Olin Downes papers, Series 10. Irene Miles Downes papers

Olin Downes papers, Series 10. Irene Miles Downes papers

Descriptive Summary

Title: Olin Downes papers, Series 10. Irene Miles Downes papers
Creator: Downes, Irene
Inclusive Dates: circa 1926-1964
Language: English
Extent: 3.2 Linear Feet (8 boxes)
Collection Number: ms688.series10
Repository: Hargrett Library

Collection Description

Scope and Content

The Irene Miles Downes papers consist of the papers of Irene Miles Downes from approximately 1926-1964. The papers contain mainly correspondence both to Downes and carbon copies of her letters. The correspondence documents Downes' work with the Brooklyn Institute of Arts and Sciences (N.Y.) and Town Hall, Inc. (New York, N.Y.), the settlement of Olin Downes' estate, the sale of Olin Downes' music library to Florida State University and the library's dedication, royalties from Olin Downes' publications, and personal correspondence with friends and public figures in the music field. Major correspondents include Charles Atkins, George V. Denney, Jean Reti-Forbes, Olga and Hans Kaltenborn, Norman L. Kilpatrick, and Robert Rockmore. The series also contains manuscripts of Irene Downes' writings, including various stories about Olin Downes.

Organization and Arrangement

The materials are arranged in alphabetical order by correspondent or topic.

This finding aid represents just one portion of the Olin Downes papers, which all together consists of correspondence, photographs, scrapbooks, printed materials, articles, music manuscripts, and lectures.

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Preferred Citation

Olin Downes papers, Series 10. Irene Miles Downes papers, ms 688.series10, Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library, The University of Georgia Libraries.

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Series Descriptions and Folder Listing

