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South Atlantic Modern Language Association papers

South Atlantic Modern Language Association papers

Descriptive Summary

Title: South Atlantic Modern Language Association papers
Creator: South Atlantic Modern Language Association
Inclusive Dates: 1960-1992
Extent: 29.4 Linear Feet (73 document boxes, 1 half box)
Collection Number: ms931
Repository: Hargrett Library

Collection Description

Historical Note

The South Atlantic Modern Language Association (SAMLA) was founded in 1928 with the goal of the formation of a regional Modern Language Association for the Southeastern states. Initially, the organization only included four states: North and South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida. SAMLA is an organization of professors, academics, linguists, teachers, scholars, and graduate students dedicated to the advancement of teaching and literary and linguistic scholarship in the modern languages. SAMLA membership extends throughout the southeastern United States and includes members from across the country and around the world. South Atlantic Review, formerly the South Atlantic Bulletin, was established in 1935 as the official publication of SAMLA.

For more information, see the South Atlantic Modern Language Association (SAMLA) website. Retrieved 9/28/2012.

Scope and Content

The collection consists of papers read at annual meetings of the South Atlantic Modern Language Association between 1960 and 1992. Files for most years also include annual bulletins from the association. SAMLA's yearly meetings include special topic sessions in which scholars focusing in those topics present their research on topics such as: Advanced Writing, American Literature, Folklore, Freshman English, Renaissance English, Medieval English, Restoration and 18th century English, Romantic and Victorian English, Modern English, Teaching Language and Literature, Linguistics, Film Studies, Children's Literature, Comparative Literature, Women's Studies, Irish Studies, Slavic Studies, and Teaching English with Technological Advances. SAMLA also has annual sessions for languages including: Old English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Slavic languages, Asian Languages, Scandinavian languages, Latin, and Italian, among others. Papers on all of these topics and many more can be found within this collection.

The earlier years of this collection contain about forty to fifty papers each. This number grows until 1985, which contains over 100 papers. However, it should be noted that this collection does not contain every paper from every SAMLA session, as contributing a paper to this collection was voluntary on the part of the author.

Organization and Arrangement

Arranged in two series:

Series 1: Correspondence and Schedules contains correspondence regarding SAMLA and several photocopies of SAMLA schedules;

Series 2: Papers Read at Annual Meetings contains papers read at annual meetings grouped by year and subsequently listed in alphabetical order by author's last name.

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South Atlantic Modern Language Association papers, ms931, Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library, The University of Georgia Libraries.

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Series Descriptions and Folder Listing


Correspondence and Schedules

11Correspondence and Miscellaneous, 1970-1983
12-22Schedules, 1960-1980
21-3Schedules, 1981-1984

Papers Read at Annual Meetings

24Adams, N.B. The Pessimism of the Duke of Rivas.
25Alciatore, Jules C. Stendhal Et Les Romans De Voltaire.
26Appleby, Jane. Linguistics in Freshman English.
27Bailey, J.O. Freshmen and the Library Paper: An Experiment.
28Boyce, Benjamin. The Effect of the Restoration on Prose Fiction.
29Curry, Kenneth. The Edinburgh Annual Register.
210Daniel, George B. Ability Grouping in Language Classes in the University of North Carolina.
211Edge, Charles. Some Problems Encountered in a Large Section of Freshman Composition.
212Figh, Margaret G. Nineteenth Century Outlaws in Alabama Folklore.
213Fluegge, Gladstone R. The Theatre of Diego Sanchez de Badajoz; An Appreciation of Farsa de la Hechizera.
214French, Warren G. American Little Magazines in the Fifties.
215Grebstein, Sheldon N. Sinclair Lewis and Religion.
216Hart, Thomas R., Jr. Courtly Love in Two Plays of Gil Vicente.
217Heflin, Woodfard A. Astronautics.
218Herbert, T. Walter. Battles in the Iliad, the Knight's Tale, and A Midsummer Night's Dream.
219Howell, Almonte. A South American Translation of Paradise Lost.
220Hunt, Kellogg W. ETV: An Aid, Not a Replacement.
221Hunter, Kermit. A Tale of Two Ashcans: Reflections on the Drama.
222Kennedy, Phillip H. Re-eliciting Songs and Ballads from Living Informants of Early Collectors in the South, Particularly North Carolina (and Adjacent Areas.
223Manierre, William R. II. Nathaniel Ward and Cotton Mather: A Comparison of Styles.
224Manning, Ambrose N. The Present Status of the Research Paper in Freshman English: A National Survey
225Moore, John A. Fray Luis de Granada and Portugal.
226Morgan, Lucia C. Free Jack.
227Neuffer, Claude H. Names in South Carolina - A New Onomastic Periodical
228Patty, James S. Problems of Structure and Point of View in Le rouge et le noir.
228Patty, James S. Neither Black nor White: An Interpretation of "Tomango".
229Pincus, Michael S. The Recent Novels of Fernando Namora.
230Reid, Alfred S. Ante-Bellum Literary Culture in the Up-Country South Carolina Town of Greenville.
231Reynolds, Jack A. Possible Survivals of Matriarchal Tradition of Literature of the West.
232Roberts, William H. The Trend Toward a Native Tradition in Paraguayan Poetry.
233Rubin, Louis D., Jr. Two Groups of Poets.
234Russell, Fielding. Aaron Hill's Insolvent: An Adaptation of an Adaptation.
235Singer, Armand E. Ana Maria Matute: Primera Memoria.
236Sugg, Redding S., Jr. Did Hume Improve the Treatise?.
237Sullivan, Harry R. A Contemporary Revival of the Romantic Concept of Nature.
238Triebel, L.A. The Meliorism of Candide in the Light of Voltaire's Life.
239Wershow, I. R. First Semester Spanish at the University of Florida. An Experiment in a Large Single Section.
240Wilgus, D.K. Clue and Joe Williams: The Value of a Local Blues Ballad.
241Williamson, Eugene L. Significant Points of Comparison Between the Biblical Criticism of Thomas and Matthew Arnold.
242Wilson, George P. Lois Lenski's Use of Regional Speech.

31Adams, Percy G. The Effects of Travel Distortions on an Age of Reason.
32Alciatore, Jules C. Stendhal et Julie de Lespinasse.
33Allen, John D. Thomas's "Especially When the October Wind".
34Baacke, Margaret I. Uwe Johnsons Roman: "Mutmassungen ueber Jakob"
35Blackstock, Walter. Driester's Gospel of Progress.
36Bloodworth, Bertha E. Place-names in Folklore.
37Blount, Paul G. George Sand and the Victorians.
38Bowers, Fredson. The Elizabethan Drama: I, Classical Antecedents.
39Bowers, Robert H. Gawain and the Green Knight as Entertainment.
310Burroughs, Elaine. The Role and Present Status of the Teaching Machine in Foreign Language Instruction.
311Current-Garcia, Eugene. Simms's Short Stories: Art or Commercialism?
312Delano, Lucile K. Sensory Images in the Novels of Elena Quiroga.
313Dismukes, William P. The French Literary Scene in 1661.
314Durham, Frank. Love as a Literary Exercise: Young James Branch Cabell Tries His Wings.
315England, Kenneth. The Southern Gentleman: Indian Summer Asa Timberlake in In This Our Life.
316Flick, Robert G. The Encantadas: Melville's Desert of Despair.
317Flugt, Sten G. Karl Friedrich Bahrdt 1741-1792.
318Givens, Azzura B. Ironic Touches in the Wise and Foolish Motif: The Thankful Fools of the Italian Novella.
319Godsey, Edwin S. Fletcher, the Cavaliers, and Phillip Massinger.
320Grebstein, Sheldon N. Dreiser's Victorian Vamp.
321Guiney, Mortimer. Pierre Reverdy.
322Hallam, George W. Enter Hamlet, Poring Upon Ramus.
323Harper, George M. Apocalyptic Vision and Symbolic Landscape in Blake's Arcadia.
324Hirschberg, Edgar W. The Course in Functional English at the University of South Florida.
325Hoffman, E. Lewis. The Pastoral Drama of Jose Trinidad Reyes.
326Holmes, Urban T., Jr. Numismatics and Mediaeval Literature.
327Hudson, Arthur P. Perry Merry Dictum Domini: An Old Lullaby-Riddle.
328Jones, George F. Friendship in the Chanson De Roland (An investigation of the words amer, amur, amis, and amisctiet)
329Kallos, Alexander. A Re-evaluation of the Cain-Abel Relationship by Baudelaire, Unamuno and Hesse.
330Kincheloe, H.G. British Journalists on Poe, 1844-1870.
331Lievsay, John L. Continental Antecedents of Elizabethan Drama.
332Malycky, Alexander. The Influence of Karl Emil Franzos of the German Image of the Hutsuls.
333Manierre, William R. III. The Puritan Minister as Poet: A Note on Reading Edward Taylor.
334Nunan, J.C. Procedures for Staff Training.
335O'Flaherty, James C. Hamann in America: The Present Situation.
336Pafford, Ward. Coleridge's Wedding Guest.
337Peyton, Myron A. Some Observation on the Meaning of Lope's Peregrino Concept.
338Pond, Karl S. The Problems of the Teaching of French During the Transition Period.
339Ramsey, Paul. Intent and Poetry.
340Redman, Harry Jr. Autour D'une Lettre de Chateaubriand A Madame Reclamier.
341Salinger, Herman. Helping Heinrich Heine Explain his Archetypal "Night Journey" Poem.
342Shaw, Aracelis G. Experiment in the Structural Approach for Teaching Basic Spanish at Columbia College.
343Simmonds, James D. The Identity of Henry Vaughan's Suppressed Poems.
344Smith, James M. The Quest of the Infinite and the Absolute in French Literature of the Fin-de-siecle.
345Smith, Maxwell A. Giono as Social Reformer.
346Stephens, Linton C. Hugo's Clubs of Eccentricities in L'Homme qui rit and Addison's Spectator.
347Taylor, William E. The Early Admission and Advanced Studies Program and Its relationship to the Four Year Honors Program at Stetson.
348Thomas, Earl W. Portugues Literario e Brasileiro Falado.
349Tucker Jr., Harry. Carl Spitteler: Conrad der Leutnant: Eine Darstellung.
350Wade, Gerald E. The Comedies of Victor Ruiz Iriarte.
351Walker, A.J. The Life and Death of Buttermilk, or Changing Language Habits of Georgia Tech Students.
352Walser, Richard. Hamilton C. Jones: Folk-Humorist of North Carolina.
353Weiss, Robert O. Arthur Schnitzler's Notes on Journalistic Criticism.
354Wiley, W.L. Du Bellay and Ovid.
355Williamson, Eugene L. Matthew Arnold and the Archbishops.
356Wood, Gordan R. A Proposed Use of Self-Teaching Machines in College English.
357York, Ernest C. Ordeal by Hot Iron in the Medieval Tristan Legends.

41Aldridge, A.O. The Technique of explication in Current Continental Use.
42Allen, John D. Alliteration in Recent Verse - A Statistical Study.
43Almon, Tom F. A Departmental Project in Theme Grading.
44Barnes, Sam G. Overwhelmed with Helpfulness: The Controlled-Source Pamphlet.
45Beaurline, L.A. Johnson's Epigrams and the Poetics of Restraint.
46Bentley, Joseph G. Chaucer's Fatalistic Miller.
47Bergholz, Harry. Lebensgefühl und Daseinproblematick im erzählerischen Werk Heinrich Bölls.
48Bourgeois, Joseph E. Enrica Von Handel-Mazzetti's Literary Stature, Past and Present.
49Calhoun, Richard J. A Lyric of Self-Dramatization in Contemporary American Poetry.
410Carole, Adam. Some of the Main Characteristics of the Theater of Alfonso Paso.
411Cordle, Thomas. The Objectivation of Consciousness in Recent French Fiction.
412Davis, J. Cary. The Copla in Latin American Folklore.
413Dorson, R.M. Should There be a Ph.D. in Folklore?
414Engstrom, Alfred G. Food and Hunger as Recurrent Symbols for Love and Death in "Madame Bovary".
415Fleischonann, Wolfgang. Gulliver's travels, A Tale of a Tub, and Lucretius' De Rerum Natura.
415Fleischonann, Wolfgang. Symposium on Explication.
416Fogle, Stephen F. Leigh Hunt, Thomas Powell, and the Florentine Tales.
417Forrest, James F. Mercy With Her Mirror.
418Frautschi, Richard L. The "Enigme en prophetie" (Gargantua LVIII) and the Question of Authorship"
419Friederich, W.P. Some Foreign Aspects of Spanish Romanticism.
420Gate, Warren E. Montesquieu's Causes morales and Causes physiques.
421Gosser, Leo. The Kenning in Common Speech.
422Griffith, Ben Q. A Georgia Fronteir Songster: The Thomas Hurry Morgan Ms. Songbook.
423Hamilton, John W. Las relaciones Personales de Lope de Vega con el Nuevo Mundo.
424Hardison, O.B., Jr. Symbol and Myth: Some Observations.
425Harper, G.M. The Creator as Destroyer: Yeats's Artist as Hero.
426Hatch, Mary G. Mignon: Das Rätsel.
427Hunt, Kellogg W. Linguistic Signals to Connect Written Sentences.
428Kellogg, Robert L. Rhetoric in the New Trivium.
429Kimmey, John L. A Critical Analysis of the Freshman Essay Text.
430Kurland, Jordan E. The National Ideal in the Writings of K. N. Leont'ev.
431Lane, George. The Nominative Singular of Germanic n-Stems.
432Leavitt, Sturgis E. The New World as Seen in Four Plays of Lope de Vega.
433LeCroy, Anne. The Tragic Hero: Prometheus Bound and Samson Agonistes.
434Lott, Robert E. Functional Flexibility in Three of Buero Vallejo's Plays.
435McClain, William H. Karl Gutzkow's Unpublished Letters to Hermann Costenoble.
436Marshall, George O., Jr. "The Relation to Tenneyson's "Oh! That 'Twere Possible" to In Memoriam.
437Meriwether, James B. Faulkner and the New Criticism.
438Mihailovich, Vasa. Ivo Andric as a Short Story Writer.
439Moore, John A. Ambivalence of Will in La Celestina.
440Moorman, Charles. The Failure in Loyalty: Lot and Pellinore.
441Palmer, Rupert E., Jr. Browning and Biography.
442Phelps, Leland. The Theater of Freidrich Durrenmatt.
443Raven, F.A. The Zips: a Blasted Speech Enclave.
444Scholes, Robert. Joyce and the Epiphany: The Key to the Labyrinth?
445Snipes, Wilson. Composition: A Complex of Relationships.
446Stephenson, Edward A. On the Interpretation of Occasional Spellings.
447Strauss, Ernest. From Blackboard to Pica Stick.
448Tumblin, John A. A Sociologia na Literatura Brasileira.
449Walker, Hallam. Strength and Style in Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme.
450Waugh, Butler. The Significance of Vladimir Propp's Morphology of the Folktale.
451Weisert, John J. Second Thoughts on Atlantis.
452West, Robert H. Historical Scholarship as a Resource of Modern Critical Judgement.
453Wicks, C. Beaumont. Sidelights on the French Theater, 1851-1875.

