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Keith M. Read collection

Keith M. Read collection

Descriptive Summary

Title: Keith M. Read collection
Creator: Read, Keith M., 1880-1940
Inclusive Dates: 1732-1905
Language(s): English
Extent: 17 Linear Feet 32 boxes, 54 oversize folders
Collection Number: ms921
Repository: Hargrett Library

Collection Description

Historical Note

Keith M. Read (1880-1940), businessman and collector, resided in Savannah, Georgia.

Scope and Content

The collection consists of materials collected by Keith M. Read documenting the history of Georgia from 1732-1905. The materials include account books, correspondence, deeds, diaries, indentures, land grants, letter books, and minute books. Topics covered include the Revolutionary and Civil Wars, slavery, the Salzburgers, and Native American tribes in Georgia. The collection contains papers of John M. Berrien; William H. Crawford; John Forsyth; Williams Gibbons; Charles Harris; Herschel V. Johnson; James Wright; the Bosomworth, Habersham, and Houstoun families; as well as numerous other Georgians.

Of particular interest are records (1861-1863) of the Consulate of Great Britain in Georgia during the Civil War; an account book (1818) of Dr. Lewis H. Feurth containing the date, name of patient, treatment, and payment; a diary (1733) of Peter Gordon describing life in Georgia and relations with the Indians; a diary (ca. 1714-1763) of Caleb Davis pertaining to his trading activities in Georgia with the English and Spanish; and a letter book (1804-1806) of William Woodbridge documenting his import/export business and the difficulties of trading with Europe and England during the Napoleonic Wars.

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Keith M. Read collection, ms921, Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library, The University of Georgia Libraries.

Finding Aid Publication

Finding aid prepared on: 2010 March 22.

General Notes

The Lachlan McIntosh and Levi Sheftall family papers are described separately.

Selected documents are also available online as part of the Southeastern Native American Documents database.

Related Materials and Subjects

Subject Terms

Account books
Berrien, John MacPherson, 1781-1856
Bosomworth family
Confederate States of America -- Foreign relations -- Great Britain.
Confederate States of America -- Politics and government.
Crawford, William Harris, 1772-1834
Davis, Caleb
Feurth, Lewis H.
Forsyth, John, 1780-1841
Georgia -- History -- Civil War, 1861-1865.
Georgia -- History -- Revolution, 1775-1783.
Gibbons, Williams
Gordon, Peter, active 1733
Habersham family
Harris, Charles, 1772-1827
Houstoun family
Indians of North America -- Georgia.
Johnson, Herschel V. (Herschel Vespasian), 1812-1880
Letter books.
Medicine -- Practice -- Georgia.
Merchants -- Georgia.
Physicians -- Georgia.
Salzburgers -- Georgia.
Slavery -- Georgia -- History.
Trading companies -- Georgia.
Woodbridge, William
Wright, James, Sir, 1716-1785

