 1987
I.1021[Suggestions for Committee Planning], 1949
I.1022[Democratic Primary], 1983
I.1023[Developing Current Agendas], [1965, 1967]
I.1024Developing Leagues, undated
I.1025Education Comm[ittee] (folder 1 of 3), 1969-1971
I.1026Education Comm[ittee] (folder 2 of 3), 1969-1971
I.1027Education Comm[ittee] (folder 3 of 3), 1969-1971
I.1028Future Plan, 1996
I.1029Greenfest; "Tapping New Water Resources: A Forum on the Proposed Bear Creek Reservoir", 1992-1994
I.1030Greenfest; "Growing Pains: Economic Development and the Environment", 1994
I.1031Hospitality, 1992-1993
I.1032[Human Relations Committee Minutes], 1967
I.1033[Ideas for Athens Voter], [1971, 1973, 1989]
I.1034[Intergovernmental Relations Commission], 1965
I.1035Internatinoal Relations [Committee], 1985
I.1036[James Saxon Childers], 1954
I.1037["Know Your Local Government Tour"], [1989]
I.1038[League Consultant Plan], [1967]
I.1039[Legal Status of Women, Equal Rights Ammendment], 1980
I.1040Legislative Day, [1992-1993]
I.1041[Local League Annual Report Guidelines], [1974, 1976]
I.1042[Local League Activities, Dates, and Deadlines], 1989-1990
I.1043[LWVA 50th Anniversary Party], 1969
I.1044[LWV: Initiatives to Renew Democracy Program], 1995-1996
I.1045[LWVGA: Committee and Programs Memorandum and Publicity], 1993-1996
I.1046LWVGA: Crossroads Project, 1993-1995
I.1047LWVGA Legislative Day, circa 1994
I.1048[LWVGA Time for Action], 1972
I.1049[LWVGA - Nominating Committee], [1964-1966]
I.1050LWV Observer [Reports] (folder 1 of 3), 1987-1988
I.1051LWV Observer [Reports] (folder 2 of 3), 1989
I.1052LWV Observer [Reports] (folder 3 of 3), 1990-1991
I.1053[LWVGA - Policy Statement Procedure on Times for Action], [1967]
I.1054[LWV Proposed 1998-2000 Program], 1998
I.1055LWV Scholarship Applications, 1993-1996
I.1056LWVGA State Program, 1995-1997
I.1057[Meet Your Judges, National Security Spending Programs], [1991-1993]
I.1058LWV - Athens [Program Planning], 1986, 1989-1990
I.1059[Membership Committee], [1974, 1988, undated]
I.1060[National Program Recommendations], [1963-1968]
I.1061Observer Corps, undated
I.1062Program - General, 1995
I.1063Political Directory, 1990-1995
I.1064[Proposed Programs], 1949-1967
I.1065Programs - Proposed and Adopted, Nat'l [National] and State, 1950-1954
I.1066Publications [Committee], 1957-1958
I.1067Publications [Records], 1986-1987
I.1068[Smackdown Your Vote!], [2004]
I.1069[State Program], [1967-1969, 1981-1982]
I.1070["Study of Congress"], [1968]
I.1071Speakers Bureau, [circa 1953]
I.1072[Unit Development and Guidelines], [2001]
I.1073Unit Organizations, 1950
I.1074Unit Meeting Reports, 1966 October-1968 March
I.1075[Pasadena League of Women Voters - Population Studies Program Proposal], [circa 1960s]
I.1076Victim-Witness Assistance Program, undated

D. Correspondence and Memoranda

( 33 folder(s) )
Arranged chronologically, the files in this subseries contain correspondence between the ALWV and other local leagues and league committees as well as the LWVGA and the National League. There are also incoming letters to the ALWV from local business owners and local politicians responding to programming and political issues. This subseries also includes memoranda sent primarily from the National League and LWVGA to local league presidents and chairwomen.
I.111[Correspondence], 1950-1953
I.112[Correspondence], 1954-1959
I.113[Correspondence], 1961-1962
I.114[Correspondence], 1963
I.115[Correspondence], 1964
I.116[Correspondence], 1965
I.117[Correspondence], 1966
I.118[Correspondence], 1967
I.119[Correspondence], 1968
I.1110[Correspondence], 1969
I.1111[Correspondence], 1970
I.1112[Correspondence], 1971
I.1113[Correspondence], 1972
I.1114[Correspondence], 1973-1977
I.1115[Correspondence], 1984
I.1116Correspondence, 1992-1994
I.1117Correspondence, 1995-1996
I.1118Correspondence, 1996-1997
I.1119Correspondence-State, 1994-1997
I.1120Correspondence-National, 1994-1997
I.1121Correspondence-General, 1994-1996
I.1122Correspondence, 1998-1999
I.1123Outside Speakers [Correspondence], 1955-1957
I.1124Public Relations Correspondence, 1969-1970
I.1125Athens Voter Newsletter Editor, 1991
I.1126[LWV President's Letters], [circa 1990s]
I.1127Political Directory- Portfolio, 1997-1998
I.1128Other LWV Letters and Memorandum, 1993-1994
I.1129[Memorandum], 1952-1965
I.1130[Memorandum], 1966-1967
I.1131[Memorandum], 1968-1972
I.1132[Memorandum], 1975, 1981, 2003
I.1133Memos, 1997-1998

E. Financial Files

( 45 folder(s) )
This subseries documents the financial activities of the ALWV and includes records held by the league treasurer such as budget reports, financial ledgers, tax forms, membership dues, and expenditures. Also included are files on fundraising information for the league.
I.1134[Budgets for LWV], 1958-1965
I.1135ALWV Budgets, 1992-1997
I.1136Budget as of 1996 May 15 - ALVW, 1996 May 15
I.1137Budget: National, State, 1984-1985
I.1138Budget [Treasurer's Report], 1981-1985
I.1139Budget, 1996-1997
I.1140Contribution List, 1952
I.1141[Contributers, Finance Drive], 1962
I.1142Dues Transmittals to treasure, 1994-1997
I.1143Expenses- LWV, 1990
I.1144Expenses- stamps/photocopies, 1994-1996
I.1145Finance, 1976-1981
I.1146LVWA- Financial Report, Government Districts, 1999
I.1147LWVGA Income Statements, 1965-1968
I.1148Financial [Budgets and Reports], 1989-1991
I.1149Finance- Budget, Finance Drive, Fundraising, 1956-1979
I.1150Financial Contributors, Tax Form, 1972, 1974-1975
I.1151Finance Drive and Fundraising, 1972-1977
I.121[Financial - Paid Bills, 1978-1980
I.122Financial Statements and Reports, 1948-1957
I.123Financial Treasurer's Files, 1952-1954
I.124LWV Treasurer's Reports, 1964-1967
I.125[Financial - State Per Member Payments], 2002
I.126[Financial - Dues and Fees, 2002-2004
I.127[Financial Ledger], 1952-1964
I.128[Financial Ledger], 1956-1959
I.129[Financial Ledgers], 1965-1974
I.1210Grants [Workshop], undated
I.1211LWV- US & GA PMP [Per Member Payment], 1995-1999
I.1212[Membership Dues Correspondence], 1980
I.1213Member Expense Reports, 1985, 1987
I.1214Memorandum- LVW-E Fund [Education Fund], 1979-1980
I.1215Nord Knobel Fund, 1986-1990
I.1216[Non-member contributions], 1969, 1971
I.1217Political Directory [Sales], 1998-1999
I.1218[Publication Order Fund]1982, 1982
I.1219Tax ID Numbers, undated
I.1220Treasurer's Report & Comm [ittee] Expenses, 1983
I.1221Treasurer's Report & Comm [ittee] Expenses, 1991-1994
I.1222Treasurer, 1994-1996
I.1223Treasurer's Report- LWV, 1998 January - 2000
I.1224[Treasurer Files - Hazen, Samira] (folder 1 of 2), 2000-2002
I.1225[Treasurer Files - Hazen, Samira] (folder 2 of 2), 2000-2002
I.1226Treasurer's Reports & Budgets, 1988-1997
I.151[Financial Ledger], [1998-1999]

