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Richard B. Russell, Jr. Collection, Subgroup C, Series XV: General

Richard B. Russell, Jr. Collection, Subgroup C, Series XV: General

Descriptive Summary

Title: Richard B. Russell, Jr. Collection, Subgroup C, Series XV: General
Creator: Russell, Richard B. (Richard Brevard), 1897-1971
Inclusive Dates: 1935-1971
Language(s): English
Extent: 333 box(es) (165.75 linear feet)
Collection Number: RBRL001RBR_C_XV
Repository: Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies
Abstract: The Richard B. Russell, Jr. Collection, Subgroup C, Series XV: General is composed mainly of correspondence and printed materials relating to federal agencies and departments. Arrangement is chronological by latest date, and within each year date, file headings are by agency or by subject and arranged alphabetically. Because of the close relationship between the passage of legislation by the Congress and its implementation by the federal government, there is significant overlap between the General series and the Legislative series. Any additional non-textual materials originally filed with papers were removed for preservation purposes and improved access. These materials include photographs, audiovisual items, scrapbooks, vertical files, memorabilia, and books.

Collection Description

Biographical Note

Richard Brevard Russell, Jr. held public office for fifty years as a state legislator, governor, and U.S. senator. The highlights of his legislative career included support of non-interventionist foreign policy, passage of the National School Lunch Program, securing funding for military installations and research facilities—including the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention—and his opposition to equal rights for African Americans, most evident in the filibuster of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

Russell was born in Winder, GA on November 2, 1897, to Judge Richard B. Russell, Sr. and Ina Dillard Russell, a teacher. He was the fourth of thirteen children and the first son. He earned a Bachelor of Laws degree from the University of Georgia in 1918. After a brief period practicing law, Russell ran for and won a seat in the Georgia House of Representatives in 1920. In 1927, he was elected Speaker of the House, a position he held until 1931. In 1930, Russell ran for governor against a crowded field of seasoned candidates, but he was victorious thanks to a grassroots campaign and his skill in door-to-door canvassing. He took the oath of office in June 1931 but only spent eighteen months as governor before the death of Senator William J. Harris presented him with the opportunity to run for the United States Senate.

Russell entered the U.S. Senate in 1933 and served until his death in 1971. He became one of the Senate's most influential members. During his tenure, he served sixteen years as chair of the Armed Services Committee and held a seat on the Appropriation Committee that spanned his tenure in the Senate. Additionally, Russell held positions on the Joint Committee on Atomic Energy, the Committee on Immigration, the Aeronautical and Space Sciences Committee, and the Democratic Policy and Democratic Steering Committees.

Although he wielded considerable power through these committee appointments, Russell did not seek a position in the Senate leadership. Instead, he supported the ambitions of his protégé, Senator Lyndon Johnson from Texas for majority whip and later for majority leader. Russell ended his career as president pro tempore of the Senate—a post reserved for the member with the longest tenure in the Senate—making him third in the line of presidential succession.

Russell was known for his support of national defense, non-interventionist foreign policy, and his advocacy for agricultural interests (particularly those in Georgia). Russell opposed the United States entangling itself in international conflicts, especially in Vietnam and the Congo. In agricultural policy, the creation of the National School Lunch Program in 1946 was his most significant achievement for the nation's farmers. The program had the double effect of providing nutritious meals for schoolchildren while avoiding an economic crash by giving farmers a way to sell their surplus produce.

Russell's opposition to civil rights legislation overshadowed his many legislative achievements. He began contesting civil rights legislation as early as 1935 when he joined other southern senators to block anti-lynching bills. Over three decades, Russell developed a reputation as a defender of "white traditions" and white supremacy.

During the Senate's debate of the 1964 Civil Rights Act, Russell led the Southern Bloc in a sixty-day filibuster in an attempt to prevent the bill's passage, vowing to "resist to the bitter end any measure or any movement which would have a tendency to bring about social equality and intermingling and amalgamation of the races." The filibuster came to an end only after a partnership of moderate Republicans and northern Democrats introduced a compromise bill that garnered the sixty-seven votes needed to invoke cloture and end the filibuster. The substitute civil rights bill passed on June 19 by a margin of 73-27.

Though Russell advised against attempts to resist the Civil Rights Act at the state level, he remained unapologetic in his criticism of it. In a speech given in the Senate on June 18, 1964, Russell sought to encourage the other members of the Southern Bloc, saying "…there will never come a time when it will be necessary for any one of us to apologize for his conduct or his courage."

Russell left behind a list of political and legislative achievements and a reputation for mastery of legislative strategy. Despite his other distinctions, racial animus and obstructionism would become the most remembered aspects of his legacy. As biographer Gilbert Fite noted, Russell might well have achieved more, were it not for his racial views.

Scope and Content

Subgroup C, Series XV. General is composed mainly of correspondence and printed materials relating to federal agencies and departments. Arrangement is chronological by latest date, and within each year date, file headings are by agency or by subject and arranged alphabetically. Because of the close relationship between the passage of legislation by the Congress and its implementation by the federal government, there is significant overlap between the General series and the Legislative series.

Organization and Arrangement

Subgroup C, Series XV. General is arranged in reverse chronological order, each year is organized by topic. Each folder title includes a two letter code that specifies the broad topic: AA. Accelerated Public Works; AB. Agriculture Department; AC. American Welfare; AD. American Legion; AE. Appalachia (Appalachian Regional Commission); AF. Appointments; AG. Atlanta Braves; AH. Atlanta Crash; AI. Atomic Energy Commission; AJ. Birth Certificates; AL. Bureau of the Budget; AM. Business; AN. Capitol Calendars; AO. Civil Aeronautics Board (CAB); AP. Civil Service Commission; AQ. Commerce Department; AR. Common Market; AS. Community Facilities Administration; AT. Congressional Record; AU. Court Matters; AV. Crime; AW. Defense Department; AX. Education for Freedom, Inc.; AY. Eighteen Year Old Voting; AZ. Electoral College; BA. Equal Employment Commission; BB. Federal Communications Commission; BC. Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC); BD. Federal Home Loan Bank Board; BE. Federal Maritime Administration (Commission); BF. Federal Power Commission; BG. Federal Reserve System; BH. Federal Trade Commission; BI. Flag; BJ. Football Tickets; BK. General Accounting Office (GAO); BL. General Services Administration (GSA); BM. Georgia, State of; BN. Gift Books; BO. Gold Reserve; BP. Government Contracts; BQ. Government Expenditures; BR. Great White Fleet; BS. Health, Education, and Welfare (HEW); BT. Hotel Reservations; BU. Housing and Urban Development (HUD); BV. Impeachment; BW. Inauguration Tickets and Inaugural; BX. Inflation; BY. Interior Department; BZ. Interstate Commerce Commission; CA. Jews; CB. Justice Department; CC. Labor Department; CD. Laboratories; CE. Libraries; CF. Library of Congress; CG. Liquor; CH. Magazines; CI. Mailing Lists; CJ. Memorials; CK. Miscellaneous; CL. National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA); CM. National Council of Churches; CN. National Foundation of Arts and Humanities; CO. National Science Foundation; CP. North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO); CQ. Oceanography; CR. Office of Economic Opportunity; CS. Office Matters; CT. Office Visits; CU. Panama Canal; CV. Passes; CW. Pollution; CX. Postal Matters; CY. Prayer; CZ. Price Control Matters; DA. Propaganda; DB. Railroad; DC. Reapportionment; DE. Requests; DF. Riots; DG. Scholarships; DH. Securities and Exchange Administration; DI. Senate Youth Program; DJ. Senator's F File; DK. Senior Classes; DL. Small Business Administration; DN. State Department; DO. Strikes; DP; Supreme Court; DQ. Surplus Property; DR. Tariff Matters; DS. Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA); DT. Textiles; DU. Tours; DV. Trade; DW. Transportation Department; DX. Treasury Department; DY. Unanswered Mail; DZ. Veterans Hospital; EA. Warm Springs Foundation; EB. World's Fair; EC. Grants; ED. Robos; EE. Red Line Files.

Administrative Information

Access Restrictions

Case mail, cross-reference copies, and military academies are closed. Additional files are restricted throughout the collection, as noted in the container listing.

Preferred Citation

Richard B. Russell, Jr. Collection, Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies, The University of Georgia Libraries, Athens, Georgia.

Processing Notes

Clippings have been copied onto bond paper for protection of content. Artifacts, photographs, books, and audiovisual materials have been separated for preservation purposes and inventoried.

User Restrictions

Library acts as "fair use" reproduction agent.

Copyright Information

Before material from collections at the Richard B. Russell Library may be quoted in print, or otherwise reproduced, in whole or in part, in any publication, permission must be obtained from (1) the owner of the physical property, and (2) the holder of the copyright. It is the particular responsibility of the researcher to obtain both sets of permissions. Persons wishing to quote from materials in the Russell Library collection should consult the Director. Reproduction of any item must contain a complete citation to the original.

Finding Aid Publication

Finding aid prepared on: 2008.

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Subject Terms

African Americans -- Civil rights
Assassination -- Investigation -- United States.
Civil rights movements -- Georgia.
Civil rights movements -- United States.
Georgia. Governor (1931-1933 : Russell)
Governmental investigations -- United States.
Governors -- Georgia.
Kennedy, John F. (John Fitzgerald), 1917-1963 -- Assassination.
Kennedy, Robert F., 1925-1968 -- Assassination.
Korean War, 1950-1953 -- United States.
Lawrence, Alexander A., 1906-
Legislative hearings -- United States.
Legislators -- Georgia.
Legislators -- United States.
Literacy tests (Election law) -- United States.
MacArthur, Douglas, 1880-1964.
Military bases -- Georgia.
New Deal, 1933-1939.
Patronage, Political -- United States.
Poll tax -- United States.
Prayer in the public schools -- United States.
Presidential candidates -- United States.
Russell, Richard B. (Richard Brevard), 1897-1971
School integration -- Arkansas -- Little Rock.
School integration -- United States.
United States -- Defenses.
United States -- Foreign policy -- 1933-1945.
United States -- Foreign policy -- 1945-1989.
United States -- Foreign relations -- 1933-1945.
United States -- Foreign relations -- 1945-1989.
United States -- Race relations
United States. Congress. Senate -- Cloture.
Vietnam War, 1961-1975.
World War, 1939-1945 -- United States.

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Series Descriptions and Folder Listing


Subgroup C. United States Senatorial Papers

This subgroup of papers comprehensively reveals Richard Russell's activities as a United States senator representing the state of Georgia. The papers are divided into twenty series, two of which are closed; some files are restricted. Closed or restricted files are governed by donor agreement, Executive Orders, or privacy considerations. Not many files survived from Russell's first eleven years in office; the main series for this time period are Early Office, Political, Political Patronage, Personal, and a few files in General. In 1943 and 1944, Russell's staff members reorganized the office filing system, and from that point on, the files are very complete. The 1943 filing system places the incoming letter with a copy of Russell's reply (the yellows) attached, and the correspondence is filed by subject; these files compose the majority of the senatorial papers. Subsequent letters from the constituent and copies of Russell's replies on the same subject continued to be attached to the original correspondence and filed under the date of the latest communication from Russell. Theoretically, at the end of each Congress, these files would have been retired to storage (with the possible exception of case mail); in practice, however, there was no consistency to the length of time the subject files were retained in the active status. To respect provenance of the files and to preserve the utility of the cross reference copies, the subject files are subdivided so that within each series they are arranged chronologically by the most recent date of correspondence (with all other correspondence attached thereto). A second copy of a Russell letter (the pinks, or Cross-Reference Copies Series) was made and filed separately by correspondent's surname in a chronological file. Intra-Office Communications and Speech/Media are form files. If Russell personally dictated any portion of a letter or added a postscript, two extra copies on onionskin paper (one for the Winder office and one for the Washington office) were made and filed by subject (Dictation Series), separate from the yellow and pink copies. The flexibility of the system allowed for much divergence in filing according to the discretion of the staff member involved. Thus, as personnel changed, their interpretations on how broad or specific they should be were reflected in the filing system itself. For example, "Foreign Aid" under the General Series and "Foreign Relations" under Legislative Series. The filing system indicates that correspondence relating to proposed or pending legislation was filed under committee in Legislative and relating to action taken on passed legislation or programs administered by government agencies was filed accordingly in General. In reality, two subject headings as similar as foreign aid and foreign relations could easily be interfiled. For the most part, original order was maintained for the senatorial papers. Exceptions are Civil Rights and MacArthur Hearings Series, which were originally part of the Legislative Series. These were separated from the main body of senate office records to facilitate easier use. The Barboura G. Raesly File was added to the papers subsequent to the library's establishment and contains records and materials she kept in her position as personal secretary to Russell. The Exhibit B Series, which was closed by donor agreement, contains files pulled from other series and maintained separately. When files in this series opened, Exhibit B was arranged as a parallel file to the other senatorial papers series.

