Margaret Mitchell family papers

Margaret Mitchell family papers

Descriptive Summary

Title: Margaret Mitchell family papers
Creator: Mitchell, Belle Stephens
Creator: Stephens, John, 1833-1896
Creator: Mitchell, Margaret, 1900-1949
Inclusive Dates: 1852-1975
Bulk Dates: 1936-1949
Language(s): English
Extent: 88 Linear Feet (176 document boxes, 3 flat boxes, 6 oversized boxes, 2 oversized volumes, 29 oversized folders A)
Collection Number: ms905
Repository: Hargrett Library

Collection Description

Historical Note

"Margaret Mitchell was the author of Gone With the Wind, one of the most popular books of all time. The novel was published in 1936 and sold more than a million copies in the first six months, a phenomenal feat considering it was the Great Depression era. More than 30 million copies of this Civil War-era masterpiece have been sold worldwide in thirty-eight countries. It has been translated into twenty-seven languages. Approximately 250,000 copies are still sold each year. Shortly after the book's publication the movie rights were sold to David O. Selznick for $50,000, the highest amount ever paid for a manuscript up to that time. In 1937 Margaret Mitchell was awarded the Pulitzer Prize...On August 11, 1949, Mitchell and her husband decided to go to a movie, A Canterbury Tale, at the Peachtree Art Theatre. Just as they started to cross Peachtree Street, near 13th Street, a speeding taxi crested the hill. Mitchell stepped back; Marsh stepped forward. The driver applied the brakes, skidded, and hit Mitchell. She was rushed to Grady Hospital but never regained consciousness. During the five days before she died, crowds waited outside for news. U.S. president Harry Truman, Georgia governor Herman Talmadge, and Atlanta mayor William B. Hartsfield all asked to be kept informed of her condition. Special phone lines were installed at Grady Hospital, and friends manned the lines in four-hour shifts. Mitchell died on August 16, 1949, and was buried in Oakland Cemetery in Atlanta." -

Taken from Margaret Mitchell (1900-1949) in the New Georgia Encyclopedia.

Scope and Content

The collection consists of the papers of Margaret Mitchell and the Mitchell family from 1852-1975. The papers include correspondence, clippings, business and legal documents, research materials, desk calendars (1939-1949), photographs of Mitchell and the Mitchell family, estate documents, and scrapbooks and ephemera. The bulk of the collection (1936-1949) concerns the publication of Gone with the Wind (GWTW), the effect of its publication, and the production of the motion picture by Selznick International Pictures.

Organization and Arrangement

Arranged into 8 series, some with several subseries: correspondence; press and publicity; condolences; Gone With the Wind materials; business and legal papers; personal and family; estate documents; and scrapbooks and ephemera.

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Margaret Mitchell family papers, ms905, Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library, The University of Georgia Libraries.

Terms Governing Use and Reproduction

Letters written by Margaret Mitchell may not be reproduced without permission from the Mitchell Literary Estate.

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Finding aid prepared on: 2009 April 10.

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Series Descriptions and Folder Listing


1. Correspondence

Correspondence consists mainly of letters to Mitchell from the public and her responses (typed carbon copies), but also includes correspondence from Erskine Caldwell, Willie Snow Ethridge, William Faulkner, Medora Perkerson, Eudora Welty, and other literary figures of the 1930s and the 1940s. Correspondence is arranged alphabetically by correspondent last name.

1.1 General

11Abarbanel, Sam X.
12Abbott, L. J.
13Abdullah, Achmed
14Abel, Margaret C.
15Abel, Maxine
16Abel, Walter
17Abernathy, Chess Jr.
18Abernathy, Esther
19Abernathy, Naomi
110Abraham, Kenneth
111Abrahams, Albert
112Abram, Marian
113Abreu, Mrs. Francis
114Acebo, L. Merel
115Ackerman, Dean Carl W.
116Acderman, F. J.
117Acosta, Mrs. H. R.
118Acuff, Marger
119Adair, Mr. & Mrs. George
120Adair Realty & Loan Company
121Adams-Cates Company
122Adams, George
123Adams, Georgia
124Adams, Gordon
125Adams, Mrs. Jay E.
126Adams, J. Donald
127Adams, John D.
128Adams, Robert E. Lee Jr.
129Adamson, Cora
130Adamson, Robert F.
131Adamson, Mrs. Robert F.
132Adcock, Bernice
133Adcock, Hugh
134Adelman, E. C.
135Adler, Sylvia
136Aftel, Joe
137Agronick, Mrs. Carl
138Ahrens, George
139Akers, Mrs. William
140Akin, Sally M.
141Albert, Mrs. A. E.
142Albert, Charles S.
143 Albuquerque Journal
144Albuquerque Tribune
145Albright, Miss Rachel
146Alderman, Mrs. Herbert
147Aldrich, Robert P.
148Alexander, Beatrice
149Alexander, Dewitt
150Alexander, Gertrude
151Alexander, Harry
152Alexander, Henry A.
153Alexander, James F.
154Alexander, Jerre
155Alexander, Marina Whitfield
156Alexander, Mary E.
157Alexander, Nancy
158Alexander, Penelope
159Alexander, Robert J.
160Alexander, Shirley
161Alexander, W. C.
162Allan, Glenn
163Allan, Dr. Warde B.
164Allan, Mrs. A. H.
165Allan, Mrs. Bailey
166Allan, Charles
167Allan, Frederick Lewis
168Allan, Mr. and Mrs. Harvey
169Allan, Mrs. I. M.
170Allan, Ivan
171Allan, J. Cleve
172Allan, Mrs. James
173Allan, Jewel
174Allan, Katherine
175Allan, Lenore
176Allan, Mrs. M. C.
177Allan, Marion
178Allan, Ohma
179Allan, T. C.
180Allan, Wayne B.
181Alley, Mrs. Alfred W.
182Alley, Felix E., Jr.
183Allgauer, Mariz F. M.
184Allison, N. Dwight
185Allyn, Lionel
186Almeleh, Rachel
21Almand, Albert
22Alsobrook, Ruth
23Alsobrook, Mrs. W. H.
24Alsobrook, Janie
25Alston, Wallace M.
26Alvarez, Lucia S.
27Ambassador Theatre
28Amberg, Frances Akin
29American Foundation for the Blind
210American Hebrew
211American Red Cross, Atlanta Chapter
212American Rolex Watch Corporation
213Americus, Georgia Chamber of Commerce
214Americus Times-Recorder
215Ames, Alice
216Ames, Charles Fisher
217Ammidon, Russell Philip
218Anderson, Mrs. Andrew
219Anderson, Barbara
220Anderson, Benjamin
221Anderson, Dr. D. R.
222Anderson, E. P.
223-24Anderson, Emma Katherine
225Anderson, Fannie Lew
226Anderson, Gladys T.
227Anderson, Gus
228Anderson, Mrs. J. A.
229Anderson, Jeanne
230Anderson, Mrs. John Huske
231Anderson, P. T., Jr.
232Anderson, Richard
233Anderson, Russell O.
234Anderson, Sylvia
235Anderson, Thomas J.
236Anderson, W. T.
237Andes, Myrtle Childs
238Andino, Julian E.
239Andrade, Airi
240Andrews, Alexander B.
241Andrews, Mrs. Ernest L., Jr.
242Andrews, Joyce
243Andrews, Welton L.
244Angelica, Sister Mary
245Angelo, Anton
246Angley, Martha
247Angotti, Mrs. Samuel A.
248-49Anonymous (Minneapolis, Minn.) (Wauchula, Florida)
250Ansley, Brad
251Anthony, Alma
252Anthony, Mrs. Lilybel
253Antrobus, Mrs. Leroy
254Apollo, Rufus
255Appelseth, Verna
256Apple, Rhynah
257Appleby, Mrs. Fanny L.
258Appleby, Mrs. John
259Appleby, Laurence Myron
260Appleton-Hess, Ida E.
261Aranha, Antonio B. Martins
262Archer, July
263Argo, Mrs. G. R.
264Argus Book Shop, Inc.
265Arkwright, Martha
266Arkwright, Mr. & Mrs. Preston S.
267Armfield, H. Blondelle
268Armistead, Ann
269-70Armistead, Mrs. J. Warren - Armistead, Mrs. M. W.
271Armour, Donalee
272Armstrong, Hamilton Fish
273Armstrong, Jimmy
274Armstrong, O. K.
275Armstrong, Rose Lee
276Armstrong, Stuart P.
277Armstrong, W. P.
278Arnall, Ellis
31Arnaud, Mrs. William
32Arndt, John Stover
33Arnold, J. D.
34Arnold, Lowry
35Arnold, Phil B.
36Arnold, Polly
37Arnold, Tom
38Arnold, William C.
39Arnot, Mrs. Margaret Mitchell
310Arnsparger, Lucien M.
311Arrington, La Rose
312Artau, Dolores
313Asasno, George
314Ashcraft, Gus
315Ashcraft, Lee
316Ashley, Harriette
317Ashley, Julia C.
318Ashley, Madelyn [see Wass, Bettie]
319Ashworth, Jennie Alline
320Ashworth, M. H.
321Asken, Edward
322Askew, B. R.
323Aspelin, Signe
324Associated Magazine Contributors
325Associated Press [Mexico City]
326Astaire, Fred
327Astin, Joe
328Astor, Lady Nancy
329Aswell, James
330Aszling, Georgia
331Athens Pilot Club
332Atkins, Ben
333Atkinson, Mrs. Hugh M.
334Atkinson, Juanita
335Atkinson, Teresa
336Atlanta Constitution
337Atlanta Credit Women's Association
338-41Atlanta Historical Society
342Atlanta Journal-editor
343Atlanta Parks Department
344Atlanta Tuberculosis Assn.
345Atlanta Woman's Club
346Atwood, H. C.
347Auborg, Jean
348Auchincloss, James C.
349Aucoin, Lionel A.
350Auer, John
351Augustine, Curt W.
352Aust, Mrs. Gladys
353Austin American Statesman
354Austin, Mrs. Erma Fisk
355Austin, Grace J.
356Avanti, Celeste
357Avary, J. Arch Jr.
358-59Avary, Mrs. Myrta Lockett
360Averbach, Dr. Bert
361Averill, La Veta
362Avery, Jack
363Awtrey, Mrs. Hugh
364Axley, Lowry
365Aycock, Charles
366Ayma, Jaime
367Ayres, Quincy C.

41Babb, Carl
42Babb, Caroline
43Babcock, Rev. D. T.
44Babcock, Capt & Mrs. J. V.
45Babington, Mrs. R. B. Jr.
46Baca, Frances
47Bache, Louise Franklin
48Bache, Louise F.
49Bachman, Roy D.
410Backers, William
411Backus, Mrs. O. E.
412Bacon, Mrs. G. M.
413Bacon, Mrs. Meriwether E.
414Bacon, W. T.
415Bacot, Portia
416Bagby, Ellen
417Bagnall, C. C.
418Baier, Stewart
419Bailard, Jacque
420Bailey, E. T.
421Bailey, Mildred
422Bailey, Mrs. Nellah M.
423Bailey, R. A.
424Bailey, Ralph Edward
425Bailey, Miss S. C.
426Baillod, Yvonne
427Baily, Suellan
428Baker, C. E.
429Baker, Daniel
430Baker, George
431Baker, Mrs. Harold William
432Baker, Hazel
433Baker, Hugh
434Baker, Ina
435Baker, James
436Baker, Keith H.
437Baker, Lloyd F.
438Baker, Nola
439Baker, Peggy
440Baker, Roberta
441Baker, Samuel
442Balch, David A.
443Baldick, Allen
444Baldini, Gino Jr.
445Baldridge, Mrs. Joseph
446Baldridge, Tom
447Baldwin, Betty E.
448Baldwin, Etienne
449Baldwin, Janet Smith
450Baldwin, Vance Jr.
451Bale, Mrs. John W.
452Baleria, Wesley
453Baliosian, Araxia V.
454Ball, Mrs. J. K.
455Ball, Mrs. K. C.
456Ball, Lamar
457Ball, Mrs. Lamar
458Ball, Mary E.
459Ball, Nell
460Ball, Penelope Screvan
461Ballard, Jessie Thompson
462Ballard, Mrs. Roberta Lamb
463Ballard, Virginia
464Ballew, Lee
465Balseiro, Jose A.
466The Bandwagon
467Bangs, Philip C.
468Banks, J. C.
469Bankston, Mrs. James A.
470Bankston, Sarah Ann
471Bannister, Constance
472Bankston, Mrs. Leland
473Baptista, Delores
474Barach, Frederica
475Barber, Elizabeth Lee
476Barbour, Mrs. D. E.
477Barcafar, Mrs. Clarence R.
478Barclay, Robert E.
479Barfield, Mrs. Forrest
480Barfield, Mrs. R. P.
481Bargamin, Caroline
482Bargone, Charles
483Bariona, B. M.
484Barker, Meta
485Barker, Pearl M.
486Barkley, Harry
487Barksdale, Mrs. A. D.
488Barlow, Frances R.
489Barlow, Mona
490Barnard, Vivien
491Barnes, Blanche
492Barnes, Gertrude
493Barnes, Joseph
494Barnes, Sara
495Barnett, Albert N.
496Barnett, Edith Mabry
497Barnett, James
498Barnett, Paul G.
499Barnett, William A.
4100Barnette, Carolyn Beckham
4101Barnitz, Elizabeth
51Barnum, Mrs. Hubert
52Barnwell, St. John
53-4Barois, Denis
55Baron, Mrs. Paul H.
56Barr, Mrs. Ethell Gaumer
57Barr, Lida
58Barr, Mr. & Mrs. Weedon
59Barrett, Mr. & Mrs. George
510Barrett, W. S.
511Barriere, Eleanor
512Barron, Mrs. Archie
513Barron, Ralph C.
514Barron, Mrs. T. A.
515Barron, William H.
516Barrow, Mrs. Leslie J.
517Barry, Terry
518Bartlett, John T.
519Bartlett, Mrs. O. D.
520Barton, Betsey A.
521Barton, Mrs. J. R.
522Barton, Mrs. Victor
523Bartsch, E.
524Basil, Helen Terry
525Bass, Guy Allen Q.
526Batchelder, Austin
527Bateman, Florence Stevenson
528Bateman, Warren
529Bates, Alice L.
530Bates, Mrs. J. W.
531Bates, Van Ness H.
532Batson, Mrs. R. G.
533Battey, Adrienne
534Battle, George Gordon
535Battle, Jimmy
536Battle, Marie
537Battle, Sarah Ann
538Battle Hill Sanitarium
539Baucum, Barbara Lucretia
540Bauer, Anna
541Baugh, Margaret
542Baughman, Eleanor
543Baughman, Janice
544Baughn, Bettemae
545Baum, Sam
546-47Baxter, M. E.
548Baxter, Mrs. Walter H.
549Bazemare, Mrs. Robert E.
550Bazemore, S. M.
551Beach, Mrs. Asa
552Beach, Frances S.
553Beach, Mrs. W. M.
554Beacon Book Store
555-58Beadles, Mrs. R. B., 1937-1945
559Beale, Mrs. Barnard
560Beale, Mrs. Jesse Drew
561Beale, Phelan
562Beall, Arthur C.
563Beamish, Joe
564Bean, J.
565Beard, Mrs. Mary B.
566Bearden, H. H.
567Beardslee, Mrs. Edward McC
568Beattie, Mrs. George Arnott
569Bechtold, Mrs. K. I.
570Beck, Thomas H.
571Becker, Barbara
572Becker, Mrs. Gayle R.
573Becker, May Lamberton
574Becker, Mrs. R.
575Beckwith, George T.
576Bechwith, Mrs. Pearle M.
577Becton, Mrs. P. N.
578Bedard, Mrs. Estelle Baker
579Bednar, Cele
580Beebee, Frank J.
581Beech, Charlotte
582Beer, Mrs. Nell
583Beers, James T.
584Beers, Jimmy
585Beers, Mrs. Madge Griffin
586Beeson, Mrs. Herbert H.
587Behrmann, Hans
588Beleore, Felicita
589Belflower, Mr. & Mrs. James A.
61Beliveau, Albert
62Belk, Vida M.
63-13Bell, Betty - Bell, Wadie
614Bellingrath, Walter D.
615Bellman, Russell
616Bellows, Phillip
617Belperron, Pierre
618Belser, Anne
619Beltrani, Daisy
620Bemis, Mrs. W. N.
621Benedict, Mr. and Mrs. Horace D.
622Benejam, Jose A.
623Benet, Laura
624Benet, Stephen Vincent
625Bengis, Mrs. A.
626Benjamin, Albert
627Benjamin, J. Malvern
628Bennett, Alice
629Bennett, Berta
630Bennett, Diane
631-32Bennett, Grady
633Bennett, Mr. and Mrs. Hooper
634Bennett, Mrs. J. R.
635Bennett, James R.
636Bennett, Millie
637Bennett, P. W.
638Bennett, Mrs. Richard H.
639Bennett, Mrs. W. W
640Benson, Mrs. Marion
641Benson, Maxwell
642Benteen, Anita C
643Bentley, Rosalie
644Benton, W. T.
645Benzur, Gabriel
646Bercutt, Michael
647Berg, Frances
648Berg, Mrs. Howard
649Berg, Lillian S.
650Berg, Norman
651Berger, M. M.
652Berger, Miss
653Berkey, Mrs. Gene
654Berkowitz, William
655Berlise, Mr. and Mrs.
656Bernard, Doris
657Bernd, Aaron
658Bernd, Lawrence J.
659Berney, Mrs. I. H.
660Bernheim, Kurt
661Berry, Bessie
662Berry, Bobby
663Berry, Mrs. Frank
664Berry, Frank
665Berry, Mrs. John J.
666Berry, M. L.
667Berry, Martha
668Berthe, Susan
669Bertolet, Beulah
670Bertrand, Marguerite
671Best, Mrs. W. J.
672Bethea, Charles G.
673Betts, Floyd G
674Betts, Virginia Ruth
675Betts, Rev. W.
676Beveridge, Alice
677Bevers, Henry
678Bietz, Mrs. Leo A.
679Biggers, Mr. and Mrs. George C.
680Biggs, Jeannette E.
681Billikopf, Florence
682Billinghurst, G. E.
683Billings, Alyce
684Billings, Buddy B.
685Billups, Mr. and Mrs. T. C.
686Binford, R. Joseph
687Bingham, Mrs. E. H.
688Bingham, Ewell
689Bingham, H. Y.
690Bingham, Robert W.
71Birchmore, Fred A.
72Bird, Elisha Brown
73Bird, Theodore
74Bird, Mrs. V. E.
75Birdwell, Russell
76Birney, Mrs. Hilliard C.
77Bishop, George
78Bishop, Mrs. J. A.
79Bissell, Titus L.
710Bizzios, Ann
711Blach, Mervin A.
712Black, Cyril
713Black, Dorothy
714Black, Mr. and Mrs. H. W.
715Black, Oila Blaucet
716Black, Mrs. R. B.
717Black, Mrs. S. A.
718Black, Theodora
719Black, Wanda E.
720Black, William Harman
721Blackburn, Mrs. Robert
722Blackerby, Mrs. Sydney
723Blacklock, Kate A.
724Blackmar, Dorothy
725Blackstock, Erva
726Blackwell, Earl
727Blackwell, Mrs. J. V.
728Blair, Fred C.
729Blair, Mrs. G. Edward
730Blair, Mr. Harry Jr.
731Blair, James R.
732Blair, Leslie
733Blair, Mrs. R. M.
734Blair, Ruth
735Blake, Morhan
736Blakeman, Chester B.
737Blakeman, Mr. & Mrs. Chester
738Blakeman, Dr. R. S.
739Blalock, Dr. Alfred
740Blalock, Margaret
741Blank, Rosabel
742Blankenship, Ethel Hadaway
743Blanton, Mrs. A. J.
744Blanton, Thomas J.
745Blanton, Dr. Wyndham B.
747Bleck, Mrs. A.
748Bleckley, Mrs. Haralson
749Bleckley, Katherine
750Bledsoe, Bess
751Bledsoe, Mrs. Harry
752Blevins, Mrs. W. M.
753Blewer, Barbara
754Bliss, Helen Cory
755Blitch, Lila
756Block, Mrs. Bates
757Block, Mrs. F. C.
758Block, Mrs. Marguerite Beck
759Blodpett, P. R.
760Bloom, Edna
761Blouin, Gertrude
762Blue, Edward B.
763Blue, Kate Lily
764Blue, Mr. & Mrs. L. Avon, Jr.
765Blum, Dave
766Blumberg, Rose O.
767Blume, Mrs. J. N.
768Bodenheimer, Jane Ann
769Bodger, Mrs. Elizabeth M.
770Bodilly, Godefer
771Boe, Ray
772Boehm, Julian V.
773Bohanan, Mrs.
774Bohrer, Jean
775Boland, Frank K.
776Boland, M. D.
777Bolen, Mrs.
778Bolenbaugh, James
779Bolling, Mrs. Charles E.
780Bolling, Robert H.
781Bolton, Mrs. Louis Devont
782Bombal, Maria-Luisa
783Bond, Mrs. J. Waldo
784Bond, Malie
785Bonfiglio, John
786Bonha, Howard
787Bonnell, Marion
788Bonner, James C.
789Bonner, Bonnier, Lukas
790Bonnough, Olive C.
791Bontecou, Mrs. Russell
792Book Art Gift Show
793Book, Sheldon
794Bookbinder, Bernard
795Booker, Margaret
796Booker, Mrs. Roy
797Boomer, Collins E.
82Borden, T. F.
83Borders, James W.
84Born, John
85Boss, Alfred Kent
86Bosserdet, George
81Boone, Jessie
87Bosworth, Welles
88Botsford, Ralph
89Bouldin, Mrs. G. L.
810Boullard, Dr. Jean
811Boulware, Nelson G.
812Bourcier, Charles D.
813Bourjaily, Monte
814Bourner, Carl
815Boutelle, Margaret
816Bowden, Charles L.
817Bowden, Mrs. L. H.
818Bowen, Mrs. Annie Mae
819Bowen, Billy
820Bowen, Guyrene
821Bowen, Robert S.
822Bowers, Arnold
823Bowers, George E.
824Bowers, W. H.
825Bowler, A. N.
826Bowler, B. H.
827Bowley, Heyward
828Bowlin, George V.
829Boyce, Mrs. Edward C.
830Boyd, Ann Richey
831Boyd, Mrs. C. W.
832Boyd, Cecil J.
833Boyd, Mrs. Ralph
834Boyer, Yvonne
835Boykin, Mrs. Basil Manly
836Boyle, Hal
837Boyle, Regis Louise
838Boylston, John
839Brackett, Constance
840Brackin, Henry
841Bradberry, Dorothy
842Braden, Mrs. Findley
843Bradfield, Dr. J. H.
844Bradfield, Lutie M.
845Bradford, Mrs. Harry G.
846Bradford, Martin, Florence
847Bradley, Bobbie
848Bradley, Mrs. William A.
849Bradley, Mrs. W. E.
850Bradshaw, Mrs. Frederic H.
851Brady, Cornelia
852Brady, William L.
853Bragg, Lowell F.
854Bragman, Mrs. Fred
855Braid, Constance
856Braid, Veronica
857Branch, Harllee
858Branch, Houston
859Branch, James A.
860Brandt, Frank E.
861Braniff Airlines
862Brannan, Mrs. J. B.
863Brannick, Mrs. Myron
864Brannon, Veo A.
865Branscomb, Harvie
866Brantley, Mrs. A. P.
867Brantley, Mrs. Welby
868Branyon, Pauline
869Brassey, Mary
870Braswell, Earl B.
871Bratton, Mrs. R. H.
872Braum, Maryalice
873Breed, Mrs. Florence B.
874Breeden, Mrs. S. E.
875Breen, Martha
876Breese, W. E.
877Brennan, Anna
878Brennan, Betty
879Brennan, J. P.
880Brent, Chester H.
881Bretano's Bookstore Magazine
91Brett, Alex
92-7Brett, George, 1936-1954
98Brett, Mrs. George
99Brett, R. M.
910Brewer, Mrs. Dudley
911Brewer, Henry
912Brewer, Oby T.
913Brice, John A.
914Brickell, Carey
915-25Brickell, Herschel, 1936-1950
926Bridgeport Post
927Bridges, Ed
928Bridges, Mrs. Festus
929Bridges, Russell
930Brine, Florence
101Briggs, M. A.
102Brigham, Frank
103Bright, J. Fulmer
104Brine, Florence
105Brinkley, Edwin T.
106Brinkley, Minnie
107Brittain, Dr. M. L.
108Brittin, Eva
109Britton, Lois E.
1010Britton, Winchester
1011Broach, Henrietta Dull
1012Broadhurst, R. S.
1013Broadstone, Mrs. Cyrus
1014Broadway, Beau
1015Brochu, Mrs. Eva Bugg
1016Brock, Para Lee
1017Broeman, Mrs. Charles Stuart
1018Bromberg, Arthur C.
1019Bronson, Nell O.
1020Brooks, M. G., III
1021Brooks, Mrs. S. H.
1022Broome, Bertha
1023Broome, Carl
1024Broome, Stockton
1025Brown, Mrs. Adah Chandler
1026Brown, Dr. Adelaide
1027Brown, Mrs. Alex B.
1028Brown, Belle
1029Brown, Mrs. Birdie
1030Brown, Blanche Pratt
1031Brown, Mrs. Calvin S.
1032Brown, Mrs. Charlie
1033Brown, Corrie Hoyt
1034Brown, Mrs. Cobert T.
1035Brown, Dorothy W.
1036Brown, Elsie G.
1037Brown, Ethelbert W.
1038Brown, Faye E.
1039Brown, Francis
1040Brown, Dr. Frank C.
1041Brown, Gloria
1042Brown, Mrs. J. Alleine
1043Brown, Mrs. J. Malcolm
1044Brown, J. Stanley
1045Brown, J. W.
1046Brown, Katharine
1047Brown, Margie
1048Brown, R. J.
1049Brown, Ralph V.
1050Brown, Raymond G.
1051Brown, Shirley
1052Browne, Edythe Helen
1053Browne, Kenneth H.
1054Brownell, Frances Embry
1055Brownell, Mrs. Mary P.
1056Browning, G. K.
1057Browning, Gordon
1058Browning, Norma
1059Bruce, Marion
1060Bruce, Myron A.
1061Bruce, Mrs. O. H.
1062Brumby, Otis
1063Brundage, Avery
1064Brunson, Martha Ann
1065Bruton, John S.
1066Bryan, Betty
1067Bryan, Mrs. Charles Jr.
1068Bryan, Charles W., Jr.
1069Bryan, Mrs. H. Ross
1070Bryan, Mrs. M. T.
1071Bryan, Newell
1072Bryan, Mrs. W. F.
1073Bryan, Mrs. Wright
1074Bryan, Wright
1075Bryant, Walter Gordon
111Buchanan, Eugenia
112Buchbinder, Mrs. J. R.
113Buchner, frank
114Buck, Jean
115Buck, Margaret
116Buck, Paul H.
117Buck, Peal
118Buck, Storey
119Bucknell, Howard
1110Buckner, Dr. Stanley D.
1111Budd, Mary
1112Buell, Lola & Nancy Towers
1113Bulkley, H. C.
1114Bull, Harry
1115Bull, Mary W.
1116Bullard, Jo
1117Bullard, Robert L.
1118Bump, Mrs. Lois
1119Bunce, Lou P.
1120Bunch, Margaret
1121Bundy, Mrs. Lucile
1122Burack, A. S.
1123Burch, Dr. J. C.
1124Burdett, Mrs. Lawton Clemson
1125Burdette, P. M.
1126Burg, Lillian
1127Burge, Mrs. Flippen D.
1128Burgess, J. R. Jr.
1129Burk, J. E.
1130Burke, James L.
1131Burke, Jeanne E.
1132Burke, Marcia
1133Burke, W. B.
1134Burke, Mrs. W. E.
1135Burkett, Virginia
1136Burkhardt, Robert
1137Burkhardt, Evangeline
1138Burlew, Mrs. Elliott
1139Burlingham, Mrs. Ray
1140Burnet, Duncan
1141Burnett, T. M.
1142Burnett, Mrs. Winifred G.
1143Burnham, Mrs. C.
1144Burns Cottage
1145Burns, Rev. Robert W.
1146Burr, Mollye
1147Burrell, Henry
1148Burroughs, Lottie L.
1149Burroughs, Pat
1150Burrowes, Arthur V.
1151Burrus, Mrs. Allen B.
1152Burt, George
1153Burt, Mary Louise
1154Burton, Beatrice
1155Burton, Doris
1156Burton, Mrs. Edgar
1157Burton, Mrs. Joe
1158Burton, Nora
1159Burton, Rush
1160Busbee, James T.
1161-62Busey, Mrs. T. J.
1163Bush, Mrs. M. Mundell
1164Bush, Mrs. Morris W.
1165Bush, Phyllis J.
1166Bush, R. Harold
1167Bush-Brown, Harold
1168Butcher, Fanny
1169Butler, Emma E.
1170Butler, Mrs. Hugh
1171Butler, Jean
1172Butler, Mr. and Mrs. John E., Jr.
1173Butler, Juel Craver
1174Butler, Mrs. Leon G.
1175Butler, Lillian
1176Butler, Margaret
1177Butler, Mrs. Margaret
1178Butler, Mary Dev
1179Butler, Nicholas M.
1180Butt, Mrs. William
1181Buttitta, Anthony
1182Butts, Mrs. Harold T.
1183Butts, Mrs. Porter
1184Buys, Mary
1185Bynum, Mark T.
1186Byrd, Mr. & Mrs. Bradford
1187Byrd, Mrs. Harold C.
1188Byrd, Mrs. M. E.
1189Byrne, Gertrude
1190Byrne, Irma
1191Byrnes, Mrs. Robert