51Abernethy, Cecil. Addison and Swift in the Journal to Stella.
52Alciatore, Jules C. Stendhal et les Heroines de Scot.
53Anderson, Eugene W. Review and Criticism of "A Study of the effectiveness of Language Laboratories" by Keating, Raymond F.
54Bailey, J. O. What Happens in "The Fall of the House of Usher"?
55Bar-Lewaw, Isaac. El Ladino Y El Castellano.
56Bell, Vereen. Mrs. General as Victorian England: Dickens's Image of His Times.
57Begelow, Gordan E. Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings' Wilderness.
58Bornhauser, Fred. The Surfaces of Prose.
59Brufee, Kenneth A. The Lesser Nightmare: Marlow's Lie in Heart of Darkness.
510Bryant, J.A., Jr. Jonson's Silent Woman: the Life Behind the Design.
511Budd, Louis J. Mark's Gospel on Joseph.
512Burgess, C.O. Themes, Theories, and Therapy: The Relevance of Kitzhaber's Recommendations to the Program at Old Dominion College
513Dunstan, Florence J. Ruy Barbosa - Man of Letters.
514Elliott, John R., Jr. The Two Tellers of The Merchant's Tale.
515Figg, Robert M., III. Naturalism as a Literary Form.
516Fox, E. Inman. Romanticism and the Generation of 1896.
517Gaskin, James R. Originality in a Traditional Form: An Approach to Old English Verse.
518Gilbert, Glenn G. Case Systems in Texas German.
519Griffin, William J. Progress Report: A Survey of U.S. and Canadian Folklore Serials.
520Hardre, Jaques. Albert Camus Dans La Resistance Francaise.
521Harper, Jerome P. A Comedia Wrongly Attributed to Tirso De Molina: No Es Amor Como Se Pinta.
522Hart, James A. Entrance Examinations in English at English Universities.
523Hartwig, Joan. The Principle of Meaure in "To His Coy Mistress".
524Hatch, Mary G. A consideration of the Works of Samuel Richardson and Christian Furchtegott Gellert as Representative of a Middle Class Protestant Ethic.
525Holman, C. Hugh. Of Everything the Unexplained and Irresponsible Speciman: Notes on How to Read American Realism.
526Holmes, Urban T. Erasmus in Portugal in the 16th Century.
527Irwin, Edward E. The Lamia Motif in the Classical Tradition.
528Jenkins, David C. Wordsworth and Rilke: The Child and "Unknown Modes of Being"
529Kirkland, Edwin C. A Report on a Bibliography of the Folklore of India.
530Lyons, Clifford P. Robert Frost and the Darkling World (Robert Frost and the Darkling Critics).
531McCullen, J.T., Jr. Literary Corruptions of an Ancient Myth.
532McCulley, Cecil M. The American Short Story: Problems in the Maturing Definition of a Literary Type.
533Martin, June Hall. The Divisions of the Chanson de Roland.
534Mendell, Charles S. The Minimum Essentials Test at Rollins.
535Moore, Jack B. Ahab and Bartleby: Energy and Indolence.
536Morris, Henry. John Donne's Terrifying Pun.
537Mullen, William B. Needed: Dictionary Study in Freshman English Courses.
538Otis, Richard B. Poe and Valery.
539Oustinoff, Pierre C. Articularly Classification of Russian Sounds.
540Penninger, Frieda E. The Unity of Medieval Corupus Christi Cycles.
541Ramirez, Manuel D. Light and Darkness in the Prose Fiction of Valle-Inclan.
542Redman, Harry, Jr. The Contemporary Reputation of Marivaux.
543Reedy, Daniel R. Signs and Symbols of Doctors in the Diente del Parnaso.
544Richmond, Garland C. The Letter in German Comedy: Its Use as a Dramatic Device from Gottsched to Lessing.
545Robertson, D.W. Chaucer and Iconography.
546Rovit, Earl. James and Emerson: The Lesson of the Master.
547Smith, Albert B. The Fatal Man in French Romanticism: Some Explanations.
548Smith, Jack. Some Notes on the Dialect of Key West.
549Smith, Maxwell A. A Visit with Francois Mauriac.
550Spahr, Blake L. Protean Stability in the Baroque Novel.
551Stapf, Paul. Liebe und Versöhnung im Geschichtsdenken Hölderlins.
552Strauss, Walter A. Mallarme's Orphism: A Preliminary View.
553Sullivan, Walter. The Decline of Regionalism in Southern Fiction.
554Sutherland, Raymond C. Mediterranean Iconography, Biblical and Classical, in Old English Literature.
555Tetel, Marcel. Rabelais, Un Precurseur du Style Baroque.
61Thomas, Earl W. A Arte de Sassi em São Miguel.
62Thornton, Weldon. Acceptance in Spite of Uncertainty: The World-View of A Farewell to Arms.
63Toro-Garland, Fernando. La Celestina, Como Bruja y Hechicera.
65Wellington, James E. Conflicting Concepts of Man in Dryden's Absalom and Achitophel.
66Winecoff, Janet. Gonzalo Torrente Ballester as a Creative Writer.
67Zeldin, Jesse. Dostoevsky's Religiosity from Devushkin & Golyadkin to Fyodor Karamazov.

68Adams, N.B. The Don Juan Tenorio of 1877.
69Adler, Jacob H. Where Synge is Sophoclean.
610Andrews, Norwood, Jr. Bernardo Guimaraes and the Brazilian Novel of Transition.
611Angeles, Jose. El Mar en la Poesia de Antonio Machado.
612Arndt, Walter W. The Double Vision: Eugene Onegin and Nabokov's Theory of Verse Translation.
613Baer, Joachim T. Leszeck Kołakowski and Polish Literary Criticism.
614Bender, Todd K. The Case of the Pertinent Platan in Donne, Horace, and Theocritus.
615Blackstock, Walter. The Fall and Rise of Eugene Witla: Dreiser's Dramatic Vision of Artistic Integrity in the Genius.
616Bowdre, Paul H. Eye Dialect as a Literary Device in the works of Sidney Lanier.
617Bree, Germaine. Gaston Bachelard.
618Broderick, John C. Manuscript Research at the Library of Congress.
619Bryant, J.A., Jr. Beyond Ripeness: King Lear and the Stray Bullet.
620Burgess, C.O. Bale's King Johan as Propoganda.
621Butler, Francelia. An Analysis of Milton's References to Odors in Paradise Lost.
621Butler, Francelia. Advanced Expository Writing (On Reactionary Principles).
621Butler, Francelia. Making Freshman Composition Interesting.
622Cobb, Carl W. Federico Garcia Lorca and the Theme of the Romancero Gitano.
623Daniel, Elizabeth R. The Literary Friendship Between William Cullen Bryant and Guillermo Prieto.
624Davis, James H., Jr. Pierre Corneille and the Piece Retouchee of the Eighteenth Century.
625Delano, Lucile K. Some Appearances of the Jacob-Rachel Story in the Siglo de Oro Theater.
626del Valle, Rafael R. Juan Diaz Covarrubias: Su vida y su obra.
627Detweiler, Robert. Speculations About Jakob: The Truth of Ambiguity.
628Dick, Ernst S. Tod und Wiedergeburt in Der Deutschen Novelle. (Schiller: Der Verbrecher aus verlorener Ehre; A.v. Droste-Hülshoff: die Judenbuche.)
629Emory, Clark. Melpomene in Modern Dress.
630Foltin, Lore B. Die neue Naturlyrik.
631Ford, Thomas W. Emily Dickinson and the Civil War.
632Garrett, George. Creative Writing in Freshman English.
633Gowa, Ferdinand. New German Criticism: Max Bense.
634Hatch, Mary G. Lessing's Development of the Concepts of Intuition and Reason in Religion.
635Holmes, Urban T. Montaigne and the Spas.
636Isaacs, Neil D. Water and Death: Structural Principles in Two Old English Lyrics.
637Kallos, Alexander. Ernst Waldinger: Defender of Literary Tradition.
638Krispyn, Egbert. Brecht's Baal and Expressionism.
639LeCroy, Anne. J.D. Salinger - Again.
640Linker, Robert W. Ambroise Pare, Royal Surgeon.
641Lisca, Peter. The Way of Death in Across the River and Into the Trees.
642McCullen, J.T., Jr. The Potato in Literature.
643Medish, Vadim. New Trends of Literary Criticism in Post-Stalin Russia.
644Melder, Keith E. The Rhetoric of Radicalism, 1826-1836.
645Meriwether, James B. Is There a Yoknapatawpha Saga?
646Mihailovich, Vasa D. Zoshchenko's "Adventures of a Monkey" as an Allegory.
647Mondale, Clarence. New England Occasional Discourse, 1788-1860.
648Morrison, Robert R. The Saint According to Lope.
649Moser, Gerald M. Portuguese Parallels to Thomas More's "Utopia"
650Mullen, William B. Techniques of Contextual Definition.
651Orange, Linwood E. Hamlet's Mad Soliloquy.
652Pond, Karl S. New Techniques and Cultural Objectives.
653Reedy, Daniel R. Gregorio de Matos: The Quevedo of Brazil.
71Sanders, Norman. The Two Gentlemen of Verona: An Earnest of Success.
72Savage, Catherine H. A Problem of Aesthetics: Malraux and the Political Novel.
73Scheibe, Fred K. Walthew von der Vogelweide in the English-speaking World.
74Smith, Maxwell A. Progress Report on Twayne's French Author Series.
75Spivey, Ted R. Upgrading the Freshman English Program of an Urban College.
76Stapf, Paul. Eine Schillerparodie in Goethe's Faust.
77Steel, Chloe. Elements Balzaciens Dans La Structure D'A La Recherche du Temps Perdu.
78Stevenson, John W. Arcadia Re-Settled: The Shepherd As Poet.
79Stewart, J.T. Intuition and the Search for Truth.
710Stoakes, Paul. The Vexed Problem of English Usage.
711Strauss, Albrecht B. Harmless Drudgery: On Editing the Text of Johnson's Rambler.
712Swain, James O. Reference to Aviation in the Creative Works of Juan Marin (1900-1963).
713Taylor, William E. Symbolic Tragedy in Tennessee Williams.
714Thurman, William R. Journey Into Night: Elements of Tragedy in Eugene O'Neill.
715Toro-Garland, Fernando. La Ultima Derrota de Bradomin.
716Trowbridge, Clinton W. Arthur Miller: Between Pathos and Tragedy.
717Tucker, Clay. A Report on Jazz and its Language in American Literature.
718Warfel, Harry R. The Six Language Systems of Literary Art.
719Watts, George. Les Affaires de l'Angleterre et de l'Amerique and John Adams.
720Williams, Donald E. Post-Bellum Intellectuals and the Oral Mode.
721Williams, Porter, Jr. The Matter of Conscience in Conrad's The Secret Sharer.
722Willson, A. Leslie. Oskar Matzerath: A Grotesque Everyman.
723Zeldin, Jesse. Levels of Reality in Gogol.

