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Accessories collection

Accessories collection

Descriptive Summary

Title: Accessories collection
Creator: University of Georgia. College of Family and Consumer Sciences. Photographs
Inclusive Dates: 1810-2019
Language(s): English
Extent: 300 item(s)
Collection Number: HCTC021
Repository: Historic Clothing and Textile Collection

Collection Description

Historical Note

The collection includes examples of everyday and ceremonial dress from the 19th and 20th centuries. Highlights include a brown printed cotton dress from the 1830s, a man's beaver skin stove pipe hat from the early 19th century, a child's two-piece outfit from the 1880s, and a Mother Hubbard dress from the 1890s. Several 19th century wedding dresses, christening gowns, quilts and coverlets also make up the excellent collection. Other items of note include a woman's automobile duster, Edwardian dresses and skirts, 1920s flapper dresses, tailored women's suits from the 1940s, and paper dresses from the 1960s. The collection incorporates examples of ready-to-wear garments from leading American designers such as Claire McCardell, Pauline Trigere, Bill Blass, Mary McFadden, and Geoffrey Beene, and international designers Yves St. Laurent, Mariano Fortuny, and Sonia Rykiel. Also included in the inventory are a number of textiles and clothing pieces from around the world including Japan, Guatemala, Korea, Ecuador, Puerto Rico, and Thailand.

Administrative Information

Custodial History

This collection is a teaching collection that belongs to the College of Family and Consumer Science.

Preferred Citation

Accessories collection, HCTC021, Historic Clothing and Textile Collection, College of Family and Consumer Sciences, University of Georgia.