121Cady, Cullison
122Caffey, Roderic
123Cain, Anna R.
124Cain, Mrs. Bertha Sweet
125Cain, Kay
126Caird, Alice B.
127Caldwell, Erskine
128Caldwell, Josephine
129Caldwell, Mrs. Lucy
1210Caldwell, Mr. & Mrs. William
1211Caldwell, W. T.
1212Calfee, S. L.
1213Calhoun, Emily Bealer
1214Calhoun, Ethel W.
1215Calhoun, James V.
1216The Call Bulletin [ San Francisco]
1217Callahan, Eivor H.
1218Callahan, Vincent F.
1219Callanan, Ann
1220Callaway, Mr. and Mrs Cason
1221Calloway, Peggy
1222Calloway, Mrs. Rossie J.
1223Calmes, Mr. and Mrs. M. F. & dau Jane
1224Calmes, Mr. and Mrs. Marquis F.
1225Camara, Maria Leonial Rebelo V.
1226Cambridge, Nancy
1227Cameron, John Kenneth
1228Cameron, Margaret B.
1229Cameron, Mary E.
1230Cameron, Mrs. Maud
1231Camp, A. Sidney
1232Camp, Ernest
1233Camp, Ernest, Jr.
1234Camp, J. O.
1235Camp, Mrs. John M.
1236Camp, Laurence F.
1237Camp, Mrs. William
1238Campbell, Adella
1239Campbell, Elsie J.
1240Campbell, George W.
1241Campbell, Mrs. J. Edward
1242Campbell, James A.
1243Campbell, Jeanette M.
1244Campbell, John D.
1245Campbell, Ruth
1246Campbell, Sandy Montgomery
1247Candela, Arnold
1248Cander, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Howard
1249Cann, Mrs. George E.
1250Cannon, Christine
1251Cannon, Mrs. Earl
1252Cannon, Nannie
1253Cannon, T. R.
1254Canova, Carolyn
1255Cantey, R. M.
1256Cantor, Lewis L.
1257Cantrell, B. G.
1258Cantrell, William
1259Cantrell, Mrs. William C.
1260Cantrell, William O.
1261The Cape Argus
1262Capital Magazine
1263Capps, Mrs. Minnie Jossey
1264Card, Mary L.
1265Cardenas, Manuel Ramirez
1266Cardin, Sammie
1267Care, Inc., 1946-1948
1268Care, Inc., 1949-1952
1269Carey, Henry Lee
1270Carey, Mrs. Robert H.
1271Carlin, James W.
1272Carlisle, Charles D.
1273Carlisle, Helen Grace
1274Carlisle, Louisa
1275Carlton, Hazel B.
1276Carlton, Mr. and Mrs. John
1277Carnegie, Dale
1278Carnes, Katherine P.
1279Carney, J. L.
1280Carney, Mrs. May Rose
1281Carolina Review
1282Carpenter, Mrs. E. A.
1283Carpenter, Mrs. H. D.
1284Carpenter, Lewis G.
1285Carpenter, Paul Jr.
1286Carpenter, Raymond G.
1287Carpenter, W. Paul Jr.
1288Carpentier, Gilbert
131Carr, Billy
132Carr, Ella Louise
133Carr, Mrs. H. E.
134Carr, John N.
135Carr, Maude
136Carr, Mrs. Opal
137Carr, Mrs. Paul L.
138Carratelleo, Myriam
139Carroll, Dr. Joseph P.
1310Carroll, Nancy
1311Carroll, Mrs. Paul
1312Carruthers, Dr. John F. B.
1313Carryl, Richard R.
1314Carson, Mrs. Paul
1315Carter, Mrs. Blanche
1316Carter, Carolyn
1317Carter, Charles B.
1318Carter, E. Gayle
1319Carter, Mrs. Edgar V.
1320Carter, Mr. and Mrs. Hodding
1321Carter, Mrs. John H.
1322Carter, Lillian W.
1323Carter, Ruth Hinman
1324Carter, Mrs. W. Colquitt
1325Carter, Mrs. W. P.
1326Carter, Mrs. Will
1327Carter, Mrs. Wilson
1328Carver, Mrs. Fred S.
1329Case, Dr. Clifford E.
1330Case, L. R.
1331Casebolt, Elizabeth
1332Casey, Dorice
1333Casey, Fite
1334Casey, Mrs. John A.
1335Cash, Mr. and Mrs. W. J.
1336Cass, DeLysle Ferree
1337Cassiday, Hazel B.
1338Cassin, Rene
1339Casson, R. H.
1340Castell, Mrs. John J.
1341Castellese, Josephine
1342Castleberry, H. D.
1343Casto, John W.
1344Cataldo, Mrs. Alice M.
1345-49Cate, Margaret Davis
1350Cates, Alvin B.
1351Cates, George Jr.
1352Catherine, Sarah
1353Catlet, Nancy
1354Cato, Edward
1355Causey, Mrs. Paula
1356Cavanaugh, Mae
1357Cavin, S. Y.
1358Cawthorn, W. T.
1359Ceallaiz, Mr. Seoram Sua
1360Center, Mrs. Charles D.
1361Central Collegian
1362Centrex Inc.
1363Cerf, Bennett
1364Chadwick, Thomas
1365Chafee, J. G.
1366Chaffee, Mrs. Willis L.
1367Chafy, Wanda S.
1368Chain, Oneida
1369Chalker, Mrs. Selwin
1370Chalmers, Harvey 2d
1371Chalmers, Mrs. James S.
1372Chalmers, Jean
1373Chamberlain, Mrs. Della D.
1374Chamberlain, Mrs. J.
1375Chambers, Mrs. C. L.
1376Champaign IL News-Gazette
1377Champion, Celeste
1378Champion, Mary
1379Chandler, Mrs. Joel W., Jr.
1380Chaplin, Connie
1381Chaplin, Robert F.
1382Chapman, Ashton
1383Chapman, Mrs. Elton
1384Chapman, Mrs. James
1385Chapman, Marguerite
1386Chapman, Martha G.
1387Chapman, Mrs. Mattie L & Paul W.
1388Chappell, Mattie
1389Chapple, Joe Mitchell
1390Charles, William H.
141Charlet, Jose
142Charlton, Catherine
143Charrin, Paul
144Chase, Mrs. Frances Brown
145Chase, Lewis
146Chase, Mary Ellen
147Chase, Mrs. R. F.
148Chastain, Linton Martin
149Chastain, Troy G.
1410Chauffin, Mme, Yvonne
1411Chaundler, Samuel
1412Chavannes, Edna
1413Chavers, James D.
1414Chavez, Maria Luisa
1415Cheatham, C. Arthur
1416Cheek, Mary Tyler Freeman
1417Cheney, Mrs. Owen
1418Cherock, Pauline
1419Cherry, Louise
1420Chesnutt, J. W.
1421Chesterman, Mrs. Bertram
1422Chestney, B. R.
1423Chestney, Mrs. Piercy
1424The Chieftain
1425Childs, C. F.
1426Chilner, Jean
1427Chilson, Helen Evans
1428Chipman, Frank E.
1429Chipman, George E.
1430Choate, Herbert E.
1431Chodak, Jules
1432Chotas, Nick D.
1433Christensen, Ann
1434Christian, Mrs. Martie H.
1435Christian, William H.
1436Christie, Anne May
1437Christy, Mrs. Sims III
1438Chupp, Mrs. Carl B.
1439Church, Mrs. Effie H.
1440Church, William Camp
1441Ciovernache, Emil
1442Ciulla, Sam F.
1443Claassen, Dr. Eugen
1444Clabaugh, Sam F.
1445Clack, Kathryn N.
1446Clad, C. Clinton
1447Clapp, Mrs. Edith B.
1448Clare, Sister Mary
1449Clark, Andy H.
1450Clark, Annatta I.
1451Clark, Mrs. Badie T.
1452Clark, Mrs. Elsie Keller
1453Clark, Mrs. Ernest L.
1454Clark, Mrs. Ingomar
1455Clark, John B.
1456Clark, Mrs. John S.
1457Clark, Mrs. L. H.
1458Clark, M. Vaughan
1459Clark, Marian
1460Clark, Mary E.
1461Clark, Morris M.
1462Clark, Mrs. Paul G.
1463Clark, Mr. & Mrs. Sheffield Jr.
1464Clark, Mrs. Wesley
1465Clarke, Francis
1466Clarke, Mr. and Mrs. George
1467Clarke, Harry
1468Clarke, Harry S.
1469Clarke, Mrs. John H. Jr.
1470Clarke, Marlise
1471Clarke, Mary Zilla
1472Clarke, Nancy
1473Clarke, R. B.
1474Clarke, William B.
1475Clarke, Willie Bell
1476Clarkson, Edward D.
1477Clarkson, Seth
1478Classe, Mrs. William
1479Classical Journal
1480Claster, Phyllis Mollie
1481Clay, Charles
1482Clay, Mr. and Mrs. Ryburn Glover
1483Clayton, Frederick
1484Clayton, Mrs. Koneta
1485Clayton, Patti
1486Cleckley, Mrs. Hervey
151Clemen, Rudolf A.
152Clemens, Carol
153Clemens, Cyril
154Clement, Hunt
155Clement, Mrs. Norman P.
156Clement, Mr. and Mrs. Walker Franklin
157Clements, Ralph
158Clemmons, Mrs. Dell V.
159Clendenen, Clara
1510Cleveland, Ann
1511Cleveland, Chester E.
1512Cleveland, Mrs. Marian van B.
1513Clifton, Mrs. Julia B.
1514Clifton, Mrs. Julia N.
1515Clinchy, Everett R.
1516Cline, Mrs. E. M.
1517Cline, Dr. Halden E.
1518Cloney, Madge
1519Clopton, Mrs. Ray
1520Clower, George
1521Coates, Vivian
1522Cobb, Mrs. Henry Jr.
1523Cobb, Jane
1524Cobbs, N. H.
1525Cobbs, Mrs. Richard H. III
1526Coburn, Charles
1527Coburn, William S.
1528Cochran, Dale
1529Cochran, Elizabeth
1530Cochran, John L.
1531Cocke, Erle
1532Cocke, Erle Jr.
1533Cockrell, Alston
1534Cockrell, Monroe F.
1535Cocks, Dorothy
1536Coco, Mrs. Edgar A., Sr.
1537Coffee, Mrs. R. K.
1538Coffman, Fred
1539Cofran, M. E.
1540Cohen, Mrs. Celia
1541Cohen, Jack
1542Cohen, Mrs. Jack S.
1543Cohen, Mrs. Marjorie
1544Coin, Mrs. J. H.
1545Coker, Mrs. Llo Walters
1546Colbeck, Mrs. Leland R.
1547Colby, Frank O.
1548Cole, Ashley T.
1549Cole, Mrs. Charles B.
1550Cole, Mrs. E. W.
1551Cole, Lois Dwight
1552Cole, Mrs. Myron A.
1553Cole, William E.
1554Colegrove, Clare Lee
1555Coleman, Albert
1556Coleman, Hazel
1557Coleman, Lois R.
1558Coleman, Leodel
1559Coleman, Mrs. Nancy
1560Coleman, Dr. Reese C., Jr.
1561Coleman, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Taylor
1562Coleman, Thomas
1563Coleman, Mrs. W. C.
1564Coleman, W. H.
1565Coles, W. C.
1566Colley, A. T.
1567Colley, Jettie
1568Collier, Charles A.
1569Collier, John
1570Collier, Mary
1571Collier, Mr. and Mrs. Tarleton
161Collings, G. B.
162Collins, Ashton
163Collins, Bob
164Collins, Harriett Daily
165Collins, Lorraine
166Collins, Dr. M. D.
167Collins, Roberta
168Collins, Thomas J.
169Collins, Tom
1610Colmant, Mrs. Emma Hamlin Mitchell
1611Colmes, Florence R.
1612Colonial Flower Shop
1613Colquitt, Harriet Ross
1614Colquitt, Lucile
1615Colquitt, Wellborn
1616Colson, Elizabeth
1617Columbia University
1619Colvin, Mrs. Wilber
1620Combes, Mrs. Ray
1621Combs, Joe C.
1622Commager, Henry Steele
1623Commercial News [San Francisco]
1624Compton, Adrienne
1625Compton, Dorris
1626Cone, Mrs. Earl
1627Coney, Myra
1628Conger, Ledlie
1629Conley, Dantrelle E.
1630Connell, John
1631Connell, Margaret A.
1632Connell, Raymond
1633Conner, John
1634Conner, John L.
1635Conner, William L.
1636Connerat, Josephine
1637Connolly, Ida
1638Connolly, J. V.
1639Connor, Thomas
1640Connor, William L.
1641Conrad, Marie A.
1642Conrad, Shirley Ann
1643Considine, Bob
1644Converse, John H.
1645Cook, Mrs. Charles
1646Cook, Mrs. J. E.
1647Cook, J. Lewis
1648Cooke, Mrs. W. T.
1649Cooledge, Mrs. Harold N.
1650Cooley, Elmer E.
1651Coombes, P. A.
1652Coon, J. D.
1653Cooney, James G.
1654Cooper, Ben
1655Cooper, Benjamin
1656Cooper, I. W.
1657Cooper, Mrs. J. E.
1658Cooper, John M.
1659Cooper, Marilyn
1660Cooper, Merian
1661Cooper, Mrs. W. T.
1662Cooper, Mrs. William P.
1663Cope, Channing
1664Copeland, Barbara Ann
1665Coppedge, Mr. and Mrs. John Beauchamp
1666Corbett, Emma
1667Corcoran, Caroline C
1668Cordell, Joseph C.
1669Corn, Mr. and Mrs. James F.
1670Cornell, Alden
1671Cornell, Jeanne
1672Cornforth, Helen L.
1673Cornile, Sister Mary
1674Cornish, Stanley G.
1675Cornish, Walter F.
1676Cornwall, Mrs.
1677Cornwell, Dean
1678Correggi, Mrs. Teresa Romei
1679Coryell, Joan E.
1680Cosby, Mrs.
1681Cosper, Mrs.
1682Costello, John C.
1683Coston, Eunice
171Cotten, Mary Elizabeth
172Cotton, Willa
173Couch, Hilda
174Couch, Horace
175Coulter, E. Merton
176Countryman, Kay M.
177Counts, Willie
178Couper, Ann
179Couper, J. M.
1710Couper, Meg
1711The Courier
1712Cournyer, Barbara
1713Courteal, Mrs. Bernard
1714Courts, Mrs. Malon
1715Courts, Richard W. Jr.
1716Cousins, Norman
1717Cousins, W. C.
1718Cousley, Sam A.
1719Covington, Geraldine
1720Covington-Lawson, W. P.
1721Cowan, Edward M.
1722Coward, Margaret
1723Cowart, Walter C.
1724Cowderay, Jeanne
1725Cowl, Jane
1726Cowles, Sallie
1727Cowley, Malcolm
1728Cox, Angela Frances
1729Cox, Mrs. Charels H.
1730Cox, Edwin
1731Cox, James M.
1732Cox, Mr. and Mrs. James William
1733Cox, Letha
1734Cox, Mrs. May
1735Cox, Mitchell
1736Cox, Mrs. N. P.
1737Coxwell, June
1738Coyle, Pearl Ann
1739Crabtree, Mrs. Tom
1740Craig, Mrs. Flossie Dean
1741Craig, Lillian K.
1742Craig, Mrs. Ruth Mary
1743Craig, Virginie M.
1744Cramer, Jeanette F
1745Crane, G. W.
1746Cranford, Marijon
1747Cranor, Mrs. Margaret
1748Craven, Barbara
1749Crawford, Annie S.
1750Crawford, Beverly
1751Crawford, Clara M.
1752Crawford, Gilmer L.
1753Crawford, Inez
1754Crawford, Rhea
1755Crawford, Vivian Loraine
1756Creutzburg, Mrs. H. C.
1757Crickmay, Mrs. G. W.
1758Crim, Mrs. J. M.
1759Crimin, Dorothy
1760Crittenden, Alex
1761Crittenden, C. C.
1762Crocker, Mary
1763Crockett, Mrs. Argyle C., Jr.
1764Crockett, Barbara
1765Crockett, Joseph P.
1766Croley, Mrs. Lanham
1767Cromwell, J. A.
1768Cromwell, Margaret
1769Crone, Albert R.
1770Cronenberg, Barbara
1771Cronin, Father Jeremiah J.
1772Crosby, George H. Jr.
1773Crosby, Lucile Z.
1774Crosby, William
181Crosland, Mrs. James Henley
182Crosland, Peter
183Cross, Mary Elizabeth
184Crossley, Mary Wolcott
185Crossley, Mrs. S. W.
186Crosson, Hugh S.
187Crouch, Kenneth E.
188Crowell, Mrs. Evelyn Miller
189Crowell, Mrs. P. C.
1810Crowson, Athel
1811Croxton, Anne
1812Croxton, Elizabeth
1813Crum, Anne Stephens
1814Cubbedge, D. L. Sr.
1815Culhane, Mrs. J. D.
1816Cullen, Doreen
1817Culpepper, Mrs. Elizabeth B.
1818Cumming, Mrs. Joseph B., Jr.
1819Cunninggem, J. L.
1820Cunningham, Adelaide
1821Cunningham, Helen
1822Curie, Eve
1823Currie, Constance
1824Currin, Maurice
1825Curry, C. H.
1826Curry, Ruth
1827Curtis, Mary
1828Curtiss, Mrs. L. B.
1829Cushing, Ellen
1830Cushman, E. P.
1831Cutcliff, Charles
1833Cutler, Anna A.
1834Cutsinger, Shirley
1835-39Cuyler, Telamon, 1937-1939
191-7Cuyler, Telamon, 1940-1951
198-9Cuyler, Telamon - reference materials and miscellaneous

201Dabney, Virginius
202Daboose, Andrea
203Dacus, Carl S.
204Dailey, Philamena
205Dakin, Rodney G.
206Dale, Beth
207Dale, W. Marshall
208 Dallas Morning News
209 Dallas Times Herald'
2010Dalle Teste, Lanfrancs Rasponi
2011Dallinger, Alfred H.
2012Dallis, Ernest E.
2013Dalton, George F., III
2014Damilano, Dr. Anna Maria
2015Damon, R. S.
2016Dana, Mrs. John Winchester
2017Dancy, Dr. William R.
2018Dandy, Walter E., Dr.
2019Danforth, Ed
2020Danforth, J. F.
2021Danforth, William H.
2022Daniel, Arthur
2023Daniel, Mrs. D. W.
2024Daniel, Edna Cain
2025Daniel, Frank
2026Daniel, Leon
2027Daniel, Mrs. Minnie
2028Daniel, Ray K.
2029Daniel, Mrs. Royal Jr.
2030Daniels, Collette
2031Daniels, Jonathan
2032Dann, Philip
2033Dannenberg, [UP]
2034Darden, Mrs. John
2035Darex, Inc.
2036Dark, Mrs. J. Walter
2037Darkin, Mrs. Gladys
2038Darling, J. G.
2039Darlington, Anne
2040Darnell, Grace
2041Darr, Mrs. Jemmie
2042Darsey, T. N.
2043Darst, Hudson R.
2044DaSilva, W. A.
2045Daum, John
2046Davenport, Mrs. Frank
2047Daves, Jessica
2048David, Ernest R.
2049Davids, Bert
2050Davids, Richard C.
2051Davidson, Mrs. A. A.
2052Davidson, Edgar
2053Davidson, Mary Lou
2054Davidson, Pauline
2055Davidson, W. W.
2056Davies, F. H.
2057Davies, Mrs. Herbert
2058Davies, Mrs. Mona M.
2059Davies, Rose N.
2060Davis, Mrs. Alice
2061Davis, Alice P.
2062Davis, Alice V.
2063Davis, Betty
2064Davis, Betty Jo
2065Davis, Blevins
2066Davis, Mrs. C. Elwood
2067Davis, Cecile
2068Davis, Claire
2069Davis, D. W.
2070Davis, Mrs. Dorothy Pierce
2071Davis, Earle
2072Davis, Edith
2073Davis, Effie
2074Davis, Elmer
2075Davis, Frances Ann
2076Davis, Mrs. Franklin
2077Davis, Gladys
2078Davis, Helen
2079Davis, Mrs. Helen Bayley
2080Davis, Mrs. Henry William
2081Davis, Mrs. James
2082Davis, James C.
2083Davis, Jean
2084Davis, Joe
2085Davis, Mrs. Lee D.
2086Davis, Mr. and Mrs. Legare
2087Davis, Mrs. Lillian
2088Davis, Marcus W.
2089Davis, Marion
2090Davis, Mary Alice
2091Davis, Mrs. Mary Frances
2092Davis, Norman H.
2093Davis, Olive B.
2094Davis, Opal
2095Davis, Mrs. Robert W.
2096Davis, Mrs. W. R.
2097Davis, Mrs. Walter Burke, Jr.
211Davison, Edward
212Davison-Paxon, Inc.
213Davison, Sam
214Dawes, Henry M.
215Dawley, Stephen M.
216Dawson, Mrs. H. R.
217Dawson, James
218Dawson, Mrs. Louis Y.
219Dawson, Martha Johnson
2110Daywalt, Alberta Thorne
2111Deady, Jeannette C.
2112Deakins, Mrs. David
2113Deakins, Dorothy
2114Deal, William J. S.
2115DeAlba, Alicia
2116Dean, Alice
2117Dean, Austin
2118Dean, Elizabeth
2119Dean, Max E.
2120Dearborn, Mr. and Mrs. John G.
2121Deaton, Mrs. E. A.
2122Deaver, Matilda
2123Decker, Joanne
2124Decorah, Posten
2125DeFoor, Mrs. Elizabeth M.
2126DeGive, Mr. and Mrs. Laurent
2127DeGive, Mr. and Mrs. Paul
2128DeGive, Paul de Barsy
2129DeGolian, Felix
2130DeGroff, Helen N.
2131DeLane, Debbie
2132DeLay, Idabel
2133Delbridge, Thomas James
2134DeLeon, Marjorie
2135Delta Air Conditioning and Heating
2136DeMaio, Alberta
2137DeMauney, Bess
2138Dement, Mrs. Robert Lee
2139Demere, Jane Jones
2140DeMontmollin, Eudor
2141DeMun, Dountess Albert
2142Denning, J. Henry
2143Dennington, T. E.
2144Dennis, Mrs. A. Belmont
2145Dennis, Stanley A.
2146Dennis, W. K.
2147Denny, George V., Jr.
2148Denny, Mrs. Jessie L.
2149Dent, Miriam & Ophelia
2150Denton, Mary L.
2151Denton, Nellye H.
2152DeOvies, Rev. Raimundo
2153 Des Moines Sunday Register
2154Detlie, S. C.
2155DeToro, Angelina
2156Develin, Joseph C.
2157DeVos, Maria
2158DeVries, Mr. Frans
2159DeVynck, Pauline
2160Dewar, M. J.
2161Dewey, Edwina M.
2162DeWitt, Irene L.
2163Dawson, Mary W.
2164Dexter, C. Amory
2165Dexter, Mrs. Henry
2166Diamond, Ace
2167Diaz, Esther
2168Dick, Mrs. E. H.
2169Dick, Jackson P.
2170Dick, Jackson P. Jr.
2171Dickerson, Mrs. Hattie
2172Dickinson, Dorothy
2173Dickinson, Jack W.
2174Dickinson, Mr. and Mrs. Lester C.
2175Dickinson, Viola Gregg
2176Dicks, Mrs. Erwin
2177Dickson, Jennie
2178Dickson, Lovat
2179Dickson, Mrs. Pauline
2180Dietrich, Ruth
2181Dietz, Frieda Meredith
2182Dietz, Mrs. Howard
2183Digby, Mrs. Adell
2185Dillard, Mrs. F. M.
2186Dilley, Mrs. J. T.
2187Dilworth, Tom
2188Distler, Jean
2189Dixon, Thomas
2190Dean, Mrs. Larimer Emery
2191Doane, Mrs. D. C.
2192Doane, Gilbert H.
221Dotson, R. E.
222Dotter, Mrs. Clara M.
224Doucette, Magdelene
225Dougherty, Mrs. Catherine
226Dougherty, Dr. John
227Doughty, Will
228Douglas, Elizabeth
229Douglas, Mrs. Margaret Ann
2210Douglass, Mrs. Olive T.
2211Dowdell, Mrs. Clara
2212-18Dowdey, Mr. and Mrs. Clifford, 1937-1943
2219Dowdey, Clifford, 1944-1950
2220Dowdey, Mrs. Helen
2221Dowle, Dorothy
2222Dowling, J. C. Jr.
2223Dozier, Mrs. Thomas M.
2224Draffen, Robert E
2225Drake, Julian R.
2226Drake, Mr. and Mrs. Louis
2227Drake, Mary Louise
2228Drake, V. A.
2229Drake, Virginia
2230Drake, W. F.
2231Drakeford, Cora G.
2232Dobbs, Beverly
2233Dobbs, Mrs. John Henry
2234Dobbs, Victor
2235Dobson, Roxie
2236Dodd, Helen Virginia
2237Dodd, Marion E.
2238Doerflinger, William
2239Doering, Effie
2240Doerner, B. Lucille
2241Doerr, Mrs. Arno
2242Doggett, Mrs. Walton Hall
2243Dohi, Alice
2244Dolan, Mrs. Billy
2245Doll, Dixie
2246Dollar, Louise
2247Dolliver, George B.
2248Dolman, Iris
2249Dominguerz, Maria Alicia
2250Dominy, Ernest
2251Donaldson, Abbie
2252Donaldson, Frances Pinson
2253Donaldson, Dr. H. R.
2254Donaldson, Hon. Jesse M.
2255Donaldson, Mrs. John O.
2256Doncaster, William Trall
2257Donnelly, Mrs. Florence
2258Donovan, Dorothy
2259Donovan, Rev. J. J.
2260Donovan, Rose P.
2261Dooling, Jane
2262Doonan, Terrence
2263Dorsey, Mrs. Hugh
2264Dorsey, Mrs. Hugh M. Jr.
2265Doster, Mrs. B. H.
231Drane, Mrs. Margaret L.
232Draper, Helen Pedgrow
233Drwy, Mrs. Walter S.
234Dreher, E. S.
235Dreibellis, Louis
236Drennan, Joe
237Drennan, Patrick J.
238Drew, E. Harris
239Drew, Eileen
2310Drew, W. L.
2311Drewry, Mr. and Mrs. John E.
2312Drewry, Milton Lee
2313Dreyspring, Mary
2314Driskell, Johnson C.
2315Drury, F. K. W.
2316Dryfoos, Isabel F.
2317Duarte, Ivan
2318DuBose, Adelaide
2319DuBose, Beverly
2320DuBose, Mrs. Beverly M. Jr.
2321DuBose, Ralph
2322DuBose, Mrs. Robert Toombs
2323Duckett, Mrs. James W.
2324Duckworth, Mr. and Mrs. James
2325Dudley, Mrs. C. Haywood Jr.
2326Dudley, Macon
2327Duffee, Warren S.
2328Duffy, F. Ryan
2329Duggan, Mrs. D. E.
2330Duggan, Mrs. F. L.
2331Duggan, Grace
2332Duhl, Marian R.
2333Duing, Mr. and Mrs. T. H.
2334Duke, Edna
2335Duke, Mrs. Ellen
2336Duke, F. H.
2337Duke, Mrs. John E.
2338Duke, Mrs. Rufus A.
2339Dukes, Mrs. Annie Rankin
2340Dulin, Mrs. R. S.
2341Dulion, Ura C.
2342Dull, Mrs. S. R.
2343Dumas, Mrs. Bertha R.
2344Dumas, Hal
2345Dunbar, Polly
2346Duncan, Mrs. Ollie
2347Duncan, W. Paul
2348Duncan, William Walter
2349Dunkman, Mr. and Mrs. Walter L.
2350Dunlap, Dorothy E.
2351Dunlap, Edgar B.
2352Dunlap, Mrs. Frank Wheeler
2353Dunn, Mrs.
2354Dunn, Alice C.
2355Dunn, Harris A.
2356Dunn, Sally
2357Dunn, Mrs. Sam Jr.
2358Dunn, Mrs. W. P. Jr.
2359Dunnell, Edwin
2360Dunning, Robert Leslie
2361Dunson, Mrs. J. L.
2362Dunson, Sarah W.
2363Durant's Press Cuttings
2364Dure, Leon
2365Durgin, Jim
2366Durham, Clarence G., Jr.
2367Durham, Clarence S.
2368Durling, Lawrence
2369Duryea, Mrs. Miriam
2370Duson, Caledonia Wilder
2371Dutton, Mrs. Eugene
2372Dutton, Wilmer C. Jr.
2373Dutton, Mr. and Mrs. Wilmer Coffman Jr
2374DuVall, Iris Lee
2375Duyna, Rika
2376Dvorsky, John V.
2377Dwyer, Mae Smith
2378Dyar, Mr. and Mrs. Hubert L Jr.
2379Dyar, Mrs. J. A.
2380Dyer, Harry B.
2381Dyer, Kathryn
2382Dyes, Homer