XV. General, 1935-1971

( 333 box(es) (165.75 linear feet) )
During his thirty-eight years in the Senate, Russell received thousands of letters from Georgians and other citizens who revealed their concerns with issues of the day: agricultural policies, civil rights, communism, foreign policy, America's welfare, and any other contemporary hot topics. Most correspondence is with constituents, but congressional colleagues, government officials, representatives from special interest groups, and other American citizens are also represented.
The General series is composed mainly of correspondence and printed materials relating to federal agencies and departments. Arrangement is reverse chronological order, and within each year date, file headings are by agency or by subject and arranged alphabetically (see below for list of subjects). Because of the close relationship between the passage of legislation by the Congress and its implementation by the federal government, there is significant overlap between the General series and the Legislative series. The standardized constituent responses, which are hand typed robos, reveal the operation of a senator's office before the use of word processors. In addition to correspondence, there are grant announcements, requests for publications, condolence messages, and letters of special interest to the Senator and his staff. The Red Line File was designated by the office staff as a file for placing items that Senator Russell did not want lost. While it includes letters to save (used at the special request of Russell or at the discretion of staff as a means of easy retrieval), commemorative cachets, the Senator's requests for books, reference material, and condolence messages, the real value of the file is the notes and memos relating to high level meetings or presidential conversations. These notes were handwritten or dictated by Russell. For additional related files, see also the Exhibit B description. Each folder in this series includes a two letter code that specifies the broad topic: AA. Accelerated Public Works; AB. Agriculture Department; AC. American Welfare; AD. American Legion; AE. Appalachia (Appalachian Regional Commission); AF. Appointments; AG. Atlanta Braves; AH. Atlanta Crash; AI. Atomic Energy Commission; AJ. Birth Certificates; AL. Bureau of the Budget; AM. Business; AN. Capitol Calendars; AO. Civil Aeronautics Board (CAB); AP. Civil Service Commission; AQ. Commerce Department; AR. Common Market; AS. Community Facilities Administration; AT. Congressional Record; AU. Court Matters; AV. Crime; AW. Defense Department; AX. Education for Freedom, Inc.; AY. Eighteen Year Old Voting; AZ. Electoral College; BA. Equal Employment Commission; BB. Federal Communications Commission; BC. Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC); BD. Federal Home Loan Bank Board; BE. Federal Maritime Administration (Commission); BF. Federal Power Commission; BG. Federal Reserve System; BH. Federal Trade Commission; BI. Flag; BJ. Football Tickets; BK. General Accounting Office (GAO); BL. General Services Administration (GSA); BM. Georgia, State of; BN. Gift Books; BO. Gold Reserve; BP. Government Contracts; BQ. Government Expenditures; BR. Great White Fleet; BS. Health, Education, and Welfare (HEW); BT. Hotel Reservations; BU. Housing and Urban Development (HUD); BV. Impeachment; BW. Inauguration Tickets and Inaugural; BX. Inflation; BY. Interior Department; BZ. Interstate Commerce Commission; CA. Jews; CB. Justice Department; CC. Labor Department; CD. Laboratories; CE. Libraries; CF. Library of Congress; CG. Liquor; CH. Magazines; CI. Mailing Lists; CJ. Memorials; CK. Miscellaneous; CL. National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA); CM. National Council of Churches; CN. National Foundation of Arts and Humanities; CO. National Science Foundation; CP. North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO); CQ. Oceanography; CR. Office of Economic Opportunity; CS. Office Matters; CT. Office Visits; CU. Panama Canal; CV. Passes; CW. Pollution; CX. Postal Matters; CY. Prayer; CZ. Price Control Matters; DA. Propaganda; DB. Railroad; DC. Reapportionment; DE. Requests; DF. Riots; DG. Scholarships; DH. Securities and Exchange Administration; DI. Senate Youth Program; DJ. Senator's F File; DK. Senior Classes; DL. Small Business Administration; DN. State Department; DO. Strikes; DP; Supreme Court; DQ. Surplus Property; DR. Tariff Matters; DS. Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA); DT. Textiles; DU. Tours; DV. Trade; DW. Transportation Department; DX. Treasury Department; DY. Unanswered Mail; DZ. Veterans Hospital; EA. Warm Springs Foundation; EB. World's Fair; EC. Grants; ED. Robos; EE. Red Line Files.
11Agriculture Department, General Correspondence [AB.], 1971
12Agriculture Department, Farmer's Home Administration [AB.], 1971
13Agriculture Department, Food Stamps [AB.], 1971
14America's Welfare [AC.], undated
15Appalachian Regional Commission [AE.], 1971
16Civil Aeronautics Board (CAB) [AO.], 1971
17Commerce [AQ.], 1971
18Congressional Record [AT.], 1971
19Defense Department, General Correspondence and Civil Defense [AW.], 1971
110Defense Department, Vietnam Casualties [AW.], 1971
111Federal Communications Commission [BB.], 1971
112Federal Power Commission [BF.], 1971
113Federal Trade Commission [BH.], 1971
114Flag [BI.], 1971
115General Services Administration [BL.], 1971
116Georgia, State of, General Correspondence [BM.], 1971
117Gift Books [BN], 1971
118Government Contracts [BP.], 1970-1971
119General Correspondence [BS.], 1971
120General Correspondence [BS.], 1971
121Education [BS.], 1971
122Drugs [BS.], 1971
123Housing [BV.], 1971
21Federal Housing Administration [BU.], undated
22Inflation [BX.], 1971
23Interior Department--General [BY.], 1971
24ICC [BZ.], undated
25Justice Department [CB.], undated
26Labor, General Correspondence [CC.], 1971
27Agricultural Research, Utilization Laboratory [CD.], undated
28Memorials--Savannah Battlesite [CJ.], 1970-1971
29Stamps-- [CK.], 1971
210(Tripe) Miscellaneous [CI.], 1971
211Mailing List [CI.], 1971
212Poverty Program [CR.], 1971
213Office Matters, General Series [CS.], 1971
214Office Matters, Staff [CS.], 1971
215Pollution (EPA) [CW.], 1971
216Postal Matters [CX.], 1971
217Requests for Agriculture Yearbook [DE.], undated
218Requests for Autographs [DE.], undated
219Requests for Biography [DE.], 1971
220Requests for Congressional Directory [DE.], undated
221Requests for Georgia Material [DE.], 1971
222Requests for Information [DE.], 1971
31Requests for Photos [DE.], 1971
32Requests for Publications [DE.], 1971
33Scholarships [DG.], 1971
34Small Business Administration [DL.], 1971
35State Department, General Correspondence [DN.], 1971
36State Department--Treaties, General Correspondence [DN.], 1971
37Surplus Property [DQ.], 1971
38Tours [DU.], 1971
39Transportation Department, General Correspondence [DW.], 1971
310Transportation Department--Highway Matters [DW.], 1971
311Treasury Department, General Correspondence [DX.], 1971
312Treasury Department--IRS [DX.], 1971
41Department of Agriculture [AB.], 1970 Dec.
42Department of Agriculture [AB.], 1970 Nov.
43Department of Agriculture [AB.], 1970 Oct.
44Department of Agriculture [AB.], 1970 Sept.
45Department of Agriculture [AB.], 1970 Aug.
46Department of Agriculture [AB.], 1970 July
47Department of Agriculture [AB.], 1970 June
48Department of Agriculture [AB.], 1970 May
49Department of Agriculture [AB.], 1970 April
410Department of Agriculture [AB.], 1970 March
411Department of Agriculture [AB.], 1970 Feb.
412Department of Agriculture [AB.], 1970 Jan
413Farmer's Home Administration [AB.], undated
51Farmer's Home Administration [AB.], 1970
52Food Stamps (1970) [AB.], 1970
53Food Stamps (1970) [AB.], 1970
54Rural Electrification Administration [AB.], undated
55Soil Survey Reports [AB.], 1969-1970
56America's Welfare [AC.], 1970 Nov-Dec
57America's Welfare [AC.], 1970 Aug 18-Oct 29
58America's Welfare [AC.], 1970 Aug 13-July 31
59America's Welfare [AC.], 1970 July 1970
510America's Welfare [AC.], 1970 June
61America's Welfare [AC.], 1970 April-May
62America's Welfare [AC.], 1970 March
63America's Welfare [AC.], 1970 Jan-Feb
64Appalachia (1970) [AE.], 1970
65Appointments (1970) [AF.], 1970
66Appointments (1970) [AF.], 1970
67Appointments (1970) [AF.], 1970
68Atomic Energy Commission [AI.], 1970 Sept-Nov
69Atomic Energy Commission [AI.], 1970 July-Aug
71Atomic Energy commission [AI.], 1970 Jan-March
72Civil Aeronautics Board [AO.], 1970
73Birth Certificate [AJ.], undated
74Bureau of the Budget [AL.], 1970
75Civil Service Commission [AP.], 1970 November-December
76Civil Service Commission [AP.], 1970 July-Aug
77Civil Service Commission [AP.], 1970 June-July
78Commerce Department (1970) [AQ.], 1970
79Commerce Department/Bureau of Census [AQ.], 1970
710Commerce Department/Bureau of Census [AQ.], 1970
711Patents and Trademarks [AQ.], 1970
712Capitol Calendars [AN.], 1970
713Congressional Record [AT.], 1970
81Court Matters [AU.], 1970
82Court Matters/Green v Kennedy [AU.], 1970
83Court Matters [AU.], 1970
84Legal Court Decisions [AU.], 1970
85Crime [AV.], 1970
86Crime [AV.], 1970
87Defense Department [AW.], 1970 Nov-Dec
91Defense Department [folder 1 of 2] [AW.], 1970 Sept-Oct
92Defense Department [folder 2 of 2] [AW.], 1970 Sept-Oct
93Defense Department [AW.], 1970 Aug 21-28
94Defense Department [AW.], 1970 Aug 6-19
95Defense Department [AW.], 1970 July
96Defense Department [AW.], 1970 June
97Defense Department [AW.], 1970 May
98Defense Department [AW.], 1970 April
99Defense Department [AW.], 1970 March
910Defense Department [AW.], 1970 February
911Defense Department [AW.], 1970 January
101Defense (ABM) [AW.], 1970
102Defense (C-5A) [AW.], 1970
103Civil Defense [AW.], 1970
104Vietnam Casualties [AW.], 1970 Sept-Dec
105Vietnam Casualties [AW.], 1970 May-Aug
106Vietnam Casualties [AW.], 1970 March-April
107Vietnam Casualties [AW.], 1969 Dec- 1970 Jan/Feb
111Eighteen Year-Old Voting [AY.], undated
112Electoral College [AZ.], 1970 July-Dec
113Electoral College [AZ.], 1970 Jan-June
114Federal Communications Commission [BB.], undated
115Federal Communications Commission [BB.], 1970 Aug-Oct
116Federal Communications Commission [BB.], 1970 June-July
117Federal Communications Commission [BB.], 1970 April-May
118Federal Communications Commission [folder 1 of 2] [BB.], 1970 Jan-March
119Federal Communications Commission [folder 2 of 2] [BB.], 1970 Jan-March
1110Federal Communications Commission--CATV [BB.], 1970
121Federal Home Loan Bank Board [BD.], 1970
122Federal Maritime Administration [BE.], 1970
123Federal Power Commission [folder 1 of 2] [BF.], undated
124Federal Power Commission [folder 2 of 2] [BF.], undated
125Federal Reserve System [BG.], 1970
126Federal Trade Commission [folder 1 of 2] [BH.], 1970 July-Dec
127Federal Trade Commission [folder 2 of 2] [BH.], 1970 July-Dec
128Federal Trade Commission [folder 1 of 2] [BH.], 1970 Jan-July
129Federal Trade Commission [folder 2 of 2] [BH.], 1970 Jan-July
1210Flag [folder 1 of 2] [BI.], 1970 July-Sept
1211Flag [folder 2 of 2] [BI.], 1970 July-Sept
1212Flag [BI.], 1970 Jan-June
131Football Tickets [BJ.], 1970
132General Accounting Office [BK.], undated
133General Services Administration [BL.], undated
134General Services Administration (GSA) [BL.], 1970
135General Services Administration (GSA) Atlanta Federal Building [BL.], 1970
136Georgia [BM.], 1970 August-December
137Georgia, State of (Folder 1 of 2) [BM.], 1970 Jan-July
138Georgia, State of (Folder 2 of 2) [BM.], 1970 Jan-July
139Cumberland Island [folder 1 of 2] [BM.], 1970
1310Cumberland Island [folder 2 of 2] [BM.], 1970
141Gift Books [BN.], Dec 22-Aug 12
142Gift Books [BN.], Aug 10-Jan 5
143Government Expenditures (1970) [BQ.], 1970
144Government Expenditures (1970) [BQ.], 1970
145Health, Education and Welfare [BS.], 1970 Dec
146Health, Education and Welfare [BS.], 1970 Nov
147Health, Education and Welfare [BS.], 1970 Oct
148Health, Education and Welfare [BS.], 1970 Aug-Sept
149Health, Education and Welfare [BS.], 1970 July
151Health, Education and Welfare [BS.], undated
152Health, Education and Welfare [BS.], May 20-31
153Health, Education and Welfare [BS.], May 1-9
154Health, Education and Welfare [BS.], 1970 April
155Health, Education and Welfare [BS.], 1970 Jan-Feb
156Health, Education and Welfare [BS.], 1970 March
157Health, Education and Welfare (General Material) [BS.], undated
161Food and Drug [BS.], undated
162Drugs [BS.], 1970
163Drugs [BS.], 1970
164Education [BS.], 1970 Nov-Dec
165Education [BS.], 1970 July-Oct
166Education [BS.], 1970 April-June
167Education [BS.], 1970 Jan-March
168Health [BS.], 1970
169Medicare [BS.], 1970 Oct-Dec
171House--Urban Development [BV.], undated
172Housing [folder 1 of 2] [BV.], 1970 Oct-Nov
173Housing [folder 2 of 2] [BV.], 1970 Oct-Nov
174Housing [BV.], 1970 Sept
175Housing ,General [HUD] [BV.], 1970 July-Aug
176HUD General Correspondence [BU.], 1970 June
177HUD [BU.], 1970 May
178HUD General Correspondence [BU.], 1970 April
179HUD [BU.], 1970 Jan-March
181HUD Material [BU.], 1970
182Federal Housing Administration [folder 1 of 2] [BU.], 1970
183Federal Housing Administration [folder 2 of 2] [BU.], 1970
184Inflation [BX.], 1970 July-Dec
185Inflation [folder 1 of 2] [BX.], 1970 Jan-June
186Inflation [folder 2 of 2] [BX.], 1970 Jan-June
187Interior Department Correspondence [BY.], 1970 Nov-Dec
188Interior Department Correspondence [folder 1 of 2] [BY.], 1970 June-Oct
189Interior Department Correspondence [folder 2 of 2] [BY.], 1970 June-Oct
OS 3Oversize poster of "Conservation and Full Preservation of Water" [separated from folder 'Interior Department Correspondence [BY.]'][oversize], 1970
191Interior [BY.], 1970 April-May
192Interior General Correspondence [BY.], 1970 Jan-March
193National Parks [BY.], 1970
194Interstate Commerce Commission [folder 1 of 2] [BZ.], 1970 July-Dec
195Interstate Commerce Commission [folder 2 of 2] [BZ.], 1970 July-Dec
196Interstate Commerce Commission [folder 1 of 2] [BZ.], 1970 May-June
197Interstate Commerce Commission [folder 2 of 2] [BZ.], 1970 May-June
198Interstate Commerce Commission [BZ.], 1970 Jan-April
201Justice Department [CB.], 1970 Sept-Dec
202Justice Department [CB.], 1970 May-Aug
203Justice Department [CB.], 1970 Jan-April
204Labor [CC.], 1970 Sept-Dec
205Labor [CC.], 1970 June-Aug
206Labor [CC.], 1970 March-April
207Labor [CC.], 1970 Jan-Feb
211Laboratories: Agricultural Utilization Research Lab [CD.], undated
212Laboratories: Agricultural Utilization Research Lab [CD.], undated
213Library of Congress [CF.], 1970
214Mailing List [CI.], 1970
215Memorials [folder 1 of 2] [CJ.], 1970
216Memorials [folder 2 of 2] [CJ.], 1970
217Memorials Andersonville [CJ.], 1970
218Stamps Memorials [CJ.], 1970
219Miscellaneous [CK.], 1970 Oct-Dec
2110Miscellaneous [CK.], 1970 July-Sept
2111Miscellaneous [folder 1 of 2] [CK.], 1970 Jan-June
2112Miscellaneous [folder 2 of 2] [CK.], 1970 Jan-June
221NASA (1970) [folder 1 of 2] [CL.], 1970
222NASA (1970) [folder 2 of 2] [CL.], 1970
223National Council of Churches [CM.], 1970
224National Foundation of Arts and Humanities [CN.], undated
225National Science Foundation [CO.], 1970
226Oceanography [CQ.], 1970
227OEO (Office of Economic Opportunity) Poverty Program [CR.], 1970 Nov-Dec
228OEO Poverty Program [CR.], 1970 Oct
229OEO Poverty Program [CR.], 1970 July-Sept
2210OEO Poverty Program [CR.], 1970 April-June
2211OEO Poverty Program [CR.], 1970 Jan-March
231Office of Economic Opportunity New Communities Inc. [CR.], 1969-1970
232OEO Poverty Program New Communities Inc. [CR.], 1969-1970
233Passes [CV.], 1970
234Pollution--Environmental Protection Agency [CW.], 1970 Nov-Dec
235Pollution--EPA [CW.], 1970 Oct
236Pollution--EPA [CW.], 1970 Sept
237Pollution--EPA [CW.], 1970 August
238Pollution--EPA [CW.], 1970 July
239Pollution--EPA [CW.], 1970 June
2310Pollution--EPA [CW.], 1970 May
2311Pollution--EPA [CW.], 1970 May 19
241Office Matters [folder 1 of 3] [CS.], 1970
242Office Matters [folder 2 of 3] [CS.], 1970
243Office Matters [folder 3 of 3] [CS.], 1970
244Office Matters--Winder [CS.], undated
245Office Matters--Staff [CS.], 1970
246Stationary [folder 1 of 2] [CS.], undated
247Stationary [folder 2 of 2] [CS.], undated
248Telegraph [CS.], undated
249C&P Telephone Company [CS.], undated
2410Office Visits (1970) [folder 1 of 3] [CS.], 1970
2411Office Visits (1970) [folder 2 of 3] [CS.], 1970
2412Office Visits (1970) [folder 3 of 3] [CS.], 1970
251Pollution--Environmental Protection Agency [folder 1 of 2] [CW.], 1970 April
252Pollution--EPA [folder 2 of 2] [CW.], 1970 April
253Pollution--EPA [CW.], 1970 March
254Pollution--EPA [folder 1 of 2] [CW.], 1970 Jan-Feb
255Pollution--EPA [folder 2 of 2] [CW.], 1970 Jan-Feb
256Pollution--EPA Materials [folder 1 of 2] [CW.], 1970
257Pollution--EPA Materials [folder 2 of 2] [CW.], 1970
258Postal Matters [CX.], 1970 Nov-Dec
261Postal Matters [CX.], 1970 Sept-Oct
262Postal Matters [CX.], 1970 July-Aug
263Postal Matters [CX.], 1970 April-June
264Postal Matters [folder 1 of 2] [CX.], 1970 Jan-March
265Postal Matters [folder 2 of 2] [CX.], 1970 Jan-March
266Requests for Agricultural Yearbooks [folder 1 of 4] [DE.], 1970
267Requests for Agricultural Yearbooks [folder 2 of 4] [DE.], 1970
268Requests for Agricultural Yearbooks [folder 3 of 4] [DE.], 1970
269Requests for Agricultural Yearbooks [folder 4 of 4] [DE.], 1970
271Requests for Autographs [folder 1 of 2] [DE.], 1970
272Requests for Autographs [folder 2 of 2) [DE.], 1970
273Requests for Biography [folder 1 of 3] [DE.], 1970
274Requests for Biography [folder 2 of 3] [DE.], 1970
275Requests for Biography [folder 3 of 3] [DE.], 1970
276Requests for Congressional Directory [DE.], 1970
277Requests for Congressional Directory [DE.], 1970
278Requests for Debates [DE.], 1970
279Requests for Information [folder 1 of 4] [DE.], 1970
2710Requests for Information [folder 2 of 4] [DE.], 1970
2711Requests for Information [folder 3 of 4] [DE.], 1970
2712Requests for Information [folder 4 of 4] [DE.], 1970
2713Requests for Information [folder 1 of 4] [DE.], 1970
2714Requests for Information [folder 2 of 4] [DE.], 1970
2715Requests for Information [folder 3 of 4] [DE.], 1970
2716Requests for Information [folder 4 of 4] [DE.], 1970
281Requests for Information [folder 1 of 3] [DE.], 1970
282Requests for Information [folder 2 of 3] [DE.], 1970
283Requests for Information [folder 3 of 3] [DE.], 1970
284Requests for Georgia Material [folder 1 of 4] [DE.], 1970
285Requests for Georgia Material [folder 2 of 4] [DE.], 1970
286Requests for Georgia Material [folder 3 of 4] [DE.], 1970
287Requests for Georgia Material [folder 4 of 4] [DE.], 1970
288Requests for Information [folder 1 of 4] [DE.], 1970
289Requests for Information [folder 2 of 4] [DE.], 1970
2810Requests for Information [folder 3 of 4] [DE.], 1970
2811Requests for Information [folder 4 of 4] [DE.], 1970
291Requests for Information [folder 1 of 2] [DE.], 1970
292Requests for Information [folder 2 of 2] [DE.], 1970
293Endorsements [DE.], 1970
294Letter of Introduction [DE.], 1970
295Letter of Recommendation [DE.], 1970
296Requests for Photos [folder 1 of 3] [DE.], 1970
297Requests for Photos [folder 2 of 3] [DE.], 1970
298Requests for Photos [folder 3 of 3] [DE.], 1970
301Requests for Publications [folder 1 of 6] [DE.], 1970
302Requests for Publications [folder 2 of 6] [DE.], 1970
303Requests for Publications [folder 3 of 6] [DE.], 1970
304Requests for Publications [folder 4 of 6] [DE.], 1970
305Requests for Publications [folder 5 of 6] [DE.], 1970
306Requests for Publications [folder 6 of 6] [DE.], 1970
307Requests for Publications [DE.], 1970
308Requests for School Information [DE.], 1970
309Requests for School Materials [DE.], 1970
3010Requests for Speeches [DE.], 1970
3011Riots [DF.], 1970
3012Scholarships [DG.], 1970
311Securities and Exchange Commission (1970) [DH.], 1970
312Senate Youth Program [DI.], undated
313Small Business Administration [folder 1 of 2] [DL.], 1970 July-Dec
314Small Business Administration [folder 2 of 2] [DL.], 1970 July-Dec
315Small Business Correspondence [folder 1 of 2] [DL.], 1970 Jan-June
316Small Business Correspondence [folder 2 of 2] [DL.], 1970 Jan-June
317State Department [folder 1 of 2] [DN.], 1970 Oct-Dec
318State Department [folder 2 of 2] [DN.], 1970 Oct-Dec
319State Department [DN.], 1970 July-Sept
321State Department [folder 1 of 3] [DN.], 1970 Jan-June
322State Department [folder 2 of 3] [DN.], 1970 Jan-June
323State Department [folder 3 of 3] [DN.], 1970 Jan-June
324Peace Corps [DN.], 1970
325Treaties [DN.], 1970
326Vista [DN.], 1970
327Strike [DO.], 1970
328Supreme Court [DP.], 1970
329Surplus Property [folder 1 of 2] [DQ.], 1970
3210Surplus Property [folder 2 of 2] [DQ.], 1970
3211Tennessee Valley Authority [DS.], 1970
3212Textiles [DT.], 1970
3213Tours [folder 1 of 2] [DU.], 1970
3214Tours [folder 2 of 2] [DU.], 1970
331Tours [folder 1 of 2] [DU.], 1970 Jan-June
332Tours [folder 2 of 2] [DU.], 1970 Jan-June
333Trade --general correspondence [folder 1 of 2] [DU.], 1970
334Trade --general correspondence [folder 2 of 2] [DU.], 1970
335Transportation Department--general correspondence [DW.], 1970 Dec
336Transportation Department--general correspondence [DW.], 1970 Nov
337Transportation Department--general correspondence [DW.], 1970 Sept-Oct
338Transportation Department--general correspondence [DW.], 1970 June-August