81Adams, Percy G. Harmony of Numbers: Dryden's Alliteration, Consonance, Assonance.
82Bain, Robert A. Some Myths and Old Verities about Freshman Composition.
83Battestin, Martin C. Tom Jones and 'His Egyptian Majesty': Fielding's Parable of Government.
84Binger, Norman H. The Audio-Lingual Approach to Linguistic Illiteracy.
85Boyd, U.D. Dürrenmatt und die Physiker.
86Carter, A.E. Two Fallacies in the Idea of Decadence.
87Cope, J.I. Joyce's Kabbalah.
88Dick, Ernest S. Dürrenmatts der Besuch der Alten Dame: Welttheater und Ritualspiel.
89Durham, Frank. The Rise of Du Bose Heyward and the Rise and Fall of the Poetry Society of South Carolina.
810Elliott, Phillip L. Unity and Imagery in the Idylls of the King.
811Ellis, James. Jack London and the Naturalistic Hero.
812Fernandez, Oscar. The NYU Center for Portuguese Language and Brasilian Area Studies.
813Fiore, Robert. Natural Law in the Central Ideological Theme of Fuenteovejuna.
814Flasher, John J. Religion and Ethics in the Works of Agustin Yanez.
815Gates, Warren E. The Doctrine of Alimentation in Proust and Tolstoy.
816Genz, Henry M. Montaigne's Version of the First Vow: Poverty of the Mind.
817Hardison, O.B., Jr. The Early Texts of Quem Quaeritis.
818Herbert, T. Walter. Dramatic Personae in Shakespeare's Sonnets.
819Hodges, James R. Comprehensive English: The Florida Plan.
820Jacobs, Robert D. The Ethics of an Aesthete: Strether's "Moral" Choice.
821Jones, Joseph. Medieval Spanish Legends of Abraham's youth and the Theme of the Self-taught Philosopher.
822Kay, Wallace G. The Cortege of Dionysus: Lawrence and Giono.
823Keating, L. Clarke. Maurois as a Writer of Fiction.
824Leavitt, Sturgis. Some Fields for Further Research in Golden Age Drama.
825Leyburn, Ellen D. Henry James's Satiric Definition of Evil: Fools Who Cause Tragedy.
826Linker, Robert W. The Satire of Jehan de Meung.
827Lyon, Richard C. Santayana and Justice Holmes.
828McClain, William H. Otto Ludwig and the Problem of Spannung in Fiction.
829Martins, Helcio. Sobre o Pagador de Promessas.
830Matthews, James W. Howells' "Realism": The Middle Way in American Fiction.
831Moffatt, L.G. Origin and Development of the Personal Infinitive in Portuguese.
832Osborne, John C. The Structural Principle of Eichendorff's Taugenichts.
833Patty, James S. The Narrative Art of Chateaubriand's Rene.
834Perez, Marta L. Jose Marti, el precursor.
835Pizer, Donald. Nineteenth-Century American Naturalism: An Essay in Definition.
836Preston, Thomas R. Ulysses in the Hebrides: The Moral Structure of Johnson's Journey tot he Western Islands.
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Also contains Linguistics in the University Curriculum by Michael R. Dressman and Discourse is the Wide Road of the Eighties by David J. Amate.
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3434Stowell, Marion B. Folk Science in Early American Almanacs.
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3641Slavick, William H. Elizabeth Madox Roberts.
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4818Smith, Sidney R. On Recruiting Graduate Students.
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4851Worth, Fabienne. Apostrophes et Mythologie: Les Telespectateurs au Pays de Jane Fonda.
4852Discussion session sign-in sheets.

491Abbott, Scott H. Freemasons and Jesuits in the Berlinische Monatsschrift: 1783-1796.
492Adams, Elizabeth Nelson. Second Sight: Julia Peterkin and the Low-Country Plantation.
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497Atkins, G. Douglas. The Teaching of Theory/The Theory of Teaching.
498Barlow, Larry W. Two Heads Are Better Than One.
499Baum, Rosalie M. And Just Who is that Creature... the Farmer.
4910Berlin, Normand. The Beckettian O'Neill.
4911Bernstein, Cynthia G. A Variant of the Invariant Be.
4912Bickley, R. Bruce. Dark Ladies, Desperate Narrators, and Readers on the Literary Gameboard in Irving and Poe.
4913Birznieks, Ilmars. Scottish and Scandinavian Ballads: Robert Jamieson's Baltic Connection.
4914Bizzaro, Patrick. Perspectives on Folklore and Literature: The Critic and the Poet.
4915Boli, Todd. Virgil's Mezentius and Dante's Farinata.
4916Bradham, Jo Allen. Basic Metaphors: Food, Clothing, and Shelter.
4917Brooker, Jewell Spears. Caesar and Tiresias: The Confluence of the Real and the Ideal in The Waste Land.
4918Bryson, Scott. Decoupage et civilisation: Quelques reflexions sur l'enseignement du cours de civilisation.
4919Buck, Donald C. Computer Literacy and Word-Processing for Graduate Students: Is It Worth It?
4920Bullivant, Keith. Böll's Fürsorgliche Belagerung and 'Die Neue Unübersichtlichkeit'.
4921Byars, John. Lady Gregory's Meddlesome Queens as Irish Culture Heroines.
4922Canine, Karen McFarland. Steadfast to the Land When All Else Faltered Before the Hopeless Juggernaut of Circumstance.
4923Cano-Ballesta, Juan. Poetas de Pueblo y Arte de Propoganda: Miguel Hernandez.
4924Casciato, Arthur D. A Not So Innocent Abroad: Thodore Dreiser's Soviet Diary.
4925Cate-Arries, Francie. Through the Looking Glass with Manuel Altolaguirre: Identity and Self-Formation.
4926Caughie, Pamela L. The "Fluidity" and "Fun" of Jacob's Room.
4927Chapple, Richard L. A Note on Moral Dilemmas in the Work of Yury Trifonov Together with a Catalog of These Dilemmas.
4928Chiang, Joesph P. English Borrowings in Modern Chinese Words.
4929Christopher, Georgia B. Hamlet: What do Women Want in a Text?
4930Claridge, Laura. The Real Unorthodoxy of Cain.
4931Clark, James Andrew. Ranters, Seekers, or Diggers: Bringing Critical Theory to the Orthodox Graduate Classroom.
4932Clarke, Bruce. Anatomy and Prophecy: D.H. Lawrence's Doctrinal Sublime.
4933Connolly, Julian W. Briusov's The Fiery Angel: By Love Posessed.
4934Corngold, Stanley. Hölderlin's Schneller Begriff.
4935Crittenden, Charlotte and Davis, Angelina B. Collaborative Learning and the Research Paper.
4936De Catur, Louis A. Monkey: An Archetypal Hero.
4937Dendinger. Roger E. Walker Percy's Lancelot: The Tragic Irony of the Absurd Man.
4938Devet, Bonnie. Teaching Figures of Speech in an Advanced Writing Course.
4939Devlin, Albert J. Tennessee Williams' Late Period: The Two-Character Play and Clothes for a Summer Hotel.
4940Diller, George T. Le Discours courtois dans le Roman de Renart (Les branches du premier "groupe").
4941Dimino, Andrea. William Faulkner: Reading, Writing, and Gender.
4942Dorrill, Masako. The Development of No as an Innovation.
4943Duggen, Hoyt N. Emendation on Metrical Grounds in ME Alliterative Poetry.
4944Dunn, Margaret M. Even Advanced Writing Students Get the Blues: (De)Constructive Play in the Classroom.
501Endel, Peggy. Freudianism, Shakespeare, and the 1980s.
502Faraci, Mary E. Dante's Real Identity: Educated Observer and Passionate Citizen.
503Fehsenfeld, Martha. Samuel Beckett: A Writer of Conscience.
504Ferguson, SallyAnn H. James McPherson's Black Bigot.
505Figueira, Dorothy. To Lose One's Head Over Love: The Indian Myth of the Transposed Heads in the Work of Thomas Mann and Marguerite Yourcenar.
506Fleming, John V. Ovid as an Arbiter of Medieval "Courtliness".
507Frantzen, Allen J. Ideological Criticism in the Classroom: Teaching "The Pardoner's Tale".
508Gathercole, Patricia M. Bocaccio, Laurent, and Women.
509Gladsky, Thomas S. Polishi Farmers and American Novelists: Typology and Acculturation in Ethnic literature.
5010Gleckner. Robert F. Untitled. Re: Blake's Dantean Gate.
5011Glowka, Wayne and Ellen. Talking Through a Smile: High Chool Cheerleader Talk in Middle Georgia.
5012Goebel, Rolf J. Christianity and Japan: The Writings of Shusaku Eno (Proposal).
5013Gonzalez, Alexander. Daniel Corkery's Stoic Heroes.
5014Graham, Arthur. Salvatore di Giacomo and Neapolitan Song.
5015Gregg, John. Maurice Blanchot and the Question of Reading: A Faux pas or a pas au-dela?
5016Greenway, John L. Reason in Imagination is Beauty: Oersted's Acoustics and Andersen's The Bell.
5017Grimm, Reinhold. Der Fall Fassbinder.
5018Gutiérrez, John R. The ACTFL/ETS Oral Proficiency Interview: What It Is and What It Isn't.
5019Hamner, Eugénie L. Alan Sillitoe's Funhouse.
5020Harless, Steven R. Abstraction and Empathy in Joyce's Oxen: An Approach Through Worringer's Aesthetics.
5021Harwood, Britton J. Chaucer and the Silence of History: Situating the Cannon's Yeoman's Tale.
5022Hinkle, James. More of What Hemingway Learned from Stein, or: Why the American Family on the Train and the Old Basque on the Bus are in The Sun Also Rises.
5023Hogsett, Charlotte. Marguerite Yourcenar and Sexual Writing Identity.
5024Hu, Yih-shiuan. Code-switching Among Chinese-English Bilinguals on Campus.
5025Hunt, Edward. The Hero as Outlaw: Mad Sweeney and St. Ronan's Curse.
5026Ierardo, Domenico. Il Neorealismo e Sciascia.
5027Jahn, Karen F. Fit to Survive: Christian Ethics in Bleak House.
5028Kapai, Leela. Recurring pattern of Assimilation in the works of Maxine Hong Kingston, Richard Rodriguez and Bharati Mukherjee.
5029Keller, John E. and Seniff, Dennis. An Example of Neglected History: Castigos e Documentos del Ray Don Sancho IV.
5030Kouidis, Virginia M. The Lecture "As a Field of Action".
5031Kurk, Katherine C. Narration and Salvation: Textual Ethics of Michel Tournier and John Barth.
5032Lamiman, John. Bank Farms and Family Farms "And the Sweat of his face for Bread".
5033Lavery, David. A Room of One's Own: Literature and the Evolution of Consciousness in the Poetics of Owen Barfield.
5034Lee. C. Mitchell. George Herbert's Typological Language of Love.
5035Lentz, Vern B. The One Long-Sweeping Symphony... of Human Tenderness: Positive Moments in Hardy's Poetry.
5036Levy, Michele Frucht. The Mythic Quest Inverted: Desacralization in Dostoevsky's Besi.
5037Little, Marie-Noëlle. La Litterature français/francophone comme reflet de la civilization: Saint-John Perse: Le profil du Poete.
5038Lopes, Maria Angélica. Revista da Revista: Paratodos em 1919.
5039Lower, Charles B. Untitled. Re: Sex Roles and Shakespeare.
511Marks, Patricia. "Boffer" Ladies and "Poor Puppets": Story-Telling as Mimesis in Our Mutual Friend.
512McAllister, Elaine and Pawalek, Yvonne and LaForest, Jeanette. Testing for Proficiency in An Army Language Program.
513McCullough, Yoshiko. Snake Stories in China, Japan and Korea.
514McCreary, Don R. The Linguistic Bases of a Japanese Wapro.
515McLees, Ainslee A. Baudelaire's Critical Itinerary.
516Meese, Elizabeth. Contra/diction: Locating Feminist Criticism.
517Miller, Linda Patterson. Brett Ashley: The Beauty of It All.
518Morris, Matthew W. The Chanson de Roland as a Reflection of Political Augustinism.
519Mulford, Carla. Joel Barlow's Radicalism.
5110Nägele, Rainer. Schreitend in Winkeln Gesang: The Crooked Path of the Spirit.
5111Nettles, Margaret M. The Late and Present Interior Circumstances: St. John de Crevecoeur's Letters from an American Farmer.
5112Noble, Cinzia Donatelli. Giaime Pintor e la letteratura americana come esempio di una "nuova cultura".
5113Norman, Rose. Computer-Assisted Instruction and the Teaching of Business and Technical Writing.
5114Ober, Kenneth H. meir Goldschmidt and Hester Rothschild: Unpublished Letters in the Royal Library, Copenhagen.
5115Overbeck, Lois More. Narration as Dramaturgy.
5116Paden, J. Michael. Griselda: The Culmination of Day X of the Decameron.
5117Palermo, Joseph. Le Nissart: Langue vivante de l'ancien Comte de Nice.
5118Palls, Terry Lee. Literary Epiphany in Clarice Lispector.
5119Papovich, J. Frank. Character, Event, and Ritual: Cultural Adaptation in Silko's Ceremony.
5120Parker, Emmett. Images de la Famille dans L'Oeuvre Romanesque D'Andre Gide.
5121Parsons, Melinda. Folklore and the Visionary Experience: Painting in the Yeats Circle.
5122Patrick, Marietta S. Jung's Transformation of Myth: The Example of Edgar Huntly.
5123Pearsall, Derek. Authorial Revision in Some Late Medieval English Texts.
5124Penot, Dominique. Barnave.
5125Pettis, Joyce. Assimilation in Paule Marshall's Brown Girl, Brownstones.
5126Pharies, David A. Linguistics and Change in Spanish Graduate Education.
5127Pickar, Getrud B. Of Tails and Retold Tales: Günter Grass' Die Rättin.
5128Porter, Jeffery L. The Ethics of Advanced Composition.
5129Presley, John W. Robert Graves's Two Languages.
5130Pribić, Rado. The Reception of Dostoevsky in Germany.
5131Privateer, Paul C. Shelley's Alastor and a Lacanian Rhetoric of Romantic Desire.
5121Quinlan, Kieran. Unnecessary Mystification: Ransom reading Eliot.
5133Quinlan, Susan. Divination: The Possibility of a New Order.
5134Rainey, Kenneth T. Reality and Art in The Princess Casamassima and the Possessed.
5135Raser, Timothy B. Baudelaire as Critic of Traumatic Beauty.
5136Reck, Rima Dell. The Writer as Cultural Critic: Brieu, Barthes, and the Music Hall.
5137Rogers, Carmen V. Training Teaching Assistants: Involve Your Colleagues.
521Saks Feliice A. and Bagby, Martha A. Collaborative Learning and Literature.
522Sanders, Lynn M. Black Ulysses Singing: Odum's Folkloristic Trilogy.
523Santner, Eric L. Friedrich Hölderlin and the Madness of Mourning.
524Sapega, Ellen. The Novella: An Overlooked Genre in Portuguese Modernism.
525Schade, Richard. Sachs' Value System in the Fastnachtispiele.
526Schneider, Michael. Tortured Protagonists and the Authority of Violence in Beckett's Drama.
527Schnepf, Michael A. "Se miran sin verse": Galdos' Campaign Against Individualism in La Desheredada.
528Shelton, Frank. Of Machines and Men: Pastoralism in the Fiction of Ernest Gaines.
529Sigal, Gale. The Alba Lady: Creation or Convention?
5210Sizemore, Christine W. Taming of the Shrew: A Lesson in Autonomy.
5211Smith, Elton E. The Shelley Connection: Peacock to Tennyson.
5212Smith, Stephen. Les Romans de Tahar Ben Jelloun.
5213Soufas, Jr., C. Christopher. Entre las dos y las tres: Towards a Description of Lorca Mature Theory of Dramatic Representation.
5214Steinke, James. The Count in The Sun Also Rises.
5215Stern, Jerome. The Mad Scientist as Cultural Metaphor.
5216Stoneback, H. R. The Seine Also Rises: Jake's France, Hemingway's Liber Sancti Jacobi.
5217Sullivan, Sally A. Mrs. Dalloway: A Study in Deconstruction.
5218Sutton, Homer B. La Societe Française a Travers les Oeuvres de François de Closets.
5219Svoboda, Frederic. The Importance (if Any) of the Hemingway Manuscripts to Scholars and Critics.
5220Tamburri, Anthony J. Palazzeschi's Clownish Pyromania: Poetic "Divertimiento".
5221Taubeneck, Stephen A. Friedrich Schlegel and Derrida on the Whiteness of Mythology.
5222Tax, Petrus W. Die Liebe Zwischen Gawan und Antikonie in Buch 8 Von Wolframs Parzival. Dynastiche und Politische Hintergrunde.
5223Thomas, Erik R. Vowel Changes in Columbus, OH.
5224Thompson, Annie Laura. Ramiro de Maeztu: An Intellectual - Politician.
5225Tilley, E. Allen. Romances of Eros and of Narcissus.
5226Torres, Sixto E. New Dimensions in Martin Recuerda's Recent Theater.
5227Uhlig, Ludwig. Winckelmann Zwischen Gottsched und Sulzer.
5228van Lent, Peter. L'emmigration Franco-Canadienne aux E-U Comme Motif Litteraire.
5229Verdaguer, Pierre. Des Dedoublements du Heros National.
5230Wade, Mara R. Optiz's Female Protagonists, or Baroque Tragic Theory Reconsidered.
5231Wang, Alfred S. Shaman: The Role of Folk Medicine in Maxine Hong Kingston.
5232Weaver, Jack. AE's Peasant as Hero.
5233Weiss, Hanna K. Hermes/Mercury 1959: The Metamorphosis of Faust and Son, Alchemists: Surrealism in Arne Sand's Trollkarlens Lärling.
5234Weissberg, Liliane. Schiller's Giesterseher and the Boundaries of Fiction.
5235Wells, Byron R. Reve de la Nature, Nature du Reve: Essai sur la Rhetorique de la Cinquieme Promenade
5236Westel, David. Exegesis in the Service of Apology: The Pensees of Faschal and the Bible of La Maistre de Sacy.
5237Whitaker, Elaine E. Doubting Guildsman: The Apostle Thomas in Medieval Drama.
5238Wilentz, Gay. Passing as a Patern of Assimilaition in Two Ethnic Women Writers: Nella Larsen's Passing and Fannie Hurst's Imitation of Life.
5239Wilhelm, Albert E. Pretty Is as Pretty Says: The Rhetoric of Beauty Salon Names.
5240Zatlin, Linda G. Aubrey Beardsley's Profession.
5242Discussion session sign-in sheets.