11Apartments: Hughes, Jacqueline Cushing, Mrs. Edward Ramee, Mrs. Joseph R. Hoguet, Mrs. Marguerite Ramee
12Arden, Elizabeth
13Armsby, Lenora Woods
14Astrologer - Mr. Hugh McCraig
15Atkinson, Brooks
16Ballon, Ellen
17Beecham, Sir Thomas - Letter To
18Bergal, George
19Bernstein, Leonard - Letters To
110Blanc, Eliot
111Bloch, Suzanne
112Bower, Dr. Warren - Assistant Dean, New York University
113Brailowsky, Mr. & Mrs. Alexander
114Brailowsky, Alexander - RE: Chopin Nocturnes
115Braunfield, Archibald V.
116Braunstein, Dr. Joseph
117Broadcast Music - Carl Haverlin
118Brooklyn Institute of Arts and Sciences (1) Charles Atkins, etc., July 1926 - July 9, 1928
119Brooklyn Institute of Arts and Sciences (2) Charles Atkins, July 10, 1928 - July 21, 1928
120Brooklyn Institute of Arts and Sciences (3) Charles Atkins, July 24, 1928 - August 18, 1928
121Brooklyn Institute of Arts and Sciences (4) Charles Atkins, 1934 - 1935
122Brooklyn Institute of Arts and Sciences (5), 1936 - April, 1957
123Brooklyn Institute of Arts and Sciences (6), May, 1937 - June, 1937
124Brooklyn Institute of Arts and Sciences (7), July 1, 1937 - Nov. 1937
125Brooklyn Institute of Arts and Sciences (8), 1938 - 1940 - Undated
126Burden, Mr. & Mrs. Chester (Elenor)
127Burrows, Clyde
128Calvin, Irl
129Century Association
130Chasins, Abram
131Chotzinoff, Samuel
133Church of the Ascension - Rev. William V. Workman
134Churchill, Sir Winston - Letter To
135Clifton, Chalmers
136Coates, Helen
137Colombo, Mr. & Mrs. France - Daughters: Roberta & Elvira
138Committee to Defend America by Adding the Allies
139Curzon, Clifford and Lucille
21Dahlerup, Baroness - RE: Hans Christian Anderson Birthday
22Davenport, Mr. Mrs. Henry
23Davis, Margaret
24Dorfman, Ania
25Dowling, Lyle
26Downes, Irene - Biography - Who's Who in American Women
27Downes, Irene - Books - Olin Downes on Music See: Olin Downes on Music Box in Writings File
28Downes, Irene - Correspondence, 1931 - 1939
29Downes, Irene - Correspondence, 1940
210Downes, Irene - Correspondence, 1941
211Downes, Irene - Correspondence, 1942
212Downes, Irene - Correspondence, 1943 - 1944
213Downes, Irene - Correspondence, 1945 - 1947
214Downes, Irene - Correspondence, 1948 - 1953
215Downes, Irene - Correspondence, 1954 - 1956
216Downes, Irene - Correspondence, 1957
217Downes, Irene - Correspondence, 1958 - 1959
218Downes, Irene - Correspondence, 1960
219Downes, Irene - Correspondence, 1961 - 1964
220-21Downes, Irene - Correspondence, Undated
222-26Downes, Irene - Correspondence - Carbons, Undated
31-4Downes, Irene - Correspondence - Miscellaneous, Impersonal
35Downes, Irene - Correspondence - Postcards
36Downes, Irene - Correspondence - Henry Holt & Company, Inc. RE: Her Translation of "Gaspard de la Nuit"
37Downes, Irene - RE: Downes, Olin Stories
38Downes, Irene - Downes, Olin - Biography - Who's Who in America, National Cyclopedia of American Biography
39Downes, Irene - Downes, Olin - Books - Ten Operatic Masterpieces - RE: Sale of
310Downes, Irene - Downes, Olin - Books - Treasury of American Song - Alfred A. Knopf, Inc., 1945 - 1948
311Downes, Irene - Downes, Olin - RE: Five - Minute Talks - CBS
312Downes, Irene - Downes, Olin - (1) - Seventieth Anniversary Fund, 1955
313Downes, Irene - Downes, Olin - (2) - Seventieth Anniversary Fund, 1955
314Eaton, Quaintance
315Edson, Elie - RE: "Les Enfants du Paradis"
316Farley, Mrs. Eliot
317Finkelstein, Sidney
318Fischer, Carl Music Publishers, Inc.
319Florida State University - Norman L. Kilpatrick - RE: Sale of Olin Downes Music Library, Dec 28, 1955 - Apr 2, 1956
320Florida State University - RE: Sale of Olin Downes Music Library, June 5, 1956 - Nov 10, 1956
321Florida State University - RE: Dedication of Olin Downes Music Library, Nov 10, 1956
322Florida State University - RE: Olin Downes Music Library
323Glanville-Hicks, Peggy - "Tribute" to Olin and Letters Pertaining Thereto
324Glazer, Frank and Huth
325Greenway, G. Lauder
41Hall, Bernice and David
42Hammerslough, Alec
43Hanson, Howard
44Haraszti, Zoltan - Boston Public Library - RE: Work on Olin Downes on Music
45Hawkins, Frances
46Haynes, Elizabeth
47Hintz, Wanda M.
48Horowitz, Wanda and Vladimir
49Hull, Mrs. Lytell
410Jalas, Jussi
411Joffe, Judah - Letters to
412Josten, Mr. & Mrs. Werner
413Kaltenborn, Mr. & Mrs. Hans (Olga) - (1), 1934 - 1956
414Kaltenborn, Mr. & Mrs. Hans (Olga) - (2), 1957 - 1958
415Kaltenborn, Mr. & Mrs. Hans (Olga) - (3), 1959 - 1961 - Undated
416Kaltenborn, Rolf - RE: Incorporated Income Fund - (1)
417Kaltenborn, Rolf - RE: Incorporated Income Fund - (2)
418Kassern, Tadeusz and Longina
419Kendy, Arthur
420Kennedy, Mrs. John F. - Letter to
421Kent, Rockwell
422Kilenyi, Julie - Sculptor for Florida State Memorial to Olin Downes
423Koch, Dora and John
424Koussevitsky, Olga
425Koussevitsky, Olga - International Music Fund
426Langensiepen, John
427Lawrence, Robert