339Transportation [DW.], 1970 Jan-May
341Transportation Department Material [DW.], 1970
342Federal Aviation Administration--general correspondence [folder 1 of 2] [DW.], 1970 July-Dec
343FAA--general correspondence [folder 2 of 2] [DW.], 1970 July-Dec
344FAA--transportation [DW.], 1970 Jan-June
345FAA Material [DW.], 1970
346Transportation--Highway Matters [DW.], 1970 Dec 15-30
347Transportation--Highway Matters [DW.], 1970 Dec 1-15
348Transportation--Highway Matters [DW.], 1970 Sept-Nov
351Transportation--Highway matters [DW.], 1970 June-Aug
352Transportation--Highway Matters [DW.], 1970 March-May
353Transportation--Highway Matters [DW.], 1970 Jan-Feb
354Transportation--Highway Matters [folder 1 of 2] [DW.], 1970
355Transportation--Highway Matters [folder 2 of 2] [DW.], 1970
356Transportation v Coast Guard [DW.], 1970
357Treasury--general correspondence [folder 1 of 2] [DX.], 1970
358Treasury--general correspondence [folder 2 of 2] [DX.], 1970
359Courtesy of the Poet [DX.], 1970
3510Treasury [DX.], 1970 Nov-Dec
361Treasury--IRS [folder 1 of 2] [DX.], 1970 July-Oct
362Treasury--IRS [folder 2 of 2] [DX.], 1970 July-Oct
363Treasury--IRS [folder 1 of 2] [DX.], undated
364Treasury--IRS [folder 2 of 2] [DX.], undated
365Veterans Hospital [DZ.], 1970
366Agriculture Department [AB.], 1969 Oct-Dec
367Agriculture Department [AB.], 1969 July-Sept
368Agriculture Department [AB.], 1969 June
371Agriculture Department [folder 1 of 2] [AB.], 1969 May
372Agriculture Department [folder 2 of 2] [AB.], 1969 May
373Agriculture Department [AB.], 1969 March-April
374Agriculture Department [AB.], 1969 Jan-Feb
375Department of Agriculture--General Material & Releases [folder 1 of 2] [AB.], 1969
376Department of Agriculture--General Material & Releases [folder 2 of 2] [AB.], 1969
377Agriculture Department Material [AB.], 1969
381Department of Agriculture--Rural Electric Administration [AB.], 1969
382Critical and Disaster Areas [Agriculture] [AB.], 1966, '67, '69
383America's Welfare [AC.], 1969 Dec.
384America's Welfare [AC.], 1969 Nov.
385America's Welfare [AC.], 1969 Sept-Oct
386America's Welfare [AC.], 1969 August
387America's Welfare [AC.], 1969 July 1
388America's Welfare [folder 1 of 2] [AC.], 1969 May-June
389America's Welfare " [folder 2 of 2] [AC.], 1969 May-June
391America's Welfare [folder 1 of 2] [AC.], 1969 March-April
392America's Welfare [folder 2 of 2] [AC.], 1969 March-April
393America's Welfare [AC.], 1969 Jan-Feb
394Appalachia--general correspondence [AE.], 1969
395Appointments [AF.], 1969 Nov-Dec
396Appointments [AF.], 1969 Sept-Oct
397Appointments [folder 1 of 2] [AF.], 1970 May-Aug
398Appointments [folder 2 of 2] [AF.], 1970 May-Aug
399Appointments [AF.], 1970 March-April
3910Appointments [AF.], 1969 Jan-Feb
3911Winder Appointments [AF.], 1969
401Atomic Energy Commission [folder 1 of 2] [AI.], 1969
402Atomic Energy Commission [folder 2 of 2] [AI.], 1969
403Atomic Energy Commission [AI.], 1969
404Birth Certificate [AJ.], undated
405Bureau of the Budget [AL.], 1969
406Capitol Calendars [AN.], 1969
407Civil Aeronautics Board [folder 1 of 2] [AO.], 1969
408Civil Aeronautics Board [folder 2 of 2] [AO.], 1969
409Civil Service Commission [AP.], 1969 July-Dec
411Civil Service Commission [AP.], 1969 Jan 1-June 30
412Commerce--general correspondence [folder 1 of 2] [AQ.], 1969 Aug-Dec
413Commerce--general correspondence [folder 2 of 2] [AQ.], 1969 Aug-Dec
414Commerce--general correspondence [folder 1 of 2] [AQ.], 1969 Jan-July
415Commerce--general correspondence [folder 2 of 2] [AQ.], 1969 Jan-July
416Commerce Department Material [AQ.], 1969
417Bureau of the Census--general correspondence [AQ.], 1969
418Bureau of the Census Material [AQ.], 1969
419Economic Redevelopment Administration--Area Redevelopment [AQ.], 1969
421Congressional Record [AT.], 1969
422Congressional Record--Inserts [AT.], 1969
423Court Matters--general correspondence [AV.], 1969
424Crime--correspondence [AV.], 1969 Jan
425Defense Department [AW.], 1969 Nov-Dec
426Defense Department [AW.], 1969 October
427Defense Department [AW.], 1969 September
428Defense Department [AW.], 1969 August
431Defense Department [AW.], 1969 July
432Defense Department [AW.], 1969 June
433Defense Department [folder 1 of 2] [AW.], 1969 May
434Defense Department ( [folder 2 of 2] [AW.], 1969 May
435Defense Department [folder 1 of 2] [AW.], April 1-April 30
436Defense Department [folder 2 of 2] [AW.], April 1-April 30
437Defense Department [folder 1 of 2] [AW.], 1969 Jan 1-March 31
438Defense Department-- [folder 2 of 2] [AW.], 1969 Jan 1 -March 31
439Defense Department-- ABM [AW.], 1969 Aug
441Defense--Anti-Ballistic Missile [AW.], 1969 July
442Defense--ABM [AW.], 1969 June
443Defense--ABM [folder 1 of 2] [AW.], 1969 April-May
444Defense--ABM [folder 2 of 2] [AW.], 1969 April-May
445Defense--ABM [AW.], 1969 Jan-March
446Defense--C-5A [AW.], 1969
447Civil Defense [AW.], 1969 Jan
448Congressional Medal of Honor Winners J.M. Jackson, S.M. Pless [AW.], 1969 Jan
449Eighteen Year Old Voting [AY.], undated
4410Eighteen Year Old Voting [AY.], undated
451Electoral College [AZ.], 1969 Oct-Dec
452Electoral College [AZ.], 1969June-Sep
453Electoral College [AZ.], 1969 Jan-May
454Federal Communications Commission--General Correspondence [folder 1 of 2] [BB.], 1969 Sep-Dec
455FCC--General Correspondence [folder 2 of 2] [BB.], 1969 Sep-Dec
456FCC--General Correspondence [BB.], 1969 May-Aug
457FCC [BB.], 1969 Jan-April
458Federal Home Loan Bank [BD.], 1969 Jan
459Federal Maritime Commission [BE.], 1969 Nov
4510Federal Power Commission [BF.], 1969 Oct-Jan
461Federal Trade Commission [BH.], 1969 Jan-Nov
462Flag [folder 1 of 2] [BI.], 1969 Jan-Dec
463Flag [folder 2 of 2] [BI.], 1969 Jan-Dec
464Football Tickets [BJ.], 1969
465General Accounting Office [BK.], 1969 May
466General Services Administration [folder 1 of 3] [BL.], 1969 Jan-Dec
467General Services Administration [folder 2 of 3] [BL.], 1969 Jan-Dec
468General Services Administration [folder 3 of 3] [BL.], 1969 Jan-Dec
471Georgia--General Correspondence [BM.], 1969 Oct-Dec
472Georgia--General Correspondence [BM.], 1969 Aug-Sep
473Georgia--General Correspondence [folder 1 of 2] [BM.], 1969 Jan-July
474Georgia--General Correspondence [folder 2 of 2] [BM.], 1969 Jan-July
475Georgia--Materials [BM.], 1969
476Georgia--Sweetwater Historical Preserve [BM.], 1969
477Georgia--Cumberland Island [BM.], 1969
478Gift Book [folder 1 of 2] [BN.], 1969 Jan-Dec
479Gift Book [folder 2 of 2] [BN.], 1969 Jan-Dec
481Gold Reserve [BO.], 1969 Jan-Dec
482Government Contracts--General Correspondence [BP.], 1969 April-Sep
483Government Contracts--General Correspondence [BP.], 1969 March
484Government Contracts--General Correspondence [BP.], 1969 Feb
485Government Contracts--General Correspondence [BP.], 1969 Jan
486Government Expenditures [folder 1 of 2] [BQ.], 1969 Aug-Dec
487Government Expenditures [folder 2 of 2] [BQ.], 1969 Aug-Dec
488Government Expenditures [BQ.], 1969 June-July
491Government Expenditures [BQ.], 1969 March-May
492Government Expenditures [folder 1 of 2] [BQ.], 1969 Feb
493Government Expenditures [folder 2 of 2] [BQ.], 1969 Feb
494Government Expenditures [BQ.], 1969 Jan
495Health, Education and Welfare [H.E.W.] - [BS.], 1969 Oct-Dec
496H.E.W.--General Correspondence [BS.], 1969 Sep
497H.E.W.--General Correspondence [BS.], 1969 July-Aug
501H.E.W.--General Correspondence [folder 1 of 2] [BS.], 1969 June
502H.E.W.--General Correspondence [folder 2 of 2] [BS.], 1969 June
503H.E.W.--General Correspondence [folder 1 of 2] [BS.], 1969 Apr-May
504H.E.W.--General Correspondence [folder 2 of 2] [BS.], 1969 Apr-May
505H.E.W.--General Correspondence [BS.], 1969 March
506H.E.W.--General Correspondence [BS.], 1969 Feb
507H.E.W.--General Correspondence [BS.], 1969 Jan
511H.E.W.--Education [folder 1 of 2] [BS.], 1969 June-Dec
512H.E.W.--Education [folder 2 of 2] [BS.], 1969 June-Dec
513H.E.W.--Education [folder 1 of 2] [BS.], 1969 Jan-May
514H.E.W.--Education [folder 2 of 2] [BS.], 1969 Jan-May
515H.E.W.--Education Material [BS.], 1969 Jan
516H.E.W.--Food and Drug Administration [BS.], 1969 Jan-Dec
517H.E.W.--Drugs [BS.], 1969 Jan-Dec
518H.E.W.--Health [BS.], 1969 Jan-Dec
521Housing and Urban Development.--General [folder 1 of 2] [BU.], 1969 Oct-Dec
522Housing and Urban Development.--General [folder 2 of 2] [BU.], 1969 Oct-Dec
523H.U.D.--Housing-General [folder 1 of 2] [BU.], 1969 July-Sep
524H.U.D.--Housing-General [folder 2 of 2] [BU.], 1969 July-Sep
525H.U.D.--General [folder 1 of 2] [BU.], 1969 March-June
526H.U.D.--General [folder 2 of 2] [BU.], 1969 March-June
527H.U.D.--Housing-General [folder 1 of 2] [BU.], 1969 Jan-Feb
528H.U.D.--Housing-General [folder 2 of 2] [BU.], 1969 Jan-Feb
529Housing--Federal Housing Authority [BU.], 1969
531Inauguration Tickets and Inaugural [BW.], 1969
532Inflation [folder 1 of 2] [BX.], 1969 Jan-Dec
533Inflation [folder 2 of 2] [BX.], 1969 Jan-Dec
534Interior Department [BY.], 1969 Oct-Dec
535Interior Department [folder 1 of 2] [BY.], 1969 Aug-Sep
536Interior Department [folder 2 of 2] [BY.], 1969 Aug-Sep
537Interior Department [folder 1 of 2] [BY.], 1969 April-July
538Interior Department [folder 2 of 2] [BY.], 1969 April-July
539Interior Department [BY.], 1969 March
541Interior Department [folder 1 of 2] [BY.], 1969 Jan-Dec
542Interior Department [folder 2 of 2] [BY.], 1969 Jan-Dec
543Interior Department--Correspondence, Application for Foreign Trade Zone at Savannah [folder 1 of 2] [BY.], 1969 March 7
544Interior Department--Correspondence, Application for Foreign Trade Zone at Savannah [folder 2 of 2] [BY.], 1969 March 7
545Interior Material [folder 1 of 2] [BY.], 1961-1969
546Interior Material [folder 2 of 2] [BY.], 1961-1969
547Interior (National Parks) [BY.], 1969 Jan-Dec
548Interstate Commerce Commission [folder 1 of 2] [BZ.], 1969 July-Dec
549Interstate Commerce Commission [folder 2 of 2] [BZ.], 1969 July-Dec
551Interstate Commerce Commission [folder 1 of 2] [BZ.], 1969 June
552Interstate Commerce Commission [folder 2 of 2] [BZ.], 1969 June
553Interstate Commerce Commission [folder 1 of 2] [BZ.], 1969 Jan-May
554Interstate Commerce Commission [folder 2 of 2] [BZ.], 1969 Jan-May
555Justice Department [CB.], 1969 Oct-Dec
556Justice Department [folder 1 of 2] [CB.], 1969 July-Sep
557Justice Department [folder 2 of 2] [CB.], 1969 July-Sep
558Justice Department [CB.], 1969 May-June
559Justice Department [folder 1 of 2] [CB.], 1969 Jan-April
5510Justice Department [folder 2 of 2] [CB.], 1969 Jan-April
5511Labor--General [folder 1 of 2] [CC.], 1969 July-Dec
5512Labor--General [folder 2 of 2] [CC.], 1969 July-Dec
561Laboratories - Agriculture Utilization Research, [CD.], 1969
562Laboratories - Fruit and Nut Lab, [CD.], 1969
563Laboratories - Water Pollution Labs, [CD.], 1969
564Labor - General [CE.], 1969 Jan-June
565Library of Congress - Correspondence, [CF.], 1969
566Library of Congress - Material, [CF.], 1969
567Mailing List [folder 1 of 2] [CI.], 1969
568Mailing List [folder 2 of 2] [CI.], 1969
569Memorials - General Correspondence, [CJ.], 1969
5610Memorials - Stone Mountain, [CJ.], 1969
5611Memorials - Andersonville, [CJ.], 1968-1969
5612Savannah Battlesite Memorial, [CJ.], 1969
5613Stamps - Memorials, [folder 1 of 2] [CJ.], 1969
5614Stamps - Memorials, [folder 2 of 2] [CJ.], 1969
571Miscellaneous [CK.], 1969 Oct-Dec
572Miscellaneous [CK.], 1969 July-Sep
573Miscellaneous [CK.], 1969 April-June
574Miscellaneous [CK.], 1969 Jan-Mar
575National Aeronautics Space Administration [folder 1 of 2] [CL.], 1969
576National Aeronautics Space Administration [folder 2 of 2] [CL.], 1969
577Arts and Humanities (National Foundation) [CN.], 1969
578National Science Foundation [CO.], 1969
579Office of Economic Opportunity [OEO] - Poverty Program [CR.], 1969 Nov-Dec
581[OEO] Poverty Program [folder 1 of 2] [CR.], 1969 July-Oct
582[OEO] Poverty Program [folder 2 of 2], 1969 July-Oct
583[OEO] Poverty Program [CR.], 1969 May-June
584[OEO] Poverty Program [folder 1 of 2] [CR.], 1969 March-April
585[OEO] Poverty Program [folder 2 of 2] [CR.], 1969 March-April
586[OEO] Poverty Program [folder 1 of 2] [CR.], 1969 Jan-Feb
587[OEO] Poverty Program [folder 2 of 2] [CR.], 1969 Jan-Feb
588Office Matters- General [CS.], 1969 July-Dec
591Office Matters [CS.], 1969 May-June
592Office Matters [CS.], 1969 Jan-April
593Office Matters- Winder [CS.], 1969
594Office Machine Receipts [CS.], 1966-1969
595Office Matters- Staff [CS.], 1969
596Office Matters- Stationary [folder 1 of 2] [CS.], 1969
597Office Matters- Stationary [folder 2 of 2] [CS.], 1969
598Office Matters- Telegram [CS.], 1969
599Office Matters- C&P Telephone [folder 1 of 2] [CS.], 1969
5910Office Matters- C&P Telephone [folder 2 of 2] [CS.], 1969
5911Office Visits [folder 1 of 2] [CT.], 1969 Oct-Dec
5912Office Visits [folder 2 of 2] [CT.], 1969 Oct-Dec
5913Office Visits [CT.], 1969 May- Sept
601Office Visits [CT.], 1969 Jan-April
602Passes [CV.], 1969
603Pollution Problems [CW.], 1969
604Postal Matters- General Correspondence [folder 1 of 2] [CX.], 1969 Dec
605Postal Matters- General Correspondence [folder 2 of 2] [CX.], 1969 Dec
606Postal Matters [folder 1 of 2] [CX.], 1969 Sep-Nov
607Postal Matters [folder 2 of 2] [CX.], 1969 Sep-Nov
608Postal Matters [folder 1 of 2] [CX.], 1969 June-Aug
609Postal Matters [folder 2 of 2] [CX.], 1969 June-Aug
6010Postal Matters- General Correspondence [CX.], 1969 May
611Postal Matters [folder 1 of 2] [CX.], 1969 Jan-April
612Postal Matters [folder 2 of 2] [CX.], 1969 Jan-April
613Prayer [CY.], 1969
614Requests for Agriculture Yearbooks [folder 1 of 3] [DE.], 1969
615Requests for Agriculture Yearbooks [folder 2 of 3] [DE.], 1969
616Requests for Agriculture Yearbooks [folder 3 of 3] [DE.], 1969
617Requests for Autographs [folder 1 of 2] [DE.], 1969
618Requests for Autographs [folder 2 of 2] [DE.], 1969
621Requests for Biography [folder 1 of 4] [DE.], 1969
622Requests for Biography [folder 2 of 4] [DE.], 1969
623Requests for Biography [folder 3 of 4] [DE.], 1969
624Requests for Biography [folder 4 of 4] [DE.], 1969
625Requests for Congressional Directory [DE.], 1969
626Requests for Debate Material [folder 1 of 3] [DE.], 1969
627Requests for Debate Material [folder 2 of 3] [DE.], 1969
628Requests for Debate Material [folder 3 of 3] [DE.], 1969
631Requests for Georgia Material [folder 1 of 4] [DE.], 1969
632Requests for Georgia Material [folder 2 of 4] [DE.], 1969
633Requests for Georgia Material [folder 3 of 4] [DE.], 1969
634Requests for Georgia Material [folder 4 of 4] [DE.], 1969
635Requests for Information [folder 1 of 3] [DE.], 1969 Nov-Dec
636Requests for Information [folder 2 of 3] [DE.], 1969 Nov-Dec
637Requests for Information [folder 3 of 3] [DE.], 1969 Nov-Dec
641Requests for Information [folder 1 of 3] [DE.], 1969 Oct-Nov
642Requests for Information [folder 2 of 3] [DE.], 1969 Oct-Nov
643Requests for Information [folder 3 of 3] [DE.], 1969 Oct-Nov
644Requests for Information [folder 1 of 2] [DE.], 1969 Sep
645Requests for Information [folder 2 of 2] [DE.], 1969 Sep
646Requests for Information [folder 1 of 2] [DE.], 1969 June-Aug
647Requests for Information [folder 2 of 2] [DE.], 1969 June-Aug
651Requests for Information [folder 1 of 3] [DE.], 1969 April-May
652Requests for Information [folder 2 of 3] [DE.], 1969 June-Aug
653Requests for Information [folder 3 of 3] [DE.], 1969 June-Aug
654Requests for Information [folder 1 of 3] [DE.], 1969 Feb-March
655Requests for Information [folder 2 of 3] [DE.], 1969 Feb-March
656Requests for Information [folder 3 of 3] [DE.], 1969 Feb-March
657Requests for Information [folder 1 of 3] [DE.], 1969 Jan-Feb.
658Requests for Information [folder 2 of 3] [DE.], 1969 Jan-Feb.
659Requests for Information [folder 3 of 3] [DE.], 1969 Jan-Feb.
661Endorsements [DE.], 1969 January
662Letters of Introduction [DE.], 1969
663Letters of Introduction [DE.], 1969
664Requests for Photos [folder 1 of 2] [DE.], 1969 June
665Requests for Photos [folder 2 of 2] [DE.], 1969 June
666Requests for Senator's Photo [folder 1 of 3] [DE.], 1969 January
667Requests for Senator's Photo [folder 2 of 3] [DE.], 1969 January
668Requests for Senator's Photo [folder 3 of 3] [DE.], 1969 January
669Requests for Publications [folder 1 of 3] [DE.], 1969 June-December
6610Requests for Publications [folder 2 of 3] [DE.], 1969 June-December
6611Requests for Publications [folder 3 of 3] [DE.], 1969 June-December
671Requests for Publications [folder 1 of 3] [DE.], 1969 Jan-May
672Requests for Publications [folder 2 of 3] [DE.], 1969 Jan-May
673Requests for Publications [folder 3 of 3] [DE.], 1969 Jan-May
674Requests for School Material [DE.], 1969
675Requests for Senator's Speeches [DE.], 1969
676Scholarships [DG.], 1969 Jan-December
677Securities and Exchange-- [DH.], 1969
678Senate Youth Program [DI.], 1969
679Small Businesses [folder 1 of 2] [DL.], 1969 June-December
6710Small Businesses [folder 2 of 2] [DL.], 1969 June-December
6711Small Businesses Administration [folder 1 of 2] [DL.], 1969 January-May
6712Small Businesses Administration [folder 2 of 2] [DL.], 1969 January-May
681State Department (General) [DN.], 1969 September-December
682State Department (General) [DN. ], 1969 July-August
683State Department [folder 1 of 2] [DN.], 1969 January-June
684State Department [folder 2 of 2] [DN.], 1969January-June
685State Department (Foreign Aid) [DN. ], 1969
686State Department (Peace Corps) [DN.], 1969
687State Department—Treaties [folder 1 of 3] [DN.], 1969 Jan-May
688State Department—Treaties [folder 2 of 3] [DN.], 1969Jan-May
689State Department—Treaties [folder 3 of 3] [DN.], 1969 Jan-May
6810Strikes-- [DO.], 1969
691Supreme Court Decisions-- [DP.], 1969
692Surplus Property (General)-- [folder 1 of 2] [DQ.], 1969
693Surplus Property (General)-- [folder 2 of 2] [DQ.], 1969
694Tennessee Valley Authority-- [DS.], 1969
695Textiles-- [DT.], 1969
696Tours--September- [DU.], 1969 December
697Tours— [folder 1 of 2] [DU.], 1969 July-August
698Tours— [folder 2 of 2] [DU. ], 1969 July-August
699Tours— [folder 1 of 3] [DU. ], 1969 January 1-June 30
6910Tours— [folder 2 of 3] [DU.], 1969 January 1-June 30
6911Tours— [folder 3 of 3] [DU. ], 1969 January 1-June 30
701Tours Not Happened-- [DU.], 1969
702Trade— [DV.], 1969 July-December
703Trade— [DV. ], 1969 January 1-June 30
704Transportation (General Correspondence) [DW. ], 1969 November-December
705Transportation— [folder 1 of 2] [DW.], 1969 August-October
706Transportation— [folder 2 of 2] [DW.], 1969 August-October
707Transportation Department— [folder 1 of 2] [DW. ], 1969 January 1-June 30
708Transportation Department— [folder 2 of 2] [DW.], 1969 January 1-June 30
709Federal Aviation Administration (General Correspondence) [DW.], 1969 June-November
711Federal Aviation Administration (General Correspondence) [DW.], 1969 March-May
712Federal Aviation Administration (General Correspondence) [DW.], 1969 January-February
713Federal Aviation Administration Winder Airport [DW.], 1969
714Highway Problems— [DW.], (July-December 1969)
71 5-6 Transportation--Highway Matters— [DW.], 1969 May-June
717Transportation--Highway Matters— [DW.], 1969 January-April
718Treasury--general— [DX.], 1969 July-October
721Treasury--general— [DX.], 1969January 1-June 30
722Treasury-Courtesy of the Port— [DX.], 1969 January
723Internal Revenue— [folder 1 of 2] [DX.], 1969 July-December
724Internal Revenue— [folder 2 of 2] [DX.], 1969 July-December
725Internal Revenue— [DX. ], 1969 January 1-June 30
726Veterans Hospital [DZ.], 1969
727Agriculture--general correspondence [AB.], 1968 October-December
728Department of Agriculture— [folder 1 of 2] [AB.], 1968 June-September
729Department of Agriculture— [folder 2 of 2] [AB.], 1968 June-September
7210Agriculture Department— [AB.], 1968 April-May
731Agriculture--general correspondence-- [AB.], 1968 March
732Department of Agriculture— [AB.], 1968 January-February
733Agricultural Material— [AB.], 1968
734Agriculture--Farmers Home Administration-- [AB.], 1968
735Agriculture--Food Stamps-- [AB.], 1968
736Agriculture--Forestry Material-- [AB.], 1968
737Agriculture--Rural Electrification Administration [AB. ], 1968 January 1
741America's Welfare-- [folder 1 of 2] [AC.], 1968 August 1-December 1
742America's Welfare-- [folder 2 of 2] [AC.], 1968 August 1-December 1
743America's Welfare-- [folder 1 of 2] [AC.], 1968 July 1-July 31
744America's Welfare-- [folder 2 of 2] [AC.], 1968 July 1-July 31
745America's Welfare-- [folder 1 of 2] [AC.], 1968 June
746America's Welfare-- [folder 2 of 2] [AC.], 1968 June
747America's Welfare-- [AC.], 1968 May
748America's Welfare-- [AC.], 1968 April
751America's Welfare-- [AC.], 1968 January-February
752America's Welfare-- [AC.], 1968 March
753Appalachia [AE.], 1968
754Appointments (General) [AF.], 1968 September-December
755Appointments (General) [AF.], 1968 June-August
OS 3Large plan- Commercial Airline Facilities. Brunswick-Glynn County Layout Plan for Glynco Naval Air [separated from folder 'Appointments (General) [AF.][oversize], 1968
756Appointments-- [folder 1 of 2] [AF. ], 1968 January-May
757Appointment-- [folder 2 of 2] [AF. ], 1968 January-May
758Winder Appointments [AF. ], 1968
759Atomic Energy Commission [AI.], 1968
761Atomic Energy Commission [AI. ], 1968
762Capitol Calendars [AN.], 1968
763Civil Aeronautics Board (CAB) [AO. ], 1968 September-December
764Civil Aeronautics Board-- [folder 1 of 2] [AO.], 1968 January-July 31
765Civil Aeronautics Board-- [folder 2 of 2] [AO. ], 1968 January-July 31
