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Corra Harris papers

Corra Harris papers

Descriptive Summary

Title: Corra Harris papers
Creator: Harris, Corra, 1869-1935
Inclusive Dates: 1906-1944
Language(s): English
Extent: 47.8 Linear Feet (112 document boxes, 8 half boxes, 1 oversized box, 1 oversize folder A)
Collection Number: ms734
Repository: Hargrett Library

Collection Description

Historical Note

"Corra Mae White Harris (1869-1935) was a novelist from Georgia, best known for her first novel, A Circuit Rider's Wife."

For further information, see the article "Corra Harris" at New Georgia Encylcopedia.

Scope and Content

The collection consists of papers of Corra Harris from 1906-1944. The papers include correspondence, manuscripts, photographs of Corra Harris and family members, and clippings of newspaper and magazine articles. The clippings include copies of published articles and stories by Harris, reviews of her works, and clippings on a wide range of subjects of interest to Harris.

Organization and Arrangement

Organized into seven series: (1) Correspondence, (2) Manuscripts, (3) Photographs, (4) Clippings, (5) Printed Material, (6) Financial Records, and (7) Oversized Materials.

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Corra Harris papers, ms734, Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library, The University of Georgia Libraries.

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Finding aid prepared on: 2010 January 28.

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Subject Terms

American literature.
Women authors, American -- Georgia.

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Series Descriptions and Folder Listing



30 Linear Feet
The series consists of correspondence of Corra Harris from 1905-1935. The family correspondence (1905-1935) contains mainly letters between Harris and her daughter Faith. Other family correspondence includes her husband Rev. Lundy Harris, her father Tinsley Rucker White, and her sister Hope Harris. The Faith Harris and Harry Leach correspondence includes letters between Faith and Harry as well as some letters to others. The letters begin in 1908 (before their marriage in 1910) and continue up to Faith's death in 1919. Much of the general correspondence (1906-1935) relates to Harris' writing, including letters to editors, publishers, writers, friends, and others. Notable among the correspondents are the editors George H. Lorimer, W.F. Bigelow, Edward Bok, Hamilton Holt, and Authur Vance; writers Roark Bradford, Harry Stillwell Edwards, Joel Chandler Harris, E.W. Howe, Jack London, H.L. Mencken, and Medora Fields Perkerson; newspapermen Clark Howell, Walter Hines Page, and William Allen White; and scholars Edwin Mims, and Howard Odum. The miscellaneous correspondence consists mainly of letters addressed to the publishers of Harris' novels, and correspondence addressed to Bettie Raines, when she was managing much of Harris' business.At the end of the four files of correspondence is one box of photographs originally enclosed with letters. Both the letter to which it was attached and the photograph itself are identified. Also among the correspondence files are the stenographer's notebooks of Bettie Raines. Most of these are undated but those with dates locate them in 1932 and 1933.
The Corra Harris correspondence is divided into four separate sequences: Family Correspondence, Faith Harris & Harry Leech Correspondence, General Correspondence, and Miscellaneous Correspondence. All letters are arranged chronologically within each of these groupings. Letters with incomplete, illegible, or missing dates are located at the end of their sequence unless a year or month is known, in which case they are found at the end of that month or year.
The chronological order of each sequence is observed in the folder labeling regardless of whether or not correspondence exists for the covered dates. (In other words, the fact that a date falls within the range of a particular folder does not mean that letters exist for that date.)
Subject terms:

Family Correspondence, 1905-1935

The Corra Harris family correspondence begins in 1905 when the family is living in Nashville. It covers Faith's years at college, Lundy's death in 1910, and Faith's death in 1919. The large majority of the letters are between mother and daughter. After 1919 the number of letters is quite small, made up mostly of correspondence between Corra Harris and her sister's family.
In addition to letters between Corra Harris, Lundy Harris, and Faith Harris, there is also correspondence with Corra Harris' father Tinsley Rucker White, her sister Hope Harris (married to Lundy's brother), and nephews Fred, John, and Al.
121907 January-September
131907 October-December
141908 January 1-24
151908 January 25-July
161908 August-October
171908 November-December
181909 January
191909 February
1101909 March-April
1111909 May-June
1121909 July-December
1131910 January-June
1141910 July-December
211911 January
221911 February 1-8
231911 February 9-28
241911 March-May 15
251911 May 16-3
261911 June-August
271911 September
311911 October 1-14
321911 October 15-31
331911 November 1-11
341911 November 12-3
351911 December
361912 January-April
371912 May
381912 June-September
391912 October-November
3101912 December 1-15
3111912 December 16-31
3131913 January 1-13
3141913 January 14-March
3151913 April-May
411913 June
421913 July 1-12
431913 July 13-31
441913 August 1-14
451913 August 15-31
461913 September
471913 October-November
481913 December
491914 January 1-15
4101914 January 16-31
4111914 February
4121914 March-April
4131914 May-June
4141914 July
511914 August-September 15
521914 September 16-30
531914 October 1-8
541914 October 9-15
551914 October 16-25
561914 October 26-31
571914 November 1-11
581914 November 12-30
591915 December
5101915 January
5111915 February
5121915 March-May
5131915 June 1-15
5141915 June 16-30
611915 July 1-15
621915 July 16-31
631915 August 1-5
641915 August 6-17
651915 August 18-31
661915 September-December
681916 January-March
691916 April 1-15
6101916 April 16-30
6111916 May 1-15
6121916 May 16-30
6131916 June
711916 July-August
721916 September 1-15
731916 September 16-31
741916 October 1-15
751916 October 16-31
761916 November 1-10
771916 November 11-30
781916 December
7101917 January 1-15
7111917 January 16-31
7121917 February 1-16
7131917 February 17-28
811917 March
821917 April 1-10
831917 April 11-30
841917 May
851917 June 1-20
861917 June 21-30
871917 July
881917 August 1-15
891917 August 16-31
8101917 September 1-15
8111917 September 16-30
8121917 October 1-10
8131917 October 11-31
911917 November
921917 December 1-18
931917 December 19-31
961918 January 1-15
971918 January 16-31
981918 February 1-15
991918 February 16-28
9101918 March 1-6
9111918 March 7-31
1011918 April 1-10
1021918 April 11-19
1031918 April 20-31
1041918 May 1-8
1051918 May 9-31
1061918 June 1-15
1071918 June 16-30
1081918 July 1-15
1091918 July 16-31
10101918 August 1-6
1111918 August 7-18
1121918 August 19-31
1131918 September 1-15
1141918 September 16-30
1151918 October
1161918 November
1171918 December
1211919 January-February
1221919 March
1231919 April
1241919 May-December
12111926 January-May
12121926 June-December
1311927 January-April
1321927 May-September
1331927 October-December
1341928 January-June
1351928 July-December
1361929 January-June
1371929 July-December
1391930 January-August
13101930 September-December
1411931 January-May
1421931 June-September
1431931 October-December
1441932 January-June
1451932 July-December
1461933 January-May
1471933 June-August
1481933 September-December
1491934 January-June
14101934 July-October
14111934 November-December

Faith Harris/Harry Leech, 1908-1919

The Faith Harris and Harry Leech correspondence includes letters between Faith and Harry as well as some letters to others. (Those letters to or from Corra Harris are filed with the family correspondence.) These letters begin in 1908 (before their marriage in December 1910) and continue up to Faith's death in 1919. A small number of Harry Leech's letters after Faith's death are also found here.
1511908 June
1521908 July
1531908 August
1541908 September-December
1561909 January-July
1571909 August-October
1581909 November-December
15101910 January-April
15111910 May-June
15121910 July-August
15131910 September 1-24
15141910 September 25-27
15151910 September 28-30
1611910 October 1-5
1621910 October 6-9
1631910 October 10-14
1641910 October 15-18
1651910 October 19-20
1661910 October 21-25
1671910 October 26-31
1681910 November 1-5
1691910 November 6-14
16101910 November 15-21
16111910 November 22-30
1711910 December 1-5
1721910 December 6-10
1731910 December 11-15
1741910 December 16-31
1761911 January-June
1771911 July 1-22
1781911 July 23-27
1791911 July 28-31
17101911 August 1-6
17111911 August 7-10
17121911 August 11-15
1811911 August 16-20
1821911 August 21-25
1831911 August 26-31
1841911 September
1851911 October-December
1861912 January-August
1871912 September-December
1881913 January-March
1891913 April-August
18101913 September
18111913 October-December
18121914 January-April
18131914 May-June
18141914 July-August
18151914 September-November
1911914 December 1-10
1921914 December 11-20
1931914 December 21-31
1951915 January-February
1961915 March
1971915 April-August
1981915 September
1991915 October-December
19101916 January-May
19111916 June-December
19121917 January-July
1913 1917 August-December