428Levinger, Dr. Henry
429Levy-Despas, Mrs. Jacqueline
430Libraries - Harvard, Indiana, New York, Boston
431Lieberson, Goddard
432Linton, Albert
433Lit, Mrs. David Ellis
434London, Mrs. Helen
435Lowenbach, Mr. & Mrs. Jan. V. (Vilma)
436McCullough, Jennie (Maid)
437McDowell, Mrs. Edward (Marion)
438McFarland, Frances
439McLanahan, Mrs. Alexander H. - (Frances)
51Macy's Book Department (Paul Shack - Buyer)
52Mann, Federick R.
53Marker, Leonard
54Menuhin, Yaltah
55Metropolitan Opera Quiz
56Minor, Robert S.
57Montgomery, Stuart
58Morel, Jean
59Morgenthau, Henry III - WNYC
510Murray, Kenneth - Attorney - RE: Treasury of American Song
511Musical America - Ronald Eyer, John Majeski, Edward Davis
512Musicians Aid Society
513Myrick, Hattie and Maysie - Correspondence, 1907 - 1940
514Myrick, Hattie and Maysie, 1941 - 1946
515Myrick, Hattie and Maysie, 1947 - 1962, Undated
516National Committee for the Musical Arts - (Quaintance Eaton)
517Naumburg, Mr. & Mrs. Walter (Elsie) (1), 1940 - 1956
518Naumburg, Mr. & Mrs. Walter (Elsie) (2), 1957 - 1959 - Undated
519New York Times
520Olin Downes Foundation
521Olin Downes on Music, Letter Re:, 1955 - February 1957
522Olin Downes on Music, Letter Re:, March - February 1957
523Olin Downes on Music, Letter Re: Miscellaneous, no date
524Olin Downes on Music, Letter Re: Miscellaneous Notes, no date
525Olin Downes on Music, Radio Appearance and Talks
521Ormandy, Eugene
61Packer Collegiate Institute
62Painting - RE: Unidentified Southern Lady Given to the University of Georgia
63Paloheimo, Y.A. - Consul of Finland
64Paynter, Grace
65Penrose, Mrs. Spencer (Julie)
66Phalen, Dale
67Philharmonic-Symphony Society of New York
68Price, Gertrude Lovell
69 - 10Radio and Television Employment Prospects
611Reti, Mrs. Rudolf (Jean) - (1), 1954 - 1958
612Reti, Mrs. Rudolf (Jean) - (2), 1959 - 1960
613Reti, Mrs. Rudolf (Jean) - (3), 1961 - Undated
614Reti, Mrs. Rudolf (Jean) RE:
615Ann Robinson's Sunshine Terrace
616Ann Robinson's Sunshine Terrace - Subject
617Robinson, Duncan S.
618Rockmore, Robert [Olin Downes' Estate & Miscellaneous Correspondence] - (1), 1952 - Oct 1955
619Rockmore, Robert [Olin Downes' Estate & Miscellaneous Correspondence] - (2), Nov 1955 - Jan 1956
620Rockmore, Robert [Olin Downes' Estate & Miscellaneous Correspondence] - (3), Feb - Apr, 1956
621Rockmore, Robert [Olin Downes' Estate & Miscellaneous Correspondence] - (4), May, 1956
622Rockmore, Robert [Olin Downes' Estate & Miscellaneous Correspondence] - (5), Jun - Dec, 1956
71Rockmore, Robert [Olin Downes' Estate & Miscellaneous Correspondence] - (6), Jan - May, 1957
72Rockmore, Robert [Olin Downes' Estate & Miscellaneous Correspondence] - (7), Jul - Dec, 1957
73Rockmore, Robert [Olin Downes' Estate & Miscellaneous Correspondence] - (8), Jan - May, 1958
74Rockmore, Robert [Olin Downes' Estate & Miscellaneous Correspondence] - (9), Jun - Dec, 1958
75Rockmore, Robert [Olin Downes' Estate & Miscellaneous Correspondence] - (10), 1959 - 1965
76Rogers, Richard
77Rodzinski, Mr. and Mrs. Artur (Helina)
78Rosenwald, Mr. and Mrs. William (Mary)
79Sack, Israel, Inc. - American Antiques - Albert Sack
710Sack, Israel, Inc. - Antiques - Catalogues, Including Downes Furniture
711Sarnoff, Gen. David - Letters to
712Schonberg, Harold
713Schuman, William - Julliard School of Music - RE: Olin's Baby Grand Piano
714Scribner's, Charles & Sons - RE: Olin's Last Unfinished Work Orchestral Repertory
715Siegel, Seymour N. - WNYC - Dir. Municipal Broadcasting System - RE: Tribute to Olin by WNYC
716Siletti, Mario
717Simon & Schuster - Accounts for Books
718Simon & Schuster - Correspondence
719Simon & Schuster - Promotional Material
720Sinclair, Mr. & Mrs. Roy
721Slonimsky, Nicholas
722Smith, Miss Gertrude Robinson
723Speck, Rose - Travel Agent
724Spivacke, Harold - Library of Congress Music Division
725Steinway, Mrs. Frederick (Julia)
726Steinway, Mrs. Theodore (Ruth)
727Straus, Noel
728Stroumille, Olga
729Sulzberger, Arthur Hays - New York Times Publisher
81Taishoff, Mr. & Mrs. Saul
83Taubman, Howard
84Tex and Jinx - Television Show
85Thomson, Virgil
86Town Hall
87Town Hall - George V. Denny - Inter-Office Correspondence, Feb 1939 - Oct 1942
88Town Hall - George V. Denny - Inter-Office Correspondence, Nov 1942 - Jan 1943 - Undated
89Town Hall Club
810Travel and Passport
811Vassar College - Alumnae Correspondence
812Vengerova, Isabella
813Whalen, Grover A.
814Willcox, Henry
815Workum, Clara - Junior League of New York
816Zimbalist, Mr. & Mrs. Efrem (Mary Curtis)
817Zirato, Bruno - Letters To - RE: Olin Downes on Music
818 Olin and the Bad Squirel
819 Olin and the Rabbit
820 Olin and the Flashlight
821 Olin and the Ferry Boat
822Olin and the Surprise (Several Versions)
823 Olin and the Pussky Marino
824 Olin and His Garden
826Foreward and Introduction to All About Olin

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