531Angell, Charles F. What We Talk About When We Talk About Men Without Women.
532Atkins, G. Douglas. The Return of/to the Essay.
533Baker, Moira P. The Dialectics of Love: The Speaker in Greville's Caelica.
534Bell, Robert F. Anna Seghers's "Die schönsten Sagen vom Räuber Woynok": Of Forest, Freedom and Communal Solidarity.
535Bickley, R. Bruce, Jr. Scholarship and Criticism on Joel Chandler Harris. Overview and Annotated Bibliography.
536Black, Joel. Ideology and Idiosyncrasy: The Critical Distinction in the Critical Essay.
537Blanco, Aldo. Reading Gender and Authorship in Twentieth-Century Spain Through the Autobiographies of Maria Martinez Sierra.
538Bosky, Bernadette. How the Need for Respectability has Shaped Science Fiction Criticism.
539Bradham, Jo Allen. Satire and Science: A Hypothesis.
5310Branson, Mark K. Between the Scylla and the Charybdis: A Method for Dealing with the Monsterous Demands of Evaluating Students' Writing.
5311Brett, Sally and E. Gartrell. Invention from Life: The Manuscript Collection as Writer's Resource.
5312Broer, Lawrence R. Death and Resurrection in Hemingway's The Garden of Eden.
5313Buck, Donald C. The Provocative Dare: Pornography and Scatology in Nineteenth Century Popular Literature.
5314Bush, Ronald. Modernism Under Siege.
5315Byrnes, Heidi. How Do you Get There From Here: Expectations and outcomes for FL Majors.
5316Canine, Karen M. Text and Language in the Classroom: Composition, Cognition, Conversation.
5317Chiang, Joseph P. Negators in Modern Chinese.
5318Chow, Balance T. P. The Jingjie Theory in the Light of Western Poetics.
5319Clark, James Andrew. The New Historicism and Pedagogy.
5320Clark-Evans, Christine. Controlling and Being Controlled by Suzanne: La Religieuse by Diderot.
5321Classen, Albrecht. A Representation of Reality in Oswald von Wolkenstein's Lyric Poetry and in Contemporary North Italian and South Tryolean Prescoes and Book Illustrations.
5322Cohen, Fritz. Poetic, Rhetorical and Didactic Elements of the Helden-Briefe of Hofmannsqaldau.
5323Covel, Robert. James Dickey's Deliverance: Screenplay as Intertext.
5324Cunningham, Velvet. Le Guin and the Canon of Suffering.
5325David, Dierdre. Tottering for a Nurse: Discipline and Punish in Dombey and Son
5326Davis, Joseph K. The Urban Apocalypse of John Cheever.
5327Day, James T. Balzac, Beyle, and the Bildungsroman.
5328Deer, Harriet A. Hedda Gabler as a Precursor to Genet's The Maids.
5329Deer, Irving. Ambiguity and Openness in Litte Eyolf.
5330Deese, Helen R. Jones Very, Transcendental Poet.
5331de Nemes, Garciela Palau. Zenobia's role as Juan Ramon's Translator.
5332Dickens, David B. When the Rainbow Fails: examination of a Poetic Image in the Work of Clemens Brentano.
5333Dorrill, Masako. What Teachers Don't Know in the Classroom.
5334Douglass, Paul. Stories Versus Storyboards: Why Jesse Stuart Never Hit the Silver Screen.
5335Dunne, Michael. Hawthrone's Twice-told Tales (1837): The Author's Search for Authority.
5336Eckstein, Barbara. The Consequences of Labor Divided in Hawthorne's "The Birthmark".
5337Eesley, Anne. The Element of Folkloric Humor in Celestina.
5338Eisiminger, Sterling K. Aiming for a Worldwide Market: Japanese Automobile Names.
5339Ericson, Joan. The Boundaries of Gender in Modern Japanese Literature.
541Favata, Martin A. Teaching for Proficiency: The Real World.
542Field, Stephen. The Concept of Metaphor in the Book of Changes.
543Ford, John R. The Decreed Burden: Tuning Human Voices in The Temple.
544Foster, John Burt, Jr. From Synesthesia to Mnemonic Images: Nabokov's Self-Presentation as an Author.
545Fowler, Douglas. The Waste Land as Gothic Fantasy: Theology in Scary Pictures.
546Friedrich, Ellen. "Pois peire d'Alverne a chantat": A Twelfth Century Celebrity Roast.
547Gathercole, Patricia M. Illuminations on the Manuscripts of Christine de Pisan.
548Gilbert, Armida. Emerson and the English Romantic Poets.
549Goebel, Rolf J. Adorno's Theory of Aesthetic Experience ni the Light of Gadamer's Hermeneutics.
5410Gómez-Martínez, José Luis. Independencia cultural iberoamericana: Presupuestos teoricos para su estudio.
5411Grol-Prokopczyk, Regina. Astride East and West: The Case of Sławomir Mrożek.
5412Grusin, Richard A. Thoreau, Extravagance, and the Economy of Nature.
5413Guskin, Phyllis J. Women and Satire: Female Contemporaries of Pope and Swift.
5414Haberland, Paul M. Options Within the Foreign Language Minor.
5415Haig, Judith G. "Vile Book Work": Washington Irving and Transatlantic Publication.
5416Hampton, Warren. O naturalista no rio amazonas.
5417Hankins, Leslie K. Dialogic Difference: Textual Strategies of Relationship Between Black and White Women in Alice Walker's "Advanving Luna -- and Ida B. Wells" and Ellen Douglas' Hold On.
5418Hannaford, Renée. I on it Securely Play: Self as Spectacle in Marvell's The Gallery.
5419Haritos, Mary J. La sociedad y la cultura en la pensamiento de Pedro Jorge Vera.
5420Harrison, Antony H. Swineburne's Poems and Ballads, First Series: The English and American Editions.
5421Hood, Connie K. Tiger Stripes: Using the MTBI in Advanced Composition.
5422Huguelet, Theodore L. Wallace Stevens and the Lost Ice Cream Letter.
5423Hyles, Vernon. The Terminal Beach: Apocalypse and Eucatastrophe in Modern Science Fiction and Fantasy.
5424Jackson, Sarah Evelyn. The South and Southerners: Images and Memories.
5425Kearns, Nancy. The Female Voice in American Theatre from Lillian Hellman to Ntozake Shange: Race, Class, and Sex.
5426Keenan, Hugh T. The Forgotten Children's Books of Joel Chandler Harris and What They Tell Us: The Sweetest Susan and Buster John Series.
5427Kellogg, Robert. Legendary History and Ethical Teaching in Hrafnkels Saga.
5428Kerr, Roy A. Da fala ao grito: Fantasy and Role-Play in Leilah Assunção's Dramatic Trilogy.
5429Kiebuzinska, Christine. Witkiewicz's The Shoemakers: A Vision of the Mechanization of Man.
5430Kimball, Sue Laslie. All Right People in the Novels of Doris Betts.
5431King, James C. Hans Sachs, the Man and His Works as Viewed by Goethe.
5432Knapp, Shoshana. Living Dangerously: Teaching George Eliot and Ayn Rand as Science Fiction.
5433Kolin, Philip C. Untitled.
5434Kreyling, Michael. Peter Taylor and Mannerism in Modern Southern Literature.
5435Lam, Clara. Reeducating a Chinese Child in America in the Native Language.
5436Laurila, Marketta. Images and Models for Progress in Latin American Literature.
5437Little, Greta and M. Montgomery. Untitled. Re: Southern Name Society.
5438Lopez, Ignacio-Javier. "Un mundo viejo": Eulalia Galvarriato's Cinco Sombras (1947) as as Alterative to "Tremendismo" in Post-war Spanish Literature.
5439Lovitt, Carl R. and E. B. Wood. The Student as Reflective Reader and Writer.
5440Lynn, David H. Narrative Irony and the Pursuit of Understanding: Peter Taylor's "Dean of Men" and "In the Miro District".
551Marban, Jorge. Xa vai o griffon no vento: Narrative Techniques and Historical Recreation in a Galician novel.
552Marks, Patricia. A Kind of Sacred Place in Dickens: Church is Where the Hearth Is.
553Mayberry, Susan Neal. Symbols in the Sewer or A Symbolic Renunciation of Symbols in Richard Wright's "The Man Who Lived Underground"
554McAlexander, Hubert H. A Map of Misreading: Updike on Taylor.
555McCreary, Don R. Loan Words in Japanese.
556McGuirk, Carol. Shandean Cadence and Character in the Satires of Robert Burns.
557McMillan, Norman. Dostoevskian Vision in Flannery O'Connor's "Revelation".
558McNulty, Mary. Harmony and Light: The Seventeenth Century Nativity Poem.
559Meister, Peter. The Healing Female in the German Arthurian Romance.
5510Méndez, Coucha. The Various Exiles of Ernestina.
5511Mitchell, Vernon D. Of Villains, Heroines, and Food: Menu for Reading The Color Purple.
5512Morris, Michèle R. Le Roman Autobiographique d'Enfance.
5513Murphy, Richard J., Jr. The Calculus of Intimacy: Grading Freshman Papers.
5514Nagai, Noriko. Reordering in Japanese Examined.
5515Nettels, Elsa. Language and Gender in Howells's Fiction and Drama.
5516Newton, Candelas. Hacia Una Sociologia del Signo Poetico: El Romancero de la Guerra Española.
5517Nordenholz, Lillian. Delgadina: The Evolution of a Romance.
5518O'Hehir, Brendan. Yeats and the Matter of Ireland: Misinformation and Mythopoiesis in Yeats's Myth of Edian and Aengus.
5519O'Keeffe, Anthony. Supreme Fictions, Solid Facts: John Banville's Modernism.
5520Paine, John H. E. Narration in Peter Taylor's Fiction: The Digressive-Retrospective Monologue.
5521Palmeri, Frank. Gibbon's Use of Satiric Techniques in the Decline and Fall.
5522Parsons, Melinda B. Untitled. Re: Bernard Shaw.
5523Pevey, Jo Lundy. Responding to Student Writing: Ways to Make the Task Easier for Instructors and More Beneficial to Students.
5524Plank, Jeffrey. The Critical Essay as Genre.
5525Plotz, Judith A. I Am That Snake, That Annihilator: The Unromantic Appetites of Charles Lamb.
5526Poe, Elizabeth W. De dompnas e de desaventuras: Uncourtly Liaisons in the Vidas and Razos.
5527Probes, Christine McCall. Beaux Arts and Belles Lettres in Praise of the Redeemer: Images of Victory in La Ceppede's Theoremes.
5528Ramsey, Priscilla. John A. Williams' Sissie: Symbolically Resolving Old Class Paradigms.
5529Ray, Rhonda Johnson. Frankenstein or The Last man: Science Fiction and Eschatology in the Romantic Canon.
5530Ree, Joe J. Japanese Borrowings into Korean.
5531Rennert, Hal H. A Reconsideration of the Biblical Source of the "Wager" in the Prologue to Goethe's Faust.
5532Roudané, Matthew C. Public Issues, Private Tensions: The Theater of David Mamet.
5533Roy, Joaquín. A Decade of Linguistic Normalization in Catalonia (1977-1987).
5534Russell, J. Stephen. Pardon and Pilgrimage in Piers Plowman and St. Augustine.
5535Russo, Peggy A. Uncle Walt's Uncle Remus: A Re-examination of the Case Against Joel Chandler Harris.
5536Scarborough, Connie L. Woman and Property: A Means of Power in Medieval Castile-Leon.
5537Schnepf, Michael A. Anti-Feminist Thought in Glados.
5538Schomber, Judith H. Teaching for Oral Proficiency: "Affectiveness" and Teaching Effectiveness.
5539Schroeder, Patricia R. The Reconstituted Past: Tennessee Williams' Use of Monologues.
5540Schulz, Hans-Joachim. Entertainment and Literature in the German Democratic Republic: Some Theoretical Considerations.
5541Scwarz, Henry. Doing it With Mirrors: Narratives of Power and Submission in Stephen Greenblatt's Renaissance Self-Fashioning.
561Sears, Grace. Plutrch Between Friends: Jonson's Epistle to Master Arthur Squib.
562Sedycias, Joao. The Roman Experimental and the Politics of Salvation.
563Sharp, Ronald A. Gift Exchange and the Economy of Spirit in Keats.
564Shillingsburg, Peter. Thackeray and His American Publishers.
565Soufas, C. Christopher, Jr. Landscapes of Will: Jorge Guillen as Rightist.
566Spivey, Ted R. The Apocalyptic Vision of Flannery O'Connor and James Joyce.
567Stabb, Martin S. Desarrollismo, Dependency and the Myth of the Third World in Some Recent Spanish Amiercan Essays.
568Stock, Lorraine K. How Rash is Dorigen's 'Rash' Promise?: The Question of Women as Contract makers in Chaucer's Franklin's Tale.
569Stokes, John L. Joseph K's Verhaftung and the Open Door to the Law.
5610Stoneback, Harry R. Memorable Eggs 'in Danger of Getting Cold' and Mackerel 'Perilous with Edge-level Juice': Eating in Hemingway's Garden.
5611Stowell, Marion B. Mark Twain's Lies.
5612Taylor, Granville. Mystics and Poets: Two Searches for God.
5613Thibault, Bruno. Le Roman Contre L'Exotisme.
5614Thoenulet, Klaus. "Lebendige" und "Gemachte Zeit": Goethes Dialektisches Amerika-Bild in Den Wilhelm Meister-Romanen.
5615Thomson, Douglass H. But for Such Faith: The Moral Force of Romantic Ambiguity.
5616Thorton, Weldon. The Anti-Modernism of James Joyce.
5617Tripp, Ellen L. Free Southern Theater: A Theater of the '60s.
5618Troncale, Joseph. Kozintsev's "Odna".
5619Uppuluri, Shigeko. Present Application of Japanese Machine Translation.
5620Van Gastel, Ada. Franklin and Freud: Love in the Autobiography.
5621Walker, Eric C. Biographia Literaria and Wordsworth's Revisions.
5622Wasserman, Julian N. Semiotic Perception and the Problem of Chaucerian "Prejudice".
5623Weiss, Hanna Kalter. Dream as Reality: The Surreal World of Bo Lennart Gustaffson's Vantaren.
5624Weissberger, Barbara F. Sixteenth-Century Spanish Theater and the Carnivalesque.
5625White, Isabelle. The Dollmaker on Film" Harriette Arnow's Novel and Jane Fonda's Feminism.
5626White, Joseph N. A Delayed Production Week: The First Step Toward Proficiency.
5627Whitt, Lena M. Assessment Model and Curriculum Objectives for Required English Courses.
5628Wiedemann, Barbara. Sue de' Nim, Or the Use of Pen Names in Freshman English.
5629Wilentz, Gay A. Anti-Semitism as a Thematic Device in The Sun Also Rises.
5630Wisdom, Joe C. Harris and Faulkner: Moral Ambiguity and the Southern Intellect.
5631Worley, Linda K. The Ugly Heroine: Aesthetic Taboo and Auctorial Strategy. Reflections on Adalbert Stifter's Brigitta and Louise Francois's "Geschichte einer Häßlichen".
5632Yoder, Lauren. Folk Songs in Southern France: La Chanson de Creation en Occitan.
5633Discussion session schedule and index

