Olin Downes papers, Series 5. Manuscripts

Olin Downes papers, Series 5. Manuscripts

Descriptive Summary

Title: Olin Downes papers, Series 5. Manuscripts
Creator: Downes, Olin, 1886-1955
Inclusive Dates: circa 1926-1957
Language: English
Extent: 11.6 Linear Feet (29 boxes, 1 carton)
Collection Number: ms688.series5
Repository: Hargrett Library

Collection Description

Historical Note

Olin Downes (1886-1955) was an American music critic with the Boston Post (1906-1924) and the New York Times (1924-1955).

Scope and Content

The Manuscripts consist of manuscripts of Olin Downes from approximately 1926-1957. The manuscripts contain notes, research material, drafts, outlines, typescripts, and galleys of several of Downes' major published and unpublished works including The Eternal Spring of Music, Treasury of American Song, Men of MusicTen Operatic MasterpiecesChopin, and Olin Downes on Music, a compilation of Downes' writings from 1906-1955 edited by Irene Downes. The series also contains materials for a memoir of Downes.

Organization and Arrangement

The materials are arranged into seven subseries based on major works by Downes: 5.1 Manuscripts and galleys; 5.2 Ten Operatic Masterpieces; 5.3 Olin Downes on Music; 5.4 Chopin; 5.5 Men of Music; 5.6 Manuscripts by Others; 5.7 Copies of Downes' Published Books.

This finding aid represents just one portion of the Olin Downes papers, which all together consists of correspondence, photographs, scrapbooks, printed materials, articles, music manuscripts, and lectures.

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Olin Downes papers, Series 5. Manuscripts, ms 688.series5, Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library, The University of Georgia Libraries.

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Series Descriptions and Folder Listing