F. Meetings, Conventions, and Workshops

( 56 folder(s) )
This subseries primarily consists of meeting packets and agendas from annual league meetings and conventions as well as league-sponsored workshops. Also in this subseries are reports from annual meetings. This subseries is arranged by organizational hierarchical and by subject, and then chronologically.
I.1227Annual Meeting "How to" [Planning], 1953-1958
I.1228[Annual Meeting], 1951-1957
I.1229[Annual Meeting], 1957-1962
I.1230[Annual Meeting Reports], 1963-1968
I.1231Annual Meeting, 1963-1968
I.1232Athens- Annual Meeting Annual Reports (folder 1 of 2), 1969-1975
I.1233Athens- Annual Meeting Annual Reports (folder 2 of 2), 1969-1975
I.1234Athens Annual Meeting Annual Report, 1975-1977
I.1235[LWVA Annual Meeting], 1974, 1988
I.1236LWV [Athens] Annual Meet[ing], 1987 March
I.1237ALWV Budget and Annual Meeting Minutes, 1994
I.1238Annual Meeting, 1992-1995
I.1239[General] Meetings, 1966-1967
I.1240Athens Field Reports, 1975-1977
I.1241Annual Reports [to LWVUS] (folder 1 of 2), 1972-1975
I.1242Annual Reports [to LWVUS] (folder 2 of 2), 1972-1975
I.1243ALWV Annual Reports, 1991-1992
I.131State Meeting Workshops, 1961
I.132[18th and 19th State Convention], 1963-1964
I.133[Biennial Convention of LWVGA], 1967
I.134[Biennial Convention of LWVGA], 1974-1975
I.135[LWVGA Convention], 1975
I.136[LWVGA State Council], 1982, 1986
I.137[LWVGA Convention], 1979
I.138[LWVGA Convention], 1983
I.139[LWVGA Convention], 1985
I.1310[LWVGA Thirty-First Biennial Convention], [1989]
I.1311[LWVGA Convention], 1991
I.1312LWVGA State Council and State Convention, 1993-1996
I.1313League of Women Voters of Georgia State Convention. Includes Agenda, Corrections to UGA-Constitution, By-Laws, 1997 May 17-18
I.1314[LWVGA State Convention], [1997]
I.1315[LWVGA Convention], [2005]
I.1316[19th National Convention, Address], 1950
I.1317[Conventions], [circa 1953]
I.1318[26th Annual Convention], 1964
I.1319[28th National Convention], [1967]
I.1320[LWV Changes Adopted by Convention], [1970]
I.1321[Post-Convention Summary], 1990
I.1322LWVUS National Convention, 1993-1994
I.1323[LWV - 41st Convention], [1994]
I.132475th Anniversary of LWV of the U.S., 1995
I.1325LWV of the U.S. Convention, 1996 June 8-11
I.1326Post-Board Summary following the January 1997 Meetings of the LWVUS Board of Directors and the LWV Education Fund Board of Trustees for All League Presidents and DPM Subscribers, 1997 January
I.1327[1973-1975 State Program Update], [circa 1973]
I.1328State Council : 1986 April 19, 1986 April 19
I.1329[LWVEF Training Conference], 1965
I.1330[Workshop Agendas], 1963-1967
I.1331Rock Eagle, 1987
I.1332Growth Management [Workshop], 1987
I.1333Fundraising [Workshop], [circa 1988]
I.1334[Decision Making…Via Satellite Workbook], 1990
I.1335LWVGA: Rock Eagle, 1991-1993
I.1336LWV Summary Report on Diversity, 1993 June
I.1337Making Democracy Work Workshop, [1995-1996]
I.1338LWVGA - Workshop Day, 1999 October 9
I.1339[LWVGA Reservations for July 20th Training Session- Gainesville], undated

G. Publicity and Public Relations

( 41 folder(s) )
The files in this subseries primarily include clippings and drafts of articles published in the >Athens-Banner Herald about the activities of the ALWV. Also included in this subseries are files related to the league's "Molly Citizen" radio skit series.
I.1339Clippings, 1952
I.1340Clippings, 1959
I.1341Clippings, 1961
I.1342Clippings, 1963
I.1343Clippings, 1964
I.1344Clippings, 1965
I.1345Clippings, 1966
I.1346Clippings, 1967
I.1347Clippings, 1968
I.1348Clippings (folder 1 of 9), [1969 January-June]
I.1349Clippings (folder 2 of 9), [1969 July]
I.1350Clippings (folder 3 of 9), [1969 August]
I.1351Clippings (folder 4 of 9), [1969 September]
I.1352Clippings (folder 5 of 9), [1969 October]
I.1353Clippings (folder 6 of 9), [1969 November-December]
I.1354Clippings (folder 7 of 9), [1970 January-February]
I.1355Clippings (folder 8 of 9), [1970 March-April]
I.1356Clippings (folder 9 of 9), [1970]
I.1357Clippings, 1981
I.1358Clippings, 1986
I.141Newspaper Articles Atl [Atlanta] and Local, 1987-1989
I.142[Organizational, Clippings], 1988-1990
I.143Clippings [Scrapbook], 1990-1991
I.144ALWV Clippings, 1988-1996
I.145LWV in the News, 1993-1996
I.146LWV Select Media Clippings, 1993-1994
I.147[Molly Citizen], [circa 1950s]
I.148[Pre-Election Radio Program], 1950
I.149Public Relations, 1948-1953
I.1410[League of Women Voters Publicity], 1951
I.1411Public Relations, 1950-1955
I.1412Public Relations, 1961-1962
I.1413[Ebony], [1966 October]
I.1414[Press for LWV Athens, LWV Atlanta], [1966]
I.1415Public Relations. Clippings and newsletters, 1969-1971
I.1416Athens Public Relations, 1975-1977
I.1417[Publicity, Membership Drive Month Meeting and Reception], [circa 1985]
I.1418[Become Intrigued with the League Week], 1986
I.1419Public Relations [Chair correspondence], 1986-1987
I.1420History/Public Relations on LWV Athens, 1982, 1988-1989
I.1421Publicity, [1995]

II. Actions, Studies, and Legislation , 1944-2006

9 box(es) (8.5 linear feet)
This series is organized into four subseries: A. Local – Athens-Clarke County, B. State – Georgia, C. National, D. and Voter Services. The records in this series represent the diversity of the League of Women Voters' study program and illustrate the interconnections between the local, regional, state, and national organization. One of the long-term goals of the ALWV is to provide unbiased information about elections, voting process, and issues. The files in this series pertain to action files, political studies, and legislation related to a number of ballot measures, election reform, and voter information. The action and studies files are arranged hierarchically by organization and alphabetically and then chronologically.