571Adams, Timothy. Autobiographical Fiction and Fictional Autobiography.
572Allen, Dennis. Peter Was A Lady Then: The Problem of Gender in Cranford.
573Allen, Joseph R. Is There Life After Density: A Postmodern Book Review.
574Allums, J. Larry. Writing of Fraud and the Fraud of Writing: Perils of Dante's Sacred Poem.
575Amos, Mark A. Self-Fashioning through Symbolic Action: Linguistic Empowerment and the Potent Hero in the Plays of John Synge.
576Ardis, Ann L. Introduction to "Female Aesthetics and Dandies".
577Assaf, Francis. Looking at the Other: Brazil in Andre Thevet's les Singularites de la France Antarctique.
578Autrey, Ken. "Working the Notebook to Death": James Dickey's Journals.
579Baechler, Lea. Voices of Unexpected Lyricism in Joyce's Dubliners.
5710Baker, Moria P. Figurations of the Female Body in Sidney's Astrophel and Stella and Greville's Caelica.
5711Ballard, Sandra L. Re-Sounding Hariette Simpson Arnow's Hunter's Horn.
5712Ballesta, Juan Cano. Nuevo ensayo y retorica de la derecha en visperas del "bienio negro" (1933).
5713Barge, Laura. Beckett's Metaphysics and Christian Thought: A Comparison.
5714Baum, Rosalie Murphy. Unique and Irreplaceable: Margaret Laurence's Hagar.
5715Beaudry, Catherine A. Montesquieu and Rousseau: Rhetorical Strategies in the Service of History.
5716Beck, Charlotte H. The Fugitive Legacy in Appalachia: Jesse Stuart and James Still.
5717Bell, Robert F. Moments in the Biography of a Strophe: From "Innsbruck, ich muß dich lassen" to Matthias Claudius.
5718Bell, Vereen M. The Rime of the Ancient Mariner and the Authority of Interpretation.
5719Bellamy, Elizabeth J. Em(body)ments of Power: Versions of the Body in Pain in Spenser.
5720Bentley, Joseph. Multiple Centers: A View of The Cocktail Party.
5721Bing, Janet. Real World Phonology.
5722Bizzaro, Patrick. Interaction and Assessment: Some Uses of Primary Trait Scoring in Evaluating Student Poetry Writing.
5723Boetsch, Laurent. El Compromiso de Cesar M. Arconada: Descenso del Paraiso de las Mursarañas.
5724Bollier, E. P. T.S. Eliot's Objective Correlative Reconsidered: Metaphysics or Common Sense?
5725Bowers, Fredson. Authorial Intention and Editorial Problems.
5726Bregoli-Russo, Mauda. Sopravvivere nell'arte: il Golfo del Paradiso di Gina Lagorio.
5727Brokoph-Mauch, Gudrun. Salome und Ophelia: Die Frau in der osterreichischen Literatur der Jahrundertwende.
5728Brooker, Jewel Spears and Bentley, Joseph. The Defeat of Symbolism in "Death by Water".
5729Brown, Ashley. T.S. Eliot in the Postmodern Age.
5730Bruckman, Patricia C. Fielding's Patriot King.
5731Byerman, Keith. Big Voices: Dialogic Patterns in Zora Neale Hurston's Their Eyes Were Watching God.
5732Callaghan, Dympna. Femnism and Radical Post-War British Theater: Aesthetics and Assessment.
5733Canine, Karen McFarland. Sneaking Linguistics into Comp II: The Name Paper.
5734Cash, William F. Tom Watson's Jefferson and Jackson: Biography, Democracy, and the Common People.
5735Cate-Arries, Francie. Popular Form(ula)s of Political Commitment: Manuel Vazquez Montalban's Detective Novels.
5736Champagne, Claudia M. Wounding the Body of Woman in The Faerie Queene.
5737Chow Tin-Ping (Balance). Out of That Window Peeps a Resentful Wife: Guiyuan Poetry as a Discursive Practice in the Chinese Tradition.
5738Christensen, Julie A. The Soviet Film Industry Under Gorbachev.
5739Cook, Robert. The Women in Laxdaela saga.
5740Craddock, Patricia B. Untitled. Re: Decline and Fall.
5741Crafton, John Michael. The Influence of the ars dictaminis on the Structure and Voices in Chaucer's Centerbury Tales.
5742Culleton, Claire A. Icarus and the Upstart Crow: A Groatsworth of Plagiarism in A Portrait and Ulysses.
5743Cumpston, Andrea R. The Politics of Deafness: Critical Interpretations of The Wife of Bath's Prologue.
5744Cunningham, Karen. A New Look at Old Laws: Historicizing Shakespearean Violence.
5745Danner, Richard. A Reader-Response Approach Two Fables of La Fontaine.
5746Darnell, Donald. Cooper's The Spy: Class Consciousness in A Revolution.
5747de Armas, Frederick A. Balthasar's Doom: Letters that Heal/Kill in Claramonte's El secreto en la mujer.
5748de Oliveira, Celso. Bernardo Santareno and Garcia Lorca: Two Ritualistic Drama.
5749de Rocher, Gregory. Joachim Du Bellay: ou le retour a la souffrance.
5750DeVaney-Lovinguth, Sharon. Definition and Freedom: Naming and the Eden Motif in Dessa Rose.
5751Dickie, Margaret. Never a Woman: Never a Poet.
581Edmiston, William F. Character Portrayal and Manipulation of the Reader in Manon Lescaut.
582Engell, John. The Act of Surviving and Dying: The Undefeated, The Capital of the World, and Hemingway's Fiction 1924-1936.
583Ensor, Allison R. The Shaking of the Foundations: Adolescent Religious Crisis in Five Modern Short Stories.
584Evans, Rick and Bernstein, Cynthia G. Using Literature in the Linguistics Classroom.
585Farr, Judith. Elinor Wylie: The Peril and the Triumph of Aestheticism.
586Farwell, Harold. Dialect Variation as an Icebreaker in a Course Focusing on the Literatures of Non-Western Cultures.
587Feldman, Jessica. A Twice-Written Scroll: Willa Cather's Dandies.
588Fleming, Bruce E. Proust and Peirce: Time and Memory.
589Fredell, Joel. Wish Fulfillment and Audience in Sir Launfal.
5810Fremlin, Jennifer A. Adrienne Rich's Your Native Land, Your Life: Feminist/Deconstructive Poetry.
5811Futterknecht, Franz. Der Erzähler als Physiologe.
5812Goebel, Robert O. Marmorbild and Topf.
5813Goulet, Robert G. Women Stand and Men Deliver: General Ideology in the Teacher Melodrama.
5814Gray, Charles F. Literature in the Writing Class: Percentages or Texts.
5815Gray, Karen. Baudelaire's La fanfarlo: A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Autobiographer.
5816Greenway, John. Scientific Arguments for Clairvoyance in the Nineteenth Century: Jonas Lie's The Visionary.
5817Guruswamy, Rosemary Fithian. The Sweet Defender of New England.
5818Hall, Donald E. Muscular Maternality: The Bisexual Vision of Tom Brown's Schooldays.
5819Hardin, James N. Johann Christoph Ettner: Physician, Novelist, and Alchemist.
5820Harper, Howard. Genre Under Erasure: Robocop and the Poetics of Postmodernism.
5821Hedrick, Donald K. Dead Hostages: Historiography at a Disadvantage in Henry V.
5822Heylen, Romy. James Dickey's The Zodiac: A Self-Translation?
5823Hiltner, Judith. Distortion from the Heights: Melville's Revisions of "The Two Temples" Manuscript.
5824Hines, Carole. A Matrilineal Study fo the Wanchese Dialect.
5825Holten, Kathryn I. Metamorphosis in the Lay of "Bisclavret".
5826Horowitz, Sara R. Fictional Autobiography and Holocaust Survivor Testimony: Artifice/Artifact/Art.
5827Howad-Hill, T. H. The Social Contract and Editorial Theory: A Response to Fredson Bowers and Jerome McGann.
5828Hunter, James M. Untitled. Re: Classical revival of contemporary rhetoric studies.
5829Ierardo, Domenico. Il giallo sciscano come testimonianza storica: Todo modo.
5830Jameson, Maureen. Volupte: Recit d'un Crime.
5831Johnson, Bruce. To Love the Strife: George Herbert's Struggle for His Poetry.
5832Jones, Catherine M. La Tresse: Interlace in the Late Chanson de Geste.
5833Jones, Marnie. Toledo's "Golden Rule" Mayor: The Popular Side of Progressivism.
5834Josephs, Allen. Hemingway's Spanish Civil war Stories, or the Spanish Civil War as Reality.
5835Joyner, Nancy. The Three Best Appalachian Women Novelists.
5836Kellogg, Robert. The Prehistory of Eddic Poetry.
5837Kershner, R. B. Joyce and the East.
5838Kiernan, Kevin. The Structure of Beowulf.
5839Kirkland, James W. Writers as Readers. Dynamic Modeling in the Composition Class.
5840Knipp, Thomas R. Kenya's Literary Ladies and the Mythologizing of the White Highlands.
5841Knodt, Ellen Andrews. Problem-Solving Cases for Business Writing.
5842Kopacz, Paula. My Sweetheart is Poland... The Psychology of National Character in The Polish Complex.
5843Koritz, Amy. Women Who Dance: Yeats's At the Hawk's Well and "The Only jealousy of Enter".
5844Kuno, Hiroyuki. Retrievable or Unretrievable?: Various Kinds of 'Omissions' in the Japanese Language.
591Laird, Holly. The Pre-Raphaelite Woman Speaks: Rachel Annand Taylor.
592Lam, Clara. American Group Discussion Patterns As Viewed by Chinese Students - Turn-taking Behavior of Eight Taiwanese Students Studying in America.
593Larsen, Jeanne. Uses of Poetic Conventions by Tang Court Women.
594Ledgerwood, Mikle. Sealing the Episodic Seam.
595Lemay, J. A. Leo. Smith and Pocahontas.
596Lenard, G. T. New Lives, New Names: Dreiser's Carrie.
597Levy, Michele Frucht. Politics, Religion, and the Game in Dostoevsky and H.D. Lawrence.
598Ling, Xin. On the Translation of the Chinese Poetry Into English.
599Macfie, Pamela Royston. Inscripted Difference: Masculine and Feminine Description in Marlowe's Hero and Leander.
5910Marban, Jorge A. Rodriguez Castelao and his View of Galicia.
5911Mariner, Francis. Defining a Reader's Role in Jansenist Autobiography.
5912Marun, Gioconda. Modernismo/Modernidad en la Argentina del 70: la Revista Literaria.
5913Maryanow, Maurice. Oral Biography: Framework For Assessment.
5914McCreary, Don R. Computerized Pedagogy for Japanese and Chinese.
5915McElrath, Joseph R., Jr. 1897 as a Watershed Year in Frank Norris's Career.
5916McEntee, Grace. Deliverance as James Dickey's Re-vision of Crane's "Open Boat".
5917McGann, Jerome. What is Critical Editing?
5918McIver, Jean P. Pilate Dead: Guardian of Ethnicity in Toni Morrison's "Song of Solomon".
5919McWhirter, Ellen. The Srewball Comedy Revisited.
5920Meese, Elizabeth. Theorizing the Other: Marguerite Duras's The Lover.
5921Mendez, Vialla H. Cinco horas con Mario: Mario como heroe intelectual.
5922Miecznikowski, Cynthia J. Female Quixoticism and 'the Female Picaresque': Reading Women Readers into the Patriarchal Tradition.
5923Morlier, Margaret M. The Death of Pan: Elizabeth Barrett Browning's Critique of Western Culture.
5924Morris, Ann R. and Dunn, Margaret M. The "Quilt Aesthetic" and Ethnic Women's Writing.
5925Mufwene, Salikoko S. and Ho, Jason and Li Baizheng. A "S --> NP PredP" Rule for Chinese.
5926Nakjavani, Erik. The Paraesthetics of Propaganda: The Fifth Column as Detective Fiction.
5927Neugaard, Edward J. Modern Catalan Folklore Collections.
5928Newman, Jane O. Nurturing Theory, or: Feminism as Post-Modernism's (M) Other and a counterexample (Friederike Roth).
5929Norwood, Dorrie B. Images of Initiation in Borden Deal's There Were Also Strangers.
5930Overbeck, Lois More. Self as Other: Gender as Metaphor in Beckett's Play.
5931Pair, Joyce M. Totemism in "May Day Sermon to the Women of Gilmer County, Georgia, by a Woman Preacher Leaving the Baptist Church".
5932Parker, Alice. Is There A Text in this Body?
5933Parsons, Melinda B. Reading Paintings: Visual Involvement and Literacy.
5934Patteson, Richard F. You Can't Be There and Here: The Pursuit of Otherness in Paul Bowles.
5935Pizer, Donald. The Sexual Geography of Expatriate Paris.
5936Porter, Joseph A. Speech Acts and Character: The Example of Mercutio.
5937Ragan, David Paul. Defending the Imaginationi: Fred Chappell's I am One of You Forever.
5938Ramon, Francisco Ruiz. El Palacio de Basilio o el Espacio De La Descomunicacion.
5939Rea, John A. Fiscal Imagery in Beatriz de dia.
5940Reinhard, Max. Literary and Historical Synchronism in the Utopian Project of Hellwig's Noris.
5941Reynolds-Cornell, Regine. The Jeanne Flore Enigma.
5942Rice, H. William. Two Work Songs in Cane.
5943Richards, Earl Jeffrey. Christine de Pizan, The Conventions of Courtly Diction and Italian Humanism.
5944Ricouart, Janine. Fragmentation et folie dans l'oeuvre en Violette Leduc: Une etude de La Folie en tete.
601Robinson, B. J. Despair and Satisfaction: Virginia Woolf and the Aesthetic Mode.
602Rosenman, Ellen B. The Angel in the Text: Gender and Genre in North and South and Daniel Deronda.
603Roy, Joaquin. Joaquin Maurin: Fuente Literaria de Sender.
604Rundus, Ray J. The English Language in American Society.
605Runyon, Randolph. James Still's "Rooster": A Case for a Major Appalachian Writer.
606Ryan, Maureen. Fugacious Fronteirs: Marilynne Robinson's Housekeeping.
607Saciuk, Bodan. Results of Some Phonological Research in Puerto Rico.
608Samson, Donald C. Collaborative Writing in Business, Government and the Classroom.
609Saper, Craig J. Creative Writing as Critical Thinking.
6010Sargent, Stuart H. City of Lotuses.
6011Sarris, Greg. On Writing the Life Story of Mabel McKay: The Role of Post-Modern Ethnography in the Writing of American Indian Autobiography.
6012Schroeder, Patricia R. Feminism and the Dramatic Form.
6013Schuchard, W. Ronald. Eliot in the Music Halls.
6014Secor, John R. Courtly Heroics and Histrionics in Aucassin e Nicolette.
6015Selmon, Michael. Rewriting the Script: Women's Drama and the Issue of Form.
6016Setzer, Sharon M. Surprised by Satan: Reading the Gardens in Wordsworth's Excursion.
6017Severino, Roberto. Ragione e Passione Nella Poesia Di Elio Filippo Accrocca (Da Portonaccio algi Innestogrammi).
6018Shattuck, Sandra D. Confronting Identities: Sex and Race in Ruth Seid's Wasteland.
6019Shaw, Kurt. Gender Identity in Andrej Bitov's "Bol'soj sar".
6020Siebert, Donald T. Profane Reason Against Sacred Mystery: Hume's Portraits of Thomas a Becket and Joan of Arc.
6021Smith, John H. New Subjectivities: Handke and the Individual Supplement of Postmodern Theory.
6022Smith, Paul. The Chronology of The First Forty-nine Stories.
6023Smith, Virginia Whatley. Themes of Color Classifications and Imprisonment in Richard Wright's Black Boy and Mark Mathabane's Kaffir Boy.
6024Sprayberry, Sandra L. "Towards Break of Day": The Juncture Between the Night of Creation and the Day of Revision in the Poetry of W. B. Yeats.
6025Stutman, Suzanne. Lives and Fictions Intertwined: The Writings of Thomas Wolfe and Aline Bernstein.
6026Thoenelt, Klaus. Zeit Zu Schweigen.. Zeit Zu Reden: Goethe Für Und Wider Das Gespräch.
6027Tkacz, Catherine Brown. Samson and Arcite in the Knight's Tale.
6028Tolmieri (Cowgill), Jane. Time and the Structure of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight.
6029Trammell, Robert L. On the Ambiguity of English Spelling.
6030Urbina, Nicasio. La Modernidad en Los Ochenta en la Literatura Nicaraguense: Replanteamiento Estetico.
6031Valenti, Peter. Untitled. Re: Noir.
6032Van Ness, Gordon. Reading Plato Between Missions: James Dickey's War Experience.
6033Wall, Wendy. The Authority of Flesh: Petrarchism and Renaissance Publication.
6034Wang, Veronica C. In Search of self: The Dislocated Female Emigre Wanderer.
6035Warehime, Marja. Problems of Reference: Balzac, Zola and Michel Tournier on Art and Photography.
6036Warren, Nagueyalti. The Historical Presence in West African Fiction.
6037Waxman, Barbara Frey. Tenneyson's Portrait of Hallam: Reconsidering Biography and Gender Issues in In Memoriam.
6038Weber, Alison P. Melancholy in the Convent: Pathology or Possession?
6039Weber, Harold M. The Politics of Sexuality: Construction the Royal Phallus.
6040Weitz, Barbara S. Self-Confidence and Sensitivity as Precursors to Intellectual Writing.
6041Williams, Peter. The Ultimate Rite of Passage: Death in Flannery O'Connor.
6042Woll, Josephine. The Politics of Culture: Cultural Change in an Age of Glasnost.
6043Yao Tao-chung. Teaching Chinese Charactres with Personal Computers.
6044Ziarek, Kryzsztof. Untitled: Postmodernism and the other.