Manuscripts and galleys (4 boxes)
11The Eternal Springs of Music Folder 1
12The Eternal Springs of Music Folder 2
13The Eternal Springs of Music Folder 3
14The Eternal Springs of Music Folder 4
15The Eternal Springs of Music Folder 5
16 A Question of Understanding
17 Unheard Melodies
18Critic or Catpaw (Story)
19Untitled Article
110The Sinning Madonna (Play)
111A Wonderful Time (Story)
112The Music Rises (Radio Program)
113A Child's Opera Book (Draft)
114Symphony on a Cash Register (Article)
115Barberina (Play)
116Development of the Orchestra (Article) Folder 1
117Development of the Orchestra (Article) Folder 2
118Listening to Music (Book)
119Stories, with Drawings, of Famous Melodies (Unpublished)
22Miscellaneous Notes
23Memoirs - Misc. Notes
25Memoirs - Music Notes
26Memoirs - Music Notes
27Memoir Material 3rd Draft
28Memoir Material - Last Draft, 1950
29Music Notes
210Downes Olin - Autobiography
31Treasury of Soue Durvo
32Treasury of American Song Notes
33Treasury of American Song Notes
34Treasury of American Song Notes
35Treasury of American Song Notes
36Treasury of American Song Notes
37Treasury of American Song Notes
38Treasury of American Song Notes
39Treasury of American Song Notes
310Treasury of American Song Notes
311Treasury of American Song Notes on Sections I-XV
41Sibeluis Book
42O.D. Book on Record
43O.D. Book on Record Library
44Records Repertoire
45Olin Downes Record Bookshelf
46Records Repertoire
47Records Repertoire
48Women of Orchestra
49Women of Orchestra
410Women of Orchestra
Ten Operatic Masterpieces (4 boxes)
51Downes, Olin - Books Ten Operatic Masterpieces
52Text of book, A-L
53Text of book, M-Z
54-5Introduction, Ms.
56-7Aida, Mss.
58Aida, Galleys
59Boheme, Mss.
510Boheme, Galleys
61-4Carmen, Ms.
65Carmen, Galleys
66-8Figaro, Ms.
69Figaro, Galleys
71Hansel and Gretel, Ms.
72Love of Three Oranges, Ms.
73-4Meistersinger, Ms.
75Rosenkavalier, Ms.
76Rosenkavalier, Galleys
77-8Tosca, Ms.
79Text, Ms. Carmen and Boheme
710Text, Ms. Meistersinger
81Text, Tosca and Wozzeck
84-7"Great Opera for Children" - Musical Arrangements by Leonard K. Marker
Olin Downes on Music (9 boxes)
91American Composer at Home and Abroad: Carbon Copies of Edited and Typed Pages in Master Book
92American Composer at Home and Abroad: Photostats of Edited Material; Typed and in Master Book
93 - 4American Music
95American Music: Carbon Copies of Edited and Typed Pages in Master Book
96American Music: Photostats of Edited Material; Typed and in Master Book
97Boston Public Library
98John N. Burk (Boston Symphony Orchestra), 1955, 1957
99 - 10American Operas
911Whither American Opera - Typed Copies
912American Opera: Photostats
913American Operas: Carbon Copies of Edited and Typed Pages in Master Book
114American Operas: Photostats of Edited Material; Typed and in Master Book
915Music & The Public - Carbon Copies
916Music and the Public: Photostats of Edited Material; Typed and in Master Book
917The Boston Post
918Boston Post - Dr. Joseph Braunstein, 1906 - 1923
919Boston Post Reviews, 1956
920Boston Post - Mario Siletti, 1906 - 1923
921Boston Symphony Orchestra
922 - 23The Composer
924The Composer: Carbon Copies of Edited and Typed Pages in Master Book
925The Composer: Photostats of Edited Material; Typed and in Master Book
926The Composer Additional Articles for Section - Photostats
927Concert: Sibelius's 90th Birthday: Olin Downes, December 4, 1955
928(First) "Conference on the Arts" - Boston University, May 3-5, 1957
929Correspondence - Olin Downes
930Royal Cortissoz Armory Show 1913, 1957
931Philip Cortney
932 - 33Criticism
934Criticism, 1957
935Criticism: Photostats of Edited Material; Typed and in Master Book
936Criticism: Carbon Copies of Edited and Typed Pages in Master book
937Criticism: Additional Photostats Suggested for Use on Criticism, April 7, 1956
938Criticism: Articles Not Used But Rated
939 - 40Opera
941Opera: Carbon Copies of Edited and Typed Pages in Master Book
942Opera: Photostats of Edited Material; Typed and in Master Book
943Opera: Photostats Postponed
101Press Clippings, 1957
102Press Clippings - Olin Downes On Music
103Public Libraries Promotion for "Olin Downes On Music", 1957
104Questionnaire and Replies Thereto, 1957
105Questionanire - Correspondence Returned With List, 1955
106Sales: "Olin Downes On Music", 1957
107Simon and Schuster, INC.
108Miss Grace Spofford
109Dr. Irvin Stein
1010Leopold Stokowski
1011Susannah (The Opera)
1012Simon and Schuster - Captions (for book)
1013Simon and Schuster
1014Simon and Schuster
111Simon and Schuster
112Simon and Schuster
113Correspondence and Contract, Oct. 1955
114Comments on Book, May 1956
115Index Cards
116Introduction, August, 1956
117Introduction, May 17, 1956
118Introduction (Notes), March 1956
119Henry Simon, 1956 - 1957
1110Introduction (Versions), March 1956
1111Introduction (Comments), March 1956
1112Introduction (S. Finkelstein's Suggestions), March 1956
1113Louis M. Loeb (Lord, Day & Lord), 1955
1114Plan for Book Suggestions
1115Readers, Nov 22, 1955
1116Readers, Nov 29, 1955
1117Research Record N.Y. Times