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Subject Terms

Clothing and dress -- Georgia.
Dress accessories

Series Descriptions and Folder Listing

331840.55.5Parasol: small; black; silk; folding wooden handle; metal ribs, 1840-1865
221860.0.22Jewelry: light brown; made from human hair; necklace and bracelet, 1860-1869
1870.164.51870.164.7Fan: folding; white; mother of pearl sticks and guard; leaf made of lace; metal clasp closure, 1870-1879
1870.164.51870.164.1Fan: framed; black chantilly lace; large carved mother of pearl guard and sticks, 1870-1879
1870.164.8Fan: mother of pearl; cream and brown lace; scalloped lace edge; floral detail, 1870-1879
1870.164.51880.164.6Fan: beige and white; lace; lace floral motif; depicts a man and a woman sitting in a garden; handpainted; painted white flowers; golden sequins; gold detail on base, 1880-1889
191890.0.49Purse: white; crocheted or tatted; chatelaine; small; flower motif; to be hooked from a belt, 1890-1899
1870.164.51890.164.3Fan: cream; lace; lace has a floral detail; guard has gold and black detail; decorative cut outs at its base, 1890-1899
191890.0.50Purse: very small; chatelaine; crocheted or tatted; snap fastener on underside of flap, 1890-1899
331890.0.58Parasol: purple and beige; silk; 35 1/2 inches long; wooden handle broken; purple silk twill and beige shantung silk; 18 1/2 inch radius; tip is tortoise shell, 1890-1899
221890.0.71Buckle: large; silver; pewter; 2 prongs; floral etching , 1890-1899
331880.79.38Parasol: silk; black and gold; wood; black lace edging; no handle, 1880-1889
361880.40.21cGlove: black; lace; mitt; only one, 1880-1889
11890.0.74Hat pins: 4; black balls attached, 1890-1899
1870.164.5Fan: cream; lace; lace has a floral detail; guard has gold and black detail; decorative cut outs at its base, 1890-1899
221900.0.108Comb: 2; one is green; celluloid; green glass and stones decorating the fan; 3 teeth; other is brown; large, 1900-1909
221900.0.109Glasses: round; wire framed; no ear pieces; chain to hang on a belt or around neck, 1900-1909
221900.0.110Nail file: small; metal; floral pattern on top and bottom of handle, 1900-1909
11900.0.112Belt buckle: large; black; rectangle, 1900-1909
11900.0.113Glasses: two pair; one round with curved ear piece; one oval lenses with no ear pieces in leather case, 1900-1909
11900.0.114Ornament: metal; bar on the back that a tie or sash could go through, shaped like a shield with a knight in armor and a crown, 1900-1909
231900.0.126Fan: black; paper; wooden frame and spokes, etched on one side, 1900-1909
361900.0.89Gloves: long; black; lace; mitts, 1900-1909
361900.0.94Gloves: long; mid-arm, below elbow; cream; leather; 3 rows of stitching; 2 faux pearl button closure at wrist, 1900-1909
361910.0.25Gloves: long; black; above elbow; 2 button closure at wrist, 1910-1919
361910.0.28Gloves: long; white; elbow-length; leather; top of snaps appear to be monogrammed; 3 snap closure at wrist, 1910-1919
361910.0.32Gloves: off white; cotton; lace; about mid-arm length, below elbow, 1910-1919
221910.0.38Watch: Elgin pocket watch; men's, 1910-1919
11920.0.104Purse: small; drawstring; brown rectangle; flap on both sides at top; bright pink binding tape serves as a ribbon drawstring; brown fabric is decorated in white embroidred flowers with green leaf and stems on flap and front and back; yellowish silk lining, 1920-1929
231920.0.120Fan: Peacock feathers; white woven plastic handle, 1920-1929
231920.0.122Fan: Guinea fowl feathers; brown and white; white braided handle, 1920-1929
31920.0.165Purse: beaded; chatelaine; small; rectangular; crocheted with black and silver glass beads; silver beaded looped tassel fringe at bottom; top flap opening with drawstring closure held by single yarn-covered ring , 1920-1929