Series Descriptions and Folder Listing

11Abbott, Joel, 1815
12Adams, John, 1792
13Adams, John Q.-Speech, 1836
Speech of John Quincy Adams on the joint resolutions for distributing rations to the distressed fugitives from Indian hostilities in the states of Alabama and Georgia, 1836 May 25 Access Online
14Addison, William, 1796
15Affidavits-Conner & Lee, 1861
16Ainslie, Mark O.-DS, 1863
17Akerman, Amos T., 1871
18Alabama-Mobile Co.-Deed, 1851
19Alabama-Tuscaloosa-Slave Sale, 1860
110Alabama-Tuscaloosa Co.-Deed, 1851
111Alabama-Tuscaloosa Co.-Deed, 1854
112Alexander, B.S., 1845
113Alexander, B.S.-ALS, 1849
114Alexander, Hezekiah-DS, undated
115Allou, Charles L.-Bill, 1802
116American History & Antiquities Dept.-Resolution, 1841
117Anderson, Edward C.-ALS, 1876
118Andrews, Thomas vs. Elias Simpson-Interrogatories, 1839
119Anfell, W.L.-ALS, 1860
120Archer, David to Alexander Hendry-Deed, 1821
121Armijo, Genl. M.-ALS, 1848
122Arnold, Richard-Essay, 1826
123Arnold, Richard D.-ALS, 1839 December 4
124Arnold, Richard D.-ALS, 1839 December 24
125Arnold, Richard D.-ALS, 1841
126Arnold, Richard D.-ALS, 1852
127Arnold, R.J.-ALS, 1854
128Arnold, Samuel G-.-ALS, 1855
129Arrowsmith, John-ALS, 1856
130Ashby, James A.-Letters, 1836-1841
[Letter] 1836 September 9, St. Augustine, [Florida to] J[ames] K. Tefft, Savannah, G[eorgi]a / A. Miles [?] Access Online
131Atkinson, William Yates, 1895
132Atkinson, William Y., Gov. of Ga.-Signature on Commission, 1896
133Atlanta Medical College-Progress Report, 1865
134Atlantic & Gulf Railroad Company-Stock, 1867-1868
135Atwood, James A.-Commission, 1879
136Augusta, Town Commissioner of Conveyance, 1787
141Baas, Samuel to George Miller, Jr.-Mortgage, 1816
142Bache, A.D.-ALS, 1858
143Bacon, Augustus O.-LS, 1910
144Bacon, Marther-ADS, 1846
145Baird, Henry C.-ALS, 1855
146Baker, Daniel-ALS, 1813
147Baker, John-ALS, 1780
148Baker, John-ALS, 1784
149Baker, Nathai B.-ALS, 1838
150Baldwin, Abraham-DS, 1781
151Baldwin, Abraham-ALS, 1801
152Baldwin, Abraham-Biography & Account of Death, undated
153Baldwin Co. Records
154Baldwin Co.-Land Grant, 1804
[Land grant with map of plot in] Baldwin County, Georgia, 1806 February 20 / [signed by] Jno. [i.e., John] Milledge, Governor of [Georgia] Access Online
[Land grant with map of plot in] Baldwin County, Georgia, 1806 July 17 / [signed by] Jno. [i.e., John] Milledge, Governor of [Georgia] Access Online
155Baldwin Co.-Land Grant, 1835
156Balmanno, Robert-ALS, 1851-1859
157Bancroft, George-Accounts, 1844-1848
158Bank of the State of Georgia-Document, 1861
159Bank of the State of Georgia-Misc. Records
160Bank of the State of Georgia-Misc. Records
161Banking, circa 1800
21Barclay, Anthony-ALS, 1832
22Barclay, Anthony-ALS, 1832-1839
23Barclay, Thomas-SL, 1783
24Bard, Peter-ALS, 1785
25Baring, T.F. &Co.-LS, 1794
26Barnard, James-ALS, 1839 March 12
27Barnsley, Adelaid-Bill, 1851
28Barnsley, George S. (et al)-LS, 1856
29Barnsley, Godfrey-Excerpts from Letter Book, 1844
210Barry, John-ALS, 1797
211Barton, Joshua-ALS, 1797
212Bartow, Francis S.-DS, 1853
213Bartow, Francis S.-ALS, 1857
214Bartow, Francis S.-ALS, 1861
215Bartow and Lovell-DS, 1858
216Beans, Dr. R.A.-LS, 1866 February 21
217Beans, Dr. R.A.-LS, 1866 February 28
218Beard, George R.-ALS, 1876
219Becom, Samson-ALS, 1788
[Letter] 1788 May 12 to Doc[to]r Rodgers[?] / Samson Occom Access Online
220Beekman, Col. B.-ALS, 1779
221Bellamy, Victoria
222Bentenbock, Mathew-Land Grant, 1821
T[Land] grant presented to Matthew Bentenbock, 1835 September 21 / [prepared by] W[illia]m A. Tennille, Secretary of State Access Online
223Berrien, John M.-ADS, 1804
224Berrien, John M.-LS, 1807
225Berrien, John M.-ALS, 1812
226Berrien, John M.-ALS, 1817
227Berrien, John M.-Document, 1820[?]
228Berrien, John M.-ALS, 1825
[Letter] 1825 August 23, Bulloch County, [Georgia] to General David B. Mitchell, Milledgeville, Geo[rgia] / J[oh]n MacPherson Berrien Access Online
229Berrien, John M.-ALS, 1827
230Berrien, John M.-DS, 1829 May
231Berrien, John M.-ALS, 1829 September
232Berrien, John M.-ALS, 1834
233Berrien, John M.-ALS, 1842
234Berrien, John M.-ALS, 1844
235Berrien, John M.-ALS, 1846
236Berrien, John M.-ALS, 1848
237Berrien, John M.-ALS, 1851
238Berrien, John M.-ALS, 1855
239Berrien, John M.-ALS, undated
240Berrien, John M & Cuyler-ALS, 1833
241Bethune, Ferg. L.-Contemporary Copy, 1782
242Bethune, Ferg. L.-Contemporary Copy, 1782 March 5
[Letter] 1782 March 5, Savannah, [Georgia] / Farq[uha]r Bethune Access Online
243Bill of Lading, 1861 February 6
244Black, Jeremiah S.-Contemporary Copy, 1861 January 10
245Bleckley, Logan E., 1854
246Bolton, John-ALS, 1822
247Bolton, Robert-ALS, 1796
248Bolton, Robert & John-Invoice, 1802 January 6
249Bolton, Robert-ALS, 1840
250Bolton, Robert-ALS, 1847
251Bolton, Robert-ALS, 1849
252Bolton, W.C.-ALS, 1839
253Bond, Lewis-Estate, 1833-1855
254Bosomworth Papers-Deposition of Creek Indian Chiefs, 1747 Access Online
[Legal resolution and accompanying deposition] 1747 December 14, Frederica, Georgia / signed [by] Himmopaiohe...[et al.] Access Online
255Bosomworth Papers-Deed, 1747 Access Online
Deed of feoffment from Malatchi Opiya Mico to Thomas [and] Mary Bosomworth, 1747 January 4 / sworn before J. Mullryne Access Online
256Bosomworth Papers-Deposition of Joseph Wright, 1755 Access Online
Deposition [of] Joseph Wright, 1755 December 22, Augusta, Georgia / [sworn to] before Jonathan Copp Access Online
257Bosomworth Papers-Deposition of Lachlin McGillivray, 1755 Access Online
Deposition [of] Lachlan McGillivray, 1755 December 22, Augusta, Georgia / [sworn to] before Jonathan Copp Access Online
258Bosomworth Papers-Creek land rights, circa 1755 Access Online
[Legal claim pertaining to the private purchase of Creek Indian land] Access Online
259Bosomworth Papers-Bill from Joseph Levy to Thomas Boswomworth, 1755 Access Online
260Bosomworth Papers-Conditions of Thomas Bosomworth to the Crown regarding Sapalo and St. Catherines Island, 1757 Access Online
261Bosomworth Papers, 1759 Access Online
[Legal claim pertaining to the cession of] Ussaba [Ossabaw and] Sappola [Sapelo] and St. Catherine's Islands Access Online
262Bosomworth Papers-Isaac Levy re. St. Catherine's, Sapelo, and Ossabaw Islands, 1759 Access Online
Petition of Isaac Levy, 1759 Access Online
263Bosomworth Papers-Levy's broadside regarding Sapelo and Ossabaw, 1759 Access Online
Advertisement, 1759 September 13, Philadelphia / Isaac Levy Access Online
264Bosomworth Papers-Petition in behalf of Isaac Levy regarding St. Catherine's, Sapelo, and Ossabaw, 1759 Access Online
Petition to the King of England from Isaac Levy respecting the Islands of Sapelo, Ossabaw, and St. Catherine's, 1760 Access Online
265Bosomworth Papers-List of letters from Isaac Levy regarding Islands, 1759 Access Online
266Bosomworth Papers-Indenture regarding St. Catherine's, Sapelo, and Ossabaw Islands, 1760 Access Online
[Legal] indenture executed by Henry Ellis and Thomas [and] Mary Bosomworth [with sworn statements and opinion], 1760 April 19 Access Online
267Bosomworth Papers, 1760
268Bosomworth Papers-St. Catherine's Island, 1762 Access Online
269Bosomworth Papers-Memorial of Isaac Levy, 1766
270Bosomworth Papers-Petition Isaac Levy, 1767 Access Online
Petition of Isaac Levy, 1767 December 22, to his majesty [the King of England] Access Online
271Bosomworth Papers-St. Catherine's Island, 1767 Access Online
272Bosomworth Papers-to Fenwick Bull, 1767 Access Online
273Bosomworth Papers-Extracts re. 1739 treaty , circa 1768 Access Online
[Legal document relating to] the 1739 treaty of [James] Oglethorpe with the [Creek] Indians Access Online
274Bosomworth Papers-to Fenwick Bull, 1768 Access Online
275Bosomworth Papers-Memorial of Isaac Levy, 1768 Access Online
276Bosomworth Papers-Petition in behalf of Isaac Levy, circa 1768 Access Online
277Bosomworth Papers-Mary Bosomworth, circa 1768 Access Online
278Bosomworth Papers-Further memorials to Isaac Levy, 1768 Access Online
279Bosomworth Papers-Samuel Ball and Fenwick Bull regarding St. Catherines Island, 1768 Access Online
280Bosomworth Papers-Case Extract, circa 1768 Access Online
281Bosomworth Papers-Petition of Isaac Levy re. Ossabaw and Sapelo, 1768 Access Online
282Bosomworth Papers-Memorials of Isaac Levy to the Lords of Trade, 1768 Access Online
283Bosomworth Papers-to Thomas Loyd, 1768 Access Online
284Bosomworth Papers-Memorial of Isaac Levy, 1768 Access Online
285Bosomworth Papers-Case Extracts, circa 1768 Access Online
286Bosomworth Papers-Case on Behalf of Isaac Levy, circa 1768 Access Online
Case on behalf of Isaac Levy Esquire on his application to his Majesty in council with respect to his right to a moiety of the Islands of Usuba [i.e. Ossabaw] and Sappola [i.e. Sapelo] on the confines of Georgia Access Online
287Bosomworth Papers-To Mr. Fitzherbert, 1768 Access Online
288Bosomworth Papers-Bosomworth-Levy Articles, 1768 Access Online
289Bosomworth Papers-To Fenwick Bull, 1768 Access Online
290Bosomworth Papers-Memorial of Isaac Levy, 1768 Access Online
Sketch of second memorial of Isaac Levy to the Lords of Trade and Plantation, 1768 Access Online
291Bosomworth Papers, 1768 Access Online
292Bosomworth Papers-To Fenwick Bull, 1768 Access Online
293Bosomworth Papers, 1769 Access Online
31Bouilland, G.-Autograph
32Bowman, John-ALS, 1772
33Bowman, John-ALS, 1800
34Bowen, Oliver, 1778
35Bragg, Rev. Seneca G.-ALS, 1851
36Brailsford, Daniel-ALS, 1816
37Bradford, Miss R.-ALS, 1798
38Brannon. W.H.-ALS, 1863
39Brantley, Benjamin-DS, 1821
310Breckinridge, James-ALS, 1809
311Bremer, Fredrika-ALS, 1850
312Briscoe, L.H.-ALS, 1862
313British Troops-List, 1775
314Brooks, Charles-ALS, 1859
316Brown, Joseph E.-Receipt, 1854
317Brown, Joseph E.-ALS, 1861
318Brown, Joseph E.-LS, 1863 April 4
319Brown, Joseph E.-ALS, 1881
320Brown, Joseph E., 1888-1889
321Brown, S.N.-Bank of the State of Ga. Note, 1860
322Brown, S.N.-Bank of Mobile, Notes, 1859-1860
323Brown, Walter-ALS, 1779
324Brownson, Nathan-ALS, 1781
325Brownson, Nathan-Order, 1773
326Bryan County, 1815
327Bryan, David C.-Appraisal of Estate, 1850
328Bryan, G.S. (?)-ALS, undated
329Bryan, Hardy, 1836
330Bryan, Jonathan-ALS-Rev. period
331Bulfinch, S.G.-ALS, 1853 Access Online
332Bulloch, Archibald-Estate of Charles Watson, 1771 Access Online
333Bulloch, Archibald-Cowper and Telfair receipt, 1776 Access Online
334Bulloch, Archiblad-Receipt for riding express to St. Philips, St. Johns, and Darien, 1776 Access Online
335Bulloch, Archibald-Estate memoranda , 1777 Access Online
336Bulloch, Archibald-Receipt for John Houston, 1773 Access Online
337Bulloch, Archibald S.-Document, Copy, 1822
338Bulloch, William B,-ALS, undated
339Bulloch County-Records, 1815-1825
340Bullock, Rufus B.-ALS, 1870
341Bullock, Rufus B.-ALS, 1871
342Bullock, Rufus B., 1887
343Burke, Judge Aedenus-ALS, undated
344Burke County-Court Records
345Burke County Railroad-Document, 1849
346Burns, John T.-Receipt, 1866
347Burrall, John-ADS, 1801
348Burroughs, Valeria G.B.-ALS, undated
349Burroughs, Valeria G.B.-ALS, 1844
350Burroughs, William B.-Misc., 1871-1914
351Burroughs, William B.-TLS, 1903
352Butler, B.F.-ADS, 1846