241Eakes, Mr. Marion
242Earl, Martha
243Earle, Mrs W. W.
244Early, Clifford Cabell
245Early, Mrs. J. Stuart
246Early, Winifred Wyche
247Eason, Nick
248Eastland, Hon. James C.
249Eastman, Lucius R.
2410Eastman, Milton
2411Eaton, Gail A.
2412Eaton, Mrs. Orrell Phillippe
2413Eaton, Mrs. Paul T.
2414Eaton, Paul Webster
2415Eberhardt, Gussie L.
2416Eberhardt, Paul W.
2417Echols, Mrs. John
2418Eckford, Mrs. Burgess
2419Eckstein, Alice
2420Eddy, Mrs. Kenneth G.
2421Edgerton, Mrs. E. T.
2422Edgerton, Margaret Elizabeth
2423Edgerton, Milton
2424Edholm, Mrs. K. R. Jr.
2425Edmonds, Walter D.
2426Edmunds, Craddock
2427Edmunds, Mrs. Richard C.
2428Edmundson, Mrs. A. M.
2429Edsall, Mrs. Mary
2430Edwards, B. B.
2431Edwards, Florence
2432Edwards, Frances
2433Edwards, G. B.
2434Edwards, H. Foster
2435Edwards, Harry Stillwell
2436Edwards, Irene
2437Edwards, J. Lee Jr.
2438Edwards, Mrs. John R.
2439Edwards, Kate
2440Edwards, Lillian
2441Edwards, Mrs. Rubye A.
2442Edwards, William C.
2443Egan, Edward A.
2444Egli, Anna
2445Ehrhardt, Francis M.
2446Ehrman, James F.
2447Eisenberg, Moses J.
2448Eisenschiml, Otto
2449Eisenstadt, Evelyn
2450Elder, Mrs. Omar
2451Eldred, Mrs. Vincent
2452Elebash, Mrs. E. P.
2453Elkin, Dr. Daniel C.
2454Ellard, W. T.
2455Ellik, Otto J.
2456Ellington, Syble
2457Ellington, Mrs. T. H.
2458Elliot, Harrison
2459Elliot, M. S.
2460Elliott, Mrs. Fred
2461Ellis, Rutherford L.
2462Ellison, Chester W.
2463Ellison, J. Huyler
2464Ellison, Mrs. Jesse
2465Ellison, Mrs. Sarah A.
2466Elmore, Mrs. D. E.
2467Elsing, Marion
2468Elsing, Mary
2469Elton, Mrs. A. M.
2470Elton, Mrs. David Horton
251Elwell, Richard H.
252Elwell, William B.
253Ely, Mabel Rose
254Ely, Mrs. Rosser
255Emerson, Mrs Harvey M.
256Emery, Ralph D.
257Emory, A. S.
258Endicott, Samuel C.
259Engen, Edna Paula
2510England, Ethel N.
2511England, Joanne
2512English, B. P.
2513English, Mrs. N. C.
2514English, Thomas H.
2515English, Mrs. Thomas H.
2516Enloe, Anne
2517Ennis, Mrs. C. W.
2518Ennis, T. C.
2519Enochs, Mrs. Byrd
2520Epstein, Rose
2521Equen, Mrs. Murdock
2522Equen, Mrs. Murdock Sykes
2523Erhard, Mary Pearl
2524Erkel, C. E.
2525Erlanger, Ida Jane
2526Erminger, Mrs. Howell B., Jr.
2527Erney, Frances
2528Erskine, John
2529Ervin, Mrs. Leon M.
2530Erwin, Hobe
2531Erwin, Mary Lamar
2532Erwin, Robert M.
2533L'Escargot Hotel [Mexico City]
2534Escoe, Mamie W.
2535Esdale, Mrs. William
2536Eskew, Garnett
2537Espy, Mrs. Carl Sr.
2538Espy, Elizabeth
2539 Esquire
2540Essary, Mrs. J. Fred
2541Ested, Mrs. J. D.
2542Etchison, Annie Laurie
2543Etheridge, Marie D.
2544Etheridge, Mark
2545Etheridge, Mark Foster
2546Etheridge, Willie Snow
2547Ettleson, David
2548Evans, Ann
2549Evans, Mrs. F. A.
2550Evans, Herndon J.
2551Evans, Jimmy [Atlanta]
2552Evans, Jimmy [Elkmont, AL]
2553Evans, Mrs. L. A.
2554Evans, Mary B.
2555Evans, Silliman
2556Evans, Mrs. Stanley
2557Evans, William Bacon
2558Evans, Mrs. W. D.
2559 Evening Telegraph and Post
2560Everett, Willis M.
2561Everitt, Helen G.
2562Evins, Dollie
2563Ewald, LaVerne M.
2564Ewing, Mrs. Clarke
2565Excelsior [Mexico City]
2566Ezell, Mrs. Francis Drayton

261F., M. V.
262Fabian, Dominick
263Fabre, Mrs. M.
264Fabry, Mauricio
265Fackenthal, Frank
266Fadiman, Clifton
267Fahy, Agnes
268Fahy, Leo
269Fairey, Jack
2610Fairless, Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin F.
2611Faison, Charles
2612Falck, Annie C.
2613Falligant, Susan
2614Falvey, Joan
2615Fancher, Dr. J. K.
2616Fancher, Laurette
2617Fancher, Marguerite
2618Fancher, Percy J.
2619Farber, Jean Ennis
2620Farha, Margaret
2621Fariss, Mrs. B. L.
2622Farley, Alan W.
2623Farley, Harry
2624Farlow, Pauline
2625Farmer, Mrs. Ira E.
2626Farmer, Lula M.
2627Farmer, Paul
2628Farmer, Ruth
2629Farmer, Woldine
2630Farnham, Mrs. C. W.
2631Farnham, R. A.
2632Farnsworth, Babe
2633Farrar, John
2634Farrell, Lorna
2635Farrell, Thomas F.
2636Farrere, Claude
2637Farris, Dorothy
2638Fata, Irma
2639Fath, Mrs. E. J.
2640Faulkner, Mrs. Leonore Irwin
2641Faulkner, William
2642Faull, Meg
2643Faverman, Gerald
2644Favill, Dr. John
2645Favour, Mrs. A. H.
2646Fayt, Mr. and Mrs. Gerrard
2647Fegram, Mrs Francis E
2648Feild, Mrs. Alexander J
2649Felber, Mrs Ernest
2650Felder, Helen E.
2651Felton, Gordon H
2652Fender, Betty Sue
2653Fennel, Mrs Eric
2654Fenton, Florence
2655Fenton, Mary
2656Ferguson, Dan
2657Ferguson, Elizabeth G.
2658Ferguson, Mrs .Meade
2659Ferguson, Mrs. Melanie Howard
2660Ferguson, Thomas G.
2661Ferreire, Decio de Moura
2662Ferrell, Mrs. Myrtle B.
2663Ferrier, Harriet
2664Ferris, Gwyn
2665Fertig, Adrienne
2666-67Few, Thomas P., 1939-1947
2668Few, Mrs William Preston
2669Fewster, Blanche
2670Fezzey, Mrs Chester T.
2671Fiege, Mrs Stanley L
2672Field, Frank Harvey
2673Field, Mrs. I. H.
2674Field, Rachel
2675Field, Mrs. Robert
2676Fieldhouse, Raymond
2677Fielding, Mrs. Fern
2678Fields, Averdeen
2679Fields, Corrinthie Belle
2680Fields, Sibyl
2681Fike, Dr. and Mrs. Rupert H.
271Fillion, Mrs. Esther D.
272Findley, Emerson
273Fine, Mrs. Valentine Luther
274Fiske, Olga
275Finlayson, William E.
276Finney, Mrs. Roy
277Firester, Rosalie
278Firor, Hugh
279Fischer, Dr. L. C.
2710Fiset, Louis A. Jr.
2711Fish, Clifford
2712Fish, Mrs. E. A.
2713Fisher, Arthur W.
2714Fisher, Barbara Whitney
2715Fisher, H. A.
2716Fisher, Mrs. Harold Fitzgerald
2717Fisher, John
2718Fisher, Mrs. L. E.
2719Fishner, Bertram E.
2720Fitchett, Bessie L.
2721Fitt, Frank
2722Fitts, Betty
2723Fitzgerald, W. Norman Jr.
2724Fitzpatrick, Alva
2725Fitzpatrick, Ruth
2726Fitzpatrick, Teresa S.
2727Flagg, Mrs Francis J.
2728Flagg, Harriet
2729Flagg, James Montgomery
2730Flanders, Julia
2731Flanigan, Mary Yvo
2732Flanagan, Mr. and Mrs. Roy
2733Fleck, Mrs. Henry Peter
2734Fleet, Mr. and Mrs. Reginald Scott
2735Fleetwood, Milton L.
2736Fleischaker, Walter E.
2737Fleischer, Samuel
2738Fleisher, Mrs. Walter L. Jr.
2739Fleming, Mr. and Mrs. Berry
2740Fleming, Mrs. Faith
2741Fleming, Frances
2742Fleming, Priscilla Moon
2743Fleming, Mr. and Mrs. William H.
2744Fletcher, Elva
2745Flexner, H. L.
2746Flippin, Mrs Royce Norwood
2747Flood, Richard
2748Florence Cittenton Home
2749Flourney, Mrs. William Cabell
2750Floyd, Edna
2751Floyd, Mary E.
2752Floyd, Mrs. T. M.
2753Flynn, Mrs. William P.
2754Flythe, William P.
2755Fogg, Mrs. Nina M.
2756Folk, Walton
2757Follett, Carolyn
2758Follett, Lewis
2759Folmar, Martha Elizabeth
2760Foote, George A.
2761Forbes, Stanton
2762Ford, Mrs. H. Margaret
2763Ford, Julia Ellsworth
2764Ford, Mrs. L. R.
2765Ford, Mrs. Rowena Hanes
2766Forde, Clifton D.
2767Foreman, Lauren
2768Foreman, Mrs. Robert Livingston III
2769Forney, Miss
2770Forrest, Lee
2771Forrester, E. L.
2772Forrester, J. M.
2773Fort, Edwin Carl
2774Fort, Randolph L.
2775Fort, T. Hicks
2776Fort Worth Press
2777Fort Worth Star Telegram
2778Forthe, Apryl
2780Fosdick, Dudley
2781Fossell, Clinton
2782Foster, Blanche
2783Foster, D.
2784Foster, Hubert
2785Foster, Katherine B.
2786Foster, Minnie F.
2787Foster, Nora M.
2788Foster, Mrs. Robert Heath
2789Foster, Mrs. Warren Ellington
281Foulke, Leslie
282Fourcade, Lucien J.
283Fovva, Antonio Soler
284Fowler, Blanche Teresa
285Fowler, C. Eugene
286Fowler, Gypsy
287Fowler, Kenneth
288Fowler, Mrs. Newton
289Fowlkes, Dr. C. B.
2810Fox, Bert
2811Fox, Dr. Burke W.
2812Fox, Fontaine
2813Fox, O'Hara Trent
2814Fox, Oswald A.
2815Foy, Cliff
2816Foy, Fred G.
2817Foy, Louis
2818Francis, A. P.
2819Francis Bannerman Sons
2820Francisco, S. H.
2821Frank, Anna
2822Frank, Ruth Carolyn
2823Frankenstein, Jerome
2824Franklin, Lucy
2825Franklin, O. W.
2826Franklin, Rebecca
2827Fraser, Mr. and Mrs. Carlyle
2828Fraser, J. B.
2829Fraser, Margaret
2830Fraser, Patricia
2831Frazer, Keener C.
2832Frazer, Robert
2833Frazier, William
2834Freeman, Addison B.
2835Freeman, Mrs Allen G.
2836Freeman, Bernice
2837Freeman, Douglas Southall
2838Freeman, Georgia
2839Freeman, Glenn D.
2840Freeman, J. Anthony
2841Freeman, Mrs. Robert Howell
2842Freezer, Mrs. Herbert
2843French, Herbert E.
2844Fretz, Mrs. C. D.
2845Friedman, Leona
2846Friedman, Mark
2848Frier, W. R. Jr.
2849Frierson, Mrs. Jack
2850Frischkorn, John H. Jr.
2851Frith, Chaplain Clifford F.
2852Frost, Meigs
2853Frost, Rosamond
2854Fry, Boyd
2855Fry, Mrs. D. J.
2856Fuchs, Ota C.
2857Fuchs, Rudolf
2858Fugate, Mrs. Glenn W.
2859Fuhrman, Melvia
2860Fuller, Martha
2861Fuller, Nina
2862Fuller, Watson
2863Fullman, Mrs. J. C.
2864Fulton, Cardinal
2865Fulton County Medical Society
2866Fulton, Geneva B.
2867Fundis, Betty Joice
2868Funk, Mr. and Mrs. John
2869Fuqua, Don
2870Fuqua, Jean
2871Furlow, Mrs. Henry
2872Furman, Lucille
2873Futrelle, Jacques
2874Fysh, Mrs. F. A. H.

291Gaddis, M. F.
292Gahagan, Mrs. Harry
293Gaillard, Peyre
294Gaines, Jack
295Gaines, Julius
296Gaines, W. G.
297Gaither, Mrs. Paul G.
298Gaither, Mrs. Zella Hergrove
299Gale, Eva
2910Gallagher, James
2911Gallinger, Roy A.
2912Galloway, Mrs. Beulah
2913Galt, James C.
2914Galyon, Mrs. Icerene
2915Gamble, Gloria
2916Gamble, Ted R.
2917Gambrell, E Smythe
2918Gambrell, Elizabeth
2919Gahahl, R. A.
2920Garnett, Lewis
2921Garner, Russell S.
2922Garnsey, Mrs. E. Grant
2923Garrett, C. Edward
2924Garrett, Franklin Miller
2925Garrett, Dr. and Mrs. Steve Arthur
2926Garrison, Carolyn
2927Garrison, Mr. and Mrs. Sydney W
2928Garrod, Ashley
2929Garside, Alston
2930Garside, James M.
2931Garstin, Bert N.
2932Gartz, Mrs. A. F. Jr.
2933Garvin, Mrs. R. A.
2934Gaskins, Richard
2935Gasque, Rena K.
2936Gaston, M. H.
2937Gately, Martin
2938Gates, Arnold F.
2941Gates, Mrs. Hortense G.
2939Gates, Mrs. E. W.
2940Gates, Eleanor
2942Gaudry, Adele Robillard
2943Gault, Janie G
2944Gault, Mrs. Lucy Mitchell
2945Gause, Damon
2946Gavan, J. C.
2947Gay, Carroll Smith
2948Gay, Mrs. Ewell
2949Gay, Mrs. T. B.
2950Gayle, Mrs. William T. Jr.
2951Geckler, Mrs. A. R.
2952Geer, Charles Jr.
2953Geer, Mrs. Kate M.
2954Geffers, August
2955Geisler, Dr. Fredrich
2956Gelders, Stewart
2957Gellen, Audrey
2958Gendrew, Ruth
2959Genebach, Mrs. Lowell B.
2960General Press Cutting Association
2961Gentile, Dr. Antonio
2962Gentry, Mrs. Herschel Ace
2963Gentry, Roy
2964Geoghegan, Mrs. Brooks
2965Georg, Carl H.
2966George, Mrs. Ben B.
2967George, Harold E.
2968George, Marie
2969George, Mildred B.
2970George, Hon. Walter
2971George, Mrs. Will
2972Georgia Citizens Council
2973Geraci, Joseph
2974Gercken, Richard
2975Gerow, Alice Heber
301Gerstad, John L.
302Getchell, Olive
303Ghose, Dorothy
304Gibson, Evelyn
305-6Gibson, Mrs. Hugh C.
306Gibson, Mrs. Hugh C.
307Gibson, I. H.
308Gibson, Mrs. Lewis Edwards
309Giddens, Lucia
3010Giddings, Dorothy
3011Giddings, Dr. and Mrs. Glenville
3012Giffen, Richard H.
3013Gifford, Chloe
3014Gifford, Ernest
3015Gilbert, Buddy
3016Gilbert, Douglas
3017Gilbert, Mrs. Esther
3018Gilbert, Lola Bell
3019Gilbert, Judge and Mrs. Price
3020Gilbert, Price Jr.
3021Gilbert, Sarah
3022Gilbertson, Mrs G. E.
3023Gildart, Mrs. Alberta Lake
3024Giliser, Emily
3025Gilkerson, Mrs. H. C.
3026Gill, Mrs Madeline Buchanan
3027Gilleland, W. M.
3028Gillem, Alvan C. Jr.
3029Gillespie, Julie
3030Gillespie, Susan
3031Gillis, John Denver
3032Gilmon, Wayne C.
3033Gilmore, Eddy
3034Gilreath, Frank Jr.
3035Gilson, Marge
3036Girardeau, Mrs J. B.
3037Girls High School
3038Girls High Times
3039Girtman, Mrs. W. M.
3040Gist, Mrs F. E.
3041Gittler, J. B.
3042Gittler, Lewis F.
3043Gitterman, Joseph L.
3044Giudici, Mrs. Ann Courer
3045Giudici, Ann Couper, 1939-1950
3046Giudici, Sam
3047Givens, Mary
3048Gladstone, Gale
3049Gladstone, Robert T. Jr.
3050 Glamour
3051Glasgow, Ellen
3052Glass, Christine
3053Glass, Mr. and Mrs. Dudley
3054Glass, Mrs. H. A.
3055Glass, Mrs. Neil
3056Glass, Willie Bell
3057Glassford, William A.
3058Glazer, Mrs. Dorothy H.
3059Glendon, Mary V.
3060Glenn, R. V.
3061Glenn, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas K.
3062Glenn, W. M.
3063Glick, Mrs Mary S.
3064Glisson, Rev. Fred L.
3065Globus Tradition Corporation
3066Gluckler, John F. Jr.
3067Gobel, Bertha
3068Gobrecht, Mrs. Julia W.
3069Godbold, Mrs. B. I.
3070Godfrey, Mrs. Peter Walton
3071Goettelman, Dorothy
3072Goins, Craddock
311Golay, Jean
312Goldberg, Abe
313Golden, Mrs. F. D.
314Goldenberg, Henry
315Goldsmith School
316Goldstein, Elizabeth
317Golfer and Sportsman
318Gonella, F. L.
319Gonzales, Dr. Marcelino
3110 Good House Keeping
3111Good News
3112Good Samaritan Clinic
3113Goodbar, Joseph E.
3114Goodding, Gladys
3115Goode, Mrs. S. W.
3116Goodman, Erma
3117Goodman, Mrs. Naomi C.
3118Goodstein, Mrs. H. N.
3119Goodwin, George
3120Goodwin, Mrs. Hannah B.
3121Goolrick, Chester B.
3122Gordon, Arthur
3123Gordon, Mrs. Margaret McGuire
3124Gordon, Mary L.
3125Gordon-Smith, Mrs. Frances
3126Gore, Miss
3127Gorrell, Mrs. Etta L.
3128Gosnell, Cullen B.
3129Goss, Elizabeth
3130Gossett, Mrs.
3131Gottschalk, Eugene G.
3132Gould, Belle
3133Gould, Bruce
3134Gould, Mrs. E. C.
3135Gould, Janis A.
3136Goulding, R. L.
3137Goruley, Mrs. Thomas B.
3138Govan, Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert
3139Gove, Blanche
3140Gower, Herschel
3141Grace, Walter J.
3142Grady, Albert Sidney
3143Grady, Mary
3144Graeve, Oscar
3145Grafe, Wilma
3146Graff, Mrs. M. Brayton
3147Graham, Blanche H.
3148Graham, Mrs. Dorma Stone
3149Graham, Mr. and Mrs. John S.
3150Graham, Mrs. Joseph L.
3151Graham, Julia
3152Graham, Mary
3153Graham, Ruth Hall
3154Graham, Viola
3155Gramby, Bobby
3156Granberry, Edwin
3157Grandon, Mrs. Elliot C.
3158Grandstaff, Mrs. D. A.
3159Granke, Jean
3160Grant, Johanna E.
3161Grant, Mr. and Mrs. John W Jr.
3162Grant, Mrs. John William
3163Grant, Rebecca
3164Grant, Ross
3165Grant, William G.
3166 Graphology Magazine
3167Graves, B. Harry
3168Graves, Bob
3169Graves, Mrs. C. E.
3170Graves, Cothran C.
3171Graves, John Temple II
3172Graves, Phillip E.
3173Graves, Robert W.
3174Gray, A. Preston
3175Gray, Mrs. Allen V.
3176Gray, Austin K.
3177Gray, Mrs. C. P.
3178Gray, Caleb H.
3179Gray, J. W.
3180Gray, Mrs. Jack Stearns
3181Gray, James R.
3182Gray, Mrs. L. W.
3183Gray, Hon. R. A.
321Grayuskie, Joseph
322Greame-Kelley, Donald
323Greathouse, Opal
324Green, Beatrice
325Green, Betty
326Green, Doris
327Green Guards of America, Inc.
328Green, Mrs. J. F.
329Green, Mrs. M. A.
3210Greenberg, Miriam
3211Greenberg, Mrs. Albert A.
3212Greene, Mrs. Albert A.
3213Greene, Earle R.
3214Greene, Dr. Edgar H.
3215Greene, Mrs. F. H.
3216Green, Herbert L.
3217Greene, Leonora
3218Greene, Mary
3219Greene, Mrs. R. A.
3220Greene, Mrs. Reuben
3221Greene, Ward
3222Greene, Mrs Wilson
3223-24Greenlea, C. W.
3225Greenville, Kenneth
3226Greenway, Cornelius
3227Greenwood, Mrs. Albert
3228Greenwood, Mrs. Charles Ernest
3229Greenwood, Josephine I.
3230Greer, Howard
3231Greer, John
3232Gregg, C. K.
3233Gregg, Dean B.
3234Gregg, Lewis
3235Gregorie, Mrs. Isaac McPherson
3236Gregory, Arnold
3237Gregory, C. E.
3238Gregory, D.
3239Gregory, Mrs. G. D.
3240Gregory, Wynne
3241Grice, Margie
3242Grier, B. M.
3243Grierson, Margaret S.
3244Gries, Jean Frances
3245Griffen, Mrs. Norwood
3246Griffin, Aylett
3247Griffin, Billy L.
3248Griffin, Mrs. G. E.
3249Griffin, Mrs. Priscilla Goodwyn
3250Griffin, Mrs. Ruby M.
3251Griffin, Mr. and Mrs. Sidney
3252Griffith, A. B.
3253Griffith, Mrs. George C.
3254Grim, Jan
3255Grimes, Mrs. Arthur H.
3256Grimes, Carrie
3257Grimm, Mrs. Gladys Hamilton
3258Grimson, Marie
3259Griswold, Mrs. L. W.
3260Grob, Marshall W.
3261Grod, Stephanie
3262Groleau, Mlle Madeleine
3263Gropper, Mrs. Herta
3264Groom, Mrs. Bessie
3265Gross, Edith
3266Gross, Margie
3267Grossman, Mrs. Florence L.
3268Grossman, Freda
3269Grove, Dr. and Mrs. Lon
3270Grover, Edwin O.
3271Groves, Jeanne Lambden
3272Groves, Mrs. Jesse Lee Jr.
3273Groves, John Stuart
3274Gruenbaum, David
3275Gruman, Harry D.
3276Grunkemeyer, Hazel
3277Guedry, Edith A.
3278Guenther, Merrill
3279Guerry, Alexander
3280Guest, Edgar A.
3281Guiscafre, Mrs. Rosario
3282Guiterman, Frances
3283Gullion, Carroll H.
3284Gunn, Elizabeth
3285Gunter, Mrs. W. Bert
3286Gunther, Charles
3287Gunther, John
3288Gwin, Julia
3289Gwin, Yolande
3290Gwinn, Melmouth Mitchell