31920.0.166Purse: beaded; black, turquoise, grey, and peach glass beads; bottom tabs; metal hinge closure at top; squared; chain link strap; beige leather lining, 1920-1929
31920.0.225Purse: off-white; clutch; white floral embroidery; closes with zipper; 2 compartments inside, 1920-1929
221920.0.63Necklace; siler; two snake heads; wreath, 1920-1929
11920.107.7Handkerchief: ladies; white; needlework surrounds middle; linen; handmade; tatting in a floral design. 11 x 11 inches, 1920-1929
31920.108.113Purse: mesh; hand bag; baby-fine; enamled with gold, blue, and fuschia colors in floral motif; mounted on gold frame; gold chain handle; ball and socket closure; zigzag pattern; item used by Margaret Meinersmann, mother-in-law of donor, Lee Meinersmann, 1920-1929
31920.150.1Purse: black; handbag; brown embellishment; abstract art nouveau leaf design; gold closure with embellishment and snap closure; small black handle , 1920-1929
31920.150.2Makeup holder: striped; drawstring top; orange, white, green, grey, pink, and brown; wood base with mirror on bottom; magenta silk lining, 1920-1929
31920.166.13Purse: hand purse; 6 x 4 inches; chain handle with metal opening; floral carved pattern; body of purse is made of beads composed in a geometric floral pattern; beads hang in a single rowLabel: Made in France, 1920-1929
31920.166.15Compact: metal; chain handle; floral and geometric designs on outer box; ball closure; comes in felt pouch, 1920-1929
31920.194.1Handbag: green; glass beads; beaded tassle at the bottom; Donor purchased item at an antique shop, 1920-1929
231920.30.30Fan: feathered; roundish; brown, beige, and blue feathers, 1920-1929
231920.30.66Fan: folding; ivory; Oriental design painted on feather leaves, 1925
31920.6.106Purse: silver; beaded; round; metal frame and clasp; metal chain handle; looped fringe around sides and bottom, 1920-1929
31920.6.207Purse: black; leather; rectangular; 5 x 8 inches; silver closure; snaps with scroll design; single black leather strap; purple lining Label: Warranted real Morocco, German silver imprinted on inside of silver clasp; inside purse has dried chestnut shell with inscription Howell, 1915
31920.79.71Purse: beaded; draw cord closing; white satin lining; silver or nickle beads painted gold, 1927
221930.0.105Button: round; rhinestones; greenish around the outer rim, center is missing, 1930-1939
221930.0.107Dress clip: round metal; green, red and silver glass stones; for neckline, 1930-1939
221930.0.119Pin: pewter metal; shape of a bow, 1930-1939
221930.0.120Cosmetic case: blue gray cover; light blue; pink floral shield on top, 1930-1939
221930.0.121Pin: rhinestone: small; eye-shaped; one stone missing, 1930-1939
361930.0.15Gloves: black; mitts; knit; end is pointed to fall over hand, 1930-1939
221930.0.17Clips: blue; glass; for neckline, 1930-1939
221930.0.18Dress clip: heart shaped; rhinestones; yellow stone, 1930-1939
221930.0.19Jewel: pink; large; glass; rhinestone rays; clip on earrings, 1930-1939
11930.227.5Shoe buckles: 2; beaded; white and silver Label: Made in France, 1930-1939
221930.30.56Clip: silver; triangular; rhinestones; blue stones, 1930-1939
221940.0.15Pin: mother of pearl; Japanese symbol decoration, 1940-1949
191940.0.5Purse: small; drawstring; beaded; crocheted with black yarn; embellished with black beads, 1940-1949
361950.0.29Gloves: black; knit; short wrist Label: Kayser, 1950-1959
18Gloves: short; white; cotton; knit; light blue thread outlining fingers, lines and bottom edge; pearl buttons, 1950-1959
221950.0.45Necklace: rhinestones; one earring; gray and yellow glass, 1950-1959
221950.0.48Earrings: clip on; pin and earrings set; opaque stones and rhinestones Label: Weiss, 1950-1959
221950.0.49Sunglasses: two pairs; both cat eye; one red and white with rhinestones; one gold with one bow missing, 1950-1959