353Butler, Pierce-ALS, 1806 March 20
354Butler, Pierce-ALS, 1806 April 15
355Butler, Pierce-ALS, 1806 April 28
356Butler, Pierce-ALS, 1806 September 26
357Butler, Pierce-ALS, 1807 June 2
358Butler, Pierce-ALS, 1807 December 17
359Butler, Pierce-ALS, 1808 July 26
360Butler, Pierce-ALS, 1809 January 18
361Butler, Pierce-ALS, 1811 March 10
362Butler, Pierce-ALS, 1816 September 12
41Caig, John-DS, 1806
42Caldwell, James-ALS, undated
43Caldwell, Joseph W.-ALS, 1812
44Calhoun, Dr. Abner W.-ALS &Prescription, 1878
45Calhoun, John C.-LS, 1818 March 2
[Letter] 1818 March 2, Department of War [to] General David B. Mitchell, Creek Agency / J[ohn] C. Calhoun Access Online
46Calhoun, John C.-LS, 1818 August 24
47Calhoun, John C.-LS, 1818 October 16
[Letter] 1818 October 16, War Dep[artmen]t [to] D[avid] B. Mitchell, Creek Agency, Georgia / J[ohn] C. Calhoun Access Online
48Calhoun, John C.-LS, 1820 October 18
[Letter] 1820 October 18, Department of War [to] Gener[a]l D[avid] B. Mitchell / J[ohn] C. Calhoun Access Online
49Calhoun, John C.-ALS, 1820 October 24
411Calhoun, John C.-ALS, March 19, 1822
[Letter] 1822 March 19, Department of War [to] Gen[era]l D[avid] B. Mitchell, Mount Nebo near Milledgeville, G[eorgi]a / J[ohn] C. Calhoun Access Online
410Calhoun, John C.-LS, 1821 July 24
[Letter] 1821 July 24, Department of War [to] Genera[l] David B. Mitchell, Milledgeville, G[eorgi]a / J[ohn] C. Calhoun Access Online
412Calhoun, John C., 1831 January 3
[Letter] 1831 January 3, Washington [to John C.] Calhoun [ ? ] Access Online
413Call, Richard-ALS, 1783 March 25
[Letter] 1783 March 25, Augusta, [Georgia to] Maj[o]r Gen[era]l [Nathanael?] Green[e] [?], Charles Towne [i.e., Charleston, South Carolina] / Major Rich[ar]d Call Access Online
414Calvin, Martin V.-TLS, 1914
415Camden, John Jeffries, Lord, 1820 May 16
416Campbell, Charles-ALS, undated
417Campbell, Charles-ALS, 1844
418Campbell, Duncan G.-ALS, 1825
[Letter] 1825 March 12, Wilkes [County, Georgia to] Gen[era]l D[avid] B. Mitchell, Milledgeville, Geo[rgi]a / Duncan G. Campbell Access Online
419Campbell, E.-ALS, 1848
420Campbell, John W.-ALS, 1832
421Candler, Asa D., 1905
422Canton Mining Company of Georgia, 1856
423Carr, Hugh-Document, 1863
424Carr, Patrick-Petition, 1798
Petition of Patrick Carr, 1798 January 10, Louisville, Georgia Access Online
425Carrera, José Miguel-Biography, 1821
426Carrol, Peter-Document, 1863
427Carson, Nehemiah-ALS, 1813
428Carson, W.-Memorandum, undated
429[Caswell, Richard]-ALS (?), 1778
430Causten, James H.-ALS, 1841-1844
431Chamberlain, M.-ALS, 1839
432Chamberlain, Mellen-ALS, 1853
433Champlain, The Ship-Sea Letter, 1835
434Chancery, order in, 1787
435Chandler, Daniel, 1835
436Chandler, Daniel, 1824-1828
437Charlton, A.R.-ALS, 1826
438Charlton, John & George-LS, 1812
439Charlton, Robert M.-ALS, 1843, undated
440Charlton, Robert M.-DS, 1847
441Charlton, Robert M.-ALS, 1852
442Charlton, T.U.P.-ALS, 1805
443Charlton, T.U.P.-ALS, 1807
444Charlton, T.U.P.-ALS, 1816
445Charlton, T.U.P.-ALS, 1821 June 15
446Charlton, T.U.P.-ALS, 1821 December 1
447Charlton, T.U.P.-ALS, 1826
448Charlton, T.U.P.-ALS, 1833
449Charlton, T.U.P.-ALS, 1835
450Charlton vs. Stark-Document, undated
451Chatham County-Court Records
452Chatham County-Land Grants
453Cherokee County-Land Grants, 1832
454Cherokee County-Land Grant, 1832
[Land grant with map for plot in] Cherokee County, 1832 December 19 / [signed by] Wilson Lumpkin, Governor [of Georgia] Access Online
455Chivers, Thomas H.-"Lilly Adair" (Ms.), 1851
456Christian Symbols-18th Century Sketch
457Cist, Lewis J.-ALS, 1838-1850
458Cist, Lewis J.-ALS, 1851-1860
459Clapp, Dexter-ALS, 1846
460Clark, James-Commission, 1815
461Clark, John-ALS, 1790
462Clark, John-LS, 1820 October 5
463Clark, John, 1820
[Land grant with map for plot in] Irwin County, Georgia, 1820 December 6 / [signed by] John Clark, Governor [of Georgia] Access Online
464Clark, John-DS, 1821
465Clark, John-LS, 1823 August 20
466Clark, Samuel B.-Receipts, 1853
467Clark, Thomas, 1832
468Clark, William-ALS, 1821
469Clarke County-Deeds, 1859
470Clarke, E.-ALS, 1786
471Clarke, Elijah-Extract from a Letter, 1781
Extract of a letter from Colo[nel] E. Clarke, 1781 November 5, Wilk[e]s County, [Georgia] Access Online
472Clarke, Jonathan-ALS, 1782
473Clarke, Thomas Sr.-Land Grant, 1829
[Land grant with map for plot in] Early County, Georgia, 1835 September 21 / [prepared by] W[illia]m A. Tennille, [Georgia] Secretary of State Access Online
474Clay, Joseph-ALS, 1782
475Clay, Joseph Jr.-ALS, 1788
476Clay, Joseph-ALS, 1801
477Clay, Joseph-Estate, 1807
478Clay County-Court Records
51Clayton, Augustine S.-ALS, 1834
52Cleveland, Henry W.-ALS, 1903-1905
53Cleveland, Henry W.-ALS, 1905 September-October
54Cliffe, Walter-Document (copy), 1782
55Clinton, C.A.-ALS, 1854
56Clinton, DeWitt-DS, 1806
57Cloud, Ezekiel-ADS, 1784
58Cobb, Howell-ALS, 1838-1868
59Cobb, Howell-ALS, 1864
510Cobb, Howell-ALS, 1866
511Cobb, Howell, Jr.-ALS, 1870
512Cobb, Col. John-Petition, 1807
513Cobb, Thomas R.R.-Memorandum, 1847
514Cobb, Thomas R.R.-ALS, 1849
515Cobb, Thomas R.R.-ADS, 1854
516Cobb, Thomas W.-ALS, 1813-1822
517Cohen, Joshua I.-ALS, 1846
518Cohen, Solomon-ALS, 1842-1856
519Collins, George, 1802
520Colquitt, Alfred H.-ALS, 1878-1883
521Colquitt, Alfred H.-Picture-Autograph, 1892
522Conarroe, George M.-ALS, 1852
523Conarroe, George W.-ALS, 1837-1841
524Confederate States Cabinet-List, undated
525Confederate Playing Card-Made by John Hill Hewitt in Augusta, circa 1864
526Confederate States of America-Document, 1864
527Confederate States of America-Discharge Certificates, 1863-1864
529Confiscated Estates-Document, 1782 Access Online
530Confiscated Estates-Document, 1783 Access Online
531Confiscated Estates-Document, 1784 Access Online
532Confiscated Estates-Fairlawn-Documents, 1783-1820 Access Online
533Confiscated Estates-List, undated Access Online
534Conner, E.L.-ALS, 1848
535Continental Congress-Draft of Letter to Hancock, Lynch and Rutledge
536Continental Congress-Extract from Minutes, 1780
537Constitutional Convention of Georgia-Ms. Document, 1789
538Cope, Adam (Sheriff)-DS, 1818
539Cope, Adam-Receipt Book, 1812-1833
540Corker, Stephen-ADS, 1793
542Couper, J. Hamilton-ALS, 1846
543Cowart, Zachariah-DS, 1830
544Cowart, Zachariah-Deed, 1834
545Cowper, M.A.-ALS, 1797
546Cowper and Telfair-Account, 1775
547Cozart Brothers-Receipt
548Crawford, George W.-ALS, 1849-1865
549Crawford, J.-ALS, 1825
550Crawford, Joel, 1818
551Crawford, Joel-ALS, 1821
552Crawford, Joel-ALS, 1854
553Crawford, Peter-ALS, 1818-1821
554Crawford, William H.-ALS, 1812 May 4
555Crawford, William H.-ALS, 1812 July 3
61Crawford, William H.-DS, 1816-1817
62Crawford, William H.-LS, 1816 October 4
[Letter] 1816 October 4, War Department, [Washington, D.C. to] Erastus Granger, Buffalo, New York / W[illia]m H. Crawford Access Online
63Crawford, William H.-ALS, 1816 October 29
64Crawford, William H.-Treasurer's Report, 1817
65Crawford, William H.-ALS, 1817 June 30
66Crawford, William H.-ALS, 1819 June 22
67Crawford, William H.-ALS, 1819 July 28
68Crawford, William H.-ALS, 1819 September 25
[Letter] 1819 September 25, Treasury Department, [Washington, D.C. to] David B. Mitchell / W[illia]m H. Crawford Access Online
69Crawford, William H.-ALS, 1819 November 27
610Crawford, William H.-DS, 1821
611Crawford, William H.-ALS, 1821 July 5
612Crawford, William H.-ALS, 1821 July 17
613Crawford, William H.-ALS, 1822
[Financial account] 1822 June 20, Thleaucotchcau, Creek Nation / [signed by] William McIntosh Access Online
614Crawford, William H.-Copy of Letter, 1823
615Crawford, William H.-DS, 1823
616Crawford, William H.-ALS, 1828
617Crawford, William H.-ADS, 1831
618Creek Annuity-ADS, 1807
[Receipt for] goods received of Levi Sheftall, U. S. agent, 1807 August 17 / [received by] Arthur C. Greene Access Online
619Creek Indians-Military Payroll, 1818
Pay roll of a company of Creek Warriors commanded by Capt[ain] Nehalockopoye lately in the service of the United States, 1818 November 28 Access Online
620Creek Indians-(For Dr. Waring)
[Letter] 1826 February 1, Milledgeville, Georgia [to] Col[onel] John Crowell, Washington / Robert Glenn Access Online
[Letter] 1819 September 23 [to] Dan[ie]l Hughes, U.S. factor, Fort Mitchell / D[avid] B. Mitchell Access Online
[Letter] 1820 November 29, Oakfuskee, Creek Nation [to] Gen[eral] David B. Mitchell, Agent for Indian Affairs / Robert Grierson Access Online
[Letter] 1791 January 28, Highwassey [i.e. Hiwassee], to Governor [of Tennessee, William] Blount / Headmen of the Cherokees Access Online
Extract of a letter to the Secretary of War, Washington, 1826 April 1 / Opothle Yoholo... [et al.] Access Online
[Letter] 1826 April 3, Department of War, Off[ice of] Indian Affairs, to Opothle Yoholo and other members of the Creek Delegation / Tho[mas] L. McKenney Access Online
[Letter with enclosure] 1818 March 23, Fort Mitchell, [Alabama to] D[avid] B. Mitchell / Dan[ie]l Hughes, U.S. factor Access Online
[Letter], 1821 October 15, Fair Hope, McIntosh County [to] Gen[era]l D[avid] B. Mitchell, Mount Nebo near Milledgeville / J. McIntosh Access Online
[Letter] 1820 December 6, Mineral Springs [to] Gen[era]l W[illiam] McIntosh / Lieutenant Colonel J[ohn] Nicks Access Online
[Letter] 1826 November 8, treaty ground, [to] Gen[era]ls [William] Clark, [Thomas] Hinds, and [John] Coffee / J[ohn] D. Terrell Access Online
[Letter] 1826 January 25, to Col[onel] T[homas] L. McKenney / Chilly McIntosh Access Online
621Creek Indians-Treaty, 1783
Articles of a convention held at Augusta, in the County of Richmond, [Georgia], 1783 November 1 Access Online
622Creek Nation-Laws, 1824
Copy of laws of the Creek Nation, 1825 January 7 Access Online
623Crisp, J.M.-ALS, 1866
624Cromwell, O.-ALS, undated
625Cross, George-ADS, undated
626Crowninshield, Benjamin W.-DS, 1818
627Cumming, Joseph-ALS, 1844
628Cumming, Joseph-ALS, 1875
629Cumming, M.O.-ALS, 1808
630Currie, W. Wallace-ALS, 1835
631Cuthbert. A.-ALS, undated
632Cuthbert, A.D.-ALS, 1786
633Cuthbert, Isaac C.-ALS, 1786
634Cuthbert, James-ALS, 1774
635Cuthbert, John A.-ALS, 1787
636Cuthbert, Seth J.-ALS, 1774 August 9
[Letter] 1774 August 9 to Lachlan McIntosh, Darien, Georgia / Seth Jno. [i.e.John] Cuthbert Access Online
637Cuthbert, Seth J.-ALS, 1775 July 27 Access Online
638Cuthbert, Seth J.-ALS, 1775 April 4 Access Online
639Cuthbert, Seth J.-ALS, 1782 September 9 Access Online
640Cuthbert, Seth J.-ALS, 1783 September 22 Access Online
641Cuyler, John M.
642Cuyler, T.-ALS, undated
643Cuyler, William-ALS, undated
644Da Costa, Isaac-Order to pay Levi Sheftall, 1790
645Daniel, William C.-ALS, 1833-1842
646Dasher Family-Misc., 1842-1863
647Daughtry, Joshua-Deed, 1840
648Davis, Anna L., 1850
649Davis, Captain Caleb-Journal, 1714-1763
650Davis, Jefferson-ALS, 1854
651Davis, Simon-ALS, 1841
652Davison & Simpson-ALS, 1815
653Dawly, Joseph-Accounts Due
654Dawson, William Crosby-ALS, 1836
655Dawson, William, 1837
656Dearborn, Henry-Fictitious Contract, 1810
657DeBow, James D.B.-ALS, 1856
658DeBrahm, William-ALS, 1759
659Deby, Julian M.-ALS, 1856
660deEstrada, Juan J.-Letter Copy, undated