766Civil Service Commission-- [AP.], 1968 July-November
767Civil Service Commission-- [AP. ], 1968 January-June 30
768Civil Service Information [AP. ], 1966-1968
769Bureau of the Census [Commerce] [AQ.], 1968
771Congressional Record [AT.], 1968
772Court Matters [AU.], 1968
773Crime-- [AV.], 1968 January-December
774Defense Department-- [folder 1 of 3] [AW.], 1968 January 1-December 31
775Defense Department-- [folder 2 of 3] [AW. ], 1968 January 1-December 31
776Defense Department-- [folder 3 of 3] [AW. ], 1968 January 1-December 31
777Civil Defense-- [AW.], 1968 January-December
778Eighteen-Year-Old Voting-- [AY.], 1968 January-December
779Electoral College-- [AZ.], 1968 January-December
7710Equal Employment Commission-- [BA.], 1968 May
78 1-2 Federal Communications Commission Correspondence [BB. ], 1968
783Federal Communications Commission Material File [BB. ], 1962-1968
784Federal Deposit Insurance [BC.], 1968
785Federal Home Loan Bank Board [BD.], 1968
786Federal Home Loan Bank Board Material [BD.], 1968
787Federal Power Commission [BF.], 1968
788Federal Trade Commission [BH.], 1968
789Flag-- [BI.], 1968 January-December 31
791Football Tickets -- [BJ.], 1968 January-December 31
792General Services Administration -- [BL.], 1968 January-December 31
79 3-4 Atlanta Federal Building (GSA) [BL.], 1963-1968
79 5-6 Georgia— [BM.], 1968 March-July
797Georgia— [BM. ], 1968 March-July
798Georgia— [BM.], 1968 Jan-Feb. 29
799Georgia—(Material) [BM.], 1968
801Fort Yargo State Park [BM.], 1967-1968
80 2-3 Gift Book -- [BN.], 1968 January-December 31
804Gold Reserve [BO.], 1968 March
805Government Contracts (correspondence) [BP.], 1968 Nov.-Dec.
806Government Contracts (correspondence) [BP. ], 1968 July 1-Oct. 3
80 7-8 Government Contracts [BP. ], 1968 March 16-June 30
809Government Contracts [BP. ], 1968 March 1-15
OS 2Blue print of Diamond Proposed Cranes for Todd Shipyards, Inc. Diamond Manufacturing Co., Inc., Savannah, GA [separated from folder 'Government Contracts [BP. ]'[oversize], 1967 October 6
8010Government Contracts [BP.], 1968 Jan. 1-Feb. 28
811Government Contracts--Material [BP.], 1968
81 2-3 Government Expenditures-- [BQ.], 1968 June 1-December 31
814Government Expenditures [BQ.], 1968 March-May
815Government Expenditures [BQ.], 1968 Jan-Feb.
816Health, Education and Welfare--General [BS.], Nov.-Dec.
817Health, Education and Welfare-- [BS.], 1968 Aug.-Oct.
818Department of Health, Education, and Welfare [BS.], 1968 July
819Department of Health, Education and Welfare [BS.], 1968 April-June
821Department of Health, Education and Welfare- [BS. ], 1968 March
82 2-3 Department of Health , Education and Welfare – [BS.], 1968 Feb.
824Department of Health, Education and Welfare- [BS.], 1968 Jan.
825Department of Health, Education and Welfare Education [BS.], 1968 Sept.-Dec.
826Department of Health, Education and Welfare Education [BS.], 1968 July-Aug.
827Department of Health, Education and Welfare Education [BS.], 1968 January-May
828Education Material-HEW [BS.], 1968
829Food and Drug Administration-HEW [BS.], 1968 Jan.-Dec.
831Drugs [BS.], 1968 Jan.-Dec.
832Health [BS. ], 1968
83 3-4 Housing General [BU.], 1968 Aug.-Dec. 31
835Housing (HUD) General Correspondence [BU.], 1968 May-July
836Housing (HUD) General Correspondence [BU.], 1968 January-April
837Housing (HUD) General Correspondence [BU.], 1968 January-April
838Housing (HUD) General Correspondence [BU.], 1968 January
839Housing and Home Finance, Low Rent Housing [BU], 1966-1968
8310Inflation [BX], 1968 January
841Pollution Control Administration Material [BY], 1968-1969
842Interior [BY], 1968 October-December
843Interior [BY], 1968 May 1-September 30
844Interior [BY], 1968 January-April 30
845Interstate Commerce Commission [BZ], 1968 September-December
846Interstate Commerce Commission [BZ], 1968 July-August
847Interstate Commerce Commission (folder 1 of 2) [BZ], 1968 January-June
848Interstate Commerce Commission (folder 2 of 2) [BZ], 1968 January-June
849Justice Department [CB], 1968 July-December
8410Justice Department [CB.], 1968 Jan.-June 30
851Justice Department material [CB.], 1968
852Labor General [CC.], 1968 Aug.-Dec. 31
85 3-4 Labor General [CC.], 1968 May-July 31
855Labor General [CC. ], 1968 March-April
85 6-7 Labor General [CC.], 1968 Jan.-Feb.
858Labs--Agricultural Utilization—Research [CD. ], 1968
859Labs--Fruit and Nut [CD.], 1968
8510Peanut Lab [AC.], 1966-1968
8511Labs--Savannah Stored Labs [AC.], 1968
861Libraries [CE.], 1968 January
862Library of Congress (Books) [CE.], 1968 Jan
863Mailing List [CI.], 1968
864Memorials [CJ. ], 1968 Dec. 31
865Memorial Andersonville [CJ. ], 1968
866Savannah Battlesite Memorial [CJ.], 1968
867Stamps--Memorials [CJ. ], 1968 Dec. 31
86 8-9 Miscellaneous [CK.], 1968 June 1-Dec. 31
8610Miscellaneous [CK. ], 1968 April-May
871Miscellaneous-- [CK.], 1968 March
872Miscellaneous-- [CK.], 1968 Jan-Feb.
873NASA [CL.], 1968
874National Council of Churches [CM.], 1968
875Arts and Humanities (National Foundation) [CN.], 1968
876National Science Foundation [CO.], undated
877NATO [CP.], 1968
878Oceanography [CQ.], 1968
87 9-10 Poverty-- [CR.], 1968 Aug.-Dec. 31
8711Poverty-- [CR.], 1968 July 1-July 31
87 12-13 Poverty Program--correspondence [CR.], 1968 Jan.-June
881Poverty Program Material--O.E.O. [CR.], 1965-1968
882Office Matters (general) [CS. ], 1968 Aug.-Dec.
883Office Matters (general) [CS. ], 1968 Jan.-July
884Office Matters--(Staff) [CS. ], 1968
885Office Matters--(Staff) [CS. ], 1968
886Telegraph Accounts [CS.], 1968 Jan.
887Office Matters--C&P Telephone Co. [CS.], 1968
888Office Visits-- [CT. ], 1968 Jan.
889Office Visits-- [CT. ], 1968 Jan.
891Passes-- [CV.], 1968 Jan.
892Pollution (EPA) General [CW.], 1968
893Postal Matters-- [CX.], 1968 Oct.-Dec.
89 4-5 Postal Matters-- [CX.], 1968 July-Sept.
896Postal Matters-- [CX.], 1968 April-June
897Postal Matters-- [CX.], 1968 March
89 8-9 Postal Matters-- [CX.], 1968 Feb.
901Post Office Material [CX. ], 1968
902Post Office Material [CX.], 1968
903Prayer [CY.], 1968
90 4-7 Requests for Agricultural Yearbooks [DE.], 1968 Jan.
908Requests for Autographs [DE.], 1968 Jan.
90 9-11 Requests for Biography [DE.], 1968 Jan.
911Requests for Congressional Directory [DE.], 1968 Jan.
912Requests for Debate Material [DE.], 1968 Jan.
913Requests for Georgia (folder 1 of 2) [DE.], 1968 Jan.
914Requests for Georgia (folder 2 of 2) [DE.], 1968 Jan.
91 5-8 Requests for Information [DE.], 1968 Sept.-Dec. 31
92 1-3 Requests for Information [DE.], 1968 April 16-Aug. 30
92 4-7 Requests for Information [DE.], 1968 April 15-Jan. 1
928Endorsements [DE.], 1968 Jan.
929Requests for Letters of Recommendation [DE.], 1968 Jan.
9210Requests for Miscellaneous Pamphlets [DE.], 1968 Jan.
93 1-3 Requests for Photograph [DE.], 1968 Jan.
934Request for Publications--General [DE.], 1968 Sept. 1-Dec. 31
93 5-7 Requests for Publications--General [DE.], 1968 Jan.-Aug. 31
93 8-9 Requests for School Material [DE.], 1968 Jan.
9310Requests for Speeches [DE.], 1968 Jan.
9311Requests for Vietnam Statement [DE.], 1968
941Scholarships [DG.], 1968 Jan. -Dec. 31
942Securities and Exchange Commission [DH.], 1968 Jan. 1968-Dec. 31
943Senate Youth Program [DI.], 1968
94 4-6 Small Business Administration [DL.], 1968 Jan. -Dec. 31
947State Department [DN.], 1968 Oct.-Dec. 31
948State Department--general correspondence [DN.], 1968 Sept.
94 9-10 State Department--general correspondence [DN.], 1968 April-Aug.
951State Department [DN.], 1968 Jan.-March
952Peace Corps [State Department] [DN.], 1966-1968
953State Department--Treaties (general correspondence) [DN. ], 1968
954State Department--Treaties material [DN.], 1966, 1968
955Treaties [Nuclear] --non-proliferation [DN.], 1968 Jan.-Dec.
95 6-8 Strikes [DO.], 1968 Jan.
961Surplus Property [DQ.], 1968 Jan.-Dec. 31
962Tariff Matters [DR.], 1968
963Tennessee Valley Authority [DS.], 1968
964Textiles [DT.], 1968 Jan.-Dec. 31
965Tours [DU.], 1968 July-Dec.
966Tours [DV.], 1968 Jan-June.
967Trade [DV.], 1968
968Transportation [DW.], 1968
971Transportation--FAA [DW.], 1968 July 1-Dec.
972Transportation--FAA [DW.], 1968 May-June
973Transportation [DW. ], 1968 Jan.-April
974Transportation--FAA Winder Airport [DW. ], 1968
97 5-6 Transportation--FAA Material [DW.], 1968
981Transportation Highway [DW.], 1968 Nov.-Dec.
982Transportation--Highway Problems [DW.], 1968 July 1-Oct.
98 3-4 Highway Problems [DW. ], 1968 Jan.-June
985US Coast Guard [DW.], 1968 Jan.
986Treasury Department--general correspondence [DX.], 1968 July-Dec.
98 7-8 Treasury [DX. ], 1968 Jan.-June
991Courtesy of the Port [DX.], 1968
992Treasury--IRS (folder 1 of 2) [DX.], 1968 Sept.-Dec.
993Treasury--IRS (folder 2 of 2) [DX. ], 1968 Sept.-Dec.
994Internal Revenue--IRS [DX. ], 1968 Jan.-Aug.
995Veterans Hospitals (folder 1 of 2) [DZ.], 1968
996Veterans Hospitals (folder 2 of 2) [DZ. ], 1968
99 7-8 Agriculture Department--general correspondence [AB. ], 1967 Oct.-Dec.
99 9-10 Agriculture Department [AB. ], 1967 June-Sept.
99 11-12 Agriculture Department [AB.], 1967 April-May
100 1-2 Agriculture Department--general [AB.], 1967 Feb.-March
1003Agriculture Department--general [AB.], 1967 Feb.-March
1004Agricultural Department--material [AB.], 1967
1005Farmers Home Administration [Agriculture Department] [AB.], 1967
1006Food Stamps [Agriculture Department] [AB.], 1965-1967
1007Agriculture Department Forestry Material [AB.], 1965-1967
100 8-9 Rural Community Development Services [Agriculture] [AB.], 1966-1967
1011Rural Electric Association [Agriculture] [AB.], 1966-1967
1012Soil Survey Reports [Agriculture] [AB. ], 1963-1967
1013America's Welfare [AC.], 1967 Nov.-Dec.
101 4-5 America's Welfare [AC.], 1967 Sept.-Oct.
1016America's Welfare [AC.], 1967 Aug. 16-31
101 7-8 America's Welfare [AC.], 1967 Aug.1-15
1019America's Welfare [AC.], 1967 July
1021America's Welfare [AC.], 1967 June
1022America's Welfare [AC. ], 1967 May
1023America's Welfare [AC. ], 1967 April
1024America's Welfare [AC. ], 1967 March
1025America's Welfare [AC. ], 1967 February
102 6-7 America's Welfare [AC. ], 1967 January
1028Appalachia [AE.], 1965-1967
102 9-10 Appointments - General [AF.], 1967 July-December
1031Appointments - General [AF.], 1967 May-June
1032Appointments - General [AF.], 1967 April
103 3-4 Appointments - General [AF. ], 1967 January-March
1035Appointments with Officials - [AF. ], 1967
103 6-7 Winder Appointments - [AF.], 1966-1967
1038Atomic Energy Commission- General Correspondence [AI.], 1967
1039Capitol Calendars [AN.], 1965-1967
10310Civil Aeronautics Board [AO], 1967
10311Civil Service Commission - general correspondence [AP.], 1967 June-December
10312Civil Service Commission - general correspondence [AP. ], 1967 February-May
10313Civil Service Material [AP. ], 1967
1041Civil Service - Federal Service Entrance Exams [AP.], 1967
104 2-3 Commerce Department [AQ.], 1967
104 4-5 Congressional Records [AT.], 1967
1046Congressional Records Inserts [AT.], 1967
1047Court Matters [AU. ], 1967
1048Court Matters - Legal Decisions Material [AU. ], 1967
1049Crime [AV.], 1967
10410Defense - Civil Defense [AW.], 1967
10411Education for Freedom, Incorporated--Peter C. White [AX.], 1967
10412Education for Freedom, Incorporated--National [AX.], 1967
1051Education for Freedom, Incorporated material [AX.], 1967
1052Eighteen-Year-Old Voting [AY.], 1965-1967
1053Electoral College [AZ.], 1965-1967
1054Equal Employment Commission [BA.], 1963-1967
1055Federal Communications Commission - general correspondence [BB.], 1967 September-December
105 6-7 FCC - general correspondence [BB.], 1967 January-August
1058Federal Deposit Insurance [BC], 1965-1967
1059Federal Home Loan Bank [BD.], undated
10510Federal Maritime Commission [BE.], 1967
10511Federal Power Commission [BF.], 1967
1061Federal Trade Commission— (folder 1 of 2) [BH.], 1967
1062Federal Trade Commission— (folder 2 of 2) [BH.], 1967
1063Flag— [BI.], 1967
1064Football Tickets— [BJ.], 1967
1065General Services Administration— [BL. ], 1967 July-Dec.
1066General Services Administration— (folder 1 of 2) [BL.], 1967 Jan.-June
1067General Services Administration— (folder 2 of 2) [BL.], 1967 Jan.-June
1068General Services Administration Public Buildings [BL.], 1967
1069Georgia—general correspondence [BM.], 1967 Aug.-Dec.
10610Georgia— [BM. ], 1967 April-July
10611Georgia—general correspondence (folder 1 of 2) [BM. ], 1967 Feb.-March
10612Georgia—general correspondence (folder 2 of 2) [BM. ], 1967 Feb.-March
1071Georgia— [BM.], 1967 Jan.
1072Georgia—Cumberland Island [BM.], 1967
1073Sweetwater Historical Preservation Georgia Conservancy [BM.], undated
1074Gift Book— (folder 1 of 2) [BN.], 1967
1075Gift Book— (folder 2 of 2) [BN.], 1967
107 6-7 Government Contracts— [BP. ], 1967 Nov.-Dec.
1078Government Contracts— [BP.], 1967 Sept.-Oct.
1079Government Contracts— [BP.], 1967 August
10710Government Contracts— [BP.], 1967 July
1081Government Contracts— general correspondence [BP.], 1967 May 1-June 30
1082Government Contracts— general correspondence [BP.], 1967 March-April
1083Government Contracts— [BP. ], 1967 Feb.
1084Government Contracts— (folder 1 of 2) [BP.], 1967 Jan.
1085Appeals on Contract DA-09-030 AMC 24m and 56m (folder 2 of 3) [BP.], undated
1086Government Contracts— (folder 3 of 3) [BP.], 1967 Jan.
1087Government Contracts Material [BP.], 1967
1088Government Expenditures [BQ.], 1967 Nov.-Dec.
1089Government Expenditures (folder 1 of 2) [BQ. ], 1967 Aug.-Oct.
10810Government Expenditures (folder 2 of 2) [BQ. ], 1967 Aug.-Oct.
1091Government Expenditures [BQ.], 1967 May-July
1092Government Expenditures (folder 1 of 2) [BQ.], 1967 Jan-April
1093Government Expenditures (folder 2 of 2) [BQ.], 1967Jan-April
1094Health Education and Welfare—general correspondence [BS. ], 1967 Nov.-Dec.
1095HEW—general [BS.], 1967 Aug.-Oct.
1096HEW—general [BS.], 1967 July
1097HEW— [BS.], 1967 Jan.-June
1098HEW material (folder 1 of 2) [BS. ], 1967
1099HEW material (folder 2 of 2) [BS.], 1967
1101HEW Education Correspondence [BS.], 1967 Oct.-Dec.
1102HEW Education Correspondence [BS.], 1967 June-Sept.
1103HEW Education Correspondence [BS.], 1967 Jan.-May
1104HEW Education Material [BS.], 1967
1105HEW Food and Drug [BS.], 1967 Jan-June
1106HEW Food and Drug Administration [BS.], 1967
1107HEW Grants and Awards [BS.], 1967
1108HEW Government Hospitals [BS.], 1967
1109HEW Medicare [BS.], 1967
11010Housing and Urban Development—General [BU.], 1967 Sept.-Dec.
111 1-2 Housing and Urban Development [BU.], 1967 Jun-Aug
111 3-4 HUD [BU.], 1967 Jan-May
1115HUD Material [BU.], 1967
1116Housing—Federal Housing Administration [BU.], 1967 April-Dec.
1117Housing FHA [BU.], 1967 Jan-March
1118HUD Urban Renewal [BU.], 1966-1967
1119Inflation [BX.], 1967
11110Interior Department Correspondence (gaps) [BY.], 1967 July-Dec.
11111Interior Department Correspondence [BY.], 1967 May-June
112 1-2 Interior Department Correspondence [BY.], 1967 Jan-April
1123Interior Department Correspondence Savannah Port [BY.], 1967 Dec. 20
1124Interstate Commerce Commission [BZ.], 1967 Oct.-Dec.
112 5-6 Interstate Commerce Commission [BZ.], 1967 Jan-Sept
112 7-8 Justice Department Correspondence [CB.], 1967 Aug.-Dec.
1131Justice Department—Correspondence (folder 1 of 2) [CB. ], 1967 Jan-May
1132Justice Department—Correspondence (folder 2 of 2) [CB.], 1967 Jan-May
1133Justice Department—Correspondence [CB.], 1967 June-July
1134Labor—General [CC.], 1967 Sept.-Dec.
1135Labor—General [CC.], 1967 May-June
1136Labor—General (folder 1 of 2) [CC.], 1967 March-April
1137Labor—General (folder 2 of 2) [CC.], 1967 March-April
1138Labor—General [CC.], 1967 Jan-Feb.
1139Agriculture Research at Tifton [CD.], 1960, 1966-1967
11310Laboratories Agriculture Utilization Research Center [CD.], undated
11311Fruit and Nut Labs [CD.], undated
1141Labs—Forestry Research Lab [CD.], 1965-1967
1142Library of Congress [CF.], 1967
1143Liquor [CG.], 1967
1144Mailing Lists [CI. ], 1967
1145Memorial [CJ.], 1967
1146Memorial—Andersonville [CJ.], 1967
1147Savannah Battle Site Memorial [CJ.], 1967
1148Stamps [CK.], 1967
1149Miscellaneous [CK.], 1967 Oct.-Dec.
11410Miscellaneous—general [CK.], 1967 July-Sept.
11411Miscellaneous—general correspondence [CK.], 1967 April-June
11412Miscellaneous—general [CK.], 1967 Jan-March
1151NASA— (folder 1 of 2) [CL.], 1967
1152NASA— (folder 2 of 2) [CL.], 1967
1153National Council of Church [CM.], 1967
1154National Science Foundation [CO.], 1967
1155NATO [CP.], 1967
1156Office of Economic Opportunity Poverty Program (folder 1 of 2) [CR.], 1967 Dec.
1157OEO (folder 2 of 2) [CR.], 1967 Dec.
1158Poverty Program [CR.], 1967 Oct.-Nov.
115 9-10 Poverty Program Correspondence [CR.], 1967 July 1-Aug. 31
1161Poverty Programs Correspondence (folder 1 of 2) [CR.], 1967 May 1-June 30
1162Poverty Programs Correspondence (folder 2 of 2) [CR.], 1967 May 1-June 30
1163Poverty Programs Correspondence (folder 1 of 2) [CR.], 1967 Jan-April
1164Poverty Programs Correspondence (folder 2 of 2) [CR.], 1967 Jan-April
1165Poverty Program Material [CR.], 1967
1166Office Matters—general [CS.], 1967 Sept-Dec.
1167Office Matters (folder 1 of 2) [CS.]], 1967 Jan-Aug.
1168Office Matters (folder 2 of 2) [CS.], 1967 Jan-Aug.
1169Office Matters Winder [CS.], 1967
11610Office Matters Stationery (folder 1 of 2), 1965-1967
11611Office Matters Stationery (folder 2 of 2) [CS.], 1965-1967
1171Office Matters—Telegraph [CS.], 1967
1172Telephone Calls [CS.], 1967
1173Office Visits: (folder 1 of 2) [CT.], 1967 July 1-Dec. 1
1174Office Visits: (folder 2 of 2) [CT.], 1967 July 1-Dec. 1
1175Office Visits: (folder 1 of 2) [CT.], 1967 Jan-June 30
1176Office Visits: (folder 2 of 2) [CT.], 1967 Jan-June 30
1177Passes [CT.], 1967
1178Pollution Problems [CT.], 1967
1181Postal Matters [CX.], undated
1182Postal Matters— [CX. ], 1967 June-Oct.
1183Postal Matters— [CX.], 1967 March-May
1184Postal Matters— [CX. ], 1967 Feb.
1185Postal Matters— [CX.], 1967 Jan.
1186Prayer [CY.], 1967
1187Reapportionment [DC.], 1967
1188Request for Debate Material [DE. ], 1967
118 9-10 Requests for Information [DE.], 1967 Nov. 1-Dec. 31
119 1-3 Requests for Information— [DE. ], 1967 July 1-Oct. 31
119 4-6 Requests for Information— [DE. ], 1967 March 1-June 30
119 7-9 Requests for Information— [DE.], 1967 Jan. 1-Feb. 28
120 1-2 Requests—Endorsements [DE.], 1966-1967
1203Requests—Letters of Introduction [DE.], undated
1204Requests—Letters of Recommendation [DE. ], undated
1205Scholarships [DG.], 1967
1206Securities and Exchange Commission [DH.], 1965-1967
120 7-8 Small Business Administration [DL.], undated
1209State Department—General Correspondence [DN.], 1967 Nov-Dec
1211State Department—General Correspondence [DN.], 1967 Oct.
1212State Department—General Correspondence [DN.], 1967 Aug-Sept
121 3-4 State Department [DN. ], 1967 May-July
1215State Department [DN.], 1967 Jan 1-April 30
1216State Department, Foreign Aid [DN. ], 1967
1217Foreign Aid Material [DN. ], 1962-1967
1218Peace Corps [DN.], 1967
121 9-10 Treaties [DN.], 1967 April 1-Dec. 31
1221Treaties [State Department] [DN.], 1967 March 1-31
1222State Department [DN.], undated
122 3-4 Treaties [DN. ], 1967 Feb. 1-10
1225Treaties [DN.], 1967 Jan
1226Strike [DO.], 1967
122 7-8 Surplus Properties—Correspondence [DQ.], 1966 Oct, 1967
1229Tariff Matters [DR.], 1967
12210TVA [DS.], 1964-1967
122 11-12 Textiles [DT.], 1967 May-Dec.
123 1-2 Textiles [DT.], 1967 Jan-April
123 3-4 Tours [DU.], 1967
1235Trade [ DV.], 1967
1236Department of Transportation [DW.], 1967
1237Transportation—Federal Aviation Administration [DW.], 1967 Sept.-Dec.
123 8-10 Department of Transportation/FAA [DW.], 1967 Jan-Aug.
1241Treasury [DX. ], 1967
1242[Treasury—Bureau of Customs] Courtesy of the Port [DX.], 1966-1967
1243[Treasury] Internal Revenue Service [DX.], 1967 Oct-Dec
124 4-5 [Treasury] IRS [DX.], 1967 July-Sept
1246[Treasury] IRS [DX. ], 1967 Jan-June
1247Veterans Hospitals [DZ. ], 1966-1967
1248Transportation Highway Matters [DW.], 1967 Sept.-Dec.
1249Transportation Highway Matters [DW. ], 1967 June-Aug.
1251Highway Problems— [DW.], 1967 April 1-May
125 2-3 Transportation—Highway Problems [DW.], 1967 Jan-March
1254Department of Agriculture—General [AB.], 1967 Nov-Dec
1255Agriculture Department [AB. ], 1967 Oct.
125 6-7 Department of Agriculture—General [AB.], 1967 Aug.-Sept.
1258Department of Agriculture [AB.], 1967 July
1259Department of Agriculture—General [AB.], 1967 May-June
1261Department of Agriculture—General [AB.], 1967 March-April
126 2-3 Department of Agriculture— [AB.], 1966 Jan-Feb.
1264Critical and Disaster Areas— [AB.], 1962-1966
1265Critical and Disaster Areas Material— [AB.], 1961-1966
1266Farmers Home Administration [AB.], 1966
126 7-8 America's Welfare— [AC.], 1966 Sept. 1-Dec. 31
1269America's Welfare—general correspondence [AC.], 1966 Aug.
126 10-11 America's Welfare— [AC.], 1966 June-July 31
127 1-2 America's Welfare—general correspondence [AC.], 1966 April-May
1273America's Welfare— [AC. ], 1966 March
1274America's Welfare— [AC.], 1966 Feb.
1275America's Welfare— [AC.], 1966 Jan. 1
1276America's Welfare— [AC.], 1966 Jan. 1
1277America's Welfare—Senator's Dictation [AC.], 1966
1278Appointments— [AF.], 1966 Sept.-Dec.
1279Appointments— [AF.], 1966 July-August
128 1-2 Appointments [AF.], 1966 April-June
1283Appointments [AF.], 1966 March
1284Appointments [AF.], 1966 Jan-Feb.
1285Atlanta Braves [AG.], 1966
1286Atlanta Crash [AH.], 1966
1287Atomic Energy Commission—general correspondence [AI.], 1966
1291Civil Service [AP.], 1966 Oct-Dec. 31