221950.0.50Earrings: beige; opaque stones; green and bronze glass; clip ons Label: Eisenberg, 1950-1959
51950.0.55Belt: black; leather; buckles in the back; silver and rhinestone ornament in the center front, 1950-1959
1940.236.151950.236.1Bottle: perfume; Label: Toujours Toi perfome, House of Corday; in Pattern and Palette in Print exhibit, Georgia Museum of Art, March - June 2012, 1950-1959
11960.0.104Purse: cream; multi-colored; cross-stitch desgin; gold clasp and chain strap; predominately cream with green, red, black, blue, and yellow shapes and figures; thick, black knit rope wrapped around outside of purse; care inside indicates purchased in Copenhagen Denmark, 1960-1969
11960.0.106Electric shaver: coil cord; men's Label: Ronson 400, 1960-1969
51960.0.26Belt: plastic; brown; chain , 1960-1969
51960.0.27Belt: black; patent leather; buckle; label - Adrian Belt California, 1960-1969
51970.0.12Belt: gold; metal; mesh; gold leaf closure, 1970-1979
51970.0.13Belt: gold; stretch, 1970-1979
191970.0.23Purse: sisal; natural colored; straw; shoulder bag; rounded shape; two large bands of darker straw; 2 long straw handles, 1970-1979
191970.0.24Purse: hemp; carry-all; crescent shaped; shoulder strap; crocheted; natural color, 1970-1979
221970.0.32Bracelet/wristband: metal; turquoise stone, 1970-1979
221980.0.16Sunglasses: round; rounded bows, 1980-1989
1970.117.24Belt: one is white; woven; one is purple, emerald green, and lavender; woven; both made by donor, 1970-1979
31980.117.21Jewelry: white; costume jewelry; necklace worn with 1980.117.20, 1980-1989
131980.208.107Handkerchief: red; square; bright yellow-gold flowers with black and purple centers; Label: Kenzie, 1980-1989
131980.208.52Scarf: white; black polka dots; black hem; silk Label: Jaegar, 1980-1989
131980.208.53Scarf: cream, silk; brown, blue; floral and abstract motif Label: Emilio Pucci, 1980-1989
131980.208.54Scarf: multicolored; zebra and leopard print; black, brown, and crème Label: Jaegar, 1980-1989
131980.208.55Scarf: white; pink, red, blue, and yellow flowers; cotton label: Kenzie, 1980-1989
131980.208.56Scarf: brown, green, blue, purple, and pink stripes; silk Label: Jaegar, 1980-1989
131980.208.58Scarf: purple; floral design; abstract lady meditating; silk; Label Bottega Veneta, 1980-1989
1890.0.121abBag: Pink drawstring bag; lace floral details; beaded bottom, 1890-1899
1890.0.571980.97.18Umbrella: burgundy canopy; yellow, green, white, and navy design; wooden shaft and handle, 1980-1989
1890.0.571980.97.15Umbrella: tan and olive green; wooden handle and shaft; canopy says: Four Seasons Hotel, 1980-1989
1890.0.571980.97.16Umbrella: Navy blue canopy; white reading RB around the trim; wooden handle and shaft; seal says: Inauguration of President and Vice President, 1980-1989
1890.0.571980.97.17Umbrella: Canopy has red, yellow, blue and green design, 1980-1989
28U.77.37Apron: white; linen/cotton; light blue lace work; white lace edge
28U.77.5Apron: white; linen/cotton; black circle pattern; blue lace details
1900.72.1Collar: blue; dress collar; standing band; battenberg beige lace attached; silk and cotton, 1900-1909
181930.72.6Purse: coin; greyish black; leather; small; snap, 1930-1939
1900.72.171890.72.16Purse: black and silver; beaded; black beaded fringe at bottom; black beaded handle; silver clasp, 1890-1899
1900.72.171900.72.19Purse: crocheted; crème; floral carved ivory opening; 2 ivory toggles, 1900-1909
1900.72.171890.72.99Purse: small; black; beaded; pink, red and green floral embroidery; silver clasp; silver metal chain, 1890-1899
1900.72.171890.72.13Purse: round; silver; beaded; beaded tassel loop; metal clasp; frame embossed; no chain, 1890-1899
1900.72.171900.72.139Purse: handbag; beaded;small; silver clasp and chain; silver beads and crochet; beaded fringe at bottom, 1900-1909