661DeKalb County, 1849
662De La Motta, Isaac-Marriage contract with Sarah Canter, 1796
663De La Motta, Isaac-Estate
664De La Motta, Jacob-Challenge to duel, 1821
665De La Motta, Sarah-Deed to Sarah Sheftall, 1786
666Delaroche, (?)-ALS, 1849
667Delille, Y.-Picture
668Demere, Raymond, 1784
669Demere, Raymond-Document, 1849
71Dent, George-DS, 1860
72Dentistry-Copy, 1845
73DeRenne, G. W. J.-ALS, undated
74DeRenne, Wymberly Jones, 1900
75de Roll, Baron-Military, 1805
76DeSaussure, Wilmot G., 1864
77deVillers, Petit-Document, 1811
78Dewey, Orville-ALSs, 1843-1856
79Dickson, Samuel Henry, 1843-1857
710Dix, John A.-ALS, 1875
711Dooly, John, 1779
712Dooly, John-ALS, 1780
713Dooly, Thomas-Deposition of Isham Ward, 1777
Affidavit [of] Isham Ward, 1777 August 11, Wilkes County, Georgia / sworn to before John Coleman Access Online
714Dorsey, Hugh M., 1932
715Dougherty, John, 1807
716Drayton, Stephen-ALS, 1773
717Drayton, Stephen-ALS, 1774
718Duane, W.J., 1859
719Duelling-Oath, 1819-1822
720Dumond, Egbert-ALS, 1775
721Duncan, William, 1859
722Dunn, John-Account, 1798
723Durfee, Calvin-Als, 1842
[Land grant with map for plot in] Early County, Georgia, 1824 November 3 / [authorized by] G[eorge] M. Troup, Governor of [Georgia] Access Online
724Eagle Tavern (Warrenton, Georgia), 1825 May 29
725Early, Eleazer DS, 1809
726Early County-Records, 1820-1851
727Early County-Land Grants, 1819-1820
[Land grant with map for plot in] Early County, Georgia, 1821 October 11 / [authorized by] John Clark, Governor of [Georgia] Access Online
[Land grant with map for plot in] Early County, Georgia, 1822 July 23 / [authorized by] John Clark, Governor of [Georgia] Access Online
[Land grant with map for plot in] Early County, Georgia, 1821 May 11 / [authorized by] John Clark, Governor of [Georgia] Access Online
728Early County-Plat, 1835
729East Florida-Copy of Act, 1811
730Eastburn, Bishop Martin
731East Florida, 1812
732Eaton, Robert, 1790 August 24
733Effingham County-Springfield Academy
734Effingham County-Land Grant, 1791
735Effingham County-Land Grant, 1796
736Effingham County-Records, 1787-1880
737Effingham County-Land Grant, 1785
738Elbert, Samuel ALS, 1779 January 17
739Elbert, Samuel ADS, 1783 June 23
740Elbert, Samuel, 1784
741Elbert, Samuel, 1785
742Elbert, Samuel-Talk to Indians-Ms Copy of Speech, 1777
Talk to the Handsome Man [and other Creek leaders] 1777 August 13 / S[amuel] [?] Elbert. [Letter] 1777 August 14, Augusta, [Georgia] to Capt[ain] Porter / S[amuel] [?] Elbert. [Letter and orders] 1777 August 13 / S[amuel] [?] Elbert Access Online
743Elbert, Samuel, 1778
744Elbert, Samuel Con. Copy of Letter, 1778 April 19
745Elholm, George, ALS, 1793
[Letter] 1793 April 11, Augusta, [Georgia to] Brig[a]d[ie]r Gen[era]l [James] Jackson, Savan[n]ah, [Georgia] / A[d] j[utant] Gen[era]l Augustus C. G. Elholm Access Online
746Elliott, John-ALSs, 1807-1820
747Elliott, Stephen, 1841-1862
748Ellis, Henry-DS, 1758 Access Online
749Ellis, Henry-DS, 1759 Access Online
750Ellis, Henry-DS, 1760 July 7 Access Online
751Ellis, Henry-ADS, 1760 Access Online
752Emanuel, Asa-Receipt, 1773
753Emanuel, David, 1801
754Enocks, William
755Enterprize, Steamship-Bond, 1816
756Espey, John-Deed, 1841
757Eustace, Col. John S. ALS, 1782 August 6
758Evans, William-Als, 1787
759Eve, Dr. Paul F.-Memorial, 1877
760Everett, Edward
761Everston, Laura M. ALSs, 1825-1861
762Ewart, Rutson &Co.-DS, 1802
81Falkenstein, Dr. Charles, 1846 October 22
82Felder, John N.-Financial Statement, 1859
83Felton, Rebecca Latimer
84Feurth, Dr. Lewis-Early Savannah Medical Journal, 1818
85Few, William , 1783 June 1 Access Online
86Few, William, 1807 January 9
87Few, William, 1807
88Few, William-Autobiography, undated Access Online
89Finch, W. B., 1825
810Fishbourne, Benjamin, undated
811Fisher, John M.-Commission, 1880
812Flerl, Charles-Inventory, 1767
813Flint, Robert T.-Deed, 1821
814Florida Territory-Lewis Lanier-Power of Attorney, 1841
815Fontages, Francois, Viscomte de
816Forbes, Thomas-L. Copy, 1787
817Forney, John W.-ALS, 1871
818Forsyth, John ALS, 1817 April 8
819Forsyth, John-ALS, 1817 June 18
820Forsyth, John ALS, 1818 July 12
821Forsyth, John-ALS, 1826 January 24
[Letter] 1826 January 24, Washington [D.C. to] R[ichard] H. Wilde / John Forsyth Access Online
822Forsyth, John-Als, 1826 April 18
823Forsyth, John LS, 1827 December 12
824Forsyth, John-ALS, 1827 December 12
[Letter] 1827 December 12, Milledgeville, Georgia, [to Governor] of Tennessee, Sam[ue]l Houston / John Forsyth, Gov[ernor of Georgia] Access Online
825Forsyth, John-ALS, 1828 September 18
826Forsyth, John-DS, 1832
827Forsyth, John-ALS, 1833
828Forsyth, John-Circular, 1834 July 1
829Forsyth, John-ALS, 1837 March 4
830Forsyth, John-ALS, 1837 May 3
831Forsyth, John-ALS, 1837 July 11
832Forsyth, John-LS, 1839 February 7
833Forsyth, John-Union Democratic Dinner, 1839
834Forsyth, John, 1839
835Forsyth, John-LS, 1840 January 29
836Forsyth, John-ALS, 1851 September 14
837Forsyth, Robert, 1787-1789
838Forsyth, Thomas, 1781 May 24
839Fort Dreadnaught-Capitulation, 1781 May 21
840Fort Wilkinson-Miscellaneous Papers, 1802
841Fowke, Chandler D.-ADS, 1788
842Fraley, Lafayette I.-Confederate pay voucher, 1863
843Fraser, Charles-ALS, 1842 April 30
844Freeman, Holman-ALS, 1787 January 22
845Freeman, Holman, 1794
846French baptismal records, 1766 May 6
847French Consulate (Savannah), 1832
848French Document, 1834
849Fyffe, Alexander-Estate, 1767
850Galphin, Thomas-ADSs, 1808
851Galphin, Thomas-ALS, 1808
852Ganahl, Joseph-ALS, 1874
853Gannett, Ezra S.-ALS, 1843
854Garmany, George W.-Copy of Indenture, 1876
855Gay, Joshua-Deed, 1841
856Gay, Lewis-Deed, 1852
857Georgia-Carolina Flag Passport, 1782
858Georgia Council of Safety-Minutes, 1777 January 8
859Georgia Declaration of Independence, undated
860Ga. History Society-Dss, 1839-1844
91Georgia-Colonial-Anonymous journal
[Journal entries pertaining to] the Colony of Georgia, [James] Oglethorpe, [and] Yammacraw [i.e. Yamacraw], 1732 February 3 [to] 1732 March 24 Access Online
92Georgia House of Representatives-List, undated
93Ga. Military-Account, undated
94Ga. Military Provision Return, 1778 August 22
95Georgia Military Payroll, 1780 April 20
96Georgia Militia, 1808
97Ga. Militia-Report, 1815 February 16
98Georgia Oaths & Bonds, 1800-1809
99Georgia Oaths & Bonds, 1800-1809
[Extract of description of] Senate chamber [of Georgia legislature] Access Online
910Georgia. Senate Chamber-Description of Portraits
911Georgia Telegraph-Prospectus, 1860 May 10
912Ga., University of-Deed, 1850
913Gerardine. Dr. John-Property, 1821
914Gibbes, Robert W.-ALSs, 1846-1852
915Gibbons, Thomas-ALS, 1794
916Gibbons, Thomas-ALS, 1808
917Gibbons, Thomas-Deed, 1807
918Gibbons, William, Jr.-ADS, 1782 January 9 Access Online
919Gibbons, William, Jr.-ALS, 1783 Febuary 20 Access Online
920Gibbons, William, Jr.-ALS, 1783 March 10 Access Online
[Letter] 1783 March 10, Sharon, Georgia [to Nathanael ?] Greene / W[illia]m Gibbons, Jr. Access Online
921Gibbons, William, Jr.-ALS, 1783 June 12 Access Online
922Gibbons, William, Jr.-ALS, 1784 August 17 Access Online
923Gibbons, William, Jr.-ALS, 1785 March 16 Access Online
924Gibbons, William, Jr.-ALS, 1785 December 4 Access Online
925Gibbons, William, Jr.-ALS, 1786 January 28 Access Online
926Gibbons, William, Jr.-Document, 1786 May Access Online
927Gibbons, William, Jr.-DS, 1787 February 27 Access Online
928Gideon, Francis-Indenture, 1836
929Gignilliat, Thomas H.-Commission, 1880
930Gill, Eramus-ALS, 1782 February 4
931Gill, Erasmus-ALS, 1782 March 4
932Gilman, J. T.-Autograph
933Gilmer, George R.-ALS, 1831
934Gilmer, Jeremy F.-ALS, 1865
935Girardeau, James-ADS, 1808
936Glascock, Thomas-ALS, 1783 August 5
937Glascock, Thomas-ALS, 1788 February 18
938Glascock, Thomas-ALS, 1795 February 20
939Glascock, Thomas, Genl.-ALS, 1833 September 11
940Glascock, William-ADS, 1785 December 20
941Glen, John-ALS, 1795
942Glen, George, et al.-Deeds, 1838 May 11
943Glisson, H. C.-Note, 1875
944Goolsbee, Aaron-Deed, 1813
945Goolsby, Aaron-Land Grant
946Gordon, John B.-ALS, 1853
947Gordon, John B.-ALS, 1873
948Gordon, Peter-Diary
The published journal of Peter Gordon is freely available through the UGA Press:
An account of the first settling of the colony of Georgia with a journal of the first embarkation, under the direction of Mr. [James] Oglethorpe / Peter Gordon Access Online
949Gordon, Peter-Diary, 1732-1740
950Gould, B. A.-ALS, 1856
951Gourdin, H.-ALS, 1860
952Gourdin, Robert N.-Documents, 1832-1875
953Gourdin, Robert N.-Correspondence, 1851-1888
954Gourdin, Robert N.-Misc. Clippings
955Graham, George-LS, 1817
Letter, 1817 July 26, Department of War, [Washington, D.C. to] David B. Mitchell / Geo[rge] Graham Access Online
956Graham, John-ALS, 1781 February 17
957Graham, Patrick-DS, 1748 January 21
958Granger, James N.-ALS, 1855
101Great Britain, Consulate form
102Great Britain, Consulate-Misc. Documents, 1827-1871
103Great Britain, Consulate-LS, 1861 November 27
104Great Britain, Consulate-Affidavits, 1862-1863
105Great Britain, Consulate-ALS, 1862 January 1
106Great Britain, Consulate-L. Copy, 1862 October 10
107Great Britain, Consulate-ALS, 1862 November 21
108Great Britain, Consulate of-Affidavit, 1862 December 5
109Great Britain, Consulate-ALS, 1862 December 5
1010Great Britain, Consulate-ALS, 1862 December 11
1011Great Britain, Consulate-ALS, 1862 December 12
1012Great Britain, Consulate-ALS, 1862 December 13
1013Great Britain, Consulate-ALS, 1862 December 18
1014Great Britain, Consulate of-ALS, 1862 December 20
1015Great Britain, Consulate-ALS, 1862 December 30
1016Great Britain, Consulate-ANS, 1863 January 1
1017Great Britain, Consulate of-ALS, 1863 January 4
1018Great Britain, Consulate of-Affidavit, 1863 January 27
1019Great Britain, Consulate of-DS, 1863 February 6
1020Great Britain, Consulate of-ALS, 1863 May 3
1021Great Britain, Consulate-ALS, 1863 May 5
1022Great Britain, Consulate-ALS, 1863 May 8
1023Great Britain, Consulate-Affidavit, 1863 May 11
1024Great Britain, Consulate of-Affidavit, 1863 May 12
1025Great Britain, Consulate-ALS, 1863 May 13
1026Great Britain, Consulate of-ALS, 1863 May 18
1027Great Britain, Consulate of-ALS, 1863 May 23
1028Great Britain, Consulate-ALS, 1863 May 29
1029Great Britain, Consulate-ALS, 1863 June 7
1030Great Britain, Consulate of-Affidavit, 1863 June 9
1031Great Britain, Consulate-ALS, 1863 June 9
1032Great Britain, Consulate-Certificate, 1863 June 11
1033Great Britain, Consulate-ADS, 1863 June 15
1034Great Britain, Consulate-ALS, 1863 June 15
1035Great Britain, Consulate of-ALS, 1863 June 17
1036Great Britain, Consulate-Affidavit, 1863 June 18
1037Great Britain, Consulate-ALS, 1863 June 19
1038Great Britain, Consulate-ALS, 1863 June 21
1039Great Britain, Consulate-ALS, 1863 June 23
1040Great Britain, Consulate-ALS, 1863 June 26
1041Great Britain, Consulate-ALS, 1863 June 27
1042Great Britain, Consulate-ALS, 1863 June 29
1043Great Britain, Consulate-ALS, 1863 June 30
1044Great Britain, Consulate-ANS, 1863 June 30
1045Great Britain, Consulate-ALS, 1863 July 1
1046Great Britain, Consulate-ALS, 1863 July 2
1047Great Britain, Consulate-ALS, 1863 July 3