611Allen, David G. Langlad, Lonergan, and the Pursuit of Insight.
612Allen, Joseph R. Sweetly Entangled: Thirteen Ways of Looking at a New Year.
613Armistead, Jack. The Higher Magic in Dryden's Conquest of Granada.
614Atwill, Janet M. Cultural Studies and the Art of Rhetoric.
615Baker, Lee. Tenneyson's In Memoriam: The Crisis of Consciousness and of Langauge.
616Benedek, Dezso & Majima, Junko. Slick Versus Useful: Efficiency Problems in Computer-Assisted Japanese Language Instruction.
617Bergeron, David M. Wherefore to Whitehall? Renaissance Theater in the 1980s.
618Biglieri, Anibal. Sobre La Composicion de la Leyenda de la Condesa Traidora.
619Bizzaro, Patrick. Untitled. Re: Style analysis software.
6110Burdan, Judith H. The Price of Honor: Love and Marriage in The Rover and The Feign'd Curtezans.
6111Burnett, Rebecca E. Productive Problems in Collaborative Planning.
6112Cammarata, Joan. The Symbolic Language of Cervantes' "Song of Calliope".
6113Carmichael, Elizabeth. John Skelton and the Politics of Silence.
6114Casey, Roger N. Ellison's "Spectroscopic Vision": Color as Meaning in Invisible Man.
6115Cate-Arries, Francie. Crime and Punishment in Nineteenth Century Spanish Narrative: The Case of Emilia Pardo Bazan.
6116Charney, Mark J. Beauty in the Beast: Technological Reanimation in the Contemporary Horror Film.
6117Chow, Balance T.P. Farms, Fields, Mountains, Seas: Tao Quian and the Landscapes of Nature and Myth.
6118Clifford, John. The Postmodern Subject in Rhetoric.
6119Cobbs, Alfred L. Autobiographical Elements in Current Ausländerliteratur.
6120Cocco, Mia. Untitled.
6121Collins, Marsha S. Sliding into the Vortex: Patterns of Ascent and Descent in Galdos' La desheredada.
6122Crews, Edna E. Without Nets and Other Props.
6123Culleton, Claire A. Naming and Satire: Joyce's Rhetoric of Nomenclature.
6124Dambroski, Stanley. Jonathan Swift's Alchemy: Elements of Satiric Technique.
6125Dasebrock, Reed W. Moving Beyond Seeing the Modernist as Fascist.
6126Deese, Helen R. Editing Caroline H. Dall.
6127Dickie, Margaret. "To Picnic in the Ruins that we Leave": Wallace Stevens and Romanticism.
6128Doig, Kay H. Three Pre-revolutionary Encyclopedias.
6129Eckstein, Barbara J. Madness, Nothing and the State: John Hawkes's Travesty.
6130Elliiot, Philip L. Fact and Imagination in Browning's "Apparent Failure".
6131Evasdaughter, Elizabeth N. Sir Thomas Malory's Knights on the Road and A.J. Greimas' Semiotic or Narrative Square.
6132Fallis, Richard. Recoving Yeats's Satiric Voices.
6133Fell, Christa. Christa Wolfs Kindheitsmuster: Lenkas Traum.
6134Fick, Thomas H. A Kind of Text for All the Rest: Realism in the Beau Actual in Antebellum American Fiction.
6135Field, Stephen. Hexagrammatic Landscapes in the Poetry of Ruan Ji.
6136Frazier, Toney. A Bogeyman for the Eighties: The Phenomenon of Freddy Krueger.
6137Geckle, George L. The Royal Shakespeare Company and the Making of Ideology: The Merchant of Venice and the Jew of Malta.
6138Girelli, Carl A. Palatalization in Brazilian Portuguese: A Syllable Structure Analysis.
6139Glidden, Hope H. The Circle and the Abyss: Jean de Meun, Rabelais, and the Encyclopedic Mode.
6140Godar-Londono, Michele. How to Best Teach Foreign Languages in Florida.
6141Golden, Kenneth L. "Cultural Literacy" and Teaching Composition and Literature: Ideals and Realities.
6142Greenway, John L. Penetrating Surfaces: X-Rays, Strindberg and The Ghost Sonata.
6143Hague, Angela. Beyond the Laboratory Brain: Henry James and the Creative Process.
6144Hamilton, Donna B. King John, the Church of England, and the Common Lawyers.
6145Hanna, Ralph R., III. The Ideology of Lollard Biblical Translation.
6146Hark, Ina R. Rewriting the Failed Father in Back to the Future.
6147Harnack, Andrew. The Bertoffean Rheostat: Turning Up the Electricity.
6148Harper, Margaret M. Editing George Yeats?
6149Hartunian, Diana. Carpe Diem Imagery and Symbolism in La Celestina.
6150Hedgepath, Sonja M. Selbstdarstellung in der Exilprosa Else Lasker-Schülers.
621Hewitt, Regina. Coleridge's "Principled" Reform.
622Hiltner, Judith R. Melville and the Limits of Charity.
623Hughes, Elaine W. Stand By Me: An Adolescent's Journey to Adulthood.
624Hysjulien, Jamie. The Recited Society and of the End the Modernist Novel.
625Ierardo, Domenico. Sciascia, La Mafia, Il Giorno Della Civetta.
626Isomaki, Richard. In Resistance of Oppression: Faint Emily in The Mysteries of Udolpho.
627Jones, Catherine M. Rene D'Anjou and the Art of Chivalry.
628Jones, Margaret E.W. Interiors and Inner Dimensions: Subjective Space in Esther Tusquet's El mismo mar de todos los veranos.
629Jordan, Jack. Peering Through Proust's Peepholes: Three Perspectives on A la recherche du temps perdu.
6210King, Charlotte P. Teaching Culture: Do We Begin With Past or Present?
6211Kirkland, Jim. Untitled. Re: Style analysis software.
6212Kolin, Philip C. The Idea of Family in Emily Mann.
6213Lam, Clara & Chow, Balance. Pinyin and Zhuyin: Introducing a More Effective Way of Teaching a Sound System of Chinese.
6214Larsen, Jeanne. Tying Loveknots: Female Desire and Ecriture Feminine in Poems by Women of the Southern Dynasties.
6215Lawson, Don S. The Pure Products of America Go Crazy: Charlie Chaplain One A.M.
6216Levine, James S. On Metaphor in Russian: Theories and Themes.
6217Lu, John H.T. Semantic Constraints on Syntactic Constructions.
6218Lutz, Jay. The Literature of Stockholm's Island Park Through the Centuries.
6219Machonis, Peter. An Analysis of Make + Deverbal Nominals in English.
6220McLees, Ainslee A. Courtroom Narrative: The Distance Between Text and Reality in Hugo and Camus.
6221Mason, Julian. Editing Phillis Wheatley.
6222Montgomery, Michael. Trans-Atlantic Connections between Varieties of English: The Case of Subject-Verb Concord.
6223Morrow, Laura. Intertextual Vows and Illegible Lives in The marriage of Bette and Boo.
6224Mueller, Monika. Getting Close to Zenobia: Gender, "Mystery," and "Magic" in The Blithedale Romance.
6225Nakajima, Kazuko. Audience-Oriented Composition in Japanese and International E-mail Exchange.
6226Neupert, Richard. Exercising Color Restraint: Technicolor and Hollywood.
6227O'Neal, John C. Nousseau on Liberty.
6228Osborne, John C. Jupiter's Horoscope of the "German Hero" in Grimmelshausen's Simplicissimus Teutsch.
6229Padgett, Donna M. Telling Less than We Can Know.
6230Pagan, Nicholas O. Tennessee Williams' Out Cry in The Two-Character Play: A Metadramatic Approach.
6231Pesaresi, Massimo M. Musing on the Infinite and the Sublime.
6232Petrovska, Marija. Magic Castles in Bohemia: An Adaptation of Bozena Nemcova's Fairy Tales.
6233Preston, Deborah. Durang's American Tragedy: Christopher Durang's The Vietnamization of New Jersey.
6234Raffini, Christine. Comment du Corps l'Ame on peult deslyer: Unraveling the Neumerological Underpinnings in Maurice Sceve's Delie.
6234Rasmussen, Ann M. Det tomma intet: Nature and Intellect in August Strindberg's novel By the Open Sea.
6235Reck, Rima D. Fiction in the Paris Waste Land: Drieu's Le Feu follet and Postwar Art Quarrels.
6236Ree, Joseph J. On the Fragmatics of Some Integjections in Japanese.
6237Reese, James W. Computer Aided Learning of Japanese.
6238Reinhart, Max. Reflections on Reflection: Interreferential Strategy in the 17th Century Prose Ecologue.
6239Rennert, Hal R. Closing the Gap Between Language Learning and Literature Pedagogy.
6240Reynolds, John F. Classical Rhetoric and Computer-Assisted Composition: Extra-Textual Features as Delivery.
6241Reynolds, Mark. Using Writing to Teach Literature.
6242Rice, S. Paul. Representing the Primal: A Search for Poetic Wisdom in Modern American Poetry.
6243Richardson, Gary A. The Politics of Dramatic History: Monarchist Comedic Representations of the Commonwealth: 1647-1663.
6244Richter, Simon J. Under the Sign of Venus: Eichendorff's Marmorbild and the Erotics of Allegory.
6245Rickard, John. James Joyce and the Art of Memory.
6246Rosenthal, Rae. A Feminist's Reconception of English 101.
6247Salgado, Maria A. Valle-Inclan y mitificación de su persona literaria.
6248Schliefer, Ronald. Historicizing Modernist Signification: Modernism, Materialism, and the End of Europe.
6249Schnepf, Michael A. The Significance of the petardos in Galdos's La Desheredada.
6250Schulz, H.-J. The Proper Place of Literature: Socialist Debates Around the Turn of the Century.
6251Schwartz, Sanford. The Postmodernity of Modernism.
631Scott, Patrick. Using Rhetoric Differently: An Advanced Writing Course from Historical Materials.
632Sedycias, João. Federico Gamboa and the Mexican Background of Santa.
633Sekine, Eiji. Several Remarks on the use of Audio-Visual Materials.
634Shealy, Daniel. A Place in the Estimation of Society: Editing Louisa May Alcott's Letters and Journals.
635Steppich, Christoph J. Zu wolframs Parzival: war den Gralsburgnewohnern die Identität ihres Besuchs bekannt?
636Stetz, Margaret D. Rebecca West: The Music and Brushstrokes of Literary Modernism.
637Szmurlo, Karyna M. L'inscription du feminin: Germaine de Stael et la theorie des masques.
638Theander, Gunilla. Antihero and Posthero: Modern and Postmodern Buildng in Dostoevsky and Ellison.
639Theis, Martin. John Dos Passos: A Romantic Mind Meets an 'Abortive' Century, or Romantic Strain in American Modernism.
6310Thoenelt, Klaus. Willst du Besser sein als wir, Lieber Freund, so Wanderte!" Die Kunst des Reisens in Goethes Leben und Work.
6311Thomas, Mary L. Strategies of Persuasion in Calderon's Auto La hiadalga del valle.
6312Thompson, Margareta. A Revised Portrait of Ol'ga Berggol'ts.
6313Tush, Susan R. Preaching and prisons Scenes: the Conventions of the Evangelical Novel in Adam Bede and Two of the "Silly Novels".
6314Tynan, Nancy L. Keys to Troilus in the Eighth Sphere: Anaphora and Narrative Structure.
6315Van Cleve, John. Faust's will and the Audience of the Faustbuch.
6316Varnas, Lazaros A. Language Transfer and Aspectual Distinction Errors.
6317Vickers, Carol F. Recent Developments in the Teaching of Writing More Than Just a Bag of Tricks.
6318Viti, Robert. Etienne Lantier and Family: Two-timing in L'Assommoir and Germinal.
6319Walters, Lori. Love and War in Jean de Maun's Continuation of the Romance of the Rose.
6320Weaver, Jack W. Through a Green Eye Darkly: Irish Satire - More Tone and Attitude than Form?
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6327Miscellaneous and Program.