General Correspondence, 1906-1935

The Corra Harris family correspondence is made up of letters from the last thirty years of Corra Harris' life. The earliest letters date from her Nashville years (before publication of The Circuit Rider's Wife) when she was reviewing books for the New York Independent and writing for other magazines.
Much of the general correspondence relates to Corra Harris' writing, including letters to editors, publishers, other writers, friends, and others. Notable among the correspondents are the editors George H. Lorimer, W. F. Bigelow, Edward Bok, Barton Currie, Hamilton Holt, Loring Schuler, and Authur Vance; writers Roark Bradford, Harry Stillwell Edwards, Joel Chandler Harris, E. W. Howe, Jack London, and H. L. Mencken; newspapermen Clark Howell, Walter Hines Page, and William Allen White; scholars Edwin Mims, and Howard Odum; to name only some.Extensive correspondence exists between Medora Perkerson (of The Atlanta Journal), Hamilton Holt, E. W. Howe, and Bessie and Traine Raines. A selective index of the general correspondence file can be found in the appendix at the end of this inventory.
2021906 January-October
2031906 November
2041906 December
2061908 January-October
2071908 November-December
2081909 January-February
2091909 March
20101909 April-June
20111909 July
20121909 August
20131909 September-October
20141909 November
20151909 December
20161910 January
20171910 February
20181910 March
2111910 April
2121910 May
2131910 June
2141910 July
2151910 August
2161910 September 1-21
2171910 September 22-30
2181910 October
2191910 November
21101910 December
21121911 January
21131911 February
21141911 March
21151911 April-May
21161911 June-August
21171911 September-October
21181911 November-December
2211912 January-February
2221912 March
2231912 April
2241912 May-June
2251912 July-September
2261912 October-December
2281913 January
2291913 February-April
22101913 May-June
22111913 July
22121913 August
22131913 September
22141913 October
22151913 November-December
22161914 January
22171914 February
22181914 March-May
2311914 June-August
2321914 September
2331914 October
2341914 November-December
235Miscellaneous (European Trip), 1914
2371915 January
2381915 February
2391915 March
23101915 April
23111915 May
23121915 June
23131915 July
23141915 August
23151915 September
23161915 October
23171915 November-December
2411916 January-February
2421916 March-April
2431916 May-June
2441916 July
2451916 August
2461916 September
2471916 October 1-15
2481916 October 16-22
2491916 October 23-31
24101916 November 1-10
24111916 November 11-20
24121916 November 21-31
24131916 December 1-15
24141916 December 16-31
2415Christmas Cards, 1916
24171917 January
24181917 February
24191917 March
2511917 April
2521917 May
2531917 June
2541917 July
2551917 August
2561917 September
2571917 October
2581917 November
2591917 December 1-15
25101917 December 16-31
25121918 January 1-15
25131918 January 16-31
25141918 February
25151918 March
25161918 April
2611918 May
2621918 June
2631918 July-August
2641918 September
2651918 October
2661918 November
2671918 December 1-10
2681918 December 11-31
26111919 January-February
26121919 March
26131919 April
26141919 May 1-5
26151919 May 6-9
26161919 May 10-19
2711919 May 20-31
2721919 June
2731919 July-August
2741919 September-November
2751919 December
2761920 January-April
2771920 May-July
2781920 August-October
2791920 November-December
27101921 January-April
27111921 May-June
27121921 July-November
27131921 December
27141922 January-March
27151922 April-June
27161922 July
2811922 August
2821922 September-November
2831922 December
2851923 January
2861923 February
2871923 March-April
2881923 May-August
2891923 September 1-15
28101923 September 16-22
28111923 September 23-31
28121923 October 1-6
28131923 October 7-11
28141923 October 12-20
2911923 October 21-25
2921923 October 26
2931923 October 27
2941923 October 28
2951923 October 29
2961923 October 30-31
2971923 November 1-3
2981923 November 4-7
2991923 November 8-10
29101923 November 11-15
29111923 November 16-22
29121923 November 23-28
29131923 November 29-30
29141923 December 1-5
29151923 December 6-15
29161923 December 16-23
3011923 December 24-31
3041924 January
3051924 January 11-23
3061924 January 24-30
3071924 February 1-10
3081924 February 11-14
3091924 February 15-28
30101924 March
30111924 April
30121924 May 1-15
30131924 May 16-31
30141924 June
30151924 July
30161924 August 1-11
30171924 August 12-31
3111924 September
3121924 October 1-15
3131924 October 16-31
3141924 November 1-15
3151924 November 16-30
3161924 December
3191925 January
31101925 February
31111925 March
31121925 April 1-15
31131925 April 16-30
31141925 May 1-15
31151925 May 16-23
31161925 May 24-31
3211925 June 1-7
3221925 June 8-20
3231925 June 21-30
3241925 July 1-8
3251925 July 9-17
3261925 July 18-24
3271925 July 25-31
3281925 August 1-10
3291925 August 11-17
32101925 August 18-20
32111925 August 21-27
32121925 August 28-31
32131925 September 1-5
32141925 September 6-8
3311925 September 9-12
3321925 September 13-15
3331925 September 16-21
3341925 September 22-30
3351925 October 1-7
3361925 October 8-11
3371925 October 12
3381925 October 13-16
3391925 October 17-24
33101925 October 25-31
33111925 November 1-10
33121925 November 11-23
3411925 November 24-30
3421925 December 1-15
3431925 December 16-31
344Christmas Cards, 1925
3471926 January 1-15
348January 16-31,1926
3491926 February 1-15
34101926 February 16-28
34111926 March
34121926 April
34131926 May
34141926 June
34151926 July
3511926 August
3521926 September
3531926 October
3541926 November
3551926 December 1-10
3561926 December 11-20
3571926 December 21-26
3581926 December 27-31
359Christmas Cards, 1926
3510Christmas Cards, 1926
35121927 January 1-7
35131927 January 8-12
35141927 January 13-17
3611927 January 18-25
3621927 January 26-27
3631927 January 28-29
3641927 January 30-31
3651927 February 1-4
3661927 February 5-9
3671927 February 10-15
3681927 February 16-21
3691927 February 22-28
36101927 March 1-10
36111927 March 11-21
36121927 March 22-24
36131927 March 25-27
36141927 March 28-31
3711927 April 1-15
3721927 April 16-30
3731927 May 1-14
3741927 May 15-31
3751927 June 1-10
3761927 June 11-30
3771927 July
3781927 August 1-15
3791927 August 16-31
37101927 September 1-15
37111927 September 16-31
37121927 October 1-15
37131927 October 16-31
37141927 November 1-15
37151927 November 16-30
37161927 December
3717Christmas Cards, 1927
3718Christmas Cards, 1927
3831928 January
3841928 February 1-21
3851928 February 22
3861928 February 23-March 15
3871928 March 16-31
3881928 April
3891928 May-June
38101928 July
38111928 August
38121928 September 1-18
38131928 September 19-30
38141928 October 1-15
3911928 October 16-31
3921928 November
3931928 December 1-15
3941928 December 16-31
395Christmas Cards, 1928
396Christmas Cards, 1928
3981929 January 1-15
3991929 January 16-31
39101929 February 1-15
39111929February 16-30
39121929 March 1-15
39131929 March 16-31
39141929 April
4011929 May
4021929 June
4031929 July
4041929 August 1-23
4051929 August 24-27
4061929 August 28-31
4071929 September
4081929 October
4091929 November 1-15
40101929 November 16-31
40111929 December 1-15
40121929 December 16-31
4013Christmas Cards, 1929
411Christmas Cards, 1929
4131930 January 1-6
4141930 January 7-10
4151930 January 11-19
4161930 January 20-25
4171930 January 26-31
4181930 February 1-7
4191930 February 8-13
41101930 February 14-19
41111930 February 20-21
41121930 February 22-23
41131930 February 24-26
41141930 February 27-28
4211930 March 1-6
4221930 March 7-12
4231930 March 13-15
4241930 March 16-21
4251930 March 22-31
4261930 April 1-15
4271930 April 16-30
4281930 May 1-7
4291930 May 8-19
42101930 May 20-31
42111930 June 1-13
42121930 June 14-30
42131930 July 1-15
42141930 July 16-30
4311930 August 1-15
4321930 August 16-30
4331930 September 1-15
4341930 September 16-30
4351930 October 1-15
4361930 October 16-31
4371930 November
4381930 December 1-10
4391930 December 11-20
43101930 December 21-31
4311Christmas Cards, 1930
4312Christmas Cards, 1930
4313Christmas Cards, 1930
4411931 January 1-6
4421931January 7-8
4431931 January 9-20
4441931 January 21-31
4451924 February 1-18
4461924 February 19-28
4471931 March 1-10
4481931 March 11-20
4491931 March 21-31
44101931 April 1-15
44111931 April 16-30
44121931 May 1-10
44131931 May 11-20
44141931 May 21-31
4511931 June 1-10
4521931 June 11-21
4531931 June 21-30
4541931 July 1-10
4551931 July 11-21
4561931 July 21-28
4571931 August
4581931 September 1-10
4591931 September 11-15
45101931 September 16-25
45111931 September 26-30
45121931 October 1-15
45131931 October 16-25
45141931 October 26-31
4611931 November 1-5
4621931 November 6-10
4631931 November 11-17
4641931 November 18-25
4651931 November 26-31
4661931 December 1-10
4671931 December 11-16
4681931 December 17-21
4691931 December 21-24
46101931 December 25-31
4611Christmas Cards, 1931
4612Christmas Cards, 1931
4613Christmas Cards, 1931
4711932 January 1-10
4721932 January 11-20
4731932 January 21-31
4741932 February 1-15
4751932 February 16-29
4761932 March 1-10
4771932 March 11-19
4781932 March 20-31
4791932 April 1-11
47101932 April 12-30
47111932 May 1-10
47121932 May 11-20
47131932 May 21-31
4811932 June 1-10
4821932 June 11-20
4831932 June 21-30
4841932 July 1-15
4851932 July 16-30
4861932 August 1-15
4871932 August 16-31
4881932 September 1-15
4891932 September 16-24
48101932 September 25-30
48111932 October 1-15
48121932 October 16-31
4911932 November 1-11
4921932 November 12-30
4931932 December 1-15
4941932 December 16-31
4961933 January 1-10
4971933 January 11-20
4981933 January 21-31
4991933 February 1-10
49101933 February 11-20
49111933 February 20-28
49121933 March 1-10
49131933 March 11-20
49141933 March 21-31
5011933 April 1-10
5021933 April 11-20
5031933 April 21-29
5041933 May 1-10
5051933 May 11-20
5061933 May 21-31
5071933 June 1-10
5081933 June 11-20
5091933 June 21-30
50101933 July 1-10
50111933 July 11-20
50121933 July 21-31
50131933 August 1-10
50141933 August 11-20
5111933 August 21-31
5121933 September 1-10
5131933 September 11-20
5141933 September 21-30
5151933 October 1-15
5161933 October 16-31
5171933 November 1-15
5181933 November 16-30
5191933 December 1-10
51101933 December 11-20
51111933 December 21-31
5112Christmas Cards, 1933
5113Christmas Cards, 1933
521Christmas Cards, 1933
5231934 January 1-10
5241934 January 11-20
5251934 January 21-31
5261934 February 1-10
5271934 February 11-20
5281934 February 21-28
5291934 March 1-10
52101934 March 11-20
52111934 March 21-31
52121934 April 1-10
52131934 April 11-20
52141934 April 21-30
52151934 May 1-10
52161934 May 11-20
52171934 May 21-31
5311934 June 1-10
5321934 June 11-20
5331934 June 21-30
5341934 July 1-10
5351934 July 11-20
5361934 July 21-31
5371934 August 1-10
5381934 August 11-20
5391934 August 21-31
53101934 September 1-15
53111934 September 16-31
53121934 October 1-10
53131934 October 11-20
53141934 October 21-30
53151934 November 1-10
53161934 November 11-20
53171934 November 21-30
5411934 December 1-10
5421934 December 11-20
5431934 December 21-31
544Christmas Cards, 1934
545Christmas Cards, 1934
5471935 January
548From Corra Harris, No Date
549From Corra Harris, No Date
5410From Corra Harris, No Date
5411Fragments, No Date
556Cards, No Date
557Cards, No Date
558Cards, No Date
559Cards, No Date
5510Cards, No Date
5511Cards, No Date
5512Cards, No Date
5513Cards, No Date
561Cards, No Date
562Cards, No Date
563Cards, No Date
564Blank Post Cards
565Blank Post Cards
566Blank Post Cards
567Calling Cards
568Calling Cards
569Calling Cards
569Calling Cards
5610Invitations and Programs
5611Invitations and Programs
5612Invitations and Programs
5613Invitations and Programs
5614Invitations and Programs
5721910 January-February
5731910 March-December