1292Civil Service [AP.], 1966 Jan-Sept.
129 3-4 Commerce [AQ. ], 1966
1295Bureau of the Census—Commerce [AQ.], 1965-66
129 6-7 Congressional Record [AT. ], 1966
1298Court Matters—general correspondence [AV.], 1966
1299Defense Department—general correspondence [AW.], 1966 Nov-Dec
1301Defense Department—general correspondence [AW.], 1966 Aug.-Oct. 31
1302Defense Department—general correspondence [AW.], 1966 July
1303Defense Department—general correspondence [AW.], 1966 June
130 4-5 Defense Department [AW.], 1966 Jan—May
1306Defense Department—Civil Defense [AW.], 1966
1307Defense Department—Defense Missile Nike-X [AW.], 1966
1308Education for Freedom, Incorporated [AX.], 1966
1309Federal Communications Commission general correspondence [BB. ], 1966 Oct-Dec
13010FCC [BB. ], 1966 June 1-Sept.
13011FCC—general correspondence [BB. ], 1966 April-May
13012FCC [BB.], 1966 Jan-March
1311Federal Maritime Commission [BE.], 1966
1312Federal Power Commission [BF.], 1966
131 3-4 Federal Trade Commission [BH.], 1966
1315Flag [BI.], 1966
1316Football Tickets [BJ.], 1966
131 7-8 General Services Administration [BL.], 1966 June-Dec. 31
131 9-10 General Services Administration [BL.], 1966 Jan 1-May 31
1321Georgia [BM.], 1966 April-May
1322Georgia [BM.], 1966 March
1323Georgia [BM. ], 1966 February
1324Georgia [BM. ], 1966 January
1325Georgia [BM. ], 1966 Oct-Dec.
1326Georgia [BM. ], 1966 Aug.-Sept.
1331Georgia [BM. ], 1966 June-July
1332Georgia Cumberland Island [BM.], 1966
1333Georgia Sweetwater Historical Preserve [BM.], 1966
1334Gift Book [BN. ], 1966 June 1-Dec.
133 5-6 Gift Book [BN. ], 1966 Jan-May 31
1337Government Contracts [BP. ], 1966 Dec.
1338Government Contracts [BP.], 1966 Oct-Nov
1339Government Contracts [BP. ], 1966 Aug.-Sept.
13310Government Contracts [BP. ], 1966 June-July
1341Government Contracts [BP. ], 1966 May
1342Government Contracts [BP.], 1966 April
1343Government Contracts—general correspondence [BP. ], 1966 March
1344Government Contracts—general correspondence [BP. ], 1966 Feb.
1345Government Contracts [BP.], 1966 Jan 1-Jan 31
1346Government Contracts—general correspondence Ft. Gordon Reynolds, Marshalls [BP.], 1966 Jan. 24
1347Government Contracts—general correspondence McWhirter, George H. [BP. ], 1966 Jan. 20
1348Government Contracts [BP. ], 1961-1966
1351Government Contracts—Material Savannah Project Report (Gruman) [BP.], 1966
1352Government Expenditures [BQ.], 1966 Oct.-Dec.
1353Government Expenditures [BQ.], 1966 June 1-Sept.
1354Government Expenditures [BQ.], May 1966
1355Government Expenditures [BQ.], 1966 Jan 1-April
1356Health, Education and Welfare—general correspondence [BS. ], 1966 Oct.-Dec.
1357HEW—general correspondence [BS. ], 1966 Aug.-Sept.
1358HEW [BS.], 1966 June-July
136 1-2 HEW [BS.], 1966 Jan. 1-May 31
1363HEW Education—general correspondence [BS.], undated
1364HEW Material—general [BS. ], 1966
136 5-6 Education—general [BS. ], 1966 Jan-Aug.
1367HEW Education—Impacted Aid Schools [BS.], undated
1368HEW Education Material [BS.], 1966
1369HEW Employment for the Aged [BS. ], undated
137 1-2 HEW—Food and Drug [BS. ], 1966
1373HEW—Cancer [BS.], 1966
1374Housing and Urban Development—general correspondence [BU. ], 1966 Sept.-Dec.
1375HUD—general correspondence [BU. ], 1966 Sept.-Dec.
137 6-7 General Housing [BU. ], 1966 Jan 1-May 31
1378HUD Material—general [BU. ], 1965-1966
1379Federal Housing Administration [BU.], 1966
1381Housing and Home Finance Agency [BU.], 1965-1966
1382Housing and Home Finance Agency Material [BU.], 1965-1966
1383Impeachment [BV.], 1966
1384Inflation (folder 1 of 2) [BX.], 1966
1385Inflation (folder 2 of 2) [BX.], 1966
1386Interior (folder 1 of 2) [BY.], 1966 Sept-Dec.
1387Interior (folder 2 of 2) [BY.], 1966 Sept-Dec.
1388Interior (folder 1 of 2) [BY.], 1966 Jan-Aug.
1389Interior (folder 2 of 2) [BY.], 1966 Jan-Aug.
13810Interior Department National Parks [BY.], 1966
13811Pollution Control Administration [BY.], 1966
1391Interstate Commerce Commission [BZ.], 1966 May-Dec.
1392Interstate Commerce Commission [BZ.], 1966 Jan-April
1393Justice Department—general correspondence [CB.], 1966 July-Nov.
1394Justice Department—general correspondence [CB.], 1966 May-June
1395Justice Department [CB.], 1966 April
1396Justice Department [CB.], 1966 Jan-March
1397Justice Department—Material [CB.], 1966
1398Labor General (folder 1 of 2) [CC.], 1966
1399Labor General (folder 2 of 2) [CC.], 1966
13910Laboratories, Agriculture Utilities [CD.], 1966
1401Laboratories, Atomic Accelerator [CD.], 1966
1402Labs, Water Pollution [CD.], 1966
1403Libraries [CE.], 1966
1404Library of Congress [CF.], 1966
1405Magazines [CH.], 1966
1406Mailing List [CI.], 1966
1407-8Memorial [CJ.], 1963-1966
1409Memorials, Andersonville [CJ.], 1966
14010Memorials, Savannah Battlesite [CJ.], 1966
14011Memorials, Stamps [CJ.], 1966
14012Miscellaneous [CK.], 1966 September-December
14013Miscellaneous [CK.], 1966 June-August
1411-2Miscellaneous [CK.], 1966 May
1413Miscellaneous [CK.], 1966 March-April
1414Miscellaneous [CK.], 1966 January-February
1415Miscellaneous, Senator's Dictation [CK.], 1966
1416Miscellaneous, Information Material [CK.], 1965-1966
1417NASA [CL.], 1966
1418National Council of Churches [CM.], 1966
1419National Foundation of Arts and Humanities [CN.], 1965-1966
1421NATO [CP.], 1964-1966
1422OEO of Georgia, Material [CR.], 1966
1423OEO, Poverty [CR.], 1966 September-December
1424OEO, Poverty [CR.], 1966 June-August
1425-6OEO, Poverty [CR.], 1966 April-May
OS 3Blueprint-Concord, Georgia-Proposed Improvements to Water System. Plan Showing Water Main Extensions [separated from folder OEO, Poverty [CR.][oversize], 1966
1427OEO, Material [CR.], 1966
1428[OEO, Highlights - Georgia] [CR.], circa 1966
1431Office Matters [CS.], 1966 September-December
1432Office Matters [CS.], 1966 May-August
1433Office Matters [CS.], 1966 April
1434Office Matters [CS.], 1966 January
1435Office Matters, Winder [CS.], 1966
1436Telegraph Accounts [CS.], 1966
1437Telephone Calls [CS.], 1966
1438-9Office Visits [CT.], 1966 June-December
14310Office Visits [CT.], 1966 April-May
1441-3Office Visits [CT.], 1966
1444Pollution Problems [CW.], 1964-1966
1445Postal Matters [CX.], 1966 November-December
1446Postal Matters [CX.], 1966 September-October
1447-8Postal Matters [CX.], 1966 July-August
1451Postal Matters [CX.], 1966 March-April
1452Postal Matters [CX.], 1966 January-February
1453Prayer [CY.], 1966
1454Reapportionment [DC.], 1966
1455-7Requests, Agriculture Yearbooks [DE.], 1966
1458Requests, Autographs [DE.], 1966
1461Requests, Biography [DE.], 1966
1462-4Requests, Debate Material [DE.], 1966
1465Requests, Georgia Material [DE.], 1966
1466-7Requests, Information [DE.], 1966
1471-2Requests, Information [DE.], 1966
OS 1Socialist newspaper "Weekly People" [separated from folder 'Requests, Information [DE.]'], 1966 April 9
1473Requests, Information (Special) [DE.], 1966
1474-5Requests, Letters of Introduction [DE.], 1966
1476Requests, Miscellaneous Pamphlets [DE.], 1966
1477-8Requests, Senator's Photo [DE.], 1966
1481-3Requests, Publicity [DE.], 1966
1484-6Requests, Publication [DE.], 1966
1491-4Requests, School Material [DE.], 1966
1495Requests, Vietnam Report [DE.], 1966
1496Scholarships [DG.], 1966
1497Senator's "F" File [DJ.], 1966
1498Senior Class [DK.], 1965-1966
1499Small Business Administration [DL.], 1966 June-December
14910Small Business Administration [DL.], 1966 January-May
1501Small Business Administration, Material [DL.], 1966
1502-3State Department [DN.], 1966 September-December
1504State Department [DN.], 1966 June-August
1505State Department [DN.], 1966 April-May
1506State Department [DN.], 1966 January-March
1507State Department, Foreign Aid [DN.], 1966
1511State Department, Peace Corps [DN.], 1966
1512State Department, Treaties [DN.], 1966 September-December
1513State Department, Treaties [DN.], 1966 January-August
1514-6State Department, Strike [DN.], 1966
1517Supreme Court Decisions [DP.], 1966
1518Supreme Court Decisions [DP.], 1966
1521Surplus Property [DQ.], 1966 April-December
1522-3Surplus Property [DQ.], 1966 March
1524Surplus Property [DQ.], 1966 January-February
1525Tariff Matters [DR.], 1966
1526Trade [DV.], 1966
1527Transportation [DW.], 1966
1528-9Transportation, Federal Aviation Administration [DW.], 1966
15210Transportation, FAA Winder [DW.], 1966
15211Transportation, Highway Matters Correspondence [DW.], 1966 September-December
1531Transportation, Highway Problems [DW.], 1966 June-August
1532Transportation, Highway Problems correspondence [DW.], 1966 January-May
1533Transportation, Highway Matters [DW.], 1966
MapcaseState of Georgia County Map - areas that have received money are shaded in red and yellow
MapcaseMap of Approved Corridors of Appalachian Development Highway System, 1966
1534Treasury [DX.], 1966 July-December
1535Treasury [DX.], 1966 January-June
1536Treasury, Internal Revenue [DX.], 1966 July-December
1537Treasury, Internal Revenue [DX.], 1966 January-June
1541Unanswered Mail [DY.], 1966
1542Unanswered Mail [DY.], 1966 November
1543Unanswered Mail [DY.], 1966 September
1544-5Unanswered Mail [DY.], 1966 August
1546Unanswered Mail [DY.], 1966 July
1547-8Unanswered Mail [DY.], 1966 June
1549Unanswered Mail [DY.], 1966 April
1551Unanswered Mail [DY.], 1966 March
1552-3Unanswered Mail [DY.], 1966 February
OS 2State Highway Department of Georgia Division of Highway Planning Interchange Location Study I-75(Interstate 75)-2(7) 211 P.E. Clayton-Henry Counties [separated from folder 'Unanswered Mail [DY.]'][oversize], 1966
1554Unanswered Mail [DY.], 1966 January
1555Accelerated Public Works [AA.], 1965
1556Department of Agriculture [AB.], 1965 November-December
1557Department of Agriculture [AB.], 1965 September-October
1558Department of Agriculture [AB.], 1965 July-August
1559Department of Agriculture [AB.], 1965 January-June
1561Department of Agriculture, Material [AB.], 1965
1562-3Department of Agriculture, Farmer's Home Administration [AB.], 1965
1564Department of Agriculture, Rural Electrification Administration [AB.], 1965 July-November
1565Department of Agriculture, REA [AB.], 1965 February-June
1566Department of Agriculture, REA Generation and Transmission Lines [AB.], 1961-1965
1567Department of Agriculture, REA Research Lab (Farm Electrical Resource Lab) [AB.], 1965
1571America's Welfare [AC.], 1965 November-December
1572America's Welfare [AC.], 1965 October
1573America's Welfare [AC.], 1965 September
1574America's Welfare [AC.], 1965 August
1575America's Welfare [AC.], 1965 June-July
1576America's Welfare [AC.], 1965 April-May
1577America's Welfare [AC.], 1965 January-March
1578America's Welfare, Senator's Dictation [AC.], 1965
1581Appalachia Material [AE.], 1965
1582Appointments [AF.], 1965 September-December
1583Appointments [AF.], 1965 July-August
1584Appointments [AF.], 1965 May-June
1585Appointments [AF.], 1965 February-April
1586Appointments [AF.], 1965 January
1587Appointments, Winder [AF.], 1965
1588Appointments, Senator's Dictation [AF.], 1965
1589Atlanta Braves [AG.], 1965
1591Atlanta Crash [AH.], 1965
1592-3Atomic Energy Commission, Materials [AI.], 1965
1594Civil Aeronautics Board [AO.], 1965
1595Civil Service Commission [AP.], 1965
1596Commerce [AQ.], 1965
1597Commerce, Economic Development Administration [AQ.], 1965 September 10-December
1601-2Commerce, Area Redevelopment/Economic Development [AQ.], 1965 January-September 9
1603-4Commerce, Area Redevelopment/Economic Development [AQ.], 1965
1605Community Facilities [AS.], 1965
1606-7Congressional Record [AT.], 1965
1608Court Matters [AV.], 1965
1611Crime [AV.], 1965
1612Defense [AW.], 1965
1613Defense, Civil Defense [AW.], 1965
1614Federal Communications Committee [BB.], 1965
1615Federal Home Loan Bank Board [BD.], 1965
1616Federal Power Commission [BF.], 1965
1617Federal Trade Commission [BH.], 1965
1618Flag [BI.], 1965
1619Football Tickets [BJ.], 1965
1621General Services Administration [BL.], 1965
1622GSA, Public Buildings [BL.], 1965
1623Georgia [BM.], 1965 September-December
1624Georgia [BM.], 1965 April-August
1625Georgia [BM.], 1965 March
1626Georgia [BM.], 1965 January-February
1627Georgia, Senator's Dictation [BM.], 1965
1631-4Georgia, Material [BM.], 1965
1635Georgia, Cumberland Island [BM.], 1962-1965
1636-7Georgia, Reappointment [BM.], 1965
1638Georgia, Sweetwater Preserve [BM.], 1965
1641Gift Books [BN.], 1965 October-December
1642-3Gift Books [BN.], 1965 July-September
1644Gift Books [BN.], 1965 May-June
1645Gift Books [BN.], 1965 January-April
1646Government Contracts [BP.], 1965 November-December
1647Government Contracts [BP.], 1965 October
1651Government Contracts [BP.], 1965 September
1652Government Contracts [BP.], 1965 August
1653Government Contracts [BP.], 1965 June-July
1654Government Contracts [BP.], 1965 April-May
1655Government Contracts [BP.], 1965 January-March
1656Government Contracts, Material [BP.], 1965
1661Government Contracts, Lockheed [BP.], 1965
1662Government Contracts, Boeing [BP.], 1965
1663Government Contracts, Douglas [BP.], 1965
1664Government Contracts, Value Line [BP.], 1965
1665Government Expenditures [BQ.], 1965
1666Health, Education, Welfare [BS.], 1965 August-December
1667Health, Education, and Welfare (HEW) [BS.], 1965 April-August
1668Health, Education, and Welfare (HEW) [BS.], 1965 January-March
1671Health, Education, and Welfare (HEW), Education [BS.], 1965
1672Health, Education, and Welfare (HEW), Education Material [BS.], 1965
1673Health, Education, and Welfare (HEW), Drugs [BS.], 1965
1674Health, Education, and Welfare (HEW), Grants and Awards [BS.], 1965
1675Housing and Urban Development [BU.], 1965
1676Housing and Urban Development, FHA [BU.], 1965 September-December
1677Housing and Urban Development, FHA [BU.], 1965 January-August
1678Housing and Urban Development, Low Rent Housing [BU.], 1965
1679Housing and Urban Development, Urban Renewal [BU.], 1965
1681Inauguration Tickets [BW.], 1965
1682Interior Department [BY.], 1965 July-Decenber
1683Interior Department [BY.], 1965 May-June
1684Interior Department, National Parks [BY.], 1965
1685Interstate Commerce Committee [BZ.], 1965 October-December
1686Interstate Commerce Committee [BZ.], 1965 January-September
1687Justice Department [CB.], 1965
1691Labor Department [CC.], 1965 August-December
1692Labor Department [CC.], 1965 May-July
1693Labor Department [CC.], 1965 January-April
1694Labor Department, Senator's Dictation [CC.], 1965
1695Labor Department, Material [CC.], 1965
1696Labs, Agriculture Utilization Research [CD.], 1965
1697Labs, Atomic Accelerator [CD.], 1965
1701Labs, Atomic Accelerator [CD.], 1965
1702Labs, Peanut Lab [CD.], 1965
1703Labs, University System Research [CD.], 1965
1704Labs, Water Pollution [CD.], 1965
1705Library of Congress [CF.], 1965
1706Liquor [CG.], 1965
1707-8Mailing Lists [CI.], 1965
1709-10Memorials, Andersonville [CJ.], 1965
1711Memorials, Savannah Battle Site [CJ.], 1965
1712Memorials, Stamps [CJ.], 1965
1713Miscellaneous [CK.], 1965 September-December
1714Miscellaneous [CK.], 1965 August
1715Miscellaneous [CK.], 1965 July
1721Miscellaneous [CK.], 1965 May-June
1722Miscellaneous [CK.], 1965 January-April
1723Miscellaneous, Senator's Dictation [CK.], 1965
1724NASA [CL.], 1965
1725Office of Economic Opportunity, Poverty Program [CR.], 1965 September-December
1726Office of Economic Opportunity, Poverty Program [CR.], 1965 August
1727Office of Economic Opportunity, Poverty Program [CR.], 1965 April-July
1731Office of Economic Opportunity, Poverty Program [CR.], 1965 January-March
1732Office of Economic Opportunity, Poverty Program (Senator's Dictation) [CR.], 1965
1733Office Matters [CS.], 1965 October-December
1734Office Matters [CS.], 1965 July-September
1735Office Matters [CS.], 1965 January-June
1736Office Matters, Winder [CS.], 1965
1737Office Matters, Telegraph Accounts [CS.], 1962-1965
1738Office Matters, Telephone Calls [CS.], 1962-1965
1741Office Visits [CT.], 1965 July-Decenber
1742Office Visits [CT.], 1965 January-June
1743Office Visits, Senator's Dictation [CT.], 1965
1744Passes [CV.], 1965
1745Postal Matters [CX.], 1965 November-December
1746Postal Matters [CX.], 1965 September-October
1747Postal Matters [CX.], 1965 January-August
1748Postal Matters, Senator's Dictation [CX.], 1965
1749Prayer [CY.], 1965
17410Reapportionment [DC.], 1965
1751Requests, Agricultural Yearbooks [DE.], 1965 October-December
1752-3Requests, Agricultural Yearbooks [DE.], 1965 January-September
1754Requests, Autographs [DE.], 1965
1755Requests, Biography [DE.], 1965
1756Requests, Congressional Directory [DE.], 1965
1761Requests, Debate Material [DE.], 1965
1762Requests, Farm Bulletins [DE.], 1965
1763Requests, Georgia Material [DE.], 1965
1764-5Requests, Information [DE.], 1965 November-1966 February
1766-7Requests, Information [DE.], 1965 August-October
1771Requests, Information [DE.], 1965 May-July
1772Requests, Information (Folder 1 of 2) [DE.], 1965 March-April
1773Requests, Information (Folder 2 of 2) [DE.], 1965 January-February
1774Requests (Folder 1 of 2) [DE.], 1965 January-February
1775Requests (Folder 2 of 2) [DE.], 1965 January-February
1776Requests, Endorsements (Folder 1 of 2) [DE.], 1965
1777Requests, Endorsements (Folder 1 of 2) [DE.], 1965
1781Requests, Miscellaneous Pamphlets [DE.], 1965
1782-3Requests, Photos [DE.], 1965
1784-5Requests, Publication General [DE.], 1965
1786Requests, School Material [DE.], 1965
1791Requests, School Material [DE.], 1965
1792Requests, Senator's Speeches [DE.], 1965
1793Scholarships [DG.], 1965
1794Senate Youth Program [DL.], 1965
1795Small Business Administration [DL.], 1965 September-December
1796Small Business Administration [DL.], 1965 August
1797Small Business Administration [DL.], 1965 January-July
1798Small Business Administration Material [DL.], 1965
1799State Department [DN.], 1965 October-December
1801State Department [DN.], 1965 September
1802State Department [DN.], 1965 June-August
1803State Department [DN.], 1965 January-May
1804State Department, Special [DN.], 1965
1805State Department, Aid [DN.], 1963-1965
1806State Department, Foreign Aid [DN.], 1963-1965
1807State Department, Peace Corps [DN.], 1965
1808State Department, Treaties [DN.], 1965
1811State Department, Treaties/Senator's Dictation [DN.], 1965
1812Strike [DO.], 1965
1813-4Supreme Court, Decisions [DP.], 1965
1815Surplus Property [DQ.], 1965 September-October
1816Surplus Property [DQ.], 1965 August
1817Surplus Property [DQ.], 1965 June-July
1818Surplus Property [DQ.], 1965 April-May
1821Surplus Property [DQ.], 1965 January-March
1822Surplus Property, Winder [DQ.], 1965
1823Tariff Matters [DR.], 1965
1824Trade [DV.], 1965
1825Transportation, FAA [DW.], 1965 November-December
1826Transportation, FAA [DW.], 1965 September-October
1827Transportation, FAA [DW.], 1965 January-August
1828Transportation, FAA (Winder) [DW.], 1965
1831Transportation, Highway [DW.], 1965 October-December
1832Transportation, Highway [DW.], 1965 July-September
1833Transportation, Highway [DW.], 1965 March-June
1834Transportation, Highway [DW.], 1965 January-February
1835Transportation, Highway (Senator's Dictation) [DW.], 1965
1836Treasury [DX.], 1965
1837Treasury, Courtesy of the Port [DX.], 1965
1838Treasury, IRS [DX.], 1965 July-December
1841Treasury, IRS [DX.], 1965 January-June
1842Veterans' Hospitals [DZ.], 1965 May-August
1843Veterans' Hospitals [DZ.], 1965 April
1844Veterans' Hospitals [DZ.], 1965 March
1845-6Veterans' Hospitals [DZ.], 1965 February
1847Veterans' Hospitals [DZ.], 1965 January
1848Warm Springs Foundation [EA.], 1962-1965
1851Accelerated Public Works [AA.], 1964 March-December
1852Accelerated Public Works [AA.], 1964 January-February
1853Department of Agriculture [AB.], 1964 October-December
1854Department of Agriculture [AB.], 1964 June-September
1855Department of Agriculture [AB.], 1964 January-April
1856Department of Agriculture, Farmer's Home Administration [AB.], 1964
1861Department of Agriculture, Surplus Food/Food Stamps [AB.], 1964
1862Department of Agriculture, REA [AB.], 1964
1863America's Welfare [AC.], 1964 September-December
1864America's Welfare [AC.], 1964 April-August
1865America's Welfare [AC.], 1964 January-March
1871American Legion, Boys/Girls Nation [AD.], 1964
1872Appointments [AF.], 1964 September-December
1873Appointments [AF.], 1964 July-August
1874Appointments [AF.], 1964 May-June
1875Appointments [AF.], 1964 March-April
1876Appointments [AF.], 1964 January-February
1877Appointments, Take to Winder [AF.], 1964
1878Appointments, Senator Saw [AF.], 1964
1879Appointments, Winder List [AF.], 1964
1881Atlanta Crash [AH.], 1964
1882Atomic Energy Commission [AI.], 1964
1883Birth Certificates [AJ.], 1964
1884Capitol Calendars [AN.], 1964
1885Civil Aeronautics [AO.], 1964
1886Civil Service Commission [AP.], 1964 April-December
1887Civil Service Commission [AP.], 1964 January-March
1888Civil Service Commission, Material [AP.], 1950-1964
1891Commerce [AQ.], 1964
1892Commerce, Area Development [AQ.], 1964 June-December
1893Commerce, Area Development [AQ.], 1964 January-May
1894Commerce, Area Redevelopment [AQ.], 1963-1964
1895Commerce, Bureau of the Census [AQ.], 1964
1896Commerce, Community Facilities [AQ.], 1964
1901Congressional Record [AT.], 1964 May-December
1902Congressional Record [AT.], 1964 January-April
1903Court Matters [AU.], 1964
1904Crime [AV.], 1964
1905Defense Department, Civil Defense [AW.], 1964
190618-Year Old Voting [AY.], 1964
1907Electoral College [AZ.], 1964