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6626Discussion session sign-in sheets and South Atlantic Review

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6946Towner, Theresa M. Because I Like To: Four Reasons to Reopen Faulkner's Later Novels.
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6948Ujie, Ken. Breaking the Old Myth: Honing Dictionary Skills Can Be Fun.
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702Walker, Nancy. Against Convention: Ruth Hall and American Realism.
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705West, James L.W. III. Did F. Scott Fitzgerald Have the Right Publisher?
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707Wilson, Martha & Sell, Gwendolyn. The Differences Within: Searching for the Double.
706Winton, Calhoun. John Gay, Lyricist, and the Problems of a Lyric Poet.
707Wiseman, Tom. Untitled. Re: The Pathetic Mode and Dysfunctional Families in Medea and Sister Carrie.
708Woosley, Linda M. The Publication of Her Sex: Gender and Power in De Quincey's "The Spanish Military Nun".
709Wutz, Michael. The Vortex-Machine Kreisler: The Narrative Engine of Tarr.
7010Discussion session sign-in sheets and South Atlantic Review

7011Adams, Timoty D. Fathers and Sons in Reynolds Price's Clear Pictures.
7012Alagova, Tamara. Soviet Realism and Women.
7013Anderson, Christopher L. Reopening the Discussion on Determinism in Cañas y Barro.
7014Baker, Moria P. A Familiar world[,]...Never Known: Female Subjectivity and Desire in The Awakening.
7015Baldi, Andrea. Epifanie e metamorfosi del "meraviglioso" nell'epica tassiana.
7016Bardsley, Jan. Motivating Reading and Research in Advanced Japanese Though Integrated Project Work.
7017Beauvois, Margaret. Using Networked Computers for Class Discussion.
7018Berry, J. Colleen. Fears, Fantasies, and Fox Tales: Literary Manipulation of Female Sexuality in the T'ai-P'ing Kuang Chi.
7019Betts, Richard A. The Scrutinizing Prism of Time: The Historical Vision of Robert Penn Warren's Chief Joseph.
7020Booker, M. Keith. Menippean Energy and Linguistic Subversion in Flann O'Brien's The Hard life.
7020Booker, M. Keith. Narrative, Metanarrative, and Utopian Fantasy in Vargas Llosa's The Storyteller.
7021Brian, Dianne. Heroic Outlaws: The Romanian Ballad Tradition of the Haiduc.
7022Bryant, Lizbeth A. Can "We" Collaborate at a SAMLA Session?
7023Buchanan, Rhonda. El Mundo Fantasmagorico de Hector Tizon.
7024Burkhart, Robert E. Hall Screens and the Tiring-House Facade: What the Inns of Court and the Rose Can Tell Us.
7025Buttry, Dolores. Through a (Magnifying) Glass Darkly: Hamsun and Politics.
7026Byerman, Kieth E. Anger in a Small Place: Jamaica Kincaid's Critique of Antigua.
7027Campbell, Christopher D. Community Reaction to A Text: The Lutheran Book of Worship and St. Enoch Lutheran Church of Enochville, North Carolina.
7028Chesney, Thom. The Coycean Echo in Sean O'Faolain's The Talking Trees.
7029Chow, Balance T.P. The Heiroglyphics of Desire: The Transgression of Genre in the Poetry of Zhu Shu'zhen.
7030Classen, Albrecht. Elisabeth Charlotte von der Pfaltz, Herzogin von Orleans Epistolare Selbstbekenntnisse und Literarisches Reisenunternehmen.
7031Cobb, C. Averno y paraiso: Gerardo Diego y su amor de conflicto etico-religioso por la corrida de toros.
7032Cohen, Michael. Passing as Respectable: Sexual Countermyths and Displacement Struggles in the Novels of Wilkie Collins.
7033Cole, Andrew W. Materiality and (Il)literacy in Anglo-Saxon England.
7034Cope, Kevin L. Slumbering Before the Big Screen: Beckford's Passive Projections of Global Connoisseurship.
7035Dabbs, Thomas. The Rise and fall of Dodsley's Old Plays.
7036Daniell, Beth. Theroy, Theory-Talk, and Composition.
7037Dean, Margaret J. Poetic License in Milton's Sonnet XII (11): Who are "They"?
7038Decker, Nancy M. Keeping the Home Fires Burning: The Voices of German WOmen in Deutsch Südwest.
7039DeVost, Nadine. Hemingway's Girls: Writing Women's Lives.
7040Ditman, Laurent. Une autre fin de ciecle: La serie des Fortunes de France de Robert Merle.
7041Dunford, Jane C. Jewish Aspects of Wolfram's Parzival.
7042Dzameshie, Alex K. The Use of Politeness Strategies as Solidarity and Deference Moves in Christian Sermonic Discourse.
7043Efimov, Nina. Images of Women-Saviors in Contemporary Russian Literature.
7044Eisen, Kurt. Black Bottoms, Blues Matrix: Ma Rainey and August Wilson's Popular Race Record.
711Fennel, B.A. The Linguistic Attitudes of German Immigrant Women Writers.
712Ford, Susan Allen. A Name More Dear: Daughters, Fathers, and Desire in A Simple Story, The Fale Friend, and Mathilda.
713Ganin, Russell. Sexual Politics and Imperialism: Alterity and Discovery in Diderot's Supplement au voyage de Bougainville.
714Geis, Dobrah R. Invasion of Privacy: Performance Art and the Violating Body.
715Goddu, Teresa. The Power of Blackness: The African-American Gothic.
716Godorecci, Barbara J. Of Gods and Princes: The Workings of language in L.B. Alberti and Machiavelli.
717Golden, Kenneth L. William Blake Versus the Single Vision: The Private Symbolism of the Marriage and Songs.
718Goslee, Nancy. Untitled. Re: Shelley's Epipsychidion.
719Gosser, Mary Ann. Maurice Roche's Compact: The Tattooed Body of the Text.
7110Grigsby, John L. Twentieth Century Southern Literature and Ellen Douglas' The Rock Cried Out and Can't Quit You, Baby: Extending the Tradition while Expanding the Canon.
7111Gugler, Mary Beth. As Many Chapters as Steps: Sterne's Theatric Posings in Tristam Shandy.
7112Haas, Robert. The Deus ex Machina in the Films of David Mamet.
7113Hampton, Hayes. Composition After Deconstruction: Avital Ronell and the Reinscription of Writing.
7114Handy, Patricia M. Community, Healing and Self: Mainstream and Minority Fictions in the Late Twentieth-Century.
7115Harrison, Beth. Ethnographic Fiction: An Alternative Tradition in Modernism.
7116Harrison, Suzan. Beyond Marriage, Beyond Death: Alternative Destinies and Cultural Critique in Fiction by Women of Color.
7117He, Liang. On Women in Zhang Xianliang's Fiction.
7118Hedges, Warren. A Capital Relationship: Hamlin Garland's Accounting of His Father.
7119Hines, Carole P. Vowel Merging in Southeastern Virginia.
7120Hood, James W. Tennyson and the Penetrating Light.
7121Hutchisson, James M. Dreiser's Two Financiers.
7122Hwa, Lily. The Conflict Between Confucian Values and The Quest for Love in "the Tale of Ying-Yang".
7123Jones, Dan. Helping Students Deal with Different Poems.
7124Juraga, Dubravka. Nabokov's The Gift: A Dialogic Farewell to Russian Literature.
7125Kargleder, Charles L. Revising the Cannon' Yolanda Oreamuno in Costa Rican Fiction.
7126Killiam, Marie-Therese. The Mutilation of Anima in Surrealist Arttexts.
7127Kirklighter, Christina C. The Positioning and Repositioning of First- and Third-World Feminists in Maxine Hong Kingston's China Men.
7128Kizza, Immaculate. Devil on the Cross: A Lament for Kenya.
7129Krato, Jennifer Rae. Larra's el Pobrecito Hablador: Enlightenment Satire Versus Romantic Costumbrismo.
7130Kuenz, Jane. Untitled. Re: The Pleasure of Visiting Disney World.
7137Larsen, Jeanne. Make Hollow Answer, Yes: An Erotics of the Tzyyyeh Ge.
7132Lastinger, Michael. Trains, Pains and Animal Meals: Images of Locomotion and Appetition in Zola's Les Rougon-Macquart.
7134Lees, Clare A. Traditional History and The Culture of Anglo-Saxon Preaching.
7135Leonard, Candyce. Stage Directions and Space in Buero Vallejo's Mito.
7136Lin, Caroline Ju. The Fantasized "Ideal" Woman as Portrayed in Pu Songling's Liaozhai zhiyi.
7137Lutz, Jay. Insiders and Outsiders in Birger Sjöberg's Lilla Paris.
7138McCarthy, William B. What Jack Learned at School.
7139McEntee, Grace. Charles Johnson and Toni Morrison: Forging New Ground in the Slave Narrative Tradition.
7140Malinowska, Barbara. The Unbearable Lightness of Their Visions: Pursuit of the Unattainable Moments of reality in the Poetry of Czeslaw Milosz and John Ashbery.
7141Marks, Patricia. Dombey is a Mothers, After All.
7142Marullo, Thomas G. To Be or Not to Be: The Case of Sosnovskaia in Ivan Bunin's The Elagin Affair.
7143Meding, Twyla A. Palimpsest in the Pastoral: Inscription and Mutability in L'Astree.
7144Moran, Micahel G. Phenonenology and Advanced Composition.
7145Mori, Masaki. A Night on the Galaxy Railroad as an Unstable Text.
7146Moser, Irene. Southern Literature - An Indigenous Beginning: The Cherokee Story of How the World Was Made
7147Murphy, Stephen. Theory of Ekphrasis and Les Tragiques.
7148Murray, Douglas. Virginia and Appius on Stage and Page: Early Modern Constructions of Gender.
7149Norris, K. James. Are You Experienced?