331Haap, Ednah
332Haas, Elliot L.
333Haas, Mr. and Mrs. Leonard
334Hackenberg, Arlene
335Hackett, E. F.
336Hackett, John T.
337Hackney, J. Fred
338Haden, Mrs. Charles J.
339Hadida, Sophie
3310Haerle, Fanny
3311Haesle, Mrs. Leo M.
3312Hafley, James Robert
3313Hagberg, Florence
3314Hager, W. B.
3315Haggard, Paul
3316Haggas, Harry
3317Haglage, Dorothy
3318Hagner, Marie D.
3319Hailey, Howard
3320Hailey, Jane
3321Hain, Mrs. Denis W.
3322Haire, Mrs. Florine Palmer
3323Hairston, William G.
3324Hale, Annie Riley
3325Hale, Mrs. Arthur
3326Haley, James
3327Haley, Margaret
3328Hall of Fame
3329Hall, Addie
3330Hall, Alice [Milledgeville Ga]
3331Hall, Alice
3332Hall, Mrs. Alvin
3333Hall, Burdell
3334Hall, Mrs. Carl
3335Hall, Dorothy
3336Hall, Fitzgerald
3337Hall, George A.
3338Hall, George Milton
3339Hall, Gladys
3340Hall, Hank
3341Hall, Mrs. Harold B.
3342Hall, Mrs. Illene Clark
3343Hall, Mrs. J. E.
3344Hall, James
3345Hall, Jean
3346Hall, Olive
3347Hall, Mrs. Rebecca Oliver
3348Hall, Mrs. robert
3349Hall, Robert N.
3350Hall, W. E.
3351Hall, Mrs. W. H.
3352Hallenbeck, Mrs H. M.
3353Halley, Mrs. Sam
3354Halliwell, Mrs. Glen E.
3355Hallock, Mrs. Robert M.
3356Halseth, Lynn
3357Halsey, Mrs. LeRoy
3358Halversen, Theodore
3359Hamada, James T.
3360Hamakami, Lynette
3361Hamblen, Mrs. William A.
3362Hambrick, Henry O.
3363Hambro, Marilyn
3364Hames, Alma Jean
3365Hamilton, Ida Fay
3366Hamilton, J. W.
3367Hamilton, Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Augustus
3368Hamilton, Mr. and Mrs. R. J.
3369Hamilton, Thomas J.
3370Hamilton, Tressie
3371Hamilton, Mrs. Ward L.
3372Hamiter, Lillian F.
3373Hamm, Dr. William G
3374Hammer, Carl
3375Hammer, Philip
3376Hammill, Helen
3377Hammond, Bert
3378Hammond, Edward Hopkins
3379Hammond, Grace Powell
3380Hammond, Hala Jean
3381Hammond, Mary
3382Hammond, Teddy Sue
3383Hampton, Mrs. Mildred
3384Hanahan, W. E.
3385Hancock, B. F.
3386Hancock, Elizabeth
3387Hancock, Herman
3388Hancock, Mrs. Margaret N.
3389Hancock, Marjorie
3390Hancock, Mrs. R. A.
3391Hancock, Mrs. Stewart F.
3392Hancock, W. Scott
3393Handke, Walter
341Hane, Mrs. Margaret
342Hanes, Billee
343Hanes, Emeline
344Haney, Patricia
345Hanke, Lewis
346Hankins, Pearl H.
347Hankinson, Mrs. R. H.
348Hanks, Lawson
349Hanna, A. J.
3410Hanna, Mrs. Arthur R.
3411Hanna, Evelyn
3412Hannah, Mildred
3413Hannahan, Mary Jane
3414Hannon, Marie J.
3415Hansell, Mrs .Andrew
3416Hansell, Granger
3417Hansell, Mrs. Granger
3418Hansen, Astride K.
3419Hansen, Irma
3420Hansen, Harry
3421Hanson, Aquilla B. Jr.
3422Hanson, Mrs. Lueritia Kays
3423Happoldt, Albert
3424Harbinson, Mr. and Mrs. McClarty
3425Harble, Vivian
3426Hard, Mrs. Straiton
3427Hardage, E. R.
3428Harden, Clara A.
3429Hardin, George Paul
3430Hardin, Mrs. R. A.
3431Harding, Edmund H.
3432Harding, Mrs. Hugh N.
3433Hardison, John
3434Hardisty, John T.
3435Hardman, Thomas C.
3436Hardwick, Calvin
3437Hardwick, Caroline
3438Hardwick, Joan
3439Hardwick, Louise C.
3440Hardy, Albert S.
3441Hardy, Eula
3442Hardy, Eunice
3443Hardy, J. Harris
3444Hardy, John W.
3445Hardy, Mrs. Ray
3446Hargis, Dick
3447Harkness, Mrs. Ann
3448Harman, Mrs. Anita K.
3449Harmon, Mr. and Mrs. Howard Banks
3450Harmon, Lela M.
3451Harmon, Louise
3452Harmon, Margaret
3453Harmon, S. M.
3454Harms, Beatrice
3455Harmsen, Martine L.
3456Harper, C. L.
3457Harper, Elise S
3458Harper, John L-Harper's Flowers
3459Harper, Mrs. Lon
3460Harper, Mrs. Mary Hart
3461Harper, Mrs. Pearl
3463Harper's Bazaar
3464Harrell, Bertha
3465Harrell, Mrs. C. W.
3466Harrell, Mrs. G. L.
3467Harrell, Julia C.
3468Harrelson, Mildred
3469Harrigan, D. Ward
3470Harrington, Mrs. Ethel
3471Harrington, Mrs. Eva Taylor
3472Harrington, Mrs. W. E.
3473Harrington, W. Eugene
3474Harrington, Mrs. Waldo E.
351Harris, A. T.
352Harris, Al
353Harris, Alice
354Harris, Ann Mebegan
355Harris, Mrs. Anna Fletcher
356Harris, Mrs. Arthur I.
357Harris, Boyd T.
358Harris, Bryce W
359Harris, Clyde
3510Harris, Mrs. E. F. H.
3511Harris, Esther
3512Harris, Evelyn
3513Harris, Frances
3514Harris, Gertrude
3515Harris, Gilmer
3516Harris, Mrs. Henry Fletcher
3517Harris, Mrs. Joel Chandler
3518Harris, Mrs. Joel C. Jr.
3519Harris, Julian H.
3520-21Harris, Mr. and Mrs. Julian LaRose, 1937-1947
3522Harris, Mr. and Mrs. Julian, 1936
3523Harris, Louis
3524Harris, Louise
3525Harris, Louise E.
3526Harris, Lucien
3527Harris, Luther Marion
3528Harris, Mary
3529Harris, Rev. Pierce
3530Harris, Dr. R. R.
3531Harris, Roy
3532Harris, W. H.
3533Harris, William Lloyd
3534Harrison, Mr. and Mrs. DeSales
3535Harrison, George L.
3536Harrison, Jean
3537Harrison, John M.
3538Harrison, Mr. and Mrs. Julian Mark
3540Harrison, Susan E.
3541Harrison, Virginia Pegram
3542Harshaw, Ione
3543Hart, B. F.
3544Hart, Barnett H.
3545Hart, Bertrand K.
3546Hart, Mrs Gordon
3547Hart, James D.
3548Hartford, Huntington
3549Hartley, Mrs. Helen
3550Hartley, J. Harrison
3551Hartman, Mrs. Joseph
3552Hartman, Ralph D.
3553Hartridge, Walter
3554-56Hartsfield, William B., 1937-1954
3557Hartshorne, Nola R.
3558Hartsock, Wilson
3559Hartung, Mrs. Isabel
3560Hartwell, Cara
3561Hartwig, John George
3562Hartzog, Henry S.
3563Harvey, Alton H.
3564Harvey, Henry S.
3565Harvey, Helen Verdery
3566Harvey, Mrs. W. H.
3567Harwell, Richard B.
3568Harwell, Mrs. S. B.
3569Haskins, Frederic J
3570Haskins, Leona
3571Hassid, Deuyse
3572Hastings, Mr. and Mrs. Donald
3573Hastings, Mary Louise
3574Hastings, W. Ray
3575Hastings, William G.
361Hatch, Margaret
362Hatcher, Mrs. Carl P.
363Hatcher, Mr. and Mrs. Thurston
364Hatfield, Mrs. H. D.
365Hatley, Helen
366Hatz, E. M.
367Hausfeld, Mrs. J.
368Havemeyer, V.
369Haverty, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence
3610Haverty, J. J.
3611Haverty, May
3612Hawk, Mrs. C. R.
3613Hawkins, A. J.
3614Hawkins, Beatrice
3615Hawkins, Ernest F.
3616Hawkins, Lewis
3617Hawkins, Mrs. Lucy Rogers
3618Hawkins, Sallie B
3619Hawkins, W. W. Jr.
3620Hawley, Bernard J.
3621Haworth, Mary
3622Hawtrey, Jean H.
3623Hayes, Albert N.
3624Hayes, Betty
3625Hayes, J. C.
3626Hayes, Joe
3627Hayes, Myrtle
3628Hayes, Ralph
3629Haygood, William C.
3630Hayman, Mary
3631Haynes, Gertrude A.
3632Hays, Elizabeth
3633Hays, Mrs J E.
3634Hays, O. M.
3635Hays, Mrs. Ora C.
3636Haywood, Mrs. Martha
3637Hazlett, H. C.
3638Heaberlin, T. R.
3639Healey, Mrs. William
3640Heard, Otta Marie
3641Hearst, Elizabeth
3642Hearn, Mrs. J. F.
3643Heartman, Charles F.
3644Heathwole, J. T.
3645Hecht, Robert
3646Hebert, Mrs. E. B.
3647Hedge, Mrs. George
3648Hedin, Naboth
3649Hedrick, Mrs. B. V.
3650Heffington, Toinette
3651Hegelund, Jacques
3652Heilbronn, Edith
3653Heim, Mrs. Araminta
3654Heinrici, Max
3655Helfenstein, S. Q.
3656Helfer, Harold
3657Hellinger, Mark
3658Helm, Henry B.
3659Helterbran, Mrs. Frances
3660Hemingway, Edward D.
3661Hemmeter, G. P.
3662Hemphill, Mrs. J. K.
3663Hemphill, Ruth Ann
3664Hendee, Mrs. Nathan
3665Henderson, Mrs. Alma E.
3666Henderson, Berry
3667Henderson, Donald W.
3668Henderson, Elsie Hall
3669Henderson, Florence S.
3670Henderson, Lillian
3671Henderson, Louis F.
3672Henderson, Mrs. Malcolm S.
3673Henderson, Wilburn
371Hendrix, Ann
372Hendrix, Mrs. George W.
373Hendrix, Hubert C.
374Hendrix, James D. Jr.
375Henkle, Mrs. John
376Henley, Mrs. Charles W.
377Hennessy, Helen T.
378Henriques, F.
379Henry Grady Hotel
3710Henry, Ira W.
3711Henry, John
3712Henry, Marguerite
3713Henry, Mary Alice
3714Henry, Robert S.
3715Hensley, Lula
3716Hensley, Rose
3717Henson, Mrs. Anna B.
3718Henson, Edessa
3719Hentz, Mrs. Hal
3720Heptinstall, Mrs. Lillian M.
3721The Herald and Express [Los Angeles]
3722Herman, Dorothy
3723Herndon, Claud
3724Herren, Imogene
3725Herrick, Mrs. John
3726Herring, Frank
3727Hersh, Connie Proudfit
3728Hersh, Eileen
3729Hershek, Samuel
3730Hertzler, Dr. Arthur
3731Hervey, Harry
3732Herzberg, Max
3733Herzenberg, Mrs. Marjorie
3734Herzog, Buck
3735Hesketh, Mary F.
3736Heslen, Margaret E.
3737Hesoun, Janet
3738Hess, Elizabeth
3739Hess, John
3740Hesse, Grace R.
3741Hession, Mr. and Mrs. John J.
3742Hession, John W.
3743Heston, Mrs. R. L.
3744Heule, Mrs. A. M.
3745Hewetson, Alice M.
3746Heyn, Ernest V.
3747Heyward, Barney
3748Heyward, Dubose
3749Hickman, Robert E.
3750Hickox, Vergie
3751Hicks, C. E.
3752Hicks, Granville
3753Hicky, Daniel W.
3754Hiers, Turner
3755Higdon, T. B.
3756Higgins, Rosalie Armistead
3757Highland High School [Maryland]
3758Hightower, Grace
3759Hilburn, Alise
3760Hilckman, A. H.
3761Hildt, Mrs. Blanche
3762Hiles, Gerre
3763Hill, Annie Louise
3764Hill, Arthur H.
3765Hill, Eldon C.
3766Hill, Mrs. Evelyn C.
3767Hill, Laura
3768Hill, Margaret
3769Hill, Nancy
3770Hill, Napoleon
3771-72Hill, Mrs. R. T. W., 1940-1952
3773Hill, Raymond
3774Hill, Mrs. Robert S.
3775Hill, Mrs. Roland B.
3776Hill, Mrs. Stacy Earnest
3777Hill, Mrs. Walker
3778Hill, Walter C.
3779Hill, Mrs. Walter Clay
3780Hill, William
3781Hill, Williams Green
381Hillberg, Paulina Coul.
382Hiller, Harriet Ruth
383Hilley, Loretta
384Hilley, Margaret
385Hills, Edith
386Hillyer, Elinor
387Hilsy, Margaret H.
388Hilton, Alice G.
389Himmelberger, Mrs. S. K.
3810Hinckley, Gale M.
3811Hinds, John l.
3812Hindus, Maurice
3813Hine, Butler P. A.
3814Hine, Roberta Scott
3815Hines, Mrs. Cecilia Lopez
3816Hines, Eva E.
3817Hines, Mrs. H. Faison
3818Hines, Mrs. Jewell Lynch
3819Hines, Dr. Joseph H
3820Hines, Louise Cannon
3821Hines, Nelle W.
3822Hines, Mrs. Samule H.
3823Hinkle, Edna
3824Hinman, Mrs. George B.
3825Hinnant, May M.
3826Hinshaw, David
3827Hinson, Lula M.
3828Hinton, Allan F.
3829Hinton, Dorothy
3830Hinton, Fanny D.
3831Hirsch, Josephine
3832Hirschfeld, Mary
3833Hitt, Mrs. Edward G.
3834Hitt, George
3835Hitz, Alex M.
3836Hix, Mrs. Mary B.
3837Hjort, Frances
3838Hluska, Mrs. George
3839Hoard, Clinton H.
3840Hobson, Margaret W.
3841Hodgkins, Mrs. Myrtle B.
3842Hodgkins, Mrs. Frances
3843Hodges, Robert L.
3844Hodgson, E. L.
3845Hodgson, Harry
3846Hodgson, Mr. and Mrs. Hugh
3847Hodsel, Ellen
3848Hoeffle, Mrs. Ian Wallace
3849Hoehn, Rev Matthew O. S. B.
3850Hoekie, John C.
3851Hoeler, May Leona
3852Hofeldt, Shirley
3853Hoff, Marilynn
3854Hoffa, Jimmy
3855Hoffer, Frank H. Jr.
3856Hoffman, E. Ruth
3857Hoffman, Lucy E.
3858Hoffman, Louise
3859Hogan, Betty
3860Hogan, Cornelia
3861Hogan, Mrs. George W. Jr.
3862Hogan, Mrs. R. W.
3863Hogan, W. D.
3864Hogg, Clara G.
3865Hogin, K. Winifred
3866Hogue, Elizabeth
3867Hohle, Elise
3868Holden, Dr. F. C.
3869Holder, Mr. and Mrs. John N.
3870Holder, Mary
3871Holder, Mary Teresse
3872Holland, Mrs. Carl E.
3873Holland, Spessard L.
3875Holler, William E.
3876Hollern, Mrs. John M.
3877Holliday, Norene
3878Hollifield, W. W.
3879Hollingsworth, Ida
3880Hollingsworth, Mr. and Mrs. W. B.
3881Hollis, Mrs. E. L.
3882Holloway, Mrs. E. L.
3883Hollywood Reporter
3884Holman, Edwin
3885Holman, G. O.
391Holmes, Mrs. Herbert
392Holt, Frances
393Holt, H. C.
394Holt, Hamilton
395Holt, Mrs. Minnie Lyman
396Holtz, A. S.
397Holtzclaw, J. S.
398Holub, William
399Honegger, H. C.
3910Honeycutt, Anita Janet
3911Honeycutt, Lorraine
3912Hood, Mrs. John Bell
3913Hoodenpyle, Alice Lee
3914Hook, Beverly
3915Hook, Mrs. G. W.
3916Hook, Lucille
3917Hooker, Mrs. Brian
3918Hooker, Susan M.
3919Hooker, Mrs. Z. V.
3920Hooks, Clara Belle
3921Hooper, Benie Johnson
3922Hooten, Charles
3923Hoover, Mrs. H. S.
3924Hoover, Miles V.
3925Hoover, Mrs. Reeve
3926Hopkins, Emma B.
3927Hopkins, Jessie
3928Hopkins, Linton C.
3929Hopkins, Patricia
3930Hopper, Hedda
3931Horan, John Embrey
3932Horan, Thomas
3933Hord, Parker A.
3934Horkan, Mrs. George
3935Horn, Elizabeth M.
3936Horn, Stanley
3937Hornady, J. R.
3938Hornady, Nina
3939Hornsby, M. A.
3940Horrabin, Mary
3941Horton, Mrs. E. R.
3942Horton, Edgarda
3943Horton, James Jr.
3944Horton, Mrs. M.
3945Hosch, Mrs. Lester W.
3946Hosmer, Madeline
3947Hotchkiss, L. D.
3948House, Betsy
3949House, Mrs. Ernest Warren
3950 Houston Chronicle
3951 Houston Press
3952Houston, L. Marceil
3953 Houston Post
3954Howard, Arthur L.
3955Howard, Mrs. Charles P.
3956Howard, Mrs. E. Y.
3957Howard, Mrs. H. S.
3958Howard, John C.
3960Howard, Margaret Overstreet
3961Howard, Mrs. Murray
3962Howard, Murray Jr.
3963Howard, Neil R.
3964Howard, Mrs. Phillip J.
3966Howard, Mrs. Sidney
3967Howat, James B.
3968Howe, Mrs. Elizabeth Patton
3969Howe, Wallis Jr.
3970Howell, A. F.
3971Howell, Mr. and Mrs. Albert
3972Howell, Mrs. Carroll S
3973Howell, Clark
3974Howell, Clark Jr.
3975Howell, Mr. and Mrs. Julius Franklin
401Howland, Mrs. Clarence
402-4Howland, William S., 1936-1950
405Howland, Mrs. Wm. S.
406Howlett, Mrs. K. S.
407Howley, Mrs. John
408Howse, Hilary E.
409Howson, Roger
4010Hoty, Mrs. Thatcher
4011Hubbard, Mrs. F. A.
4012Hubbard, Mrs. Murray
4013Hubert, Benjamin F.
4014Hubert, John W.
4015Hudgins, Peggy
4016Hudson, Mrs. Anne B.
4017Hudson, Dana
4018Hudson, Mrs. Hill
4019Huennekens, Dorothy
4020Huff, Altie
4021Huff, Lyda
4022Huff, Ruby Moore
4023Huff, Vina
4024Huffaker, Virginia Ann
4025Huffman, Eugene Henry
4026Huffman, Mrs. Mina B.
4027Huffman, R. W.
4028Huggins, Willie B.
4029Hughes, Albert
4030Hughes, Alice
4031Hughes, Mrs. Joseph F.
4032Hughes, L. C.
4033Hughes, Mrs. Marguerite
4034Hughes, Sara
4035Hughes, Walter S.
4036Huguenin, Mrs. Thomas A.
4037Huguley, Mr. and Mrs. Cliat
4038Huidekoper, Page
4039Hulburt, Emma Kidd
4040Hulburt, Dr. Ray G.
4041Hulin, Mamie
4042Hull, Helen
4043Hull, Mrs. Madge
4044Hull, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas
4045Hulse, Frederick S
4046Humberd, Dr. Charles D.
4047Humphries, John D.
4048Humphreys, Oley
4049Hunnicutt, Mrs. Florence
4050Hunnicutt, George Lyle
4051Hunnicutt, Mrs. Inez Sweet
4052Hunt, Dorothy
4053Hunt, Lida Mae
4054Hunt, Margaret
4055Hunt, Mrs. Robert C.
4056Hunter, Catherine
4057Hunter, H. Reid
4058Hunter, Margaret
4059Hunter, Mrs. Max
4060Hunter, Mrs. Ross
4061Huntington, Mrs. W. Chapin
4062Hurd, Emily J.
4063Hurley, H. B.
4064Hurst, Alfred W.
4065Hurst, Joe Jack
4066Hurt, Mrs. Toulman
4067Hurrich, Pearl
4068Huske, Mrs. William
4069Huson, Mary B.
4070Huston, Judith
4071Huston, Louis
4072Huston, Mrs. Susie
4073Hutchens, John D.
4074Hutcheson, Carl F.
4075Hutchins, Mrs. G. S.
4076Hutchinson, Wesley
4077Hutchinson, Mrs. William M.
4078Hyatt, Mrs. Robert J.
4079Hyer, J. F.
4080Hyman, Dick
4081Hynds, Mrs. Elizabeth
4082Hyrams, Henry, Henry Ed

411Iliev, Ilcho
412Imbragulio, George
413Imes, Birney
414Inge, Mrs. Harry T.
415Ingels, Margaret
416Ingersoll, Nelle
417Ingle, Mrs. Kathryn
418Ingram, Mr.
419Ingram, Don
4110Ingram, Irvine S.
4111Ingram, M. G.
4112Inman, Beulah
4113International Press-Cutting Bureau
4114Ireland, Mrs. George
4115Irion, Mrs. James R.
4116The Irish Press
4117Irvin, Rea
4118Irvine, James
4119Irvine, Kenneth B.
4120-21Irvine, William S.
4122Irwin, Carroll Ann
4123Isaacs, W. Frank
4124Israel, Leila
4125Ivander, Fred
4126Iverson, Wolsgaard
4127Ivey, Mrs. W. R.
4128Iwamoto, Yoshio
4129Izzo, Theresa

4130Jackson, Elizabeth
4135Jackson, Mrs. Kenneth H.
4131Jackson, Evalene
4132Jackson, Graham
4133Jackson, Mrs. Hogan
4134Jackson, Joseph Henry
4136Jackson, M. A.
4137Jackson, Mary
4138Jackson, Mrs. O. B.
4139Jackson, Mrs. Richard Arbuthnot
4140Jackson, Sarah
4141Jackson, Shirly
4142Jackson, Zerny M.
4143Jacobs, Mrs. H.
4144Jacobs, Mrs. Marcus A.
4145Jacobs, Sidney Hughes
4146Jacobs, Thornwell
4147Jacobson, Bessie L.
4148Jacobus, Rosebelle
4149Jacques, S. C.
4150Jagels, Charles H.
4151James, Antionette Baugh
4152James, Antoinette LaFever
4153James, Mrs. Branson
4154James, Jules
4155James, Mae
4156James, Mrs. Sam
421Jamison, Alma Hill
422Jamison, Mrs. Chris A.
424Janus, Sidney Q.
423Jammes, Mrs. Sydney
425Jarman, Rufus
426Jarnagin, Mrs. Erskine R.
427Jarrard, Pansy
428Jeans, Norah M.
429Jefferson, Jon
4210Jelks, Dellena
4211Jelliffee, Mrs. Belinda
4212Jemison, Margaret
4213Jemison, Dr. A E
4214Jenkins, Mrs. George
4215Jenkins, Herschel
4216Jenkins, Mrs. K. B.
4217Jenkins, Lenora
4218Jenkins, W. F.
4219Jenkins, Mrs. W. M.
4220Jenkins, William K.
4221Jennings, Brenda
4222Jennings, Mrs. Harold
4223Jennings, Jeral, Paul
4224Jerge, Margaret
4225Jernigan, A. D.
4226Jesaitis, Mrs. Lorraine Nelson
4227Jess, Mrs. Morris H.
4228Jester, Elizabeth
4229Jewett, George H.
4230Jobe, Mrs. Sarah Shields
4231Joelson, Peggy
4232Johns Hopkins Hospital
4233Johnson, Albert Lee
4234Johnson, Andrea
4235Johnson, Anne Cox
4236Johnson, Anne Lois
4237Johnson, Austin
4238Johnson, Corinne
4239Johnson, Mrs. D. S.
4240Johnson, Mrs. Don
4241Johnson, Mrs. Gartine
4242Johnson, Mrs. George
4243Johnson, Harold
4244Johnson, Hattie
4245Johnson, Horace W.
4246Johnson, Hugh
4247Johnson, Jeannette
4248Johnson, Jo Ann
4249Johnson, Katherine M.
4250Johnson, Mrs. Keen
4251Johnson, Loraine
4252Johnson, Luther B.
4253Johnson, Madolin
4254Johnson, Ruby H.
4255Johnson, Ruth
4256Johnson, Wilma
4257Johnston, Ben B.
4258Johnston, Mrs. Ben B.
4259Johnston, Betty
4260Johnston, Frances
4261Johnston, John J.
4262Johnston, Loren R.
4263Johnston, Nancy B.
4264Johnston, Robert B.
4265Johnston, Mrs. Syd
4266Johnston, Mrs. William G.
4267Joiner, Sara M.
4268Jolly, A. C.
4269Jonas, Barukh
4270Joncker, Rene
431Jones, Bess
432Jones, Billy
433Jones, Mrs. Bolling
434Jones, Mr. & Mrs. C. Nyron
435Jones, Mrs. Carrie B.
436Jones, Coleman
437Jones, Mrs. Earl D.
438Jones, Elizabeth N.
439Jones, Emory E.
4310Jones, Mrs. Ernest
4311Jones, Mrs. F. A.
4312Jones, Mrs. Frank F.
4313Jones, Mrs. Fritz
4314Jones, George Fenwick
4315Jones, Dr. Grover C.
4316Jones, Gussie
4317Jones, Mr. and Mrs. Harrison
4318Jones, Helen Fisher
4319Jones, Mrs. J. S.
4320Jones, James A. Jr.
4321Jones, Jerome
4322Jones, John Ashley
4323Jones, Mrs. Lawrence V.
4324Jones, Leila Fuller
4325Jones, Mrs. Leon
4326Jones, Leslie
4327Jones, Lester
4328Jones, Lewis
4329Jones, Lillian
4330Jones, M. Lee
4331Jones, Mrs. Mattie Porter
4332Jones, Mrs. Patrick
4333Jones, Ralph T.
4334Jones, Rev. Ray M.
4335Jones, Mrs. Robert H.
4336Jones, Robert Harrison Jr.
4337Jones, Robert Tyre Jr.
4338Jones, Roland R.
4339Jones, Mrs. Sara Ellis
4340Jones, Turner
4341Jones, Warren
4342Jones, William Cole
4343Jonscher, Charlotte
4344Jordan, Mrs. A. H.
4345-46Jordan, Mrs. Bessie
4347Jordan, Charlie
4348Jordan, H. W.
4349Jordan, Mrs. Hazel B.
4350Jordan, Mrs. J. C.
4351Jordan, Joe
4352Jordan, Lois M.
4353Jordan, Mrs. N. W.
4354Jordan, Mrs. Sarah Smith
4355Jordan, T. H.
4356Jordan, T. S. Jr.
4357Jose, Victor R. Jr.
4358Joseph, Henry
4359Joseph, Sister Mary
4360Joslin, Mary Alice
4361Josslin, Phillys Louise
4362Journal magazine
4363 Journal of Business Education
4364Judge, Jane
4365Julian, Allen P.
4366 Junior League Magazine
4367Junot, Michel

441Kackley, Mrs. Thomas Reid
442Kadlec, O. J.
443Kahan, Robert
444Kahn, Mrs. Geo S.
445Kaiser, Henry J.
446Kaler, F. Wilson
447Kamp, John D.
448Kandel, Phoebe M.
449Kandle, Ted
4410Kane, Harnett
4411Kane, Kathleen
4412Kaplan, Sylvia
4413Karn, Mrs. H. B.
4414Karp, Herbert M.
4415Karr, Ola
4416Karsten, Florence W.
4417Kasten, Leona
4418Katz, Paula E.
4419Katz, Mrs. S. D.
4420Kaufman, Elberta
4421Kauti, H.
4422Kaval, J. P.
4423Kay, Mrs. Lambdin
4424Kayser, Gladys
4425Keaton, Anna
4426Keeler, Mr. and Mrs. George
4427Keeler, Mr. and Mrs. O. B.
4428Keely, Edith
4429Keen, Mrs. Barton Longacre
4430Keenan, Mrs. Hazel E.
4431Keener, Mary
4432Kehlenbeck, Alfred P.
4433Keim, Virginia
4434Keith, Laura
4435Kelcy, Eugene
4436Kellem, C. J.
4437Keller, Mrs. H. E.
4438Kellett, Mrs. Kathryn Maxey
4439Kelley, Dorathy Bates & Adele
4440Kelley, Mrs. Dorsey M.
4441Kelley, Ivy Sue
4442Kelley, W. C.
4443Kelly, Elizabeth
4444Kelly, Emily D.
4445Kelly, Frank S.
4446Kelly, Mary M.
4447Kemp, Helen
4448Kempton, Mrs. Willett Main
4449Kenady, Bruce S.
4450Kenamore, Chas B.
4451Kendall, Patricia N.
4452Kendrick, John
4453Kendrick, Mrs. Katie Lowe
4454Kendrick, Sam
4455Kendrick, Mrs. William Jones
4456Kenedy, Louis
4457Kennedy, Agnes
4458Kennedy, Emma B.
4459Kennedy, Robert
4460Kennedy, Robert Lawson
4461Kennedy, Mrs. Robert M.
4462Kennerly, W. T.
4463Kenney, T. A.
4464Kennon, Mrs. Lucile S.
4465Kent, Charles
4466Kent, Mrs. L. G.
4467Kentnor, Mrs. Flora L.
451Kenyon, Dorothy
452Kenyon, Nellie
453Keough, Mrs J E
454Kergel, Mrs. August
455Kerlin, Mrs. R. O.
456Kernodle, Ruth
457Kernohan, Vida
458Kerrigan, Audrey
459Kesler, A. B.
4510Kesler, Carl R
4511Kesler, Mrs. C. R.
4512Keuneke, Mrs. Stanley A.
4513Key, William
4514Keyes, Frances Parkinson
4515Keyes, Geoffrey
4516Keyes, Mrs. Kenneth
4517Kharas, Dick
4518Kilgo, Oscar
4519Killette, Mrs. Charles
4520Kilpatrick, M. E.
4521Kilpatrick, W. D.
4522Kimball, W. R.
4523Kimbell, Mrs. Earl H.
4524Kimble, Peggy
4525Kimbrough, Mrs. Hunter Southworth
4526Kincaid, Mrs. Oscar
4527King, Alma W.
4528King, C. B.
4529King, Mrs. Charles P.
4530King, Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Lanier Jr.
4531King, Constance
4532King, E. P. Jr.
4533King, Mrs. Eugene
4534King, Grace E.
4535King, Helen
4536King, Helen G.
4537King, Mrs. Kenneth A.
4538King, L.
4539King, Mrs. Mary Haynes Gibbs
4540King, Muriel
4541King, Robert R.
4542King, Sam T.
4543King, Sara
4544King, W P.
4545King, Dr. W. R.
4546Kingan & Company
4547Kingsford, Mrs. E. G.
4548Kinglsey, William
4549Kinnaird, Clark
4550Kinnamon, Gurley Hope
4551Kinze, H.
4552Kirby, E. H.
4553Kirby, Mrs. H. T.
4554Kirchmann, Mrs. Henry Jr.
4555Kirk, George W.
4556Kirk, Mrs. Maurice Cushman
4557Kirkland, Pearl
4558Kirkpatrick, W. S.
4559Kirkpatrick, Wallace M.
4560Kirkup, Mrs. Helen C.
4561Kirven, Garland A.
4562Kiser, Ellen
4563Kiser, Mrs. F. L.
4564Kiser, Patty
4565Kiss, Alexander I.
4566Kitchens, Dorothy
4567Kitchens, Velma
4568Kitchin, Mrs. C. E.
4569Kittler, Rose
461Klatte, Helen
462Klaver, Martin
463Klein, J. W.
464Kleinert, Herman
465Kleinman, C. A.
466Klepper, Elaine
467Klezmer, Evelyn
468Klibert, Shirley
469Kline, Raymond A.
4610Kling, Joseph Jr.
4611Klinger, Beatrice
4612Kliot, Nathan
4613Kloos, John G.
4614Knapp, Mrs. Charles
4615Knickerbocker, Cholly
4616Knight, Florida
4617Knight, Jere
4618Knight, Volina Mitchell
4619Knoblock, Fred
4620Knoch, Mrs. J. R.
4621Knowles, Betty
4622Knox, Dorothy
4623Knox, Frank
4624Knox, Mrs. John
4626Koch, Adell
4627Koch, Mrs. Stanley H.
4628Koenig, Myra Browne
4629Kokendoffer, Mrs. A. W.
4630Kolar, Jerry F.
4631Koldaker, Andrew
4632Kolinski, James
4633Koonts, Calvin
4634Koretz, Dr. Paul
4635Korkegian, Allison
4636Korner, H. V.
4637Korotkin, Fred
4638Koullen, Maria
4639Krajicik, Dorothy
4640Kramer, Mrs. Paul H.
4641Kratina, Mrs. Rudolf
4642Kratochvil, June
4643Krause, Jack
4644Kreider, Mrs. Dorothy
4645Kreiner, Clarice
4646Kretschmer, Merry Lou
4647Krock, Arthur
4648Kronovet, Dr. Milton
4649Kropotkin, Princess Alexandra
4650Kruse, Paul R.
4651Kuhns, Mrs. Dwight M.
4652Kuist, Rev. Howard T.
4653Kummer, Camilla
4654Kunze, Dorothy
4655Kuper, Mildred M.
4656Kurmeier, Mrs. Ed
4657Kurtz, Annie Laurie Jr.
4658Kurtz, Edward
4659Kurtz, Eugene
4660Kurtz, Henry H.
4661Kurtz, Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur G. Sr.
4662Kurtz, Wilbur G. Jr.
4663Kyser, D.
4664Kyukendall, Maudean