Photographs from Correspondence

Photographs enclosed with letters have been separated from the correspondence and filed separately in this one box. The original letter from which each photograph was removed is identified with a note clipped to the letter and each photograph is likewise marked.
581Family Correspondence
582Faith Harris/Harry Leech Correspondence
58General Correspondence
583General Correspondence
584General Correspondence
585General Correspondence
586General Correspondence
587General Correspondence
588General Correspondence
589General Correspondence


23.5 Linear Feet
The series consists of manuscripts of Corra Harris' writings from 1909-1935. Includes manuscripts of some of her books and other long works, articles and short stories, speeches relating mainly to her teaching at Rollins College, her tri-weekly column, Candlelit Columns, for the Atlanta Journal, and scripts. Many of her works are drawn upon her experiences as the wife of a Methodist minister and circuit rider. Also contains manuscripts by other authors, probably sent to Harris for her advice, miscellaneous manuscripts, and various notebooks.
Subject terms:

Stenographer's Notebooks

The stenographer notebooks kept by Bettie Raines contain copies of much of the correspondence from the later years of Corra Harris' life. Though most of these notebooks are undated, those with dates place them in the early 1930's.
591Stenographer's Notebooks, 1932
592Stenographer's Notebooks, 1932
593Stenographer's Notebooks, 1933
594Stenographer's Notebooks, Undated
595Stenographer's Notebooks, Undated
596Stenographer's Notebooks, Undated
597Stenographer's Notebooks, Undated
598Stenographer's Notebooks, Undated
599Stenographer's Notebooks, Undated
5910Stenographer's Notebooks, Undated
5911Stenographer's Notebooks, Undated
601Stenographer's Notebooks, Undated
602Stenographer's Notebooks, Undated
603Stenographer's Notebooks, Undated
604Stenographer's Notebooks, Undated
605Stenographer's Notebooks, Undated
606Stenographer's Notebooks, Undated

Books and other long works

While not all the manuscripts of Corra Harris' books are present in this collection, a large number of her major works are represented. Among these (either whole or in part) are A Circuit Rider's Wife, Flapper Anne, As a Woman Thinks, and The Happy Pilgrimage, to name only some. Manuscripts of a number of Corra Harris' serials which were not published in book form are also present in the collection including: "The Diary of a Country Woman," "The Solution," and "The Travels of an Old Woman and a New One in the Old World." Also notable is the unpublished manuscript of The Land, a novel that Corra Harris wrote late in her life.

Annals of a Lady

611Annals of a Lady, chapter 1
612Annals of a Lady, chapter 2
613Annals of a Lady, chapter 3
614Annals of a Lady, chapter 4
615Annals of a Lady, chapter 5
616Annals of a Lady, chapter 6
617Annals of 8 Lady, chapter 7
618Annals of a Lady, chapter 8
619Annals of a Lady, chapter 9
6110Annals of a Lady, chapter 10
6111Annals of a Lady, chapter 11
6112Annals of a Lady, chapter 12
6113Annals of a Lady, chapter 13
6114Annals of a Lady, chapter 14

As a Woman Thinks

6115As a Woman Thinks [A Woman's Mind]
6116As a Woman Thinks [A Woman's Mind]
6117As a Woman Thinks [A Woman's Mind]
6118As a Woman Thinks [A Woman's Mind]
6119As a Woman Thinks [A Woman's Mind]
6120As a Woman Thinks [A Woman's Mind]
621As a Woman Thinks [A Woman's Mind]
622As a Woman Thinks [A Woman's Mind]
623As a Woman Thinks [A Woman's Mind]
624As a Woman Thinks [A Woman's Mind]
625As a Woman Thinks [A Woman's Mind]
626As a Woman Thinks [A Woman's Mind]
627As a Woman Thinks [A Woman's Mind]
628As a Woman Thinks [Biography of a Mind]
629As a Woman Thinks [Biography of a Mind]

A Circuit Rider's Wife

6210A Circuit Rider's Wife
6211A Circuit Rider's Wife, chapter 4
6212A Circuit Rider's Wife, chapter 6
6213A Circuit Rider's Wife, chapters 16 & 17
6214A Circuit Rider's Wife, chapter 18
6215A Circuit Rider's Wife (fragment)
6216A Circuit Rider's Wife (fragment)

Diary of a Country Woman

631Diary of a Country Woman, April 13
632Diary of a Country Woman, April 29
633Diary of a Country Woman, July 7
634Diary of a Country Woman, July 23
635Diary of a Country Woman, July 24
636Diary of a Country Woman, July 27
637Diary of a Country Woman, July 30
638Diary of a Country Woman, July 30
639Diary of a Country Woman, July 31
6310Diary of a Country Woman, September 7
6311Diary of a Country Woman, September 14
6312Diary of a Country Woman, September 16
6313Diary of a Country Woman, September 25
6314Diary of a Country Woman, October 6
6315Diary of a Country Woman, October 8
6316Diary of a Country Woman, October 16
6317Diary of a Country Woman, October 24
6318Diary of a Country Woman, December 15
6319Diary of a Country Woman, January 1