1900.72.171930.72.11Purse: chain handle, gold clasp and frame; needle point gold bag with pink and red flower; beaded; paper scrolls with names of Associated Country Women of the World, Miss Mary Creswell, U.S.A. , 1930-1939
1900.72.171900.72.24Purse: black; crocheted; metal/silver embroidered bead detailing; silver frame and chain; fringe beading at bottom, 1900-1909
1900.72.171940.72.22Purse: aluminum mesh (alumesh); bakelite clasp; cream/yellow; Art deco style; Whiting and Davis, 1940-1949
1900.72.171950.72.35Wallet: black; leather; gold/brass frame; cream leather lining Label: St. Thomas, 1950-1959
1900.72.171930.72.25Jewelry box: black; square; rose/branch detail on lid, 1930-1939
1900.72.171900.72.26Purse: miser's; black/brown; crocheted; silver fringe details , 1900-1909
1900.72.171900.72.21Purse: silver; tarnished; beaded; fringe beading at bottom; metal opening with woman's face; floral design; metal handle with floral detailing, 1900-1909
1900.72.171900.72.28Fan: wooden frame; cream colored; pink and gold floral detailing, 1900-1909
1900.72.171900.72.30Book: La Mode Feminine de 1795 a 1900; fashion illustration , 1900-1909
1900.72.171900.72.33Bow: cream; pearl details; attached to a dress or bodice, 1900-1909
1900.72.171900.72.32Ribbon: spool; cream; green, pink and black rose embroidery, 1900-1909
1900.72.171900.72.29Purse: miser's; dark brown; crocheted; black beading fringe on ends; 2 brown rings on pockets, 1900-1909
10Purse: red; leather; 2 pockets; zip pocket inside; gold snap closure; double straps, 1980-1989
2010.123.31910.149.27Shoulder Cords: brown, 1910-1919
2010.123.31910.149.28Shoudler Cords: brown, 1910-1919
2010.123.31920.107.131Wallet: brown; Asian scene; orange design; large, 1920-1929
51970.12.8bBelt: green; velour; gold decoration, 1970-1979
51930.30.21Belt: black; 5 holes; metal buckle, 1930-1939
31920.6.105Bag: brown; sparkly; hand-beaded, 1920-1929
1Hair Clips; 2; silver; beaded; concave; rectangular, 1930-1939
41950.126.205Purse: black; cloth; gold clasp; black strap, 1950-1959
41950.84.93aPurse: brown; snakeskin; gold clasp; short brown handle, 1950-1959
41950.84.95Purse: black; alligator skin; gold clasp; short black handle, 1950-1959
41950.162.36Purse: black; cloth; thin black wire handle covered in cloth, 1950-1959
41950.100.109Purse: navy; leather; box shaped; orange leather inside; part of wedding trousseau, 1950-1959
41950.0.195Purse: tan; leather; gold metal handle; gold clasp; mulitoclored flowered crochet on front; lined in pink satin, 1950-1959
91900.0.81Purse: white; embroidered; drawstring, 1900-1909
91930.117.11Purse: brown; swirled designs; silver zipper; wide strap, 1930-1939
91920.0.53Clutch: tan; white and pink beads, 1920-1929
91920.0.54Purse: small; gold; beads and jewels, 1920-1929
81940.0.148Purse: brown; covered in brown balls; gold clasps; short strap, 1940-1949
81940.72.144Clutch: off white; white embroidery, 1940-1949
81940.72.39Clutch: black; gold embroidery, 1940-1949
5Purse: black and white checkered pattern, 1960-1969
102000.187.103Bottle Cover: red; knit; Abolut Vodka written in green; white winter design, 2000-2009
101980.208.61Purse: black; long adjustable straps; gold accents, 1980-1989
101980.208.60Purse: red; shaped like apple; green leaf; gold zipper, 1980-1989
101980.208.101Purse: black; silver fixtures; leather strap, 1980-1989
101980.208.105Purse: brown; large pockets, 1980-1989
2000.199.2Pillow: made of trash bag; embroidered with cartoon girl's face, 2000-2009
22000.199.67Purse: silver, 2000-2009
22000.199.65Clutch: black; made of trash bag strips, 2000-2009
31980.123.7Belt: red; triangle pendant with face design, 1980-1989
31970.117.32Bow: fur; brown; black, 1970-1979
1990.208.46abcTotes: a) clear; embroidered with girl's face; hot pink yarn hair; b) clear; embroidered with girl's face; hot pink yarn hair; c) clear; embroidered with boy's face; red yarn hair, 1990-1999