471Lab, Robert J.
472Lacey, Melanie
473Lacey, Peggy Jean
474Lacombe, Rasita
475Lacour, Anna C.
476Ladue, Betty R.
477LaFollette, Suzanne
478Lagan, Margarie R.
479Lagomarsino, Chess Jr.
4710Laird, Mrs. Mack J.
4711Lait, Jack Jr.
4712Lakin, Mrs. A. H.
4713Lakote, Mrs. Harold
4714Lamar, Louise
4715-16Lamar, Mrs. W. D.
4717Lamar, Mrs. William Bailey
4718Lamb, Mrs. A. J.
4719Lamb, Mrs. Charles Rollinson
4720Lambert, Mrs. C. L.
4721Lambert, Catherine
4722Lambeth, W. H.
4723Lambright, J. E.
4724Lamey, Charlotte
4725Lammers, Helene Norwood
4726Lampkin, Marion
4727Lampson, Sumner
4728Lance, Mrs. Frank Edward
4729Landau, Frances
4730Landell, Catherine
4731Landers, G. V.
4732Landers, Martha Lou
4733Landgraf, Hugo P.
4734Lane, J. H.
4735Lane, Mrs. P. H.
4736Laney, Emma May
4737Lang, Eric E.
4738Lang, Regina
4739Langdon, Mrs. Russell C.
4740Lange, Eileen
4741Langley, Margaret
4742Langley, Otella
4743Langran, Mrs. J. C.
4744Langsam, Mrs. Jacob L.
4745Langston, Mrs. Dixie Watkins
4746Langston, Warren R.
4747Langton, Mrs. Joseph R.
4748Lanham, Carolyn & Eleanor
4749Lans, Carl
4750Laplaud, Fernand
4751Larison, Mrs. L. W.
4752Larmore, C. H.
4753LaSalle, Betty
4754Lashbrook, Betty Jean
4755Laska, Edward
4756Lasky, G. S.
4757Lasley, Mrs. Ray
4758La Spina, Mrs. Edwards
4759Lasseter, Mrs. Dillard B.
4760Latady, Vivian
4761Latham, Harold S.
4762Latham, Minnie S.
4763Latham, Robert
4764Latham, Wales
4765Latta, Anne
4766Lau, Mrs. Frederick T.
4767Laucaute, Arsene
4768Lauer, Mrs. Richard
4769Luaghlin, Mrs. Lillian Bates
4770Laughter, Martha
4771Laury, Mrs. Raymond
4772Lautenbach, Mrs. Holden L.
4773LaValley, Phyllis
4774LaVerne, Lucille
4775Lawhead, Mrs. Lee V.
4776Lawler, Mrs. William
4777Lawler, Joseph J.
4778Lawlor, Kay
4779Lawrence, Ernest A.
4780Lawrence, Winifred
4781Laws, Dr. & Mrs. Clarence
4782Lawson General Hospital
4783Lawson, Mary
4784Lawson, Dr. William
4785Lawton, Mrs. Brookes
4786Lay, Geneva
4787Layman, Mrs. Irene
4788Lazard, Flora
481Leach, Neill
482LeBlanc, Sybil
483LeBoeuf, Rose Mary
484Lebsky, Mrs. L.
485Ledford, Mr. & Mrs. R. E.
486Lee, Christine
487Lee, Edna
488Lee, Eva
489Lee, Gladys P.
4810Lee, Harry
4811Lee, Owen S.
4812Lee, Mrs. Robert E.
4813Lee, Mr. and Mrs. Sammy
4814Lee, Selmer
4815Lee, Stuart
4816Lee, Mrs. Vernon
4817Leech, Margaret
4818Leeper, Mrs. John M.
4819Lees, Mary R.
4820Leet, Mr. and Mrs. George
4821Leete, Frank Chapman
4822Lefler, Mrs. M. E.
4823Lehman, Mrs. D. A.
4824Leichter, Jonas
4825Leide, Enrico
4826Leigh, Mrs. I. R.
4827Leigh, Vivien
4828Leinhauser, Caroline
4829Lelen, Rev. J. M., 1936-1939
4830Lelen, 1940
4831LeMay, Geraldine
4832Lemke, Clara Belle
4833Lemperly, Paul
4834Lemon, Dorothy
4835Lengel, W. C.
4836L'Engle, Philip F.
4837Leonard, Mrs. Charles S.
4838Leonard, Mrs. E.
4839Leonard, Mrs. Robert
4840Leopold, Virginia
4841LeRoy, Mrs. N. L.
4842LeSesne, Mrs. Brannon
4843Leslie, Mrs. William A.
4844Lesser, Milton J.
4845Lester, Amanda Sue
4846Lester, Barnett B.
4847Lester, C. W.
4848Letcher, Mr. Marion
4849Letz, Cecile
4850Leuchter, Dr.
4851Leutz-Harrison, Ilse
4852Levering, Mrs. Eugene
4853Levin, S. Davis
4854Levine, Isaac Don
4855Levine, Jack
4856Levinger, Alfred
4857Levison, Harriet M.
4858Levy, David Duncan
4859Levy, H. Celia
4860Levy, I. Montefiore
4861Lewis, Bessie
4862Lewis, E. W.
4863Lewis, Mrs. Edward
4864Lewis, Emma
4865Lewis, Mrs. Emma J.
4866Lewis, Mrs. Eulah Greenwood
4867Lewis, Mr. and Mrs. George Eugene
4868Lewis, Jane
4869Lewis, Jane G.
4870Lewis, Mollie T.
4871Lewis, Nell Battle
4872Lewis, Preston G. Jr.
4873Lewis, Roy L.
4874Lewis, Mrs. Taylor
4875Lewis, Tommie P.
4876Lewis, Mrs. W. L.
4877Lewis, William A.
491Lezer, L. R.
493Library Journal
494Liebman, Mrs. Charles
495Lietzmann, Heinrich
496 Life
497Light, Joseph T. & Frank R.
498Lightfoot, Mrs. Robert M.
499Ligon, Mrs. Percy W. Sr.
4910Ligon, William D. Jr.
4911Lile, Willouise
4912Lillard, Richard G.
4913Limongelli, Dr. Antonio
4914Linder, Therese
4915Lindley, Mrs. O. F.
4916Lindner, Dr. Robert
4917Lindsay, Mrs. J. L.
4918Lindsay, Sarah Susan
4919Lindsay, Mrs. Steele
4920Lines, Mrs. Sara B.
4921Link, Mrs. Beulah Meyer
4922Link, Dr. Henry C.
4923Lipscomb, E. P.
4924Lipscomb, Mrs. Lamar Rutherford
4925 Listeners Digest
4926Lister, Diana
4927Lister, Walter
4928Littauer, Kenneth
4929Littauer, Mrs. Kenneth
4930Little, Arnold Wilson
4931Little, Harry A.
4932Little, Mrs. James L.
4933Little, Mrs. James R.
4934Little, John Fiske
4935Little, Mrs. W. W.
4936Little, William
4937Littlejohn, Clarence G.
4938Littlejohn, Joe
4939Livingston, Lou F.
4940Livingston, Miriam Drake
4941 Lloyd's of America Magazine
4942Lloyd, Mrs. Ella N.
4943Locher, David
4944Locherer, Virginia
4945Lochridge, Mrs. Edwin P.
4946Locke, Doris Ann
4947Locke, Fannie D.
4948Lockerman, Doris
4949Lockett, Mrs. J. K.
4950Lockett, Mrs. William B.
4951Lockwood, Jane
4952Loeb, Alice
4953Loeb, Frances
4954Loeb, Mabel
4955Loffreda, John
4956Lonello, Elnorah
4957Lonergan, Rev. Fr. William J.
4958Long, Breckinridge
4959Long, Mr. and Mrs. Donald White
4960Long, E. John
4961Long, Mrs. Frank A.
4962Long, Mrs. Frank M.
4963Long, Mrs. J.
4964Long, Jean
4965Long, Mrs. Ray
4966Long, Mrs. S. E.
4967Long, Zenda Marguerite
501Longino, George W.
502Longino, Hinton
503Longstreet, Mrs. Helen Dortch
504Longworth, Mrs. Thomas
505Lonigan, Edna
506 Look Magazine
507Looker, Mrs. Reginald
508Looney, Miriam Carroll
509Lord, Anne
5010Lord, Mrs. W. Charlesworth
5011Loridans, Charles
5012Lorimer, Graeme
5013Lorraine, G. B.
5014 The Los Angeles Daily News
5015 The Los Angeles Examiner
5016 Los Angeles Journal
5017Lott, Henry M.
5018Lott, Mrs. Oscar M.
5019Lott, Mrs. Sterns B.
5020Lough, Marian Jean
5021Love, Mrs. Edith Bell
5022Lovelace, Paul
5023Loveland, Mrs. Catherine P.
5024Loveland, Mrs. Robert
5025Lovett, Mrs. W. C.
5026Loving, Boyce
5027Lovvorn, Katherine
5028Low, Camilla M.
5029Low, Christine
5030Lowance, Kathleen
5031Lowe, Bob
5032Lowe, Mrs. Henry
5033Lowe, Marion
5034Lower, M. Edith
5035Lowman, Mrs. George
5036Lowrey, Lawrence T.
5037Lowry, Mrs. E. E.
5038Lowry, Mrs. James
5039Loyall, Jennie
5040Loyola Sr. M.
5041Lucas, Margaret E.
5042Lucas, Urith
5043Luce, Mrs. Marion Valerie
5044Lucian, Jay
5045Ludlam, George
5046Lufkin, Mrs. Robert H.
5047Luman, Emma
5048Lundbergh, Holger
5049Lunderville, Sylia
5050Lundquist, Mildred
5051Lunt, Alfred and Lynne Fontanne
5052Lurwick, Madelyn
5053Lustig, Mrs. Alfred L.
5054Luter, J. H.
5055Luton, Mildred
5056Lybass, Mrs. F. H.
5057Lyda, Mrs. Carry
5058Lydenberg, H. M.
5059Lydgate, Constance
5060Lykes, Frances Daniel
5061Lyle, Lura J.
5062Lyman, Clara
5063Lynch, Glenn
5064Lynch, Mrs. Joseph J.
5065Lyndon, Roberta
5066Lyon, Charles O.
5067Lyon, G. H.
5068Lyons Daily News
5069Lyons, Diana
5070Lyons, Doris T.
5071Lyons, Eugene
5072Lyons, Leonard
5073Lytle, Roy

511Maassen, Mrs. Anita
512Macallister, Mrs. Lee
513Macauley, Ian
514MacBrien, Judith
515MacBryde, Mrs. Malcolm
516McAdams, Gladys
517McAdams, Marilyn
518McAlister, Mrs. Joe F.
5110McArthur, Betty
519McAloney, Mrs. W. H.
5111McAvoy, Joseph W.
5112McBee, Mrs. Edith
5113McBee, Geraldine
5114McBee, Margie
5115McBrayer, Dovie
5116McBride, R. R.
5117McCain, David
5118McCain, J. R.
5119McCain, John Walder Jr.
5120McCall, Mrs. D.
5121McCall, Mrs. J. B. Jr.
5122McCalley, Mrs. William L. Jr.
5123McCallie, Elizabeth H.
5124 McCall's
5125McCarey, Mrs. Clara V.
5126McCarthy, Mrs. Gambrell
5127McCaskill, Mrs. J. J.
5128McCleskey, Mrs. Thomas
5129McCloskey, Mrs. Lewis
5130McCloyde, Lillie
5131McClure, Betty
5132McClure, Mary K.
5133-42McClure, Dr. Wallace, 1937-1953
5143McClure, William K.
5144McCollu, V. F.
5145McCombe, Robert B.
5146McConahey, H. Kirkwood
5147McCondichie, Mary Patton
5148McConnaughey, Mrs. Arthur
5149McConnaughey, Joseph Jr.
5150McConnell, Clara Mitchell
5151McConnell, Jean
5152McConnell, Mary Virginia
5153McCook, Mrs. Joel
5154McCool, Mrs. H. C.
5155McCord, Mrs. Fletcher
5156McCord, Mrs. J. Lawrence
5157McCord, Mrs. Lillian Snow
5158McCord, Dr. Mather
521McCormick, Mrs. L. T.
522McCoy, Mrs. J. H.
523McCoy, Ruth
524McCrary, Mrs. J. B.
525McCravey, E. L.
526McCrohan, Mrs. Anna
527McCulla, Muriel
528McCulloch, Pat
529McCutchen, Kelly
5210McCutchen, E. Davis
5211McDaniel, Mrs. A. R.
5212McDaniel, Blanche
5213McDaniel, David
5214McDaniel, Mrs. W. D.
5215MsDargh, Mrs. J. H.
5216McDay, Mrs. Ada B.
5217McDermott, Esther J.
5218McDermott, Mrs. J. P.
5219Mcdonald, Bessie
5220Mcdonald, Mrs. C. B.
5221Mcdonald, Mr. and Mrs. Duncan
5222Mcdonald, Elsie M.
5223Mcdonald, Mrs. H. D.
5224Mcdonald, Lena Epperly
5225Mcdonald, Martha
5226Mcdonald, Mrs. Martha
5227MacDonald, Mary Ella
5228MacDonald, Mrs. May
5229Mac Donell, Alan
5230Macdougald, Mrs. Dan
5231Macdougall, Alexander
5232McDougall, June
5233-34McDougall, Mrs. William
5235McDowell, Eulalie
5236McDuffie, B. C.
5237McDuffie, Elizabeth
5238McElreath, Mr. and Mrs. Walter
5239McElroy, Rachel
5240McFadden, Mrs. Bradford
5241McFadyen, Mr. and Mrs. Bernice Musgrove
5242McFadyen, Courtenay
5243McFall, Mildred
5244MacFarland, Mrs. Julia Jones
5245McFarland, Mrs. R. C.
5246McFarlane, Mrs. Willie L. Strickland
5247McFarlin, Mrs. F.
5248McGann, Mrs. Fred V.
5249McGarrity, J. A.
5250McGaughan, Geraldine
5251McGaughey, Mrs. Carroll
5252-55McGaughey, Jay, 1945-1947
5256McGavock, Mrs. J. W.
5257McGee, Arthur Brisbane
5258McGee, Haden
5259McGee, Lela
5260McGee, Sidney L.
5261McGill, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph
5262McGinn, A. J.
5263McGinnis, Mrs. Claude A. Jr.
5264McGinty, J. Roy
5265McGinty, T. J.
5266McGinty, Dr.
5267McGlone, Rexford B.
5268McGovern, Hugh
5269McGovern, Mrs. John Francis
5270McGovern, Mrs. Peter John
5271McGowan, Mrs. James
5272McGraw, Mrs. William
5273McGregor, Mrs. John B.
5274MacGuigan, Mrs. Geraldine H.
5275McGuiness, Grace E.
5276McGuinn, Mrs. H. J.
5277McGuire, Mrs. Richard
5278McGuire, Mrs. W. E.
5279McHale, Stella M.
5280Machugh, Joseph V.
5281MacHoldt, Constance
5282McInnis, Mrs. Lessie
5283McInvaill, Harry C. Jr.
5284Mack, Walter S.
5285McKay, Blythe
5286MacKay, Mrs. D. F.
5287McKay, Frank J.
5288McKay, Nelle Grace
5289McKee, Bob
5290McKeehan, Louise
531McKeever, Mr. and Mrs. James Raney
532McKelvy, Mrs. Robert P.
533McKenzie, E.
534McKibben, Joe
535Mackie, Don
536MacKinnon, George Collier
537McKinnon, Mrs. H. R.
538McKitrick, Fred L.
539Mackoy, Mrs. Harry Brent
5310McLachlan, Marjorie
5311McLain, G. Lee
5312McLain, Mary
5313McLarty, Robert P.
5314McLaughlin, Dorothy
5315McLaughlin, Elizabeth
5316McLaughlin, Mrs. J. Thomas
5317McLaughlin, Margaret
5318McLaurin, Mary
5319MacLean, Mrs. H. Maude
5320Macleay, John
5321MacLeish, Archibald
5322McLennan, Evangeline
5323McMahan, Judge L. H.
5324Mc Mahon, Ruth
5325McManus, C. B.
5326McMaster, Billie
5327McMaster, Norbelle
5328McMichael, Marguerite
5329McMillan, Mrs. E. A.
5330McMillan, Hallie
5331McMillan, Mrs. Henry
5332Macmillan, Jane
5333McNair, Mrs. John Taylor
5334McNair, Scott
5335McNair, Mrs. Sidney B.
5336McNeill, Don
5337McNeill, Robert H.
5338MacNeilly, Joseph H.
5339NcNett, Mrs. Emily B.
5340MacNicoll, Ailsa
5341Macon Writers Club
5342McPhillips, Mrs. P. Avila
5343McQuaters, Mrs. Edwin A.
5344McRae, Floyd Willcox
5345McRaye, Walter
5346McRee, Mrs. J. E.
5347McVay, L. E.
5348McVey, Mr. and Mrs. Frank
5349MacWhite, Michael
5350Mcwilliams, Betty Jane
5351Madden, Katherine
5352Maddox, Dorothy
5353Maddox, Janie Montgomery
5354Maddox, N. Baxter
5355Maddox, N. L.
5356Maddox, Sims
5357Maddux, Mrs. Mamie
5358Madlener, Mrs. Otto
5359Madole, Merle
5360Maffett, Norris
5361Mages, Evelyn
5363Magill, Frank
5364Mahan, Joe
5365Mahon, Mrs. Ralph
5366Mahone, Perry
5367Mahoney, Cathaleen
5368Mahoney, Florence
5369Mahoney, Irene
5370Mahoney, Mrs. Marie Holliday
5371Maidwell, Mrs. Blanche
5372Maitland, Mrs. John Paul
5373Major, Mrs. Harold
5374Majors, Frank A.
5375Majors, Mr. and Mrs. E. L.
5376Malik, Harji
5377Mallam, Sara
5378Mallon, Winifred
5379Mallory, Mrs. W. T.
5380Malone, Claire Carter
5381Malone, Mrs. C. R.
5382Malone, Mrs. E. D.
5383Malone, Mrs. F. P.
5384Malone, Harry
5385Malone, James C.
5386Malone, Mrs. W. J.
5387Maloney, Retta
5388Malott, Pearl
5389Mandeville, Mrs. Maurice
5390Mandle, Urie F.
5391Manes, Irving
5392Manier, Ruth
5393Manigault, R. S.
5394Manley, Arthur
5395Manley, F. G.
541Mann, Mrs. Earl
542Mann, Mrs. H. H.
543Mann, Mrs. H. L.
544Manning, Mrs. H. W.
545Manning, Hazel
546Manzke, Carl
547Marchant, Marvin
548Maresh, Mrs L J
549Markell, Sue Rogan
5410Markey, Helen
5411Markham, Mrs. Lucia Clark
5412Markowitz, Lillian
5413Marks, Donald
5414Marota, Elvira Ellen
5415Marquand, John
5416Marr, Veronica
5417Marriott, Charles Lowell
5418Marsden, Emilie
5419Marsh, Catherine A.
5420Marsh, Mrs. D. C.
5421Marsh, Frank
5422Marsh, Mrs. J. F.
5423Marsh, Mrs. J. R.
5424Marsh, John
5425Marsh, Mary E.
5426Marsh, Mildred
5427Marsh, Ruth L.
5428Marshall, Doreen
5429Marshall, Edison
5430Marshall, Mrs. F. P.
5431Marshall, Mrs. Frances E.
5432Marshall, Mrs. Harriet F.
5433Marshall, Kate Calhoun
5434Marshall, Loretta
5435Marshall, Mrs. Maryl
5436Marshall, Mrs. Orland Smith
5437Marshall, Mrs. Peter
5438Marshall, Ruth Price
5439Marsters, Grace
5440Martin, Doris
5441Martin, Barbara
5442Martin, Mrs. Carlile
5443Martin, Mrs. Chester E.
5444Martin, Mrs. D. F.
5445Martin, D. K.
5446Martin, Mrs. Dean
5447Martin, Elsie
5448Martin, Frank L.
5449Martin, G. E.
5450Martin, Gene
5451Martin, Mrs. H. Warner
5452Martin, Harold
5453Martin, Idamay
5454Martin, Jackie
5455Martin, Mrs. John S.
5456Martin, L. D. Kirkwood
5457Martin, Lester
5458Martin, Pauline
5459Martin, Samuel A. & Reger, Nancy
5460Martin, Stiles A.
5461Martin, Susanna
5462Martin, V. L.
5463Martin, Mrs. Will
5464Martin, Willa Gray
5465Martina, Mrs. Amelia De Rezende
5466Martine, Angela
5467Marx, Mrs.
5468Marx, Helen J.
5469Marye, Mrs. P. Thorton
5470Mashburn, Harry
5471Mason, Mrs.
5472Mason, Cloud
5473Mason, Mrs. E. R. Jr.
5474Mason, Elinor
5475Mason, F. Van Wyck
5476-77Mason, Mrs. J.
5478Mason, Nannie
5479Mason, Mrs. W. G.
5480Masoriak, Roy
5481Massee, W. J. Jr.
5482Massey, Mrs. Raymond
5483Massey, W. R.
5484Matchette, William M.
5485Mathews, A. Z.
5486Mathews, Barbara
5487Mathews, Sam Davis
5488Mathewson, Mrs. J. W.
5489Mathiesen, Dorothy
5490Mathieson, Mrs. George
5491Mathis, Mrs. Margaret B.
5492Matryek, Alfonse J.
5493Matthew, H. G.
5494Matthews, Mrs. H. B.
5495Matthews, Helen
5496Mattieson, Mrs. Martin
5497Mauldin, William
5498Maulin, Barbara Lee
5499Maun, Lucy Roberts
54100Maurer, H. B.
54101Maurois, Andre
551Maxwell, Mrs. A. G.
552Maxwell, Mrs. Alva
553Maxwell, Frank W.
554Maxwell, Gilbert
555Maxwell, Mrs. R. D.
556Maxwell, Mrs. Regnald
557May, Alexander L.
558May, D. W. [Mike]
559May, Dorothy
5510May, Philip S.
5511Maybank, C.
5512Mayer, Anita Mayos, Dr. and Mrs. C. E.
5513Mayfield, Prof. G. R.
5514Mayfield, John S.
5515Mayfield, Sara
5516Mayos, Dr. Charles E.
5517-18Mays, Benjamin E., 1941-1946
5519Mays, Laura
5520Meacham, B. C.
5521Meacham, Diane
5522Meadams, E.
5523Meade, Julian R.
5524Meaders, Sue
5525Meadows, N. D. Jr.
5526Meagher, Gertrude
5527Medlock, Kate R.
5528Medlock, Susan Jones
5529Meeman, Edward
5530Megahee, Mrs. Percy
5531Mehus, Donald
5532Meikleham, H. P.
5533Meirs, Augusto
5534Melcher, Frederic G.
5535Meller, Fred W. Jr.
5536Melnick, Anita
5537Melniker, E. J.
5538Melton, Louise
5539Melton, Mrs. W. F.
5540Menaboni, Mr. and Mrs. Althos
5541Menaboni, Tina
5542Mendes, John T.
5543Meneakis, Alice
5544Mentzer, Mrs. M. S. & Barbara Jean
5545Mentzer, Barbara Jean
5546Menz, Olive Mae
5547Meredith, Charlotte
5548Meredith, Grace
5549Merriam, Elise
5550Merrigan, Edward J.
5551Merrill, Mrs. Charles E.
5552Merrill, Henry P.
5553Merrill, Lynn
5554Merriman, H. M. Jr.
5555Merryfield, Maurice
5556Merz, Eugene
5557Meschine, Mrs. M.
5558Metcalf, Priscilla
5559Metelits, Ida
5560Meyer, Mrs. Eugene
5561Meyer, Mrs. Henry F.
5562Meyer, Magda
5563Michael, Moina
5564Michael, Mae
5565Michaleh, Lillian
5566Michalove, Dan
5567Michaud, Alfred
5568Michener, Mrs. H. R.
5569Mick, Mary
5570Mickelson, Wilda Anne
5571Middlebrooks, C. E.
5572Middlebrooks, J. H.
5573Middlebrooks, Tracy
561Middleton, Charles
562Middleton, Frank L.
563Midyette, Ruth Prather
564Mielche, Hakon
565Migliaccio, Adeline
566Mihalek, Viola
567Mihalko, Lorna
568Mijeas, Evelyn
569Milam, Aubrey
5610Milam, Carl H.
5611Milam, James W.
5612Milhalyi, Charles Z.
5613Milkman, Jerome
5614Milkowitz, Joseph
5615Millaire, Ruth
5616Millard, Clifford I.
5617Miller, Mrs. Agnes T.
5618Miller, Mrs. Alice Williamson
5619Miller, Mrs. Balfour
5620Miller, Barbara McKay
5621Miller, Mrs. C. H.
5622Miller, Colyne
5623Miller, Claude
5624Miller, Mrs. Ed
5625Miller, Evelyn
5626Miller, Grace
5627Miller, Mrs. Hope Ridings
5628Miller, Horace G.
5629Miller, James T.
5630Miller, Jean
5631Miller, Julian H.
5632Miller, Lucile
5633Miller, Olin
5634Miller, Mrs. Peter
5635Miller, W. T.
5636Millet, William
5637Millican, G. Everett
5638Millikin, Mark
5639Mills, Laura
5640Mills, Mrs. Mary
5641Mills, R. M.
5642Mills, Mrs. Wilma O'F
5643Milmow, Virginia
5644Milner, McWhorter
5645Milton, Mrs. Abby Crawford
5646Mims, Edwin
5647Miner, Mrs. Gordon
5648Miner, Mrs. Louise
5649Miner, W. C.
5650Minick, Elaine
5651Mink, Morrie
5652Minnis, Fred
5653Minor, Winfield H.
5654Minshall, Hilda Clary
5655Miriam, Sister
5656Mistretta, Josephine
5657Mitchell, Laura Martin Macon
5658Mitchell, Mrs. A. C. Jr.
5659Mitchell, A. W.
5660Mitchell, Arthur
5661Mitchell, Bess
5662Mitchell, Mrs. C. C.
5663Mitchell, Mrs. Carrie
5664Mitchell, Charles S.
5665Mitchell, Charlie
5666Mitchell, D. E.
5667Mitchell, Dora Serina
5668Mitchell, Ewing Young
5669Mitchell, Foster J.
5670Mitchell, Fred T.
5671Mitchell, Mrs. Fred
5672Mitchell, George D.
5673Mitchell, Gerald L.
5674Mitchell, Glen
5675Mitchell, H. G.
5676Mitchell, Harry V.
5677Mitchell, Lilly May
5678Mitchell, Mrs. Lorine
5679Mitchell, Margaret-Shreveport La.
5680Mitchell, Margaret-Thomasville Ga.
5681Mitchell, Margaret E.
5682Mitchell, Margaret F.
5683Mitchell, Margaret L.
5684Mitchell, Margaret M. - St Augustine, FL
5685Mitchell, Mattie V.
5686Mitchell, Raymond
5687Mitchell, Robert
5688Mitchell, Robert Jr.
5689Mitchell, S. B.
5690Mitchell, W. E.
5691Mitchell, Wharton
5692Mitchell, Mr. and Mrs. Will
5693Mitchell, William E.
5694Mitchell, William W.
571Mitchener, G. Blanche
572Mitchiner, Nantelle
573Mittelman, Rivian
574Mize, Shirley
575Mizell, Dr. and Mrs. George
576Mizell, Larue
577Mobley, Mrs. G. Heindel
578Mobley, Mrs. J. B.
579Mobley, Mr. and Mrs. Pete
5710Modena, Florence E.
5711Moe, Henry Allen
5712Moersdorf, Velma V.
5713Mohler, Modenia
5714Moller, John J. M.
5715Momsen, Mrs. Richard P.
5716Moncrieff, C. B. H. Sr.
5717Mondadori, Arnoldo
5718Montague, Ladye Kinsey
5719Montgomery, Clare
5720Montgomery, Ida
5721Montgomery, Mrs. J. T.
5722Moody, Mr. and Mrs. Wilkie
5723Moon, Fred
5724Moon, Galen
5725Mooney, Mrs. Dorothy L.
5726Mooney, Joan
5727Moor, Mrs. Frank D.
5728Moorcroft, Mrs. P.
5729Moore, Mrs.
5730Moore, Annette
5731Moore, Arthur J.
5732Moore, Mr. and Mrs. Berrien
5733Moore, Mrs. Bruce Lipscomb
5734Moore, Carolyn C.
5735Moore, Catherine
5736Moore, Mrs. Charles L.
5737Moore, E. F.
5738Moore, Mrs. Ennis M.
5739Moore, Mrs. H. C.
5740Moore, Harvey W.
5741Moore, Mrs. J. B.
5742Moore, James C.
5743Moore, Mrs. Jane L.
5744Moore, Jere
5745Moore, John G.
5746Moore, Lee W.
5747Moore, Mrs. Lucile
5748Moore, Mrs. Lula
5749Moore, Mrs. M. C.
5750Moore, Mary Alice
5751Moore, Maurice
5752Moore, Mrs. Maurice T.
5753Moore, Minda
5754Moore, Minnie
5755Moore, R. Walton
5756Moore, Reuben Charles
5757Moore, Rosemary
5758Moore, Sara
5759Moore, Mrs. Wilmer
5760Moore, Judge Virlyn B.
5761Moran, Angela
5762Moran, Mary E.
5763Moran, Theodore R.
5764Morehouse College
5765Morehouse, Ward
5766Morenus, Mrs. C. G.
5767Morgan, Anna Y.
5768Morgan, Mrs. Arthur
5769Morgan, Brooks
5770Morgan, Dorothy
5771Morgan, Mrs. G. A.
5772Morgan, Rev. Howard Moody
5773Morgan, J. L.
5774Morgan, James
5775Morgan, Jule
5776Morgan, Keith
5777Morgan, Mrs. Neal
5778Morgan, Powell S.
5779Morgan, Sarah
5780Morgan, Sara Jane
5781Morgan, Mrs. T. L.
5782Morgan, Mrs. Thomas F.
5783Morgan, Thomas S.
5784Morgan, Ulys M.
5785Morgan, Warner
5786Morgret, Charles
5787Morland, Mrs. David
5788Morley, Mary Jane
581Morrill, Mrs. Mae P.
582Morris, Eleanor
583Morris, Mrs. Emma Garrett
584Morris, Mrs. Leo
585Morris, Mr. and Mrs. Louie Ligon
586Morris, M. Marlowe
587Morris, S. Leslie Jr.
588Morris, Thomas
589Morris, Virginia
5810Morrish, Norma
5811Morrison, Mrs. Charles
5812Morrison, Mrs. J. W.
5813Morrison, M. C.
5814Morrison, Mary Ellen
5815Morrissey, Ralph
5816Morscher, Mrs. L. N.
5817Morse, Arthur H.
5818Morse, Mrs. Minna W.
5819Morton, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Davis
5820Morton, Peggy Jean
5821Moseley, J. A. R.
5822Moseley, James W.
5823Moses, Mildred Lee
5824Moshell, Dave
5825Mosher, Jeanne-Canton ILL
5826Mosher, Jeanne-Holyoke, MA
5827Moskau, Eugene Gaspard
5828Mosnat, H. R.
5829Moss, Belinda
5830Moss, Mrs. C. C.
5831Moss, Mary
5832Moss, Sam
5833Mostellar, Reba
5834Mote, Mrs. D. W.
5835Mote, E.
5836Mott, Dewitt
5837Mott, John C.
5838Mottel, Mrs. H. J.
5839Motter, Nancy
5840Mottram, R. H.
5841Motz, Mr. and Mrs. George E.
5842Mould, Alice E.
5843Moulder, Mrs. H. G.
5844Moylan, Joseph E.
5845Mudd, William S.
5846Mueller, Robert E.
5847Muir, D. T.
5848Mulkey, Emma
5849Mulkey, Jane
5850Muller, Helen
5851Mullinix, E. E.
5852Mullins, Mrs. Foster
5853Mullis, Mrs. L. E.
5854Mullis, Nellie
5855Mulqueen, James
5856Mulry, George W.
5857Munday, C. P.
5858Munn, H. T.
5859Munnerlyn, Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin
5860Munsey, H. H. Jr.
5861Murphree, Mrs. J. E.
5862Murphy, Allen
5863Murphy, Betty Jeanne
5864Murphy, Helena A.
5865Murphy, Mons. Jas H.
5866Murphy, John E.
5867Murphy, Nellie
5868Murphy, W. Allen
5869Murphy, Arthur
5870Murphy, Coralee
5871Murphy, Frances
5872Murphy, G. W.
5873Murphy, Mrs. John Patrick
5874Muse, Jessie
5875Musgrave, Mrs. W. E.
5876Musser, Henry S.
5877Muzzle, Catherine
5878Myers, Betty
5879Myers, Mrs. George B.
5880Myers, Mary
5881Myhan, Elizabeth
5882Mynatt, Jessie May O'Neal
5883Mynders, Alfred
5884-86Myrick, Susan, 1937-1965