1048Great Britain, Consulate-ALS, 1863 July 5
1049Great Britain, Consulate of-ALS, 1863 July 6
1050Great Britain, Consulate-ALS, 1863 August 3
1051Great Britain, Consulate-RHEEA of China Grass Fibre machine, 1870
1052Green, James M.-ALS, 1860 December 21
1053Green, James M.-ALS, 1860 December 24
1054Green, James M.-ALS, 1860 December 26
1055Green, James M.-L. Typed Copy, 1860 January 5
1056Green Island Plantations, 1838 December 20
1057Greene, Nathaniel-ALS, undated [1784? ]
1058Greene, Nathaniel-L. Cont. Copy, 1785 February 28
1059Greene, R. A.-ALS, 1825 October 29
1060Greenhow, Rose (O'Neal)-ALS, undated
1061Gregory, J. W.-ALS, 1870
1062Gregory, J. W.-ANS, undated
111Gresham, William-Commission, 1829
112Grieve, Miller-ALS, 1831
113Griffin, Levi-Deed, 1839
114Grisham, David-Deed, 1808
115Grundy, Felix-Autograph, 1839
116Gunn, James-ALS, 1788 June 23
117Gunn, James-ALS, 1789 April 10
118Gunn, James-ALS, 1791 January 26
[Letter] 1791 January 26, Philadelphia [to] Edw[ar]d Telfair, Governor of Georgia / James Gunn Access Online
119Gunn, James-ALS, 1796 December 23
1110Habersham, James-Autograph Access Online
1111Habersham, James-DS, 1772 December 13 Access Online
1112Habersham, James-DS, 1773 May 25 Access Online
1113Habersham, James-L. Copy, 1782 July 31 Access Online
1114Habersham, James-ALS, 1783 February 28 Access Online
1115Habersham, James-ANS, 1784 January 18 Access Online
1116Habersham, John-L. Extract, 1783 February 18 Access Online
1117Habersham, John-DS, 1784 May 17 Access Online
1118Habersham, John-DS, 1784 May 20 Access Online
1119Habersham, John-ALS, 1784 June 19 Access Online
[Letter] 1784 June 19, Augusta, [Georgia to] John Houstoun, [Governor of Georgia] / John Habersham Access Online
1120Habersham, John-DSs, 1785 Access Online
1122Habersham, John-ALS, 1787 April 13 Access Online
1123Habersham, John-DSs, 1792 Access Online
1124Habersham, John-ALS, 1796 May 30 Access Online
[Letter] 1796 May 30, Savannah, [Georgia to] Jared Irwin, Governor [of Georgia] / John Habersham Access Online
1125Habersham, Joseph-ALS, undated Access Online
1126Habersham, Joseph-Parole, 1779 January 1 Access Online
1127Habersham. Joseph-DS, 1779 January 13 Access Online
1128Habersham, Joseph-ALS, 1797 March 26 Access Online
1129Habersham, Joseph-ALS, 1797 April 7 Access Online
1130Habersham, Joseph-ALS, 1798 June 13 Access Online
1131Habersham, Joseph-Note, 1801 January 16 Access Online
1132Habersham, Joseph-LS, 1802 May 3 Access Online
1133Habersham, Joseph-ADS, 1804 December 10 Access Online
1134Habersham, Joseph-LS, 1809 January 7 Access Online
1135Habersham, Joseph-LS, 1811 January 30 Access Online
1136Habersham, Joseph-ALS, 1813 Access Online
1137Habersham, J.C., 1853
1121Habersham, John-ALS, 1786 October 26 Access Online
[Letter] 1786 October 26, camp near the Oconee River [to] John Houstoun, [Governor of Georgia] / John Habersham Access Online
1138Habersham, Richard W.-ALS, 1818
1139Habersham, Richard W.-ALS, 1820
1140Habersham, Richard W.-ALS, 1827
1141Habersham, Richard W.-ALS, 1833
1142Habersham, Richard W.-ALS, 1840
1143Habersham, Richard W., 1852
1144Habersham, Robert-ALSs, 1839
1145Habersham County, 1880-1884
1146Hall, Ada B.-ALS, undated
1147Hall, Joseph-ALS, 1897
1148Hall, Robert-ALS, 1861
1149Hamilton, Gen. J.-ALS, 1825
1150Hamilton, Gen. J.-ALS, 1833
1151Hamilton, Gen. J.-ALS, 1834
1152Hamilton, Gen. J.-ALS, 1853
1153Hamilton, John-ALS, 1792
1154Hammond, Col. Abner-ALS, 1823
1155Hammond, J. H.-ALS, 1843
1156Hammond, Leroy-ALS, 1779 May 14
1157Hammond, Samuel-ALS, 1800
1158Hammond, Samuel-ALS, 1804
121Hampton, Wade
122Hampton, Wade-ALS, 1858 July 9
123Hampton, Wade-ALS, 1858 September 12
124Hancock County-Land Grants-Court Records
[Land grant with map of plot in] Baldwin County, Georgia, 1805 October 9 / [signed by] John Milledge, Governor of [Georgia] Access Online
125Handley, George-ADS, 1784 March 20
126Handley, George-ADS, 1785 January 4
127Handley, George-DS, 1785 March 15
Extract from the minutes [of the] Executive Council [of Georgia], 1785 March 15 Access Online
128Handley, George, 1785 June 3
129Handley, George-ANS, 1788 February 20
1210Handley, George-ALS, 1793 July 15
1211Hardee, I.-ALS, 1829
1212Hardee, Joseph P.-DS, 1845
1213Harris, Charles-ADS, undated
1214Harris, Charles-DS, 1800
1215Harris, Charles-ALS, 1810
1216Harris, Charles-LS, 1811
1217Harris, Charles-ALS, 1812
1218Harris, Charles-ALS, 1815
1219Harris, Charles-ALS, 1817
1220Harris, Charles-ALS, 1819
1221Harris, Charles-ALS, 1824 February 26
1222Harris, Charles-ALS, 1824 June 14
1223Harris, Charles-ALS, 1824 September 4
1224Harris, Charles-ALS, 1824 October 9
1225Harris, Charles-ANS, 1825
1226Harris, Elisha-ALSs, 1876
1227Harrison, Rich.-Receipt, 1792
1228Hawkins, Benjamin-Speech, undated
Reply to the deputation from Kin[ache] and Paine [i.e., Payne and the] talk [of William] Kinnard / Colo[nel] Benjamin Hawkins Access Online
1229Hawkins, Benjamin-ALS, 1800 April 4
[Letter], 1800 April 4, Cowetuh Tallauhassee [i.e., Coweta Tallahassee to] Mr. Joseph Clay, Savannah, Georgia / Benjamin Hawkins Access Online
1230Hawkins, Benjamin-L. Copy, 1800 June 12
Letter [with enclosure], 1800 June 12, Cowetuh Tallauhassee [i.e., Coweta Tallahassee] to Governor [James] Jackson / Benjamin Hawkins Access Online
1231Hawkins, Benjamin-L. Copy, 1800 July 18
[Letter], 1800 July 18, Fort Wilkinson, [Georgia] to Governor James Jackson / Benjamin Hawkins Access Online
1232Hawkins, Benjamin-LS, 1800 August 14
[Letter], 1800 August 14, Cowetuh Tallahassee [i.e., Coweta Tallahassee] to Governor James Jackson / Benjamin Hawkins Access Online
1233Hawkins, Benjamin-L. Copy, 1812 April 12
[Letter], 1822 April 12, Creek Agency [to] Gen[era]l George Mathews / Benjamin Hawkins Access Online
1234Hawkins, Benjamin-ALS, 1812 September 21
[Letter] , 1812 September 21, Creek Agency [to] D[avid] B. Mitchell, Governor of Georgia / Benjamin Hawkins Access Online
1235Hawkins, Benjamin-L. Copy, 1815 July 14
[Letter], 1815 July 14 [?], Creek Agency [to] Mr. Charles Harris, Savannah, [Georgia] / Benjamin Hawkins Access Online
1236Hawkins, Benjamin-Biography, 1848
A biographical sketch and incidents of the life and services of the late Col[onel] Benjamin Hawkins Superintendent of all the Indians South of the Ohio by his nephew John D. Hawkins of Franklin County No[rth] Carolina, 1848 Access Online
1237Hawkins, John D.-ALS, 1850
1238Hay, George-ALS, 1824
1239Haydon, James-ALS, 1829
1240Hayes, Hiram-Deed, 1842
1241Hayne, William H.-TLS, 1928
1242Haynes, C.-ALS, 1828
1243Haynes, Peter-LS, 1817
1244Haynes, Peter-ALS, 1818
[Letter] 1818 November 13, Washington, [D.C. To] Gen[era]l David B. Mitchell, Creek Agency, Georgia / Peter Hagner Access Online
1245Haynes, Peter-ALS, 1839
1246Heard, Stephen-ALS, 1781 March 2
[Letter] 1781 March 2, Henry County, Virginia / Stephen Heard Access Online
1247Heath, James P.-ALS, 1836
1248Helm, Ch. J.-ALS, 1864
1249Helm, James J.-ALS, 1857
1250Hendry, Alexandria-Deed, 1830
1251Henry, Charles-ADS, 1833
1252Heyward, William N.-ALS, 1889
1253Highman, Thomas-ALS, 1853
1254Hill, Benjamin H.-ALS, 1844
1255Hill, Benjamin H.-ALS, 1845
1256Hill, Benjamin H.-ALS, 1877
1257Hillyer, Junius-Deed, 1844
1258Hilton-Joseph-Commission, 1880
1259Hinely, Frederick-Indenture, 1860
1260Hinely, Jacob-Indenture, 1857
1261Hines, Charlton-Accounts, 1858-1860
1262Hines, Lewis-Accounts, 1820-1860
1263Hines, Lewis-Mortgage, 1838
1264Hines Family-Misc. Papers, 1820-1860
1265Hodgson, W. B.-ALS, 1846
1266Hodgson, W. B.-ALS, 1852
1267Hodgson, W. B.-ALS, 1854
1268Holker, J.-ALS, 1788
1269Holly, Arnold-Grant, 1832
[Land grant for plot in] Muscogee County, Georgia, 1832 February 7 / [authorized by] Wilson Lumpkin, Governor [of Georgia] Access Online
1270Hopkins, Samuel-ALS, undated
1271Hopkins, Samuel-ALS, 1838 May 28
1272Hopkins, Samuel-ALS, 1838 July 14
1273Hopkins, Samuel-ALS, 1838 September 26
1274Hopkins, Samuel-ALS, 1839
131Hord, Reuben-Account, 1804
132Hosack, David-ALS, 1833
133House, Samuel C.-DS, 1823
134House, Thomas-Document, 1851
135Houstoun, George, 1775 June 29 Access Online
136Houstoun, George-ALS, 1776 January 17 Access Online
137Houstoun, George-ALS, 1779 October 14 Access Online
138Houstoun, George-ALS, 1788 July 21 Access Online
139Houstoun, James-DSs, 1764 Access Online
1310Houstoun, James, 1764 Access Online
1311Houstoun, James-DS, 1784 June 8 Access Online
1312Houstoun, James-DS, 1784 June 29 Access Online
1313Houston, James-ALS, 1785 July 4 Access Online
1314Houston, James-ALS, 1812 May 16 Access Online
1315Houston, John-DS, 1771 September 7 Access Online
1316Houston, John-DS, 1783 January 8 Access Online
1317Houston, John-DS, 1784 February 20 Access Online
1318Houston, John-DS, 1784 March 10 Access Online
1319Houston, John-DS, 1784 December 6 Access Online
1320Houston, John-DS, 1784 December 26 Access Online
1321Houston, John-ALS, 1785 June 13 Access Online
1322Houston, John-ALS, 1788 May 17 Access Online
1323Houston, John-ANS, 1788 September 26 Access Online
1324Houston, John-ANS, 1789 January 4 Access Online
1325Houston, John-ALS, 1793 October 11 Access Online
1326Houston, Patrick, 1756
1327Houstoun, Sir Patrick-DS, 1758 March 15
1328Houstoun, Sir Patrick-Document, 1759
1329Howard, C. W.-ALS, 1840
1330Howe, Robert-L. Copy, 1779 March 11
1331Howell, John-ALS, 1790
1332Howley, Richard
1333Howley, Richard-ADS, undated
1334Howley, Richard-DS, 1783 September 20
1335Howley, Richard-ADS, 1784 May 1
1336Huger, C. K.-ALS, 1843
1337Huntingdon, Countess of-Hymn, undated
1338Huntingdon, countess of-ALS, 1784 November
1339Hughes, Josephine-ALS, 1939
1340Hull, Henry-Receipt, 1858
1341"Husband Wanted"-Notice, 1783
1342Hutchinson, Asubah-ALS, 1838
1343Hyde, John Jay, 1858
1344Hymnal-Ms, undated
1345Imlay, William h.-Document, 1830
[Letter], 1825 August 1 [to] the editor of the National Journal, Washington / a Georgian Access Online
[Letter] of correspondence [promoting the] education of the Creek Indian Children Access Online
1347Ingraham, Edward-ANS, 1849 June 15
1348Ingraham, Edward-ALS, 1849 July 28
1349Ingraham, Edward-ALS, 1850 January 21
1350Ingraham, Edward-ALS, 1851 February 15
1351Ingraham, Edward-ALS, 1851 December 22
1352Ingraham, Edward-ALS, 1853 March 5
1353Irving, John B., 1838
1354Irving, John B., 1843
1355Irwin County-Land Grant, 1819
1356Irwin, Jared, 1807
1357Irwin, Jared-ALS, 1807 August 4
1358Irwin, Jared-Deed, 1808 November 18
1359Irwin, Jared-ALS, 1809 February 1
1360Irwin, Jared
1361Irwinton Bridge Case-Document, 1841
1362Isaacs, Ralph-ALS, 1812 May 2
1363Italian, Consulate
1364Iverson, Alfred-ALS, 1826
141Jackson, Abraham-ALS, 1808
142Jackson, Absalom-Document, 1835
143Jackson, Absalom-Document, 1837
144Jackson, Andrew-LS, 1818
[Letter] 1818 July 8, Nashville, [Tennessee to] General William McIntosh, Creek Nation / Major Gen[era]l Andrew Jackson Access Online
145Jackson County-Misc. Records, 1799-1848
146Jackson County-Misc. Records, 1799-1848
147Jackson County-Misc. Records, 1799-1848
148Jackson County-Misc. Records, 1799-1848
149Jackson County-Land Grant, 1836
[Land grant with map for plot of land in] Dooly County, Georgia, 1836 November 30 / [authorized by] William Schley, Governor of Georgia Access Online