A. Local—Athens-Clarke County

( 136 folder(s) )
The files in this subseries pertain to local actions and issues studied and supported by the ALWV such as education, desegregation, the Athens-Clarke County Charter Commission, housing studies, juvenile justice, poverty studies, and city and county consolidation and development. This subseries also includes records kept by the ALWV on actions and issues supported by the national organization.
II.11[ACT - Athens-Clarke Tomorrow], [circa 1990s]
II.12[ACTION, Inc. - Area Committee to Improve Opportunities Now], 1967-1968
II.13Action in Community, 1946-1956
II.14[Athens City Charter Amendments], 1951
II.15[Athens City Government Survey], 1963
II.16[Athens-Clarke County Charter Commission Minutes], 1971
II.17[Athens-Clarke County Charter Commission- Background Information], 1971
II.18[Athens-Clarke County Charter Commissino- Articles and Referendum], 1971
II.19[Athens-Clarke County], 1969-1973
II.110[Athens-Clarke County Charter Commission], 1968
II.111[Athens-Clarke County Charter Commission] (folder 1 of 2), [circa 1971]
II.112[Athens-Clarke County Charter Commission] (folder 2 of 2), 1968-1971
II.113[Athens-Clarke County Charter Commission Articles], [circa 1960s]
II.114[Athens-Clarke County Consolidation], 1952-1963
II.115Athens-Clarke County Consolidation, 1967-1968
II.116[Athens-Clarke County Consolidation], 1967
mapcase[District Population Map of Athens-Clarke County] (oversize)
II.117Athens-Clarke County Consolidation Map, 1990
mapcaseAthens-Clarke County Consolidation Map
II.118[Athens-Clarke County Public Improvements], [circa 1960s]
II.119[Athens Government Study], 1944, 1960
II.120[Athens Government Studies] (folder 1 of 9), 1973, 1981
II.121[Athens Government Studies] (folder 2 of 9), [circa 1960s]
II.122[Athens Government Studies] (folder 3 of 9), 1980-1981
II.123[Athens Government Studies] (folder 4 of 9), 1981
II.124[Athens Government Studies] (folder 5 of 9), 1976-1978
II.125[Athens Government Studies] (folder 6 of 9), 1981
II.126[Athens Government Studies] (folder 7 of 9), 1978
II.127[Athens Government Studies] (folder 8 of 9), 1979-1981
II.128[Athens Government Studies] (folder 9 of 9), 1981
II.129[Athens Regional Medical Center], 1990-1995
II.130BOE Debate [Board of Education], 1993
II.131[Candidates for Alderman], 1964
II.132[Candidates Information], undated, 1959, 1968
II.133[City Election Information], 1951
II.134[City County Consolidation Fact Sheet], 1961
II.135[City Government Questionnaire], undated
II.136[Clarke County Building Program], 1985
II.137Clarke County Issues, 1967, 1980-1982, 1990-1996
II.138Clarke County Population Map, 1968
II.139[Clarke County Taxes], 1962
II.140[Congress-Reform], 1970-1973
II.21[Constitution of the State of Georgia], 1976
II.22Courts [Juveniles], 1978, 1987
II.23[Desegregation], 1969-1971
II.24[Education], 1952-1963
II.25[Education], [circa 1960s]
II.26[Education], 1968
II.27[Education], 1969-1970
II.28[Education], 1972-1973
II.29Education, 1992, 1996
II.210[Education-Clarke County School District], 1955, 1967
II.211Education [Community Information], 1987-1990
II.212Education [Voter Registration, Health], 1986, 1988
II.213[Education, Pre-School Survey], 1969
II.214[Education - vocational schools], 1967-1968
II.215[Elected School Board], 1991
II.216Elected School Board Project, 1992-1993
II.217[LWVA Environmental Quality], 1974-1975
II.218[Family Counseling Service], 1972-1973
II.219[Freedom Agenda], 1955-1956
II.220Garbage Collection/Landfill, 1993
II.221[Girl Scout Conference], 1967
II.222[Government Services Inventory], [circa 1960s]
II.223[Government Finance - Budget and Taxes], 1949
II.224[Grand Jury] (folder 1 of 3), 1970, 1973-1974
mapcase[Grand Jury Charts] (oversize)
II.225[Grand Jury, Presentments] (folder 2 of 3), 1971-1974
II.226[Grand Jury, Clipping] (folder 3 of 3), 1949-1974
II.227Health Care (folder 1 of 2), [circa 1994]
II.228Health Care (folder 2 of 2), [circa 1991-1994]
II.229Health Care Forum '94, 1994
II.230[Healthcare], 1984
II.231Health Care Portfolio, 1986-1988
II.232[Homestead Exemption Referendum], 1970
II.233[Hospital Bond, Health Services], [1953, 1971]
II.234Housing, 1972, 1986
II.235Housing, 1985-1987
II.31[Housing], [circa 1988-1989]
II.32Housing Study, 1986-1988
II.33[Housing], 1950-1952
II.34[Housing - City Planning], [circa 1950s]
II.35[Human Resources Fact Sheets], 1965, 1968
II.36Inflation, 1951
II.37[Juvenile Court Code] (folder 1 of 4), 1977-1979
II.38[Juvenile Court Code] (folder 2 of 4), 1977-1979
II.39[Juvenile Court Code] (folder 3 of 4), 1977-1979
II.310[Juvenile Court Code] (folder 4 of 4), 1977-1979
II.311[Juvenile Justice, Committee Meeting Notes] (folder 1 of 4), 1979
II.312[Juvenile Justice, newspaper Articles] (folder 2 of 4), 1979-1980
II.313[Juvenile Justice, Newspaper Articles] (folder 3 of 4), 1977-1979
II.314[Juvenile Justice, Information on Alternatives and Institutionalization] (folder 4 of 4), 1978-1979
II.315[Juvenile Justice, Minutes], 1979
II.316Land Use Planning - Local & State, [1958-1959]
II.317Land Use: Portfolio, 1995-1996
II.318League of Women Voters of Athens Issues, [1950-1951]
II.319League of Women Voters Clarke-Oconee Counties Health Care [County Studies] (folder 1 of 4), 1985
II.320League of Women Voters Clarke-Oconee Counties Health Care [State Emphasis] (folder 2 of 4), 1985-1987
II.321League of Women Voters Clarke-Oconee Counties Health Care [General] (folder 3 of 4), 1985
II.322League of Women Voters Clarke-Oconee Counties Health Care [National] (folder 4 of 4), 1985-1988
II.323[LWV: Initiative to Renew Democracy, Interviews], 1996
II.324[LWV: Initiative to Renew Democracy, Press Coverage], 1996
II.325League of Women Voters International Relations - Chair (folder 1 of 4), 1982-1984
II.326League of Women Voters International Relations - Chair (folder 2 of 4), 1980-1983
II.327League of Women Voters International Relations - Chair [International Affairs Speaker](folder 3 of 4), 1985
II.328League of Women Voters International Relations - Chair [International Affairs](folder 4 of 4), 1984-1985
II.329Local Government [Athens-clarke County Planning Commission], 1986
II.330[Local Consensus Copies], 1970-1971
II.331Local Government [Macon-Bibb County Industrial Authority], 1983
II.332LWV - Forum, [1996]
II.333LWV - Local Government, 1986 February 12
II.41LWV - Local Government Study, 1985-1987
II.42Meet Your Legislators, [1990]
II.43Mental Health (folder 1 of 2), 1958-1960
II.44Mental Health (folder 2 of 2), 1957-1959
II.45[Military Policy and Defense Spending Consensus], 1984
II.46Newsletter Items [Actions and Issues], [1992-1993]
II.47[Model Cities Program], 1967, 1971
II.48[Park and Transportation Referenda], 1962
II.49[Programs and Issues for LWVA], 1984
II.410Proposal - Information desk at Court House, 1997
II.411Public Safety, undated
II.412[Public Safety Committee], 1953
II.413Redefining National Security, 1987-1988
II.414[Robert G. Stephens, Jr.], 1972-1975
II.415School Board Referendum Forum, 1982-1983
II.416Sign Ordinances, 1993
II.417SPLOST [Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax], 1993
II.418Survey - Congregation Questionnaire, 1972
II.419Traffic Study, 1964
II.420[Tariff Commission], [1953]
II.421Traffic Study, 1963-1966
II.422Unification Charter, Map, 1990
II.423[United Way], 1972
II.424Upper Oconee Basin Group, [1993]
II.425Voting Rights Act, 1982
II.426[Voting rights Act Project], [circa 1995]
II.427VP for Health Care, 1994
II.428Welfare - Local Item: Courts-Juvenile, 1957