591Nachod, J. Ernest
592Nachumi, Beatrice
593El Nacional
594Nagy, Julia
595Nance, Fuller
596Nance, W. B.
597Narber, Helen
598Narrod, Kenneth Earl
599Naser, Helen S.
5910Nash, Pearl
5911 The Natal
5912Nathan B. Forrest School
5913Nathanson, Joseph
5914National Committee for Mental Hygiene, Inc
5915National Geographic Society
5916National Trailways Magazine
5917Naudin, John
5918Nayring, Mrs. Thea
5919Neal, Benjamin E.
5920Neal, Robert W.
5921Neal, Roy
5922Neale, E. T.
5923Neale, Russell
5924Nealy, Adrienne
5925Neel, Joseph
5926Neely, Edgar A.
5927Neely, Mr. and Mrs. Frank
5928Neely, J.
5929Negri, Guido
5930Neill, Doris
5931Neilsen, Mrs. Sylvia
5932Neiswender, Rachel
5933Nelcamp, Katy Florence
5934Nelle, Henriette E.
5935Nelson, Charles Jr.
5936Nelson, Charles A.
5937Nelson, Mrs. John B.
5938Nelson, Mrs. L. R.
5939Nelson, Lucile
5940Nemenyi, Yudith
5941Ness, Anita Joy
5942Nethercott, Mary A.
5943Neudecker, Rolland
5944Neuheimer, Anna
5945Neuscheler, Verna S.
5946Neven-Yerheyden, Mr. and Mrs.
5947Nevin, Henry
5948Nevins, Allan
5949New, Mrs. A. A.
5950New, Mrs. Fred
5951New, Jane
5952New, Myrl G.
5953Newell, Alfred
5954Newhof, Mrs. Greta
5955New Jersey Historical Society
5956Newman, Mrs. Nellie
5957Newnham, W. H.
5958Newell, Mrs. J. P.
5959Newell, Mrs. James
5960Newman, Mrs. Ernest
5961Newsom, Dorothy
5962Newsom, Mrs. W. J.
5963Newton, Alice
5964Newton, Louie D.
5965Newton, Therese
5966Newton, V. M. Jr.
5967New Yorker
5968New York Historical Society
5969Niblack, E. D.
601Nichols, George
602Nichols, George C.
603Nichols, Isabel McIlhenny
604Nicholson, Carolyn
605Nicholson, Charles F.
606Nicholson, Robert L.
607Nicholson, Rolf
608Nicholson, William Perrin Jr.
609Nicks, Adelene
6010Nicolls, Mrs. Robert
6011Nielsen, Ragnhild
6012Nielsen-Lange, J.
6013Nilson, Florence
6014Nishimura, Hisashi
6015Nixon, Mrs. Gwin
6016Noe, Cotton
6017Noe, T. Evangeline
6018Noe, Mrs. Maud McIver
6019Noel, William H.
6020Nolan, Jane
6021Noland, Mrs. J. B.
6022Nonidee, Mrs. Winifred Kittredge
6023Noon, Paul A. T.
6024Norcutt, Gilbert L.
6025Nordskog, Andrae B.
6026Nordstrom, Donald
6027Norfleet, Pearl
6028Norman, Mrs. Stanton R.
6029Norris, Fred T.
6030Norris, Mrs. Guy H.
6031Norris, Mrs. Helen H.
6032Norris, Horace Jr.
6033Norris, Lillian Horsey
6034Norris, Lucy
6035North, Mrs. Agnes M.
6036North, Jas Neill
6037North, Sterling
6038Northern, Lucy A.
6039Norton, Alice Jane
6040Norton, Malcolm A.
6041Novedades [Mexico City]
6042Nute, Mary Louise
6043Nutter, Mrs J. Newton
6044Nutting, J. R.
6045Nye, Jack

6046Oakes, Jane
6047Oakland Tribune
6048Oberg, John F.
6049O'Brien, Mr. and Mrs. Eugene
6050O'Brien, Mai F.
6051O'Connell, Louis
6052O'Connor, Basil
6053O'Connor, Mrs. Harvey
6054O'Connor, Joseph
6055O'Connor, Mary
6056O'Day, Mrs. Daniel
6057Odom, Crockett
6059O'Dowd, Thomas
6060Odum, Howard W.
6061Oemler, Marie
6062Oettinger, Mrs. Waldo
6063O'Gara, Frank J.
6064O'Gara, Mabel A.
6065Oglesby, Mabel A.
6066Oglesby, Mrs Thais Micas
6067O'Hara, Bishop Gerald P.
6068Ohl, Everson B.
6069Ohrenschall, Bob
6070O'Keefe, G. W.
6071O'Kelley, Lois C.
6072O'Kelly, Willie D.
611Olin, Mrs. W. G.
612Oliphant, H. N.
613Olive, Mrs. R. L.
614Oliver, Beulah
615Oliver, Mr. and Mrs. John E.
616Oliver, Virginia Katherine
617Olsen, Marion
618Olson, Frances
619Olson, Josephine
6110Olyanova, Nadya
6111O'Malley, Lysbeth
6112Oman, I. M.
6113O'Mohundro, Mrs. Grace
6114O'Neal, Mrs. Emmet
6115O'Neal, Jerre
6116O'Neal, Tracy
6117O'Neill, Ann Rita
6118Opera News
6119Oppenheimer, Evelyn
6120Oppenhimer, W. T.
6121Oppleman, Nathan
6122Opuda, Mary
6123Orchard, Mr. Elzear
6124Orcutt, Mrs. William Dana
6125O'Reilly, Ruth
6126Orem, Anita
6127Orimo, Tacko
6128Orlando, Bernice
6129Ormond, Frank
6130O'Rourke, H. S.
6131Orr, Dorothy
6132Orr, Hallie Frances
6133Orr, Joseph K.
6134Orr, Oliver
6135Orth-Pallavicini, H. C.
6136Osborn, Chase S.
6137Osborn, Helen E.
6138Osborn, Juanita
6139Osborn, Kerall
6140Osborn, Phyllis
6141Osborne, A. E.
6142Osborne, Peggy
6143Oschmann, Mary D.
6144O'Shea, Daniel T.
6145O'Shea, William F.
6146O'Steen, Mrs. Marjorie Barr
6147Ostermann, Clara
6148Ostheimer, Mrs. C. W.
6149Otenasck, Dr. Frank J.
6150Otis, Robert R.
6151-52Otten, Mrs. Etta
6153Ottley, Mrs. John K.
6154Otts, Lee M.
6155Our Heritage
6156Ourso, Margie
6157Outler, Frances
6158Overbay, Eric Pierre
6159Overbey, Mrs. Lucy
6160Overseas Associates, Inc.
6161Overton, Richard
6162Owen, Bobby
6163Owen, Clare

621Pacek, E. W.
622Page, Mrs. Gertrude W.
623Page, Mrs. Louis
624Paisley, John K.
625Paisley, Eva Wilson
626Pajot, Mme, Jeanne Henri
627Palmer, C. F.
628Palmer, Mrs. Charles F.
629Palmer, Margaret
6210Palmer, Patsy
6211Palmer, R. M.
6212Palmer, Thomas M.
6213Palmer, Mr. and Mrs. Wallace E.
6214Palmer, William Kinberley
6216Pantages, Lloyd
6217Pape, Mrs. Edward W.
6218Pappenheimer, Ann
6219Parade of Youth
6220Parbs, John R.
6221Paris Match
6222Park, Katherine Sheppard
6223Park, Mary H.
6224Park, Wilmer R.
6225Parker, Arlene
6226Parker, Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin
6227Parker, Carol
6228Parker, E. C.
6229Parker, Helen
6230Parker, Mrs. J. Ed Jr.
6231Parker, Mrs. James Henry
6232Parker, Mrs. Hugh
6233Parker, Leah
6234Parker, Louis N.
6235Parker, Pegge
6236Parker, Dr. Valeria H.
6237Parker, W. J.
6238Parkes, Dexter E.
6239Parks, Robert L. M.
6240Parrott, Mrs. Frances
6241Parry, Mrs. George
6242Parson, Roy G.
6243Parson, Margaret C.
6244Parsons, James Edward
6245Parsons, Louella
6246Parsons, Peryl Wade
6247Pascarelli, Elena
6248Paschal, Alice
6249Paschall, John
6250Paschall, Walter G.
6251Pasco, Cecil
6252Pass, A. A.
6253Passavant, W. O.
6254Patch, Mr. and Mrs. Buel W.
6255Paterson, Isabel M.
6256Patrick, Annie Rockett
6257Patrick, Janette
6258Patrick, Ruth
6259Patrick, Sara Frances
6260Patrick, Mrs. W. B.
6261Patrick, Mrs. Walter
6262Pattberg, P. W.
6263Patterson, Eleanor
6264Patterson, Mrs. Eula C.
6265Patterson, Dr. F. D.
6266Patterson, George H.
6267Patterson, Mrs. Harold
6268Patterson, Harold T.
6269Patterson, Hugh
6270Patterson, Mrs. John
6271Patterson, John B.
6272Patterson, Mrs. Lindsey
6273Patterson, Mrs. Madeleine M.
6274Patterson, Pat
6275Patterson, Philip B.
6276Patterson, Mr. and Mrs. William
631Pattillo, John
632Pattillo, W. B.
633Patton, Katherine
634Patton, Lenore
635Patton, Dr. Mark Allen
636Paulk, Ruby
637Paullin, Dr. James E
638Paulson, Mr. and Mrs. Henry
639Paxon, F. J.
6310Paxton, Frank
6311Paxton, Mary
6312Payne, Alice
6313Payne, Calder
6314Payne, Fred M.
6315Payne, Mrs. H. P.
6316Payne, L. W. Jr.
6317Payne, Lois
6318Payne, Rufus P.
6319Payne, Seba
6320Payne, Mrs. Winifred
6321Payton, Mrs. J. E.
6322Peachtree, Polly
6323Peacock, Mrs. Dora
6324Peacock, J. F.
6325Peal, Damalia
6326Pearce, Dr. H. J. Jr.
6327Pearlstine, S. S.
6328Pearson, Drew
6329Pearson, Frances
6330Pease, Mrs. H. R.
6331Pease, Preston P.
6332Peavy, Margaret
6333Peck, G. W.
6334Peck, Mrs. Hoyt
6335Peddicord, Evelyn Smith
6336Pederson, Mrs. Arthur [Rachel Field]
6337Peek, Fain
6338Peeler, Louis
6339Peeples, Mr. and Mrs. Henry E.
6340Peery, Mrs. George C..
6341Pegler, Westbrook
6342Pegram, R. B.
6343Pegues, Elizabeth Rhett
6344Pelham, David M.
6345Pemberton, Elliott
6346Pendergraph, H. A.
6347Pendleton, Kathryn
6348Pendley, Mr. and Mrs. N. Powell
6349Pendley, Norman
6350Pendray, G. Edward
6351Penn, Richard T.
6352Penney, Mrs. Kate Mayhew Speake
6353Pentecost, Eddie
6354Peoples National Bank of Rock Hill
6355Perce, Mrs. M. A.
6356Percival, Forster G.
6357Pergament, Lola
6358Pericola, Frank
6359Perkerson, Medora Field
641Perkins, Dorothy
642Perkins, Elise
643Perkins, Matt
644Perkins, Mrs. Ruby Kendall
645Perkins, Mrs. T. C.
646Perkins, Mrs. Tommie
647Perkins, Mrs. William T.
648Perry, Beverley
649Perry, Mr. and Mrs. George Sessions
6410Perry, Horace
6411Perry, Kansas Library
6412Perry, Mr. and Mrs. Larry
6413Perry, Lee D.
6414Perry, Roy
6415Person, Dr. W. E.
6416Pessina, Dr. Elsie
6417Peter, Mrs. Albert G.
6418Peter, George
6419Peter, Walter J.
6420Peterkin, Julia
6421Peters, Barbara
6422Peters, Mrs. H. G.
6423Peters, Mrs. Helen
6424Peters, J. D.
6425Peterson, Chlo
6426Peterson, Mrs. J. E.
6427Peterson, Mary Orton
6428Petithory, Etta
6429Petithory, Melanie
6430Petrova-Kaszper, Mrs. Ludmila
6431Pettigrew, T. P.
6432Petty, Betty Jo
6433Petty, Keith
6434Peyton, John Graham
6435Pfaffenberger, Charles W.
6436Pfeiffer, Sarah Shields
6437Phelan, Mrs. Earl W.
6438Phelps, Charles H. Jr.
6439Phelps, Mrs. Hattie Edson
6440Phelps, Dr. William Lyon
6441Philbin, Richard B.
6442Phillips, David J.
6443Phillips, Eula
6444Phillips, G. W.
6445Phillips, J. Elsas
6446Phillips, Ruby
6447Phillips, Mrs. Walter C.
6448Philon, Phylliss
6449Phinney, Mrs. Morris
6450Phoenix Republic
6451The Phoenix Times
6453Physioc, Otis
6454Pickett, Eileen
6455Pier, H. W.
6456Pierce, Herman L.
6457Pierce, Lovick
6458Pierce, Mrs. M. Haswell
6459Pierce, Mrs. W. H.
6460Pierre, Michele
6461Pierre, Peggy
6462Pierson, Mrs. Leona Beach
6463Pierson, Dr. Richard N.
6464Pigg, Mrs. Margaret Heath
6465Pigman, Mrs. W. A.
6466Pilloire, Benoiste
6467Pinchney, Josephine
6468Pineau, Jean-Marc
6469Pineda, Joan
6470Pinkard, Mrs. Calvin M.
6471Pinkston, Mrs. W. J.
6473Piper, G Lewis
6472Pinsoneault, Mrs. Marie
6474Pipkin, W. Benton
6475Pitcairn, Charis
6476Pittle, Mabel H.
6477Pittman, Key
6478Pittman, Mr. and Mrs. W. L.
6479Pitts, Oma
6480Pitzer, Lewis Jr.
651Pixton, Marvin F.
652Plain Talk
653Plant, Mrs. Graeme
654Plaster, Mrs. Dan
655Plate-Dawes, Mrs. Mary H. S.
656Plowden, Jacqueline
657Plummer, Honey Briggs
658Plunkett, B. H.
659Plunkett, L. Carl
6510Podesta, Floy C.
6511Poe, Mrs. W. E.
6512Poellintz, Charles A.
6513Polan, Irene
6514Polhill, J. B. Jr.
6515Politia, M. J.
6516Polk, Mrs. Ralph
6517Pollard, William C.
6518Pollitt, Marguerite
6519Pollock, Channing
6520Pollock, Mrs. Evelyn L.
6521Pollock, Lottie
6522Pomper, Dorothy
6523Ponjetti, Irmaos
6524Poole, Mrs. George Mercer
6525Poole, Oliver
6526Poole, W. C.
6527Pooley, Edward M.
6528Pooley, Dr. Robert C.
6529Poor, Mary
6530Pope, James S.
6531Pope, Marian
6532Pope, Nancy
6533Pope, Mrs. Reginald
6534Popick, Leonard
6535El Popular [Mexico City]
6536Popular Biography
6537Porohovshikov, Peter S.
6538Porritt, Mrs. K.
6539Port, Martha
6540Porter, Mrs. C. F.
6541Porter, Mrs. Emma C.
6542Porter, Frances
6543Porter, Mrs. Fred L.
6544Porter, Mrs. Frederick T.
6545Porter, Mr. & Mrs. Herbert
6546Porter, Mrs. J. R.
6547Porter, Katherine Anne
6548Porter, Mrs. Lucille M.
6549Porter, Louis E.
6550Porter, Marie
6551Post, Samuel
6552Post, Mrs. William A.
6553Postlethwaite, May F. H.
6554Postman, Mrs. A. L.
6555Poston, Joem
6556Poteat, Carrie
6557Potter, Mrs. Joan
6558Potter, Mrs. Paul
6559Potter, Dr. Russell
6560Pottinger, Mrs. Charles Theodore
6561Potts, John T.
6562Pounds, Robert J.
6563Powell, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur G.
6564Powell, Mrs. Charles
6565Powell, Charlotte B.
6566Powell, Mrs. Edward M.
6567Powell, Mr. and Mrs. Hal
6568Powell, Mrs. Horace
6569Powell, Mrs. M. M.
6570Powell, Mrs. Mary
6571Powell, S. P.
6572Powell, William B.
6573Power, Clarence E.
6574Powers, Stephen Hall
6575Poyner, Ruth
6576Prall, Beatrice
661Prather, Mrs. Thomas P.
662Pratt, Sylvia
663Prendergrast, Mrs. Mary B.
664La Prensa [Mexico City]
665Prensa Grafica [Mexico City]
666Prentiss, Mark O.
667Prescott, Mrs. Calvin
668Prescott, Sally
669Prescott, Mrs. W. R.
6610Press, Victor
6611Preston, C. M.
6612Prewitt, Mrs. John
6613Price, Byron
6614Price, Mrs. C. E.
6615Price, Mrs. Dorothy
6616Price, Eli Kirk III.
6617Price, Mary Jane
6618Price, Mrs. Rankin
6619Price, Rufus G., Jr.
6620Price, Mrs. Vaneaton
6621Price, Virginia
6622Price, Virginia Polhill
6623Price, William J., IV.
6624Prichard, La Noue
6625Prier, Harry N.
6626Prince, Don
6627Pringle, Mr. and Mrs. Robert
6628Printup, Mr. and Mrs. Neil W.
6629Priou, Iris
6630Pritchard, Mrs. Julia D.
6631Pritchett, J. W.
6632Prock, Walter Jr.
6633Proctor, Mrs. Charles B. Sr.
6634Proctor, Mary Lucile
6635Prothro, G. L. Sr.
6636Proveau, M. G.
6637Providence Journal
6638Pruett, Rolla F.
6639Pruitt, Mrs Lorena Pace
6640Pruitt, Dr. Marion C.
6641Pruitt, Virginia
6642Pruszynski, Mrs. Mary
6643Pryne, L. S.
6644Pryor Street Mission Girl's Club
6645Ptolmy, Quenelle
6646Pugh, Major
6647Puhall, Tatjana
6648Purdy, Mrs. Martha L.
6649Purvin, Mrs. M. L.
6650Putman, James
6651Putnam, Peggy
6652Pyles, Dr. Franklin P.
6653Pyper, George D.