Eve's Second Husband

641Eve's Second Husband

The Eyes of Love

642The Eyes of Love
643The Eyes of Love
644The Eyes of Love
645The Eyes of Love
646The Eyes of Love
647The Eyes of Love

Flapper Anne

648Flapper Anne, chapter 2
649Flapper Anne, chapter 2
6410Flapper Anne, chapter 2
651Flapper Anne, chapter 3
652Flapper Anne, chapter 3
653Flapper Anne, chapter 3
654aFlapper Anne, proofs
654bFlapper Anne (fragment)
655Flapper Anne (fragment)

From Sun-Up to Sun-Down

656From Sun-Up to Sun-Down, February 15, 1917
657From Sun-Up to Sun-Down, February 24, 1917
658From Sun-Up to Sun-Down, February 24, 1917
659From Sun-Up to Sun-Down, March 14,1917
6510From Sun-Up to Sun-Down, February 4, 1918
6511From Sun-Up to Sun-Down, February 21, 1918
6512From Sun-Up to Sun-Down, March 3, 1918
6513From Sun-Up to Sun-Down, March 7, 1918
6514From Sun-Up to Sun-Down, March 24,1918
6515From Sun-Up to Sun-Down, April 1, 1918
6516From Sun-Up to Sun-Down, April 1, 1918
6517From Sun-Up to Sun-Down, April 16,1918
6518From Sun-Up to Sun-Down, April 22, 1918
6519From Sun-Up to Sun-Down, April 22, 1918
6520From Sun-Up to Sun-Down, May 9, 1918
6521From Sun-Up to Sun-Down, May 15, 1918
6522From Sun-Up to Sun-Down, May 22, 1918
6523From Sun-Up to Sun-Down, May 22, 1918
6524From Sun-Up to Sun-Down, May 29, 1918
6525From Sun-Up to Sun-Down, May 29, 1918
6526From Sun-Up to Sun-Down, June 3, 1918
6527From Sun-Up to Sun-Down, June 7, 1918
6528From Sun-Up to Sun-Down, June 15,1918
661From Sun-Up to Sun-Down, June 15,1918
662From Sun-Up to Sun-Down, June 17,1918
663From Sun-Up to Sun-Down, June 22,1918
664From Sun-Up to Sun-Down, June 24, 1918
665From Sun-Up to Sun-Down, June 30,1918
666From Sun-Up to Sun-Down, July 4, 1918
667From Sun-Up to Sun-Down, July 13, 1918
668From Sun-Up to Sun-Down, October 12, 1918
669From Sun-Up to Sun-Down, October 21, 1918
6610From Sun-Up to Sun-Down, November 3, 1918
6611From Sun-Up to Sun-Down, November 17, 1918
6612From Sun-Up to Sun-Down, November 28, 1918
6613From Sun-Up to Sun-Down, December 8, 1918
6614From Sun-Up to Sun-Down, December 14, 1918
6615From Sun-Up to Sun-Down, December 21, 1918
6616From Sun-Up to Sun-Down (fragment)
6617From Sun-Up to Sun-Down (fragment)
6618From Sun-Up to Sun-Down (fragment)

Happily Married

6619Happily Married
6620Happily Married

The Happy Pilgrimage

671The Happy Pilgrimage, chapters 1 & 2
672The Happy Pilgrimage, chapters 3,4 & 5
673The Happy Pilgrimage, chapters 6 & 7
674The Happy Pilgrimage, chapters 8 & 9
675The Happy Pilgrimage
676The Happy Pilgrimage
677The Happy Pilgrimage
681The Happy Pilgrimage, galley proofs
682The Happy Pilgrimage, galley proofs
683The Happy Pilgrimage, galley proofs
684The Happy Pilgrimage, galley proofs
685The Happy Pilgrimage, galley proofs
686The Happy Pilgrimage, galley proofs
687The Happy Pilgrimage, galley proofs
688The Happy Pilgrimage, galley proofs
689The Happy Pilgrimage, galley proofs
6810The Happy Pilgrimage, galley proofs
6811The Happy Pilgrimage, galley proofs

The House of Helen

6812The House of Helen
6813The House of Helen
6814The House of Helen
6815The House of Helen
6816The House of Helen
6817The House of Helen
691The House of Helen
692The House of Helen (fragment)
693The House of Helen (fragment)


694Justice, galley proof

The Land

695The Land, chapter 1
696The Land, chapter 2
697The Land, chapter 3
698The Land, chapter 4
699The Land, chapter 5
701The Land, chapter 6
702The Land, chapter 7
703The Land, chapter 8
704The Land (fragments)

Letters of an Accomplished Lady

Letters of an Accomplished Lady
Letters of an Accomplished Lady
Letters of an Accomplished Lady
Letters of an Accomplished Lady
Letters of an Accomplished Lady
Letters of an Accomplished Lady
Letters of an Accomplished Lady
Letters of an Accomplished Lady
711Letters of an Accomplished Lady
712Letters of an Accomplished Lady
713Letters of an Accomplished Lady
714Letters of an Accomplished Lady
Letters of an Accomplished Lady
716Letters of an Accomplished Lady
717Letters of an Accomplished Lady
718Letters of an Accomplished Lady
719Letters of an Accomplished Lady

Making Her His Wife

Making Her His Wife
Making Her His Wife
Making Her His Wife
Making Her His Wife
Making Her His Wife

My Son

My Son
My Son
My Son
My Son
My Son
My Son (fragments)
My Son (fragments)

The Recording Angel, Illustrations


The Solution

The Solution
The Solution
The Solution
The Solution
The Solution (fragments)

Travels of an Old Woman and a New One in the Old World

Travels of an Old Woman and a New One in the Old World
Travels of an Old Woman and a New One in the Old World