1908Federal Communication Commission [BB.], 1964 June-December
1909Federal Communication Commission [BB.], 1964 January-May
19010Federal Power Commission [BF.], 1964
1911Federal Trade Commission [BH.], 1964
1912Flag [BI.], 1964
1913Football Tickets [BJ.], 1964
1914General Services Administration [BL.], 1964
1915General Services Administration, Public Buildings [BL.], 1964
1916Georgia [BM.], 1964 September-December
1917Georgia [BM.], 1964 June-August
1921Georgia [BM.], 1964 January-May
1922Gift Books [BN.], 1964 October-December
1923Gift Books [BN.], 1964 June-September
1924Gift Books [BN.], 1964 April-May
1925Gift Books [BN.], 1964 January-March
1926Gold Reserve [BO.], 1964
1927Government Contracts [BP.], 1964
1931Government Expenditures [BQ.], 1964
1932Health, Education, and Welfare (HEW) [BS.], 1964 July-December
1933Health, Education, and Welfare (HEW) [BS.], 1964 January-June
1934Health, Education, and Welfare (HEW), Education [BS.], 1964
1935Health, Education, and Welfare (HEW), Education Welfare [BS.], 1964
1936Health, Education, and Welfare (HEW), Drugs [BS.], 1964
1937Health, Education, and Welfare (HEW), Grants and Awards [BS.], 1964
1941Health, Education, and Welfare (HEW), Health [BS.], 1964
1942Health, Education, and Welfare (HEW), Cancer [BS.], 1964
1943Health, Education, and Welfare (HEW), Government Hospitals [BS.], 1964
1944Housing and Urban Development [BU.], 1964
1945Housing and Urban Development, Federal Housing Administration [BU.], 1964 August-December
1946Housing and Urban Development, Federal Housing Administration [BU.], 1964 May-July
1947Housing and Urban Development, Federal Housing Administration [BU.], 1964 January-April
1948Housing and Urban Development, Low Rent Housing [BU.], 1964
1949Housing and Urban Development, Urban Renewal [BU.], 1964
1951Inauguration Tickets [BW.], 1964
1952Interior [BY.], 1964
1953Interior, National Parks [BY.], 1964
1954Interstate Commerce Commission [BZ.], 1964
1955Justice Department [CB.], 1964
1956Justice Department, Gwinnett County Policeman [CB.], 1964
1957Labor [CC.], 1964 August-December
1958Labor [CC.], 1964 January-July
1959Laboratories, Agriculture Utilization Research Center [CD.], 1964 February-May
19510-11Laboratories, Agriculture Utilization Research Center [CD.], 1964 January
1961Laboratories, Fruit and Nut Lab [CD.], 1963-1964
1962Laboratories, Peanut Lab [CD.], 1964
1963Laboratories, Poultry Lab [CD.], 1964
1964Laboratories, University of Georgia Research Projects [CD.], 1964
1965Laboratories, Water Pollution [CD.], 1964
1966Laboratories, Watkinsville Research, (Southern Piedmont Soil Conservation Field Study) [CD.], 1964
1967Library of Congress [CF.], 1964
1968Liquor [CG.], 1964
1969Mailing Lists [CI.], 1964
19610Mailing Lists, Malcolm, W.R./Civil Rights [CI.], 1964
1971-2Mailing Lists, Malcom, W.R./Civil Rights [CI.], 1964
1973Memorials, Andersonville [CJ.], 1964
1974Memorials, Stamps [CJ.], 1964
1975Miscellaneous [CK.], 1964 October-December
1976Miscellaneous [CK.], 1964 July-September
1977Miscellaneous [CK.], 1964 January-June
OS 2"American Beef is best" bumpersticker [separated from folder 'Mischellaneous [CK. ][oversize], 1964
1978Office of Economic Opportunity, Poverty Program [CR.], 1964
1981Office of Economic Opportunity, Poverty Program (Material) [CS.], 1964
1982Office Matters [CS.], 1964 July-December
1983Office Matters [CS.], 1964 January-June
1984Office Matters, Winder [CS.], 1964
1985Office Matters, Telegraph Accounts [CS.], 1964
1986Office Visits [CT.], 1964 July-December
1987Office Visits [CT.], 1964 June
1988Office Visits [CT.], 1964 January-May
1991Postal Matters [CX.], 1964 October-December
1992Postal Matters [CX.], 1964 July-September
1993Postal Matters [CX.], 1964 May-June
1994Postal Matters [CX.], 1964 January-April
1995Prayer [CY.], 1964
1996Railroads [DB.], 1964
1997Panama Canal [CU.], 1963-1964
1998Passes [CV.], 1964 July-December
1999Passes [CV.], 1964 May-June
19910Passes [CV.], 1964 January-April
2001Reapportionment [DC.], 1964 August 21-December
2002Reapportionment [DC.], 1964 January-August 20
2003Requests, Agriculture Yearbooks [DE.], 1964 October-December
2004-5Requests, Agriculture Yearbooks [DE.], 1964 January-September
2006Requests, Autographs [DE.], 1964
2011Requests, Biography [DE.], 1964
2012Requests, Debate Material [DE.], 1964
2013Requests, Farm Bulletins [DE.], 1963-1964
2014-5Requests, Georgia Material [DE.], 1963-1964
2016Requests, Information [DE.], 1964 October-December
2017-8Requests, Information [DE.], 1964 June-September
2021-3Requests, Information [DE.], 1964 January-May
2024Requests, Endorsements [DE.], 1964
2025Requests, Miscellaneous Pamphlets [DE.], 1964
2026Requests, Letters of Introductions [DE.], 1960-1964
2031Requests, Letters of Recommendation [DE.], 1961-1964
2032-3Requests, Photo [DE.], 1964 July-December
2034Requests, Photo [DE.], 1964 January-June
2035Requests, Publications [DE.], 1964 October-December
2041-2Requests, Publications [DE.], 1964 January-September
2043Requests, Publications (Infant Care) [DE.], 1964
2044Requests, School Material [DE.], 1964 September-December
2045Requests, School Material [DE.], 1964 May-August
2046Requests, School Material [DE.], 1964 April
2051Requests, School Material [DE.], 1964 March
2052Requests, School Material [DE.], 1964 January-February
2053Requests, Senator's Speeches [DE.], 1964
2054Requests, Veteran's Material [DE.], 1963-1964
2055Scholarships [DG.], 1964
2056Securities and Exchange Committee [DH.], 1964
2057Senior Class [DK.], 1964
2061Small Business [DL.], 1964 August-December
2062Small Business [DL.], 1964 January-July
2063State Department [DN.], 1964 September-December
2064State Department [DN.], 1964 June-August
2065State Department [DN.], 1964 March-May
2066State Department [DN.], 1964 January-February
2067State Department, Peace Corps [DN.], 1964
2068State Department, Treaties [DN.], 1964
2071Strike [DO.], 1964
2072Supreme Court, Material [DP.], 1964
2073Surplus Property [DQ.], 1964
2074Tariff Matters [DR.], 1964 June-December
2075Tariff Matters [DR.], 1964 January-May
2076Tariff Matters, Commission Material [DR.], 1964
2077Textiles [DT.], 1964
2078Trade [DV.], 1964
2081Trade, Reciprocal [DV.], 1964
2082Transportation Department, FAA [DW.], 1964 June-October
2083Transportation Department, FAA [DW.], 1964 April
2084Transportation Department, FAA [DW.], 1964 January-March
2085Transportation Department, Highway Matters [DW.], 1964 September-December
2086Transportation Department, Highway Matters [DW.], 1964 April-May
2087Transportation Department, Highway Matters [DW.], 1964 January-March
2088Transportation Department, Highway Matters (Barrow County) [DW.], 1964
2089Treasury [DX.], 1964
20810Treasury, Courtesy of the Port [DX.], 1964
20811Treasury, IRS [DX.], 1964
20812World's Fair [EB.], 1964
2091Accelerated Public Works [AA.], 1963 September-December
2092Accelerated Public Works [AA.], 1963 August
2093Accelerated Public Works [AA.], 1963 June-July
2094Accelerated Public Works [AA.], 1963 May
2095Accelerated Public Works [AA.], 1963 March-April
2096Accelerated Public Works [AA.], 1963 January-February
2097Accelerated Public Works, Material [AA.], 1963
2098Department of Agriculture [AB.], 1963 June-December
2099Department of Agriculture [AB.], 1963 January-May
2101Department of Agriculture, Commodity Credit Corp. [AB.], 1963
2102Department of Agriculture, Farmer's Home Administration [AB.], 1963
2103Department of Agriculture, Surplus Food/Food Stamps [AB.], 1963
2104Department of Agriculture, Forestry Material [AB.], 1959-1963
2105Department of Agriculture, Rural Electric Association [AB.], 1963
2106-11America's Welfare [AC.], 1963 March-December
2111America's Welfare [AC.], 1963 March 1-10
2112America's Welfare [AC.], 1963 February
2113America's Welfare [AC.], 1963 January
2114America's Welfare, Senator's Dictation [AC.], 1963
2115Appointments [AF.], 1963 November-December
2116Appointments [AF.], 1963 September-October
2117Appointments [AF.], 1963 August
2118Appointments [AF.], 1963 July
2121Appointments [AF.], 1963 June
2122Appointments [AF.], 1963 April-May
2123Appointments [AF.], 1963 March
2124Appointments [AF.], 1963 February
2125Appointments [AF.], 1963 January
2126Appointments, Senator's Dictation [AF.], 1963
2127Appointments, Take to Winder [AF.], 1963
2128Appointments, Pending [AF.], 1963
2129Atomic Energy [AI.], 1963
21210Atomic Energy, Savannah River Plant [AI.], 1963
21211Capital Calendars [AN.], 1963
21212Civil Aeronautics Board [AO.], 1963
21213Civil Service Commission [AP.], 1963
21214Commerce [AQ.], 1963 August-December
21215Commerce [AQ.], 1963 January-July
21216Commerce, Area Development [AQ.], 1963
21217Commerce, Area Winder [AQ.], 1963
2131Commerce, Bureau of Census [AQ.], 1963
2132Commerce, Patents, Copyrights, Trademarks [AQ.], 1959-1963
2133Common Market [AR.], 1963
2134Community Facilities [AS.], 1963
2135Congressional Record [AT.], 1963 May-December
2136Congressional Record [AT.], 1963 January-April
2137Court Matters [AU.], 1963
2138Court Matters, Senator's Dictation [AU.], 1963
2139Defense, Civil Defense [AW.], 1963
21310Eighteen Year Old Voting [AY.], 1963
21311Electoral College [AZ.], 1963
21312Federal Communications Commission [BB.], 1963 November-December
21313Federal Communications Commission [BB.], 1963 August-October
2141Federal Communications Commission [BB.], 1963 April-July
2142Federal Communications Commission [BB.], 1963 March
2143Federal Communications Commission [BB.], 1963 January-February
2144Federal Deposit Insurance (FDIC) [BC.], 1963
2145Federal Power Commission [BF.], 1963
2146Federal Trade Commission [BH.], 1963
2147Federal Trade Commission, Material [BH.], 1963
2148Flag [BI.], 1963
2149General Services Administration [BL.], 1963
21410Georgia [BM.], 1963 April-December
2151Georgia [BM.], 1963 January-March
2152Georgia, Senator's Dictation [BM.], 1963
2153Georgia, Cumberland Island [BM.], 1963
2154Giftbooks [BN.], 1963 August-December
2155Giftbooks [BN.], 1963 June-July
2156Giftbooks [BN.], 1963 January-May
2157Giftbooks, Senator's Dictation [BN.], 1963
2158-9Government Contracts [BP.], 1963
2161Government Expenditures [BQ.], 1963 June-December
2162Government Expenditures [BQ.], 1963 April-May
2163Government Expenditures [BQ.], 1963 January-March
2164Government Expenditures, Senator's Dictation [BQ.], 1963
2165Health, Education, Welfare (HEW) [BS.], 1963
2166Health, Education, Welfare (HEW), Education [BS.], 1963
2167Health, Education, Welfare (HEW), Education Material [BS.], 1963
2168Health, Education, Welfare (HEW), Drugs [BS.], 1963
2169Health, Education, Welfare (HEW), Health [BS.], 1963
21610Health, Education, Welfare (HEW), Health Material [BS.], 1963
21611Health, Education, Welfare (HEW), Cancer [BS.], 1963
2171Health, Education, Welfare (HEW), Government Hospitals [BS.], 1963
2172Health, Education, Welfare (HEW), Regional Rehabilitation [BS.], 1963
2173Housing and Urban Development (HUD), Housing [BU.], 1963
2174Housing and Urban Development (HUD), Material [BU.], 1963
2175Housing and Urban Development (HUD), Federal Housing Administration [BU.], 1963 August-December
2176Housing and Urban Development (HUD), FHA [BU.], 1963 January-July
2177Housing and Urban Development (HUD), Farm Housing [BU.], 1963
2178Housing and Urban Development (HUD), Low Rent Housing [BU.], 1963
2179Housing and Urban Development (HUD), Urban Renewal [BU.], 1963
21710Impeachment [BV.], 1963
21711Interior [BY.], 1963
21712Interior, National Parks [BY.], 1963
21713Interstate Commerce Commission [BZ.], 1963 August-October
21714Interstate Commerce Commission [BZ.], 1963 January-July
21715Justice [CB.], 1963
2181Labor [CC.], 1963 July-December
2182Labor [CC.], 1963 January-May
2183Labor, Senator's Dictation [CD.], 1963
2184Laboratories, Agriculture Utilization Research Center [CD.], 1963
2185Laboratories, Forestry [CD.], 1963 November-December
2186Laboratories, Forestry [CD.], 1963 October 16-29
2187Laboratories, Forestry [CD.], 1963 October 9-15
2188Laboratories, Forestry [CD.], 1963 March-September
2189Laboratories, Fruit and Nut [CD.], 1963
21810Laboratories, Peanut [CD.], 1963
21811Laboratories, Water Pollution [CD.], 1963
21812Laboratories, Watkinsville/Southern Piedmont Soil Conservation [CD.], 1963
2191Library of Congress [CF.], 1962-1963
2192Library of Congress, Material [CF.], 1963
2193Liquor [CG.], 1963
2194Magazine [CH.], 1963
2195Mailing Lists [CI.], 1963
2196Memorials, Stamps [CJ.], 1963
2197Miscellaneous [CK.], 1963
2198NASA [CL.], 1963 August-December
2199NASA [CL.], 1963 January-July
21910National Council of Churches [CM.], 1963
21911Office Matters [CS.], 1963 August-December
2201Office Matters [CS.], 1963 January-July
2202Office Matters, Winder [CS.], 1963
2203Office Matters, Telephone Calls [CS.], 1963
2204Office Matters, Telegraph Accounts [CS.], 1963
2205Office Visits [CT.], 1963
2206Passes [CV.], 1963
2207Postal Matters [CX.], 1963 August-December
2208Postal Matters [CX.], 1963 January-July
2209Prayer [CY.], 1963
22010Propaganda [DA.], 1963
22011Railroad [DB.], 1963
2211-2Requests, Agriculture Yearbooks [DE.], 1963
2213Requests, Autographs [DE.], 1963
2214Requests, Biography [DE.], 1963
2215Requests, Congressional Directory [DE.], 1963
2216Requests, Debate Material [DE.], 1963
2217Requests, Information [DE.], 1963 August-December
2221Requests, Information [DE.], 1963 January-July
2222Requests, Letters ofEndorsement [DE.], 1963
2223Requests, Miscellaneous Pamphlets [DE.], 1963
2224-5Requests, Senator's Photograph and Autographs [DE.], 1963
2226Requests, Publications [DE.], 1963
2231Requests, School Material [DE.], 1963
2232Requests, Senator's Speeches [DE.], 1963
2233Scholarships [DG.], 1963
2234Senior Class [DK.], 1963
2235Small Business Administration [DL.], 1963 August-December
2236Small Business Administration [DL.], 1963 January-July
2237State Department [DN.], 1963 August-December
2238State Department [DN.], 1963 May-July
2241State Department [DN.], 1963 March-April
2242State Department [DN.], 1963 February
2243State Department [DN.], 1963 January
2244State Department, Material [DN.], 1963
2245State Department, Peace Corps. [DN.], 1963
2246State Department, Treaties [DN.], 1963
2247State Department, Nuclear Test Ban Treaty [DN.], 1963 October 16-December
2248State Department, Nuclear Test Ban Treaty [DN.], 1963 October 8-14
2249State Department, Nuclear Test Ban Treaty [DN.], 1963 October 3-7
2251State Department, Nuclear Test Ban Treaty [DN.], 1963 October 1-2
2252State Department, Nuclear Test Ban Treaty [DN.], 1963 September 26-30
2253State Department, Nuclear Test Ban Treaty [DN.], 1963 September 21-25
2254State Department, Nuclear Test Ban Treaty [DN.], 1963 September 19-20
2255State Department, Nuclear Test Ban Treaty [DN.], 1963 September 16-18
2256State Department, Nuclear Test Ban Treaty [DN.], 1963 September 11-14
2261State Department, Nuclear Test Ban Treaty [DN.], 1963 September 6-10
2262State Department, Nuclear Test Ban Treaty [DN.], 1963 September 1-5
2263State Department, Nuclear Test Ban Treaty [DN.], 1963 August 28-31
2264State Department, Nuclear Test Ban Treaty [DN.], 1963 August 24-27
2265State Department, Nuclear Test Ban Treaty [DN.], 1963 August 19-23
2266State Department, Nuclear Test Ban Treaty [DN.], 1963 August 16-18
2271State Department, Nuclear Test Ban Treaty [DN.], 1963 August 12-15
2272State Department, Nuclear Test Ban Treaty [DN.], 1963 August 7-10
2273State Department, Nuclear Test Ban Treaty [DN.], 1963 August 1-6
2274State Department, Nuclear Test Ban Treaty [DN.], 1963 July 30-31
2275State Department, Nuclear Test Ban Treaty [DN.], 1963 July 24-29
2276State Department, Nuclear Test Ban Treaty [DN.], 1963 July 1-22
2277State Department, Nuclear Test Ban Treaty [DN.], 1963 June
2278State Department, Nuclear Test Ban Treaty [DN.], 1963 February-May
2279State Department, Nuclear Test Ban Treaty Unanswered Letters [DN.], 1963
2281State Department, Nuclear Test Ban Treaty Material [DN.], 1963
2282Strike [DO.], 1963
2283Surplus Property [DQ.], 1963 May-December
2284Surplus Property [DQ.], 1963 January-April
2285Surplus Property, Winder [DQ.], 1963
2286Tariff Matters [DR.], 1963 August-December
2287Tariff Matters [DR.], 1963 January-July
2288Tennessee Valley Authority [DS.], 1963
2289Textiles [DT.], 1963
22810Trade [DV.], 1963
22811Transportation, Federal Aviation Agency [DW.], 1963 August-December
22812Transportation, FAA [DW.], 1963 January-July
2291Transportation, FAA Winder [DW.], 1963
2292Transportation, Highway Problems [DW.], 1963 August-December
2293Transportation, Highway Problems [DW.], 1963 April-July
2294Transportation, Highway Problems [DW.], 1963 January-March
2295Transportation, Highway Problems Material [DW.], 1963
2296Transportation, Highway Problems Barrow County [DW.], 1963
2297Transportation, Blue Ridge Parkway [DW.], 1963
2298Treasury [DX.], 1963
2299Treasury, Courtesy of the Port [DX.], 1963
22910Treasury, Internal Revenue Service [DX.], 1963 July-December
22911Treasury, IRS [DX.], 1963 January-June
2301Veterans' Hospitals [DZ.], 1963
2302World's Fair, Atlanta [EB.], 1962-1963
2303Accelerated Public Works [AA.], 1962
2304-5Accelerated Public Works, Material [AA.], 1962
2306Department of Agriculture [AB.], 1962 August-December
2307Department of Agriculture [AB.], 1962 July
2308Department of Agriculture [AB.], 1962 March-June
2311Department of Agriculture [AB.], 1962 January-February
2312Department of Agriculture, Material [AB.], 1962
2313Department of Agriculture, Fanner's Home Administration [AB.], 1962
2314Department of Agriculture, Surplus Food (Food Stamps) [AB.], 1962
2315Department of Agriculture, REA [AB.], 1962
2316America's Welfare [AC.], 1962 November-December
2317America's Welfare [AC.], 1962 September-October
2321America's Welfare [AC.], 1962 August
OS 1Poster-"The United States Program for General and Complete Disarmament" Anti-Communist Literature [separated from folder 'America's Welfare [AC.]'][oversize], 1962 August
OS 2Poster-"'Senior Scholastic' Gives High School Students Inadequate Report on Russian Orthodox Church" Anti-Communist Literature [separated from folder 'America's Welfare [AC. ][oversize], 1962 January 10
2322America's Welfare [AC.], 1962 June 1-July 31
2323America's Welfare [AC.], 1962 May
2324America's Welfare [AC.], 1962 April
2325America's Welfare [AC.], 1962 January-March
OS 2Poster-"The Story of Ten Little Free Workers" [separated from folder 'America's Welfare [AC.][oversize], 1962
2331Appointments [AF.], 1962 September-December
2332Appointments [AF.], 1962 July-August
2333Appointments [AF.], 1962 June
2334Appointments [AF.], 1962 May
2335Appointments [AF.], 1962 April
2336Appointments [AF.], 1962 March
2337Appointments [AF.], 1962 February
2338Appointments [AF.], 1962 January
2341Appointments, Winder [AF.], 1962
2342Appointments, Appt. Lists [AF.], 1962
2343Atlanta Crash [AH.], 1962
2344Atomic Energy Comm. [AI.], 1962
2345Birth Certificate [AJ.], 1962
2346Business [AM.], 1962
2351Capitol Calendars [AN.], 1962
2352Civil Aeronautics Board, General Correspondence [AO.], 1962
2353Civil Aeronautics Board, Aviation [AO.], 1962
2354Commerce Department, General Correspondence [AQ.], 1962
2355Commerce Department, Area Redevelopment [AQ.], 1962 August-December
2356Commerce Department, Area Redevelopment [AQ.], 1962 January-July
2357-8Commerce Department, Area Redevelopment Material [AQ.], 1961-1962
2359Commerce Department, Specific Projects [AQ.], 1962
23510Commerce Department, Winder [AQ.], 1962
23511Commerce Department, Bureau of the Census [AQ.], 1962
2361Cornmon Market [AR.], 1962
2362Community Facilities [AS.], 1962
2363Congressional Record [AT.], 1962
2364Court Matters [AV.], 1962
2365Defense, Civil Defense [AW.], 1962 September-December
2366Defense, Civil Defense [AW.], 1962 January-August
2371Defense, Civil Defense Material [AW.], 1962
2372Defense, National Defense [AW.], 1962
2373Defense, National Guard Armory [AW.], 1962
2374Eighteen Year Old Voting [AY.], 1962
2375Electoral College, General Correspondence [AZ.], 1962
2376Electoral College, Senator's Dictation [AZ.], 1962
2377Equal Employment Commission [BA.], 1962
2378Federal Communications Commission (FCC), General Correspondence [BB.], 1962 July-December
2379Federal Communications Commission (FCC), General Correspondence [BB.], 1962 January-June
23710Federal Communications Commission (FCC), Telstar [BB.], 1962
2381Federal Trade Commission [BH.], 1962
2382Flag [BI.], 1962
2383Football Tickets [BJ.], 1962
2384General Services Administration [BL.], 1962
2385General Services Administration, Public Buildings [BL.], 1962
2386Georgia [BM.], 1962 September-December
2391Georgia [BM.], 1962 May-August
MapcaseMap of Lake Sydney Lanier State Park [Removed from Georgia 1962]
2392Georgia [BM.], 1962 January-April
2393-4Georgia, Material [BM.], 1962
2395Georgia, BRR Requests for GA Material [BM.], 1959-1962
2396Georgia, Cumberland Island [BM.], 1962
2401Gift Books [BN.], 1962 July-December
2402Gift Books [BN.], 1962 January-June
2403Gold Reserve, General Correspondence [BO.], 1962
2404Gold Reserve, Material [BO.], 1948, 1952, 1962
2405Government Contracts, General Correspondence [BP.], 1962
2406Government Contracts, Material [BP.], 1961-1962
2407Government Expenditures [BQ.], 1962 July-December
2408Government Expenditures [BQ.], 1962 January-June
2411Health, Education, and Welfare (HEW), General Correspondence [BS.], 1962 June-December
2412Health, Education, and Welfare (HEW), General Correspondence [BS.], 1962 January-May