1970.228.1Box of patterned ties, 1970-1979
141810.6.1Purse: black; beaded; drawstring, 1810-1818
141860.0.27Bag: brown; green; silver fixtures; really small, 1860-1869
141860.0.28Purse: red; orange; yellow; blue; silver beads; really small, 1860-1869
141860.0.29Purse: beaded; green; brown; really small, 1860-1869
141860.0.30Purse: light brown; silver beads; really small, 1860-1869
141860.0.31Purse: green; brown; silver beads; really small, 1860-1869
121920.107.132Purse: black; silk; lace, 1920-1929
121920.107.134Purse: rust; silk; gold clasp; seed bead decoration, 1920-1929
1940.236.151940.236.3Pamphlet: Botany Call of the Clans, 1940-1949
131930.150.2Bag: pink; pink sequins, 1930-1939
131930.194.2Clutch: blue; sparkly; gold clasp, 1930-1939
131930.150.1Bag: green; red diamonds; brown circular handles, 1930-1939
131930.59.46bClutch: long; black; gold clasp; gold strap, 1930-1939
161960.190.4Purse: leather; tan; green; striped; gold clasps; short handle, 1960-1969
161960.162.37Purse: white; embroidered; brown handle, 1960-1969
161960.179.1Purse: black; snakeskin, 1960-1969
161960.162.26Basket: woven; paintings of St. SImon's island, 1960-1969
161960.162.51Clutch: black; gold embroidery, 1960-1969
161960.162.50Clutch: black; floral, sparkly embroidery, 1960-1969
161960.0.172Clutch: small; plain; black, 1960-1969
161960.190.5Purse: large; gray; gold clasp; pink leather handle; pink, green, and blue patches on front, 1960-1969
161960.194.3Pouch: drawstring; small; brown cord; white sequins, 1960-1969
161960.24.29Purse: long; red; leather; gold clasp; red leather handle; white stitching, 1960-1969
11960.238.7Purse: cream; embroidered with design of house and trees in red and orange; 2 round, gold clasps, 1960-1969
181970.149.35Purse: red; leather; 2 short straps, 1970-1979
181970.162.28Box: cream; brown handle; images of birds, 1970-1979
181970.162.27Box: cream; white handle; prints of yellow flowers, 1970-1979
181970.6.152Bag: pink; white stitching, 1970-1979
181970.6.155Bag: multicolor; striped; wooden bar on top; braided strap, 1970-1979
181970.6.154Bag: yellow; orange; cloth; wooden bars at top; braided strap, 1970-1979
181970.6.153Wallet: creme; multicolor embroidery, 1970-1979
181970.6.149Purse: brown; leather; stamped design, 1970-1979
181970.6.151Bag: brown; white, plastic, floral clasp, 1970-1979
181970.6.150Bag: brown; velvet; multicolor floral embroidery, 1970-1979
181970.150.1Bag: brown; woven; fringe at bottom, 1970-1979
181970.6.156Purse: navy; multicollor geometric design, 1970-1979
11950.237.4abJewlery: a) headband; white; knit; pearls; diamonds; b) pearl choker, 1950-1959
152000.199.72abcdNecklaces: multicolor beads, 2000-2009
152000.199.73Basket: cardboard; jewel embellishments, 2000-2009
152000.199.74Scarf: multicolor; knit, 2000-2009
152000.199.75Garland: red flowers, 2000-2009
152000.199.76Fan: feather; drawing in pen on handle, 2000-2009
152000.199.77Cloth: tan; woven from trashbags, 2000-2009
152000.199.78Bag: tan; woven from trash bags, 2000-2009
152000.199.79Shoes: black; made from woven trash bags, 2000-2009
152000.199.80Sandals: black; woven from trash bags, 2000-2009
152000.199.81Flats: black; made form woven trash bags, 2000-2009
2010.123.31860.40.2dButton: brown; flowered embroidery, 1860-1869
211960.135.99Pin: blue circle; small white circle on top, 1960-1969
211960.6.202Pin: bow-shaped; pink velvet; black & peach embroidery, 1960-1969
211960.100.99Earrings: red hoop; blue stone, 1960-1969
211970.100.100Earring: singular; metal; clay beads, 1970-1979
211950.135.208abNecklace: 2 pieces; silver balls on chain, 1950-1959
361960.26.12cBow: pink; velvet; hair clip attached, 1960-1969
211920.122.164bDecoration: orange; velvet; gold net, 1920-1929
211900.122.142Fan: black; white flower painted, 1900-1909