1410Jackson, George-ALS, 1824
1411Jackson, Henry-ANS, undated
1412Jackson, Henry-ALS, 1800
1413Jackson. Henry-ALS, 1812
Letter, 1812 November 26, Athens, [Georgia to] D[avid] B. Mitchell, Milledgeville, [Georgia] / Henry Jackson Access Online
1414Jackson, Henry-ALS, 1813
1415Jackson, Henry R.-ALS, 1883
1416Jackson, James-ALS, undated
1417Jackson, James-DS, 1791
1418Jackson, James-ALS, 1792
1419Jackson, James-ALS, 1805
1420Jackson, James-DS, 1829
1421Jackson, Joseph W.-Als, 1817
1422Jackson, Joseph W.-ALS, 1835
1423Jackson, Joseph W.-ALS, 1850
1424Jackson, Mrs. T. J.-ALS, 1909
1425Jackson, William-ADS, 1780 April 14
1426Jackson, William-ALSs, 1810
1427James, R. W.-DSs, 1859
1428Jasper County-Land Grant
[Land grant with map for plot in] Cherokee County, 1840 November 11 / [authorized by] Charles J. McDonald, Governor of Georgia Access Online
1429Jay, John-ANS, 1842
1430Jay, John-ALS, 1845
1431Jay, William-ALS, undated
1432Jefferson County, 1806
1433Jekyll, Sir Joseph, 1702
1434Jenkins, Charles J.-ALS, 1858
1435Jenkins, Charles J.-ALS, 1866
1436Jenkins, Charles J.-ALS, 1877
1437Jenkins, Charles J., 1880
1438Jesup, General
1439Johnson, Eliza H.-ALSs, 1819-1826
1440Johnson, Herschel V.-ALS, 1853 April 21
1441Johnson, Herschel V.-ALS, 1853 September 10
1442Johnson, Herschel V.-ALS, 1854 July 29
1443Johnson, Herschel. V.-ALS, 1854 September 15
1444Johnson, Herschel V.-ALS, 1854 September 22
1445Johnson, Herschel V.-DS, 1855 January 9
1446Johnson, Herschel V.-ALS, 1858 June 25
1447Johnson, Herschel V.-ALS, 1861 November 11
1448Johnson, Herschel V.-ALS, 1878
1449Johnson, James-DS, [1865?]
1450Johnson, Joseph-ALS, 1846
1451Johnson, Joseph-ALS, 1856
1452Johnson, [P.J.?]-ALS, 1859
1453Johnson. R. M.-ALS, undated
1454Johnson. R. M.-ALS, 1838
1455Johnston, David-Document, 1792
1456Johnston, James-ALS, 1800
1457Johnston, James-ALS, 1807
1458Johnston, J. D.-ALS, 1896
1459Johnston, Lewis-ALS, 1784 April 17
1460Johnston, Richard M.-ALS, 1866
1461Johnston, Richard M. Ms, 1888
1462Johnston, Richard M.-ALS, 1894
1463Johnston, Thomas-ALS, 1819
151Jones, Alfred E.-Commission, 1868
152Jones, Charles C. JR.-ALSs, 1870-1877
153Jones, George-DS, 1792
154Jones, George-DS, 1793
155Jones, George-ALS, 1813
156Jones, George-Stocks, 1819-1837
157Jones, M. D.-ALS, 1853
158Jones, Noble, 1764 December 6 Access Online
159Jones, Noble W.-Account, 1774 May 4 Access Online
1510Jones, Noble W.-DS, 1778 May 30 Access Online
1511Jones, Noble, 1806 May 13 Access Online
1512Jones, Seaborn-ALS, 1792
1513Jones, Seaborn-ALS, 1794
1514Jones, Seaborn-DS, 1804
1515Jones, Seaborn-ALS, 1834
1516Jones County-Records, 1818-1843
1517Jourdan, Col. Warren-ALS, undated
1518Julius, Dr.-Autograph, undated
1519Keller, John A.-Indictment, 1807
1520Kenan, Augustus H.-ALS, 1864
1521Kenan, Augustus H.-ALS, 1865
1522[Kimber, Edward]-Itinerant Observations, 1744
1523King, John P.-ALS, 1850
1524King, Mitchell-ALS, 1814
1525King, William N.-ANS, 1860
1526Kinloch, James S.-ALS, 1863
1527Knight, John-Bond, 1788
1528Knight, John-Deed, 1790
1529Knox, Samuel-Deed, 1819
1530Kollock, Rev. Henry-ALS, undated
1531Kollock, Rev. Henry-ALS, 1811
1532Kollock, M. H.
1533Kosloff,—ALS, 1817
1534Lamar, Charles A. ALS, 1860
1535Lamar, L. Q. C.-ALS, 1832
1536Lamar, Mirabeau-ANS, 1825
1537Lamb, Misach E.-Deed, 1833
1538Land Grants
8ALand Grants. Georgia. Parish of St. Matthew. Land granted by Governor James Wright to Joseph Parker. Fragments only of two distinct grants, 7 April 1767
9ALand Grants. Georgia. Burke County. Land granted by Governor George Mathews to William Royals. Survey dated, 20 September 1787, 4 March 1786
10ALand Grants. Georgia. Effingham County. Land granted by Governor Samuel Elbert to Richard Scruggs. Survey plat not present, 24 May 1785
11ALand Grants. Georgia. Effingham County. Land granted by Governor George Handley to Robert Hudson, Junior. Survey dated, 28 May 1788, 13 January 1785
12ALand Grants. Georgia. Effingham County. Land granted by Governor Jared Irwin to Groce Scruggs. Survey dated, 28 July 1789, 16 January 1797
13ALand Grants. Georgia. Effingham County. Land granted by Governor Joseph E. Brown to Dr. W.W. Wilson and Dr. W.M. Wilson. Survey dated, 17 December 1860, 1 August 1859
14ALand Grants. Georgia. Jackson County. Land granted by Governor James Jackson to Samuel Knox. Survey dated, 16 May 1798, 7 February 1798
15ALand Grants. Georgia. McIntosh County. Land granted by Governor George Mathews to David Garvin. Survey dated, 19 June 1795, 20 July 1794
16ALand Grants. Georgia. Oglethorpe County. Land granted by Governor John Milledge to John Lawrance. Survey dated, 16 May 1804, 17 October 1802
17ALand Grants. Georgia. Screven County. Land granted by Governor James Jackson to Daniel Howell. Survey dated, 20 January 1799, 22 October 1797
18ALand Grants. Georgia. Screven County. Land granted by Governor John Milledge to Gross Scruggs. Survey dated, 16 May 1804, 26 November 1799
19ALand Grants. Georgia. Screven County. Land granted by Governor John Milledge to Robert Black. Survey dated, 28 November 1805, 10 January 1805
20ALand Grants. Georgia. Screven County. Land granted by Governor John Milledge to Robert Hudson. Survey dated, 19 May 1808, 11 June 1799
21ALand Grants. Georgia. Washington County. Land granted by Governor Edward Telfair to Samuel Bachcon. Survey dated, 13 May 1793, 4 November 1792
22ALand Grants. Nassau, Bahamas. Land granted by George III to Lewis Johnston on West Blue Hole Key. Survey dated, 23 February 1791, 16 June 1790
Plat attached certified by Josiah Tattnall, surveyor general. Also signed by John Earl of Dunmore, Governor General of the Bahama Islands.
23ALand Grants. Georgia. Colonial. Account records for personnel and supplies for "his Majesty's Boat" Prince George, stationed at Frederica
Signed by Governor Henry Ellis, David Cutler Braddock as Coxswain of the vessel, and the entire crew.
24ALand Grants. Georgia. Colonial. Bosomworth, Thomas and Mary. Articles of Agreement with Isaac Levy of London, 14 October 1754
Relates to that tract of land "Distinguished by the Names of Hussoope or Hussaba [Ossabaw].
25ALand Grants. Georgia. Colonial. Bosomworth, Thomas and Mary. Opinion of C. Sayer, 15 February 1765
stating the Crown's position in the dispute between the Bosomworths and Isaac Levy concerning Ossabaw, St. Catherines, and Sapelo Islands.
26ALand Grants. Georgia. Colonial. Bosomworth, Thomas and Mary. Miscellaneous papers and fragments
relating to the Levy controversy
26ALand Grants. Creek Nation agreement with the Bosomworths , 2 August 1750
Regarding sale of Ossabaw, St. Catherines, and Sapelo Islands. Signed by the chieftains.
27ALand Grants. First and second articles of the covenant between Bosomworth and Levy, 1754
28ALand Grants. Second and third articles of the covenant between Bosomworth and Levy. Incomplete. Undated
29ALand Grants. Final page of the covenant between Bosomworths and Levy. Incomplete. Undated
30ALand Grants. First and second articles of the covenant between Bosomworth and Levy
31ALand Grants. Abstract of proceedings at Augusta to determine the validity of Bosomworth's land claim since he purchased it from the Indians, 15 December 1755
32ALand Grants. Chronology of the case. Last dated entry, 1759
33ALand Grants. Petition of Bosomworth to George the Second, 12 June 1760
34ALand Grants. Letter to Fenwick Bull, 9 May 1765
35ALand Grants. Letter to Fenwick Bull, 2 October 1767
36ALand Grants. Letter to Fenwick Bull, 20 October 1767
37ALand Grants. Memorial of Isaac Levy, fragments
38ALand Grants. Unidentifiable fragments relating to the case
39ALand Grants. Georgia. Colonial. Fort Augusta. Expenses and arrearages for the garrison. Michaelmas, 1738-1740
Lists payments to members of the garrison by name.
40ALand Grants. Georgia. Colonial. Sheftall, Levi. "Bargain and Sale for one year of No. 20 West of Savannah in Trust for a Burying Place" to Mordecai Sheftall,—Minis, and Benjamin Sheftall, 16 November 1773
41ALand Grants. Georgia. Colonial. Way, Thomas and Mary. St. John's Parish. Midway. Conveyance to William McLaughling of Colleton County, South Carolina, property in St. John's Parish, 4 July 1764, 11 May 1772
Attested by John Elliott. Certified by Thomas Moodie
42ALand Grants. Georgia. Land Sales. Returns made by Payne, Level, and Robertson. Incomplete. Undated, circa 1830s
50BLand Grants. Pinckney, Charles Cotesworth. Receipt, 16 September 1801-17 August 1820
"Monies paid by Charles Cotesworth Pinckney on account of the partnership of Pinckney & Rutledge since the decease of Governor Edward Rutledge" with "Memorandum of monies received by Charles Cotesworth Pinckney on account of the partnership since the death of Governor Edward Rutledge
51ALand Grants. Spain-United States Treaty (1795). "Treaty of Amity, Limits and Navigation concluded between His Catholic Majesty [Spain] and the United States of America.", 27-28 October 1795
52ALand Grants. Augusta, Georgia. Commissioners of the town granting to Benjamin Leigh certain tracts of land, 23 April 1787
Document signed by Governor Edward Telfair, Seaborn Jones and others.
1539Lang, Richard-L. Copy, 1800
Letter [with certification] 1800 August 17, St. Marys, [Georgia] to William A[ugustus] Bowles / Richard Lang Access Online
1540Lathrop, Edward-ALS, 1845
1541Law, Charles-DSs, 1821-1822
1542Laurens, Col. Henry-ALS, 1776
1543Laurens County-Court Records
1544Laurens County-Land Grant, 1819
[Land grant with map for plot in] Early County, Georgia, 1826 July 17 / [authorized by] George M. Troup, Governor of [Georgia] Access Online
1545Lawlor, David-Receipt, 1840
1546Lawton, A. R.-ALS, 1860
1547Lawton, A. R.-ALS, 1862
1548Lawton, A. R.-ALS, 1864
1549Lawton. A. R.-ALS, 1865
1550Lawton, Alexander R., 1853 April 15
1551Leake, Richard-Misc. Papers, 1776-1819
1552Leake, Richard-Misc. Papers, 1776-1819
1553LeConte, John-ANS, 1846
1554Lee, Charles-ALS, 1795
1555Lee, John, 1857
1556Lee, Robert E.- Als, 1863
1557Legardere, Elias-ALS, 1765
Letter, 1765 [?] September 30, Mobile, [Alabama ? to] Joseph Clay, Savannah, [Georgia] / Elias Lagardere Access Online
1558Legislative Expenses-Document, 1750-1751
1559LaHardy, Dr. J. C.-Yellow Fever Epidemic, circa 1878
1560Lewis, David W.- ALS, 1863
1561Lewis, David W.-ALS, 1864
1562Lewis Family-Misc. Papers, 1772-1831
1563Lewis Family-Misc. Papers, 1772-1831
161Liberty County-petitions for lands
162Liberty County-Court Records, 1866-1868
163Liberty County-Land Grant, 1792
164Liberty County-Records, 1776-1869
43ALiberty County. Digest of tax returns for 1829. Certified by W. P. Girardeau, 22 October 1829
44ALiberty County. Digest of tax returns for 1841. Certified by W. P. Girardeau. Incomplete, 31 September 1841
"Digest No. 2 for the Clerk's Office."
165Lide, J. E.-ALS, 1861
166Lincoln, Abraham
167Linton, John-Deed, 1839
168Livingston, John-ALS, 1853
169Livingston, Robert C.-DS, 1789
1610Locke, J. S.-ALS, 1836-1853
[Letter] 1836 February 20, Picolata, Fl[orida to] J[ames] K. Tefft, Savannah, G[eorgi]a / J. S. Locke Access Online