B. State – Georgia

( 112 folder(s) )
The files in this subseries document state actions and issues studied and supported by the LWVGA. Files primarily pertain to issues on education: including desegregation, housing studies, juvenile justice, taxes, and welfare.
II.429Program - Housing [Letters/Reports], 1988
II.430[A Housing Trust Fund for Georgia], [circa 1988]
II.431Agriculture, 1986
II.432[Authorities], [circa 1950s]
II.433Census, 1990
II.434[Characteristics of Your Ideal Health Care System], undated
II.435Children's Issues, 1992-1995
II.436[Commodity Donation Program], [circa 1969]
II.437[Community Mental Health Center Program Narrative] (folder 1 of 6), 1967
II.438[Community Mental Health Center Program Narrative] (folder 2 of 6), 1967
II.439[Community Mental Health Center Program Narrative] (folder 3 of 6), 1967
II.440[Community Mental Health Center Program Narrative] (folder 4 of 6), 1967
II.441[Community Mental Health Center Program Narrative] (folder 5 of 6), 1967
II.442[Community Mental Health Center Program Narrative] (folder 6 of 6), 1967
II.443[Consensus], 1972-1973
II.444Consolidated Vote State Democratic Primary, 1948 September 8
II.445[Constitutional Revision], 1945, 1963-1966
mapcase[Absentee ballot poster] (oversize)
II.446County Unit Amendment Number 1, 1950-1952
II.447County Unit Amendment, 1952, 1954
II.448County Unit System, 1948-1952
II.449[Development of Human Resources], 1964-1968
II.450Domestic Violence, 1993
II.451[DUI Legislation], 1984
II.452[Education], 1954-1959
II.453[Education], 1960-1962
II.51[Education], 1963-1967
II.52[Education - Publications], 1963-1967
II.53[Education], 1968
II.54[Education], 1969-1970, 1974
II.55[Education - Publications], 1969-1970
II.56Education, 1994-1995
II.57[Education, Desegregation], 1954-1961
II.58[Education, Desegregation - Clippings and Brochures], 1954-1961
II.59Ed. [Education] Fund Packet, 1981 November
II.510Education Fund, 1986-1988
II.511Education Fund, 1979, 1991-1994
II.512[Energy], 1976-1977
II.513[ERA] Equal Rights Ammendment, 1980
II.514From Study to Action, 1983-1984
II.515GA Housing Coalition, 1984-1989
II.516GA LWV - Reapp. Comm. [Reapportionment Committee], 1979-1990
II.517[Georgia's Campaign for a Safer World], 1988
II.518[Georgia Industrial Institute for Boys at Alto], [1966]
II.519[Governor's Commission on Economy and Reorganization], [1959-1960]
II.520[Hambee Child Development Council, Inc.], 1974
II.521[Georgia Gerontology Society], 1972
II.522[Georgia Farm Bureau], 1992
II.523[Georgia Waterworks Commission], 1955
II.524Home Rule S.C.R. [State Constitutional Rights], 1950-1957
II.525[Housing], 1985-1987
II.526[Housing] Info, 1987
II.527[International Relations - Foreign Policy], 1962-1965
II.528[International Relations - Foreign Trade], 1957-1964
II.529[Interim Report, Governor's Commission on Economy and Reorganization], [1959]
II.530Legal Status of Women, 1985, 1987
II.531Liability Insurance, 1986
II.532[International Relations - UN (United Nations) Day], 1962-1964
II.533[Legislative Action], 1947-1953
II.534[Legislative Apportionment], 1960-1962
mapcase[Population Representation Charts] (3 oversize)
mapcase[Ben W. Fortson Secretary of State Federal Judicial Districts Map] (oversize)
mapcase[State of Georgia County Outline Map] (oversize)
mapcase[Organization of the State Government of Georgia Poster] (oversize)
II.535Lottery, 1991, 1993
II.536LWV Alabama, 1969-1971
II.537LWV - GA [Adopted State Program], 1989-1991
II.538[LWVGA Legislative Issues], undated
II.539LWV - Housing Committee, 1987-1988
II.61Meeting of the Georgia Commission on Education, 1954
II.62Natural Resources/ Land Use, 1985
II.63[Pre-Election Information], 1958-1963
II.64[Pre-Election Questionnaires], 1958, 1962
II.65Reapportionment Redistricting, 1991
II.66Renewal House, Inc. Atlanta, Georgia Juvenile Treatment Program [Grant] (folder 1 of 17), 1974
II.67Renewal House, Inc. Atlanta, Georgia Juvenile Treatment Program [Project Narrative] (folder 2 of 17), 1974
II.68Renewal House, Inc. Atlanta, Georgia Juvenile Treatment Program [Research Narrative] (folder 3 of 17), 1974
II.69Renewal House, Inc. Atlanta, Georgia Juvenile Treatment Program [Treatment Narrative 1-4] (folder 4 of 17), 1974
II.610Renewal House, Inc. Atlanta, Georgia Juvenile Treatment Program [Organizational Structure] (folder 5 of 17), 1974
II.611Renewal House, Inc. Atlanta, Georgia Juvenile Treatment Program [Qualifications] (folder 6 of 17), 1974
II.612Renewal House, Inc. Atlanta, Georgia Juvenile Treatment Program [Progress Report] (folder 7 of 17), 1974
II.613Renewal House, Inc. Atlanta, Georgia Juvenile Treatment Program [Referral Arrangements] (folder 8 of 17), 1974
II.614Renewal House, Inc. Atlanta, Georgia Juvenile Treatment Program [Biographical Sketches & Vitae] (folder 9 of 17), 1974
II.615Renewal House, Inc. Atlanta, Georgia Juvenile Treatment Program [Job Descriptions] (folder 10 of 17), 1974
II.616Renewal House, Inc. Atlanta, Georgia Juvenile Treatment Program [Model City Relatedness] (folder 11 of 17), 1974
II.617Renewal House, Inc. Atlanta, Georgia Juvenile Treatment Program [Letters-Affiliation Agreements] (folder 12 of 17), 1974
II.618Renewal House, Inc. Atlanta, Georgia Juvenile Treatment Program [Letters - Cooperative Agreements] (folder 13 of 17), 1974
II.619Renewal House, Inc. Atlanta, Georgia Juvenile Treatment Program [Letters - Letters of Support] (folder 14 of 17), 1974
II.620Renewal House, Inc. Atlanta, Georgia Juvenile Treatment Program [Letters - Board of Directors] (folder 15 of 17), 1974
II.621Renewal House, Inc. Atlanta, Georgia Juvenile Treatment Program [Letters - Financial Report] (folder 16 of 17), 1974
II.622Renewal House, Inc. Atlanta, Georgia Juvenile Treatment Program [Letters - Human Subjects] (folder 17 of 17), 1974
II.623Selection of Georgia's Judges State Program, 1998-1999
II.624[Senator Herman E. Talmadge, Dixie Business], [1958]
mapcase[The Atlanta Journal and Constitution, Herman Talmadge in Georgia…and Washington] (oversize), [1966]
II.626Senator Herman E. Talmadge Cotton Domestic Allotment Act, 1963
II.627[Senator Herman E. Talmadge - Reports from the United States Senate], [1969 April]
II.628[State Budget], [1955, 1957]
II.629[State Constitution Editorial Revision], 1973-1976
II.630State Item Reapportionment, 1961-1964-1968
II.631[State Legislature], 1955, 1960-1961
II.632Social Policy, [1992, 1993]
II.633[Statement of C. Emory Bohler, M.D.], 1973
II.634Taxes (State), 1949-1954
II.635Taxes, 1955
II.636Taxation, 1984-1986
II.637Taxation, 1994
II.638Transportation [Healthcare], 1992-1993
II.639[Voting Amendments], 1950-1951
II.640[Voting Rights Bill], 1965
II.641Voting Rights - SRC [Southern Regional Council], 1995
II.642Water Resources, 1962-1966
II.643Water Resources, 1966-1968
II.644Welfare [Juvenile Courts], 1949-1951
II.645Welfare (state), including juvenile and penal system, 1947-1952
II.646Welfare (local) and state, including juvenile, penal, and recreation, 1949-1955
II.647Women: Property and the Law, undated
II.648Women's Issues, 1993-1994