2413Health, Education, and Welfare (HEW), Material [BS.], 1962
2414Health, Education, and Welfare (HEW), Education [BS.], 1962
2415Health, Education, and Welfare (HEW), Education Material [BS.], 1962
2416Health, Education, and Welfare (HEW), FDA Drugs [BS.], 1962
2421Health, Education, and Welfare (HEW), Health, General [BS.], 1962
2422Health, Education, and Welfare (HEW), Health, Cancer [BS.], 1962
2423Health, Education, and Welfare (HEW), Health, Rehabilitation Centers [BS.], 1962
2424Housing and Urban Development (HUD), Housing, General [BU.], 1962
2425Housing and Urban Development (HUD), Federal Housing Administration [BU.], 1962
2426Housing and Urban Development (HUD), Housing and Home Finance Administration, Capehart Housing [BU.], 1962
2427Housing and Urban Development (HUD), Housing and Home Finance Administration, Farm Housing [BU.], 1962
2428Housing and Urban Development (HUD), Housing and Home Finance Administration, Integrated Housing [BU.], 1962
2429Housing and Urban Development (HUD), Housing and Home Finance Administration, Low Rent Housing [BU.], 1962
2431Housing and Urban Development (HUD), Urban Affairs [BU.], 1962 February 10-May
2432Housing and Urban Development (HUD), Urban Affairs [BU.], 1962 January-February 9
2433Housing and Urban Development (HUD), Urban Renewal [BU.], 1962
2434Impeachment [BV.], 1962
2435Inflation [BX.], 1962
2436Interior Department, General Correspondence [BY.], 1962
2437Interior Department, Government Lands [BY.], 1962
2438Interior Department, National Parks [BY.], 1962
2439Interstate Commerce Commission [BZ.], 1962
24310Jew [CA.], 1945-1962
24311Justice Department, General Correspondence [CB.], 1962
2441Labor [CC.], 1962 September-December
2442Labor [CC.], 1962 April 21-August
2443Labor [CC.], 1962 January-April 20
2444Laboratories, Forage [CD.], 1962
2445Laboratories, Forestry Research [CD.], 1961-1962
2446Laboratories, Fruit & Nut [CD.], 1962
2447Laboratories, Peanut [CD.], 1962 August-December
2448Laboratories, Peanut [CD.], 1962 January-July
2451Laboratories, Water Pollution [CD.], 1962
2452Liquor [CG.], 1951-1962
2453Magazines [CH.], 1962
2454Mailing List [CI.], 1962
2455Memorial [CJ.], 1962
2456Miscellaneous [CK.], 1962
2457NASA [CL.], 1961-1962
2458NATO [CP.], 1962
2461Office Matters, General [CS.], 1962
2462Office Matters, Telephone Calls (NC) [CS.], 1962
2463Office Visits [CT.], 1962 August-December
2464Office Visits [CT.], 1962 January-July
2465Pass [CV.], 1962
2466Postal Matters [CX.], 1962 June-December
2467Postal Matters [CX.], 1962 January-May
2471Postal Matters, W.W. Law Case [CX.], 1961-1962
2472Railroad [DB.], 1962
2473Reapportionment [DC.], 1962
2474Requests For Autographs [DE.], 1962
2475Requests For Information [DE.], 1962
2476Requests For Endorsements [DE.], 1962
2477Requests For Letters of Endorsements [DE.], 1962
2478-9Requests For Senator's Photograph [DE.], 1962
2481Scholarships [DG.], 1962
2482Securities and Exchange Commission [DH.], 1962
2483Senator's "F" File [DJ.], 1962 May-December
2484Senator's "F" File [DJ.], 1962 April
2485Senator's "F" File [DJ.], 1959-1962 March
2486Senator's "F" File, "F" File-Nehru [DJ.], 1962
2487Senator's "F" File, "F" File-U.N. Bonds [DJ.], 1962
2488Senior Class [DK.], 1962
2489Small Business Administration Correspondence [DL.], 1962
2491State Department [DN.], 1962 June-December
2492State Department [DN.], 1962 May
2493State Department [DN.], 1962 April
2494State Department [DN.], 1962 February 4-March
2495State Department [DN.], 1962 January
2496State Department, Foreign Aid General Correspondence [DN.], 1962
2497State Department, Peace Corps [DN.], 1962
2498State Department, Treaties, General Correspondence [DN.], 1962
2499State Department, Treaties, Genocide Correspondence [DN.], 1962
24910State Department, Japanese Treaty (empty) [DN.], 1962
24911State Department, Nuclear Test Ban Correspondence [DN.], 1962
2501Strike [DO.], 1962 August-December
2502Strike [DO.], 1962 July 17-30
2503Strike [DO.], 1962 June 28-July16
2504Supreme Court Material [DP.], 1962
2505Surplus Property [DQ.], 1962
2506Tariff Matters [DR.], 1962 April 5-December 31
2507Tariff Matters [DR.], 1962 January-April 4
2508Tennessee Valley Authority [DS.], 1962
2509Textiles [DT.], 1962
2511Trade, General Correspondence [DV.], 1962
2512Trade, Material [DV.], 1962
2513Transportation, Federal Aviation Administration [DW.], 1962
2514Transportation, Highway Problems, Correspondence [DW.], 1962
2515Transportation, Blue Ridge Parkway [DW.], 1962
2516Treasury Department, General [DX.], 1962
2517Treasury Department, Courtesy of the Port [DX.], 1962
2518Treasury Department, Internal Revenue Service [DX.], 1962
2521Agriculture, General Correspondence [AB.], 1961 September-December
2522Agriculture, General Correspondence [AB.], 1961 January-August
2523Agriculture, Material [AB.], 1961
2524Agriculture, Critical & Disaster Areas [AB.], 1961
2525Agriculture, Farmer's Home Administration [AB.], 1961
2526Agriculture, Surplus Food (Food Stamps) [AB.], 1961
2527Agriculture, REA Matters [AB.], 1961
2528America's Welfare [AC.], 1961
2531Appointments [AF.], 1961 August-December
2532Appointments [AF.], 1961 June-July
2533Appointments [AF.], 1961 April-May
2534Appointments [AF.], 1961 January-March
2535Appointments, Winder, Seen [AF.], 1961
2536Appointments, Winder, Appointment Lists [AF.], 1961
2537Appointments, Winder, Pending [AF.], 1961
2541Atomic Energy Commission, General Correspondence [AI.], 1961
2542Atomic Energy Commission, Fallout [AI.], 1961
2543Birth Certificates [AJ.], 1961
2544Business [AM.], 1961
2545Capitol Calendars [AN.], 1961
2546Civil Aeronautics Board [AO.], 1961
2547Civil Service Commission [AP.], 1961
2548Commerce Department, Area Redevelopment [AQ.], 1961
OS 1Chart-"Functional Relationships of USDA RAD Program."[separated from folder 'Commerce Department, Area Redevelopment [AQ.]'][oversize], 1961
OS 1Set of (6) area redevelopment posters (b/w illustrations) Area REdevelopment Policy Board; USDA Rural Areas Development Board; State Committee; Essential Elements of OEDP; Standards for Area Designation; Local Forces in Rural Areas Develpment [separated from folder 'Commerce Department, Area Redevelopment [AQ.]'][oversize], 1961
2549Commerce Department, Bureau of the Census [AQ.], 1961
25410Community Facilities Administration [AS.], 1961
25411Congressional Record [AT.], 1961
25412Court Matters [AV.], 1961
25413Defense, CiviI Defense [AW.], 1961
25414Defense, National Defense [AW.], 1961
25415Defense, National Defense Missile [AW.], 1961
2551Eighteen Year Old Voting, General Correspondence [AY.], 1955-1961
2552Electoral College [AZ.], 1961
2553Equal Employment Committee [BA.], 1961
2554Federal Communications Commission, General Correspondence [BB.], 1961
2555Federal Communications Commission, Radio Applications [BB.], 1961
2556Federal Trade Commission, General Correspondence [BH.], 1960-1961
2557Flag [BI.], 1958-1961
2558Football Tickets [BJ.], 1959-1961
2561General Service Administration, General Correspondence [BL.], 1961
2562General Service Administration, Public Buildings [BL.], 1961
2563Georgia [BM.], 1961 May-December
2564Georgia [BM.], 1961 January-April
2565Gift Book [BN.], 1961 August-December
2566Gift Book [BN.], 1961 January-July
2567Gold Reserve [BO.], 1961
2568Government Contracts [Thiokol] [BP.], 1961
2569Government Expenditures [BQ.], 1961
2571Health, Education, and Welfare (HEW), Education, Material and Correspondence [BS.], 1961
2572Health, Education, and Welfare (HEW), Education, School Assistance [BS.], 1961
2573Health, Education, and Welfare (HEW), Education, Student Loan [BS.], 1961
2574Health, Education, and Welfare (HEW), Drugs [BS.], 1961
2575Health, Education, and Welfare (HEW), Health [BS.], 1961
2576Health, Education, and Welfare (HEW), Cancer [BS.], 1961
2577Health, Education, and Welfare (HEW), Government Hospitals [BS.], 1950-1961
2578Hotel Reservations [BT.], 1961
2579Housing and Urban Development (HUD), General Housing [BU.], 1961
25710Housing and Urban Development (HUD), Housing Material [BU.], 1961
25711Housing and Urban Development (HUD), Federal Housing Authority [BU.], 1961 August-December
25712Housing and Urban Development (HUD), Federal Housing Authority [BU.], 1961
25713Housing and Urban Development (HUD), Farm Housing [BU.], 1961
25714Housing and Urban Development (HUD), Low Rent Housing [BU.], 1961
2581Inaugural [BW.], 1960-1961
2582Inflation [BX.], 1961
2583Interior Department (with gaps) [BY.], 1949-1961
2584ICC [BZ.], 1961 September 21-December
2585ICC [BZ.], 1961 September 1-20
2586ICC [BZ.], 1961 August
2587ICC [BZ.], 1961 June-July
2588ICC [BZ.], 1961 February 15-May 31
2589ICC [BZ.], 1961 January 1-February 14
2591Department of Justice [CB.], 1960-1961
2592Labor, General [CC.], 1961
2593Labor, Wage Control [CC.], 1961
2594Labs, Peanut Lab [CD.], 1961 August 11-December
2595Labs, Peanut Lab [CD.], 1961 January-August 10
2596Labs, Water Pollution Lab [CD.], 1961
2597Library of Congress, General Correspondence [CF.], 1961
2598Magazines [CH.], 1961
2601Mailing List [CI.], 1960-1961
2602Memorial [CJ.], 1961
2603Miscellaneous, Tripe [CK.], 1961
2604NATO General Correspondence [CP.], 1957, 1961
2605Office Matters, General [CS.], 1961
2606Office Matters, Telephone Calls [Telegraph Account] [CS.], 1961
2607Office Visits [CT.], 1961 July 30-December
2608Office Visits [CT.], 1961 January-July 29
2609Passes [CV.], 1959-1961
2611Postal Matters [CX.], 1961 October 10-December
2612Postal Matters [CX.], 1961 June 23-October 9
2613Postal Matters [CX.], 1961 January-June 22
2614Recession [DD.], 1961
2615Scholarships [DG.], 1961
2616Senior Class [DK.], 1961
2617Small Business [DL.], 1961 July 6-December
2618Small Business [DL.], 1961 January-July 5
2621State Department [DN.], 1961 August-December
2622State Department [DN.], 1961 January-July
2623State Department, Peace Corps [DN.], 1961
2624State Department, Treaties [DN.], 1961 March 23-December
2625State Department, Treaties [DN.], 1961 January-March 22
OS 1Poster-"The Liberty Bell-Clarion Call of the Continental Consumers' Party" "Declare War on Traitors in U.S. Government..."[separated from folder 'State Department, Treaties [DN.][oversize], 1961
2626State Department, Japanese Treaty [Empty] [DN.], 1961
2627State Department, Neutron Bomb [Treaties, Nuclear Test] [DN.], 1961
2628State Department, Treaties, [Unanswered Mail] Letters on Nuclear Test Resumption [DN.], 1961
2629Supreme Court, Admissions [DP.], 1961
2631Surplus Property [DQ.], 1961
2632Tariff [Commission] [DR.], 1961
2633Tennessee Valley Authority [DS.], 1960-1961
2634Textiles [DT.], 1961 August 15-December
2635Textiles [DT.], 1961 June 13-August 14
2636Textiles [DT.], 1961 March 22-May
2637Textiles [DT.], 1961 January-March 21
2641Trade [DV.], 1961
2642Transportation, FAA [DW.], 1961
2643Transportation, Highway Problems [DW.], 1961 June 1-December 29
2644Transportation, Highway Problems [DW.], 1961 January-May 31
2645Transportation, Blue Ridge Parkway [DW.], 1961
2646Treasury Department, General Correspondence [DW.], 1960-1961
2647Treasury Department, Courtesy of the Port [DX.], 1961
2648Treasury Department, Internal Revenue [DX.], 1961 October-December
2649Treasury Department, Internal Revenue [DX.], 1961 January-September
26410Veterans' Hospitals [DZ.], 1961
2651Agriculture, General [AB.], 1960
2652Agriculture, Material [AB.], 1960
2653Agriculture, Critical and Disaster Areas [AB.], 1960
2654Agriculture, Farmers Home Administration [AB.], 1960
2655Agriculture, Municipal Water Facilities [AB.], 1960
2656Agriculture, REA Matters [AB.], 1959-1960
2657Agriculture, REA, Power Material [AB.], 1949-1960
2658Appointments [general] [AF.], 1960 April-December
2659Appointments [general] [AF.], 1960 January-March
MapcaseMap of southern half of U.S. marked with New Boundary and Old Boundary [Removed from Appointments General]
2661Appointments, Winder (seen) [AF.], 1960
2662Appointments, Winder (pending) [AF.], 1960
2663Appointments, Winder Appointment Lists [AF.], 1960
2664Atomic Energy Commission 1958-1960 [AI.], 1958-1960
2665Birth Certificates [AJ.], 1960
2666Business [AM.], 1960
2667Capitol Calendars [AN.], 1960
2668CAB [AO.], 1960 August-December
2669CAB [AO.], 1960 June-July
26610CAB [AO.], 1960 January-May
26611CAB, CAA [AO.], 1960
26612Commerce Department, Bureau of the Census [AQ.], 1960
2671Community Facilities Administration [AS.], 1957-1960
2672Congressional Record [AT.], 1960
2673Court Matters, General [AU.], 1960
2674Court Matters, Court Decisions [AU.], 1960
2675Court Matters, Defense, Civil Defense [AW.], 1960
2676Court Matters, Defense, National Defense [AW.], 1960
2677Federal Communications Commission [BB.], 1960
2678Federal Power Commission [BF.], 1959-1960
2681Georgia, General Correspondence [BM.], 1960
2682Georgia, Material [BM.], 1960
2683Georgia, Shrimp [BM.], 1960
2684Gift Book [BN.], 1960 April-December
OS 1Large format poster-"The World's Present Deadly Peril-Economy of the World in the Hands of the Zionist International Bankers"[separated from folder 'Gift Book [BN.]'][oversize], 1960
2685Gift Book [BN.], 1960 January-March
2686Government Expenditures [BQ.], 1960
2687Health, Education, and Welfare (HEW), Food and Drug Administration [BS.], 1960
2688Health, Education, and Welfare (HEW), Drugs [BS.], 1960
2689Health, Education, and Welfare (HEW), Gov't Assistance to Projects and Schools [BS.], 1955-1960
2691Health, Education, and Welfare (HEW), Health [BS.], 1960
2692Health, Education, and Welfare (HEW), Cancer [BS.], 1960
2693Housing and Urban Development (HUD), General Housing [BU.], 1960
2694Housing and Urban Development (HUD), Material [BU.], 1960
2695Housing and Urban Development (HUD), Low Rent Housing and Home Finance [BU.], 1960
2696Housing and Urban Development (HUD), Federal Housing Authority [BU.], 1960
2697Impeachment [BV.], 1950-1960
2698Inflation [BX.], 1960
2699Interstate Commerce Commission [BZ.], 1960
26910Library of Congress [CF.], 1960
2701Magazine [CH.], 1960
2702Memorial, General Correspondence [CJ.], 1960
OS 1"The Atlanta Century" (Supplement to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution)[separated from folder "Memorial, General Correspondence [CJ.][oversize], 1960 March 4
2703Memorial, Jefferson Davis [CJ.], 1959-1960
2704Office Matters, General Correspondence [CS.], 1960
2705Office Matters, Telephone Calls [CS.], 1959-1960
2706Office Visits [CT.], 1960 May 6-December
2707Office Visits [CT.], 1960 January-May 5
2708Postal Matters, Post Office Matters [CX.], 1960
2709Postal Matters, Postmaster Material [CX.], 1960
2711Requests For Autographs [DE.], 1960
2712Requests For Information [DE.], 1960
2713Requests For Information [DE.], 1959-1960
2714Requests For Letters of Introduction [DE.], 1960
2715Requests For Letters of Recommendation [DE.], 1960
2716Scholarships [DG.], 1960
2717Senior Class [DK.], 1960
2718Small Business Administration [DL.], 1960
2721State Department, General [DN.], 1960
2722State Department, Treaties [DN.], 1960 September 1-December 30
2723State Department, Treaties [DN.], 1960 August 5-31
2724State Department, Treaties [DN.], 1960 July 1-August 4
2725State Department, Treaties [DN.], 1960 March 25-June 30
2726State Department, Treaties [DN.], 1960 February 3-March 24
2727State Department, Treaties [DN.], 1960 January-February 2
2728State Department, Treaties, Japanese Treaty [DN.], 1960
2729Surplus Property [DQ.], 1960
27210Tariff [Commission] [DR.], 1960 July 1-December 22
2731Tariff [Commission] [DR.], 1960 January-June
OS 3Petitions- 2 from Crompton-Highland Mills, Inc. [separated from folder 'Tariff [Commission] [DR.]'][oversize], 1960 January 26
2732Textiles [DT.], 1960
2733Trade, General Correspondence [DV.], 1960
2734Transportation Department, FAA General Correspondence [DW.], 1960 July-December
2735Transportation Department, FAA General Correspondence [DW.], 1960 January-June
2736Transportation Department, Highway Problems [DW.], 1960
MapcaseGeneral Highway map Lowndes Co. Georgia with marked requested underpass and planned overpass [removed from Transportation Dept., Highway Problems]
2737Transportation Department, Highways-Material [DW.], 1960
2738Treasury Department, Courtesies of the Port [DX.], 1960
2739Treasury Department, Internal Revenue [DX.], 1960
27310Veterans' Hospitals [DZ.], 1960
2741Agriculture Department, General Correspondence [AB.], 1959
2742Agriculture Department, Critical and Disaster Areas Correspondence [AB.], 1956-1959
2743Agriculture Department, FHA [AB.], 1959
2744Agriculture Department, Conservation Reserve Correspondence [AB.], 1959
2745Agriculture Department, Conservation Reserve Material [AB.], 1958-1959
2746Appointments, General Correspondence [AF.], 1959 July 1-December 31
2747Appointments, General Correspondence [AF.], 1959 April-June
2748Appointments, General Correspondence [AF.], 1959 January-March
2749Appointments, Senator saw in Winder [AF.], 1959 November-December
2751Appointments, Winder [AF.], 1959 September-October
2752Birth Certificates [AJ.], 1953-1959
2753Business File (Old) [AM.], 1957-1959
2754Capitol Calendars [AN.], 1958-1959
2755Civil Aeronautics Board (CAB), General [AO.], 1959
2756Civil Aeronautics Board (CAB), CAA File (Old) [AO.], 1957-1959
2757Civil Service Commission (Old) [AP.], 1954, 1958-1959
2758Commerce Department, Bureau of the Census [AQ.], 1959
2759Commerce Department, Patents [AQ.], 1959
27510Congressional Record, Old [AT.], 1954-1959
27511Congressional Record, For Insertion by Senator [AT.], 1959 January
2761Court Matters, General [AV.], 1959
2762Court Matters, Decisions [AV.], 1959
2763Defense Department, Civil Defense [AW.], 1959
2764Defense Department, National Defense, (Missile) [AW.], 1959
2765Defense Department, National Defense, General Correspondence [AW.], 1959
2766Defense Department, National Guard Armories [AW.], 1959
2767FCC, General Correspondence [BB.], 1959
2768Georgia, General Correspondence [BM.], 1959
2769Georgia, New Industry [BM.], 1959
27610Gift Book [BN.], 1959 April-December
27611Gift Book [BN.], 1959 January-March
27612Gov't Expenditures, Material [BQ.], 1959
2771Great White Fleet [BR.], 1959
2772Health, Education, and Welfare (HEW), Education [BS.], 1958-1959
2773Health, Education, and Welfare (HEW), Health [BS.], 1959
2774Health, Education, and Welfare (HEW), Cancer [BS.], 1956-1959
2775Housing and Urban Development, General Housing Matters (Old) [BU.], 1954-1959
2776Housing and Urban Development, Federal Housing Authority [BU.], 1959
2777Housing and Urban Development, Low Rent Housing [BU.], 1959
2778Inflation, General Correspondence [BX.], 1957-1959
2779Inflation, Material [BX.], 1959
27710-11Interstate Commerce Commission [BZ.], 1959
2781Labor Department, General Correspondence [CC.], 1959
2782Library of Congress [CF.], 1958-1959
2783Magazines, General Correspondence [CH.], 1953-1959
2784Mailing List [CI.], 1959
2785Memorial [CJ.], 1959
OS 2Proposal #2, Design for Gold Star Mother Statue & Pedestal [separated from folder 'Memorial [CJ.]][oversize], 1959
2786Office Matters, General Correspondence [CS.], 1959 June 23-December
2787Office Matters, General Correspondence [CS.], 1959 January 10-June 22
2788Office Matters, Official Telephone Calls [CS.], 1959
2789Office Visits [CT.], 1959
27810Panama Canal [CU.], 1959
2791Postal Matters, Post Office Matters [CX.], 1959
2792Postal Matters, Postmastership Materials [CX.], 1959
2793Requests, Autograph [DE.], 1959
2794Requests, Letters of Introduction [DE.], 1959
2795Requests, Letters of Recommendation [DE.], 1959
2796Requests, Publications [DE.], 1959
2797Scholarships [DG.], 1949-1959
2801Senator's "F" File [DJ.], 1959 July-December
2802Senator's "F" File [DJ.], 1959 March 21-June
2803Senator's "F" File [DJ.], 1959 March 1-20
2804Senator's "F" File [DJ.], 1959 January-February
2805Small Business [DL.], 1959
2811State Department, General Correspondence [DN.], 1959
2812State Department, Treaties [DN.], 1959
2813State Department, Surplus Property, General Correspondence [DQ.], 1959
2814State Department, Surplus Property, Material [DQ.], 1958-1959
2815Tariff [Commission] [DR.], 1959
2816Tennessee Valley Authority [DS.], 1959
2817Trade, Correspondence and Material [DV.], 1959
2818Transportation, Federal Aviation Agency [DW.], 1959
2821Transportation, Highway Problems [DW.], 1959
OS 3Road Map of Bibb County, GA 1953 marked with route of proposed Interstate highway [separated from folder 'Transportation, Highway Problems [DW.]'][oversize], 1953
2822Treasury Department, General Correspondence [DX.], 1959
2823Treasury Department, Internal Revenue [DX.], 1952-1959
2824Veterans Hospitals [DZ.], 1959
2825Warm Springs Foundation [EA.], 1959
2831Agriculture, Conservation Reserve [AB.], 1958
2832Agriculture, REA [AB.], 1958
2833Appointments, General Correspondence [AF.], 1958 July-December
OS 23 Advertisements from "Georgia, Where Industry is Moving Forward" Campaign. "Carling Hangs its Cap in GA" red and black poster; "$2,556,606,000 to help you Cut Production and Distribution locating in Georgia" b/w poster; "Chain Reaction in Georgia...more science for more progress" b/w poster [separated from folder 'Appointments, General Correspondence [AF.]'][oversize], 1958
2834Appointments, General Correspondence [AF.], 1958 April-June
2835Appointments, General Correspondence [AF.], 1958 January-March
2836Appointments, (Winder), Completed or Hold [AF.], 1958 July-November