[Letter] 1836 February 5, St. Augustine, Fl[orid]a [to] J[ames] K. Tefft, Savannah, Georgia / J. S. Locke Access Online
1611Lopez, N.-ALSs, undated
1612Lopez, N.-L. Copies, 1848
1613Lopez, N.-ALS, 1849 August 12
1614Lopez, N.-ALS, 1851 April 6
1615Lopez, N.-ALS, 1851 June 2
1616Lopez, N.-ALS, 1851 July 2
1617Lopez, N.-ALS, 1854 December 14
1618Lord's Prayer (indian)-Ms. Copy, undated
Copy of Lord's prayer presumed to be from the indians formerly inhabiting Savannah Access Online
1619Lottery (1827) List-Chatham County, 1827
Return of persons in Chatham County, [Georgia] entitled to draws in land lottery Access Online
1620Lowndes, Rawlins to John Houstoun, 1779
1621Lucas, Frederic-Letters Patent, 1854
1622Ludden & Bates-Receipt, 1871
1623Ludewig [?], Herman-ALS, 1847
1624Lumpkin, John H.-ALS, 1854
1625Lumpkin, Joseph H.-ALS, 1851
1626Lumpkin, Joseph L.-ALS, 1866
1627Lumpkin, Wilson-ALS, 1836 April 29
Letter, 1836 April 29, Athens, G[eorgi]a [to] Governor [William] Schley, Milledgeville, G[eorgi]a / Wilson Lumpkin Access Online
1628Lumpkin, Wilson-ADS, 1836 August 13
1629Lumpkin, Wilson-L.(Unsigned), 1852
1630Lumpkin, Wilson-ALS, 1853 December 25
1631Lumpkin, Wilson-ALS, 1853 December 28
1632Mathews, George
1633Mathews. George-Petitions , undated
Petition of [the inhabitants of] Franklin County, to Governor [of Georgia] George Mathews Access Online
1634Mathews, George-Ms. Deed, 1795
1635Mathews, George-D.S., 1795 September 16
1636Mathews, George-ALS, 1796
1637McAllistor, M., 1835-1846
1638McDonald, Charles J. to Wilson Lumpkin, 1836-1842
1639McDonald, Charles J., 1839
1640McDonald, Charles J., 1840
1641McDonald, Charles J., 1840
[Land grant for plot in] Cherokee County, Georgia, 1840 November 19 / [authorized by] Charles J. McDonald Access Online
1642McDonald, Charles J., 1843
1643McDonald, Charles J. to Robert Tyler, 1852
1644McDonald, Charles J., 1859
1645McCall, Hugh-Receipt, 1808
1646McCall, Hugh-Estate, 1826 March 6
1647McCormick, David-Grant, 1794 December 29
1648McCormick, David to Governor D. B. Mitchell, 1812
171McIntosh, Alexander, 1844
172McIntosh, James, 1861
173McIntosh, John H.-ALS, 1829 May 23
174McIntosh Papers-Engraving Lachlan McIntosh Access Online
175McIntosh Papers-Documents
176McIntosh Papers-List of 50 Lottery Tickets, United States, 1776 Access Online
177McIntosh Papers-Documents
[Receipt for services rendered by] Lachlan McIntosh at a conference in Savannah [between] the Governor [of Georgia and] the Creek Indians [and] a treaty [at] Galphington [i.e. Galphinton], 1785 Access Online
178McIntosh Papers-Resolution regarding Col. James McIntosh, 1848 Access Online
179McIntosh Papers-Calculation of the real intrinsic value of the tide swamp land in Georgia Access Online
1710McIntosh Papers-Killed, Wounded, and Prisoners of the British, 1777 Access Online
1711McIntosh Papers-Documents
1712McIntosh Papers-Prisoner Parole Access Online
1713McIntosh Papers-John and Esther Cuthbert discharge their daughter, Sarah Threadcraft, for marriage to Lachlan McIntosh, 1755 Access Online
1714McIntosh Papers-Indenture between Lachlan McIntosh and George Threadcraft, 1788 Access Online
1715McIntosh Papers-Resolution re Provincial Congress, 1775 Access Online
1716McIntosh Papers-Complaint John McIntosh against William and Lachlan McIntosh, 1793 Access Online
1717McIntosh Papers-Resolution supporting General McIntosh after defeat in Charles Town, 1780 Access Online
1718McIntosh Papers-Documents
1719McIntosh Papers-Land record, William McIntosh, Parish of St. Andrew, 1774 Access Online
1720McIntosh Papers-William McIntosh regarding George Walton Access Online
1721McIntosh Papers-Defense of William McIntosh for whipping George Walton, 1787 Access Online
1722McIntosh Papers-List of Officers of the Georgia Line of the American Army, 1783 Access Online
1723McIntosh Papers-List of General Officers in Continental Service, 1782 Access Online
1724McIntosh Papers-Lachlan McIntosh settlement for the purchase of slaves, 1784 Access Online
1725McIntosh Papers-Letter from Col Bedford regarding the purchase of corn and other goods, 1782 Access Online
1726McIntosh Papers-Petition to James Wright from the citizens of Augusta and Parish of St. Paul, 1780 Access Online
1727McIntosh Papers-Extract from the General Assembly in favor of Lachlan McIntosh, 1783 Access Online
1728McIntosh Papers-Act of Council of Safety at Savannah re. shipping exportation, 1776 Access Online
1729McIntosh Papers-Commissioned and Non-commissioned officers and staff, 1779 Access Online
1730McIntosh Papers-Document Access Online
1731McIntosh Papers-General Order, 1801 Access Online
1732McIntosh Papers-Memorandum re. armory boats and forts, 1778 Access Online
1733McIntosh Papers-Lachlan McIntosh accounts, 1783 Access Online
1734McIntosh Papers-Expenses, 1778 Access Online
1735McIntosh Papers-Genealogy, 1844 Access Online
1736McIntosh Papers-Proceedings, 1777 Access Online
1737McIntosh Papers-Documents
[Account of] Lachlan McIntosh for expences [sic] in service [to] the United States, 1779 Access Online
1738McIntosh Papers-Account for beer and whiskey, 1778 Access Online
1739McIntosh Papers-Military stores at Fort Pitt, 1778 Access Online
1740McIntosh Papers-Paid by the United States for grain Access Online
1741McIntosh Papers-Court proceedings, 1778 Access Online
1742McIntosh Papers-Proceedings, 1777 Access Online
1743McIntosh Papers-values for building supplies, Savannah Access Online
1744McIntosh Papers-Estate of James Habersham, 1782 Access Online
1745McIntosh Papers-Document Access Online
1746McIntosh Papers-re. loyalty to King George III Access Online
1747McIntosh Papers-Civil list of internal government positions, 1782 Access Online
1748McIntosh Papers-Extract from a letter by a gentleman in Carolina Access Online
1749McIntosh Papers-recipe for curing indigo, 1776 Access Online
1750McIntosh Papers-Support for the salary of John Houstoun, 1792 Access Online
1751McIntosh Papers-Lachlan McIntosh audited list of financial losses during the war Access Online
1752McIntosh Papers-extract from minutes of the House Assembly to hear from Lachlan McIntosh, 1777 Access Online
1753McIntosh Papers-Accounts for Lachlan McIntosh visit to hospital, 1778 Access Online
1754McIntosh Papers-History of Oglethorpe landing in Georgia Access Online
53AMcIntosh Papers-Documents
[Notes relative to James] Oglethorpe['s] landing at Yamacraw Bluff in 1733 [and his dealings with] the [British] Trustees and Creeks [for two years thereafter] Access Online
1755McIntosh Papers-re. the rebellion Access Online
1756McIntosh Papers-Journal Access Online
1757McIntosh Papers-Journal of the siege of Charleston, 1780 Access Online
1758McIntosh Papers-Journal, 1780 Access Online
[Unsigned account of Revolutionary War battles in Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina] 1780 Access Online
1759McIntosh Papers-Journal, 1780 Access Online
1760McIntosh Papers-Letter from John Baker, Midway, 1777 Access Online
1761McIntosh Papers-Letter to the Governor of Georgia re. supplies for war, 1779 Access Online
1762McIntosh Papers-Memorial Captain George Melven, 1781 Access Online
1763McIntosh Papers-Letters
[Letter] 1778 June 24, Lancaster, [Pennsylvania to] General [Lachlan] McIntosh, York, [Pennsylvania] / Colo[nel] Daniel Brodhead. [Letter] 1778 June 25, York, [Pennsylvania to Colonel Daniel Brodhead] / [General Lachlan McIntosh] Access Online
1764McIntosh Papers-Letter from War Office requesting lists of Continental officers, 1781 Access Online
1765McIntosh Papers-Letter from John McIntosh to Lachlan McIntosh, 1785 Access Online
1766McIntosh Papers-Letter to David Blackshear from John McIntosh, 1815 Access Online
1767McIntosh Papers-Letter to Sarah McIntosh from Lachlan McIntosh while prisoner of war, 1780 Access Online
1768McIntosh Papers-Letter fragments from Lachlan McIntosh, 1776 Access Online
1769McIntosh Papers-Letter, 1784 Access Online
1770McIntosh Papers-Letter John McIntosh, St. Thomas in the East, to Lachlan McIntosh , 1784 Access Online
1771McIntosh Papers-Letter from J. McIntosh Access Online
1772McIntosh Papers-Letter re. revolution Access Online
1773McIntosh Papers-Letter from Lachlan McIntosh to James Habersham re. Board of Claims, 1784 Access Online
1774McIntosh Papers-Letter from Mary D. McIntosh to I. K. Tefft includes list of furniture, 1829 Access Online
1775McIntosh Papers-Letter from Lachlan McIntosh, Camp at Brick Kills, to Col. Twiggs Access Online
1776McIntosh Papers-Letter from John Irwin to McIntosh, includes account provisions , 1778 Access Online
1777McIntosh Papers-Letter from Robert Cooke to McIntosh, Charles Town, 1780 Access Online
1778McIntosh Papers-Letter from General Gunn to Dr. George Jones, 1793 Access Online
1779McIntosh Papers-Letter from Lachlan McIntosh to Francis Courvoisie, 1791 Access Online
1780McIntosh Papers-Letter from Lachlan McIntosh re. sale of slaves, 1775 Access Online
[Letter] 1775 July, Darien, [Georgia] / Lach[la]n McIntosh Access Online
1781McIntosh Papers-Letter from John Steele, Treasury Dept. Comptroller's Office, to Lachlan McIntosh, 1800 Access Online
1782McIntosh Papers-Letter from officers of Col. Bland's Battalion, 1781 Access Online
1783McIntosh Papers-Letter from Gideon Denison to McIntosh, 1793 Access Online
1784McIntosh Papers-Letter from James Seagrove to John McIntosh, 1791 Access Online
1785McIntosh Papers-Letter from Menzies Baillie to Robert Baillie, 1782 Access Online
1786McIntosh Papers-Letter from Menzies Baillie to Robert Baillie, 1782 Access Online
1787McIntosh Papers-Letter from Congress to Moultrie and McIntosh, 1779 Access Online
1788McIntosh Papers-Letter from McIntosh, Camp Valley Forge, 1778 Access Online
1789McIntosh Papers-Letters Access Online
1790McIntosh Papers-Letter from W.I. McIntosh to I. K. Tefft, 1829 Access Online
45AMcIntosh Papers. McIntosh, General Lachlan. Revolutionary War. "Account of Provisions Issu'd to Genl. McIntosh's Mess Camp Valley Forge.", 17 May 1778
1791McIntosh County, 1794-1874 Access Online
1792McIntosh County, 1880
181Mackall, W. W.-ALS, 1864 Access Online
182Mackay, Eliza Access Online
183Mackay, Captain John-Survey of Railroad line, 1838
184Mackay, Captain John-notebook of Fla. terrain, circa 1838
185Mackay, Robert, 1802 October 9 Access Online
186Mackay, William-Joseph Bryan-Correspondence Access Online
187McKinley, William, 1874 Access Online
188McLaws, Lafayette, 1878-1886 Access Online
189McLean, Andrew, 1773 Access Online
1810Maclean, Col. ?, 1785 Access Online
1811McRa, Alexander, 1779 Access Online
1812McQueen, John, 1785 Access Online
1813McPherson, Alexander, 1810 Access Online
1814McPherson, J., 1829 Access Online
1815Macpherson, W., 1791 Access Online
1816McWhir, Rev. William, 1846 Access Online
1817Mahoney, John-Oath, 1863 Access Online
1818Malmedy, Arnold-ALS, 1779 November 11 Access Online
1819Mann, W. W.-ALS, 1857 Access Online
1820Marbury, Horatio-Account, 1797 Access Online
1821Marbury, J. Horatio-Ans, 1797 Access Online
1822Marion County-Indenture regarding estate of Alexander Watson and heirs of Nathan Mayo, 1830 Access Online
1823Marshall, Andrew-DS, 1816 Access Online
1824Martin, John-DSs, undated Access Online