C. National

( 81 folder(s) )
The files in this subseries document actions and issues studied and supported by the League of Women Voters. Files in this subseries include some correspondence, memoranda addressed to the LWVGA and the ALWV regarding national league actions and studies as well as state and local league committee meeting minutes on issues. Files include records documenting actions and studies such as grassroots lobbying, studies on the Bricker Amendment, Equal Rights Amendment, Foreign Economic Policy, International Trade, and the United Nations.
II.649Action Call, 1950-1960
II.650Action [National League Studies], 1985-1987
II.651[American Issues Forum], [1975]
II.652[Bricker Amendment], [1952-1959]
II.653Campaign Reform, [1997]
II.71Care Package: Tools for Citizen Action on Health Care, LWV Educational Fund, 1993
II.72Carrie Chapman Catt Memorial Fund, League of Women Voters Education Fund, 1960-1961
II.73Clean Air Health Standards, [1997]
II.74[Congressional Interviews], [1966-1968]
II.75Congressional Interviews, [1997]
II.76[Consensus Forms], [circa 1969-1971]
II.77[Conservation], [1950, 1952]
II.78[D.C. Home Rule], [1960-1965]
II.79[Economic Policy], [1948-1953]
II.710[Equal Rights Amendment], 1979-1980
II.711[Equal Rights Amendment], [1980-1981]
II.712Freedom of Choice [Reproductive Rights], [1992-1993]
II.713[Get Out the Vote], [1996]
mapcase[Get Out the Vote Poster] (oversize) (2)
II.714Grassroots Lobbying, [1989-1992]
II.715[Health Reform Legislation], [1994]
II.716[Human Resources], [1963-1967]
II.717[LWV Illinois - Death Penalty], [2004]
II.718[Impact on Issues: A Guide to Public Policy Positions], [2004-2006]
II.719Initiative to Renew Democracy, [1995-1996]
II.720[International Relations], [1951-1952]
II.721[International Relations - Foreign Aid], [1951-1975]
II.722[International Relations - Foreign Economic Policy], [1962-1965]
II.723[International Relations - Foreign Economic Policy], [1966-1968]
[United Nations Day Posters] (oversize) (5)
II.724[International Relations - Foreign Policy Pamphlets], [1954-1956]
II.725[International Relations], 1962-1964
II.726International Relations, [1987]
II.727[International Relations - Trade], [1948-1958]
II.728[International Relations - Trade], [1973-1975]
II.729IRD-Background [Initiative to Renew Democracy], [1996-1998]
II.730Judicial Independence Report, 2001
II.731[LWVEF Registration and Voting Project Evaluation], 1965
II.732LWV Education Fund Grant Service Guidelines, 1988 April; 1993 July
II.733[League of Women Voters Education Fund Workshops and Conventions], [2004]
II.734League of Women Voters [Reapportionment] (folder 1 of 5), 1989-1991
II.735League of Women Voters [Reapportionment] (folder 2 of 5), 1989-1991
II.736League of Women Voters [Reapportionment] (folder 3 of 5), 1989-1991
II.737League of Women Voters [Reapportionment] (folder 4 of 5), 1989-1991
II.738League of Women Voters [Reapportionment] (folder 5 of 5), 1989-1991
II.739[Let's Discuss Loyalty and Security], [1957-1960]
II.740Lobby Corps, [1989,1997]
II.741[Lobbying Dos and Don'ts], undated
II.742LWV Water Study, [1987, 1991]
II.743LWV National Resources, [1991-1992]
II.744[Making Democracy Work], [1996]
II.745Motor Voter, [1994-1995]
II.746Natural Resources, [1994]
II.747Nuclear Waste-Chemical Weapons, [1997]
II.748[Overseas Education Fund], [1963-1967]
II.81Population Coalition, [1996]
II.82Population Issues, [1994-1995]
II.83[Public Policy on Reproductive Choice], [circa 1990]
II.84[Questions on the Presidency], [circa 1970]
II.85Reapportionment, [1964, 1966]
II.86"Reaching Consensus" packet, undated
II.87Recycling-Solid Waste Management, [1989-1990]
II.88[Reproductive Rights], 1982
II.89Safe Drinking Water Project, [1986-1987]
II.810Status of Women '47-on, [1947-1948]
II.811Taxation, [1984-1985]
II.812Term Limits, [1994]
II.813Term Limits, [1996]
II.814Time for Action '61-65 (Nat'l-couple [only] state), [1961-1965]
II.815Transportation of Civilian Nuclear Wastes by Private Industry Fact Sheet, 1997 April
II.816Voting Rights Act, [1981-1982]
II.817[UNFPA-United Nations Populations Fund Act], [2004]
II.818[Unicef], [1972-1974]
II.819[United Nations], [1950-1957]
II.820[United Nations], [1962-1965]
II.821[United Nations], [1972-1975]
II.822[United Nations], [1974-1975]
II.823[United Nations Posters], [circa 1972]
mapcase[United Nations Posters] (5, oversize), [circa 1972]
II.824[United Nations], [1994]
II.825Urban Renewal, [1959, 1962]
II.826[Waste and Water Resources], [1994-1997]
II.827Waste Prevention Computer Kit, 1997
II.828Water '56-60, '60-'64 CR, '64 on CR [Continuing Responsibility], [1956-1964]

D. Voter Services

( 33 folder(s) )
This subseries consists of files pertaining to voter advocacy, education, and issues primarily by the ALWV. Files include candidate questionnaires for the Clarke County Democratic Primary Elections, radio skits promoting voter services, and voter guides.
II.829ALWV Voter Services, 1991-1992
II.830[Athens-Clarke County Pre-Election Information], [1950-1953, 1972]
II.831[Election Administration Reform Toolkit], [2002 June]
II.832[Get Out and Vote!], [1996]
II.833GOTV [Get Out The Vote], 1992-1994
II.834[Pre-Election Information], 1947-1950
II.835[Project Vote Smart], [2004]
II.836[Local Government Elections], [1993-1994]
II.837[Questionnaires], 1950-1953
II.838Questionnaires 1958-59-60-61, 1956-1961
II.839State Voter Info. '58, 1958
II.840[Vote Democratic], [circa 1990s]
II.841Voter Forums, 1993-1995
II.842Voter Guides, 1996
II.843Voter Guide, 1977, 1992-1994
II.91Voters Service 55-56-57 Pre-Election Materials, 1950-1959
II.92Voter Services General, 1953-1962
II.93Voter Services General '62-66, 1962-1966
II.94Voters Service '66-'67, 1966-1967
II.95Voter Services Gen[eral] Info[rmation], 1989-1990, 1993-1994
II.96Voter Service, [1992-1994]
II.97Voters Services, 1994
II.98Voters Service, 1996
II.99Voter Service Reports, 1986-1987
II.910[Voter Services], 2002
II.911[Voter Services], 2004
II.912[Voter Services], 2005
II.913[Voter Service Certificate of Merit], 1989
II.914Wired for Democracy, 1994 May
II.915Our League Lady-Skit, [circa 1950s]
mapcase[Your Vote Makes a Difference] (oversize) (2)
II.916Voter Service Skit, [circa 1950s]
mapcase["Democracy" League of Women Voters Education Fund Poster] (oversize)
II.917Radio Series Reapportion[ment], 1962

III. Publications , 1948-2006

7 box(es) (5.75 linear feet)
This series is organized into four subseries: A. Newsletters, B. Political Directories, C. League of Women Voters Publications, and D. Non-League of Women Voters Publications. The publications in this series include newsletters, political directories, pamphlets, and handbooks.