1118Notes on "Master Book" Script - Henry Simon
1119Proofreader's Marks - Simon and Schuster, INC., 1956
1120Sociology of the Musician
121 - 4Working Memoranda, 1955
125Special Subjects
127Special Subjects
128Miscellaneous Articles - Photostats
131The American Composer
132 - 3Bach
134Barber: Photostats and Carbon Copies of Edited and Typed Pages in Master Book
135Ludwig von Beethoven
136Berg "Wozzeck", Dec 26, 1926
137Georges Bizet
138 - 9Ernest Bloch
1310 - 11Johannes Brahms
1312Ella Brailowsky
1313Dr. Joseph Braunstein
1314 - 15Benjamin Britten
1316Carpenter, John Alden
1317George Whitefield Chadwick
1318Chalmers Clifton
1319Frederick Chopin
1321Mr. Sidney Finkelstein
1322 - 23George Gershwin
1324Vittorio Giannini
1325Henry F. Gilbert
1326Gluck Orfeo Armide Alceste
1329Paul Hindemith
1330Arthur Honegger
1331Charles Ives
1334Dr. Henry Levinger
1335Goddard Lieberson, 1955
1337Charles Martin Loeffler
1339Gian-Carlo Menotti
1341Jean Morel
1343 - 44Mozart
1345 - 46Prokofieff
1347Giacomo Puccini
1348Prokofieff: Carbon Copies of Edited and Typed Papes in Master Book
1349Prokofieff: Photostats of Edited Material; Typed and in Master Book
1350Puccini Turandot
141 - 2Sergei Rachmaninoff
143Maurice Ravel
144Clara Rockmore, 1955
147 - 8Arnold Schoenberg
149 - 10Alexander Scriabin
1411Controversy: Schubert's "Unfinished" Symphony, October 23, 1927
1412Franz Schubert
1413 -14Dmitri Shostakovich
1415 - 16Jean Sibelius
1417 - 18Richard Strauss
1419 - 20Igor Stravinsky
1421Josef Suk
1422Deems Taylor
1423Saul Taishoff
1424Virgil Thomson
1425 - 26Vaughan Williams
1427 - 28Guisseppi Verdi
1430Richard Wagner
1431Carl Maria von Weber
1433Books - Acknowledgements - Olin Downes on Music
1434Mr. Samuel L. M. Barlow
1435The Interpreter: Photostats of Edited Material; Typed and in Master Book
1436The Interpreter: Carbon Copies of Edited and Typed Pages in Master Book
1437Working Outline - 50 Years of Music - Olin Downes Writings from Boston Post & NY Times
1438Interpreters & Interpretation - Typed Copies
1439 - 40Education (Music)
151Photostats, 1924 - 1941
153Photostats, 1942 - 1955
161Title Page - Page 23
162Page 24 - 162
163Page 163 - 292
164Page 293 - 393
165Page 394 - 493
166Page 494 - 633
167Page 634 - 777
171Page 778 - 875
172Page 876 - End of Index
173Printer's Directions
174Printer's Directions
175Plan for Book Irene
176N.Y. Times Articles for Irene's Book
177Re: Irene's Book
Chopin (3 boxes)
181 Thesis of Chopin Book
182Chronological Biographical Outline (In Loose Leaf Notebook)
183Chopin Bibliography (From N.Y. Public, Catalog)
184Source and Reference Material (Miscellaneous)
185 - 8Nowaczynski - Chopin's Youth (Translation)
189Hoesick - Chopina do Elsnera (Translation)
191Chopin - Translation of Women in Chopin's Life
192 - 6Hoesick - Chopin (Translating by Mme. Kobylaneka)
197Chopin (Translated by Kahylanska or Hertz?)
201Hoesick, Translation - Carbons and Penciled Notes
202Chopin: Notes, Articles, and Stories, Re
203Chopin: Birth and Ancestry
204Hoesick - Maria Wodzinska, Re
205Delphine Potoka, Additional Information
206Chopin: Chopin's Last Year, Nov 1948 - Oct 1849
207Pictures, List of Articles, Programs, etc.
208Mickiewicz in Music (Typed Sonnet Laid In)
209Chopin - Complete Works (2 Copies)
Men of Music (7 boxes)
211Plan for Book (Composers)
212Rough Notes
213 - 5Notes & Misc. Mss.
217American Symphonists
218 - 9Bach
221 - 3Bach
224 - 8Beethoven
233 - 4Corelli
235Debussy - "Pelleas"
236Gilbert, Henry
2310 - 12Haydn
241D' Indy
242Instruments (Violin)
246 - 7Mahler
2412 - 13Prokofieff
2416Rubinstein, Anton
2417Russian Symphonists
253 - 4Shostakovitch
256Research - Songs and Ballads
258 - 9Stravinsky
2510Suite of 15th Century
2511Suite of 16th Century
2512Suite of 18th Century
2513Suite - General
261 - 3Tchaikovsky
267 - 8Vivaldi
2611Notebook I
2612Notebook II
271Notebook III
272Notebook IV
273Notebook V
274Notebook VI
Manuscripts by Other Authors (2 boxes)
281 The Well-Tempered Clavichord
282Mrs. Mathilde Wesendonk (R. P. Winslow)
283Man & Genius - Manuscript
284Finck, Henry T.
285Gatti (Autobiography)
286Church Music (Author Unknown)
287History of Opera Libretti (Thesis)
288European Dawn (Szabolcsi)
289Richard Strauss - Book on (Archer)
291Untitled Book on Music
292Polyphony in Modern American Music by Dorothy Slepian, Ph.D. - Vol I
293Polyphony in Modern American Music by Dorothy Slepian, Ph.D. - Vol II
294Sardou, Victorien - La Tosca - Translated by Alice E. Black
295 - 6Translation of La Tosca by Alice E. Black
Published Books and Notebooks
11Olin Downes on Music: a selection of his writings during the half-century 1906-1955, edited by Irene Downes (inscribed to Jean and Rudolph Reti by Irene), 1957
12A Treasury of American Song, by Olin Downes and Elie Siegmeister (inscribed to Irene's mother by Olin), 1940
13Ten Operatic Masterpieces, Mozart to Prokofieff, text by Olin Downes, 1952
14Engraved Olin Downes music stand topper, wood, undated
15-84 notebooks with summaries of correspondence, reviews (not created by Olin Downes)

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