Articles and short stories

A large number of manuscripts of Corra Harris' articles and short stories from all periods of her life are found in this collection. The only period not represented is her earliest work when she was living in Oxford, Ga. and writing for area newspapers.
741Adventures in Hay Fever
742After Visit to Rockmart
743The Amen Corner
744An Angel at My Window with the Cow
745Antiquated Happiness
746An Appreciation
747The Art of Memory
748Aunt Corrie
749Azalee's Valentine
7410Behind the Times
7411A Biography
7412Black and White
7413Black and White
7415Brother Milam
7416The Borrowed Timers
7417Budd Sockwell's Courtship
7418Can a Man Lose His Soul
7419The Care and Dieting of Guests
7420The Care and Dieting of Guests
7421The Care and Dieting of Guests
7422The Catastrophic School of Medicine
7423The Catastrophic School of Medicine
7424The Catastrophic School of Medicine
751A Change for the Better-And How
752Changing Scenes
754Children and Animals on the Farm
755China, No. 4
756Christmas in the Valley
757The Circuit Rider's Wife Replies to Dr. J. W. Lee
758The Circuit Rider's Wife's First Thanksgiving Dinner
7510The Cockeyed World
7511Col. Wilkie and the Ladies
7512The Color Bar
7513Columnist Paragraphs
7514A Communique from the Allies of the Allied Army
7515Concerning the Widow Ambrose
7516A Confederate Veteran Passes
7517Confidence in Government
7518A Correspondence Course in Old Age
7519A Course in Evil at Rollins College
7521Delinquent Labor
7522Discussing Myself
7523Do Men Understand Women
761Don Quixote in Knickers
762Eden Mothers
764The Egotism of Immortality
765Evil is Medieval
766Evolution and Everything
767Family Letters from a Farm
768The Family Reunion
769Farmer's Blues
7610The Farmhill Sanitarium
7611Favorite Sons
7612Fifteen Years Afterwards
7613The Flying Comma
7614Foundling Journalists
7615Francis Assici Geake, Highwayman, The Story of a Country Editor
7616From the Hills
7618Geake: Promoter of Forlorn Hopes
7619General Notes
7620The God-Lonesome Man in Brasstown Valley
7621The Good Little Life
7622Good Things to Eat
7623Growing Up
7624Hamilton Holt
7625Handling an Earthquake in the West
771The Happy Day
773Her Last Affair
774How to Escape the Sense of Time
775Hugh Johnson
776The Ideal
777The Iron Horse
778Irving Bachellers Morning Coat
779Jessie James' Church Collection in Brasstown Valley
7710Jim Bledso's Courtship
7711John the Apostle
7712The Kidnapping of Mrs. Waterloo
7713The Kidnapping of Mrs. Waterloo
7714Last Leaves
7715Last Leaves
7716Last Leaves
7717Last Leaves
7718Last Leaves
7719Last Leaves. The Age of Meek Old Age
7720Last Leaves: The Art of Memory
781Last Leaves: The Evidence of Things Not Seen
782Last Leaves: A Manual for Married People
783Last Leaves: Relatives
784Last Leaves: The Western Front of Old Age
785Law in the Valley
786Leaders in the Dark
787Leonelle Moon Bradford
788Letter from the Mother of a Hollywood Family
789Letter to a Young Mother
7810Letter to Berg Mclntire from the Chain Gang Man
7811Life of a Colored Man
7812Literary Note
7813Little April
7814Love in the Valley
7815The Major Operation
7816Making a Preacher
7817The Man in the Garden
7818A Man Without a Character
7820A Manual of Education for the Educated
7821Mary Proposes
7822The Middle Aged Woman
7823The Migration of Women
7824Modern Daughters and Modern Mothers
7825A Moratorium on Prohibition
7826A Moratorium on Prohibition
791Mr. Geake: Promoter of Forlorn Hopes
792Mr. Geake. Promoter of Forlorn Hopes
793Mrs. Teasley's Summer Boarder
794The Multiple Man
795My Aunt Clarinda's Orphan
796My Dear Azuree
797My Garden
798New York: The Spirit of the Place
799Note on Lynchings
7910Note on Policy and Peace
7911Notes about Women
7912Of No Reputation
7913The Old Penitentiary School of Childhood
7914Old People on the Farm
7915On How to Choose a Husband
7916On the Blue Sky Road
7917The Origin of Evil in Man
7918Our Folks
7919Our Wandering Daughters
801The Pageant Widow
802Pappy's Plan of Salvation
803Parents and Children Yesterday and Today
804Parsing the Land with a Plow
805The Passing of an Agnostic
806The Passing of Parents
807The Pendergrass Sanitarium for Curables
808The Pharisee's Lament
809Picture of People from Life
8010Pokeroot Sal
8011Political Note
8012The Politician in the Valley
8014Portrait of a Newspaper
8017Professor Leeks Visible Pulse
8018Professor Leeks Visible Pulse
8019Promoting Top Anderson
8020Prophets and Fortune Telling
8021The Prosody of Old Age
8022Raucous Reflections
8023Real Life
811The Real Literature of Love
812Reduced Careers for Women
813The Renaissance of the Negro in Southern Literature
814The Return of the Parisian
815The Right to be Happy
816Robin Hood Roosevelt
817Running a Welfare Racket
818Sally in New York
819The Scarlet Flower
8110Scenes Behind the Scenes
8111Sensational Features of Country Life
8112Sensational Life of an Old Woman
8113Sentimental Citizens
8114Seth Carter's Wife
8115Shadows in a Mirror of the Past
8116Shadows in a Mirror of the Past
8117Short Notes
8118Silent Solomans
8119A Sketch of the Pine Log Indian Cave
8120Sketches of Mountain Folk
8121Social Life in City and Country
8122The Son of Old Blood
8123The South
8124The South in the Saddle
8125The Spring Diary of a Farm Woman
8126Story of Styles Bradley
821Strut Your Stuff
822Student Government for the Country
823The Superiority Complex
824Taking Out an Endowment Policy on Love
825Taking Out an Endowment Policy on Love
826Taking Out an Endowment Policy on Love
827Taking Out an Endowment Policy on Love
829The Taming of Tom Purcell
8210Teaching a Course in Evil
8211These Husbands
8212Tom Purcell and His Lion Temper
8213Touching Up Married Life
8214A Town that Has Become a University
8215Training for Adversity
8216Trying to Change the Subject
8217Two Days
8218Two Girls on a Farm
8219The Underhold
8220Unexpected Visitors on the Farm
831Uriah's Wife
832War and Hallucinations
833War and Hallucinations
834The War Religion of France
835The Weaning of Boys
836When the Germans Came
837The Widow Ambrose
838The Wind Mills of Love
839Within the Walls of Paris
8310The Women with the Pop-Eyed Soul
8311A Woman Takes a Look at Politics
8312A Woman Takes a Look at Politics
8313The Woman's Council of National Defense
8314A Woman's Dog
8315The Women of France
8316The Women's Army of Defense in England
8317The World and the Church