A. Newsletters

( 90 folder(s) )
This subseries is organized into three sections for each of the organizational leagues newsletters: the Athens Voter, the Georgia Voter, and the National Voter.
1. Athens League of Women Voters , 1948-2005
III.11LWVA: Newsletter, 1948 October, November
III.12LWVA: Newsletter, 1949
III.13LWVA: Newsletter, 1950
III.14LWVA: Newsletter, 1951
III.15LWVA: Newsletter, 1952
III.16LWVA: Newsletter, 1953
III.17LWVA: Newsletter, 1954
III.18LWVA: Newsletter, 1955
III.19LWVA: Newsletter, 1956
III.110LWVA: Newsletter, 1957
III.111LWVA: Newsletter, 1958
III.112LWVA: Newsletter, 1959
III.113LWVA: Newsletter, 1960
III.114LWVA: Newsletter, 1961
III.115LWVA: Newsletter, 1962
III.116LWVA: Newsletter, 1963
III.117LWVA: Newsletter, 1964
III.118LWVA: Newsletter, 1965
III.119The Athens Voter, 1966
III.120The Athens Voter, 1967
III.121The Athens Voter, 1968
III.122The Athens Voter, 1969
III.123The Athens Voter, 1970
III.124The Athens Voter, 1971
III.125The Athens Voter, 1972
III.126The Athens Voter, 1973
III.127The Athens Voter, 1974
III.128The Athens Voter, 1975
III.129The Athens Voter, 1976
III.130The Athens Voter, 1977
III.131The Athens Voter, 1978
III.132The Athens Voter, 1979
III.133The Athens Voter, 1980
III.134The Athens Voter, 1981
III.135The Athens Voter, 1982
III.21The Athens Voter, 1983
III.22The Athens Voter, 1984
III.23The Athens Voter, 1985
III.24The Athens Voter, 1986
III.25The Athens Voter, 1987
III.26The Athens Voter, 1988
III.27The Athens Voter, 1989
III.28The Athens Voter, 1990
III.29The Athens Voter, 1991
III.210The Athens Voter, 1992
III.211The Athens Voter, 1993
III.212The Athens Voter, 1994
III.213The Athens Voter, 1995
III.214The Athens Voter, 1996
III.215The Athens Voter, 1997
III.216The Athens Voter, 1998
III.217The Athens Voter, 1999
III.218The Athens Voter, 2000
III.219The Athens Voter, 2001
III.220The Athens Voter, 2002
III.221The Athens Voter, 2003
III.222The Athens Voter, 2004
III.223The Athens Voter, 2005
2. League of Women Voters of Georgia , 1948-2006
III.224Georgia Voter, 1948-1951
III.225Georgia Voter, 1959-1966
III.226Georgia Voter, 1973-1976
III.227Georgia Voter, 1982, 1984-1989
III.228Georgia Voter, 1990-1992
III.229Georgia Voter State Council, 1992
III.230Georgia Voter, 1993-1996
III.231Georgia Voter, 1998-1999
III.232Georgia Voter, 2000-2002
III.233Georgia Voter, 2003-2006
3. League of Women Voters , 1948-2006
III.31National Voter, 1948-1959
III.32National Voter, 1960-1963
III.33National Voter, 1964-1968
III.34National Voter, 1982-1984
III.35National Voter, 1987
III.36National Voter, 1988
III.37National Voter, 1989
III.38National Voter, 1990
III.39National Voter, 1991
III.310National Voter, 1992-1993
III.311National Voter, 1994
III.312National Voter, 1995
III.313National Voter, 1996-1997
III.314National Voter, 1998
III.315National Voter, 1999
III.316National Voter, 2000
III.317National Voter, 2001
III.318National Voter, 2002
III.319National Voter, 2003
III.320National Voter, 2004
III.321National Voter, 2005
III.322National Voter, 2006

B. Political Directories

( 16 folder(s) )
This subseries consists of political directories compiled and distributed by the ALWV. Political Directories list information such as maps of voting wards around Athens, boards and officials at the city and county level, organizational charts of the city government, annual budgets, local legislators, local congressmen, and information on voter registration. Also included in this subseries are political directories compiled by other local chapters of the LWVGA.
III.323Political Directories: Athens, 1950
III.324Political Directories: Athens, 1951-1959
III.325Political Directories: Athens, 1960-1968
III.3261970 Political Directory Athens and Clarke County, 1970
III.327Political Directories: Athens, 1971-1973
III.328Political Directories: Athens, 1974-1976
III.329Political Directories: Athens, 1977-1979
III.330League of Women Voters Pol. Dir. Format '73-'77, 1973-1977
III.331Political Directories: Athens, 1981-1986
III.41Political Directories: Athens, 1987-1989
III.42Political Directories: Athens, 1990-1992
III.43Political Directories: Athens, 1993-1994, 1997-1998
III.44Political Directories: Athens, 1999-2000
III.45Political Directory Dekalb County, GA, 1961
III.46Local Government Directory, Savannah, 1961
III.47Directory of Rome-Floyd Officials, 1962
III.48Political Directory [Atlanta], 1962
III.491973 Governmental Directory, Cobb County & Municipalities, Government Directory [Augusta], 1973
III.410LWV Atlanta-Fulton County Political Directory, 1988