6654Quarles, Mrs. Boyd
6655Quarrie, Mrs. Alice L.
6656Quarterman, Cleo
6657Query, Jessica
6658Quick, Charles E.
6660Quillen, James H.
6661Quimby, Myron J. Sr.
6662Quin, Langdon C.
6663Quinn, Anne
6664Quinn, Hubert J.
6665Quinton, Mrs. Carrah B.
6666Quisenberry, Mr. and Mrs. Don

671Rabinowitz, Mrs. Rose K.
672Rabwin, Marcella
673Raby, James
674Racinsky, Francine
675Radford, Mrs. J. R.
676Raffalovich, George Jr.
677Ragon, Mrs. A. N.
678Ragsdale, 'Bob'
679Ragsdale, Mrs. Clifford
6710Ragsdale, Mrs. Parker
6711Ragsdale, Virginia
6712Raines, Travania
6713Rainwater, Mrs. Charles Veazey
6714Raitt, John E.
6715Rakes, Louise
6716Raleigh News-Observer
6717Raleigh, Jane
6718Rambo, William Preston
6719Ramey, George Jr.
6720Ramhorst, Ella L.
6721Ramsay, Mrs. Henry Ashton
6722Ramsey, Mrs. Christian N.
6723Ramsey, D. Hiden
6724Ramsey, Col N. F.
6725Ramsey, Ralph
6726Ramspeck, Hon Robert
6727Randall, Maria N.
6728Randell, Miss Isabel
6729Randle, Mrs. Ella G.
6730Randolph, Richard B.
6731Rank, Mrs. J. Arthur
6732Ransford, Harry E.
6733Ransford, Mrs. Harry E. Sr.
6734Ransom, John Crowe
6735Ransom, Tina
6736Rantamaki, John F.
6737Rapier, Mrs. Paul
6738Rathaus, R.
6739Ratliffe, Mr. and Mrs. Walter
6740Ratner, Selma
6741Ravalico, D. E.
6742Ravenel, Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Jr.
6743Ravesz, Andres
6744Rawlings, Marjorie Kinnan
6745Rawlins, Mrs. G. E.
6746Ray, Mrs. Blanche Booker
6747Ray, Caroline Miller
6748Ray, Eloise Polak
6749Ray, Eula
6750Ray, Josie
6751Raymond, Mrs. Carrie Bell
681Read, Doris
682Reade, Mrs. J. C.
683-5 Readers Digest , 1937-1949
686Reading, Marchioness of
687Ream, Mrs. Mary Nelson
688Reaves, Aileen
689Reay, Tom M.
6810Rechy, Johnnie
6811Rector, Annie
6812Rector, Helen
6813Rector, Mildred
6814Red Barrel
6816Red Cross
6817Red Cross Courier
6818Redmayne, Day
6819Redmon, J. C.
6820Redmond, Pete L.
6821Redwine, Mrs. H. P.
6822Reece, Byron Herbert
6823Reed, Mr. and Mrs. Clinton
6824Reed, Mrs. George F.
6825Reed, H. M.
6826Reed, Mrs. Lamar
6827Reed, Richard H.
6828Reeder, Lila E.
6829Reenpaa, Heikki
6830Rees, Margaret Jane
6831Rees, Mrs. Page
6832Reese, Louie
6833Reese, W. J.
6834Reese, Wallace K.
6835Reeve, Mrs. J. R.
6836Reeve, Brooke
6837Reeves, J. Chester
6838Reeves, Myra
6839Reeves, O. F.
6840Reeves, Mrs. R. J.
6841Reeves, Ralph B. Jr.
6842Reeves, W. B. Jr.
6843Refoule, Mrs. Robert
6844Regan, Mrs. Kate Watts
6845Regenstein, Mrs. Meyer
6846Reggiani, Maria
6847Reich, Ad G.
6848Reid, Carolyn White
6849Reid, Charles S.
6850Reid, Diana
6851Reid, Mrs. H. H.
6852Reid, Lucie
6853Reid, Mary
6854Reid, Mrs. Ogden
6855Reid, Patricia
6856Reid, Richard
6857Reilly, Rev. Walter S. J.
6858Reimer, Donald A.
6859Reiner, Mrs. Harry C.
6860Reinheimer, Howard
6861Reinkoester, Edward Christian
6862Remaclo, Tit
6863Remaly, Rev. Merryn Wilson
691Renfroe, Mrs. Helen
692Renick, Minnie Speare
693Renshaw, Paul
694Rentz, Thomas H.
695Reny, P. J.
696-7Reszegi, Ilona, 1946-1952
698Reukauff, August
699Revesz, Andres
6910Reynolds, Mr. and Mrs. Charles
6911Reynolds, Elizabeth
6912Reynolds, Evelyn
6913Reynolds, Mrs. Glascock
6914Reynolds, Hal
6915Reynolds, Helen
6916Reynolds, Hughes
6917Reynolds, Mrs. Joseph
6918Reynolds, L. J.
6919Reynolds, Mrs. Marion
6920Reynolds, Mrs. Mark Jr.
6921Reynolds, N. M.
6922Reynolds, Mrs. Novella Rout
6923Reynolds, R. E. Lee
6924Reynolds, Sara C.
6925Reynolds, W. H.
6926Rhad, Richard
6927Rhodes, Dr. and Mrs. C. A.
6928Rhodes, Guy F.
6929Riach, Mrs. William Murdoch
6930Rice, Adolphus
6931Rice, Mrs. Charles Frank & Mary
6932Rice, Ede B.
6933Rice, Harold S.
6934Rice, T. B.
6935Rich, Mrs. Edson
6936Rich, Marian
6937Rich, Richard H.
6938Rich, Walter
6939Rich, Sally Prescott
6940Richards, Mrs. Ann
6941Richards, Ann and Daisy
6942Richards, Durell S.
6943Richards, Miriam S.
6944Richardson, Clarke Jr.
6945Richardson, Edna Mae
6946Richardson, Mrs George C.
6947Richardson, Harrry
6948Richardson, Isla Paschal
6949Richardson, Mary Sidney
6950Richardson, Thomas R.
6951Richey, Mrs. Cora P.
6952Richey, Peggy
6953Richkin, Frances
6954Richmond, S.
6955Richmond, Sylvia B.
6956Rich's Inc.
6957Richter, Mrs. George
6958Rickenbacker, Eddie
6959Ricker, Mrs. Mollie L.
6960Riddick, Mrs. H. T.
6961Riddle, Harry
6962Ridenour, Mrs. C. F.
6963Ridley, Robert A.
6964Riead, W. Herbert
6965Rifkin, Mrs. Lillian
6966Rigg, J. Linton
6967Riggins, Mrs. Mary Conrad
6968Riker, Clark
6969Riley, Mrs. J. L.
6970Riley, Mrs. Orra Toney
6971Riley, Mrs. Wilshire
6972Rill, Zachary
701Rimes, Estelle Martin
702Riordan, Mary I.
703Ripley, Ed
704Ripley, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Alexander
705Ritter, Mrs. Alan L.
706Rivers, Mr. and Mrs. Eurith Dickinson
707Rivers, Julie
708Rivers, W. K.
709Rives, Ralph H.
7010Rizzan, Mrs. Pauline
7011Roan, B. H.
7012Roane, Nathan A. Jr.
7013Robb, Charles
7014Robb, Ellis D.
7015Robb, Inez
7016Roberson, Violette
7017Robert, Mrs. Ayers
7018Robert, Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Wood
7019Roberts, Ben E.
7020Roberts, Billie Mitchell
7021Roberts, Mr. and Mrs. D. L.
7022Roberts, Mrs. DeWitt
7023Roberts, Doris
7024Roberts, Mrs. Florence
7025Roberts, Josie M.
7026Roberts, Kathryn
7027Roberts, Kenneth
7028Roberts, Lester
7029Roberts, Luther
7030Roberts, Mae
7031Roberts, Mrs. Molly
7032Roberts, Raymond
7033Roberts, Tomie Jean
7034Roberts, Mr. and Mrs. Will Eph
7035Robertson, A. D.
7036Robertson, Agnes
7037Robertson, Anna Louise
7038Robertson, Ben
7039Robertson, Eleanor
7040Robertson, Mrs. Helen Darrin
7041Robertson, J. G. Jr.
7042Robertson, Jack
7043Robertson, Robert
7044Robertson, Mrs. Roy M.
7045Robertson, Susan Preston
7046Robeson, Edna G.
7047Robeson, Mrs. L. B.
7048Robinson, Arthur Neal
7049Robinson, Calvin H.
7050Robinson, Mrs. Fred W.
7051Robinson, Henry H.
7052Robinson, Mrs. James D.
7053Robinson, Mrs. Julian Lowe
7054Robinson, Mrs. Lee
7055Robinson, Lillie May
7056Robinson, Louise
7057Robinson, Mary Virginia
7058Robinson, Mrs. Percy
7059Robinson, R. A.
7060Robinson, W. W.
7061Robson, Mabel
7062Roccaforte, Margaret
7063Roche, Mr.
7064Roche, Charles Edward
7065Rockey, Mrs. W. E.
7066Rockwell, George G. D.
7067Rodgers, Mary
7068Rodgers, Mrs. Maude M.
7069Rodgers, P.
7070Rodowski, William
7071Rodriguez, Mrs. James
7072Rodwell, Mrs. P. C.
7073Rogers, E. G.
7074Rogers, Ernest
7075Rogers, Esther
7076Rogers, Mrs. H. R.
7077Rogers, John William
7078Rogers, Lee
7079Rogers, Primrose
7080Rogers, Mrs. T. E.
7081Rogers, William H.
711Rohfing, Ardele
712Rohn, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Andrew
713Rohrer, Gordon
714Rollins, C. B. Sr.
715Roman, Agnes
716Romano, John
717-8Romelike Press Clippings, Inc.
719Romm, Marilyn
7110Romm, Mendel Jr.
7111Rooks, Mrs. B. G.
7112Rooney, Lucia
7113Roosevelt, Theodore Jr.
7114Root, Mrs. C. L.
7115Roper, Loulie G.
7116Roscoe, Theodora
7117Rose, D. Maxwell
7118Rose, Mrs. Harold C.
7119Rose, Mrs. J. A.
7120Rose, Josiah T.
7121Rose, Stuart
7122Roseliep, Raymond F.
7123Rosenbaum, H. King
7124Rosenberg, Raphael
7125Rosenblatt, Peggy
7126Rosenbluth, Mrs. N. D.
7127Rosenboom, Gwen
7128Rosenburg, Magda
7129-30Rosenfeld, Mrs. A.
7131Rosenfeld, D. H.
7132Rosenfield, S.
7133Rosenthal, Peggy
7134Rosier, Colleen
7135Ross, Abby L.
7136Ross, Mrs. Belle Allen
7137Ross, Glynn
7138Ross, James M.
7139Ross, Marion
7140Ross, Mary
7141Ross, Juanita L.
7142Ross, Mrs. Robert
7143Ross, Walter W. III.
7144Rossman, Frankie and Blondie
7145Rosson, Mrs. K.
7146Rouglin, Mr. and Mrs. Louis
7147Rountree, Peggy
7148Rousseau, Mrs. Simone Cautier
7149Rousselle, Renee
7150Routman, J. M.
7151Rowan, Mrs. Caroline A.
7152Rowe, Hugh
7153Rowe, L. B.
7154Rowe, Mrs. R. M.
7155Rowland, Mrs. Janet
7156Rowland, Mrs. Tana Willis
7157Rowsey, Frank
7158Roxby, Mrs. K.
7159Rozar, Mayberry W. & Melora
7160Rozsa, Laszlo
7161Ruark, Robert
7162Rubin, Bernard F.
7163Rubin, Herbert
7164Rubinstein, Marion
7165Rucker, Mrs. Edgar Parks
7166Rudensky, Morris
7167Rudy, Ann Lynn
7168Ruffin, Mr. and Mrs. Peter B.
7169Rugg, Harold G.
7170Rule, Bob
7171Rullman, Myron Sr.
7172Rumsey, Mrs. J. D.
7173Rurode, William F.
7174Rushing, Mrs. Herman L.
7175Russell, Mrs. Gertrude A.
7176Russell, Louise
7177Russell, R. L.
7178Russell, Richard B.
7179Russell, William
7180Rutherford, J. O.
7182Ryan, Catherine
7183Ryan, Mrs. John A.
7184Ryan, Oswald

721Sabat, Dorothy
722Sabel, E. N.
723Sachs, Betty
724Sadler, Trude
725Saen, John J. B. A.
726Saffarrans, Mrs. Paine
727Saher, Dr. Edward V.
728St George, Charles P., Chevalier de
729St John, Jommy
7210St John, Mrs. Wylly Folk
7211St Laurent, Georges C.
7212St Virginia, Sr. Mary
7213Salaices, Vicenta
7214Salley, Frank W.
7215Salom, Armando
7216Salter, Adeline
7217Salter, Summer
7218Saltmarsh, Robert C.
7219Salyer, Blayne
7220Salyers, Robert K.
7221Salzberger nachrichten
7222Sams, Elizabeth
7223Sams, Jimmie
7224Samuels, Mrs. J. D.
7225Samuels, Mrs M..
7226San Antonia Democrat
7227San Antonia Light
7228San Antonia News
7229Sanberg Bokhandel, A. B.
7230Sandagger, Dr. Frederic de S
7231Sanders, Barbara
7232Sanders, Ms. Hedwyn
7233Sanders, Justine
7234Sanders, Mrs. Sarah McR
7235Sanders, Mrs. Theresa M.
7236Sanders, Dr. W. J.
7237Sandidge, W P Jr
7238Sandison, Mrs. Calvin
7239Sandler, Mrs. Jack
7240Sandor, Torok
7241Sands, Mrs. William LeBaron
7242Sanford, Joseph W.
7243Sanford, Mrs. S. V.
7244Sanford, Shelton P.
7245Sanford, Mrs. William Boykin
7246Sanford, Mrs. Willie Mae
7247San Francisco Chronicle
7248San Francisco Examiner
7249San Francisco News
7250Sapienza, Bernadette
7251Sapp, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth
7252Sapp, Kenneth Jr.
7253Sara, Dorothy
7254Sargent, Mrs. Alex
7255Sargent, Georgia
7256Sargent, Paul
7257Sarossy, Mrs. Paul
7258Sarver, Mrs. Eva C.
7259Saturday Evening Post
7260The Saturday World
7261Saturday Review of Literature
7262Saucier, Mrs. Loren
7263Saufley, William E.
731Saunders, Mrs. Elizabeth
732-15Saunders, Marion, 1936-1945
7316Saunders, Marion-Lists of publishers and agents
7317Saunders, Mrs. Robert C [Laura]
741Saussy, Gordon
742Savage, Beryl M.
743Savage, Cole
744Savage, Mrs. Jack
745Savage, Mrs. Robinson
746Savage, S. B.
747Sawyer, Dorothea W.
748Sawyer, Margaret
749Scaife, Mrs. Roger L.
7410Scales, Mrs. J. H.
7411Scales, Dorothy
7412Scallon, Mary E.
7413Scarboro, Samuel J.
7414Scarbrough, Elizabeth
7415Scarbrough, Evelyn
7416Scarlett, Goy
7417Scarlett, Mrs. William George
7418Scattergood, Mrs. Joseph
7419Scatterty, Mrs. J. H.
7420Schackter, Mrs. Gussie
7421Schaefer, Alice
7422Schaffer, Mrs. William M.
7423Schagen, Liesbeth
7424Schaid, Mrs. Karl
7425Schauinger, J. Herman
7426Schenk, Mrs. Lewis H.
7427Schenck, Mrs. Rose
7428Scher, Ann
7429Schieb, Carolyn
7430Schild, Joan Lynn
7431Schindler, Herman A
7432Schieicher, Mrs. Viva Crain
7433Schmidt, Mrs. Paul H.
7434Schmidt, Shirley
7435Schmitt, John A.
7436Schneider, Edith M.
7437Schneider, Mrs. Marcum J.
7438Schneider, Mrs. T. E.
7439Schmidth, Karen-Margrethe
7440Schnellbacher, E. E.
7441Schnitman, Anne
7442Schoen, Mrs. C. C.
7443Schofield, A. A.
7445-46Scholz, Mrs. C.
7447Schreckinger, I.
7448Schreiber, Harriet Lee
7449Schroder, Mrs. Hughes
7450Schroeder, Mrs. Paul
7451Schuette, Alice
7452Schuknecht, Roberta
7453Schulberg, Ad
7454Schuster, Raymond
7455Schwalb, M.
7456Schwartz, Betty
7457Schwartz, Rose
7458Schwartz, S. D.
7459Schwarz, John
7460Schwind, Mrs. Walter Ed.
7461Scissons, Mrs. Ella
7462Scofield, Clay
7463Scommobau, Herman R.
7464Scott, Mrs. Alfred
7465Scott, Aurelius
7466Scott, Deezy
7467Scott, Mrs. Donald
7468Scott, Mrs. Dorothy
7469Scott, Mrs. Earl
7470Scott, Mrs. Emma
7471Scott, Mrs. Florence Williams
7472Scott, Mrs. Grace Norman
7473Scott, Johnnie Marie
7474Scott, Mrs. R. Wiley
7475Scott, Robert L. Jr.
7476Scott, Thomas Howell
7477Scotten, Hall
7478Screen Guide
7479Screenland Magazine
7480Scribner's Magazine
7481Scruggs, Anderson M.
7482Scruggs, Mrs. W. S.
7483Sculthorp, Elsie Louise
7485Scurry, Mrs. Roy
751Seaberg, Margit
752Search, Mabel
753Seay, Clara C.
754Sebire, Madame M.
755Sebotnick, Mrs. Noah A.
756Sebring, Mrs. Erma
757Seddon, Betty
758Seeger, Mrs. Elsie Adams
759Seldon, George Kearsley
7510Seleskey, Mrs. Charles C.
7511Self, Jean
7512Sellens, Victoria
7513Sellers, Mrs. Alix Gress
7514Sellers, J. M.
7515Seltzer, Mrs. Eloise Stewart
7516Selvage, Mrs. James J.
7517Selvig, Nora Mae
7518Selwyn, Mrs. Harley
7519Selzer, Paula
7520Selznick, David O.
7521-35Selznick International Pictures, Inc., 1936-1950
761Senoir, Winfred B.
762Seppenfield, Mrs. E. J.
763Serna, Juana
764Service, Mrs. John S.
765Seton, Mrs Grace Thompson
766Setser, Albert M.
767Settlemayer, Mrs. F. W.
768Settlemayer, John C.
769Severinghaus, Mrs. Nelson
7610Seward, Margaret
7611Seward, William W. Jr.
7612Sewell, Anne
7613Seward, Mrs. R. A.
7614Seydell, Mrs. Mildred
7615Seymour, Bertha
7616Seymour, Mrs. Charles W.
7617Sexsmith, Mrs. James M.
7618Shackleford, Mrs. B. H.
7619Shackleford, Mrs. B. L.
7620Shaefer, Mrs. Griggs
7621Shafer, Willie Mae
7622Shaginaw, M.
7623Shain, J. G.
7624Shakespeare, Mrs.
7626Shallenberger, Laura
7627Shallenberger, William
7628Shanahan, Goldie
7629Shapiro, Bernard
7630Shapiro, Harold Roland
7631Shapiro, Lilian
7632Sharkey, Eugene J.
7633Sharp, Al
7634Sharp, Lewis D.
7635Sharp, Mrs. W. B.
7636Shartel, Mrs. John L.
7637Shaver, J. W.
7638Shaw, C. R.
7639Shaw, Charles Gray
7640Shaw, Mrs. H. A.
7641Shaw, Ray
7642Shaw, Terry P.
7643Shaw, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B.
7644Sheafe, Ruth
7645Sheedy, Father Morgan M.
7646Sheets, Mrs. Marion
7647Sheetz, Mrs. Hazel Y.
7648Sheffer, W. E.
7649Sheffield, Alice
7650Sheffield, John
7651Sheffield, Pyrrha B.
7652Sheiter, Mrs. Adelaide Armstrong
7653Shelby, Rev. C. Levi
7654Sheldon, George
7655Sheldon, Mrs. W. E.
7656Shellabarger, Samuel
7657Shelton, Frederick
7658Shelton, Opie L.
7659Shelverton, Mrs. Calvin
7660Shelvin, Ruth E.
7661Sheperd, Will
7662Shepherd, Kathleen
7663Sheppard, Virgil
7664Shere, Pat
7665Sherel, Melanie Dreyfuss
7666Sherry, Mrs. Arthur V.
7667Sherwood, Robert E.
7668Shewmake, Elizabeth
7669Shields, Mrs. A. B.
7670Shields, Emily
7671Shields, John A. Jr.
7672Shima, Mrs. F.
7673Shinnick, Mr. and Mrs. W. C.
7674Shipley, George A.
7675Shipp, Cameron
7676Shipp, Nelson
771Shippey, Lee
772Shippey, Mrs. Orrline Ellis
773Shirer, William L.
774Shobo, Mikasa
775Shonnard, Mrs. H. S.
776Shortridge, Thelma
777Shouse, Harriet
778Showman, Mrs. D. C.
779Shulman, Shirley
7710Shuman, Alva Mae
7711Sibbin, Patricia
7712Sibley, Celestine
7713Sibley, John A.
7714Sibley, Mrs. Lewis
7715Sibley, Samuel H.
7716Sickel, H. S. J.
7717Sideboard, Rev. Henry Yergan
7718Siegel, Gerald
7719Sikes, Mrs. Allan B.
7720Sillcox, Luise
7721Silsby, Jessica
7722Silver, Mrs. James IV
7723Silvio, Merlo
7724Silvius, Russell E.
7725Simeon, Beat
7726Simmons, Mrs. Jarome Finch
7727Simmons, E. P.
7728Simmons, Mrs. Walthall
7729Simonds, N. John
7730Simonson, S. H.
7731Simpson, Elizabeth
7732Simpson, Mrs. Frank M.
7733Simpson, Mrs. M. E.
7734Simpson, R. Turner
7735Simpson, Mrs. Thomas Hargrove
7736Simpson, Mr. and Mrs. W. W.
7737Sims, Mrs. Alice P.
7738Sims, James
7739Sims, Luise
7740Sims, Marian
7741Sims, Mr. and Mrs. Roff
7742Sinclair, Joyce
7743Singer Sewing Machine Company
7744Singletary, Anne
7745Singleton, Anne Altha
7746Singleton, Mary
7747Sinkoe, Samuel J.
7748Sintilhac, Charlotte
7749Sipple, Colleen
7750Sisson, Mrs. Charles
7751Sisson, Mrs. Edmund F.
7752Sivadier, Louise
7753Sizemore, Mrs. J. M.
7754Skinner, Constance Lindsay
7755Skinner, Frank J.
7756Skinner, Mrs. George A.
7757Skipper, Ruth Kirby
7758Skobba, Joseph S.
7759Skrbina, Mary Ann
7760Slack, Elizabeth
7761Slack, Mrs. W. V.
7762Slake, Karl
7763Slappey, Mr. and Mrs. George H.
7764Slaton, John M.
7765Slaton, Mr. and Mrs. John M. Jr.
7766Slaton, Martha L.
7767Slaton, William Martin
7768Slattery, Desmond
7769Slattery, Harry
7770Slattery, Katherine G.
7771Slaughter, Marguerite Huddle
7772Slaughter, Mr. and Mrs. W. Q.
7773Slauson, Mrs. Charles
7774Slaydon, Mrs. Walter
7775Slifer, Kenneth W.
7776Sloan, George A.
7777Sloan, Mrs. Walter John
7778Slobin, Esther
7779Small, Bessie Duke
7780Smart, Mrs. J. H.
7781Smiley, Mrs. John L.
7782Smiley, Mrs. Ralph
781-91Smith, Addison H. - Smith, Mrs. Willis L.
7892Smith College
7893Smith College Alumnae Quarterly
7892Smith College Associated News
7895Smith Weekly Current
791Smithson, Anne N.
792Smoak, Chester P.
793Smoot, Jane
794Smrikarov, M. G.
795Snedeker, Gerald B.
796Snedgen, Mrs. Theresa C.
797Sneed, Bessie
798Snell, DeWitt
799Snell, Mrs. Fred W.
7910Snell, Weis
7911Snelling, Paula
7912Snepp, Mrs. Daniel W.
7913Snider, Helen
7914Snow, Emmie
7915Snow, Florence Homer
7916Snowden, Catherine Dudley
7917Snyder, Mrs. Mildred
7918Sobol, Louis
7919Society Press Features
7920Soderberg, Ronald D.
7921Soderqvist, Mrs. Anna Ch.
7922Sofio, Mary Williams
7923Somers, Mrs. Howard
7924Sohl, Helen
7925Sommers, Harry
7926Sons of the American Revolution
7927Sordelet, Florence
7928Sorensen, Lake
7929Sormani, Egbert J., Jr.
7930Sosnik, Dora
7931Sourbier, Mrs. R. L.
7932Sourges, Evangeline
7933Southern Bell Telephone & Telegraph Company
7934Southern Book Company
7935Southern Literary Messenger
7936Southgate, Mrs. George T.
7937Southwestern Bell Telephone Company
7938Southwick, Gilbert G
7939Sower, Mrs. J. W. [Sarah]
7940Sowersby, Mrs. Frances
7941Spade, Dr. H. Novoa
7942Spain, Helen Knox
7943Spalding, Mr. and Mrs. Hughes
7944Spalding, Jack J.
7945Spangler, Robert
7946Spanogle, Lee Warren
7947Sparks, Mrs. John
7948Spath, Francis A.
7949Spaulding, Forrest B.
7950Speake, Dr. J. W.
7951Spear, Roswell Leroy
7952Spears, Helen Bonner
7953Specht, Bernice
7954Specht, Elizabeth
7955Speiden, Marian
7956Spencer, Lois
7957Spencer, Mary Anne
7959Spiegler, Leopold
7960Spillane, Jack
7961Spillers, Shirley Anne
7962Spinks, Idabel
7963Spivey, S A
7964Sponsier, Mrs. Theo
7965Sprague, Mrs. Atherton Hall
7966Springs, Elliott White
7967Sprouse, W. L.
7968Squires, Emily R.
7969Squires, John H.
7970Stadholz, Barb
7971Stafford, Proctor
7972Stafford, Mrs. Rix
7973Stahlman, James G.
7974Standard Oil Company
7975Stanford, Mrs. D.
801Stanitz, Jaques
802Stanley, Arah P.
803Stanley, Hal M.
804Stanley, Mary Janet
805Stansell, Nina
806Stanton, Dorothy
807Stanton, Mrs. Frank L.
808Stanton, Harry B.
809Staples, R. F. Jr.
8010Stapleton, Mrs. Jessie
8011The Star, London
8012Star, Mahala
8013Stark, Etta
8014Stark, Max
8015Starke, Nora Belle
8016Starling, A. W.
8017Starr, F. F. Jr.
8018Starr, L. Kelly
8019Stauffer, Nathan Pennypacker
8020Stauverman, Edward
8021Steadman, Marian
8022Stebbins, Eunice
8023Steed, Hal
8024Steedly, Aline
8025Steedman, Marguerite
8028Steffan, Mrs. Louis
8026Steeger, Henry
8027Steell, Fred Jr.
8029Steinberg, Barbara Marion
8030Steineke, Maurine
8031Steinheimer, A. Y.
8032Steinmann, Dorothy
8033Stelle, Helen Virginia
8034Stelljes, Mrs. George Jr.
8035Stenerson, Delores
8036Stenger, Helen A.
8037Stent, Mrs. Lorna
8038Stephens, Lt.
8039Stephens, Mrs. E.
8040Stephens, Edwin Lewis
8041Stephens, Mr. and Mrs. John
8042Stephens, Nan Bagley
8043Sterling, Jean
8044Sterling, Mrs. Patrick
8045Stern, Alfred Whital
8046Stern, Charles K.
8047Sternbergh, Mrs. Herbert May
8048Stevenot, Archie D.
8049-53Stevens, Beulah Rose, 1936-1941
8054Stevens, Eugene
8055Stevens, George
8056Stevens, Mrs. Harriet Conner
8057Stevens, James H.
8058Stevens, Robley Durham
8059Stevens, Mrs. Ruth
8060Stevens, Mrs. T. T.
8061Stevenson, J.
8062Stevenson, Paul L.
811Stewart, Dr. Calvin
812Stewart, Cora Paxton
813Stewart, Edna
814Stewart, Frances
815Stewart, Fred
816Stewart, Irene
817Stewart, J. B.
818Stewart, John Lander
819Stewart, Mary
8110Stewart, Miller J.
8111Stewart, Naomi
8112Stewart, Ralph W.
8113Stewart, Theodore
8114Stigler, Suzanne
8115Stimpson, George W
8116Stingo, John R
8117Stinnett, Jacquelyn
8118Stinson, Mrs. Leila Bates
8119Stinson, Mary Martha
8120Stinson, Mrs. Maude
8121Stockbridge, Jessie
8122Stockton, Gilchrist B.
8123Stoeckel, Herb
8124Stocker, Mrs. Lelah House
8125Stokes, Mrs. Elsie W.
8126Stokes, James S. Jr.
8127Stokes, Mrs. W. C.
8128Stolley, Mrs. Harris
8129Stone, Carol
8130Stone, Mrs. Emma L.
8131Stone, Frank
8132Stone, June
8133Stone, Mrs. Thomas V.
8134Stone, Dr. William D.
8135Stoneham, Gordon
8136Stoner, Alfred
8137Stoner, Mrs. Frank
8138Stoner, Herbert
8139Storm, W. W.
8140Storms, Bettina Mae
8141Stout, Mrs. Christine
8142Stout, Pauline
8143Stout, Rex
8144Stout, Wesley W.
8145Stovall, Margaret
8146Stover, Sarah D.
8147Stoves, Thomas A.
8148Stoy, E. J.
8149Strand, Mrs. J. H.
8150Strang, Neva
8151Strange, Dr. Theodore
8152Strasburger, Mrs. C. C.
8153Strathearn, Helen W.
8154Stratton, Mrs. M. O.
8155Strauss, Oscar Jr.
8156Strauss, Marilyn
8157Street, James H.
8158Street, Julian Jr.
8159Street, Thomas E.
8160Street, Mrs. W. Henry
8161Stribling, T. S.
8162Stripling, Will
821Strode, Hudson
822Strong, Betty
823Strong, Sue
824Stroud, Mrs. Mable C.
825Strozier, Robert M.
826Struther, Jan
827Stryker, Philip Fitzhugh
828Stuart, Jesse
829Stuart, Miriam
8210Stuckey, Mrs. D. E.
8211Stuckey, Mrs. George M.
8212-13Stuckey, Henry Perkins, 1935-1936
8214Stuckey, Herbert
8215Student Life
8216Stull, Orphelia S.
8217Sturdivant, Mrs. Ellen Rush
8218Sturm, Mrs. Hermine
8219Styron, Elizabeth
8220Suder, Norma Jeane
8221Suggs, Mrs. George
8222Sullivan, Mrs. E. L.
8223Sullivan, Mamie Porter
8224Sullivan, Mary M.
8225Sullivan, Shirley P.
8226Sul-te-wan, Madame
8227Summer, Jane
8228Summerford, Mrs. Harold
8229Summerford, W. T.
8230Summers, Mrs. Catherine
8231Summers, Mary Ellen
8232Summey, Mrs. D. D.
8233Sumner, Morris E.
8234Sunderland, Annell
8235Surrey, James Y.
8236Sutherland, H.
8237Sutherland, W. J.
8238Sutherland, Mr. and Mrs. William
8239Sutlive, Carey
8240Sutlive, Kirk
8241Sutlive, William G.
8242Suttle, Lucille
8243Suttles, Mrs John B.
8244Sutton, Effie
8245Swan, Charles
8246Swan, Mrs. Walter Buckingham
8247Swann, Mrs. T. M.
8248Sweeney, Mrs. Lillian J.
8249Sweeney, Ralph F.
8250Sweeney, Tom
8251Sweet, Elizabeth
8252Swenson, Edgar
8253Swetman, C. W.
8254Swick, Charles L.
8255Swisher, Mrs. Stephen A. Jr.
8256Swords, Mr. and Mrs. Francis M.
8257Swords, Jacquelin A.
8258Sydney Morning Herald
8259Sykes, Eugene O.
8260Sykes, Robert H.
8261Syler, Monnie Lou