Candlelit Columns

In 1931 Corra Harris began writing a tri-weekly column for The Atlanta Journal. Manuscripts of these columns are located here along with (in most cases) a type-written copy and a clipping of the column itself.
841Candlelit Column Publicity
843Actuary of Facts
844Adolescent Chivalry
845Advice to Public Spirited Men
846Aging the Mind
847All These Things
848Almanacs and Census Reports
849The Almoner's Lament
8410Alms for New Jersey
8411Alone With God
8412The American Hyperbole
8413The American's Vocabulary
8414Amusements and 'The Salvation of Human Society'
8415Anguish in Literature
8416Answers to Correspondents
8417Answers to Correspondents
8418Answers to Correspondents
8419Answers to Correspondents
8420Answers to Correspondents
8421Answers to Correspondents
8422Answers to Correspondents
8423Answers to Correspondents
8424Answers to Correspondents
8425An Antique Egotist
8426An Appeal for Religious Freedom of Speech
8427The Archives of Pleasant Memories
8428Are Country People Comical
8429Are Printers Cannibals
8430Are We Americans?
8431Are We Trained for Either War or Peace?
8432The Art of Memory
8433The Art of Public Worship
8434As One Woman to Another
8435As the Circuit Rider's Wife Grows Older
8436As the Circuit Rider's Wife Grows Older
8437As the Circuit Rider's Wife Grows Older
8438As the Circuit Rider's Wife Grows Older
8439Atlanta's Saturday Mind
8440Aunt Carrie
8441An Author and His Book
851Back to the Farm
852Balancing the American Mind
854The Beauties of Nature
855Beauty Shops for the Dead
856Bede and the Prince of Wales
857The Beloved Prodigal
858The Best Circulating Library
859The Best Educated People
8510Better Weather for Itinerants
8511Between the Creek and the Candle
8512Big Men
8513Bird of the Itinerancy
8514Birds of a Feather
8515A Birthday Letter
8516The Birthright of Memory
8517The Bishop and the Old Church at Oxford
8518Blossoms for Next Year
8519The Blue Eagle's Nest
8521Bonds to Insure Peace
8522Borrowed Light
8523Breakers Ahead
8524Breakfast with a Tree Frog
8525Brevities in Thinking
8527The Britisher and Its Newspaper
8528Broadway in the North Georgia Mountains
8529Busters and Pantalettes
8530Californians and Castastrophies
8531The Call
8532The Call of a Leader
8533Camp Meeting at Pine Log
8534Camphor Bottle
8535Candlelit Blues
8536A Candlelit Columnist
8537Candlelit Slavery
8538Card of Thanks for Christmas Gifts
8539Card of Thanks from a Stray Dog
861Cartersville Graduates
862Casey at the Bat
863Changing the Definition of War
864Character Scaffoldings for Short Stories
865Charity Fashion Parade
866Chart Kept by the Patient
867Chivalry in the Mountains
868Choosing a Reformatory
869A Christmas Gift for Bishop Candler
8610Christmas Gifts and Guests in the Valley
8611Civilian Heretics
8612A 'Code' for the Family
8613The Coffee Shop Era in Journalism
8614Come Ye Disconsolate
8616Comedy in a Grocery Store
8618The Communion of Saints
8619Comparisons and Conclusions
8620Condemned to Live at Home
8621Confessions of a Reader
8623Copyrights in Friendship
8627A Country Woman in Town
8629The Criminal Optimist
8631Critics and Cavaliers in Literature
8632Crow Hopping
8633The Crown
8634Culture and Companionship
8635D.C. Characteristics
8636A Day in Atlanta
8637The Daybreak Shower
8638Dealing in Futures
8640Dem Golden Slippers
871Diary of a Day
873A Dinner Party
874Dipping Between the Rollers the English Flag Goes By
875Discretion in Politics
876Distilled Innocence
877Diverting Federal Highway Funds
878Dividends in Living
879Do You Remember
8710A Dog Fight
8713Doubtful Heroines Morbid Egotists
8714Dr. Thomes Byrd Magath
8716Ducks in Rompers
8717Earbobs and Honorary Degrees
8718Ed Howe Again
8719Editor of the Farmer
8721The Effects of Subsistence Farming on National Trade
8723The End of a Day
8724The Enlisted Man
8726An Eruption of Saints
8727Expansion and Architecture
8728Extract from a Letter
8729Extravagance is the Life of Trade
8730Eyelet Work in Fashions and Manners
8731Faith in This World
8732A Fallen Spirit
8733Farm Relief
8734The Farmer's Friend
8735Fashions Founded on Diet
8736Fault-Finding Researchers
8737Favorite Sons
8738The Feminine Vocabulary
8739Financial Wizards
8740Fine Men Set Up in a Fine World
881Fine Phrases
882Finger Printing
883First Ladies of the Land
884Flickering Reflections
885The Fly
886For the Glory of God
887For They Shall Be Comforted
888For Women Only
889A Foreigner in the Kingdom of Heaven
8810A Fox Hunter Retires
8811From a Birthday Letter to a Friend
8812From a Summer Diary
8813The Front Room
8814A Full Report
8815Gallivanting Missionaries
8816The Generations of the Earth
8817A Gentleman with a Silver Heart
8818Georgia News Two Hundred Years Ago
8819A Georgia Prison Camp
8820The Gift of Laughter
8821God Almighty in a Book
8822A Good and Glorious Poverty
8823A Good Bedside Manner
8824A Good Man
8825Good Sports
8826The Good World
8827Government Deficits in Judgement
8828A Graduate
8829Gra'ma Nalley
8830The Great Illusion Yersus a Similar Effusion
8831The Green Prayer Rug
8832Half a Day of a Perfect Life
8833Half Enough Security
8834Hamlet's Question
8835The Handicap
8836Hard of Hearing
8837He Rented a Crop
891He Restoreth My Soul
892Heaven in October
893Heaven in October
894Her Brother's Keeper
895Her Earlier Works
896Her Reward
897Her Vanity
898The Hidden Countenance
899The Hidebound Americans
8910High Lights for the Ladies
8911History Distilled
8912Hoarding: The New American Vice
8913The Homeless World
8914Hope Casting Out Fear
8915Horace Greely
8916Hospital Observations and Experiences
8917How Old?
8918How to Escape the Sense of Time
8919Hunter's Moon
8920Idealism is Not Truth
8921An Illiterate Discipline
8922The Image of God
8924In Memory of the Past
8925In the Spirit
8926Incidental Expenses
8927Incredible Memories
8929Information Wanted
8930The Intellectuals
8931International Courthouse
8932Is it Right to Fight
8933Is the Human Face a Romantic Creation or a Biological Carton?
8934Is There Any Balm in Gilead?
8935Kidnaping Pencils
8936Killing the Goose
8937L'Oncle d' Amerique
8938The Lady and the Cake
8939The Lady of the White House
8940Lamb in His Bosom: A Review
901Lanelle Moon Bradford
902Last Enchantment
903The Leopard's Spot
904Let Us Pray
905Letter from a Rotarian
906Letter from an American Legionary
907Letter From the Mother of a Hollywood Family
908Letter to a Beloved Atheist
909Letter to an Unhappy Lady
9010Letter to E. W. Howe
9011A Letter to Moses
9012Letters and Answers
9013Letters to Mr. George
9014The Life of Yon Trim Shakespeare on the Tree
9015Lige and His Hound
9016A Literal Insurance Against Kidnappers
9017Literature Aged in Wood
9018Literature And Who Should Write It
9019Literature in the Courts
9020Little Children... Love One Another
9021A Little Girl's Christmas Eve in 1876
9022A Little Lower than the Angels
9023The Little Town with a Happy Heart
9024Living Heroines of the Past
9025The Living Sacrifice
9026The Living Wage
9027Locking the Stable Door
9028Lost Enchantment
9029Lux Benigna
9030Madame Secretary
9031The Major Operation
9032The Major Operation
9033Maneuvering Toward the Kingdom of Heaven
9034Mannequins in Literature
9035Manners in Private Life
9036Man's Fate Transposed
9037Marginal Notes
9038Marking the Trail
9039The Masons of Literature
9040Mature and Amateur Writers
911Meet Mr. Garner
914Mergers in Christian Creeds
915Merrily We Roll Along
916A Merry Rogue
917The Metempsychosis of Modesty
918The Mighty Hope that Make Us Men
919Milton Fleetwood
9110"Mince Worm" Philosophy
9112Modern Conveniences
9114Monuments for Women
9115More Pictures of Public Men
9116Morning Light
9117The Most Difficult Man
9118The Moth
9119Mother's Dividend Duty
9120Motion Pictures Along the Calico Valley Road
9121Mountain Folk
9122A Mountain Mother
9123Mountain News
9124Moving Into the New Year
9125Mr. Eason and Mr. Lot
9126Mrs. A. P. Hill's New Cookbook
9127Mrs. Waterloo
9128My Friends the Trees
9129My Library
9130My Old Age Pension
9131Needed Definitions
9132New Year's Wishes
9133News of a Perfect Life
9134A Newspaper Woman
9135Not to See through the Glass Darkly
9137Notes From Washington, No. 1
9138Notes From Washington, No. 2
9139Notes From Washington, No. 3
9140O, Pile a Bright Fire
921Ode to Forty-Three Skylarks
922Ode to Policemen
923An Old Address Book
924Old Cemeteries
925The Old Mill Book
926The Old Rosehill Plantation
927Old Texts Tried
928The Oldest Altar
929The Oldest Poet
9210On Coming of Age
9211On How to Become a Child Twice
9212On Meeting a Princess
9213On the Entertainment of Grief
9214On the Trail of the Wide, Wide World
9215On the Train
9216On the Use of Enemies
9217On the Use of Enemies
9218Oratorical Faith
9219The Other Forgotten Man
9220Our Lady in White
9221Our Wailing Wall
9222Out of Balance
9223Over Production
9226Paradise Lost
9227Parents Must Be Pharisees
9228The Passing of a Roosevelt
9229The Passing of Five Years in Bad Manners
9230The Passing of Great Statesmen
9231The Passing of Robin Hood Roosevelt
9232The Passing of the Political Circus
9233The Pastor's Pastor
9234Pathological Advertising
9235Payment in Praise
9236Peeping Toms in Literature
9238Penalizing Delinquent Voters
9239Pencil Sketch of a Famous Man
9240A Perfect Life
931Pestering the Cotton Farmer
932Pictures and Predictions
933Pioneer Day of the New Year
934Pioneering in Education
935Planting the Garden
936A Plea for the Mute and Inglorious
937Pokeroot Sal
938Politer Reflections on Men
9310Politics and Lemonade
9311Poor People Shopping for Christmas
9312The Portrait of a Lady
9313Post-Mortem Publicity
9315Preparedness for Peace
9317The Private Life of a Christian
9318The Problem of the Unemployed
9319Prophets and Fortune Tellers
9320The Psychology of Hats
9321Putting Out the Light
9322The QED of Sentimentality
9323The Queerest Things
9324A Question in Poetic Psychology
9325Raucous Reflections
9326Reading and Writing
9327Recovery in the Value of Words
9328Red Cross Aristocrats
9329Reflections of a Boy Scout
9330The Reflections of a Wayfarer
9331Reflections on Current Events
9332Religion for Secular Life
9333Religious Reflections
9334The Renaissance of Domestic Arts
9335A Retired Methodist
9336Retiring a Veteran
9337Retouching the Portrait of a Lady
9338The Return of the Prodigals
941The Revolution
942A Road Map
943The Rodeo
944Rubes Bend City Rubes
945Rydal Route No. 2
946Saturday Afternoon
947Save, O Save Our Men
948Scrap Sketches of the Election
949The Secondary Stage of Convalescence
9410Secret Ambitions
9412Self Defense
9413Selling Short in Hospitality
9414Selling the Depression
9415She Meets a Great Man
9416Sheiks and Coolies
9417Shock Troops in Philadelphia
9418Shock Troops of the Intelligensia
9419Shopping for Christmas
9421Silver Cups
9422Simon, Son of Jonas
9423Simplified Culture
9424Six Percent Ethics
9425The Slump in Happiness
9426Snuffing the Candle
9427Sober Reflections
9428Social Life in a Florida Winter Colony
9429Soldier's Bonus
9430A Soliloquy
9431Some Famous Men: How They Really Look
9432Sowing Seeds in Kindness
9433Speculations in Human Nature
9434Spiritual Inebriates
9435Spiritual Speed
9436Spring Cleaning
9437Spring Time in Georgia
9438A Stirrup Cup for Spring
9440The Story of a Light Lady
9441Stray Beams
951A Stray Dog: Who Wants Him?
952Subjects I Never Discuss
953Subnormal Heroics
954A Subsistence Homesteader
955Substituting Wit for Intelligence
957A Summer School for Sheriffs
958Superstitions and Proverbs Defined
959Sut Comes Into His Own
9510Sweetgum Days
9511Sweetness and Light
9512Sword Blades or Poppy Seeds?
9513A Symposium
9514Tag Words
9515Take It on the Chin
9516The Tall Man of Georgia
9519Testifying Again
9520Thanksgiving Eve
9521Thawing Our Meteorologist
9522Thawing Out Our New Meteorologist
9523Their Faces and Their Books
9524Theology in Childhood
9525The Theology of Speculation
9526The Thirteenth Regiment Tennessee Infantry
9527Three and a Half Tramps
9528Three Bad Colds
9529Three Duels
9530Three People You Know
9531The Tide
9532To a Beloved Lady
9533To a President-Elect
9534To a Prospective Journalist
9535To an Idealist
9536To Insure a Woman's Happiness
9537To Restore Poverty's Good Name
9538To the Editor
9539A Tornado in the Mountains
9540Trade Digests of Feminine Characteristics
961A Tragedienne of Life
962The Trial
963A Transcendentalist in Crime
964The Trapper and the Trapped
965The Trial
966True Love
968Two Thanksgiving Days-A Comparison
969Two Tramps
9610The Trapper and the Trapped
9611Vagabond Humor
9612Vanity of Vanities-But Not Allies Vanity
9613The Vitamin of Genius
9614Walker's Mule
9615Walter Scott's Preface
9617We Pass the Crisis
9618A Welfare Racket
9619What Is Sauce for the Goose
9620What Is War
9621What Religion Means to Me
9622What Shall It Profit a Man
9623Wheat Thrashing Gossip
9624When Foreigners Are Not People
9625When I Was a Child
9626Where the Light Falls
9627Where the Light Falls
9628Where the Light Falls
9629Where the Light Falls
9630Where the Light Falls
9631Who Wrote It?
9632Why Do You Love Georgia?
9633Why I Love Georgia
9634The Wide Wide World
9635Will Spring Come in Paradise
9636Will the Chief Resign
9637Will the People Fail Him?
9638Wind Across the Lake
9639Winter Time in the Cabin
9640Wolves in the Back
971A Woman's Dog
972Women Again
973Women and Their Political Correspondence
974Women's Wat
975The Worm Turns
976Writing and Living
979Young Poets
9710Untitled [Ancient Ideals]
9711Untitled [Bad People]
9712Untitled [Banks]
9713Untitled [A Bright Fire]
9714Untitled [A Cavalry Sword of Southern Literature]
9715Untitled [Christmas]
9716Untitled [Civilian Heretics]
9717Untitled [Dear Bob Cat]
9718Untitled [The Fatherhood of God]
9719Untitled [Gardeners, Carpenters, or Poets]
9720Untitled [Granddaddies in the Garden]
9721Untitled [Lamb in His Bosom]
9722Untitled [The Lewis Burchards]
9723Untitled [A Man's Enemy]
9724Untitled [The Poor and the Shiftless]
9725Untitled [Rationalists]
9726Untitled [The Roundelay of Ancient Ideals]
9727Untitled [The Three James]
9728Untitled [Tuesday Morning]
9729Candlelit Column, fragments
9730Candlelit Column, fragments
9731Candlelit Column, fragments
9732Candlelit Column, fragments