C. League of Women Voters Publications

( 118 folder(s) )
This subseries is organized into five sections: League of Women Voters of Athens, League of Women Voters of Georgia, League of Women Voters, League of Women Voters Education Fund, and Other Leagues. Files include voter guides, local service directories, legislative newsletters, and other publications distributed to the public. Also included are publications and newsletters from other League of Women Voters chapter organizations.
1. Athens League of Women Voters , 1962-1998
III.411LWVA: Clarke County School Survey; A Survey of the Clarke County School District, 1962-1967
III.412LWVA: Directory of Community and Area for Athens and Clarke County, 1967
III.413LWVA: Directory of Services, 1971
III.414LWVA: Vote 1¢ Sales Tax -Yes or No???, 1975
III.415LWVA: We're All In This Together!, 1979
III.416LWVA: Voter Guides, 1994, 1998
2. League of Women Voters of Georgia , 1957-2002
III.417[LWVGA: Voter Guide], [1992, 1994, 1996]
III.418LWVGA: Join the Big League, Join the League of Women Voters, 1980
III.419LWVGA: The Helping Handbook, 1982
III.420LWVGA: 2004 General Election Voter Guide, 2004
III.421LWVGA: ABC's of School Finance in Georgia, 1983, 1991
III.422LWVGA: Citizen's Handbook, Georgia Citizen's Handbook Election 2002 Edition, 1987-2000, 2002
III.423LWVGA: Georgia's Government, 1973, 1983, 1985
III.424LWVGA: Focus on Issues, 1982-1988
III.425LWVGA: The League of Women Voters, 1995
III.426LWVGA: Legislative Newsletter, 1957-1958
III.427LWVGA: Legislative Newsletter, 1962-1963
III.428LWVGA: Legislative Newsletter, 1965, 1967-1968
III.429LWVGA: Legislative Newsletter, 1992
III.430LWVGA: Legislative Newsletter, 1994-1995
III.431LWVGA: Legislative Newsletter, [1993-1996]
III.432LWVGA: Register and Vote, undated
III.433LWVGA: Where We Stand, 1999
III.434LWVGA: Women, Property and the Law, undated [circa 1985]
3. League of Women Voters , 1951-2005
III.435[LWV Action Alert], [1994-1995]
III.436[Current Review of Continuing Responsibilities], 1961
III.437CR's [Continuing Responsibilities] State & National, 1966-1967
III.438CR's [Continuing Responsibilities], 1957
III.439Current Review of Crs (Nat'l) [Continuing Responsibilities], 1962-1964, 1967
III.440League of Women Voters, A Great Idea for Today, A Great Ideas Through the Years, 1984, 1986
III.441LWV: A Mighty Political Experiment, 1993
III.442League of Women Voters At Your Fingertips, Finance Workers Handbook, 1952, 1958
III.443LWV: Action, Vol. VI, No. 4, 1951
III.444League of Women Voters: Be Part of It!, Make a Difference!, [circa 1990s]
III.445LWV: Bone Up on Public Affairs With These, [circa 1966]
III.446League of Women Voters: Bringing Citizens and Government Together, undated
III.447LWV Publications [Campaign Reform], 1997
III.448League of Women Voters: Coming Up! 1952 Election Year…, 1952
III.449LWV: Committee Guide, 1977-1979
III.450LWV: Documents Background on National League Program, 1974-1976
III.451LWV: Education Fund, [circa 1965]
III.452LWV: ERA Report, ERA Resource Materials, 1979-1981
III.453LWV: Facts, 1976
III.454LWV: Facts, Where There's A Will There's A Way, Public Action Kit, undated, 1972
III.455LWV: Focus on State Government, 1965
III.456LWV: FYI Newsletter, 1963-1967
III.457LWV: Georgia On Our Mind, undated
III.458LWV: If Your Pay Taxes, Here Are A Few Things You Should Know…, [circa 1985]
III.459LWV: Impact on Congress, 1987
III.460LWV: Impact on Issues, 1990-1994
III.461LWV: In Touch, Vol. 2, No. 3, 1993
III.462LWV: It Makes a Difference, 1963
III.463LWV: Join Us Now!, [circa 1990]
III.464LWV: Local Voices, 2005
III.465LWV: National Positions, 1990
III.466LWV: Overseas Education Fund, 1967-1968, 1971-1972
III.51LWV: Pick a Candidate, undated
III.52LWV: Pick a President, 1972
III.53LWV: Preview May 13-17, 1984
III.54LWV: Publications Catalog, 1966-1967, 1990-1998
III.55LWVUS Publications: "Report from the Hill", "At Issue", "In Touch", 1990-1995
III.56LWV Resource Catalogue, 1994-1996
III.57LWV: Seleccione A Un Candidato, 1984
III.58League of Women Voters: Sixty Years of a Great Idea, 1980
III.59LWV: Study and Action: 1970-72 National Program, 1970
III.510LWV: Trends in Government Vol. VIII, No. 18, 1949
III.511LWV: Vital Issues That Need Defining, undated
III.512League of Women Voters: Who, Why, What is the League of Women Voters, undated
III.513League of Women Voters: You Deserve a Bigger Place in Politics, undated
III.514League of Women Voters: You've Been Intrigued by the League of Women Voters, 1973
III.515League of Women Voters: Your Community Your League, Tu Comunidad Tu Liga, undated
4. League of Women Voters Education Fund , 1966-1996
III.516LWVEF: A Citizen's Guide to Community Education on Global Issues, 1988
III.517LWVEF: Agenda for Security, 1986
III.518LWVEF: America's Growing Dilemma: Pesticides in Food and Water, 1989
III.519LWVEF: At Issues, Winter 1990/1991, 1990-1991
III.520LWVEF: The Common Good: Social Welfare and the American Future, 1991
III.521LWVEF: Critical Choices in Health Reform, [circa 1995]
III.522LWVEF: Current Focus, 1976-1979
III.523LWVEF: Debates '84, 1984
III.524LWVEF: Expanding School-Age Child Care, 1991
III.525LWVEF: Face to Face: A Guide to Candidate Debates, 1996
III.526LWVEF: Fighting Hunger In Your Community, 1990
III.527LWVEF: Focus on the Voter: Lessons From the 1992 Election, 1993
III.528LWVEF: Getting Into Issues, 1996
III.529LWVEF: Getting Something Done: Political Effectiveness and Conference Techniques, 1966
III.530LWVEF: How to Watch a Debate, 1986
III.531LWVEF: It's Up to You: A Woman's Housing Primer, 1980
III.532LWVEF: The League of Women Voters and the Equal Rights Amendment, 1988
III.533LWVEF: League of Women Voters Education Fund, undated
III.534LWVEF: Making a Difference, 1978
III.535LWVEF: Meeting the Employment Needs of Women: A Path Out of Poverty?, 1984
III.536LWVEF: Mr. Justice Brennan: A Discussion Guide, 1996
III.537LWVEF: The National Voter Registration Act: Implementation Status Report, 1994
III.538LWVEF: Newsletter, 1965-1967
III.539LWVEF: Nuclear Waste Digest, 1989
III.540LWVEF: Seeds of Tomorrow: Issues in Agricultural Research and Technology, 1992
III.541LWVEF: Tell It To Washington, 1987-1988, 1993-1994
III.542LWVEF: Waging Peace: Working Together on National Security and Arms Control, 1986
III.543LWVEF: What Any White Woman Can Do In The New Movement for Social Change, undated
III.544LWVEF: Voicing Your Choice: A Guide to Citiizen Participation in Health Reform, 1994
5. Other League of Women Voters , 1971-1996
III.545League of Women Voters Atlanta-Fulton County: Just in Case, undated, 1985, 1991
III.546League of Women Voters Atlanta-Fulton County: Who $pend$ Georgia's Money?, undated
III.547Atlanta-Fulton Voter, 1993-1994
III.548LWV Albany: The League of Women Voters Albany, Georgia, undated
III.549League of Women Voters of Alabama: Needed: Good Schools, The Alabama Legislature, Alabama's Constitution, undated
III.550League of Women Voters of Augusta: Government Directory (1988-1993), Fears and Facts About Unified Government (1971), 1971, 1988-1993
III.551Augusta Area Voter, 1993-1994
III.552Carroll County Voter, 1993-1994
III.553League of Women Voters of Dalton: Dalton/Whitfield Government (1976), Voter Bulletin (1993), 1976, 1993
III.554Dekalb Citizen's Guide (1993-1996), League of Women Voters of Dekalb County 2nd Annual Community Luncheon (1992), 1992-1996
III.555Dekalb Voter, 1993
III.556Dekalb Voter, 1994
III.557Dekalb Voter, 1995
III.558Voter Bulletin [League of Women Voters of Gainesville-Hall County], 1993-1994
III.559Gwinnett Voter (1993-1994), Women, Property and the Law-and Divorce (1990), 1990-1994
III.560The Voter [LWV Macon] (1993-1994), Government Directory (1992), 1992-1994
III.561League of Women Voters of Fairfax, VA: Facts for Voters, 1990
III.562League of Women Voters of Pennsylvania: ERA: Under Our Own Roof, 1980