2837Appointments, (Winder), Completed or Hold for Future Contact [AF.], 1958 December
2841Atomic Energy Commission, Atom Bomb [AI.], 1950-1958
2842Civil Aeronautics Board, CAB File (old) [AO.], 1954-1958
2843Commerce, Patents, Copyrights, Trademarks [AQ.], 1954-1958
2844Court Matters [AV.], 1951-1958
2845Defense Department, Civil Defense (old) [AW.], 1951-1958
OS 1Newspaper Reprint from The Sunday Star, Washington, D.C. "Civil Defense: Is it, Or is it Not, Worth Bothering About?" [separated from folder 'Defense Department, Civil Defense (old) [AW.]'][oversize], 1951 August 26
2846Defense Department, National Defense [AW.], 1958
OS 2Tabloid-sized 8-page leaflet "Public Records on Affiliations of Edwin T. Dahlberg President, The National Council of Churches" [separated from folder 'Defense Department, National Defense [AW.]'][oversize], 1958
2851Defense Department, National Defense, Missile File [AW.], 1957-1958
2852Defense Department, National Guard Armory [AW.], 1958
2853Defense Department, R.O.T.C. Schools [AW.], 1958-1963
2854Federal Communications Commission, General Correspondence [BB.], 1955-1958
2855Federal Home Loan Bank Board, General Correspondence [BD.], 1958
2856Federal Power Commission, General Correspondence [BF.], 1955-1958
2857General Services Administration, Public Buildings [BL.], 1958
2858Gift Books, General Correspondence [BN.], 1953-1958
2859Housing, Defense [BV.], 1958
28510Housing, Low-Rent [BV.], 1956-1958
28511Interstate Commerce Commission, General Correspondence [BZ.], 1955-1958
28512Labor, General Correspondence [CC.], 1958
2861Labor, Wage Control [CC.], 1951-1958
2862Mailing Lists, Correspondence and Materials [CI.], 1958
2863Memorials, General Correspondence [CJ.], 1957-1958
2864Office Matters, General Correspondence [CS.], 1957-1958
2865Office Matters, Official Telephone Calls [CS.], 1957-1958
2866Post Office Matters, General Correspondence [CX.], 1957-1958
2867Prayer, General Correspondence [CY.], 1951-1958
2868Price Control, General Correspondence [CZ.], 1951-1952
2871Recession, General Correspondence [DD.], 1958
2872Requests for Letters ofIntroduction [DE.], 1958
2873Requests for Information [DE.], 1954-1958
2874Requests for Letters of Recommendation [DE.], 1957-1958
2875Requests for Photos [DE.], 1958
2876Small Business, General Correspondence [DL.], 1958
2877State Department, General Correspondence [DN.], 1951-1958
2881State Department, Treaties [DN.], 1945-1958
2882Supreme Court, Material [DP.], 1958
2883Surplus Property, General Correspondence [DQ.], 1958
2884Tariffs, General Correspondence [DR.], 1958
2885Tennessee Valley Authority, Correspondence and Materials [DS.], 1951-1958
2886Trade (old) [DV.], 1954-1958
2887Transportation, Problems (general correspondence) [DW.], 1958
2891Yeterans Hospital, General Correspondence [DZ.], 1958
2892Worlds Fair, Brussels [EB.], 1958-1959
2893America's Welfare, Materials [AC.], 1957
2894Appointments, General Correspondence [AF.], 1957
2895Appointments, General Correspondence [AF.], 1955-1957
2896Atomic Energy Commission, General Correspondence [AI.], 1955-1957
2897Congressional Record, Inserts [AT.], 1957
2898National Defense, General Correspondence [AW.], 1957
2899National Defense, Missile [AW.], 1957
28910National Defense, ROTC Schools [AW.], 1954-1957
2901General Services Administration, Public Buildings [BL.], 1949-1957
2902Georgia Letter File, Senators Request [BM.], 1957
2903Georgia Letter File, Miscellaneous Material [BM.], 1957
2904Health, Education, and Welfare (HEW), Education Material [BS.], 1949-1957
2905Health, Education, and Welfare (HEW), National Institute of Health [BS.], 1957
2906Housing and Urban Development, Materials [BU.], 1955-1956
2907Inaugural Tickets, General Correspondence [BW.], 1956-1957
2908Inaugural Material [BW.], 1956-1957
2909Magazines, Material [CH.], 1957
29010Miscellaneous Publications, Material [CK.], 1957
29011Office Matters, General Correspondence [CS.], 1957
29012Panama Canal, Material [CV.], 1957
2911Railroads, Material [DB.], 1958
2912Requests for Photos [DE.], 1957
2913Requests for Photos (old) [DE.], 1945-1957
2914Requests for Letters of Introduction [DE.], 1957
2915Securities and Exchange Commission, General Correspondence [DH.], 1957
2916Small Business, General Correspondence [DL.], 1957
2917State Department, (Special) Foreign Aid Material (Important) [DN.], 1957
2918State Department, Foreign Aid Material [DN.], 1953, 1956-1957
2921State Department, Japanese Treaty [DN.], 1951-1957
2922Surplus Property, General Correspondence [DQ.], 1954-1957
2923Tariff Matters, General Correspondence [DR.], 1955-1957
2924Transportation Department, Highway Problems [DW.], 1949-1957
2925Treasury, Material [DX.], 1957
2926Supreme Court, Material [DP.], 1957
2927Agriculture Department, Material [AB.], 1945-1956
2928Agriculture Department, Critical and Disaster Areas [AB.], 1954-1956
2931Agriculture Department, Farm Matters [AB.], 1956
2932Appointments, Material [AF.], 1954-1956
2933Federal Communications Commission, Material [BB.], 1956
2934Georgia, Miscellaneous Material [BM.], 1948-1956
2935Health, Education, and Welfare (HEW), Government Project Assistance Material [BS.], 1956
2941Health, Education, and Welfare (HEW), Government Hospital Assistance Material [BS.], 1956
2942Interstate Commerce Commission, General Correspondence [BZ.], 1953-1958
2943Memorials, General Correspondence [CJ.], 1956
2944Office Matters, Material [CS.], 1953-1956
2945Panama Canal, Material [CU.], 1956
2946Postal Matters, General Correspondence [CX.], 1953-1956
2947Requests for Letters of Introduction [DE.], 1956
2948Agriculture Department, Critical and Disaster Areas [AB.], 1953-1955
2949Atomic Energy Commission, Material [AI.], 1955
29410FDIC, Material [BC.], 1955
29411Government Expenditures, Material [BQ.], 1955
29412Federal Power Commission, Gas Applications Material [BF.], 1954-1955
29413Georgia, Cumberland Island [BM.], 1955
2951Health, Education, and Welfare (HEW), School Assistance (Federal Aid, etc ...) [BS.], 1954-1955
2952National Defense, General Correspondence [AM.], 1950-1955
2953Housing and Urban Development (HUD), Farm Housing [BU.], 1954-1955
2954Housing and Urban Development (HUD), Housing Material [BU.], 1955
2955NATO, Atlantic Union [CP.], 1953-1955
2956NATO, Atlantic Union, Material [CP.], 1953-1955
2957Requests for Letters of Introduction [DE.], 1955
2958Warm Springs Foundation, Material [EA.], 1953-1955
2959Atomic Energy Commission, General Correspondence [AI.], 1950-1954
29510Defense Department, ROTC Schools [AW.], 1954
29511Eighteen Year Old Voting, Material [AY.], 1954
29512FDIC, Material [BC.], 1954
29513Labor, Material [CC.], 1954
29514Requests for Letters of Introduction [DE.], 1954
29515Small Business Administration, Material [DL.], 1954
2961State Department, Treaties -Genocide and Human Rights [DN.], 1950-1954
2962State Department, Treaties -Genocide and Human Rights, Material [DN.], 1954
2963Surplus Property, General Correspondence [DQ.], 1952-1954
2964Agriculture Department, Critical and Disaster Area Material [AB.], 1949-1953
2965Appointments, Material [AF.], 1949-1953
2966Court Matters, Material [AV.], 1952-1953
2967Defense Department, ROTC Schools [AW.], 1952-1953
2971Small Business, General Correspondence [DL.], 1948-1953
2972State Department, Treaties -Genocide and Human Rights [DN.], 1951-1952
2973State Department, Special Scrap File [DN.], 1952-1953
2974State Department, European Union and Shuman Plan Material [DN.], c. 1950
2975State Department, Greek Aid (Senator's Request) [DN.], 1949
2976Defense Department, [Air Force] 116th Fighter Bomber Wing [AW.], 1951
2977Defense Department, [Army] Rotation [AW.], 1951
2978Defense Department, Marine Corp [AW.], 1951
297918 Year Old Voting, General Correspondence [AY.], 1951
29710Football Tickets, Correspondence and Material [BJ.], 1949-1950
29711Georgia, Study of Taxes in Georgia [BM.], 1949
29712Interior Department, Historical Matters [BY.], 1951
29713Personal, Office Matters [CS.], 1951
29714Personal, Office Matters [CS.], 1949
29715Personal, Office Matters [CS.], 1950
2981Inauguration, Material [BW.], 1948-1949
2982American Legion, General Correspondence [AD.], 1947-1948
2983Court Matters, General Correspondence [AU.], 1942-1948
2984Army-Navy Football Tickets, General Correspondence [BJ.], 1946-1948
2985Health, Education, and Welfare (HEW), Government Hospital Material [BS.], 1948
2986Office Matters, Personal [CS.], 1948 January 1
2987Transportation Department, Highways [DW.], 1946-1948
2988Atomic Energy Commission, Material [AI.], 1947
2989Agriculture Department, Tung Oil (Old Correspondence and Material) [AB.], 1938-1947
2991Defense Department, [War Department] [AW.], 1944-1947
2992Office Matters, Personal [CS.], 1947
2993Propaganda File, Material [DA.], 1943-1947
2994Tennessee Valley Authority, Material [DS.], 1947
2995Agriculture Department, Material [AB.], 1946
2996Commerce Department, General Correspondence [AQ.], 1946
2997Government Contracts, Material [BP.], 1945-1946
2998Labor, Material [CC.], 1946
2999Office Matters, Personal [CS.], 1946
29910Price Controls, General Correspondence [CZ.], 1946
29911Surplus Property, Material [DQ.], 1945-1946
29912Defense Department, [Demobilization] [AW.], 1945
29913Defense Department, [Victory in Europe] [AW.], 1945
MapcaseMap - World at War, U.S. Forces Stations , 1943 February
29914Health, Education, and Welfare (HEW), [Education] [BS.], 1945
29915Labor, Material [CC.], 1944-1945
29916Office Matters, Personal [CS.], 1945
29917Railroads, Material [DB.], 1945
29918Transportation Department, [Highways] [DW.], 1945
29919Veterans Hospitals, Material [DZ.], 1945
29920Defense Department, General Correspondence [AW.], 1943-1944
29921Miscellaneous, Material [CK.], 1944
29922Office Matters, Personal [CS.], 1943-1944
3031Grants, General Correspondence [EC.], 1970
3032Grants, EDA [EC.], 1970
3033Grants, EDA [EC.], 1969
3034Grants, EDA [EC.], 1968
3035Grants, General Correspondence [EC.], 1967
3036Grants, EDA [EC.], 1967
3037Grants, Education Research [EC.], 1967
3038Grants, General Correspondence [EC.], 1966
3039Grants, Material [EC.], 1961, 1965-1966
30310Grants, EDA [EC.], 1966
3041Grants, EDA [EC.], 1965
3042Grants, OEDP [EC.], 1965
3043Grants, Educational Research Grants in Georgia [EC.], 1965
3044Grants, OEDP -Plans Approved By the Department of Commerce [EC.], 1964
3045Grants, OEDP -Certification by State of Georgia [EC.], 1964
3046Grants, OEDP -Plans Approved by the Department of Commerce [EC.], 1963
3047Grants, OEDP -Certification by the State of Georgia [EC.], 1963
3048Grants, Educational Research Grants in Georgia [EC.], 1963
3049Grants, OEDP -Plans Approved by the Department of Commerce [EC.], 1964-1962
30410Grants, OEDP -Area Redevelopment [EC.], 1961-1962
30411Grants, Educational Research Grants in Georgia [EC.], 1962
30412Grants, OEDP -Area Redevelopment [City of Winder] [EC.], 1962
30413Grants, Appling County [EC.], 1967
30414Grants, Atkinson County [EC.], 1966-1970
30415Grants, Bacon County [EC.], 1966-1970
3051Grants, Baker [EC.], 1966-1970
3052Grants, Baldwin [EC.], 1966-1969
3053Grants, Banks [EC.], 1966-1970
3054Grants, Barrow [EC.], 1966
3055Grants, Bartow [EC.], 1966-1970
3056Grants, Ben Hill [EC.], 1969-1970
3057Grants, Berrien [EC.], 1967-1969
3058Grants, Bibb [EC.], 1966-1970
3059Grants, Bleckly [EC.], 1966
30510Grants, Brantly [EC.], 1966-1970
30511Grants, Brooks [EC.], 1967-1970
30512Grants, Bryan [EC.], 1965-1968
30513Grants, Burke [EC.], 1966-1970
30514Grants, Butts [EC.], 1966-1967
30515Grants, Calhoun [EC.], 1969-1970
30516Grants, Camden [EC.], 1969
30517Grants, Candler [EC.], 1966-1970
30518Grants, Carroll [EC.], 1966-1970
30519Grants, Catoosa [EC.], 1970
30520Grants, Charlton [EC.], 1967
3061Grants, Chatham [EC.], 1970
3062Grants, Chatham [EC.], 1965-1969
3063Grants, Chattahoochee [EC.], 1967
3064Grants, Chattooga [EC.], 1967-1970
3065Grants, Cherokee [EC.], 1966-1969
3066Grants, Clarke [EC.], 1967-1969
3067Grants, Clay [EC.], 1966-1970
3068Grants, Clayton [EC.], 1966-1968
3071Grants, Clinch [EC.], 1969
3072Grants, Cobb [EC.], 1966-1970
3073Grants, Coffee [EC.], 1966-1970
3074Grants, Colquitt [EC.], 1967-1968
3075Grants, Columbia [EC.], 1968
3076Grants, Cook [EC.], 1966
3077Grants, Coweta [EC.], 1968-1967
3078Grants, Crawford [EC.], 1967-1969
3079Grants, Crisp [EC.], 1966
30710Grants, Dade [EC.], 1966-1970
30711Grants, Dawson [EC.], 1966-1967
30712Grants, Decatur [EC.], 1969
30713Grants, Dekalb [EC.], 1966-1968
30714Grants, Dodge [EC.], 1966-1969
30715Grants, Dooly [EC.], 1965-1970
30716Grants, Dougherty [EC.], 1969-1971
30717Grants, Douglas [EC.], 1967-1970
30718Grants, Early [EC.], 1965-1970
30719Grants, Echols [EC.], 1967-1970
30720Grants, Effingham [EC.], 1967-1970
3081Grants, Elbert [EC.], 1966-1968
3082Grants, Emanuel [EC.], 1966-1968
3083Grants, Fannin [EC.], 1966-1970
3084Grants, Floyd [EC.], 1966-1970
3085Grants, Forsyth [EC.], 1967-1970
3086Grants, Franklin [EC.], 1967-1970
3087Grants, Fulton [EC.], 1968-1970
3088Grants, Fulton [EC.], 1966-1968
3089Grants, Gilmer [EC.], 1966-1970
30810Grants, Glascock [EC.], 1967-1969
30811Grants, Glynn [EC.], 1966-1968
30812Grants, Gordon [EC.], 1966-1970
30813Grants, Grady [EC.], 1969
30814Grants, Green [EC.], 1966-1970
3091Grants, Gwinett [EC.], 1965-1970
3092Grants, Habersham [EC.], 1965-1970
3093Grants, Hall [EC.], 1966-1970
3094Grants, Hancock [EC.], 1966-1970
3095Grants, Harris [EC.], 1966-1970
3096Grants, Hart [EC.], 1966-1968
3097Grants, Heard [EC.], 1966-1970
3098Grants, Henry [EC.], 1966-1970
3099Grants, Houston [EC.], 1965-1967
30910Grants, Irwin [EC.], 1967-1970
30911Grants, Jackson [EC.], 1966-1969
30912Grants, Jasper [EC.], 1966-1970
30913Grants, Jefferson [EC.], 1965-1970
30914Grants, Jenkins [EC.], 1967-1970
30915Grants, Johnson [EC.], 1966-1967
30916Grants, Lamar [EC.], 1966-1969
3101Grants, Lamens [EC.], 1966-1970
3102Grants, Lee [EC.], 1969-1970
3103Grants, Liberty [EC.], 1966-1968
3104Grants, Lincoln [EC.], 1967-1970
3105Grants, Long [EC.], 1967-1969
3106Grants, Lowndes [EC.], 1966-1970
3107Grants, Lumpkin [EC.], 1966-1970
3108Grants, McDuffie [EC.], 1966-1968
3109Grants, McIntosh [EC.], 1966-1969
31010Grants, Macon [EC.], 1966-1970
31011Grants, Madison [EC.], 1965-1970
31012Grants, Marion [EC.], 1966-1970
31013Grants, Meriwether [EC.], 1965-1970
3111Grants, Miller [EC.], 1967-1970
3112Grants, Mitchell [EC.], 1967-1970
3113Grants, Montgomery, 1966-1970
3114Grants, Morgan [EC.], 1966-1970
3115Grants, Murray [EC.], 1965-1970
3116Grants, Muscogee [EC.], 1966-1970
3117Grants, Newton [EC.], 1966-1970
3118Grants, Oconee [EC.], 1967
3119Grants, Oglethorpe [EC.], 1966-1970
31110Grants, Paulding [EC.], 1966-1971
31111Grants, Pickens [EC.], 1966-1970
31112Grants, Pierce [EC.], 1967-1970
31113Grants, Pike [EC.], 1967-1970
31114Grants, Polk [EC.], 1967-1970
31115Grants, Pulaski [EC.], 1968-1970
31116Grants, Quitman [EC.], 1967-1970
31117Grants, Rabun [EC.], 1966-1970
31118Grants, Randoph [EC.], 1966-1970
31119Grants, Richmond [EC.], 1966-1970
3121Grants, Rockdale [EC.], 1966-1970
3122Grants, Schley [EC.], 1967-1970
3123Grants, Screven [EC.], 1966-1970
3124Grants, Seminole [EC.], 1969-1970
3125Grants, Spalding [EC.], 1966-1970
3126Grants, Stephens [EC.], 1966-1970
3127Grants, Stewart [EC.], 1966-1970
3128Grants, Sumter [EC.], 1965-1970
3129Grants, Talbot [EC.], 1966-1967
31210Grants, Taliaferro [EC.], 1966-1970
31211Grants, Tattnall [EC.], 1967-1969
31212Grants, Taylor [EC.], 1969-1970
31213Grants, Telfair [EC.], 1966-1970
31214Grants, Terrell [EC.], 1966-1970
31215Grants, Thomas [EC.], 1966-1968
31216Grants, Tift [EC.], 1966-1970
31217Grants, Toombs [EC.], 1965-1967
31218Grants, Towns [EC.], 1966-1970
31219Grants, Treutlan [EC.], 1966-1970
31220Grants, Troup [EC.], 1967-1970
31221Grants, Turner [EC.], 1967-1970
3131Grants, Twiggs [EC.], 1967
3132Grants, Union [EC.], 1966-1969
3133Grants, Walker [EC.], 1966-1971
3134Grants, Walton [EC.], 1966-1971
3135Grants, Ware [EC.], 1965-1971
3136Grants, Warren [EC.], 1967-1970
3137Grants, Washington [EC.], 1969-1970
3138Grants, Wayne [EC.], 1966-1970
3139Grants, Webster [EC.], 1966-1970
31310Grants, Wheeler [EC.], 1966-1970
31311Grants, White [EC.], 1966-1970
3141Grants, Whitfield [EC.], 1966-1970
3142Grants, Wilcox [EC.], 1966-1970
3143Grants, Wilkinson [EC.], 1969-1970
3144Grants, Worth [EC.], 1967-1970
3151Robos, Electoral College [ED.], 1970
3152Robos, Crime [ED.], 1970
3153Robos, Census Bureau [ED.], 1969
3154Robos, Welfare [ED.], 1969
3155Robos, Welfare [ED.], 1969
3156Robos, Welfare [ED.], 1969
3157Robos, Welfare [ED.], 1969
3158Robos, Welfare [ED.], 1969
3159Robos, OEO [ED.], 1970
3161Robos, OEO [ED.], 1970
3162Robos, OEO [ED.], 1970
3163Robos, Fortas Nomination [ED.], 1968
3164Robos, Fortas Nomination [ED.], 1968
3171Robos, Fortas Nomination [ED.], 1968
3311-4Robos, Fortas Nomination [ED.], 1968
3172Robos, Genocide Treaty [ED.], 1970
3173Robos, Genocide Treaty [ED.], 1970
3174Robos, Railroad Strike [ED.], 1969
3175Robos, Agnew [ED.], 1969
3176Robos, Agnew [ED.], 1969
3181Robos, Alma -Model Cities Program [ED.], 1968
3182Robos, Atlanta Army Depot [ED.], 1969
3183Robos, Atlanta Manpower Training Center [ED.], 1969
3184Robos, Lanier County Canning Plant [ED.], 1969
3185Robos, Pacific Air Routes [ED.], 1969
3186Robos, Carpet Test [ED.], 1970
3187Robos, Carpet Test [ED.], 1970
3191Robos, Crown Mills [ED.], 1969
3192Robos, Electoral College [ED.], 1969
3193Robos, Cigarette Ads [ED.], 1969
3194Robos, Economy [ED.], 1969
3195Robos, Green Berets [ED.], 1969
3196Robos, I-75 [ED.], 1970
3197Robos, Inflation [ED.], 1970
3198Robos, Senator Kennedy [ED.], 1969
3199Robos, Kennedy Memorial [ED.], 1969
31910Robos, Law and Order [ED.], 1968
31911Robos, Papanicolaou Stamp [ED.], 1970
31912Robos, Jimmy Carpenter [ED.], 1970
31913Robos, REA Express/CAB [ED.], 1970
3201Robos, Pollution [ED.], 1970
3202Robos, Post Office Merger [ED.], 1969
3203Robos, Agricultural Yearbook [ED.], 1969
3204Robos, CEC [ED.], 1970
3205Robos, Pollution [ED.], 1970
3206Robos, Pollution [ED.], 1970
3211Robos, Pollution [ED.], 1970
3212Robos, Pollution [ED.], 1970
3213Robos, CEC [ED.], 1969
3214Robos, CEC [ED.], 1968-1969
3215Robos, CEC [ED.], 1968-1969
3221Robos, Robert Shelton [ED.], 1969
3222Robos, Stamps [ED.], 1969
3223Robos, Pro-President (speech) [ED.], 1969
3224Robos, Pro-Student [ED.], 1970
3225Robos, Pro Student [ED.], 1970
3226Robos, Pro President [ED.], 1969-1970
3227Robos, Anti-Violence [ED.], 1970
3228Robos, Student Riots [ED.], 1969
3229Robos, UNICEF [ED.], 1970
32210Robos, Shop Crafts [ED.], 1970
3231Robos, Truck Drivers [ED.], 1970
3232Robos, UNICEF [ED.], 1970
3233Robos, Sgt. Eugene M. Walker [ED.], 1970
3234Robos, Truck Drivers [ED.], 1970
3235Robos, Savannah Hospital [ED.], 1969
3236Robos, Savannah Hospital [ED.], 1969
3237Robos, Savannah Hospital [ED.], 1969
3238Robos, Savannah Hospital [ED.], 1969
3241Robos, Vatican [ED.], 1969
3242Robos, VA [ED.], 1970
3243Robos, VA [ED.], 1970
3244Robos, VA [ED.], 1970
3245Robos, VA [ED.], 1970
3246Robos, Savannah Hospital [ED.], 1969
3247Robos, Savannah Hospital [ED.], 1969
3251Robos, Savannah Hospital [ED.], 1969
3252Robos, Savannah Hospital [ED.], 1969
3253Robos, Savannah Hospital [ED.], 1969
3254Robos, Savannah Hospital [ED.], 1969
3255Robos, Sgt. Eugene M. Walker [ED.], 1970
3256Robos, Sgt. Eugene M. Walker [ED.], 1970
3261Robos, Civil Service -Warner Robins [ED.], 1969
3262Robos, Civil Service -Warner Robins [ED.], 1969
3263Robos, Civil Service -Warner Robins [ED.], 1969
3264Robos, Wildlife Refuge [ED.], 1969
3265Robos, Carpets [ED.], 1970
3266Robos, Food Stamps [ED.], 1970
3267Robos, Guidelines [ED.], 1970
3268Robos, Cambodia [ED.], 1970
3271Robos, I-75 [ED.], 1970
3272Robos, Inflation [ED.], 1970
3273Robos, La Grange [ED.], 1970
3274Robos, Requests (Out-of-State) [ED.], 1970
3275Robos, S.E. Lab [ED.], 1970
3276Robos, Savannah Schools [ED.], 1970
3321-2Robos, Haynsworth Nomination [ED.], 1969
3323Robos, Carswell Nomination [ED.], 1970
3324Robos, Hickel Nomination (Secretary of the Interior), 1969
3325-8Robo Form Letters [Proposed, Suggested, Revised, and Out-of-date Robos on Multiple Topics], 1967-1970
3331-2Robo Form Letters [Proposed, Suggested, Revised, and Out-of-date Robos on Multiple Topics], 1969-1971
3281Red Line File, Cachets from Admiral Rickover [EE.], 1961-1967
3282Red Line File, Cachets from Admiral Rickover [EE.], 1968
3283Red Line File, Cachets from Admiral Rickover [EE.], 1969-1971
3284Red Line File, Condolence Messages from Important People [EE.], 1965, 1968
3285Red Line File, Letters to Save [EE.], 1962-1964
3286Red Line File, Letters to Save [EE.], 1965
3287Red Line File, Letters to Save [EE.], 1966-1967
3288Red Line File, Letters to Save [EE.], 1968
3291Red Line File, Letters to Save [EE.], 1935-1952
3292Red Line File, Letters to Save [EE.], 1953-1954
3293Red Line File, Letters to Save [EE.], 1955-1957
3294Red Line File, Letters to Save [EE.], 1958 January-June
3295Red Line File, Letters to Save [EE.], 1958 July-September
3296Red Line File, Letters to Save [EE.], 1959 January-May
3297Red Line File, Letters to Save [EE.], 1959 June-May
3298Red Line File, Letters to Save [EE.], 1959 August-November
3299Red Line File, Letters to Save [EE.], 1960-1961
32910Red Line File, Letters to Save [EE.], 1969-1970
32911Red Line File, Books for the Senator [EE.], 1956-1963
3301Red Line File, Senators Requests for Books [EE.], 1964-1968
3302Red Line File, Special Presidential File [EE.], 1945, 1954, 1962-1966, 1969-1970