211880.72.44Bible and Glasses, 1880-1889
211890.107.104Stockings: black; single white stripe, 1890-1899
21U.79.93Scrap: blue net; gold net woven in, 1800-2000
21U.77.74Crochet: flower-shaped; gray, 1800-2000
211930.76.3abScraps: embroidered; crochet; off-white, 1930-1939
211930.76.4abDoilies: embroidered; off-white, 1930-1939
211900.30.105Scraps: lace; off-white, 1900-1909
21U.30.18Scraps: lace; off-white, 1800-2000
1950.12.28zGloves: assorted pairs of differernt colors and styles, 1950-1959
231900.55.25Fan: black; in poor shape, 1900-1909
231920.0.12zFan: bamboo handle; painted butterfly and flowers, 1920-1929
241950.0.47Collar: beaded; pearls, 1950-1959
241920.0.304Necklace: beads; copper, 1920-1929
241920.0.64Necklace: silver, iridescent beads, 1920-1929
241990.208.48Belt: black; gold, jeweled, tiger clasp; onyx, 1990-1999
24U.55.26Pipe: broken; horseshoe design at bottom, 1800-2000
241990.208.49Clutch: black; gold cherub figurine on front, 1990-1999
241990.208.36Purse: yellow; handcuffs for handle; two handcuff keys inside, 1990-1999
241990.208.37Purse: yellow; suede; copper, metallic, cupcake-liner shaped bottom, 1990-1999
241990.208.41Purse: black; Prada; leather buckles; woven strap, 1990-1999
1940.162.45Box of sewing supplies in metal tin, 1940-1949
251970.20.1Pattern: Vogue; mailed in a tube to Wunette Johnson, 1974
251940.162.35Comb: brown; in case with floral embroidery, 1940-1949
251960.20.4zPainting: wooden; depicts woman and man in elegant clothes; sillouettes, 1960-1969
251960.20.2zPattern: 1870's dress, 1960-1969
1940.213.2Suitcase: brown; broken latches; no keys; yellow checkered interior lining; belonged to Mr. and Mrs. William R. Hardin, 1940-1949
1930.227.6ae1980.117.33Purse: red; leather; rectangular, 1980-1989
1930.227.6ae2000.176.1Headpiece: black; feathered, 2000-2009
1930.227.6ae2000.144.12Purse: black; multicolor dots; Vy & Ella, 2000-2009
271980.208.62Purse: leather; brown; rectangular; alligator skin texture, 1980-1989
271990.208.104Purse: brown; leather; silver buckles, 1990-1999
271990.208.106Purse: brown' suede; Prada, 1990-1999
1890.0.571950.0.51Umbrella: turquoise blue; long curved handle; gold tips, 1950-1959
1890.0.57U.30.29Umbrella: purple; black ornate metal handle; silver tip; clasped with a black and golden button
1870.164.4Fan: mother of pearl; covered with cream lace and floral detail; handpainted cherubs , 1870-1879
281890.72.110Hat: cotton; cap; lace trim; elastic band; inside has 4 embriodered roses , 1890-1899
281900.72.111Purse: cream; hand knit; coin purse; lace knit pattern resulting in scalloped edge; circular shape with drawstring tie, 1900-1909
281900.72.112Purse: cream; hand knit; coin purse; pink horizontal stripes; drawstring closure, 1900-1909
281900.72.114Oven Mitt: cream; lace embroidered trim; square shape at bottom; rounded edges at the top; square embroidery in the center; diamond shaped lace embroidery inside, 1900-1909
251940.102.123Scarf: headscarf; white; blue red and gold nautical detail, 1940-1949
252010.240.1Hat: pussy hat; pink; specifically for the march for social justice on January 20, 2017. Also knit 6 for women's march January 21, 2017; Donor: Carrie Bishop, 2010-2019
1950.188.27Purse: brown; latigo leather, 1970-1979
1890.0.571890.6.55Umbrella: parasol; black; twill woven; wooden handle; silver band; ivory tip; has attached band with snap for closure, 1890-1899
361920.129.182Gloves: silver; elbow length, 1920-1929
361950.168.65cdGloves: white; suede, 1950-1959
361960.0.20aGloves: white; gathered sides; evening, 1960-1969
361960.0.22Gloves: white; suede; 3/4 length, 1960-1969
361950.0.11Gloves: white; leather; short, 1950-1959
361960.0.23abGloves: short; leather; one pearl button; Label: Macy's Marchioness, 1960-1969
361950.168.165ijGloves: brown; 3/4 length; leather, 1950-1959