831Taber, Mrs. William Brock
832Tadlock, Wimifred R.
833Taft, Elizabeth C.
834Taft, Walbridge S.
835Tait, Ada Jane
836Tait, Thomas
837Takawashi, Seiji
838Takeshita, Sumio
839Talbot, Jane
8310Talley, Mr. and Mrs. John W.
8311Tallman, Ruth
8312Tally, Lydia
8313Talmadge, Eugene
8314Talmadge, Herman E.
8315Tamagni, Evelyn
8316Tamkin, Clemence
8317Tanner, Virginia
8318Tante, E. L.
8319Tarbell, Ida M.
8320Tarbuck, Molly
8321Targ, William
8322Targett, Mrs. J. E.
8323Tarnowski, A.
8324Tarr, Mrs. Lawrence
8325Tarr, Mrs. Muriel H.
8326Tarver, Jack
8327Tate, Mrs. James R.
8328Tate, Mrs. Robert Lee
8329Tatum, Myrtle
8330Taylor, Allan
8331Taylor, Almira Brown
8332Taylor, Mrs. C. G.
8333Taylor, Charles M.
8334Taylor, Mrs. Earl
8335Taylor, Elizabeth
8336Taylor, Estelle Carter
8337Taylor, Mrs. Franklin
8338Taylor, Mrs. H. J.
8339Taylor, Harry
8340Taylor, Helen A.
8341Taylor, Hiram
8342Taylor, Mrs. Ida C.
8343Taylor, Jane
8344Taylor, Mrs. Louise M.
8345Taylor, Luna
8346Taylor, Mamie K.
8347Taylor, Marian
8348Taylor, Mrs. Peal
8349Taylor, Robert C.
8350Taylor, Ruth Lorraine
8351Taylor, Sammy
8352Taylor, Turney
8353Taylor, Virginia
8354Tague, Mrs. Eleanor
8355Tael, Bernice
8356Tebo, Mrs. C. D.
8357Teegarden, Effie
8358Tell, Mrs. E. C.
8359Temple, Mr. and Mrs. Mark
8360Templeman, Eleanor
8361Templin, Eleanor
8362Tennent, Mrs. Ada F.
8363Tennent, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Hill
8364Tenney, Nancy
8365Tenth Street Post Office Staff
8366Terrell, Mrs. Render
8367Terry, Willie Mae
841Thalhimer, William B.
842Thanh, Le Cong
843Thayer, Alice Norton
844Thayer, Ivy
845Thayer, Mrs. Rufus G.
846Thebaut, Dr. Ben R.
847Thiesen, Mr. and Mrs G. T.
848Thigpenn, Dr. and Mrs. Corbett
849Thirkell, Mrs. G. L.
8410 This Week
8411Thomas, Caroline
8412Thomas, Charles L.
8413Thomas, Elbert D.
8414Thomas, Frances E.
8415Thomas, Mrs. George Jr.
8416Thomas, Hilary
8417Thomas, Mrs. J. D.
8418Thomas, Mrs. James H.
8419Thomas, Mrs. L. G.
8420Thomas, Lavens M., II.
8421Thomas, Mike
8422Thomas, Mr. and Mrs. Steffen
8423Thomas, Peggy
8424Thomas, Sara S.
8425Thomas, Mr. and Mrs. Steffen
8426Thomas, Mr. and Mrs. Wes D.
8427Thomason, Mrs. J. Allen
8428Thomason, Mrs. J. Hendon
8429Thomason, John William
8430Thomason, Katherine
8431Thompson, Nancy
8432Thompson, A. S.
8433Thompson, Barbette
8434Thompson, C. Mildred
8435Thompson, Mrs. Charles
8436Thompson, Eleanor K.
8437Thompson, Mrs. Florence E.
8438Thompson, Hugh
8439Thompson, Ida Ellen
8440Thompson, Mrs. H. M.
8441Thompson, Marjorie
8442Thompson, Patty
8443Thompson, Sophie
8444Thompson, William T. Jr.
8445Thomson, Charles A.
8446Thomson, Mrs. J. C.
8447Thomson, Mrs. Logan
8448Thomson, Mrs. R. B.
8449Thornburg, Nina
8450Thorne, Elizabeth
8451Thornton, Mrs. Albert E.
8452Thornton, Ella Mae
8453Thornton, Laura
8454Thrasher, Anne
8455Threlkeld, Hilda
8456Thulin, Einar
8457Thurman, Rabbi Mordecai M.
8458Thurston, Walter
8459Tidball, Virginia
8460Tierney, Mrs. R. A.
8462Tiffany, Helen Louise
8463Tigert, John J.
8464Tigrett, A. K.
8465Tiller, Mrs. James Jr.
8466Tiller, Mattie Mae
8467Tillery, Frances
8468Tillman, Mrs. Charles T.
8469Tilly, John S.
8470 Time
8471Timmerman, Mable Gee
8472Timmons, Betty
8473Timmons, David
8474Timmons, Mrs. Robert H.
8475Tinsley, Eunice Louise
8476Titterton, Lewis
8477Titus, Norman
8478Titus, W. A.
851Tobias, Rowena
852Todd, Mrs. Hiram G.
853Todd, Mrs. J. R.
854Todhunter, Martha
855Toeplitz, Richard H.
856Tolan, Mrs. John H.
857Tolbert, Stokes
858Toler, Mrs. William
859Tomb, W. V.
8510Toogood, Catherine L.
8511Toohey, Mrs. James A.
8512Toole, J. E.
8513Toomy, Edmond F.
8514Torrence, Martha
8515Tosh, Arthur W.
8516Townsend, Mrs. Charles S.
8517Townsend, Mrs. Roy
8518Towson, Ira G.
8519Traer, W. S.
8520Trader, Georgia
8521Trampe, Mrs. Ray
8522Trans-World Commercial Corporation
8523Traver, Lewis B.
8524Travis, Mrs. W. G.
8525Traylor, Elizabeth
8526Traynham, Floyd
8527Traynham, Jane G.
8528Treadway, Mrs. William Jr.
8529Treichel, Ardis
8530Tretlar, Mrs. C. Evelyn
8531Trevillian, Harold D.
8532Tribble, Mrs. Edwin
8533Trimble, Mrs. H. H.
8534Trimble, Pauline
8535Tripp, Mrs. Irene
8536Trogden, Mrs. Ray
8537Trolman and Masket Co.
8538Trosser, Catherine
8539Trotter, John
8540Trotti, Lamar
8541Trout, Alma
8542Troutman, Henry B.
8543Troutman, Robert
8544Troxel, Mrs. C. R.
8545Truesdale, Mrs. C. L.
8546Trumbo, Mr. and Mrs. Harry
8547Trussell, Cuyler Albert
8548Tsacrios, Lula
8549Tuck, Nelson
8550Tufares, Deno
8551Tuggle, Bettie
8552Tuggle, Mrs. M. B.
8553Tulloss, Mrs. Nick
8554Tunstall, Mrs. Robert
8555Tupper, Howard L.
8556Tupper, Samuel Y. Jr.
8557Turman, Mrs. S. B.
8558Turner, B. Chartiss
8559Turner, Mrs. Carrie C.
8560Turner, Edgar
8561Turner, Evelyn
8562Turner, Georgia
8563Turner, Rev. Herman L.
8564Turner, John L.
8565Turner, Ken
8566Turner, M. T.
8567Turner, Margaret [Atlanta]
8568Turner, Margaret [Lubback, TX]
8569Turner, Martha M.
8570Turrittin, Cecile
8571Tuttle, Gene
8572Twentieth Century-Fox Film Corp.
8573Tyacke, Mrs. Kenneth
8574Tyler, Harold A.
8575Tyler, Mrs. Lyon G.
8576Tyson, B. P.
8577Tyson, Tommie

861Udell, Alice
862Uj Idok
863Ulman, Beverly
864Ulman, Albert
865Ulrich, Charles N.
866Ulrich, Gertrude C.
867Ulrich, W. R.
868Ultem Publications Inc.
869Uncle Remus Memorial Association
8610Underwood, Eric
8611Underwood, Ruth N.
8612Underwood, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas
8613United Nations Shipping Corporation
8614United States Naval Base [Charleston, SC]
8615United States Relief Parcel Service
8616El Universal [ Mexico City]
8617University of North Carolina Press
8618Untermeyer, Louis
8619Unwin, Betty
8620Upshur, Stella
8621Upton, J. Duane
8622Upton, Wallace
8623Usher, Anne Delamere

8624Valentine, Mrs. G. W.
8625Van de Cauter, M.
8626Van Deene, Gerard B.
8627Vanderbilt, Sally
8628Van Deventer, Robert R.
8629Van Doren, Irita
8630Van Doren, Mark
8631Vaneckova, Jirena
8632Van Hook, Joseph A.
8633Vanke, Mrs. V.
8634Van Leer, Mr. and Mrs. Blake R.
8635Van Loon, Henrik Willem
8636Van Matre, Gene
8637Van Ness, Norma
8638Van Nosdall, George A.
8639Van Schalsa, Mark Jr.
8640Van Schoiack, Mrs. T. W.
8641Van Teuber, Gene
8642Van Veen, Fr.
8643Van Winkle, Edward
8644Varga, Judie
8646Varni, Mae F.
8647Vaughn, Agnes Carr
8648Vaughan, Charles E.
8649Vaughan, Louise
8650Vaughn, Mrs. C. H.
8651Vause, George
8652Venable, James H.
8653Verbeke, E.
8654Veronica, Sister M.
8655Vesey, Mrs. William J.
8656Viall, Mrs. Julia
8657Vick, Alipia G.
8658Victor, Victor
8659Viggianelli, Delphine
8660Vilardell, Castells
8661Vincent, J. W.
8662Vinke, Mrs. John
8663Vinour, Ollivier J.
8664Virginia Quarterly Review
8665Vitz, Carl
8666Vlasto, Solon G.
8667Vogler, Frances
8668Voight, H. J.
8669Volk, Mrs. N. J.
8670Volland, Mrs. Grant
8671Von Auw, Ivan Jr.
8672Von der Lieth, Lucile
8673Von Isakovics, Mary Upshur
8674Von Storch, Theodore
8675Von Tobel, Harriet
8676Vose, Robert C.
8677Vretman, Carl
8678Vucelich, Mary

871Wachs, Fred B.
872Waddell, Mrs. Jennie
873Waddell, Mrs. L. M.
874Waddell, Mrs. Tom
875Wade, Mrs. C. E.
876Wade, John Donald
877Wadelton, Mrs. Lois
878Waful, Mrs. E. E.
879Wagar, Mrs. Wilkinson
8710Wagner, Mrs. Josephine L.
8711Wagoner, Evelyn
8712Wagoner, Mrs. George
8713Wainer, Bert
8714Wakefield, Robert
8715Walford, Bess
8716Walker, Annie Marie
8717Walker, C. Irvine
8718Walker, Cora
8719Walker, Mrs. Cynthia St. Clair
8720Walker, Denton
8721Walker, David Warren
8722Walker, Gladys
8723Walker, Harriet
8724Walker, Hazel
8725Walker, Helen Duer
8726Walker, Mrs. Ida Crane
8727Walker, Rev. John Curry
8728Walker, Mrs. Lillian
8729Walker, Mrs. M. A.
8730Walker, Mary Ann
8731Walker, Mrs. Mary Newman
8732Walker, Mrs. Roy M.
8733Walker, Robert Sparks
8734Walker, Wilma
8735Walker, Mrs. Zelda Davies
8736Wall, Mrs. C. L.
8737Wall, William C.
8738Wallace, Mrs. A. B.
8739Wallace, D. D.
8740Wallace, Ed
8741Wallace, Mary Jo
8742Wallace, Mildred White
8743Wallace, Roland
8744Walley, Harold R.
8745Wallis, Mrs. C. G.
8746Walsh, Mrs. Harold E.
8747Walsh, Mrs. Marianne F.
8748Walter, Diana
8749Waltman, Lilli Rudd
8750Walton, Clarke W.
8751Ward, Barbara Virginia
8752Ward, Charles Allen
8753Ward, Della
8754Ward, Deon
8755Ward, George
8756Ward, James L.
8757Ward, Jimmie Lee
8758Ward, John
8759Ward, Mrs. Margaret J.
8760Ward, Minnie Marsden
8761Ward, W. A.
8762Ward, John N.
8763Ward, Runa
8764Ward, Mrs. Solon W.
8765Waring, Flavia Martha
8766Warner, J. M.
8767Warren, Dr. and Mrs. Green Dodd
8768Warren, James E. Jr.
8769Warren, Lella
8770Warren, Louis C.
8771Warren, Philip
8772Warren, Ruth F.
8773Warren, Dr. and Mrs. William Chester Jr.
881Warwick, Rev. Loy
882Warwick, Paul
883Warwick, Paul Jr.
884Wasdin, Mrs. G. E.
885Washburn, Rev. Arthur L.
886Washington Seminary Home Economics Class
887Washington, Patty W.
888Wass, Bettie
889Waterbury, Ruth
8810Waterer, H. C.
8811Waters, Jack
8812Waters, P. H.
8813Waters, Mr. and Mrs. W. C.
8814Waters, W. T.
8815Waterstreet, Wallace
8816Wathen, Mary
8817Watkins, Elaine
8818Watkins, Garland
8819Watkins, Mrs. M.
8820Watkins, Raiford
8821Watling, Barbara
8822Watling, John H.
8823Watling, John W.
8824Watson, Mrs. Lura
8825Watson, Mary
8826Watson, Merrill A.
8827Watson, Royce A. and Marie J.
8828Watson, Sadie
8829Watson, Thomas J.
8830Watson, W. A.
8831Watson, W. W.
8832Watson, Mrs. William G.
8833Watt, Mrs. W. A.
8834Watts, Mrs. C. B.
8835Watts, Stephen
8836Wayland, J. Walter
8837Wayland, W. R.
8838Wayne, Mrs. D. B.
8839Wear, Samuel
8840Weatherford, Leta Sisk
8841Weaver, Mrs. Lester U.
8842Weaver, Mrs. Neta A.
8843Weaver, Ronald Adrian
8844Webb, Carolyn Jane
8845Webb, Mrs. James Avery
8846Webster, J. Prince
8847Webster, Kathryn D.
8848Weddell, Mrs. Elizabeth Wright
8849Wedgwood, Mrs. E. G.
8850Weeks, Carl
8851Weigel, Henry L.
8852Weil, A. Sigmund
8853Weil, Nathan
8854Weinberg, Amelia L.
8855Weinberg, Laurel
8856Weinberg, Ruth
8857Weinhold, Rugh
8858Weinstein, Alfred A.
8859Weinstock, Jack
8860Weisenberger, George A.
8861Weisman, Mrs. A .C.
8862Weisman, Mrs. Sidney D.
8863Weiss, J. Allen
8864Weissenberger, Erich
8865Welborn, Frankie Mae
8866Welborn, Mrs. Jane Bulla
8867Welch, Johnny
8868Welch, Nyna Stickley
8869Welch, Porter S.
8870Welden, Mrs. Max
8871Welden, Marjorie
8872Wellborn, Mrs. Marguerite A.
8873Wellborn, Maximilian B.
8874Wellman, Whit
8875Wellock, Mrs. Edward Smith
8876Wells, Mrs. Corinne U.
8877Wells, Frances
8878Wells, Guy H.
8879Wells, Mrs. J. A.
8880Wells, James L.
8881Wells, Mrs. John E.
8882Wells, Mrs. Raymond
891Wenk, Mrs. Gladys W.
892Wente, Mrs. Robert C.
893Werber, Mrs. Annie V.
894Werner, M. R.
895Wessels, Mrs. O. G. B.
896West, Dr. C. M.
897West, Mrs. Carroll Milkey
898West, Dixie
899West, Edward M.
8910West, George
8911West, Mr. and Mrs. George W.
8912West, H. C.
8913West, Julia
8914West, Marion
8915West, William D. Jr.
8916Westbrook, Mrs. Hamp
8917Westby, George
8918Westerman, George W.
8919Westerman, Mrs. Theodore
8920Western Union
8921Westhaver, Mrs. F. E.
8922Weston, Amy
8923 West Palm Beach Post
8924Westwood, Horace D.
8925Whalen, Grover
8926Wharton, Eva
8927Wheeler, Kathryn
8928Wheeler, Mrs. R. V.
8929Wheeler, Romney
8930Wheeler, Tom
8931Wheless, Joseph
8932Whichard, Mrs. Willie
8933Whiddon L.
8934Whitbeck, Earl C.
8935White, Annie Melda
8936White, Frank
8937White, Mrs. Frank H. Jr.
8938White, Frank M.
8939White, Goodrich C.
8940White, Mrs. J. P.
8941White, Mrs. J. S.
8942White, James A.
8943White, Katherine
8944White, Kenan V.
8945White, Mrs. Laura E.
8946White, Mrs. Lucille
8947White, Marcia
8948White, Mary
8949White, May Bigby
8950White, Norma
8951White, Mrs. O. N.
8952White, Patsy
8953White, Mrs. Paul
8954White, R. J.
8955White, Stella
8956White, T. W.
8957White, Wallace H. Jr.
8958White, Mrs. Walter N.
8959White, William Allen
8960Whitehead, Mrs. Daisy Crump
8961Whitehead, Elizabeth
8962Whitfield, Cathryn
8963Whitfield, Mrs. S. A.
8964Whitley, Reginald J.
8965Whitlock, P. C.
8966Whitman, Mrs. Channing
8967Whitman, Russell R.
8968Whitmarsh, Arthur
8969Whitner, Mrs. Charles F. Jr.
8970Whitner, Virginia
8971Whitney, Mrs. Jane Hope
8972Whitney, John Hay
8973Whitt, Grace
8974Whittaker, Alan
8975Whittaker, Lucienne
8976Whitted, Mrs. C. F.
8977Whittemore, Myrtle E.
8978Whittemore, Richard D.
8979Whitten, Helen Bradfield
8980Whittier, Mrs. Robert
8981Whittington, Mrs. E. M.
901Widdons, Jeanne
902Wideman, Frances
903Wiggam, Albert Edward
904Wiggins, Mrs. J. E.
905Wiggins, Jimmy
906Wight, Mr. and Mrs. Ward
907Wiley, Bell Irwin
908Wiley, Lora M.
909Wilke, Emma B.
9010Wilkerson, Albert C.
9011Wilkerson, Elizabeth
9012Wilkerson, Eula M.
9013Wilkerson, W. R.
9014Wilkes, James Renwick
9015Wilkes, Mary E.
9016Wilkes, Sue
9017Wilkins, George Y.
9018Wilkinson, Grace H.
9019Wilkinson, Inez
9020Wilkinson, Melanie
9021Willet, Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence
9022Willett, Julia Pennington
9023Williams, Mrs. Anne
9024Williams, Beth
9025Williams, Cary
9026Williams, Charlotte
9027Williams, Easter Rea
9028Williams, Ellen Beale
9029Williams, Mrs. Ernest B.
9030Williams, Eustace L.
9031Williams, Rev Felton
9032Williams, Mrs. G. N.
9033Williams, Mrs. H. D.
9034Williams, Ida Belle
9035Williams, Mrs. J. Milton
9036Williams, J. Randall III.
9037Williams, Jack
9038Williams, Jack Jr.
9039Williams, Mrs. Jay Jerome
9040Williams, Joe V. Jr.
9041Williams, Mary Louise
9042Williams, Mittie
9043Williams, Morris H.
9044Williams, Pegram
9045Williams, Peyton
9046Williams, Mrs. R. M.
9047Williams, Rhoda
9048Williams, Mrs. Robert A.
9049Williams, Sidney A.
9050Williams, Sonia
9051Williams, Mrs. Susan Ellison
9052Williams, Mrs. T. K.
9053Williams, Vincent B.
9054Williamson, Elizabeth
9055Williamson, George
9056Williamson, Logan
9057Williamson, Quentin V.
9058Williamson, Ruth
9059Willingam, Edith
9060Willink, Cecile
9061Willis, Charles
9062Willis, Mrs. J. J.
9063Willis, Lyle L.
9064Willis, R. G. Jr.
9065Willis, Mrs. Thomas
9066Willis, Walter
911Willkie, Wendell
912Willoughby, Mrs. C. D.
913Willows, Mrs. James
914Wilmer, Cary B.
915Wilmot, Mrs. Willis
916Wilson, Mrs. Addie
917Wilson, Mrs. Arthur Jr.
918Wilson, Mr. and Mrs. B. Leo
919Wilson, Betty [ Kentucky]
9110Wilson, Betty [ Pennsylvania]
9111Wilson, Bill
9112Wilson, Dorothy L.
9113Wilson, Elizabeth V.
9114Wilson, F. C.
9115Wilson, Mrs. Florence
9116Wilson, Frank [ Atlanta]
9117Wilson, Frank [New York]
9118Wilson, Frazer E.
9119Wilson, Genevieve
9120Wilson, Hilda
9121Wilson, Hugh T.
9122Wilson, Irene G.
9123Wilson, J. Allan
9124Wilson, J. C.
9125Wilson, James C.
9126Wilson, John B.
9127Wilson, Dr. Owen H.
9128Wilson, Robert A.
9129Wilson, Sara
9130Wilson, Vallie
9131Wilson, Mrs. Walter
9132Wimbish, Anne
9133Winchell, Walter
9134Wineburgh, Mrs. L.
9135Wing, Grace
9136Wingfield, Marshall
9137Winkler, Mr. and Mrs. D. P.
9138Winn, Mrs. Pauline
9139Winning, Freda Gerwin
9140Winship, Mrs. Charles Thiot
9141Winship, Mrs. George
9142Winslow, Albert Foster
9143Winter, Mrs. Mary Carter
9144Winter, Mrs. Rogers
9145Winters, Mrs. Carl S.
9146Winters, Jewell T.
9147Winthrop, Mrs. Guy
9148Winyard, Robert James
9149Wirsig, Woodrow
9150Wise, Ethel
9151Wise, Mrs. Vira B.
9152Witham, Harriet
9153Withers, Winston R.
9154Withey, Mrs. Louise
9155Witte, Mrs. Eleanor Hoyt
9156Woelke, Gene
9157Wolbe, Mrs. Abe
9158Wolcott, Miriam C.
9159Wolf, Mrs. Charles F.
9160Wolf, Evelyn Salenta
9161Wolf, W. Irving
9162Wolfe, Mrs. J. Saxton
9163Wolfe, Joseph B.
9164Wolff, Ellen
9165 Woman's Day
9166Wood, John
9167Wood, Mrs. Robin
9168Wood, Virginia
9169Wood, Virginia Mae
9170Wood, Mrs. William
921Woodall, Dorothy
922Woodall, Mrs. P. M.
923Woodall, Sally Lee
924Woodall, W. C.
925Woodall, Mrs. Walter J.
926Woodard, Jay
927Woodbridge, Muriel
928Woodburn, Margaret
929Woodbury, Mrs. John L.
9210Woodford, Jack
9211Woodruff, Mrs. Lillian
9212Woods, Dee
9213Woods, Lida
9214Woodward, Emily
9215Woodward, G. S.
9216Woodward, Nina
9217Woodward, William F.
9218Wooley, Virginia
9219Woolford, Mrs. Boyd
9220Woolford, Guy Jr.
9221Woolford, T. Guy
9222Woolsey, Anne
9223Woolsey, Mrs. Annie F.
9224Wooten, Mrs. W. M.
9225Wootton, A. W.
9226Wootten, Irma
9227Worcester, Mrs. Edward Jr.
9228Worden, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Lyman
9229Worley, Elizabeth Collier
9230Worrall, M. Gertrude
9231Worthington, Mrs. Roy J.
9232Worthington, Samuel Wheeler
9233Wray, Mrs. Esther Ross
9234Wreden, Nicholas
9235Wrench, Evelyn
9236Wright, Mrs. [Seattle, WA]
9237Wright, Mrs. Allyn Lee
9238Wright, Mr. and Mrs. Douglas B.
9239Wright, Elmer D.
9240Wright, Mrs. Fanny
9241Wright, Geneva
9242Wright, Howard H.
9243Wright, Rev. J. C.
9244Wright, James M.
9245Wright, Mrs. John Peale
9246Wright, Myrlee
9247Wright, Pauline
9248Wright, Ralph B.
9249Wright, Mrs. Vincent
9250Wright, Wade H.
9251Wright, Mrs. Walter
9252Wrigley, Tom
9253The Writer
9254Writer's Digest
9255-57Writers' War Board
9258Wyatt, Angeline
9259Wyatt, Mrs. Dorothie
9260Wyatt, Frances
9261Wyatt, Robert H.
9262Wylie, Joan
9263Wylie, Philip
9264Wynn, Mrs. Jessie E.
9265Wynn, Ted

931Yancey, William H.
932Yandle, Mrs. H. R.
934Yard, Lester
935Yates, B. C. Jr.
936Yates, Eugene A.
937Yates, Herbert J.
938Yates, Mrs. J. G.
939Yerxa, Mrs. Frances
9310York, George
9311York High Weekly
9312York, Mrs. Lena Chandler
9313 Yorkshire Evening News
9314Yoshina, S. George
9315Yotter, George
9316-29Young, Mrs. Abbie P. - Young, William D.
9330Youngblood, Bertha
9331Younglof, Mrs. G. L.
9332Youngs, Lil

9333Zaban, Harry C.
9334Zahner, Cleveland
9335Zahner, Mr. and Mrs. Kenyon B.
9336Zappia, Ramona
9337Zarse, Karl F.
9338Zelaya, Mercedes Saavedra
9339Zeller, George A.
9340Zelnicker, Helene N.
9341Ziegler, Ailene
9342Zimmer, William L.
9343Zimmerman, Werner
9344Zollars, Harry W.
9345Zrinko, Herb

1.2 Unanswered

941-2A-Alexander, Allen-Anglin
946-9B-Barrow, Bart-Beyer, Bibb-Bowman, Boyce-Bryan
953Civil War-Reminiscences
954-7Claggett-Clohecy, Cobb-Cooper, Corbett-Cozens, Crafford-Cutting

2. Press and Publicity

Press and Publicity is primarily clippings (1936-1975) containing extracts from newspapers throughout the United States concerning GWTW, Mitchell, and reviews of the book and motion picture; there are also materials from foreign newspapers, magazine articles and editorials on Mitchell's tragic death. Clippings are arranged roughly alphabetically by state, country, or topic; magazine articles are alphabetical by name of publication.

2.1 Clippings by State/Country

1011Alabama, 1936-61
1012Arkansas, 1936-61
1013Arizona, 1936-54
1014-7California, 1936-1953
1021-4California, 1954-1973
1025Colorado, 1936-1961
1026Connecticut, 1936-1962
1027Delaware, 1936-1962
1031-4District of Columbia, 1936-1975
1035-9Florida, 1936-1962
1041-7Georgia, 1936
1051-7Georgia, 1937
1061Georgia, January-December 1938
1061[Susan Myrick: "Straight from Hollywood,"], 1939 January-July
1062-6Georgia, 1939
1071-8Georgia, 1940-1976
1081Atlanta, October 1921-July 1925
1082-10Atlanta, 1936
1091-8Atlanta, 1937 January-April
1101-5Atlanta, 1937 May-1938
1111-7Atlanta, 1939
1121-3Atlanta, 1939 December
1131-5Atlanta, 1939 December
1141-7Atlanta, 1939-1940
1151-7Atlanta, 1941-1944
1161-7Atlanta, 1945-1949
1171-8Atlanta, 1950-1968
1181Hawaii, 1936-1940
1182Idaho, 1936-54
1183-5Illinois, 1936-1962
1186-7Indiana, 1936-1961
1188-9Iowa, 1936-1962
1191Kansas, 1936-62
1192-3Kentucky, 1936-1961
1194-5Louisiana, 1936-1962
1196Maine, 1936-54
1197Maryland, 1936-62
1198-10Massachusetts, 1936-1937
1201-2Massachusetts, 1938-1962
1203-5Michigan, 1936-1962
1206-7Minnesota, 1936-1961
1208Mississippi, 1936-61
1211-2Missouri, 1936-1962
1213Montana, 1936-54
1214Nebraska, 1936-66
1215New Hampshire, 1936-61
1216-8New Jersey, 1937-1962
1219New Mexico, 1936-61
1221-8New York State, 1936-1962
1231-7New York City, 1936
1238-10New York City, 1937 January-March
1241-8New York City, 1937-1939
1251-7New York City, 1940-1953
1261-8New York City, 1954-1966
1271-7North Carolina, 1936-1953
1281-7Ohio, 1936-1962
1288-9Oklahoma, 1936-1962
1291Oregon, 1936-62
1292-5Pennsylvania, 1936-1962
1296Rhode Island, 1936-56
1297-8South Carolina, 1936-1961
1299South Dakota, 1936-59
1301-6Tennessee, 1936-1961
1307-12Texas, 1936-1962