D. Non-League of Women Voters Publications

( 53 folder(s) )
The publications in this subseries mainly include pamphlets and handbooks collected by the league on various action studies and issues supported by the league. Topics include reports on finances for education in Georgia, environmental and ecological guides on recycling and waste management, guides on local tax amendments, and guides on elections and local government in Athens-Clarke County.
III.56384th Congress, 1st Session, 1955
III.56493d Congress, 1st Session, 1973
III.5651980 Census of Housing [Athens, GA], 1980
III.566A Guide to Recycling, 1989
III.567A Tax Guide for Georgia Citizens, 1990
III.568ABC's of School Finance in Georgia, 1982
III.569Areawide Land Use Sketch Plan, 1972
III.570Athens Banner-Herald and The Daily News Perspective, 1969-1971, 1991
III.571Athens Clarke County: Property Taxes and Equalization, [circa 1992]
III.572Athens Community Council on Aging, Inc., undated
III.573The Athens Mayor and Council, [circa 1990]
III.574Blue Thumb Campaign, 1993
III.575Blueprint, Vol. 1, No. 2, 1997
III.61Citizens Jury, 1991-1992
III.62Clarke County Georgia Cultural Directory, 1990
III.63Clarke County Taxes, undated
III.64Community to Metropolis: Athens-Clarke County Community Social Analysis, 1990
III.65The Concord Coalition, undated
III.66Court of Appeals of Georgia, 1991
III.67Current at the Capitol, 1964-1967
III.68Directory of Community and Area, 1967
III.69Don't Let Congress Roll Back 25 Years of Environmental Progress, [circa 1995]
III.610Flags That Have Flown Over Georgia, 2003
III.611Georgia: 2000, 1986
III.612Georgia CASA: Court Appointed Special Advocated, [circa 1989]
III.613Georgia Political Science Association Journal, The Watergate Investigation, Vol. II, No. 1,, 1974
III.614Georgia Women and the Law: Lobbying for Women's Issues, 1981
III.615Governor's Policy Statement, 1988
III.616Greater Athens Media and Communications Leaders Guide, 1994
III.617Guide to War Tax Resistance, 1988
III.618Handbook for Legislators, [circa 1958]
III.619How Much Are Students Learning?, 1968
III.620How Will Georgia's New Presidential Primary Work?, undated
III.621Information About the National Voter Registration Act (NVRA), [circa 1995]
III.622Inter-Action, Feminist Action Alliance Inc. Vol. 7, No. 7, 1980
III.623Joint Services Study: Clarke County and the City of Athens, Georgia, 1976
III.624Juror's Manual: State Courty of Clarke County, undated
III.625Juveniles and the Law, 1980
III.626Kids Count Data Book, 1991-1992
III.71National Committee for Support of the Public Schools, 1968-1968
III.72The Open door: A Publication of the Office of Secretary of State, 1984
III.73The People and the Power Game with Hedrick Smith, [circa 1996]
III.74Publications Bulletins: National League; Institute of Government, The University of Georgia, [circa 1966, 1973]
III.75The Political Standard, Vol. 5, No. 6, 2002
III.76Quality Growth Partnership, undated
III.77Rape and the Treatment of Rape Victims in Georgia, [circa 1973]
III.78Report of the Task Forces on Economic Development, Capital Investments, Land Use and Natural Resources, 1988
III.79Supporting Federal Candidates: A Guide for Citizens, 1987
III.710United States Senator/Georgia Wyche Fowler, Jr.: Report to Georgians, 1989
III.711Voting Rights Review, 1990
III.712Who Votes in Georgia, [circa 1996]
III.713Why Population Matters, 1996
III.714Your Voice Counts, 1994

IV. Scrapbooks , 1938-1990

3 box(es) (4 linear feet)
The scrapbooks in this series include clippings, photographs, league newsletters and agendas documenting the ALWV involvement with local issues, and in particular education in Clarke County. Subjects include Athens Junior High (1940-1944) and ALWV activities and programs (1947-1962 and 1967-1973). This series also includes the first scrapbook kept by the league from 1938 to 1942, including an original member list. There is also an Education Committee scrapbook kept by Esther C. Cartey, Secretary of the ALWV (referred to as the Clarke County Women Voters) from 1965 to 1967. Mrs. Cartey included clippings about education in Clarke County and documenting meetings and events organized by the league on Clarke County Education.Other scrapbooks include the guestbook for United Nations Observance Day event organized by the league in 1972 and the 70th anniversary of the National League organized by the Board of Directors of the ALWV honoring members who had served in public office around Athens.
IV.11[Scrapbook], [1938-1942]
IV.12LWV Education Comm[ittee] [Clippings] (folder 1 of 3), 1965-1967
IV.13LWV Education Comm[ittee] [Clippings] (folder 2 of 3), 1965-1967
IV.14LWV Education Comm[ittee] [Clippings] (folder 3 of 3), 1965-1967
IV.15Clippings: June 6, 1967 thru July 30, 1969 [Educational] (folder 1 of 3), 1967 June 6-1969 July 30
IV.16Clippings: June 6, 1967 thru July 30, 1969 [Educational] (folder 2 of 3), 1967 June 6-1969 July 30
IV.17Clippings: June 6, 1967 thru July 30, 1969 [Educational] (folder 3 of 3), 1967 June 6-1969 July 30
IV.18Scrapbook/ Meeting Minutes (folder 1 of 3), 1960-1963
IV.19Scrapbook/ Meeting Minutes (folder 2 of 3), 1960-1963
IV.110Scrapbook/ Meeting Minutes (folder 3 of 3), 1960-1963
IV.111Clippings for Athens League of Women Voters, Athens, GA, [1963-1967]
IV.112[United Nations Observance Day Guestbook], [1972]
IV.113[70th Anniversary of the LWV Scrapbook], [1990]
IV.114[70th Anniversary Guest Book], 1990
IV.21Athens Junior High School Scrapbook [Clippings], [1940-1944], [1940-1944]
IV.22League of Women Voters of Athens Scrapbook [Clippings], [1967 September-1973 April], [1967 September-1973 April]
IV.31League of Women Voters of Athens Scrapbook [Clippings], [1955-1956], 1955-1956
IV.32League of Women Voters of Athens Scrapbook [Clippings], [1947-1955], 1947-1955

V. Artifacts , 1988-1990

1 box(es) (.25 linear feet)
The artifacts consist of League of Women Voters banners, buttons, coasters commemorating the 75th anniversary of the League of Women Voters, and a plaque congratulating membership growth for the ALWV (1991-1992).
V.11["Vote" Banner], [1988]
V.12[Athens LWV Membership Increase Plaque], 1991-1992
V.13[LWV 75th Anniversary Coasters], 1995
V.14[League of Women Voters Buttons], undated
mapcase[Laminated LWV Banners] (oversize) (4)

VI. Photographs , 1960-1990

70 photographs, 134 negatives, and 6 slides
This series contains photographs primarily of the ALWV annual meetings. Also included are photographs, negatives, and slides of homes in Athens used in a housing study conducted by the league.
VI.11[Meeting of LWVA], [circa 1960s] (8x10" b/w)
VI.12LWVA Event, two unidentified members exchanging gavel. Unidentified woman presents unidentified man certificate from LWV and Jaycees., 1965 March 16 (2 5x7" b/w)
VI.13Cattle, [circa 1950s-1960s] (8 8x10" b/w)
VI.14Kay Hoffman, Paul Broun, Sr., and unidentified men and women at League meeting, [1970s] (5x7" b/w)
VI.15[LWVA Group Photograph with Lester Maddox and Hugh Logan in the Georgia House of Representatives]. Includes: Louise Burch, Mim Peifer, Faye Stephens, Pearlie Wood, Barbara Rystrom, Gladys Humphrey, Miriam Moore, Sophia Deutchberger, Chapel Matthews, Morene Williams, Berry Rice, 1970-1972 (2 8x10" color)
VI.16Condemned houses, 1985-1986 (35mm film, proof sheet, 6 slides, 21 4"x6" color, 17 3.5x5" color)
VI.17Unknown LWVA Event, 1988 (2 4x6" color)
VI.18State Convention [?] in Athens. Includes Charlotte Leedy, Pat Barron, Joan Curtis, Pat Barron, Charlotte Leedy, Sharon Baker [?], 1990 (2 3.5x5" b/w)
VI.19Group photograph, [circa 1990] (35mm film)
VI.110[Group photographs] Includes: Jeanette Howell, Ruth Webb, Ruth Carpenter, Eve Howard, Phyllis Bogner, Mim Peifer, Anne Lee, [Lee Carmon or Betsy Cook], [circa 1990s] (3 5x7" b/w, 1 3.5x5" b/w)
VI.111League of Women Voters Tea celebrating 70th Anniversary (1924-1994) at Court House Annex; LWVGA State Convention 1997 in Savannah. Includes past President of LWVA, Anne Lee; Phyllis Bogner; Janice Mathis, [Mim] Pieffer; Nancy Denson; Louise Boyce; Charlotte Leedy, Nancy Postnicks, Lois Shenkel, Sophia Deutschberger, Christa Estes, Jessie Barnett, Paul Dellaria, Heidi Davison, Gwen Wood, Jo Springer, Jean Sikora, [1994-1997] (6 3.5x5" color, 4x6" color)
VI.112Anne Lee (editor of Political Directory), Dot Barrett (Chairman, Board of Elections), Phillis Bogner (League Finance Chairwoman), looking at 1991 Political Directory, 1990-1991 (4 5x7" b/w)

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