361960.0.24Gloves: brown; 3/4 length; leather; Label: Made Expressly for Lord Taylor, 1960-1969
361950.0.8abGloves: black; 3/4 length; scalloped edge; zig zag seam down top middle, 1950-1959
361960.0.21abGloves: white; mesh; wrist length; Label: Miss Aris, 1960-1969
361950.168.165abGloves: black; elbow length; size 6 1/2; silk lined; Label: Real Kid, 1950-1959
361950.168.165efGloves: black; leather; mid length; size 6 1/2, 1950-1959
361960.168.3Gloves: white; net; lattice design on top , 1960-1969
36U.62.62Gloves: white; lace; wrist length
361920.129.180Gloves: blue; wrist lenght; 3 seams on top, 1920-1929
361920.129.177Gloves: pink; wrist length; one seam on top of hand, 1920-1929
361920.129.185Gloves: black; mid forearm length; Label: Shalimar , 1920-1929
361920.129.178Gloves: pink; handstiched; covers wrist; scalloped edge; , 1920-1929
361920.129.183Gloves: purple; 3 seams on top; covers wrist, 1920-1929
361920.129.186Gloves: navy blue; short; detail at wrist, 1920-1929
361920.120.192Gloves: white; leather; scalloped details along top; stitched edging, 1929-1929
361920.129.193Gloves: gray; covers wrist; 3 inch seam vertical on top; white stitching, 1920-1929
361920.129.190Gloves: white; short length; slit on bottom of wrist opening, 1920-1929
361920.129.191Gloves: white; leather; elbow length; elastic material along outer side of arm, 1920-1929
36U.59.10Gloves: white; leather; 3 pearl buttons; elbow length; opera length; size 7; Label: Real Kid
361940.150.1Gloves: taupe; covers wrist; white lace detail on top of wrist opening, 1940-1949
361920.107.4Gloves: 2 point flap on wrist opening; handstitched; Label: Davison Paxon, 1920-1929
36Glove: mitt; black lace, 1880-1889
361930.30.31aGloves: white; covers wrist; short length; lace; mesh; scalloped edge at wrist opening , 1930-1939
361930.30.31bGloves: lace; mesh; covers wrist; short length, 1930-1939
361940.30.36aGloves: pink; elbow length; white stitching; size 8 , 1940-1949
361920.129.189Gloves: white; 3 buttons; scalloped edge; short length; slit on bottom wrist opening; size 8, 1929-1929
361920.129.184Gloves: black; beaded; short in length, 1920-1929
361920.129.179Gloves: red; covers wrist; size 7 1/2; 2 seams on top, 1920-1929
361920.129.188Gloves: white; gathered on sides; pleated wrist opening; covers wrist, 1920-1929
361940.80.108abGloves: brown; covers wrist; size 6 1/2; short in length, 1940-1949
181920.72.10Fan: peacock feather; woven white plastic handle, 1920-1929
381930.166.4Hair Pin: green; 6 teeth; green rhinestones, 1930-1939
381930.166.5Hair Pin: 3 teeth; green and blue rhinestones, 1930-1939
381930.166.7Hair Pin: gold; 5 teeth; gold rhinestones, 1930-1939
381930.166.6Hair Pin: tortoise; 3 teeth; scalloped at top, 1930-1939
381930.166.8Hair Pin: tortoise; large; 23 teeth; curved, 1930-1939
381930.166.10Necklace: blue; glass beads, 1930-1939
381930.166.9Necklace: red; glass beads, 1930-1939
381930.72.10Purse: beaded; clear beaded; purple velvet detail in middle of sides; green red yellow beading detail; beaded fringe along bottom, 1930-1939
381930.126.128Purse: white beaded; checkerboard beaded pattern; small, 1930-1939
391930.122.130Purse: black; black strap; snap closure; silver beaded detail along bottom, 1930-1939
391930.126.129Purse: clutch; white beaded all over; white silk liner, 1930-1939
391930.126.127Purse: handbag; black; green gemstone detail at closure; black strap; rhinestone detail at closure; gold silk lining, 1930-1939
391930.6.131Purse: black; no strap; black lace detail covering purse, 1930-1939
391930.126.126Purse: brown; gold chain strap; gold metal closure; green stone detail at closure; multicolor leaf design throughout, 1930-1939
131980.208.53zScarf: brown; blue silk lining; embroidered multicolor floral detail; floral detail attached; lining has multicolor french knots embroidered along trim, 1980-1989