Manuscripts of speeches that Corra Harris gave are arranged by the manuscript title. A number of these manuscripts relate to Corra Harris' teaching at Rollins College.
981Address at Rich's
982Authors and Their Works
983Conversation on Evil
984Discussion on Evil
985Excerpts from an Address Before the Woman's Council of National Defense
986Man: The Most Evil of the Lower Animals
987Speech Before the Home Economics Dinner
988Untitled [Rebecca Felton Birthday]
9816The Woman of Yesterday


Notebooks kept by Corra Harris, Lundy Harris, Faith Harris, and Harry Leech are arranged by date when that is known.
991Corra Harris Notebook, 1906
992Corra Harris Notebook, 1916
993Corra Harris Notebook, [1916]
994Corra Harris Notebook, June 1918
995Corra Harris Notebook, [ 1928-29?]
996Corra Harris Notebook
997Corra Harris Notebook
998Corra Harris Notebook
999Corra Harris Notebook
9910Corra Harris Notebook
9911Corra Harris Notebook
9912Lundy Harris Notebook
9913Faith Harris Notebook, 1909
9914Harry Leech


Three scripts of Corra Harris' works are present in this collection. These include The Co-Citizens, Making Her His Wife, and War and Hallucinations.
1001The Co-Citizens
1002Making Her His Wife
1003War and Hallucinations

Manuscripts by Others

A variety of miscellaneous manuscripts written by others are among the Corra Harris papers. Many of these manuscripts were sent to Corra Harris for her advice.
1011After the Operation
1012Anniversary of the Few Society (Lundy Harris)
1013The Apostles of the Underworld
1014A Ballad of the Uncursed
1015The Bible
1016A "Break-Your-Fast"
1017The Butterfly and the Bee
1018Captain Wilcoxson Goes a Courting
1019The Circuit Rider's Wife in Literature
10110Coming from the Fields
10111Dear Planter
10112Dedication Ceremony at Memorial Chapel
10113Diary of Alma McLain Coleman Brown
10114Forestry is Paying Its Way
10115I'll Hang My Harp on a Willow Tree
10116Introducing Mrs. Harris
10117Jo and I
10118Ladies Aid and the Story of the Little Shookus
10119Listen My Heart
10120Major M's Philosophy
10121The Methodist Elder's Grave
10122Old Ideas for New Lives
10124Poems (Dr. E. Fred Morris)
10125Present China
10126Tell Them I Am a Child of God
10127Together Against the Storm
10128To What End
10129War Songs
Miscellaneous and unidentified manuscripts
A variety of miscellaneous manuscripts that do not fit easily into any of these groupings are located in this one box. A number of these are personal manuscripts relating to the family and were never publishedUnidentified manuscripts (whole or fragments) are filed in these five boxes.
1021Miscellaneous Personal Manuscripts (Lundy's Death)
1022Miscellaneous Personal Manuscripts (Corra Harris' Will & Funeral)
1023Miscellaneous Personal Manuscripts
1024Unidentified Manuscripts
1025Unidentified Manuscripts
1026Unidentified Manuscripts
1027Unidentified Manuscripts
1028Unidentified Manuscripts
1029Unidentified Manuscripts
10210Unidentified Manuscripts
10211Unidentified Manuscripts
10212Unidentified Manuscripts
10213Unidentified Manuscripts
10214Unidentified Manuscripts
10215Unidentified Manuscripts
10216Unidentified Manuscripts
10217Unidentified Manuscripts
10218Unidentified Manuscripts
10219Unidentified Manuscripts
10220Unidentified Manuscripts
10221Unidentified Manuscripts
10222Unidentified Manuscripts
10223Unidentified Manuscripts
10224Unidentified Manuscripts
10225Unidentified Manuscripts
10226Unidentified Manuscripts
10227Unidentified Manuscripts
10228Unidentified Manuscripts
10229Unidentified Manuscripts
10230Unidentified Manuscripts
10231Unidentified Manuscripts
10232Unidentified Manuscripts
10233Unidentified Manuscripts
10234Unidentified Manuscripts
10235Unidentified Manuscripts
1031Unidentified Manuscripts
1032Unidentified Manuscripts
1033Unidentified Manuscripts
1034Unidentified Manuscripts
1035Unidentified Manuscripts
1036Unidentified Manuscripts
1037Unidentified Manuscripts
1038Unidentified Manuscripts
1039Unidentified Manuscripts
10310Unidentified Manuscripts
10311Unidentified Manuscripts
10312Unidentified Manuscripts
10313Unidentified Manuscripts
10314Unidentified Manuscripts
10315Unidentified Manuscripts
10316Unidentified Manuscripts
10317Unidentified Manuscripts
10318Unidentified Manuscripts
10319Unidentified Manuscripts
1041Unidentified Manuscripts
1042Unidentified Manuscripts
1043Unidentified Manuscripts
1044Unidentified Manuscripts
1045Unidentified Manuscripts
1046Unidentified Manuscripts
1047Unidentified Manuscripts
1048Unidentified Manuscripts
1049Unidentified Manuscripts
10410Unidentified Manuscripts
10411Unidentified Manuscripts
10412Unidentified Manuscripts
10413Unidentified Manuscripts
10414Unidentified Manuscripts
10415Unidentified Manuscripts
10416Unidentified Manuscripts
10417Unidentified Manuscripts
10418Unidentified Manuscripts
10419Unidentified Manuscripts
10420Unidentified Manuscripts
10421Unidentified Manuscripts
10422Unidentified Manuscripts
10423Unidentified Manuscripts
10424Unidentified Manuscripts
10425Unidentified Manuscripts
10426Unidentified Manuscripts
10427Unidentified Manuscripts
1051Unidentified Manuscripts
1052Unidentified Manuscripts
1053Unidentified Manuscripts
1054Unidentified Manuscripts
1055Unidentified Manuscripts
1056Unidentified Manuscripts
1057Unidentified Manuscripts
1058Unidentified Manuscripts
1059Unidentified Manuscripts
10510Unidentified Manuscripts
10511Unidentified Manuscripts
10512Unidentified Manuscripts
10513Unidentified Manuscripts
10514Unidentified Manuscripts
10515Unidentified Manuscripts
10516Unidentified Manuscripts
10517Unidentified Manuscripts
10518Unidentified Manuscripts
10519Unidentified Manuscripts
10520Unidentified Manuscripts
10521Unidentified Manuscripts
10522Unidentified Manuscripts
10523Unidentified Manuscripts
10524Unidentified Manuscripts
1061Unidentified Manuscripts
1062Unidentified Manuscripts
1063Unidentified Manuscripts
1064Unidentified Manuscripts
1065Unidentified Manuscripts
1066Unidentified Manuscripts
1067Unidentified Manuscripts
1068Unidentified Manuscripts
1069Unidentified Manuscripts
10610Unidentified Manuscripts
10611Unidentified Manuscripts
10612Unidentified Manuscripts
10613Unidentified Manuscripts
10614Unidentified Manuscripts
10615Unidentified Manuscripts
10616Unidentified Manuscripts
10617Unidentified Manuscripts
10618Unidentified Manuscripts
10619Unidentified Manuscripts
10620Unidentified Manuscripts
10621Unidentified Manuscripts
10622Unidentified Manuscripts
10623Unidentified Manuscripts
10624Unidentified Manuscripts
10625Unidentified Manuscripts
10626Unidentified Manuscripts
10627Unidentified Manuscripts
10628Unidentified Manuscripts
10629Unidentified Manuscripts


A small number of photographs of Corra Harris are present in this collection. Most of these are from late in her life. In addition, there are a number of family photographs (though many of these are unidentified) and a large number of unidentified photographs.Negatives of some of these photographs can be found in the negative file maintained by the department. Other photographs of Corra Harris are located in the picture file in the reading room. The researcher may also wish to consult the extensive photograph files of The Atlanta Journal in Atlanta.Additional photographs may be found at the end of the correspondence files in box 58. These photographs were initially found with letters to Corra Harris.