7150Novikov, Tatyana. Platonov's Happy Moscow: An Allegorical Reading of the Russian Soul.
7151Nuhfer-Halten, Bernice. Spanish for Technical Purposes: La Problematica.
721O'Sullivan, Sibbie. Robert Jordan: The Scout Turns in His Badges.
722Pettis, Joyce. Connected Cultures in Paule Marshall's Daughters.
723Pierce, Camden. Sentimentalizing Empire in Southerene's Oroonoko.
724Ragen, Brian A. Christ in the Trenches: War and Sacrifice in Kipling, Open, and Sassoon.
725Raphals, Lisa. Prescient Women in Early Chinese Narratives.
726Rasmussen, Mark. The Complaints Volume and Spenser's Career.
727Rehyasky, Katherine H. Esperance and the Lover: the Figure of Hope in the Dits Amoureux.
728Rivera-Rodas, Oscar. La hermeneutica de la diferencia en el discurso del inca Garcilaso.
729Roskelly, Hephzibah. Pragmatism, NeoPragmatism and the Search for Philosophy.
7210Sachs, Bonnie M. From Weber to Viebig: Changing Social Structures and Nationalism in Clara Viebig's Daas schlafende Heer.
7211St. Laurent, Maureen E. A New Tradition, Who'll Follow: Women Travellers and the Discourse of Exploration.
7212Saunders, Alison. Visual Versus Verbal: Changing Uses of Imagery in Sixteenth-Century French Verse.
7213Schulze, Robin G. Untitled. Re: Modernism.
7214Schoolfield, George C. A Sonnet on Sickness by Simon Dach.
7215Scott, Virginia M. Computer-Aided Writing in a Foreign Language.
7216Shields, Anna. An Analysis of the Women's Biographies in the Han History.
7217Shields, E. Thomson. Tragedy and Apology in Spanish and English Exploration Narratives of North America.
7218Shinzato, Rumiko. Cognitive Psychology and Japanese Syntax.
7219Simpson, Shona E. The Authority of Absence: Wordsworth, A Dash of Hegel, and the Elusive Lucy.
7220Slack, John S. Two Worlds Collideorscape: Samuel Roth vs James Joyce.
7221Songer, Marcia J. The African Becoming in Achebe's A Man of the People.
7222Standley, Fred L. The Syllabus: Socialization, Canonization, Historical Process.
7223Swanson, Philip. Tyrants and Trash: Sex, Class and Culture in La Casa de los Espiritus.
7224Tarvers, Josephine K. Where Women are Meat: College Slang, Language Communities, and Linguistic Description.
7225Tillery, Jan. Yall in Oklahoma.
7226Taylor, Susan M. Multimedia in Teaching Languages.
7227Teem, William M. We Speak: The Power of the Communal Essay.
7228Thompson, Margareta O. The Tvardovski Brothers in Scandinavia.
7229Van Cleve, John. The Outsider as Teacher in the "Romanus Dialogue" of Hans Sachs.
7230Volpe, Rosa. Italian Film to Fill the Gap Between Content and Form Within the Langauge Classroom.
7231Waldrep, Shelton. From Modern to Postmodern: Architecture, Construction, and Ethos in the Magic Kingdom.
7232Weatherly, Joan. Coleridge's Tetractyls: Tropes of Aesthetic Vision.
7233Wells, Byron R. Discoveries of the Grand Tour: A Dijonnais in Italy.
7234Wilkinson, J.C. A Rheinauer Version of The Judenknabe.
7235Willis, Susan. Disney World: Public Use/Private State.
7236Yi, Hyang-Soon. Meaning as Process: A Comparative Study of Akira Kurosawa's Rashomon and Ryunosuke Akutagawa's "Rashomon" and "In a Grove".
7237Ying, Li-hua. Family and Homosexuality: The Central Struggle of Crytal Boys.
7238Zaborowska, Magdalena J. The Joys and Perils of Intercultural Translation: Eva Hoffman's Immigrant Tale for the Fin de Siecle.
7239South Atlantic Review Convention Program Issue

Undated papers, authors identified (specific dates unknown), approximately 1960-1985

731Amis, Lola J. Aspects of Milton's Adam in Miller's Quentin: A Comparative Analysis Based Upon John Milton's Paradise Lost and Arthur Miller's After the Fall.
732Artinian, Robert W. Literary Decadence and the Frisson Nouveau.
733Bain, Carl E. SAGE in Search of Rosemary and Thyme: The Early Years of the South Atlantic Graduate English Cooperative Agreement.
734Ball, George B., Jr. Charles Chesnutt's The House behind the Cedars: Racism and the Genteel Romance.
735Borelli, Mary. Literary Values in a Detective Story of Piero Chiara.
736Cancalon, Eliane D. La Symbolique de l'espace dans Herodias (The Symbolism of Space in Herodias).
737Ceyak, Wallace. Problems in Relating Literary Examples to the Teaching of Far Eastern Religions.
738Cobb, Carl. El tema del amor domestico en la poesia de Pedro Salinas.
739Crispin, John. The Relationship Between Theme and Structure in Pio Baroja's "El mundo es ansi".
7310Cro, Selio. J.L. Borges Y Las Vanguardias Culturales.
7311Crook, Eugene J. The Old Law and the New Law in Njal's Saga.
7312Davis, William M. Indo-Iranian Mythology in Grande Sertao: Veredas.
7313Deer, Irving. Literature, Vitality and the Popular Arts.
7314Donovan, Dennis G. Untitled. Potential Graduate Consortium in the Triangle Area of North Carolina.
7315Erickson, John D. Gide's L'Immoraliste: Text as Palimpsest.
7316Fei, Peter K. Some Syntactic Properties of the Chinese Adverbials.
7317Fernandez-Jimenez, Juan. El Tratado Nortable de Amor y La Critica Literaria.
7318Flaherty, M.G. Dreams of Golden Ages.
7319Franson, J. Karl. Christ on the Pinnacle: Interpretive Illustrations of Milton's Paradise Regained.
7320Frazer, Winifred L. E.G. and E.G.O. Emma Goldman in The Iceman Cometh.
7321Girgus, Sam B. The Other Maisie: Inner Death and Fatalism in What Maisie Knew.
7322Hamlet-Metz, Mario. La critique dramatique par la parodie: De la Revolution a la Restauration.
7323Hammel, William M. The Popular Arts and The Teaching of English.
7324Harper, George M. Passion and Precision: Some Observations on Editing Yeats's Occult Papers.
7325Herbert, T. Walter, Jr. Homosexuality and Spiritual Aspiration in Moby-Dick.
7326Hester, Erwin. The Graduate Student Future.
7327Hirschberg, Edgar W. G.H. Lewes and A.W. Schlegel: An Important Critical Relationship.
7328Jones, George F. The Signs of Old Age in Oswald von Wolkenstein's Ich Sing Und Hor (Klein No. 5).
7329Kellogg, Robert. Teaching Literature as Non-fiction.
7330Lietch, Vincent B. The Modernist Poetics of the Estonian Poet Aleksis Rannit.
7331Leparulo, W.E. I Rapporti Di Albert Camus Con L'Italia.
7332Lyde, Marilyn J. T.S. Eliot's Burnt Norton: The Paradox of Memory.
7333McGowan, Thomas. The Making of Traditional Knotted Bedspreads in Watuga County, N.C.
7334Madden, David. Morris' Cannibals, Cain's Serenade: The Dynamics of Style and Technique.
7335Marigold, W.G. Anton Ulrich Von Braunschweig as a Writer of Drama.
7336Maurino, F.D. Lyricism in Di Giacomo.
7337Mebane, Mary E. Some Ways of Improving Freshman English.
7338Pollie, Carolyn M. Motion in Corruption: The Link Between The "Anniversaries".
7339Pugh, Griffith. Malamud's Schemeil and the Comic Grotesque.
7340Reid, Alfred S. The Structure of "Song of Myself" Reconsidered.
7341Renza, Louis. Autobiography: A Secession from Literary States to the Self.
7342Rice, Miriam W. The Meaning of Metaphor in La Regenta.
7343Ruffo-Fiore, Silvia. Fools, Heroes, Saints; The Petrarchan Theme of Fame in Donne's Songs.
7344Saman, Paul A. Over the Balaton Sea: A Sketch from Hungary.
7345Waldo, Tommy R. The Language of Prince Pericles: An Investigation into Dramatic Style.
7346West, Harry C. Hawthorne's Magic Circle: The Artist as Magician.
7347Whitaker, Paul K. Penthesilea: A Tragedy of Bad Faith.
7348Ziomek, Henryk. El estado actual del problema del Nacimiento y del origen genealogico de Tirso de Molina.

Authors unidentified

Elves Began It: Language as the Physics of Middle-Earth.
Il Ritorno Alla Propria Terra di Cesare Pavese Ed Elio Vittorini.
Untitled. Re: Chretien de Troyes.
Untitled. Re: Property and Thought.
Kundera's Response to Kundera.
Das Prinzip der kleinsten schritte: musil und das 'ungelöste problem des naturalismus' Beitrag zu: die uberwindung des naturalismus: Begriffe, Theorien und Interpretationen.
Utilisation de La Bicyclette bleue dans un cours sur la culture 1939-1945.
Japanese Text - Sample Presentation
744Untitled. Re: Glados.
744Apocalyptic: Georg Kaiser's Gas Trilogy.
744The Disarming of the Knight: Comic Parody in Lyly's Endymion.
744Voltaire, Shakespeare, and Thomas Rymer.
744Untitled. Re: Rule Relaxation in Literature.
745Standard Chinese: A Modular Approach.
745Tolstoy the Pagan and Dostoevsky the Christian.
745A Little-Known Classic of Ecclasiastical History: Tassoni's Annali ecclesiastici.
745Strindberg's Miss Julie in English: The Value of Literalness in Translation.
745Henry James and Joseph Conrad on Revolution.
746The Elusive Virtue: Morality in Bercelo, Alfonso X, Don Juan Manuel and Juan Ruiz.
746Amor, Concupiscencia y Codicia en la Tematica Galdosiana.
746The Medieval Mind and The New Spirituality.
746The Apocalyptic Vision in Old English Poetry.
746Comic Resolution in Brideshead Revisited.