1825Martin, John Access Online
1826Martin, John-ALS, 1777 July 1 Access Online
1827Martin, John-ALS, 1782 July 6 Access Online
1828Martin, John-ALS, 1782 August 16 Access Online
1829Martin, John-DS, 1784 Access Online
1830Mathematics-puzzle, circa 1857 Access Online
1831Maxwell, Mary-ALS, 1782 August 1 Access Online
1832Mayer, Brante-ALS, 1857 Access Online
1833Meagher, T. F.-ALS, 1854 Access Online
1834Mease, James-ALS, 1827 Access Online
1835Medical College of Savannah-DS, 1853 Access Online
1836Meigs, Charles D.-ALS, 1824 Access Online
[Letter] 1824 May 8, Philad[elphia to] Gen[era]l D[avid] B. Mitchell, Mount Nebo, near Milledgeville, Georgia / Cha[rle]s D. Meigs Access Online
1837Melven, G. W.-Ms. Copy, 1820 Access Online
[Statement relative to] Creek Agent D[avid] B. Mitchell [and the smuggling of] African Negroes at the Creek Agency Access Online
1838Mercer, Hugh-LS, 1865 Access Online
1839Mercer, Jesse-ALS, 1816 Access Online
1840Meriwether, James, 1790 Access Online
[Letter] 1790 July 21, Augusta, [Georgia to] Doct[o]r George Jones, Savannah [Georgia] / Ja[me]s Meriwether Access Online
1841Merriwether, David-ALS, 1798 Access Online
1842Metzger Family-Misc. Papers, 1832-1855 Access Online
1843Milledge, John-ALS, 1783 April 29 Access Online
1844Milledge, John-ALS, 1796 Access Online
1845Milledge, John, 1804 Access Online
[Land grant with map for plot in] Baldwin County, Georgia, 1805 October 10 / [authorized by] Jno. [i.e. John] Milledge, Governor of [Georgia] Access Online
1846Milledge, John-ALS, 1804 Access Online
1847Milledge, John-ALS, 1817 Access Online
[Letter] 1817 March 23, near Augusta to David B. Mitchell, Superintendent of Indian Affairs, near Milledgeville / J[ohn] Milledge Access Online
1848Miller, John-Ms., 1825 Access Online
1849Miller, Mary-ALS, 1779 February 17 Access Online
1850Miller, Samuel-Account, 1774 Access Online
1851Mills, James-License, 1857 Access Online
1852Milton, John-ALS, 1815 Access Online
1853Miscellaneous-Letters and drafts Access Online
1854Mitchell, David B.-ALS, 1802 Access Online
1855Mitchell, David B.-ALS, 1808 Access Online
1856Mitchell, David B.-Challenge, 1809 Access Online
1857Mitchell, David B.-To General David Blackshear, 1813 Access Online
[Letter] 1813 August 4, Milledgeville, [Georgia to] Brigadier General David Blackshear / D[avid] B. Mitchell Access Online
1858Mitchell, David B.-ALSs, 1820 Access Online
1859Mitchell, David B.-ALS, 1826 Access Online
1860Mitchell, Edward C.-ALS, 1858 Access Online
1861Mitchell, William L.-DS, 1863 Access Online
1862Moir, John--ALS, undated Access Online
1863Moir, John-ALS, 1833 Access Online
1864Moir, John-ALS, 1836 Access Online
1865Monshaw, James--DS, 1848 Access Online
191James Monroe to Governor David Mitchell regarding Amelia Island, East Florida, and General Matthews, 1812 April 4
192James Monroe to Governor David Mitchell regarding General Matthews and East Florida, 1812 May 2
193James Monroe to Governor David Mitchell regarding East Florida, 1812 May 27
194Monroe, James-LS, 1812 July 6
195Monroe, James-LS, 1812 October 13
[Letter] 1812 October 13, Department of State, [Washington, D.C. to] David B. Mitchell / Ja[me]s Monroe Access Online
196Montaigut, David-ADS, 1760
197Montaigut, David-ALS, 1791
198Montalet, Marquis de-ALSs, 1808-1811
199Montalet, Marquis de-ANSs, 1807-1809
1910Montgomery County-Petition, 1794 September 1
Petition of the inhabitants of Montgomery County, 1794 September 1, Montgomery County, [Georgia] to George Mathews, Governor [of] Georgia Access Online
1911Montiano, Don Manuel de-L. Copies, 1737-1741
Official letters from Don Manuel de Montiano, Governor of East Florida, to Don Juan Francisco de Guemes y Horcasitas, Captain-General of the Island of Cuba, 1737 September 30 to 1741 January 2 Access Online
1912Moodie, Thomas, 1771 October 11
1913Moore, A. B.-ALS, 1860
1914Morel, Mrs. Bryan-To her grandchild
1915Morgan County-Land Survey
1916Morgan County-Misc. Records, 1810-1874
1917Morgan, L. S.-ALS, 1863
1918Morin Family-Misc, 1790-1838
1919Morly, C. S.-ALS, 1972
1920Morral vs. Holmes-Ms., 1825
1921Morris vs. Cobb-Ms., 1864
1922Morrison, Lewis M.-Ms., 1850
1923Morton. Thomas G.-ALSs, 1851
1924Mott, Isaac-DS, 1802
1925Mulkey, J. T.-Commission, 1882
1926Mullin, James-Account, 1854
1927Muscogee County-Plat, 1827
1928Slavery-Misc. Documents, 1784-1858
1929Slavery-Misc. Documents, 1784-1858
1930Slavery-Misc. Documents, 1784-1858
1931Guardianship papers for free person of color Josiah Kelton (guardian William A. Pittman) and Henry Freeman (guardian John Thien), 1820, 1837
1932Petition for mercy, 1820 October 25
Petition sent to the senator and representatives of Chatham County to interfere "in favor of a negro man named Georgia... under sentence of death ... for attempt to commit a rape ... believing that the evidence ... is doubtful and uncertain"
1933Manumission of Elsey and her four children Biddy, Jemme, Anne, and Polly by Alexander Carley of Savannah, 1792
1934Neill, F. O.-ADS, 1844
1935Neufville, Edward-ALS, 1840
1840 August 29, Savannah, [Georgia to] J.K. Tefft / Ed[ward] Neufville Access Online
1936New Hope Plantation-Survey
1937Newspaper clippings-Miscellaneous
[Article concerning] General D[avid] B. Mitchell's alleged [involvement in smuggling] African slaves into Georgia, 1820 May 26, Washington, Georgia, [Article concerning the dismissal] of General [David B.] Mitchell by the President of the United States [for] having been engaged in the illicit introduction of African Negroes into Georgia and Alabama, 1821 Access Online
1938Noel, J. Y.-ALS, 1800
1939North, J. Bartram-ALS, 1867
1940North Carolina-Trinity College, 1859
1941Northen, W. J.-TLS, 1904
1942Nunes, Moses-Will, 1787 September 21
1943Oath-Ga.-DS, 1809
1944O'Bryan, William-ALS, 1783January 15
1945"Observations..."-Ms. Copy, 1781
1946Odingsell, Charles-ANS, 1783 March 11
1947Ogden, Thomas-Accounts, 1782-1790
1948Oglethorpe County-Misc., 1800-1830
1949Oglethorpe, James Edward - history, 1826 Access Online
1950Oglethorpe, James E.-ADS, 1730
1951Oglethorpe, James Edward-Indenture-Arms for Ga., 1737 Access Online
1952Oglethorpe, James Edward (photocopy), 1735-1736 Access Online
Receipt for 70 pounds sterling to be paid James Edgar. Signed by James Oglethorpe.
1953Oglethorpe, James E.-Accounts, 1739-1742 Access Online
1954Oglethorpe, James E.- Letters about Oglethorpe's possessions in Georgia at his death, 1785 Access Online
1955Oglethorpe, James E.- Will [photocopy], 1785
46AOglethorpe, James Edward-Jean Pierre Purry
Agreement relating to the twelve thousand acres in South Carolina upon which Purry designed to transport Swiss settlers in 1752. Signed by both Oglethorpe and Purry on 4 December Illegible. The original document in French. Accompanying it are a mid-nineteenth century translation and a typescript.
1956Oglethorpe Mutual Loan-Stock, 1860 Access Online
1957Oglethorpe University-ALS, 1838 Access Online
1958Oliphant, James-ALS, 1774 August 17 Access Online
1959Orme, John--Deeds, 1819 Access Online
54BOrme, John--Deeds
1960Osborne, Henry-ADS, undated Access Online
1961Osborne, Henry ALS, 1786 Access Online
1962Osborne, Henry-ADS, 1791 Access Online
1963Ottolenghe, (?)-ADS, 1760 Access Online
1964Owens, George W.-ALS, 1828 Access Online
1965Owens, John A. Estate, 1842 December 30 Access Online
201Page, William, 1816
202Paine, R. T.-ARS, 1841
203Paine, Thomas-ALS, 1840
204Palmer, J., 1843
205Pannill, Joseph, 1785
206Parker, Daniel, 1813
[Letter] 1813 September 5, War Office, [Washington, D.C. to] the Governor of Georgia / Daniel Parker Access Online
207Parker, Joseph-Land Grants, 1766
208Parodi, Teresa, 1856 March 8
209Passport, 1861
47APassport. S.L. Fairfield and Lucy Fairfield, United States' citizens to visit France and Holland, 8 April 1826
Signed by Rufus King
48APassport. Francis Didier Petit de Villers, United States' citizen, 21 April 1828
Signed by Henry Clay
49APassport. William Elliott, United States' citizen to visit France, 3 October 1843
Signed by Francis R. Rives
2010Patti, Adelina
2011Patti, Amalia, 1851-1856
2012Pendleton, Nathaniel
2013Pendleton, William
2014Phinizy, Ferdinand-Deed, 1841
2015Pickering, Timothy, 1793
2016Picquet, A., 1874
2017Pinckney, Charles Cotesworth, 1785
2018Pinckney, Charles Cotesworth
2019Pinckney, Thomas, 1815
2020Pitcairn, Robert, 1833
2021Poem, circa 1780
2022Poetry-Commonplace book, 1825-1831
2023Poetry, 1846
2024Poetry-"To the Ladies of the Seamen's F. F. Society"
2025Poetry-Hymn-"Tis midnight and on olive's brow"
2027Polhill, John G., 1828
2028Poore, Ben Perley, 1847
2029Poore, Ben: Perley, 1861
2030Porcher, James, 1816
2031Porter, Anthony-East Florida situation, 1810-1816
[Letter] 1812 April 12, Milledgeville, [Georgia to] Governor [of Georgia, David B.] Mitchell, Sandersville, [Georgia] / Anthony Porter Access Online
2032Porter, Anthony, 1846-1855
2033Porter, David, 1823
2035Pound, John B., 1845
2036Powers, William, 1799
2037Poussin, Nicholas
2038Pratt, Alex, 1863
2039Pray, John-to D. B. Mitchell, 1805-1809
2040Pray, John-property transactions
2041Pray, John of Savannah, 1790s
2042Presbyterian Church, 1805
2043Preston, G. V.
2044—ust, Mrs. Gladys-Prevost, General J. M. See Zubly, John Joachim, 1779
2045Prince, Oliver Hillhouse, 1810
2046Prince Oliver Hillhouse-to Richard Henry Wilde, 1820
2047Pringle, James, 1816
2048Pritchard, W.H.-Savannah Theatre, 1848
2049Revolutionary War-Proclamation against William Henry Drayton, 1777
2050Rabenhorst, Christian, 1775
[Letter] 1818 March 31, Milledgeville, Geo[rgia to] Gen[era]l D[avid] B. Mitchell / W[illia]m Rabun, Gover[nor of Georgia] Access Online
[Address to] the [Georgia state] Senate and House of Representatives, 1818 November 3, Milledgeville, Geo[rgia] / William Rabun, [Governor of Georgia] Access Online
[Report regarding] banks, schools [and internal] improvements in the State of Georgia / [William Rabun?] Access Online
2051Rabun, William, 1818
[Letter] 1817 June 18, Milledgeville, [Georgia to] Gen[era]l D[avid] B. Mitchell / W[illia]m Rabun, [Governor of Georgia] Access Online
[Letter] 1818 May 20, Milledgeville, [Georgia to] General D[avid] B. Mitchell, Creek Agency / W[illia]m Rabun, [Governor of Georgia] Access Online
[Letter] 1819 April 16, Milledgeville, [Georgia to] Maj[o]r W[illia]m S. Mitchell / W[illia]m Rabun, [Governor of Georgia] Access Online
2052Rabun William-to D. B. Mitchell, 1817-1819
[Land grant with map for plot in] Rabun County, Georgia, 1822 November 7 / [authorized by] John Clark, Governor of [Georgia] Access Online
2053Rabun County-Land Grant
2054Ruffles, Thomas
2055Ramsey, James Gettys McGrendy, 1852-1856
2056Randolph County-Court Records
2057Ravenel, Daniel, 1858
2058Rawson, Rawson, 1868
2059Read, Keith, 1925-1933
2060Read, Jacob, 1812
2061Reagan, John H., 1904
2062Receipts and accounts
2063Recipe-Lemon pie
2064Rees, David, 1784
211Reid, W. B. Access Online
212Renshaw, H. B., 1853 Access Online
213Revolutionary War-Muster rolls Access Online
214Revolutionary War-Receipts for rations Access Online
215Revolutionary War-Account, 1776 Access Online
216Revolutionary War-Artillery, 1776 Access Online