Corra Harris / Country Gentlemen article photos

1071Photographs, Corra Harris
1072Photographs, Corra Harris
1073Photographs, (For Faith's article for The Country Gentleman)

Miscellaneous Photos

1074Miscellaneous Photographs
1075Miscellaneous Photographs
1076Miscellaneous Photographs
1077Miscellaneous Photographs
1078Miscellaneous Photographs
1079Miscellaneous Photographs
10710Miscellaneous Photographs
10711Miscellaneous Photographs
10712Miscellaneous Photographs
10713Miscellaneous Photographs


The clipping files in the Corra Harris collection include a wide variety of different materials saved by Corra Harris. In addition to copies of many of her published articles and stories, there are also located here reviews of her works, and a variety of clippings on a wide range of subjects of interest to Corra Harris. Of special note is the "Life of Corra Harris" that was published in The Atlanta Journal in five installments.

Articles and Stories

1081List of Magazines Publishing Corra Harris' Work
1082The Advance of Civilization
1083Azalee's Valentine
1084Be Sweet Clever Maid
1085The Bonneted Hornets
1086[Book Reviews]
1087[Book Reviews]
1088Brother Milam
1089Budd Sockwell's Courtship
10810A Change for the Better
10811Corra Harris Tells How Women Should Vote
10812The Diary of a Country Woman
10813Fiction, North and South
10814Flapper Anne
10815Flapper Anne
10816Flapper Anne
10817Flapper Anne
10818A Forty Days Troth With the Forest
10819The God-Lonesome Man in Brasstown Valley
10820How New York Appears to a Southern Woman
10821The Ideal
10822The Independent, January 6, 1910
10823The Independent, January 21,1910
10824The Independent, August 18, 1910
10826Jim Bledso's Courtship
10827Lady Merton
10828Last Leaves
10829Last Leaves
10830Last Leaves
10831Last Leaves: The Age of Meek Old Age
10832Last Leaves: A Manual for Married People
10833Last Leaves: Relatives
10834Law in the Valley
10835Literature, Literaturitis and Literalism
10836Letters to Girls
10837Mary Frances
10838Memories of a Doctor
10839The Mind of the Child
10840The Monstrous Altruism
10841My Garden
1091New Wine in Old Bottles
1092New York as Seen from a Georgia Valley
1093The Other People
1094Parents and Children, Yesterday and Today
1095Parsing the Land with a Plow
1096The Passing of Uncle Remus
1097The Pharisee's Lament
1098Price of Suffering for American Women
10910Sanitariums and Sanitarium Women
10911Seth Carter's Wife
10912Seth Carter's Wife
10913The Son of Old Blood
10914Southern Writers
10915The South's Way
10916Student Government for the Country
10917The Taming of Tom Purcell
10918Those Unexpected Visitors
10919A Town that Became a University
10920The Turkey Trot
10921Vanessa-The Flying Comma
10922War Time in the Valley
10923The Willipus-Wallipus in Tennessee Politics
10924A Woman Takes a Look at Politics
10925A Woman's Dog
10926Yes, If Real Love Always Rules
10929Faith Harris, Clippings
10930Faith Harris, Clippings
10931Faith Harris, Clippings
10932Faith Harris, Notes for Country Gentleman Article
10933Lundy Harris, In the Forgotten Lands

Newspaper clippings

1104Death, Funeral, & Will
1107Harris Family
1108Holt, Hamilton
1109Howe, E. W.
11010Howe, E. W.
11011Husbands and Wives
11012"In the Valley"
11013Leech, Faith Harris
11014Life of Corra Harris, 1st Installment
11015Life of Corra Harris, 2nd Installment
11016Life of Corra Harris, 3rd Installment
11017Life of Corra Harris, 4th Installment
11018Life of Corra Harris, 5th Installment
11019Lundy's Death
11020Memorial Chapel
11021Methodist Church
11022Milton Award
11024"Mule for Sale"
11026Vanderbilt University
11027The South
11028Thrift Investment
11029White Family
11031Women's Suffrage
11032World War I

Newspaper clippings, reviews of works

1111As a Woman Thinks
1112A Circuit Rider's Widow
1113A Circuit Rider's Wife
1114A Circuit Rider's Wife
1115A Circuit Rider's Wife
1117A Daughter of Adam
1118Eve's Second Husband
1119Eve's Second Husband
11110Eve's Second Husband
11111Flapper Anne
11112From Sun-Up to Sun-Down
11113Happily Married
11114The Happy Pilgrimage
11115House of Helen
11116In Search of a Husband
11117Making Her His Wife
11118My Book and Heart
11119My Son
11120The Recording Angel
11121The Solution

Newspaper clippings, miscellaneous

1121Miscellaneous Clippings
1122Miscellaneous Clippings
1123Miscellaneous Clippings
1124Miscellaneous Clippings
1125Miscellaneous Clippings
1126Miscellaneous Clippings
1127Miscellaneous Clippings
1128Miscellaneous Clippings
1129Miscellaneous Clippings
11210Miscellaneous Clippings
1131-6Miscellaneous Clippings

Printed material

Corra Harris saved a wide variety of miscellaneous printed material during her lifetime. Similar types of material have been filed together but the sequence of filing follows no order.
113Advance copy of Flapper Anne, inscribed to John [Drewly], 1926
1141Miscellaneous Printed Material
1142Miscellaneous Printed Material
1143Miscellaneous Printed Material
1144Miscellaneous Printed Material
1145Miscellaneous Printed Material
1146Miscellaneous Printed Material
1147Miscellaneous Printed Material
1148Miscellaneous Printed Material
1149Miscellaneous Printed Material
11410Miscellaneous Printed Material
11411Miscellaneous Printed Material
11412Miscellaneous Printed Material
11413Miscellaneous Printed Material
1151Miscellaneous Printed Material
1152Miscellaneous Printed Material
1153Miscellaneous Printed Material

Financial Records

Notable among Corra Harris' financial papers are literary contracts with a number of her publishers. The other financial papers relate to Corra Harris, Lundy Harris, Faith Harris Leech, and Harry Leech. These miscellaneous materials are filed in their original disorder.

Contracts and Insurance

1161Literary Contracts
1162Rental Contracts
1163Insurance, Deeds, etc.
1164Insurance, Deeds, etc.
1165Income Tax Reports

Statements, Checks, Etc.

1166Lundy Harris: Statements, Checks, etc.
1167Harry Leech: Statements, Checks, etc.
1168Harry Leech: Statements, Checks, etc.
1169Harry Leech: Statements, Checks, etc.
1171Faith Harris Leech: Statements, Checks, etc.
1172Faith Harris Leech: Statements, Checks, etc.
1173Faith Harris Leech: Statements, Checks, etc.
1174Faith Harris Leech: Statements, Checks, etc.
1175Faith Harris Leech: Statements, Checks, etc.
1176Faith Harris Leech: Statements, Checks, etc.
1177Miscellaneous Statements, Checks, etc.
1181Miscellaneous Statements, Checks, etc.
1182Miscellaneous Statements, Checks, etc.
1183Miscellaneous Statements, Checks, etc.
1184Miscellaneous Statements, Checks, etc.
1185Miscellaneous Statements, Checks, etc.
1191Miscellaneous Statements, Checks, etc.
1192Miscellaneous Statements, Checks, etc.
1193Miscellaneous Statements, Checks, etc.
1194Miscellaneous Statements, Checks, etc.
1195Miscellaneous Statements, Checks, etc.
1201Miscellaneous Statements, Checks, etc.
1202Miscellaneous Statements, Checks, etc.
1203Miscellaneous Statements, Checks, etc.

Oversized materials

This one box of oversized material contains an assortment of unrelated items. Among them is a scrapbook of Corra Harris', several certificates and degrees, and two large photographs (one of Faith Harris and one of Lundy Harris).
121Miscellaneous Oversized Material
1APencil sketch by W. B. J. (?)
121The Whopper scrapbook
121Certificates and diplomas